HIGHER EducatIon Course Guide - Northern Regional College

HIGHER EducatIon Course Guide - Northern Regional College
Course Guide
2017/18        1
HIGHER EducatIon Course Guide - Northern Regional College

2          3
HIGHER EducatIon Course Guide - Northern Regional College
75.5%                          ACCEPTED
          01   DID YOU KNOW?

                               to university

 of     UR
graduates were
4                                          5
HIGHER EducatIon Course Guide - Northern Regional College
    Congratulations on taking the          We also have a number                If you are still trying to decide
    next step towards building on          Higher Level Apprenticeships         on what to do next please make
    your education and developing          where you can remain in              use of the careers service we
    your future career. Choosing to        employment whilst working            offer across our campuses.
    study for a Higher Education           towards recognised higher            Why not come in and talk to
    qualification is a major decision      level qualifications. Subjects       one of our careers advisors
    and it is important to consider the    currently include Engineering        who can discuss the options
    full range of options available to     and Accountancy.                     available to you? We would
    you. At Northern Regional College                                           be delighted to see you.
    we offer Higher Education              All of the courses in this
    programmes that provide you            guide have been designed to          I hope you find this guide
    with choice and flexibility for your   provide the knowledge and            useful and informative
    career and education goals.            skills needed to enhance your        – and I look forward
                                           employability and are valuable       to welcoming you as
    If you aspire to university            qualifications in their own right.   student of Northern
    then most of our courses are           Whether you choose to focus          Regional College in
    recognised pathways and can            on your career, or continue to       September 2017.
    be a more affordable route to an       higher education each course
    Honours degree. Our Foundation         is officially accredited and
    Degrees include subjects in the        recognised and will enhance
    Built Environment, Engineering,        your employability.
    Applied Science, Business
    and Computing, Social Care,            If you already know what subject
    Counselling and Media. These           you are interested in you will       Professor
    courses are normally linked            find more detailed information       Terri Scott
    to degrees and typically offer         on our website, so please make       Executive
    exemption from part of the             sure you visit www.nrc.ac.uk to
    course.                                find out more.

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HIGHER EducatIon Course Guide - Northern Regional College

    6    Welcome to Northern Regional College
    10   Higher Education
    14   Guide to Qualifications and Levels
    18   What is a Foundation Degree?
    20   What is a Higher Level Apprenticeship?
    22   What is an Honours Degrees?
    24   Other Qualifications
    26   Become an Ulster University Associate
    28   Our Campuses
    30   Facilities
    32   Students’ Union
    34   Supporting Students
    36   How You Will Learn
    38   Digital Learning
    40   How to Apply
    44   When to Apply
    46   Fees and Funding
    48   Entry Requirements
    52   Courses
    71   Contact Us

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HIGHER EducatIon Course Guide - Northern Regional College
Higher Education
     at NORTHERN

     At Northern Regional College
     you can shape the direction
     of your education and career.
     Our range of Higher Education
     courses gives you choice in your
     learning. Whether you want
     to jump start your career or
     progress to university you will
     find a course to suit you.

     We offer Foundation Degrees,
     Higher Level Apprenticeships
     (HLAs), Higher National
     Diplomas (HNDs) and Degree
     courses and much more.

10                                      11
HIGHER EducatIon Course Guide - Northern Regional College
There are many benefits to         • Smaller classes
     studying Higher Education at         You will receive more
     Northern Regional College:           personalised teaching in
                                          smaller classes and tutorial
     • Affordability                      sessions allowing for
       You can study closer to            individualised learning plans
       home to save on travel and         and excellent pastoral support.
       accommodation expenses.
       Fees are considerably less       • Links with industry
       than at university.                and employers
                                          The College has excellent
     • Lower full-time tuition fees       links with local, national and
       Full-time tuition fees will be     international employers who
       no more than £2,500 per year       provide students with valuable
       for Higher Education courses.      placement opportunities, guest
                                          lectures and site visits.
     • Earn while you learn
       Foundation Degrees and           • Experience matters
       Higher Level Apprenticeships     	Students may be accepted
       let you work while you study.      on the basis of their prior
                                          experience and education.
     • Flexibility
       We offer students excellent      Applications to Higher Education
       levels of qualifications and     courses at Northern Regional
       pathways which can lead to       College are made directly to the
       university.                      College and not through UCAS.
                                        Applications to the College are
                                        in addition to your five UCAS

12                                                                          13
HIGHER EducatIon Course Guide - Northern Regional College
Guide to
     Qualifications               What do                  What can               What can

     and Levels                   you need?                you study?             you do next?
                                • No entry level          • Entry Level Award    • Employment

                                  qualifications, other   • Essential Skills     • Further Training
                                  than a willingness      • Skills for Working   • Level 1 Course
                        E         to learn                  Life

