Wildcat News FEBRUARY 2020 - Simcoe ...

Wildcat News FEBRUARY 2020 - Simcoe ...
Wildcat News                                                                        Eastview Secondary School
                                                                                                        421 Grove Street East, Barrie, Ontario, L4M 5S1

                               FEBRUARY 2020                                                              Phone: 705‐728‐1321 Fax: 705‐728‐6053

          Jim Sammon - Principal • Brae Montgomery - Vice Principal • Tammy Rodaro - Vice Principal • Harry Stegenga - Vice Principal

               IMPORTANT DATES                                                       MESSAGE FROM THE PRINCIPAL
                                                                   The students and staff of Eastview Secondary School have had a tremendous start to the 2019-
DATE          EVENT                                                20 school year as the building has been humming with student activities, in the areas of the
Feb. 13       Option Sheet Assembly: Gr. 11 & 12, Pd. 1            arts, athletics and a wide variety of clubs we have to offer. There are just so many opportunities
                                                                   here for students to demonstrate their leadership and their talents! In semester two, we
Feb. 14       Course Discovery Day: Pd. 2                          encourage all students to find a group they can connect with if they have not already done so. It
Feb. 14       Sem. 1 Report Cards                                  is hard to believe that the year is half over already.
Feb. 17       Family Day Holiday - No School
                                                                   Our Student Government organized a number of spirit days, holiday events and a Winter
Feb. 20       Grade 8 Open House: 6:30 - 8 p.m.                    Formal during semester 1. Additionally, they organized The Terry Fox Bowl in September as
Feb. 27       School Council Meeting: Library, 6 p.m.              well as our participation in the Kempenfelt Cup in December in support of Christmas Cheer.
                                                                   Both of these school wide events were very successful in not only building school spirit, but
              Study and Go Abroad Fair: Metro Toronto
Mar. 1                                                             also in helping our students appreciate the challenges faced by many in our local community.
              Convention Centre                                    These dedicated students continue to plan for a number of events in semester two. Time
Mar. 1        ALL OPTION SHEETS DUE                                always seems to go by so much more quickly in semester two, and in just over 3 months we will
Mar. 6        Grad Photos: Missed and retakes (by appt.)           be hosting Prom on Friday, May 22, 2020. Please note, only potential graduates who have
                                                                   completed their Community Service Hours will be eligible to purchase tickets to the prom.
Mar. 2        Graduation: Cap and gown orders start
Mar. 11       Teacher/Parent Interviews, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.          During the month of February students in grades 9 to 11 will be completing the Course
                                                                   Selection process for the 2020-2021 school year. Please take some time, as a family, to sit with
Mar. 16-20    March Break - No School                              your student and discuss the various pathway possibilities and options. The career and
Mar. 30       Co-op Students in Class                              education planner, My Blueprint, is an excellent resource, available to all students, and is easily
                                                                   accessible on-line. These students’ selections, made in February, will directly determine
Mar. 31       Ont. Secondary School Literacy Test Gr. 10           what your child’s timetable will be next year, which courses will run, what our school
Apr. 8        International Day of Pink / Pink Parade Pd. 2        master schedule looks like, as well as how our school is staffed. All course selections
                                                                   must be completed electronically and are due on or before March 1, 2020.
Apr. 9        Civics/Career Final Exam
Apr. 9        Term 1 Ends                                          On February 20, 2020 we will host our Grade 8 Information Evening & Open House from 6:30
                                                                   – 8 p.m. The evening will provide grade 8 students and their families the opportunity to explore
Apr. 10/13    Good Friday / Easter Monday - No School              the educational and co-curricular opportunities afforded to them as students at Eastview S.S.
Apr. 14       Term 2 Starts                                        Teachers and current students will be on hand to help students and families learn more about
                                                                   courses, pathways and the daily life of a student at Eastview.
Apr. 17       Coffee House: 7 p.m.
