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We are open virtually from M-F 8:00 am - 4:00 pm and are here to help you.

 We can be reached via email or by phone: or
                                at 508-424- 3420
Framingham Public Schools
                              Core Beliefs

                        Learning is the central purpose of school.
                         Human differences are to be respected.
            Collegiality and professionalism characterize the school community.
                      Individuals are responsible for their behavior.

 The Framingham Public Schools is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer/
   education institution and does not discriminate based on race, color, age, gender
    identity, sexual orientation, religion, ethnic or national origin, disability, veteran’s
status, or any other status protected by law. Any parent, student or employee who has
  a concern related to the implementation of this policy may address it directly to the
   building Principal or contact Mr. Joseph Corazzini, Assistant Superintendent Equity,
                           Diversity & Community Engagement at
         or at 508-626-9115.
      The Boston Office of the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination is
                    located at One Ashburton Place, Boston, MA 02108.

AT YOUR REGISTRATION APPOINTMENT:                                                     TIMELINE
  ♦ Register your child
  ♦ Important: All the information regarding language exposure will be
                                                                                 FORMAL REGISTRATION
    reviewed by our Multilingual Department and a determination will be
                                                                                  Monday, December 7,
    made whether language proficiency testing is necessary. Your child will
                                                                                 2020 to Tuesday, April 6
    be required to be tested on their English proficiency. Program
    recommendations will be made according to the test results. Testers
    will discuss results with parents.
  ♦ Discuss the choice process, including the timeline for decision
    making.You will receive information about your choice form.
  ♦ Choice form due by Thursday, April 8, 2021                                       SCHOOL TOURS
                                                                                       March 2021
                                                                                        (page 8)
      ♦   Submit all required documents by Friday, March 26 2021
      ♦   Complete and submit the Choice Form online by Thursday,                CHOICE FORM DEADLINE
          April 8, 2021                                                           Thursday, April 8 2021
                                                                                        4:00 PM


  ♦    Visit at scheduled times (see schedule in this booklet, page 8)
                                                                                  ASSIGNMENT FORMS
  ♦    To be determined due to the covid-19 school closure.
  ♦    Please visit the parent information center website in February 2021 for           Sent by
       up to date information                                                     Friday, May 14, 2021

      ♦ If you receive your Assignment Form and choose not to have your              KINDERGARTEN
          child attend Framingham Public Schools, we ask that you please              ORIENTATION
          complete the form and return it to us by Friday, May 21, 2021.
                                                                                  Tuesday, June 1, 2021
      ♦ Visit the assigned school with your child

      ♦ Further details will be sent with your assignment form

                    IN SCHOOL YEAR 2021-2022

FOR CHILD(REN) BORN 09/01/2015 - 08/31/2016:
It is the policy of the Framingham School Committee that children entering Kindergarten must be five on or
before August 31 of the calendar year in which the child enters Kindergarten.

FOR CHILD(REN) BORN 09/01/2014 - 08/31/2015:
With respect to children who turned five years old between September 1, 2019 through August 31, 2020
and families who decided to not send their child(ren) to Kindergarten in school year 2020-2021 due to
COVID-19, families will be able to choose if child will be attending Kindergarten or First Grade in School Year
If a child attended a private Kindergarten during School Year 2020-2021, it is strongly encouraged that child
be enrolled in First Grade

Be sure to submit the following six items below before your scheduled registration appointment
Homeless families are encouraged but not required to provide these documents

  1. STUDENT'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE (Long Form/Government Issued)

  2. PROOF OF RESIDENCY (details on next page)

  3. PROOF OF OCCUPANCY (details on next page)

  4. PROOF OF IDENTIFICATION (details on next page)

     the last 12 months)

  6. HEALTH HISTORY FORMS (online fillable form)


         - PROOF OF GUARDIANSHIP if student is not living with one or both natural parents

             Homeless families are encouraged but not required to provide these documents

                        RESIDENCY REQUIREMENTS

You must be a resident of Framingham in order to attend the Framingham Public Schools. Before a student is
registered for Framingham Public Schools and can begin school, his/her parent or legal guardian must
provide proof of primary residence. Temporary residence in the City of Framingham for the sole purpose of
attending the Framingham Public Schools will not be considered residency. Because residency may change
for students and their families during the course of the academic year and a student’s educational life, the
Framingham Public Schools may continue to verify residency after the commencement of classes.

What documents are required to verify residency?
                         One document from each column below must be submitted.

         Proof of Residency                   Proof of Occupancy                  Proof of Identification

     One of the following required:          One of the following re-        One valid photo identification from
                                        quired: must be dated within the        the following list required:
  * recent mortgage payment
                                                  past 30 days
  * property tax bill                                                      * driver’s License
  * current lease                       * cable/satellite TV bill          * state ID card
  * HUD lease or other public housing   * electric bill                    * passport
  lease (Section 8)                     * gas bill                         * military ID
  * HUD settlement statement (closing   * water bill                       * other government-issued photo ID
  statement)                            * home/renter’s insurance

What if I live with a friend or relative?
The parent/guardian and owner/renter must complete the Residency Affidavits and both signatures must
be notarized. A notary is available at the Parent Information Center and requires the person to be present.
The person with whom you are living with must submit a Proof of Residency, Proof of Occupancy and photo

What if my family does not have a permanent residence?
The proof of residency policy does not apply to homeless students and families covered under the McKinney-
Vento Act. Contact the Parent Information Center for assistance with registering your child. If you are staying
in a shelter, bring a letter from the shelter staff stating that you are living there. The McKinney-Vento Liaison
for the Framingham Public Schools will work with you.

Students entering Kindergarten in 2021 will continue to be assigned through a Controlled Choice Program. Under
Controlled Choice families are able to choose from among all nine Framingham elementary schools.
Students who require a specialized program (Special Education or English Language Learner Program) will be placed
per the guidelines of each department in consultation with the family.

