3rd Let's Meet Where the Continents Meet! - euroasia workshop

3rd Let's Meet Where the Continents Meet! - euroasia workshop
For Educators & Providers

    Let’s Meet Where the Continents Meet!

                                           29, 30, 31

                  Agent Workshop
        Greater Middle East & Central Asia Focus
3rd Let's Meet Where the Continents Meet! - euroasia workshop
Past Agents In Euroasia Agent Workshop
Country      Agents                                         Country      Agents                                          Country               Agents
Algeria      Astrolabe Network                              Lithuania    Ego Perfectus                                   Serbia                Cera Travel International
Algeria      Bright Minds                                   Malaysia     Arasi Consultancy Sdn.bhd                       Thailand              I Four Group Company Limited
Azerbaijan   A-Level Education Center                       Morocco      Bridge To Study Away                            Turkey                Aktif Education
Azerbaijan   Langberry Azerbaijan                           Morocco      Cordoba Center For Education Abroad             Turkey                Area Education Consultancy
Bahrain      Education Zone                                 Nepal        Alfa Beta Institute Pvt. Ltd.                   Turkey                Atilim International Education
Bangladesh Career Paths                                     Nepal        Einstein International                          Turkey                Aymir Consultancy
Bangladesh Sunrise Education Consultants                    Nepal        Miracle Institute Pvt. Ltd.                     Turkey                Beyaz International Education
Cyprus       Ahmet Ataner Danışmanlık                       Nepal        Pathfinder International Education              Turkey                Boğaziçi Yurtdışı Eğitim Danışmanlık
Cyprus       Libem Education Group                          Nepal        Studyworld Education                            Turkey                Can.be
Cyprus       Unicyp                                         Nepal        Vista International Education P. Ltd            Turkey                Ceo Education
Georgia      British House                                  Netherlands Surfawhile                                       Turkey                Deren Koray Group International
Georgia      Educational Consulting                         Nigeria      Books Embassy                                   Turkey                Dil-Mes Study Abroad Agency
Georgia      Study And Travel                               Nigeria      Diamond Giant Consulting                        Turkey                Draft Education
Ghana        Iaes                                           Nigeria      Dremcthomas Solutions                           Turkey                Education World Studying Abroad
Ghana        Pace-Up Consult                                Nigeria      Linkcon Education Services                      Turkey                Edurefer International
Ghana        Student Summit International                   Nigeria      Michelle And Anthony Consulting Limited         Turkey                Egitimal
India        Adept Overseas Education                       Oman         Studyzinc                                       Turkey                Egitimnoktasi
India        Centre For Career Development                  Pakistan     Ak Consultants                                  Turkey                Egturk Center
India        Iies                                           Pakistan     Celtic Consultants                              Turkey                End International Education
India        Infinite Opportunities Abroad                  Pakistan     Crown International Education (Pvt) Ltd         Turkey                Endless Abroad
India        Pentagon Business Group                        Pakistan     Education Concern                               Turkey                ESSE
Iran         Aran Academy                                   Pakistan     Eu Consultants                                  Turkey                Euroversity
Iran         Ariana Pars                                    Pakistan     Future Falcon International                     Turkey                Global Vision
Iran         Goharandishan Ghalam Educational Institute     Pakistan     Harmain Education Network                       Turkey                IES Education Services
Iran         Parvazian -                                    Pakistan     Mh International                                Turkey                ITEBS
Iran         Royaye Danesh Study Services                   Pakistan     Royal Vision Education Counselling (Pvt) Ltd    Turkey                LLC Education Consultancy
Iran         Tehran Visas                                   Pakistan     Silk Consultants                                Turkey                MEDA Study Abroad Counselling
Iraq         El-Marife Consultancy                          Pakistan     Study Network                                   Turkey                MONAT
Iraq         Scientific Level Company                       Pakistan     The Best International Education Consultants    Turkey                Plus Education And Career
Jordan       Amman University Services Est                  Palestine    Top Tour Educaton                               Turkey                Poseidon Work And Study Abroad
Kazakhstan King's Speech                                    Palestine    World Gate Educational Agency                   Turkey                Real Yurtdışı Eğitim Danışmanlığı
Kazakhstan Langberry                                        Russia       Global Education Group                          Ukraine               Edu-Company
Kazakhstan Nihao Centre                                     Russia       International Educational Center "Dominanta"    Ukraine               Future Leaders Ukraine
Kuwait       Globe For Training And Consultancy             Russia       Itec-Kazan                                      Ukraine               Tower Group Llc
Kuwait       Kcsc Kuwait                                    Russia       Trinity Travel                                  United Arab Emirates Alpha International
Kuwait       Sawa                                           Saudi Arabia Almadaen International                          United Arab Emirates Uni Student
Latvia       Izglitiba Arzemes                              Saudi Arabia Expert For Marketing Services                   United Kingdom        Iesaw
Libya        Almostkbal Burea For Admission                 Saudi Arabia Ihfes                                           United Kingdom        Maria Consultancy London Ltd
Libya        Cvhrd                                          Saudi Arabia New Idea Agency                                 United Kingdom        Pacisa Groupe
Libya        ELLALI For Training And Educational Consultancy Saudi Arabia Sumou Travel And Study Abroad                  United Kingdom        Sb International (Uk) Limited
Libya        Sinbad For Education Services                  Saudi Arabia The Academic Creativity For Educational Services United Kingdom       Studylon
Libya        Yatracos Travel And Education Services         Senegal      Global Business Center                          Yemen                 Help Service

