Introducing New Perennials for 2018

Introducing New Perennials for 2018
Introducing New Perennials for 2018
‘Millenium’ Allium (Ornamental Onion)
Allium ‘Millenium’

Introducing the 2018 Perennial Plant of the Year! Bred by Mark McDonough,
‘Millenium’ is a clump forming ornamental onion that, due to the sterile seed,
won’t take over your garden. A summer blooming cultivar, ‘Millenium’ begins
blooming about a week later than ‘Summer Beauty’ but earlier than ‘Medusa’. 2”
globular, rosy purple clusters, dance above the dark green, strappy foliage from
mid to late summer, bringing in the bees and the butterflies. The aromatic foliage
deters the rabbits and deer from snacking on them. 15-20” tall and 10-15” wide.
Will grow in full sun to part shade, but performs the best in full sun. Hardy in
zones 4-8.
‘Curtain Call Deep Rose’ Anemone (Japanese Anemone)
Anemone ‘Curtain Call Deep Rose’

This compact Japanese Anemone, puts on a show from late summer to early fall
with a double row of dark rose pink petals surrounding the gold stamens and
green center on sturdy stems above the compact mound of green foliage. Only 14-
18” tall, plant this selection towards the front of your cut flower garden. Plant in
full sun to part shade. Deer and rabbit resistant and attracts butterflies. Hardy in
zones 4-8.

‘Bloodstone’ Armeria (Seathrift)
Armeria maritime ‘Bloodstone’

Native to coastal regions, Armeria is very salt tolerant, prefers poor soil and needs
good drainage. Which makes it perfect for the rock garden or to plant along a
walkway. ‘Bloodstone’ features ball shaped, purple-pink flower clusters that dance
above the mounded, grass like foliage from mid spring to early summer. It prefers
full sun but will take part shade, grows 8-10” tall. It is a nice addition to a cut flower
garden, attracts bees. Hardy in zones 3-8.
‘Deutschland’ Astilbe (Goatsbeard)
Astilbe ‘Deutschland’

‘Deutschland’ blooms from early to mid-summer with arching sprays of fragrant,
pure white flowers. The attractive glossy dark green, fern-like foliage adds interest to
your garden even when it is not in bloom. Shade loving Astilbes are one of the few
plants that will tolerate being planted around a black walnut tree. Like most Astilbes
it needs evenly moist soil, so you may have to water during droughts. Attracts
butterflies and hummingbirds and is deer and rabbit resistant. Grows 24-30” tall.
Hardy in zones 4-9.
Introducing New Perennials for 2018
‘American Goldfinch’ Baptisia (False Indigo)
Baptisia ‘American Goldfinch’

This large, floriferous selection is perfect for filling in a spot that needs a plant with
strong impact. Golden-yellow spikes bloom from late spring to early summer and turn
into attractive round seedpods for fall and winter interest. Plant in full sun to part shade.
Excellent for cut flowers and foliage. 3-3 ½’ tall and 4 ½-5’ wide. Hardy in zones 4-9.

Brunnera (Siberian Bugloss)
Brunnera ‘Sea Heart’, Brunnera ‘Silver Heart’

While these selections from Plant Nouveau have improved heat and humidity tolerance than older varieties,
they will still perform the best in part to full shade. Use in a woodland garden as a groundcover to brighten
up the landscape or feature the beautiful foliage in containers set underneath the trees. If growing in contain-
ers, be sure to plant in the garden before the ground freezes. Deer and rabbit resistant. Grows 6-12” tall and
12-24” wide. Hardy in zones 4-8.

                 ‘Sea Heart’ looks similar to Jack Frost but performs better throughout the summer. The thick,
                 heart shaped, mottled silver leaves have definite green veins. Sky-blue flow-
                 ers begin appearing in the early spring and age to pink or lavender giving the
                 blooms a multicolor look.