                                • Three GCSEs at          • BTEC Introductory    • Employment
                                  Grade E or above          Diploma              • Further Training
                                                          • BTEC Foundation      • Level 2 course
                                                            First Certificate
                                                          • City & Guilds
                                                            Level 1

                                                          • Entry to
                                                            Employment (e2e)
                                                          • NVQ Level 1
                        1                                 • Foundation Diploma
                                • Four GCSEs at           • BTEC Level 2         • Employment
                                  Grade D or above          Diploma              • Further Training

                                                          • City & Guilds        • Level 3 course
                                                            Level 2
                                                          • NVQ Level 2
                        2                                 • Higher Diploma

14                                                                                                    15
HIGHER EducatIon Course Guide - Northern Regional College
What do                            What can                           What can

                 you need?                          you study?                         you do next?
               • No formal                       • Access to Higher                  • Employment
                 qualification                     Education                         • Further Training
               • Four or five GCSEs              • BTEC 90 Credit/                   • Higher Education
                 at Grade C or above               Extended Diploma                  • Level 4-5 course
                 normally including              • City & Guilds                     • Higher Level
                 Maths and English                 Level 3                             Apprenticeship

               • Six GCSEs Grade C               • NVQ Level 3
                 or above normally               • A Levels
                 including Maths and
               • 48 UCAS points or               • Combined Modular                  • Employment
                 120 UCAS points                   Extended Degree                   • Further Training

                 [old tarrif] plus five            [CMED]                            • Higher Education,
                 GCSEs at Grade C                • HNC/HND                             for example top up
       4         or above                        • Foundation Degree                   to a Bachelor [BA,
                                                 • Higher Level                        BSc] degree or post
       5                                           Apprenticeship                      graduate studies.

     * Although students would have to display evidence of maturity and the ability to benefit from the
       course. Students are advised that this course is best suited to the needs of adults and mature
        students. Applicants will be assessed to ensure they have sufficient literacy and numeracy skills, but
        we do advise checking with universities to see if GCSEs are required. Please note that every effort has
        been taken to ensure that this course guide was correct at the time it was printed. However, whilst
        every effort is made to run all of the courses in this course guide, the College reserves the right to
        review or cancel courses if they prove to be non-viable for any reason which lies outside its control.

16                                                                                                                17
HIGHER EducatIon Course Guide - Northern Regional College
What is a
Degree?      A Foundation Degree comprises
             academic study integrated with
             relevant work-based learning
             undertaken with an employer.
             It can be studied full-time or
             part-time and is a stand-alone
             qualification in its own right. You
             may be eligible for exemption from
             the first year of a related degree
             programme at some universities.

18                                                 19
What is a
     Higher Level

     A Higher Level Apprenticeship
     (HLA) is a nationally accredited
     work-based programme similar
     to traditional apprenticeships but
     at a higher level. It is designed
     to meet the needs of employers
     for higher skill levels and leads
     to qualifications equivalent to
     university level.

20                                        21
What is an
              An Honours degree is a Level 6
              undergraduate qualification. It
              is usually a three year, full-time
              programme (or four if a work
              placement is completed). You
              may be able to ‘top up’ a Higher
              National Certificate (HNC),
              Higher National Diploma (HND)
              or Foundation Degree to an
              Honours degree through a
              period of additional study.

22                                                 23
                      Level 4
                      Level 4 Award
                      Level 4 Certificate
                      Level 4 Diploma
                      Level 4 NVQ
                      Higher National Certificate (HNC) Diploma
                      Higher National Certificate (HNC)

                      Level 5
                      Level 5 Certificate
                      Level 5 Diploma
                      Higher National Diploma (HND)
                      Foundation Degree

                      Level 6
                      Level 6 Certificate
                      Level 6 Diploma
                      Degree with Honours (BSc Honours)

24                                                                25
     an Ulster
     Most Foundation Degrees at
     Northern Regional College are
     validated by Ulster University.
     If you enrol on one of these
     Foundation Degrees you will be
     a student of the College and also
     an Ulster University Associate
     Student. As an Associate
     Student you can access a wide
     range of Ulster’s resources and
     facilities. You will be issued with
     an Ulster University student card
     which will allow you to use their
     services including the library and
     sports centre.

26                                         27
Coleraine                  Our


     Magherafelt                Newtownabbey

28                                                        29
Facilities                      Learning Online
                                     Each campus has access to
                                     computers and printers. You will
                                     also be able to access the College
     Libraries                       off-campus though the student
     Each campus has its own         portal and with a College email
     library. Our library service    address. Many subject areas also
     has all the resources you       deliver some teaching online
     will need to succeed in your    which you can access on or off
     course including computers,     campus.
     35,000 printed books, over
     500 e-books and an online       Seating Areas
     catalogue with access to        Comfortable seating areas are
     more than 20,000 electronic     available around the campuses
     journals and e-databases.       for meeting friends and relaxing
                                     outside of class.
     Teaching Facilities
     You will be taught with the     Canteen
     equipment and facilities        Each campus has a canteen
     needed to provide you with      offering a selection of affordable
     a high quality learning         snacks, sandwiches and meals.
     experience in your subject      Meal deals, daily specials and
     area. Our campuses are          healthy options are available
     equipped with everything        throughout the week.
     from standard teaching
     rooms to a wide variety         Free Wi-Fi
     of specialist equipment         Free Wi-Fi is available at
     including engineering, sports   each campus. There are also
     and fitness, car maintenance,   designated Wi-Fi hotspots in each
     graphic design and science      library for personal devices.
                                     Free Car Parking
                                     Free parking is available to
                                     students at all campuses.
30                                                                        31