3rd Let's Meet Where the Continents Meet! - euroasia workshop
Why does the Industry need a Greater Middle East & Central Asia Focused Agent Workshop?
                           1,5 million students enrolled from these countries
                           Makes up 20% of the global education industry demand
                           Important and strategic regions
                           Ease of getting Turkish visa
                           Strong cultural religious, economic and social ties between these regions and Turkey
                           Convenience of transport links to Turkey from the regions
                           Opportunity to meet decision makers from new top agents never shown up or unable
                            to attend other events around the world.

    The international education industry has been               On the other hand, many international education
    growing rapidly over the last couple of decades.            providers find Turkey an attractive country because
    According to UNESCO, the number of students                 of its own enormous student flow, as well as its
                                                                neighboring countries. Turkey and the countries
    studying abroad is expected to reach 8 million by
                                                                of the Greater Middle East and Central Asia have
    2025. The Greater Middle East and Central Asia              succeeded in establishing strong cultural, religious,
    will be playing a very important role in supplying          economic and social ties and the educational
    a vast majority of those students (almost 20% of            agents from GME and CA are very keen on keeping
    the global market) coming from these two regions.           in touch with each other.
    There are thousands of educational recruitment
    agents in the region assisting these students in            You also have the added convenience that Turkey
                                                                welcomes people from many GME and CA countries
    order to find suitable programmes, countries and
                                                                without requiring a visa. Organizing a boutique
    schools. Turkey is a very central location and a            regional event in Istanbul will help both educators
    bridge for those two important regions making it            and agents to increase the volume of their business
    an excellent hub for attracting Greater Middle East         in the region as Istanbul is located in an attractive
    and Central Asia agents.                                    and strategic point.

3rd Let's Meet Where the Continents Meet! - euroasia workshop
What do we mean by Greater Middle East & Central Asia Focus?

In terms of political and geographical definition,      However, we also consider all the Muslim countries
the Greater Middle East is used to refer to the         under the GMR and CA as contacts for business
Gulf region, the Levant, the areas that were once       as well. We therefore invite agents from Muslim
covered by Mesopotamia and Persia, and Northern         countries or countries with substantial Muslim
                                                        populations from all around the world.
and Central Africa. In the meantime, Central
Asia covers a region reaching from the Caucasus
Mountains and the Central Asian Turkic Republics
all the way to Mongolia.

              Why are we focusing on the Greater Middle East & Central Asia?

