Manchester Metropolitan University - International Undergraduate and Postgraduate Guide 2024

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Manchester Metropolitan University - International Undergraduate and Postgraduate Guide 2024
Undergraduate and
Postgraduate Guide
Manchester Metropolitan University - International Undergraduate and Postgraduate Guide 2024
International                                                                    UK’s best city
                                                                                     Manchester is the

    Undergraduate and                                                                UK’s best city to
                                                                                     live in.*

    Postgraduate Guide
    2024                                                                             Sustainability
                                                                                     Proud to be a top
                                                                                     three sustainable
    Contents                                                                         university since
    Welcome to Manchester Metropolitan ������������ 4                               2013.**
    Manchester: make it yours ������������������������������ 6
    An international city ���������������������������������������� 8
    A city made for you ���������������������������������������� 10                 Lifetime careers
    Discover your campus ������������������������������������ 12                    advice
                                                                                     Lifelong access to our
    Your learning environment ���������������������������� 15
                                                                                     digital careers service
    Your Students’ Union ������������������������������������� 16                   for all alumni of the
    Accommodation options �������������������������������� 18                       University.
    Fees and scholarships ������������������������������������ 20
    Managing your finances ��������������������������������� 21
    Support for you ����������������������������������������������� 22              Over 4,000
    Pre-sessional English courses ������������������������ 24                       International students
                                                                                     from over 100
    Postgraduate research degrees ���������������������� 26
    Your career starts here ����������������������������������� 30
    Supporting your career ����������������������������������� 32
    Our international alumni �������������������������������� 34
    Faculty of Arts and Humanities ��������������������� 36
    Faculty of Business and Law ������������������������� 38
    Faculty of Health and Education ������������������� 40
    Faculty of Science and Engineering �������������� 42
    Our courses ����������������������������������������������������� 44
    Undergraduate courses ���������������������������������� 45
    Postgraduate taught courses ������������������������� 50
    How to apply �������������������������������������������������� 56
    Understanding your offer ������������������������������� 58            * Global Liveability Survey 2022 by
    Applying for accommodation ������������������������ 58                  the Economist Intelligence Unit
                                                                            ** People & Planet University
    Useful information and contacts ������������������� 60                     League 2022/23
                                                                            † REF 2021
    Manchester: connected to the world ������������ 62                     ‡ Academic year 2021/22
                                                                            § The scholarship amount quoted
                                                                               relates to the 2023/24 academic
                                                                               year and may change for the
                                                                               2024/25 academic year

Manchester Metropolitan University - International Undergraduate and Postgraduate Guide 2024
Global links                          Excellence
Industry links with global            Our Business School holds
companies, including Nike, IBM,       the globally recognised trio of
Bentley Motors, L’Oréal, Warner       accreditations from EQUIS, AACSB
Bros and Walt Disney.                 and AMBA. This achievement
                                      places us among the very best
                                      business schools in the world.

90% of our research impact is
world-leading or internationally      History and heritage
excellent.†                           A history of education since 1824.

1,000,000                             1,750
Over one million library books,       Academic teaching staff
journals and e-resources.‡            and professors.

Scholarships                          £400M+
A range of scholarships up            Investment in our facilities,
to £3,000, plus prestigious           buildings and public spaces.
Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor
scholarships for specific courses.§

Manchester Metropolitan University - International Undergraduate and Postgraduate Guide 2024
    An introduction from our Vice-Chancellor

    Thank you for your interest in Manchester
    Metropolitan University, an ambitious
    university with a proud heritage dating
    back to 1824.
    We are one of the largest universities in the UK, with
    more than 39,000 students,* and are home to a diverse
    international population from over 100 different countries.

    Our campus is located in the centre of Manchester,
    an exciting and vibrant city with a history shaped by
    industry, culture and innovation. The education we
    provide seeks to echo the city’s energy, and I believe that
    students with ambition and a passion to succeed will find
    no better location in which to study.

    We have invested heavily in creating a campus that
    inspires our students, with modern facilities and an
    environmentally conscious approach. Manchester
    Metropolitan is one of the UK’s greenest universities – for
    a decade we have been in the top three of the People &
    Planet University League, which assesses UK universities
    for their environmental and ethical performance. You will
    also benefit from our £400 million investment programme
    to enhance our teaching and research facilities. This
    includes the Grosvenor East building for the Faculty
    of Arts and Humanities, the School of Digital Arts, the
    Institute of Sport, and our new Dalton building for the
    Faculty of Science and Engineering.

    We have an exciting future ahead of us. We are one of the
    UK’s top 40 universities for research power, according to
    the latest assessment of research excellence, the Research
    Excellence Framework. This confirms our commitment to
    supporting quality research and delivering outstanding
    undergraduate and postgraduate teaching.

    * HESA data 2021/22, includes students on distance learning and
4    accredited courses at partner institutions
Manchester Metropolitan University - International Undergraduate and Postgraduate Guide 2024
“Students with
                                              ambition and a
                                              passion to succeed
                                              will find no better
                                              location in which
                                              to study.”

The world is changing rapidly,            After you enrol, you will belong to a
sometimes unpredictably; more than        community that values the experiences
ever, we believe a university education   and perspectives of a rich diversity of
is fundamental in helping to shape        people, including international students.
a better future. Here at Manchester       Your membership of our community will
Metropolitan, we are unwavering in our    continue even after you have graduated,
commitment to providing a high-quality    and as one of our global alumni you will
education and experience that places      be part of a network of high achievers
your wellbeing and success at the heart   across a range of disciplines.
of everything we do.
                                          We look forward to welcoming you to
Choosing to study overseas is a life-     Manchester Metropolitan and helping
changing decision. At Manchester          you to achieve your potential.
Metropolitan, you can rely on our
support and experience from the           Professor Malcolm Press CBE
moment you begin your student journey.    Vice-Chancellor

Manchester Metropolitan University - International Undergraduate and Postgraduate Guide 2024
    Manchester is a global city and has a
    diverse community of people from a
    range of countries and cultures. This
    has made it an ideal destination for
    international students from around
    the world.
    It is also a wonderful location for developing skills.
    Many people start their careers here, including
    scientists, engineers, health professionals and business
    leaders. It is home to large corporate companies,
    including Google, Siemens, Adidas and more, and has
    a growing digital and media sector with production
    companies, creative agencies and national broadcasters.

    The city of Manchester is also an amazing place when
    it comes to achieving your dreams, pursuing your
    passions and showcasing your creativity as you will be
    surrounded by art, music and culture. Join one of the
    largest, most vibrant student communities in Europe*
    and make this city yours.

