NEW BOOKS 2018/2019 - Jessica Kingsley Publishers

NEW BOOKS 2018/2019 - Jessica Kingsley Publishers
NEW BOOKS 2018/2019 - Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Jessica Kingsley Publishers’ pioneering gender
diversity list publishes personal stories and
resources that encourage greater understanding
of gender identity and gender expression.
From informative guides for professionals and
parents, to children’s storybooks and books for
the general reader, our books provide inspiration
and support to a range of readers and promote
wider discussion about the diversity and
complexity of gender and identity.

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Books For Therapists & Healthcare Practitioners 9
Gender Diversity in the Workplace 15
Gender Diversity in Education 16
Gender Diversity & Autism 18
Books for Parents, Partners & Allies 20
Picture Books for Children 22
Books About Mental Health & Anxiety 25
NEW BOOKS 2018/2019 - Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Gender Diverse Voices

New                                                            New

Trans Love                                                     Uncomfortable Labels
An Anthology of Transgender                                    My Life as a Gay Autistic Trans Woman
and Non-Binary Voices                                          Laura Kate Dale
Freiya Benson
                                                               July 2019 | £12.99 | 208pp | pb | World rights available |
August 2019 | £14.99 | 304pp | pb | World rights available |   ISBN-9781785925870 | eISBN-9781785925887
ISBN-9781785924323 | eISBN-9781784508043
                                                               A candid, first of its kind insight into
An uplifting and empowering collection                         growing up as a gay trans woman with
of writing about love, for and by trans and                    autism, undiagnosed until adulthood.
non-binary people.                                             Being LGBT and having autism is actually
A ground-breaking anthology of writing                         fairly common and yet often misinterpreted.
on the topic of love, written by trans and                     This groundbreaking first-hand account
non-binary people who share their thoughts,                    uses personal experiences from birth to late
feelings and experiences of love in all its                    diagnosis to explore this connection, and the
guises. The collection spans familial, romantic,               nuances of both gender identity and ASD.
spiritual and self-love as well as friendships                    Looking at everyday struggles faced
and ally love, to provide a broad and honest                   by the author, such as learning feminine
understanding of how trans people navigate                     presentation through observation of subtle
love and relationships, and what love means                    cues due to her autism, issues around sensory
to them.                                                       processing and LGBT spaces, socially difficult
    At once intimate and radical, and both                     situations exacerbated by gender identity, and
humorous and poignant, this book is for                        even coming out as trans during an autistic
anyone who has loved, who is in love, and who                  meltdown, this gives a unique insight into the
is looking for love.                                           links between autism, sexuality and gender.

NEW BOOKS 2018/2019 - Jessica Kingsley Publishers
New                                                         New

Life Isn’t Binary                                           Transgressive
On Both, Beyond, and In-Between                             A Trans Woman on Gender,
Meg-John Barker and Alex Iantaffi                           Feminism and Politics
                                                            Rachel Anne Williams
May 2019 | £12.99 | 224pp | pb | World rights available |
ISBN-9781785924798 | eISBN-9781784508647                    May 2019 | £14.99 | 272pp | pb | World rights available |
                                                            ISBN-9781785926471 | eISBN-9781785926488
How non-binary ways of thinking offer
new and greater ways of understanding                       Provocative essays that empower
ourselves and relating to others.                           readers, raise awareness and break down
Much of society’s thinking operates in a highly             misconceptions about trans identities.
rigid and binary manner; something is good or               How do I know I am trans? Is trans feminism
bad, right or wrong, a success or a failure, and            real feminism? What is there to say about
so on. Challenging this limited way of thinking,            trans women’s male privilege?
this ground-breaking book looks at how non-                    This collection of insightful, pithy and
binary methods of thought can be applied to                 passionately argued think pieces from a
all aspects of life, and offer new and greater              trans-feminist perspective explores issues
ways of understanding ourselves and how we                  surrounding gender, feminism and philosophy
relate to others.                                           and challenges misconceptions about trans
    Using bisexual and non-binary gender                    identities. The book confronts contentious
experiences as a starting point, it addresses the           debates in gender studies to alleviate ongoing
key issues with binary thinking regarding our               tension between feminism and trans women.
relationships, bodies, emotions, wellbeing and              Split into six sections, this collection covers
our sense of identity and sets out a range of               wider issues, as well as autobiographical
practices which may help us to think in more                experiences, designed to stimulate the reader
non-binary, both/and, or uncertain ways.                    and encourage them to actively participate.

NEW BOOKS 2018/2019 - Jessica Kingsley Publishers
New                                                           New

The A–Z of Gender                                             Not Just a Tomboy
and Sexuality                                                 A Trans Masculine Memoir
                                                              Caspar J. Baldwin
From Ace to Ze
Morgan Lev Edward Holleb                                      November 2018 | £12.99 | 248pp | pb | World rights available
                                                              | ISBN-9781785924637 | eISBN-9781784508456
April 2019 | £14.99 | 288pp | pb | World rights available |
ISBN-9781785923425 | eISBN-9781784506636                      One of the only memoirs about growing up
                                                              and living as a transgender man.
 A comprehensive, up-to-date glossary of                      This is the story of one trans man’s exploration
 queer and transgender terms designed to                      of gender identity, set against changing cultural
 dispel anxiety around using the “wrong”                      attitudes from the 90s to the present day.
 words, whilst helping readers navigate the                      Grappling with the messy realities of gender
 relationship between gender and identity.                    expectations while giving a stark and moving
There can be confusion around the appropriate                 account of his own experiences, Baldwin grants
 terminology for trans and queer identities,                  a nuanced understanding of what it’s like to
 even within the trans community itself. As                   be a trans boy or man. With its unflinching
 language is constantly evolving, it can be                   portrayal of the vulnerability, confusion,
 especially difficult to know what to say. As                 dysphoria, empowerment, peace and joy of the
 a thorough A–Z glossary of trans and queer                   transition process, this mould-breaking memoir
 words from ‘ace’ to ‘xe’, this dictionary guide              provides an invaluable support for trans men.
 will help to dispel the anxiety around using the
“wrong” words, while explaining the weight of
 using certain labels and providing individuals                 “Invaluable and often ignored insight into
 with a vocabulary for personal identification.                  the life of a trans masculine person. Strong,
    Written in a traditional A–Z glossary style,                 powerful and a valuable resource about the
 this guide will serve as a quick reference for                  importance of supporting trans youth.”
 looking up individual words, as well as an in-
 depth look at trans history and culture.                                                                  Fox Fisher,
                                                                                   film maker, artist and campaigner

NEW BOOKS 2018/2019 - Jessica Kingsley Publishers
New                                                            New