Apr. 22       Volunteer Fair: Pd. 2                                On Thursday, March 26, 2020 School Council will be hosting a special information evening for
                                                                   parents and students entitled, “Funding Your Student’s Post-Secondary Education”. There will
Apr. 23       School Council Meeting: Library, 6:30 p.m.
                                                                   be speakers and representatives from a variety of financial institutions on hand to share
Apr. 24       Mid-Term Report Cards Go Home                        resources and answer questions. This evening is open to all students and families regardless of
                                                                   grade. It is never too early to begin planning for this important investment.
May 1         P.A. Day - No School
May 7         Choir Gala: 6 -10:30 p.m.                            Our annual Commencement Exercises will take place on June 25, 2020 at 6:30 p.m. If your
                                                                   student is a potential graduate this year, please mark this date in your calendar. The ceremony
May 11        Co-op Students in Class                              will take place at Georgian College. Students are reminded that they have until May 29 to order
May 18        Victoria Day Holiday                                 their gowns online or n the main office.
May 22        Prom: Liberty North 6-10 p.m.                        The start of semester two provides everyone the opportunity to reflect on successes and
May 22        Grade 8 Day                                          identify areas where improvements can be made. Please contact your child’s individual subject
                                                                   teacher, Guidance Counsellor or SERT if you require assistance in setting up a plan for
May 29        Grad Breakfast/Penny Renton Tournament               renewed success this semester. In keeping with the theme of planning for success, Interim
Jun. 4        School Council Meeting: Library, 6:30 p.m.           Progress Reports, for semester 2, will be going home with students on March 9th, and our
                                                                   Parent-Teacher Interview Evening will be on March 12. Please mark these important dates in
Jun. 4 & 5    Musical Performance: 7 p.m.                          your calendars. All parents and guardians are encouraged to regularly refer to our school
Jun. 6        Musical Performance: Matinee and Evening             website (eas.scdsb.on.ca) and our school twitter account (@EASannouncement) for the
                                                                   latest news and information.
Jun. 9        Athletic Banquet: 5 -7 p.m.
Jun. 18-24    Evaluations                                          As always, a special thank you goes out to all of the parents, volunteers and community
                                                                   partners for their ongoing support of students and our school.
Jun. 24       Last Day of School
Jun. 25       Commencement: Georgian College, 6:30 p.m.            Best wishes for semester two,
Jul. 2        Report Card Pick-Up: 8 a.m.- noon
                                                                   J. Sammon
Wildcat News FEBRUARY 2020 - Simcoe ...
Guidance News
OPTION SHEETS FOR 2020-2021 TO BE                                       COURSES REQUIRING APPLICATION FORMS
                                                                           Co-operative Education, Outdoor Education, Peer
Beginning Wednesday, February 12th guidance counsellors and
                                                                             Leadership/Link Crew – Grade 11 Open Level &
teachers will be working with students to make course selections for         Grade 12 University Level; these applications
next year (September 2020). During Grade Assemblies and                      must be in by Friday, February 28, 2020; in the
individual classroom workshops, counselors will explain the 2020-            case of Outdoor Education, only students who
2021 Course Calendar, diploma requirements and students’ credits             submit all required components of the application
achieved, descriptions of all the courses offered at Eastview and the        on time will be considered for an interview.
on-line course selection tool. Students will complete and submit
their option sheet from home. It is the student’s responsibility to
consult with teachers and guidance counsellors to ensure that the
options they have chosen are consistent with both the OSSD
diploma and post-secondary institution requirements. Students use
their usual ESS network login to access the course selection tool
through the Student Portal Login link on Eastview’s website: http://

Program selection is the shared responsibility of parents, students
and the school. Courses should be based on the student’s abilities,
achievements, interests and educational needs. Please visit our
website together with your daughter/son/ward to do some research
to ensure that informed choices are made. You can even complete
the option sheet together in advance of the March 1 deadline.

