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TRINITY - Cardinal Newman
JULY 2020

TRINITY - Cardinal Newman
God has a plan for us that’s filled with hope and a
    TABLE OF CONTENTS                                     future. God is for us and not against us. He wants
                                                          to see us succeed and have a full life. Whether you’re
    PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE                             3     facing a new career, a difficult exam at school, or
    CLASS OF 2020                                   4     working toward building a relationship, these prayers
    UNDERCLASSMEN OF 2020                          19     will help you focus on asking God to lead you. When
    CAMPUS NEWS                                   22      you follow God and live within his blessings and
    SPORTS UPDATE                                 26      favor, you will experience true success!
    STUDENT LIFE                                  36
    ALUMNI                                        48      BOARD OF TRUSTEES
    SUPPORT                                       49      DAN STEVENS, CN ‘84                                               KEN LAFRANCHI
                                                          Chairman of the Board - All Committees
    ADMISSION                                     54                                                                        CHRYSTIE PROKOPAKIS, UHS ‘80
                                                          HEATHER DEMARINIS, UHS ‘88
                                                          Vice Chair                                                        FR. JOHN PLASS
                                                          KEN MOLINARO, CN ‘72                                              Chaplain
                                                          Seccretary                                                        LINDA NORMAN
                                                          JOY DURAND, UHS ‘92                                               Interim President

                                                          SUE GORANSON, UHS ‘75

                                                          Interim President                                                  Dean of Technology and Instruction
                                                          LINDA NORMAN                                                       BERNADETTE CALHOUN
                                                          Dean of Student Life                                               Director of Advancement
                                                          GRAHAM RUTHERFORD                                                  TERRI DERR
                                                          Chaplain                                                           Director of Finance
    MISSION                                               FR. JOHN PLASS                                                     JOLIE’ TROGDON
                                                          Dean of Curriculum and Instruction
    Our mission is to educate our students in the
                                                          RICH HERRMANN
    wholeness of mind, body, and spirit through the
    teachings of Jesus Christ as proclaimed by the
    Catholic Church. Our students learn to apply
    leadership skills and talents in service to others.
    We challenge each student to work to his or            PUBLICATION ADVISOR: Lisa Sousa |
    her highest potential in the lifelong pursuit of
                                                           DESIGN LAYOUT: Kurt West | Kurt West Design Services
    learning and excellence.
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TRINITY - Cardinal Newman
Dear Parents, Alumni, Alumni Parents, Benefactors, and Friends of Cardinal Newman High School,

                           I t is a joy and a privilege to
                             serve as Interim President
                           of Cardinal Newman High
                                                              The 2020-2021 academic year will be a new school
                                                              experience that none of us have ever experienced.
                                                              While we expect to be on campus, following safety
                           School and I look forward to       protocols for social distancing, health and hygiene, and
                           partnering with the Cardinal       facility use, we are preparing for every scenario: classes
                           Newman Board of Trustees           held on campus, virtually, or through a hybrid model that
                           to produce a thoughtful,           limits the number of students interacting on campus at a
                           engaged process to secure          time. Protecting student, staff, and community health is
                           a new president to take            paramount, yet regardless of the safety parameters we
                           leadership in July 2021.           must follow, Cardinal Newman High School is committed
                                                              to providing excellence in academics, co-curricular
                            As a career Catholic              development and spiritual formation.
                            educator, I bring experienced
leadership to the position, having served in Catholic         While uncertainties about the future have become the
schools for over thirty years before assuming my              norm in our current world, it is comforting to be a part of
duties as Superintendent of Schools for the Diocese           a Catholic faith community who continue to build for a
of Santa Rosa in 2016. I have been a Catholic school          better future. This was made evident on June 22 when
principal, a Catholic school parent, and a Catholic school    we celebrated the groundbreaking ceremony for our
student. While I hold advanced degrees in educational         new two-story classroom building. Thank you to all who
leadership and management, it was my own Catholic             joined our groundbreaking ceremony in-person and
high school education which formed me as a leader and         virtually. Thank you to Bishop Robert Vasa, Chaplain to
laid the foundation for my understanding of leadership        the Board of Trustees Fr. Moses Brown, and our new
through service.                                              Chaplain of Cardinal Newman High School Fr. John
                                                              Plass for leading us in prayer and blessing. And thank
As Superintendent of Schools for the Diocese of Santa         you to all who contribute to A Call to Lead – The Capital
Rosa, I have learned much about the beauty and rich           Campaign for Cardinal Newman as their generosity
history of the Cardinal Newman High School community.         allowed construction to begin fully funded.
During these past four years I have witnessed firsthand
the strength, resilience, and dedication that the teachers,   We continue planning for our next campaign project,
staff, students, alumni, and families hold for the Mission    the Student Union, which will include a new library,
of Cardinal Newman High School. Regardless of what            new counseling offices, new indoor and outdoor eating
the world casts upon this school community – wildfire,        facilities, and additional learning areas. A significant
flood, smoke, power outages, pandemic – the people            challenge gift of $11,000,000 was committed towards
of Cardinal Newman High School persevere with grace,          the $16,000,000 total, on condition that our school
determination, and grit. Nothing stops Cardinal Newman        community raise the remaining $5,000,000 by June
High School; nothing slows it down.                           2021 – and we are very close! If you are interested
                                                              in participating in A Call to Lead and helping fund our
With what I know is true about the Cardinal Newman            Student Union, please contact me at
school community, I joyfully exclaim:               
Congratulations to the Class of 2020 – be assured             I wholeheartedly thank you for your support and
that you are leaving Newman well prepared. The world          partnership. God bless you and your families, and God
will continue to be a shifting place, but know you have       bless Cardinal Newman High School.
been given the tools you need to achieve your goals, to
build a strong future, and to create positive change in       Gratefully,
this demanding and challenging era.
                                                              Dr. Linda Norman
Welcome to the Class of 2024 – be assured that you            Interim President
are being warmly welcomed into a community of faith
and tradition. Cardinal Newman High School will care,
challenge and support you as you develop your intellect,
talents and character. We are here to help you reach
your fullest potential and to be all God created you
to be.

                                                                                                       JULY 2020 • TRINITY MAGAZINE   3
TRINITY - Cardinal Newman
         Creighton Campbell           Harleen Dhillon               Zoe Jane House
          Anderson-Soria              Jasleen Dhillon               Auditore Huang Zhongyuan
         Kylie Patricia Auslen        Kelven Joseph Diehl           Alija Martis Hunter
         Christina Marie Bacci        Duong Si Diep                 Hayley Cate Jacquin
         Dominic Harris Bacci         Julia Annadel Donlon          Jenna Ryan Juillerat
                                      Jared James Doolittle         Daniel Victorovich Khaziev
                                      Peyton Robert Dove            Dyllan Jacob Knechtle
                                      Yu Du                         Austin James Beeman
                                      Jett Barret Dumont              Knepper
                                      Coleton Robert Durkey         Ethan Alexander Kollenborn
                                      Cooper Ryan Durkey            Justin Joseph Lafranchi
                                      Jacob Philip Edmonds          Sean Patrick Latham
                                      Daniella Arianna Evans        Isabella Marie LeKander
                                      John Lawrence Fagundes        Kara Marie Lepe
                                      Matthew Nicholas Ferrari      Pinliang Li

         Rachel Marie Bastone         Justin Ritter Foell
         Luke Anthony Bello           Paige Ashley Foster
         Jamie Kaylee Bennett         Molly Dee Fowler
         Ty Blakely                   Olivia Rachel Emily Frazier
         Brandon Michael Botteri      Marcus John Garrone
         Carter Steven Bourns         Kaili Catherine Golden
         Daniel Sean Boyle            Hilary Ruth Goldschmidt
         Hayden William Michael       Finn Kelli Gordon
           Bradley                    Hunter O’Neill Graniss
         Tighe Henry Browning         George Denison Grant
         Isabella Nicole Brunner      Christopher Thomas Hall       Alexander Raphael Souza
         Mikayla Anjolie Bucher       Alyssa Michelle Hammer          Limper
         Porter Ray Carrithers        Antonio James Heath           Austin Michael Lodin
         Cassidy James Carroll        Claire Doretta Hernandez      Eriandra Jacqueline Loehrer
         Gianni Paul Cavallo          Samantha Rose Hiserote        Andrew James Lombardi
         Elizabeth Anne Chambers      Asher Rhys Holland            Natalie Marguerite Ludwig
         Maria Elena Chavez Solorio   Gavin Trey Homer              Alexander Gabriel Manville
         Anya Niaja Rae Choice                                      Carina Andrea Marotto
         Abby Marie Clark                                           Preston James Mauch
         Torrence Abigail Coleman                                   John Thomas McGee
         Caroline Elizabeth Courier                                 Kaycee Frances McKenzie
         Colby John Culbertson                                      Matthew Ray McMahon
         Virginia My Dang                                           Emma Maria Thuesen
         Zachary Michael Davis                                        McNamara
         Samuel Levi Davison                                        Dylan James McNeany
         Lindsey Marie Dexter                                       John Richard Meihaus
                                                                    Joao Avanzi Mesquita

