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                                                                                                                                    F O R N E W S , V I D E O S A N D F I X T U R E S www.gaa.ie


       r Brendan Murphy, the Tipperary                       Elite players have been left on the field                     “Because they have the backup and the              and if they all know about the potential
       team doctor, has a simple phrase                      with concussion symptoms in the past, but                     facilities and people are well educated about      consequences, and if the players know about
       when it comes to potential instances                  Dr Murphy, who will speak at the second                       it. It is your Junior A match down in the middle   it, it makes it easier to take that player off in
       of concussion, ‘If you suspect, you                   National Concussion Symposium, at Croke                       of Offaly where you might only have 16             whatever game it is,” Dr Murphy said.
                                                             Park on October 7, is thankful that times have                players and only 10 guys at the game.
remove’.                                                     changed.                                                                                                         “Five or 10 years ago, if you were take a
                                                                                                                           “The best player gets concussed and the            guy off because he was concussed in an
“I know from the Tipp camp, without naming                   The former Offaly hurler gave the example of                  manager won’t take him off unless his leg          All-Ireland final, you’d be murdered for it
names or breaking confidentiality, there has                 a Tipperary player who suffered a head injury                 is hanging off. That is where you want to          whereas we are thankfully in a different
been three or four times where we’ve taken                   during their Allianz league win over Dublin                   educate those coaches, players and parents,        place now.”
players off in League games,” said Dr Murphy.                earlier this year and was taken off despite                   that they know the risks associated with it.
“If you suspect, you remove.                                 reducing the team to 14 players as they’d                                                                        Oisin McConville, the former Armagh
                                                             already used all their substitutes.                           “In Tipp, with Michael Ryan and the players,       footballer and All-Ireland winner in 2002,
“Now, maybe one or two of those didn’t have                                                                                thankfully they have all bought into it. They      will join Dr Murphy and Dr Pat O’Neill on a
concussion, and when you have a bench with                   “Inter-county level is actually the easiest                   know the risks so even if it is a big game they    discussion panel at the symposium.
two or three All-Stars, the guy is not going to              place to manage concussion,” said Dr Murphy.                  have to come off. Again, if you suspect, you
be happy coming off, but you have to do it.”                                                                               remove.”                                           “I was concussed when we first started going
                                                                                                                                                                              on a run with Crossmaglen Rangers in 1996,
                                                                                                                           Dr Murphy believes opportunities like next         in the first round of the Championship,”
                                                                                                                           month’s symposium, which will be run in            said McConville. “It was nearly like a badge
                                                                                                                           conjunction with Bon Secours Health System         of honour to get wrapped up and to play
                                                                                                                           and UPMC, and the GAA, are invaluable to           on. I guess we just didn’t know the dangers
                                                                                                                           provide vital education.                           of it then. We are much more aware of the
                                                                                                                                                                              dangers now, but you never stop spreading
                                                                                                                           “If the coaches and managers are educated,         the message.”

 Oisín McConville, former All-Ireland winning Armagh footballer, David Beirne, VP UPMC International, Uachtarán Chumann
Lúthchleas Gael Aogán Ó Fearghaíl, and Dr. Brendan Murphy, Tipperary Senior Hurling Team Doctor and former Offaly Senior
  Hurler, at the launch of the 2nd National Concussion Symposium, which will be hosted by Bon Secours Health System and
                   UPMC in association with the GAA, and will be held in Croke Park on Saturday October 7th.
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Football             Hurling                Club              General
                                                                                                                        F O R N E W S , V I D E O S A N D F I X T U R E S www.gaa.ie

                                                                                                                Centra Shopping Voucher - to name just a       The Club Specific Draw
                                                                                                                few.                                           Clubs which sell a minimum of 200 tickets
                                                                                                                                                               are entered into The Club Specific Draw.
                                                                                                                The Draw will be held on March 8 in Croke      Through the Club Specific Draw, a draw will
                                                                                                                Park, with the Prize Presentation taking       be done for all counties in which 3 clubs will
                                                                                                                place on St. Patrick’s Day 2018, also in the   receive a prize of €5,000. A separate draw
                                                                                                                stadium.                                       for each county will be done in which 1 club
                                                                                                                                                               will win a prize of €1,000. And finally, the
                                                                                                                Tickets                                        club with the highest ticket sales in each
                                                                                                                Each club has been allocated at least 100      province will receive a prize of €1,000. To
                                                                                                                National Club Draw tickets. The number         be eligible for The Club Specific Draw, clubs
                                                                                                                of tickets allocated have been based on        will need to ensure they have completed a
                                                                                                                ticket sale numbers from last year’s Draw.     number of things along with the sale of 200
                                                                                                                Clubs can now obtain their initial allocated   tickets.
                                                                                                                tickets from their corresponding County
                                                                                                                Liaison Officer. Tickets cost €10 and clubs    These criteria are:
                                                                                                                can sell a maximum of 2,000 tickets,           1. Recorded all sold tickets on the Online
                                                                                                                allowing clubs to raise up to €20,000. All        Ticket Recording System.
                                                                                                                proceeds are retained by the club.
                                                                                                                                                               2.   Accounted for all funds raised in the
                                                                                                                To request more tickets, clubs can contact          club accounts, so that the amount
                                                                                                                their County Liaison Officer or email               shown for club draw income correlates
                                                                                                                nationalclubdraw@gaa.ie. Additional                 with the number of tickets sold and
                                                                                                                tickets can be requested any time before            recorded.
 One of the 2017 National Club Draw Winners: Ashling Sheehan of Drom Inch GAA Club Tipperary, receiving         February 1. Details of all tickets sold must
 her prize of All Ireland Hurling and Football Final 2017 Corporate Package from Aogán Ó Fearghail, Uachtarán   be entered into the Online Ticket Recording    3.   Adhere to the Terms and Conditions
 Chumann Lúthcleas Gael at the St. Patrick’s Day Prize Presentation in Croke Park.                              System which can be found at                        of the Draw. (This can be found on the

                                                                                                                 http://gaa-clubdraw.cloudapp.net/                  back of every ticket).
         he National Club Draw 2018 is                  Now an annual event, the NCD provides
                                                        clubs with the opportunity to raise up to a             GAAClubDraw.
         well underway with initial tickets                                                                                                                    Contact Details
         allocated and delivered to County              whopping €20,000 for their club, along with a
                                                                                                                Clubs must ensure that they have               If you have any general enquiries or
         Liaison Officers to distribute around          chance to win some brilliant prizes provided
                                                                                                                accounted for and returned all tickets to      requests relating to the National Club Draw
                                                        by Ard Chomhairle.
the country. With huge success in previous                                                                      their National Club Draw County Liaison        (tickets, flyers, posters etc.), please contact
years, The National Club Draw is helping                                                                        Officer by February 8. Tickets returned        your NCD County Liaison officer or email
                                                        These prizes include a New Renault
to promote and develop the games at club                Dynamique car, All-Ireland Hurling and                  after this date will not be entered into       nationalclubdraw@gaa.ie.
level by opening clubs up to the prospect of            Football Final Packages, a travel voucher to            the Draw. Clubs should not return tickets      For any technical issues, please contact the
raising much needed funds.                              the value of €2,000 and a €500 Supervalu/                                                              support team at ncdsupport@gaa.ie.
                                                                                                                directly to Croke Park.
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Football           Hurling              Club             General
                                                                                                             F O R N E W S , V I D E O S A N D F I X T U R E S www.gaa.ie

There are some significant changes to Data Protection legislation coming into effect next
year which will have an impact on how the GAA, at all levels, engages with its members. It is
important that every GAA Club, and indeed every member, is aware of how these changes in the
law will affect the ways in which members’ personal information can be collected and used for
GAA purposes.

