DOI: 10.14529/ped1504011

Liu Chaojie,
Zhejiang Ocean University, Zhoushan, Republic of China

                      China’s college expansion plan since 1999 has gradually diverted its higher education from
                 the elite education to popular education. Millions of students have chances to receive higher
                 education, thus, meeting the public demands for the higher education, which not only helps to
                 improve the overall quality of the human resources and the population cultivation, but pushes
                 the economic growth to enhance the comprehensive national strength as well. However,
                 the quality of the present higher education couldn’t reach the requirements of both economic and
                 social development. Besides, the university expansion enrollment has brought about a series of
                 defects that have been witnessed by the occurrence of economy crises in 2008. It is difficult
                 for college graduates, especially those with major in Economics, to find a job after the economic
                 crises in 2008.This paper attempts to discuss the application of AIDA method to the economic
                 classes on the basis of analysis of the status quo of economic classes so that the role of the
                 teacher in class can be redefined, so as to foster the students’ abilities to analyze and solve
                 practical problems.
                      Keywords: economic curriculum, AIDA model, application-oriented talents cultivation.

     The outline of “national middle-term and              university class, the situation is the opposite one.
long-term education reform and developing plan”            The teacher always acts as the leader and the
for 2010–2020 put forward that the essences of             students obey. The teacher usually focuses on
the educational development rely on reform.                his teaching rather than the students’ learning,
The reform focuses on the educational system               ignoring the demands of the students and the
and organism. Henceforth, it is important to en-           society. The main problems in economic classes
courage the local government and universities to           are the following ones.
make innovations and reform education content,                  1.1. Curriculum design
methods, assessment systems [1]. Today the com-                 is not reasonable
petition is growing and economic education as                   Professor Bai Yongxiu admits that in the
the main part of higher education is playing an            post-reform era, interest-related parties differen-
important role in pushing the society to move              tiate the relationships between human beings,
forward and change the knowledge model.                    between the human being and the society, and the
The developing tendency of economy is good                 groups between groups bringing about the
and the students’ enrollment is increasing. How-           change, conflicts and unbalance of values as-
ever, there are some problems in the education of          sessment. The education focus is on the short-
students whose major is Economics. The goal of             term achievement, rather than the long-term cul-
students’ cultivation is not distinct, students cul-       tivation [2]. Curriculum design, which includes
tivation model adheres to the past, and teaching           the teaching content design and the optimization
content is obsolete. Henceforth, with the task of          of teaching structures is the key factor of im-
training students with good practical skills, the          proving the teaching qualification. At present, the
essay introduces the application of AIDA method            economic curriculum in many universities is not
to the economic classes based on the analysis of           reasonable. In western economic curriculum, for
the status quo of economic classes, so that the            example, the studying hours are 2 hours per week
role of the teacher in class can be redefined to           (some university have 4 hours per week), and the
foster the students’ abilities to analyze and solve        total number of studying hours is 32 every term.
practical problems.                                        The task of teaching couldn’t be completed due
     1. Main problems in economic classes                  to limited teaching hours, henceforth, in the
     To teach is to learn, which reveals that teaching     classroom they could only slash the teaching con-
is an art with the combination of teaching and             tent or focus some points. There is not enough
learning. In addition, it gives mutual benefits and        time for teachers to analyze their economic prin-
interactive performances. However, in today’s              ciples in depth as the time limit for every class is

