2020 TAKAPUNA NORMAL INTERMEDIATE - Learner Information - Takapuna Normal ...

2020 TAKAPUNA NORMAL INTERMEDIATE - Learner Information - Takapuna Normal ...

Learner Information
2020 TAKAPUNA NORMAL INTERMEDIATE - Learner Information - Takapuna Normal ...
Welcome to Takapuna Normal Intermediate School
Tēnā koutou e te whānau he mihi nui kia koutou katoa

  So that you have a successful time with us at Takapuna Normal
  Intermediate School (TNIS), we’ve put together this booklet for you
  and your whānau. It has lots of information about how we do things
  at TNIS and how you can get get the best out of your two years at
  intermediate school. We are really excited about getting to know you
  next year!

   A message from our Principal Wendy Sandifer.

 Takapuna Normal Intermediate School (TNIS)        and contributors. Our learners and staff
 is a learner-centred environment. We are          work collaboratively to achieve personal
 proud to be part of the International             bests and make connections in their own
 Baccalaureate, Primary Years Programme            and the global community.
 (PYP), nurturing and developing young people
 to be caring, active participants in a lifelong   Our committed and talented staff ensure
 journey of learning, as well as have an           that we offer a future focused curriculum
 emphasis on fostering a positive community        that is personalised, innovative and includes
 that is safe, collaborative and supportive.       action.

 We are very proud of the high quality teaching    Welcome! We look forward to working
 and learning that we offer at our school with     together.
 many opportunities for our learners to learn,
 achieve and succeed academically, socially,
 culturally and in sports. Being a diverse and
 inclusive community we offer both the New
 Zealand Curriculum and the International
 Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP)
 which are highly compatible in terms of
 learner    intentions, themes, concepts,
 attitudes and values, with the PYP
 emphasising three more elements: inquiry,
 action and international-mindedness.

 TNIS provides opportunities for our
 adolescent learners to experience personal
 growth and develop the skills and attributes
 they will need as communicators, creators
                                                           Wendy Sandifer, Principal
                                                             M Ed Admin. B Ed
2020 TAKAPUNA NORMAL INTERMEDIATE - Learner Information - Takapuna Normal ...
School Hours and Bell Times                        Term Dates

 8am          School Opens              Term 1
 8:45am       Start of School           Monday 3 February – Thursday
                                        9 April
 9:00am       Block 1
                                        Term 2
 10:30am      Morning Tea
                                        Tuesday 28 April – Friday 3 July
 10:35am      Interval
                                        Term 3
 10:55am      Block 2
                                        Monday 20 July – Friday 25
 12:25pm      Lunch Eating
 12:35pm      Lunch Break
                                        Term 4
 1:25pm       Environment tidy
                                        Monday 12 October – Tuesday
 1:30pm       Block 3                   16 December
 3:00pm       Final Bell


    Auckland Anniversary – Monday 27 January
    Waitangi Day – Thursday 6 February
    Good Friday – Friday 10 April (during school holidays)
    Easter Monday – Monday 13 April (during school holidays)
    Anzac Day – Saturday 25 April (holiday observed Monday 27 April)
    Queen’s Birthday – Monday 1 June
    Labour Day – Monday 26 October
2020 TAKAPUNA NORMAL INTERMEDIATE - Learner Information - Takapuna Normal ...
School Motto

Action - Connection - Excellence
   Mahi - Hononga - Hiranga
          Vision Statement