The following article describes some of the practical changes that need to be made to support
compliance with the new legislation.

Specific Steps for GAA Clubs to                  that information relating to GDPR is made                                                           Membership database. All registered
                                                 available to Committee Members, Club               What is Data Protection?                         members’ information is stored on the
ensure Compliance
                                                 Members, Coaches, Volunteers or anyone                                                              GAA’s central Games Management System
It is imperative that every GAA club
                                                 who is in anyway involved with the Club.           •   Data Protection legislation is intended      (Servasport) and responsibility for this
understands the principles of Data Protection
                                                 Information regarding Data Protection can be           to protect the right to privacy of           information is jointly held by the GAA
and how the upcoming changes in legislation
                                                 found on the GAA website                               individuals (all of us) and seeks to         centrally.
will effect them. The following are key steps
clubs should take                                 http://www.gaa.ie/dataprotection                      ensure that Personal Information is used
                                                                                                                                                     Specific consideration must also be given to
                                                                                                        appropriately by third parties that may
                                                 Ensure Understanding                                                                                Paper Membership forms and how these are
Increase Awareness –                                                                                    have it (Data Controllers).
                                                 As the saying goes, ‘You can’t manage what
GDPR will benefit all of us, it will ensure                                                         •   In essence Data Protection relates to any
                                                 you can’t measure’ and this is especially true
that our Personal Information is protected                                                              information that can be used to identify a    What is GDPR?
                                                 regarding Data Protection. It is imperative
from misuse by any organisation. It will         that each GAA Club understands exactly                 living person such as Name, Date of Birth,
also ensure that, as a Data Controller, each                                                                                                          •    The General Data Protection Regulations
                                                 what Personal Information it holds (and is             Address, Phone Number, Email address,
GAA Club, County or Provincial Board will        responsible for). To ensure this is clear, it is                                                          (GDPR) is new EU legislation that comes
                                                                                                        Membership Number, IP Address,
be accountable for how it collects, uses and     important that every club makes an inventory                                                              into effect on May 25th 2018.
stores information about the GAA members                                                                photographs etc
                                                 of the personal data that it holds and                                                               •    It very clearly sets out the ways in which
under their remit. It is critically important    examines it under the following headings:          •   There are other categories of information
                                                                                                                                                           the privacy rights of every EU citizen must
that every member is aware of the changes        1. Why is it being held?                               which currently are defined as Sensitive
                                                                                                                                                           be protected and the ways in which a
that GDPR will bring and how that impacts        2. How was it obtained?                                Personal Data which require more
                                                                                                                                                           person’s ‘Personal Data’ can and can’t be
them, either as a volunteer working on behalf    3. Why was it originally gathered?                     stringent measures of protection and
of the club or as an individual Club Member.                                                                                                               used.
                                                 4. How long is it being retained for?                  these categories include religion,
This awareness will also benefit all of us in    5. How secure is it?                                                                                 •    It places the onus on the person or entity
                                                                                                        ethnicity, sexual orientation, trade union
our personal lives as GDPR also relates to       6. Is it shared with any third parties?                                                                   that collects a person’s information (Data
                                                                                                        membership, medical information etc.
Banks, Insurance Companies, Utility providers,   Obviously, the primary source of Personal                                                                 Controller) to comply with the legislation
On-line Marketing etc. Clubs should ensure       Information held by a GAA Club is its                                                                     and to demonstrate compliance
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                                                                                                                F O R N E W S , V I D E O S A N D F I X T U R E S www.gaa.ie

managed once they have been completed             There may also be others, depending on               occurs at an appropriate time to allow          individuals that must be supported by every
and received by the club. It is OK to collect     individual clubs, and it is important that each      clubs to provide all of this information to     Data Controller, including GAA Clubs. It
information on paper forms, and to retain         club has a record of all of the Personal Data        its members in advance of the May 25th          should be noted by members that these
them in hard copy after they have been            that it ‘controls’. An example of what a Club        deadline.                                       rights extend to any entity that holds your
completed, as long as the member is               Inventory could look like will be available on the                                                   information including Financial institutions,
made aware of this at the time they are
                                                  GAA website                                          Existing membership forms, and other            utility companies etc. These rights include:
completing the form. Tick boxes (or similar)
                                                  http://www.gaa.ie/dataprotection                     forms used to collect data (e.g. Garda          •     Access to all information held about an
should be used to obtain the person’s
consent to process their information. It is                                                            Vetting) must be updated to specifically tell         individual (Subject Access Request) –
vitally important that any completed forms        Clear Communication                                  individuals the following:                            This allows for any member to request
are stored securely in a specified location.      As noted above, it is required that individuals      •    The Clubs identity                               a copy of all information held about
                                                  are made aware of certain information such           •    The reasons for collecting the                   them. This must be provided within one
The same logic should be applied to any           as why their data is being collected and who              information                                      month. Note: Maintaining the Inventory
other system or database used to assist a         will have access to it, before their data is         •    The uses it will be put to                       of Personal Information outlined above
club when managing its membership. It is          obtained. Under existing Data Protection law,        •    Who it will be shared with                       will be a critical enabler for processing
OK to use technology supports in this way         it has always been a requirement to provide          •    If its going to be transferred outside           Subject Access Requests in a timely
but careful attention must be paid to how         some of this information to individuals. GDPR             the EU                                           manner
and where data is stored (it must be secure       builds on this requirement and expands the           •    The legal basis for processing the         •     To have inaccuracies corrected
and should be encrypted) and individuals          information that must be given to Individuals in          information                                •     To have information erased
must be informed if a third party is being        advance of collecting and using their data. It is    •    How long it will be retained for           •     To object to direct marketing
used to provide a system for this purpose.        fortunate that the GAA Membership renewals           •    The right of members to complain           •     To restrict processing of their
Most of the third party providers of these                                                                  if they are unhappy with the club’s              information including automated
kinds of systems (online registration, text       Data Protection can be summarised in the                  implementation of GDPR                           decision making
messaging, fundraising) will be well aware        following 8 ‘rules’                                  •    Other specific personal privacy rights     •     Data portability - Ability to receive all of
of GDPR and will be able to advise on how         You must ...                                              relevant under GDPR (as outlined in              their information in a standard format
they are ensuring compliance. If your club                                                                  Personal Privacy Rights section )                to move to another provider (more
is using a third party system you should          1.    Obtain and process the information fairly                                                            relevant for switching banks or utility
contact them to verify that they are in           2.    Keep it only for one or more specified and     The GAA Central Council is currently                  providers than GAA Clubs but must be
compliance with GDPR.                                   lawful purposes                                                                                      supported)
                                                                                                       obtaining legal advice on how the above
                                                  3.    Process it only in ways compatible with
                                                                                                       requirements should be reflected on GAA
Other likely categories of Personal                     the purposes for which it was given to you
                                                                                                       Membership (and other) forms and will
Information held by GAA Clubs will include              initially
                                                                                                       provide guidance to clubs in the coming
•    Information required for Garda Vetting       4.    Keep it safe and secure
•    Cul Camp or other training camp              5.    Keep it accurate and up-to-date
                                                                                                       Sample membership forms will be available
     applications                                 6.    Ensure that it is adequate, relevant and
                                                                                                       on the GAA website
•    Text or messaging systems                          not excessive
                                                  7.    Retain it no longer than is necessary for      http://www.gaa.ie/dataprotection
•    Email lists or distribution groups
                                                        the specified purpose or purposes
•    Teamsheets, training attendance lists                                                             Ensure Personal Privacy Rights
                                                  8.    Give a copy of his/her personal data to
•    Information captured on club websites                                                             GDPR enshrines certain rights for
                                                        any individual, on request
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                                                                                                                  F O R N E W S , V I D E O S A N D F I X T U R E S www.gaa.ie

