Whaia te pae tawhiti kia tata, hikina te pae tata kia eke

Message from the Principal                     1
Why Enrol with Our Intermediate School?        2
About our Intermediate School                  4
Learning Programmes and Opportunities          6
Learning Through Our Specialist Subjects       8
Information for Parents and Caregivers        10
Positive Behaviour for Learning - PB4L        14
Education Outside the Classroom               16
Our School Uniform                            18

Prospectus Photography by Rachel Anna Portraiture

 The school is well placed to sustain improvement. The board is
 knowledgeable about students’ progress and achievement and

Manukorihi Prospectus
Message from the
Manukorihi Intermediate School is situated on an historical site
looking out at spectacular mountain, sea and ocean views. It is
a unique and very beautiful educational setting, enhanced by
the wide variety of teaching and learning opportunities that we
provide for Year 7 and 8 students.

Our school is built on our SOAR values, which are upheld
by all members of our learning community. Our staff and
students are friendly, welcoming and there is a strong feeling of
manaakitanga and whanaungatanga from all who contribute or
are a part of our school, and wider community.

We believe Manukorihi Intermediate School has many attributes
for future students and their families to consider. Our school
community and staff work hard to provide the best possible
educational opportunities, experiences and outcomes that our
students need and deserve.

Intermediate schooling experiences are ones filled with
excitement, risk taking, problem solving, resilience and lots of
fun! During this time our students undertake many social, emotional, physical and intellectual changes.
Preparing our students for an unknown future requires us to grow and develop learners who have a
positive view of themselves first and foremost. Wellbeing is valued and our learning, specialist programmes
and interventions ensure that we cater for the variety of needs our students bring with them.

Comparatively, we are a small intermediate school, which enables us to foster better working relationships
between students and staff across the whole school. We pride ourselves on our open door policy for our
school community and we invite you to join us at Manukorihi Intermediate School in 2021.

                                                                                        FIONA LOW

Senior leaders are focused on improvement, work together and
are committed to maximising students’ achievement over the
two year period.

                                                                    Manukorihi Prospectus              1
Why enrol with
Our Intermediate School?
Whāia te pae tawhiti kia tata, hikina te pae tata kia eke

                                                 Our Local Intermediate School
endeavour to make the two years at               We are proud to have taught generations of our local families
Manukorihi Intermediate as successful            here at Manukorihi Intermediate School and look forward to
                                                 the future generations to come.
learning environment enabling                    We have seven local contributing schools. Our working
students to have a good sense of                 relationships with these schools continues to strengthen and
belonging, ownership of their learning,          support a smooth transition into learning at our school.
leadership opportunities, building               It is our endeavour to be your preferred Intermediate School.
relationships with peers and teachers
and a good sense of wellbeing. We aim
to cater for diverse learning needs for          Positive School Culture
all students.                                    With the support of our Positive Behaviour for Learning
                                                 framework, our school community enjoys a safe and inclusive
Our school has many activities and               school culture that supports our core business of teaching
programmes to extend children’s                  and learning.
learning and advance their education.            You can expect warm, friendly greetings and good
Students are encouraged to embrace               hospitality.
every learning opportunity available to
them and participate fully in all aspects        Specialist Subjects
of school life.

Parents and caregivers are very                  Our students enjoy the practical application of the
welcome at our school. We are very               technology skills taught and have greater opportunity to
aware the link between home, school              explore and express their creativity.
and the community is essential to
help students achieve their learning
goals and achieving the skills and
knowledge to SOAR into the future
                                                 Intermediate School. Our teaching, support and caretaking

There are many opportunities for                 vision in order to meet the needs and aspirations of our
                                                 school community.
parents and caregivers to support
the school by providing transport for
school trips, coaching and assisting
with sports teams, music cultural                Education Outside the Classroom
activities, helping out with the Home
and School committee or the Board of             experiences for our students to enjoy, learn and grow from.
Trustees.                                        These include our many sports teams, involvement in
                                                 environmental projects, school trips, camps and more.
Mark Stevenson                                   These learning experiences are highly desired aspects of our
BOARD CHAIR                                      school based curriculum.

