Mainland Football Senior Regulations 2019

Mainland Football Senior Regulations 2019
Mainland Football
           Senior Regulations 2019

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   1.    Definitions                                         3
   2.    Organisation of the Competition                     3
   3.    Entries for the Competition                         4
   4.    Disciplinary Matters                                4
   5.    Drug Testing                                        4
   6.    Disputes and Protests                               5
   7.    Playing Strips and Equipment                        5
   8.    Match Balls                                         5
   9.    Match Venues, Dates and Kick off Times              6
   10.   Field of Play                                       6
   11.   Referees, Assistant Referees and Fourth Officials   7
   12.   Laws of the Game                                    8
   13.   Substitutions                                       8
   14.   Technical Area                                      8
   15.   Playing of Fixtures                                 9
   16.   Defaults                                            10
   17.   Suspended or Abandoned Matches                      10
   18.   Financial Provisions                                11
   19.   Eligibility of Player                               11
   20.   Registration of Players                             12
   21.   Match Results                                       12
   22.   Competition Format                                  13
   23.   Trophies, Awards and Medals                         13
   24.   Non-Compliance                                      13
   25.   Code of Conduct                                     14
   26.   Miscellaneous                                       14
   27.   Fines                                               15
   28.   Appendix A – Masters 50 playing rules               15

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1. Definitions:
      i. The terms below denote the following:
     ii. Definitions: In the agreement unless the context otherwise requires:
   iii.  FIFA – means Fédération Internationale de Football Association being the world governing
         body of football.
   iv.   New Zealand Football (NZF) – The national governing body for football for the country.
     v.  Mainland Football (MF) – means one (1) of seven (7) Federations of New Zeeland Football,
         governing football within the boundaries as defined by NZF.
   vi.   Board – means the board of Mainland Football.
  vii.   Competitions Manager – means the official appointed by Mainland Football to administer
         all Mainland Football competitions.
 viii.   Club – means a financial member of Mainland Football.
    ix.  Comet – means the NZF Player Registrations System.
     x.  Active Player – a financial member of a club and active on the registration system.
    xi.  Inactive Player – means a player that doesn’t have a current registration with any club.
   xii.  Team – means an official registered team of a club.
  xiii.  Home Team – means the team named first in any fixture.
  xiv.   Away Team – means the team named second in any fixture.
   xv.   Home Club – means the club responsible for the organisation and management of matches
         played at a nominated venue.
  xvi.   Competition/League – means a group of club’s teams which play each other over a period
         of a defined season and forms part of the overall competition.
 xvii.   Playing/Player – means the person plays in a competitive fixture for a team. Being named as
         a substitute does not mean the person is a plyer.
xviii.   Reserve League – means a designed league that a club’s “feeder” team to the clubs first
         team plays in.
  xix.   Default – means failure to arrive on time, participate in, or complete a scheduled match.
   xx.   Fines & Fees Schedule – means the schedule attached these regulations.
  xxi.   Summer Season – means the period starting with the first match of the NZF Premiership
         and ending at the completion of the final of the competition.
 xxii.   Term Dates – means the school term dates for any given year.

2. Organisation of the Competition:

    2.1 Unless otherwise determined by the regulations, the entire control and management of the
        competitions shall be vested in MF. MF shall have the power to do all other things necessary
        to ensure the progress of this competition through all its stages and may take appropriate
        action to bring about such results. All or any of the powers vested in MF may be delegated
        to a nominee.

    2.2 MF may appoint a Competition Manager or similar who shall be responsible for the
        administration of the competitions. All references to the exercise of power or discretion by
        MF in this regulation shall include reference to the exercise of a power of discretion by the
        Competition Manager. The Competition Manager in authorised to determine the imposition
        and duration of the suspension and fines pursuant to relevant NZF regulation. The
        Competition Manager shall also retain the discretion to referee any disciplinary matters to
        the MF Disciplinary Committee.

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2.3 Final decisions on interpretations of any part of these regulations shall rest with MF. Any
        decision by the Competitions Manager regarding these regulations can be appealed to the
        MF Board as laid down in these regulations.

    2.4 Each club wishing to compete in MF Competitions shall, on or before a date advised by the
        Competitions Manager, confirm in writing their acceptance of an invitation to complete in
        such competitions and the division (s) advised.

