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        COMPLIMENTARY   |   MARCH 2022

      M A G A Z I N E
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MAINstreet - Main Street Magazine
the land of
fire and ice
Photographs by Kristján Maack



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                                                                 MAIN STREET MAGAZINE 3
MAINstreet - Main Street Magazine
editor’s note & content

                                                                                                                                             MARCH 2022

                                                                                                         COMPLIMENTARY   |   MARCH 2022

                                                                                                                                             Just keep swimming…
 Welcome to our March issue, which has
 become our annual “Animal & Farm-                                                                    M A G A Z I N E                        Cover photo by
 ing” issue for the past however many                                                                                                        Olivia Valentine
 years at this point. I say that lightheart-
 edly because this month we celebrate
 nine years since Main Street’s first issue
 came out! Can you believe that? We’re
 nine years old already! That went by

 quickly. Phewww! And what a ride it
 has been!
     In these past nine years we’ve been
 so busy learning about- and sharing
 stories of and with our local commu-
 nities. Much like the communities that
 we serve, we too have grown in this
 time: in actual magazine size (more
                                                                                                                                                     & farming issue
 pages) as well as in our distribution,
 and then more recently on our website
 and social media, and just this year to
 our podcast, Main Street Moxie. I talk
 about our growth, because all of our
 platforms are ways that we try to reach
 you, our audience, to share good, posi-
 tive stories that we have found such
 pleasure and joy in. We always try to         CONTENTS
 highlight someone or something within
 our local community, or stories that can      6|       INNER VISION, OUTWARD EXPRESSION                                                  31 |   OBLONG BOOKS HAS ALL OF THE
 impact our readers and listeners.                      artist profile                                                                           animal and farm-related books for
     Additionally, all of our content is                                                                                                         your enjoyment
 brought to you FREE of charge solely          9|       FRIENDLY FACES
 thanks to our advertisers and spon-                                                                                                      33 | THE PEREGRINE
 sors, and so as we celebrate our nine         11 |     BIRD MAN
 year anniversary, it is not just neces-                entrepreneur feature                                                              37 | MEET PATRICIA POWERS, ARTIST
 sary but my pleasure to once again say
 THANK YOU to every single one of our          15 |     DEEP DISH CHOCOLATE PEANUT                                                        41 |   THE SIMPLE JOYS
 advertisers and sponsors! I don’t have                 BUTTER COOKIES                                                                           robert arbor amd jos farm-to-table
 enough room here to name them all,                     baking                                                                                   approach at le gamin
 but just flip through these pages, the
 pages of our website, or listen to pod-       17 |     REAL ESTATE HAS GONE TO THE DOGS                                                  45 | BUSINESS SNAPSHOTS
 cast and take a look at these incredible               real estate                                                                            red horse rescue
 businesses that not just offer amazing                                                                                                        falls village feed & gift store
 products and services, but they are           19 |     ORGANIC FARMING IN HUDSON                                                              pampered pooch grooming,
 part of the amazing fabric of our com-                                                                                                   		 salon, pooch hq
 munities that we should all be so grate-      23 | LOOKING FOR A FURR-EVER HOME                                                               off the wall design
 ful for. So please, please consider sup-           dutchess county spca’s top 4 pets in
 porting our local businesses that are              need of a home                                                                        46 | MONTHLY ADVICE COLUMNS
 crucial to our lives and communities.
     Now, this March issue has a very          25 | FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA
 specific theme and that is basically – in
 a nutshell – animals, farms and food. So
 when you flip through the pages you’ll
 immediately notice that theme, start-         PUBLISHER, EDITOR, ADVERTISING, WRITING, PHOTOGRAPHY, & OTHER DUTIES
 ing with the “furrrriendly faces” that are    Thorunn Kristjansdottir publisher, editor-in-chief, designer, etc.
 all animals this month. We tried to have
                                               Contributing writers:
 a mixture of stories for you in the issue,
                                               Betsy Maury | CB Wismar | Christine Bates | Lindsey Clark | Dominique De Vito | Griffin Cooper |
 so as not to be too heavy on one of the       Ian Strever | John Torsiello | Mary B. O’Neill | Olivia Valentine & Caroline Markonic | Regina Molaro
 topics over the others, but I person-         Assistant proof-reader: Pom Shillingford. Photographers: Lazlo Gyorsok & Olivia Valentine.
 ally think it came together quite nicely
 (consider me biased or not). I had fun        ADVERTISING
 putting this issue together, and our          Ashley Kristjansson & Griffin Cooper call 518 592 1135 or email
 writers always enjoy this one too. So I
 hope by extension that you too, dear          CONTACT
                                               Office 52 Main Street, Millerton, NY 12546 • Mailing address PO Box 165, Ancramdale, NY 12503
 reader, find something of interest in
                                               Phone 518 592 1135 • Email • Website
 this issue, learn something new, or just
 go “Huh! That’s interesting!”                 PRINT, LEGAL, ACCOUNTING, & INSURANCE
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MAINstreet - Main Street Magazine
MAINstreet - Main Street Magazine
artist profile

                                                  “To the artist, from Santa.” KK Kozik         Armed with a graduate degree from
                                                  has fond memories of a childhood           Syracuse University, it was time for
                                                  punctuated by that Christmas morn-         KK Kozik to experience New York
                                                  ing when none other than venerable         and its magnetic force on American
                                                  Saint Nick validated the sensitivity she   art. There was but one problem. KK

                                                  had to form, color, and things beauti-     was not part of the “in crowd” that
                                                  ful. She had been recognized as an         populated the ateliers and studios in
                                                  artist. The package contained supplies     “the City.” As inventive as she is cre-
                                                  that have informed her remarkable          ative, KK took matters into her own
                                                  career.                                    hands and realized that, temporarily

                                                     Born to parents who were both           shut out of the inside tracks of known
                                                  academics, KK Kozik (she’s always          galleries, she had to find her own
                                                  been called by her initials) grew up in    “road less traveled.”
                                                  Chester County, PA – Andrew Wyeth             “I didn’t have the connections,”
                                                  country with its sweeping landscapes.      she recalls. “In order to get my work
                                                  By the time she was in fifth grade, an     seen, I explored showings in alterna-
                                                  interview for the Philadelphia Inquirer    tive spaces.” These “pop-up galleries”
                                  KK KOZIK        allowed her to establish architecture as   were the rungs on the ladder that KK
                                                  a career goal, so when it came time for    used to achieve awareness, recognition
                                 By CB Wismar     college, she enrolled at the University    and, eventually, a following. “I spent
                  of Virginia, only to take an art class     20 years moving toward acceptance
                                                  and have her direction become more         and inclusion in New York galler-
                                                  narrowly defined.                          ies,” she recalls with an undercurrent
                                                     Art. Art history. Working in the        of the tenacity that has moved her
                                                  studio. Diving deep into the move-         from unwrapping Santa’s gift under
                                                  ments and influences that challenged       the Christmas tree to being collected,
                                                  and encouraged her, KK became              represented and recognized across the
                                                  enthralled with 19th-century paint-        country.
                                                  ers – those who blended realism with
                                                  impressionism and post-impression-         The broader audience
                                                  ism. In Degas she found rhythm and         of public art
                                                  the unusual application of color. In       As her art evolved, KK Kozik found
                                                  the American landscape painters,           opportunities to make public, lasting
                                                  Winslow Homer, Grant Wood, and             impressions with her work. Light
                                                  Fairfield Porter she celebrated the fact   boxes of laminated stained glass bring-
                                                  that “modernism” had emerged.              ing character and whimsy to New
                                                                                             York’s Rockaway Beach subway station
                                                                                             commissioned by the MTA’s Art for
                                                                                             Transit program and a four floor mu-
                                                                                             ral in a circular stairway in the Amelio