4   Cardinal Newman High School
TRINITY - Cardinal Newman

Mackenzie Anne Millard            Matthew Joseph Pires             Payton Ford Stewart
Megan Aileen Monks                Lorena Vera Polizziani           Lea Jane Stockham
                                  Matthew James Prendiville        Ian Daniel Sullivan
                                  Katerina Sarah Rahhal            Vivian Lynn Thane
                                  Zachary McIntyre Reed            Anthony Vincent Titone
                                  Jorge Luis Rios Sarabia          Lauren Keli Vice
                                  Nathan James Roman               Travis Jared Vos
                                  Paul Loren Romesburg             Shane Michael Walsh
                                  Sophia Ariana Sage-Elwood
                                  Natalia Irene Sanchez
                                  Arthur Santana Queiroz
Luca Alberto Musso                Erin Jade Schnabel
Alyssa Leigh Natale               Eric Michael Scrivanich
Christine Nhi Nguyen              Brin Chi Searcy
Nhi Lam Thao Nguyen               Audrey Claire Seymour
Alexandria Ann Niehaus            Natalie Pia Shieh
Emma Elise Nordby                 William Jarrett Shirley
Cassidy Taylor Kaleinani          Paula Carolina Simonyi           Serenity Lynn Glenice Weatherby
  O’Connor                        Jacob Nicholas Singleton         Camden Grant Weaver
Ashley Lily O’Toole               Abigailgrace Lindsey Skinner     Madisen Grace Williams
Ayden John Kanoa Ottolini         Jaime Logan Smith                Clay Fitzgerald Woo
Justin Thomas Patterson           Trevor Louis Smith               Giancarlo Capitani Woods
Jackson William Pavitt            Grace Catherine Sorensen         Lucas John Woods
Vincent Haw Peng                  Bennett James Stafford           Miles Calvin Wycoff
Cole Gladstone Petersen           Benjamin Michael Stevens         Jiulong Zhang


     JULIA DONLON           GRACE SORENSEN                                     MATTHEW PIRES
      Valedictorian           Valedictorian                                      Salutatorian

                                                                                   JULY 2020 • TRINITY MAGAZINE   5
TRINITY - Cardinal Newman

         College Acceptances            California State            University of California-   Dominican University of
         American University             University-Monterey Bay     Santa Cruz                  California
         The American University        California State            Carroll College Montana     Drake University
          of Paris                       University-Northridge      Chapman University          Drexel University
         Arizona State University       California State            University of Colorado      Duke University
                                         University-Sacramento       Boulder
         The University of Arizona                                                              Emory University
         Azusa Pacific University                                                               Fordham University
         Bard College                                                                           George Washington
         Baylor University                                                                       University
         Berklee College of Music                                                               Georgetown University
         Biola University                                                                       University of Georgia
         Boise State University                                                                 Gonzaga University
         Boston College                                                                         Grand Canyon University
         Boston University                                                                      Grinnell College
         Bridgewater State                                                                      University of Hawaii at
          University                                                                             Manoa
         Cabrillo College                                                                       Hawaii Pacific University
         California Baptist                                                                     Holy Names University
          University                                                University of Colorado      Humboldt State University
                                        California State             Denver
         California Lutheran             University-San                                         University of Idaho
          University                     Bernardino                 University of Colorado
                                                                     Colorado Springs           University of Illinois at
         California State               California State                                         Urbana-Champaign
          Polytechnic University,        University-San Marcos      Colorado Mesa University
                                                                                                Indiana University-
          Pomona                        University of California-   Colorado School of Mines     Bloomington
         California State                Berkeley                   Colorado State              Iowa State University
          Polytechnic University,       University of California-    University-Fort Collins
          San Luis Obispo                                                                       University of Iowa
                                         Davis                      Columbia University in
         California State University                                 the City of New York       Kansas State University
                                        University of California-
          Channel Islands                                            (Columbia College)         University of Kansas
         California State                                           Concordia University-       University of Kentucky
                                        University of California-
          University-Chico               Los Angeles                 Irvine                     Lafayette College
         California State University,   University of California,   Cornell University          Linfield College
          East Bay                       Merced                      (College of Arts &
                                                                                                Louisiana State University
         California State                                            Sciences)
                                        University of California-                               Loyola Marymount
          University-Fresno              Riverside                  Creighton University
         California State               University of California,   Cuesta College
                                                                                                Loyola University New
          University-Fullerton           San Diego                  University of Dayton         Orleans
         California State University,   University of California-   Denison University          Lynn University
          Long Beach                     Santa Barbara              University of Denver        Manhattan College
         California State
          University-Los Angeles

6   Cardinal Newman High School
TRINITY - Cardinal Newman

University of               Pennsylvania State          San Diego State               Southern Oregon
 Massachusetts Boston        University                  University                    University
Miami University-Oxford     Pepperdine University       University of San Diego       St. Francis College
Michigan State University   University of Pittsburgh-   San Francisco State           St. Joseph’s College -
University of Minnesota-     Pittsburgh Campus           University                    Brooklyn Campus
 Twin Cities                Point Loma Nazarene         University of San             St Olaf College
University of Mississippi    University                  Francisco                    Stanford University
Montana State University    Portland State University   San Jose State University     Syracuse University
University of Montana       University of Portland      Santa Barbara City            The University of
                            Pratt Institute              College                       Tennessee-Knoxville
Mount Saint Mary’s
 University, Los Angeles    Presentation College        Santa Clara University        Texas A&M University
Mount St. Mary’s            University of Puget Sound   Santa Rosa Junior             Texas Christian University
 University - Maryland                                   College
                            Purdue University                                         The Ohio State University
University of Nevada-                                   Sarah Lawrence College
                            Reed College                                              Union College -
 Reno                                                   School of the Art Institute    Schenectady
                            Regis College                of Chicago
University of New Mexico                                                              The University of
New York University                                     Seattle University             Edinburgh
The University of North                                                               University of Oregon
 Carolina at Chapel Hill                                                              University of Utah
Northeastern University                                                               Vanguard University of
Northern Arizona                                                                       Southern California
 University                                                                           Virginia Tech
University of Northern                                                                University of Virginia
 British Columbia
                                                                                      Washington State
University of Northern                                                                 University
                                                                                      University of Washington,
University of Notre Dame                                                               Seattle
Occidental College                                                                    Westminster College - UT
Oklahoma State                                                                        Westmont College
 University                 Regis University
                                                        Seton Hall University         Whitworth University
Oregon Institute of         Rochester Institute of
 Technology                  Technology                 Sonoma State University       William and Mary
Oregon State University     Rutgers University-New      South Dakota State            Williams College
                             Brunswick                   University                   University of Wisconsin-
Oxnard College
                            Sacred Heart University     Southern Illinois              Madison
Pacific Northwest College                                University-Carbondale
 of Art                     Saint Mary’s College of                                   Worcester Polytechnic
                             California                 Southern Methodist             Institute
Pacific University                                       University
                            Salve Regina University                                   University of Wyoming
University of the Pacific
                                                                                      Xavier University

                                                                                               JULY 2020 • TRINITY MAGAZINE   7
TRINITY - Cardinal Newman

                                  Kylie Auslen                                                    Kelven Diehl
                                  Arizona State Dean’s Distinction Award                          Colorado State University WUE Scholarship
                                  Azusa Pacific Dean’s Scholarship                                Oregon State University WUE Scholarship
                                  Biola University Provost Scholarship                            University of Montana WUE Scholarship
                                  Cal Baptist Presidential Merit Scholarship                      Montana State University WUE Scholarship
                                  Carroll College Trustee Scholarship                             Men’s Garden Club Scholarship
                                  Creighton University Founder’s Award                            $208,112.00
                                  Dominican University Trustee Scholarship
                                  Grand Canyon President Scholarship
                                  Grand Canyon Christian Consortium Award
                                  Grand Canyon Priority REG Award
                                  Hawaii Pacific University Provost’s Scholarship
                                  Hawaii Pacific California Match Grant
                                  Linfield University Trustee Scholarship
                                  Mount St. Mary’s University President’s Award                   Daniella Evans
                                  Presentation College Cat 2 Merit Scholarship                    University of Portland President’s Scholarship
                                  Presentation College PC Suites Scholarship                      University of Portland Grant
                                  Presentation College Nano Nagle Scholarship                     University of Portland Anchor Award
                                  Seton Hall University Scholarship                               University of Portland Endowed Scholarship
                                  Seton Hall University Summer Scholarship                        Arizona State University Dean’s Award
                                  St. Olaf University Faculty Scholarship                         Northern Arizona University Founders Gold
                                  University of Portland Presidential Scholarship                    Scholarship
                                  University of San Francisco Presidential                        Seattle University Academic Achievement
                                      Scholarship                                                    Scholarship
                                  University of San Francisco Global Award                        $288,760.00
                                  University of Hawaii, Manoa Award

