PROSPECTUS Abu Bakr Boys School - Webflow

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PROSPECTUS Abu Bakr Boys School - Webflow
   2020 - 2021   Abu Bakr Boys School
                   Knowledge - Character - Contribution
PROSPECTUS Abu Bakr Boys School - Webflow

•   Introduction               •   Uniform                          •   Code of conduct

•   Welcome                    •   Subjects Taught                  •   Health, welfare & security of

•   Admissions                 •   Hifz                                 pupils

•   School Day                 •   Learning outside of the class-   •   Attendance

•   Behaviour And Discipline       room                             •   How to find us
PROSPECTUS Abu Bakr Boys School - Webflow
•   Madrassah 2000 pupils, children from 5 years to 16 years
                                                                              •   Abu Bakr Masjid Providing Salah facilities for over 1500 worshippers,
The Abu Bakr Trust was formed in 1998 under the stewardship of Moulana            adult classes and alima classes as well as a range of services for the
Muhammad Luqman at 156 Wednesbury Road, Walsall.                                  community
The Abu Bakr Trust now runs:                                                  •   The Abu Bakr Boys School prospectus is a brief and informative guide
•    Abu Bakr Nursery Established in 2011, children from 6 months to 4            to our organisation, staff and services. Established in September 2006,
     years                                                                        Abu Bakr Boys School is a sizeable school with almost 150 pupils on
                                                                                  roll, and is increasing in numbers each year. We hope by reading
•    Abu Bakr Primary Established in 2009, Children from 5 years to 8 years
                                                                                  through our prospectus you will consider registering your son at the
•    Abu Bakr Girls School Established in 2000, girls from 11 years to 16         school and join our growing community.
•    Abu Bakr Boys School Established in 2006, boys from 11 years to 16
PROSPECTUS Abu Bakr Boys School - Webflow
Abu Bakr Boys School was opened in September 2006 and has a capacity of up to 300 pupils. The site was purchased in 2004 and was previously known as
the North Walsall Junior School. As well as teaching the national Curriculum subjects, the school runs an Islamic Curriculum in the mornings where most chil-
dren follow a Hifz programme.

We were judged as Good in our last Ofsted Inspection.

“Leaders make pupils’ personal development a high priority. They provide an impressive range of wider curriculum experiences to ensure that pupils devel-
                                   op into responsible, confident individuals who value the importance of education.“

  “School leaders have created a strong climate for learning where pupils value their education. Consequently, most pupils are determined to succeed and
                                                                work hard during lessons.”
                                                                                                                                                Ofsted 2018
PROSPECTUS Abu Bakr Boys School - Webflow
support them in becoming independent learners. We expect our
Welcome To Abu Bakr Boys School                                                 pupils to achieve the very best results they can, as well as becoming
                                                                                rounded, confident and responsible young British Muslims who con-
                                                                                tribute positively to their respective community and society as a
Assalamua alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

                                                                                These are very exciting times for our school. We are continuing to
 “On the Day of Qiyamah, a crown of such brilliance will be placed on the       improve and move forward at pace. At our school, our aim is to en-
 heads of the parents of one who learnt the Qur’an and practiced on its         sure a well ordered atmosphere where the focus of all our activities
 laws, that it’s glitter will outshine the brilliance of the sun which pene-    is on the quality of learning and teaching in a strong Islamic environ-
 trates your houses. What then do you think will the position of the one        ment.
 who himself learnt the Qur’an and acted in accordance with it?”

                                                                                Our aim is to continue developing an innovative curriculum, while
                                                                                continuing to develop productive partnerships with employers,
At our school, our philosophy is that everyone matters. We are committed        schools, universities and the wider community.
to raising standards of achievement and ensuring a culture of high expecta-
tions and success for every pupil. This success comes not only in the form of
academic achievement but development of character as guided by the              We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our happy,
teachings of the Qur’an and Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad              successful and vibrant school insha’Allah.
(peace and blessings be upon him).