Everything You Ever                                            Trans Teen Survival Guide
Wanted to Know about                                           Owl and Fox Fisher
Trans (But Were Afraid to Ask)                                 2018 | £12.99 | 224pp | pb | 8–16 years | World rights
                                                               available | ISBN-9781785923418 | eISBN-9781784506629
Brynn Tannehill
                                                               A funny, frank and comprehensive guide
November 2018 | £13.99 | 432pp | pb | World rights available
| ISBN-9781785928260 | eISBN-9781784509569
                                                               to trans life for teenagers by authors
                                                               who understand the realities of growing
A myth-busting ‘trans 101’ on hot button                       up trans.
issues and debates relating to transgender                     Wondering how to come out to your family
people across all aspects of life.                             and friends, what it’s like to go through cross
Leading activist and essayist Brynn Tannehill                  hormonal therapy or how to put on a packer?
aims to break down deeply held misconcep­                      Trans youth activists Fox and Owl have
tions about trans people across all aspects of                 stepped in to answer everything that trans
life, from politics, law and culture, through to               teens and their families need to know.
science, religion and mental health, to provide                    With a focus on self-care, expression and
readers with a deeper understanding of what it                 being proud of your unique identity, the guide
means to be trans.                                             is packed full of invaluable advice from people
                                                               who understand the realities and complexities
                                                               of growing up trans. Having been there,
  “This book is a must-have resource not just                  done that, Fox and Owl are able to honestly
   for transgender people but also for all of                  chart the course of life as a trans teen, from
   those who parent, educate, employ, serve,                   potentially life-saving advice on dealing with
   treat, love, play, pray, work, or live with                 dysphoria or depression, to hilarious real-life
   them. It is destined to become a classic.”                  awkward trans stories.

                                   Anthony Varona,
         Professor of Law and Vice Dean at American
               University Washington College of Law

NEW BOOKS 2018/2019 - Jessica Kingsley Publishers
New      Bestseller                                      New

Queer Sex                                                Yes, You Are Trans Enough
A Trans and Non-Binary Guide to                          My Transition from Self-
Intimacy, Pleasure and Relationships                     Loathing to Self-Love
Juno Roche                                               Mia Violet
2018 | £12.99 | 168pp | pb | World rights available |    2018 | £14.99 | 352pp | pb | World rights available |
ISBN-9781785924064 | eISBN-9781784507701                 ISBN-9781784506285 | eISBN-9781784506285

Diverse and well-known figures from the                  Confronts the inaccuracies of trans
trans and non-binary community speak                     representation in the media, combined
about sex, desire and dating, and the ways               with a charged personal narrative of what
gender and sexuality can relate to each other.           it means to be transgender today.
In this frank, funny and poignant book,                  This is the deeply personal and witty account
transgender activist Juno Roche discusses sex,           of growing up as the kid who never fitted in.
desire and dating with leading figures from              Transgender blogger Mia Violet reflects on her
the trans and non-binary community. Calling              life and how at 26 she came to finally realise
out prejudices and inspiring readers to explore          she was ‘trans enough’ to be transgender, after
their own concepts of intimacy and sexuality,            years of knowing she was different but without
the first-hand accounts celebrate the wonder             the language to understand why.
and potential of trans bodies and push at                    From bullying, heartache and a botched
the boundaries of how society views gender,              coming out attempt, through to counselling,
sexuality and relationships. Empowering and              Gender Identity Clinics and acceptance, Mia
necessary, this collection shows all trans people        confronts the ins and outs of transitioning.
deserve to feel brave, beautiful and sexy.               An essential read for anyone who has had to
                                                         fight to be themselves.

  “Ahhh, now these are the sex talks I’d like to
   have had when I was first transitioning.”               “Honest, raw, moving.”

                                       Kate Bornstein,                                   Christine Burns MBE,
                               author of Gender Outlaw                           author and transgender activist

NEW BOOKS 2018/2019 - Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Transition                                              New   Raising Rosie                                           New

Denied                                                        Our Story of Parenting
                                                              an Intersex Child
Confronting the Crisis
                                                              Eric Lohman and
in Trans Healthcare
                                                              Stephani Lohman
Jane Fae
                                                              Foreword by Georgiann Davis
Foreword by Amanda De Courcy

                                                              Breaks down misconcep­
A hard-hitting expose                                         tions about intersex
of the institutional                                          conditions, and gives
prejudices and barriers many trans people                     guidance on how to raise an intersex child.
face, demonstrated by the life and death of                   There is often medical pressure on parents of
a young trans woman, Synestra de Courcy.                      intersex children to have their child’s gender
Trans people in the UK currently face                         reassigned at birth, based on cultural ideas
widespread prejudice and discrimination, from                 of gender. When Rosie was born, Eric and
how they are described in the media to the                    Stephani Lohman decided to not have her
lack of healthcare support they receive. This                 gender reassigned. Part memoir, part guide,
institutional bias is illustrated by the tragic               this book looks at how they spoke about the
case of Synestra de Courcy, who died following                condition to friends and family, to Rosie’s
neglect and rejection from the NHS, leading                   teachers and caregivers, and shows how they
her to sex work to fund her transition and                    plan on explaining it to Rosie when she is older.
dangerous self-medication.                                    This uplifting and empowering story is a must
   Charting Syn’s life from childhood through                 read for all parents of intersex children.
to her untimely death aged just 23, Jane Fae
                                                              2018 | £13.99 | 192pp | pb | World rights available |
exposes the gross institutional and societal                  ISBN-9781785927676 | eISBN-9781784506520
discrimination trans people experience on a
daily basis and its impact on the lives of trans
people young and old. Promoting honest
discussion and bringing these hidden issues                   Written on                                              New
into the light of day, this book is a must read
for anyone interested in trans rights, and NHS
                                                              the Body
                                                              Letters from Trans and
2018 | £12.99 | 208pp | pb | World rights available |         Non-Binary Survivors
ISBN-9781785924156 | eISBN-9781784507787                      of Sexual Assault and
                                                              Domestic Violence
                                                              Lexie Bean
  “Masterful! Fae dissects an individual
   tragedy with a combination of compassion
   and surgical accuracy to shine a harsh light               This collection of letters
   on the scandal of systemic neglect towards                 written to body parts weaves together
   vulnerable young trans people. In the                      narratives of gender, identity, and abuse.
   process she critiques the wider structural                 Written with intelligence and intimacy, this
   discourse in society that allows and even                  book is for those who have found power in re-
   encourages it.”                                            shaping their bodies, families, and lives.
                                                              2018 | £13.99 | 128pp | pb | World rights available |
                                Christine Burns MBE,
                                                              ISBN-9781784508036 | eISBN-9781784508036
                author and retired transgender activist

NEW BOOKS 2018/2019 - Jessica Kingsley Publishers
To My Trans                                                First Year Out
Sisters                                                    A Transition Story
                                                           Sabrina Symington
Charlie Craggs
Lambda Literary Award                                      This intimate and striking
Finalist – LGBTQ Anthology
                                                           graphic novel follows
                                                           transgender woman Lily,
Heartfelt letters written                                  as she transitions to her
by inspirational trans                                     true self. Depicting her
women offering guidance                  Bestseller        experiences from coming
to trans women and girls.                                  out right through to gender reassignment
Honest and heartfelt, funny and furious,                   surgery, Lily’s story provides vital advice on
beautiful and brave, these letters send a message          the social, emotional and medical aspects
of hope: each of these women have gone                     of transitioning and will empower anyone
through the struggles of transition and emerged            questioning their gender.
the other side as accomplished, confident
                                                           2017 | £15.99 | 128pp | hb | World rights available |
women; and if we made it sister, so can you!               ISBN-9781785922589 | eISBN-9780857013033