                                                                                                  Andrew Lombardi
                                                                                                  Xavier University President’s Scholarship
                                  Isabella Brunner                                                Occidental College Scholarship
                                  Saint Mary’s College of California Gael Scholars                Pepperdine University Scholarship
                                     Award                                                        Loyola Marymount University Scholarship
                                  Creighton University Founder’s Scholarship                      Saint Mary’s College of California Alumni Legacy
                                  Chapman University Dean’s Scholarship                              Award
                                  Pepperdine University Achievement Award                         Saint Mary’s College of California Honors at
                                  $320,000.00                                                        Entrance Scholarship
                                                                                                  Saint Mary’s College of California Trustee Merit
                                                                                                  Christermon Scholarship

                                  Mikayla Bucher
                                  Fordham University Scholarship
                                                                                                  Matthew McMahon
                                  Santa Clara University Incentive Scholarship
                                  Chapman University Provosts Scholarship                         Westmont College Grant
                                  Gonzaga University Merit Scholarship                            California Lutheran Memorial Scholarship
                                  Christermon Scholarship                                         California Lutheran University Grant
                                  Xavier University Presidential Scholarship                      California Lutheran Dean’s Award
                                  $312,100.00                                                     California Lutheran Housing Grant

                                  Abby Clark
                                  Michigan State University Non-Resident
                                  Michigan State University Honors Excellence
                                  Michigan State University Honors Commended
                                  Michigan State University Presidential SA
                                     Scholarship                                     This list was compiled using information submitted by CN
                                  Seton Hall University Catholic HS Scholarship      students. Not all students submitted information, therefore
                                  Seton Hall University Scholarship                  there are some scholarships received but not listed.
                                  Seton Hall University Summer Scholarship

TRINITY - Cardinal Newman

       ChristineNguyen                                    Matthew Prendiville
       University of San Francisco Scholar Award          University of Minnesota, Twin Cities National
       University of San Diego Alcala Scholarship &         Scholarship
         Grant                                            Gonzaga University Dussault Scholarship
       University of Santa Clara Grant                    University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Aces
       University of California, Los Angeles                Aspire Award
         Scholarship                                      University of Nevada, Reno WUE
       University of California, Davis Scholarship        University of Utah WUE
       Grand Canyon University Priority Registration      $229,324.00
       Grand Canyon University Christian School
       Grand Canyon Univerity Chancellor Scholarship
       Dewey & Irene Baldocchi Higher Education           Abigailgrace Skinner
         Scholarship                                      California State University, Chico Grant
       $420,312.00                                        Federal Grant
                                                          Federal Secondary Grant
                                                          Lynn University Merit Scholarship
                                                          Lynn University Housing Scholarship
       Ashley O’Toole                                     Northern Arizona University Blue Scholarship
       University of Hawaii, Manoa Academic Merit         Saint Mary’s College of California Cordeo
         Scholarship                                         Scholarship
       Hawaii Pacific University Provost Scholarship      Saint Mary’s College of California Scholarship
       University of Portland President’s Scholarship     Westmont College Grant
       Oregon State University Golden State               California Grant
         Scholarship                                      Vanguard University Dean’s Scholarship
       Chapman University Dean’s Scholarship              $337,791.00
       Washington State University Distinguished Cougar
       University of Nevada, Reno Scholarship
       University of Idaho Scholarship                    Grace Sorensen
       $438,000.00                                        University of Southern California Presidential
                                                          Grinnell College Founder’s Scholarship
                                                          University of California, San Diego Regent’s
       Jackson Pavitt                                        Scholarship
       Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo Athletic Scholarship

                                                          Vivian Thane
                                                          Saint Mary’s College of California Gael’s
                                                          University of San Francisco Presidential
                                                          University of San Francisco Global Award
       Lorena Polizziani                                  Loyola Marymount University Achievement
       Saint Mary’s College of California Gael’s
          Scholarship                                      $216,000.00
       University of Denver Provost Scholarship
       University of Denver Housing Scholarship
       University of Puget Sound President’s
          Scholarship                                     Serenity Weatherby
       Seattle University Academic Achievement            Saint Mary’s College of California Gael’s
          Scholarship                                        Scholarship
       University of Portland Preident’s Scholarship      University of Portland Grant
       $428,000.00                                        University of California, Merced Bobcat Grant
                                                          California Grants

                                                                                   JULY 2020 • TRINITY MAGAZINE   9
TRINITY - Cardinal Newman
CLASS OF 2020                          SENIOR 4-YEAR AWARDS
                                       Mary Ellen C. Walter–Outstanding Service Award

                                   Cassidy Carroll        Kelven Diehl      Madisen Williams

                                           Thomas M. DeMeo–Scholar/Artist Award

                                   Jett Dumont        Samantha Hiserote       Lauren Vice

                                          John M. Fitzgerald Scholar/Athlete Award

                                   Anya Choice           Paige Foster       Giancarlo Woods

                                               Walter C. Hulsman Highest G.P.A.

                     Creighton                 Julia Donlon         Matthew Pires       Grace Sorensen
SENIOR 4-YEAR AWARDS - cont.                                                         CLASS OF 2020

St. John Henry Newman        St. Angela Christian               Henry F. Trione Outstanding
 Christian Gentleman             Gentlewoman                        Leadership Award

   Justin Patterson           Mikayla Bucher                 Creighton               Lauren Vice

             Leadership Award                                           All-Around Award

   Claire Hernandez         Alija Hunter                     Julia Donlon          Samuel Davison

                                                       St. Angela Merici        St. John Henry Newman
            Service Award                           Christian Gentlewoman         Christian Gentleman

   Abigailgrace         Jacob Singleton                  Kylie Auslen               Christopher Hall
                                                                                      JULY 2020 • TRINITY MAGAZINE   11

         Creighton                 Duong Diep           Zhongyuan Huang     Dylan McNeany         Eric Scrivanich
          Anderson-Soria           Julia Donlon         Alija Hunter        Alyssa Natale         Audrey Seymour
         Kylie Auslen              Peyton Dove          Hayley Jacquin      Christine Nguyen      Natalie Shieh
         Ty Blakely                Daniella Evans       Jenna Juillerat     Emma Nordby           Paula Simonyi
         Isabella Brunner          Paige Foster         Austin Knepper      Cassidy O’Connor      Jacob Singleton
         Mikayla Bucher            Hilary Goldschmidt   Isabella LeKander   Ashley O’Toole        Jaime Smith
         Elizabeth Chambers        George Grant         Alexander Limper    Justin Patterson      Grace Sorensen
         Abby Clark                Christopher Hall     Eriandra Loehrer    Matthew Pires         Bennett Stafford
         Zachary Davis             Alyssa Hammer        Andrew Lombardi     Lorena Polizziani     Benjamin Stevens
         Samuel Davison            Antonio Heath        Carina Marotto      Matthew Prendiville   Lauren Vice
         Lindsey Dexter            Claire Hernandez     Preston Mauch       Katerina Rahhal       Madisen Williams
         Kelven Diehl              Samantha Hiserote    Emma McNamara       Nathan Roman

         Members have four semesters of academic qualifications of which one semester must
         include Senior year

         Creighton                 Jared Doolittle      Alija Hunter        Nhi Nguyen            Natalie Shieh
          Anderson-Soria           Peyton Dove          Jenna Juillerat     Alexandria            Paula Simonyi
         Kylie Auslen              Jett Dumont          Austin Knepper       Niehauus             Jacob Singleton
         Jaime Bennett             Coleton Durkey       Isabella LeKander   Emma Nordby           Jaime Smith
         Ty Blakely                Cooper Durkey        Kara Lepe           Cassidy O’Connor      Grace Sorensen
         Isabella Brunner          Daniella Evans       Pinliang Li         Ashley O’Toole        Bennett Stafford
         Mikayla Bucher            Paige Foster         Alexander Limper    Justin Patterson      Benjamin Stevens
         Porter Carrithers         Marcus Garrone       Eriandra Loehrer    Jackson Pavitt        Payton Stewart
         Gianni Cavallo            Kaili Golden         Andrew Lombardi     Vincent Peng          Vivian Thane
         Elizabeth Chambers        Hilary Goldschmidt   Carina Marotto      Matthew Pires         Lauren Vice
         Abby Clark                George Grant         Preston Mauch       Lorena Polizziani     Serenity Weatherby
         Zachary Davis             Christopher Hall     Kaycee McKenzie     Matthew Prendiville   Madisen Williams
         Samuel Davison            Alyssa Hammer        Matthew McMahon     Katerina Rahhal       Giancarlo Woods
         Lindsey Dexter            Antonio Heath        Emma McNamara       Nathan Roman          Jiulong Zhang
         Kelven Diehl              Claire Hernandez     Dylan McNeany       Erin Schnabel
         Duong Diep                Samantha Hiserote    Alyssa Natale       Eric Scrivanich
         Julia Donlon              Zhongyuan Huang      ChristineNguyen     Audrey Seymour