                                                                                May Allah SWT guide our pupils, staff and school community to
This view was confirmed during our Ofsted inspection in November                prosperity and success. Aameen.
2018, which judged our school to be 'good'. We do hope you will
take the time to read our inspection report. The report is available
via a link on our school website.
We want everyone to be proud to be a part of our community. We
want our pupils to feel safe and that they belong. We also want to              Moulana Muhammed Ramzan Head teacher
PROSPECTUS Abu Bakr Boys School - Webflow
Aims and Objectives
                                                                                  Management of School
Knowledge - Character - Contribution                                              Our school is headed by the Abu Bakr Trust, who is
We aim to provide a highly supportive and challenging learning environment        concerned with the running of the school, its policies and
that encourages highest expectations for academic success and excellence          finances.
in character.
We focus on the development of the whole child, socially, morally, spiritual-     Chairman- Moulana. M. Luqman
ly, physically and intellectually, to enable our pupils to become constructive,
                                                                                  C/O- 154-160, Wednesbury Road,
productive and active global citizens.
We aim to nurture a strong sense of shared purpose, generosity of spirit and
the desire to serve others.
                                                                                  Tel: 01922 626 829
We aim to encourage our pupils to grow and develop an Islamic personality
based upon the teachings of the holy Qur’an and the teachings of our be-
loved prophet Muhammad SalAllahu alaihi sallam.

Mission Statement
It is only through gaining knowledge can we advance as a society.
At Abu Bakr Boys School our aim is to provide a strong Islamic environment
in which our pupils achieve their full potential and go on to become out-
standing ambassadors for Islam. We are committed to creating a culture of
learning in which pupils will strive and flourish academically and spiritually.
Our school is based on a foundation of the teachings Islam and we endeav-
our to provide a journey that fosters true Iman and love for Islam in the
hearts and minds of our pupils, staff, and parents.
PROSPECTUS Abu Bakr Boys School - Webflow
Admissions                                                                           School Day
All parents need to complete an application form and send it to the school
                                                                                         Session          Start      Finish    Duration (Mins)
together with an administration fee of £200 and a copy of their child’s birth
certificate, Year 5 Primary School report and predicted end of Key Stage 2           Islamic Studies /
                                                                                                         8:30 am    11:15 am        165
levels.                                                                              Qur’an Hifz Clas-
Please note the administration fee is non-refundable and is not part of the
school annual fee.                                                                        Break          11:15 am   11:30 am         15
On receipt of the application, a reference request will be made the child’s
existing school. On receipt of a satisfactory reference a confirmation letter
will be sent.                                                                            Lesson 1        11:30 am   12:25 pm         55
Should it be felt that an interview is needed, parents and pupils will be invit-
ed to the school. A decision for admission will follow this interview and a
formal letter will be sent to parents. This decision will be made at the discre-          Lunch          12:25 pm   1:00 pm          35
tion of the head teacher and is final. If it is felt that an application cannot be
accepted a letter regarding this decision will be sent to parents as soon as         Form Time / Pas-
possible.                                                                                                1:00 pm    1:15 pm          15
All parents will be expected to support the schools Islamic ethos and to nur-
ture and encourage Islamic values at home. All parents/guardians of year 7
                                                                                         Lesson 2        1:15 pm    2:10 pm          55
pupils are expected to attend an induction evening in June/July of the year
of entry.
Parents/Guardians are advised that our standard admission number is 24                   Lesson 3        2:10 pm    3:05 pm          55
pupils in each class. Parents are advised to apply as early as possible, as
places are quickly filled.
Preferences are given to siblings of the school. Incomplete applications will            Lesson 4        3:05 pm    4:00 pm          55
not be processed until all documents and information have been received.
PROSPECTUS Abu Bakr Boys School - Webflow
A copy of the school’s Behaviour Policy is available on the schools website,
Behaviour And Discipline                                                
The Prophet of Allah (SAW) was sent not just to eradicate transgression and
to uphold Islam, but he was also sent to bring mankind to higher levels of
                                                                                  Uniform at Abu Bakr Boys School
good character.                                                                   •    A plain white Kurta or Jubba. All buttoned up apart from top button
The Prophet of Allah has said:                                                    •    White trousers. Must not be below the ankle with no patterns.
                                                                                  •    Jeans, jean cut trousers, combat trousers, tracksuit bottoms or jogging
      “Indeed, I Rasul Allah have been sent to perfect good character.”
                                                                                       trousers are not allowed.
                                                                                  •    A plain black jumper/Cardigan. No patterns or logos.
The Prophet of Allah (SAW) himself displayed exceptional character, and
                                                                                  •    No sweatshirts
was himself a manifestation of excellent character to the extent that he was
                                                                                  •    White netted hat
praised by Almighty Allah:
                                                                                  •    Black, white or green Turban worn on top of the hat (Optional but en-
      “And you, surely, possess sublime moral excellences.”
                                                                                       couraged). Worn properly on the head at all times
                                                      Surah Al-Qalam : 4          •    Arabian style turban bands are not allowed.
Good manners and good character are very much demanded in Islam.                  •    Plain black school shoes.
      “There is none heavier in the scales of the Hereafter than good char-       •    The school badge must be visible at all times either on the Kurta/
      acter”                                                                           Jubba or Jumper/Cardigan