    “Manchester is a friendly
      place for international
      students. There is
      always something
      interesting happening.”
     Tze Yan
     BA (Hons) Photography

    * Complete University Guide 2023

Manchester Metropolitan University - International Undergraduate and Postgraduate Guide 2024
Manchester Metropolitan University - International Undergraduate and Postgraduate Guide 2024
    From food and drink to international
    art and music events – you will find
    Manchester is full of the things you
    love. Here, you will gain much more
    than an education – you will also
    create lifelong memories.

                                           “Studying in
                                             Manchester has
                                             given me the
                                             opportunity to
                                             interact with
                                             other students
                                             from a range
                                             of diverse
                                             cultures and
                                            Master of Public

                                           “It feels like
                                             Manchester is
                                             a city designed
                                             for students.”
                                            BSc (Hons) Business
                                            South Africa

Manchester Metropolitan University - International Undergraduate and Postgraduate Guide 2024
Sport                          Student life
         Manchester’s Sportcity         More than 90,000 students
         complex has the largest        study at universities in
         concentration of sporting      Greater Manchester.†
         venues in Europe.*

         Student city                   Chinatown
         Manchester is in the world’s   Second largest Chinatown
         top 25 best student cities     in Britain and third largest
         – only three UK cities         in Europe.

         Great food                     International Festival
         Restaurants to suit all        Manchester’s international
         budgets and tastes –           arts festival is staged every
         from Mexican antojitos         two years.
         to African stews.

* Visit Manchester 2023
** QS Best Student Cities 2023
† Complete University Guide 2023                                       9
Manchester Metropolitan University - International Undergraduate and Postgraduate Guide 2024
     FOR YOU
     Manchester is one of Europe’s great
     cities with a unique character.
     It has two of the world’s biggest football clubs
     and hosts a variety of sporting events, including
     basketball, gymnastics, swimming, taekwondo,
     cycling and squash.

     The city also has a famous history, as England’s
     first free public library opened in Manchester
     in 1852. Scientist John Dalton developed his
     pioneering atomic theory here in 1803.

     Manchester’s great history can also be found in its
     many museums, and in its architecture that ranges
     from medieval to more modern designs. Known
     for its world-leading innovation and creativity,
     Manchester continues to thrive in everything from
     science and industry to arts and media.

     These qualities make it an ideal home for key
     media organisations such as the BBC and many
     art galleries, theatres, cinemas and music venues.

     Manchester is truly a city of culture.

        “I love the fact that Manchester
          is an extremely student-friendly
          city. For a sports management
          student like me, this is one of the
          best cities to study in the world
          because of its rich sports culture
          and heritage.”
         MSc Sports Business, Management and Policy

The Manchester Bee
The worker bee is a well-
known symbol of Manchester.
While it originates from the
city’s industrial past, today the
bee stands for Manchester’s
pride, unity and identity.

                                                                                                                              Castlefield Ba



     BH    Bellhouse                             IOS           Institute of Sport
           • School of English                                 • Sport Studies                                          RIVER STREET

                                                               • Movement and Physiology Labs
     BR    Brooks
           • Faculty of Health and Education     JDE
                                                  Hulme John Dalton East/Central
           • Student Hub                               • Faculty of Science
                                                          and Engineering
     BS	Business School and
         Student Hub                             LIB           All Saints Library
         • Faculty of Business and Law                         • University Library
         • Counselling, Mental Health                                                                                                          AN
                                                 MTC Manchester Technology Centre                                                                     C
           and Wellbeing
                                                     • Manchester School
         • Student Hub
                                                       of Architecture
     BZ    Benzie
                                                 OXS 70 Oxford Street
           • Manchester School of Art
                                                     • School of Art
     CA    Cavendish
                                                 RB            Righton
           • Manchester Fashion Institute
                                                               • Manchester Fashion Institute
     CH    Chatham
                                                 SB            Sandra Burslem
           • Manchester School of Art
                                                               • Manchester Law School

     DA    School of Digital Arts (SODA)
                                                 UN                Students’ Union

     GE    Grosvenor East

           • Humanities, Languages and
             Social Science
           • Manchester Poetry Library                                                                               STRE
                                                                                                                                   D ROA

           • Manchester School of Art                                                                                                    D
                                                   Y STR

     GW    Grosvenor West

           • Manchester School of Art                                                Birley
                                               OLD B

           • The Holden Gallery                                                      Fields

     GM    Geoffrey Manton
           • Humanities, Languages and

             Social Science                                 GEOR

                                                                   GE PA
                                                                         RR RO

                                                                                                                                ALL W

           • Jobs Hub
                                                                                                         ESS R



          Railway station


          Food and drink                                                                                                     School and Ch

                                                                        Innospace and   BIRLEY
                                                                        Print City

  asin                                                                                          HOME                                HI
  ST                                                                                                                                                                               ST                                                                                                                                       Palace
                                                                             FIRST                                                                                                      RE


                                                            FIRST STREET
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      WHITWORTH STREET


                                                                                                                                                               CAMBRIDGE STREET

                                                                                                   WILMOTT STREET
                    MEDLOCK STR

                                                                                                                                                                                    Anthony Burgess

                                                                                 HULME STREET                                                                                                                                                                                                 HULME STREET                            CHARLES STREET

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               LOWER CHATHAM ST

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           LOWER ORMOND ST
  CU                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Circle
          NI                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Square

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              OXFORD ROAD
                       AY                                                       CHESTER STREET                                                                                                                                                                                               CHESTER STREET
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      BRANCASTER ROAD

                                                                                                                           CUNI                                                                                                                                                                                             Hatch
                                                                                                                                    AN WAY
  3  10

                                                                                                                                           A 57 ( M)                                                                                                      The Underpass
D A5

                                                                                                       ALL SAINTS                                                                                                                                             SB
                                                                                LOXFORD STREET
                                                                                                                                         CAMBRIDGE ST

     St Phillips C of E                                                                                                Gardens
     Primary School
                                                                                                                                                                                                       LOWER CHATHAM STREET

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Augustine’s                                        All Saints
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             LOWER ORMOND STREET

                                                                                                                           ET                                                                                                                                                           CAVENDISH STREET                              GROSVENOR STREET

           BONS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      CA                                      GW        GE
                           ALL S

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     RB                                          BOUNDARY STREET            CORRIDOR
                                                                                                                     Y WALK
                                                                                                                                                                                  BOUNDARY STREET WEST

