NEWS from the HEIGHTS - Centenary Heights State High School

NEWS from the HEIGHTS - Centenary Heights State High School
                                                      Term 2 MAY 2021

                                                         Safety Respect Learning

IN THIS ISSUE: ANZAC Day Ceremony       Junior Secondary & Languages Update  Sport Report
  		         Teaching & Learning Update      Cross Country Results    Toowoomba Big Bass Day
NEWS from the HEIGHTS - Centenary Heights State High School
Dear Families
1. The recent Parent/Student/Teacher interviews were a great success – 726
  interviews. Many thanks to you as parents/carers and to our students for your
  participation and to Deputy Principal Mick Floyd and Office staff member Mrs Lill
  Smith for their excellent organisation of such a large event.

2. Uptake to the Department of Education’s communication platform, QParents has again this year
  been exceptional. We are at 95% of our families using this superb functionality to stay abreast of
  all information to do with your child’s enrolment. It is a 100% safe and secure platform in terms of
  privacy and holds all of your child’s report cards, attendance record, the status of your school fee
  payment, allows you the option of explaining an absence of your child from school and a number
  of other options. What our families absolutely love about this is the ease of use and the ‘one stop
  shop’ when it comes to accessing information. If you are seeking assistance to enrol to Q Parents,
  please contact any of our office staff on 46367500 or come in to them and they will assist you to
  enrol then and there. Speaking of Q Parents, our families will receive an email in the last week of
  this term advising that your child’s next report card is ready for you to download.

3. NAPLAN for Years 7 and 9 is over for another year – it always seems a long time coming and then,
  in a flash, it is done. Many thanks to Deputy Principal Kerri-Ann Frew and our teachers involved as
  their organisation and preparation for the event was just so smooth. What is crucial to us is to
  ensure that our students are comfortable in their participation and understand the purpose of the

4. Parents/Carers of our Year 10 students – in the last week of this term our students understand their
  ongoing excellent attendance at school is essential as there is a special, and very structured,
  program being run with them. This program includes some required completions of training as our
  Year 10s prepare for the post compulsory phase of schooling ie Years 11 and 12. Included in the
  program are:

  • Completion of the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority [QCAA] Academic
    Integrity program – this is a requirement for every student seeking to enter Year 11.

  • Participating in Mock Interviews – this is where local employers are good enough to come in
     and give us their time to conduct a formal job interview with every one of our Year 10 students.
     The 10s have been prepared for this all the way through their pastoral care program and it is
     invaluable for our young people as they prepare for maybe their first part time job or fulltime
     employment or a school-based traineeship [SAT]

  • A Study Skills session – how to study effectively.

  • Participation in and completion of the Certificate 1 in Information Technology and Digital
    Media – this gives students a valuable 2 points towards the required 20 points required to
    attain the Queensland Certificate of Education by the end of Year 12 – again students are
    guided through the completion of this qualification.

Such is the importance of all Year 10s in attendance, especially as this program runs through Monday
to Thursday of this last week of term, a medical certificate is required to be submitted should a
student be absent on any one day.