2     Manukorihi Prospectus
Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) is embedded school
wide and practised by students, their teachers and senior

                                    Manukorihi Prospectus   3
About our
Intermediate School

Manukorihi Intermediate opened on 4th February 1974. The school’s name can be loosely translated as
‘the singing of the birds’ and refers historically to the people of this pā who were alerted to the approach
of enemies at night by the chirping of the birds in the bush on the cliffs by the school gates,

The carving over the door to the administration block was designed and carved by the late John Ford in
consultation with the late Mr Jim Nicholas, a Trustee of Manukorihi Pā at the time. The figures represent
Sir Apirana Ngata, Sir James Carroll, Sir Peter Buck and Lady Pomare. At the south end, Turi, Captain of the
Aotea Canoe is shown, while at the north end, Tama Ariki, Captain of the Tokomaru Canoe is
depicted. Te Whiti o Rongomai, Prophet of Parihaka, stands next to Lady Pomare. All these leaders
inspired others to maintain their tino rangatiratanga (sovereignty).

In April 1983, a further asset was added to the school’s architecture (on the north western wall of the hall)
when the Ken Tonks Memorial Mural was unveiled and dedicated. Ken was Principal between1978-1982.
Constructed of aluminium and totara, the mural dominates the main approach to the school with its
striking design and colours. It depicts the energy that is evident in all people on this site.

We have a wealth of history associated with the school site and the neighbouring Marae. All pupils have
the opportunity to learn about the significance of the area in a purposefully written Manukorihi study unit.

    The Manukorihi Bird                                     Owae Whaitara Marae

    The School’s crest is a copy of a Māori cave           While enrolled at Manukorihi Intermediate
    drawing taken from A H Reed’s ‘Māori                   school, all members of our school will have the
    Drawings and Carvings’, depicting a wading             opportunity to both learn and enjoy an overnight
                                                           stay at our local marae.
    bird. It is a visual interpretation by John
    Fathers, the Taranaki Education Board’s Chief          Our schools’ Māori Immersion class will continue
    Architect of the time.                                 to play an active role as Tangata Whenua of our
                                                           local marae.

4     Manukorihi Prospectus
Teachers and students have an established culture of respect,
    enthusiasm, trust and partnership.

5   Manukorihi Prospectus               Manukorihi Prospectus   5
Learning Programmes &
Whāia te iti kahurangi, ki te tuohu koe me he maunga teitei.
Pursue that which is precious, and do not be deterred by anything less

                                              Extension Programmes for Gifted and
                                              Talented Students
                                              A variety of programmes and opportunities are
                                              available to further extend our students with high
                                              interest and/or ability in all areas of the curriculum.
                                              These include:
                                              Otago Maths, ICAS, ePro8, Science and Technology
                                              Fair, Maths Extravaganza and more.

    Programmes are provided to                Classroom Compositions
    accelerate our students
                                              and the Roll Sizes
    achieving below expected
    levels of achievement.                    Our classes are all Year 7 and 8 composite and work
                                              in 3 teams: Te Mātā Taiohi, Kotahitanga and
    The teaching approaches for               Rangitahi Toa.
    acceleration are trialled and

    group and these strategies are
    being implemented across the

    These strategies ready
    students for new learning.
    Past concepts and skills are
    addressed, but always in the
    purposeful context of
    future learning, improving a
    student’s ability to engage in
    all aspects of the curriculum.

6     Manukorihi Prospectus
Māori Immersion
                                                We run a Māori Immersion team called
                                                Te Mātā Taiohi. Within this team we
                                                offer Level 3 in all 4 classrooms. In 2021
                                                we will be working towards Level 2 in
                                                Pāngarau, Tuhituhi and Pānuitanga.

                                                This will enable us to meet the needs of
                                                all taiohi in the team over their time with
                                                us. We value both tikanga and Te Reo
                                                Māori and this is reflected in what we
                                                provide to all taiohi at our school

Health Programmes

A variety of external programmes contribute
to the development of knowledge, skills,
good health and well-being.

