2018 2019 Butler Area School District

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2018 2019 Butler Area School District
2018 – 2019
2018 2019 Butler Area School District
Our Mission and Beliefs

The mission of the Butler Area School District, a community committed to fostering a culture of forward-
thinking, innovative and lifelong learning, is to prepare students to succeed in an ever-changing global
society through academically rigorous and individualized learning experiences within a nurturing and safe

Our Beliefs
We believe in lifelong learning.                          We believe in dignity and respect for all.
We believe in empowering individuals.                     We believe in the power of community pride.
We believe that diversity must be respected.              We believe that everyone has a right to learn.
We believe that creativity powers innovation.             We believe in collaborative communication.
We believe that all individuals are able to learn.

Our Objectives
All students will have an individualized rigorous academic plan.
All students will meet or exceed individualized rigorous growth targets.
All students will respect themselves and others.
All students will create an ongoing interest-based portfolio that provides a foundation for career planning.
All students will read with accuracy, fluency and comprehension by the end of 3rd grade.
All students will demonstrate the social, emotional and problem solving skills required to be successful
     in their lifelong learning.

Our Leadership

Dr. Brian J. White, Jr. — Superintendent                  Mr. Glenn Raymer — Assistant Principal, IHS
Dr. Brian Slamecka — Assistant Superintendent             Mr. Jason Huffman — 6th Grade Principal, BMS
Ms. Julie Hopp — Director of Curriculum,                  Mr. Joshua Hundertmark — 5th Grade Principal, BMS
 Instruction and Professional Development                 Mr. Jeffrey Mathieson — Principal, Center Township
Mr. Aaron Royhab — Supervisor of Special                  Mr. Matthew Martinez — Assistant Principal, Center
 Education                                                 Township
Mr. Nick Morelli — Acting Director of Business            Mrs. Hope Hull — Principal, Connoquenessing
 Services                                                 Mr. Chad Broman — Principal, Emily Brittain
Dr. John Wyllie — Principal, SHS                          Mrs. Linda Peifer — Principal, McQuistion
Ms. Alicia Beighley — Assistant Principal, SHS            Mr. Jack Ratica — Principal, Northwest
Mr. Doug Ford — Assistant Principal, SHS                  Mrs. Lesley Fidler — Principal, Summit
Mr. Stephen Dobransky — Principal, IHS                    Mr. Keenan McGaughey — Principal, Center Avenue
Dr. Carrie Morgan-Davis — Assistant Principal, IHS

Our School Board

Mrs. Nina Teff — President                                The Butler Area Board of School Directors meets
Mrs. Jennifer Cummings —Vice President                    on the second and third Monday of the month. The
Mrs. Suzie Bradrick                                       meetings are open to the public.
Mr. John Conrad
Mr. Bill Halle                                            2018-2019 Meeting Location & Times
Ms. Alice Nunes                                           Butler Intermediate High School Library
Mr. Gary Shingleton                                       551 Fairground Hill Road, Butler, PA 16001
Mr. Alvin Vavro                                             6:00 pm — Committee of the Whole
Mrs. Mary Waggoner                                          7:30 pm — Regular Meeting
2018 2019 Butler Area School District
Welcome Back!

Dear Butler Area School District Community,

The world around us is going through tremendous change. Our children are growing up in a far more
technology rich environment than most adults ever imagined possible. The science of learning is challenging
how we, as educators, teach and how students learn. The workforce needs in our region are dramatically
changing. For those of us who grew up in Western Pennsylvania and saw the demise of the steel industry
and manufacturing first hand, you may be surprised to learn that advanced manufacturing is booming and
desperately in need of a qualified workforce.

The Butler Area School District has a history of producing graduates who are leaders and innovators in just
about every field imaginable. To keep our district’s legacy alive, we must innovate today and plan for the
future to best serve our students and ensure that the next generation of Butler Area graduates are as successful
as their predecessors.

Last year the school district engaged in a strategic planning process with the intention of redefining our future.
We had tremendous participation in our strategic visioning sessions, strategic planning retreat and action
planning process. I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to get involved in the process. Your input is
critical to the success of our strategic plan.

