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Maine Motif Maine Music - Educators Association MMEA Conference Edition
Maine Motif
                      The            Maine Music

                            MMEA Conference Edition

Reflections on the COVID-19 Anniversary

   SPRING 2021
  Volume 5, Issue 3
Maine Motif Maine Music - Educators Association MMEA Conference Edition
C          ontents                                        Spring 2021
                                                            Volume 5, Issue 3
                                                       The official publication of the
                                                     Maine Music Educator’s Association.

		From the Board                                          Maine Music Educators
                                                           Association (MMEA)
page 3		   MMEA 2020-2021 Board Directory

page 4		   MMEA Calendar                             200+ members including working
                                                     music educators, retired teachers,
page 5		   MMEA Spotlight                                  and collegiate students
                                                     Formally founded in 1917, MMEA
page 6		   Letter from the President                   is the oldest recognized state
                                                     music educator association in the
				Sandy Barry, MMEA President                                     USA.
page 7		   Previewing the Band Conference Sessions

				Bill Buzza, MMEA Band VP                                Mission Statement:
                                                      To promote and advance Music
page 9     Covid Spring                               Education by providing a voice
                                                       and venue for advocacy and
				Drew Albert, MMEA Choral VP                      advancement of Music Education
                                                                 in Maine.
page 10    Ending off Right

				Linda Vaillancourt, MMEA Orchestra VP             All editorial materials should be
                                                                    sent to:
page 11    PK–5 Conference Offerings
                                                           Hanna Flewelling, Editor
				Dorie Tripp, MMEA General Music PK–5 VP             Email:

                                                                       Submit materials
                                                                        for publication
		MMEA All-State Conference 2021                                             HERE

page 12    Conference Session Guide

page 22    Conference Presenters

                                                      All advertising information and
                                                          orders should be sent to:
                                                      Beth Labrie, Executive Director

2                                                     Maine Motif | April 2021
Maine Motif Maine Music - Educators Association MMEA Conference Edition
2020–2021 MMEA Board

   Executive Committee                 Specialty Interest Chairs             State Festival Managers
  President: Sandy Barry               Music Teacher Education Chair         BOC All-State SSAA Chorus
  President-Elect: Andrew Forster             Philip Edelman                       Colin Graebert
  Past President: Ben Potvin           Tri-M Honors Society Chair                  Nora Krainis
  Executive Director: Beth LaBrie             Richard Nickerson              BOC All-State SATB Chorus
                                       Advocacy Chair                              Ashley Albert
                                             Victoria Cherry                 BOC All-State Orchestra
       Board Officers                  Retired Teachers Chair                      John Lawson
                                             Sam Moore-Young                 BOC All-State Band
  Secretary: Danielle Collins          Collegiate Chapter Chair                     Kyle Smith
  Treasurer: Sarah Bailey                    Dr. Jocelyn Armes               Jazz All-State Honors Jazz
  G. Music K-5 VP: Dorie Tripp         USM Collegiate Representative               Kyle Smith
  G. Music 6-12 VP: Erin Morrison            Josh Hyssong, Katie Lind, and   Jazz All-State Jazz Band
  Orchestra VP: Linda Vaillancourt           Gabe Reed                             Mike Sakash
  Band VP: Bill Buzza                  UMO Collegiate Representative         Jazz All-State Combo
  Choral VP: Drew Albert                     Jacob LaMontagne                      Pat Michaud
  Jazz VP: Matt Waite                                                        Jazz All-State SSAA Chorus
  D1 Chair: Missy Shabo                                                            Michelle Snow
  D2 Chair: Sarah Dow-Shedlarski           Conference Chairs                 Jazz All-State SATB Chorus
  D3 Chair: Brandon Duras                                                          Jesse Wakeman
  D4 Chair: Danielle Gorman            Conference Co-Chairs
  D5 Chair: Kaitlyn Young                    Nancy Cash-Cobb
  D6 Chair: Christine Proefrock              Ben Potvin                        State Festival Chairs
  D7 Chair: Pam Kinsey                 Conference Registrar
                                             Jon Simonoff                    BOC All-State Festival Chair
                                       Jazz Conference Assistant                   Kristen Thomas
                                             Mike Sakash                     All-State Auditions Chair
                                                                                   Brian Hutchinson
  MMEA is still seeking interested                                           Instrumental Jazz Chair
candidates to serve in the following        Publication Staff                       Becky Mallory
  positions. These are presidential
                                             Adam Metzler
 appointments for a two-year term.
      Please direct inquiries to             Hanna Flewelling

         Sandy Barry at

            In Search of:
          Vocal Jazz Chair
    Solo and Ensemble Chair                                                                                                3
Maine Motif Maine Music - Educators Association MMEA Conference Edition
MMEA Calendar
                                                                       Thursday Keynote:
                                                                       NAfME President
                                                                       Dr. Mackie Spradley

                                                                       Friday Keynote:
                                                                       Dr. Richard White
                                                                       R.A.W. TUBA

                                                                       Saturday Session:
                                                                       Wynton Marsalis
                                                                       Jazz at Lincoln Center

THURS. 4/22: 6:00-9:30pm                                                              MASTER SCHEDULE:
FRI. 4/23:   6:00-9:30pm
SAT. 4/24:   9:00am-5pm

NAfME Members: $45.00
NAfME Collegiates: $25.00
                                                                               CONFERENCE REGISTRATION:
All-Eastern Honor Ensembles!                                                               REGISTER HERE
Dedicated Concert Hour!
                                                                                  EASTERN DIVISION WEBSITE:
Exhibitor Connections!                                                   

                                       MMEA Event Schedule
 Apr. 9–10    Virtual Solo & Ensemble Festival          May 20–22        MMEA BOC All-State Festival @ UMaine
 Apr. 9–10    Virtual State Jazz Festival
 Apr. 22–24   Virtual Eastern Division Conference
                                                        June 28		        MMEA Board Meeting @6:30 via Zoom

 May 10–15    MMEA Virtual Conference
 May 18		     MMEA Jazz Meeting, 5 pm (Zoom)                        Click here for a printable version
 May 18       MMEA Board Meeting, 6:30 pm @ UMaine                           of this calendar
 May 19 		    MMEA All-Member Meeting, 6:30 pm (Zoom)

 4                                                                                   Maine Motif | April 2021
Maine Motif Maine Music - Educators Association MMEA Conference Edition
New Board Members and Election Results

                2021 MMEA Election Results
                            District 1: Missy Shabo
                           District 3: Brandon Duras
                           District 5: Under Review
                            District 7: Pam Kinsey
                   General Music 6–12: Dr. Christian Giddings
                           Chorus VP: Drew Albert
                       Orchestra VP: Linda Vaillancourt
                           Secretary: Cassie Cooper                                                    5
Maine Motif Maine Music - Educators Association MMEA Conference Edition
               from the               P            RESIDENT

                                             Dear Colleagues;

                                              No matter where you live and work in this gloriously diverse state,
                                                                     winter is receding.

