Inter Professional Engagement Module - 2ND YEAR - Well Connected

Inter Professional Engagement Module - 2ND YEAR - Well Connected
Inter Professional
Engagement Module
Inter Professional Engagement Module - 2ND YEAR - Well Connected
    From the Module Lead                            7

    From the Well Connected Strategic Lead          8

    How does the Inter-Professional
    Engagement Module work?                        11

    EBL 1 - Family Intervention Service            12

    EBL 2 - Dementia Friends                       14

    EBL 3 - George House and Devonport
    Lifehouse                                      16

    EBL 4 - High Street Primary School             18
    EBL 5 - British Red Cross                      20

    EBL 6 - School Nurse Team                      22

    EBL 7 - Plymouth Community Homes               24

    EBL 8 - Scott Medical and Healthcare College   26

    DTH A - City College                           28

    DTH B - Nomony Children’s Centre               30

    Time to Celebrate - Year 2 IPE Symposium       33

    From the IPE2 Co-ordinator                     35

    Current Projects                               38

2                                                                   3
Inter Professional Engagement Module - 2ND YEAR - Well Connected
IPE2 2017 - 2018

                                   CHALLENGE          REFLECTION

                                  FUN        IMPART
                               BENEFIT                                     UNIQUE
                            COLLABORATION PDSE VALUE

                           WELL     CONNECTED

                                          HELP COMMUNICATION

                       CREATIVE EFFECTIVE UNDERSTANDING                    IDEAS
                       ORAL HEALTH        THOUGHTFUL

                                                          POTENTIAL SPECIALISTS
                                                                               RELATIONSHIPS   CHANGE

                        ADVICE COMMUNITY
                         OPPORTUNITY DENTISTRY                               ORAL HEALTH


                              SUPPORT FANTASTIC  INSIGHTFUL       FUTURE

                                DIVERSE AMAZING

                                    MINDFUL                EXPERIENCE

4                                                                                                          5
Inter Professional Engagement Module - 2ND YEAR - Well Connected
From the Module Lead
    Community engagement and social awareness is a key element
    of the PUPSMD programme and students work closely with
    communities throughout their training.

    Linking together education of dental and dental therapy hygiene students
    to communities using our model of community engagement is unique in the
    UK. It provides students with opportunities to develop a wider range of skills
    and experiences to draw upon in their professional careers to help them
    deliver dental care to an increasingly demographically diverse population
    and in a rapidly changing health environment.

    These education goals also provide service to local communities and in
    doing so brings a sense of realism to important oral health challenges and
    the wider responsibilities of being a dental professional which cannot easily
    be taught in the classroom. This provides unparalleled contextual learning
    and experience, not to mention a degree of fun and challenge that meet
    one third of the learning outcomes in the GDC document ‘Preparing for

                                                                                ROB WITTON
                                        Director of Social Engagement & Community-based Dentistry
                                                   Director of Peninsular Dental Social Enterprise CIC
                                                                    Consultant in Dental Public Health

6                                                                                                   7
Inter Professional Engagement Module - 2ND YEAR - Well Connected
From the Well
Connected Strategic Lead
Well Connected has developed effective partnerships and                          I have been privileged to attend some of the planning sessions and
                                                                                 community events and am hugely proud of what is achieved via this module.
networks with a variety of organisations who host each student                   Community groups enjoy being involved, they value the opportunity to
group throughout the module, this enables them to increase their                 inform and be part of your learning, as a result they benefit from the legacy
knowledge and understanding of the health needs of different                     which is left behind at the end of each project. Further success is achieved
population groups. Working in partnership is key to success                      when student based projects can be further developed and expanded.
and brings added benefit and value, however it can also be                       This module could not be delivered without the amazing support from
challenging and difficult. Students frequently say they learn as                 our wonderful community organisations, the academic team Rob Witton
much about themselves as they do about other people.                             [module lead], Ruth Potterton and Martha Paisi and of course Abby Nelder
                                                                                 who has made a brilliant job of coordinating and supporting each group
The module is made up of 3 steps and each step is about people,
                                                                                 throughout the year.
partnerships and professionalism:
                                                                                 Thank you to everyone involved, we really couldn’t do it without you.
• finding out more about a specific population group,
                                                                                 Remember, community matters!
• working with other professionals
• delivering an effective intervention.
It is also a unique opportunity for students to develop a range of skills and
attributes which are important for all health care professionals, for example
communicating well, demonstrating understanding and empathy, having
a friendly and welcoming approach. I am delighted that each group has
delivered an intervention which is of value and meaning to their hosts; it is
great to see the commitment students put into their projects. The variety
of interventions is inspiring; this year students have delivered workshops,
hosted visits to the DEF’s, supported young people with learning difficulties,
helped refugees and asylum seekers, organised a ‘lunch and learn’ session
and held a Christmas party…..phew!

