Starting secondary school in Lambeth 2020/21

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Starting secondary school in Lambeth 2020/21
Starting secondary school in Lambeth
Information for parents/carers of children born between 01/09/08 and 31/08/09,
or taught as a year 6 child during the 2019/20 academic year, who will be
transferring from primary to secondary school in September 2020

                                        Apply online and apply on time
                                        Deadline: Thursday 31 October 2019
                                        If you apply after this date the likelihood
                                        of gaining a place at your preferred school
                                        may be significantly reduced.
Starting secondary school in Lambeth 2020/21
Starting secondary school in Lambeth 2020/21

                Section 1: Process and procedure
            2   Brief guide to terms used in this booklet
            3   Introduction by Cathy Twist and Councillor Jennifer Brathwaite
            4   Secondary transfer and the Pan-London co-ordinated
                admissions procedure
            6   11 stages parents/carers must follow
           16   Secondary transfer key dates
           17   Apply online for your child’s secondary school place
           18   Step-by-step guide to online eAdmissions applications

                Section 2: Lambeth primary schools
           20   Lambeth secondary schools information at a glance
           22   Map showing Lambeth secondary schools
           23   Secondary transfer school open days
           24   Archbishop Tenison’s School
           27   ARK Evelyn Grace Academy
           30   Bishop Thomas Grant Roman Catholic Secondary School
           33   City Heights E-ACT Academy
           36   Dunraven School
           39   The Elmgreen School
           42   Harris Academy Clapham
           45   Lambeth Academy
           48   La Retraite Roman Catholic Girls’ School
           51   Lilian Baylis Technology School
           54   The London Nautical School
           57   The Norwood School
           60   Oasis Academy South Bank
           63   Platanos College
           66   Saint Gabriel’s College
           69   St Martin-in-the-Fields High School for Girls
           72   Trinity Academy
           75   Woodmansterne School

           78   Applying for schools in other boroughs

                Section 3: Children with Special Educational
                Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND)
           79   Procedure for applying for school place for an SEND child
           79   Lambeth Special Educational Needs Schools and Resource Bases

           82   Section 4: Other information

                                              SECTION 1 / PROCESS AND PROCEDURE 1
Starting secondary school in Lambeth 2020/21
Brief guide to commonly
used terms in this booklet

Academies are publicly funded schools that provide free education to pupils of all abilities. They are
established by sponsors from business, faith or voluntary groups. They receive funding directly from
the Department for Education. Each academy has its own admissions policy.
Community schools are run by the local council. It employs the school’s staff, and runs the admission
procedure. Their running costs are met from public funds which come through the local council (mainly
council tax and grants from central government). They provide free education. Community schools
in the same borough share an admissions policy.
Department for Education (DfE) is responsible for education and children’s services.
Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) An Education, Health and Care Plan (often referred to as an
EHCP) is for children and young people aged up to 25 who need more support than is available through
normal school based special educational needs support. EHC Plans identify education, health and social
needs a child or young person has and sets out the additional support required to meet these needs.
Education, Learning and Skills a group of services in Lambeth Council that brings together all services
for education under one banner.
Foundation schools have their running costs met from public funds which come through the local council.
They provide free education. Each foundation school has it’s own admissions policy.
Free Schools are all-ability state-funded schools. They are non-selective and free to attend, and not
controlled by a local authority. Each free school has its own admissions policy.
Local Authority (LA) The borough/ local council.
Ofsted The national Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted), is the government department responsible
for inspecting schools and reporting on standards of achievement and the quality of education provided.
Parents/carers refers to all carers and legal guardians.
Special schools cater for children who have an Education, Health and Care Plan and whose special needs
are such that they cannot be met in a mainstream school. All children attending a special school must have
an Education, Health and Care Plan.
Voluntary-aided schools are set up by voluntary bodies, usually churches, but have their running costs
met from public funds which come through the local council. They provide free education. The voluntary-aided
schools in Lambeth have very close links to their church, and are often referred to as church schools. Each
voluntary-aided school has its own admissions policy.

Starting secondary school in Lambeth 2020/21

Starting secondary school is an
exciting time for your child and
choosing the right secondary
school with your child is an
important step in their academic
career. In Lambeth, we have
many excellent secondary
schools that offer high quality         Cathy Twist                                 Cllr Jennifer Brathwaite
learning opportunities, very good       Director,                                   Deputy Leader of the Council
                                        Education and Learning                      (Children and Young People)
facilities and highly professional
staff dedicated to meeting pupils’
needs. In all our schools great         support the development of young            September 2020 (subject to DfE
attention is devoted to developing      people’s sporting achievement,              confirmation).
well-rounded, successful and            musical and creative ability as well
confident young people. Each                                                        Specialist subject provision
                                        as making a contribution to society.
school is slightly different and you                                                All Lambeth mainstream secondary
should use every opportunity to         There are a wide range of                   schools have at least one subject
visit the schools, hear what others     opportunities for young people              specialism. This means that they
have to say about them and read         to progress to post 16 courses of           offer a particular expert focus on
any websites and external reports       study at local secondary schools,           a subject whilst also ensuring that
that you can. What is right for one     sixth forms and Lambeth College.            the curriculum overall is well taught
child may not be right for another      A wide range of academic and                and resourced. Schools have listed
and it is most important that you       vocational courses are offered to           their specialisms in their admissions
and your child choose the school        meet every need.                            information (see pages 24-77)
that will best meet their needs.                                                    and you will find a wide range
                                        Education provision
                                                                                    of subjects covered across the
Quality of education                    Lambeth schools have benefited
                                                                                    borough. If your child has a specific
In recent Ofsted inspections, the       from a huge range of investment
                                                                                    interest in an area of the curriculum,
majority of secondary schools in        in buildings over the last decade.
                                                                                    you can identify a school with a
Lambeth are judged ‘good’ or            These buildings are designed to
                                                                                    specialism that may suit your
‘outstanding’. All schools in Lambeth   enable staff and pupils to work in
                                                                                    child as one of your preferences.
are improving year on year. Ofsted      ways that reflect the demands of the
reports are easily available to read    curriculum whilst ensuring young            Lambeth Council remains committed
online. Visit     people have access to state-of-the-         to continuously improving and
or contact the school directly for a    art IT, sporting and creative facilities.   delivering the best educational
hard copy. Another measure of the                                                   opportunities for children and young
                                        Lambeth secondary schools are
quality of education are vocational,                                                people so that they can achieve
                                        continuing to improve the provision
A Level and GCSE results.                                                           their full potential and play an active
                                        on offer. In September 2019
                                                                                    and positive role in society.
In addition to enabling young people    Woodmansterne School secondary
to do well academically at the end      department will take its third cohort
of Key Stage 4 and sixth form,          of Year 7 pupils and another
schools also provide a wide range       secondary school, Harris Academy
of extracurricular activities which     Clapham, is is planned to open in

