More than laying cables - Strong in small parts The Lufthansa Technik Group Magazine

More than laying cables - Strong in small parts The Lufthansa Technik Group Magazine
The Lufthansa Technik Group Magazine   3.2014 May/June

    Employee portrait

    More than laying cables
    Consumables & Expandables

    Strong in small parts
    Cabin modifications

    Cabin interiors reloaded
    Material support

    Managing the flow
More than laying cables - Strong in small parts The Lufthansa Technik Group Magazine
2 | Content                                                                                   Lufthansa Technik Connection 3.2014

                                                                              Component Services
                                                                              • New distribution center:                                       6
                                                                                LRU pool for the world
                                                                              • Swiss International Air Lines:                                 9
                                                                                Complete transport logistics
                                                                              • Consumables & Expendables:                                 14
                                                                                Strong services for small parts
                                                                              • Logistics Control Tower:                                   22
                                                                                Managing the flow

  LRU pool for the world                                                      Innovation & Technology
  With the LRU pool now concentrated at the new                               • Quick mill repair:                                        10
  distribution center site in Frankfurt, Lufthansa Technik                      On-site fix for a corroding issue
  is supplying its customers even more quickly.
                                                                              Landing Gear Services
                                                                              • Partnership: “Strong legs”                                 12
                                                                                for Emirates 777-300ERs

10                                                                            Aircraft Services
                                                                              • Recommended Repair Center:
                                                                                First 787 brake test bench in Europe

                                                                              Regional Sales

                                                                              • Eastern Europe and the CIS:                               16
                                                                                Value for a strong region

  On-site fix for corrosion                                                   Employee Portrait
  Lufthansa Technik has developed a                                           • Britta Krefter:                                            18
  “quick mill repair” to eliminate the corrosion                                More than laying cables
  on A330/A340 nose landing gears on site.
                                                                              • manage/m®:                                                 21

                                                                                “Snap Happy” for a fast overview

                                                                              Engine Services
                                                                              • Air Canada:                        24
                                                                                Airline Support Team in Montreal
                                                                              • CFM56-7B engine:                    25
                                                                                On-site fan abradable replacement 

                                                                              Cabin Products
                                                                              • Cabin interior modification:  26

                               More than laying cables                          Teamrelaunch
                                                                              • Aircraft Interiors Expo:      27
                   Given the complex electronics in modern aircraft, Britta     Products to win
           Krefter’s work has changed enormously over the last few years.
                                                                              • News               3–5
                                                                              • Personalities        25

                                                                              • Products & Services  28
                                                                              • Contacts            30

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                                                                              Lufthansa Technik AG
                                                                              Tilman Tesseraux · Marketing & Sales · HAM TS/M
                                                                              Weg beim Jäger 193 · 22335 Hamburg, Germany

  Airline Support Team in Montreal                                            Infoline +49-40-5070-5553 · Fax +49-40-5070-8860
                                                                              Editorial Production
  Lufthansa Technik has established an Airline Support Team                   Editorial office: Flightlines, Hamburg
  (AST®) for on-site engine services in Montreal, Canada.                     Design: Art Works! Werbeagentur, Hamburg
                                                                              Photos: Lufthansa Technik AG, Lufthansa AG
                                                                              Printing: Beisner Druck GmbH & Co. KG
More than laying cables - Strong in small parts The Lufthansa Technik Group Magazine
Lufthansa Technik Connection 3.2014

  New overhaul site in America
  Lufthansa Technik Puerto Rico // Lufthansa Technik and the Com-
  monwealth of Puerto Rico announced an agreement to create a new
  maintenance, repair and overhaul facility in Puerto Rico, which will
  service short-haul and medium-haul aircraft. Agreements to this effect
  have been signed with the government of Puerto Rico and the respon-
  sible port authority and the company plans to start work in the next
  three months on the construction of the new facility.                                                   Signing ceremony (from left):
      This is a major new step for Lufthansa Technik to expand its involvement in America.                Alejandro García Padilla, Governor
  The new company, Lufthansa Technik Puerto Rico (LTPR), will be based at Rafael Hernández                of Puerto Rico, Penny Pritzker, United
                                                                                                          States Secretary of Commerce,
  International Airport in Aguadilla, a former U.S. Air Force Base located on the northwest of            August Wilhelm Henningsen, CEO of
  the Island. The company will employ up to 400 workers and run a total of five overhaul lines.           Lufthansa Technik, and Peter Ammon,
  Initially it will operate two lines for Airbus A320 C-checks and D-checks. The first layover is         German Ambassador to the United
  due to take place in 2015. Lufthansa Technik has already the firm commitments of two major              States.

  American launching customers for overhauls at the new site. One is JetBlue Airways. //

Stable position in the market
Lufthansa Technik enjoys a solid and stable position in the global aviation market.
The Annual Report 2013 shows that the Lufthansa Technik Group was able to improve
its result in 2013 once again with higher revenues of 4.2 billion euros.

            elcome to the Annual Press Con-      this backdrop, the Lufthansa Technik Group       Boeing 787, as well as significantly extend-
            ference 2014 in our Hamburg          has developed very well. Our good order          ed partnerships with original equipment
            Engine Overhaul Center,” said        situation and our successful cost reductions     manufacturers, and preparations for the
August Wilhelm Henningsen, Chairman of           have enabled us to boost our operating           new Boeing 777-9X and Airbus A350 air-
the Executive Board of Lufthansa Technik,        result significantly. Many of the cost-reduc-    craft types and their engines and compo-
on 18 March in Hamburg. Presenting the           ing measures are taking effect, and our          nents. In addition, innovation and research
annual report 2013 on location in the engine     sales force has successfully concluded           were driven forward. Henningsen announced
shop “shows that we are a production             numerous contracts.”                             that Lufthansa Technik would strengthen its
operation. This is part of Lufthansa Technik”.        Currently Lufthansa Technik looks after     commitment to product and service inno-
    “In spite of the generally satisfying        770 customers and a total of 2,800 aircraft.     vations even more, since they are among
development of global aviation, the difficult    In 2013 alone, the company won 47 new            the primary drivers of sustainable growth:
situation of many airlines – particularly in     customers and concluded more than 450            “We have set up centralized innovation
Europe – and the increasing availability of      new contracts, reaching a volume of 3.4          management and markedly increased our
MRO services around the world continue to        billion euros for 2013 and the years to come.    investments in this area, from 50 million
challenge our industry and increase price             2013 was also marked by the expansion       euros during the past five years to 200 million
pressures,” continued Henningsen. “Against       of the service portfolio, particularly for the   euros over the coming four years.”
                                                                                                      Lufthansa Technik enjoys a solid and
                                                                                                  stable position in the global aviation market,
                                                                                                  according to Henningsen. “Lufthansa
                                                                                                  Technik continues to focus on growth. We
                                                                           August Wilhelm
                                                                           Henningsen (right),    will participate in shaping the MRO indus-
                                                                           CEO of Lufthansa       try through the development of strategic
                                                                           Technik, and           partnerships with innovative services and
                                                                           Dr. Peter Jansen,
                                                                                                  products. We have achieved a solid position
                                                                           Chief Executive
                                                                           Finance, presenting    as regards both competitiveness and
                                                                           the annual report      growth, and we will continue to pursue this
                                                                           2013.                  course.”