Obtain and Manage Consent                        harm to the individual (Identity Theft or        the appropriate manner and maintained             members to register their details on-line,
GDPR is very clear that an individual must be    breach of confidentiality) then the individual   accordingly. The GAA centrally will have          thus making management of consent easier
informed of what their personal information      must also be informed. A procedure to            expertise available for any Data Protection       for clubs and reducing the amount of paper
is going to be used for, who will have access    detect, report and investigate data breaches     queries that require additional / legal advice.   records.
to it, where it will be stored and how long      should be in place.                              Queries of this nature can be submitted to
it will be held for. They must give their                                                         dataprotection@gaa.ie                             Additionally, the functionality available with
consent for their data to be used. Consent       It is imperative that Data Breaches or                                                             the Microsoft Office 365 suite of products
must be ‘freely given, specific, informed and    possible Data Breaches are not ignored in        Supports Available to Clubs                       (available to those with @gaa.ie email
unambiguous’. Members cannot be forced           the hope that no one will notice, they must                                                        addresses) will assist in managing personal
                                                 be investigated and reported if appropriate      General Information                               information in a secure and controlled
into consent or unaware that they are giving
                                                 to do so. Advice on data protection queries      Information relating to Data Protection and       manner.
consent. Obtaining consent requires a
                                                 can be obtained on the gaa website               GDPR is available on the Data Protection
positive indication of agreement – it cannot
                                                 http://www.gaa.ie/dataprotection or              Commissioner’s website                            Further guidance on the processes that
be inferred through silence (not objecting),
                                                 by emailing dataprotection@gaa.ie. Note:         http://www.dataprotection.ie.                     should be used is being prepared and will be
pre-ticked boxes or inactivity.
                                                 The 72 hour deadline for notification to                                                           made available to all clubs over the coming
                                                 the Data Protection Commissioner applies      Additional information and how data                  weeks.
Consent must also be verifiable – Data
                                                 irrespective of any steps being taken to      protection specifically impacts on the
Controllers must be able to demonstrate
                                                 understand the causes of the breach.          GAA and supporting templates, forms                   What does Data Protection Legislation
that consent was given and an audit
                                                                                               and process documentation is available                mean to me?
trail should be maintained. Note: Where
                                                 Ensure Privacy by Design                      on the GAA website http://www.gaa.ie/
paper forms are used to collect personal
information (e.g. Membership applications),      GDPR seeks to ensure that all significant new dataprotection.                                       •   The legislation sets out rules about how
                                                 processes, initiatives or projects undertaken                                                           this information (personal Information)
the retention period (how long its kept for)                                                   Queries and Support
                                                 consider and ensure GDPR compliance.                                                                    can be obtained, how it can be used and
for the form, or relevant portion of the form,                                                 Queries regarding Data Protection can be
                                                 This requires that a Data Protection                                                                    how it is stored.
should align with the need to demonstrate                                                      sent to dataprotection@gaa.ie
                                                 Impact Assessment must be undertaken                                                                •   Every person must give their consent for
                                                 to understand the potential impact of                                                                   their data to be collected and processed
                                                 that project / initiative on the privacy of   Training                                                  for a specific purpose which must be
Under GDPR, children are not permitted to
                                                 individuals. GAA Clubs that are considering An online module to train club                              communicated to them at the time the
give consent for Data Processing. A child’s                                                    administrators, registrars, club executive
                                                 projects with ‘high risk’ processing (i.e.                                                              data is obtained.
Parent or Guardian must give consent on                                                        committee and members will be available
                                                 new technology) or installing CCTV should                                                           •   They must specifically Opt-In and must
their behalf. Existing GAA policy relating                                                     from November 2017.
                                                 conduct a Data Privacy Impact Assessment                                                                be allowed to Opt-Out at any time. They
to Juvenile members already supports this
                                                 by meeting relevant stakeholders,                                                                       must also be given the opportunity to
legislative requirement.                         identifying potential privacy issues and      All GAA Clubs will be invited to participate              review the consent they have given on a
                                                 agreeing ways to mitigate the risk of issues  in a Data Protection seminar in Croke Park                regular basis (i.e. Yearly)
Report Data Breaches                             occurring.                                    in November. Further Information on how to            •   Data must be kept safe and secure and
If unauthorised access to Personal Data                                                        attend these Seminars will be shared in the               must be kept accurate and up to date
occurs or Personal Data is lost or stolen,       Identify Data Protection Officers             coming weeks.                                         •   An Individual can request a copy of all
this must be notified to the Data Protection     Every GAA Club should identify someone                                                                  of the personal information held about
Commissioner within 72 Hours of being            to coordinate their approach to meeting       IT Systems
                                                                                                                                                         them (this is called a Subject Access
identified. This is a requirement for all        their Data Protection obligations. This       Enhancements are currently being
                                                                                                                                                         Request) and must be allowed to have all
paper information and all electronic             will include identifying and recording the    developed to facilitate compliance with
                                                                                                                                                         of their data deleted or returned to them,
information (unless the data is encrypted or     specific locations where data is held in each GDPR using technology. This will include                  if they so wish.
anonymised). If the breach is likely to cause    club, ensuring that consent is obtained in    a GAA App which will allow GAA Club
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                                                                                                           F O R N E W S , V I D E O S A N D F I X T U R E S www.gaa.ie