                                                                            SECTION 1 / PROCESS AND PROCEDURE 3
Starting secondary school in Lambeth 2020/21
Secondary transfer and the Pan-London
co-ordinated admissions procedure

This booklet guides parents/carers         • Visit the Lambeth Customer            • To make it easy to apply and fair
and their children through the               Service Centre, 6 Brixton Hill,         for parents/carers.
admission process for secondary              London SW2 1EG. The nearest
                                                                                   • Well organised with good
school for September 2020 entry.             London Underground station
                                                                                     communication between schools
It contains general information and          is Brixton on the Victoria Line.
                                                                                     and boroughs.
highlights 11 stages of the process          Lambeth Civic Centre is open at
that parents/carers must follow to           the following times:                  What the procedure cannot do
submit their application.                    Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.             • It cannot guarantee every child a
                                                                                     school place. This is because
Please read this information carefully     General information
                                                                                     some schools receive many more
as it is important you use it to make      Legislation and purpose
                                                                                     applications than places available,
the best choices for your child.           The Education Act 2002 and the
                                                                                     and this may be the case for all
If you are unsure about any aspect of      School Admissions Code 2014
                                                                                     schools applied for. In this
the transfer process please contact        provides a framework that seeks
                                                                                     instance, allocations of offers
Lambeth School Admissions Team             to ensure that on National Offer
                                                                                     for schools not applied for will
on 020 7926 9503 and/or attend one         Day as many children as possible
                                                                                     be made where possible.
of the secondary transfer meetings         (whose parents/carers have applied
organised to provide information and       for a school place ‘on time’) receive   • It cannot guarantee your child will get
support. Please see the inside cover for   an offer (if an offer can be made)        a place at your first preference school.
a guide to terms used in this booklet.     at a school they have expressed a
                                                                                   • It cannot limit some multiple offers
                                           preference for.
If your child has an Education, Health                                               being made after 2 March 2020,
and Care Plan, do not complete a           Basics of the procedure                   (but Lambeth School Admissions
Common Application Form (CAF).             • The aim is that every child             Team will be aware of them and
Please contact your home borough’s           will receive the single highest         able to ensure that parents/carers
SEND Team for details about                  preference offer possible.              reject one of these offers quickly).
applications for secondary school.
If you would like any additional
assistance or advice on the secondary
transfer process you may:
• Telephone the Lambeth
  School Admissions Team
  on 020 7926 9503
• Talk with your child’s teacher or
  support staff in their current school
• Visit the website at
• Email Lambeth School Admissions
  Team at schooladmissions@

Starting secondary school in Lambeth 2020/21
How to apply –                            • The deadline for applications is      What is an admissions
essential information                       Thursday 31 October 2019 via          authority?
• Parents/carers only need                    A schools admissions authority – the
  to complete one Common                                                          body of people who make decisions
                                          • All parents/carers who apply on
  Application Form (CAF) to apply                                                 about admissions – will determine
                                            time will know what school their
  for up to six schools anywhere in                                               which children can be offered a
                                            child has been offered (if any) on
  London excluding fee-paying.                                                    place at a school in accordance with
                                            2 March 2020 This offer will be
                                                                                  the admissions/oversubscription
Secondary transfer meetings                 the highest preference offer that
                                                                                  criteria for that school.
for parents/carers                          can be made.
Meetings for parents/carers have                                                  For community schools the
                                          • The procedure provides an
been organised to explain the                                                     admissions authority is the LA itself
                                            easier to understand and fairer
secondary transfer co-ordinated                                                   and for an Academy, Voluntary-
                                            admissions process for both
admission arrangements and                                                        Aided (religious), Foundation or Free
                                            parents/carers and schools.
give you the opportunity to ask                                                   school it is the governing body of
questions about the procedure on          Lambeth School Admissions Team          that school.
the following dates:                      do not decide which school a
                                                                                  Where the school is over-
                                          child is offered. There is a process
Monday 9 September 2019                                                           subscribed, the school’s admissions
                                          undertaken together with School
6-7pm                                                                             authority will use their admission
                                          Admissions Teams in other
Kings Avenue Primary School                                                       criteria to determine the order
                                          boroughs. Decisions about how a
Kings Avenue                                                                      (rank) in which applicants will be
                                          child’s application for a school is
SW4 8BQ                                                                           offered places.
                                          ranked are made by the schools
Thursday 12 September 2019                admissions in accordance with their     An admissions authority may require
6.30-7.30pm                               admissions/oversubscription criteria.   parents/carers to complete a
Julian’s Primary School                                                           Supplementary Information
                                          If your child is being taught in a
(Streatham site)                                                                  Form (SIF) requesting information
                                          year group different to their
226 Leigham Court Road,                                                           which is not contained on the
                                          chronological age (out of cohort)
SW16 2RB                                                                          CAF, e.g. church attendance.
                                          you need to apply using a paper
                                                                                  This form is obtained from the
These meetings are open to all            Common Application Form and
                                                                                  school or if in Lambeth via lambeth.
parents/carers of children transferring   provide documentation from their
                                                                         and needs
to secondary school in 2020, even if      current school to confirm this
                                                                                  to be sent back to the school and
they do not attend the above schools.     placement. Applications will
                                                                                  not the borough by the school’s
Please ensure that if you bring any       be considered an a child-by-child
children to the above meetings they       basis by the admissions authority
remain with you at all times. Lambeth     for the schools applied for as they     School staff will not know what
Council and school staff cannot           have to consider, but do not have       number preference their school
be held liable for unaccompanied          to accept, your child to continue       has been listed on the CAF,
children in the building, nor can         out of cohort.                          all are considered the same at
they take any responsibility for                                                  the same time.
children brought to meetings.

                                                                           SECTION 1 / PROCESS AND PROCEDURE 5
Starting secondary school in Lambeth 2020/21
11 stages parents/carers
must follow

