Candidate Brief INFORMATION FOR HEAD OF PRE-PREP APPLICANTS - for September 2021 - Pinewood School

Candidate Brief INFORMATION FOR HEAD OF PRE-PREP APPLICANTS - for September 2021 - Pinewood School
Candidate Brief
              for September 2021
Candidate Brief INFORMATION FOR HEAD OF PRE-PREP APPLICANTS - for September 2021 - Pinewood School
Introduction                          3   The Head of Pre-Prep’s Role                          12

The School                            3   The Head of Pre-Prep’s Duties and Responsibilities   13

Vision, Aims and Values               4   Candidate Profile                                    16

History                               5   Skills, Knowledge and Experience                     17

Campus and Facilities                 5

Structure of the School               6
                                          FURTHER INFORMATION

Structure of Pre-Prep                 6   Terms and Conditions of Employment                   18

Pre-Prep                              7   Application and Interview Process                    19

Teaching and Learning                 8

Sport, Music, Drama and Activities    9

Boarding                             10

Governance                           11

Finance and Development Plans        11

Candidate Brief INFORMATION FOR HEAD OF PRE-PREP APPLICANTS - for September 2021 - Pinewood School
Introduction                               The School
Pinewood School invite applications from   Pinewood School is set in 84 acres of rolling
outstanding and committed candidates for   countryside on the border between Wiltshire and
the post of Head of Pre-Prep at Pinewood   Oxfordshire and is situated in the small village
                                           of Bourton, within easy reach of towns such
School from 1st September 2021.
                                           as Shrivenham, Marlborough, Farringdon and
                                           Cirencester. It is approximately seven miles from
                                           Swindon with its direct road and train links to
                                           London, Oxford and Bristol.
                                           Pinewood is widely recognised as an outstanding
                                           school and is thriving. Academic excellence,
                                           superb pastoral care and an inspiring and broad
                                           curriculum form a sound foundation for the
                                           education of our pupils and future registrations are
                                           strong. The school received a ringing endorsement
                                           in its latest ISI inspection report in March 2018
                                           which can be read either on the school website
                                  or on the ISI website.

ABOUT THE SCHOOL                                                                              3
Candidate Brief INFORMATION FOR HEAD OF PRE-PREP APPLICANTS - for September 2021 - Pinewood School
Vision, Aims and Values
Manners, self-reliance and a regard for others are       Values: The Pinewood co-educational philosophy;
valued principles upon which the school’s ethos is       its country location; its size; the flexible approach
built. The school propounds the following vision,        to boarding; high levels of pastoral care, as the
aims and values:                                         result of an excellent teacher:pupil ratio – all these
                                                         combine to create an environment that allows
Vision: To be recognised as the leading
                                                         Pinewood children to enjoy a happy, secure and
independent co-educational, 3–13 day, flexi and
                                                         fulfilled childhood that engenders courteous, kind,
weekly boarding school in the area.
                                                         cultivated and considerate children who possess
Aims: To release the potential of Pinewood children      a degree of independence and a bedrock of
by developing character, curiosity, learning and         traditional Christian values.
skills through a variety of opportunities that present
themselves within the academic, sporting, musical,
dramatic and artistic arenas, as well as through our
activity and adventure programmes and approach
to boarding.

