Installation & Servicing Instructions - Grant Vortex Mag-One Magnetic Central Heating Filter

Installation & Servicing Instructions - Grant Vortex Mag-One Magnetic Central Heating Filter
Grant Vortex Mag-One
Magnetic Central Heating Filter

Installation & Servicing Instructions

DOC98 Rev00 - September 2014
    1		General									3
    		1.1   Introduction								3
    		1.2   How a Magnetic Filter Works					3
    		 1.3  Safekeeping of the Installation Instructions			 3
    		1.4   Installation								3
    		1.5   Location								3
    		1.6   Magnetic Cautionary Advice					3
    		1.7   Access and Clearances						3

    2		Technical Data								4
    		2.1    Materials Specification						4
    		2.2    Magnet Specification						4
    		2.3    Flow Rate and Pressure Drop					4
    		2.4    Dimensions								5

    3		Installation									6

    4		Commissioning								6

    5		Servicing									6

    6		Chemical Dosing								6

    7		Guarantee									7

1 General
1.1 Introduction                            1.3 Safekeeping of the                   1.6 Magnet Cautionary
The Mag-One magnetic central                Installation Instructions                Advice
heating filter is the ideal solution        These Installation and Servicing         The magnet fit ted in the Mag-One
to costly and unnecessary system            Instructions must be handed over to      has a strong at tractive force and
breakdowns caused by both                   the householder on completion of the     consideration should be given to the
magnetic and non ferrous particulate        installation. They should be kept for    following:
in fluid based systems.                     future reference as necessary.           • Magnets could af fect the
                                                                                          functioning of pacemakers and
Thanks to its innovative triple action                                                    implanted heart defibrillators
magnetic filtration system, it identifies                                            • Keeping magnets away from
and retains all types of magnetite
                                            1.4 Installation                              devices and objects, i.e. TVs,
                                            Installation must be carried out by           laptops, credit and ATM cards,
and non ferrous debris.                     a competent installer in compliance           etc. that could be damaged by
                                            with all current local planning               strong magnetic fields.
The Mag-One magnetic central                requirements, Building Regulations,
heating filter can be used on all types     codes of practise, Health and Safety
of central heating systems in any           legislation.
orientation and it is recommended,
for ma ximum af fect, that it be                                                     1.7 Access and Clearances
installed on the return leg of the                                                   Plese allow enough clearance
circuit, between the last radiator and      1.5 Location                             around the Mag-One to ensure the
the boiler/heat pump.                       The Mag-One should be installed on       isolating valves can be fully closed.
                                            the return leg of the circuit, between
The isolating flat face ball valves,        the last radiator and the boiler/heat    It is recommended that a clearance
provided with the magnetic filter,          pump.                                    of at least 250mm is given to enable
make maintenance and installation                                                    the magnet and filter to be removed
quick and simple.                                                                    during servicing.

As well as being fit ted in conjunction                                              Suf ficient clearance must also be
with the installation of a new system,                                               given to ensure that the Mag-One
the Mag-One magnetic filter is well                                                  can be drained easily into a suitable
suited to being retro-fit ted to an                                                  container.
existing system where the boiler/heat
pump is being replaced – protecting
new components and increasing the
life span and ef fectiveness of existing

1.2 How a Magnetic Filter
Through a combination of innovative
product design and a clever use of
the laws of physics, water is guided
through the components of the Mag-
One to achieve ma ximum filtration
with each pass of the circuit.

Water enters the filter through our
ingenious diverter block and then
passes into the magnetic filter 500ml
capacity pressure drop chamber.

Here, particulate is forced through
the non ferrous filter and down
towards the magnet. Through a
process of natural convection, water
then circulates back to the top of
the filter and back into the system
leaving all magnetite and particulate
debris captive at the base of the
filter’s magnetic core.

