I would like to extend a very warm
welcome to you and your family, as
you join us at New Plymouth Girls’ High
School. Nau mai, haere mai ki Te Kura
Taitamawāhine o Puke Ariki.

Our school has a long tradition of developing
educated, confident young women of outstanding
character. As you join the school that will not be the
first thing on your mind, but what you will notice are
that opportunities are everywhere. You will have opportunities to discover and develop the
skills and knowledge necessary for academic success, alongside opportunities to grow
and share your talents in sport, visual and performing arts, and cultural activities. The best
thing you can do for yourself is to take an opportunity. Be brave, believe in yourself and
try something new.

We have a proud history of achievement, and now you are part of that too. I challenge
you to add to that history by finding your own path, following your passions and giving
everything your very best. We will be here to work with you and your family to support and
encourage you along the way.

You are very lucky to be joining a school that wants to make sure students are cared for
and known as unique individuals. We want to know who you are, to help you enjoy your
time at school and to become the best version of yourself that you possibly can be. You
will learn more about the school values of Whakamana/Respect, Haepapa/Responsibility
and Whanaunatanga/Positive Relationships and how you can show these values and
appreciate them in other people. These values are the basis for so much of what happens

We believe in you, your ability to succeed and look forward to all that you can offer.
Welcome to your new school!

Jacqui Brown
                                                          The best thing you can do
                                                          for yourself is to take an
                                                       To develop
                                                       young women
                                                       of outstanding

                      MISSI ON
                       Each young
                       woman will have
                       the opportunity to
                       discover and develop
                       the necessary
                       knowledge, skills,
                       values and character
                       to enable her to fulfill
                       her potential.

     “Don’t stress about not finding your way
     around, settling in, or making new friends,
     as everyone’s in the same boat as you and
     it will all fall into place. There’s so much to
     do and the teachers are amazing, but as the
     Chinese proverb goes, teachers will open
     the door but you must enter by yourself.”
     Molly – Year 11, 2020

RESPECT                         RESPONSIBILITY                    RELATIONSHIPS
Whakamana                             Haepapa		                    Whanaungatanga

ET COMITATE		                       ET VIRTUTE	                         ET SAPIENTIA
Friendship                             Courage			                             Wisdom
Whakahoanga		                           Maia			                            Matauranga
Our Waka Huia are named after famous waka. All the waka have historical connections
to Taranaki through tribal interactions and they were great ocean-going canoes that
were used in the migrations that settled New Zealand.

                Aotea                                    kurahaupo

           tokomaru                                           tainui

Significant waka huia Events are
Swimming Sports Term 1                              Waka Huia Plays           Term 2
Athletics       Term 1                              Fun Run                   Term 3
		                                                  Waka Huia Singing         Term 3
waka huia deputy principals

Suzanne Bradburn          Stella Bond           Kevin Byrne            Brett McFarlane
sbradburn@npghs.school.nz sbond@npghs.school.nz kbyrne@npghs.school.nz bmcfarlane@npghs.school.nz
       Aotea                    tainui               tokomaru                KURAHAUPO
A–Z                          OF NEW PLYMOUTH
                             GIRLS’ HIGH SCHOOL
If a student is absent from school please notify the school on the ABSENTEE LINE
PH: 757 3897 or ABSENTEE EMAIL: absentee@npghs.school.nz
If you arrive late to school. Go straight to class to sign in with your Subject Teacher.
If you have to go to an appointment. Your caregivers need to ring or email the school or sign
a note for this to happen. Attendance will print you a pass to excuse you from your class. Do
not leave the school grounds without a pass.
If a student needs to leave the school grounds for any reason she must obtain a pass
from Attendance and parents must inform the school prior to this.
All students are encouraged to participate in a range of sporting and cultural activities. Check
out our website for details.
During every subject class, Kawai Huia time, and assembly, a roll is taken.
Students in Years 9 to 13 are assessed in each subject in a variety of ways, such as topic tests,
essays, assignments, projects, practical work and models. Faculties determine how students
are assessed. Other factors that are taken into account in student assessment include attitude
to work, homework, punctuality, preparedness, and attendance.
Wear your safety helmet at all times when on your bicycle.
Bicycles are to be housed in the covered school bicycle racks behind N Block.
1. Students should enter and leave the school by Northgate/Mangorei Road.
2. Road rules must be observed.
Wherever possible, students should bring a device to school to use to support their learning.
It is recommended that the device has at least a:
•    10’’ screen
•    Physical keyboard
•    Long battery life
The school has liaised with Harvey Norman and Noel Leeming and they have suitable BYOD
devices with discounted prices for New Plymouth Girls’ High School students.
Students are responsible for the management of, and appropriate use of their personal devices
at school in line with the school values. Although permitted at school, cell phones must be
set to silent and in school bag at all times other than break times, unless permission is
given by the teacher. They are brought to school at the owner’s risk and are not covered
by any school insurance. Parents and caregivers are advised to check the status of their
own insurance cover for them. On enrolment students and parents must sign an eLearning
agreement indicating that they will follow the school’s expectations surrounding computer
and internet use before any access is allowed. Students must take responsibility for their
own network username and password as this allows access to both the school network and
the WiFi network. The school filters internet access and blocks objectionable, offensive and
inappropriate websites when students are accessing the internet. However, we cannot control
students internet access using their own mobile data plans. The student’s school MS Office
365 Account allows them to install MS Office on 5 personal devices.
If students are unable to bring any device to school, they will have access to school