To develop compassionate,
globally connected learners
 who strive for excellence
      through action.
International Baccalaureate:
        Primary Years Programme
The IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) for children aged 3 – 12
nurtures and develops young learners as caring, active
participants in a lifelong journey of learning.
Through an inquiry-led, trans-disciplinary framework, the PYP
challenges learners to think for themselves and take
responsibility for their learning, as they explore local and global
issues and opportunities in real-life contexts.
Whānau Communication
Contacting Teachers                                      SchoolApp
With       regard      to     home/school                The school app is our main form of
communication, your child’s teacher                      communication. Go to the Apple or
should be your first point of contact. We                Android     App    stores    and    search
encourage you to email them or telephone                 “SchoolAppsNZ” to download the app.
the office for an appointment.                           Then      search    “Takapuna      Normal
Teachers are busy people, so you will                    Intermediate School” to find our school
receive a response to your email within 48               app. Any emergency notifications will be
hours.                                                   made using this app. Therefore, it is most
                                                         important that you download and start
Contacting Your Child                                    using the app as soon as possible.
If you need to contact your child during
school hours, please contact our school                  Daily Notices
office.                                                  The Daily Notices Google Doc contains
                                                         daily reminders and information for
Collecting Learners During School Hours                  learners. It is the best place to find out
All learners must be picked up from the                  what is happening at TNIS on a daily basis.
school office and signed out by a caregiver.             Details of activities and how and when to
An email or written note to advise of the                sign up are included here throughout the
absence is required for our records.                     year. You and your child can access these
                                                         notices from school and home by following
                                                         this link.
Learner absences must be reported daily
and include an explanation for the
absence. You can inform us in the                        Newsletters
following ways:                                          Fortnightly newsletters are available via
1. Call the school office, ph. 489 3940                  the app and the school website. They
2. Email absentee@tnis.school.nz                         contain school information regarding up
3. Click on the website absentees link and fill in the   coming events and also celebrate the
required fields.                                         successes of our learners.
If you do not communicate the reason for
your child’s absence on the day of an                    Facebook
absence, we will endeavour to contact you                More timely than the newsletter, the
that day and the day following. If no                    school Facebook page is often updated
contact is made, the absence will be                     daily with happenings at TNIS.
recorded as truant.
                                                         School Website
                                                         Our school website www.tnis.school.nz is
                                                         where you find information about TNIS. It
                                                         also contains the school calendar, which is
                                                         live and updated with important school
                                                         events. Clicking on an event will reveal
                                                         further details.
Composite Classes                               Timetable
Takapuna Normal Intermediate School             TNIS works on a rolling six-day timetable
classes have an average of 29 students and      enabling each team to have a full day with
are comprised of both Year 7 and 8              the Specialist teachers.
learners. Each child is assessed to ascertain
their learning and they work together with      Teams
others at the same level in the classroom.      Each class belongs to a group of four
All students are working towards Level 4 of     classes or team – Kōwhai, Mānuka, Rāta,
the New Zealand Curriculum.                     Rīmu, Tōtara. Your child will remain in the
Multi-age classes provide opportunities for     same team during their two years at TNIS,
for Tuakana-Teina to take place.                which helps to create a strong sense of
The tuakana-teina relationship, an integral     belonging and community.
part of traditional Māori society, provides
a model buddy system. An older or more
expert tuakana (originally a brother, sister
or cousin) helps and guides a younger or
less expert teina (originally a younger
sibling or cousin of the same gender).

Classroom Learning
Learning in Reading, Writing, Maths, PE
and Inquiry is included in home classes,
allowing teachers to develop strong,
positive relationships with their learners in
addition to understanding individual
Learners stay with their class teacher for
five days and on the sixth day they attend
specialist classes. They will have
approximately ten lessons with each of the
specialists over the course of the year. (See
the next page for further information.)
In class, learners work independently and
in groups, and attend small group teacher-
led workshops that are targeted to their
specific learning needs.
Specialist Programmes
Specialist classes run alongside the home     A commercial kitchen, a science lab, an
classroom programme and are provided          art room, a materials workshop, a music
in the following areas:                       and drama room and a digital
                                              technologies lab are all fully resourced
   •   Materials Technology                   and purpose-built to meet the
   •   Science                                requirements of each curriculum area.
   •   Food Technology
   •   Visual Art                             Learners rotate through each of the six
   •   Music/Drama                            specialist classes across the school year.
   •   Digital Technologies

Our specialist teachers teach to their
passion and deliver rich, exciting
programmes to inspire and motivate
learners to practise their creative skills.
Devices - BYOD
Devices                                     Phones
TNIS is a Google school and as such,        Learners are permitted to bring their
much learning and communication is          phone to school. Phones can be used by
done through the use of devices. We         learners before the first bell and after the
encourage learners to bring their own       last bell at 3pm.
device to school.                           During the school day, learners must turn
A laptop or Chromebook is most              off their phone or switch it to “flight
preferred. Tablets and iPads do not have    mode” and give it to their teacher or
a separate keyboard and printing is not     specialist teacher who will place it in a
available, which can be a disadvantage to   securely locked place in the classroom.
learners.                                   With teacher permission, learners can
The best device option for the needs of     use their phone to record their learning
our learners is a Chromebook with 8GB       during class time, by taking photos and
of RAM.                                     video.
                                            If a learner has their phone during school
                                            time without teacher permission, it will
                                            be handed to office staff who will call the
                                            learner’s parent/caregiver to come in and
                                            collect it.
Academic Opportunities
Alongside the classroom programme, there          Learners may be required to trial or audition
are a numerous academic opportunities             for some groups.
provided for learners to take part in:

