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The School

Kelbrook Primary School

School Street



BB18 6UD

Telephone (01282) 842309

Pupils on roll at September 2019 – 105

Age Range 4 – 11 years

Chair of Governors – Mr Andrew Drummond Burnett

Headteacher – Mrs Angela Dugdale

Accommodation - Kelbrook School is situated in the heart of the village of Kelbrook, in East Lancashire, close
to the Yorkshire border. The village of Kelbrook is close to Pendle Hill in pleasant open countryside, next to
the main Colne to Skipton Road.

The School is housed in an attractive, late Victorian building, which had its Centenary in 1996. There are two
small playgrounds and a large, playing field.

The layout of the school is on two levels. On the ground floor, there is an entrance foyer and office, two
classrooms, hall, resource room and kitchen. On the first floor, there are two further classrooms, a
computer suite and library. The staffroom and Headteacher’s office are also on the first floor.

                                        “Learning and Achieving Together”

                             Our school ethos is based on respect and appreciation.


To create and sustain a happy and safe environment in which all can experience and develop a love of learning.

To recognise and celebrate the value of each child and to help individual
children reach their full potential in all areas of their development by setting high standards and expectations.

To strive for excellence in all we do by providing the highest quality teaching and learning, using a rich variety
of activities within a broad, balanced, creative curriculum.

To develop children’s personal responsibility, social skills and cultural awareness within the school community
and in the wider context of local, national and world issues.

To enhance communications between staff, governors, parents and the local
community of Kelbrook and develop further their involvement within our school.

                                    Mr Andrew Drummond-Burnett (Chair)

                                      Mrs Angela Dugdale (Headteacher)

                                           Mr Andrew Lacey (Staff)

                                    Mrs Trudy Nichols (Local Government)

                                        Mrs Christine Elley (Co-opted)

                                       Miss Lauren Johnston (Co-opted)

                                           Mrs Victoria Cole (Parent

                                           Mr Kevin Holme (Parent)

                                        Mrs Rebecca Brindley (Parent)

                                       Mrs Samantha Connolly (Parent)

                                        Mrs Audrey Wilson (Co-opted)

                                  KELBROOK FRIENDS COMMITTE (PTA)

                               Rachel Pearson (Chair) (Mum to John in Class 4)

                     Joanne Kitson, Vice Chair (Mum to Ava in Class 4 and Erin in Class 3)

                                  Angela Dugdale, Secretary (Headteacher)

                        Amanda Morgan, Treasurer (Mum to Beth and Hollie in Class 3)

                              Plus Christine Townson and Suzanne Hope as school

We also have other regular volunteers Christine Gascoigne, Sunisa Rushton, Helen Sutcliffe, all the teachers,
teaching assistants and Father Christmas. However, you do not need to be a committee member to help run a
stall at an event, provide a raffle prize, help with refreshments or make suggestions for fundraising activities
    etc. The school benefits financially and socially from all your efforts, which are greatly appreciated.


                                                Mrs Angela Dugdale

            Teachers                          Teaching Assistants                 Breakfast & After School
            Class 4                                  Class 1
     Mrs Christine Townson,                  Mrs Lorna Watson & Ms                  Ms Suzanne Hope (Play
         (Deputy Head)                           Suzanne Hope                               Leader)

            Class 3                                                                    Mr Andrew Lacey
                                                    Class 2
       Mrs Anna Atkinson,                      Mrs Kerri Ozbaykal                     Mrs Jean Meadows

             Class 2                                Class 3
      Miss Victoria Boddie,                     Mr Andrew Lacey

            Class 1                                                        ADMISSIONS
                                                    Class 4
     Miss Hannah McClinton,                  Mrs Yvonne Sunderland                  School Administration

          Mrs Val Opacic                                                               Mrs Hannah Berry
            PPA Cover
                                                                                   (School Business Support)

The school has a total of 105 pupils on roll. A maximum of 15 places are offered annually for admission into the
Reception year.
Children are admitted in the September of the academic year in which their 5th birthday occurs.
If the school is oversubscribed, priority is given to:-
1. Special medical or social circumstances affecting the child where these needs can only be met at this school
2. Siblings already attending school
3. Distance of home from school
Children are admitted into other year groups where vacancies allow. Parents whose children are not offered
places have the right of appeal.

