FAMILY GUIDE 2019-2020 - Western Michigan University

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FAMILY GUIDE 2019-2020 - Western Michigan University
FAMILY GUIDE 2019-2020 - Western Michigan University
                                                     MOST INSURANCES
                                                2889 SOUTH 11TH ST. • KALAMAZOO



     Dr. Ely Shapiro        Dr. Casey Ashby           Dr. Amber Berry        Martin Clinard, PA-C

WE OFFER:                                         and neck conditions. These include sinusitis,
                                                  allergies, snoring, sleep apnea, chronic ear
• Audiology Services for Adults                   infections, hearing loss, tinnitus, dizziness,
                                                  voice disorders, head and neck cancer,
  and Pediatric Patients                          thyroid disorders, and chronic sore throat.
                                                  The Facial Cosmetics and Laser Center in the
• Professional Hearing                            office uses the most recent technology to
  Aid Center                                      offer laser facial rejuvenation, scar revision,
                                                  permanent hair removal and treatment of
• Facial Cosmetic Laser Center                    stretch marks. Dysport and facial fillers are
                                                  also offered to reverse the signs of aging.
• Comprehensive Allergy                           With a focus on patient-centered
  Services including Allergy                      healthcare, our practice offers the
                                                  highest level of expertise to individuals
  Testing and Sublingual and                      and families in southwest Michigan.
  Subcutaneous Immunotherapy
• In Office Balloon Sinuplasty

        ur practice provides both medical and
        surgical management of disorders
        of the ear, nose, and throat, as well
as comprehensive audiology and allergy
services for adult and pediatric patients.
The team at Adult & Pediatric Ear, Nose
& Throat utilizes the most up-to-date
technology to treat a broad range of head
FAMILY GUIDE 2019-2020 - Western Michigan University
   (269) 353-2900

         Spacious apartments located 1.3 miles
            away from WMU’s main campus.
             4 Bedroom, 3 Bedroom, and 2
             Bedroom styles with Roommate
                   Matching available.
          Pet friendly, Free tanning, Computer
           lab, Pool & Jacuzzi, 24 hour gym.
                   24 hour security and
                 emergency maintenance.
                  Walk in tours available
                    until 10pm daily.

                                       (269) 978-4676
FAMILY GUIDE 2019-2020 - Western Michigan University
Office of Family Engagement
                  2415 Faunce Student Services Building
                        Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5348
                Phone: (269) 387-4820 • FAX: (269) 387-2554

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                                          Call Celeste Statler (269) 569-4723

4                                        Western Michigan University
FAMILY GUIDE 2019-2020 - Western Michigan University
Table of Contents
Welcome................................................. 6           A System for Success............................ 28
About WMU............................................. 8             eMentor Program................................. 28
Foreward: Pre-College Homework...... 10                              High School vs. College ....................... 29
2019-20 Calendar ................................ 12                 Plan it 4-Ward....................................... 30
                                                                     Disability Services for Students........... 30
CHAPTER 1: EMBRACING CHANGE.................................14       Invisible Need Project.......................... 30
Student Transitions.............................. 15                 Student Conduct.................................. 31
Housing................................................. 16          Ombudsman......................................... 31
Dining Services..................................... 16              FERPA.................................................... 31
Financial Planning................................ 17                Authorized User Access........................ 32
Bank/ATMs............................................ 17             Preferred Name Policy......................... 32
Bronco Express..................................... 17               Academic Resources............................ 33
Transportation...................................... 18              Academic Advising............................... 33
                                                                     Center for Academic Success............... 33
CHAPTER 2: FINDING BALANCE......................................19
                                                                     Lee Honors College.............................. 33
Health and Wellness............................. 19
                                                                     Study Abroad........................................ 34
Sindecuse Health Center..................... 19
                                                                     University Libraries.............................. 34
Counseling Services............................. 20
University Recreation........................... 21                  CHAPTER 4: STAYING CONNECTED.................................35
Campus Safety..................................... 21                Communication.................................... 35
Sexual Misconduct and                                                Alma Mater / Fight Song....................... 35
Discrimination...................................... 22              Campus Visits....................................... 35
Involvement outside the classroom.... 22                             Campus Maps.................................. 36-39
Bernhard Center................................... 22                Directions to Campus........................... 38
Student Engagement........................... 23                     Kalamazoo............................................ 40
WMU Signature..................................... 23
Multicultural Affairs.............................. 24               CHAPTER 5: LOOKING AHEAD.........................................41
Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, and                                          Things to Do.......................................... 41
Transgender (LBGT) Student Services... 24                            Home Visits........................................... 41
Real Talk Diversity Series..................... 25                   End of Semester Advice....................... 43
Career and Student
Employment Services.......................... 25                     CHAPTER 6: RESOURCES...............................................45
                                                                     Contact Information............................. 46
CHAPTER 3: MAKING THE GRADE...................................27     Glossary of Terms................................. 49
Academic Life and Expectations.......... 27                          Notes..................................................... 62
Student Support Resources................. 28                                                                                                                           5
FAMILY GUIDE 2019-2020 - Western Michigan University
    Dear parents, guardians, and family members,
    Welcome to our WMU community!
    Western Michigan University is committed
    to you as a valued partner in your student’s
    education. If you are new to the college student
    experience, you will quickly find that parenting
    a college student is quite different than
    parenting a high school student. However, you
    will continue to play an essential role in your
    student’s education. This guide offers you an
    excellent overview of WMU’s support services           Office of Family Engagement
    and resources, as well as information about the
    Kalamazoo area that will help ease the transition
    into and throughout the college years.
    Our Mission and Values
    WMU Family Engagement collaborates with the WMU community to engage and support parents,
    guardians, mentors, and family members. Providing educational resources, we promote and
    encourage inclusivity, student learning, self-advocacy, and healthy personal development. We
    foster long-lasting and positive relationships with WMU families and students through responsive
    communication and active involvement.
    We believe:
    •    all families should have access to essential resources.
    •    in the value and importance of family engagement in supporting the university’s
         efforts in student recruitment and retention for the benefit of all.
    •    building relationships with families is vital to student success and
         long-lasting affinity to the university.
    •    offering comprehensive liaison support provides accurate information
         and reassurance to families.
    •    the student experience is strengthened and enhanced through
         partnership with family support systems.
    •    assisting with the discernment between developmental norms and
         red-flags leads to the increased likelihood of positive student outcomes
         and serves to mitigate difficult situations.
    The website, is a great starting point for a wealth of information useful to you
    during your student’s years at WMU. We encourage you to sign up for the WMU Family Connection to
    receive e-newsletters with tips and advice, important date reminders, and campus updates.
    Text WMUFAMILYCONNECT to 22828 or visit the website.
    We look forward to helping you and your student have a successful and rewarding
    experience at WMU.
    Contact our office with any questions or concerns at or (269) 387-4820.

