Lower School Handbook 2021/22

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Lower School Handbook 2021/22
Lower School Handbook

Lower School Handbook 2021/22   1
Lower School Handbook 2021/22
Table of Contents

3		 ZIS Vision and Mission                             15		   Practical Information
                                                       15     How is the day organized?
4		 ZIS Learning Principles                            15     Arrival
                                                       15     Dismissal
5		 ZIS Character Standards                            16     School transportation service
5 Dispositions                                         16     What will your child need at school?
5 Values                                               16     What will your child eat at school?
                                                       17     Absence, late arrival or change in your child’s
6		 Welcome to the Lower School                               normal routine
                                                       17     Address list
7		 School Year Calendar 2021/22                       17     Before and after school care
                                                       18     After school activities – ATAC Program
8		 Administrative Structure (Directory)                      (AThletics and ACtivities)
                                                       18     Assemblies
9		 The Structure of the ZIS Lower School              18     Animals at school
                                                       18     Birthdays
10		 How Will I Know My Child Is Progressing?          18     Visitors
10 Parents as partners                                 18     Health matters
10 How will I know my child is progressing?            19     Emergency procedures
                                                       19     Library and book exchange
11		   What Can I Do As a Parent?                      20     Lost property
11     Home learning                                   20     Field trips and residential trips
11     Parent volunteers                               20     Photos
11     Parents’ Association                            20     Policies and procedures
                                                       21     Important telephone numbers
12		   What if I Have a Concern?
12     Contact                                         22     Code of Conduct
12     Process for the retention of primary students   22     Disrespectful or disruptive behavior
12     Process for promotion of primary students       22     Bullying
                                                       22     Inappropriate items
13		   Single Subject Lessons                          22     Mobile phones and smart watches
13     German                                          22     Hats
13     Arts                                            22     Dress code
14     Physical education                              23     Chewing gum and sweets/candy
                                                       23     Behavior
                                                       23     “Parents/Guardians and ZIS Partnership” and the
                                                              Temporary Guardianship Form

                                                       24 Information Technology Policy and Guidelines
                                                       24 Responsible Use Agreement

                                                       26     Educational Technology in the ZIS Lower School
                                                       26     Parent/family responsibilities
                                                       26     Parents’ guide to student use
                                                       27     Liability

Lower School Handbook 2021/22                                                                                   2
Lower School Handbook 2021/22
ZIS Vision and Mission


Our vision is for all ZIS students to join and strengthen a global community of citizens, determined to make a
difference to the organizations and communities in which they work and live. We’re committed to ensuring our
students develop the intellect, skills and character to become caring individuals and adaptable and independent


We are a learning community of students, faculty, staff, and parents. At ZIS, educational excellence commits us
to Learn, Care, Challenge, Lead.

•   We learn by creating meaning, developing habits of mind, and acting on values.
•   We teach to multiple learning styles.
•   We learn to understand and to become imaginative thinkers.
•   We believe that effective teaching leads to meaningful learning,
    and that effective teachers continue to be learners.

•   We provide a caring environment for the social, emotional, physical,
    and intellectual development of our students.
•   We care for the world around us and our planet.
•   We value diversity and plurality of voices.
•   We are committed to the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.

•   We challenge ourselves to be open to risk, change, and innovation.
•   We challenge ourselves to ensure the success of each student.
•   We challenge our students and teachers to share the responsibility for learning.
•   We challenge our students to exceed their own academic expectations.

•   We enable students, faculty, and staff to become confident and responsible leaders.
•   We lead with a clear sense of direction and purpose.
•   We lead through best practice and educational innovation.
•   We aspire to lead by example.

Lower School Handbook 2021/22                                                                                3
ZIS Learning Principles

The ZIS community shares the following Learning

We have a shared understanding of learning.
All students can and do learn. Learning is a purposeful
process of extending conceptual understanding,
mastering competencies, and developing character

Everyone can learn how to learn.
When students learn how to learn, they become
confident and independent, able to own, and direct
their learning. Lifelong learning is a valuable skill.

Authentic contexts make learning meaningful.
Learning is more meaningful, engaging and enduring
when students inquire into real world issues,
dilemmas, and perspectives.

The quality of learning is more important than the
quantity of content.
Content coverage alone does not equal learning.
Extension of conceptual understanding, mastery of
competencies, and development of character traits
requires selective use of illustrative content.

Learning is personal.
Individuals have different starting points, different
interests, and will follow different learning pathways.
We personalize learning by providing appropriate
challenge, choice, constructive feedback, and
opportunities to act on that feedback.

Learning is social.
We learn from one another in safe environments
when we are connected through positive, caring
relationships. Interaction and collaboration form an
important part of learning.

Everyone learns.
Our principles of learning apply to all members of the
ZIS community.

Lower School Handbook 2021/22                             4
ZIS Character Standards

The following character standards describe the            Learners are REFLECTIVE
dispositions and values we strive to promote and          They:
nurture amoung our community of learners.                 • think before acting, considering options for
                                                            achieving a goal based on analysis of that goal.
Character Standards                                       • monitor progress, make adjustments and adapt
Character Learning is happening when students are:          strategies appropriately whilst engaged in
• considering the potential impact of applying              learning situations.
  dispositions and values in specific authentic           • increase self-knowledge of strengths, weaknesses
  contexts                                                  and areas for growth through considered reflection
• acting as a result of these considerations                on particular strategies or actions used in
• reflecting on the effects of these actions                learning situations.

Dispositions                                              Values
Learners are OPEN-MINDED                                  Learners value INTEGRITY
They:                                                     They:
• initially withhold judgement, recognizing how past      • identify and refine what they believe is right in light
  experiences influence reactions.                          of our school’s mission and values.
• are receptive to information and ideas which may        • do what is right even when no-one is watching.
  challenge their beliefs.                                • articulate how their beliefs influence their actions.
• identify and investigate alternative perspectives       • translate their beliefs into local and/or
• attempt new ways of doing things.                         global actions.
                                                          • recognize when their actions contradict their beliefs
Learners are RESILIENT                                      and reflect on why that discrepancy occurred.
• recognize and manage distractions.                      Learners value FAIRNESS
• identify and use strategies for overcoming              They:
  obstacles to achieve goals.                             • consider the impact of a decision or action on
• persevere through difficulties when it is productive      others.
  to do so.                                               • recognize that fair does not always mean equal
• learn from failure or mistakes by reflecting and          rather fairness depends on the circumstances and
  altering strategies for success.                          who is involved.
• formulate goals and work to attain them over            • can make and justify a decision based on how fair it
  sustained periods.                                        is for all concerned.