    When your child is absent from school, it is very important you inform school. This may be achieved by
             telephoning or giving a verbal message from an adult prior to registration at 8.55am.
 It is expected that parents will arrange holidays within the holiday dates included in this brochure. Absence
from school in term time means that children miss valuable teaching time and their progress could be seriously
  affected. It may not be possible for them to catch up on work missed. However, should you feel there are
exceptional circumstances, you may apply for permission from the Headteacher by obtaining a ‘Holiday Request
Form’ from the school office or downloading from the school website. For daily registration requirements, late
  arrivals, after 9am, will be recorded as ‘late’. After that time pupils will be marked absent for that session.

                                               THE SCHOOL DAY

                  Morning school begins at 8.55 am and ends at 12.00 noon (11:45 for Class 1)
                                       Afternoon school begins at 1.00pm
There are 23 hours and 45 minutes spent on teaching during the normal week, excluding Registration, Collective
                                             Worship and Playtimes

                                                SCHOOL TIMES

                                           Registration 8.55 - 9.00am

                                             Lessons 9.00 - 10.30am

                                            Playtime 10.30 - 10.45am

                                           Lessons 10.45 - 12.00noom

                             LUNCH KS1 & KS2 12.00 - 1.00pm (EYFS Class 1 11:45)

    Lessons (including collective worship Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) 1.00 - 3.30pm

                                        Playtime KS1 Only 2.15 - 2.30pm

                                 FOUNDATION STAGE – Reception - Class 1
                                   KEY STAGE 1 Years 1 and 2 – Class 2
                                    KEY STAGE 2 Years 3, 4 – Class 3
                                         Years 5 and 6 – Class 4

  We have four Classes: as above. The organisation of the classes can vary year upon year according to the
                                           numbers in each cohort.

  In planning programmes of study for your child, we recognise the importance of individual, group and whole
class teaching and we are aware that children need to work both co-operatively and independently, and have a
   variety of learning experiences. Careful planning of the curriculum by staff ensures continuity, without
                                            unnecessary repetition.

 As there are two age groups working within each class, children can easily work according to their individual
             abilities and support or extension work can be programmed to meet individual needs.

We feel that working with children in mixed age classes has many benefits, including the ability of the teacher
  to meet individual needs regardless of their year group. Also there is class stability and continuity making
                       transition from one class or year group to the other, fairly easy.

   We continually assess the children in our care, occasionally through formal testing, in order to make our
                                         teaching relevant and useful.

  Teacher assessment and results from national standardised tests are used to inform us about your child’s
                         progress and allows us to set and monitor individual targets.

                                        AIMS FOR THE CURRICULUM

    Through a broad, balanced creative curriculum, the school aims to promote the growth of, responsible,
                  motivated individuals, with consideration, tolerance and respect for others.

 The staff work as a team, with the Governors and with support from the Local Authority, to achieve the aims
    of our school by developing schemes of work, based on agreed school curriculum policies, in line with the
                                              National Curriculum.

Teachers and support staff aim to seek out and develop a range of abilities, academic, practical, social, personal
  and physical within each child by providing balanced learning opportunities in skills, concepts, knowledge and

   We aim to develop lively, enquiring minds and through the way the curriculum is taught, we aim to foster
 relationships and attitudes based on respect and responsibility, which pupils will carry forward into the wider

  We strive to ensure that all children are inspired, challenged and extended in their learning and that their
                                 hearts as well as their minds are fully engaged.

                                       CURRICULUM ORGANISATION

                Within our Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 classes, a variety of
   teaching methods are employed to achieve the planned objective taking into account children’s different
 learning styles. This includes whole class teaching, group and individual work. Children are grouped in a number
   of ways; by ability or mixed ability, interest groups, depending on the work or activity set, or the outcome
 required. Our mixed age classes allow us more flexibility in groupings so that younger children can work with
   older children or higher ability groups can be stimulated and challenged, irrespective of their year group.

