St. Thomas More School Plan for Continuous Growth 2018-2021 Information Package - Act justly, love tenderly, walk humbly with your God. (Micah 6:8)

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St. Thomas More School Plan for Continuous Growth 2018-2021 Information Package - Act justly, love tenderly, walk humbly with your God. (Micah 6:8)
St. Thomas More School Plan for Continuous Growth
                  2018-2021 Information Package

       Act justly, love tenderly, walk humbly with your God. (Micah 6:8)

November 2018                                                              Page 1
St. Thomas More Catholic Jr. High School Plan for Continuous Growth
School Mission:
To provide every student with a Catholic education in a supportive and caring environment
based on the Catholic principles of justice, truth, hospitality, community and sacramentality.
Students are given opportunities to live their faith, to develop compassion and empathy for
others, and to treat others with dignity and respect. In addition, students are encouraged to
strive for excellence in academics and athletics and to develop a love of learning that will stay
with them throughout their lives.

School International Baccalaureate Mission:
The International Baccalaureate aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young
people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural
understanding and respect. To this end the organization works with schools, governments and
international organizations to develop challenging programs of international education and
rigorous assessment. These programmes encourage students across the world to become
active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their
differences, can also be right.

School Vision:
In keeping with the example of the life of St. Thomas More and our Catholic Faith, we
encourage our students to be globally minded citizens who use their knowledge of the IB
philosophy and of academics to create a more peaceful, caring world through intercultural
understanding and respect.

School Charism:
Service to God and our community with courage and integrity.

School Context:
St. Thomas More is a Catholic International Baccalaureate Jr. High School in West Edmonton
offering the Middle Years Programme. St. Thomas More offers IBXtreme days IB subject area
plans cross curricular projects or extensions of the material being taught. All students have an
Approaches to Learning block in their schedule every Thursday which enhances their learning
every week. This is inquiry/project based IB learning for all students regardless of which
program they are enrolled. It is the intent of this initiative to fully integrate the IB vertically and
horizontally across grade levels and subject areas.

November 2018                                                                                  Page 2
We are a multi-faceted school offering a variety of programs of choice. Our Soccer, Hockey,
Elite and Baseball academies enrollments will be listed below. Our school offers the Nehiyaw
Pimatisiwin Cree Culture and Language Program which is in its third year of implementation
currently serving 56 students in our community. Our number of English Language Learners is
continuing to increase following the trend we have seen over the past number of years. There
are currently 76 students in our ELL programming making up approximately 18% of our school
population. St. Thomas More is now also a district site for W.I.N. Jr. which is a program that
supports the diverse learning needs of students with mild to moderate cognitive delays.
Review of Previous Year’s Goals:
 Goal                     Achieved/continue                            Evidence/data used

 Goal 1: As a school              St. Thomas More is first and         When reviewing the 5
 community we will grow in        foremost a Catholic School. We       Marks of Catholic education
 our understanding of our         will continue to pursue ways to      diagnostic tool it was
 Catholic Identity as expressed   for our staff and develop our        evident that although we
 in mark four of “the Five
                                  students as we continue our          were doing well with
 Marks of Catholic School
                                  journey of faith.                    imbedding Catholic values
 Identity” and “Learner
 Competencies Formed              We are going to expand our focus     across all marks, I was
 Through Catholic Education”.     from Mark 4 to various elements      decided that we needed to
                                  from each of the 5 marks. To         establish a broader
                                  help with the focus we will be       foundation for religious
                                  establishing a new school            development.

 Goal 2: Educational              We will continue with this goal as   Areas of growth as outlined
 experiences that are provided    our Accountability Pillar, PAT       in the Accountability Pillar,
 to students, will meet the       results and Regression Analysis      PAT results and Regression
 diverse learner needs of our     indicate that we could be doing      Analysis indicate that we
 school community.
                                  more to meet the growing needs       are progressing but still
                                  of our school population. As a       need to place a major
                                  staff, we are focusing on            emphasis on this goal.
                                  improving both our skills at item
                                  analysis as well as developing
                                  student centered pedagogically
                                  sound instruction.

                                  As our ELL and FNMI populations
                                  increase, we are going to be
                                  looking into diversifying the ways

November 2018                                                                                 Page 3
in which we deliver curricular

Goal 3: All students will be    We will be adjusting this goal this     Student and Parent
welcomed and included.          year to read, “All students will        satisfaction surveys have
                                feel welcomed, supported and            indicated a desire for an
                                safe in our school”.                    increased sense of safety in
                                                                        the building. Our Tell Them
                                                                        From Me survey also
                                                                        indicated a need for Mental
                                                                        Health supports. As a
                                                                        result, we are augmenting/
                                                                        refocusing this goal.