ABOUT THE SCHOOL                                                                                              4
Candidate Brief INFORMATION FOR HEAD OF PRE-PREP APPLICANTS - for September 2021 - Pinewood School
History                                                  Campus and
Pinewood has a fascinating and eminent history.          Pinewood benefits from an excellent campus
Founded by the Reverend F.F. Brackenbury in              and superb facilities. In 2004 the Council and
1875 at Maiden Erleigh in Berkshire, it moved to         Headmaster implemented a new strategic vision
Farnborough from 1883 to 1938. The school led a          for the School, involving its academic restructuring
nomadic existence during the Second World War,           and a significant building programme designed
moving four times before its arrival at its current      to prepare Pinewood for the year 2020. A new all-
home in Bourton with 75 pupils in May 1946. The          weather sports pitch was built that year, followed by
school is a Charitable Trust and became a Limited        new classrooms, a science building and changing
Company in 1938. It is administered by a Board           block. A new Sports Hall was opened in May 2015
of Governors, known as the Council. Originally a         and the School continues to develop its facilities. A
boys’ boarding school, Pinewood has admitted             major new Teaching and Learning Centre has been
girls and day pupils since 1978. Additional facilities   opened this year and the kitchens, servery and
were added in this era, including the Music School       boarding areas have also recently been extended
and the Lower School, and our thriving Pre-Prep          and updated.
was opened for pupils aged 3+ to 7+ in 1993.
                                                         The school has a music building for both class
                                                         and individual music teaching and art studios for
                                                         use by the prep school. There is also a theatre
                                                         for school drama productions, music ensembles,
                                                         weekly assemblies and lectures.
                                                         In addition to the Sports Hall, other sporting facilities
                                                         include our extensive pitches for rugby, football,
                                                         hockey, cricket and athletics, as well as tennis and
                                                         netball courts, an all-weather pitch, cricket nets,
                                                         mountain bike trail, adventure play structure and
                                                         an outdoor swimming pool.

ABOUT THE SCHOOL                                                                                                5
Candidate Brief INFORMATION FOR HEAD OF PRE-PREP APPLICANTS - for September 2021 - Pinewood School
Structure of the                                        The SMT is a wider group of senior managers
                                                        who discuss policy and ensure its implementation
                                                        at the operational level. Each team member has
School                                                  responsibility for different aspects of the School,
                                                        and Heads of Departments are responsible for their
                                                        own curriculum area.
Pinewood currently has 119 employees, including
both teaching and support staff. All employees are
welcomed into the Common Room. There are 49
members of teaching staff (36 in the Prep School
and 10 in the Pre-Prep) of whom 40 work full-time
and 9 part-time. There are 67 members of support        Structure of
staff. 14 members of the teaching staff are currently
resident on campus, including the Head and his
wife and the Deputy Head and his family.
Under the current leadership structure, the Head        The Pre-Prep currently consists of 22 members
is supported by a Senior Leadership Team (SLT)          of staff. The Head of Pre-Prep is supported
of seven and a broader Senior Management Team           by the Deputy Head of Pre-Prep and there are
(SMT) of fourteen, including the members of the SLT.    10 Pre-Prep teachers and 8 Teaching Assistants.
                                                        In addition, administrative support is provided
The SLT is currently comprised of the Bursar,
                                                        by 2 Administrative Assistants working on a job-
the Deputy Head (who is also the Designated
                                                        share basis.
Safeguarding Lead and Head of Upper School),
the Head’s Wife, the Director of Education & Head
of Pre-Prep, the Head of Middle School, the Head
of Lower School and the Senior Master/Director
of Sport.

ABOUT THE SCHOOL                                                                                          6
Candidate Brief INFORMATION FOR HEAD OF PRE-PREP APPLICANTS - for September 2021 - Pinewood School
The school boasts a thriving Pre-Prep which has      environment and the ability to use the school’s
a dedicated team of teachers led by the School’s     wider facilities. The immediate surrounds include a
Head of Pre-Prep. It has a relaxed and friendly      beautiful walled garden, an outdoor classroom and
atmosphere in which children are encouraged          a storytellers’ circle. There is also a dedicated library.
to enhance their full potential. The staff are
                                                     The Pre-Prep consists of a Nursery (3-4 years) and
committed to creative teaching, nurturing the
                                                     two parallel Reception classes (4-5 years). These
individual needs of pupils and providing a safe,
                                                     children follow the Foundation Stage Curriculum.
loving and secure environment.
                                                     The Pre-Prep also includes two parallel Year 1
The Pre-Prep is based in its own buildings within    classes and two parallel Year 2 classes. There are
the school grounds and directly opposite the         currently 98 pupils on roll.
main school, giving the children their own working