                                              (thanks, Dad!), and we’ve all been the        fall yard work, and as the pandemic ebbs
                                              ones offering. I know you’ve been the         it leaves behind things we may not have
                                              ones stepping forward and helping             known were there. What is revealed can
                                              because I have seen so much support           vary vastly from place to place. As we
                                              offered this year. The examples are in-       take stock of what this year has done and
                                              numerable, but here are a few: members        the clean up begins, I ask you to turn
                                              who joined the writing group during the       your gaze to your neighbors in the music

H    ow winter departs though, can look
     very different. Southern Maine,
where I live, saw temperatures in the 60’s
                                              summer that resulted in MMEA’s DEIA
                                              statement, people who completely rebuilt
                                              our audition process and learned a new
                                                                                            community. How are we doing? How
                                                                                            are we all doing? Music will return to all
                                                                                            schools in Maine. When and how are
on a recent Friday with the snowdrops         platform for hosting auditions and fes-       yet unknown for many. Be vigilant. Be as
peeking their heads up from my father’s       tivals, VP’s who retooled entire festivals    helpful to others as you can. Slow down
garden. The winds changed overnight           and then took on the task of including        and consider the circumstances of others.
with blustery freezing weather return-        another complete event so that more           Your support can come in any form--a
ing just in time for the weekend. I have      students would have opportunities, VP’s       message to a colleague, a simple strategy
friends who were sneaking in a quick trip     who continue to address current process-      that is working for you, a shared lesson.
up North to take advantage of possibly        es and materials to bring improvements        While the entire world has experienced
the last good snowmobiling conditions         to our festivals, and District Chairs who     the same calamity, who better than other
of the season. Despite what the calendar      are already turning their attention to        music teachers to understand what we
says, we know that for a while a final        fall planning. A review of this edition of    have endured? Your words and expe-
round of snow could come our way. I’ll        the “Motif” will underscore the amazing       rience may be just what someone else
bet your snow shovels are still nearby.       work of our conference co-chairs. So          needs to help them persevere this spring.
                                              much professional development! Are            Let’s work to ensure a season of renewal
So too, the stranglehold the pandemic         these people provided time from their         for us all.
has had on our lives and schools this year    workday to accomplish these tasks? Do         Be well,
is loosening. Just as we remain vigilant      they have an abundance of free time? Are
with the weather in Maine, we must            they superhuman? Of course the answer                                    Sandy Barry
remain ready to proceed with caution.         is “no”. And although they may be the                                 MMEA President
Along with our cautious approach we           first to raise their hands, it doesn’t mean         
need to be willing to step forward and        they don’t need help sometimes too.
offer help to our neighbors. We’ve all
needed help shoveling after a big storm       The receding snow reveals the forgotten

6                                                                                                   Maine Motif | April 2021
Maine Motif Maine Music - Educators Association MMEA Conference Edition
Previewing the Band
                       Conference Sessions

                         Greetings fellow music educators!

   As I write this, it’s been exactly one year since our state was first shut
                             down from COVID-19.

O     ver the past year, I have definite-
      ly grieved the loss of aspects of
my band program. I have at times felt
                                                 And I am excited to see her Zoom session
                                                 “Teaching Your Parents How to be the
                                                 Music Educator at Home”. I’m sure this
helpless and frustrated with the chal-           information will be beneficial during
lenges I’ve faced as I tried to plan a path      periods of remote and typical instruction.       Teaching Your Parents How to be the
forward in maintaining basic elements of                                                                Music Educator at Home
my program. However, there have also             And that’s not all!!! Here are brief                         Beth Fabrizio
been times when I’ve celebrated success-         descriptions for the great band sessions         How parents can support their kiddos
es, such as new teaching strategies and          we’re offering at the MMEA Conference           at home and make practice effective and
lessons I’ve tried, and connections I have       which will be taking place online May          interesting. Websites/YouTube/ and a sea
made with students. I have also thought          10-15.                                                      of support info.
about what I’ve learned over the past year
that I can use to further refine my craft as
a teacher.                                                                                          Upgrading Your Clarinet Section
                                                                                                               Beth Fabrizio
As I’ve considered sessions for the May                                                          Strengthen your clarinet section using
conference, I’ve looked for presenta-                                                           technique exercises, tone quality, tongu-
tions that acknowledge our experiences                                                            ing, reed selection and care, alternate
from the past year and look forward to                                                             fingerings and a myriad of warm up
rebuilding our programs this spring and                                                                 exercises for your students.
next school year. I’ve attempted to find
high-quality offerings from colleagues in
the field that will positively impact all lev-                                                       Technology Tools to Enhance
els of Maine band programs, beginning                                                                          Engagement
through high school. I am particularly                                                                    Katie Lewis & Laura Bell
excited for you to have the opportunity                                                         After more than a semester of learning to
to learn from three clinicians I encoun-         I also wanted to let all of you that work      navigate the world of concurrent, hybrid,
tered at the Midwest clinic. Katie Lewis         with high school students on All-State         and/or virtual band directing, Lewis and
and Laura Bell from Frisco, Texas will be        auditions know that the lyric etude is           Bell will share tips and tricks on what
presenting a video session entitled “Tech-       now available on the MMEA website.               they’ve found that works…..and what
nology Tools to Enhance Engagement”              We have again contracted with Michael           doesn’t! They will dive into the technol-
that shares some of the many technolo-           Shun, who arranged last year’s piece, to        ogy applications that they will continue
gy tools they have used in their middle          arrange Rachmaninoff’s beautiful melody         using in the future, even after this year.
school band program. They will then be           “Vocalise” for us this year. This will be
joining us for a follow-up Zoom session          available on the MMEA website by All-
to answer your questions and share more          State in May.                                  Roundtable: Recruiting and Reimagin-
about their experiences this year. And we                                                             ing Beginning Band Students
are fortunate to have Beth Fabrizio from         My best wishes for the remainder of this              Caitlin Ramsey & Missy Shabo
Rochester, New York, presenting a session        school year. If I can be of any help, please      Participants will discuss successful
on “Upgrading your Clarinet Section”             feel free to contact me.                        recruitment strategies and brainstorm
that is jammed-pack with information.                                                            effective approaches for starting begin-                                                                                                                             7
Maine Motif Maine Music - Educators Association MMEA Conference Edition
ners in the fall. This session is directed    definitions of culminating performance           concepts, supported by numerous spe-
  at elementary band directors as well as      experiences beyond replication, and con-          cific strategies/games/processes to help
  middle school band directors who may           sider possible implications for curricu-        students gain independence with their
find themselves teaching older beginners       lum, student diversity and representation,       own controlled tuning. This session will
 due to the constraints of the 20-21 school         and engagement in our programs.            arm participants with a ‘bag of tricks’ that
                     year.                                                                                can be used immediately.