All buses to and from the school operate from the school entrance on Mangorei Road, some
from the school side and some from the sports field side. If you are crossing the road, you
must use the pedestrian crossing and always follow the instructions of the staff on duty. If you
need to know about bus fares, ticketing or specific bus stop information, for most buses this
can be obtained from Tranzit 06 757 5783. Travelling on a school bus is a privilege and you
must behave yourself appropriately and demonstrate our school values at all times. Travel is at
the discretion of the bus company and they can refuse to transport students who are a danger
or a disturbance to other passengers.
One of your most important goals at NPGHS is to find your career pathway. The Careers
Department want to help by assisting you to discover your skills, explore opportunities and
make decisions about the best career path for you, every year you are here. All you have to do
is go to the Careers Centre in B Block to get information, find out about and enroll in helpful
free programmes and to find someone to talk to you about your own unique and important
career development pathway.
The school has limited visitor parking. Parents/caregivers should NOT drive into school to drop
off or pick up students. There is no parking provided on site for day girls. Girls who drive to
school should park considerately in the surrounding streets.
New Plymouth Girls’ High School offers
a very full curriculum. At Year 9, students
have a taster programme where they
experience 15 different curriculum
choices. At Year 10, students study
seven core learning areas and select
three additional options for the year.
Year 11 students all take an English,
Mathematics and Science course and
select three additional options. Year
12s all take English and five other
options and Year 13’s select five
options and they all have a study line.
Further information about curriculum and qualifications are available in the Curriculum Booklets
and the Qualifications Handbooks.
New Plymouth Girls’ High School is a Netsafe School and takes Cybersafety seriously. Being
‘Cybersafe’ is part of being a New Plymouth Girls’ High School student. There are lots of
ways to keep yourself ‘cybersafe’. These include thinking carefully about what information
you put online about yourself, what social networking and other internet sites you belong
to, and managing carefully how you use digital technologies to communicate and interact
with others. Cyberbullying can be a real concern and we encourage all students to become
part of the solution for addressing Cyberbullying by becoming ‘Cyberbusters’. Cyberbusting
stops actions that lead to Cyberbullying. By applying our school values every student can be
empowered to stop cyberbullying. For more information visit www.netsafe.org.nz
The Daily Notices are read in Spell 1 but copies of the notices are in the library and on
noticeboards around the school. Notices are also available on the school website, school app
and on Facebook. It is your responsibility to check the notices each day.
To be a good digital citizen you need to take RESPONSIBILITY to use and care for your digital
devices properly. You should also consider your RELATIONSHIPS with others in how you
use your digital devices, and finally you should RESPECT others when and how you use your
digital device.
Emergency Procedures are on the wall in every
classroom. Emergency practice drills are held each
term. The Emergency Assembly area is on the Turf
Support is available for any students who are English
speakers of other languages. The ESOL room is
B13, or you can ask your Kawai Huia Teacher if you
need ESOL support.
New Plymouth Girls’ High School has a clear
expectation of homework as a valuable aspect of the
learning process and as being especially important
in developing sound study habits. Homework can
be divided into either tasks set by the teacher to be completed by a certain date, or revision–
time where you select what work to learn. The following times are suggested guidelines.
Year 9 – 1 hour 20 minutes, Year 10 – 2 hours, Year 11 – 2½ hours, Year 12 and 13 – 3 hours
plus per evening.
It is the students responsibility to make sure that they complete homework and meet set
deadlines. The Tumanako Homework Centre is open at Tuhonohono on a Wednesday after
school 3.30-5.00pm.
The Learning Support Services team is made up of the Learning Support Co-ordinator and the
Awhina staff. These people offer a range of support to students, staff and parents. Students
are referred to Learning Support Services by teachers, parents, and support staff or through
self-referral. Learning assistance is available to students with specific learning needs. This
includes special needs and literacy needs. The Learning Support team is based at the Awhina
Learning Centre next to the Hall.
The Library is open before school, during interval, lunch time and after school. Fixed computers
may need to be booked for use during these times. The loan period for books is three weeks.
It is important that items are returned by the due date so that they are available for others to
borrow. With teacher permission and a signed agreement, Year 12 and 13 students may
borrow lap-tops overnight or for the weekend. Please check the school values library poster
for expectations in our library.
At the start of every school year, lockers are available to students near their Kawai Huia Room.
The purpose of a school locker is to provide security for student’s belongings, particularly
books and stationery. Students must supply their own padlock and key.
Check at the Main Office to see if the item has been handed in. Check the area where item
was lost. If everything is named it should be returned to you. Keep your gear in lockers/bags.
Any lost property must be reported promptly to the Main Office. At the end of every term,
unclaimed items will be donated.
You don’t know what day of the week it is. The day number can be found on wall glass at
reception in the Main Office, or on the Kamar app.
If you left something behind. If you forget your lunch, or PE gear, or musical instrument, the
Main Office is where you have these delivered to for you to pick up when convenient.