2017 | £12.99 | 344pp | pb | World rights available |
ISBN-9781785923432 | eISBN-9781784506681
                                                           How to
  “To My Trans Sisters is a love letter to our
   community from the women who understand,                Your Gender
   better than anyone, what our world is like.”
                                                           A Practical Guide for
                              Jennifer Finney Boylan,      Exploring Who You Are
           author of She’s Not There and Long Black Veil   Alex Iantaffi and
                                                           Meg-John Barker
                                                           Foreword by S. Bear Bergma
The Gender
Agenda                                                     This guide presents ways we can all better
                                                           understand gender, and how people can change
                                                           and express their gender identity. Considering
A First-Hand Account
                                                           biological and cultural aspects of gender, gender
of How Girls and Boys
                                                           expression, and relationships and sexuality,
Are Treated Differently
                                                           this is an excellent starting point for anybody
Ros Ball and James Millar
                                                           thinking about what gender means to them.
Foreword by Marianne Grabrucker
                                                           2017 | £14.99 | 288pp | pb | World rights available |
                                                           ISBN-9781784505172 | eISBN-9781784505172
Aiming to tackle gender
stereotypes head-on, two parents tweeted
about the differences they experienced in                    “For anyone who’s ever wished they had a
raising their son and their daughter. What                    smart, kind, friend with whom they could
began as an attempt to retain their sanity in a               calmly and safely discuss gender issues: this
gender obsessed world became a life changing                  most excellent book is that kind of friend.”
experiment about gender identity.
                                                                                                   Kate Bornstein,
2017 | £9.99 | 184pp | pb | World rights available |
                                                                                           author of Gender Outlaw
ISBN-9781784506339 | eISBN-9781784506339

NEW BOOKS 2018/2019 - Jessica Kingsley Publishers
He’s Always                                             Transitioning
Been My Son                                             Together
A Mother’s Story                                        One Couple’s Journey
about Raising Her                                       of Gender and
Transgender Son                                         Identity Discovery
Janna Barkin                                            Wenn B. Lawson and
                                                        Beatrice M. Lawson
This true story by a
family about raising their                              This heartfelt, honest
transgender son is both a captivating read and          memoir tracks Wenn Lawson’s transition
an invaluable support source for parents facing         from female to male and the effect it had on
similar issues. A warm, insightful portrait of          his relationship. Co-written by Wenn and his
a family that includes tips on helping young            partner, Beatrice, the book explores the highs
transgender people navigate their transition.           and lows of their journey and how they arrived
                                                        at a point of acceptance and celebration of their
2017 | £12.99 | 320pp | pb | World rights available |
ISBN-9781785927478 | eISBN-9781784505257
                                                        individual identities and identity as a couple.
                                                        2017 | £12.99 | 216pp | pb | World rights available |

Straight                                                ISBN-9781785921032 | eISBN-9781784503659

Expectations                                               “‘There are more forms of gender,’ Lawson
                                                            writes, ‘than stars in the sky.’ Transitioning
The Story of a Family
                                                            Together is a brave and pioneering map of
in Transition
                                                            this still-unexplored terrain.”
Peggy Cryden, LMFT
                                                                                              Steve Silberman,
Ever since they were                                                 author of NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism
young, Peggy Cryden
noticed her children’s
gender expression did not correspond with               Trans Voices
society’s expectations of their biological gender.
In this memoir, Peggy details the experiences           Becoming Who You Are
and challenges of raising both a gay son and            Declan Henry
a gay, transgender son and shares her family’s          Foreword by Stephen Whittle
journey of adversity and growth, which has              Bronze Winner for the 2017
helped inform her work as a psychotherapist.            Independent Publisher Book Awards
                                                        in Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Trans Non-Fiction
2017 | £9.99 | 184pp | pb | World rights available |
ISBN-9781785927485 | eISBN-9781784505370
                                                        First-hand accounts
                                                        from transgender and
  “Cryden writes with the emotional clarity of          non-binary individuals and their diverse
   a seasoned therapist and also as one who’s           experiences, during and after transition. This
   done her own soul searching.”                        comprehensive introduction to trans issues
                                                        details the social, physical and emotional
                                    Ami B. Kaplan,      struggles involved in becoming who you are.
                 LCSW New York City Psychotherapist
                                                        2017 | £12.99 | 232pp | pb | World rights available |
                             and Gender Specialist.
                                                        ISBN-9781785922404 | eISBN-9781784505202

for Therapists & Healthcare Practitioners

New                                                             New

Sex, Sexuality and                                              Person-Centred
Trans Identities                                                Counselling for Trans and
Clinical Guidance for Psychotherapists
                                                                Gender Diverse People
and Counselors
                                                                A Practical Guide
Gary J. Jacobson, LCSW and Jan C. Niemira, LCSW
                                                                Sam Hope
September 2019 | £50.00 | 320pp | pb | World rights available
                                                                August 2019 | £22.99 | 256pp | pb | World rights available |
| ISBN-9781785926174 | eISBN-9781785926181
                                                                ISBN-9781785925429 | eISBN-9781784509378

A guide for practitioners to inform their                       A concise introduction to using a person-
clinical practice with trans clients and their                  centred approach with trans clients for
families regarding sex and sexuality.                           counsellors and therapists.
A book for mental health professionals, sex                     This book presents an approach that ensures
therapists and educators providing an inter­                    psychological wellbeing and trust is built
disciplinary exploration of the subject, and                    between counsellors and trans clients. This
relating to both clinical practice and theory.                  person-centred, affirmative approach is
   Topics explored include the shifting of sexual               based around unlearning assumptions about
orientation during or following transition; gender              gender and destabilising professionals’ ideas
dysphoria and co-occurring ASD; negotiating                     of ‘knowing better’ than, and judging the
issues of sexuality with partners; eating disorders;            client, so that they can forge a relationship and
and an exploration of the intersection of trans                 connection that is on an equal footing. The
identities and disability. Featuring chapter                    book explores a range of topics such as the
authors from disciplines including social                       overlap of gender diversity and autism, sex and
work, marriage and family counseling, early                     sexuality, intersectionality, unconscious bias
childhood education, sex therapy, sex education,                and reflective practice.
psychology, and women’s studies.

New                                                            New

Supporting Transgender                                         Creative Arts Therapies
and Non-Binary People                                          and the LGBTQ
with Disabilities                                              Community
or Illnesses                                                   Theory and Practice
                                                               Briana MacWilliam, Brian T Harris,
A Good Practice Guide for
                                                               Dana George Trottier and Kristin Long
Health and Care Provision
Jennie Kermode                                                 June 2019 | £24.99 | 304pp | pb | World rights available |
                                                               ISBN-9781785927966 | eISBN-9781784508029
August 2019 | £19.99 | 208pp | pb | World rights available |
ISBN-9781785925412 | eISBN-9781784509354                       The first book for creative arts therapists
                                                               on working with the LGBTQ community.
A guide on best practice in health and social                  Providing theory and practical interventions,
care provision for transgender people with                     this book is for creative arts therapy students
disabilities and chronic and mental illnesses.                 and professionals who wish to work with the
By drawing on the experience of trans people                   LGBTQ community and the unique challenges
who are affected by physical disability, chronic               that sexual minorities, transgender and gender
illness and mental illness, this book is the                   non-conforming clients face today.
definitive guide on providing best practise in                    Considering ally development, unconscious
approaches to health and care policy.                          bias and intersectionality, the book provides
    Suggesting solutions to areas where                        theory, case studies and practical guidance
understanding and care provision is poor,                      for working with this client group, as well as
Kermode gives advice on topics such as                         experiences emerging from within the LGBTQ
transitioning with a disability, sex-specific                  and CATs community. The contributors
service provision and fertility and reproduction.              cover a wide range of topics, from exploring
The book also examines how health and                          sexuality and gender identity through
care professionals can adapt to cater for                      portraiture to facilitating a music therapy
transgender and non-binary people’s needs                      group with transgender clients, and foster ally
and can support those who must use health                      development in senior living communities
services due to their condition.                               through a multimodal approach.