Learners are PLAYFUL                                      Learners value COMPASSION
They:                                                     They:
• take risks when approaching new situations and          • are able to sense other people’s emotions and able
  learning experiences.                                     to empathize.
• creatively engage with ideas and materials,             • actively attempt to understand why people hold
  experimenting with them in novel and possibly             certain perspectives, are in certain circumstances,
  counter-intuitive ways.                                   and/or feel particular emotions.
• avoid drawing conclusions too soon.                     • feel motivated to relieve another person’s suffering.
• explore imaginative alternatives and possibilities by   • work to understand the needs of others in order to
  wondering “what if?”.                                     achieve desirable outcomes for all.
                                                          • consider actions that will have a positive impact
                                                            on others.

Lower School Handbook 2021/22                                                                                  5
Welcome to the Lower School

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

I would like to welcome you to the ZIS Lower School Campus for students
in Early ZIS to Grade 5. Your child is now part of a family of learners,
where everyone’s uniqueness is embraced and valued. In the Lower
School, we all learn by creating meaning, developing habits of mind, and
acting on values. Developing strong, caring relationships is important to
us, and we challenge each other to share the responsibility for learning
to reach our true potential. We are in close partnership with you in
wanting the best for your child.

This handbook, which is an integrative part of your agreement with ZIS,
contains information about our school’s guidelines and procedures,
and outlines our expectations. You will find here an outline of the Lower
School values, goals and organization. It provides general information
that you will require; curricula are outlined in our Program of Studies
which is also available on our website.

Kind regards,

Catherine Jolly
Lower School Principal

Catherine Jolly                        Janna Trontvet
Lower School Principal                 Assistant Principal
cjolly@zis.ch                          jtrontvet@zis.ch

Lower School Handbook 2021/22                                               6
School Year Calendar 2021/22

July (2021)                               January (2022)                           Comments
Mon Tues Wed Thurs      Fri   Sat   Sun   Mon Tues Wed Thurs     Fri   Sat   Sun   2021
                    1    2     3     4                                  1     2    August 1:          Swiss National Holiday
  5    6       7    8    9    10    11      3      4    5    6    7     8     9      August 3:        New faculty report
 12   13      14   15   16    17    18     10     11   12   13   14    15    16      August 9:        LS, MS, US, HoD and
                                                                                                      TL report
 19   20      21   22   23    24    25     17     18   19   20   21    22    23
                                                                                      August 10:      LS, MS, US returning
 26   27      28   29   30    31           24     25   26   27   28    29    30
                                                                                                      faculty report
                                           31                                         August 13:      MS new student
August                                                                                                orientation
                                          February                                    August 16:      LS, US new student
Mon Tues Wed Thurs      Fri   Sat   Sun
                                     1    Mon Tues Wed Thurs     Fri   Sat   Sun      August 17:      First day of classes for
  2    3       4    5    6     7     8             1    2    3    4     5     6                       LS, MS, US
  9   10      11   12   13    14    15      7      8   9    10   11    12    13
 16   17      18   19   20    21    22     14     15   16   17   18    19    20    October 11–15:     Fall break
 23   24      25   26   27    28    29     21     22   23   24   25    26    27    October 18–19:     No school, Professional
 30   31                                   28                                                         Development Days (1 + 2)

September                                 March                                    November 19:       No school

 Mon Tues Wed Thurs     Fri   Sat   Sun   Mon Tues Wed Thurs     Fri   Sat   Sun     December 17: Last day of classes
               1    2    3     4     5             1    2    3    4     5     6    December 20–31: Winter break I
  6    7       8    9   10    11    12      7      8    9   10   11    12    13
 13   14      15   16   17    18    19     14     15   16   17   18    19    20
 20   21      22   23   24    25    26     21     22   23   24   25    26    27
 27   28      29   30                      28     29   30   31                     January 1–7:       Winter break I
                                                                                      January 10:     2nd semester begins
October                                   April
                                                                                   February 14–18:    Winter break II
Mon Tues Wed Thurs      Fri   Sat   Sun   Mon Tues Wed Thurs     Fri   Sat   Sun
                                                                                   February 21–22:    No school, Professional
                         1     2     3                            1     2     3                       Developments Days (3 + 4)
  4    5       6    7    8     9    10      4      5    6    7    8     9    10
 11   12      13   14   15    16    17     11     12   13   14   15    16    17    April 11–22:       Spring break
 18   19      20   21   22    23    24     18     19   20   21   22    23    24    April 17:          Easter Sunday
 25   26      27   28   29    30    31     25     26   27   28   29    30
                                                                                   May 1:             May Day, Swiss Labor Day
November                                  May                                      May 26 & 27:       No school, Ascension

Mon Tues Wed Thurs      Fri   Sat   Sun   Mon Tues Wed Thurs     Fri   Sat   Sun      June 4:         US Graduation
  1    2       3    4    5     6     7                                        1    June 6:            No school, Pentecost
  8    9      10   11   12    13    14      2      3    4    5    6     7     8                       (Whit Monday)
                                                                                      June 16:        Last day of classes
 15   16      17   18   19    20    21      9     10   11   12   13    14    15
                                                                                      June 17:        Faculty work day
 22   23      24   25   26    27    28     16     17   18   19   20    21    22
 29   30                                   23     24   25   26   27    28    29
                                           30     31

December                                  June
Mon Tues Wed Thurs      Fri   Sat   Sun   Mon Tues Wed Thurs     Fri   Sat   Sun
                                                                                   Color key:
               1    2    3     4     5                  1    2    3     4     5
                                                                                      New and returning faculty report
  6    7       8    9   10    11    12      6      7    8    9   10    11    12       New student orientation
 13   14      15   16   17    18    19     13     14   15   16   17    18    19       Semester begins (first day of classes)
 20   21      22   23   24    25    26     20     21   22   23   24    25    26       Semester ends (last day of classes)
 27   28      29   30   31                 27     28   29   30                        No school
                                                                                      Faculty work day
                                          July                                        US Graduation

                                          Mon Tues Wed Thurs     Fri   Sat   Sun   Abbreviations:
                                                                  1     2     3    EC = Early Childhood
                                            4      5    6    7    8     9    10    LS = Lower School
                                                                                   MS = Middle School
                                           11     12   13   14   15    16    17
                                                                                   US = Upper School
                                           18     19   20   21   22    23    24    HoD = Head of Department
                                           25     26   27   28   29    30    31    TL = Team Leader