                                                  It is possible to learn most musical
                                                  instruments at school. Specialist music
                                                  teachers are employed to provide tuition for
                                                  individuals or groups. Some instruments can
                                                  be hired. The school has choirs, orchestras,
                                                  bands and instrumental group activities.
                                                  See Mrs Woller for more information.
                                                  REPORTING AND LEARNING
                                                  Students receive school Work Habit
                                                  Reports twice a term during the year, which
                                                  are emailed out and also uploaded to the
                                                  KAMAR Parent Portal. Students will also
                                                  receive written feedback from subject
                                                  teachers on assessments, which will be
accessible through the KAMAR Parent Portal. If you need
assistance logging onto the KAMAR Parent Portal, please
contact the school office.
Learning Conferences take place in Term 2, to discuss
student progress across their subject areas. Bookings for
these interviews are done through the School Interviews
Website. Booking codes will be sent out to parents closer
to the time.
We have a school app that is available to all parents and
students. Our app includes features that will keep you up to
date and informed as news comes in, and you can set to your
requirements so you only receive alerts that are relevant to
you. Some of the features are submitting student absences,
daily notices, alerts, newsletters, access to the parent portal
and so much more. To download the app simply type in this
link https://npghs.apps.school.nz/install/ or you can search School Apps NZ in your app store.
The purpose of the School Council is to allow students a place to: voice their ideas, take
action on student related matters, support charitable events, manage student funds, and to
experience being student leaders.
The School Council consists of the Head Girl and Deputies, Secretary, Hauora Leader and
Elected Representatives from each of Years 9,10,11,12.
A full confidential counselling service operates from the Wai Ora Wellness Centre, with fully
trained and experienced Counsellors. You can make an appointment to see one of the School
Counsellors, to discuss with full confidentiality any challenges you are facing in your life including
friendships, bullying issues, family, school or any other personal situations that you might like
some support with.
The school nurse is available at Wai Ora Wellness Centre; Monday-Friday 8.30am-3.00pm.
Our Registered Nurse provides a wide range of confidential nursing care. There is also a Public
Health Nurse and a Doctor who have clinics on-site at the Wai Ora Wellness Centre.
Feeling unwell. During class time, ask your teacher for a pass to see the Registered Nurse
at the Wai Ora Wellness Centre. If you are out of class, pop up to the Wellness Centre to see
a Registered Nurse.
Counselling. You can go up to Wai Ora and drop a “request an appointment” slip in the
box on the door or you can email us: GOsmond@npghs.school.nz / jo@npghs.school.nz /
JFinnigan@npghs.school.nz or you can go to our FB page NPGHS Counselling Services and
private message us for an appointment and we’ll get back with a time for you. You can also text
us: Gilly Osmond 020 4188 7388, Jan Finnigan and Whaea Jo 020 4188 7363.
You can safeguard your property by the following means:
1.   If you have money with you, hand it in to the Main Office for safekeeping (anything above
$10). Never show others that you have money with you. Do not leave money in your bag.
     Keep any electronic devices safe.
2.   Name all uniform items and stationery (including calculators) and other items of equipment.
     With stationery, mark it across the grain of the paper.
3.   Use your locker with a strong padlock for items you don’t need during the day, but not
     for items of value.
Stationery Requirements: A copy of our stationery requirements can be found on our school
website under the ‘Our School’ tab.
Students can use our online ordering at www.myschool.co.nz for both stationery and school
fees. Parents can also set up automatic payments at Student Services if required. The
Stationery Room is open at Student Services every day before school and at interval. It stocks
a wide range of products at competitive prices for general stationery purchasing throughout
the year.
Payments: All payments are paid at Student Services. If you pay cash you will be given a
receipt immediately.
Stationery: Our preferred supplier for stationery is OfficeMax. Parents are able to shop
online. To access the stationery list and to shop online go to www.myschool.co.nz. There is a
free delivery service for any orders over $46.00 (inc gst). You are also able to pay the school
donation at the same time as your stationery purchases. If you choose to shop elsewhere the
school stationery list is available on our school website.
There is a phone in Student Services for your use – please note it will not ring cell phones.
Textbooks and equipment issued to you become your responsibility. If they are lost or damaged
you will be charged for them. At the end of the year you must ensure all books and equipment
                                                                   issued to you are returned
                                                                   and accounted for.
                                                                     Students should organise
                                                                     their uniform the night
                                                                     before to make sure they
                                                                     have clean garments
                                                                     to wear. An excuse for
                                                                     not wearing the correct
                                                                     uniform because it is in
                                                                     the wash is unacceptable.
                                                                     If there is a problem with
                                                                     your uniform, take a note
                                                                     from a parent / guardian
                                                                     to the Dean’s Hub at the
                                                                     beginning of the day.