Data Analysis:
Areas to celebrate
Accountability Pillar    Measure Category:
                         Good: Safe and Caring Schools – Safe and Caring
                         Excellent: Student Learning Opportunities - Education Quality
                         Excellent: Student Learning Opportunities –Drop Out Rate
                         Excellent: Preparation for Lifelong Learning, World of Work, Citizenship –
                         Work Preparation
                         Excellent: Preparation for Lifelong Learning, World of Work, Citizenship –
                         Excellent: Parental Involvement – Parental Involvement
                         Excellent: Continuous Improvement - School Improvement

                         Achievement Measure:
                         High: Safe and Caring Schools – Safe and Caring
                         High: Student Learning Opportunities - Program of Studies
                         Very High: Student Learning Opportunities – Education Quality
                         Very High: Student Learning Opportunities – Drop Out Rate
                         Very High: Preparation for Lifelong Learning, World of Work, Citizenship –
                         Work Preparation
                         Very High: Preparation for Lifelong Learning, World of Work, Citizenship –
                         Very High: Parental Involvement – Parental Involvement
                         Very High: Continuous Improvement - School Improvement

                         Improved Measure:
                         Improved: Preparation for Lifelong Learning, World of Work, Citizenship –
                         Work Preparation – From Very High to Excellent
                         Improved: Parental Involvement - School Improvement - Very High to

November 2018                                                                                   Page 4
Overall Measure Evaluation:
                        Good: Safe and Caring Schools – Safe and Caring
                        Excellent: Student Learning Opportunities - Education Quality
                        Excellent: Student Learning Opportunities –Drop Out Rate
                        Excellent: Preparation for Lifelong Learning, World of Work, Citizenship –
                        Work Preparation
                        Excellent: Preparation for Lifelong Learning, World of Work, Citizenship –
                        Excellent: Parental Involvement – Parental Involvement
                        Excellent: Continuous Improvement - School Improvement

District Satisfaction   Students Grade 7-9:
Survey                  (8) I am satisfied with the variety of extra-curricular activities available.
                        (9) I am satisfied with the variety of complementary courses (options) that
                        are offered.
                        (10) I have opportunities to make decisions about my learning.
                        (21) I know what I need to do to receive a senior high school diploma.
                        (24) I am satisfied with my access to computer technology at school.

                        (12) My child’s school helps my child learn to the best of his/her ability.
                        (20) My child is developing math and number skills that will prepare them
                        for the future.
                        (23) At school my child is developing technology skills that enhance his or
                        her learning.
                        (26) My input is considered and valued by my child’s school.
                        (29) My role as the primary educator of my child is respected by the school.

                        (10) I am satisfied with the way student discipline is handled in our school.
                        (19) Our school is providing the necessary supports for children with special
                        (30) I have appropriate opportunity for input into school/site level decisions
                        that affect my job.
                        (39) I am satisfied with the communication from my school/department.
                        (40) I have appropriate opportunity for input into decisions that affect my

Regression Analysis     Social Studies (=) This has remained unchanged from the previous year.
                        Science (=) This has changed from the previous year (-).

PAT/Diploma analysis    Social Studies
                            • Acceptable Standard 75.5% compared to 74.2%
                            • Standard of Excellence 24.5% compared to 24.3%).

Our School Survey       Tell them from Me/OurSCHOOL: St. Thomas More Compared to the District

November 2018                                                                                    Page 5
Student Participation in School Sports – Students play sports with an
                      instructor at school, other than in a gym class. School 68% - District 46%

                      Students that Value Schooling Outcomes – Students believe that education
                      will benefit them personally and economically, and will have a strong
                      bearing on their future: School 78% - District 73%

                      Students planning to finish high school, and afterwards pursue a trade or
                      apprenticeship program: School 34%- District 25%

5 Marks of Catholic   Mark One: Grounded in a Christian Anthropology
School Identity          • Our mission Statement is imbedded with Catholic our values
Assessment               • Student conduct policy is rooted by the guiding principles of our
                             school mission statement
                      Mark Two: Imbued with a Catholic Worldview
                         • crosses hang in every room in our school as a reminder of our
                             constant an active connection to our faith
                         • our school Chapel is used by religion classes as well as by our
                             student support services team as a place for prayer and reflection
                         • We have a strong connection to the Annunciation parish community
                             both attending mass at the parish as well as having father and his
                             sacramental support worker come into the school on a regular basis.
                         • All students have an opportunity to participate in a teaching mass as
                             well as tour of Annunciation parish
                      Mark Three: Animated by a Faith Infused Curriculum
                         • Staff actively and intentionally permeate the classes with gospel
                             readings and church teachings
                         • all classrooms have created a religion space Based on the district
                             theme and anchored in Catholic teaching
                      Mark Four: Sustained by Gospel Witness
                         • Students are called to act out of their faith through our Knight’s
                             Justice social justice team which holds multiple events throughout
                             the year covering various forms of social justice
                         • Our community is given the opportunity to experience other faith
                             cultures through the indigenous elders that come into the building
                             as well as participation in multiple smudging ceremonies as well as a
                             pipe ceremony
                      Mark Five: Shaped by a Spirituality of Communion
                         • School staff members attend meetings hosted by the parish that
                             opens communication Between Annunciation parish and Community
                         • Our school has an active parent council community who invited role
                             models the Catholic spirit of social justice in the lending of their gifts
                             and talents as a volunteer core and advisory body for the school

