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BOOKLET 2021–22

We created this brochure to answer common questions
about ACS Doha – everything from “what curriculum
options do you offer?” to “where are you located?”

Of course, no brochure could possibly say everything about
such a vibrant, international school environment. To find out
more, including how our distinctive approach to education
ensures our students are ready for the rest of their lives,
we encourage you to visit us – either for an individual
tour or as part of one of our regular Open Houses.

To arrange your visit, just email our Admissions
department at
or call us on +974 3026 6800

*Some of the activities outlined in this brochure may be subject to change as a result of any further Covid-19 restrictions.

ABOUT OUR SCHOOL                                   ADMISSIONS

ACS Doha is a co-educational day school for        Application procedure
students aged 3–18, from over 70 countries         We operate a rolling admissions process
around the world. We offer a rigorous,             that enables students to join us at any time
highly-regarded international curriculum that      of the academic year, subject to acceptance
includes the IB, Advanced Placement and US         and availability.
High School Diploma. In addition to our strong
academic credentials, we are recognised for our    Our online application process takes a holistic
exceptional co-curricular and sports programmes.   approach, assessing each candidate individually
                                                   by reviewing previous school records, references,
We invite you to visit us and see ACS Doha         student questionnaire answers and standardised
for yourself, where we can take you on             test scores. This helps us understand the
a tour of our landmark new campus.                 complete student, giving us a real insight
                                                   into who they are today and how we can
                                                   make them ready for tomorrow.

                                                   Offer and acceptance of place
                                                   We ask that each application is accompanied
                                                   by a non-refundable application fee, paid online.
                                                   If your application is successful, we will contact
                                                   you with an offer of a place for your child.
                                                   To secure the place, we require a non-refundable
                                                   enrolment deposit, which we set against the
                                                   second semester tuition fees. For more details
                                                   of application fees, deposits and tuition costs,
                                                   see the School Fees section of our website.

                                                   Practicalities for international families
                                                   We have many years’ experience guiding
                                                   international families through the application
                                                   process and the practicalities of moving to
                                                   Doha. Our experienced Admissions team is
                                                   available to provide advice on your move and
                                                   put you in touch with third-party agencies
                                                   who can help with relocation services.


Divisions                                               Grade placement
ACS Doha is organised into four divisions: Early        Children come to our school from a wide range
Childhood for our youngest students aged 3 to 6,        of countries and schools. This table shows
Lower School for 6 to 11-year-olds, Middle School for   the equivalent class age and curriculum for
those aged 11 to 14, and High School for our oldest     different education systems.
students aged 14 to 18. Each division is run by a
highly experienced principal, ably assisted
by superb teaching staff and support specialists.