Lower School Handbook 2021/22                                                                                                  7
Administrative Structure (Directory)

Positions of Responsibility                      Positions of Responsibility
Lower School                                     ZIS

Principal                                        Director
Catherine Jolly                                  Lisa Lyle
cjolly@zis.ch                                    llyle@zis.ch

Assistant Principal                              Chief Operating Officer
Janna Trontvet                                   Stefan Muehlemann
jtrontvet@zis.ch                                 smuehlemann@zis.ch

Curriculum Development and Instructional Coach   Deputy Director
Katherine Deutsch                                Mark Schulz
kdeutsch@zis.ch                                  mschulz@zis.ch

Sustainability Curriculum Development and        Director of Community Relations
Instructional Coach                              Michaela Seeger
Kristie Lear                                     mseeger@zis.ch
                                                 Director of Student Life
Student Support Coordinator                      Nick Bentley
Jacqueline Langford                              nbentley@zis.ch

Learning and Technology Coach
Will Kirkwood

Lower School Office

After School Activities
Marie-Therese Malina

Bus Coordinator
Roland Gaehwiler

Lower School Handbook 2021/22                                                      8
The Structure of the ZIS Lower School

Basic organization
Typical class size is between 18–22 students. Class size may vary
depending on the grade level and other circumstances.

Grade Level          Age Group
Early ZIS            3 before the 1st of the month that they begin
Pre-School           3 by 31 August
Pre-Kindergarten     4 by 31 August
Kindergarten         5 by 31 August
Grade 1              6 by 31 August
Grade 2              7 by 31 August
Grade 3              8 by 31 August
Grade 4              9 by 31 August
Grade 5              10 by 31 August

Lower School Handbook 2021/22                                        9
How Will I Know My Child Is Progressing?

Parents as partners                                             answer questions, teach concepts and reflect on
                                                                their learning behaviors.
Your child’s happiness and progress is highly               •   Optional End of the Year Snapshot Conference:
important to us and we see ourselves as partners in             At the end of the school year, there is an optional
this learning journey.                                          short conference where you can discuss your
                                                                child’s progress or ask any questions you may have
Campus meetings, parent cafes and other parent                  before summer holidays.
educational opportunities will be offered throughout        •   Written Reports: A mid-year and end of year written
the year. All parents are invited to attend to learn more       report is shared with you. These reports are formal
about the school as well as any new developments                student records which addresses your child’s
at ZIS.                                                         progress, focusing on “what your child can do now”.
                                                            •   Seesaw Journal: Class and student-specific
All administrators in the Lower School have an open             information is available on each child’s Seesaw
office policy. Please feel free at any stage to make            journal. When a child joins a class, parents will
an appointment to discuss your child by directly                gain access to their Seesaw journal. These are
contacting the Lower School Office to set up a meeting.         updated regularly for you to keep up-to-date with
                                                                developments within the class and your child's
Individual appointments to talk to your child’s teacher         learning. Once you have gained access to the
are always possible. Contact your child’s teacher               Seesaw journal, you will receive notifications when
by email, using an address made up of their initial             a new post is made.
followed by their surname, i.e. cjolly@zis.ch (check the    •   End of Unit Checklist: At the end of each unit, your
faculty directory within the Community Portal).                 child will bring home an end of unit checklist and
                                                                evidence of your child’s learning, corresponding to
                                                                the checklist.
How will I know my child
is progressing?                                             In addition to these opportunities, specific grade
                                                            levels complete external assessments. ZIS participates
• Meet the Teacher Night: At the beginning of               in these assessments in order to have an international
    the school year we have a grade level Meet the          academic comparison, thus maintaining our high
    Teacher Night. Teachers share grade level learning      educational standards.
    and expectations with all parents and answer any        • International Schools’ Assessment (ISA): Grades
    questions you may have.                                    3 and 5 complete the ISA in reading, writing and
•   Beginning of the Year Snapshot Conference:                 mathematical literacy once per year in February.
    At the beginning of the year you may sign up for a         Results are shared with families in Spring.
    brief “snapshot” conference. At this conference, you    • Measures of Academic Progress (MAP): Grades
    can share relevant information about your child with       4 and 5 complete the MAP assessment in
    their teacher.                                             mathematics twice per year, in September and
•   Family Conferences: There are two family                   April. Results of the MAP are shared with families
    conferences where the teacher will discuss your            after the Spring testing session.
    child’s progress and share next steps in their
    learning.                                               Please refer to our Lower School curriculum at
•   Student-Led Conference: There will be a student-        www.zis.ch/campuses/lower-school/curriculum
    led conference in the spring in which your child        for more detailed information on assessment and
    will have the opportunity to explain their learning,    how your child’s teacher continually monitors their
                                                            academic progress.

                                     How will I know my child is progressing?
    August                 October                   January                    April                   June

 Snapshot                  Family               Mid-Year Written            Student-Led           Written Summary
Conference               Conference               Report and               Conference and        Report and Optional
                                               Family Conference          Teacher Check-in      Snapshot Conference

Lower School Handbook 2021/22                                                                                  10
What Can I Do As a Parent?

We encourage all parents to take an active role in their   Parent volunteers
child’s education. There are many ways to do this.
                                                           What can I do as a parent?
Support your child                                         If you would like to share a skill, attend class trips,
Talk to your child about school, what they like and        assist with science and social studies units, listen
what they are finding challenging. Encourage your          to children read, or simply help out in your child’s
child to ask questions and support your child’s            classroom, please contact the class teacher.
passions or what they find interesting. If you speak a
different language at home, you may want to discuss        A number of parents also coach our sports teams or
school matters in this language so that your child will    teach a specific activity. If you wish to coach or teach
gain the same vocabulary in both languages.                an after school activity, please contact our After
                                                           School Activities Coordinator, Marie-Therese Malina at
Read with your child                                       mtmalina@zis.ch.
Your child should either be reading or being read
to daily. Teachers will provide guidance for book          Room Parents
selection as well as an amount of time that is             The Room Parents liaise between the class teacher,
recommended for your child’s grade level. Reading in       the Parents Association (PA) and parent community.
your home language is also encouraged! As with all         Room Parents encourage the integration of new
things, the more we practice the better we become at       parents into the ZIS community, and help organize
certain skills.                                            classroom or grade level celebrations. They also
                                                           arrange morning coffees, parent evenings or other
                                                           social gatherings for the classroom or grade level.
Home learning                                              Please let your child’s teacher know at the beginning
                                                           of the school year if you are interested in contributing
Home learning at ZIS is different for every child          in this way. We try to have two Room Parents for each
according to their needs. This is what you can expect      class, ideally one with experience of life at ZIS and the
for your child:                                            other newer but eager to be involved.
• Reading is the cornerstone of home learning.
   Teachers will help monitor that students are reading
   developmentally appropriate material. Reading at        Parents’ Association
   home includes being read to, children reading by
   themselves or with parents, and children discussing     The ZIS Parents’ Association (PA) consists of
   the content of the texts they read. It is expected      volunteers who wish to work together to enrich the
   that students will read at home daily.                  program for students and to support our families.
• Differentiated learning tasks to be completed at         Upon the arrival of a new family, Parents’ Association
   home will only be given by the teacher where there      members will contact you. Over the years, our
   is a specific educational need based on teacher         proactive PA has raised funds for a wide variety of
   assessments completed at school.                        equipment, organized multiple social activities, and
• We encourage children to participate in the Swiss        provided various orientation and social opportunities
   community, join our wide After School Activities        for new families. You can contact the Lower School
   program, play sports, play an instrument, learn to      representative at pa_cc_LS@zis.ch.
   swim, cook, shop with parents, discuss current
   events at home, visit museums and take part in
   cultural events.
• We strongly believe that all Lower School students
   should have the opportunity to play in structured
   and unstructured contexts at home or in the

