Vocational Education and Training in Victoria - Study Melbourne

Vocational Education and Training in Victoria - Study Melbourne
and Training
in Victoria
Vocational Education and Training in Victoria - Study Melbourne
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Vocational Education and Training in Victoria - Study Melbourne
Vocational education and training in Victoria                           2
Victoria's global training partnerships                                4
Victoria's TVET difference                                             6

Customised training solutions                                          9
Developing a mining industry training program in Mongolia              10
Building supply chain skills for India's dairy industry                10
Diplomas for Indonesian hospitality students                           11
Delivering accounting and business diplomas in China                   11

TVET sector capacity building                                          12
Driving automation excellence in India                                 14
Strengthening TVET centres in Timor Leste                              14
Creating future TVET leaders in Papua New Guinea                       15
Supporting skill development                                           15

Teacher training                                                       17
Delivering international skills training in Pakistan                   18
Supporting TVET reform in Vietnam                                      18

Professional study tours                                               19
Intensive English and cultural program for Vietnamese students         20
Delivering diverse study tours for students from China and Korea       20

Public TAFE institutes                                                 21

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Vocational Education and Training in Victoria - Study Melbourne
education and
training in Victoria
Victoria, Australia offers world-class capability       The TVET system in Victoria supports
and global delivery of technical and vocational         quality skills development for a large
education and training (TVET). We work with             range of industries, including:
governments and industries around the world,
                                                        • advanced manufacturing
delivering the skills and programs they need
to drive economic growth.                               • horticulture and agriculture

Victoria is a world leader in technical vocational      • retail
education and training. Our TVET providers              • mining, oil and gas
are known for their innovation and flexibility
in responding to industry needs.                        • health and aged care

Victoria's 12 public TVET institutions, four            • business and management
dual-sector education providers (universities           • environment
which deliver TVET qualifications) and more
than 1,100 registered training organisations            • occupational health and safety
offer training that is competency-based,                • hospitality, tourism and major events
industry-led and quality-assured. Australia's
                                                        • fashion design
robust accreditation systems are recognised
worldwide.                                              • engineering
Victoria's TVET system supports students across         • childcare and community services
all ages and diverse cultural backgrounds to
                                                        • building and construction
improve their employability in the workforce.
According to the National Centre for Vocational         • art and design
Education Research, more than 85 per cent
                                                        • information technology and cyber security
of Victoria's TVET graduates go on to work or
further study.                                          • teacher training.
Courses are delivered in the classroom,
at the workplace and online, offering
ultimate flexibility.

Vocational Education and Training in Victoria - Study Melbourne
Victoria’s TVET System
940,000+ student enrolments1
85.4% of graduates go on to work or further study2
24 countries delivered Victorian TVET programs3
11,000+ offshore Victorian TVET course enrolments4

  ustralian vocational education and training statistics: Total VET Students and Courses 2018, National Centre for Vocational Education
 Research, 2019. ncver.edu.au
2 VET Student Outcomes 2018, National Centre for Vocational Education Research, 2019. ncver.edu.au
3 Total VET Students and Courses 2018, National Centre for Vocational Education Research, 2019. ncver.edu.au
4 Total VET Students and Courses 2018, National Centre for Vocational Education Research, 2019. ncver.edu.au

                                                                                                                                     /     3
Vocational Education and Training in Victoria - Study Melbourne
global training
Victoria leads Australia's offshore                                     Victoria's TVET services include:
delivery of vocational training, with around
                                                                        • industry-specific training
50 per cent of Australia’s overseas enrolments
in public TVET programs1.                                               • training needs assessments

Through successful partnerships with                                    • curriculum and standards
countries all over the world, including                                   development
India, China, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, India, the                            • curriculum licensing
Philippines, Korea, Pakistan, Thailand and
Indonesia, Victoria's TVET providers are:                               • teacher training

• helping governments to better align their                             • professional study tours
  TVET systems to national industry needs                               • vocational leadership and
• supporting industries wanting to ‘upskill’                              governance programs.
  or retrain staff
• assisting education institutes to improve
  their standard of technical teaching.

1   Total VET activity collection 2018, National Centre for Vocational Education Research, 2019. ncver.edu.au

Vocational Education and Training in Victoria - Study Melbourne
TAFE Victoria
TAFE Victoria represents 12 technical and further education (TAFE) institutes that are owned
and supported by the Victorian Government, as well as four dual-sector universities that deliver
TVET qualifications. We connect overseas partners with these highly experienced training
providers to deliver client-focused training solutions.