ABOUT THE SCHOOL                                                                                             7
Candidate Brief INFORMATION FOR HEAD OF PRE-PREP APPLICANTS - for September 2021 - Pinewood School
Teaching and Learning
Pupils are prepared for top independent senior           Abingdon, St Mary’s Calne and Tudor Hall. Pinewood
schools at both Common Entrance and scholarship          also prides itself on its scholarship record, and
level. The school combines traditional and forward-      in 2018 22 of the 43 pupils who left the school in
thinking approaches to teaching, and encourages          Year 8 gained between them 33 academic, music,
independent thinking in its pupils. Pupils at the        sports, art and drama or other awards. Following
school benefit from small class sizes. The normal        a review of the Common Entrance subjects
class maximum in the prep school is 18, and there        studied and a discussion with all destination senior
are usually three forms per year. Setting for Maths      schools, Pinewood introduced a new Humanities
is introduced in Spring of Year 3 and for all subjects   course for candidates sitting Common Entrance in
from Year 5. Class sizes in Pre-Prep are normally        June 2018. This is not examinable and has proved
between 12-16 pupils.                                    a successful and stimulating change for staff and
                                                         pupils. Other academic highlights include running
Our pupils achieve highly successful Common
                                                         our annual Maths Challenge for local schools and
Entrance results and move on to a variety of
                                                         our Science Outreach morning.
senior schools such as Cheltenham, Marlborough,
St Edward’s Oxford, Radley, Stowe, Bradfield,
Sherborne, Dauntsey’s, St Helen and St Katharine

ABOUT THE SCHOOL                                                                                            8
Candidate Brief INFORMATION FOR HEAD OF PRE-PREP APPLICANTS - for September 2021 - Pinewood School
Sport, Music, Drama and Activities
In both the Pre-Prep and Prep, learning outside the      We also offer a wide range of activities, including
classroom, together with music, drama, art and           the Pinewood Adventure programme, which
sport, is considered vital to a child’s development      provides opportunities for Prep pupils to challenge
at Pinewood. The School is proud of its magnificent      themselves in exciting outdoor pursuit challenges
grounds and facilities, allowing us to offer pupils a    and expeditions and fires within them a spirit of
full and diverse range of sports and activities. Every   adventure. Within both the Pre-Prep and Prep
child in the Prep School has the opportunity to          Schools Learning Outside the Classroom is very
represent the School in matches on a regular basis       much a key part of the Pinewood experience.
and pupils within the Pre-Prep enjoy a wide variety
                                                         For Pre-Prep pupils there are opportunities to be
of sporting activities.
                                                         involved in activities such ballet and in the Prep
Music plays an important part in school life at          every Thursday afternoon is dedicated to the
Pinewood. The Pre-Prep put on a number of plays          Activities Programme which covers a wide range
and performances each year and all pupils enjoy          of activities such as archery, jewellery-making,
being involved. In the Prep we hold regular concerts,    computing and yoga.
which feature a broad range of performers as well
as specialist ensembles and soloists. Pupils are
also offered many opportunities to participate in
drama productions and the school has a thriving
and vibrant art department.

ABOUT THE SCHOOL                                                                                           9
Candidate Brief INFORMATION FOR HEAD OF PRE-PREP APPLICANTS - for September 2021 - Pinewood School
                   Pinewood continues to pride itself on the boarding
                   experience which it offers. Pupils can board between
                   Years 5 and 8 on a flexible arrangement, either on
                   a weekly basis (Monday to Friday/Saturday) or on
                   a regular boarding pattern based on a set number
                   of nights a week. No pupils stay over the weekend.
                   Boarding numbers vary but there can be up to 90
                   children boarding on busy nights. We provide a full
                   evening activities programme and the pupils are
                   cared for by a dedicated boarding team including a
                   Head of Boarding, Matrons, Nursing staff and Gap
                   helpers. In addition to this, numerous members of
                   the teaching staff assist on a rota basis.
                   At weekends, the Prep school is in session every
                   other Saturday when sports take place.