The student market in the Greater Middle East and       are aware of the major demand for Middle Eastern
Central Asia (Gulf Region, Central and Northern         & Central Asian students among international
Africa, Central Asia) consists of 15-20% of the         educators, this workshop is a great opportunity
whole global market. We cannot underestimate            for you to meet and establish successful business
this figure when it comes to realizing strong global    relationships with your target group; selected high-
business goals. These countries see Turkey as           quality agents, counselors and service providers.
having a strategic and important position due to        The student recruitment agents we invite to
its location as a bridge between Europe and Asia,       EuroAsia Agent Focus Workshop come from 36
its shared cultural, religious and social values, and   different countries from the indicated region. Our
the convenient transport links and strong bonds         aim is to allow you to get the maximum benefit of
between them. On account of this impressive image,      doing business with them face to face during the
people from indicated countries are very keen on        workshop October 29, 30 & 31 2018.
doing business in Turkey. Correspondingly, since we

3rd Let's Meet Where the Continents Meet! - euroasia workshop
Why should you be a part of such a fruitful workshop?
 B2B meetings with the highest quality student            Social activities and networking
    recruitment agents                                     Amazing Bosphorus boat tour
   Only Decision Makers of Agents Invited                 Istanbul city tours
   Cover Everything in Istanbul
   70% of agents attending only EuroAsia Workshop         University campus visits
    rather than any other similar platforms.               Opportunity to meet with 20.000 prospective
   3 nights full board accommodation at 5 star             Turkish students by attending IEFT – International
    hotels with special rates                               Education Fairs of Turkey
As strong players in the overseas education sector     You will not only be given this opportunity, but also
for 20 years, we clearly understand your feelings,     will have a chance to attend IEFT – International
business needs, demands and aims. Since we             Education Fairs of Turkey just before EuroAsia Agent
organized the first EuroAsia Agent Workshop            Workshop. Turkey’s IEFT Exhibition professionally
                                                       hosts over 150 institutions from around 25 different
in October, we are very happy to say that we           countries with 20,000 prospective students
brought together 70 educators and 120 agent            attending each event.
representatives from 35 countries encompassing
the Middle East and Central Asia. The business         In addition, we can assure you that our attending
meeting percentage for the participating schools at    agents will have been carefully screened and
EuroAsia Agent Workshop reached 82%. By virtue         demonstrated that they actively promote their
                                                       partner schools and send students to various
of our success, we had been hosted around 225          institutions around the world. Therefore, we
participants at second EuroAsia Agent Workshop         offer you an excellent opportunity to meet the
which had been hosted nearly 75 educators and          agents face-to-face in order to develop worldwide
150 agent representatives from over 40 different       partnerships, promote your brand within the
countries and appointment ratio has been hit 81%.      international education industry, and achieve more
We wish to organise two times in a year which will     updated information about local market trends.
be held in Spring and Autumn every year.               EuroAsia Agent Workshop focuses on language
                                                       schools, summer courses, undergraduate and
3rd EuroAsia Agent Workshop will be held between       postgraduate courses, and high schools. We
29-31 of October 2018. There will be expecting         therefore strongly recommend that education
to see around 175 agents from over 50 different        providers take part in this unique workshop to meet
countries from MENA and CIS,South Asia and             our selected agents from the Greater Middle East,
                                                       comprised of countries in the Gulf region, Northern
Eastern Europe and 100 educators. We wish to host      Africa, Central Asia, the Balkans, and South East
and expand your business network at EuroAsia           Asia all keen on meeting international education
Agent Workshop.                                        providers in Turkey…

3rd Let's Meet Where the Continents Meet! - euroasia workshop
Statistics of Second EuroAsia Agent Workshop
There should be beneficial feedbacks for further participant educators and common performance of EuroAsia Agent Workshop
which proves quality of participant agents.
Mainly, EuroAsia Agent Workshop focuses on every size of agents rather than well-known big players on industry due to creative
diversification and alternative business links from every countries.
Overall, appointment filling ratio of Educators has reached over 80% which means that agents are behaving hectic to create new
business contacts and they are trying to create new target regions.
As we can see on the name of EuroAsia Agent Workshop, it is fundamentally focusing on MENA and CIS regions also South Asia
and Africa limitedly. The diversification of participant agents have been expanded from 35 different countries to 40 differents
from first and second EuroAsia Agent Workshop venues respectively.