Additionally, we provided every faculty member with the opportunity to visit another school district in our
region to learn from those around us. Every faculty member was also involved in concept mapping to begin
the process of turning all of these great ideas into our new reality.

These efforts are yielding some changes that will be implemented in the 2018-2019 school year including full
day kindergarten, a pre-apprenticeship program, Project Lead The Way’s Introduction to Engineering Design
curriculum, academic teaming at the Intermediate High School, a new STEAM course for grades K-4, and
Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS) in reading for grades K-6. In grades 3-5 we will be partnering with
University of Pittsburgh’s Institute for Learning with a focus on mathematics.

We will also continue our partnership with the National Math + Science Initiative. Through that partnership,
the number of Advanced Placement qualifying scores at the Senior High School increased by 46% last year!

We also launched a new website as well as a new Student Information System (known as Tyler) over the
summer. While we believe this technology will better serve our families, please be patient as we work to grant
parents access to Tyler so they can stay up-to-date on their child’s grades, assignments, attendance and more.

These are just a few of our first steps to implementing our strategic plan. We will continue to prioritize the
myriad of action items we have developed. In addition, we will develop and implement a viable capital plan
as well as a long term financial plan.

While we have a framework for the future, our work is far from done. We will have additional opportunities
for input and engagement as we move forward. This year the topics will be more focused as we work to refine
our plans. Please check the district’s website for opportunities.

I’m really looking forward to the upcoming school year and hope you are too!


Brian J. White, Jr., Ed.D.
Superintendent, Butler Area School District
2018 2019 Butler Area School District
Upcoming Dates

 • 7th Grade: Tuesday, August 14 from 9-11 am
 • 10th Grade: Thursday, August 16 from 1-3 pm

Kick Start Kindergarten
 • Kindergarten Only: Wednesday, August 22 from 6-7:15 pm

Back to School Night (formerly Open House)
 • Elementary Grades 1-4: Thursday, August 23 from 6-7:15 pm
 • BMS 5th grade: Thursday, August 23 from 5-6:15 pm
 • BMS 6th grade: Friday, August 24 from 5-6:15 pm
 • Center Avenue: Tuesday, September 4 from 5:30 - 7:30 pm
 • Intermediate High School: Tuesday, September 4 from 6:30 - 8:30 pm
 • Senior High School: Thursday, September 6 from 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Operating Budget

The school board adopted a budget of $102,024,327 for the 2018-2019 school year that did not raise taxes and
maintained our tax millage at 101 mills. We have worked very hard to bring our operational costs in line with
the resources we have while still making academic investments, such as full day kindergarten.

This past year, the district borrowed money to take care of critical repairs and improvements. However,
this is not a sustainable way to fund capital projects. This year we are focused on developing a sustainable
capital budget program that is built on saving funds in anticipation of capital need. The long term benefit is
eliminating interest and other costs associated with borrowing money.

Another component of developing a sustainable capital budget is assessing the viability of investing money
into our older buildings. This means evaluating our current school buildings as well as our school organization
to determine what makes the most sense for our community. Therefore, this fall we will be seeking input from
the community on the operational configuration of our schools. More information will be shared in the fall. We
hope you will get involved!

Stay Connected

Visit our website                          View our photostream on Flickr
www.basdk12.org                            www.flickr.com/ButlerAreaSD

Like us on Facebook                        Watch our videos on YouTube
www.facebook.com/ButlerAreaSD              www.youtube.com/butlertornadotv

Follow us on Twitter                       Launching this fall: Instagram
2018 2019 Butler Area School District
Welcome New Principals!

The Butler Area School District is excited to welcome two new elementary principals for the 2018-2019 school
year! Mrs. Hope Hull will be the principal of Connoquenessing Elementary School and Mrs. Lesley Fidler will
be the principal of Summit Elementary School.