         re you a GAA player aged 12 – 21 years old? Would you like to improve your             application process is NOW OPEN at gaa.ie       A Club can complete an application form to
         performance as a player? Would you like to learn how to balance the demands            (http://www.gaa.ie/gaayouth) and there are      nominate a young player/s from the Club to
         of study and sport? Would you like to get inside the minds of some of the top          two ways to apply:                              attend the Forum (max. 4 players, ages 12 -
         Inter-County players in the country?                                                   •    Online Application by an Individual        21).
                                                                                                A young player can complete an individual
If so, apply to attend the FREE                 Farmer, Ciarán Kilkenny, David Herity,
                                                                                                application form online and identify an adult   The closing date for applications is Friday
#GAAyouth Forum supported by Sky                Juliet Murphy, Cathal Cregg and Sharon
                                                                                                in their Club who endorses their application.   6th October and successful applicants will be
Sports!                                         Courtney will address a range of issues
                                                                                                                                                informed by Friday 20th October.
                                                from Fuelling Performance to Injury
                                                                                                •   Online Application by a Club
The #GAAyouth Forum is designed by              Prevention & Recovery to Juggling the
young players, for young players. The           Demands in a young player’s life.
Forum will be a fun and informative         •   Lunchtime Laughs with Rory’s Stories
with a mix of interactive exhibitions,          – Rory O’Connor brings his renowned
workshops, high profile speakers and a          characters to life in an interactive comedy
Q&A session.                                    gig!
                                            •   Q&A – A range of experts and high profile
With workshops designed for three               players will answer your questions on a
specific age-grades (12 – 15; 16 – 18;          number of topics.
19 – 21 years), players will leave the      •   Lunch Hub – Keep the energy levels high
Forum having learned invaluable tips            and enjoy the best grub Croke Park has to
and tools that will help them to develop        offer… all for free!
as a player and as a person.
                                            Registration is from 9.30am, the Forum
There will be a number of activities at     commences at 11am and concludes at
the Forum including:                        4.30pm. For the full line-up of workshops and
•    Exhibition Zone – interactive demos    speakers so far please download the agenda at
     about everything from preparing        http://www.gaa.ie/gaayouth.
     healthy lunches to hurley care and
     repair!                                This FREE event will fill up fast so make sure to
•    Plenary Session – Diarmuid             apply online asap!
     ‘Gizzy’ Lyng will open the 2017
     #GAAyouth Forum with the               How to Apply:
     assistance of musicians from           There are 600 delegate places are up for
     Rhythm Corporation.                    grabs for male and female players in three age
•    Workshops – experts, coaches           groups: 12 – 15 (Junior Cert Cycle); 16 – 18
     and players including Orlagh           (Leaving Cert Cycle) and 19 – 21. The online
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                                                                                                                    F O R N E W S , V I D E O S A N D F I X T U R E S www.gaa.ie

                                                                                                              Throughout 2017 to 2021, Sky Sports will         with the aim to increase the number of Super
                                                                                                              join forces with the GAA on the ground to        Games Centres countrywide from 119 to 154
                                                                                                              encourage more kids to participate and           in 2017. With approximately 25 kids taking
                                                                                                              get involved in Gaelic Games. Sky Sports         part in each Super Games Centre, the goal is
                                                                                                              will invest €3million over a five year period    to reach and encourage over 3,500 children
                                                                                                              by leveraging its links to world-class elite     annually.
                                                                                                              sportspeople; ‘visiting the SGC’s to meet
                                                                                                              participants and contributing to activities in   Some of the mentors lined up to get involved
                                                                                                              Super Games Centres around the country;          in the Super Games Centres throughout the
                                                                                                              supporting the annual Youth Forum; and           year include; Carla Rowe, Cora Staunton,
                                                                                                              investing in training equipment.                 Darran O’ Sullivan, Kevin Conlan, & Paul
                                                                                                              On top of supporting the GAA Super Games
                                                                                                              Centres, Sky Sports has also pledged support     The #GAAyouth Forum in partnership with
                                                                                                              and investment to the GAA Youth Forum, an        Sky Sports
                                                                                                              annual forum taking place this year on 28th
                                                                                                                                                               The #GAAyouth Forum is a free annual
                                                                                                              October, and the GAA Games Development
                                                                                                                                                               event specifically for young GAA players –
                                                                                                              Conference which takes place on the 12th
                                                                                                                                                               boys and girls – aged 12 to 21 years of age.
                                                                                                              and 13th January, 2018.
                                                                                                                                                               It is designed for young players, by young
                                                                                                                                                               players with the support of the GAA’s Youth
                                                                                                              The initiatives
                                                                                                              The GAA Super Games Centres in                   This year’s annual #GAAyouth Forum takes
    Carla Rowe, Con O’Callaghan and Darran O’Sullivan, with attendees at the recent announcement that Sky     partnership with Sky Sports
    Sports will partner with the GAA on three major grassroots initiatives                                                                                     place in Croke Park, on Saturday 28th
                                                                                                                                                               October. With some of the most experienced
                                                                                                              The Super Games Centres have been                sports experts in its stable, Sky Sports will

                                                                                                              established to reduce youth drop out which       work with the GAA to provide a well-known
        ky Sports has announced it is                    The announcement was made today at the               is the biggest worldwide problem in this         sports personality to deliver expert advice
        partnering with the GAA on three key             launch of The GAA Super Games Centres; the           sector. Research conducted by the GAA and        and guidance to Ireland’s young GAA players
        grassroots initiatives which will see            first of the three grassroots initiatives that Sky   University of Sterling prove the veracity of     on the day. Details will be announced in the
        the broadcaster invest a total of €3m            Sports will support. Dublin player and newly         the SGC approach and the importance of           coming weeks.
over five years. The three initiatives being             crowned All Ireland champion Con O’Callaghan         giving this age cohort responsibility for the
supported include:                                       and Sky mentors Carla Rowe and Darran                organisation of their own affairs. Sky Sports    The application process is now open for
                                                         O’Sullivan were at the launch to announce            will provide support to each Super Games         all young players and there are 600 places
•      GAA Super Games Centres                           Sky Sports’ grassroots plans and take part in a      Centre in the form of kits and equipment.        available across three age-grades: 12 – 15
•      #GAAyouth Forum                                   number of Q&A sessions with 300 children from        Regional visits with Sky Sports mentors          years; 16 – 18 years and 19 – 21 years.
•      GAA Games Development Conference                  all over the country.                                will also be arranged throughout the year,       www.gaa.ie/gaayouth
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                                                                                                                F O R N E W S , V I D E O S A N D F I X T U R E S www.gaa.ie

                                                                                                     Uachtarán Chumann Lúthchleas Gael,                   games to an international audience and I trust
                                                                                                     Aogán Ó Fearghail, said: “I acknowledge the          all three initiatives will go from strength to
                                                                                                     assistance of Sky Sports in supporting three         strength.”
                                                                                                     very important initiatives in the ongoing
                                                                                                     development of our games at grassroots level         Commenting on the launch of today’s
                                                                                                     with our young people.                               initiative, Pat Daly, GAA Director of Games
                                                                                                                                                          Development & Research, said: “Where
                                                                                                     “Our Super Games Centres, our Youth                  winning is concerned, many young people
                                                                                                     Forum and our extremely successful Games             today are fighting a losing battle as reflected
                                                                                                     Development Conference are all organised             in the numbers who are dropping out of sport.
                                                                                                     with a view to engaging the young people who         The key principle where the Super Games
                                                                                                     play our games and keeping them involved.            Centre is concerned is that “everyone is good
                                                                                                                                                          enough here”. Instead of fighting a losing
                                                                                                     “This partnership complements the support            battle, every young person should battle to
                                                                                                     Sky Sports have provided in showcasing our           succeed - always. Then, everyone is a winner.”