Вестник ЮУрГУ. Серия «Образование. Педагогические науки».                                                       77
2015. Т. 7, № 4. С. 77–83
Теория и методика профессионального образования
50 minutes. This fact decreases the students’ de-          tivate a qualified engineer and it also reveals
sire for further learning.                                 a qualified engineer must have the experience of
     1.2. Teaching method is unitary                       engineering projects practice and engineering re-
     At present, almost all the teachers carry out         lated working experience (which exceeds the total
their teaching performance with the help of mul-           studying hours in university). From the “FEANI
ti-media. During the teaching process, most of             formula”, we could also deduce that the profes-
the teachers deeply rely on their PPT presenta-            sional practice education is vital in economic
tions and some teachers just ask students to               classes at Chinese universities. Without plenty of
watch the “PPT” without explanations. Their PPT            professional training practice, the skills and theo-
mainly consists of teaching materials, basic eco-          ries, what they have learnt could not meet the
nomic principles and formulas, rather than the             demands of the society, especially, for students
model analysis and daily application. Henceforth,          from the economic field.
when the teacher delivers his class with enthu-                 2. Introduction of “AIDA” model
siasm, the students feel dull even sleepy.                      in economic class
If the situation lasts for a long time, the students            In economic classes, some teachers usually
will absorb nothing in the class. Such one-way             focus on the knowledge delivery, rather than the
communication mode makes students passive                  interest and emotion motivation. Henceforth,
listeners, not active learners.                            the voice of reform of economic classes could be
     With one-way communication mode in eco-               heard loudly. In order to speed up the reform, the
nomic class is difficult to motivate students to           writer thinks that it is necessary to introduce
study and to cultivate the students’ linguistic            “AIDA” model in economic classes.
abilities, critical thinking skills, learning abilities         2.1. The definition of “AIDA”
and invocation abilities, not to mention enhancing              “AIDA” is the abbreviation of four words.
their organization and coordination abilities and          “A” is “Attention”, attracting somebody; “I” is
teamwork abilities.                                        “Interest”, make somebody interested in some-
     1.3. Lack of practical experience                     thing or somebody; “D” is “Desire”, motivate
     University teachers are rich in theories but          somebody to do something; the last letter “A” is
are lack of practical experience due to long-term          “Action”, taking action. “AIDA” formula is
teaching in class. Henceforth, they focus on theo-         a very famous marketing principle and it was put
ries rather than practices in classes, and ignore          forward by a world famous marketing experts
the connections between different subjects. Many           Heinz M Goldman from his personal marketing
universities treat the practical education or the          experience. The specific explanation is that
professional training as internship, excluded from         a successful salesperson must try his best to at-
the university curriculum system, ignoring the             tract his consumers to focus on their products,
importance of practical education. At Chinese              make his consumers be interested in his products,
Universities, the student qualification assessment         henceforth, the consumer will desire to purchase
(by means of score ) usually consists of two               the product and then the final action is the deal.
parts, one is their daily performance (class partic-       “AIDA” formula represents the four developing
ipation and homework) in classes which usually             processes of marketing and they are closely
take 30 or 40 % of the assessment and the other            bonded. “AIDA” formula reveals an effective
is the final examination test concerning basic             information transferring regulation: attract atten-
theories and formulas which usually take 70 or             tion, arouse interest, motivate desire, act.
60 % of the assessment. Such kind of qualifica-                 2.2. The probability of introducing
tion assessment is adverse to cultivate students’               “AIDA” in economic classes
learning skills and application abilities. The FEANI            To some extent, education is a kind of acti-
puts forward the world famous “FEANI formula”              vity. In the activity, the educator following the
B = 3U + 2 (U/T/E + 2E). B represents time spent           teaching objectives selects suitable information
to cultivate a qualified engineer, U represents            and transmits the knowledge, skills, ideology and
a semester of a university project, T means one            concepts to the learners. In the teaching activity,
year of professional project training, E represents        transmitting information to the learner is not an
one year of engineering related working expe-              easy task. As for the learners, to receive informa-
riences, U/T/E mean that any of them could be              tion from their teachers is not equal to accept the
altered in certain circumstances [3]“FEANI for-            information. Receiving is different from accepting,
mula” reveals that it takes at least 7 years to cul-       because receiving is a passive activity but ac-

78                                                        Bulletin of the South Ural State University. Ser. Education.
                                                                  Educational Sciences. 2015, vol. 7, no. 4, pp. 77–83
Лю Чаоцзе                                            Применение модели AIDA в обучении студентов,
                                              занимающихся в классах экономической направленности