Lower School Handbook 2021/22                                                                                        11
What if I Have a Concern?

If you have a concern, please do not hesitate to          Process for the retention of
contact us right away.                                    primary students
                                                          At ZIS, a child normally progresses from one grade
Contact                                                   level to the next according to age as each grade level
                                                          offers a variety of learning experiences designed to
1st                                                       meet individual needs and abilities. However, from
Your child’s classroom teacher or single-subject          time to time, situations may arise when it would be
teacher                                                   in the child’s best interests to continue in the same
                                                          grade level for an additional year. This would usually
2nd                                                       be due to developmental or social issues which would
Position of Responsibility (see page 8)                   prevent the student from drawing the maximum
                                                          benefit from the subsequent year’s programme.
3rd                                                       Academic issues could also play a role.
If necessary, Assistant Principal Janna Trontvet

Remember                                                  Process for promotion of
Contact is important and welcome. If it is an important   primary students
issue, it is essential that you let us know. We cannot
do anything to help or reassure you if we do not know     At ZIS, a child normally progresses from one grade
of a problem.                                             level to the next, according to age as each grade
                                                          level offers a variety of learning experiences to
Making an Appointment                                     meet individual needs and abilities. The School only
If you would like to make an appointment, please          recommends that a child is promoted when he or
directly contact the teacher or contact the Lower         she is: old for the class, will cope with the social and
School Office to make an appointment with                 emotional demands of a higher grade, is physically
administration. By making an appointment, we can          similar in size to the children in the grade above, and
make the most of your pre-arranged time.                  will academically thrive in the grade level above.
                                                          Generally, however, the School believes that children
                                                          are best placed with children of a similar age and that
                                                          the development of a differentiated programme is
                                                          more desirable than promotion.

Lower School Handbook 2021/22                                                                                 12
Single Subject Lessons

Every week your child attends single subject classes    • Grades 1:       60 minutes
taught by teachers who have expertise in specific       • Grades 2:       45 minutes
subject areas. Please see the LS Program of Studies     • Grade 3:        45 minutes with recorder and
for further curricular information on each single                         ukulele instruction
subject area.                                           • Grades 4 and 5: 45 minutes with ukulele
                                                        For Grades 4 and 5, children participate in an
All children from Early Childhood to Grade 5, in our    additional 45 minute ensemble each week. A choice
International Pathway, participate in German classes.   of concert band, string ensemble or choir is offered.
As children get older, the time spent in German         • Participation in ensemble is a year-long
classes increases. The amount of minutes is based on       commitment.
authority guidelines. Time for weekly German class      • Children who enter ZIS after the first nine weeks
are as follows:                                            may enter the curricular ensemble program only
• Early Childhood                                          when they have demonstrated instrumental
   and Kindergarten: 150-180 minutes;                      proficiency at the level of their grade-level peers
                       daily German experience             currently in the program. Private instruction through
• Grades 1, 2 and 3: 180 minutes; four classes             the ZIS Music Academy or a local music school is
• Grades 4 and 5: 225 minutes; five classes                recommended to reach this level. Until proficiency
                                                           is met, those children will participate in the choir
In Early Childhood and Kindergarten classes, German        ensemble program.
takes place in the child’s homeroom class. There are    • Transfers to instrumental ensembles of such
also some differentiated opportunities for fluent and      students of sufficient proficiency usually occur at
proficient German speakers in these grades. From           the beginning of the second semester.
Grade 1, our German program is organized into two       • Your child is expected to practice their chosen
distinct tracks: a Fluent Speaker Track and a Foreign      instrument at home for a minimum expectation of
Language Track according to assessment data. Within        10–15 minutes three times each week.
the Foreign Language Track, proficient speakers form    • Your child must have their instruments and music
their own class made up of students from different         book at school on the day of their ensemble lesson.
homeroom cohorts.                                       • If your child participates in concert band or strings,
                                                           they will be issued an Elements of Music Book for
If you have a question or concern, do not hesitate to      their instrument. This book is yours to keep and is
contact us. Please email Elena Salassa at                  used throughout the year. If this book is lost, there
esalassa@zis.ch                                            is a CHF 25 replacement fee. A replacement book
                                                           will be issued when the fee is paid. If the original
                                                           is found and brought to school before the last
Arts                                                       student day of the school year, the CHF 25 will be
                                                           refunded when the replacement book is returned.
Creative Arts
In Early Childhood and Kindergarten, children           Each Grade 3 student is issued a recorder to practice
are taught as part of an integrated Creative Arts       on at home during the school year. This recorder must
experience which includes dance, movement, music        be returned at the end of the school year.
and visual arts. Your child will perform at least
once per year. These performances are part of the       Lower School general music classes and music
curricular program and serve to demonstrate growing     ensembles generally perform at least one to two
knowledge, skills and confidence. All students are      times per year. These performances are part of the
required to attend these performances.                  curricular program and serve to demonstrate growing
                                                        musical knowledge, skills and confidence. All students
Music                                                   are required to attend these performances.
All children in Grades 1–5 attend a general music
class, which include experiences in creating,           Students also have the possibility to have private
performing/presenting/producing, responding and         music tuition at their own cost. You may find a list of
connecting. Time for weekly general music class are     these teachers on the Community Portal. ZIS will do its
as follows:                                             best to arrange for the private music tuition pursuant
                                                        to your request but can only do so within the given