                                                                                                                                              WENDY SMITH M.B.E.
                                                                                                                                       Strategic Lead for Community Engagement
                                                                                                                                                                  Well Connected
                                                                                                                                                Peninsula Dental Social Enterprise

8                                                                                                                                                                               9
Inter Professional Engagement Module - 2ND YEAR - Well Connected
How does the Inter-
     Professional Engagement
     Module work?
     In the first year students work in Enquiry Based Learning (EBL)
     and Dental Therapy and Hygiene (DTH) groups as they are
     introduced to the concept of community engagement, as part
     of their Inter-Professional Engagement (IPE) module. Groups
     visit organisations to discuss and understand the impacts of
     demography and lifestyle issues on local people.
     In year two of the programme, students are able to build on their learning
     from their year one experience by working with an allocated host
     organisation. In their EBL and DTH groups, students visit their organisation
     to develop an understanding of how they support community groups,
     individuals, clients and service users. Using their knowledge, students work
     in partnership with the organisation to design and deliver an intervention,
     focussing on adopting positive, healthy lifestyles whilst being mindful of the
     social and organisational barriers that prevent communities from
     achieving this.
     The IPE module is one of the building blocks for students at Peninsula
     Dental School. introducing core academic skills in exploring, searching
     and selecting evidence-based information as well as developing societal
     and community awareness so students understand their future role in the
     healthcare system and wider society.

10                                                                                    11
Inter Professional Engagement Module - 2ND YEAR - Well Connected
Family Intervention Service
The Family Intervention Service work with local families, referred
by professionals, where circumstances may have a significant
impact on family life and the community.
The team offers a high intensity whole family intervention for up to 12 months. Staff under-
take specific pieces of work with children, young people and families, including evidenced
based parenting assessments, crisis intervention, parenting work, keeping safe and working
in groups. Additionally the team offers a coordinated package of specialist support in areas
such as; crime, anti-social behaviour and domestic abuse.

Aim:                   To break down barriers between families and health
                      professionals, build positive relationships and raise aspirations.

• Students hosted a Christmas Winter Wonderland Party for families engaged with the
  Family Intervention Service

• They enjoyed a series of interactive oral health and positive choices themed activities
  and games

Ahmed Ahmed
Naa-Lamily Bannerman
Rebecca Oluwaseun Osunla
James Bryman
Alla Daghem
Michael Daldry
Ronan Patel

12                                                                                             13
Inter Professional Engagement Module - 2ND YEAR - Well Connected
     Dementia Friends
     Dementia is caused by a number of diseases that affect the brain
     and progresses differently in each individual.
     Dementia may include memory loss and difficulties with thinking, problem-solving or
     language. These changes are often small to start with, but have become severe enough
     to affect daily life. A person with dementia may also experience changes in their mood or
     behaviour. As a result, people living with dementia can experience barriers to accessing
     healthcare, including dentistry.

     Plymouth University has been at the centre of designing, implementing and supporting the
     development of the Urban Plymouth Dementia Action Alliance. A Dementia Friend learns
     what it’s like to live with dementia and turns that understanding into action.

     Aim:                 To assess staffs awareness of issues that people with dementia face
                            when accessing PDSE Dental Education Facilities and carry out
                              premises assessments to provide recommendations to facilitate
                                the creation of a more dementia friendly environment.

     • Supported by the Dementia Alliance, students assessed support at the dental school for
       patients with dementia and their carers

     • Recommendations were made to become more dementia friendly

     • Students also hosted a dementia information drop-in session for staff and students to
       raise awareness and promote Dementia Friends training

                                                                                                  Saad Ahmad
                                                                                                 Goswyn Assibi
                                                                                                   Lowri Morris
                                                                                                   Shyam Patel
                                                                                                  Prashant Rao
                                                                                                     Jaini Shah
                                                                                                  Om Vasaikar

14                                                                                                          15
Inter Professional Engagement Module - 2ND YEAR - Well Connected
George House and
Devonport Lifehouse
George House provides accommodation for single homeless
people over a period of 6 months. Whilst staying at George
House support is given to access on-site training and
development courses. Accommodation within the community
is also available to support the transition on to more
independent living.
Devonport Lifehouse operates a person centred approach with a strong emphasis on
resident engagement and involvement in the running of the Lifehouse. Ensuring that
the individual is the key focus, the approach is flexible and personal and demonstrates
empathy with residents, allowing them a gradual transition from the chaotic lifestyle of
street homelessness. and working in groups. Additionally the team offers a coordinated
package of specialist support in areas such as; crime, anti-social behaviour and
domestic abuse.