ABOUT THE SCHOOL                                                     10
Governance                                           Finance and
                                                     Development Plans
The Governance of the school is undertaken by the    The school continues to have strong pupil
Council (the Board of Governors). The Governors      numbers and is in a good financial position. The
have a wide range of experience and skills and       Core Proposition of the most recent Strategic
work closely with the Head to ensure that the        Review sets a target to maintain and develop
School meets its strategic aims.                     the holistic offering and success criteria of the
                                                     School, ensuring it is a parents’ first choice for
The Council is further sub-divided into several
                                                     their children’s schooling until the end of Year 8.
committees which meet at least once per
                                                     There is a yearly Development Plan to show how
term. These committees include Finance and
                                                     the strategy will be implemented.
General Purposes, Education, Building and
Estates, Governance and Admissions, Marketing
and Development. They report and make
recommendations to the full Council, which also
meets on a termly basis. The Bursar acts as
Secretary to the Council, and the Head attends all
Council and committee meetings.

ABOUT THE SCHOOL                                                                                      11
The Head of
                      Pre-Prep’s Role
                      The Head of Pre-Prep is responsible to the
                      Headmaster for the leadership and management
                      of the Pre-Prep ensuring the Pre-Prep provides
                      the highest quality of teaching and learning for
                      all pupils.

THE JOB DESCRIPTION                                                 12
The Head of Pre-Prep’s Duties and
Main Tasks will include but are not limited to:         • Support    Staff     Continued      Professional
Champion Pre-Prep                                         Development ensuring relevant courses are
                                                          made available for all Pre-Prep staff.
• Champion the Pre-Prep within the School
  ensuring high visibility of the Pre-Prep staff and    • Take an active role in teacher learning
  pupils throughout the School.                           opportunities and training including leading
                                                          training sessions as required.
• Ensure the Pre-Prep continues to be a very
  successful part of the School, showcasing its         • Ensure that a rolling programme of appraisal is
  strengths and character to the School and the           in operation for all Pre-Prep staff.
  wider community.                                      • Complete appraisals for all Pre-Prep teachers
• Continue to raise the profile of Pre-Prep within        and Administrative Staff and oversee the Deputy
  the School including during staff and governor          Head of Pre-Prep in her role as appraiser for
  meetings and inset days.                                Teaching Assistants.
• Communicate the vision for the Pre-Prep to            • Liaise with Deputy Head of Prep school about
  parents and visitors in a clear and coherent way,       inset needs relevant to the Pre-Prep.
  ensuring their engagement.
                                                        • Facilitate and oversee staff in making
• Take a lead role in the promotion of the Pre-Prep       constructive relationships with their children
  in terms of meeting prospective parents and             and their parents.
  speaking at events such as Open Days.
                                                        • Ensure all school activities are supported by
• Foster and develop further links with the local         staff including those organised by Friends of
  community including those of key external               Pinewood.
                                                        • Support staff in organising Pre-Prep events
                                                          such as plays and special days.
Staff Management
                                                        • Work closely with Year 3 staff to ensure smooth
• Support and guide all Pre-Prep staff in delivering
                                                          transition of pupils from the Pre-Prep to the Prep
  the highest quality provision for the pupils.
• Support the development of newly appointed
                                                        • Oversee the academic tracking and monitoring
  staff, ensuring they are mentored and supported
  to allow them to succeed.                               of pupils within the Pre-Prep.

• Be fully involved in the recruitment process          • Oversee and manage the Pre-Prep assessment
  for new Pre-Prep staff in conjunction with the          and reporting framework and ensure staff
  Headmaster.                                             understand this in order to share the information
                                                          with parents as appropriate.
• Establish clear expectations for all staff involved
  in the Pre-Prep through team work and mutual
  support, delegating tasks as appropriate.             Curriculum Management

• Hold regular staff meetings about issues arising      • Review and develop the Pre-Prep curriculum
  including individual children, provide agenda           in the context of whole-school priorities and
  for meetings in liaison with the Deputy Head of         legislative developments.
  Pre-Prep.                                             • Support curriculum co-ordinators in liaising
• Ensure liaison takes place between different            with Prep school staff to ensure consistency of
  year group teachers including year 3 teachers.          curriculum delivery across the whole school.