                                                                                                  For more information: www.lufthansa-
More than laying cables - Strong in small parts The Lufthansa Technik Group Magazine
4 | News                                                                                                        Lufthansa Technik Connection 3.2014



High availability for                                                      Technology
EVA Air’s A321 fleet                                                       meets cabin
Total Component Support //                                                 New joint venture // Lufthansa
Lufthansa Technik is expand-                                               Technik and LIST components
                                                                                                                Trent overhaul for
ing its cooperation with EVA                                               & furniture have founded the
                                                                                                                Chinese market
Air in Taiwan even further: The                                            joint venture company Inairva-       N3 Engine Overhaul Services
MRO provider has concluded                                                 tion in which each of the two        // After getting its CAAC
a contract with the airline’s                                              companies holds a 50 percent         approval for the Rolls-Royce
technical services company,                                                stake.                               engine types Trent 500 and
Evergreen Aviation Technolo-                                               The new company combines             Trent 700 in 2010, Erfurt, Ger-
gies (EGAT), for component
                                     Full service for                      the experience of Lufthansa          many based N3 Engine Over-
supply for the EVA Airs’s new
                                     Sabaidee Airways                      Technik as one of the world’s        haul Services (N3) obtained
fleet of Airbus A321 aircraft.       Ameco Beijing // Sabaidee             leading providers of VIP air-        end of the year 2013 also the
The new Total Component              Airways signed an agreement           craft cabin conversions and          according Trent 900 approval
Support (TCS®) agreement             with Ameco Beijing during Sin-        manufacturer of in-flight enter-     – another milestone in the
covers component overhaul            gapore Airshow. The contract          tainment electronics with the        company’s young history.
and engineering services as          covers the customer’s fleet           expertise of LIST as an interna-     A first Trent 500 engine from
well as warehousing and pool-        service for the coming years          tionally acclaimed and sought-       a Chinese operator was
ing at Lufthansa Technik’s           including AOG support, heavy          after manufacturer of high-end       overhauled successfully in the
Singapore facility. EVA Air, a       maintenance C-checks and              cabin interiors for private and      meantime. With its CAAC
Star Alliance member, has relied     D-checks, engine repair and           business jets, luxury yachts,        approval extension, N3 is the
on support from Lufthansa            overhaul as well as landing           cruise liners and private resi-      first non-Asian Rolls-Royce
Technik for its Airbus A330          gear repair and overhaul. //          dences.                              Trent overhaul facility that
fleet for ten years now, and                                               Based in Edlitz-Thomasberg,          is allowed to certify all three
recently entrusted the compa-                                              Austria, Inairvation will offer      engine types (Trent 500,
ny with its Boeing 747s as well.                                           innovative complete solutions        Trent 700 and Trent 900) and
Lufthansa Technik’s warehouse                                              for business and private jet         its components in accordance
site in Singapore has been                                                 cabins. Up to now Lufthansa          with the Chinese regulations.
expanded continuously over                                                 Technik has supplied the cabin       N3’s employees and its man-
the last few years. A growing                                              management system (in-flight         agement are particularly proud
number of customers in Asia                                                entertainment electronics) and       to be now fully prepared for
are supplied with components                                               LIST cabin components such           the Chinese market. //
from this location, particularly                                           as galleys, armrests, fold-out
for the Airbus A320 family. //       Comprehensive services for Sabaidee   tables etc. as independent
                                     Airways.                              suppliers to the aircraft manu-
                                                                           facturer. In the future when
                                                                           commissioned by a customer
                                                                           the two companies will together
                                                                           implement innovations that
                                                                           follow the theme of “Technology
                                                                           meets Cabin”, with the aim
                                                                           of blending entertainment elec-
                                                                           tronics, furniture and lighting      The engine test stand at N3’s
Total Component Support (TCS®) for                                         together in an advanced              overhaul facility.
EVA Air’s new A321 fleet.                                                  design. //
More than laying cables - Strong in small parts The Lufthansa Technik Group Magazine
Lufthansa Technik Connection 3.2014                                                                                                             News | 5


MRO Company                                                              Comprehensive
of the Year                                                              support for Luxair
Air Transport News Award //                                              TCS® and base maintenance //
For the third year in a row Luft-                                        Luxair and Lufthansa Technik
hansa Technik has won the                                                are expanding their coopera-
                                                                                                                     and production
prestigious Air Transport News                                           tion. The two companies have                Original Equipment Innovation
Award in the category “MRO                                               concluded a long-term con-                  // Lufthansa Technik is position-
Company of the Year”. In the                                             tract for component supply for              ing itself actively as a developer
past months more than 4,200                                              the airline’s fleet of Boeing 737           and manufacturer of products
readers and the international                                            NG aircraft, next to the contract           for aircraft cabins. The company
jury of Air Transport News have                                          for the base maintenance on                 is bundling all its activities in the
made their choices in 14 cate-
                                      Complete support                   Luxair’s Boeing 737 NG during               development and production of
gories. Lufthansa Technik is the
                                      for Air Namibia                    Winter 2014/2015.                           cabin products in its new Origi-
only company in any category          Total Technical Support //         The Total Component Support                 nal Equipment Innovation prod-
that has won the award in all         The Namibian flag-carrier Air      (TCS®) agreement covers                     uct division, thus creating an
the three years since the price       Namibia und Lufthansa Technik      component repair and over-                  organizational foundation for ex-
has been awarded for the first        are continuing their coopera-      haul services as well as pool-              panding its position as a manu-
time in 2012.                         tion. The technical support        ing and the provisioning of a               facturing operation. The leader-
Fulya Türköz, General Manager         provided since the airline began   home base stock at Luxair’s                 ship of this new product division
Turkey at Lufthansa Technik,          operating in 2006 is now being     main base at Luxembourg                     has been entrusted to one of the
accepted the award at the 2014        continued through a Total          airport. The base maintenance               company’s most experienced
Air Transport News Award Gala         Technical Support (TTS®).          agreement covers C-checks                   innovation managers, Andrew
Dinner Ceremony in Istanbul,          As part of its comprehensive       that will be performed at Luft-             Muirhead, who previously headed
Turkey, saying: “I would like to      supply of the airline’s current    hansa Technik Sofia during the              the Innovation unit at Lufthansa
thank all voters and the jury for     long-haul fleet of two factory     Winter 2014/2015 season.                    Technik. Muirhead is supported
this commendation. We are             new Airbus A330s, Lufthansa        After the recent cooperation on             by a team of over 80 interdisci-
extremely proud that we have          Technik has been contracted        Aircraft Production Inspection              plinary employees – with more
been selected again as best           to provide services for the        Programs (APIP), base mainte-               to come – as the consolidation
MRO Company of the year.              components, engineering and        nance services and Single                   process takes shape.
This resuccess is a fantastic         line maintenance. In addition,     Component Maintenance                       All products offered by Lufthansa
confirmation of our permanent         Lufthansa Technik will take        (SCM), these new agreements                 Technik as an original equipment
efforts to keep the high level of     over the complex support of        are the confirmation of the                 manufacturer (OEM) will be
performance and quality in our        the customer’s lease returns       business relation between                   developed, planned, manufac-
MRO business.” //                     for the former A340 fleet. “The    both partners. //                           tured and sold from the new
                                      integrated technical support                                                   product division. Innovative sys-
                                      we receive from Lufthansa                                                      tems and products – such as
                                      Technik allows us to focus                                                     nice®, niceview™, GuideU or the
                                      optimally on flight operations,”                                               Patient Transport Unit (PTU) –
                                      emphasized Rene Gsponer,                                                       have already been successfully
                                      COO Air Namibia. //                                                            introduced to the market, and
                                                                                                                     others will follow as part of the
                                                                                                                     planned expansion. //

