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                   Senior Primary
     Grades 4 to 7
     Monday – Thursday            07h30 – 14h45         Sport : 15h00 – 16h30
     Wednesday                    07h30 – 14h00         Afternoon: refer to extra-mural
     Friday                       07h30 – 14h00         timetable on the school APP
     Saturday School              08h00 – 12h30

     Please refer to the calendar on the school APP for Saturday school dates which are
     usually the first and last Saturdays of each term. Saturday school attendance is

     As we are a Saturday sports playing school, your son may not be excused if selected
     for a team, unless under extreme circumstances.

     At the end of each academic year, a calendar for the forthcoming year, outlining all
     major school events, is posted on the school APP.

     At the start of each term, a calendar outlining the activities for that term as well as
     important information, is posted on the school APP. It is important that you have
     access to electronic media, as communication with our parents is important and we
     prefer not to print hard copies.

     Permission to be excused from school for any reason other than ill health can only
     be granted by the Deputy Headmaster. A letter or email must be sent to the Deputy
     Headmaster. When your child is absent from school for 3 days or longer, a medical
     certificate is required.

     Initial stationery items are issued by the school and are paid for out of the Incidental
     Fee which appears on your account (see Fees). Subsequent stationery items will be
     charged for separately.

     All exercise, homework and text books (resources) are provided by the school. This
     includes plastic covers. Certain books may be sent home for covering.

     All grades are given homework 3 days a week. No homework is set on a Wednesday.
     A homework book and timetable is issued to every boy. Both parent and teacher are to
     initial each other’s messages on a daily basis to indicate that they have been read and
     noted. Boarders’ homework is controlled by the duty staff.

     All grades undertake regular day visits to places of interest. Greys are to be worn on
     these days, or Khaki’s, school rugby socks and running shoes for outdoor excursions.
     Once a year, classes go on a 2 to 4 day outing to an Educational Centre. A separate
     charge is made for this.
     •    Grade 4 boys spend 2 nights at Spirit of Adventure – Shongweni
     •    Grade 5 boys spend 2 nights at Roselands Outdoor Adventure Centre
     •    Grade 6 boys go on a leadership development camp for 3 nights
     •    Grade 7 boys go on a leadership camp for 2 nights
     •    Grade 7 boys go to Babanago to study the Anglo Zulu wars and environmental
     •    education for 3 nights
     Prior to a visit or outing, you will receive a detailed circular.

6.   MUSIC
     A full range of individual tuition is offered as an optional financial extra. Details can
     be obtained from Mrs Lillemor Blunt (HOD Cultural Affairs). Should the boys choose
     to do so, they may be prepared for all music exams. There are two Senior Primary
     choirs (Grades 4 & 5 and Grades 6 & 7) due to the popularity of this group. Guitar rock
     group, djembe troupe, saxophone and violin ensembles and drumline are also offered.

7.   SPORT
     All extra-curricular activities are co-ordinated by the Director of Sport. Staff members
     who are all qualified to coach sport, work under him. Athletics, cricket, cross-country,
     hockey, rugby, swimming and tennis are offered to all boys. Team sport is emphasised
     and all boys are involved in matches and practices. All sport is compulsory, apart from
     tennis. Matches usually take place on a Wednesday or Friday or Saturday. Boys must
     be correctly attired for sport. This includes hats and sunscreen.
     After a sports practice, boys may go home wearing their sports kit and footwear.
     When wearing the Cordwalles school uniform or sports clothing, no boys are allowed
     to walk through public places, including shopping centres, barefoot. Over the weekend
     or during the holidays, boys must not mix civvies with Cordwalles clothing.
     If sport practice is cancelled due to inclement weather, communication via the
     School App will be sent to parents who may then collect their sons earlier. This is
     at the discretion of the Director of Sport. Boys who cannot be fetched earlier will be
     supervised while they wait. It is therefore unnecessary to telephone the school in this
     If, for any reason, a boy is unable to participate in sport on a particular day, a written
     explanation must be given to the Director of Sport and to the sports coach.
     Chess for Senior and Junior boys; practices and matches, are as per the extra-mural
     timetable and calendar card.
     If your son is going to remain at school for a lengthy period on a non-sport afternoon,
     he is required to change into his golf shirt and blue shorts.