                                               What Do I Do With Those Drummers?!?
   Picking up the Pieces and Moving                           Robin Linaberry                         The Care and Feeding of the
 Forward: Reconstituting your Second-              This session offers a comprehensive                     Young Trumpeter
   ary Music Program after COVID-19               plan including a step-by-step template                        Jack Burt
                Philip Edelman                  for assigning parts, a method to develop        Dr. Burt will discuss the most common
 In this session, we will explore the steps     students’ section responsibilities, a built-     weaknesses of young trumpeters, and
that we can take to process the loss, recov-     in mentoring model, and a self-directed       give tips on how to promote healthy play-
 er our students, and grow our programs        (personalized) curriculum to help with all                ing from the beginning.
     after the pandemic has subsided.                aspects of Percussion education.

      You Want Me To Do WHAT?:                  Intonation and Tuning Strategies for                                         Bill Buzza
    Recasting the Concert Experience                        Band Directors                                                    Band VP
             During COVID-19                                Robin Linaberry                           
               Jocelyn Armes                      This session gives Band Directors a                           Blog:
    This session will expand traditional         refresher about common intonation

8                                                                                                      Maine Motif | April 2021
Maine Motif Maine Music - Educators Association MMEA Conference Edition
Covid Spring
             It seems like a season has never before captured the
           feeling of a nation quite as much as the spring of 2021.
                   Spring is the season of new beginnings.

W        ith singing allowed inside of our
         classrooms and the massive roll
out of Covid-19 vaccines, it seems there
                                               the most collaborative year of my entire
                                               career. Together, we have pushed our ve-
                                               hicles out of the snowbank and back onto
is finally light at the end of a long, dark,   the road. There is still a long road ahead
cold tunnel. I am writing this article at      of us, there is no denying that. There is
6:30pm. The sun shines brightly and            still raking from last fall to do and we are
there is not a cloud in the sky. However,      constantly bringing mud from our boots         is being formed to discuss this and other
this is a deception of spring. It is 18 de-    into the house.                                potential repertoire changes, and a subse-
grees outside. With the wind chill, it feels   But we have arrived, at long last, in          quent questionnaire will be put out to the
like more like four. I cannot help but feel    spring. All of this is to say, there is        membership sometime before the end of
this is where we are amid the Covid 19         strength in our communities. There is          the school year. However, no repertoire
pandemic. We can see the sunshine, but         hope. And in a way that is not a meta-         changes are being proposed for next year,
we cannot yet feel its warmth.                 phor: I could not be more excited.             when our rotation will be, “Fire, Fire My
There is no way to tell what next year                                                        Heart”, and “Per La Gloria”.
will look like. A return to “normal” is        Looking Ahead
almost completely out of the question.         I want to keep you all informed of some        MMEA Conference Choral Offerings
What will performances look like if they       of the changes you can anticipate for the      I hope you will enjoy this year’s lineup
are deemed safe to resume? How has a           2021-2022 All-State choral auditions. The      for the May MMEA Conference. We
year without singing affected our musi-        first is a change to the website that many     have presenters from our great state and
cians’ abilities? Will we be able to get our   of us have used for years to prep our          across the country. We have both live and
singers back who did not participate this      students. You may know that our amaz-          pre-recorded sessions on a wide range of
year? Will all of our students be back in      ing colleague Erin Lowell created the web      topics. From warm-ups to sight reading,
the building at once? Is it possible that we   page         digital tools, and building and maintain-
may only see our choirs for one semester       The site housed the choral assessment          ing a choral program post pandemic,
out of the year?                               learning tracks and sheet music, pronun-       there is something here for everyone.
There are so many questions, too little        ciation guides, sight reading examples,        We will be hosting a very special guest
answers.                                       and general audition information. From         clinician for our conference - composer,
Allow me to be the optimist, a role with       now on, all the information from that site     and conductor Z. Randall Stroope! He
which I am comfortable. Imagine for            will be on Our intention        will be hosting two live sessions. “En-
a moment: a new golden era of music            is to have a “one stop shop” for all Maine     gage, Educate and Empower”, achieving
in our schools. School administrations         Music Educator pertinent information.          greater efficiency in a climate of limited
around the state recognize the impact          Another exciting change will be: brand         time, more demands and greater expecta-
and importance our programs play in the        new recordings of the All-State choral         tions, and a reading session of his choral
social and emotional well being of stu-        assessments. Matthew Curtis and his            works. You will not want to miss your
dents. Our communities who have been           company have been             opportunity to hear from and talk with Z.
starved for live entertainment flock to our    contracted to create these new tracks.         Randall Stroope!
performances. Our students who have            We are hoping that the new recordings          I think we can all agree that one of the
taken for granted the joys of music, pour      will enhance the learning and audition         great joys of the MMEA Conference is
themselves completely into the process         process by emphasizing the phrasing, dy-       being able to see each other in person.
like never before.                             namics, and articulations of each piece.       For me, I look forward to seeing all of
The pandemic may have been the long            Finally, it is time to review the audition     my colleagues just as much as all of the
winter, but in our music community at          process and repertoire for the Maine           great presentations. With that being said,
least, it has been a Maine winter. The         All-State choral auditions. One of the         I hope that you will be able to join us for
kind of winter where neighbors help            comments I hear most often about the           as many of the live sessions as you can.
neighbors.                                     auditions is that perhaps our friend Phyl-     Hopefully this will be the last MMEA
Last year I wrote about the support I have     lis and her delightful lilies have over-       Conference that takes place in our living
felt from my colleagues. This has been         stayed their welcome. A small committee        rooms.                                                                                                                           9
Ending Off Right:
                                                              The 2021 MMEA Conference
                                                                         Welcome to April!
                                                    We are rapidly approaching the end of one of the most unusual
                                                                     school years in our careers.