                                            SENIOR AWARDS 2020
The first annual “Cardinal 2020 Resilience Award”     4.0 GPA or better 13 of 15 quarters or three
is named in honor of, and awarded to, the Class       consecutive quarters
of 2020 in recognition of their never-ending
                                                      Creighton Anderson-    Carina Marotto
courage in overcoming incredibly challenging and
                                                      Soria                  Preston Mauch
historical events including wildfires, floods and a
                                                      Kylie Auslen           Emma McNamara
pandemic with grace and resilience.
                                                      Isabella Brunner       Dylan McNeany
                                                      Mikayla Bucher         Alyssa Natale
                                                      Porter Carrithers      Christine Nguyen
                                                      Abby Clark             Emma Nordby
                                                      Zachary Davis          Cassidy O’Connor
                                                      Samuel Davison         Justin Patterson
SAFE SCHOOL AMBASSADORS                               Lindsey Dexter         Matthew Pires
                                                      Julia Donlon           Lorena Polizziani
Kylie Auslen             Kara Lepe
                                                      Jett Dumont            Katerina Rahhal
Ty Blakely               Christine Nguyen
                                                      Cooper Durkey          Nathan Roman
Mikayla Bucher           Emma Nordby                  Paige Foster           Eric Scrivanich
Samuel Davison           Ashley O’Toole               Hilary Goldschmidt     Audrey Seymour
Lindsey Dexter           Zachary Reed                 George Grant           Natalie Shieh
                                                      Christopher Hall       Paula Simonyi
Peyton Dove              Madisen Williams
                                                      Alyssa Hammer          Jacob Singleton
Daniella Evans           Giancarlo Woods              Antonio Heath          Jaime Smith
Justin Foell             Isabella Brunner             Samantha Hiserote      Grace Sorensen
Paige Foster             Abigailgrace Skinner         Zhongyuan Huang        Bennett Stafford
                                                      Alija Hunter           Benjamin Stevens
Claire Hernandez         Lea Stockham
                                                      Isabella LeKander      Lauren Vice
Justin Lafranchi         Lauren Vice                  Pinliang Li
Isabella LeKander

                                                                                  JULY 2020 • TRINITY MAGAZINE   13


                              Christina Bacci                               Andrew Lombardi
                              Cal State East Bay,                           Saint Mary’s College of
                              Women’s Basketball                            California, Baseball

                               Ty Blakely                           Matthew McMahon
                            SRJC, Baseball                         Cal Lutheran, Baseball

                              Gianni Cavallo                                Justin Patterson
                              SRJC, Baseball                                University of California,
                                                                            Davis, Track & Field

                   Elizabeth Chambers                                     Jackson Pavitt
         Point Loma Nazerene University,                        Cal Poly San Luis Obispo,
                    Women’s Basketball                                            Football

                              Anya Choice                                   Trevor Smith
                              University of California, Santa               Sonoma State University,
                              Barbara, Women’s Basketball                   Men’s Basketball

                            Sam Davison                                Bennett Stafford
                   University of California,                       Santa Clara University,
                      Davis, Track & Field                             Men’s Water Polo

                              Claire Hernandez                              Giancarlo Woods
                              Cal State San Marcos,                         Cal Poly San Luis Obispo,
                              Women’s Soccer                                Football

                         Justin LaFranchi
                           SRJC, Football


                                              SPRING SEMESTER 2020
DEAN’S LIST                Salisbury, Bridget       Lafranchi, Dante      Hassett, Caelan
                           Salisbury, Hannah        Leighton, Victoria    Headley, John
                           Seawright, Kaitlyn       Lepe, Evan            Heidingsfelder, Anneliese
FRESHMEN                   Sheppard, Tyler          Li Kircher, Kisho     Hilberman, Cassandra
Auslen, Lucas              Simon, John              Lubas, Julia          Holden, Victoria
Beecher, Ava               Simon, Julia             McDonell, Eternity    Hunter, Aiden
Behrens, Owen              Simpkins, Sophia         Meyer, Connor         Jackson, Hagan
Belmonte, Natalia          Simpkins, Samantha       Moreno, Paige         Johnson, Hayden
Birk, Briana               Smith, Kaylin            Olney, Lucas          Kelly, Ethan
Bonzi, William             Stevens, Olivia          Rahhal, Michael       Kelly, Nicholas
Boyd, Brayden              Yang, Ming               Ratto, Gianna         Key, Colin
Brunetti, Siena                                     Renfree, Angelina     Kilcullen, Conor
Campana, Violet            SOPHOMORES               Salfi, Paytin         Lamperti, Lucianno
Carter, Chase              Bardis, Gabriel          Saure, Sydney         Lashinski, Reese
Christian-Menton, Nikyla   Bell, Sophia Alexandra   Titone, Isabella      LeBlanc, Lauren
Craig, Teagan              Bellman, Sydney          Vanzutphen, Eloise    Leighton, Abigail
D’Amico, Giovanni          Bertoli, Jenna           Wagner, Dylan         Lim, Moon
Doig, Gavin                Bettinelli, Mila         Waite, Richard        Line, Shea
Dunlea, Dashel             Bianchetti, Luciana      Waller, Kimi          Liu, O’Callaghan
Estrada, Lucia             Bigattini, Vincenzo      Wojcik, Adam          Lombardi, Aidan
Farquhar, Alexandra        Binder, Dakota           Xia, Haoxiang         Martinez, Jenna
Fenske, Samantha           Carinalli, Jacob         Zichichi, Lily        McKeown, Connor
Garrison, Tessa            Cho, Brandon                                   Mello, Abigail
Hansel, Hayden             Clark, Kathryn           JUNIORS               Nguyen, Victoria
Hargarten, Madailein       Cooke, Lexy              Adams, Katie          Nguyen, Calvin
Hassett, Daire             Cortina, Julian          Alvear, Lauren        Nordby, Tyler
Jackson, Elise             Cronin, Haley            Batchelder, Shea      Oandason, Isabelle
Jordan, Vivien             Cunningham, Abigail      Bazzano, Marina       Osmer, Elliot
Larson, Jack               Do, Meghan               Belmonte, Gabriella   Ostheimer, Alessandra
Lazark, Jack               Eaton, Ashley            Biehl, Catherine      Perra, Olivia
Lerma, Mason               Elias, Jorge             Bonzi, Jenna          Prado, Mario
Lindeblad, Kassie          Golden, Liya             Bowen, Spencer        Rico, Isaac
Liu, William               Green, Sophia            Bowman, Tara          Sarshar, Sofia
Marts, Kira                Hall, Katherine          Cai, Qian             Schmidt, Emily
McLaughlin, Aidan          Hansel, Maguire          Capurro, Nolan        Sharma, Agrataa
McNamara, Catrina          Hill, Sophia             Castaneda, Flor       Sierocinski, Georgina
Mullins, Abigail           Jacobs, Avery            Coleman, Ella         Smith, Alexander
Munsell, Paul              Jacobs, Colbi            Crawford, Carson      Smits, Emma
Niehaus, Nathan            Jannicelli, Jacob        DeMarinis, Andrew     Solano, Aydan
Oandason, Charlie          Johnson, Aidan           Dural, Aysia          Solley, Hailey
Palmer, Cameron            Johnson, Arianna         Frantz, Adeline       Sullivan, Justin
Passalacqua, Mariella      Kelley, Neala            Girimonte, Nicholas   Swenson-Aguirre, Katrina
Popkin, Elijah             Kohut, Kooper            Girolo, Natalia       Talafili, Annalise
Rodriguez, Daniela         Kohut, Preston           Halkovich, Hunter     Tannous, Dimitri