NPGHS is committed to building positive relationships between students, teachers
and all members of the school community. This programme is based on the three R’s:
Respect/Whakamana, Responsibility/Haepapa/ and positive Relationships/
Whanaungatanga. These relationships are based on mutual respect and responsibility.
We all need to take responsibility for:
•   managing our behaviour effectively;
•   establishing constructive positive relationships with our peers and teachers;
•   developing and maintaining a positive and safe physical and emotional environment;
•   creating an environment which encourages respect and understanding;
•   maintaining a purposeful learning environment.
The three values Respect/Whakamana, Responsibility/Haepapa/ and positive
Relationships/Whanaungatanga will be displayed in all areas of the school.

To create a positive, supportive environment where all students can learn, work and
achieve to the best of their potential.

building positive relationships
 New Plymouth Girls’                                    Classroom
 High School is a place of:
                              •   Being polite to one another.
RESPECT/ WHAKAMANA •              One person talking at a time.
looks like…        •              Listening attentively to the person speaking.
                              •   Showing concern and care for others.
                              •   Doing what has been asked of you.
                              •   Treating materials and room with respect.

                              •   Being on time, ready to work with the correct equipment.
 RESPONSIBILITY/              •   Following instructions.
 HAEPAPA                      •   Staying on task and completing work to the best of my ability.
                              •   Using my initiative.
 looks like…
                              •   Communicating concerns, asking for help appropriately.

 Positive                     •   Communicating positively and politely.
 RELATIONSHIPS/               •   Sorting issues out in a calm and positive manner.
 WHANAUNGATANGA               •   Encouraging and supporting each other.
                              •   Being kind to one another.
 look like…
                              •   Working together.
At NPGHS all students carry a stamp card and are rewarded by
staff with a stamp when seen demonstrating the school values.

You will be issued with a Bronze Card (from your Kawai Huia teacher) to keep with
                             you throughout the day.

    Your card will be stamped by staff when they feel you have demonstrated
                      the 3R’s (any staff member, any time).

   When your card is full, give it to your Kawai Huia teacher who will replace it
                           with a card of the next level.

         You will receive a reward for completing each card (see below)

      Your progress will be tracked on the school computer system so the
information can be included on your reports, references, leadership applications,
                  leavers profiles, goal setting information etc.