           Demographic of parcipant agents
                                   19,20%                                                            Middle East
                                                         6,40%                                       North Africa
                                                                  15,20%                             Caucasus
                     35,20%                                       7,20%
                                                                                                     East Europe
                                            6,40%                                                    South Asia

Inbound and Outbound international student recruitment traffic on EuroAsia Region attracts to popular foreign students hosted
by countries and regions. The below demographic pie also proves that the performance of participant agents totally get to their
target student recruitment countries.

3rd Let's Meet Where the Continents Meet! - euroasia workshop
Statistics of Second EuroAsia Agent Workshop

   Demographic of parcipant educators

                                 27%                         2%

   2%                                                                                    USA and Canada
                                                          22%                            East Europe

                                     26%                                                 Turkey

Additionally, if we need to check the cssorrelation between educators and agents based on the chance to create medium
and long term business contacts,the below research question and participant agents respond would be a proof to which
countries, institutions should need to consider attending EuroAsia Agent Workshop.

             What's your agent top three student
            recruitment regions? (Agents respond)
                                                                         European Union and UK
                                              2%4%                       USA
                         10% 6%                          2%
                                                                         Turkey and Central Asia
             12%                                                         Canada
                                                                         Eastern Europe
             14%                                                         Far East
                                                                         South Asia
                                20%                                      Australia

As we see from the pie above, participant agents mainly focuses on popular destinations such as EU,USA and Canada.
However, other regions which are going to be recruiting more and more foreign fee payer students such as Far East,
Central Asia and Eastern European institutions also will have a chance to create new business contacts.

3rd Let's Meet Where the Continents Meet! - euroasia workshop
Who are the organizers and sponsors?
YEDAB was founded in May 2013 in Istanbul, Turkey, as a result of years of continuous efforts to create maximum awareness for
the international education sector. Since foundation, YEDAB has primarily acted as a bridge between agencies and schools and
continues to perform outstanding work.
In response to feedback and requests received from our members and schools, YEDAB has identified that the Middle East
and Central Asia regions have particularly acute issues uniting schools and agencies together and therefore we believe we
can address this gap. After meetings with IEFT, one of the leading fair organization companies here in Turkey with 16 years
experience organizing overseas education fairs, the idea for EuroAsia was born. We have initiated the Middle East & Central Asia
Focus EuroAsia Workshop, the first which was held in October 2018.

Who is IEFT?                                                     Who is YEDAB?
    16 years of business experience                             YEDAB was founded in May 2013, as a result of years of
    Over 20,000 prospective students and families               continuous efforts to create maximum awareness for the
     visiting every event
                                                                 international education sector. The aim of our association
    Fairs organized in 3 largest cities in Turkey
    150 universities, colleges and language school              has been to bring unity and cooperation to the sector.
     exhibitors from 25 countries taking place in the fairs      Our association conducts its activities by establishing a
IEFT was founded in 2001 as an organization committed            correct and distinct legislation for our sector, determining a
to bringing quality education providers together with            specified framework for service standards and professional
motivated students and their families. Our aim is to create      expertise, and finally, setting out a structure managed by
greater visibility for the many “study abroad” options
                                                                 the association itself. Meanwhile, monitoring activities
available around the globe.
                                                                 are carried out by official authorities by creating a unified
The IEFT Fair is the largest and most prestigious student
recruitment event in Turkey, organizing its events twice a
year in the country’s three biggest cities; Istanbul (3 days),   YEDAB’s headquarters are based in Istanbul and it has
Ankara (1 day) and Izmir (1 day). It attracts over 20,000        members consisting of over 50 educational agents in
prospective and motivated students and parents from
                                                                 Turkey, while it has also achieved excellent and strong links
Turkey who are seeking to study abroad.
                                                                 with other agents in neighboring countries.
The IEFT Fairs will take place just before the EuroAsia
Agent Workshop, hosting around 150 universities, colleges        YEDAB also welcomes any agents from Greater Middle East
and language schools from 20 different countries who offer       and Central Asian countries as joint members in order to
undergraduate, postgraduate, high school and language            connect countries through education.
courses and summer programs at every event.