Mrs. Hope Hull — Connoquenessing Elementary
                             Prior to coming to Butler Area School District, Mrs. Hull was a Multi-tiered
                             System of Supports (MTSS) Facilitator, Data Coach, Kindergarten Literacy
                             Interventionist and classroom teacher (2nd and 3rd grade) at South Butler
                             School District. Mrs. Hull was also previously a teacher at Fox Chapel Area
                             School District and Union-Scioto School District in Ohio.

                                  “Mrs. Hull’s experience using data to meet students where they are
                                  and push them forward academically coupled with her background in
                                  organizational management and strategic planning make her a great fit for
                                  our district,” said Dr. Brian White, Superintendent of the Butler Area School

Mrs. Hull earned her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Ohio University and her Master of
Public Management (Educational Technology Management) from Carnegie Mellon University. She also holds
her Principal Certification from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Mrs. Lesley Fidler — Summit Elementary
                               Mrs. Fidler was previously the Assistant Principal at Knoch Middle School
                               in South Butler School District where she implemented their Student
                               Assistance Program (SAP) and Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS) for
                               students in grades K-12 as part of the district’s Comprehensive Planning
                               Committee. Prior to her role as an Assistant Principal, Mrs. Fidler was a
                               Guidance Counselor at Mars Area High School and a Mobile Therapist/
                               Behavior Specialist Consultant for Wesley Spectrum Services.

                                  “Mrs. Fidler’s background in the implementation of MTSS for students
                                  in K-12 as well as her leadership experience will make her an asset to the
                                  Butler Area School District,” said Dr. White, Superintendent of the Butler
                                  Area School District.

Mrs. Fidler earned her Bachelor of Arts in English Writing from the University of Pittsburgh and her Master’s
in School Counseling from Duquesne University. She also holds her Principal Certification from Gannon
University and her Superintendent Letter of Eligibility from California University of Pennsylvania.
2018 2019 Butler Area School District
University of Pittsburgh’s Institute for Learning

                                         Butler Area School District is excited to partner with the Institute
                                         for Learning this year. The focus of this partnership will be on
                                         mathematics for grades 3-5.

                                          “The Institute for Learning (IFL) is an outreach of the University of
                                          Pittsburgh’s Learning Research and Development Center (LRDC).
                                          Comprised of scholar practitioners, the IFL helps educators bring
                                          what research tells us about teaching and learning into classrooms
to help students grow their intelligence and reach the high standards demanded by today’s colleges and
workforce. We believe—and research confirms—that virtually all students are capable of high achievement, if
they work hard at the right kinds of learning tasks.

To do this, the IFL:
  • serves as a professional development leader. We design instructional materials, tools, strategies, formative
  assessments, and other resources to enhance instructional effectiveness in K-12 classrooms.
  • provides educational services. We offer customized preparation and consulting designed to meet districts
  where they are in the school reform process. Along with our in-district work, we regularly convene
  superintendents, other central office administrators, and principals from our partner districts to share their
  experiences and best practices.
  • operates as a think tank. We bring to educators the best current knowledge and research about learning
  processes and principles of instruction.
  • offers research-based solutions to the challenges facing public education. Our work has been and
  continues to be evaluated by independent researchers and organizations, including the Institute of
  Education Sciences, RAND Corporation, and MDRC, among others.

The IFL functions as a bridge between the domains of research and practice, bringing educators the best of
current knowledge, research, tools, and models related to instruction and district design.” (ifl.pitt.edu)

Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS)

This year we are committing substantial
resources to develop a Multi-tiered System of
Supports (MTSS). This system will be designed
to meet each student where they are and move
them forward. It will be proactive and responsive
to student needs. Teachers will use data to
personalize instruction and provide supports for
students who are struggling and extension and
enrichment for those who are ready for more.

As a part of the district’s MTSS model, students
in grades K-6 will have a daily WIN (What I
Need) time. WIN time will be devoted to meeting
the individual needs of every student and
helping them grow academically.
2018 2019 Butler Area School District
Full Day Kindergarten

Beginning this year, Butler Area School District will offer full
day kindergarten. Full day kindergarten has been shown to
benefit students both academically and socially.