3. Entries for the Competition:

    3.1 Mainland Football will request team entries to their competitions with a certain entry
        deadline. MF may or may not except all entries and may or may not accept entries after the
        dead line.

    3.2 Canterbury teams playing in the MPL must field a team in the reserve competition.

4   Disciplinary Matters:

    4.1 Disciplinary incidents will be dealt with in accordance with the NZF Disciplinary Code and the
        FIFA Disciplinary Code.

    4.2 The participants, their players and officials, agree to comply with the Laws of the Game and
        with the FIFA Statutes and Regulations, in particular the FIFA Disciplinary Code, and the FIFA
        Anti-Doping Regulations, the FIFA Code of Ethics (in particular in matters regarding the fight
        against discrimination, racism and match-fixing), the FIFA Code of Conduct and NZF Statutes
        and Regulations, in particular the NZF Disciplinary Code and the NZF Code of Conduct.

    4.3 In addition, the players agree to:

        4.3.1   Respect the spirit of fair play.
        4.3.2   Behave accordingly.
        4.3.3   Refrain from doping as defined in the FIFA Anti-Doping Regulations.

5   Drug Testing:

    5.1 Mainland Football shall be subject to drug testing by Drug Free Sport NZ. For the sake of
        clarity, this shall comprise in-competition and out of competition testing for all players.

    5.2 Drug testing is specifically covered by NZF Regulations. It is the responsibility of each team
        and players to ensure they are conversant with the appropriate regulations.

    5.3 Any club breaching this regulation shall be liable for a fine of up to $1000.00 and an
        education seminar arranged within the agreed timeframes between club and NZF.

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6   Disputes and Protests:

        6.1     Any club may bring a protest or complaint to Mainland Football through the
                Competitions Manager.
        6.2     A protest or complaint must be made within three days of the alleged breach, by
                forwarding a written statement, on the club’s letterhead, detailing the:
                i. name of the club, player or person(s) complained against
                ii. alleged breach. 18.3 Mainland Football will forward a copy of the protest or
                    complaint to the club complained about for a response.
        6.3     After ascertaining all details of the alleged complaint, Mainland Football will
                advise both parties of their decision.
        6.4     A fee of $100.00 plus GST will be charged for trivial protests or complaints.
        6.5     Any club has the right to appeal against the application of one or more of the
        6.6     Appeals will be decided by an independent local judicial panel.
        6.7     Further appeals can be made to NZF.

7   Playing Strips and Equipment:

    7.1 Each club shall inform MF of the playing strips with two different and contrasting colours
        (one predominantly dark and one predominantly light) for its first choice and alternative
        strips (shirts and socks). Teams should have two contrasting colours for goal keepers. These
        must be distinctly different from each other as well as the predominant colour of the
        outfield players strip colours.

    7.2 Each team shall wear its first-choice strip in their home matches, and all other matches
        where there is no clash (shirt and socks).

    7.3 Where the strips of team’s clash (shirts and/or socks) the away team must wear their
        alternative strip.

    7.4 It is the responsibility of the home team to notify MF and the away team of any changes to
        their registered colours no later than 48 hours prior to the match.

    7.5 It is always the responsibility of the away team to carry their alternative strip with them to
        allow enough flexibility to avoid any potential colour clash.

    7.6 If, in the opinion of MF, a clash of colours will occur to the detriment of the match, MF may
        direct either or both teams to change or vary their strip.

    7.7 The home team shall be responsible for supplying nets (a pair) and four (4) corner flags that
        comply with the Laws of the Game.

8   Match Balls:

    8.1 Certain competitions may have official match balls assigned to them, as outlined in the
        competition regulations. It is the responsibility of the home club to provide the specified
        number of match balls in a good, clean condition for use.

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8.2 Where the competition does not have a specific match ball the home team shall provide a
        ball suitable for use. Ideally a second ball should be available should the original ball become
        damaged or lost.

9   Match Venues, Dates and Kick off Times:

    9.1 MF shall publish a fixture list including the match venues, dates and kick off times for the
        season. All matches shall be played on the dates and times agreed and confirmed by MF and
        the clubs and shall not be varied without prior written approval of MF.

    9.2 If either team wishes to alter the match date, kick off time or venues they must seek
        approval of the opposing club and MF, setting out in full their reasons for the change. If both
        clubs agree to a change MF shall take that into account when giving its decision.