6                                                          Western Michigan University
FAMILY GUIDE 2019-2020 - Western Michigan University
Parents, guardians, and other family members of WMU students are encouraged to sign up
for the WMU Family Connection. You will receive student support information of interest to
parents and family members, date reminders and invitations to special seminars, activities
and events. Memberships are linked to a specific email address and we encourage all
family members to sign up. Text WMUFAMILYCONNECT to 22828 or visit the website.

The MyWMU Concierge Card offers discounts to area hotels, restaurants and retailers,
along with national businesses. We encourage you to use your card during your visits to
Kalamazoo for great savings and specials offered by our business partners.

Visit to sign up for the WMU Family Connection and order your MyWMU
Concierge Card. For questions, contact (269) 387-4820 or

   with a custom bakery
   selection or care package
   from Gold’n Brown Bakery.
   You can also find baked goods at
   select campus cafés.

                      Order online at
FAMILY GUIDE 2019-2020 - Western Michigan University
    One of the nation’s top public universities in   • Among an elite 5 percent of international
    the United States, Western Michigan University     business schools accredited by the
    is learner centered, discovery driven, and         Association to Advance Collegiate Schools
    globally engaged.                                  of Business.
    • More than 150 undergraduate programs           • Nearly 100 percent job placement for many
        to choose from, the second most of any         programs.
        university in Michigan.
                                                     • Among a select 1 percent of business
    • 91 percent of WMU graduates are actively         schools worldwide that have specialized
      engaged within three months of graduation.       accreditation for their accountancy
    • The Carnegie Foundation classifies WMU           programs.
      as one of the nation’s more than 150 public
      research universities.
                                                     The College of Engineering and Applied
    • Consistently named a top-tier national         Sciences offers unique hands-on experience
      university by U.S. News and World Report.      and state-of-the-art educational resources.
    • One of the nation’s most environmentally       • 14 undergraduate engineering, technology,
      responsible colleges.                            and applied sciences programs.
    • Among Michigan’s top-ranked universities       • Smaller than average student-to-faculty
      for outreach and service to veterans.            ratio.
    • WMU is affiliated with a medical school and    • Shares 265-acre campus with Business
      a law school.                                    Technology and Research Park, a
                                                       designated Michigan SmartZone for
    • 25 accelerated degree programs allowing
                                                       economic development.
      eligible students the opportunity to
      complete a graduate degree in less time        • Only school with on-site paper, paper
      by taking graduate courses while still an        coating, and printing pilot plants.
    • Only higher education institution to offer a   The College of Aviation offers one of the
      co-curricular designation on the academic      nation’s largest, most innovative aviation
      transcript and diploma.                        programs.
    Business                                         • Home to the Sky Broncos, one of the
    The Haworth College of Business has one of         nation’s top precision flight teams.
    the largest undergraduate business programs      • Industry partnerships put students on fast
    in the United States.                              track to careers as commercial airline pilots,
    • 4,000 undergraduate students majoring in         aviation maintenance technicians, and
       18 specialized areas of business.               aviation management positions.
    • Nationally recognized programs in food         • Uses the nation’s most sophisticated
      and consumer package goods marketing,            collegiate flight training equipment.
      integrated supply management and sales,
      and business marketing.

8                                                     Western Michigan University
FAMILY GUIDE 2019-2020 - Western Michigan University
Fine Arts
The College of Fine Arts is one of only eight
similar, fully accredited colleges in the nation.
• Programs in art, dance, music and theatre.
• 44,000-square-foot facility offers innovative
  spaces for the creation, exhibition, and
  study of visual art.
• Dance department is one of about 80
  institutions accredited by the National
  Association of Schools of Dance.
• School of Music is among the top schools
  in the nation for the number of awards
  received from DownBeat magazine.
• Theatre students regularly win American
  College Theatre Festival awards.

Arts and Sciences
The College of Arts and Sciences educates
students in the disciplines that make up the
diverse categories known as the humanities,
the social sciences, and the sciences.
• With 26 departments and interdisciplinary
   programs, Arts and Sciences is WMU’s
   largest academic college.
• Arts and sciences students and alumni have
  received prestigious honors such as the             technology provide a practical, hands-on
  Fulbright Award, Goldwater Fellowship, and          learning experience.
  National Book Award nomination.                   • Largest producer of graduate degrees at
• Arts and sciences student-researchers are           Western Michigan University.
  often awarded grants to fund their work.
                                                    Health and Human Services
Education and Human                                 The College of Health and Human Services
Development                                         carries a tradition of excellence and
As the foundation of Western Michigan               innovation.
University, the College of Education and            • Highest ranking occupational therapy
Human Development continues to build upon              program in Michigan.
a tradition of excellence by facilitating the       • Physician assistant and speech pathology
preparation and growth of PreK-12 teachers,           programs ranked in top 75.
community educators, innovative designers,
and health and wellness professionals.              • Graduate programs in rehabilitation
• Over 100 programs available, from teacher           counseling and social work ranked among
   education to health and wellness to design.        the best in the nation.