November 2018                                                                                   Page 6
Areas to target for growth
Data Source      Measures                                           Goals in response to data
Accountability   Measure Category:                                  • We are looking at improving
Pillar           Acceptable – Student Learning Achievement –            student communication and
                 Program of Studies - Declined from 87.4% to            curricular awareness in our
                 78.5%                                                  classrooms to address this
                                                                        decline in Student Learning
                 Acceptable - Student Learning Achievement -            Achievement – Program of
                 PAT: Acceptable - has dropped 73.6% to 71.1%.          Studies.

                                                                    •   Through our analysis we
                 Achievement Measure Evaluation:                        believe that a focus this year on
                                                                        providing earlier supports,
                 Intermediate – Student Learning Achievement -
                                                                        increased psychoeducational
                 PAT: Acceptable
                                                                        assessments and the
                                                                        development of Personalized
                 Low – Student Learning Achievement - PAT:
                                                                        Learning Plans will see an
                 Excellence                                             improvement in our school
                                                                        provincial achievement results.
                 Intermediate – Continuous Improvement -
                 School Improvement

                 Improvement Measure:
                 We have declined significantly in the measure of
                 Student Learning Achievement - Program of

                 Overall Measure Evaluation:
                 The areas of decline from the previous year are
                 Student Learning Opportunities- Program of

District         Students:                                         Student Response Goals:
Satisfaction     (18) My school teaches me the value of healthy • We are increasing signage
Survey           food choices and active living.                      indicating healthy choices and
                 (25) In my school, I am given the opportunity to     have introduced a new
                 communicate my learning through a variety of         intramural program to
                 media.                                               encourage active living
                 (27) I feel safe in my school building.          • Students have a variety of
                 (28) I feel safe on my school grounds during         opportunities to present their
                 school hours.                                        information and we believe
                 (29) My school teaches me to be                      that we need to further explain
                 environmentally responsible.                         this question to them in the
                                                                  • Through the building of student
                                                                      and staff relationships,
                                                                      consistent and predictable
                                                                      consequences, as well as open

November 2018                                                                                     Page 7
discussion and presentation of
                                                                    our student conduct policy, we
                                                                    hope to reinforce students’
                                                                    sense of safety.
                                                                •    We are focusing on visible staff
                                                                    supervision as well as informing
                                                                    students as to the variety of
                                                                    student support services
                                                                •   We have developed several
                                                                    environmental initiatives to
                                                                    address this concern through
                                                                    our Knight’s Justice group, for
                                                                    example, our Environmental
                                                                    Club as well as the recycling

                                                                 Parent Response Goals:
           Parents:                                             • We have been attending events
           (4) My child’s school has a positive reputation in      and promoting school functions
           the community.                                          through the newsletter and
           (8) I am satisfied that my child’s school provides      social media usage to better
           a safe environment.                                     disseminate information on the
           (9) I am satisfied that my child’s schools provide      good works that are happening
           a caring environment.                                   at STM.
           (10) Students in my child’s school receive           • We have established STM Mental
           additional services and support when they need          Health Days to help foster a safe
           it.                                                     environment and are hosting
           (27) I feel welcome in my child’s school.               STAY engagement evenings for
                                                                   parents to attend.
                                                                • Our focus is on establishing
                                                                   effective communication
                                                                   between staff and parents, this
                                                                   builds relationships and fosters
                                                                   the development of a caring
                                                                • This year we have brought on a
                                                                   full time Clinical Social Worker, a
                                                                   part time Mental Health
                                                                   Therapist and expanded on the
                                                                   learning coach time to ensure
                                                                   that students receive services
                                                                   and support when needed.
                                                                • We will be expanding and
                                                                   differentiating the ways we
                                                                   communicate with parents, and
                                                                   commit to being in the areas
                                                                   where parents are present

November 2018                                                                                  Page 8
during the beginning and end of
                                                                     the school day.

              Staff:                                             Staff Response Goals:
              All results were positive                         • The staff responses were all
                                                                    positive and we have discussed
                                                                    how we can maintain this
                                                                • We have dedicated new time to
                                                                    the establishment of
                                                                    Community of Practice groups
                                                                    within the school in order to
                                                                    help every staff member
                                                                    activate their voice and share
                                                                    their knowledge.

