Information for Parents 2020 2021 - For Year 7, September 2021 - Northgate High School

Information for Parents 2020 2021 - For Year 7, September 2021 - Northgate High School
Information for Parents
     2020 - 2021
    For Year 7, September 2021
Throughout this document the term parents has been used to refer to parents/carers.

The information and particulars contained in this prospectus relate to the school year indicated on the
              front cover and are correct at the time of publication, September 2020.

 It should not be assumed that there will be no change affecting the relevant arrangements or some
    matter particularised before the start of, or during, the school year in question or in relation to
                                       subsequent school years.

                      Parents are advised to retain this document for reference.

                                        Northgate High School
                                 Headteacher: Miss Rowena Mackie

                     Sidegate Lane, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP4 3DL Tel: 01473 210123
                               Web site:

                                        Suffolk County Council
                       Directorate of Health, Wellbeing and Children’s Services
                         Endeavour House, 8 Russell Road, Ipswich IP1 2BX

                                         Tel: 0345 600 0981

                          Executive Director of People’s Services: Sue Cook
                   Corporate Director of Children and Young People: Allan Cadzow
Background Information
Northgate High School is a mixed comprehensive community school, catering for students aged
11 to 18.

The school roll is approximately 1800, including around 500 in the Sixth Form. There are approximately
100 full-time equivalent teaching staff.

Admissions Intake Limit
The intake limit at 11+ for 2020 was 252.

The total number of on-time applications received that included Northgate as one of the three stated
preferences was 768. After allocating available places in other schools, where these were stated as
a higher preference, the Local Authority considered 399 applications for Northgate’s 2020 intake,
allocating 252 places and rejecting the remaining 147 applications.

To date there have been 16 appeals heard, of which 2 were successful. Planned admissions at 11+ for
September 2021 will be 252.

Admissions Procedure
The County Council, not the School, is responsible for admissions. The full statement of the admissions
policy is contained in the booklet ‘Admissions to Schools in Suffolk 2021/2022 guide’, which can be
found online, and it is essential that parents refer to this. Parents requiring clarification should seek
advice from the Suffolk County Council Admissions Team.

How to Find Out More about Northgate
Parents considering making an application for a place at Northgate are invited to visit the school
website where there will be a range of information to view under the tab ‘Admission to Northgate’.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are not able to offer tours of the school, and we will not be holding
an Open Morning or Open Evening. Mrs Asher, Northgate’s Special Educational Needs Coordinator,
can be contacted via telephone to discuss our provision for students with SEN.

Mid-Year Applications
Mid-year applications to Years 7 to 11 must be made on L.A. form CAF 2, which is available for
download from the Suffolk County Council website and needs to be completed and returned to S.C.C.
If contacting the school for advice please ask to speak to Mrs Clark, Office Manager.
Sixth Form Applications
There is a separate application process for sixth form students. A Sixth Form Prospectus outlining this
procedure and the provision Northgate has to offer can be seen online at:

As we are not able to run an Open Evening during the Autumn Term, a video tour of the school can
be viewed via the website. In addition, each subject has made a short film that provides a summary of
what is covered on their A Level course. These films can also be viewed via the website.

The Sixth Form application deadline for September 2021 entry is Friday, 29 January 2021.

Students allocated a place in Year 7 at Northgate will be invited to two Induction Days on Monday,
28 and Tuesday, 29 June 2021.

A Parents’ Evening will be held on Tuesday, 29 June 2021, for the parents of students who have
attended the Induction Days.

School Hours
School hours are currently from 8.45am to 3.10pm, Monday to Friday. This includes a 15-minute
morning registration. The four lessons per day each last 75 minutes. There is a 20-minute morning
break staggered across Period 2 and 45 minutes for lunch staggered across Period 3. The length of the
taught week is 25 hours. The timing of the school day is reviewed periodically.

School Meals and Lunch Break Arrangements
During the lunch break students may
n use a pre-charged payment lunch card to buy a school meal or a hot snack from our canteen, which
  can cater for special diets e.g. vegetarian, coeliac (those entitled to a free school meal have their
  payment card automatically credited by the school in advance).
n bring their own packed meal to be eaten in the area specified, or
n go home for a meal if they live near enough (see below).
Parents who wish their child to return home for lunch should indicate in writing that they accept
responsibility for their son or daughter during this time. In the absence of written consent, no Year 7 –
11 students are allowed to leave the school site at lunch time.