 Pictured at Croke Park to announce Sky Sports’ commitment to grassroots were JD Buckley, MD Sky
 Ireland and Aogán Ó Fearghaíl, Uachtarán Chumann Lúthchelas Gael.

GAA Games Development Conference in                    Sky Sports will announce an elite
partnership with Sky Sports                            sportsperson as keynote speaker in the
                                                       coming months.
The GAA Games Development Conference
in partnership with Sky Sports is the flagship         Commenting on Sky’s plans to invest
event of the GAA’s Coach Education                     €3million in grassroots GAA over the next
programme.                                             five years, JD Buckley, Managing Director,
                                                       Sky Ireland, said: “Our announcement today
Running since 2003 with over 800 of the GAA’s
                                                       further demonstrates our commitment
leading grassroots coaches in attendance,
                                                       to GAA, not just in broadcasting the All
this year’s conference will take place over two
                                                       Ireland Senior Championships, but also in
days in Croke Park on Friday 12th and Saturday
                                                       supporting our stars of the future. We have
13th January, 2018.
                                                       enjoyed another wonderful season this year
At the event, attendees will hear from some of         which saw 14 exclusive games air on Sky
the most influential voices in GAA and further         Sports and we look forward to working with    Dublin player and newly crowned All Ireland champion Con O’Callaghan and Sky mentors Carla Rowe and
                                                       the GAA across the Championship and at        Darran O’Sullivan were in attendance to announce Sky Sports’ new grassroots partnership with the GAA.
afield with keynote addresses as well as
workshops & seminars for smaller groups.               grassroots level for many years to come.”
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         s part of the GAA’s contribution to culture night, a special event took place this
         month at Trinity College Cricket Grounds in Dublin at 6pm to launch plans to run a
         nationwide GAA Fun & Run Programme.

GAA Fun & Run is a specially designed               making our great games accessible and
programme which focuses upon the                    enjoyable to more people than ever before
integration and inclusion of people with            and that is something hugely positive.”
disabilities in Gaelic games, while also
giving participants the opportunity to take         GAA Fun & Run is a team-based game that
part in 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous          can be played by people of all ages, genders
activity.                                           and abilities and regardless of whether
                                                    a person has a physical or intellectual
The feedback from teachers in mainstream,           disability.
special needs schools and clubs over the
last 12 months has been phenomenal                  The game encompasses a range of
during the testing phase and they are               fundamental skills that exist in Gaelic
                                                    football, Hurling, Rounders and Handball -
delighted with a game that caters for all.
                                                    but the Rules have been modified to adapt
                                                    these skills to suit the individual involved.
Uachtarán Chumann Lúthchleas Gael
Aogán Ó Fearghail will launch the
                                                    One by one, players on the striking team –
programme while Minister for Transport,
                                                    using hurley, foot or hand – bat the ball off
Tourism and Sport Shane Ross TD and
                                                    an adjustable tee holder into a designated
GAA Director of Games Development
                                                    fielding area. Each player on the striking
and Research Pat Daly will also be in               team attempts to complete one full rotation
attendance.                                         of all 12 bases (1 Fun Run). Meanwhile all
                                                    players on the fielding team must play the
Uachtarán Ó Fearghail said: “Being at the           ball before returning the ball into a bin and
heart of our communities is a corner stone          preventing the Fun Run. The team with the
of what the GAA is about. There is no better        most ‘Fun Runs’ wins.
way to do that than to be as inclusive and
as welcoming as you can be.                         For further information contact: Charles
                                                                                                        GAA Fun & Run is a team-based game encompassing a range of fundamental skills that exist
                                                    Harrison, National Cúl Camps Co-ordinator –                       in Gaelic football, Hurling, Rounders (pictured) and Handball.
“This GAA Fun & Run initiative is about             01 865 8623
Football                Hurling           Club             General
                                                                                                               F O R N E W S , V I D E O S A N D F I X T U R E S www.gaa.ie