Because the number of timetabled sections for each course is
determined from the students’ requests on these option sheets, it is
extremely important that students choose wisely at this time. Once
the timetable is established, it may not be possible to accommodate
changes in courses in September 2020.

Current Grade 9-12 students must SUBMIT their course
selections electronically by March 1, 2020.                             It’s time to start planning for
                                                                        summer (school)! Register
Reminder: The Career and Education planner MyBlueprint can be           today!
an excellent resource to help make course selection decisions.
                                                                        Are you and your child planning
                                                                        their courses for next school
                                                                        year? Looking for a way to create
                                                                        flexibility in their timetable and
EASTVIEW VALUES WILDCAT WELLNESS                                        earn a credit? Consider summer
                                                                        school – registration is now open!
Check out MindShift, an app that helps students                         Each year, the SCDSB offers a variety of summer
deal with the anxieties of their school life. It has
                                                                        programs to over 2,000 students. Summer school
subsections that help the user deal with test
anxiety, perfectionism, social anxiety, performance anxiety,            options include open, college and university level
panic and conflict. There’s a section to document each of               courses from Grades 9 to 12. Courses are offered in-
their symptoms and another subsection that has different                person or online. Interested students can also travel
strategies to help negate the specific anxiety in a calming             and earn credits with the summer EduTravel program.
manner. With the documenting process students can then                  Summer school program details can be found on the
revisit each issue with their guidance counsellor at a later            Learning Centres website at http://
date.                                                                   thelearningcentres.com/. Current SCDSB students
                                                                        should speak to their guidance counsellor for
                                                                        information and to register.
Follow us on Twitter: @WildcatGuidance
Wildcat News FEBRUARY 2020 - Simcoe ...
Wildcat News
                   C                T                                                 A       E         ’ D
There are times when you need to contact a teacher at                 We are encouraging students to access directed on-line
Eastview. Please take into account the two main avenues of            research help using databases. These databases are also
contact:                                                              available from home using the provided usernames and
1) Email - Preferable. Please send a detailed message                 passwords:
    outlining your need/concern and include instructions for          “T      H           W          ”
    return contact.
2) Teacher Voicemail - Most teachers have a voicemail -               Sponsored by the Guidance Department and is available by
    not an extension. When calling into the school, please            clicking the link on the Eastview home page (http://
    select 5, then enter the voicemail number followed by the         eas.scdsb.on.ca)
    # sign.
                                                                                  Username: eastviewsimcoe
IMPORTANT                                                             Enter:
If you do not know your teacher’s email address or                                Password: wildcats
extension, there is a complete listing under the
“Departments” tab - staff list on the Eastview Website (http://
eas.scdsb.on.ca). It would be advisable to print this list off for    “P Q         ”D
your future reference.                                                This collection of 4 databases includes eLibrary, the History
                                                                      Study Center, Literature and SIRS Knowledge Source.
   H             H           S              G        7     10
                                                                      Start at the Eastview home page (http://eas.scdsb.on.ca),
Homework Help is a free online math help resource for                 go to Departments and click on ‘Library’.
students in Grades 7 to 10. Homework Help provides free,              Click on ‘databases’ on left side.
live one-on-one tutoring from Ontario teachers Sunday to
Thursday from 5:30-9:30 p.m. The program is funded by the             Click:    ProQuest Icon
Ontario government and administered by TVO's Independent
Learning Centre. To log in, students will need to register with
their Ontario Education Number (OEN), found at the top of             Enter:    Username: eastviewss
their report card near their name.                                              Password: wildcats
For more information, visit https://homeworkhelp.ilc.org/

Attendance, Punctuality and our School-wide Goal                      Click:     My Products Page

