Nails,esthetic courses & workshops Purple Beauty Supplies

Nails,esthetic courses & workshops Purple Beauty Supplies
nails,esthetic courses
                   & workshops

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Nails,esthetic courses & workshops Purple Beauty Supplies
Nail Enhancements
NSI Nail Girl (nāl gərl)

1 part Chemist,
2 parts Artist
3 parts Money Maven,
too Perfect.

“You’re Just the Nail Girl.”
                           Oh really? Does “Just the Nail Girl” understand chemistry and chemical
                           reactions and sanitation and natural nail health? Does “Just the Nail Girl”
                           need to know basic, signature, and spa manicures?
                           Does “Just the Nail Girl” have to be fluent in acrylic and gel
                           enhancements and overlaying natural nails and toenails, sculpting on
                           a form, tips and overlays, working with color acrylic or gel, custom
                           blending, sculpting, rebalancing traditional and non-traditional French,
                           and nail art of all types?
                           Plus, does “Just the Nail Girl” do all this in an efficient manner with a
                           smile? The answer isn’t “yes.” It’s “a big yes!” You’re more than that. So
                           to all you “Nail Girls” out there, just know that we know. You know?

We’ll keep making the chemistry. You keep making it beautiful.
                           NSI educators and classes focus on hand file techniques and only use
                           the electric file for cleaning under the nails.
                           Below is just an example of the type of menu NSI and our team of
                           experienced educators will show you how to offer, using either Gel or
                           Acrylic. We’ll help you grow your business into a successful career, and
                           teach you how to work within your client’s budget.

                           Sculptured French &                     Natural Nail Overlays
                           French Rebalance                        For the client who just wants
                           This set is truly using our artistry!   that extra strength!

                           Tips                                    Nail Biters
                           We use tips, but rebalance with         We will do our best to get you to
                           white Gel/Acrylic or just wear          stop biting your nails, and give
                           polish if you are on a budget and       you a beautiful set of nails to be
                           still want to have beautiful Nails.     proud of.

                           The “Natural” Set & Fill                Sparkle Tips & Rebalance
                           Love the look of natural nails?         Glam up your nails with a sparkle
                           Want to wear or take off polish         that you will be proud to wear!
                           anytime? On a budget? Then
                           these nails are for you.

Nails,esthetic courses & workshops Purple Beauty Supplies
Nail Enhancements
         Gel Enhancement Class and Kit                                                                   $1,345

         Content:                       Our Gel Enhancement Class, with a kit that will give
         • Preparation and Sanitation
                                        you what you need to get started in your career as a
                                        Nail Technician.
         • Client Consultation
         • Anatomy and Physiology       We solely teach you to hand file enhancements in this class, so an
         • New Set Application          electric file is not included in the kit. Should you wish to purchase one,
                                        we have a number of Professional Nail Machines available. Just ask for
         • Fills, Re-Balancing          more details.
           and Repairs
         • Nail Tips, Sculptures and
           Natural Nail Overlays
         • Nail Biters
         • Salon Professionalism
           and Conduct
         • Salon Pricing, Advertising
           and Marketing

         Acrylic Only Class                                                                                $995
                                        Basic Kit Included.*please contact us for full kit contents
                                        Pre-Requisite: None

Nails,esthetic courses & workshops Purple Beauty Supplies
Nail Enhancements
All Add-on classes must be booked with the Gel Enhancement class to receive special pricing.

NSI Simplicité PolyDip Enhancements                                                        $350

Content:                         With the arrival of the old technology of the
• Client Consultation            traditional cyanoacrylate dip systems, we wanted
• Benefits and Features of       to bring our system into the light cured era.
  the Products used
                                 We called it Simplicité because it’s simple to use and simple to
• Salon Pricing, Advertising
                                 remove. The Simplicité PolyDip Nail Enhancement System has
  and Marketing
                                 risen to a whole new level of nail dipping systems that utilizes
                                 new oligomer technology. The unique light cured technology
                                 is faster than a traditional dip service and keeps clients’ nails
                                 strong and healthy. With the versatility of using over tips or
                                 as a natural nail overlay, the lightweight and flexible feel, the
                                 pigment rich dipping powder and the speed of application, it is
                                 a perfect addition to any techs’ services menu. It’s simple! It’s