Regression    Regression Analysis:                               •    These goals will be addressed
Analysis          Results (-): English Language Arts and              in Goal 2 below where we
                  Mathematics.                                        outline the strategies, we are
                  Results (=): Social Studies and Science             taking to improve these
PAT/Diploma   We achieved below the province in the following •       Administration has met with
analysis      subject areas:                                          subject area teachers to
              -English Language Arts                                  review results and help
                   • Acceptable Standard 80.5% compared to            breakdown the data.
                       85.6%                                  •       All our departments have
                   • Standard of Excellence 11.9% compared to         examined the PAT results
                       16.5%                                          during Community of Practice
                                                                      discussions and utilized the
                   • Acceptable Standard 58.9% compared to
                                                                      PAT analysis data sheets and
                                                                      are addressing concerns in
                   • Standard of Excellence 8% compared to
                                                                      their subject area sub goals.
              - Science
                   • Acceptable Standard 76.7% compared to
                   • Standard of Excellence 24.5% compared to

Our School    Tell Them from Me/OurSCHOOL                       •    This year we have implemented
Survey        Students with Positive Relationships - Students        many supports that focus on
              have friends at school they can trust and who          the areas of building positive
              encourage them to make positive choices:               relationships, exhibiting
              72% compared to district 78%.                          positive behavior, building
                                                                     positive self-esteem, coping
              Students do homework for their classes with a          strategies and dealing with
              positive attitude and in a timely manner:              issues such as bullying,

November 2018                                                                                  Page 9
74% compared to district 79%.                          exclusion and harassment. We
                                                                    now have a full time Clinical
             Effort- Students try hard to succeed in their          Social Worker, a part time
             learning: 68% compared to the district 71%.            Mental Health Therapist and a
                                                                    STAY officer on staff at STM.
             Students with a Positive Self-Esteem - Students
             like and accept themselves and are proud of        •   A portion of professional
             their accomplishments:                                 development time this year has
             71% compared to district 74%.                          been devoted to discussion and
             Bullying, Exclusion, and Harassment - Students         development of relational
             are subjected to physical, social or verbal            leadership skills in staff.
             bullying, or are bullied over the Internet: School
             28% - District 17%

             Students planning to finish high school:
             76% compared to the district 80%.

5 Marks of   Mark One: Grounded in a Christian                •     These areas of our 5 marks of
Catholic     Anthropology                                           Catholic school identity are being
School           • The mission statement can be recited or          address in our first goal.
Identity             paraphrased by all stakeholders of the
Assessment           Catholic school community.
                 •   The mission statement is frequently
                     communicated to the community in
                     newsletters, reports and official
             Mark Two: Imbued with a Catholic Worldview
                 •   Students have opportunities to pray at
                     numerous times during the day
             Mark Three: Animated by a Faith Infused
                 •   Teachers are knowledgeable on Church
                     teaching as it applies to the subject
                     areas in which they teach
             Mark Four: Sustained by Gospel Witness
                 •   Teachers and administrators are
                     supported in their ongoing faith
                     formation through the allocation of time
                     and resources.
             Mark Five: Shaped by a Spirituality of
                 •   The Catholic school has a plan to
                     increase involvement of parents in the
                     life of the school and parish.

November 2018                                                                                 Page 10
Goal 1: As a school community, we will grow in our understanding of our Catholic Identity as
expressed in “the Five Marks of Catholic School Identity” and “Learner Competencies Formed
Through Catholic Education”.

District Correlation:
Live and enhance the distinctiveness of Catholic education
       1.1 Demonstrate the distinctiveness and advantages of Catholic education.
              a) Continue to enhance the home – school – parish relationships.
              b) Cultivate and support a Catholic ethos/environment within each site.
              c) Demonstrate a way of life rooted in the Catholic Christian call to discipleship and
              d) Ensure that permeation of faith remains central in all our day to day practices
Sub Goal a: St. Thomas More will build a school community with a visible and tangible
Catholic vision evident in its physical space, liturgical celebrations, and prayer life.
Strategy 1: All students and staff will be able to articulate the Catholic centre of our school
mission statement.
Actions                                                             Measures/ Evidence of
    • The school mission statement will be posted in all            effectiveness
    • Our mission at St. Thomas More Catholic School will                • Mission statements
       be presented numerous times a year to our parent                     are visible in every
       and surrounding community through social media and                   classroom.
       through our monthly newsletters.                                  • Parents are able to
                                                                            paraphrase our school
                                                                            mission statement
                                                                            when asked.

Strategy 2: Students will be given multiple opportunities to pray and reflect throughout the
school day.