The district’s full day program will allow teachers and staff to
fully implement the Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS) model,
as they are for the other elementary grades. It will also provide time
for additional instruction and differentiation in all areas. In addition,
there will be extended time for targeted intervention. We believe
this will have a positive impact on the number of students reaching
benchmark standards by the end of kindergarten.

Although class size varies between the elementary schools, shifting
to full day kindergarten did not significantly impact class size. As
we move forward with our strategic plan, it will be necessary to
re-examine the equity of resource distribution between the district
elementary schools and consider the possibility of attendance area
realignments or changes in grade configuration.

Literacy (K-6)

Consistent literacy materials were rolled out district-wide during
the 2017-2018 school year. We are working to identify best practices
and provide intensive training and professional development to
ensure teachers have the most current tools and strategies available
to them. This year, all reading specialists and first grade teachers
will receive specialized literacy training.

This initiative ties back to developing a data based, Multi-tiered
System of Supports (MTSS) approach to learning for all students.
Blocks of time will be created during which all students will be
working at their level. Some will be doing this with their classroom
teacher and others will receive more intensive support from a
specialist. Reading specialists will provide intensive interventions
that target each student’s individual areas of need. In addition, classroom teachers will differentiate
instruction to meet the needs of all students. This will offer more individualized support for all students with
fewer reading specialist positions. We also believe that it will further our strategic plan objective of all students
reading with accuracy, fluency and comprehension by third grade.
2018 2019 Butler Area School District
Advanced Placement (AP)

                                 Butler Area School District is one of 447 school districts in the U.S. and
                                 Canada that was honored by the College Board with placement on the 8th
                                 Annual AP® (Advanced Placement) District Honor Roll. To be included,
                                 Butler Area School District had to, since 2015, increase the number of
                                 students participating in AP courses while also increasing or maintaining
                                 the percentage of students earning AP Exam scores of 3 or higher. Reaching
                                 this goal shows that this district is successfully identifying motivated,
                                 academically prepared students who are ready for AP courses.

                                    In an effort to continue to improve our AP program, the district implemented
                                    the National Math + Science Initiative (NMSI), a three year college readiness
program, at the start of the 2017-2018 school year. The primary purpose of our participation in the NMSI
program is to raise expectations of students and equip them with the skills they need to be successful.
Although NMSI is only a three year program, we believe that it will have a lasting impact on our school
district, thanks to the significant professional development in which our faculty is engaged.

NMSI benefits include:
   • “Laying the Foundation” professional development for faculty.
   • Saturday Study Sessions for AP students.
   • AP Exam cost reduced by 50% for students.
   • The opportunity for students to earn $100 for every qualifying score (3 or higher) they receive on an AP
2018 2019 Butler Area School District
2017-2018 Accomplishments & Accolades