Stage 1
It is important to consider as
much information as possible
about the schools you wish to
apply to. Check whether your
child is likely to be offered a place
based on the school’s published
admissions criteria which, for
Lambeth schools, can be found
on the individual school’s pages
in this booklet. You can find out
information about schools by
doing the following:
• Read this booklet carefully
  and look at the admissions
  criteria for each school. Then        •	Contact the school directly for a      Stage 2
  for each school consider ‘does           copy of their prospectus or visit      Apply on time and apply online!
  my child meet these criteria’.           their website.
  If they do it may increase your       • Go to the school’s open days or          The deadline for applications
  child’s chances of gaining a             evenings. Details of open days are      is Thursday 31 October 2019.
  place at the school.                     listed in full on page 23 and on the    If you apply after this date the
• Check how offers were                    school’s pages in this booklet          likelihood of gaining a place at
  made for National Offer Day           • Talk to your child’s primary school      your preferred school may be
  for 2018/19 and 2019/20                  headteacher, learning mentor or         significantly reduced.
  entry. Details for Lambeth               class teacher.
  schools can be viewed via the         • Read the latest Ofsted report           You must complete the CAF for
  secondary transfer 2020/21               for the schools you are                your home borough regardless
  page from                interested in. These are available     of whether you are applying for
  eadmissions These details                for viewing or downloading from        schools in or outside of that borough.
  only relate to the 2018/19                               The home borough is the borough
  and 2019/20 intakes and               • If the school you want is in            where you and your child are
  children applying, which will            a different borough, contact           residing at the time of application,
  vary each year. Therefore this           that borough for their booklet         even if you have been placed in
  information cannot be used               or visit their websites (details       temporary accommodation. Please
  to guarantee how offers will             on page 78).                           check that your child’s address is in
  be made for 2020/21 intake                                                      Lambeth borough before completing
  and is only made available to               Tick to confirm that you have       the Lambeth CAF. Residents of
  give an indication of how the               completed the actions stated        boroughs other than Lambeth who
  admissions process impacted                 in this stage.                      wish to apply for a Lambeth school
  on Lambeth schools last year.                                                   must complete the CAF provided
                                                                                  by the home borough in which they

Starting secondary school in Lambeth 2020/21
live. The details of your application   submit their application no later than   Completed Common
will then be passed on to Lambeth       18 October 2019 (i.e. the Friday         Application Forms should
Council by your home borough.           before half term), to allow sufficient   be returned by Thursday
If you are not a Lambeth resident       time for processing and checking.        31 October 2019.
please contact your home borough        The completed paper CAFs can
for advice.                             be handed in to Lambeth Civic            However, we are encouraging
                                        Centre (an appointment to do this is     applicants who are submitting a
Using your research, list up to six
                                        required and can be booked online        paper CAF to do so no later than
schools in the order you prefer them,
                                        at or alternatively      18 October 2019 (i.e. the Friday
whether they are Lambeth schools or
                                        sent by post to:                         before half term), to allow sufficient
schools in another borough, on your
                                                                                 time for processing and checking.
child’s CAF. Do not include private     Lambeth School Admissions
(fee-paying) schools, as applications   Team                                     Online
for these are made directly to the      PO Box 734                     
schools on their own form. The          Winchester                               by 12 midnight on Thursday
more schools you list on the form,      SO23 5DG                                 31 October 2019.
the greater the chances your child      Please ensure that you use the           By post
has of being offered a school of your   correct postal charge to make sure       Lambeth School Admissions Team
choice. However, please do not list     your application reaches Lambeth         PO Box 734
schools you do not want your child      School Admissions Team.                  Winchester
to attend ‘just to fill up the form’.                                            SO23 5DG
                                        We recommend that you use
The preferred way for Lambeth           recorded delivery to ensure you          By hand
residents to apply for a secondary      have proof of postage.                   Lambeth Civic Centre
school place is online. This can                                                 6 Brixton Hill
                                        Any CAFs received after 31 October
be done via                                                      London
                                        2019 will be deemed late and will
eadmissions from 1 September                                                     SW2 1EG
                                        not be processed until after 2
2019. Please view pages 18 and                                                   Monday to Friday 9am-5pm
                                        March 2020, when offers have been
19 which provide a step-by-step
                                        generated for ‘on time’ applications.    An appointment is required
guide of how to apply online.
                                        If your child has an Education, Health   and can be booked online at
For parents/carers who do not                                          
                                        and Care Plan do not complete a
have internet access or cannot
                                        CAF: please see pages 79-81 for
apply online, a limited amount of
                                        further information.
paper CAFs will be available after
1 September 2019 at Lambeth             Please note that any false or
Customer Service Centre, Lambeth        deliberately misleading information
Civic Centre, 6 Brixton Hill, London    given on this form and/or supporting
SW2 1EG. There are facilities           information may render your child’s
available at Lambeth Civic Centre       application invalid and lead to any
for families to apply online.           offer of a place being withdrawn.
Whether you are completing                    Tick to confirm that you have
an online or paper CAF we are                 completed the actions stated
encouraging parents/carers to                 in this stage

                                                                          SECTION 1 / PROCESS AND PROCEDURE 7
Starting secondary school in Lambeth 2020/21
11 stages parents/carers
must follow

Stage 3                                 application and for distance             must be supplied if you are the
Proof of address                        purposes. The address must be            council tax payer.
The application address stated on       agreed between both parents/carers     • Copy of the tenancy agreement.
your child’s CAF must be the address    and is the address where the child     • Copy of a benefit letter no more
which you and your child currently      is registered. This is normally the      than 12 months old or a current
live at, even if you have been placed   address to which the child benefit       financial year’s Universal Credit
in temporary accommodation.             is paid.* If proof of address is not     letter/print-out which includes
                                        received, then this may delay the        the child’s name.
 Applications received without          processing of your application.
                                                                               Then at least one of the
 all the required proof of
                                        All applications must be submitted     following as well:
 address documents for the
                                        (whether online or on a paper form)    • Copy of a benefit letter no more
 parents/carers and the child
                                        with all the required documents           than 12 months old or a current
 may result in the child’s
                                        by 31 October 2019. Addresses             financial year’s Universal Credit
 application being withdrawn if
                                        of parent/carers and children may         letter/print-out which includes
 the address cannot be verified.
                                        also be checked against Lambeth           the child’s name – if not already
 This means that your child will
                                        Council Tax and benefits records to       provided from above list.
 not receive an offer of a school
                                        aid verification.                      • Current TV licence.
 place on 2 March 2020.
                                                                               • Copy of current utility bill
                                        At least one of the following
If your child lives between two                                                   (excluding mobile phone) no
                                        documents to confirm your name
homes, ie. split custody between                                                  more than 3 months old.
                                        and address as the applicant.
parents, just one of the parental                                              • Driving licence.
                                        • Current financial year’s Council
addresses can be used for the                                                  Applications must include one
                                          Tax letter or statement. This
                                                                               of the following documents to
                                                                               confirm your child’s name and
                                                                               • *Child Benefit letter for the current
                                                                                 financial year (please copy all
                                                                                 pages of the letter to include the
                                                                                 home address on the first page
                                                                                 and child’s name on the second or
                                                                                 a current financial year’s Universal
                                                                                 Credit letter/ print-out which
                                                                                 includes the child’s name.
                                                                               • Child’s National Health Service
                                                                                 registration card or a medical
                                                                                 letter or prescription that is no
                                                                                 more than 12 months old (this
                                                                                 can also be used to confirm your
                                                                                 child’s date of birth).
                                                                               • Child Tax Credit Award notice
                                                                                 for the current financial year