The staff at Eastview Secondary School are concerned with             Choose your resource!
the number of students arriving late to class, especially first
thing in the morning. There is a direct correlation between          Eastview Secondary School students/parents/ guardians
attendance and improved student achievement and
                                                                     have the option to pay for team fees, field trips, club fees,
success. Arriving to school and class on time allows
students to fully benefit from instruction. Since we also wish       etc., online. It takes less than five minutes to register. We
to minimize disruptions to the learning environment, the focus       encourage you to use School Cash Online.
will be on punctuality; however, we need your help!                    Convenient: Make payments anytime
Please encourage your children to be responsible and                   Easy to use: Fill a shopping cart and
commit to their success by arriving to all of their classes on          check out
time. Additionally, we are asking that parents who drive their         Safe: No need to send cash or cheques
children to school make every effort to have your children
                                                                        to school
arrive with enough time to access lockers and make it to
class before 8 a.m.                                                    Secure: Website is protected and PCI compliant
                                                                     To register, go to the School Cash Online website at:
Addressing this issue will ensure that students will not disrupt
learning. Thank you for helping us with this small, yet              https://simcoecounty.schoolcashonline.com/ and select “Get
extremely important, school goal!                                    Started Today”.

Students who are signed out of class by a parent/guardian            Student Pick-up and Drop off
are expected to leave the school building. Excusing a student        Parents are asked to pick up their students
from class to work on school work in the library or other area       in the school parking lot along Nelson
of the school is not permitted for safety reasons.                   Street. The parking area at the front of the
                                                                     school, along Grove St., is reserved for buses at the
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate
                                                                     beginning and the end of the day. Parents are asked not to
to contact the main office and speak to a Vice-Principal at          access this area during these times to ensure safety of our
705-728-1321.                                                        students.
Wildcat News FEBRUARY 2020 - Simcoe ...
Wildcat News
Ontario Human Rights Commission –                                  High school informa on nights coming to a school near you!
Right to Read Public Inquiry
With the goal to improve student learning outcomes, the Ontar-
                                                                   Is your child star ng Grade 9 next year? High school
io Human Rights Commission launched a public inquiry (Right        informa on nights happen throughout the winter.
to Read) on October 3, 2019 to understand why students with        This event provides an overview of what’s new, what to
Learning Disabilities struggle to learn to read proficiently and   expect, as well as a chance to check out the school and
what can be done to remove barriers that prevent success.          ask questions. Attend our local high school information
Parents/guardian, students and educators are invited to partici-   night to find out what’s offered: Eastview Secondary
pate in the public inquiry via:                                    School, 421 Grove St. E., Thursday, February 20, 6:30-
                                                                   8 p.m. Check out the full schedule of info nights and
legal@ohrc.on.ca                                                   more information at www.scdsb.on.ca/secondary/
1-800-387-9080                                                     planning_for_high_school.
To find out more visit http://www.ohrc.on.ca/en/right-read-
                                                                   Keep connected with our school and with the
Keeping SCDSB school communities informed on labour
updates                                                            It’s important to get accurate information about what’s
In August 2019, provincial and local contracts for all education   going on at your school and at the Simcoe County
workers in the province of Ontario expired. In the Simcoe          District School Board (SCDSB). Here are some ways to
County District School Board (SCDSB), this means that all our      do that:
unionized groups are at different stages of contract
negotiations at the provincial and local level. The SCDSB will      Subscribe to our school’s website by visiting the
continue to monitor the situation and provide updates on the       ‘What's New’ section at http://eas.scdsb.on.ca/ You can
status of negotiations and our schools whenever possible.          sign up to receive emails about school news updates
                                                                   and information during emergency situations. It’s easy
Labour updates are issued on the SCDSB website                     to subscribe – visit our website and click the ‘Subscribe’
(www.scdsb.on.ca/about/labour_updates), Facebook                   link at the very top of the page. Provide your email and
(www.facebook.com/SCDSB), Twitter (@SCDSB_Schools)                 click ‘Subscribe’; a message will be sent to your inbox
and on the labour updates information line at 1-877-728-1187.      with a link to click to confirm that you want to subscribe.
                                                                   You can unsubscribe at any time using the link at the
Winter Maintenance at SCDSB Schools                                bottom of each email.
                                                                   Sign up to receive SCDSB media releases by clicking
During the winter season, which typically runs from                the ‘Subscribe’ button at www.scdsb.on.ca.
November to April, numerous contractors are assigned
to maintain the SCDSB’s school sites, which include
parking lots and school play yards.
                                                                    Follow the SCDSB on Twitter (@SCDSB_Schools),
                                                                   Facebook (facebook.com/SCDSB) and Instagram
We would like to remind our school communities that                (instagram.com/scdsb). Follow Eastview Secondary
overnight parking on SCDSB school sites is prohibited,             School on Twitter (@EASannouncement)
especially during the winter months, as it interferes with         For school bus transportation information, visit the
attempts to manage snow and ice removal.                           Simcoe County Student Transportation Consortium’s
                                                                   website at main.simcoecountyschoolbus.ca. Also,
Your cooperation is appreciated.                                   remember to bookmark the school bus information page
                                                                   at simcoecountyschoolbus.ca for bus delay and
                                                                   cancellation information on inclement weather days.