  •   Mathex
  •   Lit Quiz
  •   Future Problem Solving
  •   ICAS – English, Maths, Science
  •   Writing Competitions
  •   Writing Extension
  •   Otago Maths Competition
  •   Science Fair
  •   Future Problem Solvers
  •   Speech Competition
  •   Epro8 Challenge
  •   Chef extension
                                                  TNIS Future Problem Solvers – 2nd place for
  •   Science Badges
                                                  their “Action Plan” at the international
  •   Robotics

Arts & Cultural Opportunities
 The Arts and Culture are highly valued at         Group                     Time Commitment
 TNIS, and there are numerous opportunities
 for learners to take part in arts and cultural    Choir                     1 session per week
 pursuits including the TNIS talent show.          Ballroom/Latin            1 session per week
 Activities that incur a cost will be advised.
 Music                                             Dance                     1 session per week
 Orchestra, Jazz Band, Rock band, String Group,
 Choir, Percussion Group, Music lessons.
                                                   Guitar group              1 session per week
 Drama                                             Jazz Band                 1 session per week
 Drama Club, Drama lessons.
 Visual Art                                        Kapa Haka                 1 session per week
 Art extension, Fashion Club
 Dance                                             Orchestra                 1 session per week
 Hip Hop, Contemporary, Jazz, Ballroom/Latin,
                                                   Rock Band                 1 session per week
 Cultural                                          String Ensemble           1 session per week
 Kapa Haka, Languages and Culture Club.

 Learners may be required to trial or              Other activity times will be confirmed in 2020 and
                                                   there may be some changes to the activities
 audition for some groups.
Learners are encouraged to become involved        Zone Days
in a wide range of sporting activities at TNIS.   Zone days are an opportunity for learners to
We will endeavour to provide all the sports       play sport against their peers from other local
described and there may be extra sports           intermediate schools.
added.                                            Some of the zone days TNIS takes part in are
Learners will be required to trial for many       listed below.
sports and sign-ups will be advertised in the
Daily Notices.                                                      Zone Days
                                                  Athletics               Orienteering
Weekly Sports                                     Basketball              Rugby
The following list gives details of sports and    Badminton               Softball
the time commitment each week. Activities         Cricket                 Swimming
that incur a cost will be advised. Further        Cross Country           Touch Rugby
information regarding sport is available in the   Football                Triathlon
sports prospectus on our website.                 Hockey                  Table Tennis
                                                  Futsal                  Tennis
Sport                    Time Commitment          Watepolo                Golf
Badminton                Thursdays, Terms 2       Netball                 Squash
                         and 3                    Gymnastics              Dance
                                                  Volleyball              Beach Volleyball
Basketball               Mondays from 4pm,
                         Terms 1 - 4              AIMS Games and Sports Camp
                                                  These sports opportunities are offered to
Hockey (Girls)           Tuesday afternoons or    selected learners. Further information about
                         Saturday mornings.       AIMS, Sports Camp and the selection process
                                                  is available on our website.
Hockey (Boys)            Monday or Tuesday
Netball                  Tuesdays         and
                         Thursdays from 4pm
                         Terms 2 and 3
Table-tennis             Thursdays 5 – 7pm,
                         Terms 2 and 3

Touch Rugby              Thursdays, Term 4

Waterpolo                Tuesdays – Glenfield
                         Fridays    –      AUT
Transition to TNIS
Starting a new school is exciting and         As parents, you can help your child to
challenging. Learners will make new           adjust by:
friends and learn to work in a new
environment. Intermediate school is a big        • making sure your child has the
step-up from primary school and we                 correct gear/equipment each day,
expect learners to manage themselves and         • reading our newsletters and app
be organised at the beginning of each day.         alerts and being aware of what is
This may take a week or two of                     happening,
adjustment.                                      • taking an interest in what they are
                                                   doing at school,
We encourage learners to:                        • ensuring they have adequate rest
                                                   and breakfast and lunch each day,
   • be well organised and responsible           • spending extra time listening and
     for themselves, their possessions             talking to them through this
     and their learning,                           transition.
   • develop more independence,
   • learn to relate to different teachers,
                                              Please contact us if you are worried about
   • mix and work with other students of
                                              your child at home or at school. Someone
     their own age group, forming new
                                              will always be available to talk to you and
   • take risks and challenges with their
   • become familiar with their new
     surroundings and find their way
     around the school.
Travelling to School
Buses                                                       Cycling
Staff will be on duty each afternoon at our bus             Cycles must be placed in the bike racks and
stops and crossings. Students travelling by bus             locked. Whilst all care will be taken by staff to
must observe the rules set by the bus                       keep an eye on cycles at school, it is the
companies and follow the procedures for                     responsibility of each learner. All learners
waiting safely for buses to arrive. These rules             must abide by the rules of the road and wear
are listed below. Failure to follow the rules               a helmet and fluoro vest. Cycles must be
could cause your child to be banned from                    walked into and out of the school grounds.
using this method of transport.                             After school, learners must walk their bikes to
Learners must:                                              the nearest pedestrian crossing and only ride
                                                            when they have crossed at that crossing.
   •   be seated if possible. (leaners should not have
       their bags on a separate seat if there are           Scooters
       learners in need of seats.)                          Scooters may not be brought to school.
   •   offer their seat to adults, if adults are standing
   •   keep the volume of conversations to a
       reasonable level and use appropriate                 Pedestrians
       language.                                            Pedestrians are required to use light-
   •   use headphones if listening to music.                controlled pedestrian crossings at all times.
   •   not take photographs of other students on the        When leaving the school each afternoon,
       bus                                                  learners must keep to the paths, as there are
   •   only signal the driver once to stop.                 buses and cars using our driveways and main
   •   not eat or drink on the bus.