• 100% of undergraduate students complete           • High-tech, 200,000-square-foot facility offers
  an internship or field experience.                  labs and classroom facilities that mirror
                                                      technology in today’s labs and clinical
• Labs and classrooms featuring real-world            settings.                                                                                     9
FAMILY GUIDE 2019-2020 - Western Michigan University
WELCOME pre-college homework
                                                   • Keep doors locked and valuables out of

     Do one thing                                    sight. This is particularly important as
                                                     students get more comfortable in their

     every day that
                                                   • Take advantage of the campus escort

       scares you.
                                                     service when needed. Your student can
                                                     save the number in their phone: (269) 387-
                                                     RIDE (7433).
             ~Eleanor Roosevelt
                                                   • Register a phone number with the WMU
 Remember the first time your teenager took          Alert emergency notification system.
 the car out alone? You probably felt a sense of   Stay True to Self and Values
 pride or apprehension or maybe both, along        It is normal for students to experiment
 with a whole lot of other emotions. It was a      with new and different opportunities. New
 milestone in independence and trust – a rite      experiences are what college is all about.
 of passage that many families experience.         Encourage your student to remain firm in
 As you prepare your student to come to            their core values while exploring new ideas.
 WMU this fall, there may be suggestions you       Choose opportunities carefully and consider
 want to share with your child to ensure their     the long-range effects of personal choices.
 safety and wellbeing. We encourage you to         Support Resources
 offer your words of wisdom over the summer        Your student may have benefited from
 and throughout the upcoming college years,        various support services during high
 whether through heartfelt conversations or        school; perhaps a trusted therapist,
 life lessons in snippets.                         accommodations for a learning disability or
 These discussion points are intended to get       prescription drugs for a medical condition.
 you started. You may be dismayed to find          Encourage your student to continue to utilize
 that the summer before college can be a time      these resources to ensure success in college.
 of increased friction in family relationships     Problem Solving
 as you and your student grapple with the          Students encounter unfamiliar situations
 upcoming transition. Even so, your student IS     in college – usually soon after the school
 listening to you and your advice IS valued and    year starts. Encourage your student to seek
 appreciated.                                      help in solving problems – whether with a
                                                   roommate or in the classroom or simply
 Personal Safety
                                                   feeling “out of place” and homesick. Starting
 Coming to college is exciting and it can be       with the RAs (resident assistants) in the
 easy to neglect basic safety rules. Encourage     residence halls, we are here to help your
 your student to:                                  student in every way.
 • Be mindful of personal belongings –
                                                   Peer Pressure
   especially electronics.                         Your student will soon make new friends and
 • Pay attention when walking around campus        acquaintances and may feel pressure to try
   and be aware of traffic – texting, music, and   things that they are not comfortable doing.
   phone distractions lead to accidents.           Encourage your student to stand strong and

10                                                  Western Michigan University
not give in to unwanted influences. Offer      promise an “on the spot” discount, a T-shirt or
your reassurance that responsible behavior     some other incentive as a reward for signing
is respected and valued.                       up for something that isn’t really needed…
Alcohol and Drug Use                           and might lead to poor money management.
WMU is a drug and tobacco-free campus.         Choices
New students sometimes come to college         Entry into college life is a whirlwind of
with the assumption that everyone “parties”    new experiences. Poor choices can lead to
and that partying is the best (or only) way    unintended consequences. Whether to go
to “fit in” with the crowd. Statistics prove
                                               to the social gathering down the street or
that the majority of WMU students do not
                                               to study for tomorrow’s test may not seem
consume alcohol or drugs on a regular
                                               like a big deal but can be significant in
basis. Remind your student that underage
                                               the long run. Wrong decisions can lead to
drinking and illegal drug use is against the
law and will result in legal and/or student    unexpected disciplinary sanctions.
judicial consequences. Encourage your          Relationships
student to seek out a supportive social        Your student likely has a strong social
network that affirms good choices and          network back home of family members
healthy behaviors.                             and friends. As they embark on the college
Money Scams                                    adventure and form new relationships,
Remind your student to be aware of credit      encourage your student to stay connected
card companies or other organizations that     with loved ones back home.                                                                               11
2019-20 Calendar
                                                                                      Fall recess (no classes –
               July 2019                      September 2019                   16-18 residence halls open with
                                                                                      reduced services)
              Summer l grades                2     Labor day recess                   Bronco Football at
       2      released (late in the day)
                                                   Last day to drop/add         19    Eastern Michigan
              Last day to drop/add           4     classes                            University
       3      classes
                                                   Last day to receive 100%     21    Classes resume
       4      Independence Day recess              refund                             Spring semester
              Last day to receive 100%       6     $100 late add fee begins           registration begins
       5      refund for complete
                                                   Begin recording                    Last day to receive 25%
              withdrawal                                                              refund for complete
                                                   withdrawals as “W” on
       6      $100 late add fee begins             transcript                         withdrawal
              Begin recording                      Last day to receive 90%            Bronco Football vs.
              withdrawals as “W” on                refund for complete          26    Bowling Green, Waldo
              transcript                           withdrawal                         Stadium
              Last day to receive 50%              Bronco Football at           27    Diwali
       9      refund for complete            7     Michigan State University          Last day to withdraw
              withdrawal                           Last day to receive
                                                                                28    from fall classes
              Last day to receive 25%        11    50% refund for partial       31    Halloween
      22      refund for complete                  withdrawal
              Last day to withdraw           14
                                                   Bronco Football vs.
                                                   Georgia State University,         November 2019
              from Summer II classes               Waldo Stadium
                                                                                      Bronco Football vs. Ball
                                                   Bronco Football at            5    State University, Waldo
              August 2019                    21    Syracuse University                Stadium
                                                   Last day to receive 50%      11    Veterans Day
              Last day to apply for          23    refund for complete
       1      December graduation                                                     Bronco Football at Ohio
                                                   withdrawal                   12
              Tish’a B’Av begins at                                                   University
      10                                           Bronco Football vs.
              sundown                              Central Michigan                   Bronco Football at
              Eid al Adha begins at
                                             28    University, Waldo            26    Northern Illinois
              sundown                              Stadium                            University
                                                   Rosh Hashanah begins at            Thanksgiving recess
      16      Summer II session ends
                                             29                                 27    begins at noon
              Summer II grades                                                        (Residence halls remain
      20      released (late in the day)           Spring course catalog
                                             30    open for viewing                   open with reduced
              Fall semester tuition and                                               services)
      21      fees due
              Early move-in day for               October 2019                  28    Thanksgiving
      23      special programs
              New and transfer student       5
                                                   Bronco Football at
                                                   University of Toledo
                                                                                     December 2019
      24      move-in day
                                                   Yom Kippur begins at               Last day to apply for
                                             8                                   1    spring graduation
     23-24,   One-Stop Convenience                 sundown
     26-30    Center                               Homecoming and Family        2 Classes resume
                                            11-13 Weekend
     24-27    Fall Welcome                                                     9-12 Final exam week
                                                   Bronco Football vs.                Residence halls close at
      28      Fall semester classes begin
                                             12    Miami University, Waldo            7 p.m.
              Bronco Football vs.                  Stadium
      31      Monmouth University,
                                                   Sukkot begins at
                                                                                14    Commencement
              Waldo Stadium                  13    sundown                            Fall 2018 semester ends

