New Parents' Handbook 2021/22 - Loughborough Schools ...

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New Parents' Handbook 2021/22 - Loughborough Schools ...
New Parents’ Handbook 2021/22
New Parents' Handbook 2021/22 - Loughborough Schools ...
    3    Welcome from the Headmaster
    4    The Structure and Organisation
         of the School
    5    Curriculum
    6    Pastoral Care
    7    Communication
    8    Keeping You Informed
    8    The Loughburians                 At Loughborough Grammar School we
    9    General Appearance               aim to provide an environment where
                                          pupils learn to flourish as human
    10 Uniform Lists                      beings, equipped to live fulfilling lives
                                          in the 21st Century. We acknowledge
    11   Property
                                          that good academic achievement is vital
    12   Health and Wellbeing Centre      and we seek to promote this through
                                          outstanding teaching where we cultivate
    12   Boarders
                                          a love of learning that we hope will stay
    12   School Buses                     with our pupils throughout their lives.
    13   Catering                         To this end we seek to make it possible that each
                                          boy receives appropriate support to enable him
    13   Music                            to fulfil his academic potential. We take pride in
                                          our strong pastoral support system and ensure
    14   Sports                           that there is consistency and continuity of care
                                          throughout each boy’s journey through our School.
    14   Fee Payments
                                          There is more to an excellent education than good
    15   Additional Information           academic achievement and therefore we also
                                          encourage pupils to achieve excellence in whatever
    15   Term Dates 2021–23               aspect of School life they show a particular talent
                                          or aptitude for and to play an active part in
                                          community life.

New Parents' Handbook 2021/22 - Loughborough Schools ...
Welcome from the Headmaster
I would like to extend a very warm welcome to
Loughborough Grammar School. This is a vibrant
school for high achieving boys who like to be busy
and fulfilled. Academic achievement will always be
our central focus, but with an abundance of first-class
facilities and outstanding staff, we deliver an excellent
all-round education.
At Loughborough Grammar School, the division between the
academic and the extra-curricular is far from absolute. In fact,
everywhere I look beyond the classroom I constantly discover a
school bursting with activity, where boys have huge respect for the
varied talents of their peers. It is this happy fusion of work and
play and everything in-between that is, in my view, our implicit
hallmark. As a result, we find that pupils learn a great deal when
they do not think they are learning at all, especially when they are
enjoying themselves in pursuits they have freely chosen.
This is what happens when young minds meet in a place where
learning is valued for its own sake. Our boys encounter far more
than is required for examination success. During their journey
through the School, they have unparalleled opportunities
to develop their passions and skills so that they get to know
themselves. This is what sets them apart from so many others
and enables them to thrive as young adults who are resilient and
understand their responsibilities to society.
Duncan Byrne

New Parents' Handbook 2021/22 - Loughborough Schools ...
The Structure and Organisation of
                                                                        The School Day
    the School                                                                 08:30     Form time begins
    Each school day begins with pupils arriving at their
                                                                        09:10 - 09:40    Period 1
    Form Room by 08:30.
                                                                        09:40 - 10:10    Period 2
    Boys may arrive at School from 07:30 and most rooms, including
    the Library and Computer rooms are open just after 08:00.            10:15 - 10:45   Period 3
    Unless involved in an activity we request that boys leave the        10:45 - 11:05   Short break
    School premises by 17:30. Your son may stay in the Library or the
                                                                         11:05 - 11:35   Period 4
    Computer rooms until that time.
                                                                         11:35 - 12:05   Period 5

    The Start of Term                                                    12:10 - 12:40   Period 6

    All new boys should arrive at the Hodson Hall by 08:30 on            12:40 - 13:10   Period 7
    Friday 3 September 2021.                                             13:10 - 14:25   Lunch
    New boarders, their parents and guardians will have a separate       14:25 - 14:55   Period 8
    Induction Programme on Thursday 2 September.
                                                                        15:00 - 15:30    Period 9
                                                                        15:30 - 16:00    Period 10
                                                                                16:00    End of School day
                                                                        Many lessons are arranged as double periods.