    9.3 Any additional cost incurred in changing a previously agreed match date, kick off time or
        venue shall be borne by the club making the request. All rescheduled matches must be
        played prior to the completion of the competition. Failure to do so will mean the requesting
        team will deemed to have defaulted the match.

    9.4 MF reserves the right to determine the dates, time and venue for all matches.

    9.5 A fixture maybe played wholly or partially under floodlights subject to the floodlighting
        being of an acceptable standard and approved by MF.

    9.6 The home club shall be responsible for taking all practical measures to ensure:

        9.6.1   That all facilities and equipment comply with Occupational Health and Safety

        9.6.2   The orderly behaviour of the crowd and safety of the match officials, players, team
                officials and all spectators.

    9.7 All clubs will be held responsible for the behaviour of their spectators, whether playing at
        home or away or at a neutral ground. A club must give written notice to MF of any unruly
        behaviour of their spectators.

    9.8 Each club must make every effort to ensure that the NZF Code of Conduct is communicated
        and made available to its staff, players, coaches, volunteers and club supporters.

10 Field of Play:

    10.1        All home clubs are to ensure the ground complies with the FIFA Laws of
                the Game (Law 1).

    10.2        Matches may be played on natural or artificial surfaces. Where artificial surfaces are
                used, the surface must meet the requirements of the FIFA Quality Concept for
                Football Turf.

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10.3        If the competition specifies a technical area is required. This shall provide seating
                for 11 people and comply to the dimensions outlined in the Laws of the Game.

    10.4        In the event of inclement weather, the home club shall be obligated to ensure all
                reasonable steps are taken to ensure that the scheduled fixture proceed.

    10.5        The home club maybe required to re-mark all or part of the field of play to allow the
                scheduled fixture to proceed.

11 Referees, Assistant Referees and Fourth Officials:

    11.1        MF Shall make provisions for appointments for as many fixtures as possible.

    11.2        Each referee shall, within 60 minutes of the completion of the match check the
                accuracy of the Match Information Sheet for both teams and sign the sheet as a true
                and accurate record of the match.

    11.3        Each referee, if applicable, shall attend the ground at least 1 hour before the
                scheduled kick-off time and shall wait 30 minutes after the scheduled kick off
                time, before abandoning the game for any reason, unless approval has been
                granted by the Competitions Manager.

    11.4        The referee’s decision shall be final regarding the condition of the field of play and if
                the player is to be played or not.

    11.5        Should a referee not be appointed to a match or if they fail to arrive then it shall be
                the responsibility of both teams to agree on a suitable person to referee the match.
                If no agreement can be reached the home team will referee the first half and the
                away team the second half.

    11.6        Should the referee require an assistant referee, then each team shall be responsible
                for providing one person to act as an assistant referee, and that person reports
                solely to the referee.

    11.7        All matches shall be refereed in accordance with the IFAB Laws of the Game expect
                as amended by the competition regulations.

    11.8        Should the match be refereed by a non-appointed referee they have complete
                authority to enforce the Laws to the best of their ability and have the full support of
                Mainland Football.

    11.9        Any team refusing to take the field of play due to the fact that a referee has not
                arrived or contravenes clause 11.5 shall be deemed to have defaulted the match.

    11.10       Any payment owed to the referee shall be shared equally by both clubs.

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11.11       If a coach, manager or captain wishes to discuss any on field decisions or
               interpretations with the referee they must wait a minimum of 20 minutes following
               the conclusion of the match before approaching the referee. However, it shall be
               the referee’s complete discretion as to whether such a discussion occurs, and the
               referee retains complete authority.

   11.12       Any communication with match officials before, during or after the match must be
               conducted in a civil and reasonable manner.

   11.13       Where a competition doesn’t have permission to apply Temporary Dismals as per
               the IFAB directive, referees may use the “sin bin” to remove players, who in the
               opinion of the referee, requires some time off the field for disciplinary matters.
               This player may be replaced immediately. The player that has been “sin binned” may
               return to the match after a ten (10) minute period.

   11.14       A player that has been sin binned twice in the same match cannot be replaced and
               they cannot return to the match at any stage.

   11.15       A player that has been sent off for spitting, language, fighting or serious foul play
               cannot be replaced and cannot return to the match at any stage.