                 Students requesting a seat for ANY of the Dual Language Program (Spanish at Barbieri and
                 Brophy or Portuguese at Potter Road and Woodrow Wilson) will be assigned as follows:
                 • Sibling Preference
  Assigned           IMPORTANT: Sibling preference applies to the school building only, not to the program
   FIRST:            (except Barbieri School)
    Dual         • Home district preference
  Language           Only for Brophy, Potter Road and W. Wilson.
                     Barbieri does not have a Home District Preference.
                 • All other first choice of school requests
                 • All other second choice of school requests

                 Once you choose a Dual Language Program and your student is assigned a seat, no other choices
                 of schools or preferences such as home district or sibling will apply.
  SECOND:        Students who choose their Sibling Preference school as their first choice

   THIRD:        Students who choose their Home District preference as their first choice.

  FOURTH:        Students whose first choice is NOT their Sibling or Home District preference school.

Sibling Preference
An entering kindergarten student with an older sibling who is currently in grades K-4 has a preferred assignment to the
older sibling’s school if that school is designated as the first choice as long as the registration is completed on or
before Tuesday, April 6, 2021.

Home District
Each student is designated a Home District school based on their home address. If you have questions about your stu-
dent’s Home District School, please call or email the Parent Information Center. Some schools may have few or no
seats available after siblings and first choice Home District students have been assigned. Barbieri does not have a
Home District Preference.

Students who live within one mile of the King School may currently qualify for two Home Districts. During the registra-
tion appointment parents will be asked to choose which Home District they wish to designate as their own.

Lotteries are conducted for any school where the number of first choice requests exceeds the number of available

                                        FOR ALL KINDERGARTEN STUDENTS.

Students who require a specialized program (Special Education or English Language Learner Program) will be
placed per the guidelines of each department in consultation with the family.

Dual Language Programs:
Any student who is not assigned to their requested Dual Language Program, will be placed on a waiting list(s) for the
language programs they were not assigned to. Dual Language Program waiting lists remain active until the start of second
General Education/SEI/Inclusion:
Waiting lists will be capped at 44 students and will be maintained for the top two choices if assignment to a first or second
choice was not possible. If the first or second choice school waiting list has reached 44 students we will add your child to
two waiting lists that are not capped at 44 in the order of your numbered preferences from your School Choice form. All
General Education waiting lists dissolve on Friday, October 1, 2021.

A calendar of important dates and deadlines is included in this booklet. Please make sure you submit your
documents by the deadline noted.

Orientation for all new kindergartners and their families will be held on Tuesday, June 1, 2021. You will
receive more information with your kindergarten assignment letter. Orientation is generally in the morning
and lasts about an hour.

Help us go green! Regular updates or new information will be sent by email. Please make sure we have your
correct email and mailing information.
If you have any corrections or questions, please email us at
(If you do not have an email address we will mail information to your home address).

The new high needs group is an unduplicated count of all students in a school or district belonging to at least one
of the following individual subgroups: Students with disabilities, English language learners (ELL), and former ELL
students, or low-income students (eligible for free/reduced-price school lunch). For a school to be considered to
be making progress ttoward narrowing proficiency gaps, the cumulative PPI for both the “all students” group
and high needs student must be 75 or higher.

A student is considered economically disadvantaged if they participate in one or more of the following state-
administered programs: the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP); Transitional Assistance for
Families with Dependent Children (TAFDC); the Department of Children and Families (DCF) foster program; or
MassHealth (Medicaid)

                       Multilingual Education Department 2021-2022

Dual Language Bilingual Education
   •  Dual Language Bilingual Education (also known as Two-Way) brings together students
     with a range of fluency in English and a partner language (Spanish or Portuguese). It fol-
     lows the same curriculum as general education classes; the difference is the language of
   • All staff is trained in language immersion strategies to ensure full access to academic
   • Lessons taught in one language are not repeated in the other.

Program Goals:
The Dual Language Bilingual Program aims for students to:
  • Become bilingual and biliterate in English and the partner language (Spanish or Portu-
  • Progress academically according to the same curriculum used in the standard classrooms.
  • Develop positive cross-cultural relationships and positive attitudes toward their own cul-
   ture and that of others.
Program Benefits:
   • Develops mental flexibility and creativity
   • Develops higher level thinking skills
   • Increased future job opportunities
   • For English learners: maintains their native language and culture while acquiring English
   • For Spanish/Portuguese learners: allows them to become bilingual, biliterate, and

Program structure by schools and grades:

Students who live more than 2 miles from their assigned school:
       • Transportation is provided
       • No fee is required for students in grades K-6

Transportation will not be available to students who live within one mile of their assigned
school; consideration may be made if a student has to cross a major road such as Route 9.
Students who live between one to two miles of their assigned school:
        • Seats will be offered on a space available basis
        • Fee required: $250.00* for the school year. The fee is waived if the family submits an application and
         qualifies for free or reduced lunch.

      • Transportation to childcare is not guaranteed.
      • Families who are requesting transportation to an address other than their home address must go to/from
        five days a week. For the safety of the child, there are no exceptions to the five day rule.
      • You will be notified of the acceptance or denial of transportation. Please note that transportation may not
        be available on the first day of school.

* Fee subject to change according to School Committee Policy.
Transportation privileges will be revoked if it is found that a student is not using transportation services consistently.

            IMPORTANT: An adult must be present at the bus stop when kindergartners are dropped off.

1. The driver must see approved adult at bus stop. If someone other than the parent/guardian is greeting the kinder-
garten student, notify the student’s school of the change.
2. The parent/guardian of kindergarten student must be available at bus stop 10 minutes before listed stop time. If no
one is available at the bus stop to greet the kindergarten student, unless accompanied by an older sibling, they will be
returned to the student’s school.
3. We highly encourage the parent to teach their child to know their name and address. We ask that you label the stu-
dent’s backpack and belongings. We encourage parent and student to know their assigned bus number.
4. Safety outside the bus is important - Wait until the bus is stopped before moving toward the bus. The danger zone
around the bus is 10 feet; keep your distance until the driver opens the doors to board. If you have to cross the street,
go at least 5 big steps in front of the bus, and wait until the driver signals for you to cross the street. Never go back to
the bus after you get off of it. If you drop something, wait until the bus is gone.
5. Safety on the bus is important – Law requires that students be seated while a bus is moving. Please teach the stu-
dent to stay seated to avoid injury, use inside voices, and follow the direction of the driver. Eating and/or drinking on
the bus is not allowed.

