2019-2020 ENROLLMENT NOW OPEN - Amazon S3

2019-2020 ENROLLMENT NOW OPEN - Amazon S3
INSIDE THIS ISSUE                                                                                                                           WINTER 2019
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   G     RACE 2019-20 enrollment is now open. In addition, the enrollment (registration) fee is only $50 through February 10, 2019.
         Enrollment fees remain the same as last year:
        • $50, January 27-February 10, 2019                • $100, February 11-28, 2019                            • $125, beginning March 1, 2019
   Current GRACE families received an email from their GRACE school via TADS.com with a specific re-enrollment link specific to each
   student. This link will take GRACE families directly to the TADS enrollment website. Families must complete enrollment for each child.
   Upon completion of the enrollment step, the family will be required to complete a Tuition Account and set up a Payment Plan. Completion of
   the process in it’s entirely must done to reserve each child’s seat at your GRACE school for Fall 2019.
                                                           | Link to www.gracesystem.org |Enrollment

  GRACE: Gold Summer Camp
                                                                                              works best for your family’s schedule (full day or half day).
                                                                                              Before and After School Care will also be included to provide
                                                                                              parents and families with more convenient pick up and drop
                                                                                              off times. Before School Care will run from 7-8 a.m. each day

T    he 2018 inaugural year of the GRACE:
     Gold Summer Camp experience
was a success for parents, teachers and
                                                                                              while After School Care will run from 3-5 p.m.
                                                                                             We will continue to offer classes for students in early
                                                                                                                             childhood through eighth
students alike. In 2018, the GRACE                                                                                           grade and are planning
summer program touted 124 total students                                                                                     to provide some exciting
enrolled in the 4-week camp, 15 amazing                                                                                      new opportunities for our
GRACE camp teachers and 23 hands-on                                                                                          sixth through eighth grade
classes offered for early childhood through                                                                                  students. We are exploring
eighth grade. GRACE: Gold also hosted a                                                                                      themed week camps for our
variety of community members and                                                                                             middle school students that
businesses who shared their talents                                                                                          will focus on specific topics of
and interests with our students. Some                                                                                        interest and will involve more
of our community organizations                                                                                               hands-on, possibly off-campus
and members that volunteered their                                                                                           experiences. Some of the
time to GRACE: Gold were Safety                                                                                              possible topics for these weeks
Town, From Above Bakery, Thibby’s                                                                                            include STREAM, science,
Ice Cream, Father Michael Thiel,                                                                                             leadership and stewardship.
and many more! It is our goal to                                                                                             We will continue to have a
build the summer camp program                                                                                                wide variety of classes and
each year to make it bigger, better                                                                                          topics offered for our early
and even more faith-filled than the                                                    childhood through fifth grade students as well!
previous year. That being said, we
are eagerly awaiting the launch of the                                                We hope you are as excited about the 2019 GRACE: Gold Summer
2019 GRACE: Gold Summer Camp                                                          Camp as we are. Watch for further detailed summer camp
program and hope you are too!                                                         information coming in March. In the spring, more information
                                                                                      will be released regarding course offerings, teachers, middle
This summer, we are planning                                                          school themed week options, class fees and upgrades to the camp
another four-week camp for                                                            enrollment process. In the meantime, if you have any questions
GRACE: Gold. Our tentative camp dates are Monday, July 8 through                  or concerns regarding GRACE: Gold Summer Camp, please do not
Friday, August 2. We will follow the same daily schedule with classes             hesitate to contact Program Director, Laura Blicharz, at lblicharz@
starting at 8 a.m. and ending at 3 p.m. There will be morning and                 gracesystem.org or 920-499-7330, ext. 312.
afternoon classes so you will still be able to choose the schedule that                  | Link to www.gracesystem.org | About GRACE | GRACE: Gold Summer Camp
2019-2020 ENROLLMENT NOW OPEN - Amazon S3
Discover GRACE Schools
  C     ontact the school office directly for opportunities to learn more and
        schedule a tour. Visit a GRACE school and see “GRACE in Action”,
  meet our outstanding faculty and staff and obtain details about our faith-
  filled academic excellence.
                       | Link to www.gracesystem.org | Enrollment | Visit Us