                                                al-Tirmizi and Abu Daud           •    All fabrics should be plain, no laces or patterns of any kind.
                                                                                  •    Black blazer with school logo
Our aim as a school is to build character of our pupils and instil in them a
love for deen. Our school Behaviour Policy and Code of Conduct reflects           P.E. Uniform
these aims.
                                                                                  •    Black Tracksuit bottoms
We are committed to involving parents/guardians as soon as a problem of
                                                                                  •    White Plain T- Shirt
discipline arises. Our welfare officer, Mr. Khaja Hussain deals with pupil wel-
fare.                                                                             •    No logo’s (e.g. Adidas, Reebok, Nike)

Under no circumstances does the school tolerate any form of bullying. The         •     If any of the above uniform is not worn to school, then this will result
school has an anti-bullying policy in place to reprimand any pupils involved           in a sanction.
in such behaviour.
PROSPECTUS Abu Bakr Boys School - Webflow
Jewellery                                                                       Apart from prayer caps, woolly hats are allowed only during cold weather
                                                                                but are not allowed to be worn inside the school building.
No jewellery is allowed. Boys must not wear any rings, necklaces, arm
bands, earrings or studs at all.                                                School Bags
Inappropriate jewellery and uniform will be confiscated and only returned       School bags should be appropriate and big enough for pupils to carry books
to parents, by appointment. Items not collected within 14 days will be do-      etc. to and from school. Extravagant ‘designer’ style bags are not allowed.
nated to charity.
                                                                                Standard School Equipment (11 items)
Hair-cuts/Style                                                                 All pupils must have the following basic school equipment:
Uneven haircuts, Design work in short hair-cuts, Mohican haircuts or other      • Black pen
such similar haircuts are not acceptable. Slit eyebrows are also not allowed.
                                                                                • Blue pen
                                                                                • Red pen
Excessive use of colour/ bleaching or design work using colour/ bleaching is
                                                                                • Pencil
not acceptable.
                                                                                • Ruler
It is a matter for the school to determine what is deemed not acceptable in
relation to the above rules. Any pupil with unacceptable hair will be sent      • Rubber
home not to return until the issue has been sorted to the school’s satisfac-    • Sharpener
                                                                                • Scientific Calculator
Outdoor Coats/Hats                                                              • Protractor
These should be dark colours (black, grey and navy blue) with minimal           • Student Planner
lettering or pictures. Hoodies, sports tops, denim or leather jackets are not
                                                                                • Merit Book