New Parents' Handbook 2021/22 - Loughborough Schools ...
Curriculum                                                               Homework
Our curriculum is arranged to help pupils achieve an                     Homework is a vital part of your son’s education and will be
all-round education with a commitment to academic                        integral to his experience at Loughborough Grammar School.
                                                                         Homework will take a number of different forms: it could be
excellence and to equip them with a breadth of                           preparation for class, revision, or consolidation of classwork. Staff
academic skills and knowledge.                                           will take care to ensure that the tasks set are always purposeful
The curriculum is subject to review on a regular basis. Further          and valuable. The amount of homework is set within a timetable
information is available in the ‘Academic’ section on our website.       which changes every year and will always be proportionate to
                                                                         allow him to balance his workload and recreational time outside
                                                                         of school. In addition, all boys receive School Homework Planners
Baseline Tests                                                           and tutors monitor how effectively they are used.

Within the first month of the school year, all boys in Years 7 and       In addition, homework tasks are set on Firefly, our online learning
9 undertake a ‘baseline’ test set by the Curriculum, Evaluation          portal, and can be accessed via the Firefly App or via a web
and Management Centre based at Durham University. This test is           browser.
undertaken by all children in HMC Schools as well as the majority
of state school pupils and gives us an indication of your son’s
relative learning strengths.                                             Assemblies
Please do not be concerned by these tests and there is no                Assemblies are important opportunities for our growth and
requirement for revision.                                                development as a school community. They offer the means to
                                                                         develop in our pupils an understanding of the values and ethos of
                                                                         the School and to introduce more general ideas of a philosophical,
Learning Support                                                         religious and political nature. Great emphasis is placed on the
                                                                         values we share as we welcome the insights of other faiths and,
Learning support is available to all pupils with Special Educational     at the same time, retain the School’s roots in the Christian ethos.
Needs or Disabilities (SEND) to encourage development of                 Regular reference is made to the festivals and teachings of other
metacognition, improve self-esteem and create a positive                 faiths and outside speakers are also invited to address the School.
approach to learning with a growth mindset. Specific support is
offered early morning or at lunchtime for Years 6-11 and in study        In a typical week your son can expect to attend at least one full
periods for Years 12 and 13. Pupils with significant needs who are       School Assembly, a Year Assembly and one House Assembly per
struggling to maintain progress despite these interventions, are         week too.. Other mornings will be Tutor Group time.
offered a reduced timetable with targeted support in their areas of
difficulty. Additional support for other pupils (i.e. not SEND) who
are experiencing difficulties with a particular skill, or subject, may
also be available, often through departmental ‘surgeries’.
All pupils are screened for dyslexia on entry and in Year 9.
Screening for exam access arrangements is also carried out in
Years 8 and 9 and followed up as appropriate.
All pupils with a diagnosed condition that may impact on
learning and progress, have an individual pupil profile which
outlines their strengths and weaknesses.