Reading Support Programme
Additional reading instruction is provided to
students reading well below expectation in
small groups to improve reading attainment.

                                                     Manukorihi Prospectus                   7
Learning Through
Our Specialist Subjects
Kua pū te ruha, ka hao te rangatahi
As a old net withers another is remade

                                                FOOD TECHNOLOGY
                                                The two year programme in Food is based on providing
                                                students with opportunities to learn, and practice basic
                                                life skills as well as working within the Technological
                                                Practice strand of the Technology Curriculum. The
                                                students work with practical activities using literacy and

                                                learning to develop ideas using planning, problem
                                                solving and time management skills.

                                                In Year 7 students are introduced to basic skills in
                                                context and begin to explore the concepts of ‘Planning
                                                for Practice’ in Technology.

                                                In Year 8 the students build on prior knowledge
                                                continuing to develop practical skills and are provided
                                                with the opportunity to become independent learners
                                                through their own planning and implementation.

    In this module, the students will explore the ideas
    behind product design and development such as
    Form and Function.
    They will develop their skills when drawing plans
    from a design brief and will explore the

    shaped or formed.
    A large focus for this class is encouraging the
    students to be innovative and creative in their
    engineering skills and to adapt construction

8     Manukorihi Prospectus
This exciting Digital Technology programme
aims to equip and empower students
to become innovative creators of digital
technology, not just users. In this engaging
hands-on program, students are able to
explore a wide range of virtual experiences
and tools to develop an understanding of
computer science principles that underlie
all digital technologies. Some of these
experiences include game making in Scratch,
programming Ozobots and navigating paths
for Sphero robots. An introduction to App
invention with Javascript coding is a highlight
of the programme.

Collaboratively or independently students
work to solve problems, design digital
solutions and most importantly unleash their
creative side. Whether you are a beginner or
an expert, there will be something exciting just
for you in Digital Technology.

The main focus for science is the ‘Nature of
Science’ Strand. It introduces our students
to science through carrying out a variety
of hands-on experiments/investigations.
By being involved in these experiments/
investigations the students are developing
skills associated to working like scientists. They
are learning about the importance of working
safely in the lab and knowing basic science
safety rules; developing an understanding

observations, recording these appropriately
and being able to write simple conclusions
based on the observations they make.

            Manukorihi Prospectus                    9
Information for
Parents & Caregivers
Mā whero mā pango ka oti ai te mahi
With red and black the work will be complete

The following information will provide you with some understanding of our Intermediate School. If you require
additional information, please do not hesitate to make an appointment with the school to come in and further
discuss any areas of interest to you.

We do recommend that our prospective students and their families meet with a member of the school leadership
team prior to enrolment. This way we ensure you have the information required to make an informed decision about
an enrolment for your child and we can support a smooth transition into our school from their valued contributing
primary school.

      Academic Excellence                       Cultural Excellence                      Student Leadership
All pupils in our school are given        New Zealand is a multi-cultural          SOAR
every opportunity to perform to           society in which the various societies   School Leaders - Year 7 students are
the best of their ability. Classroom      should be recognised, respected,
programmes, homework, research,           and encouraged. The provision of         annually to become our School
the school library and technology all     bi-cultural learning experiences is      Leaders. They are involved in many
give pupils the opportunity to            one of our important educational         activities including the running of
improve, consolidate and extend           features. We do this within all          school assemblies, attending the
their academic knowledge. ICAS,           classroom settings as we are             Young Leaders conferences and
Progress & Achievement and                guided by Te Atiawatanga and all         running major initiatives for whole
e-AsTTle tests plus other school          teaching, learning and assessment        school participation.
internal reviews are all assessment       reflects this.
tasks designed to give us as wide                                                     House Leaders - Each house in
a picture as possible of your child’s     Also through:                               the school is lead by a Year 8 boy
progress and levels of attainment                                                     and girl. A staff member is in
                                             The understanding of the
as possible. These provide good                                                       charge of each house with other
                                             significance of our languages by
information that enables us to cater                                                  staff assisting. We have four
                                             all New Zealanders.
for and extend your child’s learning.                                                 houses: KEA (Green), WEKA (Red),
                                                                                      TUI (Blue), TOUTOUWAI (Orange).
                                             Teaching Māori language across
                                             the school.
      Sporting Excellence                                                             Class Parliament - A
                                                                                      parliamentary framework
In any inter-school competition it is           Performing Arts                       and students take on major
our absolute intent that our pupils                                                   portfolios and responsibilities
strive to win, but not at the expense     Pupils will be given the opportunity        within their classroom.
of good sportsmanship. We like            to join Kapahaka and be involved in
to think that we win because our          a wide range of cultural experiences
pupils have the necessary skills and      throughout the year. Pupils are
have practiced to the best of their       encouraged to join the school band,
abilities. Lots of skills are developed   take up the learning of musical
through coaching and participation        instruments, be involved in fine arts
in a variety of sports – from rugby,      extension activities, and partake in
league, netball, touch, basketball,       speech competitions.
hockey, football, aquatics, table
tennis, badminton, triathlon, chess,
swimming and others.