        his year saw the introduction of           – and no one feels the excitement and pride     meet Uachtarán na hEireann and Uachtarán        GO Games kids who played at half time on All-
        a new initiative on All-Ireland            more than the clubs who produce the stars on    Chumann Luthchleas Gael, standing in front      Ireland day. These talented children are drawn
        final day which helps put clubs            centre stage.                                   of each player was a young Go Games child       from across the 32 counties and have each
        at the heart of the All-Ireland                                                            wearing that players own unique club jersey.    won a skills competition in their respective
celebration.                                       This year those clubs were acknowledged for                                                     county to have the honour of being present on
                                                   their work in nurturing and developing these    The senior final referees Fergal Horgan in      all-Ireland day.
                                                   star players with a parade of club colours at   hurling and football’s Joe McQuillan also had
The September showdown is a massive                Croke Park before both finals.                  their club jerseys on the red carpet.           A big thank you to all of the clubs involved in
occasion for the counties who contest the                                                                                                          the squads in both finals for their support and
All-Ireland senior hurling and football finals     As the teams lined up on the red carpet to      The children involved were drawn from the       for making their club colours available.
Football                Hurling              Club               General
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      on O’Callaghan had won almost                  The 21-year-old UCD student admitted that it
      everything in the game even                    has been an epic 12 months or so.
      before this year’s All-Ireland
      senior football success with                   “I was involved with some very special teams,”
Dublin.                                              he said. “With the Cuala team, obviously we had
He’d already picked up a senior medal in             potential from last year. And with the Dublin
2016 and in the subsequent months won All-           U-21s, again we had a savage team from last year
Ireland medals with the Dublin U-21s as well         and that potential was always there too.
as the Cuala hurlers.
                                                     “I had a brilliant year personally but the teams
Yet by lining out against Mayo in this year’s        I’ve been part of have been pretty special as well.
senior final, he claimed perhaps the most            You’re always hoping it’ll be a good year. But I
important thing of all - bragging rights in his      didn’t sit down at the start of the year and say, ‘I
house.                                               think I’m going to win this’ or ‘I think I’m going to
                                                     win that’. I just took them as they came.”
Con’s father, Maurice, also appeared in an
All-Ireland senior final for Dublin, in the 1984     O’Callaghan played 68 minutes of Sunday’s senior
loss to Kerry, but only as a substitute when he      final win before being replaced by Niall Scully.
replaced Joe McNally.
                                                     He was on the bench as Dean Rock lined up the
So even if Con hadn’t kicked his brilliant solo      free that he converted with 76 minutes and four
goal just seconds into last weekend’s thrilling      seconds on the clock to finally see off Mayo.
final, he could still have lorded it over his                                                                                               GAANOW Rewind: Con Callaghan’s goal-a-game
father by simply lining out.                         “I wasn’t watching the match at that stage, to
                                                     be honest,” said O’Callaghan. “I had my head in
“Yeah, he played in the ‘84 final,” smiled Con.      my hands, looking at my feet. But even though I         One of the most remarkable statistics associated       “But this year, because we lost the league
“He likes to bring it up himself, he likes to        wasn’t watching I backed Dean. The lads beside          with ‘King Con’ is that he’s still only played         final, it was almost like a fresh start. And
chat about himself from time to time!”               me eventually jumped up, so I knew he’d got it!”        around five minutes of national league football.       the manager actually laid it out that there
                                                                                                                                                                    would be a fresh start. So I just said I’d give it
Maurice O’Callaghan ended up playing both            David Clarke, the Mayo goalkeeper, fired the            He appeared as a 67th minute sub in Round 1 of         everything I had and I’d see if I had a chance
hurling and football for Westmeath, a county         subsequent kick-out over the sideline and Dublin        the 2016 league against Kerry but has otherwise        of getting in.
with which he has family ties, in the 1986           held onto possession for the next 70 seconds            been on club and U-21 duty at the start of each
Championship.                                        until full-time was sounded. By that stage, they’d      year.                                                  “We had a couple of really tough months
                                                     been forced to retreat all the way back down the                                                               of training in the lead up to the Leinster
There seems no chance of Con going
                                                     field and across their own goals.                       It makes his impact on this year’s Championship,       championship and it was a case of if you’re
anywhere though and fans are licking their
lips at the prospect of watching him in blue                                                                 which he finished with 2-20, including semi-final
                                                                                                                                                                    performing there you might get into the
for perhaps another decade.                          “We probably thought that it might get blown            and final goals, all the more impressive.
                                                                                                                                                                    starting team.
                                                     up a little earlier, when we started going into the
It’s anyone’s guess how much silverware              corner we were lucky enough not to get turned           “It’s always good to get a bit of league
                                                                                                             experience because if you don’t get it, you’re         “And if you get into the starting team and you
he might actually end up with because he             over,” said O’Callaghan, a Commerce student at
remains a talented dual player and is the            UCD. “But we got it in the end, thankfully the ref      being thrown straight into Championship and it         play okay, you’ve a chance of getting back in
reigning AIB Leinster club Hurler of the Year.       blew the whistle.”                                      might be a bit daunting,” he said.                     and retaining your position.”
Football                Hurling             Club              General
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          n Saturday, September 30th,                took him by the hand and I could tell he was in       rehabilitation before beginning a further three-           “He’s a growing young man, his brain is able to
          Two Mile House GAA Club                    terrible trouble.”                                    month intensive rehabilitation programme at the            find new paths and new ways and that’s what the
          in Kildare will host a special                                                                   National Rehabilitation Hospital, Dun Laoghaire.           funding is really for.”
          fund-raising initiative for                Adam’s brain was swelling and he needed a
21-year-old Adam Burke who suffered a                life-saving operation at Beaumont hospital to         Through hard work and with the help of his                 As part of their fund-raising initiatives, the Burke
devastating stroke playing for the club’s            remove his skull-cap and allow his brain to swell     therapists, Adam has made great progress and has           family and Two Mile House GAA Club are hosting
                                                     naturally.                                            gone from being bed and wheelchair-bound to                a family day of fun on September 30th that
football team in 2016.
                                                                                                           walking again.                                             includes 5k and 10k fun-runs.
                                                     “We were given the news at that point that he
Adam, a very talented forward who scored 2-2         had a 20% chance of living and if he did live         He still has a long way to go though, and                  Tickets are €25 and include a t-shirt and entry to
from play in Two Mile House’s All-Ireland Club       that the chances of us communicating, walking,        the intensive and specialised neurological                 the BBQ that evening. The BBQ will be followed
Junior Championship Final victory in Croke           talking or interacting with us were very slim,” his   rehabilitation he needs during this crucial early          by a celebrity GAA Panel hosted by Marty
Park in 2014, collapsed on the pitch in the          mother Catherine told Cormac O’hEadhra.               stage will cost a lot of money.                            Morrissey with special guests Davy Fitzgerald, Joe
second half of a club-game in July last year.
                                                                                                                                                                      Brolly, Michael Duignan and Tomás Ó Sé.
                                                     “I just prayed and wished he would come back          It is estimated that the total cost of Adam’s
Watching from the sideline, his father Willie        to us, the whole family have gone through the         future rehabilitation including physical therapy,     Tickets for the event can be purchased here, but
immediately knew his son was in terrible             mill and suffered but not as much as Adam has         occupational therapy, and speech and language         if you cannot make the walk/run and would still
trouble.                                             suffered.                                             therapy along with life adaptations will be in excess like to make a donation you can do so here.
“I just saw him getting a crunching tackle into                                                            of one million euro.
                                                     “He was in a coma for two weeks. He was very                                                                To find out more about Adam’s story and the
his chest,” said Willie in an interview with RTE     sick when he came out of the coma. He gave us         “The therapy he needs is very expensive,” said his    family’s fund-raising initiatives, visit the website
Radio 1’s Cormac O’hEadhra last month.               great hope after three days, he put his big left      father Willie.                                        www.runforadamburke.org.
                                                     hand out around our necks and gave us a hug.
“He was attended to on the ground, thankfully
he got up but didn’t take much part in the           “He recognised us but his right side was
next few minutes (of the game) because it was        paralysed but it gave us great hope and through
coming up to half time.                              those dark days a light was beginning to shine a
                                                     little bit.”
“He came out in the second half and drifted
his man over near us and our eyes met and I          The stroke left Adam with a number of
could just tell something was wrong, he was          extremely challenging injuries.
grey in the face.
                                                     He suffered paralysis of his right arm and hand,
“I don’t know why I was tracking him, suddenly       weakness of his right leg, increased fatigue,
I just saw him out in midfield and he put his        and also damage to the part of the brain that
hand up to his head and then just fell gentle        controls language and speech.
as you like onto the ground.
                                                     Adam spent three months in Beaumont Hospital
                                                                                                                           The Two Mile House team that won the 2014 AIB All-Ireland Club Junior Championship.
“I jumped over the fence and ran into him and        engaging in a gruelling multi-disciplinary                                   Adam Burke is seated at the front of the picture on the left-hand side.
Football               Hurling                  Club                General
                                                                                                                               F O R N E W S , V I D E O S A N D F I X T U R E S www.gaa.ie

                                                                                                                  know both of these vital steps to help someone in         supporting the Call Push Rescue training in his GAA
                                                                                                                  an emergency.                                             club.