All system contaminants are then
easily removed during servicing
by isolating the Mag-one from the
system and removing the magnet
from the screw cap at the top of
the pot then opening the drain
valve, removing the majority of
contaminants within the pot in
2 Technical Data

    2.1 Materials Specification
     Valve body and screw cap                         PA66 30% GF
     Integral non ferrous filter                      POM
     Screw cap, connector pot and drain valve seals   Silicone
     Ball valve and drain valve o-ring seals          EPDM
     Magnet                                           Neodymium earth magnets
     Ball valves, connector block and drain valve     Brass
    Table 2-1: Materials specification

    2.2 Magnet Specification
     Gauss (G) rating                                 12000
    Table 2-2: Magnet specification

    2.3 Flow Rate and Pressure Drop

    Figure 2-3: Flow rate and pressure drop

2.4 Dimensions
Item            Measurement (mm)
A                        73
B                        170
C                        149
D                        82
E                        245
Table 2-4: Dimensions

                                                     Figure 2-5: Dimensions

                                   Plese allow enough clearance around the
                                   Mag-One to ensure the isolating valves can
                                   be fully closed.

                                   It is recommended that a clearance of at
                                   least 250mm is given to enable the magnet
                                   and filter to be removed during servicing.

                                   Suf ficient clearance must also be given to
                                   ensure that the Mag-One can be drained
                                   easily into a suitable container.

Figure 2-6: Dimensions                                                           5
3 Installation                              4 Commissioning                                and allow the contents of the pot
                                                                                               to drain in a suitable container
                                                                                               ensuring the surrounding area is
    Prior to installation, ensure that the      The procedure for commissioning                fully protected.
    system is suitably drained down. On         the filter is as follows:                   4. Once the flow of water has
    open vented systems, make sure              1. Open the lowest isolation valve             stopped, open the manual air
    that the feed and expansion tank is              to the air bleed – leave the upper        bleed to ensure that the filter is
    isolated.                                        most isolation valve closed.              completely empty.
                                                     The air bleed should be closed         5. Remove the screw cap from
    Please allow enough clearance                    initially during commissioning.           the main body of the filter and
    around the Mag-One to ensure the            2. Making sure that all open ends of           remove the POM non-ferrous
    isolating valves can be fully closed.            the system are closed, begin to           filter from inside the pot. Rinse
    It is recommended that a clearance               refill the system.                        both of these with clean water
    of at least 250mm is given to enable        3. Bleed radiators as required.                only.
    the magnet and filter to be removed         4. Return to the Mag-One filter and         6. Once complete, reassemble and
    during servicing.                                open the air bleed until water            commission the filter as before.
    Suf ficient clearance must also be               flows from it.
    given to ensure that the Mag-One            5. Open the top isolation valve
    can be drained easily into a suitable            and allow the remaining system
    container.                                       volume to fill.                        6 Chemical Dosing
                                                6. Open the air bleed again to
    Remove 205mm of system pipework                  ensure all air has been removed        Before any chemical dosing is
    for the installation, making sure that           from the filter.                       at tempted, first ensure that system
    open ends of both pieces are free of        7. Adjust the installation/date wheel       pressure has been relieved and
    debris and ready to receive the nut              to reflect the month the Mag-One       an appropriate volume of fluid has
    and olive.                                       filter was installed. This will act    been removed to accommodate the
    Fit both isolation valves but do not             as a service guideline for the end     dosing agent.
    tighten fully.                                   user.
                                                                                            To dose from the Mag-One filter:
    Slip the connection block between           NOTE                                        1. Isolate it from the system using
    the flat face of isolation valves, taking   Air may continue to be present in the           the isolation valves
    particular care to ensure that the          system pipework for a small period          2. Drain the pot contents into a
    directional arrow on the connection         as the central heating is run af ter            suitable container and open the
    block is pointing in the direction of       installation of the Mag-One filter.             manual air bleed to ensure the
    the flow of water. Failure to do so will    We recommend that you check the                 dosing pot is completely empty.
    result in reduced flow and inhibited        air bleed again to ensure that all air      3. Close the drain valve and manual
    filter performance.                         has been purged from the system.                air bleed, unscrew the cap at the
                                                                                                top of the pot and remove.
    Hand tighten the isolation valves to                                                    4. Dose the system using a suitable
    the connection block making sure
    that the rubber washers provided            5 Servicing                                     corrosion inhibitor in accordance
                                                                                                with the manufacturers
    have been situated between the                                                              instructions.
    two. When you are happy that the            We recommend that the Mag-One               5. When complete, replace the
    connection block and isolation valves       filter is serviced once every twelve            screw cap and open the isolation
    are facing an appropriate direction         months, or as required in heavily               valves.
    for the installation, fully tighten all     contaminated systems.                       6. Repeat as necessary to dose
    four nuts.                                                                                  with required amount.
                                                The Mag-One is supplied with                7. Top up the system volume as
    Present the filter to the connection        a range of replacement sealing                  required.
    block making sure that you have             rubbers, should these be needed, as
    inserted the rubber seal into the inlet     well as a brass drain hose adaptor
    connection on the filter body. Gently       for draining the filter during servicing.
    position the filter into the connector
    block and when you are satisfied with       Prior to cleaning the Mag-One filter,
    the position of the filter, hand tighten.   ensure that the working environment
    If further tightening is required,          is safe.
    gentle pressure can be applied with
    a suitably sized set of pump pliers.        It is advisable to turn the boiler/heat
                                                pump of f before commencing any
    WARNING                                     maintenance works.
    Excessive tightening of the
    connection block/filter union may           Caution should also be taken
    irreparably damage the filter.              regarding the temperature of the
                                                contents of the filter.