                                                            Drop Off and Pick Up by Car
If a learner misses their bus, loses their bus              As a Travelwise School we ask that our
card/money, they should come to the school                  learners walk a short distance to meet their
office where help will be provided.                         parents in an area that is safe, e.g., Northcote
                                                            Netball Courts, Taharoto Park and the
If you wish to find out more about school bus               surrounding suburban streets. In the interests
services, public transport or fare information              of learner safety, we ask parents not to drop
please contact MAXX Auckland Transport by                   off or pick up learners.
phoning MAXX contact centre on 09 366 6400
or viewing the website at www.maxx.co.nz.                      • Northcote Road Bus Bay - This is for the
Bus companies:                                                   sole use of buses, access to the car park
                                                                 is blocked between 2:30pm and
   • Ritiches                         415-9138                   3:20pm.
   • Bayes                            (09) 4265504             • Taharoto Road Driveway - Parents may
   • Birkenhead Transport             483-9119                   not drive into the staff car park in the
   • NZ Bus                           373-9083                   school entrance on Taharoto Road. It is
   • Party Bus Company                417-0030                   for the sole use of TNIS staff and
                                                                 visitors to the mobile dental clinic when
                                                                 it is onsite.
School Expectations
Expectations                                                4. School Uniform
At TNIS, a high standard of personal conduct                Learners ensure that they:
is expected at all times.                                       •   wear their uniform correctly and with pride.
The following qualities are valued – integrity,                 •   bring their PE uniform to school for PE, Fitness
honesty, respect and loyalty for others,                            and sport practices.
common sense, pride in self and pride in the                    •   wear shoes that are plain black. All black
school. To achieve the above, it is necessary                       trainers with a white sole are acceptable.
to set the following expectations.                              •   wear navy blue or black socks.
                                                                •   wear the TNIS school jacket during the school
                                                                    day but have the option to wear their own
1. Personal Conduct
                                                                    jacket to and from school (not non-uniform
We always:
                                                                    sweatshirts or hoodies).
   •    speak positively about others.                          •   wear their full school uniform to and from
   •    respect each others’ personal space.                        school each day.
   •    use our devices safely, carefully and                   •   always tie their shoulder length or longer hair
        respectfully for learning.                                  up in a ponytail.
   •    include others during our classroom and break           •   wear small plain earrings if they wish. Other
        times.                                                      jewellery of religious or cultural significance is
   •    treat everyone’s personal property and the                  allowed on a case-by-case basis.
        school property with respect.                           •   wear school bucket hats or caps every time
   •    dispose of our rubbish correctly.                           they go outside in Term 1 and Term 4.
   •    use language that is acceptable to everyone in
        our community.                                          •   4. Consequences
   •    respond to requests from adults quickly and         If learners do not meet school expectations, the
        positively.                                         following consequences may be incurred:
   •    ask questions politely.
   •    take ownership and responsibility for our               •   restorative meeting with learners involved.
        actions.                                                •   reminder from teacher and then the Team
   •    look out for others and seek help when it is                Leader.
        needed.                                                 •   reminder by email to parents.
   •    represent our school positively.                        •   parents and learner invited to meet to discuss
                                                                    issue at school.
2. Moving Around the School
                                                                •   incorrect item held in office for parents to
We will:
   •    move around the school safely.                          •   goal card to focus on changing expectations.
   •    only use areas that are permitted.                      •   helping with chores to tidy up the school
                                                                    environment during break times with a duty
   •    have an adult’s permission to leave a class
                                                                •   remaining under supervision during break
3. Bringing Items from Home to School                               times.
                                                                •   TNIS      trip/zone     day     representation
   •    we only bring items to school that are                      opportunities or attendance at specific school
        necessary, appropriate and safe to use for                  events withdrawn.