(please copy all pages of the letter
  to include the home address,
  parents name and child’s details).
• Immigration documents that show
  address – if applicable.
*If you or your partner are affected
by the High Income Child Benefit
charge and have decided to
stop Child Benefit payments,
HM Revenue and Customs have
confirmed that you cans till request
a copy of your entitlement reward
                                           Please be advised that your child’s    If you have any problems supplying
letter despite the fact that your
                                           place can still be withdrawn if        these documents, please contact us
payments have stopped.
                                           there are inconsistencies with the     as soon as possible.
If you are unable to submit any or         documents presented to Lambeth
                                                                                         Tick to confirm that you have
only some of the documents listed          and the school.
                                                                                         completed the actions stated
above for you and/or your child, you
                                           Documents can either be scanned               in this stage
will need to obtain a sworn affidavit
                                           or a clear image taken on a smart
or affirmation through a solicitor.
                                           phone or tablet, and then attached     Stage 4
This affidavit or affirmation must be
                                           to your online application once        Proof of child’s date of birth
signed by a Solicitor holding a current
                                           the application has been initially     The secondary Lambeth CAF is
practising certificate issued by the
                                           submitted. This must be done before    only for children born between
Solicitors Regulation Authority and
                                           the on time application deadline, 31   01/09/08 and 31/08/09. Using this
stamped with the company stamp.
                                           October 2019. (This is in addition     form for children outside this age
It mus must include parent and
                                           to any other documents you wish to     group will result in the form being
child(ren)’s full names and address, the
                                           include as stated in stage 4).         invalid (and it will not be processed,
date you started living at that address
                                           Alternatively all the documents        unless the child is being taught out
and the child(ren)’s date(s) of birth.
                                           (copies not originals) can be posted   of cohort).
Please note that Lambeth Council
                                           to Lambeth School Admissions           You must attach proof of your
cannot contribute towards the cost
                                           Team at PO Box 734, Winchester         child’s date of birth to the
of obtaining this.
                                           SO23 5DG or taken to the Lambeth       CAF – either a copy of their
Proof of address documents                 Civic Centre, 6 Brixton Hill, London   birth certificate, passport or
requested by Lambeth School                SW2 1EG (by appointment). The          EU National Identity Card.
Admissions at the time of application      documents must have your child’s       Alternatively this could be a copy
are required for application processing    name, date of birth and the online     of your child’s NHS card, medical
purposes only. Schools may request         application reference clearly stated   letter or doctors prescription stating
additional proof of address documents      on the top and be stapled together.    the child’s date of birth.
for their own registration purposes.
                                           If you have to submit a paper CAF,           Tick to confirm that you have
The documents they request may vary
                                           all proof of address and supporting          completed the actions stated
from the list used by Lambeth School
                                           documents (where applicable) must            in this stage
                                           be attached to the application form.
                                                                            SECTION 1 / PROCESS AND PROCEDURE 9
11 stages parents/carers
must follow

Stage 5                                online application reference clearly   Children of school staff
Provide additional                     stated on the top and be stapled
                                                                              If you work at a school that has
documentation                          together. If you have any problems
                                                                              criteria for prioritising children of staff
In additional to the proof of          supplying these documents, please
                                                                              members, supporting documentation
address documents, you may need        contact us as soon as possible.
                                                                              from your workplace must be
to submit additional supporting
                                       Medical/social                         submitted before the deadline
documentation with your child’s
                                                                              for consideration. Submitting this
CAF by 31 October 2019.                If you want your child’s application
                                                                              documentation will not automatically
Documents can either be scanned        to be considered as a medical/
                                                                              guarantee that your child will be
or a clear image taken on a smart      social application (where a school
                                                                              prioritised under this criterion.
phone or tablet, and uploaded to       has this criterion) because you
an online application. If you do not   believe that a particular school is    Looked After Children (LAC)
have access to a scanner, documents    especially able to meet your child’s   or Previously Looked After
(copies not originals) can be posted   needs above others in the area,        Children (PLAC)
to Lambeth School Admissions Team      you must submit professional
                                                                              A Looked After Child is a child that
at PO Box 734, Winchester SO23         documentation outlining this
                                                                              is currently in the care of the Local
5DG or taken to Lambeth Civic          with the CAF by 31 October 2019
                                                                              Council (foster or residential care).
Centre, 6 Brixton Hill, London SW2     for consideration. Submitting this
                                                                              A Previously Looked After Child is
1EG (by appointment).                  documentation will not automatically
                                                                              stated as being the following in the
                                       guarantee that your child will be
The documents must have your                                                  2014 School Admissions Code,
                                       prioritised under this criterion.
child’s name, date of birth and the                                           paragraph 1.7:
                                                                              Previously looked after children are
                                                                              children who were looked after,
                                                                              but ceased to be so because
                                                                              they were adopted 17 (or became
                                                                              subject to a child arrangements
                                                                              order 18 or special guardianship
                                                                              order 19). Further references to
                                                                              previously looked after children in
                                                                              this Code means such children who
                                                                              were adopted (or subject to child
                                                                              arrangements orders or special
                                                                              guardianship orders) immediately
                                                                              following having been looked after.
                                                                              For Looked After Children or
                                                                              Previously Looked After Children a
                                                                              letter from your child’s social worker,
                                                                              or a copy of court papers must
                                                                              be submitted with the CAF by the
                                                                              deadline for the correct school’s
                                                                              admissions criterion to be given.

Request to be taught                      The SIFs provide additional               the test used by some Lambeth
outside cohort                            information needed for the                schools is Saturday 9 November
                                          school’s admissions criteria to           2019. Your child will be invited
If your child is being taught in a year
                                          be applied fully. Such information        to the test by school staff once a
group different to their chronological
                                          may include religious observance          SIF has been received on-time. In
age (out of cohort) you must
                                          or specialism details. They may           addition to this some schools have
provide documentation to confirm
                                          also require further documentation        bursary auditions. Please check
this placement from their current
                                          to be submitted such as Pupil             which schools use testing and when
school. This will aid the admissions
                                          Premium documentation. For                it is (if the school is not in Lambeth)
authority’s decision whether your
                                          the Lambeth schools sharing a
child will be accepted to continue                                                  If test dates clash you must inform
                                          banding test, the SIFs are used
to be taught out of cohort.                                                         the person who sent the invite in
                                          by school staff to invite children to
                                                                                    case there are any additional test
       Tick to confirm that you have      the test. It is very important that
                                                                                    dates. It is important that your
       completed the actions stated       the SIFs are completed and sent
                                                                                    child sits these tests where used
       in this stage                      to the schools by their set deadline
                                                                                    otherwise your child may miss out
       Tick if not applicable             otherwise your child may miss out
                                                                                    on a place at preferred school.
                                          on a preferred place.
                                                                                    If you are applying for more than
Stage 6                                          Tick to confirm that you have
                                                                                    one school that requires a score
Supplementary Information                        completed the actions stated
                                                                                    from the Lambeth test, your child
Forms (SIFs)                                     in this stage
                                                                                    only needs to sit the test once.
In addition to the required
                                                 Tick if not applicable             You can choose which school you
documentation already stated,
                                                                                    wish your child to sit the test by
some schools require applicants
                                          Stage 7                                   stating this on the school’s SIFs.
to complete a Supplementary
                                          Admissions tests                          Test scores will be shared between
Information Form. Please check
                                          Some schools require children             the schools that require this data.
the school’s information in this
                                          to sit a test. The scores are used              Tick to confirm that you have
booklet, particularly the ‘how to
                                          for banding, to ensure children                 completed the actions stated
apply’ section, to check which
                                          of all abilities are considered.                in this stage
schools require these and their
deadline. For schools in other            Full/further details of how the test is         Tick if not applicable
boroughs, please check their              used are published with the school’s
literature or websites.                   admissions criteria. The date for