                                 Includes: PolyDip Discovery Kit
                                 Three Hours Class Time
                                 No Model Required

Acrylic Enhancements                                                                       $350

                                 Clients that would prefer or need an acrylic service
Content:                         for that extra strength and durability.
• New Set Application
                                 Includes: Attraction Acrylic Professional Kit.
• Fills, Re-Balancing
  and Repairs                    Five Hour Class Time
• Nail Tips and Sculpting        No Model Required
• Nail Biters

Nails,esthetic courses & workshops Purple Beauty Supplies
Nail Enhancements
         Beginner Gel Nail Training                                                               $TBC + Kit
         Content:                       Fuzion’s One on One program consists of 6 – 4 hour
         • Sanitation and Preparation
                                        sessions plus exam. Start dates can be scheduled
                                        in as little as 2 weeks, pending Educator availability
         • Client Consultations
                                        in your area. Days/Times are flexible and can
         • Anatomy
                                        accommodate most schedules (Daytime, Evening
         • New Set Application          or Weekend Classes).
         • Sculptured and Nail Tips
         • Electric Nail File           Student Kit:
         • Fills and Repairs            Every Student Kit Includes:
                                        Fuzion Pro Pack, Files & Buffers, Stainless Steel Cuticle Pusher,
                                        Sanitation Products, Machine Bits, Tips/Cutter & Glue, 1 UV/LED Lamp
                                        plus your choice of machine.

                                        T300                                                  Kit Price: $ TBC
                                        The T-300 is an affordable, professional electric file with high RPM and
                                        torque. Made of stainless steel for quality and longevity. This machine is
                                        a great starter machine.

                                        MT20                                                  Kit Price: $ TBC
                                        The Erica’s MT-20 is a high-end, reliable desktop electric file. Now
                                        5% lighter (as of 2016), it still features the slim design without being
                                        back heavy. Featuring a smart micro motor design, the MT-20 is the
                                        only e-file in the nail industry to maintain the set RPM when filing and
                                        applying pressure.

                                        This program consists of Six – four hour sessions with one on one
                                        instruction. (three Sessions of New Nails & three Sessions of Nail Fills).
                                        You will be required to find models for each class. Fuzion educators
                                        focus on start to finish using an electric nail machine.

                                        PRACTICUM: Your practicum is home-based and is to be completed
                                        on your own time. You are required to complete 10 full sets and 10 fills
                                        prior to your exam. Your educator is available to answer any questions
                                        and help you through your practicum.

                                        EXAM and CERTIFICATION: After completing your practicum, you will
                                        have a written and practical exam. 80% is required on both to become
                                        Pre-Requisite: None.

                                        PLEASE NOTE: If you are interested in taking this class, we will connect
                                        you directly with the Educator.

Nails,esthetic courses & workshops Purple Beauty Supplies
Nail Enhancements
NSI Refresher Nail Workshop                                                                    $395

                                 This is a great class if you have been out of the nail
                                 industry for a while. We will get you excited about
                                 getting back to business.
                                 Includes: NSI Training Manual. (Must Purchase a NSI Balance or Acrylic
                                 Professional Kit at a discount of 20% off regular salon cost)
                                 Six Hours Class Time
                                 One Model Required
                                 Pre-Requisite: Must show proof of existing Nail training

Fuzion Gel Refresher Course                                                                   $ TBC
Content:                         Do you feel your skills need refining?
• Health & Safety
                                 Do you need a confidence boost?
                                 Have you found it difficult to build your business?
• Theory Recap
                                 Have you taken a break from the industry and want
• Business Building
                                 to get back into it?
• Fuzion Intro, Colour Sparkle
  Mixing, Basic Nail Art and     Fuzion Educators are here to inspire you and give you the
  Trouble Shooting               confidence you need to have a fresh start in this industry! This
• All Training is with an        2 day course will go back to the basics of sculpting new nails
  Electric File                  and fills, basic nail art, troubleshooting and business building.