• All Butler Area School District teachers had the             • With their inaugural entry, the Intermediate High
opportunity to visit another school to see innovative          School video production team won two awards in the
learning in action thanks to funding from the Grable           “What’s Cool about Manufacturing?” contest.
                                                               • McQuistion successfully implemented the Golden
• Butler Area School District is one of 447 school districts   Spatula Award to recognize classes for using the
in the U.S. and Canada that was honored by the College         McQuistion B’s in the cafeteria.
Board with placement on the 8th Annual AP® District
Honor Roll.                                                    • McQuistion held quarterly school-wide morning
                                                               meetings to foster school community.
• Dr. Brian White, Butler Area School District
Superintendent, received Tri-State Area School Study           • McQuistion students and faculty participated in their
Council’s Distinguished Educator Award.                        first Remake Learning Day with school-wide projects
                                                               focused on “Birds of Butler.”
• Center Avenue hosted their first Transition Fair for
secondary students.                                            • The Middle School successfully used the Be Tuff Stand
                                                               Up initiative to support school wide positive behavior and
• Both programs at Center Avenue were recognized for           bullying prevention programs.
their Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)
Tier 1 sustainability.                                         • The Middle School’s Empty Bowls event in support of
                                                               the Kids Weekend Backpack Program was a success.
• Center Avenue partnered with local businesses for their
Community Based Vocational Training to help secondary          • Hundreds of Middle School families attended the
student learn critical social and job training skills needed   Science Fair/Title Night to support academics.
for competitive employment.                                    • Northwest students had access to new technology, such
• Center Township successfully completed their                 as 48 Sphero robots and 15 iPads, thanks to a generous
evaluation (98%) and was recognized for their                  contribution from the PTO.
implementation of Positive Behavior Interventions and          • Northwest students raised $2,000 for caring Angels.
Supports (PBIS).
                                                               • Through the school’s partnership with NMSI (National
• Center Township created a building-level Literacy            Math + Science Initiative), the Senior High School was
Committee.                                                     involved in activities to increase students’ readiness for
• Center Township held their 3rd annual Relay Recess.          college through the Advanced Placement (AP) program.
This event raises charitable funds and promotes making         • Joining nine other high schools in Butler, Lawrence, and
healthy life choices.                                          Mercer Counties, the Senior High School established its
• Connoquenessing students, staff and families                 first competitive Unified Bocce Team.
participated in several charitable events including Caring     • As part of the Senior High School’s 339 College and
Angels (donated $1,017.15), HOP for Leukemia (donated          Career readiness plan, students developed their portfolios
$997), Evans City Food Pantry (donated 711 items), Butler      and began researching career paths. The goal is for all
County Humane Society and Butler County CYS.                   students to graduate with an education or career path.
• Connoquenessing was designated a Seizure Safe School         • Summit expanded their makerspace to offer students
for the 2017-2018 school year.                                 the opportunity to create, invent and learn. The critical
• Emily Brittain received the Title 1 designation of “High     thinking and problem solving skills encouraged by this
Progress School” from the state for our student’s academic     opportunity translate to student success in the classroom.
successes.                                                     • Summit received the Title 1 designation of “High
• Emily Brittain raised over $12,000 for the Leukemia and      Progress School” from the state for our student’s academic
Lymphoma society.                                              successes.

• Two Intermediate High School teachers led a pilot of                 We’re proud to share a few of our
personalized learning through Google Classroom in their        accomplishments from last year, but we know this
math courses. Their findings from this pilot were shared       doesn’t capture it all! If you have positive news to
with other teachers hoping to utilize Google classroom in
                                                                  share, let us know by completing this form:
their own classes.
2018 2019 Butler Area School District
New Website & Mobile App

Butler Area School District launched a new website over the summer. Our goal is for the website to be a place
where teachers, students, parents and community members can find helpful information as well as the latest
news and announcements.
One of our goals is to share more positive news
with our community. Stories will be featured on the
homepage as well as on each school’s website. Don’t
forget to click the arrows or “view all news” to see

Want to check your child’s grades, assignments or
attendance? Click on the “grades” box to go directly
to Tyler, our new Student Information System. You
can also access Tyler from any page on our
website. Just scroll to the bottom and look
for the Tyler icon on the right.

Want to know what’s happening in the community?
Click on the “flyers” box for a round up of upcoming
school and community events, programs and

To see upcoming events at your child’s school, click
“view full calendar.” From there you will be able to
select the calendar(s) for the school(s) you wish to
view. If you are looking for the one page calendar
overview that details inservice and vacation days, it’s
under “quick links” at the top of our homepage.

Teacher websites can be accessed from their school
page or the directory. Speaking of teacher websites,
our teachers are just learning how to use our new
website, so please be patient as they work to build
their classroom websites.

                                                  Mobile App
                    Butler Area School District has also launched a new app. If you were
                    previously using the BASD app, please remove it from your device.

                    To download our new mobile app:
                     - Search “SchoolPointe” in the app store.
                     - Download “SchoolPointe Stay Connected.”
                     - Open the app and search “Butler Area.”
                     - Select Butler Area School District and you’re all set.
Tyler Technologies (Student Information System)

Butler Area School District transitioned to Tyler Technologies, our new Student
Information System (SIS), over the summer. Tyler is where we will report
grades, track attendance, maintain contact information and more.