Actions                                                               Measures/ Evidence of
    • Through staff discussion, we will develop a school              effectiveness
       prayer that is posted in all classrooms and recited at             • St. Thomas More
       the beginning of everyday.                                             School prayer is
    • All classrooms will receive a list of prayers from which                posted in every
       they can select a class opening prayer.                                classroom and is
    • A whole school prayer will be shared over the                           recited by our
       announcements to begin lunch time.                                     students
                                                                          • Student surveys will
                                                                              reflect that religious
                                                                              education is an
                                                                              important part of
                                                                              their school day

November 2018                                                                                  Page 11
Strategy 3: We will develop social justice and service projects that are informed by our
Catholic teaching and the spirit of charity.

Actions                                                           Measures/ Evidence of
    • Social Justice will undergo a rebranding at STM with a      effectiveness
       name change and new initiatives                                • Stakeholders can
    • Hold weekly meetings for students to gather and                     recognize the efforts
       discuss new ways in which they can spread the Good                 that our “Knight’s
       News through Catholic social action                                Justice” team is
                                                                          making in the
                                                                      • Knight’s Justice will
                                                                          have set meeting

Strategy 4: All students and staff have opportunities for age-appropriate faith experiences,
such as retreats, at least once during the school year.

Actions                                                       Measures/ Evidence of
    • Individual retreats will be developed for each grade to effectiveness
       participate                                                • Each grade has a
    • Every staff member is assigned a celebration to in              retreat this year
       which they will assist in developing                           whether it is in house
    • School professional development days and general                or external to the
       staff meetings will have an element of faith formation         building
                                                                  • Increased staff and
                                                                      student participation
                                                                      in celebrations and
                                                                  • The 5 Marks analysis
                                                                      indicates that time
                                                                      was allocated for staff
                                                                      faith formation and
                                                                      spiritual development

Sub Goal b: St. Thomas More will recognize that each stakeholder is responsible for the
common good.

Strategy 1: We will develop policies to resolve conflict in a manner consistent with the Gospel

Actions                                                           Measures/ Evidence of

November 2018                                                                              Page 12
•   The Student Conduct Policy will be reviewed by all             •   Future student and
        staff through the lens of our Catholic Mission                     parent satisfaction
        Statement.                                                         surveys indicate that
    •   Grade level assemblies will be held to explain the                 they feel safe in our
        Student Code of conduct to our students and its                    building.
        connection to our faith.                                       •   Grade level
                                                                           assemblies are held
                                                                           multiple times
                                                                           throughout the year.

 Strategy 2: Establish a plan to increase involvement of parents in the life of the school and

 Actions                                                           Measures/ Evidence of
     • Contact Annunciation parish and have them submit            effectiveness
        messages for our school newsletters.                           • A new “News from
     • Advertise on our announcements the new Youth                        Annunciation” section
        Group that is starting up at the parish.                           appears in our
                                                                       • Increased
                                                                           participation in the
                                                                           spiritual life of our
                                                                           building as indicated
                                                                           in the student parent
                                                                           satisfaction surveys.

 Strategy 3: St. Thomas More will invite the local parish priest to school functions and
 encourage him to be an active member of the school community.

 Actions                                                           Measures/ Evidence of
     • Meetings between administration, the school                 effectiveness
        chaplain and our parish priest will be held throughout         • Students develop a
        the year to coordinate times in which he can attend                relationship with our
        our classes.                                                       priest as he is
                                                                           physically present in
                                                                           the building on a
                                                                           monthly basis.

Review Date 1: March 2019

Review Date 2: June 2019

 Goal 2: Indigenous student supports will be in place to ensure student success.

November 2018                                                                              Page 13
District Correlation:
ECSD Goal Two: ECSD supports First Nations, Métis and Inuit students’ success
   1.1 Increase academic success and cultural knowledge by promoting successful practices to
       support First Nations, Métis and Inuit students.
               a) Continue programs and enhanced academic and cultural supports for all students
               that lead to successful transitions between all levels, increased high school
               completion rates, improved successful transitioning to post-secondary, career
               development and encourage life-long learning.

Strategy 1: Utilize cultural connections to ensure that the diverse learning needs of our
students are being met.
Actions                                                           Measures/ Evidence of
    • Time is given to our Cree Language Instructor to build effectiveness
       relationships and open communication with our                  • Cree Language and
       Indigenous students through designated support                    Culture
       blocks.                                                           teacher/counsellor has
    • Create a relationship with Indigenous Learning                     made connections with
                                                                         all FNMI students.
       Services and Enoch Students Services to have support
                                                                      • Improved results on the
       workers come into the school to support our
                                                                         Regression Analysis for
                                                                          our First Nation Metis
Strategy 2: Provide targeted academic supports for our indigenous students.