                                 Includes: Product Kit and one on one training.
                                 Twelve Hours Class Time
                                 Two Models Required: One for each day.
                                 Requirement: Must bring your electric file.
                                 Pre-Requisite: Students must have completed or hold a certificate in
                                 gel nail enhancements and have been out of the industry for some time.

Nails,esthetic courses & workshops Purple Beauty Supplies
Natural Nails (mani/pedi)
         Basic Pedicure                                                                                 $895

         Content:                     This class covers the techniques and procedures
         • Preparation & Sanitation
                                      involved in performing a classic pedicure. You will
                                      also learn the importance of proper foot care, and
         • Client Consultation
                                      some of the common toe and foot problems.
         • Anatomy and Physiology
         • Soaks, Exfoliation,        Requirements: 2 models.
           Massage, Paraffin          Includes: Class Kit, Training Manual and Certificate.
           Masques and Polish         Following the instructions and guidelines that have been presented,
           Application                all students will then be required to return and perform a practical and
         • Salon Pricing and          written exam before certificate is given.
                                      Twelve Hours Class Time: 24 hours home practical.
                                      Pre-Requisite: None.

Nails,esthetic courses & workshops Purple Beauty Supplies
Hair Removal
Basic Waxing                                                                                   $650

Content:                    This course consists of a theory session with a full
• Introduction to Waxing,
                            practical assessment. Emphasis is put on the ability
  Preparation and General   of the service provider to perform a confident and
  Practice                  competent wax treatment.
• Anatomy and Physiology    Requirements: 2 models required with approximately 2 weeks hair
  of the Hair and Skin      growth for class and 10 models for at home practical.
• Contra-indications        Includes: Training Manual, Class Kit and Certificate.
• Product Information       Following the instructions and guidelines that have been presented,
  Covering the Benefits     all students will then be required to return and perform a practical and
  and Uses of Warm Wax,     written exam before certificate is given.
  Crème Waxes and           Twelve Hours Class Time
  Strip Less Wax            15 clients at home practical.
• Application and           Pre-Requisite: None.
  Removal of Wax
• Advanced Waxing

Women’s Brazilian Waxing                                                                       $200

Content:                    Are you still offering your clients the traditional
• Introduction
                            bikini wax? Maybe it’s time to explore one of the
                            most popular specialized waxing techniques.
• After Care Advice
                            Brazilian waxing has become more and more
• Treatment and
                            popular with clients of all ages and backgrounds.
                            This course will teach you what you need to know
• Practical Assessment
  and FAQ’s
                            to incorporate this highly lucrative and fast growing
                            treatment into your menu of services. You’ll also
                            learn up to four alternative bikini waxes to add to
                            your price lists, giving your clients more choice.
                            Includes: Hard Wax and Certificate.
                            Four Hours Class Time
                            Two Models Required: with approximately 3 weeks hair growth.
                            Pre-Requisite: Students MUST have completed a certificate relevant
                            to body waxing, be experienced and fully competent in bikini waxing.
                            Students need to have a mature and professional approach to this
                            specialized waxing course.

                            Please Note: This is not a regularly scheduled class, so if you are
                            interested in taking this class, let us know and we’ll reach out to the
                            Educator for scheduling details.

Nails,esthetic courses & workshops Purple Beauty Supplies
Hair Removal
         Sugar Smac Sugaring                                                                            $650

         Content:                        Sugaring is a lucrative business that allows you to
         • Introduction to Sugaring
                                         work from anywhere with very few start-up costs.
                                         Flexible in nature, it is a service that can be done
         • History of Sugaring
                                         any time of the day.
         • Detailed Anatomy of
           Hair and Skin                 Whether you choose to pursue it full or part-time, you have
         • Sanitation and Disinfection   the ability to create a schedule that is best suited to your
         • Room Set up                   lifestyle. Once you are SugarSMAC certified you will have the
         • Client Consultations          confidence to start your own business or add the ancient art
         • Pricing                       of body sugaring to your existing business. You will gain a
         • Product Information           clientele that will trust in your abilities to take complete care of
         • The Importance of             their sugaring needs.
           Nurturing Sugared Skin
                                         Includes: Sugar Smac Product Kit, Training Manual and Certificate.
         • How To Start and Maintain
           A Successful Sugaring         Sixteen Hours Class Time over Two Days
           Business Building             Two Models Required: One for each day. Model hair growth MUST be
                                                               grown for at least 3 weeks.
                                         Requirement: Students will be working on each other as well.
                                         Pre-Requisite: None

         Sugar Smac Sugaring Salon Employee Add on                                                      $500
                                         Includes: 1 Add on Sugar Smac Jar, Training Manual and Certificate.