5. Parents/Carers of our Year 12 students – the first of two rounds of invitations to the Year 12 Formal
  are about to be issued. The second and final round of invitations, for any student who has missed
  out this round, will be issued after the next reporting period. Our students have long understood
  that participation in the Formal is a privilege earned through being the best person and learner in
  terms of attendance, behaviour and work rate across all of the learning program.
NEWS from the HEIGHTS - Centenary Heights State High School
6. A few reminders re operational matters:
  • Students understand they are not permitted to have aerosol cans eg deodorant cans in their
     possession at school. We have many students whose health is at risk if exposed to such sprays.
     Roll-on deodorant of course is acceptable.
  • Students also understand they are not permitted to text their parents to collect them for any
     reason from school – whenever this is appropriate they know to approach our office staff and
     that will be actioned through them.
  • A suggestion for families to download your child’s Semester Assessment Planner from your Q
    Parents account and position on the fridge – great for families to see upcoming assessment
    dates and to ask children how they are going with preparation.
7. Recent major events in relation to our school have been so very enjoyable and so well done:
  • Our ANZAC Day service – there is an article in our imminent Newsletter that describes the event
    thoroughly and I wish to add my comment around the respect and understanding shown by
    our students in this event – the word, admirable is the one I wish to use. Pastoral Care teachers
    go to appropriate lengths to ensure all students have an understanding of what ANZAC means
    and our students respond, as I say, admirably. My sincere thanks to Heads of Department Bron
    Mowbray, Mary-Anne Searle-Tebbit and Rachael Mayers for their exemplary organisation.
  • Our Annual School Cross Country – it is hard to picture 1750 students walking or running, in
    complete order, across our 3 ovals yet there it was on a beautiful autumn afternoon, young
    people exercising and so enjoying themselves. To bring an event of that quantity together is
    no mean feat and takes months in the planning – gratitude goes to teachers Frank Dowling
    and Chrissie Bartlett who, with our colleague staff and student Sport Captains, year on year
    run the best of shows. Our students love it!
  • The Toowoomba Choir Eisteddfod – recently our Choirs, alongside a number of other Toowoomba
     secondary schools across the sectors of state, catholic and independent schools, performed
     in this event. Our students were – what is the word I am looking for here? – is it exceptional? Is
     it unbelievable? Is it beautiful? Or is it all of those things? Indeed, it is all of those things – Highly
     Commended, Winners and 2 placing by the adjudicator were our results and perhaps the
     greatest result was the delight of the large audience in their reaction to the performances of
     our students. Absolute acknowledgment to our teachers Heidi Law, Renae Stanley and Jess
     Johansen for their mentoring of our students and the high quality of performance they elicit
     from our young people. To see the joy on the faces of all of our students and their pride in
     themselves and their respective choir teams was just so amazing.
8. Facilities update:
  • as we pursue more shade and shelter areas for our students within our large campus we are just
     awaiting final quotes for the first of Colorbond shelters to be erected. Major acknowledgment
     to our wonderful P and C – yet again – for their funding of the first of these shelters, approximately
     $40000. Additional to this is the creation of more concrete pads on which to house picnic
     tables and seats being built by our Year 11 Building and Construction students and their
     teacher Mr Sam Davies – it is a real treat to watch their production line and their very fine
     attention to detail in this construction.
  • the air conditioning of all classrooms at our school will now occur in either the September
     school holidays or December/January school holidays. Originally the Department of Education
     plan was to have this done in the last January holidays but unexpected delays have occurred
     and so at least we have a replacement timeline now.
  • Almost complete is our brand-new Yarning Circle at the main campus and then soon after the
     equivalent at our Flexi School campus – fabulous additions to our school culture.

Best regards

                                                                Maryanne Walsh, Executive Principal
NEWS from the HEIGHTS - Centenary Heights State High School
Centenary Heights State High School this year hosted the first Toowoomba Big Bass Day in our Caldwell
Theatre. As Toowoomba doesn’t have a Double Bass specialist, our own strings teacher Jessica
Johansen set about organising a spectacular event that invited a range of school students to
participate in specialist tutorial-style workshops. The workshops included 16 students from Toowoomba,
Brisbane, Charleville, Warwick and Stanthorpe under the tutorage of 4 special Double Bass tutors,
including our very own Harrison Young. Students thoroughly enjoyed playing in small chamber groups
and a large Double Bass Ensemble. The feedback of success CHSHS Music Department received
indicates that The Toowoomba Big Bass Day will be marked annually on the Centenary Heights SHS
calendar! Congratulations to Jess Johansen and team for coordinating this exceptional experience for
students.                                                              Bron Mowbray, HOD Performing Arts

The beginning of the World Language Championship was announced in
our last newsletter and has since been finalised. Our results this year were
outstanding, every year our achievements grow in stature. The competition
works on a points system with one point earned for every successfully
completed question. This year, in the one week allocated for the event, our
school answered over 186 000 questions and finished first in Queensland for
our size school. This placed us 3rd in Australia and 4th overall in the world
out of over 200 schools our size. Individually our results were outstanding
and these will be announced at our Annual Awards evening and in our
Maelstrom. Stay tuned!