                                                1. Firstly, turn the isolations to the
                                                   closed position.
                                                2. Unscrew the magnet from the
                                                   screw cap and pull
                                                   it free from the pot. This will
                                                   demagnetise any ferrous material
                                                   in the pot and allow it to fall to
                                                   the base.
                                                3. Af ter having at tached the brass
                                                   hose adaptor to the drain valve,
                                                   slowly open the drain valve at
6                                                  the base of the Mag-One filter
7 Guarantee                               is available2.                                   breakdowns caused by incorrect
                                                                                           installation, neglect, misuse,
                                          The following documents must be                  accident or failure to operate the
You are now the proud owner of a          made available to Grant Engineering              Mag-One in accordance with the
Mag-One magnetic filter from Grant        (UK) Limited on request:                         manufacturer’s installation and
Engineering (UK) Limited which            • Service documents                              servicing instructions.
has been designed to give years of                                                   4.    This guarantee is transferable
reliable, trouble free, operation.        Chargeable repairs                               providing the installation is
                                          A charge may be made (if necessary               serviced prior to the dwelling’s
Grant Engineering (UK) Limited            following testing of parts) if the               new owners taking up residence.
guarantees the manufacture of the         breakdown is due to any fault(s)                 Grant Engineering (UK) Ltd must
Mag-One including all mechanical          caused by the plumbing or heating                be informed of the new owner’s
components for a period of two            system, e.g. trapped air, etc. See               details.
years from the date of installation3,     ‘Ex tent of manufacturer’s guarantee’      5.    The Company will endeavour
provided that the Mag-One has been        below.                                           to provide prompt service
installed in full accordance with the                                                      in the unlikely event of a
installation and servicing instructions   Ex tent of manufacturer’s                        problem occurring, but cannot
issued.                                   guarantee                                        be held responsible for any
                                          The manufacturer’s guarantee does                consequences of delay however
If a fault or defect occurs within the    not cover the following:                         caused.
manufacturer’s guarantee period           • If the Mag-One has been                  6.    This guarantee applies to Grant
If your Mag-One should fail within the        installed for over two years.                Engineering (UK) Limited Mag-
guarantee period, you must contact        • If the Mag-One has not been                    One purchased and installed on
Grant Engineering (UK) Limited                installed, commissioned, or                  the UK mainland, Isle of Wight,
who will arrange for the repair               serviced by a competent                      Channel Islands and Scot tish
under the terms of their guarantee,           person in accordance with                    Isles only1. Provision of in-
providing that the Mag-One has been           the installation and servicing               guarantee cover elsewhere in the
correctly installed, commissioned             instructions.                                UK is subject to agreement with
and serviced (if the appliance has        • Fault(s) due to accidental                     the Company.
been installed for more than twelve           damage, tampering,                     7.    All claims under this guarantee
months) by a competent person and             unauthorised adjustment,                     must be made to the Company
the fault is not due to tampering,            neglect, misuse or operating                 prior to any work being
misuse, trapped air or the failure            the Mag-One contrary to the                  undertaken. Invoices for call out/
of any ex ternal components not               manufacturer’s installation and              repair work by any third party
supplied by Grant Engineering (UK)            servicing instructions.                      will not be accepted unless
Limited.                                  • Damage due to ex ternal causes                 previously authorised by the
                                              such as bad weather conditions               Company.