Our intention is to provide our learners with a curriculum that:

n is broad and balanced
  alues subject disciplines and builds subject knowledge
  romotes Northgate’s values – respect, determination and teamwork
n creates responsible, healthy and aspirational citizens
n f osters a love of learning
Curriculum Overview
Religious Education and collective worship are non-denominational in character. Religious Education is
taught in accordance with the statutory requirements for maintained schools and the
Suffolk Agreed Syllabus. Parents who, on grounds of conscience, wish to withdraw their child from
Religious Education should give written notice to the Headteacher. Religious Education is not a public
examination subject and a student who wishes it as an examination subject must opt for Religious
Studies at Key Stage 4.

Social, moral, cultural and spiritual development – including that of the British values of democracy, the
rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs
– is delivered across the curriculum at all key stages, and is a core element of our PSHE programme.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum
Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 study Art, Computing, Drama, English, Geography, History, Maths,
Music, Physical Education, Science and Technology as well as the locally agreed syllabus for Religious
Education. French, German or Spanish is studied in Years 7 to 9.

All students in Years 7 to 9 follow a programme of Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education,
which includes Study Skills, Health, Relationships and Sex Education. In Years 7 and 8, students have
one lesson a week allocated to PSHE, and in Year 9 students follow a Core programme which includes
Careers, Economic Awareness, PSHE, Religious Education, Health, Relationships and Sex Education,
and Citizenship.

More detailed information about the curriculum followed in each subject can be found on the
Northgate website.

Form groups represent a mixture of ability, but in appropriate subjects setting is introduced
progressively through Key Stage 3. Provision is made for students with Special Educational Needs,
who may be withdrawn from a lesson for specific help, but for the majority of time, will operate in the
normal curriculum, with appropriate support. For a small minority of students, a bespoke curriculum
is available in our Learning Support department where students have access to specialist intervention
programmes delivered by Northgate staff and external services. This is regularly reviewed in the
light of student progress. Similarly, a small number of students are offered literacy and numeracy
intervention in the Learning Support department as appropriate to their learning need.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum
In Years 10 and 11, students study GCSEs in English Language, English Literature, Maths and Science
(combined or triple). Further GCSE subjects are chosen from Art, Business, Child Development,
Computer Science, Creative iMedia, Dance, Design Technology (Electronic and Mechanical Systems
or Timber and Metals), Drama, Food Preparation and Nutrition, French, Geography, German, Graphic
Communication, Health & Social Care, History, Music, Physical Education, Psychology, Religious
Studies, Sociology, Spanish and Textiles.

Choice is guided through option blocks, to ensure appropriate breadth. In addition, a non-examination
programme of study is followed in Physical Education.

The availability of all option subjects will depend on sufficient support to ensure that the course can

The Core Programme covering Careers and Work‐related Learning, Economic Awareness, Enterprise
Education, PSHE, Religious Education, Study Skills, Health, Relationships and Sex Education and
Citizenship builds on the related Year 9 input.

Students in Year 10 undertake a period of Work Experience at the end of the Summer Term.
Sixth Form Curriculum
The Sixth Form curriculum predominantly offers a 2-year A Level course. There is also a 1-year course
consisting of a suite of GCSE entries designed to assist students with their next step.

There are currently 33 Advanced Level or Level 3 subjects available, as well as a small number of
subjects at Level 2 (e.g. GCSE). More information can be found in the Sixth Form Prospectus, available
from the school or online at

Code of Behaviour
At Northgate we expect students to show consideration and respect for others. Rules should be fully
observed. In particular, students are expected:
n to behave in a sensible and considerate way
n to be punctual and to work hard
n to respect the school buildings and environment, for example, by keeping all areas clear of graffiti, by
  placing all litter in bins and by not bringing chewing gum into school
n to wear full school uniform in school, and on the way to and from school
n to have hair within the natural spectrum of hair colour avoiding extreme styles
n not to arrive on site before 8.35am, and to leave by 3.20pm unless involved in supervised activities
n not to bring tobacco, e-cigarettes, alcohol, matches, lighters, knives or other dangerous items or
  illegal substances onto the school site
n to remain on the school site unless they have permission to leave
n to remain within their designated areas of the site at break and lunchtime unless they go home for
n to mark all property clearly with their name
n to follow the guidelines for cyclists on the site
n to keep ball games to the designated areas
n not to eat food in any school buildings other than in the dining room or designated areas outside.

Policy Regarding the Use of Mobile Phones
Northgate has an ‘on site, out of sight’ mobile phone policy for students in Years 7 – 11. In summary
this simply means that students, once arriving at school, must turn their phones off and leave them in
their bags. Mobile phones can only be used with the express permission of a member of staff.