AGE         US / ACS DOHA GRADES           UK YEARS                        QATAR GRADES

3           PK3                            –                               KG1

4           PK4                            Reception                       KG2

5           KG                             Year 1                          1

6           1                              Year 2                          2

7           2                              Year 3                          3

8           3                              Year 4                          4

9           4                              Year 5                          5

10          5                              Year 6                          6

11          6                              Year 7                          7

12          7                              Year 8                          8

13          8                              Year 9                          9

14          9                              Year 10                         10

15          10                             Year 11                         11

16          11                             Year 12                         12

17          12                             Year 13                         13

PASTORAL                                                 ACADEMIC OVERVIEW

We believe that social and emotional                     American heritage, global perspective
development is just as important as academic             All ACS schools offer a unique educational
achievement. We focus on the whole child,                experience, characterised by a bold international
enabling us to create resilient, well-rounded,           approach that builds on our proud American
high achieving individuals – ready to face               heritage. At the heart of this experience is a
whatever the future has in store for them.               commitment to providing exactly the right support
Our team of experienced social counsellors               for each student, so they thrive within our culture
is available to students from Early Childhood            of high expectations. As part of our commitment
through to High School. Our aim is to provide            to diversity and inclusion, we support a wide
our students with the tools to develop their             range of student interests and abilities.
social and emotional learning, in order for
them to achieve academic success.                        Another distinctive feature of ACS culture is our
                                                         attitude to exams. We focus on assessment for
We approach this in a holistic way, using a              learning, rather than simply preparing for tests.
wellness model that highlights and encourages            We use high quality data and feedback on each
students’ strengths and abilities. Building a positive   student’s achievement, to adjust our teaching
relationship with each student and being able to         strategies, improve individual performance
support them in their daily lives is what makes          and celebrate learning.
our work worthwhile. From their first day with us,
you child will become part of a caring classroom         The result is a flexible system that works for each
community, where everyone is valued.                      student, regardless of ability. At the heart of this
                                                          is our rigorous academic programme, designed
To support this, we offer a proactive counselling         to help highly ambitious learners excel in widely-
programme designed to recognise and prevent               respected international qualifications. This supports
issues before they cause difficulties. Our social         strong applications to the world’s top universities
counsellors work closely with parents and                – including Qatar Foundation’s Education City, Ivy
teachers to identify and address the needs                League and the Russell Group. At the same time,
of each student, offering as much or as little            we encourage all our students to pursue individual
support as students feel they need.                       passions and explore personal interests, with
                                                          a particular emphasis on sport, the creative
Our pastoral programme extends into every                 industries, business and enterprise.
subject our students study through the
IB learner profile and their approach to learning.       Put all this together and ACS schools deliver what
In addition, we offer co-curricular activities,          we call transformational learning: we help students
such as our Model United Nations club, where             help themselves, by teaching them how to learn.
students are encouraged to develop their skills.         We help them to become effective learners,
                                                         confident individuals and caring contributors,
                                                         ready for success in a changing world.

Premier academic programmes                            The IBDP’s broad and balanced curriculum
The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a              requires students to study six subjects during
suite of integrated international educational          their final two years of school – three at higher and
programmes for students aged 3 to 18.                  three at standard level. The curriculum includes
The IB’s four individual programmes encourage          languages, science, history, social sciences, business
both personal and academic achievement,                management, mathematics and the arts. IBDP
challenging students to excel in their studies         results are based on a combination of end-of-course
and in their personal interests.                       examinations and externally marked coursework.

Developed independently of national standards,         In the IBDP’s signature Theory of Knowledge
the IB incorporates best practice drawn from           course, students examine the nature of knowing
research and a global community of more than           and deepen their understanding of knowledge as
4,000 top-performing schools. It encourages            a human construct. IBDP students also complete a
students of all ages to think critically, challenge    major independent research project in the form of an
assumptions and adopt a global perspective –           Extended Essay, in which they conduct an in-depth
with some students choosing multilingual learning.     study of one of their IBDP subjects.

Well-respected national and                            The IBDP also encourages self-directed learning
international standards                                through its Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS)
                                                       element. Based on the idea of reciprocal service,
The curriculum at ACS schools is informed by
                                                       CAS involves students participating in a range of
established standards that provide students
                                                       activities alongside their academic studies, helping
with clear milestones, to guide their academic
                                                       promote healthy lifestyles, original thinking and
development. Our standards are evidence-
                                                       active participation in local and global communities.
based, to prepare students for the demands
of university, career and civic life.
                                                       Importantly, the IBDP helps students gain offers
                                                       from prestigious universities around the world.
By identifying and prioritising significant content,
                                                       Higher education institutions in more than 90
these standards promote deep learning that
                                                       countries accept students based on their IBDP
enhances the individual student’s knowledge
                                                       credentials, while many US public and private
and skills. Standards also provide a common
                                                       colleges and universities offer credit or accelerated
language for parents, teachers and students to
                                                       courses of study in the light of strong IBDP results.
discuss education topics, and enable students
to transfer to other schools – national or
                                                       The IBDP is ACS Doha’s most demanding and
international – with the minimum of disruption.
                                                       frequently-chosen academic programme. It requires
                                                       commitment, resilience, excellent time management
High School curriculum
                                                       and determination. In return, a growing body of
International Baccalaureate Programme                  evidence shows the IBDP is excellent preparation for
                                                       university, ensuring students are ready for advanced
The IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) is an
                                                       study and helping them achieve results that go
academically challenging programme that
                                                       beyond anything they thought possible.
ensures students aged 16 to 18 are ready for
success at university and beyond. It addresses
students’ intellectual, social, emotional and
physical wellbeing, and has gained recognition
and respect from the world’s leading universities.