 All children work to the National Curriculum and competence in reading, writing and number are considered a
   high priority. About half the time your child spends in school is devoted to the four main (core) subjects,
English, Mathematics, Science and Information Technology (IT). The rest of the time pupils are taught History,
Geography, Design Technology, Music, Art, Physical Education and Religious Education.

These subjects, where possible, are taught through a topic approach so that individual subjects are integrated
 within the theme. If the subject does not fit in with the topic, then it is taught separately. Underpinning all
    these subjects is a commitment to the social, personal, spiritual and cultural development of each child.

Throughout the year, in both key stages, opportunities are sought for the children to learn through first-hand
  experiences. Visits are arranged to support topic work and we may seek parental support for this through
voluntary contributions. We believe children achieve best when they are enjoying their learning. It is through a
broad, balanced, creative curriculum, delivered in a stimulating, meaningful way that the highest standards will
 be reached and children achieve their highest potential. The content of taught subjects is too diverse to be
                  included in this brochure but we are happy to explain the subject teaching.

                                           RELIGIOUS EDUCATION

Religious Education plays a vital role in the whole school curriculum and makes a significant contribution to the
promotion of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of each child. Religious Education helps pupils
  to develop a framework of values, attitudes and beliefs and also respect for, and tolerance of other races,
   religions and ways of life. Religious Education is taught in all classes and teaching follows the Lancashire

      Where a parent requests that a child be excused from these lessons, the request will be granted.

                                            COLLECTIVE WORSHIP

Collective worship is an integral part of school life and serves the purpose of developing a sense of belonging.
If you do not wish your child to take part in worship, please inform school and alternative arrangements can be
  made. We have close links with Kelbrook Parish Church and the Revered, Hugh Fielden, takes assemblies in
  school each half-term. Our weekly certificate assemblies are an important part of our school life, when we
                                  celebrate and share children’s achievements.

         Three key areas for sex education are studied throughout your child’s school life. They are -
   relationships, family life and growth and change. Sex Education is an ongoing development process, which
  includes the exploration of attitudes and values as well as the presentation of factual information. Like all
learning, sex education is gradual and matched to the child’s maturity and stage of development. Sex education
  is cross-curricular. Many aspects are covered in other subjects, some are taught separately and some are
     constantly reinforced through the school ethos, which is underpinned by our Mission Statement aims.

     Parents can withdraw their child from all or part of the Sex Education provided, except that which is
                                  required as part of the National Curriculum.

                                    PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND SPORT

  We encourage children to participate in a range of sporting activities both during PE lessons and as part of
extra- curricular activities. We aim to develop all children according to their ability and we encourage them to
                 improve their own performance and understand the importance of team work.
   In school time we have a programme of sporting activities which includes—outdoor pursuits, dance, games,
                                      athletics, swimming and gymnastics.
We regularly enlist the support of professional sportsmen/women who share their expertise with the children.
     They have been able to experience activities such as cricket skills, Indian dancing and skipping skills.
Any child who needs to be excused from PE must bring a note from home. It is expected that children will have
    their PE kit in school on the appropriate days. All kit should be kept in a drawstring bag and taken home
                   regularly to be washed. We send kits home at the end of each half term.

                                                     PE KIT
· White T-shirt, navy shorts
· Pumps (not trainers indoors)
· Outdoor Games - tracksuit, warm jumper may be worn in cold weather
· Swimming - one piece swimsuit/trunks (not swim shorts) goggles may be worn if medically necessary or if
      written permission is received from parents.

The County and National Policy to jewellery is as follows:

Pupils should not wear jewellery for ANY aspect of PE. This is to ensure that the wearer is not injured or does
not injure another pupil. Earrings should preferably be removed at home on PE and swimming days in the
interest of safety and to ensure that they are not lost or damaged in school.

                                       SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS

    We believe that all children have needs which are special and individual but a few children require extra
                                             attention in some areas.