THE JOB DESCRIPTION                                                                                       13
• Work with all curriculum co-ordinators to            Teaching Responsibility
  ensure balanced curriculum planning and
                                                       • To take responsibility for teaching within the Pre-
  the developing and reviewing of policies and
                                                         Prep, demonstrating the very highest standards
  schemes of work.                                       of teaching ability and setting an example for all
• Check appropriate long term, mid-term and              Pre-Prep staff to follow.
  short term plans are in place and that they are      • To take on cover teaching within the Pre-Prep to
  being followed effectively by the class teachers,      cover short-term teacher absence as required.
  ensure planning and teaching is differentiated
  to take individual children’s needs into account.    Policies & Procedures
                                                       • Complete annual reviews of policies and ensure
Working Strategically
                                                         they are updated as required.
• Support the Headmaster in developing whole           • Develop new policies as required.
  school strategies.
                                                       • Ensure staff are following policies and
• Review the Development plan for the Pre-               procedures and challenge behaviour if this is
  Prep annually, reviewing the progress made in          not the case.
  achieving the targets set for the Development
                                                       • Ensure that there is a safe working environment
                                                         for all pupils and staff within the Pre-Prep and
• Ensure Pre-Prep staff work with Heads of               that staff are following all relevant Health &
  Department across the School to complete the           Safety policies and procedures.
  required annual reviews for academic and other
                                                       • Support the Deputy Head of Pre-Prep in her role
  areas of the curriculum including the provision
                                                         as Deputy Health & Safety Officer, ensuring the
  of resources.
                                                         Pre-Prep fulfils all Health & Safety requirements.
• Collate all annual reviews and have responsibility
                                                       • Complete annual reviews of Risk Assessments
  for on-going management of progress made.
                                                         and ensure staff follow these as required.
• Attend and contribute to Senior Management           • Keep up to date with all legislative developments
  meetings.                                              and changes with regards to Pre-Prep provision
• Attend and contribute to School IT Strategy            and provide updates to the Headmaster and
  meetings.                                              other relevant staff as appropriate.
• Attend IAPS and cluster meetings if appropriate.     • Ensure the Pre-Prep satisfies all regulatory /
                                                         mandatory requirements issued by the DfE
Financial & Resources Management                         and relevant to ISI inspection, including EYFS
                                                         elements. This will involve both the updating
• Manage the Pre-Prep budget and ordering of             of school policies and the oversight of these in
  resources liaising with the Bursar and Finance         daily practise.
  Manager as appropriate.
• Use the Development Plan to allocate budget.         Working with Pupils
  Identify and prioritise the needs and resources      • Provide a secure and stimulating environment
  for the Pre-Prep in conjunction with subject           in which pupils’ happiness, welfare and
  coordinators and teachers with specific                development is nurtured and supported.
                                                       • Ensure a wide range of activities are available
• Help maintain existing resources throughout            for pupils, including music, sport and extra-
  the Pre-Prep, delegating responsibilities for          curricular activities to allow them to thrive and
  maintaining these to the relevant staff.               take on new challenges.
• Ensure indoor and outdoor facilities, both           • Manage Trips and Visitors to the Pre-Prep
  existing and developing, meet the needs of the         ensuring a programme of exciting and relevant
  pupils and the staff.                                  events is planned on an on-going basis.