                                          Questions about bus transportation?
                                Contact the Transportation Department at 508-626-9179


                           KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION
                           SCHOOL TOURS

                            MARCH 2021
     Mon             Tue            Wed                Thu              Fri

1           2                  3                 4                 5


8           9                  10                11                12


15          16                 17                18                19

22         23                  24                25                26

April 2021
     Mon         Tue              Wed              Thu                  Fri

                                          1                    2

5          6                 7            8                    9
                                                DEADLINE for
                                               CHOICE FORM &
                                          REQUIRED DOCUMENTS

12         13                14           15                   16

                             May 2021
     Mon         Tue              Wed              Thu                  Fri

3          4                 5            6                    7

10         11                12           13                   14

                                                                      FORM SENT

                             June 2021
           1                 2            3                    4

            ORIENTATION at

7                            9            10                   11

                   Important Information about school hours
          Transportation changes could affect start/end times at some schools.

           School                     Full Day                       Early Release                 Half Day (no lunch)

                              Start time indicates when   Start time indicates when school   Start time indicates when school
                                     school begins                      begins                 Begins (Lunch not served)

Framingham High School            7:25am - 1:55pm                  7:25am - 10:50 AM                7:25am - 10:50am

FHS - Thayer Campus               8:30am - 2:15pm                   Not Applicable                  7:25am - 10:50am
                                                  Middle Schools
                                                            8:10am - 11:40am (No lunch)
Cameron Middle School             8:10am - 2:25pm                      served                       8:10am - 11:40am

Fuller Middle School              8:10am - 2:25pm           8:10am - 11:40am (No lunch)             8:10am - 11:40am

Walsh Middle School               8:10am - 2:25pm           8:10am - 11:40am (No lunch)             8:10am - 11:40am

                                                 Elementary Schools

Barbieri Elementary School        9:05am - 3:20pm         9:05am - 12:55pm (Lunch served)           9:05am - 12:20pm

Brophy Elementary School          9:05am - 3:20pm         9:05am - 12:55pm (Lunch served)           9:05am - 12:20pm

Dunning Elementary School         9:15am - 3:30pm         9:15am - 1:05pm (Lunch served)            9:15am - 12:30pm

Hemenway Elementary School        9:15am - 3:30pm         9:15am - 1:05pm (Lunch served)            9:15am - 12:30pm

King Elementary School            9:05am - 3:20pm         9:05am - 12:55pm (Lunch served)           9:05am - 12:20pm

McCarthy Elementary School        8:15am - 2:30pm         8:15am - 12:05pm (Lunch served)           8:15am - 11:30am
Potter Road Elementary
School                            9:05am - 3:20pm         9:05am - 12:55pm (Lunch served)           9:05am - 12:20pm

Stapleton Elementary School       9:05am - 3:20pm         9:05am - 12:55pm (Lunch served)           9:05am - 12:20pm
Woodrow Wilson Elementary
School                            9:05am - 3:20pm         9:05am - 12:55pm (Lunch served)           9:05am - 12:20pm

                                                 EARLY RELEASE DAYS
        The district releases students at mid-day to allow teachers to confer with parents and to meet
           professional development responsibilities. Check the school calendar for specific dates.

                                                          - 10 -
                                                   A Two-Way Bilingual School ~ Una Escuela Bilingüe Doble Via

                                                         School Year 2021-2022 - DATES FOR KINDERGARTEN TOURS
                                                         See page 8 of this booklet for more information.

                                                                 BUILDING INFORMATION
                                                                 Total Students: 680
CONTACT INFORMATION                                              Grades: K-5
 100 Dudley Rd.                                                  Site Accessibility: ground level entrance and exit to play-
 Framingham, MA 01702                                            ground, elevator
 Phone: 508-626-9187
 Fax:     508-626-9176                                           FACILITIES
 Website:                                                        Art Rooms                            Auditorium
                                                                 Computer Lab
 School Hours:    9:05 a.m. - 3:20 p.m.                          Gym
 Early release:   9:05 a.m. - 12:55 p.m.                         Media Center
                                                                 Music Rooms
 Principal: Mrs. Maria J. Davis                                  Outdoor Recreation Space
 Vice-Principal: Dr. Ricardo Dobles                              Cafeteria
 Vice-Principal: Ms. Jessica Mandes
                                                                  STUDENT DEMOGRAPHICS (2019-20)
                                                                  Black :                           3%
 MISSION                                                          Hispanic/Latino:                  74.8 %
                                                                  Caucasian:                        17.8%
 The mission of Barbieri School is to prepare our students
                                                                  Asian:                            0.4%
 to become successful global citizens. We challenge them
                                                                  Pacific/Hawaiian:                 0.0%
 to reach their academic potential and teach them the
                                                                  Native American                   0%
 value of cultural, economic and learning differences, with
                                                                  Multiple races:                   3.9%
 an emphasis on bilingualism and biliteracy.
                                                                  First Language not English:       65.9%
 La misión de la Escuela Barbieri es preparar a nuestros          English Language Learners:        46.4%
 estudiantes para que se conviertan en ciudadanos globa-          Economically Disadvantaged: 49.4 %
 les exitosos. Los desafiamos para que logren su potencial        Special Education:                19%
 y les enseñamos el valor de las diferencias culturales,         GREAT THINGS ABOUT OUR SCHOOL:
                                                                  High Needs:*                      73.3%
 económicas y de aprendizaje con énfasis en el bilingüis-             Two-Way
                                                                 •Maximum       Bilingual
                                                                             Class  Size: Program in24/25
                                                                                                      English and Spanish
 mo y la alfabetización en dos idiomas.
                                                                 •   Active Parent Teacher Organization that supports be-
                                                                     fore and after school clubs including drama, Legos, ro-
                                                                     botics, BOKS and chess
                                                                 •   Multicultural Night
                                                                 •   Artist in Residence and Author’s Day programs
                                                                 •   School-wide positive behavior program – CARE and
                                                                     Responsive Classroom
                                                                 •   Barbieri Two-Way Bilingual Education Scholarship
                                                                     to FHS Senior from Barbieri

                                                        - 11 -
                                                         School Year 2021-2022 - DATES FOR KINDERGARTEN TOURS
                                                         See page 8 of this booklet for more information.