Aim:                  To enable residents to access dental treatment at Peninsula
                     Dental School (PDS), and improve their knowledge to accessing
                    dental services in Plymouth.

• Students delivered a dental triage and drop-in information session

• They explored the residents challenges in maintaining good oral health whilst raising
  confidence and knowledge through the promotion of positive oral health routines

Jason Luk
Mohammed Maki
Luke Morton
Sumeet Sandhu
Maria Stevenson
Leah Webb
Sebastian Willey

16                                                                                         17
Inter Professional Engagement Module - 2ND YEAR - Well Connected
     High Street Primary School
     High Street Primary School is a popular and successful
     primary school.
     The school provides a caring, secure, family environment where each child is valued as
     an individual who is able to benefit from and contribute to the life of the school. High
     Street aims to instil confidence to develop academic, physical, social and creative talents,
     self-confidence and a sense of satisfaction in achieving success.

     Aim:                  To explore barriers to children maintaining positive oral health
                             behaviours and strengthen key health messages currently
                               shared within the school setting at a Brilliant Brushing Fair
                                 and school assembly.

     • The dental students worked with staff to explore barriers to children maintaining positive
       oral health behaviours and plan an effective intervention.

     • The students held an assembly sharing oral health messages and the dentistry
       profession in a fun interactive way

     • A Brushing Fair was held immediately after the assembly to attract children of all ages
       and their families to meet the dental students, learn key oral health messages and
       raise aspirations

                                                                                                         Thomas Allan
                                                                                                    Mohammed Arshad
                                                                                                          Jasleen Batra
                                                                                                    Shaundeep Dhindsa
                                                                                                    Mohammed Qayum
                                                                                                            Nina Rupal
                                                                                                         Ariya Rabbani

18                                                                                                                  19
British Red Cross
The British Red Cross in Plymouth, supports refugees in a wide
variety of ways.
This includes offering emergency food, clothes or small amounts of cash to those facing
severe hardship. They also help refugees access services and offer friendly advice to
the most vulnerable. Short-term support is offered to help vulnerable and newly arrived
refugees adapt to life in a new country. Additionally, sometimes refugees flee persecution
in their own country only to find that the country in which they seek asylum cannot offer
protection or basic human rights. In such cases, resettlement to a third country is often the
only safe option. The Red Cross plays a specific role in the reunion of families who have
been separated around the world, and who have been allowed by the Home Office to join
their families in the UK.

Aim:                   To improve the knowledge and confidence of Red Cross
                      volunteers and staff in providing basic oral health information
                    to service users and signposting them to local dental services

• Students worked with the Refugee Support Service Co-ordinator in Plymouth to explore
  the barriers to oral health faced by service users

• Students planned a Dental Champion Training session for Red Cross staff and
  volunteers, raising awareness of the value and importance of good oral health, enabling
  them to support those accessing their service

• Students also hosted a drop-in information session for service users to share key oral
  health messages

Gurvinder Bains
Mayur Bokhiria
Alastair Campbell
Grishma Gupta
Felicity March
Ellis Pheasant
Eleftheria Stylianou

20                                                                                              21
     School Nurse Team
     The School Nursing Service delivers the universal healthy child
     programme to children aged 5-19 years, to improve health out-
     comes for the school aged population, with a focus on early inter-
     vention and prevention.
     The team works in partnership with children, young people and their families as well as
     other professionals and agencies to ensure that children’s health needs are being met and
     supported within their school and local community. The School Nursing Service undertake
     comprehensive health assessments and offer confidential health advice and support on all
     aspects of children’s development, including: continence issues, emotional wellbeing, aller-
     gies and epilepsy, unhealthy and risk taking behaviours, bullying, hearing concerns, online
     safety and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

     Aim:                 To support the Livewell School Nurse Team in their delivery
                            of oral health instruction to children which will be both
                              impactful and sustainable.