THE JOB DESCRIPTION                                                                                       14
• In conjunction with the teachers identify pupils      Safeguarding of Children
  who may require additional support and work
                                                        • Be responsible for the overall safeguarding of
  closely with the Learning Skills Department to
                                                          all pupils within the Pre-Prep.
  ensure appropriate support is provided.
                                                        • Completed Higher Level Safeguarding training.
• Work with the SENCO and teachers to review
  the needs of the children on the Learning Skills      • Liaise as appropriate with the School’s
  register (including the very able and EAL).             Designated Safeguarding Lead and immediately
                                                          highlight any areas of concern.
• Ensure all pupils behave appropriately, in line
  with the School’s Behaviour Policies, and             • Champion the School’s Safeguarding (Child
  support staff in developing strategies for good         Protection) Policy and ensure all staff understand
  behaviour.                                              and follow the required procedures.
• Become involved with discipline matters at            • Complete Safer Recruiting training in line with
  request of class teacher.                               School requirements.
• Support the Deputy Head of Pre-Prep in her role
  as supervisor of the After-School Care Assistant      Providing Support for the School (outside of
  and support the After-School provision as             normal hours)
  appropriate.                                          • To be available to meet with parents outside of
• Support Early Years co-ordinator in her role and        normal working hours as required.
  champion the Early Years provision within the         • To attend all Pre-Prep Parent meeting and social
  Pre-Prep.                                               evenings.
                                                        • To attend any relevant Governor meetings and
Working with Parents                                      events.
• Develop strong relationships with parents and         • To attend networking events to build relations
  ensure they are kept informed of any events or          with other Schools and associations.
                                                        • To attend School social and charity events
• Deal with queries and issues raised by parents          outside of normal working hours such as the
  and members of staff or other interested parties.       Christmas Fair and Friends of Pinewood events.
• Write Head of Pre-Prep reports for every pupil.
• Read and sign all written reports sent to parents
  about their child.
• Read all letters sent to parents by class teachers.
• Become an active member of Friends of
  Pinewood (the parent body responsible for
  planning charity events), and attend and
  support their fundraising events.

THE JOB DESCRIPTION                                                                                       15
Candidate Profile
The Head of Pre-Prep will have the personal             community including staff, pupils, parents,
qualities and charisma to motivate and inspire the      Members of Council, former pupils, other
Pre-Prep staff, and will be able to demonstrate         independent and maintained schools, and the
natural authority, to lead by example, and to           local community.
command the respect of pupils, staff and parents.
                                                     • Develop and maintain strong and positive
In addition, the successful candidate will:            relationships with Members of Council, members
• Be able to inspire, motivate and challenge both      of the SLT/SMT and other colleagues (including
  pupils and adults.                                   both teaching and support staff).

• Have a passionate commitment to the academic,      • Demonstrate personal strength of character
  personal and social development of the Pre-Prep      through transparency, integrity and fairness.
  pupils, understand the needs and concerns of       • Show emotional resilience and an ability to work
  their age group and have a natural empathy with      under pressure.
                                                     • Be willing to tackle difficult issues and
• Have self-confidence and inspire confidence in       conversations.
  others. He/she will be considerate of the needs
  of others, with an ability to deal calmly and      • Be at ease with and actively promote and support
  sensitively with conflict.                           the school’s Christian ethos.

• Display energy, vision and imagination, with       • Have a genuine interest in striving for excellence
  the courage to innovate and an unwavering            in every area of the Pre-Prep.
  commitment to the continuing development of        • Be willing to be flexible, adaptable and to
  the school.                                          embrace change.
• Set the standards and be a role model for all      • Be able to act as an ambassador and professional
  sections of the school community.                    advocate for the School, with strong personal
• Have an open, participative and collegiate style     credibility and the capacity to build relationships.
  with an inclusive and empowering approach to       • Display suitable self-awareness           and    an
  management and the ability to build trust and        appropriate sense of humour.
  team spirit.
• Relate to, value, nurture and communicate
  effectively with all members of the school

THE JOB DESCRIPTION                                                                                      16
Skills, Knowledge and Experience
Applicants for the post will be expected to show     • Can keep the Pre-Prep curriculum under
that they:                                             constant review by recognising and evaluating
                                                       current educational initiatives and innovate
• Have a good University honours degree and
                                                       when it is in the interests of the pupils to do so.
  teaching qualification, and can show evidence
  of continuing professional development over        • Have proven judgement in the appointment
  the course of their career.                          and development of teaching staff, and in the
                                                       support and encouragement of non-teaching
• Have relevant Pre-Prep educational leadership
                                                       staff. They will be able to recognise dedicated
  and management experience with proven
                                                       staff of outstanding quality who are sympathetic
  experience of leading and inspiring others.
                                                       to the aims of the School and to assist them
• Are a well-qualified, experienced and                in developing their professional skills and
  successful teacher, with a love of teaching and      ambitions.
  an awareness of developments in the wider
                                                     • Can plan and think strategically, and actively
  educational environment.
                                                       lead or contribute to Senior Management
• Have an understanding of best practise               discussions and decisions.
  across a variety of settings and confidence in
                                                     • Have a strong knowledge of safeguarding and
  implementing this knowledge.
                                                       pastoral issues and be able to lead by example
• Are able to prioritise effectively and be highly     in these fields.
                                                     • Have up to date knowledge of compliance
• Can demonstrate proven administrative skills         with all relevant statutory and inspection
  and confident use of IT for communication,           requirements.
  management and education without developing
  an over-reliance on it.
• Can establish clear standards and expectations
  for all members of Pre-Prep staff, delegate to
  them appropriately and manage and evaluate
  their performance effectively.