         Sugar Smac Women’s Brazilian                                                                   $250

         Sugar Smac Men’s Brazilian                                                                     $350

                                         For those who have been previously trained in
                                         sugaring, we invite those who want to take their
                                         education further, to challenge themselves with
                                         new information and the highest level of training in
                                         Brazilian Sugaring.
                                         Includes: Training Manual and Certificate.
                                         Four Hours Class Time
                                         Three Models Required
                                         Requirement: Model hair growth MUST be grown for at least 3 weeks.
                                         For Women’s Brazilian Students can work on each other as long as you
                                         are comfortably with it.
                                         Pre-Requisite: Sugaring Certificate

Nails,esthetic courses & workshops Purple Beauty Supplies
Spray Tan & Make-Up
Spray Tan                                                                                          $50

Content:                        Learn the proper techniques for administering
• Preparation                   spray-tanning solutions. Our course teach you
• Client Consultation           how to apply different tanning solutions as well as
• Product Knowledge             how to operate the spray tanning equipment. It is
• Aftercare                     important to know and understand all aspects of
• Machine Cleaning/             the industry so that you can best serve your clients.
                                Two Hours Class Time
• Information on Retail Items
                                One Model Required
• Marketing and Pricing
                                Pre-Requisite: None.
• Techniques
                                Students who wish to purchase
                                a Professional Kit will be credited
                                $50 fee on training day.

All About You Personal Makeup Lessons                                                               $75

Content:                        Want to learn how to bring out your best features?
• Introduction                  What colors look best on you? Is your makeup you
• Is the make-up colours        have at home the best choice for you? Do you want
  you have right for you?       to learn a smoky eye, will it look good?
• Your Skin Type
• Skin Preparation
                                In this workshop we can try any look we want to and have fun
                                trying. Come and join the rest of us who want to look our best
• Proper Cleaning and
  Sanitation of your Brushes    and enhance the features we already have.
• Strip Lash demonstration
                                Requirements: Great for all ages! All we ask is that you arrive without
                                make-up, and bring the current make-up that you use every day with
                                Includes: All products to play with.
                                Three Hours Class Time

Brows & Lashes
                                         Be an Artist! Discover endless creativity with the
                                         personally customizable eyelash and eyebrow
                                         tint system by RefectoCil. Designed with care to
                                         complete and complement any look and style.

         RefectoCil Eyelash Lift & Tinting Class                                                                 $495

         Content:                        Perfect starting place for Salons & Spas to add brow
         • Preparation                   services to their menu. It contains all the products
         • The Science of Hair Growth    needed for a complete treatment including the
         • Eyebrow Shaping               most popular colours: pure black, blue black,
         • Client Record                 natural brown, light brown, graphite and chestnut.
         • Card/Consultation
         • Infection Control                As per Health Canada Policies, ANY products used for eyelash or
                                            eyebrow tinting and lifting must ONLY be sold to those clients who
         • Safety Precautions and           are BOTH professionals in the Beauty Industry AND those who have
           Medical Conditions               PROOF OF PROPER TRAINING.
         • Patch Testing
         • Aftercare                     Covers the theoretical and practical aspects of eyelash lifting and
                                         tinting. Eyelash lifting is a semi-permanent method to curl eyelashes.
         • Marketing and Pricing         This is an increasingly popular salon/mobile treatment with excellent
         • Eyelash Perming and Lifting   profit margins. The appearance of the eyes is enhanced, as the lashes
         • Customize Colour              look longer and thicker, with the treatment lasting up to 8 weeks. The
                                         procedure of tinting works extremely well with lifting, enhancing the
                                         appearance of the lashes by adding color, which last up to 6 weeks.
                                         Includes: Refectocil Basic Tinting Kit, Lift Kit, and Training Manual.
                                         Six Hours Class Time
                                         One Model Required
                                         Pre-Requisite: Students must hold a certificate in the beauty industry.