     As a student at Northern           As a member you
     Regional College you are           will be eligible for:
     automatically a member of the      • Membership of clubs and
     Students’ Union. The Union           societies;
     represents students across all     • All Union activities and
     campuses and is governed by          events;
     the College’s Students’ Council.   • Voting in College elections
     The Council consists of elected      and attend meetings;
     campus officers, the Vice-         • Standing for election for any
     President and Students’ Union        Students’ Union officer post;
     President. The Students’ Union     • The opportunity to sit on the
     is affiliated to the National        College Board of Governors
     Union of Students/Union of           and associated sub-
     Students in Ireland (NUS-USI).       committees.

32                                                                        33
     Careers Advice                     Counselling
     and Guidance                       Services
     A professional advice and          Beginning any new course
     guidance service is available      can be a stressful time.
     to all students. Whatever          Professionally trained
     your career aspirations, our       Counsellors are available to
     careers team are here to help      help students with any issues
     you with career planning, job      they may have.
     applications or completing
     your college or UCAS

     Education Support
     We provide a comprehensive
     package of support
     mechanisms to enable
     students with a medical
     condition, learning difficulty
     and/or disability to participate
     and progress with their
     studies at the College.

34                                                                      35
How you
     will learn
     Teaching and assessment          Assessment methods
     methods vary but most            may also include:
     courses are taught through       • Coursework
     traditional lectures and         • Reports
     practical sessions. You may      • Formal examinations
     be taught on campus, by          • Online examinations
     eLearning, or a combination      • Essays
     of both (blended learning).      • Practical exercises
                                      • Written assignments
                                      • Case studies
     Teaching methods                 • Reports
     may also include:                • Real-life industry
     • Guest lectures from              projects
       industry professionals         • Presentations
       or specialists                 • Observation of skills
     • One-to-one sessions
       with your tutor
     • Workshops                      Industrial visits
     • Case studies                   We have excellent
     • Directed learning              industrial links with local,
     • Independent study              national and international
     • Visits e.g. to museums and     employers who provide
       exhibitions or into industry   students with valuable
     • Productions                    seminars, visits and
     • Design studio work             placement opportunities.
     • Laboratory work

36                                                                   37
                Teaching on many of our
                courses is delivered partly
                online and can be completed
                at home or on campus. We
                have invested heavily in online
                teaching facilities and computer
                equipment to provide our
                students with a high quality
                learning experience.

                We are continually refining,
                expanding and enhancing our
                online course delivery, offering
                the flexibility of studying parts
                of your course online. This
                means you can:
                • Access course material
                  online 24/7
                • Experience interactive and
                  engaging online programmes
                • Enhance and develop your
                  digital skills
                • Balance study, work and
                  family commitments

38                                                  39
How to
                   Step One
                        One                    Step
                                               Step Two
                                                    Two            Step
                                                                   Step Three
                                                                              Step One
                                                                                   One       Step
                                                                                             Step Four
                                                                                                  Four Step
                                                                                                       Step Two
                                                                                                            Two        Step
                                                                                                                       Step Five
                                                                                                                            Five Step
                                                                                                                                 Step Three
                                                                                                                                      Three                  Step
                                                                                                                                                             Step Four
                                                                                                                                                                  Four       Step
                                                                                                                                                                             Step Six
                                                                                                                                                                                  Six          Ste
                   Visit                       Visit
                                               Visit               Visit
                                                                   Visit        Visit
                                                                                Visit        Visit
                                                                                             Visit        Visit
                                                                                                          Visit        Visit
                                                                                                                       Visit          Visit
                                                                                                                                      Visit                   Visit
                                                                                                                                                              Visit          Visit
                                                                                                                                                                             Visit             Visi

                   Find                        Find
                                               Find                Find
                                                                   Find         Find
                                                                                Find         Find
                                                                                             Find         Find
                                                                                                          Find         Find
                                                                                                                       Find           Find
                                                                                                                                      Find                   Find
                                                                                                                                                             Find            Find
                                                                                                                                                                             Find              Find
                   Login                       Login
                                               Login               Login
                                                                   Login        Login
                                                                                Login        Login
                                                                                             Login        Login
                                                                                                          Login        Login
                                                                                                                       Login          Login
                                                                                                                                      Login                   Login
                                                                                                                                                              Login          Login
                                                                                                                                                                             Login             Log