      Boys must provide their own sports equipment. Lockers are provided for the
      safekeeping of all equipment and clothing. Boys must provide a lock for their lockers.
      A spare key must be handed to the class teacher.

      The school has limited transport. Parents are a huge help in assisting boys to functions,
      especially sports fixtures. The following aspects need your individual attention:
      •    All boys must wear seat belts
      •    Where boys are transported by bus, these buses will have seat belts
      •    At no stage or under any circumstance may a boy be transported in the back bin
           of a truck or bakkie.
      •    Please ensure/check with all sport coaches if boys need to be transported back to
      •    Cordwalles after a fixture.
      •    Sports coaches will remain at a venue 10 minutes after the match has finished. If
           boys have not been fetched by their parents/guardians they will be brought back
           to Cordwalles.
      •    Transport to be booked through the APP.

      All boys are to be dropped off by 07h20. We would like to encourage Senior Primary
      boys to be dropped off outside the chapel area as opposed to the car park. Boys are not
      to play in the grounds prior to the commencement of school.

      It is of great help to the school if parents check their son’s clothing regularly, to ensure
      that they have all of the items that appear on the clothing lists and that clothes still fit.
      All items of clothing should be marked with name tapes, clearly indicating your son’s
      name. Lost property is placed in the ‘Tick Box’ in the Brick Quad.

      The School uses both its own guard and a private security company to monitor and
      control traffic into the School on a 24-hour basis. The front gate is open during drop-
      off and pick-up times for the boys (07h00 – 08h00 and 12h00 – 17h00). At all other
      times the gates are closed. Visitors are required to sign in and out. Parents are to
      display the Cordwalles parking sticker on the left side of their car window screen to be
      allowed access. If their sticker is not displayed, they will be asked to sign in and out.
      Should a boy need to be collected during school hours and then returned to school, for
      example for a doctor’s appointment, the parent is required to collect an exit card from
      reception to facilitate clearance through the security check
      The boys are not permitted to bring valuables, toys, electronic games, cell phones,
      ipads etc., to school. Should a particular item be required by your son for academic or
      health reasons, this article must be handed to the class teacher for safekeeping. Please
      see that all possessions are clearly marked. Every care is taken by us to retrieve lost
      property, but it is not always possible to trace ownership when the boy himself is
      unable to identify the article.

      The official school bag is to be used by all boys. Sports kit is to be brought to school
      in the Cordwalles tog bag. These bags can only be purchased from the School Shop.

      We try to limit the amount of money a boy handles at school. Wherever possible, your
      son’s account will be debited with any expenses incurred, such as fun days and any
      miscellaneous costs.

      Please provide your son with a healthy snack for teatime (first break), i.e. no sweets,
      chips, fizzy drinks, etc. Boys from Grades 3 to 7 are provided with lunch (second
      break). This cost is debited to your account. (See School Fees). All diets are catered
      for. (Please advise the school should your son have special dietary requirements.) By
      prior arrangement with the Bursar, your son may bring his own lunch, which must be
      eaten in the Dining Room.

16.   HEALTH
      On entering the school, a Medical Health Record must be completed. Please let us
      know, in writing, at the beginning of a term, or at any stage during a term, if your
      son has been in contact with any infectious diseases. Similarly, the school must be
      informed should your son be placed on any medication that might need to be taken at
      school. Our Nursing Sister, Sister Mapham and our House Mother, Mrs Warr, need to
      monitor such cases. See additional information on page 32.

      The school employs the services of Dr Cynthia Brown.