12 Laws of the Game:

   12.1        All matches shall be played in accordance with the IFAB Laws of the Game.

   12.2        Any variations allowed up the Laws of the Game will be specified in the playing

   12.3        Please see Appendix A regarding additional playing conditions for the Master’s 50

13 Substitutions:

   13.1        The procedure for substitutions shall be in accordance with the IFAB Laws of the

   13.2        Substitutions may warm up during the match however the use of a ball is prohibited.
               However, a goal keeper may use a ball to warm up. One team official is permitted to
               accompany any substitutes that are warming up outside of the technical area.

   13.3        Unless specified, all competitions will allow for unlimited substitutions (rolling subs),
               however a squad cannot consist of more than a total of sixteen (16) players.

14 Technical Area:

   14.1        If applicable, each home club shall provide adequate seating for each person
               authorised to be in the technical area during any given match.

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14.2        The occupants of the technical area shall be identified to the match officials prior to
                the commencement of the match.

    14.3        Only one-person at a time has authority to convey technical instructions and that
                person must return to their position immediately after giving any instructions, to the
                intent that only one person at any time is standing.

    14.4        All team officials must remain within the confines of the technical area except in
                special circumstances, for example, a physiotherapist entering the field of play to
                assess an injured player with the referee’s permission.
    14.5        All occupants of the technical area must always conduct themselves in a responsible
                manner, especially regarding offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or
                gestures. The referee has complete authority over all occupants of the technical

15 Playing of Fixtures:

    15.1        Any team not ready to commence the match within 10 minutes of the scheduled
                start time shall forfeit the match. A forfeited match be deemed to be a defaulted
                match for the benefit of the regulations pursuant to clause 16.3

    15.2        In the event of a match being postponed at late notice for various reasons, it
                shall be the responsibility of the two clubs to confer with a view to play the match at
                the earliest possible time, unless authorised by MF.

    15.3        In the event the match is postponed due to the scheduling of any official NZF or MF
                fixture the two clubs concerned agree to play the match the earliest possible time
                determined by MF.

    15.4        In the event of a change of venue being necessary because of unforeseen weather
                or field of play conditions, the home club shall take all reasonable steps to give
                adequate notice to MF and the away team as to the new venue. In the event of any
                dispute arising as the suitability of the alternative venue, MF shall make the final
                decision, which will be binding, on all parties.

    15.5        Teams may request a change of date or time of the match with the approval of the
                opposition team and the MF Competition Manager. A rearranged match must be
                played prior to the last match of the league. If the match fails to be completed by
                the completion of the league the team requesting the alteration to the fixture will
                be deemed to have defaults as per clause 16.3

    15.6        If for any reason a match cannot be completed due to any circumstance, then the
                result of the shall be decided by the Competition Manger at their complete
                discretion. The option for the match to be replayed is a viable option, if time allows,
                and consideration to the score and the duration of the match that remained when
                the match was abandoned.

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15.7        If for any reason the league cannot be concluded within the required time frame,
               then Competition Manager may close the league and declare final placing at its sole
               discretion pursuant to the following factors:

       15.7.1 The standings at the end of the first completed round; or

       15.7.2 Standings at the close of the competition.

   15.8        During all competitions, points shall be allocated based on three (3) points for     a
               win, one (1) point for a draw and zero (0) for a loss.

   15.9        Where teams are tied on points in any Mainland Football competition goal
               difference will be used firstly to separate the teams. If the teams are also tied on
               goal difference, then the team with the greater number of goals scored shall be
               declared the winner. If teams are still tied both teams will be declared the league
               winner. If promotion to a higher competition is possible then a play-off format to
               be determined by MF will be required.

   15.10       Regarding relegation the following will apply. Where teams are tied on points in any
               Mainland Football competition goal difference will be used firstly to separate the
               teams. If the teams are also tied on goal difference, then the team with the
               least number of goals scored shall be relegated. If still tied, then a play-off format to
               be determined by MF will be required.

16 Defaults:

       16.1    Notification of a team’s intention to default must be made in writing to
               Competitions Manager no later than 24 hours prior to the fixture. A
               team shall not be fined should they adhere to this clause, unless specifically

       16.2    If a team fails to complete with 16.1 the fine as per Fines and Fees Schedule shall be

       16.3    A defaulted match, whether notification was given pursuant to clause 16.1 be
               recorded as a 3 – 0 win to the non-defaulting team.