                                                                           SECTION 1 / PROCESS AND PROCEDURE 11
11 stages parents/carers
must follow

Stage 8                                 Please note that changes to         Stage 9
Change of circumstances                 preferences after the deadline      National Offer Day –
The Lambeth School Admissions           for on time applications are not    Monday 2 March 2020
Team will consider your application     permitted.                          If you applied online and
using the details you provide on                                            signed up to text messages
                                        If you inform your council of
your form.                                                                  you will receive an email and
                                        your change of address before
                                                                            text message on the evening of
If you move address you must            11 December 2019, the School
                                                                            2 March 2020 informing you
inform the School Admissions            Admissions Team will be able
                                                                            to log in to your admissions
Team of your new address, the           to take this into account when
                                                                            account and view the official
date of the move and provide new        preferences are being considered.
                                                                            outcome of the application.
proof of address documents as           If you change your address after
soon as possible after the date of      11 December 2019 and this           Only if you applied using a paper
the move so we are able to contact      means that you wish to change       CAF will an outcome notification
you if we need further information or   your preferences you will need      letter be posted out first class
to communicate the outcome of your      to contact the council to find      post on 2 March 2020. Details
application. A change of address        out what to do next.                of what you can do next if eg.
form can be found on our webpage.                                           your child was not offered your
                                              Tick to confirm that you
You also need to inform us in writing                                       first preference, will be on the
                                              have completed the actions
if you have a change of medical                                             secondary transfer page via
                                              stated in this stage
circumstances or a sibling starts at                              
a preferred school.                           Tick if not applicable        and included with any letter
                                                                            sent. Some schools may also
                                                                            send their own offers letters to
                                                                            parents/carers after 2 March
                                                                            2020. Responses to those
                                                                            letters should be made according
                                                                            to the school’s directions.
                                                                            Your child will be offered the single
                                                                            highest preference possible on
                                                                            the CAF. For the example shown
                                                                            on the next page, the child’s third
                                                                            preference was offered as they
                                                                            were not ranked high enough by
                                                                            the school’s admissions authority
                                                                            to be offered the first or second
                                                                            Although the child could have
                                                                            been offered their fourth or fifth,
                                                                            these were not offered as the
                                                                            higher third preference could
                                                                            be offered.

**Preference Status meanings               school’s published admission criteria
                                           or lived closer to the school
                                           if considered for the same criterion.
This is the school your child has
                                           Allocated Offers
been made an offer to attend.
                                           If your child is not able to be made
                                           an offer at one of their preferred
Because a higher offer has been made,      schools on 2 March 2020, Lambeth
and the offer made must be a single        School Admissions, in line with
offer by law, this lower preference        statutory requirements, will seek to
became invalid and was declined.           allocate a place at a Lambeth school
                                           that has vacancies after all other
Pending                                                                            address that identifies a vacancy).
                                           possible offers have been made.
Child has not been able to be offered                                              Please note that allocations will be
                                           This is for Lambeth residents only,
a place at this school at present.                                                 made according to the number of
                                           other boroughs will support their
This is because the school had                                                     vacancies there are in the borough.
                                           own residents in a similar manner.
more applications than places, and                                                 An allocation will be made to a
offers have been made according to         Decisions on where to allocate          school that parents/carers did not
the school’s published admissions          places will be made on the basis        originally apply for. In instances
criteria. Other children had a higher      of distance to the school. (i.e. the    where an allocated offer has been
priority than the child under the          nearest school to the child’s home      made, all preferences will be
                                                                                   continue to be listed as “pending”.
preference      criteria*           rank    school                   status**
                                                                                   Parents/carers of late applicants will
1st             religious           300     Lambeth school A         pending       be notified as soon as an offer can
2nd             distance            240     Lambeth school B         pending       be made. This will be after 2 March
3rd             distance            80      Lambeth school C         offered       2020 however please note that there
                                                                                   is no set date for late application
4th             sibling             40      Croydon school X         declined
                                                                                   outcomes to be notified.
5th             medical/social      70      Merton school Y          declined
                                                                                   Lambeth School Admissions Team
*criteria are shown for illustration purposes, more factors, such as banding       will assist wherever possible if your
may be involved.                                                                   child has not been offered a school
                                                                                   place to ensure that they have one
                                                                                   for the start of September 2020.

                                                                                   Stage 10
                                                                                   Accepting the offer
                                                                                   The deadline to accept offers,
                                                                                   online or using a reply form
                                                                                   sent to paper applicants is
                                                                                   Monday 16 March 2020. Failure to
                                                                                   meet this deadline may mean that
                                                                                   your child could lose their place. We

                                                                           SECTION 1 / PROCESS AND PROCEDURE 13
11 stages parents/carers
must follow

strongly advise that you accept the       Stage 11                                  child’s name is on their waiting list
offer made on National Offer Day          Next steps                                as this may not be an automatic
even if it is not your first preference   If your child was not offered your        process. Parents/carers need to be
to ensure your child has a place for      first preference school, we advise        aware that if their child’s name is on
September 2020. Offers will continue      you to follow the steps below.            a school’s waiting list, their name
to be made after National Offer Day.                                                may go up or down depending on
                                          Waiting lists
                                                                                    how the admissions criteria applies
If an offer for a higher preference is    Ensure that your child’s name is on       to others on the waiting list. Late
made later on, you can then reject        the waiting list for the school(s) that   applications received after the
the original offer. Where allocations     you applied for and were placed           closing date of 31 October 2019 will
are made, again we advise that            higher than the school offered on         be considered after National Offer
these are accepted until you receive      your CAF. Lambeth community               Day, 2 March 2020. Please note
an offer from a school you selected       schools will automatically keep           that after National Offer Day, once
on your application.                      your child’s name on their waiting        late applications are considered,
      Tick to confirm that you have       lists until 31 December 2020.             waiting lists will be re-ranked in
      completed the actions stated        Please check with other schools           line with the admissions criteria for
      in this stage                       or boroughs to ensure that your           the school(s). This will continue to
                                                                                    be the case if any additional late
                                                                                    applications are received.