                   Apply                       Apply
                                               Apply               Apply
                                                                   Apply        Apply
                                                                                Apply        Apply
                                                                                             Apply        Apply
                                                                                                          Apply        Apply
                                                                                                                       Apply          Apply
                                                                                                                                      Apply                   Apply
                                                                                                                                                              Apply          Apply
                                                                                                                                                                             Apply             App

                    Interview                  Interview
                                                Interview          Interview
                                                                    Interview   Interview
                                                                                 Interview   Interview
                                                                                              Interview   Interview
                                                                                                           Interview   Interview
                                                                                                                        Interview     Interview
                                                                                                                                       Interview              Interview
                                                                                                                                                               Interview     Interview
                                                                                                                                                                              Interview        Inte

                   Offer                       Offer
                                               Offer               Offer
                                                                   Offer        Offer
                                                                                Offer        Offer
                                                                                             Offer        Offer
                                                                                                          Offer        Offer
                                                                                                                       Offer          Offer
                                                                                                                                      Offer                   Offer
                                                                                                                                                              Offer          Offer
                                                                                                                                                                             Offer             Offe
                   Results                     Results
                                               Results             Results
                                                                   Results      Results
                                                                                Results      Results
                                                                                             Results      Results
                                                                                                          Results      Results
                                                                                                                       Results        Results
                                                                                                                                      Results                 Results
                                                                                                                                                              Results        Results
                                                                                                                                                                             Results           Res

                Visit www.nrc.ac.uk        Find the course you                                                                      Create an account      Complete and
                                           are applying to and                                                                      with a unique login    submit your
                                           add it to the basket.                                                                    using a personal       application. You will
                                                                                                                                    email address and      receive an automatic
                                                                                                                                    password (do not use   reply by email.
                                                                                                                                    your school email
                                                                                                                                    address). You must
              Your online account will allow you to track                                                                           check this email
              the status of your application and check                                                                              account regularly
              your interview details and course offer.                                                                              for updates and
              If you need any help with your online                                                                                 about your
              application email admissions@nrc.ac.uk                                                                                application.

40                                                                                                                                                                                        41
Step Five                        Step Six                             Six
                                                                            Step Seven          Step Seven
           Visit                            Visit                            Visit              Visit

           Find                             Find                            Find                Find

           Login                            Login                            Login              Login

           Apply                            Apply                            Apply              Apply

           Interview                        Interview                        Interview          Interview

           Offer                            Offer                           Offer               Offer

           Results                          Results                          Results            Results

       You will be invited to           Conditional offers               If your conditional
       an individual or group           are subject to you               offer is dependent
       interview. Applicants            meeting the specified            upon examination
       interviewed between              entry requirements               results you must
       February and August              and any other                    present them at the
       may be made a                    criteria. If you already         College as soon as
       conditional offer.               meet the entry                   you receive them
                                        criteria you may be              i.e. A Level results
                                        made a firm offer.               day. Results will be
                                                                         verified and final
                                                                         offers made.

     If a course is over-subscribed the College reserves the right to enhance the entry
     criteria. Details of enhanced criteria will be provided at interview.
     Your application to Northern Regional College does not count as one of your UCAS
     applications. You can apply to Northern Regional College in addition to your other
     UCAS applications. With the exception of the Full-time Foundation Degree in
     Childhood Studies – UCAS code LX53 we do not accept applications through UCAS.

42                                                                                                           43
     to Apply
                You can apply online NOW for
                September 2017 entry.

                For the Foundation Degree in
                Childhood Studies course ONLY
                – you can apply online through
                UCAS for September 2017.

                You can apply online NOW for
                September 2017 entry. Full
                details such as part-time fees,
                days and times are available
                online at www.nrc.ac.uk.

44                                                45
Tuition fees for full-time        Student Loans contact:
Fees and   Higher Education courses for
           2017/2018 are £2,500 per year.
                                             Student Finance

                                             T: 028 2563 6230
           Part-time fees are available to
           view online at www.nrc.ac.uk      Direct debit contact:
                                             Credit Control Officer
           Payment options                   T: 028 2566 4248
           Payment In Full                   Financial Support
           Fees may be paid in full. For     Our student finance team
           full-time courses you may         are on hand to assist you
           apply to the Student Loans        with any financial matter or
           Company for a tuition fee loan    to help you apply for grants
           for payment of your fees. www.    or awards that are available.
           studentfinance.co.uk              For further details visit
                                             www.nrc.ac.uk or
           Flexible Payments                 T: 028 2563 6254
           To help spread the cost of your
           course, you can pay by direct     Where courses have
           debit instalments. You will be    additional mandatory
           required to pay a 25% deposit     expenses we make every
           and £10 administration fee.       effort to highlight them
                                             in the online prospectus.
           For full-time students            These may include
           payments must be made in          residential visits, field trips,
           3 instalments: 1 December         materials, security checks,
           2017; 2 January 2018 and 1        computer equipment,
           February 2018.                    uniforms, professional
           For part-time students
           payments must be made in
           3 instalments: 1 November
           2017; 1 December 2017 and 2
           January 2018.
46                                                                              47
     Foundation Degree               Level 4 – Level 6
     For all our courses there       Entry requirements may vary.
     is a minimum UCAS Tariff        See website for course specific
     requirement. Many courses       entry requirements.
     will also ask for specific
     subjects at GCSE and/or A
     level or equivalent.            BSc Honours Degree
                                     HNC/D subject related
     See website www.nrc.ac.uk       qualification or equivalent.
     for course specific entry
                                     Mature students may be
                                     considered individually based
     Higher Level                    on their education
     Apprenticeships (HLA)           and experience.
     Entry requirements may vary.
     See website www.nrc.ac.uk for
     specific entry requirements.