Our School captains have continued their great initiative of working with                          Our School Captains workshopping their
our Year 7 & 8 Class Captains, further developing the leadership skills of                        ideas on a ‘Day for Dolly’ with the Year 7
both groups. Currently they are working on a structure to provide more                                         Class Captains.
lunch time activities for our younger students – of great benefit to all!
                                                                      Tim O’Connell, HOD Junior Secondary & Languages
                                                          DONATE YOUR PRE-LOVED
    YEAR 6 to 7 in 2022                                          LAPTOPS
 ENROLMENT INFORMATION                              Calling all those generous souls who may have a pre-loved laptop at
                                                    home. CHSHS is keen to receive your preloved laptops as a donation to
  This important process has commenced in           the school. If you are able to donate a laptop, please bring laptops to
 preparation for 2022. A comprehensive video        the front office and we will deliver them to the IT Staff in the library.
  about our school and the steps required for
  enrolment can now be found on our school          This will be a fantastic opportunity for some of our students to be able to
   website at:       access a laptop to use for their schoolwork. Our Principal, Miss Walsh, our
                                                    IT staff and our Learning Hub staff all support this program.
    Enrolments for 2022 will be taken from          If you have any questions regarding this project, please call Christy
          Monday, August 9 2021.
                                                    Parker, Kirrily Scarff or Bec Hefron at the School on 4636 7500.
 As always, please feel free to make contact with   We thank you in advance for your generosity as the caring CHSHS
 our main office should you have any questions.
NEWS from the HEIGHTS - Centenary Heights State High School
  Anzac Day is a national day of remembrance in                                                         own catafalque party of CHSHS students as part
  Australia and New Zealand that broadly                                                                of our ceremony from a local Cadet unit
  commemorates all Australians and New                                                                  consisting of - Dominic Whittaker (in charge),
  Zealanders “who served and died in all wars,                                                          Jasper Kelleher (second in charge), Carrington
  conflicts, and peacekeeping operations” and                                                           Schubert,      Sebastian    Eshman,      Ethan
  “the contribution and suffering of all those who                                                      Richter, and Lochie Uren. Our guest speaker
  have served”. This year at Centenary Heights                                                          – CPO ATA Doug Tebbit gave a wonderful
  State High School we held our ANZAC Ceremony                                                          and informative speech acknowledging the
  on Friday the 23rd of April. The ceremony was
                                                                                                        early on involvement of the Australian Royal
  one of an excellent standard that was
  livestreamed to all of our classes while our Year                                                     Navy at Gallipoli. Our ceremony            was
  12 cohort were present in the Caldwell building                                                       accompanied         by     the exceptionally
  along with our special guests. Our special guests                                                     talented students from our School Choir
  were Mr David Janetzki Member of Parliament                                                           accompanied by Heidi Law and our
  Toowoomba South; Mr Bryce Rogers representing                                                         Concert Band conducted by Jeff Poole. A
  Legacy; Mr Wayne Heading P & C President                                                              wonderful ceremony that did justice to
  and CPO ATA Doug Tebbit Navy Liaison Support                                                          commemorating our Australian and New
  RAAF Base Wagga. We were proud to have our                                                            Zealand servicemen/women who have served
                                                                                                        and continue to serve our country.
                                                 Mary-Anne Searle-Tebbit, HOD Humanities & Bron Mowbray, HOD Performing Arts

                                TEACHING & LEARNING UPDATE
 Term 2 will be a busy one in the Teaching and Learning sphere as a core group of teachers undertake a
 project in relation to classroom teaching. They will be responsible for gathering data on teaching practices
 that are currently used to develop a whole school approach using the Explicit Instruction framework to
 strengthen our already great practices.

 Throughout the semester, our teachers and students have been exceptional at inviting 16 Pre-Service
 Teachers into their classrooms. Through the mentorship of our staff, Pre-Service teachers have been building
 knowledge and skills in content, pedagogy and classroom management. Feedback from the Pre-Service
 Teachers and Universities is always exceptional with “we were made to feel very welcome and part of the
 community” always one of the top responses.
                                                                                                                     Emma Castles, HOD Teachig & Learning

                                                                                                             2021 NEXT STEP
                                                                                              The Queensland Government is conducting its annual
                                                                                              statewide survey of all students who completed Year 12 in 2020.
                                                                                              The Next Step survey is a brief, confidential survey that gains
                                                                                              a comprehensive picture of the employment, study and life
                                                                                              choices made by Queensland school completers in the year
                                                                                              after they finish Year 12.