     • Students investigated tools used by the School Nurse Service to identify families
       requiring additional oral health advice

     • Suggestions included a specific section relating to Oral Health

     • Dental Champion Training was delivered by the students to the School Nurses, raising
       confidence to deliver key oral health messages

                                                                                                    Haya Basmachi
                                                                                                    Victoria Fairman
                                                                                           Elizabeth Fynn-Famodun
                                                                                             Amir Ghanbari Jahromi
                                                                                                          Saf Johar
                                                                                                        Adam Mulji
                                                                                            Jesutobiloluwa Oluseye
                                                                                                     Sonya Sharma

22                                                                                                               23
Plymouth Community Homes
Plymouth Community Homes are a leading independent housing
association with a clear social purpose, providing homes and
services people want and can afford.
They are Plymouth’s largest social housing landlord with over 16,000 properties providing
homes to over 35,000 people. Profits are invested back into the community and local
projects which support their residents.

The TYLA (Turn Your Life Around) project, based at the Phoenix Centre in Honicknowle, has
been running for over a year, supporting young people aged 9-14 to develop personal,
social and emotional skills enabling a successful transition to secondary school.

Aim:                   To raise awareness and promote key oral health messages to
                      children attending the TYLA project.

• Students delivered Dental Champion Training to the Youth Community Workers.

• Students hosted interactive workshops for the children with information on plaque,
  hidden sugars and oral health.

El-Eden Biney
Celia Diez Alonso
Ventsislav Dobrev
Mansoor Khan
Nahida Mazid
Dhilan Patel
Zahid Rehemtulla
Cameron Shaw

24                                                                                          25
     Scott Medical and Healthcare
     Scott Medical and Healthcare College provides a new approach
     to learning, blending traditional teaching with real, project-based
     learning and work experience.
     The college hosts a maximum of 375 healthcare students, with each year group having just
     75 students, offering smaller classes and a higher teacher to student ratio.

     Learning is rooted in the real world, which helps develop the skills and experience needed
     to flourish in life and work. Guided by local healthcare employers, the College offers a
     range of academic and vocational qualifications and crucially, they offer work placements
     linked directly to employment opportunities in the medical and healthcare sector.

     Aim:                 To educate year 9 students at Scott College in key oral health
                            messages to enable them to become confident in sharing the key
                              messages with friends and family.

     • Students worked closely with the college to plan and deliver an interactive training
       session to year 9 students, with a focus on oral hygiene

     • Students also gave a presentation about the dental profession, giving personal accounts
       of their own journey to inspire and motivate the students at Scott College

                                                                                                   Eleanor Clinton
                                                                                                  Aikaterini Gavala
                                                                                                     Amin Karmali
                                                                                                    Gaurav Kumar
                                                                                                    Nita Mandalia
                                                                                                     Kardam Patel
                                                                                                       Zoheb Tariq

26                                                                                                              27
City College
City College offers courses for young people with learning
disabilities in Plymouth and surrounding areas, with a focus on
developing individual skills, building confidence to go into both
the workplace and independent living.
The college offers the opportunity to take part in work placements, where students
gain valuable experience of the working environment. The aim is to build self-esteem
and confidence in order to prepare for adulthood and next steps in life. Courses are
facilitated by experienced teaching and employment advisory staff in a productive and safe

Aim:                  To raise awareness of the importance of infection control
                     and good hand hygiene with students, who had already
                   identified this as a need as part of their studies.

• Dental Therapy and Hygiene students explored the needs of the group and devised and
  delivered a lesson

• Students demonstrated correct hand washing techniques, exploring the importance of
  good hand hygiene and the consequences of poor practice

Lucy Bateman
Katie Bond
Monika Cobo
Bethany Craven
Hailey Gill
Damian Lemieszek
Chloe Oak
Harpreet Kaur

28                                                                                           29
     Nomony Children’s Centre
     Barnardo’s Plymouth provides a wide range of services across the
     city including a number of children’s centres.
     Nomony Children’s Centre provides a one stop shop for families from pregnancy to children
     age 5, Nomony offers support and signposting to a variety of services and professionals
     for advice and guidance including breastfeeding, budgeting, employment, training and
     home safety. They deliver a range of free fun activity sessions and courses including Baby
     Milestones baby group, Chatterbox baby weighing clinics, stay and play sessions and Latch
     on Breastfeeding support. They are also able to support families on a one to one basis in
     the home where necessary, helping with parenting, housing, domestic abuse, finances and

     Aim:                 To improve knowledge and raise awareness of the importance of
                            good oral health in young children and their families who attend
                              Nomony Children’s Centre

     • Working closely with staff at Nomony the students explored the opportunities available
       and the needs of the families using the Children’s Centre.