MAINstreet - Main Street Magazine
artist profile

Cirio Library at Fitchburg (MA) State        News, The New Yorker, and The New
University are two enduring examples         York Times.
of her imaginative use of color and
form to entertain and delight.               Artist as athlete as writer
   When KK is presented in solo          Throughout her life, KK Kozik has
shows at noted galleries, the commen-    paralleled her prolific art career with a
tary and reviews paint a portrait of the passion and dedication for sports. An
artist that both applauds the complex-   avid skier, she’s been the president of
ity of her work and informs the reader   the Northwest United Soccer Club,
as to the importance of what they are    is a USSA certified race coach, and
experiencing. In a review published in   competed in the Ultimate Disc Co-Ed
ARTFORUM, critic Barry Schwabsky         National Championships. The passion
commented “…that her works stem          for sport runs in the family as her son
from a mental image rather than a        is currently enrolled in a ski racing       these artists to have a space they can
pictorial concept does not prevent       program in Vermont, even though his         inhabit with their work and, then,
them from finding their fulfilment       stated life goal is to work in biomedi-     invite people to come for the experi-
in painting.” The images on linen or     cal engineering.                            ence.” To date, ten projects have been
exotic, handmade papers reflect fanta-       KK has served as assistant coach        hosted on KK Kozik’s Upper Main
sies and recollections from KK Kozik’s   for the Berkshire School Ski Team and       street property, ranging from Dan
mind, allowing those impressions to      been a coach/instructor at Butternut        Devine’s Inside Out NASCAR which
become painted reality.                  Ski Area in Great Barrington, MA.           featured a fully deconstructed, driv-
   It was Edward Hopper, the noted           With her formal training in art         able NASCAR racer reconstructed
American realist painter, who com-       history as well as studio art, KK has       into a piece of sculpture to Fire and
mented, “Great art is the outward        contributed articles to several publica-    Ice by Stephen Maine in which the
                                         tions, including COCOA, Brooklyn
expression of an inner life of the artist,                                           artist created a huge mural covering
and this inner life will result in a per-Rail, and this very publication – Main      the internal walls for the ice house
sonal vision of the world.” Welcome      Street Magazine. With a profound            and culminated in cutting up the mu-
to the personal vision of KK Kozik’s     interest in music, she’s been able to       ral into manageable paintings which                   Above, top to bot-
                                                                                                                                           tom: Three Bears.
world.                                   engage with and profile bands and           were sold.                                            2019. Oil on linen.
                                         solo performers.                               “The beauty of this unique space                   KK Kozik. Photo
Time and place                               Her wide experience and intel-                                                                Jonathan Doster.
                                                                                     and the wildly divergent projects is                  Opposite page, L-R:
On view at the Warren Family Gallery lectual engagement have also led KK             that we’re getting some interesting                   Call and Respond.
at Berkshire School in Sheffield, MA, Kozik into the classroom at Penn State         press coverage for the artists and their              2022. Oil on linen.
                                                                                                                                           Crosswalk. 2021. Oil
until March 5 is a collection of 14 of University, Hofstra University, and           work. I’m not an art dealer, merely                   on linen.
KK Kozik’s paintings presented under University of Connecticut.                      an artist with the space and energy to
the banner of Time and Place. With                                                   support these wide ranging talents.”
pandemic cautions in place, access       Bringing it all back home                      Wide ranging talent. That sums up
to the gallery is best made by calling   KK Kozik and her family moved               the life and work of KK Kozik. •
(413) 229-1265 … but the call and        to Sharon, CT, some years ago and
the journey are well worth the mini- discovered on their property an old                 “Time and Place” is on display at The
mal inconvenience. The landscapes        ice house – a small building used           Warren Family Gallery at The Berkshire
created by KK are reflective of her      for generations to keep ice available       School until March 5. Call (413) 229-1265
                                                                                     to set a viewing appointment. KK Kozik’s
continued artistic evolution. “I’m al- throughout warmer months. Often
                                                                                     work can be further explored on her website,
ways pushing things in my paintings,” these small buildings end up a collec-
she reflects. “I want to discover things tor for garden tools and abandoned              Are you an artist and interested in being
we haven’t seen before … to explore      boxes of post-move curios that didn’t       featured in Main Street Magazine? Send
the dynamic between being the artist find a place in the main house. For             a brief bio, artist’s statement, and a link
I am and accepting the challenge to      KK Kozik, the space became a chal-          to your work through the arts form on our
change. I’m not happy doing the same lenge … and an opportunity. “It’s               “arts” page on our website.
old thing.”                              12 by 12 and lends itself perfectly to
   That dedication to constantly         being a project space – a building that
stretching and growing has gar-          houses work that can only be done
nered attention to KK Kozik’s work       there … work that is conceptual and
throughout her career. Her paintings transient.” And with that revelation,
have been reviewed in such notable       ICEHOUSE Project Space became a
publications as Art in America, Art-     reality.
                                             “Artists, especially regional artists
                                         don’t have a huge art-going public to
                                         support them,” she establishes as the
                                         premise for the project. “We want

                                                                                                                                     MAIN STREET MAGAZINE 7
MAINstreet - Main Street Magazine
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                                           We have tables outside for dining
                                               and for your enjoyment!

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        We treat the entire family: small children, teenagers, adults,
     and older patients. Our goals are simple - to make everyone smile.                               ...offers something for everyone.
                                                                                                                 Classic style, fresh looks, advanced hair color
                                                                                                                 and fabulous products for everyday care.