Jewellery should not be worn, apart from watches and a single pair of simple studs for pierced ears (no
hoops, dangling designs, large gems or bling!). Students in Years 9 – 11 may wear one discreet nose

Make-up and nail varnish should not be worn to school. Students will be required to remove nail
varnish (gel and acrylic nails) and/or eye make-up that is clearly visible.

The Headteacher delegates overall responsibility for discipline on a day-to-day basis to a pastoral
team, led by a Deputy Headteacher but supported by all members of staff. Individual form tutors have
particular responsibility for their own groups.

Breaches of discipline may be punished, depending upon the severity and frequency, by a range of
sanctions including loss of personal time during the school day without notice. For more serious
offences there are longer detentions after school of which parents will be notified either by a
telephone call or via Go4Schools. We also run an Intervention Centre for students where appropriate
supervision, pastoral support and academic assistance will be provided for the duration of the school

In the most serious cases the Headteacher reserves the right to exclude a student from attendance
(informing the Local Authority and the Chair of the Governors of the action taken), or to take other
measures considered appropriate by the school and governors.

Attendance and Punctuality
Students are expected to attend punctually and regularly. If your child has a legitimate reason for being
late, please make sure that they have a signed explanatory note in their planner. Parents are required
to telephone the school to notify absence on the first day and each subsequent day. In the case of long
or repeated absence, formal medical evidence may be called for.

Requests for absence other than for illness should be made on an Exceptional Leave of Absence
form, which can be obtained from the pastoral team. The Headteacher reserves the right to refuse
permission for absence.

Student Absence Statistics 2019/2020
 Total number of students of compulsory school age on roll for at least one session – 1302
 Percentage of student sessions (half days) missed through authorised absence – 6.1%
 Percentage of student sessions (half days) missed through unauthorised absence – 1.1%
Attendance data has been calculated up to the school closure on 20 March 2020.

Emergency Procedures
In case of accident or emergency the school will endeavour to contact one of the child’s parents, and
parents are asked to inform the school of a means by which one of them can be contacted during the
day if necessary using the contact details we have on record. Please ensure these contact details are
always kept up to date. If in a case of illness or accident it proved impossible to contact a parent, the
Headteacher would act on the advice of the medical officer first aider or, where necessary, medical
professional consulted.

Owing to the large number of students attending Northgate High School, it is not possible to transmit
routine messages to students, so where possible arrangements for pickups and medical appointments
should be sorted out prior to the start of school.

Office staff will, however, always attempt to pass on messages to students in the event of an

School Uniform
All students wear school uniform until the end of Year 11. Students are expected to be clean, neat and
tidy and to bring credit upon themselves by their appearance. All items must be clearly marked with
the owner’s name.

A full list of school uniform and games kit, along with information about suppliers, will be sent to the
parents of children allocated a place, well in advance of the new school year.
Students are photographed individually each September, so that an up-to-date likeness can appear on
each student’s record. Copies of these photographs are available for purchase by parents. Students
may also be photographed or filmed on other occasions as part of an activity, either by a member of
staff, or by the local press. Parents of new students will be sent a letter seeking preferences regarding
the use of images of their child.

School Health
The Local Health Partnerships NHS Trust is responsible for providing the School Health Service in this
area. Unfortunately, at the time of writing the school has been notified that the NHS Trust is no longer
able to provide regular School Nurse drop in sessions at the school, but that immunisation programmes
will continue.

Managing Medicine for Children in School
Any student requiring First Aid should report to a member of staff who may then refer him or her to
the School Office where trained help is available.

Parents continue to have responsibility for their child’s well-being at school.

The school encourages the students to be responsible for managing their own medication needs (e.g.
the use of asthma inhalers and allergy auto-injectors). Where it is agreed by the School that a member
of staff will act on the parents’ behalf by dispensing medicine, it will only do so if satisfied that this is
the parents’ wish, that the details of the dosage and timing have been conveyed precisely and that to
do so would have no harmful effect on the child. Please note that it is the responsibility of parents/
carers to ensure that medication is in date and it is the responsibility of the student to come to the
office to take their medication where required. However, the school reserves the right not to agree to
administer medicine.

Parent Teacher Association
The PTA organises various functions of a social or informative nature. Parents of all students are
automatically members of the Association. The Committee, elected annually, consists of a Chairperson,
Vice Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer, together with other members elected at the AGM each
year. The current Chairperson of the PTA, Mrs Niki Downey, can be contacted via the School.