New                                                          New

A Reflective Guide                                           Working with
to Gender Identity                                           Trans Survivors of
Counselling                                                  Sexual Violence
Madison-Amy Webb, (MBACP) Acc                                A Guide for Professionals
                                                             Sally Rymer and Valentina Cartei
May 2019 | £22.99 | 240pp | pb | World rights available. |
ISBN-9781785923838 | eISBN-9781784507336                     January 2019 | £16.99 | 176pp | pb | ISBN-9781785927607 |
Helps counselling professionals to reflect
on their own gender identity for more                        Practical advice for professionals working
effective work with gender variant clients.                  with transgender people who have survived
Counselling professionals are increasingly                   sexual violence and abuse.
seeking training for working with gender                     The authors reveal specific issues faced by trans
variant clients. Madison-Amy Webb invites                    people as they recover from traumatic sexual
them to consider a simple truth: everyone has                experiences, and what steps professionals and
a gender identity, whether or not they’ve given              organisations can take to meet the needs of the
it much thought. By reflecting on their own                  trans community. This book helps mitigate the
gender identity through the exercises provided,              effects of sexual violence on trans individuals,
counsellors can relate to clients in new and                 by recommending effective responses for all
productive ways, gaining a more nuanced                      levels of service delivery, from organisational
understanding of the issues faced by their                   policies to advice for front-line professionals.
clients and of their own identity.
   Incisive and accessible, this unique guide
shines a light on how the popular conception                    “On highly politicised terrain, Rymer
of gender identity came into being by looking                    and Cartei have managed to create an
at the social and historical influences at play.                 accessible, evidence-based and practical
This context is then brought to life with a rich                 text which will be appreciated by many.”
variety of case studies and excerpts from the
author’s own diary. Essential reading for any                                                       Alison Phipps,
counselling professional.                                            Professor of Gender Studies, Sussex University

New                                                             New

Theorizing Transgender                                          Improving Services
Identity for Clinical                                           for Transgender and
Practice                                                        Gender Variant Youth
A New Model for Understanding Gender                            Research, Policy and Practice for
S.J. Langer                                                     Health and Social Care Professionals
                                                                Tiffany Jones
January 2019 | £24.99 | 240pp | pb | World rights available |
ISBN-9781785927652 | eISBN-9781784506421                        January 2019 | £25.00 | 208pp | pb | World rights available |
                                                                ISBN-9781785924255 | eISBN-9781784507893
A theoretical and practical exploration of
the full spectrum of gender experiences.                        Provides practical solutions for health and
Providing new approaches for exploring gender                   social care professionals working with
identity and expression, this book is ideal for                 transgender and gender variant youth.
clinical practice with transgender and gender                   This expert guide to working with transgender
nonconforming/diverse clients. Importantly, it                  and gender variant youth offers ways to
moves beyond the medical model to advance                       make positive change to service provision for
an understanding of transgender subjectivity                    practitioners working with this group. Based
as a natural variation of gender in humans.                     on the latest research, the recommendations
                                                                made by the author are backed up by statistics
                                                                and data, and refer to first-hand stories and
  “This book goes beyond ‘trans 101,’ exploring                 experiences.
   in much more depth the development of                           Exploring four key areas – mental health,
   the gendered self and the role of gender in                  physical health, sexual health and social
   consciousness. Langer provides clinicians                    health – the book sets out exactly what
   with new ways of theorizing gender that                      professionals need to know in relation to
   both benefit from traditions and push                        these areas and how to support trans youth
   them forward.”                                               in these circumstances. Providing clarity on
                                                                a range of topics, this is the perfect overview
                    Laura Erickson-Schroth, MD, MA,             for practitioners, as well as a useful text for
                       LGBTQ psychiatrist and author            students and researchers.

Transgender                                             Enhancing
Health                                                  Sexual Health,
A Practitioner’s Guide to
Binary and Non-Binary                                   and Wellbeing
Trans Patient Care
Ben Vincent, PhD
                                                        among Men
Foreword by Stuart Lorimer                              Who Have Sex
                                                        With Men
An accessible, research-
based guide to sensitively treating and                 A Guide for Practitioners
caring for transgender patients.                        Rusi Jaspal, PhD, CPsychol, FBPsS, FRSM
This guide shows how to sensitively treat and           Forewords by Dr Laura Waters and
care for transgender patients in healthcare             Professor Dame Glynis Breakwell
settings. Distilling cutting edge research into
practical advice, it covers everything from             Practical advice and strategies for
referral procedures to respectful language and          enhancing sexual and mental health among
insights on the wider social and ethical issues         men who have sex with men (MSM).
experienced by this growing client group.               At the heart of this book is Identity Process
                                                        Theory, co-developed by the author, a social
2018 | £15.99 | 216pp | pb | World rights available |
ISBN-9781785922015 | eISBN-9781784504755
                                                        psychological theory of identity construction,
                                                        threat and coping. The book considers the
                                                        emerging debates in MSM’s health, such as
Counselling                                             the use of Grindr and ‘chemsex’, and also
Skills for                                              explores the socio-structural factors, such
                                                        as homophobia and stigma, that threaten
Working                                                 the self-identity of MSM. The book offers
with Gender                                             principles and techniques from this theory
                                                        that can be used as an effective intervention
Diversity and                                           and therapeutic model with MSM to build
Identity                                                more positive identities and reduce sexual
Michael Beattie and                                     2018 | £24.99 | 216pp | pb | World rights available |
Penny Lenihan with Robin Dundas                         ISBN-9781785923227 | eISBN-9781784506360

Foreword by Christiane Sanderson

A comprehensive introduction offering the                 “A fundamental read for all therapeutic
confidence and skills needed to work with                  professionals working with clients
gender diversity and identity.                             exploring their gender variance. At a time
For practitioners working with issues surround­            when society’s understanding of gender
ing gender identity, this book provides the                identity is experiencing a state of flux this
additional tools and insights needed to help               book offers clarity on a controversial and
them build a therapeutic relationship with                 complex subject.”
their client. It forms a practical toolbox that
any counsellor of gender issues can utilise.                                           Madison-Amy Webb,
                                                                   Psychotherapist and Director of Transitions
2018 | £25.00 | 312pp | pb | World rights available |
                                                                                   Counselling & Consultancy
ISBN-9781784504816 | eISBN-9781784504816