                                                 at any point. The live sessions will also     Making Musical Connections: String
                                                 be available for viewing for three months       Orchestra for Special Learners
                                                 following the conference’s conclusion.               Brian J. Wagner-Yeung
                                                                                                          (Astoria, NY)
                                                 I am excited about the tentative line-up
                                                 for string clinics, and hope to give you a    Tech Tools: Sight Reading & Accurate
                                                 quick preview of what to expect:                    Performance Assessment
                                                                                                             Jim Frankel
I had the opportunity last month to                                                                        (New York, NY)
attend the ASTA National Conference.
This was a virtual conference, attended                                                                 Method Book Magic
over four days from the comfort of my                                                                        Sarah Ball
home office. While there were certainly                                                                 (Gwinnet County, GA)
elements I missed with the virtual aspect
(being in proximity and able to have live                                                      Music Theory, History, and Creativity
conversations with string teachers from                                                         for the Successful String Orchestra
all over the country at the top of list),                                                                 Christopher Selby
there were definite advantages, primarily                                                                 (Charleston, SC)
convenience and cost. No flight required.
No needing to spend (and pay for) four
nights in a Louisville hotel. Best of all, the                                                There are also many, many fascinating
sessions were able to viewed for a month                                                      sessions being offered under the Band,
after the end of the conference, allowing                                                     Chorus, Jazz, and General Music umbrel-
me to go back and “attend” the sessions I                                                     las. While this is definitely appealing to
was not able to grab the first time around.      Level Up Your Orchestra: Gamification        those of us whose job descriptions have
                                                       in the Orchestra Classroom             us crossing specialties, many of these will
The MMEA Conference will also be                            Jessica Rose Stephens             also present topics of great interest to us
virtual this year. We will miss the chance                  (Oklahoma City, OK)               in our role as string teachers.
to visit in-person with our colleagues
from all over the state. I am also excited,         Understanding and Overcoming              I strongly encourage you all to attend the
though, about the chance to attend the              Rhythmic Timing and Feel Issues           May conference. Registration is open,
conference at our convenience, from our                     Curtis Madigan                    and can be found at https://mainemmea.
own computers, not needing to find a way                     (Denver, CO)                     org/mmea-conference/.
to get class coverage in order to spend
a few days in Orono. Unlike previous                 Demystifying the Sight-Reading
years, the conference will be held the                          Process                                              Linda Vaillancourt
week before the virtual All-State Festival,                  Timothy Kaiser                                       MMEA Orchestra VP
will be held in the evenings, and will be                     (Tucson, AZ)                        
ongoing over six days. These dates are
Monday, May 10-Saturday, May 15. Live             Composition in Ensemble Classrooms:
sessions will run from 6-8 pm (9 am-noon           A Bridge to the National Standards
on Saturday), with on-demand pre-re-                          John Ginocchio
corded sessions available for you to watch                   (Marshall, MN)

10                                                                                                    Maine Motif | April 2021
PK-5 General Music
                     Conference Offerings
     It’s hard to believe that we’ve surpassed the anniversary of
          the pandemic’s touchdown in Maine, and that we’re
            planning our second virtual MMEA conference.

It’s hard to believe that we’ve surpassed the
anniversary of the pandemic’s touchdown
in Maine, and that we’re planning our sec-
ond virtual MMEA conference. We were
not prepared for what we were about to
experience a year ago. While it’s been some
of the most difficult times in our lives, my
colleagues and our students have shown                                 PK-5 Conference Session Preview
incredible resilience, patience, and flexibil-                          Some of the session topics include..
ity. Our membership continues to inspire
me to keep pushing forward every day.                                     Methodology & Pedagogy
                                                                  World Music Pedagogy in Elementary School
In planning for our conference, I wanted to             (Presented by Karen Howard, Author of “First Steps in Global Music”)
provide a variety of sessions that touched                                   Engaging All Learners
upon the many topics and opportuni-                                         Teaching Music on a Cart
ties for growth that were presented to us                            Supporting English Language Learners
this year. Lucky for me, we had a record
number of submissions, from experienced                                    Cultural Responsiveness
clinicians and colleagues, to choose from!                      Celebrating the Music and Culture of Your School
You will notice that there are more offer-                           Culturally Responsive Music Teaching
ings than ever before. The sessions include
trending topics present in the 2020-2021                                   Trauma Informed Practices
school year, including social justice, social                           Trauma-Informed Music Education
emotional learning, and remote teach-
ing and learning. Some sessions are Pk-5                  Black Lives Matter & Decolonizing the Music Classroom
specific, while others extend to all areas of                    Minstrelsy, Blackface, and Problematic Origins
music education. We will provide a variety             Black Lives Matter: Operationalized in the Maine Music Classroom
of live and pre-recorded presentations, all                                        (Two Parts)
of which will be accessible for a time after
conference week, for your convenience. I         ** To see the full list of sessions and their clinicians, please head to and
hope that you will be able to join me for                                    register for this fabulous conference! **
a truly incredible week of professional


Dorie Tripp, NBCT
Pk-5 General Music VP
Maine Music Educators Association                                                                                                                             11
2021 MMEA Conference Session Guide

     Please join us for this exciting and informative conference               Band Sessions
     which will include 65+ synchronous and asynchronous offer-
     ings applicable to all areas of music education. Both the Zoom
     in-person and pre-recorded sessions will be archived and avail-       You Want Me To Do WHAT?:
                                                                         Recasting the Concert Experience
     able for online viewing for three months at the conclusion of
                                                                                 During COVID-19
     the conference.
                                                                                    Jocelyn Armes
                          May 10-15                                    Live performances often signal the
             6-8PM weekdays and 9-noon on Saturday.                    conclusion of curricular cycles in music
                                                                       classrooms. Of the many educational
     NAfME Member - $50                                                endeavors COVID-19 drastically impacted
                                                                       in the last year, live performances have
     Non-member - $100                                                 been amongst the most challenging for
     Conference Registration & NAfME Membership - $180                 music educators to modify. Some have
     Maine NAfME Membership - $135                                     found the absence of a performance
     NAfME Collegiate Member - $0                                      calendar freeing, while others have
     NAfME Retired Member - $0                                         creatively adapted to the “new normal”.
                                                                       In this session, we will expand traditional
                                                                       definitions of culminating performance
                                                                       experiences (ex., the spring concert)
     For questions regarding registration, please email Jon Simonoff   beyond replication, and consider possi-
                 at                  ble implications for curriculum, student
                                                                       diversity and representation, and engage-
                                                                       ment in our programs.

                        Click here to Register                                What Do I Do With Those

                                                                                   Robin Linaberry
                                                                       This is a discussion, demonstration and
                                                                       “giveaway” of specific strategies helping
                                                                       Band Directors learn to integrate, moti-
                                                                       vate, organize and educate all Percussion-
                                                                       ists. This session offers a comprehensive
                                                                       plan including a step-by-step template
                                                                       for assigning parts, a method to develop
                                                                       students’ section responsibilities, a built-
                                                                       in mentoring model, and a self-directed
                                                                       (personalized) curriculum to help with all
                                                                       aspects of Percussion education. Espe-
                                                                       cially good for non-percussionist teach-
                                                                       ers, this session includes techniques for
                                                                       training behaviors as well as performance

12                                                                             Maine Motif | April 2021
Picking up the pieces and moving                 The Care and Feeding of the                   Technology Tools to Enhance
 forward: Reconstituting your second-                    Young Trumpeter                            Engagement (2 Sessions)
  ary music program after COVID-19
                                                               Jack Burt                             Katie Lewis & Laura Bell
             Philip Edelman                  Dr. Burt will discuss the most common            After more than a semester of learning to
In this session, we will explore the steps   weaknesses of young trumpeters, and              navigate the world of concurrent, hybrid,
that we can take to process the loss, recov- give tips on how to promote healthy play-        and/or virtual band directing, Lewis and
er our students, and grow our programs       ing from the beginning. In his 30 years          Bell will share tips and tricks on what
after the pandemic has subsided. Edelman of college teaching, Dr. Burt has seen               they’ve found that works…..and what
will discuss recruitment and retention       almost every problem a young trumpeter           doesn’t! Learn about various technology
strategies, the research behind them, and    can have - some of which he experienced          applications that you AND your students
practical steps that we can take as music    himself.                                         will love that keep them engaged no mat-
educators moving forward. Specific areas     Regardless of musical ability, there are         ter what! They will dive into the technol-
of inquiry will include: learning loss, re-  certain physical issues that can prevent a       ogy applications that they will continue
cruitment/retention, and practical physical young trumpeter from succeeding. Stop-            using in the future, even after this year.
and educational steps we should take to      ping these problems at the beginning can         The clinicians will also share suggestions
recover. We will also explore understand-    help you grow are strong, health trumpet         on how to utilize your staff most effec-
ing the path forward from administrative,    studio in your school, and give students         tively for the benefit of your students, as
student, and colleague perspectives. This    who wish to continue in music a much             well as ideas to promote program growth,
session will be interactive, with attendees  greater chance of success in the future.         retention, and overall student morale!
contributing to the discourse.