12                                                             Western Michigan University
Fall semester grades
 17     released (late in the day)           March 2020                         June 2020
        Hanukkah begins at
 22     sundown                              Spring break (Residence           New student orientation
                                      2-6    halls remain open with       1    begins (multiple sessions
 25     Christmas                            reduced services)                 throughout the month)
 26     Boxing Day                    9      Classes resume                    Last day to withdraw
        Kwanzaa begins                       Last day to withdraw              from Summer I classes
                                      16     from spring classes
 30     Tuition and fees due                                              21   Father’s Day
                                      17     St. Patrick’s Day            24   Summer I session ends
       January 2020                                                       25   Summer II session begins
 1      New Year’s Day
                                             April 2020                   27   Commencement
        Residence halls open at       10     Good Friday                       Summer l grades
 4      10 a.m.                                                           30   released (late in the day)
                                      12     Easter
 6      Classes begin at 8 a.m.      20-23   Final exams week
        One Stop Convenience          23     Ramadan begins
                                                                                July 2020
                                             Residence halls close at          Last day to drop/add
        Last day to drop/add          24     7 p.m.
                                                                          1    classes
 10     classes
        Last day to receive 100%      25     Commencement                      Last day to receive 100%
                                                                               refund for complete
        refund                               Spring 2020 semester ends
 14     $100 late add fee begins
                                             Summer I tuition and
                                             fees due                     3    $100 late add fee begins
        Begin recording
        withdrawals as “W” on                Spring semester grades            Begin recording
                                      28     released (late in the day)        withdrawals as “W” on
        Last day to receive 90%
 16     refund for complete                   May 2020                    4    Independence Day recess
        withdrawal                                                             Last day to receive 50%
        MLK Jr. Day – recess,         4      Summer I classes begin       7    refund for complete
 20     convocation & activities             Last day to drop/add              withdrawal
                                      8      classes
        Last day to receive                                                    Last day to receive 25%
 21     50% refund for partial               $100 late add fee begins     20   refund for complete
        withdrawal                                                             withdrawal
                                      10     Mother’s Day
 25     Chinese New Year                                                       Last day to withdraw
                                             Last day to receive 100%
        Summer I and II course                                                 from Summer II classes
 27                                   11     refund for complete
        catalog open for viewing             withdrawal                        Tish’a B’Av begins at
                                                                          29   sundown
                                             Begin recording
      February 2020                          withdrawals as “W” on
                                                                               Eid al Adha begins at
                                             transcript                        sundown
        Last day to apply for June
 1      graduation
                                              Last day to receive 50%

        Last day to receive 50%
                                      15     refund for complete
                                                                               August 2020
 3      refund for complete                                                    Last day to apply for
        withdrawal                    23     Ramadan ends                 1    December graduation
        Summer I and II course        25     Memorial Day recess
 10     registration begins
                                                                          14   Summer II session ends
                                             Last day to receive 25%
                                      29     refund for complete               Summer II grades
 14     Valentine’s Day                                                   18   released (late in the day)
 26     Ash Wednesday
 28     Spirit day (no classes)                          View the academic calendar online:
        Last day to receive 25%                
        refund for complete
        withdrawal                                       academic-calendar-2019-20                                                                                          13
    embracing change
                                                    maturation process in the early college

       Be yourself;                                 years to be stressful. Many students become
                                                    periodically overwhelmed, especially in the

     everyone else is                               first couple of semesters.

      already taken
                                                    So how can you help? One of the greatest
                                                    challenges family members face is how to
                                                    appropriately support their student as they
                 ~Oscar Wilde                       enter college. Here are some suggestions from
                                                    veteran parents:
 A young person’s entrance into Western
 begins a significant transitional period for       • Listen to your student and provide
 both student and family. Family members and          supportive encouragement
 students often experience a mix of emotions.
                                                    • Encourage self-reliance (but be a safety-net
 Both may feel proud, excited, relieved, or
 happy and may also experience the more               when things are really rough)
 difficult feelings of sadness and worry. Both      • Praise accomplishments soundly and
 families and students face challenges as they        attempts enthusiastically
 navigate this new phase of life. As a parent or
 family member, understanding the concerns          • Keep them informed about life back home
 that students typically have as they enter           and family events
 college can be helpful in supporting them          • Encourage active involvement with on-
 through the process.                                 campus activities and groups
 Students have to figure out a lot of stuff when    • Stay connected; social media, email and
 they go to college. For those of us whose
                                                      texting may be better ways to connect
 youth is the (distant?) past, we can sometimes
                                                      with less verbal students than phone calls
 forget that being a college student isn’t a walk
 in the park! First year students are leaving         or Skype. By the same token, try to lessen
 behind a familiar and often very comfortable         over-reliance by decreasing contact when
 environment. They must cope with the loss of         over-dependency may be an issue
 high school friends and family time. Students      • Discuss your expectations for your student
 must learn how to be a part of a whole new           before starting college and continue
 environment and figure out where things are,
                                                      the conversation as the weeks/months
 what the rules are and how to behave. They
 confront all kinds of new opportunities to
 make friends and most have at least some           • Help your student connect to resources
 fear that they won’t fit in or make connections      when needed. Urging and assistance
 with their peers. They need to figure out            may be needed in locating and accessing
 how to manage a lot of different elements:           counseling, advising, and special services
 time, money, academics, freedom and most
 importantly themselves! Further, they try          • Balance is the key; reassure your
 to figure all this out without your constant         student that while the transition may be
 presence and active guidance. Even the most          uncomfortable, it is temporary and they will
 together students find the developmental             likely flourish in time