                 ‘Silver Heart’ shines in the shade with almost solid silver, heart shaped
   ‘Sea Heart’   leaves with very thin green veins and a green edge. Early spring brings dark-
                 blue flowers that pop against the silver foliage.
                                                                                                  ‘Silver Heart’

nepeta subsp. Nepeta Calamentha (Calamint)
Calamentha nepeta subsp. Nepeta

Calamentha has fragrant gray-green leaves that let you know it belongs to the mint
family. A pollinator magnet from early summer until frost, it has white flowers that
take on a lavender hue when the night temps drop in the fall. Great for sunny, dry areas
as a slow spreading, informal groundcover or spilling over a boulder wall. Grows 12-
15” tall and is hardy in zones 4-9.

involcrata Callirhoe (Wine Cups)
Callirhoe involcrata

This mat forming, North American native groundcover has cup-shaped, magenta flowers
beginning in mid spring and continuing until fall. A very drought tolerant sun lover, it is
perfect for rock gardens or for spilling over a retaining wall. For those looking to plant a
butterfly garden, Callirhoe is a larval host for the Grey Hairstreak butterfly. Deer re-
sistant, grows 6-12” tall. Hardy in zones 4-8.
Introducing New Perennials for 2018
‘Takion White’ Campanula (Peach-leaved Bellflower)
Campanula persicifolia ‘Takion White’

This unique series of peach-leaved bellflower has blooms that face upward and out-
ward rather than towards the ground like older varieties do. ‘Takion White’ begins to
bloom in early summer with large 2-2 ½” pure white flowers and continues through
late summer if deadheaded. It has a nice compact habit with semi evergreen foliage.
Brings the bees and hummingbirds to your garden, makes an excellent cut flower.
Grows 16-20” tall. Hardy in zones 3-8.

‘Heart Attack’ Dianthus (Sweet William)
Dianthus ‘Heart Attack’

This perennial Sweet William has clusters of dark reddish-black flowers from late
spring to early summer. Foliage emerges deep red and matures to a glossy dark green
foliage for summer. The cooler fall temps bring a reddish cast back to the foliage.
Loved by hummingbirds and butterflies, it is also rabbit and deer resistant. It is a good
cut flower. Prefers full sun. Grows 12-18” tall. Hardy in zones 4-8.

Sombrero Echinacea (Coneflower)
Echinacea Sombrero ‘Flamenco Orange’, Echinacea Sombrero ‘Salsa Red’

The Sombrero series is known for its compact, floriferous, well branched varieties. Like most echinacea
they prefer full sun and are drought tolerant. Butterflies and bees love them and they are a great addition to
a cut flower garden. Leave the seed heads on at the end of the season for winter interest. Hardy in zones 4-

                    Sombrero ‘Flamenco Orange’ has lightly scented single flowers with
                    bright orange-red petals surrounding a brown cone. Blooms in mid-
                    summer. Grows 24-26” tall.

                    Sombrero ‘Salsa Red’ flowers from late spring to late summer with 2
                    ½ -3” blooms of bright red petals around an orange brown cone.
                    Grows 22-24” tall.

‘Flamenco Orange’
                                                                                                ‘Salsa Red’

 ‘Rose Queen’ Epimedium (Barrenwort)
 Epimeduim graniflorum ‘Rose Queen’

 In the spring, ‘Rose Queen’ has large 1 ¼” spidery purple-red flowers with a touch of
 white on the spurs. New foliage emerges with a reddish bronze cast and matures to me-
 dium green. Best grown in dappled shade but it will tolerate morning sun. ‘Rose Queen’
 is a slow growing groundcover perfect for the woodland garden. Deer and rabbit re-
 sistant. Grows 8-10” tall. Hardy in zones 4-8.
Introducing New Perennials for 2018
‘Pink Frost’ Eupatorium (Joe Pye Weed)
Eupatoruim fortune ‘Pink Frost’

A variegated form of Joe Pye Weed! Grown mainly for the foliage, ‘Pink Frost’ has
dark green leaves with creamy yellow edges. Blooms from late summer to early fall
with small, deep pink fragrant flower clusters atop strong 30” stems. A great
raingarden plant due to its salt tolerance and preference for moist soil. Attracts bees
and butterflies. Good cut flower. Hardy in zones 4-7.