THE JOB DESCRIPTION                                                                                     17
Terms and
                      Conditions of
                      Salary will be competitive, and based on
                      qualifications and experience. It will reflect the
                      importance which the School places on good
                      leadership and be subject to annual review.
                      The post is pensionable under the School’s chosen
                      Teachers’ Pension Scheme currently managed by
                      Royal London.
                      Full details of the terms and benefits of the post will
                      be discussed with the successful candidate at the
                      time of the initial offer. This offer will be subject to
                      the receipt of satisfactory written references, DBS
                      and other regulatory clearances and to completion
                      of a Medical Questionnaire.

FURTHER INFORMATION                                                        18
Application and Interview Process
Candidates wishing to discuss any aspect of the         All applications will by acknowledged by email.
role before submitting an application are welcome       If you do not receive acknowledgement within 3
to contact the Assistant Bursar, Mrs Jo Ranstead        working days of sending, please contact Mrs Jo
by email or by          Ranstead by telephone on 01793 782205.
telephone (during morning hours only) on 01793
                                                        The final deadline for acceptance of applications
782205. Depending on the nature of their enquiry,
                                                        is 9.00am on Friday 8th January 2021.
she will put them in touch with the relevant person.
                                                        All applications received will be handled by the
Candidates are requested to complete the following
                                                        School in accordance with the requirements of the
                                                        Data Protection Act 2018.
1. The Application Form (located on the school
                                                        Candidates selected for interview will be informed
   website vacancies page).
                                                        by Thursday 14th January 2021 or as soon as
2. A letter of application of not more than 500 words   practicable thereafter. The interviews will be held
   stating why you are interested in the post and       at Pinewood School on Wednesday 20th January
   how you feel your experience, skills and personal    2021.
   qualities qualify you for the role. Please address
                                                        To comply with current legislation and Safer
   the letter to Mr Neal Bailey, Headmaster.
                                                        Recruitment guidelines, all prospective candidates
On the Application Form, candidates are required        will be asked to supply evidence at their interview
to provide the names and contact details of             of their qualifications and eligibility to live and work
two referees, the first of whom should be their         in the UK. We will ask to see and to photocopy
current Head or (in the case of current Heads)          an appropriate official document, such as your
their Chairman of Governors or equivalent. We           passport or Birth Certificate, and original certificates
may contact your referees at any stage of the           of your academic and teaching qualifications
process, but please inform us if you would prefer       (A levels or equivalent onwards). All documents
us not to contact them before the interview. Written    supplied must be originals only. Further information
references will normally be requested shortly after     will be sent to you if you are selected for interview –
the selection of candidates for interview.              please do not send these documents at this stage.
Please save your completed Application Form and
covering letter as PDF documents, and do not
attach or enclose a Curriculum Vitae (CV). Once
completed, your Application Form and letter should
be sent to the Assistant Bursar, Mrs Jo Ranstead

FURTHER INFORMATION                                                                                          19
Pinewood School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the
welfare of children. All applicants must share this commitment and
be willing to undergo child protection screening, including checks
  with past employers and the Disclosure and Barring Service.
      Pinewood School is an equal opportunities employer.

            Pinewood Bourton Shrivenham Wiltshire SN6 8HZ
                            01793 782205

                         Registered charity 309642
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