14                                                   Western Michigan University
benefit from the services and programs
                                                   developed by Adult Learner and Transfer
                                                   Student Services. Students can develop
                                                   new skills, in addition to improving existing
                                                   college-related skills through the Transfer
                                                   Ambassador and Fall Welcome programs.
                                                   Studies show that students who are involved
                                                   and engaged often experience greater success
                                                   leading toward graduation. Students can gain
                                                   maximum benefit from participating in the
                                                   array of programs that are offered by Student
                                                   New Student Orientation: During this
                                                   experience, students, parents and families
                                                   receive helpful curricular and co-curricular
                                                   information. Students learn about academic
                                                   advising, register for the first semester of
                                                   classes, meet other students, and participate
Remember that while your student is facing the     in informational and social activities. Parents
challenges of a new phase of life, so are you.     and families have opportunities to informally
Expect that it might be a little rough for you     and formally meet with faculty and staff from
to adjust to the changes too and give yourself     across the University, as well as learn about the
permission to feel all the emotions that come      vast array of services, resources and programs
when a child goes to college. Remember to          available for students.
find your own support. Re-connect with family,
                                                   Fall Welcome: A transition program designed
friends, interests, and hobbies.
                                                   to strengthen the bond between first-year
Office of Student Transitions                      and new transfer and contemporary students
All new students beginning their academic          and our WMU community. Students living on
journey at WMU are very important to the Office    campus move into the residence halls before
of Student Transitions. Our team is committed      the semester officially starts. Both residential
to supporting all first-time undergraduate         and commuter students become familiar with
students, which includes first years, transfers    the campus and local community and attend
and contemporary (adult learner) students.         numerous programs and activities to prepare
Because attending college is a major life event,   for the start of the academic year.
filled with expectations and questions, Student    First-Year Experience (FYE 2100): A semester-
Transitions is designed to assist and support      long, two-credit hour transitional seminar
students in developing social networks,            that provides the tools necessary for first-year
understanding the expectations of academic         students to connect learning with the reality
rigor, and learning about the vast opportunities   of life as a college student. Students continue
and resources at WMU.                              to build lasting relationships and strategize for
First-Year students completing high school         future success at WMU and beyond.
(not transferring to WMU) benefit greatly from     Transfer Student Services: Utilizes a
participating in New Student Orientation, Fall     comprehensive student-centered approach
Welcome and the First-Year Seminar course          to help engage, support and empower
because these programs build upon each             students in their successful transition to WMU.
other, helping students get involved and           Collaborative efforts effectively enhance the
adjusted. Transfer and contemporary students       academic and personal success of transfer and                                                                                     15
contemporary students as they continue their         Residence Hall Opening and

 progress to graduation.                              Closing Dates
 Contemporary (Adult Learner) Student                 Fall 2019
 Services: Recognizing that adult learners (age       Aug. 25 - Residence halls open, 9 a.m.
 25+) have unique needs, WMU is developing
 support services specifically for this population.   Dec. 13 - Residence halls close, 7 p.m.
 During the next several semesters, there will be     Fall Recess and Thanksgiving breaks –
 increasing opportunities to build community,         Residence halls remain open with reduced
 learn about campus resources and success             services
 strategies, and to find a place of belonging at
                                                      Holiday Recess
                                                      Residence halls close for holiday recess Dec.
          Visit or call
                                                      13 to Jan. 4. Students who may need to stay
          (269) 387-2167.
                                                      in Kalamazoo during all or part of the holiday
 Housing                                              recess are encouraged to live in Britton/
                                                      Hadley Hall. The building will be open during
 Residence Life provides a variety of housing
                                                      the recess, and students can stay for a recess
 options to meet students’ needs throughout
                                                      housing fee.
 their college careers. Living on campus offers
 convenience, the benefit of a community of           Spring 2020
 peers, a safe environment, and support for           Jan. 4 - Residence halls open, 10 a.m.
 the challenges associated with being a busy
 college student. Most first-year students live       April 24 - Residence halls close, 7 p.m.
 in the residence halls, but WMU also offers          Spring break – Residence halls remain open
 apartments for upper-level and graduate              with reduced services
 students, and students with families.
                                                      WMU Dining Services
  When students have problems or questions,
 trained students and professional staff are          Dining Services provides on and off campus
 easily accessible. They help with everything         students with a variety of appetizing food
 from how to get involved on campus to tips           and beverage options. Students can enjoy
 for living with a roommate to referrals for          expansive menu selections, ranging from
 campus services. In the residence halls, there       healthy and crunchy to spicy and savory, at
 is a resident assistant (RA) who lives on each       any of the four residential dining centers across
 floor. RAs are upper-level students who are          campus. An array of micro-restaurants within
 responsible for creating a floor community           the dining centers offer students fresh and
 through hall activities, assisting students with     customizable selections to meet individual
 personal and academic concerns, and helping          preferences. Students requiring dietary
 in emergency situations.                             accommodations can sign-up to utilize My
                                                      Pantry, an allergy-friendly zone, located within
 A full-time professional hall director manages       the Valley Dining Center. All Dining Centers
 each residence hall. The hall director lives in      accept meal plans, Dining Dollars, cash or
 the building and is responsible for student          credit cards.
 staff supervision, facilities management, crisis
 intervention, and creating an environment            Complementing the dining centers, seven
 supportive of education and self-discovery.          Campus Cafes are located near academic
                                                      buildings and offer convenient options for
          Visit, call (269)         students. The cafes provide grab-n-go and a
          387-4735 or email WMU-housing@              la carte meal selections, and accept Dining
                                  Dollars, cash or credit cards.

16                                                      Western Michigan University
Make life a little easier by adding dollars to your   • Discuss the financial impact of academic
student’s Bronco ID card for Dining. Simply go          choices, and how your student can minimize
online and use your debit or credit card to gift        the overall cost of college by staying focused
your student’s account. Funds are instantly             on their classes and graduating according to
accessible and eliminate the need for cash. All         schedule.
you need is your student’s BroncoNET ID and           • Ask your student to grant you proxy and
first/last name.                                        authorized user access to stay informed
         Visit or call (269)           about your student’s account.
         387-4844.                                    Preparing to manage the cost of education
Financial Planning                                    is an essential part of a sound college plan.
                                                      By having these discussions early, you and
Does your student understand the basics of
                                                      your student can agree on how you will share
effective money management? If not, now is
                                                      responsibility for educational expenses.
the time to discuss how you and your student
will manage upcoming college expenses.                         Visit
                                                               or call (269) 387-6019.
Helpful suggestions:
• File the Free Application for Federal Student       Bank/ATMs
  Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA is your gateway to           A full-service PNC Branch is located in the
  exploring eligibility for many federal, state,      Bernhard Center Bronco Mall and PNC ATMs
  university and private funding sources              are located in four locations around campus.
  that can aid with educational costs and             Additionally, an Arbor Financial Credit Union
  expenses.                                           ATM is located at the corner of Wilbur St., next
• Visit the WMU home page ( for a           to the Bronco Transit Loading Zone.
  link to estimate cost of attendance.                Bronco Express
• Become familiar with the WMU billing                Bronco Express is a convenient year-round
  process, including when charges are applied         location to take care of everyday University
  and when they are due.                              business. Bronco Express assists students with
• Establish a mutually agreeable budget               transactions and questions related to financial
  and expense management plan with                    aid, making payments, student accounts and
  your student.                                       general registration information.