     You must have an appropriate
     employer. Companies may
     recruit directly for HLAs.

48                                                                     49
                      DID YOU KNOW?

Higher Education students

50                                            51


          For full course details and
          up-to-date information visit

52                                       53
A                                                                            Visit www.nrc.ac.uk for full course details

         Accountancy                            Accountancy                        Advanced Practice
                                                                                   in Work with Children
         Level                                  Level                              and Families
         Higher Level Apprenticeship            Level 4 Certificate (Accounting    Level
                                                Technicians Ireland)
         Type          Campus     Code
                                                                                   Level 5 Higher
                                                Type        Campus      Code
         Full-time      C         C01726                                           National Certificate
                                                Part-time   BT   C      C01534     Type            Campus      Code
                                                             M   N
         The Higher Level                                                          Part-time        N          C00125
         Apprenticeship in
         Accountancy provides an                The level 4 Certificate in
         alternative route to a career          Accounting Technicians             This course provides
         in the accountancy and                 course is designed for             the opportunity to gain
         finance professions. This              those already working in an        a nationally recognised
         work-based course enables              accounting environment in          qualification for those
         you to earn while you learn            a private practice, industry       wishing to enter
         and gain a professional                or the public sector, and          employment in the
         qualification equivalent to            who wish to pursue a formal        early years sector or for
         a Foundation Degree and                qualification in this field.       progressing to higher
         is recognised by leading               If you are involved in cash        education qualifications
         accounting bodies.                     management, payroll, credit        such as a full-time or part-
                                                control or budgeting then          time degree in Early Years.
                                                this course can enhance
                                                your career prospects.

         BF Ballymena (Farm Lodge)       B Ballymoney   M Magherafelt
         BT Ballymena (Trostan Avenue)   C Coleraine    N Newtownabbey
54                                                                                                                              55
A                                                                                                   B                                                                     Visit www.nrc.ac.uk for full course details

                                                                     Applied and                        Business                        Business Studies                    Business and
                                                                     Medical Science                                                                                        Administration
                                                                                                        Level                           Level
                                                                     Level                                                                                                  Level
                                                                                                        Level 4 HNC Diploma             BSc Honours Degree
                                                                     Foundation Degree                                                                                      Level 4 NVQ
                                                                                                        Type        Campus    Code      Type        Campus     Code
                                                                     (Ulster University)
                                                                                                                                                                            Type            Campus         Code
                                                                     Type        Campus    Code         Part-time   BT   C    C01996    Part-time   BT         C00143
                                                                                                                                                                            Part-time        M             C01176
                                                                     Full-time   N         C01976
                                                                                           NAF1A        This course covers the key      This course is designed
                                                                                                        knowledge, understanding        for students who already            This competence-based
                                                                                                        and practical skills required   have a HNC/HND business             qualification is aimed at
                                                                     Upon completion of this            to work and succeed in          related qualification. This         people with experience of
                                                                     course, students will              the business sector. It is      programme equips graduates          office skills who are ideally
                                                                     be suitable for full-time          designed for those who are      for a management career in          in a supervisory role. You
                                                                     employment and/or                  already employed, or wish       industry, commerce or the           can choose from optional
                                                                     progression to full-time           to further their career, in     public sector. It also provides     units which provide the
                                                                     and part-time degrees              business or commerce.           the entrepreneurial skills          knowledge and skills needed
                                                                     in related disciplines.                                            necessary for new business          for managing projects,
                                                                     Foundation Degree                                                  ventures and the development        problem solving, negotiation,
                                                                     students with appropriate                                          of small businesses.                recruitment and to manage
                                                                     grades will be eligible to                                         Additionally it also provides a     and run an office.
                                                                     apply for exemption from                                           foundation for postgraduate
                                                                     the first year of related                                          study and research. Students
                                                                     degree programmes at                                               will study a range of topics
                                                                     Ulster University, such as                                         including Operations
                                                                     BSc Honours Biomedical                                             Management, Total Quality
                                                                     Science.                                                           Management, Managing
                                                                                                                                        People and Strategic Human
     BF Ballymena (Farm Lodge)       B Ballymoney   M Magherafelt                                                                       Resource Management.
     BT Ballymena (Trostan Avenue)   C Coleraine    N Newtownabbey
56                                                                                                                                                                                                                      57
B                                       C                                                                            Visit www.nrc.ac.uk for full course details