IBDP students take responsibility for their
own learning, developing critical and creative
thinking as well as collaboration, research,
self-management and communication skills.

IB Career-related Programme                           • The US College Board offers college-level courses
The IBCP incorporates the vision and                    to academically-prepared High School students
educational principles of the IB into a stand-        •   One-year courses are modelled on first-year
out programme specifically developed for                  university curriculum
students who wish to engage in career-related         •   Courses culminate in a standardised exam each
learning while gaining transferable and lifelong          May; successful scores can earn college credit
skills in applied knowledge, critical thinking,
                                                      •   Students specialise, choosing subjects of
communication, and cross-cultural engagement.
                                                          personal interest and academic strength.

Importantly, the IBCP prepares students for an
ever-changing world of work, asking them to           ACS High School Diploma
consider new perspectives, engage in learning         All ACS students who successfully complete
that makes a positive difference, develop both        the relevant studies receive an accredited
academic and practical skills, think creatively       High School Diploma. As part of this, students
and critically, communicate effectively, work         choose from an extensive range of traditional
independently and in collaboration, and               and contemporary subjects, to create stimulating
become self-confident, resilient, and flexible.       programmes of study that reflect their interests.
                                                      Importantly for our American students, the
The programme’s three-part framework comprises        ACS High School Diploma meets the admission
career-related work, the study of two IB Diploma      requirements of US colleges and universities.
courses, and the IBCP Core that connects the
chosen Diploma courses directly with career-          À la carte DP and AP courses offer advanced
related studies. The IBCP prepares students for       academic rigor in many subjects. Students
businesses and industries that require workers        can choose courses of study that specialise in
with self-confidence, community interactions,         particular areas of interest and ability, or meet
accomplished personal and professional skills,        the admission requirements of more narrowly-
an understanding of global languages, and             focused national education systems.
the ability to make ethical decisions.
                                                      Middle School curriculum
• Diploma Programme courses provide the               Our approach to learning in the middle years
  theoretical underpinning and academic rigour        emphasises intellectual curiosity, encouraging
• Career-related studies further support the          students to look for connections between what
  programme’s academic strength and provide           they learn in school and the world beyond the
  practical, real-world approaches to learning        classroom. We develop communication, intercultural
• The IBCP core helps them to develop skills and      understanding and global engagement – essential
  competencies required for lifelong learning         knowledge for future global leaders. As students
                                                      develop from childhood into adolescence, our Middle
Advanced Placement (College Board)                    School offers a caring and supportive environment
                                                      that prepares them for High School, and establishes
AP courses give students a first taste of
                                                      good habits of mind to encourage lifelong learning.
demanding university-level work. AP students
build confidence and learn the essential time
                                                      Our Middle School curriculum framework is
management and study skills needed for college
                                                      made up of eight subject groups, known as the
and career success. Importantly, higher learning
                                                      Middle Year Programme (MYP). Service in Action
institutions value the rigour of AP courses, giving
                                                      is an integral part of this. In the final year of the
applicants a competitive advantage for admission.
                                                      programme, students complete in-depth research
                                                      for a personal project, through which they apply
From 2022, 12 AP courses and a full range of
                                                      what they’ve learned and develop new skills,
AP rewards and recognition will be available.
                                                      researching a globally-significant topic of interest.