                                   The Steps:

                       Bronze card completed –
           CERTIFICATE from Kawai Huia teacher at Kawai Huia time

                        Silver card completed –
              CERTIFICATE and reward from Kawai Huia teacher at
                              Kawai Huia time

                        Gold card completed –
         CERTIFICATE and reward from Deans in Waka Huia assembly

                        Platinum card completed –
                 CERTIFICATE and BADGE in school assembly.
Shirt: NPGHS regulation blouse.
Jersey: NPGHS regulation navy jersey (new merino, non allergy jersey available).
Footwear: Black sandals with backstraps without socks, Haviana sandals are allowed (not
surf wear sandals or jandals).
OR Black low heeled, polishable shoes with or without plain black pantyhose/tights or
black ankle socks. No sports shoes, boots, or canvas shoes.
Jacket: NPGHS regulation jacket expected but any plain black/navy jacket still accepted
during uniform transition.
Honours Blazer: NPGHS Honours Blazer – awarded only.
Tie: NPGHS regulation tie.

YEARS 9, 10 & 11
Skirt: NPGHS regulation style
knee-length tartan skirt.
Culottes/Shorts: NPGHS regulation
knee-length culottes or shorts.
PE Shirt: NPGHS regulation
PE shirt.

YEARS 12 & 13
Skirt: Regulation style knee-length
navy skirt.
Short/Trouser: NPGHS regulation
knee-length shorts or regulation
Blazer: NPGHS Blazer – can also be
Any additional clothing worn underneath the uniform (i.e. tee shirt / thermal top) must not
be visible.

PE Uniform for All Levels
NPGHS regulation PE shirt required for all Year 9s. Any black or navy top still accepted
for other year levels during uniform transition. Black shorts/trackpants, sneakers and
swimming gear. Protective gear, e.g. mouth guard.

Students will be allowed to wear one plain pair of earrings (either plain studs or sleepers),
one silver or gold, metal pin-head sized, nose or lip piercing and a wristwatch. Items of
cultural significance may be worn on a chain around the neck and hidden from view. No
other items of jewellery are permitted. No makeup or nail polish is to be worn.
Junior Skirt 		         62cm – 122cm      Sizes 6-30
Junior Shorts		         62cm – 122cm      Sizes 6-30
Junior Culottes 		      62cm – 122cm      Sizes 6-30
Senior Skirt 		         62cm – 122cm      Sizes 6-30
Senior Shorts           62cm – 122cm      Sizes 6-30
Trousers 		             6 – 30
Blouse 			6 – 34
Navy Jersey 		          82cm – 117cm      Sizes 8-24
Jacket			               XS – XXL
Blazers 			             8 – 24
PE Top 		8 – 26
Ties 			                One Size
Footwear 		             Black sandals with backstraps, Haviana sandals are

(Not sold at            permitted (not surfwear sandals or jandals).
Uniform Shop)
			                     Black low heeled, polishable shoes with or without plain
			                     black pantyhose/tights or ankle socks.
			                     No sports shoes, boots or canvas shoes.

Shop Hours
Throughout the year Monday, Tuesday, Thursday                  12.30pm – 2.30pm
Wednesday and Friday – CLOSED
Holiday Opening Hours
10, 11, 14, 15, 16 December                                    10.00am – 3.30pm
Reopens Tuesday 12 January 2021
Monday to Friday from 12 January to 5 February 2021           10.00am – 3.30pm
Saturday 16, 23 and 30 January 2021                         9.00am – 12.00 noon

Telephone 06 757 3899 ext 877

Forms of payment include:
Cash, Eftpos, Layby or WINZ Card.
We accept pre-payments for future
uniform purchases. Terms and
conditions apply.
Please contact the Uniform Shop
Come and enjoy a great variety of different food – hot or cold
from the CafÉ. We accept cash and have eftpos AVAILABLE.
Opening hours
Before School: 8:15am – 8:35am
Interval and lunch

Hot Food
Hashbrowns 		                  $1.00
Pizza buns 		                  $2.00
Garlic bread 		                $2.00
Pies (mince, mince + cheese,   $3.50
steak + cheese, potato top)
Butter Chicken wraps      $3.50
Chicken Burger 		         $4.00
Lasagne 			$3.50
Nachos 			$4.00
Toasted Paninis
and Bagels 		             $5.00
Stuffed Potatoes 		       $4.00 (Tuesday & Thursday)
Wedges 			                $3.50 (Wednesday)
Noodles (beef or chicken) $3.00
BBQ Rib Roll		            $4.00
Croissant (ham + cheese)  $4.50