W                           TO GET THE BOOKS BACK!
Each year textbooks and Library books go home and sometimes they don’t come back to school.
We need to get as much use out of our books as possible, so please check for any Eastview books
in your home. There are NO OVERDUE fines for Library books no matter how overdue they are!
Please return ANY textbooks or Library books that you may find to the Main Office. Thank You!
Wildcat News FEBRUARY 2020 - Simcoe ...
Wildcat News
Days of awareness and recognition taking place in                  Your child’s immunization records
February                                                           The Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit is required to keep
Throughout the year, there are many awareness days                 up-to-date immunization records for all students who attend
that focus on different causes and recognition. The                elementary or secondary school in the County of Simcoe and
                                                                   the District of Muskoka. Parents are responsible for reporting
Simcoe County District School Board has developed a
                                                                   immunizations to the health unit each time their child receives
list of these days as a guide for schools. Schools may
                                                                   a vaccine from their health care provider. The immunizations
participate in recognizing some or all of these days in            that the health unit requires records for include:
various ways. This list is not exhaustive. Following are
                                                                       Diphtheria, tetanus, polio and pertussis
the days of awareness and recognition that the SCDSB
                                                                       Measles, mumps and rubella
will recognize during the month of February:
                                                                       Meningococcal
   Feb. 2                     Groundhog Day                            Varicella (chickenpox) (for those born in 2010 or later)
                                                                   It’s easy to update your child’s immunization status. Go to
   Feb. 15              National Flag Day of Canada                www.smdhu.org/immsonline to update your child’s record or
                                                                   call Health Connection at 705-721-7520 or 1-877-721-7520
   Feb. 17        National Random Acts of Kindness Day
                                                                   (toll free).
   Feb. 26                     Pink Shirt Day
                                                                   *Information provided by the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit

Parent Portal                                                      Coping with anxiety
The SCDSB Parent Portal is a secure online tool that provides      Feelings of anxiety can be common among teens. Sometimes
parents/guardians (of students less than 18 years of age) with     normally happy teens will become anxious or fearful about
quick access to their children’s attendance and grades.
                                                                   something for a day or two but will return to normal without
                                                                   any need for help from their parents. However, some teens
Go to http://ps.scdsb.on.ca to create a Parent Portal              experience more intense and frequent feelings of anxiety that
account or login.
                                                                   prevent them from participating in normal everyday life. Cre-
Parents and guardians can set up daily, weekly or monthly          ating a positive family environment, encouraging regular
email alerts for attendance information.                           school attendance and helping your teen understand and dis-
To access the Parent Portal, parents/guardians will need each      cover ways to cope with their anxiety can help.
child's Student Number, which can be found on the Student          If you would like to learn more about monitoring and under-
Information Verification Form sent home at the start of every
                                                                   standing your teenager’s emotions and behaviours, ways to
school year, as well as an Access ID.
                                                                   talk openly with your teenager and encouraging your teenag-
The Access ID will be/has been provided in a sealed letter. If     er to practice their coping skills, call Health Connection at 705
you lose the Access ID, you can visit the school office and it     -721-7520 or 1-877-721-7520 and talk to a public health
will be provided to you after your identity has been verified.     nurse about Triple P – Positive Parenting Program, or visit
Each student has a unique Access ID and Student Number.
Once a Parent/Guardian has created a Parent Portal account,        *Information provided by the Simcoe Muskoka District Health
all children in the family can be linked to that single account.   Unit