New Parents' Handbook 2021/22 - Loughborough Schools ...
Pastoral Care                                                               Head of Sixth Form and Assistant Head Miss S Jenkins
                                                                                Year 12 Mr J Clarke
    The main aim of pastoral work at the School is for each
                                                                                Year 13 Miss R Hannah
    and every boy to be known, and for each and every boy
    to go on their own independent journey to develop into                  Happy boys make successful boys and therefore we have a
    the best version of themselves.                                         huge range of clubs and activities which are part of the Thomas
                                                                            Burton Award where boys develop skills and interests in the
    Our staff are passionate about helping your son to maximise his         areas designed to develop the heart, hand and head.
    happiness, confidence and potential giving him just the right
    amount of support and guidance which allows him to be the best          PSHE is delivered by tutors and overseen by Key Stage
    he can be. There can be no doubt that the academic and personal         Co-Ordinators who also organise Parents’ Evenings and
    success of the boys is founded in the excellent pastoral care of the    Information Evenings.
    school. We call this our GREAT men initiative where talking and
                                                                            The Senior Deputy Head is responsible for pastoral work, boarding,
    mentoring are central to the pastoral work we do.
                                                                            safeguarding and behaviour.
    There is a comprehensive induction programme for each boy
    whenever they join the School. In Years 6 and 7 there is a Head
    of Year with responsibility for all the boys in the year. There are     GREAT Men Initiative
    dedicated tutors for the groups that the boys are placed in. Tutors     Developing emotionally intelligent and articulate, resilient
    are the first point of contact for parents and boys.                    young men who are the very best versions of themselves is the
        Head of Year 6 Mrs M Marlow                                         purpose of our GREAT men initiative. We do this across our whole
                                                                            community through structured conversation and debate, role
        Head of Year 7 Mr J Parton                                          modelling and mentoring. It is the foundation of all that we do to
                                                                            champion young men and ensure that they play a full and valued,
    During the Autumn term of Year 7 after some fun activities to get
                                                                            responsible part in society as leaders, employees, fathers, brothers
    to know the boys’ strengths each boy is assigned a House. This
                                                                            and in every role which they fulfill.
    House is their pastoral identity and go to place at school for Years
    8 - 11. There are four houses each with their own tutors, ethos
    and identity and House base in the School. The Housemaster
    oversees the boys, knows each boy and works through the tutors
    to deliver the very best care possible for our boys and families. The   Our Code of Conduct, which can be found in your son’s School
    Houses also provide plenty of opportunity for fun and interhouse        Homework Planner, indicates how we expect boys to behave.
    competitions where families come along too.                             In support of this, the School has a variety of ways for both
                                                                            enhancing positive behaviour and correcting poor behaviour. This
        Abney Housemaster Mr R Ward
                                                                            is detailed in our Behaviour, Rewards and Sanctions Policy which
        Assistant Housemaster Mr P Gacs                                     can be found under the heading ‘Policies’ in the ‘About Us’ section
        Davys Housemaster Mr M Sollars                                      of our website.

        Assistant Housemaster Dr M Ebden
        Pulteney Housemaster Mr J Thornton                                  Clubs, Societies and Trips
        Assistant Housemaster Dr P Rhodes                                   The School offers a whole variety of clubs and societies aimed
                                                                            at specific age groups ranging from Model Cars to Magic.
        Yates Housemaster     Mr A Morris                                   Full details can be found on the School website in the ‘Extra-
        Assistant Housemaster Mr B Korosi                                   curricular’ section.

    In the Sixth Form the boys are guided by Heads of Year and a            Please take some time to go through this with your son in advance
    Head of Sixth Form, again there are specially dedicated tutors          to identify a few areas of potential interest that can be developed
    to this part of the School. The main pastoral aims here are to          with the support of his Form Tutor.
    develop leaders who are ready to go out into the world happy with
    themselves and excited about their future.

