MEXICO MISSION TRIP INFORMATION - Educate & expose students to God's Word, World, and Work through short term missions.

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JUNE 18th- 24th, 2023

 God’s Heart for the Nations

Educate & expose students to
God’s Word, World, and Work
through short term missions.
We hope you are excited about the
opportunity to serve in Ensenada,
In the summer of 2023, we have the opportunity to travel
to Mexico and live out God’s call to reach the nations with
the good news of Jesus. We will be serving in the
communities surrounding Ensenada by helping build a
house, serving families who live in impoverished
conditions, as well as supporting a local church.

1. The Details
2. Trip Requirements
3. Key Dates
COST: Approximately $1,500 - primarily by donations raised (see payment page)

TRIP DATES: June 18th – June 24th, 2023.
Note: Time and day of departure may change based upon airline ticket options. Leave at
least a 24hr “buffer” on both sides of the trip.

SPACE: Approximately 20 students and 5 adult leaders

Trip Leader: Garrett Dmochowsky

Adult Leaders: Mitzi Felts, Wes Felts, Bryan Bouma, Stephanie Garcia

TRANSPORTATION: We will be flying out of Sea-Tac Airport to San Diego. From there
we will rent vans to drive over the border and into Ensenada.

YUGO Ministries:
For this trip, we are partnering Youth Unlimited Gospel Outreach (YUGO) Ministries.
YUGO Ministries is a non-profit mission organization based in Ensenada, Mexico. YUGO
is committed to the idea that all of our work will be done through the local church, with
local support and leadership. We have, and continue to develop, strong connections
with pastors, churches, and civic leaders throughout the area. Through ongoing
ministries like equipping the local pastors, working with local government services, and
hosting local Mexican groups, YUGO Ministries is continually engaging in the
community, and striving to be the hands and feet of Jesus in Ensenada. Check out for more info.

SAFETY: Our #1 concern is and will always be SAFETY! We can’t promise what we can’t
control, but we do promise that we do everything we can to make this trip as safe as
possible. We trust YUGO Ministries and their experience and safety with student trips.
YUGO has been hosting groups for more than 55 years and have never had a safety
issue. That being said, there is ALWAYS an inherent risk when traveling to another
country. We do believe that the way we are traveling (plane in US and vans over border)
and the itinerary we have while in Mexico will be safe.
1. Read the trip requirements in this packet to see if you can meet them.
2. Read the key pre-trip meeting and payment dates to see if you can meet them.
3. Fill out and turn in the Trip Application by March 12th, 2023 to Garrett Dmochowsky
or Mitzi Felts at the church office, via email or online.
4. We will contact you to schedule an interview the week of March 13th – March 17st.
5. All applicants will be notified by phone/email of acceptance by March 24th.

Garrett Dmochowsky (, 425-315-2127)
Mitzi Felts ( , 206-849-2071)

Payment: We understand that the cost of the trip is often the biggest factor in
determining a student’s ability to attend. That is why we have chosen the trip we have;
cost is minimal compared to many other options out there. Each student is responsible
for his/her portion of the cost by the dates provided. Each student is required to raise
support through letters and donations.

We will help train and equip them to fundraise through support letters. The support
goal dates are in place because the church will be purchasing airfare and
accommodations ahead of time. Please note the fundraising goals on the next page and
know that each student must be fully fundraised by Sunday, June 11th. If goals are
unmet or balance is not reached, it may result in a student not being able to go.

APPLICATION: Complete a paper copy or online copy of the HSM Mission Trip
Application. Return that application to Garrett Dmochowsky or Mitzi Felts by Sunday,
March 12th, 2023 at the church office, via email or online.

ATTENDANCE: In order to go on the trip, every student must consistently attend HSM
or Snohomish Community Church. We serve as a community and want students to build
relationships with the students and staff they will be serving with. We also want
students to remain a part of the ministry after the trip so this isn’t an isolated
experience for them.
TEAM MEETINGS: Students are required to attend each meeting. There are 7
meetings. Plan accordingly and do not assume we will make exceptions; part of the
responsibility of the trip is your trip preparation. See the meeting dates on the “Pre-trip
Meeting Dates” page.

HEALTH: Students must be physically and emotionally healthy enough to travel and
work in a hot, physically taxing, and stressful environment. It is vital that students and
parents disclose any medical and non-medical issues that could be a factor in their trip.
We reserve the right to ask a student off the team for any reason that would jeopardize
themselves or the other members of this trip.

PASSPORT: Every member of the team must have a valid US Passport. It must also not
expire within 6 months of the trip date, meaning, if your passport expires before Dec
20th, 2023, you will need to renew it. This is a governmental mandate. If you need to get
or renew your passport, do so immediately after being accepted on the team. We need
your passport number for plane ticket purchases.

CONTRACT: We want every student to be fully aware of what they are committing to.
We are going to ask each student and their parent/guardian to sign a statement on the
application that acknowledges the financial and spiritual responsibility they are

Students must make payment by the dates below in order to be eligible to go. We will
be purchasing non-refundable plane tickets and will not purchase them for you if your
financial goals are not met. Please keep in mind that each payment is NONREFUNDABLE.

By April 16th
$100 Non-refundable deposit to hold spot. This counts towards final cost raised. Only
turn in once notified of being on the Mexico Team. Do not turn in with application.

By May 21st
$750 total

By June 12th
$1,500 - the full trip balance must be raised and turned in by this date
There are other costs that a student and family should prepare for. These costs are not
included in the money raised but must be planned for.
- $50-$100 for extra food/coffee/snacks, and for any souvenirs.
- $165+ for passport or passport renewal (if applicable).

February 26th – Student/Parent Info Meeting during second service

Meetings are from 12:30 – 2:30 pm in the Student Center
on the following dates

March 26th – Student/Parent Initial Team Meeting
April 16th – Team training #1
April 30th – Team training #2
May 7th – Team training #3
May 21st – Team training #4
June 4th – Team training #5
June 11th – Student/Parent meeting

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