Cold Food
Sandwiches 		           $3.50 - $4.50
Chicken wraps 		        $3.50
Pesto Pasta Salad $5.00
Moosies 			$1.20
Juicies 			$1.00

Sweet Stuff
Cookie Time Cookies          $1.00
Muesli Slice 		              $1.50
Caramel Nut Slice $2.00
Chocolate Coconut
Brownie 			$2.00
Caramel Slice 		             $2.00
Licorice Allsorts Lolly Cake $2.00
Muffin 			$3.00
Date Scone (Friday Only)     $2.00

Cold Drinks Available
Hot Chocolate 		     $2.50
Coffee 			$3.00

Apples 			$1.00
Yoghurts 		   $1.50
Corn chips 		 $1.50

Gluten free options available to order
                                                                      care team
                                                                      Each Waka Huia at New Plymouth
                                                                      Girls’ High School has two Deans.
                                                                      There are key people at the school that
                                                                      are in place to assist you as you become
                                         2020  DEANS                  familiar with your new environment.
           Richard Brown                  Katrine Coleman             Deans are special teachers who, in
           rbrown@npghs.school.nz        kcoleman@npghs.school.nz
                                                                      addition to teaching, oversee the daily
                   AOTEA                         AOTEA
                                                                      care and management of a Waka Huia.

ARRIS      Jonathan Faulkner             Lesley Harris                         Karen Eliason
           jfaulkner@npghs.school.nz     lharris@npghs.school.nz               keliason@npghs.school.nz
                KURAHAUPO                     KURAHAUPO                                HAUORA


           Jackie Crawford               Claire Hodson                         Jonathan Faulkner
           jcrawford@npghs.school.nz     chodson@npghs.school.nz               jfaulkner@npghs.school.nz
                   tainui                         tainui                                 AKO

                                                                        Our Ako and Hauroa Deans are additional
                                         NOTE: Spelling error – LESLEY HARRIS
                                                                      Support people who you will get to know
                                                                      throughout your time at NPGHS.

                                                                      Your Kawai Huia Teacher is your first point
                                                                      of contact and you will meet daily with them
                                                                      and the other students in your Kawai Huia
                                                                      Group. Most of your classes include your
                                                                      Kawai Huia Group cohort, for example
                                                                      your core subject classes such as English,
                                                                      Maths, Science and Social Science. For
           Michelle Puckeridge           Lisa Chubb
           mpuckeridge@npghs.school.nz   lchubb@npghs.school.nz
                                                                      your option classes such as Technology
                                                                      and Languages, you will mix with students
                 TOKOMARU                      TOKOMARU
                                                                      from other Kawai Huia Groups.
The first day for Year
9 students 2021
DAY ONE – Thursday 4th FEBRUARy 2021
Year 9 students and parents are welcome for a Powhiri in the school Hall. Please meet at the
hall at 8:50am. New students of all year levels are also invited to attend.
Powhiri Protocol
It is important for the manuhiri (new students) to understand that this is a formal proceeding
that should be respected as such.
The manuhiri (new students) meet at the front of the hall waiting to be called on. The
kaikaranga (woman caller) stands at the front. The seating arrangements are that the men
are sitting at the front protecting the ladies sitting at the back.
The manuhiri are called on by the kaikaranga who begins proceedings. The manuhiri move
up slowly behind the kaikaranga. Everyone remains standing until the Tangata Whenua
(people of the land) motion everyone to sit. The kaikorero (advocate) will stand and present
their korero (speaking). This is followed by a waiata (song) that the group sings in support of
their speakers.
day two – FRIday 5th FEBRUARy 2021
9am start for all. Day will finish at 3.20pm.
Your Kawai Huia teacher would have prepared you for this day.
On your first day of school please bring:
- Lunch & a drink
- Togs (our pool may be open for a swim at lunchtime depending on the weather)
- P.E gear
- Something to write on
- Pen
Students are Welcome to visit our school
during the holidays and weekends to have
                           a look around

Stay in Contact
       New Plymouth Girls’ High School


              Phone: 06 757 3899

   Absences email: absentee@npghs.school.nz
  Enrolment email: enrolments@npghs.school.nz
General enquiries email: reception@npghs.school.nz
    School App: npghs.apps.school.nz/install/

 60 Northgate, Strandon, New Plymouth 4312
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