     • Students worked with both the Baby Milestones group and the Multicultural group; each
       group shared key oral health messages and diet advice with families.

     • They were able to give advice to parents on how to make positive choices for children’s
       first milestones such as first tooth and healthy snack choices.

                                                                                                    Claire Bowen
                                                                                                   Rhiarna Henry
                                                                                                     Reece Isaac
                                                                                        Karenn Helmrichne Davila
                                                                                                  Zuzanna Sadura
                                                                                                  Georgia Snape
                                                                                                  Wioletta Sztuka

30                                                                                                            31
Time to Celebrate
     Students showcase their projects at the annual symposium,
     presenting to an expert panel and guests.

     TUESDAY 24TH APRIL 2018
     John Bull Lecture Theatre, John Bull Building, Plymouth Science Park

      09:00                           Registration and refreshments
      09:30                           Welcome and introduction
      09:40 - 10:00                   EBL 8 - Presentation            Scott Medical & Healthcare
      10:00 - 10:08                   Q&A                             College
      10:10 - 10:30                   EBL 2 - Presentation            Dementia Friends
      10:30 - 10:38                   Q&A
      10:40 - 11:00                   DTH A - Presentation            City College
      11:00 - 11:08                   Q&A
      11:10 - 11:30                   Break
      11:30 - 11:50                   EBL 6 - Presentation            School Nurse Team
      11:50 - 11:58                   Q&A
      12:00 - 12:20                   EBL 5 - Presentation            British Red Cross
      12:20 - 12:28                   Q&A
      12:30 - 12:50                   EBL 4 - Presentation            High Street Primary School
      12:50 - 12:58                   Q&A
      13:00 - 13:50                   Lunch
      13:50 - 14:00                   Talk / Presentation
      14:00 - 14:20                   EBL 7 - Presentation            Plymouth Community Homes
      14:20 - 14:28                   Q&A
      14:30 - 14:50                   DTH B - Presentation            Nomony Children’s Centre
      14:50 - 14:58                   Q&A
      15:00 - 15:10                   Break
      15:10 - 15:30                   EBL 3 - Presentation            George House & Devonport
      15:30 - 15:38                   Q&A                             Lifehouse
      15:40 - 16:00                   EBL 1 - Presentation            Family Intervention Service
      16:00 - 16:08                   Q&A
      16:10 - 16:30                   Feedback, Summary and Close

32                                                                                                  33
From the IPE2
     It has been a pleasure to work alongside the student groups as
     they embrace this unique opportunity to develop meaningful and
     effective community engagement projects.
     Working in partnership alongside host organisation, students have been
     given an insight into the health and well-being of a variety of population
     groups. This approach encourages the students to engage directly with
     people from different demographic and social groups who may not
     ordinarily be seen in clinics.
     Over a short timeframe, I’ve observed students learn about their community
     and its individual needs, have their views challenged, grow in confidence
     and improve their inter-personal skills, widen their knowledge, experience
     team working and reflect upon the impact this module will have on their
     future practice.
     As a result, it is hoped that as dental care professionals they will be able to
     address the needs of not only those who attend their clinics, but to broaden
     their horizons to support those within their wider community to address oral
     health inequalities that exist today.
     It would be impossible to deliver this module without the amazing,
     collaborative support of our host organisations, academic team and Well
     Connected and of course the enthusiasm of our fabulous students. A huge
     thank you to all involved who have made co-ordinating IPE2 so enjoyable
     and successful.

                                                                                  ABBY NELDER
                                                          Community Engagement Programme Officer
                                                                                    Well Connected
                                                                  Peninsula Dental Social Enterprise