“School leaders have created a strong climate for learning where pupils value their education. Consequently, most pupils are determined to succeed and work
                                                                   hard during lessons.”
                                                                                                                                               Ofsted 2018
PROSPECTUS Abu Bakr Boys School - Webflow
Subjects Taught
Mobile Phones
No mobile phones, iPods or any other type of electrical items/gadgets will
be allowed on school site at any time. Confiscated items Pupils who do not        KS3
comply with the correct uniform will have items confiscated and will not be       English, Mathematics, Science, History ,Citizenship, Religious Education,
returned until the end of the academic year.                                      Physical Education, and Arabic
School Planners                                                                   KS4
All pupils are issued with a School Planner in September. This is used to re-     English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Science (Double Award),
lay information to Parents, key dates and homework deadlines. Parents are         Arabic, Citizenship, Religious Education and History
required to sign the planners weekly.

Our pupils follow all core subjects (National Curriculum) and a good selec-
tion of other subjects.
Additionally, educational trips and enrichment activities are organised, at
an extra cost, throughout the year. These are both beneficial and informa-
tive. Pupil attendance is expected to all events. English as an Additional Lan-
guage Policy is available upon request

“Leaders make pupils’ personal development a high priority. They provide an impressive range of wider curriculum experiences to ensure that pupils develop
                                     into responsible, confident individuals who value the importance of education.”
                                                                                                                                                  Ofsted 2018
Quranic studies and Islamic studies                                                The majority of students in this class complete the memorisation of the Ho-
                                                                                   ly Quran within 3-5 years (Year 7 -Year 11), thus, earning the esteemed title
During the morning sessions, we at Abu Bakr Boys School have a rich Islamic        of Hafiz. There is also a daily session in the timetable to study important
curriculum which includes:                                                         aspects from the Islamic studies curriculum.
Quranic Studies                                                                    Part time Hifz-e-Quran class
Learning how to recite the Holy Quran with its correct etiquettes (Tajweed)        In this class, students will have two sessions in the morning to study how to
and memorising the Holy Quran.                                                     recite the Holy Quran looking inside* (Nazirah-e-Quran) and also memoris-
                                                                                   ing the Holy Quran. The majority of students in this class complete the reci-
Islamic Studies
                                                                                   tation of the entire Quran by Year 11 and have a target to memorise the
Studying the translation of the Holy Quran, Islamic Beliefs (Aqaid), Islamic       30thPara (Amma Para), 29thPara, 28thPara, 27thPara, Surah Yaseen and
Etiquettes (Akhlaq), Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh), how to pray Salah and           Surah Kahf from Year 7 -Year 11 -in many cases, if a student excels and
memorising supplications which are read throughout our daily life.                 shows the desire to do Hifz-e-Quran they will be moved to a full time Hifz-e-
Memorising the Holy Quran (Hifz-e-Quran)                                           Quran class.

There are two types of classes for memorising the Holy Quran: To deter-            The remaining sessions in the mornings are timetabled to study Islamic
mine which class a student enrols; an initial assessment is taken in Septem-       Studies. Students at the end of year 8 can also register their interest to
ber.                                                                               study MA Islamic Studies (Aalim Course) which commences from year 9 on-
                                                                                   wards. The full course will continue at our institute even after Year 11
A trial period of two months is given to students in order to help them
settle into the class. A final decision is then made after this trial period to
determine if the student should continue in the full-time class or be trans-       * The beginners: Students who are not familiar with how to recite the Holy
ferred to the part-time Hifz class.                                                Quran with its correct etiquettes will always begin the morning sessions by
                                                                                   studying the Qaidah which is the foundation for learning how to recite the
Full time Hifz-e-Quran class                                                       Holy Quran. Once completed and assessed, they will be moved on to learn-
In this class, students spend most of the morning session in memorising the        ing how to recite the Holy Quran looking inside (Nazirah-e-Quran) and
Holy Quran.                                                                        memorisation of the Holy Quran.