                                                                                    Apply for other schools
                                                                                    You can apply for further schools
                                                                                    whilst your child’s name is on the
                                                                                    waiting list for other schools or if
                                                                                    you have accepted an allocated
                                                                                    offer. If requested, Lambeth School
                                                                                    Admissions Team can provide you
                                                                                    with information about schools that
                                                                                    have vacancies after 25 March 2020
                                                                                    Second (or subsequent) applications
                                                                                    can only be made using a paper
                                                                                    CAF, which will be available after 2
                                                                                    March 2020 to download from our
                                                                                    website or obtained from Lambeth
                                                                                    Civic Centre.
                                                                                    Completed forms need to be
                                                                                    returned to the Lambeth Civic Centre
                                                                                    or posted to the School Admissions
                                                                                    Team (address on the form). This
                                                                                    is in addition to any necessary
                                                                                    Supplementary Information Forms

being completed and sent to the
schools (where used).
Parents/carers of these new
applicants will be notified as soon
as an offer can be made, or receive
a letter stating that no offer can be
made from the CAF and Stage 10
can be followed again.

You can appeal against the refusal
of a school place listed on your
CAF under the School Standards
and Framework Act 1998. If you
wish to appeal against the decision
not to offer your child a place at
a Lambeth community school
(see page 2 for definitions), please
                                         need to be lodged by Friday             the outcome by the Democratic
contact the Clerk to the Independent                                             Services Team. For other Lambeth
                                         27 March 2020 for them to be
Appeals Panel, Democratic Services,      heard before the summer holidays.       schools, the clerk for that appeal
1st Floor, Lambeth Town Hall,                                                    panel will write to you.
Brixton Hill, SW2 1RW                    For late applications, an appeal
Telephone 020 7926 2170,                 should be lodged within 20 school       If you wish to appeal against non-
Email:         days of receipt of application          admission to any other secondary
                                         outcome letter. Appeals lodged after    school, you will need to contact the
A guidance note on appeals               these dates will be heard within 40     individual school(s) directly, to obtain
and an appeal form can also be           school days of the appeal deadline      information about how to appeal.
downloaded from the council’s            or 30 school days of being lodged,
website via the following link:                                                         Tick to confirm that you have
                                         whichever is the later date.                                                              completed the actions stated
                                         Democratic Services will write to              in this stage
Please note that Democratic              you regarding the arrangements for
Services can only accept appeals                                                        Tick if not applicable
                                         considering your appeal. Your appeal
for the following secondary schools:     will be heard by an Independent
•   The Elmgreen School                  Appeals Panel made up of panellists       If you are unsure about
•   Lambeth Academy                      with knowledge of education               any aspect of the secondary
•   Lilian Baylis Technology School      issues. You will be invited to attend     transfer procedure please
•   The Norwood School                   the appeal hearing and make               contact Lambeth School
•   Oasis Academy South Bank             representations in person to the          Admissions Team on
•   Woodmansterne School                 Independent Appeals Panel.                020 7926 9503, or email
If your application for a school place   For the schools listed in column one,
was submitted on-time, appeals           you will be informed in writing about

                                                                        SECTION 1 / PROCESS AND PROCEDURE 15
Secondary transfer key dates

Date                Actions – what you and your child need to do
Summer/             Contact schools for prospectuses and details of open days/evenings.
Autumn 2019         Decide which schools to apply for and begin the application process.

1 Sep 2019          How to apply:
                    1 	 Applications can be made from 1 September online or using a paper Common
                         Application Form (CAF) from your home borough and must be submitted by
                        31 October 2019.
                    • 	 To apply online visit Lambeth Council’s website at
                         (see pages 17-19 for more information).
                    • 	A limited amount of paper CAFs will be made available for collection from Lambeth Customer
                         Service Centre, Lambeth Civic Centre, 6 Brixton Hill, London, SW2 1EG. These forms should
                         either be handed in to Lambeth Customer Service Centre (by appointment), or posted to
                         Lambeth School Admissions Team, PO Box 734,
                         Winchester, SO23 5DG with correct postage.
                    • 	If you are submitting a paper CAF by post then please do so by Friday 18 October 2019.
                         This is the Friday before the half-term holiday.
                    2 	 In addition to this, Supplementary Information Forms (SIFs) required by particular
                         schools must be completed and returned to these schools by their published
                         deadline(s). Please see schools’ pages 20-21 and 24-77 for details of which
                         Lambeth schools require SIFs and their deadlines.

31 Oct 2019         Closing date for applications to all secondary schools participating in the co-ordinated
                    admissions procedure. CAFs received after 31 October 2019 will be late and will not be
                    processed until after 2 March 2020 when ‘on time’ applications have been processed.

Autumn/             Ensure that your child sits any admissions tests set by the school or another borough where
Winter 2019         required. Dates for these will vary, so please check. Lambeth admissions test used by some
                    schools is on 9 November.

2 Mar 2020           ational Offer Day. If you applied on time online and signed up to text messages you will receive
                    an email and text message on the evening of 2 March 2020 informing you to log in to your
                    admissions account and view the official outcome of the application. Only if you applied using a
                    paper CAF an outcome notification letter will be posted out first class post on 2 March 2020.

16 Mar 2020         Parents/carers must respond to an offer on this date either by accepting the place online for
                    those who have applied online or by returning the reply form to Lambeth School Admissions
                    Team if they have received a postal offer.

27 Mar 2020         If you wish to appeal against the decision not to offer your child a place at a Lambeth school,
or 20 school        please check the details on each of the school’s pages about this process. For schools in
days after          other boroughs, please check their information and timescales.
notification for
late applications

Apr – Jul 2020 Appeals for schools are heard.

Apply online and apply on time
Lambeth Council only have a very limited amount of paper Common Application Forms (CAFs) available
and these will normally be made available for parents/carers who do not have or cannot get access to
the internet. In light of this, we strongly advise our families to ensure that they submit their application
online and on time! Online applications can be made from 1 September 2019. Pages 16 and 17 show a
step-by-step guide to making an online application. For 2019 primary school entry 99% of parents/carers
who applied on time applied online.

The benefits of applying online                                • You will be issued with a unique reference number
• It is free and secure                                          similar to this: 208-2020-09-E-001234, which will be
• It uses a quick, easy to use step-by-step format               your proof that your application has been received
• Your application won’t get lost in the post                  • The online system is available 24 hours a day,
• Drop down school lists help reduce errors and                  7 days a week, up until midnight on the closing date
  save you time                                                  of Wednesday 15 January 2020
• Information can be checked online and changed at             • During the evening of Thursday 16 April 2020
  any point before the closing date without the need             you will be sent an
  to fill in another form                                        email and/or text with
• You can attach the required proof of address                   the outcome of your
  documentation and copies of any medical or social              application. Please
  paperwork you wish to be considered. Just submit the           wait until you have
  application first then click on the ‘attach document’ button   received the email
• If you have any questions or problems regarding the online     before logging on
  admissions website or log-in, please call the London Grid      to the Pan-London
  for Learning supportline on 020 8255 5555 option 1             eAdmissions website.