Parents will need to have an email address on file in order to receive their Tyler
login information. If you do not have an email address on file, please contact
the main office at your child’s school with that information as soon as possible.
More information will be shared with you at the start of the school year.

The Butler BookStop

Butler Area School District launched the BookStop this
summer. The BookStop made two trips through the
community — one in June and one in August.

All children were invited to meet up with the BookStop
along its route and pick out a free new or gently used
book to take home.

The purpose of the program is to encourage reading
over the summer. We also hope encouraging kids to
select books that are of interest to them will generate
excitement for reading.

A special thank you to everybody who volunteered
to help with the BookStop! We’re looking forward to
making the BookStop an annual tradition!
A Safe & Nurturing Environment

This past year reminded all of us that having a safe and nurturing environment is important for the welfare
and success of our students. We are implementing a number of new strategies while continuing efforts that we
have found to be effective. Some of our efforts are highlighted below.

                     Communication                                          ALICE Training
 Communication is critical in any emergency. In          ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter,
 the event of a crisis, the district will use its mass   Evacuate) Training instructor led classes provide
 communication system for texts and emails,              preparation and a plan for individuals and
 and will post information on our website when           organizations on how to more proactively handle
 appropriate. Please make sure the school district       the threat of an aggressive intruder or active shooter
 has accurate contact information for your family in     event. Whether it is an attack by an individual
 Tyler, our new Student Information System.              person or by an international group of professionals
                                                         who are intent on conveying a political message
                                                         through violence, ALICE Training option based
                                                         tactics have become the accepted response, versus
                                                         the traditional “lockdown only” approach.
                     Safety Drills
 Every school will conduct a safety drill at the         Two of our school police officers were certified
 beginning of the year. Additionally, we have            as ALICE trainers last year and two more are
 committed the use of Broad Street School for the        being trained this year. They will be training all
 State Police to conduct training exercises.             employees in ALICE over the course of the year. We
                                                         also intend to offer evening programs for parents
                                                         and students to attend together.

  In-School Mental Health and Behavioral Services                     Visitor Identification Raptor
 Glade Run will provide in-school therapeutic            All visitors to our schools will still be required
 counselling at our Middle School, Intermediate          to provide identification verified by the Raptor
 High School and Senior High School. These services      technology system to gain entry into our schools.
 can only be accessed with parental permission.
 Having this option available for families will allow
 for support to be provided at school for both mental
 health and behavioral issues. Information about
 Glade Run services will be sent home at the start of
 the school year.                                              SHS Security and Campus Lane Closure
                                                         We will continue to have Campus Lane closed at
                                                         the Senior High School during the school day. We
                                                         are working to have our new main entrance opened
            Additional Security Measures                 early in the school year. This prevents visitors from
 We are committed to continually improving the           having access directly to the cafeteria. This will also
 safety and security of our schools. We are currently    require changes for visitor parking and procedures
 installing more cameras and upgrading many              for late students. A separate communication will
 existing cameras. We are also working to develop        detail those changes.
 controls to restrict access to our schools from the
 outside during school hours.
What’s New At Our Elementary Schools?

• The district will implement a full day kindergarten program at the
start of the 2018-2019 school year. All kindergarten students will get
to participate in Creative Plus.
• All elementary students will have the opportunity to participate
in an “Encore” special area class that is focused on STEAM (science,
technology, engineering, art and math).
• All elementary students will participate in WIN (“What I Need”) time each day. WIN time will take place
within their English language arts instructional block.
• Center Township will continue their development of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)
with additional training regarding Tier II interventions and implementation.
• Connoquenessing will welcome Mrs. Hope Hull as the new principal.
• Emily Brittain will provide time for older students and younger students to become “buddies” through a
buddy classroom at least once per month.
• McQuistion will open the school’s new outdoor classroom.
• Northwest TV will help students learn 50 sign language words and lessons about bullying prevention.
• Summit will welcome Mrs. Lesley Fidler as the new principal.
What’s New at the Middle School?

• There will be more flexible seating and personalized learning environments at the Middle School.