In the first instance                         (flood, storms, lightning, frost,      8.    Proof of purchase and date of
Contact your installer or                     snow, or ice), fire, explosion,              installation, commissioning and
commissioning engineer to ensure              accident or thef t.                          service documents must be
that the fault does not lie with the      • Fault(s) due to incorrectly sized              provided on request.
system components or any incorrect            expansion vessel(s), incorrect         9.    If a replacement Mag-One is
set ting of the system controls that          vessel charge pressure or                    supplied under the guarantee
falls outside of the manufacturer’s           inadequate expansion on the                  (due to a manufacturing fault)
guarantee otherwise a service                 system.                                      the product guarantee continues
charge could result.                      • Fault(s) caused by ex ternal                   from the installation date of
                                              electrics and ex ternal                      the original Mag-One, and not
If a fault covered by the                     components not supplied by                   from the installation date of the
manufacturer’s guarantee is found             Grant Engineering (UK) Limited.              replacement3.
Ask your installer to contact Grant       • Mag-One servicing, de-scaling or         10.   The replacement of a Mag-One
Engineering (UK) Limited Service              flushing.                                    under this guarantee does not
Department on +44 (0)1380 736920          • Checking and topping-up system                 include any consequential costs.
who will arrange for an approved              pressure.                              11.   The Mag-One must not be sited
service engineer to rectif y the fault.   • Components not supplied by                     in a location where it may be
                                              Grant Engineering (UK) Limited.              subjected to frost.
Remember - before you contact             • Heating system components,
Grant Engineering (UK) Limited                such as radiators, pipes, fit tings,
• Ensure the Mag-One has                      pumps and valves not supplied          Foot notes:
   been installed, commissioned               by Grant Engineering (UK)              1
                                                                                        The UK mainland consists of
   and serviced by a competent                Limited.                               England, Scotland and Wales only.
   person in accordance with              • Instances where the Mag-One              Please note that for the purposes
   the installation and servicing             has been un-installed and re-          of this definition, Northern Ireland,
   instructions.                              installed in another location.         Isle of Man and Scilly Isles are not
• Ensure the problem is not               • Use of spare parts not                   considered part of the UK mainland.
   being caused by the heating                authorised by Grant Engineering        2
                                                                                        We recommend that your Mag-
   system or its controls. Consult            (UK) Limited.                          One is serviced every twelve months
   the installation and servicing                                                    (even when the guarantee has
   instructions supplied with the         Terms of manufacturer’s guarantee          expired) to prolong the lifespan and
   boiler for guidance.                   1. The Company shall mean Grant            ensure it is operating safely and
                                             Engineering (UK) Limited.               ef ficiently.
Free of charge repairs                    2. The Mag-One is guaranteed               3
                                                                                               The guarantee period
During the two year guarantee                for two years from the date             will commence from the date of
period no charge for parts or                of installation3, providing that        installation, unless the installation
labour will be made, provided that           af ter twelve months the annual         date is more than six months from
the Mag-One has been installed               service has been completed2.            the date of purchase, in which case
and commissioned correctly in                Any work undertaken must be             the guarantee period will commence
accordance with the manufacturer’s           authorised by the Company               six months from the date of
installation and servicing instructions      and carried out by an approved          purchase.
and, for a Mag-One over twelve               service engineer.
months old, details of annual service     3. This guarantee does not cover                                                      7
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          Telephone: 01380 736920 Fax: 01380 736991
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