                                                                         Signing the contract: Horst Lenhard,
                                                                         Vice President Technics of Luxair (left),
                                                                         and Georgios Ouzounidis, Lufthansa
More than laying cables - Strong in small parts The Lufthansa Technik Group Magazine
6 | Component Services                                                          Lufthansa Technik Connection 3.2014

LRU pool for the world
With the LRU pool now concentrated at the new distribution center site in Frankfurt,
the construction of a state-of-the-art warehouse and extensive automation of processes,
Lufthansa Technik has laid the groundwork for supplying its customers even more
quickly and more reliably.

                                                                      r. Alexander Sixt
                                                                             hone +49-40-5070-5597

More than laying cables - Strong in small parts The Lufthansa Technik Group Magazine
Lufthansa Technik Connection 3.2014                                                                                   Component Services | 7

       o ensure their component logistics          nology. The new distribution center in the
       are fit for the future, Lufthansa Technik   southern part of Frankfurt Airport covers
       and Lufthansa Technik Logistik Ser-         8,500 square meters. 30,000 aircraft com-
vices have completely reorganized the pro-         ponents, the combined stock of the former
visioning of line replaceable units (LRUs) to      Hamburg and Frankfurt storage facilities,
customers. The goal of the wide-ranging            are located here.
project was to speed up all process steps
of the component cycle. The new material           Central warehouse in Frankfurt
distribution system is based on supplying
customers from a single central location           The new distribution center is designed to
with fast global transport connections.            meet the particular needs of component
    The key step of the reorganization was         supply: from automatic order receipt through
                                                                                                    Ribbon cutting (from left to right): Andreas Meisel,
building a new material warehouse in               fast dispatch planning and processing to         Managing Director of Lufthansa Technik Logistik
Frankfurt that features state-of-the-art tech-     smooth transportation to customers.              Services, Dr. Peter Jansen, Chief Financial Officer
                                                                                                    of Lufthansa Technik, and Harald Gloy, Senior
                                                                   �    Please continue on page 8   Vice President Aircraft Component Services.
More than laying cables - Strong in small parts The Lufthansa Technik Group Magazine
8 | Component Services                                                                                                                                                                          Lufthansa Technik Connection 3.2014

   When it comes to storing the compo-                                      supplied packaging also ensures that                    In order to provide the best possible
nents themselves, another important                                         components are well protected during                service for the customers, Lufthansa Technik
departure from prior practice has been                                      transport and storage. The packaging is             and Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services
implemented: parts are now packed ready                                     certified for at least 100 cycles. For the          have developed a tailored solution for
for shipping even before being placed in                                    safety of components, Lufthansa Technik             physical logistics of LRUs. The processes
storage. At this point there is plenty of time                              advises customers to use the multi-use              feature many concepts to significantly
to perform this task. The component’s                                       packaging provided for the return of the            shorten lead times and enhance reliability
measurement and weight data is regis-                                       serviceable or unserviceable component.             and traceability in parts provisioning. Once
tered in the system before the package is                                       Another revolutionary step is the automa-       the required package has been removed
sealed, together with the appropriate                                       tion of disposition and shipping. The reser-        from storage, shipping documents, auto-
documentation.                                                              vation of available LRUs and the automatic          matically issued beforehand, are attached
                                                                            scheduling of an individual supply chain            at a printing station. Because all the tech-

Multi-use packaging                                                         occur within seconds
                                                                            after the customer has
The right packaging is an important part of                                 placed his order via
                                                                                                               With this advanced concept, customers are offered
component logistics. It ensures speedy                                      the new customer
                                                                                                               unmatched performance from the industry leader in
delivery, high quality by minimizing the risk                               portal m/material 3
                                                                                                               aviation logistics and material supply.
of damage during transport, and low over-                                   or after his material                                                       Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dominik Matt
all cost. To meet the high expectations of                                  planning system has                				                                                 Logistics expert
its customers even better, Lufthansa Technik                                registered the need via
has changed to reusable packaging for                                       the existing interfaces. Individual logistical      nical and logistical properties of each part
all suitable shipments of LRUs.                                             factors and agreements are included in              are already known, processing can be
    These boxes meet the requirements of                                    the automatic planning and the probable             done while the material ordered is still in
ATA Spec 300 category 1. The use of pur-                                    delivery date is determined. Only in spe-           store. Thereby the process is substantially
pose-made boxes saves time and reduces                                      cial cases (e.g. hazardous materials)               speeded up.
costs because it limits the amount of                                       logistics planning is performed manually.               Other components of the concept are
unnecessary re-packaging along the entire                                   This provides a rapid and efficient order           further automation, e.g. customs process-
internal and external supply chain. The                                     process.                                            ing and an automatic small parts ware-

                                                                                                                                                      SVO, DME
                                                                                           SNN          AMS             TXL/SXF
                                                                                                 LHR          FRA
          YVR                                                                                          BRU            ERF
                                                                                                             CDG      MUC
          SEA                                                                                                                     BUD
                              MSP                                                                                   MXP                  OTP
                                            YYZ                                                                                                                                            ALA
                                      ORD    DTW             BOS                                                                        SOF
                                                          NYC, EWR, JFK                                 BCN                                   IST                                  TAS
                        DEN                  IAD         PHL                                                                                                                                                                  PEK
                                    TUL                                                                                     MLA
                                                  CLT                                                                                                                                                                                     NRT
                                                                                                                                                CAI              KWI

                                                  MIA                                                                                                        BAH
                                                                                                                                                       RUH                   SHJ
                                                                                                                                                                       DXB                                              HKG
                                                                                                                                                       JED                                                        SZX

                                                                                                                                                                                                          BKK             MNL


                       For more informa-
                       tion about Lufthansa
                                                                          GRU            The logistical heart
                       Technik Logistik                                                  // Airline customers around the world are supplied
                       Services scan the                                                 quickly and reliably with components from Frankfurt.
                       QR Code.                                                          The Distribution Center Europe is sited at one of the                                                                                                  MEL

                                                                                         largest airports in Europe and thus is optimally con-
                                                                                         nected to the international transport network.//
More than laying cables - Strong in small parts The Lufthansa Technik Group Magazine
Lufthansa Technik Connection 3.2014                                                                                     Component Services | 9

house, a system supported production
control as well as an improved order
    The new LRU logistics offer a num-
ber of major advantages for customers
of Lufthansa Technik and Lufthansa
Technik Logistik Services. Besides
enabling a faster and more accurate
processing of requests, the new logis-
tics design helps to avoid mistakes
and misunderstandings. Subsequently,
the contractual service requirements
will be met more effectively.