Actions                                                           Measures/ Evidence of
    • We will work with Indigenous Learning Services to           effectiveness
       provide small ratio tutoring services in the area of           • PAT results/
       Mathematics.                                                       Regression Analysis in
    • Learning Literacy Interventions strategies will be used             Mathematics will be
       to help develop reading comprehension using                        increased in the areas
       culturally targeted resources.                                     of Acceptable
                                                                          Standard and
                                                                          Standard of
                                                                      • PAT English Language
                                                                          Arts/ Regression
                                                                          Analysis results will
                                                                          increase in the areas
                                                                          of Acceptable
                                                                          Standard and
                                                                          Standard of

Strategy 3: Work with various stakeholders toward the goals of the Truth and Reconciliation
district initiatives.

November 2018                                                                             Page 14
Actions                                                        Measures/ Evidence of
     • Staff will attend a variety of sessions in order to      effectiveness
        develop their understanding of Treaty 6 and the             •   We acknowledge that
        Indigenous peoples of Alberta.                                  we are on Treaty 6 land
     • St. Thomas More will publicly recognize the important            at all school events,
        cultural heritage of the Metis people by displaying             staff meetings, and
                                                                        school council
        their flag during Metis Week.
                                                                        meetings, and student
     • Requisition the creation of regalia for our Pow Wow              broadcast.
        royalty.                                                    •   We celebrate Metis
     • Celebrate as a whole school a variety of Indigenous              week as an entire
        cultural activities.                                            school population every
                                                                        day of the week on the
                                                                        morning broadcast
                                                                        announcements and
                                                                        the flag is present in the
                                                                        front hallway.
                                                                    •   St. Thomas More
                                                                        students wear their
                                                                        new regalia to the Pow
                                                                        Wow in the spring time.
                                                                    •   We participate as a
                                                                        school in Pipe
                                                                        ceremonies and
                                                                        smudging that gives an
                                                                        opportunity for First
                                                                        Nations, local
                                                                        governments, schools
                                                                        and communities to
                                                                        come together in the
                                                                        spirit of reconciliation
                                                                        and hope for
                                                                        generations of children
                                                                        to come.

Review Date 1: March 2019

Review Date 2: June 2019

 Goal 3: Students will have increased opportunities for personalized learning experiences that
 meet the specific educational needs of the International Baccalaureate Programme.

 District Correlation:
 ECSD Goal One: ECSD students are successful

November 2018                                                                             Page 15
1.3 Ensure that flexible and responsive programming meets the diverse needs of all learners.
        1.5 Develop a plan to increase participation in the Advanced Placement and International
           Baccalaureate high school programs.

Strategy 1: As a school community, we will develop the IB programme within the context of a
Catholic Worldview.

Actions                                                              Measures/ Evidence of
    •   Time is set aside every Thursday for the whole school to     effectiveness
        address the IB Learner Profiles.                                 • The established time
    •   The IB coordinator is given more time than allocated by              table reflects that
        the district to focus on ensuring that all assessments are           there is designated
        being completed and interdisciplinary projects.                      interdisciplinary time
    •   Staff will meet one on one with our IB coordinator to
                                                                             asset aside every
        discuss their progress and further their understanding of IB
                                                                         • Timetable reflects an
                                                                             increase of IB
                                                                             coordinator time.
                                                                         • One on one time is
                                                                             created, and staff can
                                                                             meet with the IB
                                                                         • IB documentation and
                                                                             rubrics are completed
                                                                             correctly and

Strategy 2: Work collaboratively with other staff to maintain and develop sound International
Baccalaureate teaching practices.

Actions                                                             Measures/ Evidence of
    • Continue implementation of IBXtreme as Flex Thursday to       effectiveness
        build collaborative communities of practice across the          • Students demonstrate
        eight IB MYP subject groups with a focus on                         through their work,
        interdisciplinary units.                                            an understanding of
    •   The school will purchase and provide to teachers new                interdisciplinary ties
        Approaches to Learning Resources to help address                    in our subject areas.
        and develop student skills.                                     • Regression analysis
                                                                            will fall into the
                                                                            equals category
                                                                            across all subject
Review Date 1: March 2019

November 2018                                                                                 Page 16
Review Date 2: June 2019

 Goal 4: Educational experiences that are provided to students, will meet the diverse learner needs
 of our school community.

 District Correlation:

 ECSD Goal One: ECSD students are successful
    1.1 Focus on strategies to support seamless transitions from K to 1, grades 6 to 7, grades 9 to 10,
        and 12 and beyond.
    1.3 Ensure that flexible and responsive programming meets the diverse needs of all learners.

 Sub Goal a: Math: Create an environment where all students are challenged and meet
 success on a daily basis.

 Strategy 1: Continuous and frequent support of all students.