                                                         BUILDING INFORMATION
                                                         Total Students: 458
                  575 Pleasant Street                    Grades: K-5
                                                         Site Accessibility: Handicap accessible
                Framingham, MA 01701
                                                            STUDENT DEMOGRAPHICS (2019-20)                        FACILITIES
Phone:    508-626-9158                                      Black                        6.2%          Dedicated Art Room
Fax:      508-877-4025
                                                            Hispanic/Latino             58.9%          Dedicated Music Rooms (2)
Websites:                                                   Caucasian                   27.9%          Library w/wifi Chromebooks                        Asian                        3.4%          Gym
                                                            Pacific/Hawaiian             0.0%          Outdoor Athletic Fields Cafeteria
                                                            Native American              0.2%          Indoor rock wall                             Multiple races               3.4%          Large outdoor grounds
      BrophyElementarySchool/                               -First Language not English 61.7%          Walking/jogging track                   -English Language Learners  45.5%
                                                            -Economically Disadvantaged 55.7%           -Special Education          16.0%
      school-framingham                                     -High Needs *               75.7%
School Hours:     9:05 a.m. - 3:20 p.m.                     Maximum Class Size:         24/25
Early Release: 9:05 a.m. - 12:55pm

Principal: Dr. Frank Rothwell
                                                         GREAT THINGS ABOUT OUR SCHOOL:
Vice Principal: Ms. Caitlin Long
                                                          Here is a sample of some of the additional opportunities/resources that
                                                          students and/or families can access at Brophy School. Please ask us about any
                                                          of these! We are proud to talk about them!
Brophy Elementary School is committed to working
together collaboratively with parents and the commu-
nity to create a safe and stimulating learning experi-     1:1 Student to Chromebook ratio in      A minimum of 7 student-use devices in
ence where all children reach their highest levels of         all classes, Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.            all K classrooms
academic achievement, social competency, and school
                                                          1:1 Chromebooks in TBE and 2-Way         All Reading, Writing, and Math lessons
                                                                      classes                      are co-planned weekly by grade team.
                                                                     K-5 Science Fair                SAGE for gifted/talented (gr. 2-5)
Brophy Elementary School has a long-standing tradi-         Explorers (FPS) before and after        Brophy Values schoolwide program
tion of academic excellence; a child centered teaching           school care program                              (PBIS)
approach, and a highly qualified, dedicated staff. Our      Read to a Child program (Gr1-4)             Boks program before school
focus is to identify individual student strengths and              Bookswap program                  Instrumental music lessons (Gr 5)
needs and to create learning opportunities that appro-
                                                                Literacy Night/Book Fair                Math Parent/Student Night
priately motivate and challenge our students to per-
form and achieve their highest potential.                         Multicultural Day K-5                     Grade 5 Talent Show
                                                                    K-5 Variety Show                        Back to School Picnic
                                                                      Family Dance                  Monthly Family Dinner fundraisers
                                                           Weekly summer reading events at          A 3D printer for science and/or Art
                                                           Downtown library for K-5 families.                  project work
                                                                                                     All teachers work collaboratively
                                                          Co-teaching in most reading, writing,
                                                                                                   through weekly Professional Learning
                                                                 and math classes K-5.
                                                                                                             Community work.

                                                - 12 -
                                                                      ELEMENTARY SCHOOL
                                                   School Year 2021-2022
                                                   DATES FOR KINDERGARTEN TOURS
                                                   See page 8 of this booklet for more information

                                                   BUILDING INFORMATION                               FACILITIES
                                                   Total Students: 425                                23 classrooms
CONTACT INFORMATION                                Grades: K-5                                        Art Room
Address: 48 Frost Street                           Handicap Accessible                                Music Room
Framingham MA 01701                                                                                   Auditorium
Phone: 508-626-9155                                STUDENT DEMOGRAPHICS (2019-20)
                                                   Black :                     7.6%
                                                                                                      Library/Media Center
Fax:     508-877-4524                                                                                 Gym
                                                   Hispanic/Latino:            15.1%
Website:                                                                                              Motor Room
                                                   Caucasian:                  64.2%                   Asian:                      9.6%                   Cafeteria
Hours: 9:15am / 3:30pm                             Pacific/Hawaiian:           0%                     Basketball Hoops
       Early Release: 1:05pm                       Native American             0%                     2 New Playgrounds
                                                   Multiple races:             3.4%                   Recreation Fields
Principal: Ms. Michele Schecter                    First Language not English  35.3%                  Courtyard
Vice-Principal: Mrs. Kathie Lasky                  English Language Learners:  19.5%                  Nature Trail
                                                   Economically Disadvantaged: 26.1%
OUR MISSION                                        Special Education:          22.0%
At Dunning School our mission is to provide a      High Needs:*                48.4%
rigorous education within a nurturing              Maximum Class Size:         22
environment, to ensure that all students learn
to be respectful, independent thinkers and         THE GREATEST THING ABOUT OUR SCHOOL IS:
problem solvers. We believe that all students      Charlotte Dunning Elementary School is warm, child-centered learning
will achieve at high levels.                       community focused on meeting the needs of the whole child in
                                                   kindergarten through grade 5. Our focus is on developing a school
                                                   culture of inquiry and resilience, fostered by a growth mindset, and
We strive to consistently maintain high
                                                   supporting our learners in high levels of achievement. Children’s
expectations and promote academic                  academic experiences are highlighted and enriched by:
excellence for all students and to create               • Diverse community with culturally responsive teaching
and support a school environment that                   • Instructional technology to support students in becoming
fosters our core values of:                                 responsible digital citizens and problem solvers
    • Respect                                           • Opportunities for students to create using technology, learn
    • Responsibility                                        about coding, think creatively and critically; and which meets
    • Readiness to Learn                                    the Massachusetts Digital Literacy and Science, Technology &
                                                            Engineering standards in an innovative way
We work to ensure that Dunning students                 • Social Emotional Learning programming to support all students’
                                                            ability to engage in the school day academically, socially and
are prepared to interact and communicate
in a 21st century world.                                         o Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)
                                                                 o Restorative Practices
                                                                 o Second Step
                                                                 o The Zones of Regulations
                                                        • Explorers before and after-school care
                                                        • Access to large fields, 2 brand-new playgrounds, and nature trail
                                                        • After-school clubs and activities (running club, art club, comic book
                                                            club, robotics club, school newspaper, and more)
                                                        • Active Parent Teacher Organization, hosting many communities
                                                            events (dances, picnics and fairs, family fun days, 5k Run)
                                                        • Fifth grade play and/or variety show