                     TATIO                                                                                                                                                                    The Salutation
                                                                                                                                         HIGHER CAMBRIDGE STREET

                  STRE     N

                       ET                                                                                                                                                                     Pub

                                                G STR


                                                                                                                                                                           UN DA
                                                                 ICK ST


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              OXFORD ROAD

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ROSAMOND STREET WEST
                                                                                                                                                                                                       HIGHER CHATHAM STREET

                                TON S                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Royal Northern
                                      TREE              T
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        College of Music

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          BOOTH STREET WEST                                                                           BOOTH STREET EAST

“The University contributes
      to my education with
      galleries, the library,
      student hubs, sports
      centres, and many other
      facilities on campus.”
      BA (Hons) Acting

At Manchester Met, you will discover
impressive lecture theatres, seminar rooms
and study zones, as well as an incredible
24-hour library stocked with more than a
million books, journals and e-resources.
We have over £400 million planned to
develop our facilities, and have already
invested in our Grosvenor building, School
of Digital Arts, Institute of Sport and the
Dalton building, a redevelopment for the
Faculty of Science and Engineering.
Learning with us involves a blend of different approaches
and different tools. Whether in lectures or tutorials,
participating in busy group sessions or focusing on
independent study, you will develop a valuable mix of
practical skills and academic understanding. And, when
it’s time to take a break from your studies, you can always
find a place to relax with friends.

Everything here is built around your studies, but it’s also
made to be sustainable. It’s why we are proud to be one
of the UK’s greenest universities according to the People
and Planet University League.

A university isn’t just a place. It is also a community.
From the teachers you will meet in the classroom and
technicians working behind the scenes, to the advisers
at our Student Hubs, there is a wide range of experts
and specialists all dedicated to helping you get the most
from your time.

Find out more at

  Virtual tour
  Explore our world-class teaching and learning facilities
  online. See 360-degree photographs of our campus,
  view student accommodation videos and more.


“There are plenty of
                                                         societies for you to join,
                                                         extracurricular activities,
                                                         sports and part-time
                                                         jobs too. You can study,
                                                         socialise, play, have fun

     YOUR                                                and make the most of
                                                         your university life here.”

     STUDENTS’                                            Archana
                                                          MFA Fine Art

     UNION                                                India

                  Every student at Manchester      advice and find out about campaigning
                  Met is automatically a           and volunteering opportunities. You can
                  member of the Students’          also find a place to meet friends, have
                  Union. The Union exists to       coffee and relax.
                  make sure you have the best
     experience you can while you’re at            The Union is led by five Student
     university. It’s not just about focusing on   Officers, who work full-time to represent
     academic results, but helping you with        Manchester Met students. They decide
     everything in life while you’re studying.     The Union’s objectives, run campaigns
                                                   and work with the University to make
     You will find many useful services at         things better for students.
     The Union. For example, you can join
     one of our many clubs and societies, buy      To discover more about the Students’
     something from the shop, get expert           Union, visit

Getting active:
                                              sports and fitness
                                              Playing sport and
                                              keeping active is a
                                              great way to enhance
                                              your university life.
                                              MMU Sport has plenty to offer,
Advice available
                                              with over 40 clubs ranging from
Experienced, trained staff in the Advice      social to competitive. You can also
Centre are available to give guidance         take advantage of free sport and
on a whole range of student-centred           fitness classes with the weekly
subjects. The service is free and             Active Campus timetable – open
independent from the University.              to all students.

Getting involved:
clubs and societies                        International Student Group
Joining a society is a chance to follow    To help you settle into university life and
your interests, get involved, try          meet other students, the International
something new and meet others who          Student Group is here to represent
share your passion. From architecture      and support you through your student
to rock music, there is a wide range of    experience. The group is a forum for
societies to choose from, all set up and   international students to meet, discuss
run by students.                           experiences and organise activities.

     You can access a range of accommodation
     options while studying at Manchester
     Met, from en-suite rooms in shared flats
     to bedrooms with shared kitchens and
     All rooms are close to where you will study, have
     excellent local transport links and plenty of local facilities,
     including shops, restaurants and cafes. Help and support
     is available 24 hours a day and is provided by our
     Residential Life and Security teams.

     Undergraduate students are guaranteed a place in
     University-approved accommodation in their first year
     of study, provided they apply before our deadline.*

     Take a look at the campus map on pages 12–13 to see the
     different accommodation locations on campus. For more
     information including 360-degree photographs, videos
     and location maps, visit

      Archway House

     * Terms and conditions apply. The accommodation guarantee relates to the 2023/24 academic year
18    and may change for the 2024/25 academic year. For further details, see
                                                      University student accommodation
                                                      prices range from £131-£232 per week.**

                                                      Other accommodation options
                                                      Non-University private sector
                                                      accommodation options available in
                                                      Manchester include private halls, shared
                                                      houses and flats for rent.

                                                      Prices vary depending on the option you
                                                      choose, but there is accommodation to
                                                      suit all budgets.

                                                      For further details, visit

                                                      Our Student Living team
                                                      If you would like advice to help
                                                      you find what suits you, our Student
                                                      Living team can help you search
                                                      for and secure accommodation.
                                                      for more information.

** Prices are for the 2023/24 academic year and can be used as a guide for 2024/25, but they are
  likely to increase                                                                                19
     Undergraduate tuition fees
     International undergraduate students        Scholarships
     usually pay between £18,500 and             Manchester Metropolitan University
     £20,000 per year.                           is committed to recognising high-
                                                 achieving students, and we have a
     Postgraduate tuition fees                   comprehensive range of scholarships
                                                 available.** Terms and conditions apply.
     For postgraduate taught masters
     courses, international students will        Chancellor’s and Vice-Chancellor’s
     pay £18,500 to £22,500.                     International Awards
                                                 Our prestigious Chancellor and Vice-
     Specialist courses may have higher fees.
                                                 Chancellor scholarships of up to £8,000
     The tuition fees remain the same            are available to new international
     for each year of study, providing you       students who can demonstrate good
     remain on the same course without a         academic merit and strong motivation
     break in study and you complete your        to study here. Selected courses only.
     course in the normal timeframe.
                                                 International undergraduate
     The fees quoted do not include any          scholarships
     charges for residential accommodation,      We offer international undergraduate
     travelling expenses or any other            student scholarships worth £2,000
     miscellaneous expenses that may be          for every year of study for applicants
     related to your programme of study.         who meet the eligibility criteria.
                                                 The scholarship eligibility will be
     Please see our online prospectus            assessed upon application; you
     for up-to-date tuition fees and any         do not need to apply separately.
     additional costs associated with your
     course.                     International postgraduate
                                                 We also provide international
     Postgraduate research
                                                 postgraduate scholarships worth
     tuition fees                                £3,000 for applicants who meet the
     International postgraduate research         eligibility criteria. The scholarship
     students usually pay between £17,500        eligibility will be assessed upon
     to £27,000 (full-time) and £8,750 to        application. Therefore you do not
     £13,500 (part-time).*                       need to apply separately.