New Parents' Handbook 2021/22 - Loughborough Schools ...
Internet Safety and Conduct Online                                      Change of Contact Details
Advice and guidelines on internet safety can be found in each           Please notify the School Office if your contact details change so
boy’s School Homework Planner. Loughborough Grammar                     we are able to contact you quickly in case of an emergency.
School has received e-safety accreditation status and significant
components of the PSHE programme are devoted to the dangers
and potential consequences of the misuse of social media and            Absence
internet activity.
                                                                        In order to report an absence due to illness, please telephone the
In Years 6 to 9 boys have a 6 week bespoke course regarding             School Office on 01509 233233 before 08:30. For other reasons of
internet safety and conduct online.                                     absence, prior permission must be obtained from the from the
                                                                        Housemaster/Head of Year. Requests should be made in writing
                                                                        well in advance. Leave of absence will not normally be given for
Communication                                                           holidays or similar functions, whether run privately or by an
                                                                        organisation, outside the School.
Getting in Touch
Your son’s Form Tutor is the primary contact for all matters            Key Staff
relating to his individual needs – academic or pastoral. If the
matter is of an administrative nature, the School Office is staffed          Mr D Byrne        Headmaster
between the hours of 08:00 and 17:30, Monday to Friday during            Mrs H Foster          Senior Deputy Head
term time and 08:00 and 12:00 during the holiday periods.               		                     (DSL & Head of Boarding)
The School Office telephone number is 01509 233233.                       Mrs M Herring        Deputy Head (Academic)
Urgent messages for your son can be left at the School Office and          Dr T Willmott       Assistant Head (Academic)
will be passed on as quickly as possible. Email is the most effective
method of contacting Form Tutors and all email addresses can be              Mr R Parish       Assistant Head (Wellbeing & Learning)
found on the INSIGHT portal.                                                 Dr A Waters       Assistant Head (Pupil Experience)
We aim to address any concerns within a reasonable time-frame             Miss S Jenkins       Assistant Head (Sixth Form)
and if you do have any concerns, please do let us know as soon
as possible. We are here to help. If you are not satisfied with the       Mrs M Marlow         Head of Year 6
outcome or feel that your concerns have not been fully and fairly            Mr J Parton       Head of Year 7
considered, please contact Mr Byrne by email or
by calling the School Office.                                               Mr M Sollars       Head of Davys House (Years 8 - 11)
                                                                              Mr R Ward        Head of Abney House (Years 8 - 11)
                                                                          Mr J Thornton        Head of Pultney House (Years 8 - 11)
                                                                            Mr A Morris        Head of Yates House (Years 8 - 11)
                                                                           Mrs S Allsopp       Head of Learning Support
                                                                           Mrs D Coward        Lead Nurse Practitioner
                                                                        Miss K Alderman        School Nurse
                                                                             Mrs S Lister      Registrar

New Parents' Handbook 2021/22 - Loughborough Schools ...
Keeping You Informed                                                     Parents’ Association
                                                                             The School has a thriving Parents’ Association that provides social
    LSF App (Weduc)                                                          events for parents to meet and socialise and at the same time
                                                                             raise valuable funds for the School. During the past 12 months the
    We use the LSF App (also known as Weduc) to communicate                  Parents’ Association has organised quiz nights, a Ball and a “Beer
    effectively with parents and guardians through email and the             and Curry” evening as well as being present at Parents’ Evenings
    App (available on all app stores). You will be sent an enrolment         during the induction process. It also manages the Nearly New
    code and instructions on how to register on the LSF App when             Shop for the sale and purchase of uniform.
    your son joins the School. If you already have a child at one of
    the Foundation Schools, your son will be added to your existing
    account and you will not need to re-enrol.                               The Loughburians
    You will not receive any spam or marketing material and your
                                                                             When boys enter Loughborough Grammar School, they
    details will be used solely for matters relating to the School. Please
    do not reply directly to these messages as they originate from an        join a large family of current and former pupils. Once
    unmonitored account.                                                     they become a ‘Loughburian’, they remain so for life.
                                                                             As they progress through the School, they will see many examples
    INSIGHT                                                                  of former staff and pupils giving their time and expertise to
                                                                             support the School. They will gain automatic free membership
    We also use INSIGHT, a system which allows parents access to             to the Loughborough Schools Foundation Alumni Association,
    attendance and assessment data and gives you the ability to              known as ‘The Loughburians’, which they will find to be a
    inform the School of any changes to your son’s details, such as:         thriving social and networking organisation, available to help
    address, telephone numbers, email address and medical practice.          them, in their career as they move forward.
    The system also allows you to contact your son’s teachers through
                                                                             For more information, see
    his Form Tutor.
    This system uses your email address as your username and
    allows you to quickly obtain a reset password via email. Further
    details about logging on to INSIGHT will follow when the Autumn
    term begins.

    Grades, Reports and Parents’ Evenings
    We communicate with you about your son’s progress in a number
    of ways: half-termly grades, written reports and through personal
    discussions during Parents’ Evenings with subject staff and
    Form Tutors.
    In addition, you will be invited to attend Parents’ Evenings
    specific to key areas of your son’s development concerning
    GCSE Choices, Careers, A Level Choices and the Sixth Form and
    Higher Education.
    We have recently introduced a facility for conducting Parents’
    Evenings remotely, and for this we use a system called School
    Cloud. If this continues to be used, you will be sent instructions
    on how to make appointments and attend meetings prior to the
    Parents’ Evening.