     Business with                          CISCO CCNA                              Cognitive Behavioural
     Digital Technology                                                             Therapeutic Skills
                                            Type          Campus     Code           and Theory
                                            Part-time      BF        C00334         Level
     Foundation Degree
     (Ulster University)                                                            Level 5 Diploma (CPCAB)
     Type        Campus        Code
                                            Cisco is the leading supplier           Type        Campus      Code
                                            of networking equipment
     Part-time   BT            C01494       and network management                  Part-time   BL          C01949
                                            for the internet. Cisco has
     Full-time   BT M      N   C01494       developed a curriculum of
                                            courses for IT professionals            This course is designed for
                                            to educate them on                      those who have completed a
     This course is designed to             networking technologies and             higher level qualification in
     meet the needs of employers            Cisco products. The suite               Counselling of at least 450
     and recognises the demand              of CISCO CCNA courses                   hours and wish to extend
     for strong IT skills for the           is designed for people                  their knowledge of Cognitive
     growth of today’s economy.             looking to gain professional            Behavioural Therapy. The
     A particular emphasis of               certification which is                  course involves a large
     this course is to prepare              recognised worldwide.                   amount of practical role
     managers and business                                                          plays. As part of the course
     leaders to be able to manage                                                   applicants will carry out
     and interpret information,                                                     client work where they can
     communication and                                                              apply the theory of CBT to
     technology in business. This                                                   the counselling process.
     course is designed to produce                                                  Group Supervision is also a
     talented business leaders                                                      requirement of the course.
     with the skills and expertise
     to enable local businesses
     to compete and succeed in              BF Ballymena (Farm Lodge)        B Ballymoney   M Magherafelt
     international markets.
                                            BT Ballymena (Trostan Avenue)    C Coleraine    N Newtownabbey
58                                          BL Ballymena (Lamont Building)                                                                                         59
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     Computing                       Computing                        Counselling Studies             Counselling
     Level                           Level                            Level                           Level

     Foundation Degree               Level 4 HNC Diploma              Level 4 Certificate             Foundation Degree
     (Ulster University)                                              (Ulster University)             (Ulster University)
                                     Type        Campus    Code
     Type        Campus    Code                                       Type        Campus    Code      Type          Campus     Code
                                     Part-time   M         C01738
     Full-time   BF N      C01973                                     Part-time    A   BL   C00295    Part-time      BL        C00694
                                                                                   B   M
                                     This course provides a
     This course is designed to      thorough grounding in the                                        The aim of this course is
     meet the needs of students      key concepts and practical       This course offers the skills   to expand on your existing
     and industry. It prepares       skills required for successful   that will be useful for those   counselling skills and
     students to progress directly   careers in computing and         who work with people in         develop an insight into
     into employment in the          offers a progression path        many different contexts. The    counselling theory. The
     computing industry and          to Computing Science,            course covers three modules     course is designed for
     provides suitably skilled       ICT, Interactive Media and       of study which include          students who wish to use
     employees to serve the          other computing related          developing an understanding     skills within the workplace
     needs of industry and           degree courses at university.    of the theories involved        and/or gain the necessary
     the local economy. It also      The course covers highly         in working with people          requirements to make
     presents students with the      sought after skills including    in a range of settings. It      application to BACP/
     knowledge and skills to         programming. Whether you         also examines the ways          IACP or other professional
     progress to further study       are viewing this course as a     in which communication          counselling organisations.
     at Honours degree level at      direct route into employment     and counselling skills may
     university.                     or a stepping stone onto         be developed. Personal
                                     university, it will equip you    development is a key aspect
                                     with the skills you need.        of the three modules of the