    Those children experiencing difficulties and children with exceptional ability will be identified through
     screening procedures. All children are encouraged to feel valued and to develop a positive self-image
  whatever their individual special needs. Most children’s needs are catered for by individual attention and by
  careful matching of their work by the teacher. When planning programmes of study, provision is made for a
       variety of abilities within the subject, topic or theme to give learning opportunities for everyone.

        The school is continually monitoring and assessing children’s progress. If any child is found to be
   experiencing learning difficulties in any aspect of the curriculum or with behaviour, then consultation with
   parents takes place at an early stage. Suitable programmes of study are devised to overcome difficulties.
 Parents are consulted at all stages and their help and support is sought and valued. School works closely with
                     the LA and other external support agencies and services as necessary.


   Children are expected to carry out regular tasks at home which aim to reinforce, compliment and extend
                                     learning which has taken place in school.

    We greatly value parental interest and the help and encouragement given at home to support children's
     learning. We hope that work at home is enjoyable, worthwhile and of relevance to your child. We want
homework to reflect the positive attitudes to learning experienced by children in school. Anxiety and pressure
should be avoided. Homework increases in time and complexity as children progress through the school as there
                                 are different expectations at different stages.

 At the start of each new school year, parents will be invited to a ‘Meet the teacher’ session and will be issued
     with homework information outlining the type of work children will be expected to carry out at home.

                                             The tasks may include: -
            · Reading every day to and with a parent or in the case of older children, silent reading.
                        · Learning to tell the time, reciting timetables, learning spellings.
                   · Extending topic work through visits to the library and personal research

Teachers are always prepared to reward children and share the results of homework in school but this will not
                       always be formally marked in the same way as work done in class.

                                              RESIDENTIAL TRIPS

Every 2nd year we have a residential for the Year 5 and 6 children, we have our next residential in July 2019 to
                     Robinwood in Todmorden. In May 2017 we went to Winmarleigh Hall.

                                             About Winmarleigh Hall:

The Forest of Bowland lies nearby, which is a designated Area of Natural Beauty. Built around the original main
    house, Winmarleigh was formerly a spectacular traditional Victorian estate. Set in 50 acres of gardens,
parkland and woodland, the building retains many original features and its large rooms and sturdy construction
                                       make it ideal for groups of children.

   The centre is small enough to have a homely feel, but large enough to explore and experience a range of
 fantastic activities! Winmarleigh Hall offers some great activities, including the well loved – giant swing! This
               centre also has a quad biking track and a newly built private lake for raft building.

  They offer over 50 different activities across all our centres and pack in as many as possible on every PGL
                                                Adventure Holiday.

         The fun doesn’t stop there! They also include fun-packed evening entertainment programmes.

   Children are expected to carry out regular tasks at home, which aim to reinforce, compliment and extend
                                     learning which has taken place in school.

   The school will remain open unless it is absolutely necessary to close it. If the weather is too bad for the
 school to open, a notice will be put on the school’s website ( and Our Schools App, a
 recorded message will be left on the school’s telephone system and you may also receive a text message. The
                 following local radio stations will be notified and will put out regular bulletins:

                    BBC Radio Lancashire 95.5 FM, 103.9 FM 104.5 FM, 855 MW, 1557MW

                    2BR Lancashire 96.3FM, 99.8FM, 106.5FM, 107FM & DAB Digital Radio

 In the event that the school needs to close during the course of the school day, you will be informed by text
be kept safely in school until you are able to collect them. If you feel at all concerned about worsening weather
           conditions, please feel free to collect your child/children from school as soon as you wish.

Please note that if snow has settled on the ground, a route will be cleared from the road to the main entrance
                             and all children should enter school via the main door.


  If you collect your child from school by car, it is not possible to park on Skipton Road. You may drop your
 children off in the lay-by in the morning but PLEASE do not park in the lay-by either in the morning or after
        school. You are also able to use our walking bus facility on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

The police have asked that parents should wait on the school side of Waterloo Road. Please DO NOT block the
 school entrance. We have signs which were provided by the local Highways agencies which are put out each
 morning and afternoon following directions from the local police. These ensure that the entrance is clear and
                                            safe for children to cross.