                                            “Pupils leave school well prepared for the next stage of their education.”
                                                                                                                                                    Ofsted 2018
School fees for academic year                                                         School reporting system
                                                                                      Abu Bakr Boys School’s strength lies in Parents Evening, which is held three
              Year                                 Amount                             times a year, once a term.
             Year 7                     £2000 + £200 Admissions Fee                   This is an invaluable opportunity to talk to teachers and staff at Abu Bakr
             Year 8                                 £2000                             Boys School. We value the partnership between school and home. Our re-
             Year 9                                 £2000                             porting system is designed to strengthen this relationship. Parents who do
                                                                                      not attend parent’s evening are expected to see their son’s teachers soon
            Year 10                       £2000 + £350 Exams Fee
                                                                                      after, in order that your sons progress can be discussed. Parents of year 7
            Year 11                                 £2000
                                                                                      pupils receive a progress review in October.

                                                                                      Extended learning
One term’s notice must be given in writing if parents wish to withdraw a
pupil. A ‘terms notice’ means notice given before the first day of a term and         Other areas covered in school include:
expiring at the end of that term.                                                     •    Visit from Connexions Career Adviser /IAG (Information, Advice and
In such a case, if that notice is not given, the full terms fees are payable. It is        Guidance- Careers)
expected that in every case, parents or the authorised guardian will consult          •    PSHEE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education) This is a con-
personally with the head teacher before notice of withdrawal is given.                     tinuous course and is a time-tabled lesson for pupils from years 7 to 9.
                                                                                           It is designed to encourage pupils to develop their personal and social
                                                                                           skills and values in such a way as to prepare positively for adult life.
Internal Assessments
                                                                                           Form teachers also play a leading role in the delivery of the PSHEE
At Abu Bakr, our assessment procedures include end of topic tests in all                   course.
subjects throughout the year. Pupils sit formal examinations in January and
June. Any concerns are swiftly reported to parents/guardians.

                                    “Teachers use their secure subject knowledge to plan carefully structured learning tasks .”
                                                                                                                                                      Ofsted 2018
Learning outside the classroom                                                  portant examinations of their lives. All pupils will be expected to take part
                                                                                in ALL offsite activities; however parents will be given notice before such
As a school we believe firmly in providing our pupils with a curriculum that    arrangements are made. We therefore expect that parents will support the
is varied, challenging and creative. We believe that learning outside the       school fully at all stages of their sons’ learning journey.
classroom firmly meets all three aims. When pupils learn outside the class-
                                                                                The school policy on Health and Safety on Educational Visits is available up-
room they become motivated as it stimulates interest, curiosity and passion
                                                                                on request or on our website.
for ‘doing’. These types of activities broaden horizons, enable the pupils to
develop new skills and build relationships with their peers. They encourage
our pupils to be more engaged with learning and therefore more likely to
do well.
Learning outside the classroom can also support areas that are difficult to
cover in the classroom. As teachers, we value its inspirational quality be-
cause it enables our pupils to understand better — for example, what is the
point of learning how to do a survey for geography if you never actually do
We fully appreciate that many of our pupils travel from all over the West
Midlands and the challenges that this brings. However, at times parents will
need to have arrangements in place so they can be dropped and collected
from school at times beyond the normal school day. Where possible, we
provide parents with as much time as possible to allow appropriate ar-
rangements to be made. Long distance trips are kept to a minimum, so par-
ents are rarely asked to make these alternative arrangements.
Parents are however reminded that as pupils move up the school, there will
be a greater need for them to attend school earlier and remain in school
later as they begin their preparations for what will be some of the most im-