Supporting                                              The Voice Book
Young                                                   for Trans and
Transgender                                             Non-Binary
Men                                                     People
A Guide for Professionals                               A Practical Guide to
Matthew Waites                                          Creating and Sustaining
                                                        Authentic Voice and
Provides much-needed
                                                        Matthew Mills and Gillie Stoneham
guidance for professionals on how to
                                                        Illustrated by Philip Robinson and Matthew Hotchkiss
support the specific needs of young
transgender men.
Addressing topics such as the social impact of          The complete guide to how trans and non-
transitioning, the potential impact on mental           binary people can modulate or change their
health and emotional wellbeing and common               voice, written by two leading speech and
myths and misconceptions about transitioning,           language therapists.
this guide is essential for anyone working with         This book explains how voice and
young transgender men.                                  communication therapy can help transgender
                                                        and non-binary people to find their authentic
2018 | £18.99 | 176pp | pb | World rights available |
ISBN-9781784506018 | eISBN-9781784506018
                                                        voice. It gives a thorough account of the
                                                        process, from understanding the vocal
                                                        mechanism through to assimilating new vocal
                                                        skills and new vocal identity into everyday
Counseling                                              situations, and includes exercises to change
Transgender                                             pitch, resonance and intonation. Each chapter
                                                        features insider accounts from trans and
and Non-                                                gender diverse individuals who have explored,
Binary Youth                                            or are exploring, voice and communication
                                                        related to their gender expression, describing
                                                        key aspects of their experience of creating and
The Essential Guide
                                                        maintaining a voice that feels true to them.
Irwin Krieger
                                                        2017 | £16.99 | 224pp | pb | World rights available |
                                                        ISBN-9781785921285 | eISBN-9781784503949
Essential introductory
guide for clinicians and counselors who
work with young transgender and non-                      “Your body can feel like it’s betraying you
binary clients.                                            with Gender Dysphoria. Upset by your
An informed guide to supporting and working                appearance? Shut your eyes and avoid
with transgender and non-binary youth. Topics              mirrors. But an incongruous voice? You
of discussion include gender identity, sexuality,          hear that night and day. So this book is
transitioning and mental health. Additional                invaluable. The authors show how speech
resources and suggested reading lists make                 therapy really can move mountains and
this an essential reference for all professionals          produce happy confident speakers, at home
who counsel transgender youth.                             in their own skin.”
2017 | £22.99 | 248pp | pb | World rights available |
                                                                                         Christine Burns MBE,
ISBN-9781785927430 | eISBN-9781784504823
                                                                                 author and transgender activist

Gender Diversity in the Workplace

Transitioning in                                        New   Gender
the Workplace                                                 Diversity and
A Guidebook
Dana Pizzuti                                                  Inclusion in
                                                              the Workplace
The complete guide
for transitioning                                    The Essential Guide
successfully and safely                              for Employers
in the workplace.                                    Sarah Gibson and J. Fernandez
Many businesses lack specific trans-inclusive
HR strategies – this guide fills the gap with tools, Practical solutions for creating an inclusive
resources and an easy-to-read breakdown of           environment for non-binary people.
relevant laws and policies. It covers everything     Companies are becoming more aware of the
from how to come out to colleagues and clients, need to include non-binary people in the
and realistic medical timetables, to introducing workplace, to attract a diverse workforce and
a new name and creating a workplace support          create an inclusive environment and brand.
system. This is a must-read guide for every          This book provides an ideal introduction to
trans person preparing to transition, as well as     including non-binary workers in your business,
for managers and HR professionals wishing to         and presents practical solutions to basic
support their employees.                             workplace issues this group faces.
2018 | £16.99 | 248pp | pb | World all languages |            2018 | £16.99 | 136pp | pb | World rights available |
ISBN-9781785928024 | eISBN-9781784508227                      ISBN-9781785922442 | eISBN-9781784505233

Employees in                                                    “[Kermode’s book] has many facts and
                                                                 answers to questions around supporting
the Workplace                                                    and understanding potential issues that
                                                                 may face trans employees. It also gives links
A Guide for Employers                                            to support groups and networks for further
Jennie Kermode                                                   information and help in specific sectors and
                                                                 organisations. All of this information may
How employers can                                                be of use to people within your organisation,
meet the needs of                                                from HR advisors to line managers but also
transgender and non-                                             for anyone who wants to understand more
binary employees in the workplace.                               about their colleagues, customers and our
This guide equips employers to respect and                       richly diverse society.
support transgender employees, clarifying                           My advice is to leave the book visible
employers’ legal responsibilities and providing                  on your desk, not hidden away the in HR
advice on the social, emotional and medical                      department.”
aspects of transitioning. Promote an inclusive,
diverse culture to benefit the whole work force.                                                    Madeleine Field,
                                                                                      Head of Diversity and Inclusion
2017 | £18.99 | 216pp | pb | World rights available |
                                                                                         at FDM Group, HR Director
ISBN-9781785922282 | eISBN-9781784505448

Gender Diversity in Education

New                                                             New

Supporting Transgender                                          Gender Equality in
and Non-Binary Students                                         Primary Schools
and Staff in Further and                                        A Guide for Teachers
Higher Education                                                Helen Griffin
                                                                2018 | £14.99 | 216pp | pb | World rights available |
Practical Advice for Colleges                                   ISBN-9781785923401 | eISBN-9781784506612
and Universities
Dr Matson Lawrence and Dr Stephanie Mckendry
                                                                Framework for implementing a gender
January 2019 | £24.99 | 224pp | pb | World rights available |   equality approach in primary schools.
ISBN-9781784506735 | eISBN-9781784506735                        An increase in the number of transgender
                                                                children – and a recognition of gender
Practical guide to supporting transgender                       reassignment as a protected characteristic
and non-binary students and staff at                            under the 2010 Equality Act – means that all
college and university.                                         primary schools need to ensure they are safe
This bok enables post-secondary education                       environments respectful of all genders. This
professionals to create a safe and supportive                   book draws on the ‘Gender Respect Project’,
environment for gender diverse applicants,                      which identified the need to address gender
students and staff. Using real life examples to                 stereotyping and gender-based violence with
explore common experiences and challenges for                   children and young people.
trans people in further and higher educational                      The book is full of lesson plans, case studies,
settings, it sets out policies, interventions and               clear guidance and recommended actions as well
advice that have proven effective in providing                  as further reading and resources. Providing a
impactful support on a wide range of issues                     framework for gender equality in the classroom,
such as learning, teaching, recruitment, mental                 it empowers children to think critically about
health, support services, and institutional policies.           gender and to respect themselves and others.