                                                                                       JULY 2020 • TRINITY MAGAZINE   15

         SPRING SEMESTER 2020
         Taurian, Gina               Hunter, Alija         FIRST HONORS           Sanchez, Daniela
         Turbeville, Bryce           Juillerat, Jenna                             Sanchez-Ambriz, Isabella
                                                           3.5-3.99 GPA
         Turko, Noelle               Knepper, Austin                              Sharma, Priyanka
         Vice, Peyton                LeKander, Isabella    FRESHMEN               Shockey, Natalie
         Wall, Brooke                Lepe, Kara            Ayre, Nicholas         Sichel, Blake
         Wallace Roberts, Sanaya     Li, Pinliang          Black, Hudson          Sinatra, Gabriella
         Weiss, Jacob                Limper, Alexander     Brunetti, Julia        Solano, Jordan
         Woods, Devin                Lombardi, Andrew      Cantarutti, Cloe       Suard, Venice
         Woods, Emilee               Marotto, Carina       Capitani, Jack         Turbeville, Greta
         Xiong, Junfei               Mauch, Preston        Castello, Gianna       Vaughan, Annabelle
         Zakasky, Quinton            McKenzie, Kaycee      Coleman, Catalina      Vivian, Luke
         Zhu, Junhao                 McMahon, Matthew      Cook, Michael          Warnell, Lucas
         Zielke, Jiana               McNamara, Emma        Dahlgren, Georgia      Westrope, Abigail
                                     McNeany, Dylan        Dayton, Lillie         Wheadon, Katherine
         SENIORS                     Natale, Alyssa        Diehl, William
         Anderson-Soria, Creighton   Nguyen, Christine     Do, Mia                SOPHOMORES
         Auslen, Kylie               Niehaus, Alexandria   Duenas, Deja           Boisclair, Alex
         Brunner, Isabella           Nordby, Emma          Elder, Carson          Bourns, Chase
         Bucher, Mikayla             O’Connor, Cassidy     Freeman, Ava           Carroll, Rachel
         Carrithers, Porter          O’Toole, Ashley       Friesch, Avery         Coogan, Dallas
         Cavallo, Gianni             Patterson, Justin     Ganino, Sophia         Erwin, Jack
         Chambers, Elizabeth         Pires, Matthew        Grafe, Jack            Gonzalez Lopez, Michael
         Clark, Abby                 Polizziani, Lorena    Guy, Cody              Guerrero, Fabian
         Coleman, Torrence           Rahhal, Katerina      Gwin, Alyssa           Haley, Olivia
         Davis, Zachary              Roman, Nathan         Holland, Ella          Hawkins, Kyle
         Davison, Samuel             Schnabel, Erin        Ibanez Arroyo, Carly   Hextrum, Kendall
         Dexter, Lindsey             Scrivanich, Eric      Key, Karina            Meihaus, Rose
         Diep, Duong                 Seymour, Audrey       Khoury, Sarah          Nowacki, Jessica
         Donlon, Julia               Shieh, Natalie        Kilcullen, Daniel      Ong, Alyza
         Dove, Peyton                Simonyi, Paula        Lloyd, Trenton         Phelps, Nathan
         Dumont, Jett                Singleton, Jacob      Longton, Dellan        Pratt, Hailey
         Durkey, Cooper              Smith, Jaime          Lopez, Colin           Prendiville, John
         Evans, Daniella             Sorensen, Grace       Mazur, Lauren          Rechin, Marije
         Foster, Paige               Stafford, Bennett     Mueller, Hunter        Solano, Julietta
         Garrone, Marcus             Stevens, Benjamin     Mwiti, Ashley          Soldis, Karrabella
         Golden, Kaili               Stewart, Payton       O’Connor, Brooke       Sweeney, Robert
         Goldschmidt, Hilary         Thane, Vivian         Olibas, Stephen        Taddei, Aidan
         Grant, George               Vice, Lauren          Osmer, Claire          Walker, Kiana
         Hall, Christopher           Williams, Madisen     Passalacqua, Sophia    Wilson, Madison
         Hammer, Alyssa              Zhang, Jiulong        Pezzolo, Joseph        Wright, Izzy
         Heath, Antonio                                    Reis, Owen
         Hernandez, Claire                                 Roetter, Memphis
         Hiserote, Samantha                                Sage-Elwood, Vincent
         Huang, Zhongyuan                                  Salamati, Soraya


JUNIORS               Diehl, Kelven           Postal, Colin       Lavin, Myles
Anton, Christiane     Durkey, Coleton         Rota, Landen        Morehead, Daniel
Ayre, Bailey          Ferrari, Matthew        Sandoval, Evan      O’Donnell, Kyle
Beach, Jordyn         Fowler, Molly           Stromer, Carson     O’Keefe, Chase
Bevilacqua, Michael   House, Zoe              Vigil, Ashley       Pavitt, Rhett
Bevilacqua, Lindsay   Jacquin, Hayley         Vigil, Xavier       Rodriguez, Fernanda
Cavallo, Alacia       Khaziev, Daniel         Zuiderweg, Trent    Ruegg, Kayla
Caviglia, Nicole      Knechtle, Dyllan                            Shockey, Michael
Cvitanovic, Patrick   Loehrer, Eriandra       SOPHOMORES          Tekle, Fetsum (Babu)
Danley, Ryan          Millard, Mackenzie      Bailey, Abigail     Wang, Haozhe
Danoff, Katelin       Monks, Megan            Beerbower, Albert
Dell’Era, Kristyn     Nguyen, Nhi             Brown, Sally        SENIORS
Fair, Blake           Ottolini, Ayden         Drake, Riley        Bacci, Dominic
Forcier, Skyler       Peng, Vincent           Erwin, Lilly        Bastone, Rachel
Gallegos, Santiago    Prendiville, Matthew    Groves, Brohnson    Bello, Luke
Gamino, Juan Carlos   Rios Sarabia, Jorge     Hart, Francesca     Browning, Tighe
Geernaert, Kenadie    Vos, Travis             Ittig, Greyson      Carroll, Cassidy
Gill, Kevin           Weatherby, Serenity     Joseph, Ruby        Dhillon, Jasleen
Grund, Zeke                                   Knechtle, Lucas     Doolittle, Jared
Hafner IV, John
                      SECOND                  Mann, Charlene      Holland, Asher
Heredia, Leila                                Mauritson, Lucas    Lafranchi, Justin
Loxley, Cameron
                      HONORS                  Nordby, Audrey      Latham, Sean
McGowan, Lily         3.0-3.49 GPA            Sasuta, Braxton     Manville, Alexander
Medin, Quinn          FRESHMEN                Searcy, Reese       Mesquita, Joao
Miroyan, Nataly       Amezcua, Amber          Sieurac, Sean       Musso, Luca
Moran, Shane          Angel, Lindsay          Taylor, Cassie      Pavitt, Jackson
Retamoza, Jordan      Avanzi Mesquita, Dora   Tunev, Adrian       Sage-Elwood, Sophia
Robinson, Emma        Barbour, Ryleigh        Vaughn, Katelyn     Sanchez, Natalia
Sandoval, Hunter      Blakely, Isabella       Wilson, Jaysen      Searcy, Brin
Seghesio, William     Boisclair, Aden                             Skinner, Abigailgrace
Shippey, Nathan       Bradley, Davin          JUNIORS             Smith, Trevor
Spangler, Scarlett    Brinson, Justice        Campos, Matthew     Stockham, Lea
Turner, Kennedy       Carinalli, Lily         Castello, Luca      Walsh, Shane
Woods, Abigail        Ceja, Julian            Cooke, Jordan       Weaver, Camden
                      Elliott, Samuel         Farrow, Clayton     Woods, Giancarlo
SENIORS               Esposti, Sofia          Feagin, Mason       Wycoff, Miles
Bacci, Christina      Flint, Chase            Fortman, Henry
Bennett, Jamie        Flynn, Patrick          Gallo, Maximus
Blakely, Thomas       George, Nevaeh          Gillette, Jayden
Boyle, Daniel         Kelly, Zachary          Greco, Joseph
Choice, Anya          Lefort, Manuel          Hale, Elizabeth
Courier, Caroline     Mengistab, Amiel        Hamblin, Owen
Dhillon, Harleen      Palley, Syris           Harris, Mariah