 Actions                                                           Measures/ Evidence of
     • Learning coach and student advisor monitor and              effectiveness
        guide students.                                            • Mathematics Regression
     • Math manipulatives and devices will be in all classrooms to    Analysis improves to an
        enhance understanding of various concepts – having them       equals or positive result
        readily available in each Math class.                         next year.
                                                                   • The PAT results indicate
                                                                      an increase number in the
                                                                      acceptable standard

 Strategy 2: Use a common assessment for all students to identify levels of achievements.

 Actions                                                              Measures/ Evidence of
     • All students will receive a MIPI assessment to                 effectiveness
        determine their current proficiency in Math.                  • MIPI and Common
                                                                         Assessment Results.

 Strategy 3: Develop a common assessment for Integers.
 Actions                                                              Measures/ Evidence of
    •   Use Community of Practice time to develop common              effectiveness
        assessments to focus on student understanding of              • Improved results on the
        integers.                                                        Mathematics PAT and
                                                                         Regression Analysis.

 Sub Goal b: Science: Identify struggling learners, provide support to meet student needs.

November 2018                                                                                   Page 17
Strategy 1: Each teacher identifies struggling learners, differentiate and accommodate within
our classes.

Actions                                                               Measures/ Evidence of
    •     Provide differentiated assessments and share new            effectiveness
          assessments with others in the department                   • Improved staff collaboration
                                                                         and students results through
                                                                         the use of peer reviewed
                                                                         differentiated assessments.

Strategy 2: Give students more opportunity for hands on learning and science labs.

Actions                                                          Measures/ Evidence of
    •  Purchase and create a variety of science instruments to effectiveness
       facilitate hands on activities and experiments, giving    • Development of new
       the hands-on approach to learning                           science experiment kits
    •  Develop lab write up procedures to develop science skills   for the classrooms
       and understanding.
                                                                 • This will be measured in our
                                                                         student’s improvement on
                                                                         Science Skill questions as
                                                                         reviewed by the PAT

Strategy 3: Develop test taking strategies with respect to traditional summative evaluations for

Actions                                                               Measures/ Evidence of
    •     Deliver a “How to pick the best response?”                  effectiveness
          Distractors presentation to each of our classes             • Evidence in students quiz
    •     Once a month spend a class practicing numerical response.      and unit exams results.

Sub Goal c: English: Increase reading comprehension levels by implementing monthly reading
comprehension tests. Ensure exams are accommodated for student level considering ELL and
students with diverse learning needs.

Strategy 1: Use a variety targeted of strategies to address low indicators discovered by our
PAT analysis.

Actions                                                               Measures/ Evidence of
    • Deliver monthly reading comprehension tests and                 effectiveness
       review to grade 8 and 9 classes.                               • Increase in ELA PAT
                                                                         results for Reading

November 2018                                                                                 Page 18
•   Continue to analyse Provincial results in Community •           Analyse student results
       of Practice meetings to determine outcomes on which             and adapt to ensure
       to focus.                                                       success.
   •   Differentiate for student needs based on reviewing  •           Ensure students are
       student files and IPPs/PLPs on a regular basis.                 comprehending content
                                                                       by completing a whole
                                                                       class review.

Strategy 2: Silent reading accountability. Students write a summary of what they have been reading

Actions                                                            Measures/ Evidence of
    • Summary writing piece for formative assessment.              effectiveness
                                                                   • All students turn in a
                                                                       summary of the novel they
                                                                       are reading during daily
                                                                       silent reading. Formative
                                                                       assessment for student

Strategy 3: Implement LLI for all students so they are more prepared for PAT's come grade nine.

Actions                                                            Measures/ Evidence of
    • We will start focusing on reading comprehension with         effectiveness
       students operating at two levels below grade level and      • Fountas and Pinnell testing
       then expanding to our more severe students.                     to analyze the effectiveness
                                                                       of the intervention system.

Department Goal d: Social Studies: Ensure that all students can achieve success by
increasing student support.

Strategy 1: Ensure that students who are struggling have supports in place.

Actions                                                             Measures/ Evidence of
   •   Ensure that all Social Studies teachers are identifying      effectiveness
       struggling students and registering them in IBXtreme        •   Attendance measures
       sessions where supports are provided by that teacher.           enrollment/ improved
   •   Ensure that all struggling students have identified             achievement = evidence.
       connections with academic supports.                         •   They have identified times
                                                                       and responsibilities to check
                                                                       in with supports that meet
                                                                       their needs.

Strategy 2: Support Social Studies curricular language development for our English Language

November 2018                                                                               Page 19
Actions                                                                Measures/ Evidence of
     • Use image-based queuing to facilitate understanding              effectiveness
        of vocabulary unique to Social Studies.                        •   Improved scores from
                                                                           previous testing (ie;
                                                                           Fountas and Pinnell).

 Strategy 3: Provide differentiated learning strategies.