                                                                                                      Janice Hylton &Jim
                                                                                                                      Bonnie Hundt
                                                                                                                 bring their skill,Owner
                                                                                                                                    judgment and experience
                                                                                                                       a highly capable staff to help create
             Offering a full range of dental services including:
                                                                                                                 a real style that works in your real life.
              periodic dental exams • cleaning & whitening                                        28 Amenia road | PO Box 686 | Sharon, CT 06069
              bridges & crowns • dental implants & veneers
                                                                                                        T: 860 364 0128 | F: 860 364 0041
                                                                                                      We’ve got something for everyone.
                  244 Route 308 • Rhinebeck, NY 12572                                                           
       • 845.876.2511

               E-Bike Sales
               Rentals & Tours
                 Only 20 minutes from Millerton

                                                                                                 AA+D                      ALLEE ARCHITECTURE + DESIGN
                                                                                        | 860.435.0640 | Millerton, NY | Lakeville, CT | Martha’s Vineyard, MA

      We carry Yamaha, Gazelle, Magnum, Bulls,
            Urban Arrow, Yuba, and more
             421 Sharon Goshen Tpke, West Cornwall, CT
            860.248.3010 |

MAINstreet - Main Street Magazine
friendly faces

friendly faces: meet our pets, fur-babies and furriends

Chase Howard is a 16-month-old pup who is originally          Ace is a gelding horse who lives at Locust Hill Farm in         Meg Thomas and her husband Justin have 24 chickens
from Italy and now lives happily with his parents Andrew      Ghent, NY, and will be celebrating his Sweet 16th birth-        and enjoy giving each one eggs-tra special names like
Lauren Howard in Ancramdale, NY. Chase is a Cane              day this April. Owners Brooke and Scott Decker are his          Amelia Egghart, Reese Featherspoon and our featured
Corso, otherwise known as an Italian Mastiff hence his        mom and dad, but he is also taken care of by his grand-         chicken, Hennifer Lopez. Hennifer grew up on Wild
European origins. In the past Cane Corsos were used for       parents Sue and Kirk Kneller. Ace was purchased after his       Apple Hill Farm in Hudson, NY, and is a Black Sex Link
hunting large game, and also to herd cattle. Chase is a       former owner decided that he had too much woah and              chicken. Black Sex Link chickens can be somewhat of a
protection breed of dog, which means he is protective,        not enough go for the barrel racing circuit. Now he has         rare breed as Hennifer is a beautiful black chicken with a
loyal, and very alert. Chase and his fellow protection        given up his Western roots and is learning how to be an         blue green shine to her feathers. Hennifer loves receiving
breeds make great companions and guard dogs. He is also       English hunter/jumper. Ace is a registered Quarter Horse        table scraps. Her favorites are strawberries and lettuce.
very loving and loyal to his family and warms the hearts      and his favorite thing to do is give his humans hugs. He        Last year, Justin unknowingly saved the chickens from
of everyone that he meets. When he’s not busy with his        wraps his neck around his favorite people to show his           a mink invader. He went in to feed them and found the
security detail, Chase enjoys playing tug of war with his     love for them. “It is the sweetest feeling in the world to      creepy, beady-eyed predator staring down at him from
older brother Mason.                                          be hugged by a horse,” says Brooke.                             the rafters of the coop. Luckily, Justin’s terrifying glare
                                                                                                                              was enough of a message and the mink left without
                                                                                                                              harming any of the chickens.

Mischief, is a Fish Crow and lives at the Sharon              Logar is seven years old and makes his home with owners         Tenth Generation PeanutBrittle – Peanut for short
Audubon Center because he is “imprinted” on people,           Meagen Skelley and Shawn Moore. Today, he and his               – is a four-year-old Nigerian Dwarf, also known as a
meaning he doesn’t know that he is a bird. He fell from       family live in Craryville, NY, after originally hailing from    Miniature Milking Goat. Miniature Milking Goats are
his nest as a chick and was taken home by someone             Cape Cod, MA. He is a Bengal cat and he got his name            classified by many as a “mini milker,” and are said to
who tried to keep him as a pet. Because of this, Mis-         from his previous owner who was stationed in Logar              have the best quality milk of all the dairy goats. Peanut
chief associates with people, rather than other birds         province Afghanistan with the National Guard in 2014.           was born on her owner Tracy Zabel’s farm, Hillside Hens
and so the Audubon Center has special permits to keep         Logar turned seven in September and enjoys playing              in Claverack, NY. Peanut was born during incredible
Mischief as an education resident, to teach people about      fetch (though he did more so with his first owner). Logar       circumstances as it was in the middle of a major snow
the important roles of crows in the environment and           is a people cat, so he likes to lay on laps. He has a playful   storm when the farm had no power. Tracey says Peanut
why it is important to keep wildlife wild. Each week,         side as well; Logar likes to tussle with his pup sibling and    is a big sweetheart and loves attention. Peanut recognizes
Mischief works on various activities and vocal sessions       pounce on his tail and even on his back. Logar walks on a       her own name when she runs from the field when called
with Marguerite Nicastro. Some of the sounds he mimics        leash and loves to lay in the sun in the window.                by her owners. Her favorite thing is to eat leaves from the
include saying “hello,” “uh oh,” and is currently working                                                                     trees and loves to roam the farm looking for new ones to
on mastering a new phrase to greet visitors. Mischief also                                                                    nibble on.
identifies colors and can solve puzzles. He is definitely a
very special bird.

                                                                                                                                                            MAIN STREET MAGAZINE 9
MAINstreet - Main Street Magazine
The Hair Lounge
                 The Hair Lounge

                          A color and hair design studio
                 The Hair Lounge
                   Loren Whiteley • Tarah Kennedy • Amy Carol
                   Kelly Kilmer • Joe Musso • Hailey Cookingham
                  143 Route 44 • Millerton, NY • (518) 592 • 1167

                                                                                                                            DINNER PARTIES
                                                                                                                      ON-SITE MEAL SERVICE
                                                                                                                     HORS D’OEUVRE PARTIES

           Michael D. Lynch

                        AT T O R N E Y AT L A W

          106 Upper Main Street • PO Box 1776 • Sharon, Connecticut 06069                                                                                  GINA TRIVELLI
                 (860) 364-5505 •                                                                                                  private chef
                           * Also admitted in New York State                                         

                                                                                                                Switch to
                                                                                                          Free e-Checking and                                                                                   S
                                                                                                              Earn 4.00%                                                           apy*
                                                                                                                 Switch •FreeOnlineBanking&BillPay
                                                                                                               from Fee •FreeDebitCard&Rewards
                                                                                                                 to Free •FreeFirstOrderofChecks

                                                                      Do you know the top 5 things that set us apart?                                                                                          179 C

                                                                                                                       Now Open in Copake!
                                                                                                               179 County Route 7A, Copake, NY 12516
                                                                                             • Local decision-making
                                                                            Let us be your   • Friendly, experienced bankers
                                                                                             • Unique products
                                                                            banking hero!

                Community Banking at its Best                                                • Commitment to the community

                                                                                             • Convenient locations
                                                                                                            notice.BalanceforAPY:$1-$1,000is4.00%,balanceover$1,000is.15%. • 518.943.2600 • Stop by or call any branch today!                                         Feesmayreduceearnings.Somerestrictionsmayapply.