Students enrolled in Eastview's 2019/2020 T         P                course are currently
working on this year’s school musical production and are thrilled to be presenting the R.S.C.
version of The Wizard of Oz for your enjoyment! The class is chock full of talent and enthu-
siasm and the students are working hard to hone their skills to give you THE best show they
can and one you won’t want to miss!
R.S.C. The Wizard of Oz will be performed on our Main Stage in Eastview’s cafetorium. The
curtain goes up at 7:00pm on Opening Night, Thursday, June 4th, 2020, and the show
runs until Saturday, June 6th, 2020. Tickets are $20.00 and, starting this week, can be pur-
chased through Eastview’s School Cash Online by clicking on the “Pay Fees” tab on our
school website. Don't forget to save the date and be sure to encourage all of your family
and friends to come out to see the show too!
Wildcat News FEBRUARY 2020 - Simcoe ...
Wildcat News
Student Conduct on School Vehicles                                 Eastview Business Department
Safety starts with you! Students are                               Our Grade 9 and 10 classes started the year off learning about
reminded to keep safety in mind when riding                        the different courses they can take next year by completing
school vehicles to and from school and                             brochures for their next year’s selection. We had some very
school activities. Keep in mind the following:                     professional and creative brochures created by the
                                                                   students. The Grade 10's will continue looking at Supply,
  Leave home early enough to arrive at your bus stop on          Demand and the ins and outs of Stock Trading and will soon be
    time                                                           having a Competition between Mr. Dominic's, Mr Gledhill's and
  Wait for your school vehicle in a safe place – well off the    Mr Broley's classes beginning at the end of February. The
    roadway                                                        Grade 11 Accounting class has begun their journey into the
  Refrain from sliding on snowbanks                              world of Accounting by looking at what a CPA does and how
  Enter your school vehicle in an orderly manner and take        much money they can make. The Grade 11 Entrepreneurship
    your seat                                                      classes are beginning to look at Entrepreneurs and their
  Follow the instructions of your school vehicle driver or bus   characteristics while beginning to enter their Venture Plan
    patrol                                                         stage. The Grade 12 International Business class has just
  Remain in your seat while the school vehicle is in motion      chosen the country they will be studying all semester (each
  Remain quiet and orderly                                       student has their own country) and are now looking at the idea
                                                                   of doing Business Internationally. The grade 12 Accounting
  Keep your head and arms inside the school vehicle at all       class are reviewing all the grade 11 curriculum but will soon
    times                                                          begin to look at Stocks and Bonds and the financial analysis of
  Keep aisles clear at all times                                 Company's Financial Statements.
  Be courteous to your school vehicle driver and fellow
    passengers – never distract the driver                         The Business Department would like to welcome Mr.
  Be aware of traffic flow and leave the school vehicle          Greenshields into the community of Business Teachers. He is
    loading area promptly                                          taking on the Grade 12 Business Management course where
  Refrain from eating or drinking in the school vehicle          they will be studying what a Business Manager does. Also he
  Understand that the school vehicle is an extension of the      is teaching the Grade 12 Economics course where they look at
    classroom and as such, student discipline falls under the      the Supply and Demand of Products and the Micro and Macro
    responsibility of the school principal                         elements of the Economy. Welcome aboard Mr. Greenshields.
  Respect other people’s property and belongings when            We would like to thank Mrs. Strath for all her years of hard work
    waiting for the school vehicle                                 and dedication at Eastview and within the Business
  Always cross the road in front of the school vehicle, never    Department. Good luck Mrs. Strath in your retirement it is well
    behind                                                         deserved.
  Look all ways and wait for the driver to signal before you     The SHSM course is looking for new recruits from our Grade 10
    cross in front of a school vehicle                             students so if your student is interested in signing up for the
  Never stop to pick up anything that you may have dropped       Business High Skills Major certification please come by room
    around the school vehicle                                      160 the Business Office and talk to any of the teachers. The
  Ask an adult or the school vehicle driver to help              Certification requires the student to take 4 combined Grade 11
                                                                   and 12 courses along with a 2 period Co-op. The student will
                                                                   receive numerous certifications (i.e. First Aid, Person
                                                                   Dimensions) along with a red seal on his /her diploma upon
                        Prom is May 22 from 6-11 at Liberty        graduation. A great real world experience will be had from
                        North in Barrie for grade 12               enrolling in the Business SHSM program. Don't forget Grade
                        graduating students. Dinner will begin     12's to fill out the form for the Eastivew Business Certificate for
                        at 6:30, dancing afterwards.               taking at least 5 Business Courses during your High School
                                                                   career. forms are available at the Business Office room 160.