10 Manukorihi Prospectus
Our Leadership                         e-Learning                          Shared learning spaces as
       Team                                                                      well as individual desks.
                                       Our school uses the e-Learning
The Leadership Team at Manukorihi      Planning Framework to support
Intermediate School consists of the                                              current research supported by
                                       on-going growth and development
Principal and two Associate                                                      the learning environment.
                                       around digital literacy.
Principals. They are well supported
by four experienced Team Leaders       We have recently upgraded our
who are responsible for a team of      infrastructure and have ‘Fibre’              Board of Trustees
three teachers, operating as a         internet provided by N4L (Network
professional learning group.           for Learning).
                                                                              Our Board of Trustees elections were
                                                                              held in 2019.
                                       A Rukus wireless system has
      Literacy, Numeracy &             been installed to ensure we have
        Social Skills                                                         The Board will use the opportunity
                                       seamless connectivity across our
                                                                              to co-opt additional members to the
                                                                              board when required.
We have a number of student enrol
with us who require additional         Each of our classroom programmes
                                                                              The make-up of our Manukorihi
support with their health, learning    are supported by a variety of Google
                                                                              Intermediate Board consists of:
and/or behaviour.                      applications which are accessed
                                       using our;
                                                                                 Fiona Low
There are remedial and acceleration                                              (Principal)
programmes available to support           iPads
targeted students who are                                                        Lynda Ricketts
achieving below expectation.              Laptops - HP / Chromebooks
Additionally we have programmes
available for groups of students             Learning Spaces                     Aileen Turner
                                                                                 (Staff representative)
                                       The majority of our classrooms
programmes.                            have been fully refurbished with          Mark Stevenson
Intervention available includes:       the remaining three spaces to be          (Board Chair)
                                       upgraded within the next 2 years.
   Reading Support Programmes                                                    Grant Foreman
   (Withdrawal programme)              Teachers are transitioning their
                                       classrooms from the traditional           Nathan Eriwata
   Maths Support Teacher               layouts to using furniture and
                                       configurations that reflect the           Terence Waiariki
   Accelerated Literacy Programme      flexible learning spaces model
                                       which promote:                            Kalani Crofskey
   Social Skills Groups

   Individualised Education Plans         Students working collaboratively       Martinelle Lobb (co-opted)
                                          across all areas of the New
                                          Zealand Curriculum.
      School Magazine
Children are invited to form a
Committee to produce our annual
magazine. Other children are invited
to contribute articles throughout
the year based on events as they

   A context for students to use
   their literacy knowledge and

   A memory sake for our graduates
   for years to come.