                                                                                                      BF Ballymena (Farm Lodge)        B Ballymoney       M Magherafelt
                                                                                                      BT Ballymena (Trostan Avenue)    C Coleraine        N Newtownabbey
60                                                                                                    BL Ballymena (Lamont Building)   A Antrim Library                                                                  61
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     Early Childhood Studies              Engineering – Advanced           Engineering –                  Engineering –                          Engineering -
                                          Manufacturing                    Electrical and                 Mechanical and                         Operations
     Level                                                                 Electronic Engineering         Manufacturing
     Foundation Degree
                                          Level                                                           Engineering                            Level
     (Stranmillis University)             Higher Level Apprenticeship                                     Level                                  Level 4 Higher National
                                                                           Foundation Degree                                                     Certificate Diploma
     Type         Campus   Code (*UCAS)   Type        Campus   Code
                                                                           (Ulster University)            Foundation Degree
                                                                                                                                                 Type        Campus      Code
     Part-time    BT       C01620         Full-time   BF       AENGHLA                                    (Ulster University)
                                                                           Type        Campus    Code
                                                                                                          Type          Campus     Code          Part-time   N           C01198
     Full-time     N       C01620                                          Part-time   BF        C01975
                                          The Higher Level                 Full-Time                      Part-time      BF        C01974
                           *LX53          Apprenticeship in Advanced                                      Full-time                              This course provides
                                          Manufacturing Engineering                                                                              technicians from the
                                          has been designed to             Upon successful                                                       engineering industry with
     This course provides you with        provide the manufacturing        completion of this course      Students successfully                  the necessary technical,
     the opportunity to develop           and engineering sector           graduates will be suitable     completing this course                 managerial, analytical
     a thorough knowledge and             in Northern Ireland with         for full-time employment       will be suitable for full-             and personal skills to
     understanding of early years         high grade technicians and       and/or progression to full-    time employment and/or                 operate effectively as team
     and related issues, enabling         engineers who have practical     time and part-time degrees     progession to full-time and            members.
     you to become a competent            skills, combined with a higher   in related disciplines.        part-time degress in related
     and well qualified early             education qualification. The     Foundation Degree              disciplines. Foundation
     years practitioner. It will          programme will facilitate        students with appropriate      Degree students with
     also give you a nationally           progression from Level 3         grades may be eligible for     suitable grades may be
     recognised qualification             apprenticeship and future        exemption from the first       eligible for exemption from
     and evidence of your ability         progression to Level 6           year of related degree         the first year of related
     to work in the early years           qualifications and enable        programmes at Ulster           degree programmes at
     sector. Additionally, you            apprentices to work towards      University.                    Ulster University.
     will have the opportunity to         Incorporated Engineer status.
     progress to year 2 of the BA
     (Honours) Early Childhood
     Studies course at Stranmillis                                                                        BF Ballymena (Farm Lodge)       B Ballymoney   M Magherafelt

     University College.                                                                                  BT Ballymena (Trostan Avenue)   C Coleraine    N Newtownabbey
62                                                                                                                                                                                                                              63
H                                                                            I   Visit www.nrc.ac.uk for full course details

     Health and Social Care                 Health and Social Care               Interactive Design
     Level                                  Level                                Level

     Level 4 Higher                         Foundation Degree                    Foundation Degree
     National Certificate                   (Ulster University)                  (Ulster University)
     Type          Campus     Code          Type        Campus      Code         Type            Campus       Code

     Part-time      BT   C    C01945        Full-time   BT N        C01615       Full-time        N           C01972
                    M    N

                                            This is an innovative and            Upon successful completion
     This course equips                     contemporary course                  of this course students
     students with knowledge,               validated by Ulster University       will be suitable for full-
     understanding and skills for           which will be attractive             time employment and/or
     success in employment in               to both students and                 progression to full-time
     the health and social care             employers in the health and          and part-time degrees
     sector at supervisory or               social care sector. The aim          in related disciplines.
     management levels or as a              of this foundation degree is         Foundation Degree students
     foundation to further study            to prepare graduates with            with suitable grades will
     at degree level. It is delivered       a range of knowledge and             be eligible for exemption
     by experienced staff who               skills required to meet the          from the first year of related
     will provide a supportive              current and future evolving          degree programmes at
     and encouraging learning               needs of health and social           Ulster University and
     environment.                           care services.                       universities throughout the
                                                                                 UK. The course is partnered
                                                                                 with Ulster University’s
                                                                                 BDes Honours in Interaction
                                                                                 Design. Some students
                                                                                 progress directly onto Year 2
     BF Ballymena (Farm Lodge)       B Ballymoney   M Magherafelt                of this course.
     BT Ballymena (Trostan Avenue)   C Coleraine    N Newtownabbey
64                                                                                                                             65
L                                                                                                    O                                                                   Visit www.nrc.ac.uk for full course details

     Leadership and                  Leadership and                 Leadership for                       Occupational
     Management (NEW)                Management                     Children’s Care,                     Health and Safety
                                                                    Learning and
     Level                           Level                          Development                          Level

     Level 4 Award (ILM)             Level 5 Certificate (ILM)      (Management)                         Level 6 Diploma (NEBOSH)
     Type        Campus    Code      Type        Campus    Code     Level                                Type          Campus     Code