   Upgrading Your Clarinet Section                   Roundtable: Recruiting and                  Intonation and Tuning Strategies
                                                      Reimagining Beginning                             for Band Directors
               Beth Fabrizio                              Band Students                                   Robin Linaberry
Strengthen your clarinet section using             Caitlin Ramsey & Missy Shabo               We all want our groups to be better in
technique exercises, tone quality , tongu-                                                    tune, of course; but how do we teach
ing, reed selection and care, alternate fin-   In this share session, participants will       better tuning? This session gives Band
gerings and a myriad of warmup exercises       discuss successful recruitment strategies      Directors a refresher about common In-
for your students.                             and brainstorm effective approaches for        tonation concepts, supported by numer-
                                               starting beginners in the fall. This session   ous specific strategies/games/processes
                                               is directed at elementary band directors       to help students gain independence with
                                               as well as middle school band directors        their own controlled tuning. This ses-
 Teaching Your Parents How to be the
                                               who may find themselves teaching older         sion will arm participants with a ‘bag of
      Music Educator at Home
                                               beginners due to the constraints of the        tricks’ that can be used immediately, and
               Beth Fabrizio                   20-21 school year. Participants will have      without further training. Let’s go beyond
                                               the opportunity to collaborate with            total reliance on electronic tuners.
How parents can support their kiddos           colleagues from across the state and will
at home and make practice effective and        come away with practical and concrete
interesting. Websites/YouTube/ and a sea       solutions to help keep their programs
of support info.                               moving forward.                                                                                                                           13
Getting to the point. Making your             Tips for Planning, Preparing, and
     patterns focused and clear.                Completing the Virtual Ensemble                           Choral
          Christopher G. White
                                                                                               You won’t want to miss these two
                                                          Matthew Buono
A hands on session where we will focus                                                       sessions with our big name clinician,
on getting back to basics: making the ictus   In light of recent events, music educators      Z. Randall Stroope, a pre-eminent
with the baton clear and the definition of    have had to rethink how their ensem-           American composer and conductor.
our patterns consistent and clear. Partici-   bles could perform for audiences with
pants will need a music stand and a baton     the cancelation and discouragement
for the live, follow along exercises.         of in-person performances. Because of
                                              this, many quickly tuned into the idea of
                                              Virtual Ensembles. In this session, partic-
                                              ipants will be provided tips, tricks, tools,
                                              and resources necessary for the easy cre-
                  Jazz                        ation and planning of virtual ensembles.
                                              A brief understanding of notation, audio
                                              editing, and video editing software is
  Four Letter Word: Adding Jazz to            helpful, but not required. Time will also
      Your Choral Curriculum                  be allotted for participants to share their
                                              own experiences with creating virtual            “Engage, Educate and Empower”
              Jack Bertrand                   ensembles.                                        Achieving greater efficiency in a
Interested in incorporating vocal jazz in                                                           climate of limited time,
your classroom but don’t know where                                                                   more demands and
to start? This session will cover “why”,        A Music Composition Project for                      greater expectations
“what”, and “how” giving you the foun-          Your Middle Schoolers - and You
dation to teach your students vocal jazz                                                                Z. Randall Stroope
in your traditional choir classes or start                  Steve Damon
                                                                                             Rehearsal challenges in time and de-
a vocal jazz ensemble. Participants will
                                              We will communicate with a famous              mands affords an opportunity for a fresh
receive digital handouts with resources
                                              jazz composer (Ellen Rowe); listen to her      look at our priorities as we teach. These
for skill-building, repertoire selection,
                                              music, while learning the piece’s back         “threads” of learning will be woven into
and more!
                                              story; compose in the piece’s style; and       the fabric of this session - “Combined
                                              perform our newly-created compositions.        the innate with the informed,” the “direct
                                              Yes, we will compose our own pieces in         correlation between the first rehearsal
        No Rules, No Fear Jazz                the style of her “…And Miles to Go.” Oh        and the performance,” “choral architec-
                                              ya, we’ll write haiku too. This unit will      ture and prioritizing concepts for greatest
               Tom Kamp                       be loved by your middle school students        efficiency.” Pdfs with information and
Miles Davis said, “Do not fear mistakes,      - and you.                                     music will be sent to participants.
there are none.” With that as inspiration,
come learn a positive, proactive and
powerful way to teach jazz improvisation                                                      Choral Reading Session: Collabora-
at any level, with any group, in-person,                                                        tive Creativity with the Music of
hybrid, or remote. Even if you’ve never                                                                Z. Randall Stroope
tried to improvise, you can and should
learn how to teach it.                                                                                  Z. Randall Stroope

Break some rules you’ve been given about                                                     Composer, Z. Randall Stroope, will share
teaching jazz: change what you teach,                                                        several of his compositions in all voicings,
change how you teach, change how you                                                         and highlight a few interesting ideas
think about improvisation.                                                                   about each in a fast-paced approach.
                                                                                             Participants will receive pdfs of music
Help your students be truly fearless and                                                     and recordings will be played for portions
creative in band.                                                                            of each work.