The MYP builds upon the knowledge, skills                ISLAMIC STUDIES AND
and attitudes developed in the IB Primary
                                                         ARABIC LANGUAGE
Years Programme (PYP) and prepares students
to meet the academic challenges of the
IB Diploma Programme (DP) and other                      Arabic Language
advanced academic courses of study.                      Arabic is the fifth most widely spoken language
                                                         in the world. It’s a core subject at ACS Doha,
IB MYP Certificate                                       where the curriculum respects the cultural
At the end of Year 11/Grade 10, optional                 and social context, with a focus on global and
eAssessments provide opportunities for Doha              intercultural understanding. Arabic is part of
students to attain prestigious IB awards and             the International Baccalaureate PYP, MYP and
externally validate learning outcomes. The MYP           DP programmes, following the Ministry of
certificate requires students to successfully complete   Education’s guidelines. We offer Arabic language
a two-hour on-screen examination in four subjects.       to native students from Kindergarten to
Students will undertake interdisciplinary learning       Grade 12 as an integral part of their studies,
and submit ePortfolios – in language acquisition         and to non-native students as a language choice.
and either design, arts or physical and health           Our Arabic department organises extracurricular
education. They will also complete an externally-        activities and special events to enrich the
moderated personal project, and meet learning            learning experience. These include field trips,
objectives for service as action (sometimes              writing competitions, Qatar National Day,
known as community service). The result is               Islamic celebrations and poetry evenings.
an internationally-recognised celebration of
achievement, to support university admissions.           Islamic Studies
                                                         Islamic Studies is a mandatory subject for all
Lower School and Early Childhood curriculum              Muslim students from Grade 1 to Grade 12
The IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) nurtures            at ACS Doha. We offer our Islamic Studies
and develops students aged 3 to 11, creating             programme for native and non-native Arabic
caring, active individuals committed to a lifelong       speakers, following the Ministry of Education’s
journey of learning. Through an inquiry-led,             guidelines. We deliver this through two main
transdisciplinary framework, the PYP challenges          resources: Ministry of Education textbooks for
students to think for themselves. We encourage           native Arabic speakers, and the ‘Dar Al Salam’
them to explore who we are and how we express            textbook for non-native Arabic speakers. Our
ourselves – to discover where we are in space            programme is designed to educate students
and time, how the world works and how we                 about the fundamentals of Islamic knowledge
can all share the planet.                                and to enable them to properly implement that
                                                         knowledge in their life. Fundamental aspects
PYP studies are based on six subject areas:              include Akeedah, Fikh, Islamic morals, Seerah,
language, social studies, mathematics, arts,             reciting the Holy Quran, Tajweed and Tafseer.
science and personal/social/physical education.
Students also work and play with specialists             Qatar History
to explore language, culture, art, music and             Qatar History is a mandatory subject for all
physical education.                                      students from Grade 1 to Grade 9 at ACS Doha.
                                                         Qatar History gives learners the opportunity to
The whole school community – especially                  explore the vast history, rich culture and beautiful
parents – are viewed as valued partners                  heritage of Qatar. Learners study the history of
in learning, actively contributing to a                  Qatar and recognise the fundamental role that
well-rounded educational experience.                     Qatar plays in the Middle East and the world.

LEARNING SUPPORT AND                                     During the MYP years, students increase their level
                                                         of knowledge of the target language by developing
                                                         their receptive skills (listening and reading
LANGUAGE (EAL)                                           comprehension) and productive skills (speaking and
                                                         writing). Students also become more aware of their
                                                         role as part of an international community.
 Our Student Support Services department
 helps students with learning needs and those
                                                         By the time students reach their last two years of
 who need a little extra English language tuition.
                                                         school, the Language Acquisition programme offers
Teachers provide support in a number of ways
                                                         a variety of pathways: The Diploma Programme
– including “push in” support where they team-
                                                         (DP) Language B programme and the High School
 teach a class with a content or homeroom teacher,
                                                         Languages programme which are connected to the
 and “pull out” support, where teachers work with
                                                         students’ future academic or professional interests.
 students in small groups to reinforce foundational
 skills. English language learners are identified
 during the admissions process and are given the
WIDA English language proficiency assessment.            VISUAL ARTS AND DESIGN
 Depending on the results, they then receive
 appropriate “push in” or “pull out” support.
                                                         Visual Arts provide students with an opportunity
The student support service team uses a multi-           to express themselves in a variety of methods.
tiered system of support (MTSS) as an entrance           Our programme encompasses different forms of
and exit criteria for learning support students.         visual arts from the early years through to Grade
Through the MTSS student progress is monitored           12. As part of the International Baccalaureate
regularly and support is modified as needed.             PYP, MYP, and DP learning, the Visual Arts
                                                         explore global and intercultural concepts through
                                                         a range of media and techniques. The Visual Arts
                                                         help to develop skills in communication, critical
LANGUAGE ACQUISITION                                     thinking, growth mindset and self-confidence.