                                                 Other university scholarships
                                                 International students are also eligible
     * The fees quoted relate to the 2023/24    to apply for other funding options,
      academic year and may change for the
                                                 including alumni discounts, sport
      2024/25 academic year.
     ** The scholarships quoted relate to the   scholarships and faculty-specific
         2023/24 academic year and may change    discounts.
         for the 2024/25 academic year.
We understand that managing your personal finances will
be an important consideration when moving to the UK.
There are many ways to save money once you have arrived. Follow these
useful points to help manage your budget.

      . Talk to other students
     1                                      . Exploring the UK
     When you arrive in the UK, our       Students can get discounts
      students will be able to advise       of up to one third on coach
      you on the places to shop, eat        fares with a Young Persons
      and socialise.                        Coachcard and discounts of
                                            up to one third on train tickets
      . Shopping
     2                                      with a 16–25 Railcard.
     Most supermarkets have a
      budget range of products,             . Student discounts
      which can help to cut down the       As a student in the UK, you are
      cost of your weekly groceries.        eligible to buy a National Union
                                            of Students (NUS) TOTUM card,
      . Local travel
     3                                      which entitles you to discounts
     If you travel the same route          of around 10% at many retailers.
      regularly, you may find it
      cheaper to buy an annual or
      term-time bus pass.

     FOR YOU
     Welcoming international                      Study skills support
     students is important to us,                 The Academic and Study Skills team
     and we have dedicated staff                  offers support and advice on academic
                                                  writing, numeracy, specific learning
     available to help you.                       difficulties, study skills and assistive
                                                  technologies. You can choose to access
     Take the first step on your                  help through one-to-one appointments,
     new journey                                  short courses and workshops. To find
     Staff from our International Office          out more, visit
     regularly visit countries across the world
     to meet students and tell them all about     Peer Assisted Learning scheme
     life at the University and in Manchester.    There is an entire community of
     You can also meet us online at virtual       students you can turn to if you need
     events. For more information, visit          some help. When it comes to your                studies, the Peer Assisted Learning
                                                  scheme (PAL) offers the chance to join
     Help when you need it                        others on your course in sessions led
     We fully understand that students may        by a student from a higher year group
     need a little extra help from time to        to share knowledge, develop skills as a
     time. That is why we are here for you,       group and make some new friends.
     when you need us. We offer support
     with your career, finances, wellbeing        Peer guides
     and learning.                                Our peer guides are current students
                                                  who are there to welcome you to the
     Tools for learning                           Manchester Met community and help
     The use of digital tools for collaborative   you settle in. They can answer your
     working has increased due to COVID-19,       questions and share their experiences
     so we deliver teaching and learning          with you to guide you through your
     to help you prepare for the ways of          first year.
     working after you graduate. Our digital
     approach gives you the tools to support      Finding your voice:
     your studies on campus, from accessing       English language support
     resources to submitting assessments.
                                                  Our Language Centre runs free English
     We also provide an online learning
                                                  language workshops to support you
     resource, Moodle, which is available
                                                  during your time with us. These can
     24 hours a day.
                                                  improve your confidence in classes and
     For the latest information on course         seminars, helping you both socially and
     delivery and university life, please visit   academically. To find out more, visit                    
“The University has
                                                     given me a lot of
                                                     information related to
                                                     both study skills and
                                                     mental health support
                                                     to make sure that I can
                                                     reach my potential and
                                                     contribute as much as
                                                     I can as a student.”
                                                     MA International Relations and
                                                     Global Communications

Whatever you need, we are here              Chaplaincy
Our Student Hubs are the places             Our chaplains provide support to
to go for advice. They provide a            students of faith but also of no faith,
comprehensive information service on        including spiritual help, confidential
all student-related matters and can refer   advice, prayer and study, and
you for specialist support on student       information on local places of worship.
living, studying and finance, as well
as immigration.
                                            Maintaining your wellbeing
Visit our Digital Student Hub to find
answers to hundreds of frequently asked     It’s important that you look after
questions. If you can’t find what you       yourself, and we can offer professional
are looking for, either submit an online    help – from nutrition, sport and fitness
enquiry, phone our helpline or go to one    through to your mental wellbeing.
of the Student Hubs in our Business
                                            You can find help through our online
School or Brooks building to chat with
                                            wellbeing platform Togetherall, self-
a friendly adviser.
                                            help resources and via our Counselling,
                                            Mental Health and Wellbeing Service.
                                            Our specially trained team can provide
Disability support                          guidance through one-to-one sessions
Our Disability Service provides             or group workshops on topics such as
dedicated support for students with a       relaxation, stress management and
disability, health condition or specific    confidence building. Find out more at
learning difficulty such as dyslexia or
dyspraxia. They give information on the
resources available within the University
and from external agencies to help
you during your studies.

     If you need help to improve               The five, ten and 20-week intensive
                                               English and academic skills programmes
     your English before you start             focus on improving your language and
     your course, our Language                 preparing you for study in the UK. We
     Centre offers British Council             also offer 30- and 40-week courses for
     accredited courses.                       those needing more general English
                                               language support and development.
     These give you the chance to develop
     your English language ability in          The assessment is continuous and
     an academic environment and be            there are no final exams. On successful
     introduced to the skills that you will    completion, you begin your degree
     need for effective learning throughout    without having to take another
     your studies.                             IELTS test.

     You will need to gain a recognised        You may be eligible to apply for a joint
     English language qualification as a       Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies
     condition of your offer from us. This     (CAS), saving you money on your visa
     applies to both undergraduate and         application. For more information, email
     postgraduate courses. The score 
     required will vary depending on your
     area of study.
                                                  “The course academics are
     A list of accepted English language           really enthusiastic and
     qualifications can be found on our            friendly, which makes the
     website at                                    classes really energetic.
                                                   If we have any queries or
     We offer both long-term and intensive         concerns they are great at
     Pre-sessional English courses to help         supporting us. I’ve really
     you achieve the language level you            gained a lot from this
     need. We also offer various start dates
     throughout the year.
     Our team of qualified English language        20-week Pre-sessional English
     teaching professionals have many              China
     years’ experience preparing students
     for university study. Our Pre-sessional
     English courses support international
     students still needing to meet the
     English language requirements of
     their chosen degree course.