 The ParentComms:Mobile app is an alternative                password to receive the following push notifications
 way to receive notifications from the eAdmissions           from the eAdmissions website:
 website and is designed to help parents stay                • A reminder to submit any un-submitted applications 1
 connected with their child's school.                          week before as well as 24hrs before the closing date.
 If you don’t already use ParentComms through                  (If you register less than 24 hours before the deadline
 your child's school, you will need to download the            you will not be able to be sent this message).
 ParentComms app from the Apple AppStore, Google             • Your application reference number of your submitted
 Play or Windows Phone Store to a mobile device                application
 and register your eAdmissions USO username and              • The outcome of your application.

Record your details

  Use this space to record the details used to make your application.
  Password:                                                    Reference number:
  It is important to keep this information so that you can look up the school place offered online.

                                                                        SECTION 1 / PROCESS AND PROCEDURE 17
Step-by-step guide to online
  eadmissions applications
  This is just a short step-by-step guide to help you submit an online application.
  However, please note that there is also a FAQ and an eadmissions tutorial function
  (which can be accessed before you register onto the online system).

                                                                 Step 1 – Create an account The child’s parent/carer
                                                                 needs to log their details. Only one parent/carer can do
                                                                 this as the system only allows one parent to register one
                                                                 application per child. This is so that an identified email
                                                                 address can be linked to a named person. It is important
                                                                 that the person registering has parental responsibility
                                                                 for the child and both child and parent lives at the same
                                                                 address noted on the on line form. If you already have
                                                                 a London Grid for Learning account use that log in and
                                                                 check your details are still correct before continuing.
                                                                 Otherwise you will need to create an account.

   Step 2 – Child’s details The parent/carer must input their
   child’s name as listed on their birth certificate or passport in this
   section. They must also use their (both the parent and the child’s)
   current address. The online secondary school applications are
   only for children born between 01/09/2008 and 31/08/2009.

   Step 3 – Add your school preferences
   Using the pre-populated drop-down lists,
   1. Select the borough the school is in.
   2. Select the school you want for the first preference.
      You can also choose a school using the ‘map’ or
      ‘keywords’ function. You can apply for up to 6 schools
   3. Please ensure that you select the correct school
      especially when there are schools with similar
      names in the same borough.
   4. Once the school has been added you can also add
      details about any siblings or relevant medical/social
      details if applicable.
   5. If the school being applied to needs you to also
      complete a Supplementary Information Form (SIF),
      this will automatically be flagged up by the system.
      Please ensure that all SIFs are completed and
      returned to the school in time.
   Schools selected can be moved up or down, added to
   or deleted up until the 31 October 2019 deadline.

Once the schools have been selected, you must check
                          whether they are correct before moving to the next step.

                                Step 4 – Submit application
                                You will then be required to read and accept the
                                Once you have read the declaration, click on
                                the ‘submit application’ button.

                          Step 5 – Attach documentation
                          Once the application is submitted, you will receive an
                          email confirming submission with the reference number,
                          along with a reminder about what schools require SIFs.
                          You must then upload all the necessary proof of
                          address documentation (as stated on page 8-9)
                          using the ‘Attach a document’ button from this
                          page. You can also attach any medical or social
             02/03/2020   or other such documentation you wish to be
                          considered by 31 October 2019.
                          You must ensure that you re-submit your application
                          if you make any amendments before the 31 October
                          2019 deadline.

                                    SECTION 1 / PROCESS AND PROCEDURE 19
Lambeth secondary schools
information at a glance

School                                           DfE code       Gender       Status                Denomination          PAN* for
Archbishop Tenison’s School                      208 4006       mixed        academy               Church of             92
ARK Evelyn Grace Academy                         208 6906       mixed        academy               n/a                   180

Bishop Thomas Grant Roman                        208 5401       mixed        voluntary-aided       Catholic              180
Catholic School
City Heights E-ACT                               208 6907       mixed        academy               n/a                   180
Dunraven School                                  208 5402       mixed        academy               n/a                   158#

The Elmgreen School                              208 4731       mixed        academy               n/a                   180

Harris Academy Clapham                           208 4007       mixed        academy               n/a                   195

Lambeth Academy                                  208 6905       mixed        academy               n/a                   180

La Retraite Roman Catholic                       208 5400       girls        voluntary-aided       Catholic              168
Girls’ School
Lilian Baylis Technology School                  208 4321       mixed        community             n/a                   125

The London Nautical School                       208 5405       boys         foundation            n/a                   120

The Norwood School                               208 4223       mixed        community             n/a                   180

Oasis Academy South Bank                         208 4000       mixed        academy               n/a                   120

Platanos College                                 208 4322       mixed        academy               n/a                   160

Saint Gabriel’s College                          208 4509       mixed        voluntary-aided       Church of             120
St. Martin-in-the-Fields                         208 5404       girls        academy               Church of             120
High School for Girls                                                                              England
Trinity Academy                                  208 4003       mixed        academy               n/a                   120

Woodmansterne School                             208 2657       mixed        community             n/a                   90##

* Published Admissions Number
# The number of spaces available in year 7 2020/21 will be 218. This will be made up of 158 places available for new admissions and 60 pla
## The number of spaces available in year 7 2020/21 will be 150. This will be made up of 90 places available for new admissions and 60 plac
Address                                          Phone no.      Website                     SIF              Test
                                                                                                 needed?          required?
     55 Kennington Oval,                              020 7735 3771                 yes              yes
     SE11 5SR
     255 Shakespeare Road,                            020 7737 9520       no               no
     SE24 0QN
     Beltrees Grove,                                  020 8769 3294                       yes              no
     SW16 2HY
     33 Abbots Park,                                  020 3691 4600 no                no
     SW2 3PW
     94-98 Leigham Court Road,                        020 8696 5600              yes              yes
     SW16 2QB
     Elmcourt Road,                                   020 8766 5020   no               no
     SE27 9BZ
     c/o Harris Federation, 4th Floor, Norfolk 020 8253 7777                no               no
     House, Wellesley Road, CR0 1LH
     Elms Road,                                       020 7819 4700          yes              yes
     SW4 9ET
     Atkins Road,                                     020 8673 5644    yes              yes
     SW12 0AB
     323 Kennington Lane,                             020 7091 9500             yes              yes
     Kennington, SE11 5QY
     61 Stamford Street,                              020 7928 6801                   yes              yes
     SE1 9NA
     Crown Dale,                                      020 8670 9382         yes              yes
     SE19 3NY
     75 Westminster Bridge Road,                      020 7921 4531 no                  no
     SE1 7HS
     Clapham Road,                                    020 7733 6156          yes              yes
     SW9 0AL
     Langton Road,                                    020 7793 3901     yes              no
     SW9 6UL                                                                                     (for Church or
                                                                                                 Music bands)