New Parents' Handbook 2021/22 - Loughborough Schools ...
General Appearance
                                                                         Summer Holiday School Shop Opening Times
Boys are expected to present themselves well and take
                                                                          09:00-17:00      Friday 9 July
pride in their appearance.
                                                                          09:00-17:00      Friday 30 July
Conventions in hairstyles change but at any time boys will
be expected to keep their hair tidy, clean and to a reasonable            09:00-17:00      Friday 6 August
length, not overlapping with the shirt collar. Hair should be
natural in colour. The test of a reasonable haircut is that it should     09:00-17:00      Friday 13 August
not bring attention to itself. The current fashion for shaved sides is    09:00-17:00      Friday 20 August
not acceptable.
                                                                          09:00-13:00      Saturday 21 August
Unless religion dictates otherwise, boys are expected to shave as
required and rings and personal jewellery may not be worn.                09:00-17:00      Wednesday 25 August
                                                                          09:00-17:00      Thursday 26 August

School Uniform                                                            09:00-17:00      Friday 27 August

Uniform may be purchased from the School Shop, located to the             09:00-17:00      Wednesday 1 September
right of the Fairfield driveway on the A6 Leicester Road.                 09:00-17:00      Thursday 2 September
All new pupils requiring a full uniform will be seen by prior             09:00-17:00      Friday 3 September
appointment only. If you wish to make an appointment, please
contact the School Shop Manager, Mrs Gurney, on 01509 232600              09:00-13:00      Saturday 4 September

For existing pupils and new pupils requiring part uniforms the           Please note: The School Shop is closed weeks commencing 12 and
School Shop is open during the summer 2021 holidays on the               19 July 2021.
following dates, appointments are not required on these dates:

                                                                         The School Shop is open for existing and new pupils requiring
                                                                         uniform at the following times.

                                                                         Term Time School Shop Opening Times
                                                                         Weekdays Monday to Friday, 13:00 – 17:00
                                                                         Weekends (term time only)
                                                                         First Saturday of each month, 10:00 – 12:00
                                                                         Half-terms Closed

                                                                         You can also purchase uniform online at Boys
                                                                         may also visit the School Shop during their lunch break any day
                                                                         from 13:30.
                                                                         The Nearly New Shop, which is run by the Parents’ Association, is
                                                                         situated between Buckland House and Denton House. Opening
                                                                         times can be found on our website under the heading ‘Parents’
                                                                         Association’ on the ‘Parents & Pupils Dashboard’.

New Parents' Handbook 2021/22 - Loughborough Schools ...
Uniform Lists                                                      Sixth Form
     Complete Uniform Lists can also be viewed at                       Sixth Form dress should be ‘professional’, in keeping with an                                                  academic environment and in preparation for their life beyond
                                                                        the School.
                                                                        When boys enter the Sixth Form we permit them to have certain
     Years 6 - 11                                                       alternatives in uniform to mark their position in the School and
                                                                        to enable them to have some freedom of choice. Students should
     Items marked * are either branded or school specific and must be   wear a smart suit, a formal shirt and School tie with professional
     purchased from the School Shop                                     shoes. In order to maintain the smart appearance of all members
                                                                        of the School, we ask that uniform regulations are strictly
                                       Swimming Kit
     Uniform                                                            observed.
                                       Navy blue swim shorts*
     Grey suit*
     Navy blue jumper*                 Other Essentials                 Uniform List
     Blue shirt                        Back pack or sports bag              A tailored, business-style suit comprising of a jacket and
                                                                            trousers of matching colours
     House tie*                        Astro turf trainers
                                                                            Suits may be black, grey or blue and should be of a sober
     Grey socks                        Rugby boots                          shade. Thin, subtle pinstripes are also acceptable
     White lab coat for Science,       Indoor, non-marking trainers         Shirts should be of a light or pastel colour
     Art and Design Technology
                                       Team members only                    School tie*
                                       Branded athletics vest               Leather laced shoes (no trainers)
     Physical Education                (recommended for Athletics           Plain matching socks (no white or fluorescent socks)
                                       team and Cross Country team -
     Navy shorts for PE*               not compulsory)                      Optional Items
     Red performance tee*              Cricket trousers*                    V-neck jumper in either grey, navy blue or black with no
     White sports socks                Cricket jumper*                      visible logo
     Rugby/Hockey Kit                  Cricket shirt*                       Coats should be tailored and suitable for a professional
                                                                            environment, in a sober shade of black, grey, brown or blue
     Reversible games shirt*           Optional
                                                                            Suitable, sober scarf (no sports scarves)
     Games socks*                      Bobble hat*
                                                                            Matching suit waistcoat
     Shin guards                       Weather layer jacket*
                                       (recommended for team            Games clothing should not be purchased by Sixth Formers until
                                       players)                         they have made their choice of sport.
     Eco mid-layer*
                                       Rugby shorts*
     Eco training pants*
                                       Navy long sleeved base layer