Lower School Handbook 2021/22                                                                              13
availability. Any such private tuition does not replace     PE Health and Safety
the curricular lessons.                                     • Short term Illness or injury: please email the PE
                                                              teacher directly to inform them your child will not be
Visual Arts                                                   participating. Students will still attend PE and learn
All children in Grades 1–5 attend a visual arts class:        in various ways.
• Grades 1 and 2:       45 minutes                          • Long term illness or injury: please email the
• Grades 3, 4 and 5: 60 minutes                               doctor's letter and a plan will be made with the
                                                              class teacher and parents on the best learning
Art units are planned for students to have experiences        approach for each child.
in creating, performing/presenting/producing,               • Long hair: must be tied back for all activities.
responding and connecting. Students participate             • Jewelry: studded earrings may be worn, however
in a visual arts exhibit which is part of the curricular      done so at your own risk. All other jewelry must
program.                                                      be removed prior to the lesson (e.g. necklaces,
                                                              bracelets, watches, long earrings)

Physical education                                          Selection to our competitive sports program
                                                            Selection is an integral part of our competitive sports
All children attend Physical Education (PE) classes twice   program. We provide opportunities for all students
per week, two classes of 30-45 minutes. All students        to be able train, and be included as part of a group,
are taught in their homeroom mixed ability groups.          Often, we are able to offer a competitive experience
                                                            for all by hosting an inter school event. However,
Students should come to school already changed              not everybody is able to travel and participate in the
into ZIS PE clothing on PE days, and change into            additional fixtures and tournaments. For the integrity
sports shoes before PE. This saves precious time and        of the competitions we enter, we aim to select a team
changing room space is minimal.                             which is as strong as possible. Selection will take
                                                            into consideration performance in training and in
Requirements for all Early Childhood to Grade 5             physical education as well as behavior and attitude
to wear the following clothing and sports shoes             around school. There is no rotation policy and the
for PE:                                                     students are made aware that coaches will make final
                                                            selections based on a combination of the following:
Upper body – exclusively ZIS clothing		                     • individual ability level
• ZIS t-shirt or ZIS polo shirt or ZIS long                 • physical readiness of the athlete
  sleeved t-shirt                                           • an ability to listen, understand and apply
• ZIS hoodie or ZIS sweatshirt or ZIS fleece or                instructions
  ZIS tracksuit top (new requirement)                       • the need to be a good team member
                                                            • the specific needs of the team (athlete
Lower Body 		                                                  combinations, positions, etc.)
• ZIS shorts (worn when weather is appropriate or
  with leggings underneath) or
• Other appropriate sportswear: leggings,
  sweatpants, track pants (this does not need to be
  ZIS clothing, however it is advised.)
• Sports shoes with velcro or laces (recommended
  indoor and outdoor)
• Water bottle – reusable and non breakable bottle

• ZIS athletic leggings tights, ZIS sweatpants,
  ZIS track pants, ZIS long polo
• ZIS sun cap, ZIS wooly hat, ZIS water bottle, ZIS bag

All ZIS PE clothing can be bought through the online
store on the main ZIS website through the community
portal and it is delivered directly to your home.

Lower School Handbook 2021/22                                                                                  14
Practical Information

How is the day organized?                                 markings and crosswalk to wait directly to the front of
                                                          the building.
You will find your child’s timetable under the Class
Information folder of your child’s Seesaw journal,        Bus and Grade 5
which will be posted the first week of school.            If arriving by car, children in Grade 5 need to be
                                                          dropped off at the back entrance along with all
Early Childhood to Grade 5                                children taking the bus to school. Children will walk
08:00–08:20 arrival                                       directly up the back steps into the building, walking
08:20–08:30 transition to class                           immediately out the front music door to wait in front of
08:30		        classes begin                              the building.
10:25–10:45    snack and outdoor recess
12:25–13:25    lunch and outdoor recess                   When dropping your child off, drive through following
15:20–15:40    dismissal                                  the guided markings and instructions from staff. If you
                                                          wish to come into school, please park your car either
Wednesdays: Please note, dismissal is one hour            outside the gate or by the Waedi Woesch. Parking at
earlier: 14:20–14:40                                      the Waedi Woesch must be paid for. You may park
                                                          on ZIS grounds if you display a ZIS sticker, however,
Before and After School Care is available from 07:00      parking spaces and allowed parking time is limited.
and until 18:00 – please see page 17 for details.
                                                          If you walk your child into school, parents must wait
                                                          in the designated waiting areas until the bell rings
Arrival                                                   at 08:20. All parents must exit classrooms and other
                                                          learning spaces by 08:30 so classes can begin on
Children need to be at the Lower School between           time.
08:00 and 08:20. The bell will ring and the doors
to the main entrance of the school will unlock at
08:20. There will be a ten minute transition period       Dismissal
to class before classes begin promptly at 08:30 with
morning meetings. Classrooms are closed to children       All vehicles must have a visible sign in the window
and parents until 08:20 unless a pre-arranged             which contains the name of each child, their grade
appointment has been made. Children will be               level, and teacher’s name. These will be provided to
registered as late if arriving to class after 08:30.      new families.

Children have a designated drop off area if they are      Early ZIS to Grade 1
arriving by car. The designated area is determined by     Early ZIS and Preschool children who stay half days,
the grade of the youngest child in the family. There      can be picked up at 12:30 from the main entrance.
is a teacher on duty at all designated areas between      Preschool to Grade 1 students, including their older
08:00–08:20 to assist with arrival as needed and          siblings, need to be picked up at the front entrance at
guide students to their designed waiting areas until      15:20.
                                                          Grade 2 to Grade 4
Early ZIS to Grade 1                                      Children in Grade 2 to Grade 4, including their older
Children in Early ZIS to Grade 1, including their         siblings, need to be picked up at the Waedi Woesch at
older siblings, need to be dropped off at the front       15:20.
entrance. Early ZIS to Kindergarten students will walk
directly down for supervision at the Early Childhood      Bus and Grade 5
playground, through the gate at the front entrance.       Children in Grade 5 need to be picked up at the back
Grade 1 students will walk directly to the front of the   entrance at 15:20. Children travelling on buses will be
building to wait.                                         escorted to their correct bus.