‘Blue Cross’ Gentiana (Cross Gentian)
Gentiana cruciate ‘Blue Cross’

One of the easiest gentian to grow. ‘Blue Cross’ has a nice compact, clumping habit
with emerald green foliage. Intense blue-violet flowers with yellow throats bloom
along the nodes of the upright stems forming crosses from mid-summer to early fall.
Plant in full sun to part shade. Drought and deer resistant, also attracts butterflies and
hummingbirds. Grows 10” tall. Hardy in zones 3-8.

‘Midnight Reiter’ Geranium (Cranesbill)
Geranium pretense ‘Midnight Reiter’

‘Midnight Reiter is a slow growing groundcover geranium with unique plum-purple
foliage. Grows well in full sun to part shade but has the best foliage color in full sun.
Lavender blue flowers in late spring bring in the bees and butterflies. Drought tolerant,
deer and rabbit resistant. Grows 6-8” tall. Hardy in zones 3-9.

‘Tuscan Gold’ Heliopsis (PW) (False Sunflower)
Heliopsis helianthoides ‘Tuscan Gold’(PW)

A North American nativar, Heliopsis ‘Tuscan Gold’ is an addition to the Proven
Winners perennial lineup. Sunny, yellow flowers with gold centers bloom from mid
to late summer. The dark green foliage has excellent mildew resistance. Thrives in
full sun. An excellent cut flower. Attracts butterflies and bees to your garden and
grows 24-30” tall. Hardy in zones 4-9.

‘Windcliff Slaty Blue’ Helleborus (Lenten Rose)
Helleborus x ‘Windcliff Slaty Blue’

Sometimes blooming through the snow, Hellebores really are the earliest spring flower. Slate
blue flowers bloom from late winter to early spring over gray-green evergreen foliage. Nice
cut flower. This slow growing groundcover is great for a woodland garden. Deer resistant.
Will grow in full shade to filtered sun but prefers dry shade. Grows 15-18” tall and is hardy
in zones 4-9.
Introducing New Perennials for 2018
Rainbow Rhythm Hemerocallis (Daylily)
Hemerocallis ‘Orange Smoothie’ PW, Hemerocallis ‘Storm Shelter’ PW, Hemerocallis ‘Tiger Swirl’ PW

Here are some new additions to Proven Winners daylily series ‘Rainbow Rhythm’. Hardy in zones 3-9.

                 ‘Orange Smoothie’ has a very recurved, 4” orange-mango flower with a light rose band, green
                 throat and pink mid rib. The fragrant blooms glistens like diamonds in direct sun. Grows 24”
                 tall. Plant in full sun to part shade.

                 ‘Storm Shelter’ is a tetraploid daylily with fragrant 5” mauve flowers with an egg-
  Smoothie’      plant purple eye and a matching picotee edge. Grows 24” tall and 18-24” wide.
                 Performs best in full sun.
                  ‘Tiger Swirl’ has huge 6 1/2” spidery fragrant blooms featuring light golden yel-          Shelter’
                  low petals and a raspberry red eye. 32” tall. Grows 18-24” wide. Plant in full sun
                  to part shade.
 ‘Tiger Swirl’
Heuchera (Coralbells)
Heuchera ‘Citronelle’, Heuchera Dolce ‘Appletini’ PW

                       ‘Citronelle’ has yellow-green leaves with silver undersides and rosy
                       red stems. Creamy white flowers in summer provide a source of food
                       for bees and hummingbird and make a great addition to any bouquet.
                       Plant in part to full shade as full sun can burn the leaves. Grows 16-
                       18” tall. Hardy in zones 4-9.

                   Dolce ‘Appletini’ Lime-green leaves with a silver overlay. Long rose
                   red stems carry ruby red flowers above the 10” mound of foliage in
                                                                                                   Dolce ‘Appletini’
early summer. Plant in part to full shade. Hardy in zones 4-9.

Heucherella (Foamy Bells)
Heucherella Fun and Games ‘Eye Spy’,PW), Heucherella ‘Redstone Falls’, Heucherella ‘Sunrise Falls’

An interspecies cross, Heucherellas give us the bottle brush shaped flower and the trailing/spreading habit of
                   the tiarella family along with the foliage colors and long lasting flower
                   power of the heucheras.