Bird Man
By Christine Bates
                                                                                       THOMAS JV CULLEN IV OF
                                                                                       TC MANAGMENT AND FALCON
                                                                                       EXCURSIONS, GOSHEN, NY

You and your father are nation-            longer scaring them away. Usually,
ally known as falconry experts.            we get called in after other traditional
How do you describe your un-               approaches have failed or special situ-
usual business?
                                           ations like Manhattan’s Bryant Park
Simply put, our business is birds of       where less expensive solutions are
prey. Our activities center around         unpalatable.
breeding falcons, owls, hawks, and ea-
gles primarily for zoos and educators;     What birds of prey do you fly?
wild bird control using birds of prey;     It all depends on what’s needed. We
and, through Falconry Excursions,          used Harris hawks to get rid of the
introducing people to these wild birds     pigeons that accidentally found their
– both here in Goshen and at special       way into Grand Central Station. They
events. We hold five federal and nine      were making a mess of the Apple
state permits to operate legally.          store. Harris hawks hunt in packs and
   The business has grown organically      we released three at a time. The birds
and began as a hobby for my parents,       were trained to bring the pigeons
both of whom are experienced falcon-       straight to the floor and then we
ers. The actual business started when      rushed over and took them away for
they were asked to participate in a        relocation while they were alive.
bird abatement pilot at JFK Airport in
1996 which generated a lot of public-      When did you start Falcon
ity. For two years, 12 falcons and four    Excursions?
hawks harassed and scared seagulls         Along with my father’s wild bird
from the runways just as effectively as    control activities, our bird experience     What about special events                        Above: Tom Cullen
                                                                                                                                        presents his Ver-
netting and shooting, although at a        activities also started to grow. Prior to   and gigs?                                        reaux Eagle, Vader,
higher cost. From that our wild bird       Covid, pest control and our excursion       We love to go to weddings. Some-                 one of his hunting
control business grew gradually into                                                   times we’re just there for photo ops             birds of prey. Below,
                                           business here in Goshen were equal in                                                        left: An Eastern
abatement programs for stadiums,           size, but with Covid there were fewer       during cocktails, but we also walk               Screech Owl is one
power plants, landfills, resorts, wind     people leaving food scraps around           around with the birds and engage                 of Falcon Excur-
                                                                                                                                        sions’ native birds.
farms, and, especially, blueberry fields   for birds to eat. Businesses tightened      wedding guests – it’s a great icebreaker         Photos courtesy of
and vineyards.                             budgets eliminating wild bird control       that brings families together. We even           Falcon Excursions.
   I do a lot of consulting with clients   programs – the first thing to be cut        offer a bird flying a wedding ring in
in the process of selling our services.    from the budget although now we are         for the marriage ceremony. We also
The difficulty is that falconers and       seeing clients returning. BUT our bird      get paid to do demonstrations at
birds have to be on the site every         entertainment education business held       schools, fairs, and camps. A couple of
day, day after day. The undesirable        outside is very strong. Typically, we       weeks ago we took birds to Troutbeck
birds return when the hawks are no         do three or four shows a day and they       in Amenia, NY, for a member-only
                                           are sold out, with weekends booked a        event.
                                           month in advance. We’re only a mile            Our birds have appeared in many
                                           from Legoland which is great for us.        fashion shoots, and animal casting
                                              Breeding of birds is a less important    companies contact us for TV and
                                           segment of our business, as both the        movies. Our owl was on the TV show
                                           success of a breeding season and the        The Blacklist where it was saved from
                                           demand for birds are very unpredict-        being eaten. Movie tax credits have
                                           able. We are licensed to breed any          brought lots of filming up here, which
                                           kind of bird, except for bald eagles        is much better than traveling to New
                                           and golden eagles, and we cross breed       York City.
                                           to create the most bad ass hunter pos-
                                           sible by mating a Gyrfalcon from the                    Continued on next page …
                                           Arctic with a Peregrine Falcon.

                                                                                                                                  MAIN STREET MAGAZINE 11

How many birds do you have?             someone nearby in case you need help
How long do they live?                  quickly.
Right now we have about 130, many          There are about 250 to 300 licensed
of which will be sold this spring. Year falconers in New York State, and less
round we work with about 20 highly- than 200 are active. Many of them are
trained birds for both abatement and found in the vicinity of universities
shows.                                  with ornithology programs like Cor-
                                        nell in Ithaca or SUNY New Paltz.
Do birds have personalities?            Our family has probably sponsored 50
Some birds love to perform in front     falconers over the years. Sponsors do
of an audience and, typically, they are not charge apprentices a fee.
not the best at hunting. Owls, unlike      Falconry was the sport of kings for
hawks, hunt by ambush and, as a         much of its 8,000-year-old history.
result, they tend to be more laid back Only kings could afford the expense
and patient than hawks which are        of caring for the birds and their many
high strung. Birds really don’t bond    closely guarded secrets. Today interest
with humans except as a source of       in the sport has exploded with the
food. They all have names, but they     internet, especially YouTube, Insta-        Above: A guest at a show at Troutbeck gets to hold a Eurasian Eagle Owl. Photo by
just respond to food.                                                               Alex Kania. Below, left: An Artic Gyrfalcon in flight with leather jesses used for tethering
                                        gram, and movies like My Side of the        dangling from his legs. Photo courtesy of Falcon Excursions.
How do you become a falconer?
It’s not easy or fast. Anyone inter-      Where do you get your falcon?
ested in becoming a falconer must         The bird, a Red-tailed hawk or an
first pass a 100-question test given by   American kestrel, must come from          mews, needs to be ready for the bird.          What about your own
the New York State Department of          the wild and is free. When it’s time,     You can buy a pre-made one for                 background?
Environmental Conservation. The test      usually in the early fall, your sponsor   $3,000 to $5,000 or, if you’re handy,          Because of my parents I started han-
is given only twice a year and a pass-    will show you the proper methods to       build one with about $300 worth of             dling birds once I could walk. When
ing grade is 80% or over. The state       safely capture a healthy raptor.          materials. You’ll also need a leather          I was just nine years old, I got a 92%
provides a study booklet, and the test    Hunting with birds of prey is only        falconer’s glove – it goes on your left        score on the New York State Falconer’s
covers everything from bird identifica-   allowed between October and March         hand. These can cost as much as $700           exam – the youngest person ever. I
tion, avian health, and equipment to      and each spring the bird you caught       or as little as $25 on Amazon.                 studied zoology at SUNY Oswego and
regulations. Next you have to become      in the fall is released back into the                                                    later worked with Dr. Heinz Meng,
an apprentice for two years with a        wild.                                     How many times a day do you                    the first person to successfully breed
licensed sponsor who will show you                                                  feed the birds? What do they                   Peregrine Falcons in captivity, and Dr.
how to capture a falcon, care for the     What else is required?                    eat?                                           William Robinson, who is renowned
bird and hunt. It’s important to find     An aviary, also called a chamber or       They eat once a day unless it’s breed-         for trapping and the tagging of rap-
                                                                                    ing season when they can eat two               tor species. After college I joined my
                                                                                    or three times a day to stimulate              father in this family business.
                                                                                    interaction with birds of the opposite
                                                                                    sex. Their diet consists of chicken,           What are your plans for the
                                                                                    rodents, and full-grown quail.                 business?
                                                                                                                                   My goal is to eventually build a center
                                                                                    How do you learn how to hunt                   of prey modelled after English centers
                                                                                    with a hawk?                                   where visitors can come seven days a
                                                                                    The hawk teaches you how to hunt               week, learn about birds, and watch
                                                                                    and will capture mice, squirrels, and          educational performances. •
                                                                                    rabbits. The trick is to make the bird
                                                                                    come back to you. In our family’s his- To learn more about TC Management and
                                                                                    tory with these birds only one didn’t Falcon Excursions, visit them online at
                                                                                    return to us, although they have been
                                                                                    misplaced occasionally.