                                                 - - 13 -
                                                                        ELEMENTARY SCHOOL

                                               School Year 2021-2022
                                               DATES FOR KINDERGARTEN TOURS
                                               See page 8 of this booklet for more information
-                                      14 -
                                               BUILDING INFORMATION                                       FACILITIES
                                               Total Students: 526                                        Art Room
                                               Grades: K-5                                                Computer Lab/Media
                                               Site Accessibility: Handicapped Accessible                 Center
Address: 729 Water Street
                                               STUDENT DEMOGRAPHICS (2019-20)                             Library
         Framingham, MA 01701
                                               Black :                          7.0%                      Gym
Phone: 508-626-9150
                                               Hispanic/Latino:                 15.0%                     Outdoor Recreation
Fax:     508-877-2262
                                               Caucasian:                       61.7%                     Space
Website: Hemenway School on the FPS
                                               Asian:                           8.8%                      Playground
                                               Native American:                0.2%                       Cafeteria/Auditorium
                                               Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 0.0 %
                                               Multiple Race, Non-Hispanic: 7.3%
School Hours:      9:15-3:30                   First Language not English       34.1%
Early release:     9:15- 1:05                  English Language Learners:       18.5%
                                               Economically Disadvantaged: 23.4%
Principal: Liz Simon                           Students with Disabilities:      19.8%
Assistant Principal: Kelly Napierski           High Needs:*                     46.2%
                                               Maximum Class Size Kindergarten: 22
Hemenway Elementary School strives to          GREAT THINGS ABOUT OUR SCHOOL:
provide the highest quality education          Hemenway is committed to providing all students with high quality rigorous and
                                               engaging standards based instruction across the curriculum. Hemenway staff engages
possible so that each student develops the     in collaborative practice and have developed a shared responsibility for student
necessary skills and habits of mind to         learning across grade levels and specialties.
become a critical thinker, to be respectful,   We are partners with you in your child’s education!
knowledgeable, and a creative citizen,         We are committed to the belief that all students can learn with high levels of
                                               achievement and growth. Our commitment to growth mindset extends not only to
prepared for the middle school experience
                                               our students but to our staff, as adult learners. As a staff, we will continue to focus
and life in the twenty-first century.          and to work together to develop a culture of thinking in our classrooms that includes
                                               teaching moves, routines and strategies that promote “making student thinking
Core Values:                                   visible.” By creating this culture of thinking, we ensure that all students are engaged in
Hemenway Tigers Respect Themselves             meaningful learning across the curriculum. In addition to high academic standards, we
                                               have high standards for student behavior. At Hemenway, we use Responsive
Hemenway Tigers Respect Others                 Classroom, Zones of Regulation and Second Step Social Competency program in all
Hemenway Tigers Respect Our School             classrooms kindergarten through grade five. Second Step, Zones of Regulation and
Hemenway Tigers Persevere to work              Responsive Classroom focus on social-emotional learning [SEL]. Social and emotional
through problems                               learning is the process of developing essential social emotional skills, knowledge, and
                                               attitudes related to five key areas: self-awareness, self-management, social
                                               awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. Hemenway’s PBIS
                                               team, in collaboration with staff and administration, has developed the HemenWAY
                                               Positive Behavior Matrix.
                                               We strive to create a warm, inclusive learning environment where students learn
                                               through real-life experiences; and are explicitly taught and practice pro-social
                                               interpersonal skills. Hemenway mathematicians learn by integrating and connecting
                                               math concepts into their daily lives. Students become scientists as well, by
                                               experiencing hands-on science and engineering design. Through Readers and Writers
                                               workshop our students have developed the skills and habits of mind to “see”
                                               themselves as life-long readers and writers. Our goal is to provide students with the
                                               necessary skills to be true world citizens, as well as to acquire twenty-first century
                                               skills enabling them to succeed in college and the workplace.