                       ‘Eye Spy’ has foliage that emerges amber-yellow with deep rose cen-
                       ters and matures to a chartreuse green overlaid with silver. Bubble gum
                       pink flowers bloom in late spring. Plant in full sun to full shade. Grows
                       8-10” tall. Hardy in zones 4-9.

      ‘Eye Spy’                                                                                      ‘Redstone Falls’
                       ‘Redstone Falls’ has foliage in autumn shades that change color with
                        the seasons. Blooms from summer to early fall with white flowers. Plant in full sun to part
                        shade. Grows 10-15” tall. Hardy in zones 4-9.

                        Sunrise Falls has maple shaped, yellow leaves with red veins that become more pro-
                        nounced as temps become cooler in the fall. White flowers bloom from spring to fall.
                        Plant in full sun to part shade. Grows 7-13” tall. Hardy in zones 4-9.
     ‘Sunrise Falls’
Introducing New Perennials for 2018
Hosta (Plantain Lily)
Hosta ‘ Enterprise’, Hosta ‘Paul’s Glory’
A classic shade plant, hostas come in a wide range of foliage colors to add season long interest to your gar-
den. Hummingbirds love the tubular flowers. Hardy in zones 3-9.

                 To go boldly where no plant has gone before….. ‘Enterprise’ has heart shaped, variegated
                 leaves white centers and dark green edges. Lavender flowers appear in the summer, providing
                 nectar for the hummingbirds. Plant in full shade to filtered sun. Grows 18-24” tall.

               ‘Paul’s Glory’ is a large, fast growing, variegated hosta. The thick
               leaves are sun tolerant, but light sensitive. That means while it
               doesn’t burn, the leaf color will be different depending on how
               much sun it grows in. In full shade the heart shaped leave emerge
  ‘Enterprise’ chartreuse with a blue green margin changing to bright gold with a
               dark green margin. In a sunnier spot, the gold center will mature to                ‘Paul’s Glory’
almost white. Lavender flowers bloom mid to late summer. Grows 25” tall.
Iris germanica (Bearded Iris)
Iris germanica ‘Autumn Circus’, Iris germanica ‘Before the Storm’, Iris germanica ‘Breakers’, Iris germanica ‘Chasing
Rainbows’, Iris germanica ‘Rare Treat’, Iris germanica ‘Rip City’, Iris germanica ‘Steller Lights’

Named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow, iris come in a large range of colors from white to almost
black. Bearded Iris are identified by the fuzzy beards on the falls of the blossoms. Drought tolerant, bearded
iris prefer well-drained soil. To prevent rot, plant so that the rhizomes are barely below the surface. Some Iris
terminology: Falls are the petals that drape downward. Standards are the upright petals. Self means that the
bloom has falls and the standards that are the same color. A plicata bloom has a stippled, stitched or dotted
margin on a lighter colored background. Bicolor means that the standards and falls are different colors. Re-
bloomers generally bloom about 8 weeks after the first bloom. Irises are a great addition to a cut flower gar-
                  den. Divide every 3-5 years in late summer. Zones 3-9.

                   ‘Autumn Circus’ blooms in spring and again in the fall. White petals with blue-violet mark-
                   ings. Plicata type flowers. Rebloomer. Grows 34” tall.

 ‘Autumn Circus’

                    ‘Before the Storm’ has fragrant, dark black blooms with bronze tipped
                    breads on the flaring falls. A midseason bloomer with self flowers. Grows
                    37” tall.
                                                                                                       ‘Before the Storm’

                    ‘Breakers’ has 8-10 buds per flower stem! Self blooms are a beautiful medium blue with
                    striking ruffled edges. Rebloomer. Grows 37” tall.

                 ‘Chasing Rainbows’ has bicolor blooms with apricot-pink standards, orchid-
                 violet falls and striking tangerine beards. Grows 35” tall.