  Wisconsin Parental Choice Program 2019-20
  A   pplication dates for the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (WPCP) are February 1 through April 20, 2019. All students currently
      supported by the WPCP (also known as the School Voucher Program or CHOICE) must reapply to remain eligible. New families
  may apply during the same application period.
      • To qualify for the program in the 2019-20 school year, a student must have a family income equal or less than 220% of the federal
        poverty level income limits.
      • If a family meets eligibility requirements including established income qualifications, the following may apply
           • Any new incoming student entering kindergarten through eighth grade
           • Currently enrolled GRACE students entering into kindergarten and first grade
           • New or currently enrolled GRACE students entering into the four-year old early childhood program at St. Thomas More Catholic School
      •   Application period is February 1 through April 20, 2019
      •   Late applications are not accepted for any reason!
      •   Current WPCP families must reapply
      •   New families must apply
      •   All families – current and new – must also enroll to their GRACE school online via the TADS enrollment system
  For questions or assistance, please call Edgar Zaragoza, Outreach Administrator, at 920-499-7330, ext. 311 or ezaragoza@gracesystem.org.
  GRACE participates in the WPCP and schools that do so are required to post the State of Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
  (DPI) School Report Cards and the Educational Options for Wisconsin students on each school’s website. You may access the CHOICE
  Accountability Report on each school website in addition the GRACE website as well.
                                                     | Link to www.gracesystem.org | Enrollment | Private School Choice Program

2 | GRACE Newsletter        WINTER 2019
2019-2020 ENROLLMENT NOW OPEN - Amazon S3
President Welcome

                               Dear GRACE Community:

                               W       ith the start of the New Year, it is an ideal time to review and renew our faith practices in
                                       our homes. Mothers, fathers and even grandparents all have important roles to play in the
                               domestic church, the church of the home. We establish a firm foundation as Catholics within our
                               home and parents are vital as the first and primary teachers of their children. As children grow,
                               their faith journey requires nurturing and intentional attention. It is through this attention, we can
                               feel confident that we meet the responsibility of ensuring our children’s religious upbringing.
                               Besides praying at mealtime and bedtime which is most common for all of us, I share with you
                               a menu of further opportunities to infuse faith into your family life. Please enjoy this list and
     FATHER ALLOUEZ            reflect upon what may be of value in your home as you focus on faith.
     Principal | Kay Franz          • Do you bless your home annually? There are many prayers (formal and informal) that can be
432-5223, Elementary School           found online for this purpose.
    - St. Matthew Campus            • Have you invited your parish pastor/priests/sister/deacon or lay minister into your home to
  336-3230, Middle School
                                      share a family meal?
   - Resurrection Campus
                                    • What are the symbols and artifacts that represent our Catholic faith in your home?
       HOLY CROSS                   • Do you include scripture in notes or cards written to your child?
  Principal | Sharon Gast           • Do you foster tenderness, forgiveness, respect and humility within your home?
         468-0625                   • Have you ever written a family prayer together to pray regularly?
       HOLY FAMILY                  • How about praying the family rosary together? Each member can lead a decade and everyone
     CATHOLIC SCHOOL                  shares intentions.
 Principal | Steve Gromala          • Make the sacraments a regular celebration – take the whole family to confession and Mass together!
                                    • Make worshiping God a priority. Never miss Mass, even while traveling go to
       NOTRE DAME                     www.MassTimes.org to find a church in any location. Viewing the beauty of a new church is
    SCHOOL OF DE PERE                 exciting. Also, this affords time to thank God for the blessing and the opportunity to travel.
   Principal | Molly Mares          • Model prayer and allow your children to witness you in private prayer. This is incredibly powerful.
337-1103, Elementary School
  337-1115, Middle School      “Every home is called to become a ‘domestic church’ in which family life is completely centered on Christ and
                               the love of parents mirrors the mystery of Christ’s love for the Church, His bride.” (Pope Benedict XVI , 2007)
  OUR LADY OF LOURDES          One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is faith. Thank you for the sacrifices you make to send
    CATHOLIC SCHOOL            your child to a Catholic school. You are giving them a wonderful gift. Let’s be sure to include a focus on
   Principal | Jeff Young
                               faith by building the domestic church inside our homes even before they come to our schools daily.
                               My best to you as you in the warmth of your home as you develop and nurture our domestic church!
       ST. BERNARD
     CATHOLIC SCHOOL           In His service,
 Principal | Crystal Blahnik
                               Kimberly A. Desotell
                               President, GRACE
 Headmaster | Frank Nicely
     494-1931, ext. 9