     Part-time   C         C01388    Part-time    BT N     C01389   Level 5 Diploma                      Part-time      N         C00323
                                                                    (City & Guilds)
                                                                    Type        Campus    Code
     This course is designed for     The ILM Level 5 Certificate                                         This course aims to
     new and aspiring managers       in Leadership and              Part-time   B     N   C01928         provide people from a wide
     who want to get to grips with   Management aims to equip                                            range of industries with
     the role, gain comprehensive    aspiring and practicing                                             the necessary technical,
     business knowledge and          middle managers with           This course meets the                managerial, analytical and
     develop the skills you need     knowledge and skills           minimum standards for                personal skills to advise,
     to lead at this level.          which will enable them to      managing child care settings         develop and operate policies
                                     more effectively carry out     as set out in DHSSPS                 and procedures within
                                     their role.                    Childminding and Day-care            organisational structures.
                                                                    (children under 12). It is
                                                                    designed to guide and
                                                                    assess the development
                                                                    of knowledge and skills
                                                                    relating to children’s care,
                                                                    learning and development
                                                                    including those relating to
                                                                    leading teams and managing
                                                                    resources within children
                                                                    and young people’s settings.
                                                                    This qualification will confer       BF Ballymena (Farm Lodge)       B Ballymoney   M Magherafelt
                                                                    occupational competence to
                                                                                                         BT Ballymena (Trostan Avenue)   C Coleraine    N Newtownabbey
                                                                    work in a management role.
66                                                                                                                                                                                                                     67
S                                                                                                                  T                                                                      Visit www.nrc.ac.uk for full course details

      Sport, Exercise                               Support Children              Sustainable                                                            Therapeutic
      and Fitness                                   and Young People              Construction (NEW)**                                                   Counselling Supervision
                                                    with Autistic Spectrum        (Subject to Approval)
      Level                                         Conditions                                                                                           Level
      Foundation Degree                             Level                                                                                                Level 6 Certificate (CPCAB)
      (Ulster University)                                                         Foundation Degree (FdSc)
                                                                                                                                                         Type          Campus   Code
                                                    Level 4                       (Ulster University)
      Type            Campus      Code
                                                    Type        Campus   Code     Type        Campus   Code                                              Part-time     BL       C01950
      Full-time        C          C00121
                                                    Part-time   B   M    C01440   Part-time   BF   C   C01722
                                                                N                                                                                        This course is designed
      This course provides                                                                                                                               for applicants who have
      training and qualifications                                                 This course is ideal for those                                         completed a higher level
      to students interested in a                   This course is suitable for   who wish to pursue technical                                           qualification in Counselling
      career in sports, exercise                    those supporting children     and professional careers in                                            of at least 450 hours plus
      and fitness. It is designed                   and young people in a         the built environment such as                                          450 clinical hours and
      in collaboration with Ulster                  professional capacity, such   Building Surveying, Quantity                                           have at least two years’
      University to allow direct                    as in a school or nursery     Surveying, Construction and                                            supervised clinical practice.
      progression to university,                    environment.                  Project Management and                                                 The main aspects of the
      subject to meeting entry                                                    Building. It is also suitable                                          course deal with: (1) The
      requirements.                                                               for those already in related                                           supervisor relationship. (2)
                                                                                  employment who wish to                                                 Working ethically in the role
                                                                                  improve their qualifications.                                          of a supervisor. (3) Culture
                                                                                  The course content includes                                            and diversity issues that
                                                                                  Construction Technology,                                               impinge on the supervisor
                                                                                  An introduction to Building                                            relationship. (4) Agency
                                                                                  Information Modelling (BIM),                                           settings and their role in
                                                                                  Computer-Aided Design                                                  supervision.
     **Please note that the current FdSc Sustainable                              (CAD), Building and Site
     Construction course is going through revalidation with                       Surveying, Building Design
     the Ulster University. The course content and title may                                                           BF Ballymena (Farm Lodge)        B Ballymoney     M Magherafelt
     be revised to reflect local industry need and practice.                      and the Development Process.
     Further details will be published on the college                                                                  BT Ballymena (Trostan Avenue)    C Coleraine      N Newtownabbey
68   website on completion of the revalidation process.                                                                BL Ballymena (Lamont Building)                                                                                   69
V                                                                    Contact
                                                                                      Visit www.nrc.ac.uk for full course details

     Vehicle Maintenance
     and Repair Principles                                           US
     Level 4 Diploma (IMIAL)
     Type          Campus     Code
     Part-time      BF        C01285                                 Email:
     This course is designed
     to progress the skills of
     Automotive Technicians
     already competent at Level
     3, to Master Technicians
     status, by developing their
     ability to determine solutions
     to a variety of unpredictable


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                                                                     accuracy of this publication, it reserves the right to alter,
                                                                     add or remove any of the courses, or parts thereof, or any
                                                                     other matters of information referred to in this guide or
                                                                     any other literature, without prior notice.

                                                                     Please note that the College’s website is the most up-to-
                                                                     date source of information regarding courses and fees
                                                                     and we strongly recommend that you always visit the
     BF Ballymena (Farm Lodge)       B Ballymoney   M Magherafelt    website before making any commitments.
     BT Ballymena (Trostan Avenue)   C Coleraine    N Newtownabbey   All courses are subject to minimum enrolment numbers.
70                                                                                                                                   71
     Course Guide
     2017/18        www.nrc.ac.uk
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