                                                                                              Between April and June, all our students who completed Year
                                                                                              12 last year can expect to receive instructions to complete a
Ever considered what a career in the Australian Defence Force is                              web-based survey or a telephone call from the Queensland
                          really like?                                                        Government Statistician’s Office. Please encourage them to
  Join us at the ADF Careers Expo and discover what life is like in the Navy, Army and Air
Force. Come meet serving personnel and get your questions answered. The Careers Expo is
                                                                                              take part. If their contact details have changed, please assist
 a great opportunity to check out some of our equipment and learn about all the careers       the interviewer with their updated details or forward the survey
                         available in the Australian Defence Force.
                                                                                              to their new address so they can participate.
                                 Date: Friday 25th June 2021
                      Time: 9:00am – 11:30am & 12:30pm – 3:00pm
                                                                                              Thank you for your support of the Next Step survey in 2021.
Location: Defence Force Recruiting Centre Toowoomba, O’Quinn Street, Toowoomba QLD
                                         4350                                                 Further information on Next Step, including results from previous
Register: Registrations are essential, visit to secure your spot.   years, is available online at or on toll
           On The Day: Come see our military helicopter, vehicles, equipment and more!
                                                                                              free telephone 1800 068 587.
NEWS from the HEIGHTS - Centenary Heights State High School
Beautiful conditions made the 2021 Cross Country and Fun Colour Run a pleasure for
participants. It was such a great sight to see so many students laughing and smiling as they were
participating in their physical activity around both courses. Thank you to staff for their excellent
support and assistance as students moved around both tracks. All students were involved at
both Cross Country and the Fun Run, with some fantastic times and distances being run. The
addition of the colour stations this year proved to be popular. The obstacles around the course
also showed that students are keen to test their physical prowess. Special mentions to all of our
Age Champions on their efforts and new records set. Also special mention to Tsana Walker,
Jarrah Vayro, Tim Wright, Tyler Nicholson and Kaley Richardson for their Fun Run efforts – they
probably ended up doing more kilometres than our competitive runners. A wonderful afternoon
enjoyed by all.
                                   COMPETITIVE EVENT RESULTS
      THOMPSON                   CURRAN                SWARTZ                       KENNY
         234                       174                   143                         186
         1st                       3rd                   4th                         2nd
                                    FUN COLOUR RUN RESULTS
      THOMPSON                   CURRAN                SWARTZ                       KENNY
         1590                     1766                  1657                         1745
          4th                      1st                   3rd                         2nd
                                  OVERALL COMBINED RESULTS
          1824                    1940                  1800                         1931
           3rd                     1st                   4th                         2nd

                                      AGE CHAMPIONS 2021
                            1st                       2nd                        3rd
     12 Girls    Pip Beveridge            Millie Natalier            Handre Botha
     12 Boys     Lachlan Daley            Hassan Al Nasser           Ramez Al Nasser
     13 Girls    Bronte Wade              Mia Wilson                 Tahli Wilson
     13 Boys     Zac Harvey               Sadeer Ali                 Tarkyn Benton
     14 Girls    Ryleigh Parsons          Abigail Collins            Laura Fry
     14 Boys     Beau Harvey              Jeremy Griffiths           Will Murtagh
     15 Girls    Jade Gaske               Evangeline Wembri          Ruby Vayro
     15 Boys     Jack Lyon                Blair Fitzpatrick          Lochie Uren
     16 Girls    Brianna Martin           Isabelle Payne             Krista Hughes
     16 Boys     Jack Ewing               Max Andrew                 Reon Saal
     19 Girls    Natalie Bullpitt         Kyrna Crump                Hollie Wisley
     19 Boys     Nicholas Maxwell         Dylan Hickey               Rakez Al Nasser

Cross Country Records: All first place getters as the new course at school was set.