 Principal | Andrew Mulloy                                 UPDATE GRACE has embarked on the prioritized action plans
         434-3822                                          encompassed in our three-year Strategic Plan, and we are very excited
                                                           about the momentum. The planning team will soon be conducting
     ST. THOMAS MORE                                       its second 90-day assessment. Keep abreast of developments via our
     CATHOLIC SCHOOL                                       Strategic Plan webpage where the most recent 90-day progress summary
 Principal | Olgamar Amor                                  is posted.
         432-8242                                                     | Link to www.gracesystem.org | About GRACE | Strategic Plan 2018-2021

                                                                                                                                     WINTER 2019 | 3
2019-2020 ENROLLMENT NOW OPEN - Amazon S3
Budget 2019-20
  T   he GRACE Board of Directors approved the 2019-20 budget for the nine GRACE schools. The tuition rates for 2019-20 have increased
      slightly to $2,912 for grades K-5 and $3,016 for grades 6-8 for families who are registered and actively engaged at a GRACE affiliated
  parish. Membership is verified. Early Childhood Program rates have increased minimally by $3 per half- and full-day and remain below
  the market level in the Green Bay community.
  Each school site determines its own activity fees and slight adjustments have also been made for the upcoming school year. In addition, each
  school’s Site Advisory Council (SAC) has re-evaluated its requirements as it relates to SCRIP, fundraising and service hours. SAC requirements are
  configured into the online enrollment process but are also outlined on the GRACE Enrollment Contracts webpage.
  GRACE’s financial aid program for 2019-20 is now accepting applications. Families wishing to apply for tuition assistance must enroll first and
  then apply for aid online in the TADS enrollment system. Complete financial aid applications received prior to April 15, 2019 will undergo first
  consideration with the first round of awards anticipated to be made by June 1, 2019. Applications received after April 15, 2019 will be reviewed
  with assistance determined as financial dollars permit.
  Complete information is available on the GRACE website for enrollment, tuition and fees, early childhood education programs and rates and
  tuition assistance. Information is also available at each school or the GRACE administrative office at 920-499-7330, ext. 303 or
                                                       | Link to www.gracesystem.org | About GRACE | Enrollment

  Audited Revenue and Expenses 2017-18
                        REVENUE                                                                              EXPENSES

                                                                                                                                          Facility Rent &
                                        K-8 WPCP                Development                                                                     9%
                                           16%                  & Investment

              Parish                                                                                                                               Supplies
           Investment                                                School Site                                                                      5%
               28%                                                   Fundraising
                                                                        6%                                                                          General
                                                                                                   Personnel                                        & Office
                                                                                                     76%                                            Supplies
                                                                      Early                                                                           4%
                                                                    Childhood                                                                        Tuition
                                                                     Tuition                                                                       Assistance
                                                                       5%                                                                             3%
                                                                                                                                                 Food Service
                                                                 Food Service                                                                        2%
                          K-8 Tuition                                4%
                                                                                                                                             Advertising &
                         (non-WPCP)                                                                                                           Promotion
                             32%                            Annual Appeal
                                                                2%                                                                               1%

  A financially sound budget is important and vital to GRACE’s success. Overall, we are proud of the fiscally responsible financial decisions under the
  direction of the GRACE Board of Directors, Trustees and leaders. Decisions made by these leadership teams assist to govern expenditures through the
  fiscal year and ensure a healthy budget for GRACE overall. These graphics provide detail on the 2017-18 GRACE actual audited financials that will assist
  in better understanding revenue sources as well as expenditures to support GRACE Catholic education.