                                                                           Manukorihi Prospectus                 11
Attendance                               Bicycles/Scooters                     Bus Runs
Our attendance registers are             We encourage our students to walk,    There are bus runs available to
electronic and are completed in the      run, scooter or bike to school.       our students who live outside of
morning and afternoon.                   Alternatively families could park     the township. Our school has a
                                         at the bottom of the hill and         bus controller who monitors who
Students are required to be in class     encourage their children to walk      catches the buses on a daily basis.
at 8:50am to ensure they are marked      part of the way to school.
present for the day.                                                           There are four buses that our
                                            Helmets - these must be worn if    students catch to and from school.
In the event students will be late          students are riding bikes to and   The students are expected to catch
or absent, we ask our families to           from school.                       the initial bus from Manukorihi
                                                                               Intermediate even if they have a
be noted on the attendance register.        All bikes and scooters are to be   connecting bus waiting for them at
                                            stored on the racks provided.      the Waitara High School bus depot.
Students who arrive late to school
are required to sign in via the Vistab      If the expectations are not met       Mokau
                                            then the student may lose the         (There is a cost for this bus.)
This information will be used to            privilege to bring it to school.
update the electronic register.                                                   Lepperton/Huirangi

Any students who are unaccounted               Reporting to Parents               Pukearuhe/Urenui
for at 9:30am will have automated               & Caregivers
text messages sent to the homes                                                   Tikorangi
of their primary caregiver to advise
them of the absence from school.         Our families are welcome to meet
                                         with the teacher and/or principal
                                         throughout the school year to
                                                                                     Automatic Payments
Students who remain absent
without explanation will be              discuss academic attainment and
                                         achievement.                          Automatic payments set up with our
identified as truant. If absenteeism                                           school is common practice for our
continues then a referral will be                                              families to assist with contributions
lodged with the Truancy Service          We will continue to review our
                                         methods of communication to meet      for sports fees and trips, end of year
to locate and support the students                                             camps/activities.
return to school.                        the needs of our community.

                                         We deliberately plan incremental            Food Availability
The attendance data is monitored.        opportunities of communicating this
                                         achievement with our families while   Good food and nutrition is essential
                                         students are enrolled with us.        for our students to fully engage as
      School Hours                                                             learners.
                                            Term 1
                                            Goal Setting Conference            Our school provides the following:
   8:50am School begins
                                            (with student & family)
   9:15am Classes commence                                                        Breakfast Club
                                            Term 2                                (Kickstart with Breakfast)
   10:45am Morning tea
                                            Parent-Teacher Conferences
                                                                                  Fruit in School
   12:45pm Lunchtime
                                            End of Year Reports
                                                                                  Lunch orders (done by Home & School)
   1:30pm Classes continue
                                            Class Dojo
                                                                                  Kidscan - lunch snacks provided
   3:00pm School finishes

12 Manukorihi Prospectus
Special Needs
Our school has a SENCo Team that
co-ordinates any additional support,
intervention or extension required
by our students.

through our enrolment processes to
ensure their transition is smooth and
well supported.

Additionally, students may be
referred by their classroom teacher
for consideration by the team. The
referrals to the SENCo team are for
learning, emotional and health needs.

The SENCo Team is supported by:

   Tu Tama Wahine
   - Social Worker in School
   - Truancy Service

   Ministry of Education
   - Learning Support

   Resource Teachers of Learning
   and Behaviour.

   Resource Teachers of Vision
   and Hearing.

   School teaching and support

                                        Manukorihi Prospectus   13
Positive Behaviour for
Learning - PB4L
Whāia te mātauranga hei oranga mō koutou
                                                     We have an anonymous reporting tool that all
                                                     students have access to. Research states that
Positive Behaviour for Learning is built on the      breaking down the barriers so students can report
foundation that positive behaviour can be learned    bullying or harm incidents contributes to a safe
and challenging behaviour can be unlearned.          and inclusive school culture.
Celebration and acknowledgements are a core
feature for building a positive school culture and
occur in many different ways at Manukorihi            SOAR Awards
Intermediate School.
Our four school expectations are:                      Acknowledging Positive Behaviour at
•     Strive for Excellence                            Manukorihi is done in a variety of ways. Students
•     Organised for learning                           receive positive praise, SOAR awards which can
•     Act positively                                   access sports prizes, a pathway to achieve SOAR
•     Respect for self, others and the environment     badges and the ultimate goal of achieving an
                                                       “EXCELLENCE’ badge by positively participating in
                                                       sport, arts, cultural and academic activities

 Our school focus is on:
 •     Preventing problem behaviour
                                                      Referral (Blue) Forms
                                                      These are completed by staff members to help
 •     Developing social skills                       monitor any current trends in problem behaviours,
 •     Reinforcing positive behaviour                 providing our school with data to inform our
 •     Using data to inform our teaching              teaching and learning and providing intervention
                                                      in a timely manner school-wide and for groups or
 •     Teaching target behaviour                      individual students.