                                          “Pupils demonstrate good behaviour and treat each other with respect.”
                                                                                                                                                 Ofsted 2018
The Code of Conduct                                                               3. Respect for Learning
                                                                                  •     Make it easy for everyone to learn and for teachers to teach.
We recognise the importance of disciplined approach to life in school. Our
school cannot enjoy a secure and well-ordered environment without it. We          •     Arrive on time for school and for all school lessons.
believe in rewarding pupils who are positive towards the school, others and
                                                                                  •     Begin and end lessons in an orderly way.
their learning.
                                                                                  •     Ask teachers for help when you need it and always try to help each
1. Self-Respect                                                                         other when appropriate.
•    Take care to present yourself, especially concerning uniform, punctu-        4. Respect for the School Environment
     ality and good behaviour.
                                                                                  •     Take care of the school.
•    Take care of your belongings.
                                                                                  •     Look after rooms and furniture and leave them tidy for others to use.
•    Work hard to do class work and homework on time.
                                                                                  •     Take care of displays of work around the school.
•    Be proud of your achievements
                                                                                  •     Keep the school a litter- free zone.
•    Be co-operative and trustworthy.
                                                                                  •     Think about the health and safety of others both on your way to
•    Think things through for yourself.
                                                                                        school and in
2. Respect for others                                                                   your move-
                                                                                        ments around
•    Move quietly and sensibly about the building.
                                                                                        the school.
•    Be a good listener.
•    Always speak politely.
•    Be helpful and welcoming to visitors and people who are new in the
•    Never bully or act in a way that is unpleasant to others.

                           “Pupils experience a broad curriculum, with a balance of Islamic studies and national curriculum subjects.”
                                                                                                                                                  Ofsted 2018
Health, Welfare, and Security of pupils
Abu Bakr Boys School is a small and friendly place. If pupils have problems
they are free to contact a member of staff.                                     •     Parents are responsible for ensuring that their son attends school reg-
If pupils become unwell or have an accident at school and are unable to               ularly & punctually.
continue lesson, parents/guardians will be contacted as soon as possible.       •     If your son is prevented for any reason from attending school, parent
Parents/Guardians will be asked to sign pupils out before leaving the school          should notify the school as soon as possible on the first day of ab-
premises.                                                                             sence by telephone (01922 724149).

Taking medication                                                               •     Parents must try to keep all medical or dental appointments for pupils
                                                                                      outside school hours. If pupils need to leave school during the day to
If pupils need to take medication, they must always leave this with the first
                                                                                      attend medical appointments, they must bring with them a medical
aider. Parents/Guardians must send a letter stating the dates and times that
                                                                                      letter before the appointment day. They must be collected by an au-
medication will need to be taken. Only prescribed medication and paraceta-
                                                                                      thorised person and must sign out. Where this is not possible, par-
mol can be given.
                                                                                      ents/guardians MUST contact the school when pupils arrive home
Attendance and punctuality                                                            safely. Prior permission from the Headteacher will be required before
                                                                                      pupil can leave school without parental supervision.
Pupils must arrive in good time for morning registration. It would be appre-
ciated if parents/guardians give us their maximum support on issues such as     •     The school may, at its discretion dismiss any pupil for persistent irreg-
punctuality and attendance.                                                           ular attendance or lateness.
                                                                                •     For all extended leave, parents must contact the head teacher and
                                                                                      make an appointment to discuss the nature and duration of the visit.

                                                                                    “Pupils show very good attitudes to learning.”
                                                                                                                                                  Ofsted 2018
Term time Holidays                                                              School Polices
School will grant up to and no more than 3 days leave at the end of a term      All School Policies are available online or on request from the School Office
for holidays abroad                                                             including:

Concerns                                                                        •     The Child Safeguarding Policy
                                                                                •     The Anti-Bullying Policy
We believe that you will find it easy to contact us if there are any concerns
about your son’s welfare, needs or progress. A given issue can be solved        •     The Complaints Procedure and the number of complaints for the pre-
either by contacting your son’s form teacher or if you prefer with the wel-           vious academic year.
fare officer. Please phone for an appointment so that a mutually convenient
                                                                                •     EAL Policy
time can be arranged. We work in close partnership with the Local Educa-
                                                                                •     Behaviour, Rewards & Sanction Policy
tion Authority support services. Whenever necessary, those involved in
working with your child will liaise closely between home and school in the      •     Health & Safety Policy
interest of the individual pupil.
                                                                                •     Admissions Policy
                                                                                •     SEND Policy
                                                                                •     GDPR Policy
                                                                                •     Accident and Sickness Policy