Grade 2 to Grade 4                                        Wednesdays: Please note all dismissals are one hour
If arriving by car, children in Grade 2 to Grade 4,       earlier.
including their older siblings, need to be dropped
off at the Waedi Woesch. Children will follow the

Lower School Handbook 2021/22                                                                                15
Once your child is safely secured in your car, please       What will your child need at school?
proceed with driving to allow other parents to
safely collect their children, following the signs and      The school provides all supplies necessary for
directions from staff. If you have parked your car,         academic learning. Parents are asked to supply the
please vacate the parking space immediately, allowing       following items:
the next vehicle to park.                                   • Indoor shoes (e.g. slippers or indoor trainers;
                                                               no flip flops)
Families are encouraged to use the school                   • Outdoor shoes appropriate for PE and recess
transportation services, carpool or use public              • Lunch box, snack box and drink bottle
transportation to help with traffic congestion as well      • Bag/rucksack suitable for carrying books/snack
as environmental impact.                                       boxes and personal things
                                                            • Grade 1 and below: change of clothes to keep
Gate Closure                                                   at school
The gate is closed each day from 09:00 to 15:00             • Outdoor Learning kit for Early Childhood and
(14:00 on Wednesdays) for the security of the children.        Kindergarten children: waterproof ZIS trousers and
If you intend to be in the school building after 09:00 it      jacket
is essential to park outside of the gate.                   • Early Childhood to Grade 5 all require ZIS PE
                                                               clothing and sports shoes (see PE information on
                                                               page 14)
School transportation service                               • In fall and spring they will also need: raincoat and
                                                               waterproof shoes
Children may be transported to and from school by           • In winter they will also need: snow pants, snow
buses organized by the school. This is a private bus           boots, hat, scarf and waterproof gloves
service and a fee is charged by the bus company,
which will be invoiced to the parents using the service.    Please ensure all items are marked with your child’s
All buses consist of a modern fleet with seat-belt-         name and grade level.
equipped, forward-facing, padded seats. For more
details including available routes and restrictions go
to the Community Portal where you will find the ZIS         What will your child eat at school?
School Bus Service Terms and Conditions or contact
the Bus Coordinator, Roland Gaehwiler at bus@zis.ch         Morning snack
                                                            All classes have a mid-morning snack. This snack is
School bus safety rules                                     eaten in the classrooms or on the playground, based
• Sit in my seat facing forward with the safety belt        on your child’s grade level. Your child will eat the
  firmly secured throughout my entire trip                  snack you have sent to school, however, the snack
• Speak in a quiet respectful voice on the bus              should not replace breakfast or lunch. Snacks should
• Keep my hands and feet to myself                          be compact and drinks should be in plastic containers
• Take my litter and belongings with me off the bus         or cartons. No glass bottles or cans, please. Healthy
• Keep the atmosphere in the bus, friendly, fun and         snacks are encouraged – no fizzy drinks or sweets.
  caring                                                    Please make sure that snack boxes and drink bottles
• Keep water and food in my backpack                        are clearly labelled.

There are consequences for poor behavior on the bus,        Lunch
followed up by the Assistant Principal and Bus Coordi-      Your child may bring a packed lunch, or order lunch
nator, which could lead to a child not permitted to use     from the school cafeteria. Children have between
bus services.                                               20-30 minutes to eat their lunch, based on their grade
                                                            level. If your child should be without lunch, they can
Children must ensure that they are on the bus at the        pay on the day in the cafeteria, or you will be billed for
appropriate times. If your child misses the bus in the      this. (Late payment will incur a significant increase).
morning, you must contact the bus company directly.         Lunches and bundles of lunch tokens are ordered
                                                            via the Community Portal at http://passionfood.ch/
                                                            register. Please make sure that lunch boxes and drink
                                                            bottles are clearly labelled.

                                                            Children will need to bring their own reusable drink
                                                            bottle to use in their classroom or at single subjects.

Lower School Handbook 2021/22                                                                                    16
Absence, late arrival or change in                            All changes of address and phone numbers must
your child’s normal routine                                   be notified via www.zis.ch/information-update
                                                              immediately. This is a very important procedure in
• Please e-mail Lower School Office at ls_office@             case of emergency.
    zis.ch or phone the school by 08:30 to report an
    absence or lateness. If your child travels on the bus
    please inform the bus company by phone as well.           Before and after school care
•   If your child arrives late (after 08:30) they must sign
    in at the Lower School Office before going to class.      We offer a before and after school care program, for
•   All changes in a child’s routine must be                  an additional fee.
    communicated to Lower School Office by using the
    Change of Routine form found under Quick Links on         The Before School Care program is offered from
    the homepage of the school website. This ensures          07:00 to 08:00. The After School Care program
    that a message is received reliably.                      operates between the hours of 15:20 and 18:00, with
•   No child may leave ZIS during school hours without        the exception of Wednesdays when it operates from
    the permission of a staff member. If a student            14:20 to 18:00. Children can attend on a regular basis
    leaves school during the day, they must be signed         or on a daily, casual basis. For regular days, parents
    out at the Lower School Office before leaving the         can pre-register online through our Community Portal,
    building.                                                 in the Student Life section; for a daily casual change
•   Any child wishing to be excused from school,              parents can fill out the “Change of Routine form” on
    except for medical and dental appointments, must          that day, in the Community Portal.
    obtain prior permission. If the absence is to be of
    some duration (more than 1–2 days), approval must         All children must be supervised at all times by an adult
    be sought well in advance from the Lower School           after 15:20 (14:20 on Wednesdays). Should a child be
    Principal.                                                found unsupervised, they will be taken to After School
•   If a child has 15 absences or 15 late arrivals, a         Care and the parent will be charged for this. This also
    letter will be sent to you to inform you of this. At 20   applies to students attending Music Academy lessons
    absences or 20 late arrivals, a further letter will be    or where an Athletics and Activities (ATAC) session
    sent to you and you will be invited to discuss this       starts later than the finishing time of school.
    with the Lower School Principal.
•   Parents are expected to arrange their vacation            Students may not use the school telephone to make
    trips in accordance with the school calendar. To          after school arrangements. Permission may be given
    ensure the integrity of ZIS’ academic purpose,            by a teacher in an emergency.
    permission may not be granted for early departure
    or later returns except in family emergencies. It is
    not possible for us to authorize additional holidays
    taken outside of the school calendar, therefore
    these will be marked as unauthorized absences.

Address list
The school publishes an electronic School Directory
through the Community Portal, which includes parent
contact details. You can choose not to have your
personal details published within your profile settings.
It can be very advantageous to have your details
published to enable other parents to make contact
with you and to include your child/ren’s details (under

Please ensure that you input your details and keep
them updated.