 Operates from opposite Kelbrook Parish Church, at the post box. The car park for the village hall is available
              to be used. The Walking Bus departs at 8:45am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

                                          REPORTING TO PARENTS

We hope that you will take a real interest in your child’s progress. Each year you will be invited to at least two
 ‘formal’ consultation evenings to look at your child’s work and discuss his/her progress with the class teacher.
                              You will also receive a written annual report in July.

   You are welcome to visit the school at other times, if you have any problems or queries. Please remember
    however, that your child’s teacher has many other responsibilities and commitments and as a matter of
     courtesy, any parent wishing to discuss progress or problems should first telephone the school for an
   appointment. This will also ensure that your child’s teacher can offer you a reasonable amount of time to
                                        discuss these matters with you.


 When a child starts school, parents are invited to sign our home-school agreement. The agreement acts as a
 pact between the child, the parents and the school, acknowledging everyone’s responsibilities in making every
                           child’s time at Kelbrook a safe, happy and productive one.

  The document is not legally binding but we hope that parents and children will agree to sign as a gesture of
                                   their goodwill in bringing these aims about.


If you have a complaint about any issue which has happened in class, please contact your child’s class teacher in
the first instance to discuss the matter. If you are not satisfied following this, then contact the Headteacher.
There are formal procedures in place for parents to follow for any other complaints. The Headteacher would in
   such circumstances direct parents to the correct procedures and to whom the complaint should be made.

    The Headteacher should be made aware of any complaints, major or minor which could lead to a formal
                                             complaint being made.


Our uniform consists of grey trousers/skirt, white polo shirt and jade sweatshirt or cardigan. Sweatshirts and
cardigans are available to order from the School Office or from online from MC Sports our uniform stockists.
  Sensible, black or navy school shoes should be worn and white or grey socks or tights. During the summer,
   checked jade and white dresses or grey shorts. No jewellery except for small stud earrings and watches
                   should be worn for school and make-up and nail varnish are not permitted.

                                              HEALTHY SNACKS

Kelbrook School is a Healthy School and is taking part in the Lancashire Healthy Schools Initiative which allows
                         all children at Key Stage 1 to have a free piece of fruit a day.

   Children at Key Stage 2 are encouraged to bring a fresh piece of fruit or vegetable to school for morning

                              Toast is sold each Friday at a cost of 20p per slice.

 Children have access to water throughout the day and are given their own water bottles at the beginning of
  each academic year. These need to be washed at home and returned to school each day filled with water.
 These can be refilled as required. New water bottles (if lost or damaged) can be purchased from the school
                                                office for £1.50.

  Kelbrook Primary School works with Lancashire School Lunches to provide tasty yet healthy meals for our
pupils. There are 2 yearly menu’s, a Spring/Summer menu and an Autumn/Winter menu. The menu’s work on a 3
               week rota with each day have 3 different choices for each pupil to choose from.

  All children in Reception and years one and two are entitled to free meals as part of the Government’s new
                Universal Infant Free School Meal. This is worth up to £418 per year per child.

Plus, if you receive certain benefits, or have a household income below the Government threshold, register your
 entitlement with your area education office, you could be entitled to Free School Meals from Year 3 and for
                                                 older siblings.

          If your child is in KS2 and isn’t entitled to free school meals, the charge is £2.30 per meal.

                                      EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES

 We recognise the importance of children’s involvement in all school activities and undertake to provide school
                     clubs after school. These are free apart from ICAN and Taekwondo.

We currently work with Pendle Leisure to provide sport clubs on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, the sport
        changes every half term. So far this year we have had dodgeball, cricket, netball and football!

                                            OUT OF HOURS CLUBS

We are fortunate to have both a Breakfast and an After School Club at Kelbrook. This Club provides excellent
child care during the hours of 7.30am - 8.45am (Monday to Friday) and 3.30pm - 6.00pm (Monday to Thursday).