       Wrapper Free Lunchboxes
       As a Silver Enviro School, TNIS encourages learners to be wrapper free. Please provide your learner with a
       lunchbox that food can be stored in without a separate wrapper.
Well-being @ TNIS
Zero Tolerance for Bullying                        Counsellor Support
At TNIS, we have zero tolerance for bullying.      Takapuna Normal Intermediate School funds
In order to identify if a behaviour is bullying,   the services of a qualified counsellor for one
we use the following guidelines:                   day per week. Please contact Sandy Harford
                                                   shardford@tnis.school.nz if you feel your child
When someone says or does something
                                                   would benefit from seeing our counsellor.
unintentionally hurtful and they do it once,
that’s RUDE.
When someone says or does something
intentionally hurtful and they do it once,
that’s MEAN.
When someone says or does something
intentionally hurtful and they keep doing it -
even when you tell them to stop or show
them that you’re upset, that's BULLYING.
If a learner identifies bullying targeted at
themselves or others, they must tell an adult.
They can tell their teacher or any other
member of staff. If they are not comfortable
talking in person, they can send an email to
stopbully@tnis.school.nz The email will be               TNIS Well Being Model
received by one of the deputy principals.

TNIS Well Being Model
We believe that learner well-being is very
important,    and    particularly   during
Developed in collaboration with our other
Kāhui Ako (Community of Learning) schools,
Takapuna Normal Intermediate School
follows a well-being model that focuses on
five areas; giving, being active, connecting,
taking notice and learning.
Learners are encouraged to think about and
take care of their own well-being through a
range of strategies and activities. Well-
being is taught explicitly in classrooms and
there are a number of extra-curricular
options to support learners’ well-being.
School Payments
Kindo – Parent Payment System                      If you don’t already have a Kindo account,
We have a parent payment system called             please go to www.mykindo.co.nz Click on
Kindo where you can pre order lunches, pay         ‘Create an account’ and complete the online
for donations, sports, trips, and other costs      registration details. Add your items to cart,
and activities. It’s easy to use and open          and remember to ‘checkout’.
Kindo even offers a myKindo iPhone App.            Swipe Cards
   • To get started, just search ‘myKindo’         Currently, all new TNIS learners are given a
      on the Apple App Store.                      swipe card, which can be used in school for
   • Download, sign in and set up a PIN            printing/copying and school cafe purchases.
      (you can even use TouchID or FaceID).        Parents/caregivers can load and transfer
   • Pay for last minute lunches, sports           funds through the My Monitor payment link.
      subs, trip fees, fundraising products or     Alternatively, learners can top up with cash,
      anything school-related, right from          using the automatic top up machine in the
      your mobile device.                          library.
   • Contact the Helpdesk Monday-Friday            All new families receive an email detailing
      8am         –       4pm        via email     their My Monitor log-in and temporary
      (hello@mykindo.co.nz) or telephone           password. Please note that this email may go
      0508 454 636 if you need assistance.         to your junk or spam folder as it will come
                                                   from an email address called ‘copier’.
                                                   This link (http://mymonitor.tnis.school.nz/mymonitor/) will
                                                   take you to the My Monitor login page for
                                                   TNIS My Monitor.

    Other Useful Information
Lost Property                                      After School Activities
Please name ALL items of school uniform,           A variety of after school activities are
lunchboxes and drink bottles. If an item of        available. Some are provided by outside
clothing or other property is lost at school, it   tutors and incur a cost. Once confirmed, the
will be placed in the lost property area           information for 2020 will be available on our
outside the food technology room.                  website, the daily notices and through
Music Lessons                                      notifications via the school app.
Music lessons are available onsite during          School Cafe
school time for a cost. Lessons for a range of     The café is open at morning tea and lunchtime
musical instruments are offered. Once              and sells a variety of sandwiches, muffins, hot
confirmed, the information for 2020 will be        food and snacks. As previously stated, lunches
available on our website, the daily notices and    can be pre-ordered online using Kindo.
through notifications via the school app.          Learners can also make purchases using cash
                                                   or their swipe card.
You can also read