                 ‘Rare Treat’ has plicata type pure white ruffled falls and standards edged               Rainbows’
                 with blue-purple. Grows 34” tall.
 ‘Rare Treat’
Introducing New Perennials for 2018
Iris germanica (Bearded Iris) Con’t
Iris germanica ‘Autumn Circus’, Iris germanica ‘Before the Storm’, Iris germanica ‘Breakers’, Iris germanica ‘Chasing
Rainbows’, Iris germanica ‘Rare Treat’, Iris germanica ‘Rip City’, Iris germanica ‘Steller

‘Rip City’ has carmine-red self blooms highlighted with gold beards. High bud
count. Grows 39” tall.
                                                                                                       ‘Rip City’

‘Stellar Lights’ has deep blue-purple self flowers with white beards. Vigorous grower.
Rebloomer. Grows 36” tall.

                                                                                                     ‘Steller Lights’

‘Phenomenal’ Lavandula (Lavender)
Lavandula x intermedia ‘Phenomenal

5” spikes of lavender flowers appear in mid-spring above the fragrant mounded silver
foliage. A large, hedge type lavender, ‘Phenomenal’ tolerates warm and cold extremes
without dying back. Deer, rabbit and squirrel resistant. Loved by bees and butterflies.
Can grow 24-32” tall and wide. Hardy in zones 4-9.

‘Cream Puff’ Leucanthemum (Shasta Daisy)
Leucanthemum superbum ‘Cream Puff’

A Walters Gardens introduction, Leucanthemum ‘Cream Puff’ has lemon yellow buds
that open to creamy white flowers. 3-4” blooms cover the compact dark green mound
of foliage from early to late summer. Remove spent flowers regularly to encourage
rebloom. Perfect for a moon garden as the flowers take on a glow at twilight. Plant in
full sun. Attracts butterflies and bees. Grows 14-16” tall. Hardy in zones 5-9.

Mini Gallery Lupinus (Lupine)
Lupinus ‘Mini Gallery Blue Bicolor’, Lupinus ‘Mini Gallery Pink Bicolor’

The Mini Gallery Series is compact, floriferous and blooms about 2 weeks earlier than other lupine varieties.
Lupines love warm days and cool nights. Great cut flower. Salt tolerant. Plant in mass for the best show. At-
                tracts bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. Grows 4-16” tall. Hardy in zones 4-8.

                   Blue Bicolor has 10-12” spikes of two-toned blue and white flowers
                   above the glossy dark green foliage.

  ‘Blue Bicolor’   Pink Bicolor has spikes of pink and white flowers.

                                                                                                       ‘Pink Bicolor’
Introducing New Perennials for 2018
Monarda (Beebalm)
Monarda ‘Bee-Free’, Monarda ‘Bee-Happy’, Monarda ‘Bee Merry’

The Monarda Bee-You series from Plants Nouveau features relatively compact cultivars with high mildew
resistance. Blooming from early to late summer, monarda are a sure win for a pollinator garden. Plant in full
to part sun. Hardy in zones 4-9.

                    ‘Bee-Free’ has deep maroon buds that open to electric purple flowers
                    with dark purple centers. Cooler temps can bring out a purplish tinge to
                    the foliage. Grows 15-18” tall.

                    ‘Bee-Happy’ is a compact, well behaved version of Jacob Cline with ma-          Bee-Happy
                    genta red flowers with chocolate brown centers. Grows 15-18” tall.
‘Bee-Merry’ has magenta buds that open to bright coral-pink, spider-like, blooms with
chocolate centers. Grows 12-15” tall.

Paeonia (Peony)
Paeonia ‘Butter Bowl’, Paeonia ‘Eden’s Perfume’, Paeonia ‘Henry Bockstoce’, Paeonia ‘ Honey Gold’, Paeonia ‘Sweet
Harmony’, Peaonia ‘The Fawn’

Peonies are a wonderful addition to your yard. Cultivated for over 4000 years, under optimal conditions a
peony can survive for up to 100 years. By planting varieties with different bloom times, you can enjoy the
beauty of flowering peonies from late spring to early summer. Hardy in zones 2-8.

                ‘Butter Bowl’ has Japanese type blooms with soft pink petals surrounding a
                buttery yellow center. Stiff stems hold the fragrant blooms upright. Mid season
                bloomer. Grows 36” tall.