• Encourage your student to open a local              With no appointment needed, students can:
  bank account; and understand how to                 • Apply for financial aid.
  manage and balance it.
                                                      • Check financial aid status.
• Educate your student about the responsible
                                                      • Make payments on accounts (only cash or
  use of debit/credit cards. Discuss the use of
                                                        check accepted).
  debt, and why it is important to borrow only
  what is needed.                                     • Check account balances and receive
                                                        clarification on charges.
• Understand that financial aid may not cover
  all of your student’s expenses. Create a            • Identify expected dates of financial aid
  plan for managing the difference between              disbursements.
  anticipated expenses and your available             • Ask basic registration questions.
  sources of assistance. Consider student
  employment to supplement existing                   • Make an appointment with a financial aid
  resources.                                            counselor.                                                                                       17
Bronco Express and the Student Financial Aid      campus and Oakland Drive campus and

 Office are open Monday-Friday.                    features a GPS system allowing riders real-time
 Visit, email finaid-      tracking of bus locations. Additionally, regularly-, or call (269) 387-6000.           scheduled shuttle service is offered to and from
                                                   the College of Aviation in Battle Creek.
 Transportation                                    Metro provides transportation seven days a
 WMU students may have a car on campus, even       week on 19 bus routes. Students can track
 during their first year by purchasing a parking   buses using the myStop Mobile app or by
 pass. The pass will allow students to park in     visiting and using the Track My Bus
 specifically designated lots depending on         feature.
 where they live. During the nicer seasons, many
                                                   Downtown Express is an option for students
 students ride bicycles, mopeds, scooters, or
                                                   traveling by train or bus to other destinations
 skate around campus.
                                                   on weekends. It leaves the campus loading
 Another convenient transportation option for      zone Fridays at 1:50 p.m. for the downtown
 WMU students are the bus systems—Bronco           Transportation Center; on Sundays it leaves the
 Transit for on campus destinations, and Metro     station at 5:45 p.m. and drops off on campus
 Transit for locations throughout the Kalamazoo    around 6 p.m.
 area. Students ride free by showing their WMU
 Bronco ID card. Amtrak trains and Indian
                                                           for more information about
 Trails and Greyhound buses depart from the
                                                           Bronco Transit.
 Transportation Center located in downtown
 Kalamazoo.                                                Visit or call
                                                           (269) 337-8222 for more
 Bronco Transit offers continuous service
                                                           information about Metro Transit.
 throughout the main campus, Parkview

                                                      IT’S EASY TO RIDE THE BUS.
                                                      AND IT’S FREE!
                                                      The reliability of the Metro’s myStop
                                                      Mobile app makes it possible to not
                                                       only plan a daily bus ride, but also
                                                        track your bus down to the minute.
                                                          Go to for more

                                                                  Ride all of Metro’s routes
                                                                    for free with your Bronco
                                                                      ID seven days a week.


18                                                   Western Michigan University
2finding balance                       “
   Life is like riding a                                • Encourage your student to use a planner – an
                                                          essential tool in staying organized. Transfer key
  bicycle. To keep your                                   dates and deadlines from each syllabus to the
                                                          planner. Plot out time in the classroom, time
    balance, you must                                     to study, work hours, volunteer hours, and
                                                          schedule in that oh-so-important free time.
      keep moving                                         Balance is the key!
                 ~Albert Einstein                       • Develop good study habits from the beginning.
                                                          A college course isn’t like a high school course
The biggest stumbling block many new                      with daily worksheets and weekly chapters.
college students face is time management                  College students need to be proactive and
due to the drastic change in their daily routine.         self-motivated in keeping up with course
High school students typically have a fairly              readings and project deadlines, because the
structured schedule. Students go to school                instructor may not necessarily offer reminders.
for 6-7 hours; attend rehearsals or athletic              After all, everything is listed on the syllabus. And
practice after school, or perhaps a job; spend            remember, if your student needs help, we have
the evening studying or with family and                   many campus resources to help students learn
friends; get up the next day and do it all over           how to study.
again. Predictable and controlled.
                                                        HEALTH AND WELLNESS
College life is very different and unstructured,
offering a heady sense of freedom. Your                 Sindecuse Health Center
student may only have classes on Monday/                Sindecuse Health Center knows parents
Wednesday/Friday – or on Tuesday/Thursday.              and families play a vital role in the health of
Your student may have class at 8 a.m. and               their college student. We serve as your family
then a long break until an evening class.               physician’s office away from home with
Attendance may or may not be required by                board-certified clinicians who specialize in
the instructor. There are events and social             college student health care. For continuing
activities taking place at all hours of the             care, we coordinate with your home clinician
day and night. Consequently, it is easy for a           to transition care to Sindecuse providers. Our
student to get distracted and lose focus on             pharmacy offers affordable prescription and
academic priorities. Some key steps to ensure           over-the-counter medications. We gladly fill or
success include:                                        transfer prescriptions from other providers.
• Remind your student that school is a full-time        We offer clinical care by appointment
  job. For each credit hour taken, students should      including:
  plan on 2-3 hours of preparation time outside of
                                                        • Acute illness and injury care
  the classroom.
                                                        • Preventive health services including
• Your student should read and know each course
                                                          immunizations and allergy shots
  syllabus – and become very familiar with the
  expectations and requirements of each course.         • Lab and x-ray services including orders from
  The course syllabus includes all of the details, as     outside providers
  well as instructor contact information and office     • Physical therapy, rehabilitation and massage
  hours.                                                  therapy                                                                                               19
• Individual, group or couples counseling through   Counseling Services
   Counseling Services                               Your student’s time at Western Michigan
 • Psychiatric and mental health care                University may include stress, complicated
                                                     decisions, and/or challenging situations.
 All WMU students are eligible to receive care
                                                     Counseling Services, integrated within the
 at the health center, whether or not they are
                                                     Sindecuse Health Center, offers confidential,
 insured. If your student is insured, we will
                                                     short-term individual, couples and group
 submit a claim to your insurance company.
 Sindecuse accepts some Medicaid plans.
 Participating insurance plans are listed on our     The counseling process can help students
 website.                                            learn skills to better cope with challenges
                                                     and improve mental health, which will lead
 To make the transition to WMU easier, visit our
                                                     to a healthier and more fulfilling college
 new student welcome page at
 about/forms/welcome. You can get a head
 start on care by downloading insurance forms        Counselors help students identify challenges
 and completing them before a visit.                 and make changes to manage the emotional
                                                     and social difficulties that might complicate
 Explore the patient portal at healthmanager.
                                                     college life: to see how easy it is to make an
 appointment online, and to view patient             • Relationship and/or family conflict
 records.                                            • Stress and anxiety
         Visit                • Grief and loss
         or call (269) 387-3287.
                                                     • Social and peer pressure