                                                                                    Birds have incredibly fast metabolism
                                                                                    and return because the falconer has
                                                                                    food. Sometimes the bird will find
                                                                                    food and the falconer has to wait
                                                                                    while the bird digests and gets hungry.
                                                                                    You just have to wait.

FRAME A MOMENT TO                                                                  Celebrate Chinese Joy!

                                                                                   New York Times bestseller & local author Eva
                                                                                   Chen teams up with illustrator Sophie Diao in
                                                                                     this gorgeous picture book for ages 4-6.

                                        GILDED MOON
                                                                               OBLONG BOOKS
                                                                                              Millerton & Rhinebeck
17 John Street • Millerton, NY          FRAMING                                                    OBLONGBOOKS.COM

            SUNDAY, JUNE 5                                                  Paul and Justin Galli
                                                                            Customers for four generations
                          11am - 2pm
      L I M E RO C K PA R K | L A K E V I L L E , C T
                                                                            Generations of know-how
              ALL DOGS WELCOME!                                             After four generations in a business, you know a thing or two
          A celebration of dogs of all breeds and creeds!                   about the best way to serve your clients. For the Gallis that
     From “Largest Lap Dog Over 40 Lbs” to “Looks Most Like Their Owner”,   means watching your horse walk, knowing its conformation,
                 there’s a category for every dog to compete!               talking to your vet, all before the shoeing starts. In our four
                                                                            generations as a community bank we’ve learned a similar
       FREE & OPEN TO THE PUBLIC • RAIN OR SHINE                            lesson. Knowing your clients is the best way to give them
          LIVE MUSIC & FOOD • SILENT AUCTION                                what they need.

    Learn more at
                                                                                              millbrook amenia pine plains    stanfordville

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Cheers! Stop by and get what you
               need for St. Patrick’s Day
      Offering a wide variety of wines and spirits from around the globe
      in varying sizes • A full wall of sparkling wines and champagne •
      Many local wines and spirits • Miscellaneous chilled whites, roses
    and bubbly • Our everyday 3/$20 sale section where you can mix &
      match 3 wines for $20 • Tons of Rose – Rose all Day! • Check out
                             our Facebook page for specials and updates

          Hours: Sunday 12 to 5pm • Monday 12 to 6 Tuesday through
                   Thursday 10 to 6pm • Friday and Saturday 10-6pm
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       8 Anthony Street in Hillsdale, NY, behind the IGA Supermarket

                                                                           You’re in luck!
                                                                           Stop by the Hillsdale IGA and take
                                                                           advantage of our St. Patrick’s day
                                                                           deals on corn beef, cabbage, and

                                                                           We offer both delivery and
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Chocolate peanut butter cookies
                            Deep dish chocolate peanut
                            butter cookies – for two!
                             We know Valentine’s Day has come
                            and gone, but here we are with a
                            dessert for two! How many nights are
                            you snuggled into the couch, having
                            finished dinner and dishes but you’re
                            left wishing you had something sweet?
                            You don’t feel like making an entire
                            batch of cookies or cake and the mess
                            that comes along with it. This dessert
                            satisfies your sweet tooth without the
                            dishes or the leftovers to sneak for
                            breakfast the following day. All you
                            need is a small bowl and two rame-
                            kins. Minimal cleanup, big reward.
                                These cookies come together in
                            just minutes and can be baked in a
                            convection toaster oven. Warm and
                            straight out of the oven, these cookies
                            have a crispy outside and a soft gooey
                            center that is just to die for. Though
                            it is not a large dessert, it is rich and
                            chocolatey and satisfies that sweet
                            tooth craving. Enjoy them with ice
                            cream, whipped cream, chocolate, or
                            caramel sauce. If you’re up for it, all
                            the above!

                            Ingredients                                    In a separate bowl combine the
                            3 tbs unsalted butter, melted               flour, salt, baking soda and give a
                            1/3 cup of light or dark brown sugar        quick stir. Combine the flour mixture
                            1 egg yolk                                  with the butter brown sugar mixture
                            ½ tsp vanilla                               and stir until smooth. Stir in choco-
                            ¼ cup + 2 tbs all-purpose flour             late and peanut butter chips. Divide
                               (can substitute GF flour)                between two 8-ounce ramekins and
                            Pinch of salt                               sprinkle with sea salt (optional).
                            1/8 tsp baking soda                            Bake for 18-20 minutes. We take
                            1/4 cup chocolate and peanut

                                                                        ours out right at 18 minutes as we
                               butter chips                             prefer and underbaked, ooey gooey
                            Sprinkling of sea salt (optional)           center!
                            Ice cream of your choice                       Serve warm with topping of your
                                                                        choice. •
                            Preheat oven to 325 degrees.                Olivia and Caroline are enthusiastic food-
                              Melt 3 tbs of butter and then com-        ies and bakers who are constantly in the
                            bine with the brown sugar. Add the          kitchen, as well as explorers who create their
                                                                        own adventures in our area – and did we
                            egg and the vanilla, mix until smooth.
                                                                        mention they are mother and daughter?
                                                                        Follow Olivia on Instagram to see her many
                                                                        creations at @oliviawvalentine.