      There is a daily boarding rate of R425 charged for boys (Grades 4 – 7 only) staying
      at school for short periods. A daily rate of R250 will be charged for boys who stay
      overnight for school functions such as play rehearsals.

      Boys will be expected to have their hair cut according to the school’s haircut
      regulations, the purpose of which is to achieve a neat, uniform style. A haircut may
      not draw undue attention. Hair should be evenly cut, above the collar, ears and brow.
      No form of bleaching, highlighting or dyeing of hair is permitted. Nor are braiding,
      plaiting, spiking, mullets, mohawks, undercuts, steps, zigzags or shaved-in paths

      Please see the attached clothing lists: ALL ITEMS TO BE CLEARLY MARKED..

      Dayboys and Boarders:
      Summer uniform (Terms 1 & 4):         Khakis and brown sandals
                                            Cordwalles grey jersey.

Winter uniform (Terms 2* & 3*):       Khakis, grey socks and brown lace-up shoes and
                                             Cordwalles grey jersey, Cordwalles tracksuit.

       *     winter uniform is worn from the mid-term break in the 2nd term
       *     summer uniform may be introduced after the 3rd term mid-term break,
             depending on the weather – to be advised by the Deputy Headmaster

       Mid-term, end of term and formal occasions: white long-sleeved shirt, grey shorts, tie,
       grey socks, brown shoes and grey jersey.

sPoRts KIt: Grade 4 –7
sPoRt          PRACtICe KIt                          MAtCH KIt
swimming Cordwalles costume & towel                  Cordwalles costume, towel, cap,
                                                     white slops, blue shorts, collared shirt,
                                                     tracksuit and tog bag.
Athletics      Blue shorts and golf shirt            Cordwalles vest, white shorts, tracksuit,
                                                     takkies and tog bag.
Cricket        Cordwalles golf shirt, blue shorts,   Collared match shirt, white shorts, long
               long white socks, white running       white socks, white running shoes and
               shoes or cricket boots, Batting cap   batting helmet – white / blue / green.
               & fielding hat, Batting helmet –
               white / blue / green
tennis         Cordwalles golf shirt, blue shorts,   Collared match shirt, white shorts,
               short white Cordwalles socks with     tennis shoes and short white socks.
               white takkies
Rugby          Brown and red rugby jersey, blue Brown rugby jersey, white shorts,
               shorts, brown rugby socks, gum   brown rugby socks, rugby boots and
               guard, black rugby boots (no     gum guard. Black or grey scrum caps
               (metal     boots and metal studs)
                       studs)                   (optional) Cordwalles tracksuit to be
                                                worn to the game
Hockey      Cordwalles golf shirt, blue shorts, Collared match shirt, white shorts,
            brown rugby socks, gum guard,       brown rugby socks, gum guard, takkies/
            takkies/black boots                 boots. Cordwalles tracksuit to be worn
                                                to the game
Cross       Cordwalles golf shirt, blue shorts, Cordwalles vest, white shorts, short
Country     rugby socks, takkies                white socks, takkies and Cordwalles
                                                tracksuit to be worn to and from the
P.e lessons Cordwalles golf shirt, blue shorts
            or Cordwalles swimming costume

N.B.       lst Team Hockey and Rugby wear different shirts. These are supplied to the boys.
           Parents have the option of purchasing them at the end of the season, once the
           boys have played a certain number of matches for the team.