       16.4    A team that defaults either two (2) matches in succession or a total of three (3)
               matches in a season may be disqualified from the league as the discretion of the
               Competition Manager or Mainland Football.

       16.5    Where a team is required to travel 50 kms or more (clubs home venue to scheduled
               venue) and the match is defaulted, and the first scheduled match was played the
               team defaulting the return fixture will be fined and will be forwarded to the
               opposing club to aid in the cost of travel of future fixtures. This will be knowns as the
               “Reciprocal fine”.

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17 Suspended or Abandoned Matches:

    17.1         In the event of adverse weather conditions occurring during a match, which in the
                 view of the referee endangers the safety of the players or officials, the referee may
                 at their sole discretion, suspend play for a period of up to thirty (30) minutes to
                 allow time for conditions to improve to a point that will allow the match to
    17.2         In the event of the abandonment of a match due to natural conditions (bad weather,
                 safety concerns, serious injury, lighting etc) or outside conditions (equipment failure
                 e.g. goal posts, interference of spectators, disorder and fighting between
                 players/spectators); the MF Competition Manager shall decide if and when such
                 matches are replayed. If the game is not replayed, then the score shall be
                 determined as per 16.3

    17.3         Where weather conditions preceding a fixture raise doubts as to whether play shall
                 take place, the referee and/or Competition Manager shall meet the home club at
                 the venue to consider whether the ground is fit for play. The meeting shall be held in
                 a timely manner to allow the decision to be communicated with the away team
                 especially where considerable travel is involved.

    17.4         Before any decision is made whether the match should be abandoned the home
                 club should discuss with the Competition Manger if they aren’t in attendance as per
                 clause 17.2

    17.5         If the initial decision is for the match be proceed as per schedule the home club
                 should make all reasonable efforts to make the field of play suitable for the match.

    17.6         The referee has sole authority regarding the match, regardless of any previous
                 decisions, to the status of the match. They may or may not start the match,
                 suspended or terminate the match as they see fit.

18 Financial Provisions:

    18.1         Mainland Football has no financial provisions for teams within their competitions, all
                 travel, food, accommodation, referee fees are the responsibility of the club.

19 Eligibility of Player:

    19.1         A player is eligible to play in Mainland Football competitions provided that:

        19.1.1 The player is duly registered with a club in accordance with the FIFA regulations on
               the Status and Transfers of Players and the relevant NZF regulations.

        19.1.2 The player is duly registered with the club on Comet.

        19.1.3 The player is of 16 years of age as at the time of the match, unless dispensation has
               been granted by Mainland Football’s Football Development Manager.

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19.2        Each team shall be responsible for fielding only eligible players. Any team found
                guilty of fielding an ineligible player (s) shall be subject to the penalties as
                determined in NZF regulations.

    19.3        Players must be duly terminated from their previous club before participating in a
                match for their current club and must meet criteria as per clause 19.1

    19.4        All players registered in MPL must remain within the MPL and MPL Reserve

    19.5        A WPL player cannot play for another other club team on a weekend when the WPL
                team has no scheduled fixture.

    19.6        Players in a club’s lower league team can play for a team in a higher competition at
                any stage.

    19.7        After three (3) consecutive games playing in a club’s higher league team, the player
                is deemed to be part of that team and cannot play in a lower league unless
                reclassification is granted by MF.

    19.8        Players cannot play for two (2) teams that a club has in the same competition.

    19.9        For a player to be eligible for master’s competitions they must be of the required
                age as at the time of the fixture. Masters age groups are Over 35’s, Over 45’s and
                Over 50’s.

    19.10       A player that played in the 2018 Masters 48 competition is eligible to play in the
                2019 Over 50’s competition irrespective if they do not meet the requirement as per
                regulation 19.9

    19.11       A player may be a “guest” player for another clubs’ master’s team, provided they are
                of the correct age. The same player can play a maximum of three (3) times as a
                guest player.

20 Registration of Players:

    20.1        A player can only be registered for one (1) club at a time and can only play for that
                club unless the player is playing for:

        20.1.1 A futsal club or centre for which that player is also registered; or

        20.1.2 For a school team that is not a club and not playing in the same competition; or

        20.1.3 A business house or other teams affiliated with another District Federation playing
               in a different competition.