Entry level for               Entry level for
                                     progression to                progression to            2023/24
Course dates                 length
                                     undergraduate                 postgraduate              Fees*
                                     course                        course
Autumn pre-sessional English courses (for January start courses):

27 Sept 2023 – 8 Dec 2023               5.0 (no skill less         5.5 (no skill less
                                10                                                            £3,710
(induction: 27 – 29 Sept)               than 5.0)                  than 5.0)

1 Nov 2023 – 8 Dec 2023                 5.5 (no skill less         6.0 (no skill less
                                 5                                                            £1,855
(induction: 1 – 3 Nov)                  than 5.5)                  than 5.5)
Year-round pre-sessional English courses (for September start courses):

2 Oct 2023 – 30 Aug 2024                4.0 (no skill less         4.0 (no skill less
                                40                                                            £13,600
(induction: 2 Oct)                      than 4.0)                  than 4.0)

2 Jan 2024 – 30 Aug 2024                4.5 (no skill less         4.5 (no skill less
                                30                                                            £10,300
(induction: 2 Jan)                      than 4.0)                  than 4.0)

3 Apr 2024 – 30 Aug 2024                4.5 (no skill less         5.0 (no skill less
                                20                                                            £6,950
(induction: 3 – 5 Apr)                  than 4.5)                  than 4.5)

19 Jun 2024 – 30 Aug 2024               5.0 (no skill less         5.5 (no skill less
                                10                                                            £3,700
(induction: 19 – 21 Jun)                than 5.0)                  than 5.0)

24 Jul 2024 – 30 Aug 2024               5.5 (no skill less         6.0 (no skill less
                                 5                                                            £1,850
(induction: 24 – 26 Jul)                than 5.5)                  than 5.5)

Please note: Entry levels for Pre-sessional English courses are based on IELTS
scores. If you need to apply for a Student visa, you must take a UKVI IELTS test.

Fees include all teaching and learning materials, assessments and a certificate.
You also have full access to the University’s facilities, including the Library, IT and
Sports Centre. Accommodation is not included. We provide a social programme and
you can also get involved in the Union’s clubs and societies; some activities may
have an extra cost.
*Pre-sessional English course fees are subject to change, which may include an increase in cost
  for the 2024/25 academic year.                         25
     Doing a research degree at Manchester
     Metropolitan University is about more
     than just your thesis.
     While you are here to undertake important and
     exciting research, you will also be joining a university
     that prides itself on having supportive supervisory
     staff, offering many opportunities to develop skills
     that will help you to succeed in your chosen career.

     We want you to feel a part of our community,
     and we offer many chances for you to meet other
     researchers at training sessions, development
     courses or in social settings.

     Many of our international students join Manchester
     Met to become a part of an ambitious university that
     is continuously improving its research strengths.

     Our faculties have also celebrated an excellent
     performance in the Research Excellence Framework
     (REF 2021) with 90% of our research impact being
     world-leading or internationally excellent. We have
     four subjects in the top ten for research power
     – Art and Design, Education, English and Sport.

        “The Arts and Humanities Research
          Training Programme sessions are
          helpful and have allowed me to
          learn more about what is expected
          of postgraduate research studies in
          the UK.”
         The Leverhulme Unit for the Design of Cities
         of the Future (LUDeC) PhD Studentship

“I have had students mention the
  fact that our research papers
  have been used extensively
  at their universities, and so for
  them to come and learn the
  techniques directly from us is
  an advantage.”
 Dr Gladys Onambele-Pearson
 Reader and Director of the Research Centre
 for Musculoskeletal Science and Sports
 Medicine (MSSM)

Supporting your research
     Upon joining the Manchester Met postgraduate
     research community you will have access to
     a programme of professional development
     workshops and online resources. The training
     and development programme is tailored to the
     needs of the researcher, continually evolving to
     ensure our research community has the support
     to excel not only within their specific projects,
     but throughout their careers.

     Planning your career
     Completing a research degree can open many
     doors. We offer a range of careers activities, from
     CV workshops to appointments with professional
     careers advisers. You can also access our online
     careers centre, which provides over 5,000 career
     and professional development resources including
     interactive assessments and tests, an interview
     simulator, e-learning courses, industry reports and
     an A–Z of careers advice.

     Research centres
     Our university centres for research and knowledge
     exchange focus on 13 world-shaping disciplines:

     •   Advanced Computational Science
     •   Advanced Materials and Surface Engineering
     •   Applied Social Sciences
     •   Bioscience
     •   Business Transformations
     •   Creative Writing, English Literature and
     •   Decent Work and Productivity
     •   Ecology and Environment
     •   Education and Social Research
     •   Health, Psychology and Communities
     •   History
     •   Musculoskeletal Science and Sports Medicine
     •   School of Art Research Centre

     Find out more at

     Our Careers Service is here                Online resources
     to help you with your future               You can access an extensive range of
     career. We have dedicated                  digital resources available 24 hours a
                                                day to support your career success –
     teams of advisers in each                  including automated CV checks, video
     faculty who can provide                    interviews, personal assessments,
     expert advice tailored to                  industry insight reports and much more.
     your career goals.                         Our online ‘Ask a Question’ service
                                                allows you to ask your career questions
     Throughout your student journey, you       wherever you are and get a reply from
     will have access to resources that will    one of our advisers.
     help you to explore your options, build
     your portfolio of skills and experience,   Experience and skills
     and equip you to compete in the            Many courses offer work experience
     graduate job market.                       through internships or live projects.
                                                This provides direct experience of
     These are just some of the ways we
                                                working with a business, which you
     can help you start your global career.
                                                can add to your CV and talk about
                                                when you attend job interviews. We
     Careers advice                             also offer part-time jobs on campus
     Our advisers can help you consider         and volunteering opportunities.
     your options, plan your career and
     advise you on applications, interviews
     and assessments.                             “The way Manchester
     We offer a range of tools to help you         Met puts emphasis on
     explore your options, such as the             their students’ career
     personalised career pathway and               prospects impressed me a
     assessment tool. We also have a range         lot. There are career fairs
     of services focused on supporting             to allow students to meet
     students into employment, including
     a campus Jobs Hub and an employer
                                                   employers. There are also
     event programme that includes sessions        drop-ins to help students
     dedicated to international students.          improve their CVs.”
                                                    BA (Hons) Architecture
                                                    Macao SAR China