                                                         Our Visual Arts department strives to create an
At ACS Doha, students from KG to Grade 12 are
                                                         enriched programme that provides the opportunity
offered the choice to study French, Spanish or Arabic.
                                                         for students to experience hands-on investigations,
                                                         extracurricular activities and special events.
During the Primary Years Programme students
                                                         These include school exhibitions, field trips,
start becoming acquainted with foreign languages
                                                         museum visits, workshops and visiting artists.
by exploring them in a fun and interactive way,
allowing them to appreciate the culture of the
                                                         In Design and Technology, Middle High School
foreign language studied by learning simple aspects
                                                         students use the design cycle by creating a range
of it through games, songs and meaningful and
                                                         of products that will help develop them into critical
communicative activities. This is the age when
                                                         thinkers and problem solvers. We examine real-life
students start becoming aware of the importance
                                                         problems with an open mind - this helps them look
of being part of a diverse and multicultural school.
                                                         for solutions with a reflection on their experiences
                                                         as a tool to create wonderful ideas. We balance
In the Middle Years Programme learners have
                                                         their understanding of architectural, digital and
the opportunity to choose a language pathway
                                                         product design to make students appreciate the
according to their proficiency level of the target
                                                         subject even more.
language and their specific interest. Languages
are offered at different levels: Emergent (beginner),
                                                         Our new campus features design labs fully
Capable (intermediate) and Proficient (Advanced).
                                                         equipped with state-of-the-art equipment
                                                         such as 3D printers and laser cutters.

PERFORMING ARTS                                          SPORT

Drama                                                    Our new campus features state-of-the-art modern
In Lower School, students develop their                  facilities which can facilitate team and individual
imaginative skills and creativity and apply them         athlete preparation in multiple disciplines.
in drama situations and performances. They also
learn about technical aspects like script writing        These facilities include:
and the use of props. Drama includes verbal and          •   Maximum standard dimensions, floodlit,
non-verbal expression where students can express             FIFA standard 3G football pitch
themselves, reflect on their performance, and
                                                         •   Climate-controlled 25m indoor pool to
show appreciation for other people’s ideas and the
                                                             aid preparation in all aquatic disciplines
awareness of other cultures and perspectives.
                                                         •   Functional studios for community and parent
In Middle-High School we offer students the                  classes - yoga, crossfit, wellbeing, HIIT
opportunity to participate in weekly drama               •   Fitness suite to aid strength and
clubs, creating their own performances and                   conditioning in athlete preparation
open-mic nights that are presented to the whole          •   Double sized multi-functional sports hall
school community. These drama activities build               which can accommodate multiple matches
invaluable skills and qualities such as teamwork,            simultaneously in volleyball, basketball and
creative thinking and self-confidence.                       badminton – a competition-ready space with
                                                             multiple dynamic viewing options for spectators
The new ACS Doha campus features a state-of-the-         • A communal relaxation area with
art theatre, with a flexible seating capacity of up to     sports cafe for spectators and visitors
300 people, and professional technical facilities.
                                                         In addition, we have developed partnerships
                                                         with some of Qatar’s leading sports providers,
PYP students gain an awareness and appreciation          including BE Basketball, who will operate at
of music in all its forms from a range of times,         our campus from August 2021. Our aquatic
places, and cultures. Through singing songs and          programme includes our own successful
playing instruments, students develop the ability        Learn-to-Swim classes and after-school swim
to perform accurately and confidently, making            lessons. We also offer an extensive range
expressive use of musical elements. They control         of co-curricular and after-school activities,
and develop musical ideas in composition and             which enhance our students’ experience and
use notation as an aid to storing and refining           give them the opportunity to learn new skills.
their ideas. Our Lower School students also
have the opportunity to become members of
the ACS choir, performing at a range of school
events and external competitions.                        CO-CURRICULAR
In Middle High School, students are offered
an instrumental programme with the                       Co-curricular activities are a key part of our well-
opportunity to play a variety of instruments,            balanced educational programme, giving students
as well percussion. Our aim of the programme             the opportunity to socialise, learn new skills and
is to have every student develop the skills              have fun as part of after-school (typically 2:30 to
necessary in order to read and perform music.            3:30pm) and Saturday activities. Our programme
                                                         includes sailing, horse riding, eSports, robotics
In addition to performance skills, the MYP               and gymnastics.
music programme aims to develop students’
ability to work within digital-audio workstations.
Use of these programmes allows students to
expand their composition and theory skills, as
well as expressing themselves through music.