How to                                                     A Practical
Transform                                                  Guide to
Your School                                                Gender
into an LGBT+                                              Diversity and
Friendly Place                                             Sexuality in
A Practical Guide for
                                                           Early Years
Nursery, Primary and
                                                           Deborah Price
Secondary Teachers
Dr Elly Barnes MBE and Dr Anna Carlile
                                                           Helping staff and practitioners explore
The go-to guide for making your nursery,                   gender diversity and sexuality in early
primary school or secondary school an                      years settings.
LGBT+ inclusive environment for all.                       Proposing aims that early years practitioners
Written with Educate & Celebrate!, an                      can work towards and providing practical
Ofsted and DFE recognised ‘Best Practice                   ideas to take directly in to the workplace,
Award Programme’, this book gives teachers,                this hands-on guide sets out to create and
governors and other staff the knowledge,                   encourage outstanding practice for all
strategies and confidence they need to                     professionals teaching young children.
implement a curriculum that is inclusive for
                                                           2017 | £14.99 | 104pp | pb | World rights available |
all. Covering the changes to law, including                ISBN-9781785922893 | eISBN-9781784505943
the Equality Act 2010 which requires actively
promoting acceptance, what language to use,
case studies and much more, it is a must have                “The book is full of searching questions,
guide for all schools.                                        practical ideas and suggestions that
                                                              all practitioners can implement – a
2018 | £14.99 | 152pp | pb | World rights available |
ISBN-9781785923494 | eISBN-9781784506841
                                                              straightforward tool to help any setting
                                                              ensure that good equality and diversity
                                                              practice is the cornerstone of their work.”
  “A must-have guide for every school. It
   shows how to teach LGBT+ issues. Simple,                                                            Judy Simon,
   effective, inspiring. Bravo!”                                                  early years practitioner, Brighton

                                         Peter Tatchell,
                    Director, Peter Tatchell Foundation

Gender Diversity & Autism

Supporting                                                New     Gender                                                New

Transgender                                                       Identity,
Autistic Youth                                                    Sexuality
and Adults                                                        and Autism
A Guide to Supporting                                             Voices from Across
Transgender Youth and                                             the Spectrum
Adults with Autism                                                Eva Mendes and
Finn V. Gratton                                                   Meredith R. Maroney
                                                                  Foreword by Wenn Lawson

By setting out strategies for creating more
effective support based on the experiences of                  A collection of narratives from those who
trans people on the spectrum, this guide offers                identity as LGBTQIA who are also on the
tailored advice for professionals working with                 autism spectrum.
autistic trans clients. It covers issues such as               This book explores the intersection of the two
difficulties talking about the body, undertaking spectrums as well as the diverse experiences
and recovering from surgeries and social anxiety. that come with it.
                                                                   By providing knowledge and advice based
October 2019 | £19.99 | 208pp | pb | World rights available. |
ISBN-9781785928031 | eISBN-9781784508302
                                                               on  in-depth research and personal accounts,
                                                               the narratives will be immensely valuable to
                                                               teenagers, adults, partners and families. The
Camouflage                                               New authors round these stories with a discussion
                                                               of themes across narratives, and implications
The Hidden Lives of                                            for the issues discussed. In the final chapter,
Autistic Women                                                 the authors reflect on commonly asked
Dr Sarah Bargiela                                              questions from a clinical perspective, bringing
Illustrated by Sophie Standing                                 in relevant research, as well as sharing best-
                                                               practice tips and considerations that may
An engaging and                                                be helpful for LGBTQIA and ASD teenagers
beautifully illustrated                                        and adults. These may also be used by family
graphic book shedding                                          members and clinicians when counselling
light on the under-                                            teenagers and adults on the dual spectrum.
explored condition of female autism.
                                                               January 2019 | £16.99 | 256pp | pb | World rights available |
An engaging insight into the often                             ISBN-9781784505851 | eISBN-9781784505851
underexplored condition of autism in women
and girls, delivered in an expertly researched
and beautifully illustrated graphic book. The
perfect resource for anyone who wishes to
understand how gender affects autism, it shows
how to create safer, more accommodating
environments for women on the spectrum.
February 2019 | £12.99 | 48pp | hb | 11–18 years | World rights
available | ISBN-9781785925665 | eISBN-9781785926679

The Autism                                                 Love,
Spectrum                                                   Partnership,
Guide to                                                   or Singleton
Sexuality and                                              on the Autism
Relationships                                              Spectrum
Understand Yourself                                        Luke Beardon, PhD
and Make Choices that                                      and Dean Worton
are Right for You
Dr Emma Goodall                                            Twenty six contributors share what they have
Forewords by Wenn B. Lawson and Jeanette Purkis            learned so far about relationships on the autism
                                                           spectrum. With a diverse range of viewpoints,
This candid guide to sexuality, relationships              this is an intimate report on how people have
and gender identity will help you to                       made relationships work, how they have failed
understand your own preferences and identity               and how they have chosen to be on their own.
in the pursuit of platonic, romantic or sexual
                                                           2017 | £12.99 | 272pp | pb | World rights available |
relationships. Emma Goodall provides advice                ISBN-9781785922060 | eISBN-9781784504847
on what to do in situations where you feel
under pressure and offers guidance on how to
enjoy relationships safely.
2016 | £13.99 | 280pp | pb | World rights available |
                                                           The Asperger
ISBN-9781849057059 | eISBN-9781784502263                   Teen’s Toolkit
                                                           Francis Musgrave
Sex, Drugs                                                 Foreword by
                                                           Dr Christopher Morrell
and Asperger’s
Syndrome                                                   This is a treasure trove
(ASD)                                                      of information for young
                                                           people with Asperger
                                                           Syndrome and their carers. Exploring the
A User Guide to
                                                           science of how the human mind works, it gives
                                                           handy tips on how to cope with all elements
Luke Jackson
                                                           of the adult world, including responsibilities,
Foreword by Tony Attwood
                                                           health, sex and relationships.
                                                           2017 | £12.99 | 136pp | pb | 13–18 years | World rights
Luke Jackson serves up a sparkling guide to                available | ISBN-9781785921612 | eISBN-9781784504380
young adulthood on the autism spectrum in
this sequel to his best-selling Freaks, Geeks and
Asperger Syndrome. Offering personal insights,               “[This book will] help so many young people
he covers everything from bullying and drugs                  navigate the complexities of adolescence
to finding a job, navigating relationships,                   and will also benefit parents, carers and
and sex. A must read for all young adults                     teaching staff.”
with autism.
                                                                             Dr Christopher Morrell DclinPsy,
2017 | £9.99 | 240pp | pb | Rights sold: Dutch, Polish |
                                                               MSc, BSc, AFBPsS, Chartered Clinical Psychologist
ISBN-9781785921964 | eISBN-9781784501396

Books for Parents, Partners & Allies

The Reflective                                           New    The Trans
Workbook for                                                    Partner
Partners of                                                     Handbook
Transgender                                                     A Guide for When Your
People                                                          Partner Transitions
                                                                Jo Green
Your Transition as Your
Partner Transitions                                             Insights and advice on
D. M. Maynard                                                   the transitioning process
                                                                for partners of trans men, trans women,
Uniquely addressing the needs of partners                       and non-binary people.
of transgender people, this self-help                           With personal reflections from over 15 trans
workbook supports the journey partners                          partners in healthy and successful relationships,
navigate as their partner transitions or                        this insightful guide provides practical advice
questions their gender.                                         for those supporting a partner as they transition.
By combining portions of the author’s self-
                                                                2017 | £10.99 | 184pp | pb | World rights available |
exploration-as the partner of someone who                       ISBN-9781785922275 | eISBN-9781784505035
began to transition after 17 years of being
in their relationship- with the experiences
shared by those who attended her workshops,                     Helping Your
this workbook examines the challenges,
uncertainties, and possible grieving some
partners experience throughout the transition                   Teen, 2nd
process. With space for responding to
reflective questions, resources, and a glossary,
this workbook offers partners a safe haven to
                                                                A Guide for Parents
discover their own wants and needs and will
                                                                Irwin Krieger
be of interest to both couples and individual
                                                                The essential guide for
January 2019 | £17.99 | 320pp | pb | World rights available |
ISBN-9781785927720 | eISBN-9781784506728
                                                                parents of transgender teens to help them
                                                                understand and better respond to their
                                                                child’s experiences.
                                                                Addressing common fears and concerns
  “Sensible and straight forward, yet also                      that parents of transgender teens share, the
   sensitive to parents’ own potential struggles                book guides them through steps they can
   adjusting to their new understanding of                      take with their child, including advice on
   their child. It’s an excellent resource at a                 hormones and surgery and how to transition
   time when such clear and comprehensive                       socially. It addresses the recent increase in
   materials are desperately needed.”                           teens presenting with non-binary identities,
                                                                and reflects major legal, social and medical
                                Kelly Huegel Madrone,           developments regarding transgender issues.
           Author of GLBTQ: The Survival Guide for Gay,
                                                                2018 | £9.99 | 112pp | pb | World rights available |
    Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning Teens
                                                                ISBN-9781785928017 | eISBN-9781784508197