                    TUITION TAX CREDIT                                                          EIGHTH GRADE TUITION POLICY
  Wisconsin law established a tax deduction for private school                         The efforts of families to stay current with tuition payments
  tuition, and again, tuition tax credit information is available for the              as agreed upon via the TADS tuition payment plan are greatly
  2018 calendar year online via TADS. The TADS Household Paid                          appreciated. Review of eighth grade tuition, fees and lunch
  Tuition Tax Report provides a breakdown of payments made for                         accounts is completed each January of the eighth grade year.
  the specified household’s tuition account during the tax year.                       In the case of accounts that are not up to date for families with
  When you are gathering your information for 2018 tax preparation,                    eighth grade students, students will not be eligible to participate
  go online to your TADS account | select Billing | Billing Account                    in eighth grade trips, parties and graduation events. The only
  Number | Reports | Household Paid Tuition Tax Report | enter the                     exception is the eighth grade retreat as long as the retreat fee (if
  year 2018 and submit. If you have questions or require assistance,                   required) is paid. Families are encouraged to contact GRACE’s
  please call TADS Parent Support at 1-800-477-8237.                                   Business Services office at any time with questions or to address
                                                                                       payment plans and arrangements.

4 | GRACE Newsletter       WINTER 2019
2019-2020 ENROLLMENT NOW OPEN - Amazon S3
What is Your Favorite Class? “Recess”
  By Kay Franz, Principal, Father Allouez Catholic School
                                                                                5. Students will benefit from a clear transition from recess to the
                                                                                   classroom. Requiring students to freeze at the sound of the
                                                                                   whistle has many benefits:
                                                                                  • Reduction in playground injuries.
                                                                                  • Calm children returning to classroom in an orderly and
                                                                                    controlled manner.
                                                                                  • Easier to gain control of children after recess to remind them
                                                                                    of rules and procedures.
                                                                                  • Prevents the mad dash to be first in line.
                                                                                  • Equipment can be accounted for before children released to
                                                                                    walk back to class.

W       hen did recess become a class? At Father Allouez Catholic
        Elementary School-St. Matthew Campus, recess has a whole
new value in the students’ education. This is the third year the school
                                                                          In this age when violence is too often on the front page of newspapers,
                                                                          we need to look at new strategies to teach the Gospel values of
                                                                          cooperation, respect and love. This program works to head off
has been implementing the Peaceful Playground Program. Research           problems early. It also instills student responsibility and conflict
on the program found that schools that implement this program see a       resolution skills that transcend the playground to the classroom, the
decrease in behavior problems, an increase in student engagement and      home and the community.
a positive effect in the school’s overall climate.
                                                                          The same concepts are being carried out at the Middle School
There are five basic principles to the Peaceful Playground Program:       Resurrection Campus but in a different way. With the kind and very
    1. An established set of games with consistent rules that are         skilled assistance of the Resurrection Parish Grounds Crew, the
       taught and practiced will reduce playground arguments which        students now have a FACS Buddy Bench. Christian and Jack Collins
       can be attributed to rule infractions.                             (sixth grade) wanted to carry on a concept that eliminated loneliness
    2. Playground problems and disagreements are handled by               while helping to foster friendships on the playground.
       the students in one of three ways, WALK, TALK or ROCK-             The fundraising kicked off at the end of last school year with
       PAPER-SCISSORS. WALK away from the problem, TALK                   $400 raised in hot dog sales and donations. The Collins boys then
       together until they reach an agreement or use the ROCK-            continued to do jobs during the summer and slowly raised the
       PAPER-SCISSORS game.                                               remaining $400.
    3. There should be one piece of equipment for every 10 students       The concept is very simple and shares in the spirit of our schools
       on the playground. One person should be in charge of               namesake Father Claude-Jean Allouez to spread the good word of
       checking out and in equipment.                                     God, one act of kindness at a time.
    4. All staff members must understand and implement the                So come one and all: sit, share, chat, cry, smile or sit in silence....with a
       strategies of the Peaceful Playground Program.                     buddy!