   By Olivia Valentine &
   Caroline Markonic
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• 24 Hour Towing
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 • Complete Auto Body Repair
 • 4x4 Truck Accessories                                                                     (860) 364-5380
 • Environmentally Friendly                                                              349A Main St., Lakeville, CT
   3718 Route 44, Millbrook, NY 12545          

                                                                                                                        Certified Organic Produce

                                                                                                                             Prepared Foods

            Heather Davala, Associate Broker • 518-605-6380 (c)
                                                                                                                           Culinary Farm Stays
          Melody Gardner, Real Estate Salesperson • 518-929-8044 (c)
          Brittany Gillis, Real Estate Salesperson • 518-653-6530 (c)
             Karen Davala, Real Estate Broker • 518-755-2385 (o)
           Tarsha Gordon, Licensed Salesperson • 518-577-3775 (c)                              NORFOLK, CT     • 119 Main Street, Philmont, NY 12565

                                                                                                                   (formally    Buddy’s Place)
                                                                                                                       (formally Buddy’s Place)
                                                                                                                        (formally Buddy’s Place)
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                                                                                                       DIGNITY                 • ASSURANCE
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                                                                                     • Private••Private
                                                                                                 and Group
                                                                                                 Private         Cremation
                                                                                                         and Group
                                                                                                         and Group              Available
                                                                                                                    Cremation Available
                                                                                              • Witnessed and Customized Services Welcome
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                                                                                                  and     and Customized
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                                                                                             NY  12075
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                                                                                       (518) 816-2092
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  RONSANI                                • Residential & Commercial Paving
                                         • Specializing in Home Driveways,

                                           Private Roadways, Parking Lots

 BROTHERS                                • Stone, as well as Oil & Stone finishes
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real estate

Real estate has gone to the dogs
By Griffin Cooper

The real estate market isn’t the only      homes or tiny houses show off their     you are able to
home-related business that is currently    work at shows or events, it may be      dedicate to your
exploding. With the pet industry           beneficial to take a few sample dog     new construction
nearing 50 billion dollars, homeown-       houses to local conventions in order    business, this will
ers are always looking for a way to        to show potential customers the qual-   affect the stability
make their pets more comfortable. For      ity or unique craftsmanship of your     of your income.
their part, dog owners are willing to      product. Our area is lucky to be home   Dog houses are
go the extra mile to protect man’s best    to several community-oriented animal    fairly simple proj-
friend from the backyard’s outdoor         shelters including the Dutchess         ects and can usu-
elements. As a result, the market for      County SPCA and the Little Guild in     ally be completed
expertly-crafted dog houses continues      Connecticut. For the potential doggy    by someone with
to increase with each passing year and     home architect, it might do wonders     just basic building

                                                                                                                                                                       Photo: contributor Jaco Bothma
in rural areas demand is on the rise.      for brand recognition to donate a few   skills. They’ll take
For the building-inclined, dog houses      homes to these local shelters. Dog      anywhere from
might be the perfect way to fill a niche   houses are doing inherently humane      half a day to a few
while turning a small profit.              work for our beloved pets, so get-      days to complete
                                           ting involved in the local community    and can easily be
Steps to consider                          might be a great way to reinforce the   done for under
While it may seem like a business          sheltering service you are providing.   $100. Conversely,
with a relatively easy point of entry,                                             a professionally-
there are still a few steps one should     Growing your business                   built dog house
follow if they decide to become a dog-     One of the attractive aspects of get-   costs $310 on
house entrepreneur. Before you even        ting into the dog house real estate     average. Costs
begin to sell your K-9 abodes, you         market is that it might be a profitable could run as low as $70 for a simpler    report, “43% of pet owners say they’d
must first obtain the proper license       venture that you can take on part       installation or hiring a handyman to     be willing to move to accommodate
by checking in with your county’s          time. However, that doesn’t mean        assemble a prefab kit. On the higher     their pet, according to the National
business division. Building permits        there aren’t other ways to expand your end of the price spectrum, you could      Association of REALTORS. What’s
shouldn’t apply to structures like dog     business. Dog homes are not the only pay up to $8,340 or more for a high-        more, 68% of pet owners surveyed by
houses, however it always helps to         construction being done in the pet      end, custom model or “dog mansion.” say they would pass on
double-check for any local ordinances      supply industry. In addition to the                                              the perfect home if it didn’t meet their
or size requirements. Like many busi-      homes themselves, consider adding       Doggy rentals                            pet’s needs. Unmarried couples, single
ness ventures, it is important to do       accessory products to enhance your      Pet homes have become such a part        women, and millennials have shown
some market research and assess the        dog house business, such as dog-proof of the homeowning lifestyle, that          to be the most willing to move for
competition in the area. According to      yard fencing, dog beds, attached        short-term rental company Vrbo says      their pets, according to NAR’s data.”
an article from Biz Fluent you should,     feed, and even water bowls. Offering it has seen a 40% increase in demand
“Assess the competition by researching     a delivery could be profitable if the   for pet-friendly vacation homes on its   There’s a market for everything
the dog-house market in your area as       costs are manageable. If the majority platform. Recently, the company has        Dipping your toe into the doggy real
if you were a customer interested in       of your customers are local, consider even launched vacation homes de-           estate market, though evolving, could
buying a dog house. Identify what is       implementing an installation service signed specifically for dogs. According     prove to be a profitable venture for
available, in what price range, with       for those located within a reasonable to Realtor Magazine, “Vrbo commis-         the right kind of contractor. You can
what special features. Make note           distance. Track demand and manage sioned five limited-edition dog-               put as much time into the business
of what segment of the dog-house           inventory carefully so that you will be houses inspired by the platform’s most   as you’d like. If you like the work and
market has not yet been adequately         able to provide quick turn around on popular rental types. The doghouses         have some initial experience, you can
addressed in your area.”                   orders.                                 include a luxury chalet with a cozy      start small and manage all aspects of
   After you’ve completed the ap-             While adding more service op-        fireplace for naps; a beach cottage      the business on your own. Addition-
propriate research and identified the      tions for customers can absolutely      with a rooftop checkerboard; a trendy    ally, you’re performing an understated
most profitable sectors in your area,      grow your business, keep in mind        rustic A-frame; a modern ranch house     community service for homeowners
design a few plans for different types     that generally the gross margins for    with a water and food station; and       everywhere. Even for the intermediate
of potential dog houses. It may help       your dog house business are typically a mid-century bungalow with a dog          carpenter who might be looking for a
to even consult with a local veterinar-    around 65%, which can make it more pool and garden.”                             way to create in their spare time, dog
ian to ensure the plans you’ve created     challenging to incur new expenses          The pandemic has accelerated the      houses could be a great way to earn
are in fact safe for dogs. Much in the     and maintain profitability. Naturally, transformation of homeowners into         some passive income while helping to
way those who build prefabricated          depending upon how much time            pet owners. According to the same        shelter our furry friends. •

                                                                                                                                        MAIN STREET MAGAZINE 17
The Noble Difference:
                                                                                                                                                                          6 Pillars of Holistic Care & Living


  Bring your vision to life with Marvin Skycove.                                                                        Heal                    Nourish                           Create           Connect                 Move              Live
   Experience windows and doors differently at your
   local Marvin dealer today.

                                                                                                                17 Cobble Road, Salisbury, CT
                                                                                                                (860) 435-9851
                                                                         We share your passion.®                                                                                  A nonprofit organization

                       Hillsdale, NY: 518.325.3131· Lakeville, CT: 860.435.2561· Millerton, NY: 518.789.3611
                                                                  Ed Herrington, Inc.
                      Hudson, NY: 518.828.9431· Chatham, NY: 518.392.9201· Sheffield, MA: 413.229.8777
                                                                                                                         Senior Living                           Rehabilitation Skilled Nursing Memory Care
                     · 800.453.1311· WINDOW & DOOR SPECIALISTS
                                                                      Hillsadale NY

                                                                                                                 WEST CORNWALL, CT                                                             KENT, CT
                                                                                                                                                              Klemm Listed & Sold
   2021 Marvin Lumber and Cedar Co., LLC.