Becoming an                                                  The Simple                                             New

Ally to the                                                  Guide to
Gender-                                                      Understanding
Expansive                                                    Shame in
Child                                                        Children
A Guide for Parents                                          What It Is, What Helps
and Carers                                                   and How to Prevent
Anna Bianchi                                                 Further Stress or Trauma
                                                             Betsy de Thierry
How to become an ally to gender expansive                    Illustrated by Emma Reeves
children, based on the author’s experience                   Foreword by Dr Marc Bush
caring for her grandchild.
                                                             Full of helpful information and advice, this
2017 | £13.99 | 248pp | pb | World rights available |
ISBN-9781785920516 | eISBN-9781784503055
                                                             is the perfect introduction for any adult
                                                             caring for or working with a child who has
                                                             experienced shame. It explains what shame is,
  “Bianchi gently coaches others to challenge                how it affects children and what adults can do
   their own gender assumptions, moving not                  to help them overcome it.
   only through acceptance, but towards an
                                                             2018 | £8.99 | 112pp | pb | World rights available |
   actual social transformation.”                            ISBN-9781785925054 | eISBN-9781784508951

                                  Rachel Pepper, LMFT,
                        author of Transitions of the Heart
                              and The Transgender Child      The Simple
                                                             Guide to
Lesbian and                                                  Sensitive Boys
Gay Foster Care                                              How to Nurture
and Adoption,                                                Children and
Second Edition                                               Avoid Trauma
                                                             Betsy de Thierry
                                                             Illustrated by Emma Reeves
Stephen Hicks and
                                                             Foreword by Jane Evans
Janet McDermott
                                                             This book simply shows adults how to
Stories from lesbian, gay                                     understand and care for sensitive boys who
and transgender foster and adoptive parents                   don’t conform to male stereotypes such as
about the challenges and rewards of parenting                ‘boys don’t cry’. Explaining how to improve
children of all ages. Interviews with some of                 children’s wellbeing by encouraging them to
the first LGBT families to adopt or foster also               embrace their individuality, it gives down-to-
gives unique insight into parenting adolescent                earth advice on how to help sensitive boys
and adult children with reflections on recent                 grow up happy and confident.
policy and cultural changes.
                                                             2017 | £8.99 | 104pp | pb | Rights sold: Romanian |
2018 | £19.99 | 272pp | pb | World rights available |        ISBN-9781785923258 | eISBN-9781784506391
ISBN-9781849055192 | eISBN-9780857009395

Picture Books for Children

New                                                            New

You Be You!                                                    Phoenix Goes to School
The Kid’s Guide to Gender,                                     A Story to Support Transgender
Sexuality and Family                                           and Gender Diverse Children
Jonathan Branfman                                              Michelle and Phoenix Finch
Illustrated by Julie Benbassat                                 Illustrated by Sharon Davey

August 2019 | £12.99 | 80pp | hb | 5–10 years | World rights   2018 | £9.99 | 32pp | hb | 5–8 years | World rights available |
available | ISBN-9781787750104 | eISBN-9781787750111           ISBN-9781784509248 | eISBN-9781784509248

An inclusive educational children’s book                       An illustrated storybook that empowers
for ages 5–11 to learn about gender identity,                  and supports trans children to express their
romantic orientation and family diversity.                     gender identity.
Easily explain gender identity, romantic                       Phoenix is preparing for her first day of school.
orientation, and family diversity to children.                 She is excited but scared of being bullied
Charming illustrations help children engage                    because of her gender identity and expression.
with concepts such as intersectionality,                       Yet when she arrives at school she finds help
discrimination, privilege and allyship in a                    and support from teachers and friends, and
comprehensible and respectful manner.                          finds she is brave enough to talk to other kids
                                                               about her gender!
                                                                   This is an empowering and brightly-
                                                               illustrated children’s book for children aged 3+
                                                               to help children engage with gender identity in
                                                               a fun, uplifting way.

A House for                                                      Vincent
Everyone                                                         the Vixen
A Story to Help                                                  A Story to Help
Children Learn about                                             Children Learn about
Gender Identity and                                              Gender Identity
Gender Expression                                                Alice Reeves
Jo Hirst                                                         Illustrated by Phoebe Kirk
Illustrated by Naomi Bardoff

                                                                 One fox’s story of understanding their
An illustrated children’s book about                             gender identity and coming out to friends
gender identity and gender expression to                         and family.
help children aged 4+ engage with ideas                          Vincent is a fox who is assigned male at birth,
about gender.                                                    but who knows they are actually a girl. With
At lunchtime, all of Tom’s friends gather at                     the help of family and friends, Vincent begins
school to work together building their house.                    to understand their gender identity and the
Each one of them has a special job to do,                        importance of accepting and being authentic
and each one of them has a different way of                      to who they truly are.
expressing their gender identity.
                                                                 2018 | £9.99 | 36pp | hb | 4–8 years | World rights available |
   Jackson is a boy who likes to wear dresses.                   ISBN-9781784508265 | eISBN-9781784508265
Ivy is a girl who likes her hair cut really short.
Alex doesn’t feel like ‘just’ a boy, or ‘just’ a girl.
They are all the same, they are all different –
but they are all friends.                                        The Prince
   A very simple story that challenges gender
stereotypes and shows 4 to 8 year olds that it is
                                                                 and the Frog
OK to be yourself.
                                                                 A Story to Help
2018 | £10.99 | 32pp | hb | 4–8 years | World rights available   Children Learn
| ISBN-9781785924484 | eISBN-9781784508234                       about Same-Sex
                                                                 Olly Pike
   In this era of gender revolution, A House
   for Everyone reminds us that gender isn’t
   two boxes but a rainbow with room for                         Rewriting of a classic fairytale that helps
   children of every gender. Jo Hirst’s brilliant                children aged 3–7 to understand about
   book teaches all our children about gender                    same-sex relationships.
   identity and gender expressions while                         One day, Oskar and his sister Caroline meet a
   celebrating gender acceptance--let’s bring it                 prince who was turned into a frog by an evil
   to every classroom and household.”                            wizard. Only true love’s kiss can break the
                                                                 spell – both Caroline and Oskar want to help,
                             Diane Ehrensaft, Ph.D.              but which of them will be the frog prince’s
       Author of The Gender Creative Child and Gender            true love?
        Born, Gender Made, Director of Mental Health
                                                                 2018 | £10.99 | 48pp | hb | 3–7 years | World rights available
          of the Child and Adolescent Gender Center‘
                                                                 | ISBN-9781785923821 | eISBN-9781784507312