cepting is an active activity [4]. Transmitting in-    should perfectly control his class and make
formation to students could also be seen as            achievement in the 45 minutes class, which re-
a marketing process. In such kind of marketing         quires the teaching materials to be reasonable,
process, what the teacher sells is knowledge,          distinct and the teaching methods innovative and
while his students are his consumers. How could        acceptable [5].
the teachers sell their products perfectly, how             Last, the teacher should constantly commu-
could they attract their consumers are the ques-       nicate with the students, especially, keep eye con-
tions that the teachers should solve. As for the       tract. Eye is the window to the soul and it is also
teachers, knowledge is necessary but it is not         the magic weapon of attracting the students’ at-
enough. In such kind of marketing process, the         tention. When the students automatically com-
teachers should be proficient at using marketing       municate with their teachers by eye contact, they
skills, such as communication skills, the ability to   send a positive signal to the teacher. Motivation
examine a man’s language and observe his coun-         is the inner factor to drive. If the students have
tenance, the ability to analyze learner’s needs,       clear studying target, the motivation is becoming
likes. “AIDA” formula is a successful marketing        stronger and stronger.
principle and has great impact on marketing ac-             3.2. Arouse the students’ interest
tivities. Actually, the teacher could also draw les-        Psychologists think that the basis of interest
sons from the formula.                                 is a need and interest is closely connected with
      3. The inspirations of “AIDA”                    emotions and recognition. If there is no recogni-
      to the economic classes                          tion at something or activity, there will be no
      in Chinese universities                          emotions, not to mention interest. On the con-
      Benjamin Franklin said that “Tell me and         trary, the more you are devoted , the stronger the
I will forget, teach me and I will remember, in-       emotions are and the interest is growing. Interest
volve me and I will learn.” Henceforth, attracting     is the best teacher. Generally speaking, most of
the students’ attention, motivating their desires,     us would like to pay more attention to something
encouraging students to participate in the classes     that interests us, because we could get satisfac-
and vigorously get absorbed in the teamwork are        tion from the process. Students’ interests are obli-
the tasks for the teachers.                            terated in classless and the gap between the
      3.1. Attract the students’ attention             teachers and the students is big. If a teacher
      Gaius Julius. Caesar has ever said: “Veni!       wants to improve his teaching qualifications ob-
Vidi! Vici! (I have come, I have seen and I have       jectively, he should cultivate and arouse the stu-
conquered!). When the teacher sets foot into the       dents’ interest. Richard Vee Law pointed out that
class, he should attract the students by means of      teachers could cultivate and arouse the students
eye contact and conquer them. In the post-reform       interest by the following 6 means: concise and
era, the students are younger generations. Most of     vivid teaching materials, raise questions at the
them were born after 1990s, when the science           right time, walking around the class, the applica-
and technology were developing rapidly and their       tion of visual aids to object teaching, the appli-
living conditions were transformed greatly. Living     cation of electronic teaching equipment and the
in a comfortable environment, those students pre-      arts of linguistic humors. The author thinks that
fer to relax or pursue their personal interest, ra-    it is not realistic for the teachers to take all of
ther than concentrate on their study. The obstacle     the means, while they should chose some of the
for the teacher is to draw the students’ attention.    means according to their reality. The author holds
      How can a teacher draw students’ attention?      on that, walking around the class, applying the
      Firstly, the teacher should carefully prepare    arts of linguistic humor make classes more color-
and design their lessons before class. Before class    ful. From some perspectives, teacher is a multi-
the teachers could communicate with students by        role person (director, designer, actor and au-
means of short messages, e-mail, “QQ”, “web-           dience) in class.
chat” and other social media, which could help              3.3. Motivate the students’ learning desire
the teachers to know learners’ habits, attitudes,           The desire of human being is the distinct ref-
knowledge and the existing problems in their           lection of human nature. American psychologist
study. Secondly, the teachers should teach stu-        has divided human being’s desire into five hie-
dents in accordance with their aptitude and, con-      rarchical levels: basic needs, security needs, need
sequently, adjust his teaching content according       recognition, need in self-esteem, and need in self-
to the students’ performances. Thirdly, the teacher    actualization. The learning desire is that if the

Вестник ЮУрГУ. Серия «Образование. Педагогические науки».                                               79
2015. Т. 7, № 4. С. 77–83
Теория и методика профессионального образования
students are motivated by the knowledge in class,            mission of education in post-reform era is to
the desire of learning is growing. When people’s             cultivate expert or scholar type talents, entre-
basic needs and needs in security are satisfied,             preneur type talents and social organization type
they would like to reach a higher level of mental            talents and their cultivation standards are as fol-
pursuit. And the desire to learn belongs to the              lowing (tables 1–3) [6].
mental pursuit. There is only one millionth’ dif-                 The teacher should help students to know
ference between interest and desire. If the teacher          which fields they are more qualified and talented
could convert the students’ interest into desire,            and which fields they want to engage in their fur-
the teaching objects will learn with half effort.            ther career plan. As long as students solve the
Most of the time, the interests come into students’          problems above, they could take actions.
mind immediately, however, it is difficult to                     4. Based on “AIDA” formula,
come into the following desire. Henceforth, the                   a new role of university teachers
teachers must consolidate the students’ desire of                 in economic fields
learning knowledge.                                               “The qualification of universities is not de-
     3.4. Encourage the students                             fined by tall building but by its teachers. Hence-
     to take actions                                         forth, excellent teachers are the basic resource
     The key difference between “want“ and                   that a university could mainly depend on”. Excel-
“get” is whether you have taken action or not.               lent teachers are the spring of university, because
Action is the most important part in the whole               they could not only stimulate students to study
process. Even if the teachers have attracted the             but could also make friends with their students.
attention, aroused students’ interest, converted             Then, how should the teachers reconsider their
interest into desire, it will also fall short of suc-        role? Liu Man divided the teachers’ role into
cess for lack of the final action. Bai Yongxiu,              three types: the first is the education-oriented
Ren Baoping, Wu Zhenlei put forward that the                 type. Such type of teachers take education as