    Staff Spotlight: GRACE Information Technology Team
I  n every GRACE school, you will find our information
   technology (IT) personnel working behind the scenes to support
day-to-day operations of our vibrant educational community.
                                                                               Jose Amor: Father Allouez and St. Bernard
                                                                               Alejandra Beals: St. Thomas More
                                                                               Tonia Briski: Father Allouez
They effectively collaborate system-wide with their colleagues,            •   Lynn Fink: Our Lady of Lourdes and GRACE
faculty, staff, principals, Curriculum Team and Administration.            •   Carrie Gossens: Father Allouez
Staff also interface with our affiliated parishes to support the           •   Jody Laehn: Notre Dame of De Pere
strategic goals of GRACE.                                                  •   Theresa Neuser: Holy Cross, Holy Family and St. John Paul II
The roles of GRACE IT personnel consist of a myriad of activities.         •   Mary Swanson: St. Bernard
Responsibilities include maintenance and repair of equipment               •   Bob von Haden: St. John the Baptist and GRACE
which include, in part, installation and software upgrades; hardware      Staff is on demand daily! We are grateful not only for their
installations, upgrades and replacements; support of the network          expertise but also for their good-natured flexibility and can-do
infrastructure; user and data management for all online testing           attitude as they serve in a dynamic and fast-paced setting.
software; user support and service; and contributing to the planning      We thank these individuals for their time and talents during
for the future of GRACE schools.                                          school days, vacations, holidays, summer and off-hours to not only
Each GRACE IT team member is assigned to a school site - a place          ensure quality resources for our teachers in an innovative learning
to hang their hat - while supporting all users within the GRACE           environment but to also enable students to realize their academic
family. Please find below the list of our IT team members and their       potential and successes.
primary GRACE assignment.

                                                                                                                                      WINTER 2019 | 5
2019-2020 ENROLLMENT NOW OPEN - Amazon S3
2019 Golden Apple Nominees

  C   ongratulations to the 2019 Golden Apple Nominees. Nominees include educators from all nine GRACE schools. We are pleased to
      have our faculty recognized for the excellence in faith-based education that takes place throughout GRACE schools.
      Michelle Anderson, Holy Cross Catholic School                                      Christina Kiefert, Holy Family Catholic School
      Taylor Baltus, St. Bernard Catholic School                                         Julie Kohl, Notre Dame School of De Pere
      Alicia Bartels, Holy Family Catholic School                                        Carrie Korinek, Notre Dame School of De Pere
      Sarah Baye, St. John the Baptist School                                            Lisa Krcma, Holy Family Catholic School
      Amanda Boeke, St. Bernard Catholic School                                          Kendra Kuehl, Notre Dame School of De Pere
      Jennifer Branecky, St. John Paul II Classical School                               Jodi Lange, St. John the Baptist School
      Peter Brauer, Notre Dame School of De Pere                                         Amy Liebergen, St. John the Baptist School
      Tracy Cantu, St. Thomas More Catholic School                                       Ryan Matsen, Holy Family Catholic School
      Beth Christensen, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School                              Patrick McKeown, St. John Paul II Classical School
      Jenna Connors, Notre Dame School of De Pere                                        Amy Muenster, Notre Dame School of De Pere
      Taylor Debski, Holy Family Catholic School                                         April Neuville, Father Allouez Catholic School
      Emily Diny, Father Allouez Catholic School                                         Patricia Nennig, Holy Cross Catholic School
      Caitlin Enright, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School                               Judith Peterson, Holy Family Catholic School
      Jennifer Etter, St. Bernard Catholic School                                        Kari Peterson, Holy Cross Catholic School
      Lynn Francois, Holy Family Catholic School                                         Ruby Robles, St. Thomas More Catholic School
      Gayle Fritsch, St. John the Baptist School                                         Deanna Schauer, Holy Cross Catholic School
      Amanda Gerrits, St. John the Baptist School                                        Julie Schmitz, St. John the Baptist School
      Alex Giese, St. John the Baptist School                                            Margaret Smith, St. John Paul II Classical School
      Torey Gostas, St. John the Baptist School                                          Eric Stanczak, Holy Cross Catholic School
      Jean Healy, Notre Dame School of De Pere                                           Annie Stewart, Father Allouez Catholic School
      Fiona Hehir, St. Bernard Catholic School                                           Jodi Sullivan, Holy Cross Catholic School
      Alyssa Hess, St. John the Baptist School                                           Jordan Thill, Holy Family Catholic School
      Natalie Jacobson, Father Allouez Catholic School                                   Andrew Walsh, Father Allouez Catholic School
      Jennifer Johns, St. John Paul II Classical School                                  Kiara Wolfgram, St. John the Baptist School
      Candice Johnson, Father Allouez Catholic School                                    Sr. Carolyn Zahringer, Holy Cross Catholic School
      Sharon Johnson, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School
                   GRACE is also thrilled to announce that three educators have been named a 2019 Teacher of Distinction:
                                               Taylor Baltus, Tracy Cantu and Jodi Sullivan!
                                The 26th Annual Golden Apple Awards Ceremony takes place on April 17, 2019.
                                               Program details are available online at Golden Apple Awards Program.