Jobs during study                          that regardless of your background
We advertise hundreds of part-time roles   or course, anyone can possess an
to our students throughout the year,       entrepreneurial spirit, whether their
giving you the opportunity to earn while   goal is to start a business or enhance
you learn. Our Jobs4Students team          their employability skills.
promotes paid roles just for Manchester
                                           We offer a wide range of activities to
Met students.
                                           help you turn your ideas into a reality.
                                           These include workshops, talks from
Meet with employers at events              entrepreneurs and freelancers, an Ideas
During the academic year, we host          Festival, online courses, funding to test
major career fairs that allow you          your ideas and an enterprise community.
to meet a wide range of employers
on campus. Recent employers have           Mentoring
included IBM, Hewlett Packard
                                           Our mentoring programme matches
and Bentley. During these fairs you
                                           students to professionals who can
will discover job opportunities and
                                           support you with making decisions
find out what employers want from
                                           about your future. The Mentor Me
graduate applicants.
                                           programme provides a valuable
                                           opportunity for students to gain an
Enterprise learning                        insight into working life and for mentors
The Student and Graduate Enterprise        to share their experience.
team can support you to develop
your enterprise skills. We believe         Find out more at

     Our degree programmes are designed
     with your employability in mind.
     We offer professionally relevant qualifications that
     have a firm focus on industry experience, in subject
     areas directly related to what employers need.

     We will help you grow the right mix of skills,
     experience and confidence needed to go out
     and reach your potential in the world. With our
     impressive network of industry partners, we make
     our courses relevant to your career.

     Professional accreditation
     We have links with professional bodies
     and associations, including ARB and
     RIBA, to ensure the content of our
     courses is up-to-date and relevant
                                                 Professional networks
     to industry.                                Our academic staff and professional
                                                 services staff maintain links to multiple
     Our Business School holds the globally      industries and professions to create
     recognised trio of accreditations from      work opportunities for placements,
     EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA. Our triple           internships and graduate roles.
     accreditation places us among the very
     best business schools in the world.         Rise
                                                 Our award-winning innovative Rise
     Industry links                              programme gives you the opportunity
     Our academic staff have strong links        to tailor your studies and get involved
     with industry partners across all subject   in a wide range of experiences that
     areas, contributing their knowledge and     will help you to learn new skills, earn
     experience to the design of our courses     credits towards your degree and shape
     and also giving specialist lectures and     your future career. Find out more at
     seminars to students.             

“On my course, tutors
 bring in people from
 different backgrounds
 from within the
 industry. It has really
 helped me to see what
 I could do in the future,
 as well as being a great
 opportunity to network
 and be inspired.”
BA (Hons) Fashion Buying and



     1. Sam Thomas – USA
     Associate Director, Customer
     Experience, at Spotify
     BA (Hons) International Business

     Manchester Metropolitan
     University has 340,000 alumni
     across the world in over 170
     countries, with new graduates
     joining the community each year.
     This creates a worldwide network of
     individuals whose diverse careers,
     achievements and experiences have helped
     to shape the world in which we live.
     Upon graduation, you will become part of
     this global network, which offers access
     to exclusive discounts, dedicated career
     support and lifelong learning.

3. Heba Felimban                           4. Manasa Parameswara
            – Saudi Arabia                             – India
            Senior Physical Therapist                  Head of Buying at Calvin Klein
            at Saudi Ministry of Health                and Tommy Hilfiger India
            BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy,                  MSc International Fashion
            MSc Physiotherapy                          Marketing

        3               4                       5


                                          5. Nan Zhu – China
    2. Miguel Carolino – Angola           Head of Teaching and Centre Coordinator at
    Public Investment Officer at the      China University of Petroleum (East China)
    Ministry of Finance of Angola         BA (Hons) International Business,
    MSc Economic and Financial Analysis   MSc International Business Management


     The Faculty of Arts and Humanities
     produces world-leading research and
     education that changes lives with
     courses in art, design, fashion, politics,
     theatre, social sciences, architecture,
     English, journalism, languages and
     much more.
     With creativity and innovation at the heart of all we
     do, we offer our students an environment where they
     can push boundaries and explore possibilities with
     the guidance and support of academics who are at
     the forefront of their fields.

     We are home to a number of distinct schools and
     departments with national and international
     recognition. Manchester School of Art, one of the
     UK’s oldest art schools, and Manchester School of
     Architecture, ranked fifth in the world,* sit alongside
     the new School of Digital Arts: a £35m investment
     to develop the next generation of creative talent.
     Our Writing School is led by internationally renowned
     poets and authors; and our Fashion Institute offers
     courses in all areas of the fashion industry, from
     business, buying and merchandising to design, art
     direction and promotion.

     Our students, graduates and staff continually make a
     significant impact – in industry, in the community and
     through influencing the government. We work closely
     with the creative and digital industries in Manchester,
     giving our students the opportunity to build networks,
     work on real-world projects, and prepare themselves
     for their professional life.

     Professional accreditations

     * QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023

Research excellence
                                    We are second in the UK for the
                                    power of our research in Art
                                    and Design (REF 2021).

                                    Real-world experience
                                    We offer students the
                                    opportunity to work with
                                    creative industry professionals
                                    in Manchester and beyond.

                                    Industry-standard facilities
                                    We offer a range of digital and
                                    technical workshops, teaching
                                    spaces and extensive studios.

                                    renowned alumni
                                    Our alumni include actor
                                    Dame Julie Walters, designer
School of Digital Arts              Thomas Heatherwick and
                                    Sarah Burton, creative director
Our new School of Digital
                                    of Alexander McQueen.
Arts has been created to
support the growing demand
for skilled workers in the
creative digital sector. Offering
courses in film, animation,
UX design, photography,
sound design, gaming, AI
and more, the School provides
state-of-the-art lab spaces,
workshops and professional
networks. For information visit


     The Faculty of Business and Law
     is committed to transforming lives,
     businesses and communities with
     student experience at the heart of
     everything we do.
     We are home to a triple accredited Business School.
     This achievement places us among the very best
     business schools in the world. These accreditations
     are testament to our high standards of excellence
     in teaching and research, as well as our commitment
     to continuous innovation in our curriculum and
     student experience.

     We offer a wide range of courses, all designed to
     enhance your employability and give you the skills
     you need to succeed in the current job market.
     Many of our courses provide placement and internship
     opportunities, including international experiences.
     We have links with global organisations, such as
     Kellogg’s, Walt Disney, EY and the Rugby League
     World Cup.