                                                                                                                Table 1
                             The training standard of expert and scholar type talents

                         Moral, justice, love, passion, social responsibility, entrepreneurial spirits, highly profes-
 Academic morals
                         sional dedication
                         Professional economic knowledge, mathematics and other science, philosophy, history,
 Knowledge structure
                         literature, economic and society
 Academic ability        Ability of observation, ability of analysis, innovative ability, ability of expression
                         Formation of new concept, establishment of new theory,
 Innovative thinking
                         the idea of new proposal, new decision making, new technology invention

                                                                                                                Table 2
                                The training standard of Entrepreneur type talents

 Advance                Have a good command of the natural concept of market economy be familiar
 Concept                with the concept the general market economy, have a good command of modern economy
                        Theory qualification professional qualifications, mental heath, physical health
                        The spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, the spirit of professionalism and spirit
                        of dedication
                        The ability of management and decision-making, the ability of development and innova-
 The capacity
                        tion, the ability of marketing analysis ,the ability of finance analysis, the ability of high
 of management
                        working efficiency

                                                                                                                Table 3
                         The training standard of social organization leader type talents

 Moral Standard          Solidarity and cooperation ,broad-minded toward others, modest and prudent
 Knowledge structure     Political position, political viewpoints, political qualifications
 Level of expertise      Professional knowledge and business skills of economics
 Humanities              The correct world outlook and scientific methodology
 Mental qualification    Faithful, determined, perseverance, optimistic

80                                                          Bulletin of the South Ural State University. Ser. Education.
                                                                    Educational Sciences. 2015, vol. 7, no. 4, pp. 77–83
Лю Чаоцзе                                            Применение модели AIDA в обучении студентов,
                                              занимающихся в классах экономической направленности

their main task and their legitimate foundation        mote the all round developments of students. Se-
and manly concentrate on students’ growth and          condly, the teachers could design the practical
development. Traditionally, the teachers are not       curriculum in accordance with the students and
only teachers but they embody educators, engi-         society needs.
neers of souls, the gardener, the representative of         4.3. The teachers guide students
knowledge, the authority, and moral incarnation.            to future life
The second is a knowledge-oriented type. Such               “Great learning makes a teacher; moral inte-
type of teachers takes recognition as their legiti-    grity makes a model” which reveals that the
mate foundation and mainly focus on academic           teachers should follow all the regulations and
research of disciplines and professions. The third     laws and set examples to their students but they
type is a politics-oriented type. Such types of        should not be restricted by the regulations and
teachers take politic functions as their legitimate    moral models. The teachers should usually recon-
foundation and highly stress the learners’ social      sider their behavior and accept the students’ ap-
readabilities, national services, and contributions.   preciation with critical thinking, encourage indi-
As the society develops, the role of contemporary      viduality and the spirit of creativity and enable
teachers acquire new meanings and they are con-        students to think about their country and their
sidered to be the mouthpiece of the society, and       people. In addition, the teacher should care about
representatives of social moral. The university has    their students’ happiness, sadness, angers to es-
become a place for high-tech incubator and know-       tablish a beautiful class world, where the virtue
ledge promotion [7]. Combined with the above           could be rooted, grow up and speed to the whole
viewpoints, we think that “AIDA” model provides        society, which could make contributions to the
us with a significant and analytic tool. Under the     social development.
guide of “AIDA” model, the teachers should re-              4.4. Teachers are the dedicators
consider their roles in the following four aspects.         in the society
     4.1. Teachers are the leaders                          The formal President of Beijing University
     of students’ self-study                           Mr. Xu Zhihong said that in China, there is no
     The ancient Chinese philosophy goes like          university which ranks the first-class in the
that “where there is a student, there must be          world. He pointed out that there are three stan-
a teacher and the teacher is to solve all the doubts   dards for world-famous university: firstly, there
of a student». Using the “AIDA” model stan-            are world famous professors who are engaged in
dard, the education should be learner-centered.        the world advanced researches; secondly, there
The teachers should guide students to know the         are no such kinds of achievements that they have
outlook of the world and facilitate learning. “Pla-    obtained have pushed the movement of civiliza-
to is dear to me, but dearer still is truth”, hence-   tions and the rapid development of the world
forth, the teachers should not force students to       economy and world peace; thirdly they haven’t
follow their viewpoints. The teachers should           cultivate students, that have made great contribu-
coach and lead students to build a platform for        tions to the development of China [8]. Every
knowledge construction and transmission rather         country consists of numerous individuals, every
than knowledge impart.                                 individual should make his efforts to push the
     4.2. Teachers are the class designers             society move forward. Teachers, as the dedicators
     Class design is the main task of teachers.        in the society, should help students to establish
“Give me a fulcrum, and I shall move the world”.       their social responsibilities and awareness of con-
Class design could create fulcrums for all the         sciousness of national master, which is also the
students, which could help them to find their          final target of education.
ways of learning and open the door of know-                 5. The Conclusion
ledge. In the process of class design, the teacher          As a new methodology in teaching, the
has the right of autonomy, so that they could ba-      “AIDA” model should be examined in practice.
lance the ratio between theories and practices.        “AIDA” model is not a panacea, but it is benefi-
Firstly, using advanced modern education equip-        cial for teachers. “AIDA” is an attempt of new
ment, the teachers could build up a new curricu-       teaching models. As long as we make full use of
lum system which could not only improve the            the model, the teachers and the students both will
old-fashioned curriculum system but also pro-          benefit a lot from it.