Tickets go on sale from April 20-24 for all Gr 12 students who
have COMPLETED their Community Involvement Hours, are              I                D        P   /P      P
eligible to graduate and who have a student card using the         Students are encouraged to wear pink on Wednesday, April 8
school Cash Online system. This can be accessed from the           to show their support against bullying. The Day of Pink is the
Eastview SS website. Only Gr 12 graduating Eastview                International Day against Bullying, Discrimination,
students can be the purchaser of the tickets, guests are           Homophobia, Transphobia, and Transmisogyny across the
optional. Each individual student/guest attending prom, will       world. We invite everyone to celebrate diversity by wearing a
complete an agreement form prior to receiving their actual         pink shirt and by organizing activities in their workplaces,
ticket. Seating for dinner will take place during one of the       schools and communities. “Day of Pink –
lunches the week of May 11 – 15. Once the seating is               What Will YOU Be Wearing?” Day of
complete, there will be no changes prior to Prom.                  Pink, dayofpink.org/.
Ticket prices are undetermined yet, but will be between $70-
$80. This includes dinner.
Wildcat News FEBRUARY 2020 - Simcoe ...
Wildcat News
On December 17th The Eastview Robotics Team headed out              The Ontario Secondary School
for "Robot Wars" at O.S.S. All of our members had a great           Literacy Test (OSSLT) is
time battling ferociously to break the balloons on enemy bots.
                                                                    scheduled for March 31, 2020 . This
Everyone worked intensely in the pits making last minute
repairs and developing strategy. Our kids displayed amazing         test will be written by students in
teamwork under pressure and cheered each other on                   grade 10 and other students who
to ...well...not exactly victory, but a very respectable showing.   have not yet written or who were
Our best yet!                                                       unsuccessful last year.

                                                                                             LAST CALL FOR GRAD
                                                                                             PHOTOS! Grad photos will be
                                                                                             taken on March 6 by appointment
                                                                                             only. Visit www.bookbygrad.ca,
                                                                                             our school code is ESO. Please
                                                                                             bring your proof package if you are
                                                                                             getting retakes.

                                                                                         Planning is underway for our
                                                                                         Commencement Ceremony for the
                                                                                         2020 Graduates. Cap and gown
                                                                                         orders start March 2. Check out the
                                                                                         Frequently Asked Questions on the
                                                                                         Eastview website for more information.
Wildcat News FEBRUARY 2020 - Simcoe ... Wildcat News FEBRUARY 2020 - Simcoe ... Wildcat News FEBRUARY 2020 - Simcoe ...
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