3rd Let's Meet Where the Continents Meet! - euroasia workshop
The advantages of attending EuroAsia Agents Workshop

 You will be able to take advantage of an
  opportunity to meet over 120 big players in the
  international educational agency industry from
  the GME and CA.
 One of the greatest benefits of taking part both
  in the Greater Middle East & Central Asia Focus
  EuroAsia Agents Workshop and IEFT Fair is that
  the participating schools will be able to give 30
  minute seminars to the attendees in order to
  increase brand visibility at IEFT Fairs. Plus, all
  the agents who will be attending the workshop
  will be invited to join these seminars.
 Schools that participate in both of these events
  will be offered very attractive and special prices.
 Those who participate at both events will get a
  chance to see different cities in Turkey and join
  social activities.
 Guests will stay at the Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus
  5 star hotels, located a short walk from
  important attractions such as Taksim Square
  and Nişantaşı.
 70% agents from GME and CA consists of
  decision makers from new top agents never
  shown up or unable to attend other events
  around the world, you will have a opportunity
  to meet these top agencies only in Istanbul.

3rd Let's Meet Where the Continents Meet! - euroasia workshop
Which Countries’ Agents are attending
We invite all high-quality agents who have been successfully recruiting students not only from the Greater Middle East &
Central Asian regions, also all other Muslim countries and regions, from Morocco to Indonesia, India to Mali… Here are the
sample allocations for each country at EuroAsia Workshop.

  Country                           No. of Agents                Country                            No. of Agents
  Afghanistan                             2                      Malaysia                                 6
  Algeria                                 4                      Mali                                     2
  Azerbaijan                             10                      Mongolia                                 5
  Bahrain                                 3                      Morocco                                  5
  Bangladesh                              5                      Nepal                                    3
  China                                  10                      Nigeria                                  5
  Egypt                                   5
                                                                 Oman                                     2
  Georgia                                 2
                                                                 Pakistan                                 6
  Ghana                                   3
                                                                 Palastine                                3
  India                                   8
                                                                 Saudi Arabia                            10
  Indonesia                               6
                                                                 Senegal                                  3
  Iran                                   12
                                                                 Tajikistan                               2
  Iraq                                    6
  Jordan                                  6                      Tunisia                                  6
  Kazakhstan                             12                      Turkey                                  25
  Kuwait                                  3                      Turkmenistan                             6
  Kyrgyzstan                              4                      UAE                                      7
  Lebanon                                 4                      Ukraine                                 10
  Liberia                                 2                      Uzbekistan                               4
  Libya                                   6                      Russia                                  10

                                                        - 10 -
How do we pre-screen the agents?
With 20 years of experience in this field, we strongly believe that we have the professionalism to serve this business properly.
Moreover, our strong political bonds and cultural similarities give us the magnificent power to be able to do business efficiently
and effectively with the majority of international educators and recruitment agents in the regions of the Middle East and
Central Asia. Besides this, we already have a strong profile of international educators in the global arena and recruitment agents
in the GME and CA numbering enough to organize an event for both of them in the magnificent city of Istanbul.
The target agents are carefully screened in terms of their years of experience, reputation, the quality of the services they provide
to their clients (references), attractiveness in terms of marketing, and the amount of business they generate per year. We also
consider some new agents by observing their development in the market via their websites and checking their participation at
educational events.

                                                 The selection process
When our team invites a potential agent to the EuroAsia Workshop, they consider the
following key information in order to provide you with a high-quality service;

 Company background (year of establishment, numberof branch offices, contact
  details, employee information)
 Detailed official registration circumstances
 Number of students served per year
 Four references from school partnerships who have strong business relationships
  with the agent
 Detailed information on promotional and marketing strategies
 Marketing and promotional materials
 Accreditation by a relevant unit
 Signed terms and conditions in compliance with EuroAsia Workshop and YEDAB

                                                                - 11 -
Programme for Educators & Providers
You will have the chance to hold 37 pre-scheduled one-to-one business meetings with quality student recruitment agents, as
well as with other educators and service providers. These appointments are 25 minutes long, allowing you to take full advantage
of a chance to increase your brand visibility, maintain your existing business relationship and meet new prospective agents.
The Agent Workshop programme also includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, refreshment breaks, social networking functions
and familiarization trips.