                               “Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development are extremely well promoted.”
                                                                                                                                                 Ofsted 2018
Pupils                                                                              ment is due on the first day of return. Should pupils not return to school
                                                                                    after this period, pupils will be removed from school roll.
•     MUST attend school regularly & punctually.
                                                                                    If a pupil is unwell on return, for which a medical note from a GP will be re-
•     If pupils are late, they MUST sign the late book in reception, giving the
                                                                                    quired or if there have been airline errors which cause a delay for return,
      reason for lateness
                                                                                    official documentation will be required, e.g. a letter from the airline.
•     Pupils who are experiencing difficulties in attending school regularly
      or on time should seek help from their Form Tutor or Welfare Officer.
                                                                                    Parents should note
                                                                                    •     Only one such absence will be granted during your son’s secondary
Extended Leave
An extended visit to the country of family origin provides important oppor-
                                                                                    •     At any time where attendance issues concerns the Local Authority will
tunities to reaffirm family, linguistic and cultural identities. As such they can
                                                                                          be notified.
be positive personal and educational experiences. At the same time there is
evidence to indicate that visits resulting in significant absence from school       •     No leave will be granted during the period in which external examina-
during term time can have negative impact on attainment.                                  tions take place. Parents will be notified if this is the case when appli-
                                                                                          cation for extended leave is made.
The law states that families do not have the right to take children out of
school during term time.                                                            •     Weddings and holidays do not count as exceptional circumstances
                                                                                          and therefore will be deemed as unauthorised absence. Any pupil
Our school therefore will only allow an extended period of absence of two
                                                                                          who takes such a leave of absence will be removed from school roll.
weeks during term time in exceptional circumstances. Pupils who are off
school on extended leave for more than 2 weeks will be removed from                 •     At no time will leave be granted for year 10&11 pupils
school roll.
In extreme circumstances, a further two weeks of extended leave may be
granted but will be deemed unauthorised and therefore parents will be
charged a penalty fee of £50.00 per week for up to the two weeks. This pay-

                                             “Pupils are kept safe because safeguarding arrangements are effective.”
                                                                                                                                                       Ofsted 2018
How to find us                                                                 Walking
                                                                               Abu Bakr Boys School is a short 20 minute walk from the town centre. Walk
By Car
                                                                               south-west towards St. Pauls St, turn right onto St. Pauls St. Continue
Abu Bakr Boys School is located very close to M6 junction                      straight onto Stafford St. Continue onto Bloxwich Rd/B4210. then right onto
10. Leave the M6 head north east on to Wolverhampton Road/A454. Con-           Essex Street and immediately right onto Kent Street. We are located on the
tinue onto Blue Lane W/A4148,turn left onto Stafford Street, then right on-    left.
to Essex Street and immediately right onto Kent Street. We are located on
the left.

By Train & Bus
From Walsall train station
(served regularly by trains from
Birmingham, New Street and
Stafford) walk towards the bus
stop located on St. Paul’s bus
station (adjacent to St. Paul’s
Church). Take any of the buses,
301, 302. These buses stop ex-
actly outside the school, across
the road. Stop at Premier store
on the left.

                      “The school curriculum provides pupils with a broad range of experiences across a growing number of subjects.”
                                                                                                                                              Ofsted 2018
We hope you have found our prospectus informative. If you have any fur-
ther questions, do contact us and we will be pleased to answer them.
We look forward to meeting you – for further detail and guidance about our
School please contact us at:

Abu Bakr Boys School
Kent St
West Midlands
United Kingdom

Tel: 01922 724149

“The school meets the requirements of the schedule to the Education (Independent School Standards) Regulations 2014 (‘the independent school standards’)
                                                             and associated requirements.”
                                                                                                                                            Ofsted 2018
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