Lower School Handbook 2021/22                                                                                      17
After school activities –                                   boys/all girls within the class. Otherwise invitations
ATAC / Co-curricular Program                                need to be sent by email or post.

The Lower School runs an extensive after school co-
curricular program for children in English and German.      Visitors
Activities are available in many areas such as the arts
and STEM. As part of our activities program we also         All visitors are asked to report to the Lower School
offer a competitive and non-competitive athletics           Office upon entering the building. Visitors are required
program, challenging leadership opportunities,              to sign in and wear a visitor’s badge for the duration of
as well as opportunities to represent the school.           their visit. Please hand your badge back and sign out
Details of the activities are listed in the co-curricular   before you leave.
software accessible via PowerSchool prior to each
of the three designated terms, to allow parents to          Alumni students, no longer living in Switzerland, may
sign-up on-line. Restrictions apply. Students may enter     visit the school for one day so that they can reconnect
individualized (such as private instrumental) activities    with their former peers. Other visiting children may
and private mother tongue language clubs. For further       be given a school tour or stay for lunch, but may not
information, go to the Activities information on the        stay for instructional time. Arrangements need to be
Community Portal, in the Student Life section. For          made in advance. To arrange a visit, please contact
supervision options see Before and After School Care        Assistant Principal Janna Trontvet at jtrontvet@zis.ch
on page 17.

                                                            Health matters
Assemblies take place on designated Friday                  As Swiss law requires parents to carry accident and
afternoons during the school year. Parents will be          health insurance for all children, the school does not
notified when and given a general overview of an            provide any. Therefore the school assumes parents
assembly via My ZIS Weekly News. Assemblies are             have fulfilled this obligation and that, in the event of
important in building a school community. They              an accident, the costs will be covered. In addition,
are usually a time for our campus to be together to         the school strongly recommends that parents carry
celebrate and share what is happening in our learning       an additional personal liability policy for each of their
community, welcome and say good-bye to students             children. Such a policy can be purchased from your
and staff, and create an awareness of the values we         insurer at a minimal premium.
cherish as a school.
                                                            Medical records
                                                            The school keeps records on each child’s medical
Animals at school                                           history, allergies, family doctor, and emergency
                                                            contact on PowerSchool. It is the parents’
Animals are not permitted inside the school building        responsibility to ensure that these records are up
unless a prior arrangement has been made with the           to date. To update records complete this form in
classroom teacher or the administration.                    PowerSchool.

                                                            Medication in school
Birthdays                                                   If your child needs to take medication during school
                                                            hours, whether regularly or for a short period of
If you wish to bring something in for your child to         time, parents are required to bring this medication to
celebrate with their class please contact your child’s      the school nurse office with detailed administration
teacher in advance to make arrangements. Healthy            instructions. Administration of medication at school
birthday treats are encouraged, such as fruit or            form needs to be completed and signed – this can be
muffins. Please ensure that treats are appropriate          found on PowerSchool under “forms”.
portion sizes and easy to serve and that student
allergies have been taken into account.
Invitations for birthday parties can be sent into school
only when they are to either the whole class or all

Lower School Handbook 2021/22                                                                                     18
Illness                                                      teachers will review the necessary procedures with
Please notify the school immediately about any               the students in an age appropriate manner.
contagious disease your child has contracted.
Children who need to take antibiotics for an infectious      Emergency school closure
disease must remain at home until they have taken a          If school is cancelled, the school will put a notice on
full 48 hours of antibiotics and feel well, to ensure that   the homepage of the website (www.zis.ch) by 06:30
they are not contagious. Students must be symptom            in the morning. In the case of a school emergency
free for a minimum of 24 hours before returning to           outside of normal school hours, the ZIS Director, the
school after illness. The nurses may inform the parents      Lower School Principal or Safeguarding Coordinator
of other students who may have been exposed to a             act as the communication contact point (see
contagious disease so that they can be aware of the          Safeguarding Team below).
                                                             Safeguarding team
Head lice                                                    The school maintains a safeguarding team that is able
Head lice, which do not carry disease, are most              to respond to any serious emergency faced by the
prevalent during the autumn and winter months.               school. Responsibilities for this team are established
Parents are required to inform the school nurses if          at the beginning of each school year. In the event of
they find head lice on their children. The nurses will       a serious crisis or emergency, the team, led by the
send home a treatment plan, and take measures to             ZIS Director, will provide appropriate information
prevent a larger outbreak. Students who have been            to parents as quickly and comprehensively as
treated at home and return to school for the first time      reasonably possible. This will include giving details on
must see the school nurse for a lice check before            the school’s web site at www.zis.ch/emergency
going to class.

Attendance                                                   Library and book exchange
If a child is well enough to attend school they will
need to attend all classes and be able to go outside         Each class visits the library at least once per week.
at recess. If this is not the case, children should stay     These times are planned purposefully, composed of
at home unless otherwise arranged. For any absence           instruction led by the librarian and a time to browse,
please complete the “LS notification of absence form”        receive recommendations and check out books to
which can be found on the community portal.                  take home. Homeroom teachers and/or assistant
Note: this is different to the “Change of Routine” form      teachers attend library sessions with their classes.
which is for notifications other than absence.
                                                             Students are also able to use the library during
                                                             designated lunch breaks as well as before and after
Emergency procedures                                         school to exchange library books. Library books
                                                             should be returned in a timely manner. For younger
In the case of a serious emergency, the school will          readers, books should be returned weekly, on or
contact emergency support services and assure                before the set library day for the class. Any books
the safety and wellbeing of students as first priority.      which are lost or damaged, are charged at a standard
Parents will be notified as soon as possible thereafter.     CHF 25 replacement fee.
In the event of an illness, accident, or medical
emergency, and when the parents can not be reached           Parents are welcome and encouraged to use the
by telephone, the school may act in loco parentis            library and can check out up to 10 items for their
until one or both of the parents can be reached. It is       children. We have an online book request system and
the parents’ responsibility to ensure that the school        a Grab and Go that runs at morning drop off for Early
has their current contact information as well as the         Childhood parents. The library has a comprehensive
telephone numbers of their non-parent emergency              online library which you are also welcome to join.
contact and family doctor.                                   Parents are invited to use our other campus libraries
                                                             also as we have inter library loans available. Please
Fire drill and lock down                                     check with your campus librarians for open hours.
The school maintains a regular schedule of fire drills
and lock down practices. At the beginning of each
school year and before the first drill, the classroom