20                                                     Western Michigan University
• Identity issues                                   times per semester are more likely to return to
• Trauma and post-traumatic stress                  WMU each year and carry a higher grade point
                                                    average. Through a recent survey, student
• Adjusting to college life                         users have indicated that they have more
• Feeling down and/or depressed                     energy, less stress and greater self-esteem. The
                                                    SRC also assists students with healthy choices/
• Body image and/or eating disorders
                                                    habits, confidence and an appreciation for
• International student support                     diversity, which help support college success.
• Marginalized identity                             Employment opportunities are available
Every student is unique, so we tailor our           for students seeking leadership roles and
services to meet your student’s needs.              development of a productive, healthier
Our counselors are licensed mental health           campus.
professionals and supervised graduate                        Visit
student interns. Counseling assistance is
available and offered at no cost to all enrolled
WMU students.                                       Campus Safety
                                                    WMU is committed to providing a safe and
                                                    secure environment:
         counseling or call (269) 387-1850.
                                                    • that is conducive to the education of our
University Recreation and Student                     students by protecting life and property;
Recreation Center
                                                    • by the investigation and prevention of crime;
WMU is devoted to providing facilities,
programs and services that promote the total        • and by providing assistance to all persons in
development of our students and employees             need in a manner that promotes confidence in
in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. The            our department throughout our diverse campus
Student Recreation Center (SRC) serves on             community.
average 2,000 students, faculty and staff each      The Department of Public Safety (DPS) is
day. The facility includes:                         divided into three divisions: Patrol Division,
• Basketball courts                                 Detective Division and Community Policing
                                                    Division. The police force is fully deputized
• Multipurpose gyms for indoor soccer and
                                                    and assistance is available 24/7. If you see
  racquet sports
                                                    something, say something reporting is
• Group fitness & CycleFit rooms                    encouraged throughout our community in any
• F45 functional training studio                    situation either by calling DPS or by using the
                                                    online student concern form.
• Three story climbing wall
                                                    It is imperative that students also take
• Weight training room                              responsibility for and be mindful of personal
• Indoor track and tennis courts                    safety. Here are some tips and reminders to
                                                    discuss with your student:
• Recreational pool
                                                    Students should
We offer personal training, sport leagues,
sport clubs and group exercise, utilizing           • After dark, always walk with a friend whenever
equipment and facilities designed to promote          possible. Free campus escort service is available
health and well-being. We support education           by calling (269) 387-7433 (387-RIDE).
by providing students the opportunity to            • Be aware of the emergency phones (blue lights)
participate in co-curricular activities that          located around campus and use them if they see
help reduce stress, while strengthening their         anything suspicious.
bodies. Students that utilize the SRC at least 15                                                                                        21
• Register a phone number for the WMU ALERT         Sexual Misconduct and
   emergency system through the GoWMU portal.        Discrimination
   This system is only used in extreme emergency     Students have a right to education and
   situations.                                       employment free from discrimination,
 • Periodically check the WMU home page for alerts   harassment and violence. Sexual assault,
   and updates.                                      nonconsensual sexual contact, sexual
                                                     exploitation, stalking, intimate partner
 • Keep residence hall rooms or apartments
                                                     violence and other forms of sexual and
   securely locked and curtains/blinds closed when
                                                     gender-based harassment are prohibited
                                                     under Title IX, the Clery Act and University
 • Be mindful of personal belongings in public       policy. If their rights are violated, students
   locations, especially electronics. Do not leave   are entitled to accommodations, a thorough
   them unattended.                                  investigation, a timely response and
 WMU has a comprehensive Critical Incident           protection from retaliation.
 Response Plan that is regularly tested,             We are here to help. Institutional Equity (IE)
 reviewed, and updated by all areas that             is the department designated to handle
 provide emergency management response               inquiries regarding the non-discrimination
 and recovery should a critical incident occur       and sexual misconduct policies. The
 at WMU. Trained emergency preparedness              University ADA/Section 504 Coordinator, Title
 volunteer teams provide leadership and              IX Coordinator and other IE staff:
 direction during fire evacuation and tornado
                                                     • Respond to incidents reported online, on the
 shelter exercises.
                                                       telephone or in person
 If weather conditions result in closing WMU,
                                                     • Implement interim safety measures, as needed
 the information is immediately announced
 through WMU Alert, posted on the WMU hot            • Provide resources for care and support on
 line (269) 387-1001, and the WMU home page            campus and in the community
 at These sources will also be            • Advise any individual, including a complainant, a
 updated should a campus emergency occur.              respondent or a third party, about the courses of
 Families and others are encouraged to                 action available at the University, both informally
 sign up for Visitor Text Message Alerts.              and formally, and in the community.
 This supplements the WMU Alert system               Institutional Equity
 used to inform our students and staff               1903 W. Michigan Ave
 regarding on-campus emergencies. Opt-in             Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5405
 by texting WMUPublicSafety (not case-
 sensitive) to one of the following numbers:                  Visit
 226787 or 67283.                                             or call (269) 387-6316.