Uniform for Grades 4-7                              Sport clothing and equipment
(All items are available at the school shop)        2 tracksuit tops
1 grey flannel shorts                               2 tracksuit pants
2 long sleeved white shirts with collar             3 golf shirts
1 Cordwalles tie                                    3 blue rugby shorts
2 Cordwalles grey jersey                            2 match shirts (cricket and hockey)
3 khaki shirts                                      2 white shorts (matches only)
3 khaki shorts                                      2 Cordwalles wide brim hats
4 prs grey socks and garters                        1 Cordwalles batting/tennis cap
1 pr dark brown lace up shoes (Toughees)            1 athletic vest in house colour
1 pr Cordwalles dark brown sandals                  1 Cordwalles swimming costume
                                                    1 Cordwalles swimming towel
Bags                                                1 pr slops (team only)
1 library/homework bag                              1 Cordwalles swimming cap (teams only)
1 Cordwalles school bag                             2 Cordwalles rugby jerseys (brown)
1 tog bag                                           1 Cordwalles practice jersey (red)
1 lunch bag                                         3 prs brown rugby/hockey socks
1 pencil case                                       3 prs white long socks
                                                    1 pr tennis socks
Clothing labels can be ordered at the school        1 pr white running shoes
shop.                                               1 pr rugby boots
                                                    1 cricket bat
                                                    1 hockey stick
                                                    1 pr shinpads
                                                    1 gum guard

        The school and staff cannot accept responsibility for unmarked articles

 Labelling of school clothing can be arranged with the school shop at a nominal fee.

      The School Shop is situated at the entrance to the corridor leading to the Sick Bay.
      It is well signposted. It stocks mainly new but also a limited amount of second-hand

      Shop Hours: (during term)
      Mondays:                           07h00 to 13h00
      Tuesday & Wednesday:               07h30 to 13h00
      Thursday:                          Closed
      Friday:                            07h30 to 10h30

      Additional Times:
      The Shop will also open on the Thursday of the mid-term break and on the last day of
      term from 07h30 to 10h30.

      The Shop opens from 10h00 to 13h00 the day before the start of each term unless the
      start falls on a Monday, in which case it will open on the Friday before. The Shop re-
      opens a week before school starts in January by appointment only.

      New Parents:
      It is important for us to accommodate new parents and those travelling great distances
      and for this reason we schedule one-on-one appointments (approx 1 hour) during the
      last few weeks of term and the first week in January to give adequate time to each boy.
      This also allows adequate time to mark all items. We recommend that you use this
      facility and book in advance.

      You can email your order to

Dress after sport practice:
After sports practice boys may go home in their sports kit, including footwear.

When wearing the Cordwalles school uniform or sports clothing, boys are not permitted to
frequent public places barefoot.

Dress after sports matches:
After matches boys may go home wearing their match kit (including footwear). After galas,
boys are to put on their tracksuit or blue shorts, collared shirt and slops before departing.

When attending school functions:

1.   Any school function after the school day at Cordwalles, or away; greys are to be worn
     to all these events: e.g. Combined Choirs, Debates, Musical Recitals, Grade 6 Maths
     Challenge, Choir performances, School Plays etc..
2.   Boys who attend matches as supporters must wear school uniform, ‘blues’ or a full
     tracksuit and takkies.
3.   During the rugby and hockey season the tracksuit must be worn on arrival at the game.
4.   Dayboys remaining in the afternoon:

These boys often wish to play at school or have extra practice in the nets, kicking for posts
or playing tennis. They must be dressed in the appropriate kit.
Playing on the fields    –    Golf shirt and blue shorts
Tennis                   –    Golf shirt, blue shorts, short white socks and takkies
Cricket etc.             –    Golf shirt, blue shorts, long white socks and takkies

No civvies are allowed in the afternoon during the week. After school, no mixing civvies
with the Cordwalles uniform or sports clothing is allowed.

All these regulations are for the benefit of the boys and for the school. We need to help
the boys develop a routine where they can be an advert for our school, yet be comfortable
with the knowledge that they are showing support and unity for their teams in wearing full

As there is no blazer, boys must purchase the Cordwalles tracksuit and jersey. On
exceptionally cold winter mornings (2nd and 3rd Terms only), boys may wear their tracksuit
with their khakis. The tracksuit may not be worn with greys.

                 We believe that by wearing this correct uniform, your
                  son will develop a pride in himself and his school.

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