TAFE Victoria has rich experience in              to create vocational training solutions
developing the industry skills base needed        for diverse partners.
to drive Victoria's own thriving economy.
                                                  Our flexible and innovative TAFE providers
We provide that same expertise for our
                                                  are experts in delivering customised programs
overseas partners: enabling economic
                                                  to meet the demands of government,
growth by building vocational capability
                                                  industry and educational partners. For large
and expertise throughout their workforce.
                                                  offshore projects, Victoria's TAFE institutes
TAFE Victoria's overseas partnerships are fully   can collaborate to provide a multi-faceted
backed by the Victorian Government, which is      solution, led by one provider acting as the
committed to strengthening Victoria's position    primary contact for the client. Our TAFEs can
as Australia's Education State. To enable the     also provide highly personalised services for
global delivery of Victoria's world-class TVET    smaller projects. TAFE Victoria is industry-led
capabilities, we have Education Services          and client-focused in every partnership.
Managers based all around the world, ready

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Vocational Education and Training in Victoria - Study Melbourne
TVET difference
Victoria's vocational education and training            • part of a national framework –
system is dynamic and responsive to industry              which supports:
needs, both locally and internationally.
                                                          - vocational options in school to support
Our students and training partners benefit                  young people to transition into work
from Victoria's TVET difference. Our TVET                   or further studies
system is:                                                - an apprenticeship and traineeship
• competency-based – learners are assessed                  system, combining training with
  on their ability to apply knowledge and skills            industry-based work
  in the workplace to the standard required.              - pathways to further study within the
• industry-led – employers and industry                     vocational and higher education systems.
  define the outcomes that are required                 All vocational teachers have formal
  from TVET training.                                   teaching and industry specific qualifications
• national – the system is jointly managed              and undertake professional development
  and funded by national and state                      to ensure they are up-to-date with industry
  governments in partnership with industry.             developments and changes.

• quality-assured – courses and training
  providers are nationally regulated, ensuring
  compliance with nationally approved quality
  standards and high quality training delivery.
• client-focused – training is employer and
  student focused.
• flexible in delivery – training occurs in
  the classroom, the workplace, online or
  via a combination of these modes.

Vocational Education and Training in Victoria - Study Melbourne
Victoria, a global leader in technology and training
Victoria is Australia’s manufacturing and technology heartland. With a thriving economy that is
larger than Singapore, New Zealand or Ireland, it is a hub for leading Australian and multinational
companies, a major producer of agricultural products and a centre for education and culture.

Access to a pool of highly skilled technicians is    Students who choose to obtain their
essential to Victoria’s economy. This has resulted   vocational qualifications from Victoria's TVET
in a fully developed and industry-focused            providers will earn internationally recognised
TVET system. International governments and           qualifications with access to diverse
industries that partner with Victoria's TVET         employment opportunities. Many programs
providers benefit from their vast experience         run directly with industry through Victoria's
delivering tailored, high quality solutions.         apprenticeship and traineeship model.

                                                                                                 /    7
Vocational Education and Training in Victoria - Study Melbourne
training solutions
Victorian TVET providers work closely               Training projects are designed to fit the
with industry to design industry-specific           particular needs of the client and students,
curriculum, workplace training and                  and can provide Australian or dual-country
quality systems and to develop customised           qualifications, skill sets and pathways
training solutions.                                 to further learning within the Australian
                                                    education system. Australia's robust
Industry partners recognise the value of            accreditation systems ensure the skills and
quality, skills-focused training from Victorian     knowledge gained are valued worldwide.
TVET providers as an investment in their
workforce capability, stability and productivity.   Victorian TAFEs have proven expertise
                                                    in the following areas:
The benefits of working with Victorian
TVET providers include:                             • Australian accredited and non-accredited
                                                      training with a range of partners and
• training an international workforce with            industries
  the skills and capacity necessary for
  economic growth                                   • TVET trainer and assessor courses up
                                                      to an advanced level
• increasing the capacity of the vocational
  workforce to meet industry demand                 • course design, delivery and assessment

• developing competency-based training              • training needs analysis.
  to ensure students are job ready.

TAFE Victoria specialises in designing one-off
training projects and long-term partnerships
to meet specific industry needs, both in
Australia and around the world. Clients
include major multinational companies, aid
and development agencies, industry groups
and government departments.