         RefectoCil Eyelash Lifting Class                                                                        $295

                                         For those solely interested in eyelash lifting training.
                                         Includes: Refectocil Lift Kit and Training Manual
                                         Three Hours Class Time
                                         One Model Required
                                         Pre-Requisite: Students must hold a certificate in the beauty industry.

Brows & Lashes
Microblading Level One                                                                  $2,295

Day 1                          Introducing the latest technology for eyebrows.
• Introduction to Micro
  Blading Brows                Unlike a regular tattoo, “microblading” is a form of tattoo
• Health Standards and         artistry where pigment is implanted under the skin with
  Guidelines for Tattooing     a manual handheld tool and micro needles instead of a
• Color Theory                 machine, where we will create natural looking, hair-like strokes
• Skin/Hair Tone, Color Base   lasting 1-3 years regardless of the amount of hair present.
  Selection and Color Mixing
• Safety, Sanitization and     People suffering from alopecia, or any other condition that
  Sterilization                causes hair loss benefit greatly from Microblading, as well
• Brow Maping                  as people who simply aren’t happy with their eyebrows. The
• Manual Pen Theory            pigments used in this method have been formulated to match
• Needle Use and Selection
                               your original eyebrow color, and if the eyebrows are still
                               present, blend perfectly into them.
• Practice: Designing
                               Our extensive theory and hands on practice will have you
Day 2                          feeling extremely confident and ready to create 3D brows
• Preview of Homework          once you’ve completed the course.
• Client Consultation
• Skin Diseases and            Includes: Professional Kit and Certificate
  Disorders                    (Completed with before and after pictures)
• Pricing                      36 Hour Class Time over 4 days, plus one exam day
• Brow Tinting                 One model required for shaping and tinting.
• Station Set-up               Four models are required for microblading.
                                           $25 sitting fee per model.
• Eyebrow Shaping,                         (Models will have to be pre-qualified with
  and Tweezing                             a picture prior to class.)
• 1 Model in the afternoon     Homework Required, an average of four hours per night
  for brow shaping and
                               Pre-Requisite: None.
• Set up Station for Day 3
Day 3                          Microblading Level One
• 2 Microblading models        Salon Employee Add on                                     $1,695
  done in class with           CLA-MICAD
  instructor (times and
  more details to follow)      Includes: Professional Mini Kit and Certificate

Day 4
• 2 Microblading models
  done in class with
  instructor (times and
  more details to follow)
Exam Day
Pre-Selected Exam Dates
Every Month

Brows & Lashes
         Mayamy Brow Henna                                                                               $495

         Content:                    The theory and practical components of this course
         • Pricing Your Treatments   will provide you the confidence you need in both
         • Contraindications         basic brow design and working with Henna. Henna
         • Patch Testing             has become a popular choice for brow colouring as
         • Colour Mixing             it is known for its vibrant and rich colors, and it can
         • Brow Mapping              promote the health of brow hairs.
         • Procedures and            Brow Henna is a type of Eyebrow Tinting that stains the skin lying under
           Aftercare Advice          the brow hair and colours the brow, leaving long-lasting, luscious tint that
                                     can last up to 6 weeks in the hair and up to 14 days on the skin. Brow
                                     Henna has 97% natural ingredients, so it’s perfect for sensitive clients.
                                     What Is Henna? Henna is a small flowering shrub. Henna leaves are
                                     dried and turned into a fine powder. That powder can be used to
                                     dye hair or stain the skin temporarily. Henna body art has been used
                                     to adorn women’s bodies in a variety of ceremonies for thousands
                                     of years. It’s still used in religious ceremonies or worn by brides in
                                     weddings in some parts of the world.
                                     Course Content: Pricing Your Treatments, Contraindications, Patch
                                     Testing, Colour Mixing, Brow Mapping, Procedures and Aftercare Advice
                                     Includes: Mayamy Professional Kit, Instructions and Certificate.
                                     5 Hour Class Time:
                                     Model Requirements: 2 models required.
                                     Pre-Requisite: None