     Please ensure that ALL property is named. The School Shop sells
     large name labels which should be stitched on the outside of
     rugby shirts, laboratory coats and bags, as well as small name
     tapes for the inside of clothing.

For all Pupils
                                                                   We have a large campus with a public footpath running
A fountain pen with black ink cartridges, a black roller-ball or
                                                                   through the middle. This means that keeping property
black handwriting pen
                                                                   secure is everybody’s responsibility. It is our expectation
Pencil case, pencils, possibly including a propelling pencil       that all property will be appropriately labelled.
Eraser pen
Pencil eraser                                                      Bags
Selection of coloured pencils                                      Boys should use the bag racks located in the foyers of most
                                                                   buildings. Should they need to leave a bag overnight, they should
30cm ruler                                                         ensure it is secured inside a building at all times. Bags should not
Red ball-point pen                                                 be left close to Burton Walks at any time. This includes outside the
                                                                   cricket pavilion and the Combined Cadet Force compound.
Protractor and a pair of compasses
Glue stick and a pair of safety scissors                           Musical Instruments
Calculator                                                         These should be stored, as far as possible, in the Music department
                                                                   and should never be left overnight in the main School buildings.
Water bottle
                                                                   Valuable Possessions
                                                                   The School does not accept any responsibility for items brought
                                                                   onto School premises. Boys are asked to be sensible about items
                                                                   they bring into School. If they need to be looked after for a
                                                                   significant part of the day, they can be left in the School Office.
                                                                   Boys should remember to hand them in when doing PE, Games or
                                                                   Exams, remembering to collect them at the end of the session.

                                                                   Lost Property
                                                                   Expensive, individual items must be left with Mrs Foster. Other
                                                                   property left around the School stays where it is and every half-
                                                                   term a sweep of the School is conducted and property returned
                                                                   where it is named.
                                                                   Named sports kit from Quorn Playing Fields and the Sports Hall
                                                                   is returned via your son’s Form Tutor. All un-named property is
                                                                   held in lockers by the Stables Tuckshop and we encourage boys to
                                                                   check there for lost items.

                                                                   Damage of any kind to School or other people’s property
                                                                   or equipment, and injuries or accidents, must be reported
                                                                   immediately to a member of staff. Boys are required to contribute
                                                                   towards any repairs to property caused by careless or silly

Health and Wellbeing Centre                                            School Buses
     The Health Centre is situated in School House and a                    Loughborough Schools Foundation are pleased to offer
     Nurse is always on-site from 08:00 to 17:30.                           families an extensive range of bus routes that cover
     There is an “open-door” policy for pupils to visit the Nurses at any   Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. These
     time during the day to discuss in confidence any problems or           routes are managed through our partnership with
     concerns that they may be experiencing. Parents are welcome to         Roberts Travel Group (Passenger Travel Solutions) and
     visit or telephone the Health Centre at any time to discuss their      pupils from Year 3 can access the service.
     son’s health and wellbeing.
                                                                            At the time of printing, the list of routes below provides the area
     A stock of over-the-counter medication is kept at the Health           from which each route originates from however for full details
     Centre and will be administered by the Nurse unless a parent/          of all the stops and times please visit our interactive map on the
     guardian has indicated otherwise on the Medical Form.                  website at Please note that our
     Pupils should not keep their own medication on their person,           bus service adapts and grows with demand wherever possible and
     with the exception of those with asthma and severe allergies           so please do get in touch with Roberts Travel Group to discuss your
     where boys are responsible for their inhalers and AAIs at all times.   family’s requirements.