                                 ATTITUDES, REWARDS AND DISCIPLINE

   At Kelbrook School, we aim to provide a caring, understanding and happy atmosphere where children feel
secure. We always encourage personal excellence and self-esteem rather than excellence over others. Pride in
work well done is stressed, leading to self-respect and respect for others. Kelbrook School fully recognises the
contribution it can make to protect children and support pupils in school through prevention, protection and

 Within school, formal rules are kept to a minimum as we feel that children give their best where expectations
are set realistically high and good behaviour rewarded. All children are encouraged to respect adults in school,
 their fellow pupils and property. It is also expected that all children will be well-behaved and attentive in the
  classroom. When problems do occur they are dealt with promptly and sympathetically and, where necessary,
                                              parents are involved.

        Each week on a Friday morning we have our Celebration Assembly where we celebrate the fantastic
learning/effort/behaviour that has been achieved. We award certificates and special pencils for KS1 pupils and
 special pens for KS2 pupils for 'Writer of the Week'. Their writing is displayed on the website and on the wall
       in the school hall. We also award 'Super Star' certificates for outstanding work in other subjects.

            Each week each class has a VIP. The VIP is awarded a certificate/memories book with
complimentary comments written in by every member of the class. VIP's get to eat their dinner with a special
 friend, on a special table for a whole week. Their parents are also invited to attend the celebration assembly.

   Our Year 5 and Year 6 pupils work as Play Leaders each week on a rota. They have the responsibility for
  bringing pupils into school who require first aid during break-times and lunchtimes and playing with younger
children. Each week one Play Leader is chosen and is presented with a trophy for their caring work which they
                                         display on their desks all week.

 VIPs, Writers of the Week, Super Stars and Play Leaders have their photographs taken and displayed on the
                                              website for a week.


 We have parents and friends who help with our activities. We are deeply grateful for all their time, skills and
     assistance. If you have any time to spare and feel you would like to help in any way, please let us know.


   Kelbrook School is moving towards being a cashless school where possible. We use an online system called
 ‘School Money’. This gives parents the facility to pay for dinners, BRASC, trips and uniform online. You also
have the flexibility of paying by card at the school office or at local pay points.

Pupils and parents are invited, from time to time, to donate to various charity appeals. There is no obligation to
 contribute. All donations are accepted on the understanding that they are voluntary contributions. We still
                                           collect these in cash form.


                  It may be necessary occasionally for your child to be absent due to illness.

Children who are unwell should not be sent to school, but if your doctor advises a return to lessons whilst still
undergoing treatment, please contact school to discuss the problem. Medicines can be administered in school if
an authorisation form has been completed and signed by a parent/carer. If you have any queries regarding the
                               administration of medicine, please contact school.

Please note:- if your child has a sickness/tummy bug, he/she is required to remain at home for a full 48 hours
                                 AFTER the last episode of sickness/diarrhoea.

                                               HEALTH SERVICES

    Regular routine visits are made to school by the school nurse. Extra visits can be requested if thought
 necessary by the Headteacher. In addition the children receive regular health checks. Parents receive prior
                              notification of these checks by the Health Service.


 As a school we strive to have excellent communication between ourselves and our parents and we are always
                               looking to improve our standard of communication.

 We have a variety of ways that we share information with our parents; letters/newsletters, school website,
                                  text messaging service and Our Schools App.

      Please check school bags regularly in case your child forgets to give you any letters or other school
 correspondence. All letters and our newsletters are also uploaded to the school website if you need to print
                                               out another copy.


   We keep the website up to date with all school information including Class updates, letters, newsletters,
      policies, term dates, weather information and the weekly VIPS/Writers of the Week/Play leaders.

                                         TEXT MESSAGING SERVICE

Our text messaging service, Teachers2Parents, is utilised to send out reminder texts such as club start dates
                                            and payment reminders.

                                             OUR SCHOOLS APP

 Kelbrook Primary School can be found on the app ‘OurSchoolsApp’ and once you’ve selected our school you will
receive lots of information about our school, with a school calendar section with reminders too! The app also has
  the option of allowing push notifications so that parents can be notified when a new piece of information is
                                             added or a new event!

                             Thank you for taking the time to read our prospectus.

                   If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us

                                           Telephone: 01282 842309

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