Brows & Lashes
Mayamy Brow Henna/Brow Design and Brow Waxing                                                  $695

Content:                      Learn the steps to mastering the art of creating the
• Face Shapes                 perfect Eyebrows for your clients – based on their
• Brow Measuring and          unique facial shape.
                              In this course we will teach you different brow design
• Brow Design and Sculpting
                              techniques to guide you on becoming a brow master in
• Brow Waxing
                              designing, shaping and colouring brows.
• Pricing Your Treatments
• Contraindications           The theory and practical components of this course will provide you the
• Patch Testing               confidence you need in brow design and working with Henna.
• Colour Mixing               Henna has become a popular choice for brow coloring, as it is known
• Procedures and              for its vibrant and rich colors, and can promote the health of the brow
  Aftercare Advice            hairs
                              Includes: Mayamy Professional Kit, Small Waxing Kit, Instructions and
                              8 Hour Class Time
                              Model Requirements: 3 Models Required.
                              Pre-Requisite: None

Lily Anne Lash Extensions
         Eyelash Extension Technician                                                                    $1,350

         Content:                       This is a 2-day class and you will be required to
         • Hair Theory, Allergies and   perfect your techniques with the help of photos
           Infection Control            and comments back and forth with your educator
         • Proper Application           via email. Course requires that you must complete
           Procedures, and              a minimum of 12 at home models before your
           Corrective Techniques        certificate is given. Educator may ask for more
         • Keys to Success/Pricing      model requirements if needed.
         • Product Knowledge
                                        Includes: Professional Kit, Certificate and Training Manual.
         • Classic 1D Application and
           Creating Different Looks     Twelve Hour / Two Day Class Time
           using J and B curls only     Model Requirements: Day 1 - No model required
         • Removal and Lash Fills          (mannequin work) Day 2 - Two models
         • Eyelash Shampooing           Home Study is required.

         Eyelash Extension TechnicianSalon Add On                                                          $650
                                        Includes: Basic Accessory kit.

         VAVOOM Volume Lash Class                                                                          $450

         Content:                       Clients are asking for fuller sets of lashes now, so we
         • Introduction and Theory      have developed a class to show you how easy it can
           of Volume Lashing            be to add more lashes with new generation lashes
         • Different Lash               and supplies, while keeping your volume sets priced
           Lengths and Curls            lower, and that means more clients & more $$.
         • Pricing Menu and
           Keys to Success              In this class you will be required to perfect your techniques
         • Benefits Of Working          with the help of photos and comments back and forth with
           With A Nebulizer             your educator via email.
         • Trouble Shooting
           and Lash Fills               Includes: Mini Vavoom Kit, Training Manual and Certificate (completed
         • Eyelash and Brow             with before and after pictures) You will be required to bring your existing
           Shampooing                   lash supplies with you to the class, as we don’t supply everything.
                                        Seven Hour Class Time: 9 AM - 4 PM
                                        Model Requirements: 1 model required.
                                        Home Study is required: 6 Models with before and after pictures.
                                        Basic eyelash
                                        technician with
                                        at least 3 months

Facial Esthetics
Microdermabrasion                                                                             $495

Content                       Microdermabrasion is one of the more recent
• Introduction to             skin-care techniques to have crossed over from
  Microdermabrasion           Hollywood to the mainstream. It’s being advanced
• Health Standards            as an “instant facelift” – an effective alternative
  and Guidelines for
                              to costlier and more invasive procedures like
                              plastic surgery, chemical peels and Botox
• Safety, Sanitation,
                              injections. Recently, more and more men are
  and Sterilization
                              trying it, instead of pursuing cosmetic surgery.
• Contraindications
                              Microdermabrasion is a procedure that exfoliates
• Skin Types and Conditions
                              and removes the superficial layer of dry, dead skin
• Combination Therapies       cells. Clients with fine lines, uneven pigmentation
  (Other Modalities
  To Combine With:
                              or clogged pores may benefit most from a series of
  Dermaplaning,               microdermabrasion treatments.
  HydradermPro Machine,
                              Includes: Training Manual and Certificate
  and Micro-Needling)         (completed with before and after pictures)
• Pricing                     Machine not included: Machine w/ Diamond Bits $969.95;
• Client Consultation                                with stand - add $300.00 (by special order only).
• Client Consent              Two Day (14 hour) Class Time: 9 AM – 4 PM each day
• Station Set Up              Model Requirements: 3 models required. $25 sitting fee per model.
                                                   Day 1- No model. Day 2 - Three Models
• Practice Demonstration
                              Home Study is required: 6 Models with before and after pictures.
• Homework Required
                              Pre-Requisite: Certified Esthetician