     We work closely with industry leaders and professional
     bodies to ensure that our course content is innovative
     and meets the requirements of employers.

     We are also home to Manchester Law School,
     which has been at the heart of legal education
     and groundbreaking legal research for over 50 years.
     We provide law courses for every stage of the legal

     As a student at the Law School, you will have access
     to facilities such as a mock courtroom, legal resources
     and a dedicated careers and employability service.

     Our strong working links with some of the largest law
     firms in the UK, such as Eversheds, DWF and Deloitte,
     mean that you benefit from regular guest lectures from
     active practitioners, work placements and employer-
     networking events.

We are a triple accredited
Business School

Proud to be among the
best business schools in
the world.

Teaching excellence
Teaching teams consist of highly
experienced professionals and
internationally recognised

The Pro Bono Network provides
law students with opportunities
to undertake legal work with
local, national and international

Top-ranked subject area
Ranked eighth in the UK for
Hospitality, Leisure, Recreation
and Tourism – Times, Sunday
Times University league table


     Our internationally recognised degree
     courses prepare future health, social care
     and clinical professionals to go on and
     help shape the ever-changing world of
     healthcare delivery.
     Our research remains highly relevant to public
     health, from finding better ways to address health
     inequalities globally, to investigating ways to
     improve the assessment, treatment and prevention
     of musculoskeletal conditions.

     You will benefit from the experience we
     have developed from educating teachers,
     practitioners and professionals over the
     last 100 years.
     Our courses allow you to collaborate across
     specialisms, consider other perspectives and
     become part of a dynamic community of education
     professionals who you can learn from and share
     best practice with. We are delivering projects that
     contribute to positive change in communities across
     the world, from teaching refugee populations in
     Lebanon about fire safety, to developing new maths
     education techniques across Europe.

     Professional accreditations

Industry-standard facilities
These include food laboratories,
a physiology suite, a laboratory
for analysing patterns of
movement, a physiotherapy
clinic and physiotherapy
practice rooms.

Strong partnerships
We are connected with a wide
range of external organisations
including the National Health
Service (NHS) and professional
sport clubs such as Manchester
City Football Club, Manchester
United Foundation and the
Rugby League World Cup.

Teacher training
We train over 1,000 teachers
every year, so you will be
joining a vibrant community
of other student teachers and
will be able to share your

Top-ranked subject areas
Ranked 11th in the UK for
General Nursing – Guardian
University League Tables
2023 and 14th in the UK for
Speech and Language Therapy
– Complete University Guide


     Our Faculty of Science and Engineering
     is one of the largest research-led science
     and technology education providers in
     the UK.
     We are home to a thriving community of research-
     active experts with strengths in musculoskeletal
     science, microbiology, 3D printing, vascular science,
     conservation biology and zoology, cyber security and
     big data.

     Our students and staff are impacting global health and
     wellbeing practices as well as advancing technologies
     and sustainability.

     As a student in the Faculty of Science and Engineering,
     you will have the opportunity to make your own
     impact and gain experience through projects with
     industry, placements and practical learning.

     We encourage inter-faculty discussions and projects,
     giving you access to a network of like-minded,
     ambitious and career-focused staff and students
     to enhance your learning. And together with our
     strong industry connections, we will equip you to
     build your professional network and broaden your
     career prospects.

     Professional accreditations and endorsements

     Accredited Programme

Industry links
                                  Benefit from our strong industry
                                  links with internationally
                                  renowned companies such as
                                  Siemens, Jaguar Land Rover,
                                  Dyson and Bosch.

                                  Top-ranked subject area
                                  Ranked fourth in the UK for
                                  Electronic and Electrical
                                  Engineering – Guardian
                                  University League Tables
                                  2023 (by subject area).

                                  We have invested £115m to
                                  transform the way we teach
                                  in the Faculty of Science and

A new cutting-edge
                                  100% of our research impact
building                          in Earth Systems and
Our brand-new Dalton building     Environmental Sciences is
provides you with opportunities   world-leading or internationally
to collaborate with students,     excellent – REF 2021.
staff and industry. It has
transformed the way we teach
and the way our students
learn in the Faculty of Science
                                  Research excellence
and Engineering. It provides
new and improved teaching         Placed sixth in the UK for the
spaces including a 200-student    power of our sport research –
capacity ‘Super Lab’, advanced    REF 2021.
computer suites and state-of-
the-art engineering studios.

for more information.

     Manchester Met offers a variety of undergraduate and
     postgraduate degrees for international students. We have
     courses that start in September 2024 and also separate
     courses that start in January 2025. Many of our degrees
     also have optional work placements to help you gain
     industry experience. For the latest course information visit

     Important notice
     This guide was developed in July 2023                 full-time and some also offer a part-time
     to help you choose the right course                   study option. Please note that students
     for the 2024/25 academic year. The                    considering a part-time postgraduate
     information is intended to give you an                taught course will not be sponsored
     overview and reflects the courses as                  by the University for a student visa.
     they are at this time.                                For further guidance on study visas,
                                                           please visit
     The information in the online prospectus
     is the most detailed and up-to-date, so               For more up-to-date information on
     make sure you check                   course content, delivery and university
     when choosing which course to apply                   life, please visit
     for. All the listed courses are delivered

44   Course listings are correct as of July 2023. Status and start dates of courses may be subject to change.
Courses are listed by department title or subject area where appropriate.

Department of English                                 Department of Sociology
BA (Hons) Creative Writing F                          BA (Hons) Criminology F
BA (Hons) English F                                   BA (Hons) Criminology and Sociology F
BA (Hons) English and                                 BSc (Hons) Criminology and Sociology
American Literature F                                 with Quantitative Methods F
BA (Hons) English and Creative                        BSc (Hons) Criminology with
Writing F                                             Quantitative Methods F
BA (Hons) English and Film F                          BA (Hons) Sociology F
BA (Hons) English and                                 BSc (Hons) Sociology with
Multimedia Journalism F                               Quantitative Methods F
BA (Hons) Film and Media Studies
                                                      Journalism, Information
Department of History, Politics                       and Communications
and Philosophy                                        BSc (Hons) Digital Media and
                                                      Communications F
BA (Hons) Ethics, Religion
and Philosophy F                                      BA (Hons) Multimedia Journalism F
BA (Hons) History F
BA (Hons) Joint Honours History                       Languages, Linguistics and TESOL
and International Relations F                         BA (Hons) Business Management
BA (Hons) Joint Honours History                       (with a modern language) F
and Politics F                                        BA (Hons) Business Management
BA (Hons) International Relations F                   and French F