                                                                                                                         Highest Sale Litchfield County YTD Ask $5.25m
                                                                                                                Exquisite Country Compound. Brick Georgian Manor House. 3 Additional           Private Country Estate. Stone & Shingle Main House. Pool.
                                                                                                                Independent Residences. Barns. Pool. Tennis. Privacy. 187± Acres.              2-Story Pool House. Tennis. Panoramic Views. 66± Acres.
                                                                                                                Carolyn Klemm. Graham Klemm. Maria Taylor. 860.868.7313.                       $6.900.000. Joseph Lorino. 860.868.7313.
                                                                                                                 COEYMANS, NY                                                                  SHARON, CT
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      NEW LISTING

                                                                                                                Stately Georgian Colonial. 3 Guesthouses. 3 Barns. Pool. 2                     Private Colonial. 4 Bedrooms. 3.5 Baths. Fireplace.
                                                                                                                Ponds. Hudson River Frontage. Berkshire Views. 73.1± Acres.                    Woodstove. Pool & Pool House. Top Location. 31.08±
                                                                                                                $2.900.000. Drew Hingson. 860.435.6789.                                        Acres. $2.850.000. Graham Klemm. 860.868.7313.

                                                                    Accepting                                                                               #1 Boutique Firm in Connecticut

                                                                                                                                              KLEMM REAL ESTATE
                                                                     only the
                                                                                                                                                             LITCHFIELD COUNTY’S PREMIER BROKERS

                                                                                                                               Lakeville/Salisbury 860.435.6789 > Litchfield 860.567.5060 > New Preston 860.868.0505
                                                                                                                      Roxbury 860.354.3263 > Sharon 860.364.5993 > Washington Depot 860.868.7313 > Woodbury 203.263.4040
                                                                                                               Source: SmartMLS, CC & DC MLS, MHMLS and Klemm Private Sales 1/1/93 – 2/15/22



Organic Farming in Hudson
By Regina Molaro

Hudson, NY, also renowned as                    The rabbits are raised using a wire/
“Upstate’s Favorite Downtown” is a          pasture hybrid method. The poultry
riverside town that is home to 7,000        and pig feed hails from Stone House
diverse residents. Its urban center         Grain in Hudson and the rabbit feed
boasts over 300 independently-owned         from Lutz Feed in Oneonta.
shops, bars, bakeries, and restaurants.         Gilbert is credited for selecting the
Its burgeoning new economy is rooted        Letterbox name, which proved to be
in food, the arts, and culture.             an ideal moniker for the destination.
    In 2014, Letterbox Farm, a              “It’s just a silly, flexible name that
collectively-owned and operated com-        doesn’t highlight any one individual
mercial farm opened in Hudson. It           or any one facet of the farm. It al-
was founded by farmer and researcher,       lowed the business to evolve – which
Faith Gilbert, who is the author of         it has done, and hopefully will con-
free publications, Cooperative Farm-        tinue to do for many years to come,”
ing, a how-to handbook on forming           says Nichki Carangelo, farmer/part-
collaborative farm ventures and A           ner, Letterbox Farm.
Guide To Sharing Farm Equipment.                She is also the author of Rais-
    Initially founded as a 2-acre hand-     ing Pastured Rabbits For Meat – An
scale market garden, Letterbox went         All-Natural, Humane and Profitable
through some early changes when             Approach to Production on a Small
livestock farmers Nichki Carangelo          Scale and 21st Century Pastured Poultry
and Laszlo Lazar started working with       – a Letterbox Farm Enterprise Guide,
Gilbert the following year. The trio of     which is available for free on the Let-  ber of the land management team.                 Photos with this
                                                                                                                                      article depict the
farmers worked alongside one another        terbox website.                              This year, long-term team member,            people, animals
for several seasons and collectively had        According to Carangelo, who also     Maggie Reileingh has taken on the                and products at
                                                                                                                                      Letterbox Farm.
a hand in shaping Letterbox into the        manages the retail marketing, Gilbert’s  role of vegetable manager. The entire            Photos courtesy of
diversified farmscape it is today.          tenure with Letterbox Farm recently      team is eager to see what Reileingh’s            Letterbox Farm.
    The farm specializes in the small-      came to a close, but Gilbert has re-     version of the Letterbox garden looks
scale, organic production of vegeta-        mained on board for other initiatives.   like.
bles, greens, herbs, and flowers. It also                                                As many as ten team members
raises meat birds (chickens raised for      New team, new model                      work for Letterbox during the height
meat), laying hens, hogs, and rabbits       Letterbox Farm’s current ownership       of the season. The staff roster includes
on its plot of land that spans across 64    structure now resembles more of a        Jae – a young, energetic teammate
acres. Its land runs through pictur-        traditional family farm than a co-op. who has a degree in the culinary arts
esque scenes – from fields and woods        “Letterbox remains the combined          and a ton of hospitality talent. He
to ravines and mountainside areas.          effort of an invested team. We have      has channeled new creativity into the
                                            been blessed to host many talented       farm.
                                            farmers over the past nine years and         Another stellar team member is
                                            this farm is an ever-evolving reflec-    Theo, who has a knack for organi-
                                            tion of the team that stewards it,” says zation, an incredible attention to
                                            Carangelo.                               detail, and a passion for community
                                               Lazar is also a key member of the outreach. “This year, Letterbox will
                                            Letterbox team. He grew up farm-         be a reflection of all these extraordi-
                                            ing, is a Vo-Ag Center graduate and      nary talents as well,” says Carangelo.
                                            former FFA (Food For America)            English sheepdogs, Moo and Daphne,
                                            president, and spent six years as a park are the farm’s unofficial farm greeters.
                                            ranger for the Army Corps of Engi-
                                            neers. As Letterbox Farm’s equipment                  Continued on next page …
                                            manager, he is also an integral mem-