     If a boy is unwell and should not remain at School, parents will       In order to book a bus place for your child, please visit https://
     be informed and asked to collect him from the Health Centre. 
     Boys may not leave School for reasons of ill-health without the        A range of payment options are available.
     Nurse’s knowledge. The School Office will be informed if a boy
     is sent home.                                                          Contact details for all bus related matters; Tel: 01530 816424 or
     There is a full time school counsellor who supports boys
     individually and also does some life coaching.
                                                                            Route & Location
     Boarders                                                                   A       Leicester West
                                                                                B       Glenfield
     There are two boarding houses at the School. Boys board in
     Denton or School House, many are overseas boarders and they                C       Leicester
     are a diverse group of boys who live on site all term enriching the        D       Oadby
     School community. Day boys often become very good friends with
                                                                                E       Borrowash
     boarders and may well be invited to some of the boarding events.
                                                                                F       Syston
                                                                                G       Nottingham/West Bridgford
                                                                                H       Cotgrave
                                                                                I       Kinoulton
                                                                                J       Ellistown
                                                                                K       Bingham
                                                                                L       Hugglescote
                                                                                N       Wartnaby/Melton Mowbray
                                                                                O       Repton
                                                                                P       Heatherton
                                                                                Q       Diseworth
                                                                                NCTB Nottingham Service Bus

Catering                                                              Music
School lunches and packed lunches are eaten in the                    With over 2000 pupils sharing the magnificent, award-
Burton Hall. A wide range of hot and cold foods are                   winning building, Loughborough Schools Music
available daily.                                                      department is an extremely exciting place to be. Being
Our catering team uses fresh ingredients and concentrates on          part of Loughborough Grammar School will give you
producing food which is low in fat wherever possible. At least        and your son full access to this vibrant musical arena. .
one vegetarian meal is available each day as is a Halal meat or       Providing an outstanding musical education to all of the pupils
fish dish. If you have not already done so, please make the School    in the Foundation means that we offer a huge range of musical
aware of any food allergies, intolerances or religious requirements   activities, all of which enable our pupils to take part and achieve
your child may have to help the catering team assess their needs.     of their best. As a cross-Foundation department our facilities are
Anyone with a tight schedule at lunchtime can pick up a packed        unrivalled in both music and music technology, and we are proud
lunch at the start of the lunchtime break from the Stables            to have ‘All-Steinway’ status, giving pupils access to the finest
Tuckshop. Packed lunches are also available for School trips and      pianos available.
games fixtures.                                                       Our academic music curriculum is focused on creativity and
If you wish your son to have lunches, please complete and return      understanding, and is underpinned by the huge number
the form which will be sent to you in due course. Charges for         of instrumental ensembles and choirs on offer. There are
each term will be added to your fees invoice. Whatever option you     opportunities for every pupil, from our open-access choirs and
choose for School lunches will remain in force for subsequent         ensembles to our very top, nationally-recognised groups. There
terms unless you let us know in writing. Such instructions need to    are plenty of opportunities for all of our performers to showcase
be with the School Office by half-term of the term preceding that     their musical prowess on stage, both in the Music department
in which the change will take effect.                                 and beyond. Instrumental tuition is incredibly strong, with a large
                                                                      team of specialists supporting and encouraging those who choose
The Stables Tuckshop is open from 08:00 for breakfast. During         to take individual lessons.
the Break at 10:45, the Burton Hall and the Sixth Form Centre are
both open for the sale of hot food, snacks and soft drinks. The       If you wish to find out more, please have a look at our web pages
Stables Tuckshop, which is open at lunchtime, also sells a variety and
of food. All pupils wishing to use the Tuckshop need to have a        extra-curricular/music/ or email
bank card/pocket money card to purchase on the day, we no
longer accept cash.
There is also a vending machine available for boys to purchase
snacks and drinks before or after the School day.