A win-win situation

This means that the MRO provider and          Complete transport logistics for SWISS
its subsidiary that specializes in avia-
tion logistics are now able to align the
pool inventory more closely to the            Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) has entrusted its entire spare parts logistics
requirements of their customers.              to Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services. The aviation logistics specialists will take
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dominik Matt, one of       over all transport services for SWISS everywhere in the world, including standard
the leading logistics experts in Europe,      transports and special services such as the transport of aircraft engines.
attended the development and realiza-
tion of the concept. He says: “Having
realized this advanced concept,               // Under a long-term agreement, Lufthansa                     Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services
Lufthansa Technik and Lufthansa               Technik Logistik Services as the aviation                 relies on its Logistics Control Tower (see
Technik Logistik Services are not only        logistics specialist in the Lufthansa Technik             page 22) to ensure the optimal manage-
offering its customers unmatched per-         Group will also take on the local handling                ment of all transports via its flow.control
formance, but they also underline the         of material supply at the airline’s hub in                product. The Logistics Control Tower
claim of being the industry leader in         Zurich as well as at the airports in Basel                enables SWISS to maintain a complete
aviation logistics and in material supply.”   and Geneva, encompassing packing, cus-                    overview and the control over its material
    The new facility was formally com-        toms clearance, shipping and documenta-                   flows, both between its own sites world-
missioned at an official opening in           tion. Moreover, the company will serve as                 wide and from material suppliers and
March 2014. Customers of Lufthansa            the hazardous goods officer for SWISS and                 repair shops to the SWISS sites in Switzer-
Technik and Lufthansa Technik Logistik        is responsible in that capacity for the pro-              land. Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services’
Services now have a powerful tool             duction of hazardous goods documents.                     Flow Management team controls and
available for fulfilling their respective         “We anticipate that the support we receive            monitors all the transport services provid-
service promises, truly enabling “smart       from Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services                  ed to SWISS, serving as a central contact
moves” for “more mobility”.                   will significantly improve the performance                365 days a year around the clock for all
                                              of our material supply processes and ensure               the affected areas at the airline, from pur-
                                              greater transparency in the transport chain.              chasing to routine logistics to emergency
For more information:                         We expect to benefit from a less expensive                logistics (Aircraft on Ground). In addition,                                 cost base as well as synergies from the                   SWISS is now using the Lufthansa Technik
                                              Lufthansa Group,” says Peter Wojahn, Chief                Logistik Services tracking platform L/track-
                                              Technical Officer at SWISS. “We are very                  ing for maximum transparency. //
                                              pleased that SWISS has entrusted us with
                                              the job of bundling all the transport servic-
                                              es it needs into a seamless concept,” adds
                                              Andreas Meisel, Managing Director of
                                              Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services. “In this
                                              context, our Transport Management service
                                              delivers genuine added value.”

                                              Signing ceremony with SWISS: Peter Wojahn, Chief
                                              Technical Officer of SWISS (sitting left), and Andreas
                                              Meisel, Managing Director of LTLS (sitting right), with
                                              staff of the two companies.
More than laying cables - Strong in small parts The Lufthansa Technik Group Magazine
10 | Technology & Innovation                                                                                          Lufthansa Technik Connection 3.2014

On-site fix for
a corroding issue
Airbus A330 and A340 aircraft are prone to develop corrosion in the nose gear. Lufthansa Technik
has developed a procedure known as the “quick mill repair” that satisfies the requirements of the
applicable Service Bulletin and can be implemented out in the field by the mobile Airline Support
Team (AST®) – an innovative and efficient solution.

        uring inspection, corrosion is               repair and re-certify an affected nose land-          the four holes are reamed. Special plug
        sometimes found in the lower                 ing gear on location at the customer site,            bolts that are part of the kit are inserted in
        flange dowel installation holes of           thus minimizing aircraft downtime.                    the three dowel holes that are not being
the main fitting of the Airbus A330 and                 The quick mill repair is a mobile ream-            worked on to hold the jig in place. Once
A340-200/300 nose landing gear. Landing              ing and milling procedure that eliminates             the four holes have been reamed, the sec-
gear manufacturer Messier-Dowty has                  corrosion on the dowel holes of the Airbus            ond stage entails removing the corrosion
issued a Service Bulletin (SB), made man-            A330 and A340-200/300. To perform the                 in the chamfers with a bevel cutter. While
datory by an EASA Airworthiness Directive            repair first of all the nose gear shock               this is going on, a measuring device
(AD), which details the inspection proce-            absorber is removed. The lower flange,                designed for this application measures
dure for the holes and outlines the process          steering collar, and main fitting bushes are          progress and thus ensures that the pre-
to be used if corrosion damage is found.             then disassembled to provide complete                 scribed geometry is adhered to precisely.
    To spare operators the ordeal of having          access to the four dowel holes.                           Both the reaming of the dowel holes
to completely remove the nose landing                                                                      and the machining of the chamfer are car-
gear from the aircraft for a shop visit,             Simple, manual process                                ried out with manually operated tools. This
Lufthansa Technik has developed a special                                                                  ensures that the results will be extremely
tooling kit for the machining and rework of          A specially developed jig is then clamped             accurate and also means that the repair
the nose gear. A Lufthansa Technik AST®              over the main fitting. The machining work             can be carried out in the field without a
is able to perform all necessary steps to            is now carried out in two stages. First of all        power supply.

                                                                                                                          �    Please continue on page 12

Measuring the depth of the chamfer with a dedicated tool ensures absolute adherence to the prescribed dimension.
Lufthansa Technik Connection 3.2014      Technology & Innovation | 11

After disassembly: Visual check of the
dowel holes in the NLG main fitting.

Link to other sites:
Landing Gear Services
12 | Component Services                                                                                           Lufthansa Technik Connection 3.2014

                                                       Manual machining of
                                                       a dowel hole using the
                                                       proprietary tool kit.