                                                                                               /   9

      Developing a mining                                      Building supply
      industry training                                        chain skills for
      program in Mongolia                                      India's dairy industry

      In Mongolia's Southern Gobi Desert, Oyu Tolgoi           GOTAFE is delivering short training courses to
      (OT) is one of the world’s largest copper mines,         up-skill India's dairy industry staff with supply chain
      owned by the Mongolian government and mining             expertise and knowledge of industry best practice.
      giant Rio Tinto. Holmesglen has been OT’s training
                                                               The program is funded by the World Bank and
      partner since 2013, three years after the mine
                                                               GOTAFE is contracted by the Indian Government's
      commenced operations.
                                                               National Dairy Development Board (NDDB).
      Holmesglen initially reviewed the company’s existing
                                                               Demonstrating best practice in the Australian dairy
      training facilities and resources in Mongolia, and
                                                               industry, the program is aimed at mid-level supply
      conducted a gap analysis for instructional staff,
                                                               chain managers. With the support of Austrade,
      tradespersonss and apprentices.
                                                               GOTAFE has developed a customised program to
      Holmesglen then conducted Recognition of Prior           meet the NDDB's 13 focus areas across all aspects
      Learning (RPL) for the company’s trade instructional     of the supply chain.
      staff and maintenance staff, including awarding
                                                               Multiple groups have visited Australia since 2017,
      recognised trade qualifications.
                                                               touring farming production systems, learning
      Holmesglen developed a training framework                about agricultural research at Agri Bio and
      system that includes individual training plans and       La Trobe University, and inspecting the Australian
      an e-learning system for the delivery of Australian      Consolidated Milk processing plant. They have
      qualifications in engineering and electrotechnology.     also received technical training in ice-cream
      Training and support materials were developed and        making. To date, more than 75 dairy professionals
      translated into the Mongolian language.                  have engaged in the program and benefited from
                                                               the exchange of ideas with Australian farmers
      Holmesglen provides on-site support for student
                                                               and manufacturers.
      training and the up-skilling of Mongolian staff, with
      continuous monitoring and quality assurance of
      the program. More recently, the training has been
      modified to adapt for the mine’s move from open-cut
      to underground operations.


Diplomas for                                            Delivering accounting
Indonesian                                              and business diplomas
hospitality students                                    in China

Victoria University (VU) Polytechnic is collaborating   More than 1,200 students in China have achieved
with Indonesian tourism schools, hosting students       diploma and advanced diploma qualifications
in Melbourne while they study the Diploma of            through The Gordon's offshore program.
Hospitality Management.                                 The Gordon's courses in Accounting, Business
                                                        Management and International Business are
The partnership follows a series of meetings between
                                                        co-delivered with education institutes in China.
VU Polytechnic staff and representatives from
Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata, Bandung and Sekolah          Part of the delivery model involves teachers and
Tinggi Pariwisata, Bali in 2017. The partnership was    students from China visiting The Gordon every
celebrated with a signing ceremony in Indonesia,        two years. This has enabled offshore teachers
attended by the Indonesian Minister for Tourism.        to complete their Certificate IV in Training and
                                                        Assessment via The Gordon.
In 2019, 12 students travelled to Melbourne to obtain
their hospitality qualifications. A second group of     Tailored industry study tours and teacher
27 students will attend VU Polytechnic in 2020.         immersion training programs have also been
                                                        successfully delivered by The Gordon for many
In order to prepare the students for their time in
                                                        years, using a combination of face-to-face
Australia, VU Polytechnic hosted their Indonesian
                                                        workshops, mentoring and online learning.
teachers for capacity building in Melbourne. The
teachers undertook a one-week training program,
including an introduction to VU's innovative 'block
model' of course delivery and visits to major
attractions in Melbourne. Participating teachers
are now well positioned to brief future students
on what to expect when they travel to Melbourne
to undertake their studies.

                                                                                                           /   11
TVET sector
capacity building
Victorian TVET providers have extensive                  Victorian TVET providers work with
experience in tailoring education programs               international partners to develop best
to international training organisations and              practice policy, procedures manuals
industry, delivering services to suit a diverse          and system management training. These
range of cultures and educational systems.               activities can be complemented with teacher
                                                         and staff training, which equips local staff
Victorian TVET providers work globally to                to deliver sector improvements and new
reshape training courses and outcomes                    curriculum. This work helps international
for local contexts.                                      partners to align their vocational systems
Our TVET providers' proven expertise                     to industry needs and ensure a sustainable,
includes:                                                effective TVET sector.
• development and delivery of
  industry-specific training
• competency-based curriculum development
• TVET sector policy, systems and processes
• occupational standards development
• training and professional development
  for TVET teachers
• training needs assessments
• skills audits
• competency mapping
• leadership training.