                ‘Eden’s Perfume’ is a late season bloomer with the strong stems necessary to hold
  Butter Bowl   the large 6-7” double blooms. Flowers are a pale, rose pink with a damask rose           Eden’s
                  scent. Grows 30” tall.                                                                Perfume

                 ‘Henry Bockstoce’ has nice strong stems, but due to the HUGE 8” double flowers, they may
                 still need some staking. Cardinal red to burgundy in color, they are striking
                 over the glossy deep green foliage. Early-midseason bloomer. Grows 32-40”
   Bockstoce     ‘Honey Gold’ has 9” Japanese type blooms with white guard petals
                 surrounding a yellow center. Flowers have a slight fragrance. Grows 36”            ‘Honey Gold’

                 ‘Sweet Harmony’ has large lavender-rose double blooms with sturdy
                 stems. Late season bloomer. Flowers have a very long vase life. Grows 32”
    Harmony’    ‘The Fawn’ is a rare variety of peony that has delicate pink, fragrant
                                                                                                    ‘The Fawn’
double flowers speckled with rose colored spots. A midseason bloomer. Grows 34” tall.
Introducing New Perennials for 2018
Dazzler Series Pardancanda Candy Lily)
Pardancanda Dazzler Series

                       A cross between the Blackberry lily and the Vesper iris, the Dazzler series is a dwarf
                       strain of pardancanda that grows to only 16” tall. Blooms in the summer with a mix of
                       colors from yellow to purple. Each 2” flower lasts one day. Plant in full sun to part
                       shade. Great for rock gardens. Hardy in zones 5-9.

‘Forever Pink’ Phlox (Hybrid Garden Phlox)
Phlox ‘Forever Pink’

A dwarf garden phlox, ’Forever Pink’ fills in the gap between spring and summer
blooming phlox. Fragrant 1” purplish-pink flowers cover the compact yellowish green
foliage in early summer. Remove spent flowers to promote rebloom. A great cut flow-
er. Loved by butterflies and hummingbirds. Grows 12-16” tall. Hardy in zones 4-8.

‘Bambini Candy Crush’ Phlox (Garden Phlox)
Phlox ‘Bambini Candy Crush’

The Bambini series features truly compact garden phlox with good mildew resistance.
Their size makes them perfect for a small garden or the front of the garden border.
‘Candy Crush’ has bicolor flowers with pink and white marking that give the blooms
a pinwheel effect. Phlox are loved by bees and butterflies. Plant in full sun. Grows 10-
12” tall. Hardy in zones 4-8.

Bumble Series Salvia (Perennial Salvia)
Salvia nemorosa ‘Bumbleberry’, Salvia nemorosa ‘Bumbleblue’

Hardy, easy to grow, and long blooming, over the years perennial salvia has proven its value to the landscape.
Hardy in zones 3-8.

The new Bumble series from Walters Gardens features compact, easy to grow salvia in several flower colors.
They are perfect for a small garden or the front of a flower border. Their size does not limit their flower pow-
er. They bring in the butterflies and bees just as well as their full sized cousins.

                   ‘Bumbleberry’ has dark fuchsia pink flowers with wine purple calyx-
                   es. Grows 10-12” tall.

                   ‘Bumbleblue’ will be covered in violet blue flowers in early summer.
  ‘Bumbleberry’    Grows 12-14” tall.                                                         ‘Bumbleblue’
Introducing New Perennials for 2018
Night Embers’ Sedum (Autumn Stonecrop)
Sedum ‘Night Embers’

Night Embers has an upright, vase-like habit with deep red stems holding semi glossy
black-purple leaves. Small clusters of light mauve flowers bloom from late summer
into early fall and bring in the bees and butterflies. A great choice for a rock garden,
it is drought and salt tolerant. Great cut flower and foliage plant. Prefers full sun.
Grows 24-26” tall. Hardy in zones 3-9.