34                                                                                               35
Initially I was                         The children were
                                                                       worried that some                         fascinated to meet
                                                                    things may not work out                  the students and enjoyed
                                                                   as planned. On the day of                   talking to them about
                                                                  the intervention there was a             training to be a dentist. Both
                                                                great atmosphere and I felt they          the Youth Community Workers
                                                                would trust dental practitioners        and the children found the sessions                     Working collaboratively
                                                                   more after that experience.             enlightening and informative.                       with the students and Well
                       At Devonport Lifehouse,                   I would love to do it all again!                                                          Connected is something that we
                    we welcome dental students                                                                  DEBORAH BEADLE,
                                                                      DENTAL STUDENT,                              PLYMOUTH                                all benefit from and this year was
                    into our community and give                                                                                                        particularly well received by our families.
                                                                           EBL1                                COMMUNITY HOMES
                them the opportunity to meet people                                                                                                     Our team of staff now have the Dental
             affected by homelessness. Our residents                                                                                               Brushing song, created by the students, to relay
            help the students understand how difficult                                                                                              and incorporate when we have our oral health
             it can be both practically and emotionally                                                                                          roadshow. This will become a memorable feature of
          to access dental care, despite its being hugely                                                                                       our roadshows for the children with their families. The
     important for self-confidence and physical well-being.                                                                                     opportunity taken to engage in different languages by
      The students, in turn, share information on oral health                                                                                   the students was also particularly well received in this
        and help our residents understand that visiting the                                                   They will go forwards               group. By keeping the messages simplistic for the
       dentist need not be painful, fearful or embarrassing.                                                     in their studies                    children also helped any parents overcome
         Our experience is that the students come away                                                        and careers with this                  any embarrassment they may have had with
            with enhanced skills in communication and                                                      increased knowledge and                                   understanding.
               empathy, and our residents feel heard,                                                   hopefully adjust their approach
                     appreciated and supported.                                                         accordingly. I witnessed them                          KAREN MARLTON,
                                                                                                      start to share their knowledge with                  NOMONY CHILDREN’S CENTRE
                     LYNDSEY WITHERS,
                   DEVONPORT LIFEHOUSE                                                              colleagues during their workshop very
                                                                                                     effectively with potential beneficial
                                                                                                          effects on any patients with
                                                                                                          dementia under their care.
                                                                                                            CLAIRE PUCKEY, PCC                                        This project, for me,
                                                    The event that the students
                                                   organised was fantastic. They                                                                                     seemed daunting and
                                                    worked really hard to ensure                                                                                  stressful at first with all the
                                                maximum engagement and impact                                                                                 planning that had to be put into it.
                                              for the parents and the children. It was                                                                      However, I enjoyed the intervention a
                                          well resourced, had clear outcomes and was                                                                      lot and think engaging with people who
                                                                                                                Overall I found this                      I haven’t engaged with on clinic yet has
                                          very well organised. I was amazed by the turn
                                                                                                               an insightful module.                    really helped me shape the way I will be with
                                       out, a high percentage of our families attended the
                                                                                                                I believe it is vital in                my patients in the future. I gained experience
                                         after school event. This isn’t always the case so
                                                                                                           showing that dentistry is truly                  in how to communicate with learning
                                       they had truly captured our families. It was great to
                                                                                                       community based. The people and                    difficulty students and I think this will be
                                         watch the students engaging with our families.
                                                                                                        organisations you interact with are                  really beneficial to me in the future.
                                       The students should be commended for their hard
                                                                                                      doing fantastic work in the community.                  Overall good educational project!
                                          work and their professionalism. We would be
                                                                                                        Learning about them, tailoring and
                                           really interested in hosting further events if                                                                             DENTAL STUDENT,
                                                                                                       managing your project to aid them
                                                       the opportunity arose.                                                                                              DTHA
                                                                                                          are skills that will aid you in the
                                                         KAREN BALL,                                      future as a dental professional.
                                                 HIGH STREET PRIMARY SCHOOL
                                                                                                             DENTAL STUDENT, EBL5

36                                                                                                                                                                                                         37
Current Projects
              Open Wide and Step Inside
              Taking oral health messages into primary schools using theatre
              and film to engage with children. Delivered by Fenella the Fairy
              Godmother of tooth fairies, children learn in an interactive session.

              Dental Champion Workshops
              Aimed at businesses, workplace and community groups, training to
              increase knowledge and awareness of key oral health messages is
              delivered to groups.

              Dental Ambassadors
              Six week training course delivered to adults with learning disabilities
              to train as dental ambassadors and go on to promote good dental
              hygiene and care to their peers.

              Active Plus                                                               Want to know more
                                                                                        or get involved...
              Training to provide learning, guidance and support to Active Plus
              members. Uses ‘Share and Tell’ approach to encourage members
              to share their learning with others.
                                                                                        Come down and see us at:
                                                                                        Well Connected
                                                                                        Lower Office,
                                                                                        New Cooperage Building,
              Brushing Clubs
                                                                                        Royal William Yard,
              Helping children brush using the correct technique whilst                 Plymouth, PL1 3RP
              attending early years settings. Engaging with staff we give them
              the knowledge and skills to deliver the brushing club daily to the
              children in their care.
                                                                                        Tel: 01752 583130
                                                                                        facebook TWITTER@wellconnectedsw
38                                                                                                                         39
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Teach me and I remember,
  Involve me and I learn
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