        20.1.4 Any other exceptional circumstances as approved by NZF in its absolute discretion.

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21 Match Results:

   21.1       The home club shall be responsible for entering the match result into Comet by
              5pm Sunday following the fixture.

   21.2       For all MPL, CCL and WPL fixtures referees will enter match results, including all
              match events.
   22.3       MF shall supply to all clubs and school teams with team cards or team sheets for the
              purpose of recording the players and substitutions names and recording all match
              events. Both teams and the referee are required to sign both team cards as per
              clause 11.2

   22.4       Unless specifically specified all team sheets should be submitted to the match
              referee no later than 15 minutes prior to kick off. Team cards must be completely
              fully, including the players full name (not initials), corresponding shirt numbers.

   22.5       The team is responsible for maintaining team card records in good order for a period
              no less then twelve (12) months. The Competition Manager will from time to time
              request team cards for the purpose of investigating reported incidents or the
              auditing of players listed by individual teams. The club shall produce any or all
              requested team cards within 48 hours of the request being made. Failure to comply
              will result in fines and penalties as outlined.

22 Competition Format:

   22.1       Mainland Football shall decide the format for each competition.

   22.2       Where possible senior competitions will compromise of eight (8) teams.

   22.3       A two (2) round competition will be contested allowing for fourteen (14) league

   22.4       At the conclusion of the league teams in the competition will be placed into two (2)
              pools with pool A comprising of the 1st, 3rd, 5th & 7th placed teams and pool B
              comprising of teams that placed 2nd, 4th, 6th & 8th.

   22.5       One (1) round will be contested allowing for three (3) games. The first placed teams
              will play each other for the Championship title. The second placed teams will play
              each other, the third placed teams and the fourth placed teams.

   22.6       At the completion of the league the highest placed team will be promoted to the
              next highest competition, if eligible.

   22.7       At the completion of the league the lowest placed team will be relegated to their
              applicable competition, unless for a reason such as clause 23.2 a team may not be

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23 Trophies, Awards and Medals:

   23.1        Trophies shall be awarded to the team declared the winner of the League and

   23.2        Any prize money may be awarded at the discretion of Mainland Football.

   23.3        All trophies remain property of Mainland Football unless specified.

   23.4        Clubs shall be liable for the cost of damage to or loss of trophies.

24 Non- Compliance:

   24.1        Unless otherwise specified, if a club is in breach of this regulation:

       24.1.1 In the first instance of a breach, MF shall notify the club in writing of the breach, and
              the club will be given a reasonable period to rectify the breach. It is the clubs
              responsibility to undertake remedial action within the timeframe set and to keep MF
              informed of progress including and possible delays due to circumstances beyond its

25 Code of Conduct:

   25.1        All members are deemed to know read and agree to abide by the New Zealand
               Football Code of Conducts.

   25.2        Breaches of the NZF Code of Conduct may result in penalties as prescribed in the

26 Miscellaneous:

   26.1        Matters not provided for in these regulations and cases of forced majeure shall be
               decided by New Zealand Football.

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             o   Unregistered player or ineligible player              $20.00
             o   Subsequent offence – same player                      $200.0
             o   Late and/or no team cards                             $10.00
             o   Incomplete team cards                                 $10.00
             o   Falsifying a team card                                $50.00 + 3 points
             o   Non-return of a team card upon request                $50.00 + 3 points
             o   Not providing nets                                    $10.00
             o   Not providing corner flags                            $10.00
             o   Late submission of results                            $10.00
             o   Defaults outside timeframe                            $100.00
             o   Reciprocal fine                                       $250.00
             o   Yellow cards                                          $25.00
             o   Red cards                                             $75.00
             o   Failure to apply for age dispensation                 $100.00
             o   Playing after age dispensation declined               $200.00

Appendix A – Masters 50’s Playing

Overall Objective – Masters Games Football is a social event where the emphasis is on:

    ➢ Participating rather than winning.
    ➢ The philosophy is fun and fellowship


    ➢   No slide tackles.
    ➢   No aggressive play is tolerated.
    ➢   No dissent or foul language is tolerated.
    ➢   No charging of goalkeepers once they have the ball.


    ➢   Slide tackle - 10 min sin bin.
    ➢   Second offence within a game – Send off and cannot return to the game.
    ➢   All players involved in fighting will be sent off immediately.
    ➢   All other offences FIFA Laws of the Game will apply.

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