                                               - 14 -

                                                  School Year 2021-2022 - DATES FOR KINDERGARTEN TOURS
                                                  See page 8 of this booklet for more information.
                                                  BUILDING INFORMATION
                                                  Total Students: 360
                                                  Grades: K-5
              CONTACT INFORMATION                 Site Accessibility: Handicap accessible
                  454 Water Street                Art Room
               Framingham, MA 01701               Media Center/Library
                                                  Music Room
Phone:       508-782-7201                         Outdoor Recreation Space
Fax:         508-788-0792                         Maker Space
School Hours: 9:05 a.m. - 3:20 p.m.               STUDENT DEMOGRAPHICS (2019-20)
Early Release: 9:05 a.m. - 12:55 p.m.             Black:                   4.8 %
                                                  Hispanic/Latino:         14.8%
                                                  Caucasian:               64.0%
Principal: Allison Benabdallah                    Asian:                   9.5%
Assistant Principal: Gail Chancey                 Pacific/Hawaiian:        0.0%
                                                  Native American          0.0%
                                                  Multi-Race, Non-Hispanic 6.9%
                                                          First Language Not English:  33.7%
King Elementary School is a community of learn-
                                                          English Language Learners:   18.1%
ers rooted in STEAM curriculum. We are all here
                                                          Economically Disadvantaged: 27.7%
to learn, grow, and become good citizens. We
                                                          Special Education:          14.6 %
show King Pride by being safe, caring, coopera-
                                                          High Needs:*                47.0%
tive, respectful and responsible.                         Maximum Class Size:          22
Our Core Values:
                                                  GREAT THINGS ABOUT OUR SCHOOL:
         •    Be Caring
                                                  The King Elementary School uses the STEAM (science, technology, engi-
         •    Be Cooperative                      neering, art, and math) framework to provide an integrated, thematic
                                                  curriculum where students make connections among the classroom,
         •    Be Respectful
                                                  the environment and the real world. The learning environment is rigor-
         •    Be Responsible                      ous, and the pedagogical model is inquiry-based instruction.
         •    Be Safe                             The STEAM framework is based on the following elements:
                                                  • Integrated interdisciplinary instruction
                                                  • Community-based investigations
                                                  • Collaborative instruction
                                                  • Learner-centered constructivist approaches
                                                  • Combinations of independent and cooperative learning
                                                  • Local natural and community surroundings

                                                  Through the inquiry- based projects, King School students will develop
                                                  proficiencies in asking questions developing and using models, plan-
                                                  ning and carrying out investigations, interpreting data, designing solu-
                                                  tions, obtaining data and communicating information.

                                             - 15 -

                                                    School Year 2021-2022 - DATES FOR KINDERGARTEN TOURS
                                                    See page 8 of this booklet for more information.

                                                     BUILDING INFORMATION
                                                    Total Students: 486
                                                    Grades: K-5
           CONTACT INFORMATION                      Site Accessibility: Handicap accessible

                  8 Flagg Drive                      FACILITIES
                                                    Art Room
            Framingham, MA 01702                    Music Room
Phone:    508-626-9161                              Gym
Fax:      508-626-9106                              Library
                                                    Outdoor Recreation Space
mccarthy                                             STUDENT DEMOGRAPHICS (2019-2020)
Twitter: @MFMcSchool                                Black:                              14.3%
                                                    Hispanic/Latino:                    36.0%
School Hours: 8:15 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.                 Caucasian:                          39.1%
Early Release: 8:15 a.m. - 12:05p.m.                Asian:                              2.0%
                                                    Pacific/Hawaiian:                   0.2%
                                                    Native/Alaskan                      0%
Principal: Cynthia Page                             Multiple races:                     8.4%
Assistant Principal: Jean Nolan
                                                             First Language not English:        42.3.%
                                                             English Language Learners:         28.8%
                     VISION                                  High Needs:*                       75.3%
                                                             Economically Disadvantaged         53.2%
At the McCarthy School we envision a communi-                Special Education:                  28.2%
ty of compassionate, respectful, motivated stu-              Maximum Class Size:                22 (K-2), 25 (3-5)
dents, staff, and families who work together to
achieve academic and social success.                 GREAT THINGS ABOUT OUR SCHOOL:
                                                     Community - An engaging and supportive community of students,
                                                    staff and families
The staff is committed to creating a safe, caring,
                                                    Staff – Continuously seeking ways in which to meet the needs of our
inclusive and challenging environment in which
all students are actively engaged in learning.     students and families
Students are taught to respect themselves and       PBIS Program – McCarthy Meerkats are Responsible, Motivated, Respectful
others, to understand and appreciate differ-       and Kind
ences, and to hold themselves to high standards
                                                    Celebrations of Literacy –
and expectations for achievement.
                                                             MCBA – Massachusetts Children’s Book Awards
                                                             Read Across America Week
                                                     BOKS – Morning Fitness Program
                                                    PTO – Active organization of families and staff that provides year-round sup-
                                                    port including community building events such as Pumpkin Fair and 5K Fun
                                                    Run with Fuller Middle School

                                                  - 16 -
                                                                                ”The School of Lifelong Learners”

                                                                  School Year 2021-2022
                                                                  DATES FOR KINDERGARTEN TOURS
                                                                  See page 8 of this booklet for more information