                                                                    Chris Bartlett, Sports Coordinator
NEWS from the HEIGHTS - Centenary Heights State High School
NEWS from the HEIGHTS - Centenary Heights State High School
Welcome back to another busy term of sport             information.
for our CHSHS staff and students. We currently
have much going on and we are happy to                • If students have any questions about sport,
share some of our great achievements. We               they know to see Mrs Bartlett at F Block
have also had some COVID restrictions lifted           staffroom.
for our events which will allow spectators back
into more events throughout 2021. Please
make note of a few reminders regarding sport               CURRENT SCHOOL TEAMS TRIALS AND
at CHSHS:                                                           INFORMATION

• TSSS Trials are for 13 to 19 year old students.     T20 Cricket
 Most of these trials have been held now for
 2021. We do still have some to go and they           - Our T20 Senior cricket team has recently had
 will be advertised in the usual manner.                their Final on May 12.

• Central Zone Trials are for 12 year old             - Our Junior T20 cricket team has had the
 students. Again, most of these have now                unfortunate misfortune of again having their
 been completed for 2021, with only a few of            Gala day postponed due to rain. This event
 these remaining.                                       is in current negotiations for reschedule.

• Darling Downs Trials are for 12 to 19 year old      Volleyball
 students. Current trials coming up include
 Cross Country.                                       - Our Volleyball teams continue to play well
                                                        in the Toowoomba Volleyball Competition
• For all trials, students are required to be           which is played every Tuesday night. Girls
 on Green or Gold level, have finances up               are at HSHS and Boys are at Toowoomba
 to date and have no assessment clash. If               Grammar School.
 students seek to move up a level, they know
 to collect a form from their Head of Year.           - Our Junior Boys team, under the guidance of
                                                        Mr Drew Copeland have nominated and are
• Nomination information packages may                   preparing for the Qld Schools Cup Volleyball
 be downloaded from our school website                  competition to be played in late May. This
 or may be collected in person from F Block             competition is being held locally so there will
 Noticeboard.                                           be plenty of opportunity to support.

• All trials require the return of relevant           Rugby League
 nomination information and a Medical
 Consent Form.                                        - Our Open and Under 13 Rugby League
                                                        teams have begun their Inter-School Rugby
• Some trials incur a fee – this will be stipulated     League competition against other schools in
 on the trial information sheets.                       the Darling Downs Region.