School Governors
Full current membership of the Governing Body is provided on the school website. The current Chair
of Governors is Mrs J Sheat, who can be contacted via the School.

School Policies
In general, policies receive the approval of the Governing Body, having been formulated through
consultation with stakeholders. A list of the Governors’ Policies, and the full text of each relevant to
parents is available on the school’s website. For guidance, brief outlines of some policies are given in
the next section of this document.

Safeguarding Children Policy
Northgate High School takes the safeguarding responsibility placed upon it very seriously and is
committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all students. As a school we have a statutory
duty to assist Children and Young People’s Services departments acting on behalf of children in need
or enquiring into allegations of abuse. If we have a concern that a child has been abused or is at risk of
being abused, we have a duty to refer this to Children and Young People’s Services . In most cases we
would also inform parents of our concern. The school has a Safeguarding Policy, which is available to
parents and carers on request and may also be viewed on the school website.

Charging and Remission Policy
The Governors recognise the value of activities beyond the curriculum in extending students’
opportunities and experience, but reserve the right to make a charge for:
n voluntary activities which are not an integral part of the school curriculum
n the board and lodging element of residential activities required for specific public examinations
n vocal or instrumental tuition that is not part of the normal school curriculum
n materials involved in production of an article which parents wish to own
n examination fees in special circumstances e.g. where a student enters a subject as a private
  candidate, or the fee for an enquiry about a result.

The full policy is available on the school website and includes details of financial help available to
families experiencing financial hardship.

Equality and Diversity
The staff and governors of Northgate High School are committed to equality of opportunity being
available to all members of the school community. For our school, this means understanding and
tackling the different barriers that could lead to unequal outcomes for different groups of students
in school, while celebrating and valuing the achievements and strengths of all members of the school
community. These include students, teaching and support staff, parents, carers, governors, multi-
agency staff linked to the school, visitors to school and contractors.

At Northgate High School, equality is a key principle in the way that we treat all members of the school
community irrespective of their gender, race, disability, religion and beliefs, sexual orientation, age,
ability, first language, economic disadvantage or any other recognised area of discrimination.

Special Educational Needs
The school recognises its responsibility to support students who have Special Educational Needs of
any kind, to make appropriate provision to meet those needs within the school and to liaise closely
with parents, colleagues (including those in pyramid schools) and educational support services. The
school supports students with Education Health and Care Plans and School Support Single Category
status and identifies students for teacher support outlining strategies to address students’ needs. The
Learning Support department offers a hub service to students with additional needs.

Northgate High School is committed to a policy of inclusion where this meets the child’s needs best.
Students with individual needs receive support from additional staff as appropriate within lessons or
in individual or small group situations. Additional support is provided by teaching assistants, mentors
and other services where there is an identified need. The Foundation Learning team addresses gaps
in attainment and aims to support students with strategies for how to become more independent
learners. The Thrive programme, Emotional Literacy Support Assistant and TA teams aim to support
students in social and classroom settings. Learning Support provides a bridge for students who arrive
at secondary school needing a more gradual adjustment and additional support. Progress for all is
regularly reviewed, allowing flexible and appropriate allocation of support and intervention to boost
Sex Education
Sex Education is seen as a whole school issue, to which all students have an equal entitlement.
Account will be taken of differing levels of maturity, of differences in ethnic, cultural and religious
backgrounds, and care will be taken to avoid stereotyping. The role of parents is recognised in helping
students to achieve a balanced view of the physical, emotional, moral and social aspects of human
development from conception to old age, including the role of family life. Parents have the right to
withdraw their child from certain aspects of sex education, and should contact Mr Banham, Deputy
Headteacher (Teaching and Learning) if they wish to exercise this right

Complaints Procedure
We hope that your child will be happy at Northgate and the school will do it’s upmost to address
any concerns that you may have. However, should you feel the need to complain the Complaints
Procedure can be found on the school’s website.

The policy of the school is to encourage as many students as possible to enter for public examinations
at an appropriate level.

Where they still remain, the completion of controlled assessment elements of GCSE courses can take
place throughout KS4, and GCSE examinations are taken at the end of Year 11.

For vocational subjects such as BTEC and Cambridge Nationals, assessments will take place
throughout KS4. Re-sits for any unit will be at candidate’s own expense.