                                                                  BUILDING INFORMATION
                                                                  Total Students: 520
                                                                  Grades: K-5
                                                                  Site Accessibility:
                  492 Potter Road
              Framingham, MA 01702                                STUDENT DEMOGRAPHICS (2019-20)
                                                                  Black:                              8.2%
                                                                  Hispanic/Latino:                    16.3%
Phone:     508-626-9110                                           Caucasian: (Brazilian Included)     66.1%
                                                                  Asian:                              3.8%
Fax:       508-877-1683
                                                                  Pacific/Hawaiian:                   0.2 %
Email:                                Native/Alaskan                      0%
                                                                  Multiple races:                     5.4%                                       First Language not English          52.9%
Website:                                   English Language Learners:          32.6%
                                                                           Economically Disadvantaged:         30.1%
School Hours: 9:05 a.m. - 3:20 p.m.                                        Special Education:                  10%
                                                                           High Needs:*                        53.8%
Early Release: 9:05 a.m. - 12.55 p.m.
                                                                           Maximum Class Size:                  22
Principal: Lawrence M. Wolpe                                      GREAT THINGS ABOUT OUR SCHOOL: Potter Road Elementary
Asst. Principal: Michelle DaCosta                                 School
Office manager: Bernadette Downing                                is a special place. We offer a Two-way Portuguese bilingual
                                                                  program, designed to promote a culture of bilingualism and
                       VISION                                     biliteracy. In addition, we offer a wide variety of unique in-school
                                                                  and extracurricular activities.
The vision of Potter Road Elementary School’s com-
                                                                        • Art Club
munity is to create a safe environment for teaching
and learning, which fosters the development of re-                      • Ballroom Dancing
sponsible, caring students who are lifelong learners.                   • Page Turners Book Club
Students will achieve academic excellence and be                        • BOKS
prepared to meet the challenges of a culturally di-                     • “Drums Alive”
verse society. We will accomplish this through con-                     • Lego and Robotics Club
tinual collaboration between staff, families, and stu-                  • Engineering Club
dents.                                                                  • 3-5 Chorus and Grades 1-2 Singing Club
                                                                        • Prestigious business partnership with The MathWorks, a
                      MISSION                                               Natick based computer software engineering company –
                                                                            Math Tutorial program for grade 4 students
Potter Road Elementary School’s staff, families, and                    • An award winning, curriculum-centered laboratory in our
community empower learners to achieve excellence                            Community Garden
in the following areas:                                                 • Framingham State University, Simmons College student
• Academic performance and critical thinking                                teachers, interns and field study students
• Individual growth and accountability                                  • Bell Choir and Bucket drumming
• Independent and cooperative work                                      • State-of-the-art, handicapped accessible community
• Academic rigor and risk taking within a safe and                          playground
nurturing environment                                                   • Joe Lundy Memorial Baseball Field and soccer field
• Innovative thinking and proficiency in technology
                                                                        • Great Boston Jewish Literacy Coalition volunteers
                                                                        • Volunteers from the Greater Boston Jewish Coalition for
                                                         - 17 -
                                                                            ELEMENTARY SCHOOL

                                                                School Year 2021-2022
                                                                DATES FOR KINDERGARTEN TOURS
                                                                See page 8 of this booklet for more information

                                                                BUILDING INFORMATION
                                                                Total Students: 313
                                                                Grades: K-5
                  25 Elm Street
                                                                Site Accessibility:
             Framingham, MA 01701
                Fax: 508-877-4908
                                                                Art Room
                                                                Computer Lab
                                                                Media Center
                                                                Music Room
                                                                Outdoor Recreation Space
School Hours
Doors open: 8:50am
Breakfast: 8:50am - 9:05am
                                                                STUDENT DEMOGRAPHICS (2019-2020)
School begins: 9:05am
                                                                Black:                       8.8%
School dismissal: 3:20pm
                                                                Hispanic/Latino:             24.3%
*Early release dismissal: 12:55pm (lunch is
                                                                Caucasian:                   54.5%
                                                                Asian:                       6.2%
*Half day dismissal: 12:20pm (lunch is not                      Pacific/Hawaiian:            0%
served)                                                         Native/Alaskan               0%
                                                                Multiple races:              6.2%
                                                                First Language not English   27%
Principal: Brenda Maurao
                                                                English Language Learners:   19.4%
Vice-Principal: Lisa DiDonato
                                                                 Economically Disadvantaged: 46 %
                                                                Special Education:           28.4%
                      VISION                                    High Needs:*                  64.5%
Mary Stapleton Elementary School educates                       Maximum Class Size:          22
children to become respectful, responsible and
ready to take on the challenges associated with
being life-long learners.                                       GREAT THINGS ABOUT OUR SCHOOL:
                                                                   • Diverse student body!
                     MISSION                                       • Caring and dedicated staff committed to helping students
                                                                       exceed expectations!
At Mary Stapleton Elementary School, we be-                        • Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support - PBIS and
lieve that all children can, and will, learn. We                       established core values in place!
educate each student to learn and live produc-                     • Explorers Before and After School Program
tively as a critically thinking, responsible citizen
                                                                   • Active community involvement and Parent Teacher
in a multicultural, democratic society by provid-
ing academically challenging instructional pro-
                                                                       that supports a wide variety of school events including
grams taught by a highly qualified and diverse
                                                                       STEAMathon, Family Reading Night, Genius Hour, Book
staff and supported by comprehensive services
                                                                       Fair, Field Day, Harry Potter Week, Fall Festival, Bingo
in partnership with our entire community.
                                                                       Night, and Sock Hop
                                                                   • Active School Council

                                                       - 18 -

                                                     School Year 2021-2022
                                                     DATES FOR KINDERGARTEN TOURS
            CONTACT INFORMATION                      See page 8 of this booklet for more information

                169 Leland Street                    BUILDING INFORMATION
             Framingham, MA 01702                    Total Students: 494
                                                     Grades: K-5
Phone:    508-626-9164
                                                     Site Accessibility: Handicap Accessible
Fax:      508-620-2965
Email:               Art Room
Website:             Computer Lab
@WilsonElemIB                                        Gym
                                                     Media Center/Library
School Hours: 9:05 a.m. - 3:20 p.m.                  Music Room
                                                     Outdoor Recreation Space
Early Release: 9:05 a.m. - 12.55 p.m.                Cafeteria