        Monday, October 29, 2018 (Optional)                                   Wednesday, October 31, 2018

08:00            Registration at Hilton Bosphorus                  08:00 - 09:00 Welcome Coffee
                 Hotel Lobby                                       09:00 - 13:00 Business Meetings
09:00 - 18:00 Fam trip for Turkish Universities                    13:00 - 14:00 Open buffet Lunch
19:00 - 21:00 Welcome Reception for EuroAsia                       14:00 - 15:40 Business Meetings
              Workshop participants

                                                                                    End of the event.
              Tuesday, October 30, 2018

08:00 - 09:00 Welcome Coffee event
09:00 - 13:00 Business Meetings
13:00 - 14:00 Open Buffet Lunch
14:00 - 18:40 Business Meetings
19:30             Boat Tour with hosted dinner

                                                          - 12 -
Pre-arranging your meetings
   You’ll be able to arrange meetings with quality student recruitment agents beforehand via Marcom eSchedule System, which
   provides participants with a pre-scheduling service for up to 37 meetings. This means you’ll know exactly who you’ll be meeting
   with before you arrive in Turkey.

Why should schools attend the Greater Middle East & Central Asia Focused Agent Workshop in Turkey?
   Come along and be welcomed by our warm country if you              Join all-inclusive and fun social activities
   want to:
                                                                      Taste delicious authentic Turkish cuisine in its homeland
    Take advantage of the chance to meet around 120 top-
                                                                      Meet friendly and welcoming people
     quality Eurasian agents focused on the Greater Middle
     East & Central Asian regions                                     Experience real Turkish traditions
    Take part in focused B2B meetings and networking                 Visit somewhere with a similar culture to yours
    Use the benefits of this cost effective event by recruiting      Enjoy a 3-nights stay in 5 star hotels, a luxury hotel in the
     and connecting simultaneously in one place                        safest part of the city with special rates.
    Network with over 10 Turkish universities and attend their
     campus tours

         What Type of Schools and Institutes can attend the EuroAsia Agent Workshop ?
   We welcome the schools and institutes offering;
      Undergraduate and Graduate Programmes                          Certificate and Diploma Programmes
      Foundation and A Level Programmes                              Internship and Co-Op Programmes
      2 Years Community Colleges and TAFE Institutes                 Exchange Programmes
      Language Courses                                               Scholarship Offices
      Summer Schools and Camp Programmes                             Countries Educational Attaches and Promotion
      High School                                                     Offices
      GMAT, SAT, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL Preparation                       Embassies and Consulates
      Executive Programmes                                           Organizations Offering Language and Aptitude
      Pre-Masters / Pre-MBA                                           Tests

                                                                   - 13 -
You will have the great opportunity to enjoy a 3-nights stay at the Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus, or another of Istanbul’s most
prestigious and comfortable hotels nearby with the special rates. The Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus offers indoor and outdoor
swimming pools, a fitness center, tennis courts, gardens, a day spa, and seven restaurants offering a range of local and international
cuisine. Additionally, state-of-the-art meeting and conference facilities make the Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus a fantastic choice for
this event. As you’ll be in the heart of Istanbul (just a short walk from important attractions such as Taksim Square and Nişantaşı),
you’ll have great access to transport links too.
               Regular Prices: from July 1, 2018                                 Early Bird Prices End: June 30, 2018
 Workshop in Total per Person:                            $2,900      Workshop in Total per Person:                          $2,500
 Additional Representative:                               $1,900      Additional Representative:                             $1,600
 Accompanying Person:                                       $100      Accompanying Person:                                      $85
 Sponsor Table:                                           $4,900      Sponsor Table:                                         $4,150
P.S: A special discount is offered to educators who participate in both the agent workshop + IEFT Recruitment Fairs!
*** $ = USD!

                                                  The Package Includes
Prior to the Workshop:                                                Additional Services **
 Online registration                                                  Hotel Accommodation with special rates
 A copy of the Agent catalog
                                                                       Optional Istanbul Tour
 Access to Marcom eSchedule PRO online meeting
    scheduling system
 Business to Business meetings (37 slots)
 Meeting Area (Table Setup)
 Welcome Coffee and Refreshment Breaks during workshop               * Please note the boat tour will be organized on October 30,
    days                                                                 2018.
 Welcome Reception and EuroAsia Bosphorus Boat Tour*                 ** Please contact us via schools@euroasiaworkshop.com for
 Open Buffet Lunch during workshop days                                 bookings and additional information.