  GRACE-Filled Teacher Reflections
  E   ach of us has a great deal to give and to share with one another - growing, learning and sharing a common mission is what brings us
      together as family. We pray daily in support of our efforts to strengthen our family and our community near and far by journeying
  together in faith and in knowledge. All of our teachers are passionate about their vocation and contribute their time and talents in
  amazing ways. Provided here are reflection excerpts from new teachers to the GRACE system who were asked to reflect on:

                                                                                                                       “Teaching in the Catholic
    “Catholic schools create, by                                                                                      classroom is so much more
     their very nature, a sense of                                                           “Giving your best        relaxing for me. I can freely
      community and family. We                                                                 in any aspect of        talk about God, our faith,
    are one family who prays and                                                             life, no matter the        our Risen Jesus and all
         worships together.”                                                                task at hand, is the      components of Catholicism
                                                                                             best thing anyone                  at will.”
                                         “In many ways, playing music with                   can do... By using
                                       God’s love in your heart is like turning             God in my teaching,
            “Students and                on a light in a crowded room – the                     explaining and
            staff are close;             light touches everyone in different                  motivation, gives
             the reason of              ways and you will not always know                   me the ability to get
            this is because             the people it reaches or what those                 the most out of my
                of God.”                     people are going through.”                           students.”                      “I believe that the
                                                                                                                               teaching I am doing in
                                                                                                                              a Catholic classroom is
                                                                                                                             richer and reaching more
                                                                                                                                 of the whole child.”

6 | GRACE Newsletter     WINTER 2019
2019-2020 ENROLLMENT NOW OPEN - Amazon S3
Development Updates
                     By Lisa Niemuth, Director of Development


H    oly Cross Catholic School has received two grants – a $1,000
     Green Gift from Cellcom and a $3,000 grant award from the
Green Bay Packers Foundation – for the school’s “Going Green”
program. The “Going Green” program engages students in active
learning and encourages teamwork and problem solving related to
environmental awareness and creation and building of an outdoor
learning space on the school campus. Thank you to Cellcom and
the Green Bay Packers Foundation for their commitments to
educational initiatives in the community.


                           S  afety film has been installed at all GRACE schools as part of Wisconsin Department of Justice Safety Grant
                              award of $154,000. The resources enabled from this grant award are of significant benefit to augmenting the
                           safe environment of our schools. Additional safety enhancements have also been made possible through this
                           grant opportunity focusing on security training for GRACE staff.
                           “The installation of the safety film has enhanced our school’s security. The grant funding for the safety film
                           significantly eliminated any need for fundraising.” – Crystal Blahnik, principal of St. Bernard Catholic


T    hank you to those who have already made a donation to the
     2018-19 Annual Appeal and to those that are still prayerfully
considering what they can give. Give the gift of education - every
gift makes a difference in the Catholic education experience for
more than 2,100 students enrolled in GRACE schools. Donations
can be mailed to GRACE Annual Appeal, 1087 Kellogg Street,
Green Bay, WI 54303 or online at www.gracesystem.org/donate.
Thank you to all that support GRACE with gifts and prayers
throughout the Annual Appeal.
                  | Link to www.gracesystem.org | Donate