     155 Tulse Hill,                                  020 8674 5594            yes              yes
     SW2 3UP
     56 Brixton Hill, Brixton,                        020 3126 4993     yes              no
     SW2 1QS
     Woodmansterne Road                               020 8764 1825         no               no
     SW16 5UQ

aces for the current year 6 children in the school.
ces for the current year 6 children in the school.
                                                                                                 SECTION 2 / SCHOOLS 21
Lambeth secondary

This section provides detailed                                                1   Archbishop Tenison’s School (mixed)
information on all Lambeth                                                    2   ARK Evelyn Grace Academy (mixed)
secondary schools.                                                            3   Bishop Thomas Grant Roman
                                                                                  Catholic Secondary School (mixed)
Lambeth has a variety of
secondary schools. Lambeth                                                    4   City Heights E-ACT Academy (mixed)
Education, Learning and Skills                                                5   Dunraven School (mixed)
(Lambeth Council) co-ordinates                                                6   The Elmgreen School (mixed)
the secondary transfer process                                                7   Harris Academy Clapham (mixed)
for all community, voluntary-aided,                                           8   Lambeth Academy (mixed)
voluntary-controlled, foundation,
                                                 10                           9   La Retraite Roman Catholic Girls’
free schools and academies.                                                       School (girls)
                                                                              10 Lilian Baylis Technology School (mixed)
                                                                              11 The London Nautical School (boys)
                                                                              12 The Norwood School (mixed)
                                                                              13 Oasis Academy South Bank (mixed)
                                                                              14 Platanos College (mixed)
                                                                              15 Saint Gabriel’s College (mixed)
                                                                              16 St Martin-in-the-Fields High School
                                           20                                    for Girls (girls)
                                                                              17 Trinity Academy (mixed)
                                                              2               18 Woodmansterne School (mixed)
                                                17                            Special Schools
                                                                              19 Elm Court School (mixed)
                                       7                                      20 Lansdowne School (mixed)
                                                                              21 The Michael Tippett School (mixed)
                              9                       19          16    22    22 Turney School (mixed)
                                                                              23 The Vanguard School (mixed)
                                                              4          23
                                                                                 (expected to open September 2019)



                                                     3                  12

2019 School open days/evenings

For more details, please view the school’s own pages

Archbishop Tenison’s School           Lambeth Academy                             Oasis Academy South Bank
Tuesday 24 September, 5-7pm           Wednesday 25 September, 5-7.30pm            Tuesday 24 September, 5.30-7pm
Thursday 26 September, 9-10.30am      Monday 30 September to Friday 4             Tuesday 8 October, 5.30-7pm
Tuesday 8 October, 5-7pm              October, 9-12noon
                                                                                  Platanos College
Thursday 10 October, 9-10.30am        Monday 7 October, 9-12 noon
                                                                                  Tuesday 24 September, 9.30-10.30am
                                      Wednesday 9 October, 9-12 noon
ARK Evelyn Grace Academy                                                          Wednesday 25 September, 9.30-10.30am
                                      Monday 14 October, 9-12 noon
Monday 23 September, 9-10.30am                                                    Friday 27 September, 4-6pm
                                      Wednesday 16 October, 9-12 noon
Tuesday 24 September, 9-10.30am
                                                                                  Saint Gabriel’s College
Wednesday 25 September, 9-10.30am     La Retraite
                                                                                  Tuesday 24 September, 9-10.15am
Thursday 26 September, 4-7.30pm       Roman Catholic Girls’ School
                                                                                  Wednesday 25 September, 9-10.15am
                                      Thursday 26 September, 4-7pm
Bishop Thomas Grant Roman             Tuesday 8 October, 9.30am-12 noon           Thursday 26 September, 9-10.15am
Catholic Secondary School             Wednesday 9 October, 9.30am-12 noon         Thursday 3 October 4-8pm
Tuesday 17 September, 9.30-11am       Thursday 10 October, 9.30-12 noon           St Martin-in-the-Fields High School
Tuesday 17 September, 5.30-8pm
                                      Lilian Baylis Technology School             for Girls
Thursday 19 September 9.30-11am
                                      Monday 23 September, 9am-12 noon            Thursday 19 September, 9-10.15am
City Heights E-ACT Academy            Tuesday 24 September, 9am-12 noon           Friday 27 September, 9-10.15am
Thursday 19 September, 5.30-7pm       Wednesday 25 September,                     Thursday 3 October, 5-7.30pm
Wednesday 25 September, 9-10.15am     9am-12 noon                                 Friday 11 October, 9-10.15am
Wednesday 2 October, 9-10.15am        Monday 30 September, 9am-12 noon            Tuesday 15 October, 9-10.15am
Wednesday 9 October, 9-10.15am        Tuesday 1 October, 9am-12 noon              Trinity Academy
Thursday 10 October, 5.30-7pm         Wednesday 2 October, 9am-12 noon            Tuesday 17 September, 5-8pm
Dunraven School                       Thursday 3 October 4.30-7.30pm              Wednesday 18 September, 9-10am
Tuesday 24 September, 6.30-9pm        Monday 7 October, 9am-12 noon               Thursday 19 September, 9-10am
Thursday 26 September, 9.15-10.30am   Tuesday 8 October, 9am-12 noon              Friday 20 September, 9-10am
Saturday 28 September, 9.15-10.30am   Wednesday 9 October, 9am-12 noon
                                                                                  Woodmansterne School
Tuesday 1 October, 9.15-10.30am       London Nautical School                      Thursday 12 September 5.30-7.30pm
The Elmgreen School                   Thursday 26 September, 5-7pm                Tuesday 17 September 9.15–10.15am
                                      Wednesday 2 October, 9.15-10.40am
Tuesday 17 September, 6.30-9pm                                                    Wednesday 25 September 9.15-10.15am
                                      Wednesday 9 October, 9.15-10.40am
Monday 23 September, 9-10.15am                                                    Thursday 3 October 9.15–10.15am
                                      Wednesday 16 October, 9.15-10.40am
Tuesday 1 October, 9-10.15am
Wednesday 9 October, 9-10.15am        The Norwood School
                                      Monday 16 September, 9.15-10.30am
Harris Academy Clapham
                                      Tuesday 17 September, 9.15-10.30am
to be held at Glenbrook School,
                                      Thursday 19 September, 5-8pm
Clarence Avenue, SW4 8LD
                                      Monday 30 September, 9.15-10.30am
Thursday 26 September, 6-7pm &
                                      Wednesday 2 October, 9.15-10.30am
                                      Wednesday 11 March 2020
Wednesday 2 October, 6-7pm & 7-8pm
                                      - please check school website for details

                                                                                           SECTION 2 / SCHOOLS 23
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