Sports                                                                             Fee Payments
     Sport plays a pivotal role in our boys’ education. We                              Information about fees, including lunch and Music
     understand the importance of positive competition and                              lesson charges, is available under the heading ‘School
     the value of teamwork.                                                             Fees’, in the ‘Admissions’ section on our website.
     There are opportunities for pupils of all abilities to learn to play               Loughborough Schools Foundation requires school fees to be paid
     new sports using our excellent facilities both on the School                       in full by the first day of each term. Information about how to
     campus and at our playing fields at Quorn.                                         pay fees, including the Fee Payment Plan, can also be found on
                                                                                        the website.
     There are a wide range of sports on offer from Rugby, Hockey
     and Cricket to Basketball, Fencing and Climbing. Please visit our
     website for a full list and further details.

     Injury Prevention
     It is School policy that boys taking part in sporting activity
     should have the correct kit and should use the appropriate safety
     equipment where necessary.

     Sports Activities
     Custom-made mouth-guards* are mandatory. DIY products are
     not recommended. Players in the forwards must wear shin-guards.
     Custom-made mouth-guards* are mandatory. All players must
     wear shin-guards.
     Protective eye shields are provided by the School and should
     always be worn on court.
     The wearing of a helmet is mandatory in both practice and match
     situations. The School provides helmets but we recommend that
     serious players purchase their own.

     * Mouth Guards
     For Rugby and Hockey, custom-made mouth guards are mandatory. DIY products
     are not recommended. Impact Gumshields will visit the School to take impressions
     for custom-made mouth guards. If you wish your son to be fitted, please complete
     the form which will be sent to you in due course. You are free to make your own
     arrangements if you so wish.

Additional Information                                                Term Dates 2021-23
An individual pupil and parent hand book for each Year
group will be issued to you in the summer holidays.                   Term Dates 2021-22
The following information is available under the heading ‘Policies’   Autumn Term 2021
in the ‘About Us’ section of our website:
                                                                      Start of Term               Monday 6 September
    Admissions Policy and Procedures
                                                                      Half-term                   Monday 18 October – Friday 29 October
    Anti-Bullying Policy                                              End of Term                 Friday 17 December*
    Behaviour, Rewards and Sanctions Policy
                                                                      Spring Term 2022
    Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy
                                                                      Start of Term               Tuesday 11 January
    Complaints Policy
                                                                      Half-term                   Monday 14 February – Friday 18 February
    Curriculum Policy                                                 End of Term                 Friday 25 March*
    Data Collection Policy
                                                                      Summer Term 2022
    EAL Policy
                                                                      Start of Term               Tuesday 19 April
    First Aid, Medical and Accident Reporting Policy
                                                                      May Bank Holiday            Monday 2 May
    Health and Safety Policy                                          Half-term                   Monday 30 May – Friday 3 June
    Out of School Visits Policy                                       End of Term                 Friday 8 July*
    Relationships and Sex Education Policy
    Special Educational Needs Policy
                                                                      Term Dates 2022-23
    Statement of Boarding Principles and Practice
                                                                      Autumn Term 2022
    Student Disciplinary, Suspension and Exclusion Policy.
                                                                      Start of Term               Monday 5 September
    Taking, Storing and Using Images of Pupils
                                                                      Half-term                   Monday 17 October – Friday 28 October
    Transgender Statement
                                                                      End of Term                 Friday 16 December*
A full list of all Loughborough Schools Foundation and
                                                                      Spring Term 2023
Loughborough Grammar School policies is available on request.
                                                                      Start of Term               Tuesday 10 January
                                                                      Half-term                   Monday 13 February – Friday 17 February
                                                                      End of Term                 Friday 24 March*
                                                                      Summer Term 2023
                                                                      Start of Term               Monday 17 April
                                                                      May Bank Holiday            Monday 1 May
                                                                      Half-term                   Monday 29 May – Friday 2 June
                                                                      End of Term                 Friday 7 July*

                                                                      * On these dates, term ends at 12:00.

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