                                                                                                                            WINTER 2019 | 7
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GRACE News Format
      Walk to Mary
                                                                                                               GRACE News is published three times during the
      The 2019 pilgrimage to the Shrine of
                                                                                                               academic year: Fall, Winter and Spring. This is the
      Our Lady of Good Help in Champion,
                                                                                                               second year that the Winter newsletter has been
      Wisconsin will be held on Saturday,
                                                                                                               made available solely online/electronically. We will
      May 4, 2019. For details, please visit
                                                                                                               continue to issue our Fall and Spring newsletters
      www.walktomary.com. GRACE is proud
                                                                                                               both in print and online but will continue to
      to celebrate with the community at this
                                                                                                               embrace the fiscal and environmental benefits of
      annual journey of faith.
                                                                                                               publishing the Winter newsletter entirely online.
                 | Link to www.walktomary.com                                                                  | Link to www.gracesystem.org | About GRACE | GRACE Newsletter

  GRACE Schools Fundraisers
  February 22, 2019 • St. Bernard Catholic School Auction                               April 6, 2019 • Holy Family Catholic School Spring Fundraiser
  March 2, 2019 • St. John the Baptist School Auction                                    April 26, 2019 • St. John Paul II Classical School Gala
  April 6, 2019 • Holy Cross Catholic School Auction
  Please contact the GRACE school or check the GRACE events calendar as additional events and details will be posted as they become available.
                                                                   | Link to www.gracesystem.org | Calendar

                           St. Cecilia Liturgical Choir
                           O    ur new GRACE-wide choir rejoiced in its first two official “performances” on November 18th at Nativity of Our
                                Lord and on January 13th at Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Choir’s schedule for the remainder
                           of the 2018-19 academic year is as follows:
       February 9, 2019          4:00 p.m.      St. Jude Parish                                April 28, 2019               7:00 p.m.   St. Norbert College Parish
       March 31, 2019            10:30 a.m. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish                     May 26, 2109                 10:00 a.m. St. Peter and Paul Parish
  Sincere appreciation to the parishes who are hosting our fifth through eighth grade students, representing all nine GRACE schools, who comprise
  this ministry group. We appreciate the opportunity to extend gratitude to our supportive community through the beauty of music.
  The Choir welcomes you to worship with them!

                                     Looking Ahead…                                                                            Weather Alert
                              GRACE 2018-19 CALENDAR                                                                  School Closing Guidelines: GRACE
                 February 15, 2019 • No School, GRACE-Wide In-Service                                                 schools follow the school closing or
                              March 1, 2019 • Early Dismissal                                                         delay information from the public
               March 7, 2019 • Parent-Teacher Conferences 4:00-8:00 p.m.                                              school district in which it is located. Stay
        March 8, 2019 • Early Dismissal, Parent-Teacher Conferences 12:30-3:00 p.m.                                   tuned to media communications when
                      March 11-15, 2019 • No School, Spring Break                                                     the weather is inclement and stay safe!
                         April 19, 2019 • No School, Good Friday
                              April 22, 2019 • No School, Easter Monday
        Check out the complete 2018-19 academic calendar online for important dates.
                                2019-20 ACADEMIC YEAR
       The 2019-20 academic calendar is under development and will be posted online
                                     when finalized.
                     | Link to www.gracesystem.org | About GRACE | GRACE Academic Calendars

                                                                    LET US HELP YOU
            Call 920-499-7330                   Development and Annual Appeal                        Food Service                         Outreach Administrator
    E-mail graceoffice@gracesystem.org                 Lisa Niemuth, ext. 313                      Jamie Hurley, ext. 306                    Edgar Zaragoza, ext. 311
                                                    lniemuth@gracesystem.org                     jhurley@gracesystem.org                   ezaragoza@gracesystem.org
          Business Services
           Gerard Faller, ext. 307               Enrollment and Financial Aid                     Human Resources                             Student Services
          gfaller@gracesystem.org                      Lori Ashmann, ext. 303                        Jami Hintz, ext. 309                     James Cullen, ext. 308
                                                    lashmann@gracesystem.org                      jhintz@gracesystem.org                     jcullen@gracesystem.org

8 | GRACE Newsletter           WINTER 2019
2019-2020 ENROLLMENT NOW OPEN - Amazon S3 2019-2020 ENROLLMENT NOW OPEN - Amazon S3
You can also read