BA (Hons) Philosophy F                                BA (Hons) Business Management
                                                      and Spanish F
BA (Hons) Politics F
                                                      BA (Hons) English (with a modern
BA (Hons) Joint Honours Politics                      language) F
and Philosophy F
                                                      BA (Hons) English and French F

 F S
    elected degrees are available with a Foundation Year. For further information visit
Placement and/or study abroad options may be available on some courses, potentially extending
the duration of study. Study abroad will be subject to any international travel restrictions and/or
availability. Please see

Please visit for the most up-to-date course information.                              45
BA (Hons) English and Spanish F                        Manchester Fashion Institute
     BA (Hons) English and Teaching English                 BA (Hons) Fashion
     to Speakers of Other Languages F                       BA (Hons) Fashion Art Direction
     BA (Hons) English Language                             BSc (Hons) Fashion Business and
     and Linguistics F                                      Management
     BA (Hons) English Language and                         BSc (Hons) Fashion Buying and
     Linguistics (with a modern language) F                 Merchandising
     BA (Hons) French (with a modern                        BA (Hons) Fashion Communication
     language) F
                                                            BA (Hons) Fashion Design and
     BA (Hons) French and Linguistics F                     Technology
     BA (Hons) French and Spanish F                         BSc (Hons) Fashion Marketing
     BA (Hons) French, Interpreting                         BA (Hons) International Fashion
     and Translation F                                      Business (Top-Up)
     BA (Hons) International Relations                      BA (Hons) International Fashion Design
     (with a modern language) F                             (Top-Up)
     BA (Hons) International Relations
     and French F
                                                            Manchester School of Architecture
     BA (Hons) International Relations                      BA (Hons) Architecture F
     and Spanish F
     BA (Hons) Linguistics and English F
                                                            Manchester School of Art
     BA (Hons) Linguistics and
                                                            BA (Hons) Art History and Curating
     International Relations F
                                                            BA (Hons) Fine Art
     BA (Hons) Spanish (with a modern
     language) F                                            BA (Hons) Fine Art and Art History
     BA (Hons) Spanish and Linguistics F                    BA (Hons) Graphic Design
     BA (Hons) Spanish, Interpreting and                    BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation
     Translation F                                          BA (Hons) Interior Design
     BA (Hons) Teaching English to                          BA (Hons) Product Design
     Speakers of Other Languages (with
     a modern language) F                                   BA (Hons) Product Design and Craft

     BA (Hons) Teaching English to Speakers                 BA (Hons) International Craft (Top-Up)
     of Other Languages and French F                        BA (Hons) International Graphic Design
     BA (Hons) Teaching English to Speakers                 (Top-Up)
     of Other Languages and Linguistics F                   BA (Hons) International Illustration
     BA (Hons) Teaching English to Speakers                 (Top-Up)
     of Other Languages and Spanish F

      F S
         elected degrees are available with a Foundation Year. For further information, visit

46   Course listings are correct as of July 2023. Status and start dates of courses may be subject to change.
BA (Hons) International Interior Design               School of Digital Arts (SODA)
BA (Hons) International Product Design                BA (Hons) Animation F
(Top-Up)                                              BA (Hons) Filmmaking F
BA (Hons) International Textiles                      BA (Hons) Future Media Production F
                                                      BA (Hons) Games Art F
UAL Foundation Diploma in Art
and Design                                            BSc (Hons) Games Design F
                                                      BA/BSc (Hons) International Digital Arts
Manchester School of Theatre
BA (Hons) Acting                                      BA (Hons) Music and Sound Design F

BA (Hons) Drama and Contemporary                      BA (Hons) Photography F
Performance                                           BSc (Hons) Web and User
                                                      Experience Design F

Department of Accounting,                             Department of Marketing,
Finance and Banking                                   Retail and Tourism
BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance F                   BA (Hons) Advertising and Brand
BSc (Hons) Banking and Finance F
                                                      BA (Hons) Business and Marketing
BSc (Hons) Financial Management
(Top-Up)                                              BA (Hons) International Tourism
                                                      Management F
Department of Economics, Policy                       BA (Hons) Marketing
and International Business
BA/BSc (Hons) Economics F                             Department of Operations,
BA (Hons) International Business                      Technology, Events and
Management F                                          Hospitality Management
BSc (Hons) Sports Business                            BSc (Hons) Business Technology
Management F                                          BA (Hons) Events Management F
BSc (Hons) Sports Marketing                           BSc (Hons) International Hospitality
Management F                                          Business Management F

Placement and/or study abroad options may be available on some courses, potentially extending
the duration of study. Study abroad will be subject to any international travel restrictions and/or
availability. Please see

Please visit for the most up-to-date course information.                              47
BSc (Hons) International Hospitality and               Department of Strategy, Enterprise
     Tourism Management (Top-Up)                            and Sustainability
     BSc (Hons) International Hospitality                   BA (Hons) Business Administration and
     Business Management (Top-Up)                           Management (Top-Up)
                                                            BA (Hons) Business Management F
     Human Resource Management and                          BA (Hons) Business Management
     Business Psychology                                    with Law F
     BA (Hons) Business and Human
     Resource Management F
                                                            Manchester Law School
     BA (Hons) Business Psychology F                        LLB (Hons) F
     BA (Hons) Human Resource
     Management F

     Department of Health Professions                       BSc (Hons) Psychology with Counselling
     BSc (Hons) Nutritional Sciences                        and Psychotherapy

     BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy
                                                            Department of Social Care and
     BSc (Hons) Speech and
                                                            Social Work
     Language Therapy
                                                            BA (Hons) Integrated Health and
     BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Nutrition                Social Care
                                                            BA (Hons) Social Work
     Department of Nursing
     BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing
                                                            School of Childhood, Youth
     BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing (Top-Up)                      and Education Studies
     FdSc Health and Care Practice                          BA (Hons) Early Years and Childhood
     (Nursing Associate)                                    Studies F
     BSc (Hons) Mental Health Nursing                       BA (Hons) Education F
     BSc (Hons) Nursing Studies (Top-Up)                    BSc (Hons) Educational Psychology

                                                            School of Teacher Education and
     Department of Psychology                               Professional Development
     BSc (Hons) Forensic Psychology                         BA (Hons) Primary Education with QTS
     BSc (Hons) Psychology

      F S
         elected degrees are available with a Foundation Year. For further information, visit

48   Course listings are correct as of July 2023. Status and start dates of courses may be subject to change.
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