                                                                                                                                MAIN STREET MAGAZINE 19

Food shopping made simple                   team also works with local restaurants
Foodies may order foods in advance          and distribution companies such as
via online shopping, but they’re also       the Good Food Farmers Network – a
welcome to personally stop by to shop       farmer-owned venture dedicated to
the inviting farm. The on-site farm         connecting members with farmers.
stand will re-open in May and will re-      The Columbia County-based business
main in operation through December.         delivers fully customizable orders to
“Our favorite way to sell our food is       people’s homes or offices.
through our ‘full diet CSA’ (Com-
munity Supported Agriculture) – a           Farm events
subscription service for food,” says        Since people have generally taken
Carangelo. It offers whole meals for as     a hiatus from lavish farm dinners
little as $59 per week. Customers are       thanks to the pandemic, Letterbox has
invited to sign up in advance. Once         moved away from hosting weddings.
they’re in the system, the team at          A new plan is in the works – the team
Letterbox will assemble a collection of     is eager to host a series of more acces-
the farm’s organic vegetables, greens,      sible community events for 2022.
and eggs as well as the customer’s              The roster of events includes fun
choice of pasture-raised meats, mush-       movie nights out on the farm in July,
rooms, or fish to be picked up weekly       August, and into September. Let-
or every-other-week.                        terbox will also host a series of dinner
    A Summer Share membership is            pop-up events. Although the dates
offered from June through October           of the movie nights are subject to
while a Three Season Share delivers         change, the current calendar includes      the 64-acre property. Located just two     of the farmers is combined. Gilbert
food to members from April through          July 1 and 15 as well as August 5 and      miles from busy downtown Hudson,           aims to provide a 10-15% overall cost
December. Payments can be made in           19, and September 2. In May, the Let-      the five-bedroom home sits on the          savings to participating farms, while
advance or can be made via automatic        terbox team will be asking its audience    working organic farm, which is brim-       retaining as minimal a percentage as
installments. Customers may also uti-       of community members to select the         ming with flowers, vegetables, pigs,       possible to cover operating costs.
lize the “flex credit,” which is allotted   movies, using a bracket style voting       chickens, and rabbits.                         Letterbox Farm is also on the
to each member at the beginning of          system. Think March Madness-style              Ideal for families and groups,         farmer advisory board of the Hudson
the season. It offers enticing eats such    voting for movies.                         guests are welcome to prepares meals       Valley CSA Coalition – a collab-
as grass-fed lamb or fresh steelhead            “We are also hoping to host a few      in the large, open kitchen or barbe-       orative effort of CSA farmers in the
trout and lox. Each week, members           local food trucks on our farm this         cue under the twinkling stars. While       Hudson Valley who share a common
receive a list of what’s available.         summer, but we have not sorted out         there, they can also visit the animals,    desire to bring the CSA experi-
    Letterbox’s food collection is also     the details yet,” says Carangelo.          or lounge by the fire pit. Guests have     ence to more of their neighbors and
available for purchase at two farmers           People are also invited to go spend    private access to the entire house and     community members. Inspired by
markets – one in Rhinebeck and the          the night at Letterbox. A spacious         the farmhouse yard along with shared       Wisconsin’s FairShare CSA Coalition,
other in Bronxville. The Letterbox          19th-century farmhouse is situated on      use of the open fields and woods. One      the Hudson Valley CSA Coalition is
                                                                                       hundred percent of the earnings from       a network facilitated by Glynwood. It
                                                                                       the accommodations are used to sup-        has amassed more than 100 farms in
                                                                                       port and sustain Letterbox Farm.           this region and the list continues to
                                                                                                                                  grow. Letterbox is also on the advisory
                                                                                       Research initiatives                       board of Hudson Valley Livestock
                                                                                       Ongoing research always depends            Producer Network. •
                                                                                       on who is working at Letterbox and
                                                                                       which interests are nearest and dearest    To learn more about Letterbox Farm, you
                                                                                       to their hearts. Since Gilbert is an ex-   can call them at (203) 560-0322, visit the
                                                                                       cellent organizer, she piloted and con-    farm at 4161 Route 9, Hudson, NY or visit
                                                                                                                                  them online at
                                                                                       tinues to run the Hudson Valley Bulk
                                                                                       Order program – a farmer-to-farmer
                                                                                       cost savings program. In an effort to
                                                                                       obtain product discounts and reduced
                                                                                       shipping costs, the purchasing power

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quote today!
s  -ORE



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future farmers

Future Farmers of America
By Patrick Hancock

In the January issue of Main Street    local chapters. Chapters can be found
Magazine Dutchess County Legisla-      in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the
tor, Gregg Pulver, indicated that the  US Virgin Islands. [Indeed, ten FFA
FFA organization (Future Farmers of    chapters are less than 35 miles from
America) played a crucial role in his  Millerton, NY, where this magazine is
development as a leader. We hear of    published].
the “farm-to-table” movement, the          “FFA is not just for students who
desire for fresh/local food and the    want to be production farmers; FFA
need for local farms to flourish. In   also welcomes members who aspire to
these pandemic times with supply       careers as teachers, doctors, scientists,
chain snags, we see a renewed interest business owners, and more. The new
in home gardening and home food        name reflects the growing diversity
production generally. We observe the   and new opportunities in the industry
aging of our farmer population. Who    of agriculture.
will provide our food in the future?       “FFA continues to help the next
FFA can help meet these needs and      generation rise up to meet those
more. But what is FFA?                 challenges by helping its members to
                                       develop their own unique talents and
What is FFA?                           explore their interests in a broad range    Individualized experiences
Historically, the organization was     of agricultural career pathways. So         Given the breadth of interests that fall
known as Future Farmers of America. today, we are still the Future Farmers         under the FFA umbrella, it is easy to
Recognizing that its mission was       of America. But, we are the Future          tailor a chapter’s activities to the local
much broader than production agri- Biologists, Future Chemists, Future             student body. This enables students
culture, it was renamed in 1988 and is Veterinarians, Future Engineers, and        to create an individualized experi-
now called the National FFA Orga-      Future Entrepreneurs of America, too.       ence. Just as agricultural enterprises
nization. The question of “What is     Today, the National FFA Organi-             and natural resource issues vary from
FFA?” can be further addressed cour- zation remains committed to the               region to region, so does the emphasis
tesy of National FFA headquarters.     individual student, providing a path        of FFA chapters around the nation.
“FFA provides the next generation of to achievement in premier leadership,             In my lifetime, dairy farming has               Above top to bot-
                                                                                                                                       tom: Members of
leaders who will change the world.     personal growth, and career success         become less prevalent in the region.                the Pine Plains FFA.
Founded in 1928, FFA is the pre-       through agricultural education. Our         However, greenhouse, floriculture,                  Members of the
mier youth organization preparing                                                                                                      BOCES FFA, above
                                       members live the motto Learning to          and landscaping businesses are on the               and below, left.
members for leadership and careers     Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live         increase. FFA chapters adjust.
in the science, business, and technol- and Living to Serve. FFA members rise
ogy of agriculture. Total member-      to the challenge of service embracing       Fun Fact: It doesn’t have to be rural …
ship is just over 735,000 students     members of all walks of life united         the largest chapter in New York State is
nationwide who are part of 8,817       through FFA.”                               in Queens (NYC) at John Bowne High

                                                                                      All FFA members are encouraged
                                                                                   to pursue a Supervised Agricultural
                                                                                   Experience. This “hands on” com-
                                                                                   ponent of education puts classroom
                                                                                   learning into practice. It could be an
                                                                                   internship or employment at a local
                                                                                   farm or agriculturally-related business,
                                                                                   research-based in which the student

                                                                                                  Continued on page 27 …

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