                                                                             JULY 2020 • TRINITY MAGAZINE   17

         Varsity Men’s Basketball            JV Women’s Basketball           Varsity Women’s Soccer
         Capurro, Nolan                      Bailey, Abigail                 Alvear, Lauren
         Grund, Zeke                         Brunetti, Julia                 Bellman, Sydney
         Hunter, Aliji                       Brunetti, Siena                 Belmonte, Natalia
         Jannicelli, Jacob                   Cooke, Lexy                     Belmonte, Brie
         Johnson, Hayden                     Cronin, Haley                   Christian-Menton, Nikyla
         Kelly, Ethan                        Dahlgren, Georgia               Fenske, Samantha
         Kelly, Nick                         Farquhar, Alexander             Forcier, Skyler
         Roman, Nathan                       Ganino, Sophia                  Foster, Paige
         Smith, Jaime                        Lindeblad, Kassie               Hernandez, Claire
         Woods, Giancarlo                    Nordby, Audrey                  Holden, Victoria
         Woods, Devin                        Ratto, Gianna                   Jackson, Elise
                                                                             Kelley, Neala
         JV Men’s Basketball                 Frosh Women’s Basketball        LeBlanc, Lauren
         Cai, Andy                           Sanchez, Daniela                Lekander, Isabella
         Coogan, Dallas                      Simpkins, Sophia                Liu, O’Callaghan
         Erwin, Jack                         Simpkins, Samantha              Oandason, Isabelle
         Gillette, Jayden                    Sinatra, Gabriella              Rechin, Marije
         Ittig, Greyson                      Smith, Kaylin                   Seawright, Kaitlyn
         Johnson, Aidan                      Wheadon, Katherine              Vice, Peyton
         Kohut, Kooper                                                       Wright, Izzy
         Meyer, Conor                        Varsity Men’s Soccer
                                             Anderson-Soria, Creighton       Varsity Men’s Wrestling
         Frosh Men’s Basketball              Batchelder, Shea                Carter, Chase
         Ayre, Nicholas                      Carinalli, Jacob                Carlos Gamino, Juan
         Black, Hudson                       Cortina, Julian                 Halkovich, Hunter
         Cook, Michael                       Hunter, Aidan                   Scrivanich, Eric
         Larson, Jack                        Jackson, Hagan                  Tannous, Dimitri
         McLaughlin, Aidan                   Kilcullen, Conor
         Munsell, Paul                       Lepe, Evan                      Varsity Women’s Wrestling
         Oandason, Charlie                   Liu, William                    Joseph, Ruby
         Sheppard, Tyler                     Olney, Lucas
         Vigil, Xavier                       Patterson, Justin
                                             Roetter, Memphis
         Varsity Women’s Basketball          Simon, John
         Chambers, Elizabeth                 Smith, Alexander
         Choice, Anya                        Wojcik, Adam
         Dural, Aysia
         Harris, Mariah
         Johnson, Arianna           Scholar Teams
         Mullins, Abigail
         Nordby, Emma               Varsity Men’s Basketball 3.65        Frosh Women’s Basketball 3.68
                                    JV Men’s Basketball       3.63       Varsity Men’s Soccer      3.58
                                    Frosh Men’s Basketball   3.36        Varsity Women’s Soccer    3.77
                                    Varsity Women’s Basketball 3.81      Varsity Men’s Wrestling    3.14
                                    JV Women’s Basketball     3.64       Varsity Women’s Wrestling 3.41


                               UNDERCLASSMEN AWARDS
AWARDS                                                 3 OUT OF 3 QUARTERS 4.0 GPA OR BETTER

Service Male               All-Around Male             Adams, Katie           Martinez, Jenna
9th – Vincent Sage-        9th – Nicholas Ayre         Batchelder, Shea       Mello, Abigail
      Elwood               10th – Jorge Elias          Bazzano, Marina        Nguyen, Calvin
10th – Dante Lafranchi     11th – Ethan Kelly
                                                       Belmonte, Gabriella    Nguyen, Victoria
11th – Ryan Danley
                                                       Biehl, Catherine       Oandason, Isabelle
                           All-Around Female
Service Female                                         Bonzi, Jenna           Osmer, Elliot
                           9th – Bridget Salisbury &
9th – Teagan Craig               Hannah Salisbury      Bowman, Tara           Ostheimer, Alessandra
10th – Dakota Binder       10th – Abigail              Cai, Qian(Andy)        Prado, Mario
11th – Annalise Talafili          Cunningham
                                                       Coleman, Ella          Rico, Isaac
                           11th – Abigail Leighton
                                                       DeMarinis, Andrew      Sarshar, Sofia
Leadership Male
                           Christian Gentleman         Dural, Aysia           Sharma, Agrataa
9th – Brayden Boyd
                           9th – Mason Lerma and       Girolo, Natalia        Sierocinski, Georgina
10th – Kyle Hawkins
                                 Nathan Niehaus        Grund, Zeke            Smith, Alexander
11th – Aydan Solano
                           10th – Michael Rahhal
                                                       Halkovich, Hunter      Solano, Aydan
                           11th – Hagan Jackson
Leadership Female                                      Headley, John          Sullivan, Justin
9th – Hayden Hansel                                    Hilberman, Cassandra   Swenson-Aguirre, Katrina
                           Christian Gentlewomen
10th – Maguire Hansel
                           9th – Elise Jackson         Holden, Victoria       Tannous, Dimitri
11th – Alessandra
                           10th – Sophia Hill          Hunter, Aiden          Taurian, Gina
                           11th – Emily Schmidt &      Jackson, Hagan         Turbeville, Bryce
                                  Katrina Swenson-
                                                       Johnson, Hayden        Vice, Peyton
                                                       Key, Colin             Wall, Brooke

                                                       Kilcullen, Conor       Wallace Roberts, Sanaya

                                                       Lashinski, Reese       Woods, Emilee

                                                       LeBlanc, Lauren        Xiong, Junfei

                                                       Leighton, Abigail      Zhu, Junhao

                                                       Liu, O’Callaghan       Zielke, Jiana

                                                                                       JULY 2020 • TRINITY MAGAZINE   19


         Auslen, Lucas             Fenske, Samantha            McNamara, Catrina                Simpkins, Sophia

         Bonzi, William            Hansel, Hayden              Mullins, Abigail                 Sinatra, Gabriella

         Boyd, Brayden             Hassett, Daire              Oandason, Charlie                Stevens, Olivia

         Brunetti, Siena           Jordan, Vivien              Salisbury, Bridget               Yang, Ming

         Campana, Violet           Lerma, Mason                Salisbury, Hannah

         Carter, Chase             Liu, William                Simon, John

         Farquhar, Alexandra       Marts, Kira                 Simon, Julia

                                                    SOPHMORE AWARDS
                                                    DEAN’S PIN - 4.0 OR BETTER GPA 3 OF 3 QUARTERS
                                                    Bardis, Gabriel           Eaton, Ashley             Leighton, Victoria

                                                    Bellman, Sydney           Elias, Jorge              Lepe, Evan

                                                    Bertoli, Jenna            Golden, Liya              Lubas, Julia

                                                    Bianchetti, Luciana       Hall, Katherine           McDonell, Eternity

                                                    Bigattini, Vincenzo       Hansel, Maguire           Meyer, Connor

                                                    Binder, Dakota            Hill, Sophia              Olney, Lucas

                                                    Carinalli, Jacob          Jacobs, Colbi             Wagner, Dylan

                                                    Cho, Brandon              Jannicelli, Jacob         Waite, Richard

                                                    Clark, Kathryn            Kelley, Neala             Waller, Kimi

                                                    Cooke, Lexy               Kohut, Kooper             Zichichi, Lily

                                                    Cronin, Haley             Kohut, Preston

                                                    Do, Meghan                Lafranchi, Dante


                               UNDERCLASSMEN AWARDS

SOPHOMORES                Sophia Hill         JUNIORS                  Jenna Rafla-Yuan
Colbi Jacobs              Eternity McDonell   Tara Bowman              Sofia Sarshar
Kathryn Clark             Paytin Salfi        Flor Castaneda           William Seghesio
Dallas Coogan             Jocelyn Thomas      Andrew DeMarinis         Brooke Wall
Haley Cronin              Eloise Vanzutphen   Natalia Girolo           Abigail Woods
Meghan Do                 Kimi Waller         Cassandra Hilberman      Junfei Xiong
Michael Gonzalez Lopez    Lily Zichichi       Reese Lashinski          John Headley
Brohnson Groves                               Cameron Loxley           Alessandra Ostheimer
Katherine Hall                                Olivia Perra             Ayden Solano
Francesca Hart                                Mario Prado              Katrina Swenson-Aguirre

STATE DELEGATES                               TOMORROW’S LEADERS TODAY (TLT)
Boys State Delegate
                                              Katie Adams               Conor Kilcullen
Hagan Jackson - 11
                                              Michael Bevilacqua        Shea Line
                                              Catherine Biehl           Lily McGowan
Girls State Delegate
Natalia Girolo - 11                           Skyler Forcier            Noelle Turko
                                              Nicholas Girimonte        Jacob Weiss
                                              Hunter Halkovich          Quinton Zakasky
                                              Colin Key

 Latin I
 Giovani Marinelli – Cum Laude – Grade 9         AP Latin – Poetry IV Exam
                                                 Abby Clark – Silver Medal Maxima Cum Laude –
 Latin II                                                     Grade 12
 Alex Boisclair – Cum Laude – Grade 10
 Neala Kelley – Magna Cum Laude – Grade 10

                                                                               JULY 2020 • TRINITY MAGAZINE   21

         “   Heroes Work Here”. This sign has been appearing
             all over the country to honor the individuals who
         have been on the frontlines of the fight against the
                                                                      support our families and school while adjusting to
                                                                      working from home.