Principal: Purnima De Morais                         STUDENT DEMOGRAPHICS (2019-20)
Vice-Principal: Darlene Pugnali                      Black:                     9.8%
IB PYP Coordinator: Heather Flugrad                  Caucasian:                 55.2%
                                                     Asian:                     0.2%
                                                     Native/Alaskan             0.4%
                                                     Pacific/Hawaiian:          0%
Our vision incorporates a learning environment       Hispanic/Latino:           32.2%
that encourages global understanding, active         Multi Races                2.2%
community participation, and genuine interest in     First Language not English 81.0%
academic excellence.                                 English Language Learners: 66.7%
                                                     Special Education:         9.4%
                                                     Economically disadvantaged 62.2%
At the Woodrow Wilson Elementary School, we          High Needs:*               92.3%
celebrate the diverse population that we serve.      Maximum Class Size:        24
Woodrow Wilson Elementary provides an envi-
ronment that develops inquiring, knowledgeable       ABOUT OUR SCHOOL:
and caring young people who work to create a             • We are an International Baccalaureate Primary Years Progamme
better, peaceful world. Woodrow Wilson is                   (IB PYP) World School
committed to providing a high quality, challeng-         • One of four IB PYP schools in Massachusetts and part of a
ing, international education that nurtures active,          network of around 2000 IB PYP schools in over 100 countries
open-minded, reflective and balanced life-long              around the world.
learners. Woodrow Wilson students are inde-              • IB Units of inquiry connect the learning in all subject areas
pendent learners who respect themselves and                 through an investigation into big ideas.
others, and who are empowered as empathetic,              • Learning experiences focus on the development of the whole
competent leaders who can succeed in a 21st                 child as an inquirer and a life-long learner.
century global society.                                  • Partnership with Jewish Family Services (JFS) providing services
                                                            such as after school programs, family assistance program,
                                                            donation drives and family education
                                                         • Global Gatherings that celebrate our diversity and international-
                                                            mindedness through music and performances.
                                                         • We offer 3 strands of general education and language
                                                            development in Portuguese and English through Dual Language
                                                            Education, Transitional Bilingual Education, and English
                                                            Immersion with Portuguese as a world language.
ay, Ed.D.
                                                         FRAMINGHAM    PUBLIC SCHOOLS
                                                                               Robert Trembaly, Ed.D.
                                                                              Superintendent of Schools

                   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Framingham, MA – December 1, 2020

Please see below for the before and after school program, schools, and contact information for grades K-5.

For any questions, please contact Ms. Kelley Ratcliffe, Manager of Elementary Out of School Time, 774-423-4242 or
Tiffany Lillie, Director of Community Resource Development, 508-782-6887.

For questions on Non-School Days, Vacation Weeks, and Summer Programming please contact Mateo Palfreman at

      Program                   School Offered At                Contact                  Email              Phone Number

 Explorers Before
 and After School
        -                   BLOCKS, Barbieri, Brophy,
   Managed by               Dunning, Hemenway, King,              Kelley              OSTinfo
Framingham Public             McCarthy, Potter Rd.,              Ratcliffe
     Schools               Stapleton, Woodrow Wilson

 MetroWest YMCA                                                  Kathleen           Schoolsout               508-879-4420
                               Pick up at McCarthy
   School's Out                                                  Glennon            ext. 246

 Pick-Up for Boys & Hemmenway, McCarthy, Brophy,                                    Tammi.pudlo
                                                 Tammi Pudlo                                                 508-620-7145
      Girls Club            Barbieri                                    

                         Stapleton, Barbieri, McCarthy,                                 Dmoran
 Pick-Up for SMOC                                              Daisy Moran                                   774-641-3275

     Pick-Up for         Stapleton, Barbieri, McCarthy,           Charles
      Suburban                    King, Potter                    Hudson


                                                      OUR MISSION
B.L.O.C.K.S. Preschool promotes a flexible atmosphere that considers children individually and as members of a group.
Our program provides a variety of resources that address children's particular interests, needs and levels of develop-
Learning through play, development of self-concept, the growth of language and respect for others will be fostered in
order to maximize future school success. The ultimate goal of this program is to instill in children a curiosity about
their world and a hunger to learn.
The general goals of our program include:
       • to develop children’s understanding and use of language
       • to foster children’s self-esteem
       • to teach children the skills to explore, question and investigate
       • to encourage children to work positively and effectively with others
       • to support the parent’s role as a child’s first teacher at home
                                                  PROGRAM SCHEDULE
JUNIPER HILL LOCATION - 29 Upper Jocelyn Avenue
        Young Preschool (2.9 - 3.9 years old): 8:45am to 12:15pm or 8:45am— 2:15pm
        A.M. Session: 8:15 a.m. to 10:55 a.m.
        P.M. Session: 11:35 a.m. to 2:15 p.m.
        Full Day: 8:15 a.m. to 2:15 p.m.
        Little Explorer’s Before & After School Program Monday - Friday
                7:00 a.m. to 8:15 a.m.
                2:15 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.      or   2:15 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
        Full Day: 9:15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.
        Little Explorer’s Before School Program: Monday - Friday
                 6:45 a.m. to 9:15 a.m.
                                                 ENROLLMENT PROCESS
The preschool receives children between the ages of 3 to 5 years. An application form can be obtained by calling the
Office at (508)788-2380 or All applications should be returned to the B.L.O.C.K.S.
Preschool Program by the date specified on the application. Parents will be notified within 3-4 weeks of submitting
the application regarding the status of their child’s enrolment in the program.

                                 Rosario Alvarez, Director of Early Childhood Education
                                                  Office: 508-788-2380
                                                   Fax: 508-872-1354

                                                         - 21 -
- 22 -

You are your child’s first teacher! We encourage you to practice these skills with your child:
     1. Personal Information
             * First and last name
              * Home address
              * Telephone number where parent/guardian can be reached (usually cell #)
              * Name of their school and teacher
     2. Self-help skills
              * Putting on and taking off coat, boots, hat, mittens, etc.
              * Packing and unpacking backpack
              * Opening lunchbox, thermos, juice box, containers, etc.
              * Using bathroom independently
     3. Asking for help and answering a simple question
     4. Sharing and taking turns
     5. Following simple directions and routines
     6. Sitting and listening to a story and/or book
     7. Writing first name and/or last name (in upper and/or lower case letters)
     8. Rote counting to 10 and counting objects to 10
     9. Identifying some letters
     10. Identifying some numbers

                            PLEASE limit screen time with your child!
                           (TV, computer, video games, iPad, iPod, etc.)
  Most important: READ and share BOOKS or STORIES with your child DAILY!!

                                                   - 23 -
- 24 -

           - 25 -
You can also read