14                                                                                                   Maine Motif | April 2021
Intentional Choral Warm-Ups: Skill                   If You Build It, They Will Stay            Stay Gold: Five Core Tenets for
       Building & Accountability                                                                    Building a Choral Program
                                                               Saleel Menon
                Eric Posada                                                                                   Eric Posada
                                                 The future of a choral program can be
A rehearsal typically begins with a              measured by the recruitment and reten-        Inheriting a choral program is challeng-
warm-up that ranges from breathing and           tion efforts of the community. Menon has      ing. Success can be defined as creating a
vocalizing to stretching and movement.           put together a playbook of some of the        culture that fits one’s vision, core values,
We must ask ourselves: Have our warm-            most successful techniques and consid-        style, and students. No matter the level,
ups grown stale? Can these skills transfer       erations for boosting the profile of choral   it is important to stay true to one’s self
to our choral repertoire? Am I consistently      programs and building singing commu-          while building a program. To achieve this,
assessing and giving feedback? Through           nities from feedback across an entire         identify values that will permeate one’s
various warm-up exercises, Dr. Posada will       district. Facilitating the High School        program. Dr. Posada will focus on five
identify each targeted skill while diagnos-      choral programs in one of the biggest         core tenets that will build, motivate, and
ing issues and proposing solutions.              districts in the state of Texas, Menon will   innovate your program.
                                                 address some tried and true ideas for
This topic is crucial to the development of      retention from K-12 in a variety of school    Leading a choral program is much more
singers, choirs, and directors. Ironically, it   populations.                                  than pitches, rhythms, and sweepstakes
is also a subject that remains a collective                                                    trophies. Just as important is human
mystery. My primary objective is for mid-                                                      interaction, motivation, and innovation.
dle school and high school choral direc-           Disrupting the stand and sing: In-          Choral educators must find ways to moti-
tors to return to their home schools and          terdisciplinary community-building           vate their students daily, monthly, and an-
reinvent their current warm-up routine.                         concerts                       nually while staying true to themselves.
Warm-up exercises should be treated akin                                                       The task is not to force or coerce perfor-
to repertoire rehearsals via constant as-                    Rebecca DeWan                     mance but to create an environment in
sessment, immediate feedback, and effec-                                                       which musicians feel loved, appreciated,
tive solutions. Consequently, these exercis-     The longer I taught, the more I valued        and safe allowing their potential to be
es will build vocal technique, aural skills,     creating community rather over having         maximized. This, however, is impossible
musicianship, and awareness in singers           a “perfect” performance. In this session,     to achieve without a tangible, unwav-
that will transfer to the choral repertoire      I explore two concert presentations that      ering philosophy. Dr. Posada has led
and rehearsal. To achieve my goal, I will        were designed explicitly to promote           choirs at the elementary, middle school,
use the convention audience to provide           community among students both in per-         high school, two-year college, university,
tangible examples of my methodology. I           formance and in the rehearsal process.        community, church, and professional
shall use a varied collection of warm-ups        First, an interdisciplinary evening of art,   levels. He will address topics that include
from familiar exercises to specific drills       drama, and song centered on the theme         articulating a clear philosophy, building
that encourage voice building skills, chord      of “Hope Through Adversity” presented         a program centered around core values,
tuning, vowel unification, open/closed           in a black-box theater. Second, a 20-min-     creating innovative themed rehearsals,
vowels, dynamic contrast, consonants and         ute soundscape that wove multiple             participating in meaningful bonding
enunciation, simple and advanced kines-          songs and separate choirs together with       activities, learning each learner, selecting
thetic movements, and stretching.                student-captured sounds. Participants         engaging and meaningful repertoire, and
                                                 will learn about the two concerts from        maximizing potential via positivity and
                                                 the conceptual, curricular, and logistical    love.
                                                 standpoints.                                                                                                                             15
Student Engagement using Digital               Making the Human Connection with
              Tools                                   Challenging Students                             Orchestra
             Karla McClain                                Coty Raven Morris
It can be challenging to engage middle         Why would they listen in April when we         Level Up Your Orchestra: Gamifica-
schoolers when working on music skills,        didn’t connect with them in September?          tion in the Orchestra Classroom
especially in hybrid or virtual formats.       Building community and character with
Digital tools including Blooket, Menti-        this generation of students can be diffi-             Jessica Rose Stephens
meter, and Google Jamboard will help all       cult. Healthy classroom environments         Using the innovative approach called
students engage in learning and prac-          create the perfect setting for the daily     gamification this session will walk partic-
tice their musical skills. Specifically, we    “Sweepstakes experiences”. Morris will       ipants through the step by step process to
will be focusing on music literacy and         provide practical and simple motivation      set out a pedagogical path, a sequence of
responding/connecting in this session.         activities that can immediately be used in   assignments, assessments and instruction
Participants will be able to try out these     the classroom.                               through which students could move at
tools in this hands-on session.                                                             their own pace regardless of their tech-
                                                                                            nical ability, learning style, or location.
                                                                                            Gamification is the infusion of elements
                                                Digital Badging for Music Reading
                                                                                            from computer and video games into
  Sight-Reading 101: Teaching Your                        Skills in Chorus
                                                                                            the classroom in order to empower and
          Singers to Read!
                                                                                            engage 21st century learners.
                                                          Tracy Williamson
              Jack Bertrand
                                              Having trouble finding time to teach ev-
Feeling caught in a never-ending cycle        erything you need to teach in your limited
                                                                                            Understanding and Overcoming
of concert preparation? Are you ready to      Chorus schedule? I created an engaging
                                                                                            Rhythmic Timing and Feel Issues
shake things up and teach your singers        incentive program for my middle school
valuable reading skills? This session will    students to encourage them to work on                    Curtis Madigan
give you the tools to teach music literacy    their music reading skills outside of our
fundamentals for any age group. Partici-      scheduled time together. Learn how it      Curtis Madigan will break down some
pants will receive a digital handout with     works and how to create and award digital of the most pertinent aspects of under-
several rhythm and pitch reading systems      badges in your classes.                    standing feel and groove in this clinic.
and suggestions on how to build it into                                                  This intensive will focus on addressing
your rehearsal plan.                                                                     why certain rhythms cause trouble and
                                                                                         how to solve rhythmic feel issues at their
                                                                                         core. The math and mechanics of rhythm
                                                                                         will be elucidated as they are essential to
 Choir Teacher as Vocal Pedagogue
                                                                                         grasping musical timing.
           Jessica McKiernan
For many of our singers, we are the only
voice teachers they will ever have, and                                                        Composition in Ensemble Class-
they will continue to sing well beyond                                                         rooms: A Bridge to the National
their time in our choirs. As such, this                                                                  Standards
session seeks to provide education on                                                                   John Ginocchio
things such as the vocal mechanism, vo-
cal health, breath, relieving tension, and                                                  Composition is regarded by many as the
beyond. We will explore how to empower                                                      most difficult standard to incorporate into
students to not only know more about                                                        the rehearsal classroom. This session
their voice, but also to continue to grow                                                   presents some techniques that may be
as singers and musicians beyond our                                                         used to help students experience composi-
classroom.                                                                                  tion in an instrumental ensemble setting.