• There will be more co-teaching and collaborative opportunities for Middle School students and staff.

• The Middle School will establish teaming norms to help improve the educational experience for all students.

What’s New at the Intermediate High School?

• The IHS is expanding its makerspace, a place where students and teachers use creativity and innovation to
better their learning.

• The IHS has reconfigured the building so students will attend classes in rooms that are arranged by grade
level. This will help create a safe and nurturing environment for all and help prepare the school for teaming in
the 2019-2020 school year.

• A new bell schedule will be in place at the start of the year. Every student will have a period 7 study hall.
On Tuesdays and Thursdays, this will double as a time for the advisory program. The advisory program is
an opportunity for students to participate in programs that promote positive student behavior and academic
What’s New at the Senior High School?

• As part of the Butler Area School District’s K-12 guidance plan, more students will have the opportunity to
be involved in job shadowing, work release, apprenticeship and co-op placements. In addition, every student
will develop an actionable plan for after high school that leads to a satisfying, productive career.

• Going hand-in-hand with the Unified Bocce Team, the Senior High School will continue to pursue an
atmosphere of inclusion and cohesion through the implementation of the Best Buddies Program. Two students
will even have the opportunity to attend the Best Buddies International Leadership conference in July.

• In line with other efforts across Butler Area School District, the Senior High is undergoing some physical
changes to help enhance student safety. The main entrance will be moved from the cafeteria entrance to a
door on the city side of the building beside the library. Additionally, a newly located Student Council Store
and Snack Bar will provide better sight lines in that space.

What’s New at Center Avenue Community School?

• Center Avenue, along with the Intermediate High and Senior High, will be starting the M-PLUSS (Multi-
tiered Personalized Learning Units for Struggling Students) program to provide individualized and flexible
learning opportunities for students.

• Center Avenue will expand Positive Behavior Intervention and Support
(PBIS) with a goal of obtaining Tier 2 recognition from the Pennsylvania
Department of Education.

• Center Avenue is partnering with Penn United Technologies to provide
manufacturing classes to students.
Contact Us

Main Line (phone tree): 724-287-8721   Food Services Department: 724-214-3223
Administration: 724-214-3107           Student Services Department: 724-214-3121
Business Office: 724-214-3111          Technology Department: 724-214-3103
Athletic Office: 724-214-3232          Transportation Department: 724-287-8723
Communication Office: 724-214-3107

Senior High School                     Emily Brittain Elementary School
Grades 10-12                           Grades K-4
Phone: (724) 214-3200                  Phone: (724) 214-4200
Fax: (724) 287-1596                    Fax: (724) 282-1013
120 Campus Lane                        338 North Washington Street
Butler, PA 16001                       Butler, PA 16001

Intermediate High School               McQuistion Elementary School
Grades 7-9                             Grades K-4
Phone: (724) 214-3400                  Phone: (724) 214-3900
Fax: (724) 287-5457                    Fax: (724) 287-1119
551 Fairground Hill Road               210 Mechling Drive
Butler, PA 16001                       Butler, PA 16001

Butler Middle School                   Northwest Elementary School
Grades 5-6                             Grades K-4
Phone: (724) 214-3600                  Phone: (724) 214- 4100
Fax: (724) 287-7847                    Fax: (724) 287-2516
225 East North Street                  124 Staley Avenue
Butler, PA 16001                       Butler, PA 16001

Center Township Elementary School      Summit Elementary School
Grades K-4                             Grades K-4
Phone: (724) 214-3800                  Phone: (724) 214- 3880
Fax: (724) 282-3503                    Fax: (724) 287-2734
950 Mercer Road                        351 Brinker Road
Butler, PA 16001                       Butler, PA 16002

Connoquenessing Elementary School      Center Avenue Community School
Grades K-4                             K-12 Alternative Education/Special Needs
Phone: (724) 214-4040                  Phone: (724) 214-3960
Fax: (724) 789-7478                    Fax: (724) 287-0263
102 Connoquenessing School Road        102 Lincoln Avenue
Renfrew, PA 16053                      Butler, PA 16001
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