Bushing repair                                        of 31.5 millimeters. After the nose gear has    plete repair. Compared with the conven-
                                                      been reinstalled and the aircraft declared      tional procedure, which can take several
Once the dowel holes are free of corrosion,           airworthy, it can resume operation.             weeks due to the need to uninstall and
a crack inspection is carried out. Shot                   Lufthansa Technik’s Airline Support         reinstall the nose gear along with the asso-
peening is then applied to the finished sur-          Team can be en route to the customer            ciated transport times, this represents a
faces. The compressive stresses generated             within 24 hours of notification of the rele-    huge saving in time and money for the
in the surface during this process improve            vant inspection findings. A mechanic spe-       customer.
the durability of the material and hence the          cially trained to conduct this repair and a        The repair method, which is patent
service life of the component. Following              crack inspector fly out to the site of the      protected, has to date proved its worth in
cadmium plating of the unprotected sur-               customer aircraft with the toolkit. Michael     more than 20 missions. As a result, it has
face and the application of primer the cor-           Kriegel, who headed up the engineering          since been extended to the A340-500/600
rosion protection of the main fitting is once         team which developed the innovative             aircraft types as well. Now that develop-
again complete.                                       solution, explains: “The repair procedure       ment work on the relevant tools has been
    Since the dowel holes are inevitably              requires neither power nor water. This          completed, the repair method is newly
oversized after reaming, new ‘oversize’               means that the purely manual repair can         available for these types as well.
bronze bushings are now inserted. These               be carried out anywhere in the world with
are included in the kit in increments of              full flexibility.”                              Joachim Drenckhan
0.5 millimeters up to the maximum hole                    In the ideal case the team requires no      Phone +49-40-5070-8574
diameter permitted by the manufacturer                more than 24 hours to carry out a com-

                                                      “Strong legs” for Emirates 777-300ERs
                                                      Emirates and Lufthansa Technik signed an overhaul contract for the landing gears
                                                      of the 777-300ER fleet of the carrier. The new agreement follows a long-term part-
                                                      nership of the airline and the MRO provider on landing gear services.

                                                      // Emirates has contracted Lufthansa            tions. Following our successful experience
                                                      Technik to overhaul the landing gears of its    with Lufthansa Technik on previous pro-
                                                      Boeing 777-300ER fleet. The long-term           grams, we are confident that this new
                                                      agreement has been signed on a non-             agreement will deliver on these goals.”
                                                      exclusive basis. Lufthansa Technik Land-           In 2005, Emirates signed the first land-
                                                      ing Gear Services UK, the landing gear          ing gear contract with Lufthansa Technik
                                                      subsidiary of the company near London,          covering services for the 21 Boeing 777
                                                      will perform all the necessary maintenance,     “classic” aircraft of the airline (777-200/-
                                                      repair and overhaul services.                   200ER/-300). Five years later Emirates
                                                          “Being the 777-300ER fleet leader           also entrusted the overhaul services for the
                                                      worldwide, our requirements for landing         center landing gears of its A340-300 fleet
                                                      gear overhauls are strategic as they            to Lufthansa Technik.
                                                      become due every ten years on each air-            “We are very proud that we have been
Signing of the contract with Emirates (from left to   craft in accordance with the maintenance        able to fulfill Emirates’ high quality require-
right): Wieland Timm, Director Sales Middle East
and Africa of Lufthansa Technik, Abdullah Osman,
                                                      program,” said Adel Al Redha, Executive         ments in the past years. This successful
Vice President Material Management & Supplier         Vice President and Chief Operations Offi-       partnership has been the base to now
Support at Emirates, and Ammar Al Zaben, Emirates’    cer of Emirates. “In order to maintain the      extend these kind of services to the 777-
Vice President of Procurement.                        highest levels of reliability and quality for   300ER fleet of Emirates,” said Walter
                                                      our operations, we expect our suppliers to      Heerdt, Senior Vice President Marketing &
                                                      provide the most robust supply chain solu-      Sales of Lufthansa Technik. //
Lufthansa Technik Connection 3.2014                                                                                                                | 13

                                           The brake specialists with a Boeing 787 brake
                                             in front of the test rig. Left to right: Alexander
                                                 Bischof, Raimund Bendel, Andreas Ochs,
                                             Mathias Eckert, Jörg Schollmayer and (front)
                                          Manuel Urbanski with a brake gage in his hand.

First 787 brake test bench in Europe
In January this year, Lufthansa Technik’s Wheels and Brakes Services department in Frankfurt was named
Recommended Repair Center (RRC) for 787 wheels and brakes by Messier-Bugatti-Dowty, supplier of Boeing 787
wheels. The new 787 brake test bench has now become operational, and the first tests have been performed.

// Aircraft manufacturer Boeing had                     addition of this modern component the                The novel technology meant that the
departed from tradition not only in relation            complex development project has signifi-         test rig had to be designed from scratch,
to the 787 structure but in many of its sys-            cantly enhanced the offerings available to       necessitating a six digit figure investment.
tems as well. The aircraft brakes feature               customers. Dispensing with the hydraulic         As such an investment does not make
new technology, too. Instead of the con-                system eliminates the possibility of leaks       sense especially in the case of smaller
ventional modulation of brakes by hydrau-               and the associated                                                     airlines, the shop is

lic pressure, electrical actuators are now              early removals of the                                                  also helping to protect
used. Testing of this system, which had                 complete brake.                                                        Lufthansa Technik’s
not been used in a civil aircraft before,               Moreover, unlike the            We are the only independent            market position.
requires a special test rig for the electrical          classic hydraulic               MRO provider to have this              The shop staff have
system, amongst other things.                           brake systems, the              totally novel brake technology.        already been trained
    Apart from manufacturer Messier-Bugat-              electrical 787 brakes                                 Frohmut Belthle  for the 787 test rig and
ti-Dowty, the Frankfurt wheels and brakes               have built-in test                                                     successfully complet-
shop has the first test rig for Boeing 787              equipment (BITE) and                                                   ed testing of the first
brakes in Europe. “We are the only inde-                extended monitoring functions. As a result       electrical brakes. On top of this there are
pendent MRO provider to have this totally               it is possible to detect and replace defec-      plans in Frankfurt to integrate other “elec-
novel brake technology,” said product                   tive gearbox parts, individual motors or a       trical” types into the MRO portfolio in the
engineer Frohmut Belthle. Through the                   cable harness directly on the aircraft.          future. //

The Boeing 787 brakes feature electrical actuators which require a special test rig for their maintenance.
14 | Component Services                                                                                Lufthansa Technik Connection 3.2014

Strong services
for small parts
Formerly offered under the roof of Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services, the Consumables and
Expendables (C&E) supply has been restructured and is now part of Lufthansa Technik’s Com-
ponent Services. Customers can now obtain all of these services from a single source – integrated
provisioning of parts that may be small but are also essential to worry-free flying operations.

                                                             While appearing big in print, this very small ball bearing is a good example of
                                                               the big impact of having a flawless support with consumables and expendables.