Facial Esthetics
         Micro-Needling Level One                                                                           $1,095

         Content                       Skin needling is also called micro-needling
         • Introduction to             therapy or collagen induction therapy. It is a
           Micro-Needling              minimally-invasive non-surgical procedure for
         • Health Standards            facial rejuvenation that involves the use of a micro-
           and Guidelines for          needling device to create controlled skin injury.
         • Safety, Sanitation,         As each fine needle punctures the skin, it creates a channel
           and Sterilization           or micro-wound. The controlled injury triggers the body to
         • Contraindications           fill these micro-wounds by producing new collagen and
         • Skin Types and Conditions   elastin in the papillary dermis. In addition, new capillaries
         • Combination Therapies       are formed. This treatment leads to a reduction of scars and
           (Other Modalities           skin rejuvenation, with improved skin texture, firmness and
           To Combine With:            hydration.
           Hydraderm Pro Machine,      Includes: Micro Needle Pen Kit, Textbook and Certificate.
           Dermaplaning)               (Salon Value $450)
         • Pricing                     Two Day (14 hour) Class Time: 9 AM – 4 PM each day
         • Client Consultation         Maximum Class Size: 6 students
         • Client Consent              Model Requirements: 3 models required. $25 sitting fee per model.
         • Station Set Up                                   Day 1 - No model. Day 2 - Three Models
         • Practice Demonstration      Home Practice is required: 6 Models with before and after pictures,
                                       sent to your educator by email.
         • Homework Required
                                          **IMPORTANT NOTICE** Due to the intensity of the Needling Class, you will be
                                          required to come back with a model to perform the treatment in front of your
                                          educator, before we will issue you your certificate. Exam dates are preset
                                          every two months only. No exceptions!

                                       Pre-Requisite: Certified Esthetician

Facial Esthetics
Facial Dermaplaning                                                                          $795

Content                       Dermaplaning is a method of exfoliation that
• Introduction to             consists of using a scalpel to gently scrape off the
  Dermaplaning                top layer of dulling dead skin cells, in order to reveal
• Health Standards            a smoother, brighter complexion.
  and Guidelines for
  Micro-Needling              Because dermaplaning is a quick procedure with few to
• Safety, Sanitation,         no adverse effects, it has quickly gained popularity among
  and Sterilization           cosmetic medical providers across the country. Using a
• Contraindications           scalpel and a delicate touch, the provider simply abrades
• Skin Types and Conditions   the surface of the skin using light feathering strokes. This
• Combination Therapies
                              is a great treatment to offer to patients who are pregnant or
  (Other Modalities           nursing who want a deep exfoliation, but are not allowed to
  To Combine With:            use peeling agents on their skin.
  Hydraderm Pro Machine,      It is also a first choice for patients who have excess vellus hair
  and Micro-Needling)         on the skin. This hair often causes a buildup of dirt and oils in
• Pricing                     the follicles, so removing the hair gives the patient healthier
• Client Consultation         looking skin.
• Client Consent
• Station Set Up              Includes: Blade Kit, Textbook and Certificate (completed with before
                              and after pictures)
• Practice Demonstration
                              Two Day (14 hour) Class Time: 9 AM – 4 PM each day
• Homework Required
                              Maximum Class Size: 4 students
                              Model Requirements: 3 models required. $25 sitting fee per model.
                                                   Day 1- No model. Day 2 –Three Models
                              Home Study is required: 6 Models with before and after pictures.
                              Pre-Requisite: Certified Esthetician

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