 Types of messages include:                          INVOLVEMENT OUTSIDE THE
 • On-campus emergency alerts
 • Near-campus emergency and advisory                Bernhard Center
   notifications                                     The Bernhard Center, affectionately known as
                                                     the “BC,” is WMU’s multifaceted student center,
 • Crime-prevention suggestions and safety tips      with over 6,000 visitors daily. It offers many
 • General comments about the university and         amenities, services and meeting rooms for
   community                                         students, faculty and staff. At the BC, students
                                                     can grab a bite to eat, meet friends for coffee
                                                     and group study, purchase textbooks, get
          or call (269) 387-5555.

22                                                     Western Michigan University
help with financial aid questions, open and
maintain a bank account, enhance their
leadership skills, even coordinate an event or
program with their student organization. Grab
a bite at Subway, K-Zoo Coney, Biggby Coffee,
and Bernhard Café & Market. Take advantages
of services like PNC Bank, WMU Bookstore,
Bronco Express financial aid center, student
organization support services, and a variety of
meeting and event spaces. Eat, study, meet,
relax, learn at the Bernhard Center.

Office of Student Engagement
Every Leader Starts Somewhere... Where will
your student start?
Research shows that students who are
involved do better academically and will
persist to graduation. We provide a wide array
of activities that will engage your student. The
top three skills developed by students involved
in student organizations that will serve as a
competitive advantage are communication,
teamwork/collaboration and leadership
development. Our programs and services are
intentionally designed to help your student
succeed both now and at the next level.
Our office offers large campus programming,
leadership development activities, fraternity
and sorority life, a student media group, and
over 400 student organizations. Students say
that being involved impacts their experience
at WMU by giving them a sense of belonging
and the ability to make connections. There is
something for every student to get involved in
and find their niche at WMU.
        or call (269) 387-2115.
        For the list of student organizations,

WMU Signature
WMU Signature is a program,
unique to WMU, for students to
reflect on their out-of-class learning
experiences to explore and identify
a passion that will be reflected on
their WMU diploma. It provides a
meaningful and reflective                                 23
framework that inspires students to               Our Focus
 intentionally integrate, synthesize,              • Events and programs that promote cultural
 and articulate their unique WMU                     awareness
                                                   • Support for student organizations
 Why WMU Signature?
                                                   • Networking opportunities
 • Connect the dots between all experiences.
                                                   • Mentor and peer mentor programs
 • Gain transferable skills and be more
   marketable.                                     • One-on-one tutoring
 • Be recognized for the learning that             • Academic progress monitoring
   occurs outside of the classroom.                • Employment and internships
 • Available to all students, undergraduate        • Scholarship information
   and graduate.
                                                   The Division of Multicultural Affairs strives
 • No need to sign-up, all active students         to ensure that all students are given the full
   are already in!                                 opportunity to discover and develop their
 • Finding events and tracking progress is all     talents, interests, and unique potential, and
   done in the student engagement platform,        to provide a learning-centered environment
   ExperienceWMU.                                  that presents the context for intellectual,
 • WMU is the only higher education institution    cultural, professional, and personal growth
   to offer a co-curricular designation on the     during the college experience. Through
   academic transcript and diploma.                programs, services, and initiatives that
                                                   address cross-cultural competency and
 Students are encouraged to select a Pathway       personal empowerment, Multicultural Affairs
 that focuses on a passion not already covered     fosters community development, leadership,
 by their academic courses. Established            and a campus climate that respects and
 Pathways include:                                 appreciates the history, culture, and traditions
 • Civic Engagement                                of all students.
 • Diversity and Inclusion                                 Visit
                                                           or call (269) 387-4420.
 • Entrepreneurship
 • Global Engagement                               Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, and
                                                   Transgender (LBGT) Student
 • Health and Wellness
 • Leadership                                      The Office of LBGT Student Services is
 • Social Justice                                  committed to supporting a vibrant campus
                                                   environment that celebrates the diversity of
 • Sustainability
                                                   gender identity and sexual orientation. We
 • Teaching and Student Success                    provide support, education, and advocacy to
          Visit                our campus community so that every person
          or call (269) 387-2128.                  can feel welcome and supported to be their
                                                   full authentic selves.
 Multicultural Affairs                             In addition to our award-winning programs
 The Division of Multicultural Affairs serves as   and events, our resource room is available
 an information resource on the role and value     to all students as a safe space to relax
 of diversity in education for Western Michigan    between classes and connect with LBGT
 University and the greater Kalamazoo              resources. Our annual programs include: Fall
 communities.                                      Fab Fest, Out at WMU: Faces of Prides, and

24                                                   Western Michigan University
Lavender Graduation. Regular bi-weekly      cross-cultural interaction. These goals
student-led groups include Bi-Weekly Pan,   are accomplished through a number
POSE (People of Shades Exclusively),        of different program formats including
and Trans Thursdays. Students, faculty,     awareness-raising programs, dialogue, and
and staff are welcome to participate in     eliminating false ideologies.
leadership development and learning         All Real Talk Diversity Series events are free
through programs such as Safe on Campus,    and open to the public.
Speakout! Panel Program, Student Advisory
Council, and the Advocate Program.                  Visit
                                                    or call (269) 387-6324.
        or call (269) 387-2133.             Career and Student Employment
Real Talk Diversity Series
                                            “What can I do with my major?” “How
At WMU’s Real Talk Diversity Series,        do I get an internship?” “What skills are
participants interact and learn about       employers looking for in new graduates?”
the experiences and perspectives of         These are common questions from
individuals and groups from many            students and families. Career and Student
identities and backgrounds. Each Real       Employment Services can help students
Talk event includes discussion of the       discover, explore, test and confirm career
intersection of multiple identities. The    choices. Here are a few services offered:
series provides a forum to engage in and
discuss critically many important issues,   • Career Zone; a drop-in resource center
serving as a bridge to the entire campus      open Monday-Friday and staffed by
community.                                    career coaches.
The Real Talk Diversity Series serves as    • Career advising - individual appointment
a catalyst to promote, celebrate, and         with professionals to discuss unique
increase awareness about diversity at         career questions.
WMU, to recognize cultural differences      • Workshops on job search and career
as well as similarities, and to encourage     planning topics throughout the year.                                                                           25
You can also read