Lower School Handbook 2021/22                                                                                    19
Lost property                                               teacher and counselor. If the decision is made for your
                                                            child not to attend the residential trip, they will need to
We encourage children to take responsibility for their      stay home and no home learning will be provided.
own property. Please ensure that all property your
child brings to school is clearly marked or labelled.       Residential trip dates will be on the on-line calendar
All articles found which are clearly marked with your       at the beginning of the school year, when possible,
child’s name will be returned to them.                      allowing you to plan in advance. For residential trips,
                                                            you will be given trip specific information by the
Lost Property centers are maintained in the Grade           grade-level teams at least two weeks in advance.
3–5 stairway next to the Lower School office. Items         The notification will include the destination of the
are put on display in the front lobby at the end of each    field trip, the purpose of the field trip, departure and
term and if unclaimed will be removed and donated or        arrival times, eating arrangements, the method of
disposed of.                                                transportation, and any special conditions applying
                                                            to that specific field trip. All buses used to transport
                                                            students are equipped with seat belts.
Field trips and residential trips
                                                            When your child is on the residential trips, you can
ZIS offers mandatory, curricular field trips and            expect to receive the following communication on
residential trips for older students throughout the         Seesaw:
school year.                                                • A message when the grade arrives at their
Online Field Trip Form                                      • One message each day outlining the day’s events
At the start of their time at ZIS, all parents are asked    • A link to the folder containing group photos from
to fill out the online Field Trip Form. This form gives       the trip
permission for children to attend all trips during a
school year while attending the Lower School.               Curricular-enriching trips
                                                            ZIS offers optional curricular-enriching trips
Field trips                                                 throughout the year. Examples of these types of field
Field trips function as an educational element of the       trips are offsite choir performances, Model United
curriculum; therefore, all children must attend. If there   Nations (MUN), Math Quest and sporting events.
is a reason why your child cannot attend, you must
inform the school in writing of the reasons for your        All costs incurred by ZIS for optional, curriculum-
child’s absence in advance. In these cases, your child      enriching trips are invoiced to the participants.
will need to stay home. The complexity and duration
of the field trips will increase in the higher grades.
You will be informed by the grade-level teams of a
field trip at least one week in advance. The notification   Formal class and individual photos are taken during
will include the destination of the field trip, the         the year. You will be informed of these in advance.
purpose of the field trip, departure and arrival times,
eating arrangements, the method of transportation,          Children may be photographed while at school, and
and any special conditions applying to that specific        these photos may be used in school publications or
field trip. All buses used to transport students are        on the school website. No names are given. Please
equipped with seat belts.                                   contact Rachel Ditchfield at rditchfield@zis.ch and
                                                            Catherine Jolly at cjolly@zis.ch should you not wish
ZIS tuition fees include all costs incurred by ZIS for      your child’s photo to be used in this way.
mandatory, curricular field trips.

Residential trips                                           Policies and procedures
Children in grades 3, 4 and 5 go on a residential,
overnight trip. Residential trips are considered            If you want to know the school policy or procedure on
mandatory, however, should you feel that it is not          any issue, please contact reception.
appropriate for your child to attend, we do not
pressurize or force attendance. You are asked to
organise a face to face meeting with your child’s

Lower School Handbook 2021/22                                                                                     20
Important telephone numbers
Lower School Office:                 058 750 22 00
Catherine Jolly, LS Principal:       058 750 22 04
Janna Trontvet,
LS Assistant Principal:              058 750 22 05

It is requested that parents exercise restraint in
telephoning the school with messages for their
children. This service may be used for urgent
messages only.

In the event of such an emergency and in order for
messages to be delivered in time, parents should
endeavour to ring by 12 noon to ensure that the
message reaches the recipient.

Lower School Handbook 2021/22                        21
Code of Conduct

At the Lower School we believe in international              • include students who are easily left out.
mindedness and the qualities of an open-minded,              • tell an adult at school or at home if they witness
resilient, playful and reflective learner. These qualities     bullying.
work to develop citizens who respect themselves,             • understand the rules and how they will be enforced.
others and the world around us.                              • learn pro-social behaviors.
                                                             • are responsible for their actions.

Disrespectful or disruptive behavior                         2. Intervention
                                                             We will investigate all complaints made by students,
Vulgar or profane language and aggressive actions to         parents and staff. Counseling strategies may follow
others are unacceptable.                                     that can offer a guided and effective process to assist

Bullying                                                     3. Consequences
                                                             When serious infractions occur parents will be
Bullying is an ongoing and deliberate misuse of power        contacted and appropriate consequences will be put
in relationships through repeated verbal, physical and/      into place.
or social behaviour that intends to cause physical,
social and/or psychological harm. It can involve
an individual or a group misusing their power, or            Inappropriate items
perceived power, over one or more persons who feel
unable to stop it from happening.                            Students are never to bring to school illegal
                                                             substances, or other items considered to be
Bullying can happen in person or online, via various         dangerous. This includes any kind of items that may
digital platforms and devices and it can be obvious          be used as weapons, including knives of any kind,
(overt) or hidden (covert). Bullying behaviour is            lasers, lighters, matches and the like. Toys may be
repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over          brought to school only when deemed appropriate by a
time (for example, through sharing of digital records).      classroom teacher.

Bullying of any form or for any reason can have
immediate, medium and long-term effects on those             Mobile phones and smart watches
involved, including bystanders.
                                                             Mobile phones and smart watches can be brought to
Single incidents and conflict or fights between equals,      school but must not be used over the course of the
whether in person or online, are not defined as              instructional day unless permission has been granted
bullying.                                                    by the school administration or teacher. Mobile
                                                             phones and smart watches must remain off and in
What bullying is not:                                        backpacks throughout the day.
• single episodes of social rejection or dislike
• single episode acts of nastiness or spite
• random acts of aggression or intimidation                  Hats
• mutual arguments, disagreements or fights.
                                                             Students are not to wear hats or head coverings in
These actions can cause great distress. However,             the school buildings unless they are being worn for
they do not fit the definition of bullying and they’re not   religious, cultural or health related reasons.
examples of bullying unless someone is deliberately
and repeatedly doing them.
                                                             Dress code
1. Awareness
ZIS students:                                                Clothing should be clean and free of offensive
• build positive relationships with others.                  graphics and language, and large holes or tears.
• pledge to not bully others.                                Flip flops or wheelies are not to be worn as they are
• talk about the behaviors of bullies, victims,              dangerous on stairs. Clothing must be modest and
   bystanders and defenders.                                 the principal has the final say on what constitutes
• help students who are being bullied.                       appropriate clothing. Make-up may not be worn.

Lower School Handbook 2021/22                                                                                   22
You can also read