         Coronavirus. Truly, those people are heroes and have         All of the planning and training would not have led to
         our utmost gratitude. Recently, one of those signs           a successful experience without the persistence and
         was placed on the Cardinal Newman campus by a                resiliency of the students. Students adjusted quickly,
         thoughtful community member. It serves as a reminder         continued to work hard and remained engaged in
         of the extraordinary effort that our faculty and staff put   their classes and schoolwork. This was apparent in
         forth in order to continue educating and connecting          the fifty percent reduction in absenteeism.
         with our students during the shelter in place.               A survey administered in May found that our students
         CN teachers were initially trained on distance learning      and parents were extremely pleased with the way the
         practices and technologies on Friday, March 13th in          distance learning experience progressed. Comments
         order to prepare for the “possible” need to partially        from parents included appreciation for the structure
         close or close California schools. The weekend               and consistency of the instructional time, the quick
         of March 14th and 15th witnessed the closing of              move to online instruction and the continued high
         approximately 80% of California schools. On Monday,          level of instruction provided by teachers. Students
         March 16th, the Cardinal Newman faculty was brought          reported that teachers remained available and
         together for a now “extremely necessary” training            showed genuine care and concern for students’ well-
         on Zoom and distance teaching instructions, ideas            being.
         and procedures. As of Tuesday, March 17th, Cardinal          While we know students, parents, faculty and staff all
         Newman was teaching all classes online and students          missed being together and learning as a community,
         returned to learning in a new way.                           Cardinal Newman was able to continue to provide
          Heroes? Yes. Every teacher worked diligently                a quality educational experience for students.
         and tirelessly to adjust curriculum, instruction and         We appreciate how difficult this time has been for
         assessment so that every student would continue              everyone and we look forward to a return to our
         learning and feel supported. The staff continued to          Cardinal Newman campus and community.

         31 Years – Tom Bonfigli                                15 Years – Terri Derr
         20 Years – Gayle deRutte                               15 Years – Beverly Fuller
         20 Years – Joanne Patterson                            15 Years – Humberto Reynoza
         16 Years – Ryan King                                   6 Years – Ryan Corriveau
         16 Years – Rory McNamara                               6 Years – Jim Klein
         16 years – Jaime Torres-Garcia                         5 Years – Martha King
         15 Years – Kathy Badger                                5 Years – Eric Parker


                          MR. TOM BONFIGLI                    has encouraged his students to have their works
                                                              published in local newspapers, the latest of which

                          M       r. Bonfigli has been
                                  a fixture at Cardinal
                            Newman High School since
                                                              appeared in the North Bay Bohemian. He conceived
                                                              of and produced the Schooltimes online magazine
                                                              for the school which included original student photos,
                            entering the school in 1967       artwork, and writing. For years he could be seen
                            and graduating in 1971 as a       at many school events as he photographed them
                            multi-sport athlete. He started   for various school publications. He also served for
                            teaching at Cardinal Newman       a number of years as the Department Chair for the
in 1976, and has been a faculty member here for 31            Visual & Performing Arts Department.
years with a short tenure in between at Justin Siena. In
that time Mr. Bonfigli has taught a number of courses,                                  FATHER MOSES
the latest of which has been Government, Economics                                      BROWN
and AP Economics. His lectures are legendary. On the
basketball court Coach Bonfigli has also been legendary                                 Father Moses has been an
with 591 wins at Cardinal Newman and 16 North Bay                                       integral part of the Cardinal
League championships. He won 816 games, eighth                                          Newman community as it’s
most in California history. He was named the National                                   Chaplain since he arrived
Federation of State High School Associations Coach of                                   on campus in 2015. He has
the Year for boys basketball in California in 2019.                                     served as a member of
                                                              the Administrative team and head of the Theology
                          MR. RORY                            Department and as such has made his impact
                          MCNAMARA                            throughout the spiritual and academic life of the school.
                                                              He is well respected in the classroom where he has
                        Mr. McNamara came to                  taught theology courses at various class levels. He is
                        Cardinal Newman 16 years              loved for his personable teaching style. This has also
                        ago when he was hired to              been prevalent in his engaging homilies that he has
                        teach photography. Prior to           shared during the many Masses he has presided over.
                        that time, Mr. McNamara, who          Father can be seen at most Cardinal Newman events
                        was born in London, had               whether at a basketball game where he “parts the Red
traveled throughout Europe playing in various bands           Sea”, or mingling with the students during lunch at
and recording music, along with being a professional          Jake’s Place. He has truly been the spiritual leader of
photographer. He has brought his love of the arts             our community and will be greatly missed. He will still
and his knowledge of the profession to develop                have a presence at the school but his main position will
the photography program at Cardinal Newman. He                now be at the Chancery for the Diocese of Santa Rosa.

T    he entire faculty has been named “Teacher of the Year” for 2019-2020. This is awarded due to the
     commitment and effort the faculty made to their students during this year that began with power shutdowns,
fire, and evacuations and ended with a pandemic, having to move to online teaching for the last 3 months of
school. This difficult transition was met with the energy, drive and dependability that CN faculty exhibits on a
daily basis. THANK YOU!
                                                                                                     JULY 2020 • TRINITY MAGAZINE   23

         O     n the morning of Monday, June 22, 2020,
               history was made on the burn site of the
         Cardinal Newman High School campus. Due to
                                                                   During the ceremony, Bishop Vasa took great pride
                                                                   in climbing into the driver’s seat of the bulldozer
                                                                   and physically making things happen by moving the
         social distancing restrictions, a very small number       first bucketload of dirt! This symbolizes the great
         of people were in attendance as we broke ground           excitement and motivation behind getting this building
         on the NEW 2-story classroom building! This event         started on time so that it’s ready for the Fall 2021
         was streamed live so                                                                  school year! It was here that
         that our community could                                                              our community witnessed
         share in the excitement.                                                              an amazing moment in
         Superintendent and Cardinal                                                           the mission of Cardinal
         Newman’s Interim President                                                            Newman High School, as
         Linda Norman hosted the                                                               we continue to educate our
         momentous occasion while                                                              students in the wholeness of
         Bishop Vasa offered prayer                                                            mind, body, and spirit, while
         and inspirational words on                                                            preparing to utilize NEW
         how far we’ve come since                                                              state-of-the-art facilities.
         the fire. Campaign Co-Chair
         Tim Bucher, CN ‘82, gave                                                             This groundbreaking
         insight on the importance                                                            occasion begins the building
         of this capital campaign and                                                         process of the ($19M) Phase
         how the community has                                                                II portion of the “A Call to
         come together to make this                                                           Lead” capital campaign.
         state-of-the-art, two-story                                                          Although this is a big step
         classroom building a reality.                                                        for Cardinal Newman as
                                                                                              far as moving forward,
         The ‘shovel holders’ at the                                                          extensive work continues
         ceremony represented                                                                 as funds are raised for the
         our supportive Cardinal                                                              ($16M) Phase III project . .
         Newman community that have helped us reach this           . a Student Union Building. The Student Union will
         point in our campaign. We are grateful for all of you     include a library, media center, group study rooms,
         who have generously supported this campaign effort.       classroom spaces, college and career counseling
         Thank you to, from left to right, Mike Nonella – Wright   offices, a kitchen/cafeteria, and an indoor/outdoor
         Contracting, John Dybczak – Quattrocchi Kwok              eating area. We are very close to funding this phase!
         Architects, Mary Louise Bucher – Campaign Co-Chair,       Please contact Advancement Director Terri Derr,
         Will Seghessio – Class of 2021, Dan Stevens – Board, (707) 546-6470 x117, for
         Chair, Tim Bucher – Campaign Co-Chair, Bishop             information on how to support this next phase of the
         Robert Vasa, Ally Ostheimer – Class of 2021, Fr. Plass,   “A Call to Lead” capital campaign.
         Linda Norman, Fr. Moses Brown.


                  t h i ngs
            oBig ning at
            e h a p p e     c h oo l !
       oar man High S
     i na l N ew

