NEWS - The 11th Annual Golf Tournament - East Butler Public Schools

NEWS - The 11th Annual Golf Tournament - East Butler Public Schools
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     The 11th Annual
     Golf Tournament
NEWS - The 11th Annual Golf Tournament - East Butler Public Schools
Summer Reading Program Presents
 “A Universe of Stories”
 East Butler students joined together this year for        The East Butler staff had the opportunity to assist
 “A Universe of Stories.” Each week an average             with monetary donations toward the summer
 of 50 students took part in the reading program.          library program this year. Each staff member
 The students learned about the planets and                contributed $2 per day or $10 for the week to wear
 constellations while taking part in science activities.   jeans to school. All money collected was donated
 This year we were able to have Gifford Farms bring        to the Summer Library program.
 their blow-up planetarium to the school to wrap up        “A Big Thank you to the East Butler Foundation for
 the program. The planetarium was a big hit as all         their continued financial support of the summer
 summer reading participants got the opportunity           reading program and making it happen!”
 to experience a closer look at the stars and              - Mrs. Sophie Hermelbracht

2 East Butler Public Schools Foundation
NEWS - The 11th Annual Golf Tournament - East Butler Public Schools
East Butler
Alumni College
Pennant Tree
In 2012, a pennant tree was installed in the activities entrance to represent branches of the
military and post-secondary institutions from which East Butler students have graduated.
To date, we have 61 post-secondary institutions recognized with a silver-plated pennant.

Below is a list of the higher learning institutions we have on the tree. If you do not see your
college listed below, please e-mail us at: We would be
happy to make a pennant and have your college proudly displayed!

Arizona State University         Iowa State University           U.S. Air National Guard
Briar Cliff College              Joseph’s College of Beauty      U.S. Army
Bryan School of Nursing          Kearney State                   U.S. Army National Guard
Central Community College –      Lincoln School of Commerce      U.S. Marine Reserves
Columbus                         Midland Lutheran College        U.S. Army Reserves
Central Community College –      Morningside College             U.S. Marine Corps
Grand Island                     Nebraska College of Technical   U.S. Navy
Central Community College –      Agriculture                     U.S. Naval Reserves
Hastings                         Nebraska Methodist College      University of Florida
Chadron State College            Nebraska Wesleyan University    University of Iowa
Clarkson College                 North Carolina State            University of Nebraska - Kearney
College of Hair Design Lincoln   Northwest Missouri State        University of Nebraska - Lincoln
College of Saint Mary            Peru State College              University of Nebraska Medical
Concordia University             Rice University                 Center
Cornell College                  Southeast Community College -   University of Nebraska - Omaha
Creighton University             Beatrice                        University of New Mexico
Doane College                    Southeast Community College -   University of Wisconsin
Drake University                 Lincoln                         University of Wyoming
George Washington University     Southeast Community College -   Washington University
Hamilton College                 Milford                         Wayne State College
Hastings College                 Stanford University             Wyoming Technical Institute
Highland Community College       U.S. Air Force

NEWS - The 11th Annual Golf Tournament - East Butler Public Schools
The 11th Annual Golf Tournament

 Putting Contest WINNER!! Brandon Hotovy
 Kevin Havlovic and Sam Stecher are pictured awarding Brandon his $245.00 cash prize!

 The 11th Annual Golf Tournament was held on       The Foundation would like to thank the players,
 August 17th. Fourteen teams participated and      sponsors and donors! A special Thank You to Kevin
 $4,000 was raised! The money will be used to      and Denise Havlovic for their help and expertise!
 provide scholarships for East Butler graduates.

 Travis Trojan, Bryce Havlovic, Matt Hecox and     Dustin Romshek and John Fencl pictured in John’s
 Scott Boone                                       custom EB Golf Cart which also displays his high
                                                   school football number - #8! Go Tigers!!

4 East Butler Public Schools Foundation
NEWS - The 11th Annual Golf Tournament - East Butler Public Schools
2019 Golf Scramble Championship Team: Matt Trowbridge, Dustin Valenti, Jeffrey
Dinkelman, and Nate Coleman

Champion Women’s Team: Melissa (Cidlik) DeWitt,   East Butler graduates enjoying a warm day of golf!
Janet (Rezac) Finley, Angie Vandenberg and
Abby Rezac

        Next Golf Scramble Saturday, August 15, 2020!
        Mark your calendar and Join in the FUN!

NEWS - The 11th Annual Golf Tournament - East Butler Public Schools
 A New Opportunity for
 East Butler Students
 At East Butler we are embarking on a new journey. We are            At East Butler, we have fifteen students in our chapter. These
 joining more than 360,000 students nationwide and starting          students are excited and eager to compete. This year we will
 a new chapter of Skills USA. Skills USA is a partnership            focus on preparing students from East Butler to compete at
 between teachers, students and industry to prepare students         state. Some of the different competitions we are preparing
 and make America’s workforce strong. Skills USA is grounded         for include: robotics, urban search and rescue, plumbing,
 in the three pillars of personal, workplace and technical skills.   photography, cosmetology, and medical technical skills. We
 Students discover and grow their passions, while building           are excited to have a chapter here at East Butler.
 confidence and grit.
                                                                     Skills USA is an extra-curricular club which is part of the
 Skills USA allows students to choose a skill or job they            Career and Technical Opportunities offered to our students.
 are passionate about and build skills to be successful in           East Butler has had a long-standing tradition of Career
 the future. As students focus on a specific job or skill they       and Technical Club offerings. These clubs include: FFA
 prepare for an annual competition in April. This two-day            (Future Farmers of America), FCCLA (Family, Career and
 competition is in Grand Island, and over one thousand               Community Leaders of America) and FBLA (Future Business
 students from across the state come to compete and showcase         Leaders of America). Welcome to East Butler Skills USA!
 their skills.