16                                                                                                   Maine Motif | April 2021
Making Musical Connections: String                Demystifying the Sight-Reading
   Orchestra for Special Learners                             Process

         Brian J. Wagner-Yeung                               Timothy Kaiser
String orchestra is a vital part of a solid    Although mastery of sight-reading skills is
music education experience. All students,      an essential component of musicianship,
including students with special needs,         our band, orchestra, and choir students
should have the opportunity to participate     are often intimidated by the prospect
in a string orchestra. Nevertheless, special   of sight-reading. This presentation will
adaptations and modifications are needed       outline a year-long approach to teaching
to provide a structured and meaningful         sight-reading fundamentals, including
experience for students with special           strategies for incorporating sight-reading
needs. In this session, you will see basic     practice into the daily rehearsal plan.
accommodations for students and instru-        Whether you are preparing for an adjudi-
ments, adaptations to literacy using col-      cated contest or simply looking to build a
or-coding and visual manipulations, and        basic skill set, a focus on sight-reading will
how language development/social skills         yield accomplished, independent musi-
can be enhanced through music-making.          cians capable of performing a wide variety
                                               of repertoire.
 Music Theory, History and Creativity
 Lessons for the Successful String Or-
  chestra--The Hard to Reach Standards           Tech Tools: Sight Reading & Accu-
   (and Sub Plans) Just Got A Lot Easier           rate Performance Assessment

           Christopher Selby                                   Jim Frankel
We know our string students could use          Accuracy is essential for your students’
more instruction with music literacy,          success. You want to help them improve
music theory, history and creativity. The      their sight reading accuracy, and you also
challenge is figuring out how to incor-        need to be able to reliably and accurate
porate these important lessons into our        assess their performance proficiency.
rehearsals without sacrificing student         Discover software tools that will build
performance or overwhelming the already        these skills through aural training and
busy orchestra director. In this session,      increasingly rigorous exercises, as well as
attendees will learn 1. Fingerboard map-       automated assessment to help you target
ping strategies for teaching students how      problem areas and increase your ensem-
all of the notes are organized on their        ble’s confidence with new repertoire.
fingerboard; 2. Music writing activities
that teach kids how the notes on the staff
connect to the fingerboard; 3. Rhythmic
                                                         Method Book Magic
literacy lessons that teach students how to
mark their orchestra music to help them                         Sarah Ball
decipher difficult rhythms; 4. Music histo-
ry lessons that help students learn where      We all know we need to build technique
string instruments come from and finally:      through work in our method books, but
5. Attendees will learn a few easy and fun     sometimes we dread the monotony and
ways to bring more creativity, composi-        drill. Come to this session to learn how
tion and improvisation into the orchestra      to take the mundane to magical through
classroom.                                     games, competitions, and disguised repe-
                                               tition.                                                                                    17
Black Lives Matter: Operationalized                 It’s All About the CRIMP.
  General Music Pk-5                             in the Maine Music Classroom (Pt1)             Culturally Responsive Instructional
                                                                                                           Music Practices
                                               Nate Menifield & Rebecca DeWan
   Student Voices: Celebrating the          “Black Lives Matter!” Last summer - as                           Anne Smith
  Music and Culture of Your School’s        this refrain echoed in streets across the
              Families                      country - MMEA called on its members to            This session is designed to provide infor-
                                            support and amplify the voices of Black,          mation and instruction on implementing
               Christa Jones                                                                  Culturally Responsive Instructional Prac-
                                            Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC).
How can music teachers create a more        Part one of this two-part session will ex-        tices in the general music or choral class-
culturally responsive climate in diverse    plore why this work is necessary, and what        room. Authentic standards-based, music
classrooms? Consider a modern-day folk actionable steps Maine’s music educators               lessons and activities will be presented
song collection, in collaboration with your can take. We will examine MMEA’s state-           through hands-on, learner-centered
students and their families! Christa Jones ment of support to 1) define frequently            experiences, that will engage students of
collaborated with parents and students      used terminology; 2) establish a common           varying abilities and backgrounds. Re-
to compile a songbook that celebrates the understanding of racism; and 3) consider            sources and suggestions will be provided
many different cultures and backgrounds Maine’s unique needs as we continue this              for engaging students in synchronous and
at their school. Benefits of this project   collective effort.                                asynchronous learning.
included music-making and dialogue be-
tween parents and students, an increased
sense of community and self-pride within
the school, and a wealth of children’s                                                             Recorder Karate: Gone Virtual
songs from around the world, ready for
the music classroom. Ms. Jones is excited                                                                 Caitlin Geishaker
to share her process with fellow music                                                        Very similar to sessions Mrs. Geishaker
teachers!                                                                                     has presented in previous years, with her
                                                                                              colleague, Justin Walton. This year, we
                                                                                              explore the different avenues to teaching,
                                                                                              assessing and playing recorders when in
  Culturally Responsive Music Teach-                                                          person playing was not allowed/limit-
   ing: Examining Music Curricular                                                            ed. Caitlin will share her virtual twist to
 Content, Resources, and Methodolo-                                                           teaching recorder and the tools she used
 gy through the Culturally Responsive                                                         through GoogleSuite to make it possible.
                 Lens                           Black Lives Matter: Operationalized
                                                in the Maine Music Classroom (Pt2)
                Macy Bell
All teaching is culturally responsive.           Nate Menifield & Rebecca DeWan
                                                                                                     World Music Pedagogy in
The question is, to which culture are we       How to initiate meaningful and lasting                Elementary School Next?
responding? With intentional planning,         change within our instructional practices
the music classroom can be a space in          and classroom cultures can often feel like                    Karen Howard
which all students are represented in the      a daunting and uncertain task. Part two of
curriculum. Culturally Responsive Music                                                       Participants will explore the foundations
                                               this two-part session will aim to empower
Teaching does not require us to be experts                                                    of World Music Pedagogy as can be ap-
                                               music educators by equipping them with
in every world culture. However, it does                                                      plied in the elementary music classroom.
                                               tangible, practical tools to create more eq-
require vulnerability and a willingness to                                                    Diverse teaching strategies for researching
                                               uitable learning spaces. In an interactive
reflect on our own implicit bias. With ac-                                                    appropriate repertoire, navigating mul-
                                               format, participants will explore strategies
curate information, we can work diligent-                                                     tiple languages, and considerations of
                                               for facilitating difficult conversations, as
ly toward creating classroom spaces that                                                      authenticity in performance practice will
                                               well as consider specific steps to begin the
are safe for culturally, linguistically, and                                                  be discussed. Several examples of vetted
                                               process of evaluating existing teaching
academically diverse learners.                                                                and global repertoire will be performed.
                                               practices and music curricula.