                                   Marketing and Sponsorship Opportunities
If you require any detailed information about marketing and/or sponsorship for the events,
please contact us via schools@euroasiaworkshop.com (advertisements using any relevant marketing materials).
Due to these materials being limited, these are given out on a first-come, first-served basis.

                                                             - 14 -
AIP Languages                          International British College                    Siirt University

Albanian College Durres                International Language School of Canada          Sprachcaffe/Geos Languages PLUS

Arman Education Plus                   ISM University                                   St Giles International

Bellerby’s College                     Istanbul Aydin University                        St. Lawrence College

Beykent University                     Istanbul Ayvansaray University                   St. Michael's School

Birchwater Education                   Istanbul Commerce University                     State University of New York (SUNY)

Capilano University                    Istanbul Gelisim University                      Study California

Centennial College                     Işık University                                  Study Group

College Bourget                        Kadir Has University                             Study in Lithiunia

College of the Desert                  Kaplan International English                     Study in the Czech Republic

College Platon                         Kaunas University of Technology                  TED University

Crestwood Preparatory College          Kent State University                            The American School in England

Czech Technical University in Prague   King’s College Saint Michaels                    The Knox School

De Montfort University                 Knightsbridge Schools International Montenegro   The Language Gallery

Dogus University                       Koc University                                   The Mount, Mill Hill International School

Douglas College                        Kristianstad University                          The Newman School

Duna College                           Languages Canada                                 The Stay Academy - TSA English

Eastern Mediterranean University       LSI - Language Studies International             Toros University

Education Malaysia                     Mahsa University                                 Trine University

EduSA- Education South Africa          Maltepe University                               Ulster University

Embassy English                        Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology      Uludag University

English Studio                         Marketing English in Ireland                     University of Debrecen

Eötvös Loránd University               Mentora College                                  University of Hradec Kralove

EU Business School                     Middle East Technical University                 University of Manitoba Extended Education

Eurocentres Malta                      Nisantasi University                             University of the West Scotland

FEDELE - Español en España             Northern Lights College                          University of Victoria - English Language Center

FLS International                      Nottingham Trent University                      University of Wisconsin, La Crosse

Foyle International                    OHC English and Sol Camps                        University Preparation College

Full Sail University                   Okan University                                  Virginia Commonwealth University

GLS German Language School Berlin      Oxford English Academy                           West University of Timisoara

GoBritanya                             Oxford International                             Woodbridge School

Hasan Kalyoncu University              Piri Reis University                             Wright State University

Highline College                       QA Higher Education                              WSB Universities in Poland

Holmes Education Group                 Queen Ethelburga’s College                       Yasar University

HTMI - Switzerland                     Regent Language Training                         Yeditepe University

ICTQ Malta Language of School          Rivermont Collegiate                             York University

ILAC                                   Sabanci University

                                                                 - 15 -
Local attractions that may interest you:
 Istiklal Avenue and Taksim Square (13 minutes by foot)
 The Blue Mosque (35 minutes by bus and tram)
 Hagia Sophia (37 minutes by bus and tram)
 Topkapı Palace (38 minutes by bus and tram)
 The Basilica Cistern (35 minutes by bus and tram)
 Istanbul Archaeological Museums (38 minutes by bus, tram and foot)
 Süleymaniye Mosque (35 minutes by bus and foot)
 The Spice Bazaar (28 minutes by bus and foot)
 Dolmabahçe Palace (19 minutes by bus and foot)
 Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts (37 minutes by bus and tram)
 Yedikule Fortress (55 minutes by bus and foot)
 Galata Tower (22 minute by bus and foot)
 Maiden’s Tower (49 minutes by bus and boat)
                       Register today!
                                                           Organized by
İstiklal Street Kallavi Road
No:1 Leon Apartment 3rd Floor 34430
Beyoğlu - İstanbul / Turkey
Tel 1: +90 212 244 42 13
Tel 2: +90 212 280 86 36
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