Internal Advanced Level end of year examinations take place in Year 12. A Level examinations are taken
in May/June of Year 13. GCSE examinations are also taken by Sixth Form students.
Destination of Leavers 2019
(Figures for 2020 were still being compiled at the time of publication)

A. From Year 13 – 191 students, including third-year Sixth Formers:
Higher Education                                              128
Gap Year                                                       28
Sixth Form                                                       1
Further Education                                                8
Employment with training                                         6
Other Employment                                               13
Not in education, employment or training                         0
Unknown                                                          7

B. From Year 11 – 220 students
Northgate High School Sixth Form or another Sixth Form        156
Further Education                                              58
Work/Training                                                    6
Not in education, employment or training                         0
Unknown                                                          0
A Level Outcomes 2019 - 2020
                          (Based on best of Centre Assessed and Calculated Grade)

Subject                Entries      A*            A            B             C      D    E    U
Art                     10          4             5            1
Biology                 48          8            21           15             4
Business Studies        13		                      4            4             3      1    1
Chemistry               49          7            22           10             8      2
Computing                7          1             4            1             1
Dance                    3          1             1		                        1
Design Technology        4		                      2            1             1
Double Maths            11          4             2            1             2      1    1
Drama                    7          1             2            3             1
Early Modern History     8          3             1            3		                  1
Economics               17          4             7            4             2
English Language        14          1             3            4             6
English Literature      29          3             3           14             7      2
Film Studies            10		                      3            3             4
French                   1		                      1
Further Maths           13          4             3            2             3      1
Geography               17          4             5            6             1      1
German                   2			                                  2
Graphics                 8          2             1            2             2      1
History                 24          2             5           11             4      2
Law                     22          3             5            4             5      3    2
Mathematics             45          9             7            8             8      8    5
Media Studies           18		                      2            5            10		         1
Music                    1		                      1
Philosophy               7          1             1            2             1      1    1
Photography             12          2             2            6             2
Physical Education      15          1             4            5             2      3
Physics                 27          2             8            4             4      5    4
Politics                16          2             5            3             3      2    1
Psychology              48          6            13            7            13      9
Sociology               42          3             8           14            11      3    2    1
Spanish                  2          1             1
Textiles                 1		                      1
Grand Total             551        79           153          145           109      46   18   1
Extended Project        50         16            11           11            9        2    1
GCSE Outcomes 2019 - 2020
                                   (Based on best of Centre Assessed and Calculated Grade)

Subject                  Entries           9        8         7        6         5           4    3    2     1        U
Art                        67              10        7       15       14        11           7    3
Biology                    113             13       21       22       29        17         10     1
Business Studies           67               2        3        4        6         8         14     16   10    4
Chemistry                  112             14       20       23       18        24         10     3
Computing                  28               4        3        2        3         6           5    3    2
Dance                      12               3        2        2        2         1           1    1
Drama                      22               3        2        2        6         4           3    1    1
Electronic Mech            19               1        3        2        2         5           4    2
English Language           244             14       17       32       43        48         49     27   11    3
English Literature         240             10       18       36       40        45         49     20   12    9        1
French                      9               2		               2        1         2           2
Geography                  109              7       19       11       11        20         15     15   9     2
German                     44               3        4        7        6        12           7    4    1
Graphic Prods.             49               2        6        5        6        10         13     6    1
He Food                    34               8        2        6        4         3           4    5    2
History                    116              7       13       17       19        15         16     16   8     4        1
Mathematics                244             13       28       40       38        37         43     19   17    8        1
Music                       8               1		               2        3         1		              1
Physical Education         47               3        3       12       10         6           4    5    4
Physics                    113             16       13       32       28        14           8    2
Psychology                 81               6       11        8       11        21         12     8    3     1
Religious Studies          15               3        5        1        1         1           1    1    2
Resistant Materials        38               3        6        5        4        10           7    3
Spanish                    49               4        4        8        4         9         13     5    2
Textiles                   13               2        1        2        1		                   2    5
Grand Total               1893             154     211      298      310        330       299    172   85    31       3

Double Science 2019-2020
Subject       Entries   1/1 2/1 2/2 3/2 3/3 4/3 4/4 5/4 5/5 6/5 6/6 7/6 7/7 8/7
Science        129       2   3   5  14 18 17 14 16 21        6   6   5   1   1
                                     Vocational Subjects 2019-20
Subject                 Entries      L2D*        L2D         L2M         L2P         L1D         L1M   L1P        U
Child Development         19           1           2           3           4          3           3    2          1
Creative iMedia           43           1           1           7           6          6           6    9          7
Health & Soc Care         26		                     2           3           9          4           5    2          1
PE BTEC                   11				                                           5			                        4          2
Grand Total               99           2           5          13           24         13         14    17        11
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