• Darling Downs trial always have a                   - These games are played on a Wednesday
 nomination fee that has to be paid online              afternoon at various locations around the
 prior to nominating. If you go to the Darling          region. From all accounts, the boys have had
 Downs School Sport website home page,                  a good start to this season and continue to
 you will find the online shop to register.             improve each week.
 These payments need to be made prior to
 nominating to Ms Bartlett at F Block.                Touch Football
• NO LATE NOMINATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.               - Trials have been completed now and teams
 There are plenty of reminders so that this             announced. It was wonderful to see so many
 does not occur.                                        of our students trialling for these teams and it
                                                        certainly makes the task of selections very
• All trials are advertised on Student Notices,         difficult. We would have had some very
 Year Level Parades, Whole School Parade                disappointed students who have missed out.
 and the current Sport Update that all students         We have encouraged those students to
 receive via their school email.                        come and ask for feedback as a way of
                                                        improving and coming back stronger next
• If there are any circumstances where you              year at trials.
 are unsure of Darling Downs trials going
 ahead due to the wet weather, you can                - Next Term will see our teams involved in an
 always check the Darling Downs School                  Inter-School weekly competition, South West
 Sport website where they will have the latest          All Schools Touch on August 8 and then some
 information available for easy access of               trial games against other schools.
NEWS from the HEIGHTS - Centenary Heights State High School
- This term will involve preparing our students       • Congratulations to Eva McCurley-Ault on her
  for these events.                                    selection into the Darling Downs Hockey
Vicki Wilson Netball
                                                      • Congratulations to Jacob Sykes and Grant
- Our Senior and Junior Vicki Wilson Netball           Eldridge Hayes on their selection into the
  teams have been finalised and have begun             Darling Downs Orienteering team.
                                                      • These are wonderful achievements from our
- The event this year is on June 4.                    students and we wish them well at their
                                                       respective State Championships in the future.
Golden Glove Softball
                                                      • Congratulations to a number of our students
- Our Golden Glove Softball teams have now             who ran at the All Schools Cross Country last
  been selected and have begun training for            weekend in Ipswich. Great runs, lots of
  their upcoming event in May. Girls are May           personal best times and an overall impressive
  25 and Boys are May 26.                              day. Congratulations to Kyrna Crump, Tomas
                                                       Crump, Zac Harvey and Beau Harvey.
AFL Gala Days
                                                      • Congratulations to Jack Atwell, Lachlan
- Our Senior and Junior boys and girls AFL             Daley, Pip Beveridge, Handre Botha and Millie
  teams have played at their AFL Gala Days on
                                                       Natalier who recently competed at the
  May 18th (Girls) and 19th (Boys). This event
  was held at the Highfields Sport Centre. A           Central Zone Cross Country. Students ran well
  fantastic time was had by all.                       on the day despite a little shower as they
                                                       raced. Pip, Millie and Lachlan have
                                                       progressed through to the Darling Downs trials
Bill Turner Cup Football                               on May 17. Special mention to Pip and
- Congratulations to our Bill Turner Cup               Lachlan who both won their Age Groups at
  Football team on their recent results at the Bill    this event.
  Turner Cup competition.
                                                         CONGRATULATIONS YEAR 12 SPORT AND
- They were the unluckiest team – one point                    RECREATION CLASSES
  scored against them all day and one loss
  and they miss the final.                            Congratulations to our three Yr 12 Sport and
                                                      Recreation classes on the exceptional job they
- Outstanding effort from the boys and special        did officiating at the recent Toowoomba Zone
  thanks to Director of Football, Mr John             Cross Country. This excursion has become a
  Harman for his continued support of our             tradition over the past few years. Students
  students playing football.                          in these classes are given the opportunity
                                                      to put their skills to the test in real life work
      CONGRATULATIONS SCHOOL SPORT                    environments. Their competencies are tested
        REPRESENTATIVE SELECTIONS                     and signed off on from this event. These
                                                      students represented our school so well with
• Congratulations to Zavier Hancock on his            many positive comments made from parents,
 selection into the Darling Downs Softball            spectators, athletes and staff from other
 team.                                                schools. Well done Yr 12 Sport and Recreation
                                                      students on a job well done.

                                                                      Chris Bartlett, Sports Coordinator
NEWS from the HEIGHTS - Centenary Heights State High School
One School - Two Campuses

                        SCHOOL OFFICE OPENING HOURS - 4636 7500
  The School Office is open Monday to Friday between the hours of 8.15 am and 3.45 pm.

                         TEXTBOOK OFFICE OPENING HOURS - 4636 7576
               The Textbook Office is open Monday to Friday - 8.15 am to 3.00 pm.

                           UNIFORM SHOP OPENING HOURS - 4636 7514
                The Uniform Shop is open during school terms on the following days:
                               Monday                8:00am – 12:00pm
                               Tuesday              8:00am – 12:00pm
                               Wednesday            8:00am – 12:00pm
                               Thursday             1:00pm – 4:30pm
                               Friday                CLOSED
       Please note: The shop is closed on pupil free days and the last Thursday of each term.

                           UPCOMING EVENTS
MAY                                                8         Year 11 RYDA Day
24        Full Formal Uniform day for Year 12      9         Year 7 & 8 German Zoo Excursion
25        Full Formal Uniform day for Year 10      15        International Cleaners Day
26        Full Formal Uniform day for Year 11                P&C Meeting at 6pm
27        Full Formal Uniform day for Year 7
          USQ Science & Engineering Challenge      22 - 23   Year 10 Mock Interviews
31        Full Formal Uniform day for Year 8                 Year 12 CPR
JUNE                                               25        Crazy Hair Day & Shave for a Cure
2         Red Food Day & Free Dress Day                      Last day of Term 2

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