                                         JULY 2020 • TRINITY MAGAZINE   25

         Name                Recognition                Position         Grade   Fall 2019 All-League Women’s Tennis
         Fall 2019 All-League Football                                           Isabella Bruner     First Team, Singles		          12
         Coach Paul Cronin   Coach of the Year		                                 Alyssa Natale       First Team, Doubles		          12
         Jackson Pavitt      Player of the Year         QB                  12   Alessandra Ostheimer First Team, Doubles		         11
         Giancarlo Woods     Offensive Player of the Year WR                12   Katrina Swenson-Aguirre Second Team, Singles		     11
         Shane Moran         Defensive Player of the Year DB                11   Audrey Seymour      Second Team, Doubles		         12
         Ethan Kollenborn    Specialist of the Year     Kicker              12   Elizabeth Hale      Second Team, Doubles		         11
         Giancarlo Woods     Defensive Back of the Year DB                  12
         Dan Boyle           Lineman of the Year        DL                  12   Fall 2019 All-League Men’s Water Polo
         Tsion Nunnally      First Team Offense         WR                  11   Bennett Stafford    MVP		                          12
         Mitch Russell       First Team Offense         OL                  11   Andrew “AJ” DeMarinis Goalie of the Year		         11
         Mike Shockey        First Team Offense         OL                  11   Joao Mesquita       First Team		                   12
         Hunter Graniss      First Team Defense         OB                  12   Cole Peterson       First Team		                   12
         Zach Moran          First Team Defense         OB                  11   Peyton Dove         Second Team		                  12
         Mitch Russell       First Team Defense         IB                  11   Gavin Homer         Second Team		                  12
         Connor Williams     First Team Defense         DL                  11
         Miles Wycoff        First Team Defense         DL                  12
                                                                                 Fall 2019 All-League Women’s Water Polo
         Mason Andrews       Second Team Offense        OL                  11
                                                                                 Lauren Alvear       First Team		                   11
         Justin Lafranchi    Second Team Offense        WR                  12
                                                                                 Sophia Green        First Team		                   10
         Connor Williams     Second Team Offense        OL                  11
                                                                                 Gianna Ratto        Second Team		                  10
         Clayton Woo         Second Team Offense        RB                  12

         Miles Wycoff        Second Team Offense        OL                  12
         Santino Azevedo     Second Team Defense        IB                  9    Winter 2019-20 All-League Wrestling - Men
         Ethan Kelly         Second Team Defense        OB                  11   Eric Scrivanich     First Place		                  12
         Nick Kelly          Second Team Defense        DB                  11   Daniel Boyle        Second Place		                 12
         Will Shirley        Second Team Defense        DL                  12   Clayton Utter       Second Place		                 11
         Emilio Vega         Second Team Defense        DL                  11   Manny Garcia        Third Place		                  11
         			                                                                     Hunter Halkovich    Third Place		                  11

         Fall 2019 All-League Volleyball
         Kimi Waller         Most Valuable Player       Setter              10   Winter 2019-20 All-League Wrestling - Women
         Cami Loxley         First Team                 Outside Hitter      11   Ruby Joseph         First Place		                  10
         Cassie Taylor       First Team                 Outside Setter      10   Isabella Sanchez    Third Place		                  9
         Julia Donlon        Second Team                Middle Hitter       12
         Lauren Vice         Second Team                Libero              12
                                                                                 Winter 2019-20 All-League Women’s Soccer
         Abby Woods          Second Team                Middle Hitter       11
                                                                                 Paige Foster        Defensive Player of the Year   12

                                                                                 Claire Hernandez    First Team		                   12
         Fall 2019 All-League Women’s Golf                                       Lea Stockham        First Team		                   12
         Abby Leighton Golfer of the Year			                                11   Calla Liu           First Team		                   11
         Lillie Dayton			                                                   9    Victoria Holden     First Team		                   11
         Tori Leighton			                                                   10   Mila Bettinelli     Second Team		                  10
         Sam Simpkins			                                                    9    Neala Kelley        Second Team		                  10
         Gabby Sinatra			                                                   9    Izzy Wright         Second Team		                  10
         			                                                                     Marjie Rechin       Second Team		                  10
                                                                                 Sam Fenske          Second Team		                  9


Winter 2019-20 All-League Men’s Soccer            Winter 2019-20 All-League Women’s Basketball
Justin Patterson   First Team		              12   Anya Choice       Most Valuable Player		                  12
Shea Batchelder    First Team		              11   Aysia Dural       First Team		                             11
Creighton Anderson-Soria Second Team		       12   Christina Bacci   First Team		                            12
Julian Cortina     Second Team		             10   Emma Nordby       First Team		                            12
			                                               Liz Chambers      Second Team		                           12
                                                  Mariah Harris     Second Team		                            11
Winter 2019-20 All-League Men’s Basketball
                                                  Reese Searcy      Second Team		                           10
Giancarlo Woods    First Team		              12

Alijah Hunter      Second Team		             12
                                                  SPRING SPORTS WERE CANCELED DUE TO PANDEMIC
Trevor Smith       Honorable Mention		       12

                                                                                         JULY 2020 • TRINITY MAGAZINE   27

                             SPRING SPORTS TEAMS AND ROSTERS

                       S    tudent athletes at Cardinal Newman expect to be playing sports during their
                            season(s) of play! Unfortunately, that was not able to fully-happen this year.
                       The season many students had been looking forward to was replaced instead by a
                       worldwide pandemic. Although the spring sports season ended just as it was getting
                       started, Cardinal Newman still wants to recognize the spring sports athletes, many of
                       whom were seniors that had given a lot to their sport(s) of choice during their time as
                       a Cardinal. The discipline, hard work, dedication, and commitment student athletes
                       have made to Cardinal Newman needs to be celebrated!

                       Cardinal Newman especially wishes to recognize the senior student athletes. We’d
                       like to celebrate your accomplishments on the field and the time you’ve invested in
                       your program. While you were not able to have your senior recognition in person,
                       your coaches and the athletic department want to make sure you are properly
                       thanked as you move on and begin your life away from the place you’ve called home
                       the last four years. You now represent the long line of athletes who have played
                       before you. Honor that tradition, and Congratulations Class of 2020.

         FROSH BASEBALL                Bryson, Blake        10      Lombardi, Andrew     12      Kilcullen, Daniel      9
         Black, Hudson             9   Davis, Colin         10      McGee, John          12      Lefort, Manuel         9
         Doig, Gavin               9   England, Seth         9      McMahon, Matthew     12      Popkin, Elijah         9
         Domenichelli, Jack        9   Grafe, Jack           9      Medin, Quinn          11     Sasuta, Braxton       10
         Dunlea, Dashel            9   Lazark, Jack          9      Moran, Shane          11     Stanford, Ethan       10
         Elder, Carson             9   Lerma, Mason          9      Morehead, Daniel      11     Stromer, Carson        9
         Flynn, Patrick            9   Li Kircher, Kisho    10      Nordby, Tyler         11     Sweeney, Robert       10
         Guy, Cody                 9   McCormack, Matthew   10      Phelps, Nathan       10      Taddei, Aidan         10
         Larson, Jack              9   Niehaus, Nathan       9      Russell, Mitchell     11     Tunev, Adrian         10
         Longton, Dellan           9   Rota, Landen          9      Sullivan, Justin      11     Warnell, Lucas         9
         Lopez, Colin              9   Sandoval, Evan        9      Sullivan, Ian        12      Wojcik, Adam          10
         McLaughlin, Aidan         9   Vides, Jaden          9      Titone, Jacob         11
         Mueller, Hunter           9   Wood , Shane         10                                   VARSITY MENS’
         Palmer, Cameron           9                                JV MEN’S                     LACROSSE
         Pena, Vaughn              9   VARSITY BASEBALL             LACROSSE                     Calderon, Eduardo      11
         Pezzolo, Joseph           9   Bacci, Dominic       12      Auslen, Lucas         9      Cameron, Jayden        9
         Sheets, Ronan             9   Blakely, Thomas      12      Behrens, Owen         9      Cvitanovic, Patrick    11
         Valdivia, Raul            9   Cavallo, Gianni      12      Boisclair, Aden       9      D’Amico, Giovanni      9
         Vivian, Luke              9   Crawford, Carson      11     Bradley, Davin        9      Davis, Zachary        12
         Zuiderweg, Trenton        9   Culbertson, Colby    12      Dang, Thomas         10      DeMarinis, Andrew      11
                                       Headley, John         11     Fair, Shane           9      Dove, Peyton          12
         JV BASEBALL                   Kingsborough, Richard 11     Fravel, Jake          9      Grant, George         12
         Boyd, Brayden             9   Latham, Sean         12      Guerrero, Fabian     10      Hall, Christopher     12
         Brinson, Justice          9   Lombardi, Aidan       11     Johnson, Aidan       10      Holland, Asher        12

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