Are You a                                                          All You Need
Boy or Are                                                         Is Love
You a Girl?                                                        Celebrating Families of
                                                                   All Shapes and Sizes
Sarah Savage
                                                                   Shanni Collins
and Fox Fisher
Illustrated by Fox Fisher
                                                                   Engaging and illustrated
An illustrated storybook to help children                          rhyming book for
aged 3+ talk about gender and identity                             children that celebrates
creatively.                                                        the diversity of individuals and families.
Tiny prefers not to tell other children whether                    Through colourful images and rhyming
they are a boy or girl. Tiny also loves to                         stories, the author depicts a range of families
play fancy dress, sometimes as a fairy and                         and lifestyles all grounded in love and
sometimes as a knight in shining armour.                           acceptance. With light-hearted humour and
Tiny’s family don’t seem to mind but when                          positive discussion around diversity, this
they start a new school some of their new                          book promotes a healthy understanding
classmates struggle to understand.                                 of differences.
2017 | £10.99 | 32pp | hb | 3–7 years | World rights available |   2017 | £10.99 | 40pp | hb | 3–8 years | World rights available
ISBN-9781785922671 | eISBN-9781784505561                           | ISBN-9781785922510 | eISBN-9781784505349

Who Are
The Kid’s Guide to
Gender Identity
Brook Pessin-Whedbee
Illustrated by Naomi Bardoff

A straightforward introduction to gender
for children (5+).
This book introduces children to gender as a
spectrum and shows how people can bend
and break the gender binary and stereotypes.
It includes an interactive wheel, clearly
showing the difference between our body,
expression and identity, and is an effective
tool to help children 5+ understand and
celebrate diversity.
2016 | £12.99 | 40pp | hb | 5–8 years | World rights
available | ISBN-9781785927287 | eISBN-9781784505806

Books About Mental Health & Anxiety

The Mental                                                New   Teen Mental                                                  New

Health and                                                      Health in an
Wellbeing                                                       Online World
Workout                                                         Supporting Young
for Teens                                                       People around their
                                                                Use of Social Media,
Skills and Exercises                                            Apps, Gaming, Texting
from ACT and CBT for                                            and the Rest
Healthy Thinking                                                Victoria Betton and
Paula Nagel                                                     James Woollard
Illustrated by Gary Bainbridge
                                                                This essential book shows practitioners how
An accessible, engaging how-to guide                            they can engage with teens’ online lives to
 for building a personalised mental health                      support their mental health. It looks at the
‘workout’. Includes tried and tested therapeutic                positive effects online spaces have on mental
 techniques, simple strategies and healthy                      health, as well as the risks such as bullying,
 thinking habits teenagers can use to boost                     sexting, and addiction. It also provides a
 their mental health fitness and emotional                      framework to help teens develop resilience in
 well-being.                                                    respect of their internet use.
March 2019 | £12.99 | 152pp | pb | 12–18 years | World rights   2018 | £16.99 | 296pp | pb | World rights available |
available | ISBN-9781785923944 | eISBN-9781784507534            ISBN-9781785924682 | eISBN-9781784508524

Appearance                                                New   My Anxiety                                                   New

Anxiety                                                         Handbook
A Guide to Understanding                                        Getting Back on Track
Body Dysmorphic                                                 Sue Knowles, Bridie
Disorder for Young People,                                      Gallagher and
Families and Professionals                                      Phoebe McEwen
National and Specialist OCD,                                    Illustrated by Emmeline Pidgen
BDD and Related Disorders
Service, Maudsley Hospital
                                                                An accessible, easy to
                                                                use anxiety survival guide for young people
Provides insight in to the causes, impact and                   aged 12–18. Co-authored by psychologists and
treatments available for body dysmorphic                        a young person with anxiety, it looks at the
disorder (BDD) for teens and young people.                      causes of anxiety and offers tested methods
This guide increases awareness of BDD and                       and simple exercises to reduce the reader’s
the personal stories included from teens offer                  anxious feelings. Includes chapters on sleep,
support for readers with the disorder.                          exams and transitions.
March 2019 | £9.99 | 96pp | pb | World rights available |       2018 | £12.99 | 192pp | pb | 12–18 years | Rights sold: Spanish |
ISBN-9781785924569 | eISBN-9781784508326                        ISBN-9781785924408 | eISBN-9781784508135

Starving the                                                New   No Weigh!
Depression                                                        A Teen’s Guide
Gremlin                                                           to Positive Body
                                                                  Image, Food, and
A Cognitive Behavioural                                           Emotional Wisdom
Therapy Workbook on                                               Signe Darpinian,
Managing Depression                                               Wendy Sterling and
for Young People                                                  Shelley Aggarwal
Kate Collins-Donnelly                                             Foreword by Connie Sobczak

The depression gremlin loves it when you feel                     This excellent workbook for teens aged 13–16
down. As he feeds on your depression he gets                      promotes positive body image and a healthy
bigger, and as he gets bigger your mood gets                      relationship to food, and gives sensible, no-
lower. Part of an award-winning series, this                      nonsense advice on how prevent disordered
workbook is full of simple exercises that will                    eating of all kinds. It breaks down myths
help young people aged 10+ to understand                          about diets and is full of tools and strategies to
depression, mange periods of low mood, and                        support connected eating, body positivity and
starve their depression gremlin.                                  balanced exercise.
June 2019 | £12.99 | 176pp | pb | 10–16 years | World rights      2018 | £13.99 | 192pp | pb | 13–16 years | World rights
available | ISBN-9781849056939 | eISBN-9781784502058              available | ISBN-9781785928253 | eISBN-9781784509460

Starving                                                          Motherhood
the Anxiety                                                       Missed
Gremlin                                                           Stories from Women
                                                                  Who Are Childless
A Cognitive Behavioural
                                                                  by Circumstance
Therapy Workbook on
                                                                  Lois Tonkin
Anxiety Management
                                                                  Foreword by Jody Day
for Young People
Kate Collins-Donnelly
Children’s Choice Winner at the School Library                    Many women expect to
Association’s Information Book Awards 2014                        become mothers but are childless through
                                                                  social rather than biological reasons - perhaps
                                                                  they haven’t met the right person or they
This engaging workbook helps young people                         prioritised career or education earlier in life.
aged 10+ understand and manage anxiety.                           Featuring international interviews by grief
Based on cognitive behavioural therapy                            counsellor and researcher Lois Tonkin, this
principles, the activities will help young people                 collection of first-person stories provides
understand why they get anxious and how to                        insight into the under-discussed situation of
use simple, practical techniques to manage                        being childless by circumstance.
and control their anxiety. Suitable to work
                                                                  2018 | £12.99 | 224pp | Pb | World Rights Available |
through alone or with a parent or practitioner.                   ISBN-9781785923371 | eISBN-9781784506599
2013 | £12.99 | 168pp | pb | Rights sold: Dutch, German |
ISBN-9781849053419 | eISBN-9780857006738

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