Efficiency for C&E
Rounding off Lufthansa Technik’s all-embracing portfolio
of component services, the highly efficient C&E supply is
available in different products, subject to the individual
customer’s service level requirements.® – ad hoc consumable supply
Simple ordering of consumables and expendables
at short notice and without permanent contract.

c.more® – classic consumable supply
Reliable and efficient C&E provisioning – without
regular costs or long-term obligations.

c.all® – integrated consumable supply
Fully integrated all-round provisioning with consumables
and expendables: instead of planning, buying in and
storing the material oneself, Lufthansa Technik guarantees
material availability at the customer’s premises.
Lufthansa Technik Connection 3.2014                                                                                                    Component Services | 15

       ufthansa Technik’s services for con-            With its years of experience and its prov-                       basis of either the know-how and historic
       sumables and expendables (C&E)              en services for consumables and expend-                              consumption data of the aircraft operator
       are based on extensive, long-term           ables Lufthansa Technik is the partner of                            or an Initial Provisioning Study (IP) provided
experience of the requirements of all the          choice for optimal material supply. Three                            by Lufthansa Technik. The purchasing terms
established aircraft types as well as on a         different C&E supply concepts support                                for these items are governed by a guaran-
broad knowledge of every type of material.         aircraft operators with exactly the level of                         teed material price list. This enables aircraft
As a one-stop shop, Lufthansa Technik              support they need – from ad hoc supply to                            operators to streamline their procurement
provides comprehensive services, offering          comprehensive and integrated services.                               process and allows them to purchase C&E
its customers significant cost-cutting poten-                                                                           materials with an easy ordering process.
tial along with excellent material availability.   Ad hoc supply –®
Following a reorganization, C&E provisioning                                                                            Integrated supply – c.all®
has moved closer to component support – a® is the most direct path to material
development that brings several benefits to        supply. As an entry-level service,®                            The highest level of C&E support is c.all®,
customers. Since the beginning of the               is aimed at customers who want to cover                             the integrated consumable supply with
year material support for consum-                        their routine and AOG material                                 guaranteed material availability. Within the
ables, which previously was in                             requirements on an ad hoc basis                              framework of this C&E solution, Lufthansa
the hands of Lufthansa Technik                              without entering into a binding                             Technik assumes the long-term responsi-
Logistik Services, has been                                 agreement. This service is avail-                           bility for planning, ordering and supplying
handled by Lufthansa Technik’s                              able for customers without an exist-                        all C&E part numbers for the customer. It
Component Services, which is                               ing contract with Lufthansa Technik.                         includes the optimized on-site storage of
effectively a one-stop shop. As a                           As a one-stop shop, Lufthansa                               frequently needed consumables directly at
result of the reorganization Lufthansa              Technik bundles consumables and                                     the customer’s facility and a direct link to
Technik customers now have a single point          expendables from more than 1,000 differ-                             Lufthansa Technik to ensure the rapid and
of contact for the supply of components and        ent suppliers and manufacturers, and is                              efficient supply of material needed on an
consumables.                                       therefore able to physically supply its cus-                         unplanned basis. Lufthansa Technik’s con-
                                                   tomers with over 400,000 part numbers. A                             sumables and expendables experts take
Integrated supply concepts                         large amount of part numbers are perma-                              care of the material control, so that their
                                                   nently on stock in Lufthansa Technik’s own                           airline customers can focus more closely
As Harald Gloy, Senior Vice President              warehouses. Thus, by contacting Lufthansa                            on their core business.
Aircraft Component Services of Lufthansa           Technik for AOG or non-AOG requests, the                                 The new bundling of all material support
Technik, explains: “In this way we have            expert sales team will ensure immediate                              products at Lufthansa Technik makes even
aligned our overall concept for component          supply of the material the customer needs,                           more comprehensive component support
and material provisioning more closely to          24 hours a day, 7 days a week – without a                            services possible. “On request we can work
the needs of our customers and we are              fixed contract or minimum order quantity.                            with the customer to develop a strategy that
now putting greater emphasis on integra-                                                                                covers all his requirements in the area
tion. For example, if a customer needs an          Classic supply – c.more®                                             of component and material support, on the
aircraft component plus the associated                                                                                  basis of which the appropriate products
bolts and washers, both aspects of his             The next level of support for C&E supply                             can then be selected,” says Burkhard
enquiry are now handled by one and the             by Lufthansa Technik is c.more®. On the                              Pfefferle-Tolkiehn, Director Sales & Cus-
same point of contact.” Moreover, because          basis of a classic supply contract c.more                            tomer Service of Lufthansa Technik.
the different areas work more closely              offers preferential purchasing terms for a                           “Optimal provisioning with components
together it is less complicated to find the        jointly defined spectrum of consumables                              and consumables & expendables from a
best overall solution for every customer –         which are commonly used in the custom-                               single source is the passport to worry-free
individual products are no longer consid-          er’s operations. The list of relevant part                           flying operations.”
ered in isolation.                                 numbers is created on the
                                                                                                 - 4 0 - 5 0 70


                                                                               H otl i ne


For non-contractual customers                                                                 24/7                      For other C&E support requests
(®)                                                                                    AOG des                     (c.more®, c.all®)
AOG requests (24/7):                               Non-AOG requests:                                                    Michael Bohn
Phone +49-40-5070-4308                             Phone +49-40-5070-67568                                              Phone +49-40-5070-60384                                  
16 | Regional Sales                                                                Lufthansa Technik Connection 3.2014

                                                                                         Moscow’s airport
                                                                                         Domodedovo is home
                                                                                         to Lufthansa Technik
                                                                                         Vostok Services.

Value for a   T
                                                  he Lufthansa Technik sales     office in Moscow is headed up by
                                                  region of Eastern Europe       Andreas van de Kuil, General
                                                  and the CIS has certain        Sales Manager Russia & CIS. He
                                          unique features. It spans ten time     has been actively working in this

strong region
                                          zones, making it Lufthansa Technik’s   sales region for a year and man-
                                          biggest sales region. At the same      ages a team of five: Elena Prokop,
                                          time it is an extremely inhomoge-      Denis Kanevskiy, Natalia Konova-
                                          neous region, with private, state,     lova and Dmitry Tverdov are Key
                                          low-cost and legacy carriers as        Account Managers out in the field
                                          well as cargo airlines. To cope with   while Yulia Povernova performs
                                          the difficult conditions of this       the role of Administrative Assistant.
                                          extremely dynamic and demand-          The Moscow sales team shares
The sales team for Lufthansa Technik’s    ing market, Lufthansa Technik’s        an office with Lufthansa Technik
largest region – Eastern Europe and the   sales team has been reorganized.       Vostok Services that is responsible
                                          Dmitri Zaitsev, Director Sales         for the customer service of com-
CIS – has been reorganized. A team of     Eastern Europe & CIS, is satisfied:    ponent projects. Customer service
representatives in Hamburg and Moscow     “We now have a perfect mixture of      is also offered regionally in Tash-
                                          experienced and young staff in the     kent, Uzbekistan and in Almaty,
ensures fast and simple contact between   team who are highly motivated as       Kazakhstan.
customers and the production sites.       they work in this demanding market.”       In addition to Sales Director
                                             Lufthansa Technik’s familiar        Dmitiri Zaitsev, Ralf Zimdars and
                                          principle of “Closer to the custom-    Eckart Gwildis work as experienced
                                          er” is also reflected in the reorga-   Sales Executives at the Lufthansa
                                          nization of this sales team. The       Technik site in Hamburg. They
Lufthansa Technik Connection 3.2014                                                                                       Regional Sales | 17