18                                                                                                     Maine Motif | April 2021
Trauma-Informed Music Education

  Rebecca DeWan & Tammy Carusone
The impact of trauma is a silent force felt
in every community and every school
district. This session provides real-world
classroom strategies to make your class-
room more trauma-informed. Exposure to
trauma–such as violence, racism, or a pan-
demic–can impact students’ readiness to
learn. Music provides a unique opportu-
nity for trauma-informed practices. This
session will examine 1) the brain science              Transitions: Where the                   Active Music Making in the Upper
of trauma exposure, 2) school policies                    Magic Happens                       Elementary and Middle School Gen-
and practices through a trauma-informed                                                       eral Music Classroom: Body Percus-
lens, and 3) the importance of self-care for                                                  sion, Drumming and Orff Ensembles
                                                            Katie Schisler
                                              When crafting a lesson for the music                          Laura Artesani
                                              classroom we are excited about songs,          This session will feature a demonstration
                                              games, and activities we will share with       video with examples of body percus-
   “¡Bienvenidos a Todos!” - Support-         our students, but are often stumped at         sion, drumming and selections for Orff
    ing English Language Learners in          how to transition between them. This           ensembles, played by Music Education
      the General Music Classroom             session will show ways to create seamless      majors currently enrolled in the Second-
                                              transitions with tried and true methods        ary General Music Methods course at the
                 Christa Jones                that are meaningful for the students and       University of Maine. Effective resources
                                              teacher. Strong transitions can be helpful     for facilitating active music making at the
What strategies are general music teachers
                                              in classroom management, practicing            upper elementary/middle school levels
using to best meet the needs of our diverse
                                              taught skills, and giving students “a-ha”      will be highlighted. After the prerecorded
student populations, including those who
                                              moments that make music feel ownership         video, there will be an opportunity for a
are learning the English language? In this
                                              of their learning.                             live conversation via zoom.
session, we will explore instructional strat-
egies for English Language Learners and
apply these strategies in a practical way
for use in the general music classroom.           Music On a Cart: Teaching Music              Minstrelsy, Blackface, and Problem-
This session will include active discussion                    Everywhere!                     atic Origins: How Racism Pervades
as well as hands-on application through                                                               the American Canon
songs and games. Let’s create a music class                 Stephanie Taylor
                                                                                                        Jessica McKiernan
environment where we welcome, engage,
                                              With today’s growing student popula-           For some, the traditions of minstrelsy and
and affirm all of our unique students!
                                              tion and changing situations due to the        blackface in the United States may seem
                                              COVID pandemic, it is not unusual for          like a thing of the past, but music with
   Sound System Basics for the Music          any music teacher to lose their classroom      racist roots continues to permeate the can-
                   Educator!                  and be put on a cart or in some other          on. This session will address the history
                                              less-than-functional space.                    of minstrelsy and blackface in the United
              Jody Underwood                  This session will equip you with what you      States and songs from those traditions
                                              need to get started on a cart, how to navi-    that are still performed to this day. Session
You eagerly walked into school, ready to
                                              gate difficult relationships with colleagues   attendees will walk away with guidelines
dispense all of your musical knowledge
                                              whom you may be inconveniencing, and           for determining if a piece’s origins are
to the students, as the principal hands
                                              how to advocate with your administration       problematic, tools for working through
you the keys to the “audio system”-your
                                              for the best situation and budget for your     internal struggles with these issues, and
responsibility now! Eeeek! Fear not: From
                                              students. You will also walk away with a       how to talk with musicians about some of
microphones to speakers, mixers to am-
                                              few, easy to replicate music lessons that      the darker chapters of the United State’s
plifiers - this session will get you prepared
                                              will work in any imperfect space.              musical history.
and confident!                                                                                                                            19
Engaging All Learners: Tools & Tech-                                                                Hip-Hop on the Fly:
  niques to Reach Different Types of            General Music 6–12                                 Get your Classical Wings
   Learners in the Music Classroom
                                                                                                        Courtney Powers
          Brian J. Wagner-Yeung                Adaptive Guitar & Uke Learning Tool
                                                                                            Hip-Hop is one of the most listened to
Come see how activities and skills in the         Gives Teachers Superpowers
                                                                                            gene of music in American but it is not
elementary and secondary general music                      Dan Mascola                     represented fully in state competitions
classroom can easily be adapted and                                                         and music education college prep courses.
differentiated to reach a wide range of       By centralizing thousands resources,
                                                                                            Hip-Hop- how to listen and arrange it is a
learners, specifically focusing on students   capturing student assessment through
                                                                                            clear 20/20 vision for the future of Music
with disabilities. You will see how: music    built-in videos, and giving students choice
literacy, active listening, and composition   through modern songs, adaptive learning
can be adapted. Such techniques include       platform Moosiko helps guitar/ukule-
                                                                                            Participants will learn how to find samples
adaptive music literacy, color coding,        le teachers focus more of their time on
                                                                                            that have classical music in them, then
incorporating multimodal teaching, and        high-value instruction and less on tedious,
                                                                                            take that, find a flow and start to rhyme.
using manipulatives. You will leave with a    boring tasks. This session dives into
                                                                                            Each group will have a song with a clas-
variety of resources/activities that can be   classroom examples from teachers using
                                                                                            sical sample, look at ‘flow styles’ then the
incorporated into your own classroom.         adaptive learning tools and techniques
                                                                                            creation begins. In their group partici-
                                              to highlight the benefits for teachers,
                                                                                            pants will write a rap using the knowledge
                                              students, and districts. Those that are
                                                                                            that they can obtain about said composer
                                              seasoned guitar teachers, just inherited a
                                                                                            then participants will showcase their
     I Just Learned a Folk Song! What         guitar class, or teach uke in a general mu-
                                                                                            talents to the room.
                   Next?                      sic class will benefit from this session.
              Christa Jones                                                                 This future of education is in our students.
                                                                                            Using a genre of music that students
Adding new music to your toolbox can be          Making More Music by Managing              are more attracted to (not just hip hop,
exciting and challenging--whether you’ve             Administrative Mayhem                  depending on where you live and what
found a tune while thumbing through a
                                                                                            your students are listening too) students
songbook, conducted a song collection, or
                                                        Wendy Bauer Reeves                  are more engaged and more willing to
just remembered a catchy nursery rhyme
                                              Administrative Mayhem can steal the joy       listen to new ideas. These tools from this
from your childhood. After conducting a
                                              from teaching and derail your program.        presentation can be used in any gene.
school-wide song collection, Christa Jones
devoted herself to finding fun, creative,     Directors must bring the administrative
                                              concerns of the job under control so that     Participants will learn 2 visual techniques
and thoughtful ways to incorporate the
                                              making music is the focus at work, and        for students to learn the chord progres-
music of her students’ home cultures into
                                              enjoying one’s life is the focus at home –    sions fast, pick out melody lines and add
the music curriculum to provide a more
                                              finding balance and harmony for mental        in rhythms. Play through 3 songs as a
culturally responsive classroom expe-
                                              health at both school and home. In this       group and 10min mini breakout: partici-
rience for her students. In this session,
                                              session, participants will use the link or    pants will use the techniques just learned-
participants will explore lesson and song
                                              QR code to download digital worksheets        arrange a chorus of 4 preselected songs
development through the Orff Schulwerk
                                              so that we can work together to set up        then perform it. Participants will be able
approach and learn songs and games from
                                              administrative templates that can be used     to take these techniques and arrange in
around the world!
                                              immediately.                                  modern band, traditional band/orchestra
                                                                                            or chorus to arrange on the fly.
                                                                                            Participants will be actively engaged
                                                                                            though-out the session with activities,
                                                                                            hand-outs, whole group and small group
                                                                                            work. Participants will get to chat and
                                                                                            work with other educators as the active
                                                                                            presentation is going on.

20                                                                                                   Maine Motif | April 2021
You can also read