Вестник ЮУрГУ. Серия «Образование. Педагогические науки».                                              81
2015. Т. 7, № 4. С. 77–83
Теория и методика профессионального образования
     1. National Plan for Medium and Long-term Education Reform and Development (2010–2020).
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                                                                                Received 17 August 2015


                                                                             DOI: 10.14529/ped1504011

УДК 378.014.54
ББК Ч448.026

Лю Чаоцзе
Шжэцзянский Океанический университета, г. Чжоушань,
Китайская Народная Республика

                    План увеличения количества колледжей, реализуемый с 1999 года, внес существенное
               разнообразие в систему образования и превратил образование из элитного в доступное.
               У миллионов студентов появился шанс получить высшее образование, что в свою очередь,
               помогло удовлетворить спрос на высшее образование, которое способствует не только по-
               вышению качества человеческих ресурсов и культурного уровня жителей страны, но и
               экономическому развитию страны и увеличению ее национального дохода. Однако качест-
               во высшего образования на сегодняшний день не соответствует требованиям социального
               и экономического развития. Кроме того, увеличение количества студентов привело к эко-
               номическому кризису 2008 года. Выпускникам вузов экономического направления доволь-
               но трудно было найти работу в 2008 году. В статье описывается применение метода обуче-
               ния AIDA (модель развития способности решать практические задачи) для студентов, спе-
               циализирующихся в экономике. Проведенное исследование основывается на том, что роль
               преподавателя в классах экономической направленности должна быть пересмотрена, то
               есть основная функция преподавателя – развитие способности студентов анализировать и
               решать практические задачи.

82                                                 Bulletin of the South Ural State University. Ser. Education.
                                                           Educational Sciences. 2015, vol. 7, no. 4, pp. 77–83
Лю Чаоцзе                                                Применение модели AIDA в обучении студентов,
                                                  занимающихся в классах экономической направленности

                     Ключевые слова: учебный план студентов экономический специальностей, модель
                 AIDA, модель развития способности решать практические задачи.

     Лю Чаоцзе, секретарь международного отдела, Шжэцзянский Океанический университета,
г. Чжоушань, Китайская Народная Республика;

                                                              Поступила в редакцию 17 августа 2015 г.

             ОБРАЗЕЦ ЦИТИРОВАНИЯ                                               FOR CITATION
     Liu Chaojie. The application of “AIDA” model to eco-         Liu Chaojie. The Application of “AIDA” Model
 nomic classes / Liu Chaojie // Вестник ЮУрГУ. Серия         to Economic Classes. Bulletin of the South Ural State
 «Образование. Педагогические науки». – 2015. – Т. 7,        University. Ser. Education. Educational Sciences. 2015,
 № 4. – С. 77–83. DOI: 10.14529/ped150411                    vol. 7, no. 4, pp. 77–83. DOI: 10.14529/ped150411

Вестник ЮУрГУ. Серия «Образование. Педагогические науки».                                                         83
2015. Т. 7, № 4. С. 77–83
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