                                             Contacts Sales Russia and CIS

                                                                                                  Fast availability
                                                                                                  in Russia

work not just only directly with cus-                                                             Single Component Availability
tomers in Eastern Europe and the                                                                  (SCA) // Lufthansa Technik’s fast
                                                                 Regional Director
CIS but also maintain ties with dif-                             Eastern Europe & CIS             and flexible service for component
ferent departments within the com-                               Dmitri Zaitsev                   loan, exchange and sale, is now
pany and represent the interests of                              Phone +49-40-5070-5404           offered locally in Russia.
the team in Hamburg.                                             Cell +49-172-432-7645            Specifically adapted to the customs
   The MRO market in Eastern                                                                      regulations and market requirements
Europe and the CIS is growing and                                General Manager                  of the Russian Federation, SCA
Lufthansa Technik is succeeding as                               Russia and CIS                   grants fast access to a newly set-up
well. Besides the largest carrier                                Andreas van de Kuil              local component stock at Moscow
                                                                 Phone +7-495-937-5103 ext. 130
Aeroflot and its subsidiaries, there                             Cell +7-903-797-1939             Domodedovo Airport. Managed by
are several private airlines growing                        Lufthansa Technik Vostok Services
at a double-digit rate. These include                                                             this local inventory enables Lufthansa
UTair, Transaero, Siberia Airlines                               Sales Executive                  Technik to rapidly provide high-quality
and Ural Airlines.                                               Ralf Zimdars                     and reliable aircraft components
                                                                 Phone +49-40-5070-4454           to customers in Russia.               - 49 5 - 93
                                                                                                                                                 +7   7-
Selling value                                                    Cell +49-151-5894-9344

                                                                                                                 S CA

                                                                                                                                     H otl i n

Lufthansa Technik has been repre-                                                                                                                Hotline
sented in Eastern Europe and the                                 Sales Executive                                                                  Russia
CIS region for over 30 years. Its old-                           Eckart Gwildis
                                                                 Phone +49-40-5070-3690
est customer TAROM Rumanian Air                                  Cell +49-172-432-7646
Transport has more than 32 years of                    
cooperation with Lufthansa Technik.
Since more than 20 years Aeroflot                                Sales Administration
with its five subsidiary airlines is Luft-                       Yulia Povernova
hansa Technik’s biggest customer                                 Phone +7-495-937-5103 ext. 120
in the region. Over the last year Luft-                          Cell +7-964-630-5628
hansa Technik has succeeded in
signing a whole series of contracts
with this customer. Thus, a service                              Key Account Manager                  Staffed by highly knowledgeable
contract has been concluded for                                  Elena Prokop                     and experienced local customer ser-
                                                                 Phone +7-495-937-5103 ext. 190
Aeroflot’s growing Boeing 777 fleet,                             Cell +7-903-799-6753             vice representatives, Lufthansa Technik
while the existing contracts with                                Vostok Services offers the responsive-
Rossiya Airlines and Donavia have                                                                 ness operators expect for their indi-
been extended. One new customer                                  Key Account Manager              vidual needs and situation. Both rou-
is Aurora Airlines, with whom an                                 Denis Kanevskiy                  tine requests and AOG orders are
exclusive component contract is                                  Phone +7-495-937-5103 ext. 140   answered through a dedicated hotline
now in place. Dmitri Zaitsev points                              Cell +7-903-561-6326             at extended office hours. Russian-
out: “For a customer of this size                                                                 speaking staff is guaranteeing close
Lufthansa Technik offers the best                                                                 support for customers and rapid
terms for all the subsidiaries. This                             Key Account Manager              delivery of aircraft components.
means that every subsidiary profits                              Natalia Konovalova               Component loan, exchange and sale
                                                                 Phone +7-495-937-5103 ext. 170
from the purchasing power of                                     Cell +7-903-561-4969             in the Russian Federation through
Aeroflot.” Dmitri Zaitsev is optimistic                    Lufthansa Technik Vostok Services is
about the future: “We are en route                                                                currently available for Airbus A320
to being able to offer products tai-                             Key Account Manager              and Boeing 737NG aircraft families. //
lored to the needs of every single                               Dmitry Tverdov
customer. With this value selling will                           Phone +7-495-937-5103 ext. 160   Lufthansa Technik Vostok Services
we will be able to strengthen our                                Cell +7-903-797-1940             Phone +7-495-937-5150
position further.”                                                                      
18 | Employee Portrait   Lufthansa Technik Connection 3.2014
Lufthansa Technik Connection 3.2014

                                                           Britta Krefter and her colleagues are
                                                          responsible for the electrical systems,
                                                                   from the cable connections to
                                                            installation of the latest IFE systems.

                                      More than laying cables
                                      Britta Krefter is Supervisor Avionics in Aircraft Base Maintenance
                                      at Lufthansa Technik’s Hamburg base. Given the complex
                                      electronics in modern aircraft, her work has changed enormously
                                      over the last few years.

                                              ritta Krefter and her colleagues at                  She quickly gained experience and
                                              Aircraft Base Maintenance in Ham-                additional qualifications for specific types
                                              burg are responsible for the electri-            and also as Aircraft Mechanic Cat A and
                                      cal systems, from the cable connections to               Cat B. Having gained the critical qualifica-
                                      installation of the latest IFE systems or the            tion of Base Maintenance Senior Technician,
                                      complicated process of setting and check-                in 2005 she became the first Female team
                                      ing the aircraft compass. In this capacity               leader in avionics. Just three years later
                                      they support C- and D-checks, cabin mod-                 she took the examination for the master’s
                                      ifications, Supplemental Type Certificate                certificate in aeronautical engineering and
                                      related layovers and also original equipment             was promoted to shift leader. In the early
                                      for a wide range of aircraft types, from the             days Britta Krefter regularly had to contend
                                      Boeing 747 to the A340. Just recently they               with expressions of doubt that a woman
                                      have been involved in the installation of                could serve as shift leader. “I had to prove
                                      FlyNet in the A380 as well.                              myself. But with technical knowledge and
                                                                                               diplomatic skill I succeeded in convincing
                                      Enthusiasm for technology from the start                 a lot of people,” she recalls. “Though in
                                                                                               today’s very young team, that is no longer
                                      “I have always been more interested in                   an issue.”
                                      technology than in home economics,” Britta
                                      Krefter recalls. “Whenever anything needed               “A bit of everything”
                                      repairing at home, I would see to it.” On
                                      leaving school, she became the first wom-                As shift leader, Britta Krefter is responsible
                                      an to train as an electronics engineer spe-              for 37 employees in three teams altogether.
                                      cializing in energy devices with Lufthansa               Each team has a team leader, with whom
                                      in Hamburg, a training that no longer exists             she works closely. Staff management is
                                      under that name. On completing her train-                an important part of her work. She draws
                                      ing, she moved “straight into the dock”, as              up rosters, plans courses, conducts staff
                                      she says. Since at the time there was still              appraisals, stands in for team leaders when
                                      no electronics training career path specifi-             required, visits various planning meetings
                                      cally for aircraft, Britta Krefter was introduced        for layovers and provides induction training
                                      to working on the aircraft in a teaching                 to placement students. She also prepares
                                      shift. Later she worked alongside experi-
                                      enced colleagues.
                                                                                                              �    Please continue on page 20
20 | Employee Portrait                                                                                          Lufthansa Technik Connection 3.2014

                                                  Despite her many organizational
                                                  responsibilities Britta Krefter keeps
                                                  up her qualifications for working on
                                                  the aircraft by working directly on it.

technical operations, obtains approvals for       the individual trades on the aircraft coordi-      craft. “Before, if something didn’t work, it
certain processes, checks the tools and           nate their activities closely with each other      was usually because a cable or the connec-
takes care of all security-related tasks, for     so that the work can proceed without delays.       tions were not working properly. Today the
example preparing for audits. “I love being       “It is good that despite my managerial             problem often lies in the software,” she says.
with my colleagues, working with them and         responsibilities I am still so close to the air- If that is the case, she and her colleagues
motivating them,” she says.                       craft,” says Britta Krefter. “I’m very lucky –     will get support from the IT specialists.