14 Manukorihi Prospectus
If a student struggles to read, we teach. If a student struggles
to write, we teach. If a student struggles with mathematics, we
teach... If a student struggles with behaviour, we teach!

                                         Manukorihi Prospectus   15
Education Outside the
Classroom (EOTC)
He kai kei āku ringa

teachers and supportive parents who bring this about. We try to keep contribution costs to a minimum
by organising fundraising activities during the year. The success of these depends on parent involvement.
The school has a camp area on site that is suitable for initial Outdoor Education experiences.

During their time at Manukorihi students will enjoy a week of activities within the Taranaki province.
The following year all classes plan and attend a camp outside of the region. This camp destination is
determined in Term One with input from the parents and caregivers of each class.

16 Manukorihi Prospectus
School Leaders
SOAR Leaders

                 Back Row: Lenox Nevin, Ella Eason, Jade Lunn, Tayla Ingham
       Front Row: Cormac Johnson, Halizeigh Daymond, Annie-Liu Tokotaua-Patuwairua
                                  Absent: McLaren Ainoa

House Leaders

             Back Row: Zoey Yang, Alexis Dravitski, Lucia Annemans, Olive Andrews
      Front Row: Asha Wills, Hemi Blackburn-Kingi, Michael Robinson, Jerome Collingwood.

                                                              Manukorihi Prospectus        17
Our School
Kei te Tū Pakari

The Manukorihi Intermediate school uniform has been changed with effect from the start of 2020. All
new Year 7 students, who have not had siblings at our school and don’t have their uniform to wear, will
all be required to wear our new uniform. 2021 will be the last year that students can wear our old uniform
and from 2022 all students will be wearing our new uniform.

Our students wear their school uniform with pride. The uniform has been created with the ongoing
review by our Board, staff and school community. We do our best to keep the uniform related expenses as
affordable as possible without compromising the quality of the clothing products.

Manukorihi Intermediate is a sunsmart school and members of our school are required to wear a sun hat
or cap in terms one and four. We have two options, a traditional cap and a bucket hat, which are provided
to all students at the start of each school year.

We have two compulsory uniforms which are our daily school uniform and a PE uniform. School uniforms
are available for sale from The Warehouse at Bell Block or online at

The school jacket is only available for sale from the school office.

18 Manukorihi Prospectus
Senior leaders are focused on improvement, work together and
are committed to maximising students’ achievement over the
two year period.

                                      Manukorihi Prospectus   19
Manukorihi Intermediate School has a Senior Leadership Team that comprises of
the Principal and two Associate Principals. This team brings a new level of energy
and passion to the positive growth and development of our Intermediate School.

Our Senior Leadership Team have shared values that underpin our ability to lead
that are consistent with the educational leadership qualities. We have a clear moral
purpose, a love for our school, the students and the community. The team believes
that we have the potential to further develop our intermediate school in order to
increase the successful outcomes for our students.

We acknowledge that as teachers and leaders, we are also learners. Often this
learning can be contributed to by our students, their parents or other stakeholders
within our school community. Our ability to guide and support both our students

here at Manukorihi Intermediate School.

The Senior Leadership Team is responsible for leading development within the
school. As the leaders of learning and change, we are committed to improving the
teaching practices, raising student achievement and preserving the community
pride in our school.

receives a quality public education in an educational environment that is
supported by shared expectations and a culture of respect.

20 Manukorihi Prospectus
Manukorihi Road, Waitara 4320
Phone: 06 754 8025
Fax: 06 754 7988
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