PARTNERSHIPS                                       OUTDOOR EDUCATION
ACS Doha is creating relationships with a wide
range of prestigious institutions to support our   We partner with Blue Pearl Camps to run a series
students, connecting them and their families       of outdoor adventures for our students. Led by
with an array of opportunities to expand their     qualified camp leaders, our camping trips are
horizons. Part of our education strategy is to     hugely popular with both students and parents.
recognise personal and workplace skills through    The programme is available to students from 6 and
learning beyond the classroom. Our connections     7 years old and starts with overnight camping on
with universities, government ministries, and      the beach at one of Qatar’s resorts – where team
businesses provide challenge, inspiration, and     games, bonfire storytelling and bushcraft take
personalised learning with special speakers,       place. Our 9 and 10 year olds get the opportunity
courses, educational visits, expert advice,        to camp for three nights, with more advanced
competitions and school holiday activities.        activities like fire building, trap making, kayaking
                                                   and bouldering.
These are some of the organisations with
which ACS Doha has developed partnerships:         Our aim is to raise awareness of the amazing
                                                   variety of nature here in Qatar – from our
•   Paragon One                                    mangroves and amazing beaches, to our incredible
•   Qatar Cool                                     variety of flora and fauna. Spending time with
•   Ministry of Transport and                      nature really invigorates our students, giving them
    Communications, Qatar                          an opportunity to experience the great outdoors
• Virginia Commonwealth                            with full support from our wilderness experts.
  University of the Arts, Qatar
•   University of Calgary, Qatar
•   HSBC Qatar                                     UNIFORM
•   Millie Group
•   Hamad Bin Khalifa University,                  Our students do not wear a uniform. We believe
    College of Law                                 in the importance of independent thinking and
•   Georgetown University Qatar                    creativity, and encourage our students to make
•   Qatar Foundation International                 good choices for themselves. There is a dress code,
                                                   which all ACS students are expected to follow.
•   Environmental Science Center,
    University of Qatar


Our experienced and well-resourced counselling
team comprises two full-time guidance counsellors,
who help students choose a university course that
fits their aspirations; one that reflects their academic,
emotional, geographical and financial needs.
Their advice covers researching university options,
personal statement writing, career selection and
standardised test skills as appropriate, ensuring a
successful transition to university. This attention
to detail significantly improves each student’s
university experience and career options.


Our latest academic results can be found on our
website or requested
from our Admissions team.


We are proud to say that ACS Doha students
have a long tradition of achieving excellent exam
scores in the International Baccalaureate.

Many of our graduates go on to attend some of the
most prestigious universities in the world, with the
majority gaining places at their first-choice institution,
including Russell Group and Ivy League colleges.

Popular degrees for ACS Doha graduates include:

• Accounting                 •   Environmental science
• Aeronautical               •   Law
  engineering                •   Mathematics
• Architecture               •   Medical sciences
• Art                        •   Modern language
•   Drama                    •   Philosophy
•   Economics                •   Physiology
•   English and
    creative writing


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            Fremanh                                                                                                                                             Pa
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           Dut ish

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                                                                        South Ko

ACCREDITATION                                       CAMPUS TOURS

ACS Doha is accredited by the New England           You can book a place through our
Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)         website, email our Admissions team on
and is authorised by the International    
Baccalaureate to offer the three International      or call us on +974 3026 6800
Baccalaureate Programmes (PYP/MYP/DP),              to arrange an individual tour.
Western Association of Schools and Colleges
and The Ministry of Education in Qatar.



ACS International School Doha
Building No 10, Street No 161, Zone 70
PO Box. 200568, Al Kheesa
Doha, Qatar

ACS Doha has partnered with Yalla Transportation
to provide students with a safe and reliable bus
service to transport them to and from school.

The service currently serves the following areas:
• The Pearl, Lusail, Westbay and Al-Dafna
•   Gharrafa, Qatar Foundation, Al-Rayyan
•   Um Salal Mohammad, Um Salal Ali, Al-Kheesa

Building No 10, Street No 161, Zone 70
PO Box. 200568, Al Kheesa
Doha, Qatar

+974 4474 9000

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