                                                                                                                  “Kevin was totally dedicated to Slaughtmanus              “It is a testament to the family that they are saving
                                                                                                                  all his life, so it is only fitting that this priceless   lives today as well as raising vital funds to fund
                                                                                                                  training should be rolled out here, and that this         research that will save lives tomorrow.
                                                                                                                  new defibrillator be fitted nearby,” said older
                                                                                                                  brother Martin King, a doctor in Derry.                   “The lifesaving skills taught using the Call Push
                                                                                                                                                                            Rescue kit will be vital in giving people the
                                                                                                                  “The chances of surviving a cardiac arrest outside        confidence to step in and try to save a life when
                                                                                                                  of hospital can be as low as 10 percent, but this         they see someone suffer a cardiac arrest.
                                                                                                                  is increased with good, timely CPR. However, this
                                                                                                                  can often be administered incorrectly or not at all,      “Approximately 1,400 cardiac arrests happen
                                                                                                                  simply because people are too scared to do it or          out of hospital in Northern Ireland every year but
                                                                                                                  don’t know how.                                           currently less than one in ten people survive. This
                                                                                                                                                                            first training session in the club is a fantastic step
                                                                                                                  “Through this training, we hope to equip members          towards training the Slaughtmanus and wider Derry
   Slaughtmanus GAA members Ronan Cooke, Ryan O’Doherty, Conor Lyons, Michael McShane and Cathal Deery being      of the club and the surrounding community with            community in CPR and equipping them with the
        trained in CPR by the British Heart Foundation’s Karen McCammon [centre] and Craig Moore [front right].   the confidence to administer CPR and use the              skills to save a life.”

                                                                                                                  defibrillator if needed – helping to prevent untimely
         he family of a young Derry man who               Mary’s Church at Tamnaherin and available at all        deaths in the future.                                 BHF NI asks for a contribution of £400 towards
         died suddenly from a previously                  times for use by the local community in the event                                                             each defibrillator as part of the Community
         unknown heart defect are backing                 of a cardiac arrest.                                    “That Kevin should leave such an important legacy Package.
         a series of CPR training sessions in a                                                                   is both a comfort and a huge honour for us as his
bid to prevent further untimely deaths.                   The King family donated the lifesaving machine          family,” he said. “We were so proud of Kevin in life,
                                                          and received the Call Push Rescue training kit          and we are so proud of him now.”                      To find out more about defibrillators and how to place
                                                          following their successful application for a BHF                                                                  one in your organisation or community visit www.bhf.
Eglinton man Kevin King was just 22 years of                                                                                                                                org.uk.
age when he collapsed during a game of indoor             Nation of Lifesavers Community Package.                 Since Kevin’s death 10 months ago, his family
soccer in November last year. Despite efforts to                                                                  have already raised tens of thousands of pounds
                                                                                                                                                                            For more information on how you can help BHF create
resuscitate him, he was later pronounced dead at          The Community Package contains the innovative           for BHF through a series of fundraising events and        a Nation of Lifesavers visit bhf.org.uk/lifesavers.
Altnagelvin Hospital.                                     kit which includes a defibrillator and the              initiatives.
                                                          equipment needed to learn CPR in half an hour.                                                                    Information on Cardiac Screening in the GAA can be
Last night, his family were joined by friends and         St Mary’s GAA club will offer CPR training using        Speaking at the first of the CPR courses last night       found here.
members of the local community to support the             the kit.                                                at Slaughtmanus, Karen McCammon, from BHF
                                                                                                                  NI said: “It is truly humbling to be part of the King     Information on the GAA’s defibrillator scheme can be
first of series of British Heart Foundation (BHF)                                                                                                                           found here.
Call Push Rescue training sessions run by St              The defibrillator is a portable device that can be      family’s campaign to save lives after the tragic
Mary’s GAA Slaughtmanus – the club where Kevin            used by a member of the public to help restart          death of their son and brother Kevin.
                                                                                                                                                                            Information on the Cormac Trust, a charity that was
made his mark as a talented centre-forward.               the heart when someone has a cardiac arrest. For                                                                  set up after the sudden death of Cormac McAnallen to
                                                          every minute that passes without defibrillation         They have not only raised tens of thousands of            raise awareness of the cardiac conditions that cause
The family also donated a defibrillator in his            and CPR, chances of survival decrease by around         pounds in his memory, they have now funded the            sudden deaths and promote cardiac screening for
memory, which will be housed at the adjacent St           10 per cent. So it is vital the local community         defibrillator in the heart of his community and are       young people, especially athletes, can be found here.
Football            Hurling                  Club             General
                                                                                                                F O R N E W S , V I D E O S A N D F I X T U R E S www.gaa.ie


        cent events have once           Is your GAA club ready to ACT?                 Certified training courses are available from:                Further information on the GAA Defibrillator
        again highlighted the                                                          •    the Irish Heart Foundation (www.irishheart.ie)           Scheme, including the association’s guidelines for
        need for all clubs to           The following video shows the value            •   Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council (www.phecit.ie)       clubs and the defib purchase and trade in scheme
        ensure they have raised         of a defib as a life saving device at a        •   Heart Safety Solutions (www.hearts.ie)                    see:
awareness of the association’s          club fixture in 2015.                          •   The Cormac Trust (www.thecormactrust.com) (Ulster only)   http://learning.gaa.ie/Defibrillator%20Scheme
recommendations in relation to
Cardiac Screening and are ready         https://www.youtube.com/
to A-C-T in the event of a cardiac      watch?v=ZATrKDxPRU4
arrest occurring at a training
session or fixture.                      ACT to Ensure Heart Safety at
                                       ACT    toClub
                                                  Ensure Heart Safety at
GAA Cardiac Screening                  your Club
Questionnaire                            Accessible –
                                         Make sure–that your defibrillator
The GAA advise that the most             is stored
                                       Make     sure in  an your
                                                      that   area defibrillator
                                                                   where ACCESS
effective way to identify risk of      isisstored
                                            not restricted,
                                                    in an arearemember       time
                                                                  where ACCESS
cardiac issues is for players over     isisnot
                                            critical.   Specialised
                                                restricted,   rememberunitstime
the age of 14 to undergo cardiac       isavailable     for outdoorunits
                                           critical. Specialised      storage.
screening on one occasion. It is       available for outdoor storage.
also advised that this process be        Charged –
repeated before the age of 25.           Ensure that
                                       Charged       – your defibrillator is
                                         fully CHARGED
                                       Ensure     that your and     that self-tests
                                                              defibrillator  is
Players should consult their team        have
                                       fully     passed byand
                                              CHARGED         carrying    out weekly
                                                                  that self-tests
or family doctor if they wish to get     inspections.
                                       have    passed by   Ensure   thatout
                                                             carrying     your
screened and screening should          inspections. Ensure that your have
                                         battery    and   pads   (pad-paks)
consist of completion of the GAA’s       not reached
                                       battery     and padstheir  expiry date.
                                                               (pad-paks)   have
Cardiac Screening Questionnaire, a     not reached their expiry date.
Physical Examination and an ECG.         Trained –
                                         Ensure –there are enough TRAINED
For further information,                 rescuers
                                       Ensure         to respond
                                                  there   are enough anytime   the
including the Cardiac Screening          Clubhouse
                                       rescuers          or pitches
                                                    to respond        are occupied.
                                                                   anytime   the
Questionnaire see:                     Clubhouse or pitches are occupied.
Football            Hurling             Club             General
                                                                                                                 F O R N E W S , V I D E O S A N D F I X T U R E S www.gaa.ie


         he enormity of what he and          Much of the satisfaction Mannion took
         his team-mates had just             from the achievement was a vicarious one
         achieved was still clearly          because it meant a lot to him to help the
         sinking in for Galway wing-         longer-serving players like Colm Callanan,
back Padraic Mannion a couple of             Joe Canning, and Cyril Donnellan finally
hours after their All-Ireland SHC Final      reach the promised land they’ve been
victory over Waterford.                      striving towards for so long.