‘Superstar’ Sedum PW (Stonecrop)
Sedum Rock ‘n’ Grow ‘Superstar’(PW)

                   Part of the Proven Winners Rock’n’Grow series, ‘Superstar’ is a
                   medium sized groundcover sedum. The succulent smoky, dark tur-
                   quoise foliage becomes covered with rosy-pink flowers from late
                   summer to early fall, drawing in bees and butterflies. When fin-
                   ished blooming, the flowers turn into dark-purple seed heads. Plant
                   in full sun. Drought tolerant and grows10-12” tall. Hardy in zones
Sempervivum (Hens and Chicks)
Sempervivum ‘Jade Rose’, Sempervivum ‘Pacific Blue Ice’

What are Hens and Chicks? They are a family of hardy succulents that have a central plant that produces
small baby plants around it. Reminiscent of a sitting hen with her chicks peeking out from under her. The
Latin name means ‘live forever’ which, due to their multitude of chicks, these plants seem to do. The hen will
produce an alien like flower stalk after growing 4-6 years. Although blooming signals the end of the life cycle
for that particular plant, the chicks will take its place. Very cold hardy as well as drought tolerant and wildlife
resistant. Their evergreen foliage comes in shade of green, red, purple and almost black. Preferring poor, well
                    drained soil. They are perfect for rock gardens, xeric gardens and retaining wall crevices.

                  ‘Jade Rose’ has green leaves shaded with rose towards the center of the
                  rosette. Grows 2-4” tall. Hardy in zones 2-9.

                  ‘Pacific Blue Ice’ has a unique cupped form with ice-blue leaves. The
                  centers of the rosettes flush rose in cooler temperatures. Grows 2-4”
   ‘Jade Rose’    tall. Hardy in zones 3-8.                                                     ‘Pacific Blue Ice’

Minima Stachys (Miniature Betony)
Stachys minima

At only 3-6” tall, Stachy minima is perfect for edging a walkway. Forms a ground hug-
ging, dense rosette of dark green, crinkled foliage. Very floriferous, it is covered from
July to August with rose-purple tubular flowers. Plant in a sunny well drained area. Har-
dy in zones 4-8.
‘Densiflorus’ Stachys (Dwarf Betony)
Stachys officinalis ‘Densiflorus’

A dwarf version of Stachys ‘Hummelo’. At only 8-10” tall and 12-15” wide
‘Densiflorius’ is perfect for a smaller garden. The dense compact mounded green foliage
stays attractive throughout the entire season. Lavender-pink flower spikes call in the hum-
mingbirds from June to August. Hardy in zones 4-8.

‘Blue Skywalker’ Veronica (Spike Speedwell)
Veronica ‘Blue Skywalker’

A Walters Gardens introduction, ‘Blue Skywalker’ keeps a compact footprint while
still delivering strong vertical impact. A great plant for a small cutting garden. From
early to mid summer the entire top half of the plant becomes covered in lavender-blue
blooms. Attracts bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. Grows 28-30” tall. Hardy in
zones 4-9.

‘Tidal Pool’ Veronica (Creeping Speedwell)
Veronica ‘Tidal Pool’

‘Tidal Pool’ is a groundcover veronica that reaches only 2-3” tall but spreads 24-30”. It
forms a thick weed suppressing mat of evergreen foliage that becomes covered with
deep violet-blue flowers in the spring. Hardy in zones 4-8.
‘Rain Dance’ Andropogon (Big Bluestem)
Andropogon gerardii ‘Rain Dance’

This big bluestem has deep green leaves with red tips that turn completely maroon
in the fall. Red flowers are carried on long red stems. 18-20” tall but reaches 4-5’
when in flower. Plant in full sun. Hardy in zones 3-9

‘Pixie Fountain’ Deschampsia (Dwarf Tufted Hair Grass)
Deschampsia caespitosa ‘Pixie Fountain’

Half the height of the species, ‘Pixie Fountain’ forms a dense clump of evergreen
foliage and has silvery white flowers that mature to a rich brown. Plant in full sun to
full shade. Grows 20-24” tall. Hardy in zones 2-7.

X giganteus (Maiden Grass)
Miscanthus x gigantius

This giant maiden grass forms large upright clumps of wide green leaves. Flower
stalks can reach 10’ tall and carry light pink plumes that mature to silver. Infertile but
will spread by rhizomes. Prefers full sun. Needs evenly moist soil. Great for cut flow-
ers and foliage. Zones 4-9
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