                                                                             EAST BUTLER PUBLIC SCHOOLS FOUNDATION

                                                                             CLAY SHOOT
                                                                             Proceeds go directly to fund
                                                                             scholarships for East Butler Public
                                                                             Schools graduating classes
                                                                             Date: Sunday, May 31, 2020
                                                                             Place: Oak Creek Sporting Club
                                                                             Cost: $80 per person, includes a meal
                                                                             • Registration 1:00 p.m., shooting
                                                                                 starts at 1:30 p.m.
                                                                             • Golf Cart Rental $20 or bring
                                                                                 your own
                                                                             • Pre-Registration is encouraged:
 Mrs. Lisa Bohaty and Mr. Chris Palensky are the                                 or to Shannon Novotny at
 co-sponsors of East Butler’s SkillsUSA Chapter.
                                                                             •   Payment can be made the day of
 Mrs. Bohaty is teaching Computer Science and                                    the shoot
 Tech Integration. Mr. Palensky teaches STS (Skilled                         •   Bring your own guns and shells
 and Technical Sciences) as well as Industrial Tech                          •   Prizes determined by the number
 classes at East Butler.                                                         of shooters

6 East Butler Public Schools Foundation
NEWS - The 11th Annual Golf Tournament - East Butler Public Schools
EB Foundation Brings
Back “Brick Sales”
Personalized bricks are being sold to: honor a child,
                                                                The Dean R. Rolfsmeier Alumni
recognize your family, remember a loved one or
                                                                Memorial Scholarship will be
commemorate a special day. Bricks will be displayed on the      available ONLINE January 3, 2020.
East Butler Foundation wall located in the Activity Entrance
of the High School in Brainard.                                 1. Access the application online at
                                                       Click on the
Your purchase will not only help us continue to fund            “Foundation” tab and select the
enrichment programs and scholarships for our school, it will    “Alumni Scholarship Application”
                                                                tab. Please follow the directions
become a permanent part of the school, and is tax deductible.
                                                                stated. You will be submitting the
4x8 Bricks are $200.00 and can include up to 3 lines of text    application ONLINE.
with 18 characters per line.
                                                                2. The deadline is March 1, 2020.
For more information about the fundraiser, visit East Butler
Public School’s website at and click on the   3. An official transcript MUST be
Foundation Tab.                                                 addressed and mailed to:
                                                                East Butler Foundation
                                                                PO Box 54
                                                                Brainard, NE 68626

                                                                Or an Official Digital Transcript from

       Save the date
                                                                your college can be e-mailed to

                                                                4. Applications without an official
                                                                transcript will be disqualified.
             Annual East Butler
                Foundation                                      5. You must include the address of
           Basketball & Volleyball                              the Financial Aid Office for your
                                                                6. You must email the Foundation at
                                                                to confirm that you have submitted
                                                                your application and mailed the
                                                                transcript. You will receive an email
                                                                confirmation from the Foundation.
         March 20–21, 2020
       East Butler Gymnasium                                    Applicants who fail to email and
                                                                confirm will NOT be guaranteed
        To register, please contact                             scholarship funds.

  Janet (Rezac) Finley at 402-499-3308
    or Aaron Pierce at 402-417-5195.
  Participants are encouraged to sign up as soon as possible
   so the brackets can be set. All proceeds benefit the East
  Butler Foundation. Thank you for your continued support!

NEWS - The 11th Annual Golf Tournament - East Butler Public Schools
                                                                                                   US POSTAGE

P.O. Box 54
Brainard, NE 68626
(402) 545-2081


Board Members
Shannon Novotny, President
Paige Glasshoff, Vice President
Connie Johnson, Treasurer
Sam Stecher, Superintendent
Joni Ringdahl, Recording Secretary
Board of Education Member
Sandy Bongers, Administrative Assistant

                                          GIVING BACK
     For the third year, East Butler Foundation - in partnership with the community - has continued
     to implement the matching funds scholarship program. The goal of this project is to provide
     scholarship money, real life experience, and community involvement that would represent their
     individual preference. The Foundation sets aside a pre-determined amount of money and then
     approaches area businesses or individuals to inquire if they would be interested in helping fund a

     The criteria set for the scholarship is determined by the individual/business participating in the
     matching fund scholarship program. The following scholarships were brought forward in 2019:

         $1,000 Career Start Scholarship
         $1,000 Fortik Scholarship
         $500 Pekarek Ag Scholarship
         $1,000 William Perk Family - Science, Math, and Engineering Scholarship

     All scholarships were funded 50% from the Foundation and 50% from private donors. We thank the
     community for their generosity and willingness to invest in our school and youth. If other individuals
     are interested in developing a scholarship of your own criteria or with ideas that the Foundation has
     developed, please contact us at so we can help facilitate your
     generosity toward our students.
NEWS - The 11th Annual Golf Tournament - East Butler Public Schools NEWS - The 11th Annual Golf Tournament - East Butler Public Schools
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