 Actions                                                               Measures/ Evidence of
     •   Increase access to technology for English Language            effectiveness
         Learners.                                                     • Struggling learners should
     •   Enable students to represent their understanding in non-         have consistent access to
         traditional ways.                                                devices that assist in
                                                                          translating and provide
                                                                          visual aids.
                                                                       • Struggling learners will
                                                                          experience increased

Review Date 1: March 2019

Review Date 2: June 2019

 Goal 5: All students will feel welcomed, supported and safe in our school.
 District Correlation:

 ECSD Goal Three: ECSD respects diversity and promotes inclusion
         3.1 Implement the Inclusive Education Policy Framework by ensuring that schools focus on
         the creation of welcoming, inclusive, caring, respectful and safe learning environments for all
         students and staff.
         3.6 Continue to provide and develop services and model initiatives that promote student
         health, using the Mental Health Strategic Plan.
         3.8 Further develop a Collaborative Response Model with school multi-disciplinary teams.

 ECSD Goal Four: ECSD has excellent teachers, and school and school authority leaders
         4.4 Promote excellent teaching practices consistent with the Teaching Quality Standard,
         which guides student achievement.

 Sub Goal a: Student needs will be addressed on an individual basis, with the inclusive model in
 mind, including all types of learners.
 Strategy 1: Provide mental health supports for all students.

November 2018                                                                                    Page 20
Actions                                                            Measures/ Evidence of
    • Student Services department will be established in           effectiveness
       the school defining roles for students (ie; Learning        • Increased log entry notes
       Coach, Student Advisor, Clinical Social Worker, Mental         illustrate student contact
       Health Therapist, Indigenous Liaison, etc.)                    and discussions have
    • Allocate time in staff schedule for increased in class          taken place.
       supports.                                                   • The number of students
                                                                      achieving below the
                                                                      provincial acceptable
                                                                      standard on our PATs will

Strategy 2: Increase testing for students and adjust teaching practices to suit individual
learner needs.

Actions                                                            Measures/ Evidence of
    • We will provide all students, the opportunity to have        effectiveness
       accommodations such as more time, reader, scribe,           • Improved results on the
       assistive technology, quiet space to work, and one on one      Accountability Pillar in the
       support by a Student Advisor or Learning Coach.                area Student
   •   Students who could benefit from Knowledge and                  Achievement and
       Employability programming will be identified early.            Program of Studies as well
   •   Staff will be trained in Fountas and Pinnell diagnostic        as improved PAT results.
       testing.                                                    • We will have students
                                                                      signed up for the grade 9
                                                                      Knowledge and
                                                                      Employability exams this
                                                                   • Students will improve
                                                                      their reading
                                                                      comprehension scores as
                                                                      indicated through staff
                                                                      assessments throughout
                                                                      the year.

Strategy 3: Develop and implement a model to respectfully and efficiently discuss how to
best support students.

Actions                                                            Measures/ Evidence of
    • Attend Collaborative Response Model meetings held            effectiveness
       by the District with my leadership team.                    • Development of a model
                                                                      that we put into practice
                                                                      at the school site.

November 2018                                                                                Page 21
•   Development of a Collaborative Response Model            •   Meetings will take place
       when speaking about how to better support all                and minutes distributed
       students.                                                    with the resultant action

Sub Goal b: Develop and foster positive and supportive student/staff relationships.

Strategy 1: Increase opportunity for informal student and staff interactions.

Actions                                                         Measures/ Evidence of
    • Increase staff presence in the hallways and at their      effectiveness
       classroom doors.                                             • Student satisfaction
    • Staff and students will engage in school activity days to         Survey indicates that
       celebrate the fact that we are all St. Thomas More               they have a safe
       Knights.                                                         school.
                                                                    • Increased sense of
                                                                        community as
                                                                        indicated in the Tell
                                                                        Them from Me and
                                                                        Satisfaction Surveys.

Strategy 2: Set aside time to focus on fostering and developing strong, positive, student
mental health.

Actions                                                         Measures/ Evidence of
    • Thursdays will be set aside for the development of        effectiveness
       Mental Health sessions as offered by school staff and    • Student and Parent
       presenters.                                                 Satisfaction Surveys
                                                                   indicate that Mental Health
                                                                   Supports are present and
                                                                   important in the school.

Strategy 3: Ensure that all staff have access to a variety of professional development sessions
to build capacity in relational leadership.

Actions                                                          Measures/ Evidence of
    • All new staff will attend Go To Educator Training          effectiveness
    • Professional Development sessions offered at the               • Staff receive Go To
       school will incorporate a Positive Behavior Supports              Educator Certification
       training session                                              • Students positive
                                                                         behavior is recognized
                                                                         by staff member

November 2018                                                                           Page 22
statements and
                                                                        recognition awards.

Review Date 1: March 2019

Review Date 2: June 2019

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November 2018                                                                              Page 24
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