The final hectic few moments of the          “There’s obviously particular players there
match seemed to last an age as he            that you nearly have it in the back of your
willed referee Fergal Horgan to blow         mind to do it for them,” said Mannion.
the final whistle, and when it finally
happened the realisation that he’d           “The service they have given Galway down
fulfilled a childhood ambition was a         through the years, and the criticism they
surreal one.                                 have taken when they shouldn’t have
                                             been. It ticks in your mind.
“I remember hoping the referee would
blow it up, because I didn’t want the        “The likes of Cyril Donnellan, Colm
ball to come back down. I know how           Callanan, and Joe and David Burke, these
dangerous they were there with the           lads that have done so much for Galway                   Pádraic Mannion of Galway breaks away from Maurice Shanahan and Tommy Ryan of Waterford during the
                                                                                                                                GAA Hurling All-Ireland Senior Championship Final.
high balls being landed in.                  hurling and been through so much
                                             criticism. Being part of just getting them    “That’s what all the best teams do down                      can win a good deal more than just one All-Ireland
“I just couldn’t really believe it, and      an All-Ireland medal is a great privilege     through the years. Kilkenny always showed the                medal.
when you’re trying to register what’s        and I’m delighted to be a part of it.”
                                                                                           composure. They were up against it many times.
after happening…it’s something you                                                                                                                      For now, though, they’ll savour this one before
                                                                                           You thought they would get beaten and yet they
think about growing up all the time ‘I’d     Galway have been a nearly team for much                                                                    worrying too much about what the future might
                                                                                           would always grind it out.
love to win an All-Ireland’.                 of this decade until now, and Mannion                                                                      hold.
                                             believes manager Micheal Donoghue
“I don’t think you ever really believe you   and his management team deserve huge “It’s something we worked on in training,                             “Obviously what’s better than an All-Ireland medal
have and growing up, I’ve never seen         credit for transforming them into ruthless all through the league and the Leinster                         is to have two All-Ireland medals, but look we waited
Galway win an All-Ireland.                   winners.                                    championship; getting that consistency of
                                                                                                                                                        29 years for this one and we’re not going to think
                                                                                         performance day in and day out. We brought a                   about next year yet anyway.
“It was before my time. It’s unbelievable    “Yeah, it’s definitely Micheal and the team certain amount of that, even if there is always
and I’m looking forward to going back        have bought into,” he said. “We have been something to work on after every game.”                          “But obviously when the time comes - but we’ve
to the hotel and back to Galway, and all     lacking down through the years and we                                                                      celebrating to do before that, for this week anyway.
the people just to see what it means to      knew we needed to work on it and improve They’ll seek to improve again next year and you                   And I think we’re well entitled to forget about next
the county.”                                 on it if we wanted to be successful.        get the feeling this group of players believes they            year for a while.”
Football           Hurling              Club             General
                                                                                                                    F O R N E W S , V I D E O S A N D F I X T U R E S www.gaa.ie


        wC’s sponsorship of the PwC         the Month.
        All-Stars was celebrated with
        an event at Croke Park. The         As part of this sponsorship PwC will support
        new partnership with the GAA        the GAA and GPA in the development of
and GPA was officially confirmed last       the All- Stars by extending its expertise
Friday. Uachtarán Chumann Lúthcleas         in consultancy - this activity will include
Gael Aogán Ó Fearghail, GPA Chief           technical and digital activation of the
Executive Dermot Earley and Feargal         sponsorship.
O’Rourke, Managing Partner, PwC
were joined by Galway’s All Ireland         Speaking at the announcement, Uachtarán
winning hurling captain David Burke,        Chumann Lúthcleas Gael Aogán Ó
Waterford hurling captain Kevin             Fearghail said; “I am pleased to announce
Moran and Kerry footballer Paul             this partnership with PwC and acknowledge
Geaney at the event.                        their support of our players in the past.”

PwC Ireland are the title sponsor of        “The All-Stars is a prestigious, long
the All-Star Awards programme. The          standing awards scheme in the highest
partnership, a significant investment, is   esteem by the players. We look forward to
a four-year deal and includes exclusive     working with the GPA and PwC on the PwC
branding rights of the Awards which         All-Stars in the weeks, months and years        Galway hurler David Burke, Uachtarán Chumann Lúthchleas Gael Aogán Ó Fearghail, GPA Chief Executive, Dermot Early, PwC Managing
                                                                                                                               partner, Feargal O’Rourke, and Waterford hurler Kevin Moran.
will see the official name of the Awards    ahead in honouring the best players in our
move to The PwC All-Stars.                  games.”
                                                                                           including All-Stars Liam Rushe, Michael Quinlivan,               employment of a number of inter-county players, the
                                                                                           Mattie Donnelly and Cian O’Sullivan come through                 All-Star awards and PwC are a great match. This is the
The partnership strengthens PwC’s           Feargal O’Rourke, Managing Partner, PwC,       our graduate programme to develop successful
support for Irish sport, celebrating        added: “We are delighted to announce our                                                                        highest profile event for our inter-county players and
                                                                                           careers with PwC.                                                being an All-Star is a huge honour so it’s only fitting
excellence and recognising individual       continued support of Gaelic games and, in
talent and will form a part of the          particular, the recognition of young Irish                                                                      that our sponsors reflect the scale of that distinction.”
                                                                                           “We are very excited to come on board and look
professional services firm’s sponsorship    talent. Developing talent and supporting       forward to celebrating the contribution of both the
portfolio.                                  others to grow and work in ways that bring                                                                      The PwC All-Star Awards will be presented at a Gala
                                                                                           hurlers and footballers to the 2017 season at the
                                            out their best is paramount to the future                                                                       Event at the Convention Centre Dublin on November
                                                                                           All-Stars banquet in November.”
The sponsorship encompasses the PwC         success of our business.                                                                                        3, which will be broadcast live on RTÉ television. This
All-Star awards ceremony which this                                                        GPA Chief Executive Dermot Earley said: “We’re                   year’s tour, involving the 2016 and 2017 hurling
year will take place in the Convention      “At PwC we want our people to fulfil their     delighted that PwC have strengthened their bond                  selections, will visit Singapore in December.
Centre, Dublin on Friday, 3rd November      maximum potential and ‘being the best          with the GAA and the GPA by investing in our
and the Player of the Month Awards          that you can be’ is very much at the core of   flagship All-Star awards event for the next four
from April to September for both            our how we run our business and so we see      years and we look forward to continuing our great                For all the latest PwC All-Stars news check out
footballers and hurlers which will now      the PwC All-Stars as a natural fit for us.     partnership with them.                                           #PwCAllStars.
be called The PwC GAA/GPA Player of
                                            “We are proud to have several GAA players, “Given their involvement with the GPA and their
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