    Despite all these largely organizational      everything that I                                                         Even if it was some-
activities she has not lost direct access to      want for myself is                                                     what by chance that she
the aircraft. “As well as my work as shift        there.” Britta Kref-                                                   came to aviation, she
                                                                                  I would love it if more
leader, I do try to keep up my qualifications     ter hopes to be                                                        looks forward to her
                                                                                  women could get interested in
for working on the aircraft by working directly   able to continue                                                       work every day: “Every
                                                                                  this work.
on it,” she says. Her day always starts with      this work for many                                   Britta Krefter    layover is different, and
a walk through the aircraft so that she can       years. “The more I                                                     there are always new,
personally form an impression of the prog-        work on aircraft,                                                      modern systems. I never
ress of the work. “Most problems you only         the more interesting it actually gets,” she        cease to be fascinated by the complex
see when you are directly on-site,” she           says. The trade of aircraft electronics engi-      technology of an aircraft, how everything
says. As well as coordinating with the avi-       neer has changed dramatically over the             interacts together.” She has just one wish:
onics team leaders she also works closely         last few years and has become even more            “I would love it if more women could get
with the event manager. At daily meetings         complex with the latest generations of air-        interested in this work.”


                  Dr. Claus Bauer is                                   Dr. Helge Sachs                                  Saskia Hissnauer
                  Vice President Engine                                has been appointed                               has been appointed new
                  Service in Hamburg since                             Head of Corporate Inno-                          Head of Customer Service
                  March. Dr. Bauer holds a                             vation Management and                            at Spairliners. In 2008
                  PhD in engineering from                              Product Development                              she joined Lufthansa
                  the Technical University of                          at Lufthansa Technik in                          Technik as Key Account
        Darmstadt and began his career at                   Hamburg in March 2014. He                        Manager and Project Leader for
        Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg as a                   studied Aerospace Engineering at                 Aircraft Component Services, and
        Design Engineer in 2000.                            RWTH Aachen University, followed                 later took over the lead of one
        From 2001 to 2004, Dr. Claus Bauer                  by a PhD at Hamburg University of                of Lufthansa Technik’s top priority
        was Director Operation in the                       Technology. He began his career                  projects. Saskia Hissnauer now
        Completion Center, after which he                   with Lufthansa Technik in 2009 as                manages the Customer Service
        became Vice President Completion.                   Project Team Leader in the Tech-                 team of Spairliners including the
        In 2008, he took over as Vice Presi-                nology Engineering & Research                    AOG desk.
        dent VIP & Executive Jet Mainte-                    Projects department. From 2012 to
        nance, and in 2010 Dr. Claus Bauer                  2013, Dr. Helge Sachs served there
        was appointed Vice President                        as Team Leader and from 2013 to
        Aircraft Maintenance MUC&DIR in                     2014, he was heading up the pro-
        Frankfurt.                                          gram for the development of future                      For more information:
                                                            technologies and innovations.                 
Lufthansa Technik Connection 3.2014                                                                                           eServices | 21

“Snap Happy” for a fast overview

The new manage/m® function “Groundtime Overview” sets
trends in CAMO View transparency standards: All it takes is a
new manage/m® smartphone App, a photo and a few clicks
for Lufthansa users to have immediate access to all pertinent
information about their aircraft downtime.

            here is my aircraft right now?     a picture of the logbook entry with an          months we have sent more than 500
            Are there any maintenance          iPhone. The data is automatically trans-        iPhones to Lufthansa stations around the
            updates or changes? It is the      ferred to the system while Lufthansa Technik    globe to ensure that the customer gets
duty of a Continuing Airworthiness Man-        can manually transfer them into the Tech-       direct access to the entries,” says Titze.
agement Organization (CAMO) to always          nical Operations WebSuite manage/m®,                Having helped in the development phase
be up to date concerning the actual status     if required. Customers can thus expect to       of the project, customer Lufthansa German
of their fleet. Planned and unplanned          have the latest entry in an aircraft’s log-     Airlines is satisfied with the new procedure
maintenance downtimes have to be made          book only seconds after the picture was         and recent developments of manage/m®:
transparent to the owner to enable him to      taken, and of course, while the aircraft is     “If we, for example, see an aircraft marked
react upon the issues. In the past, the        still on the ground.                            yellow, we know that a scheduled mainte-
operator had to search for specific mainte-         Integrated into the WebSuite, the new      nance event has been changed and can
nance events within the system. And            function “Groundtime Overview” arranges         react accordingly”, explains Alexander Sohn
sometimes, when time runs short to hold        all of an operator’s aircraft neatly on one     of Lufthansa German Airlines. This is mainly
the take-off slot, technical logbook entries   page with an eye-catching traffic light sys-    possibly because of the new m/CAMo App,
were transferred into manage/m® after the      tem. Individual aircraft are presented in a     which enables users to gain direct insight
aircraft had already taken off again.          table using the colors green, yellow and        into the technical logbooks and to even
    The newly developed App m/CAMo             red to show their status. This way the cus-     re-classify a work item. This kind of clearly
has solved this problem. “State-of-the-art     tomer easily detects changes in a planned       laid out transparency helps the customer
technology such as a smartphone can be         maintenance event or whether everything         fulfill his role as an operator – at all times
a helpful instrument supporting modern         is still green – which means: on track and      giving him the “Active Control” required by
aviation maintenance,” underlines Lufthansa    ready to go.                                    the authorities.
Technik project manager Felix Titze, who            Since the beginning of the year, the new
was responsible for the setup of processes,    process has been rolled out at Lufthansa        Jamila Jadran
training and introduction of the new tool.     stations, ensuring greater CAMO transpar-       Phone +49-69-696-37386
Using the App, the engineer simply takes       ency for the customer: “Within the last

                                                                                                           The function “Groundtime Over-
                                                                                                           view” arranges all of an operator’s
                                                                                                           aircraft neatly on one page with an
                                                                                                           eye-catching traffic light system.
                                                                                                           Individual aircraft are presented in a
                                                                                                           table using the colors green, yellow
                                                                                                           and red to show their status.

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