/   13

      Driving automation                                       Strengthening
      excellence in India                                      TVET centres
                                                               in Timor Leste

      The Kangan Institute is helping shape India's            William Angliss Institute (WAI) is delivering
      automotive industry, first by guiding the                customised training to strengthen TVET centres
      development of its Automobile Centre of Excellence       in Timor-Leste. WAI was engaged by the Workforce
      (i-ACE) and now by training staff to meet industry       Development Program Timor-Leste and the
      demand. India is on track to become the world's          Secretary of State for Employment and Vocational
      third largest automotive manufacturer, requiring         Training. With the long-term objective of developing
      an extra 65 million workers across the industry.         a pool of high-performing TVET centres to skill
                                                               the Timorese workforce for labour mobility, WAI
      The i-ACE project is in partnership with the Gujarat
                                                               provides capacity-building training for TVET centre
      State Government and Maruti Suzuki, the largest
                                                               managers, trainers and government stakeholders.
      passenger vehicle producer in India.
                                                               The ongoing program commenced in 2019, focusing
      The i-ACE facilities were modelled on Kangan
                                                               on developing a Quality Improvement Plan (QIP)
      Institute's Automotive Centre of Excellence in
                                                               for each TVET centre, supported by a current
      Melbourne, Victoria.
                                                               best practice policy, procedures manual, and
      In collaboration with Maruti Suzuki, Kangan Institute    system management training. On completion of
      will develop and then deliver the automotive skills      the program, remote guidance will be provided,
      programs at i-ACE. Programs will incorporate             with an in-country visit to mentor and monitor the
      industry-focused curriculum, international               participants’ progress as they implement their QIPs
      qualifications, and significant practical and            in their respective TVET centres.
      internship programs leading directly to employment.
                                                               The planned outcome of the pilot project is
      By bridging the gap in India's automotive training,      to provide the roadmap for TVET centres to
      the i-ACE project will also improve overall education    develop and deliver quality, accredited,
      levels in Gujarat, reduce production costs and           competency-based training.
      move India forward as a developing country.
                                                               WAI aims to continue building partnerships with
                                                               the Timor-Leste government, education bodies
                                                               and industry, to provide training solutions to
                                                               enhance their workforce.


Creating future                                     Supporting skill
TVET leaders in                                     development in
Papua New Guinea                                    Kiribati

TAFE Gippsland successfully delivered the           Chisholm, under contract with Scope Global
Australian Diploma of Leadership and Management     on behalf of the Australian Government, partners
to current and future leaders in Papua New Guinea   with KIT (Kiribati Institute of Technology) to
(PNG), as part of a joint initiative between the    support the delivery of qualifications to Australian
Australian and PNG Governments. The Leadership      standards at KIT.
Development Program was created to strengthen
                                                    KIT is a leading vocational education and training
the TVET sector in PNG and enable the sector
                                                    institute in Kiribati. The Institute has three campuses
to contribute to sustainable economic growth.
                                                    located on two of the archipelago’s islands and
The objective is to identify and develop current
                                                    employs 90 staff to service 500 students. It is
and potential leaders from the Department of
                                                    a government-owned TVET Institute, under a
Education TVET Colleges.
                                                    division of the Government of Kiribati Ministry
TAFE Gippsland was contracted to deliver the        of Employment and Human Resources .
Diploma (BSB51915) by the Palladium Education
                                                    Chisholm works closely with Scope Global to increase
Capacity Development Facility, in partnership
                                                    the capability and capacity of KIT leadership and
with the International Education Agency College
                                                    teaching staff to improve development, delivery,
of TAFE. There were 22 students from provincial
                                                    assessment and quality management of their local
and vocational institutions across PNG. All
                                                    qualifications. Chisholm has hosted fellowships from
participants successfully completed the Diploma
                                                    KIT which have included some one-on-one time
and some gained promotions on returning to the
                                                    with relevant educational managers and teaching
workplace. Graduates of the program are now
                                                    staff, shadowing of trainers, attendance in classes,
positioned to support further development in
                                                    professional development and industry visits.
the PNG TVET sector.
                                                    KIT offers in-demand awards including local
TAFE Gippsland provides customised training
                                                    qualifications and short courses to approximately
solutions for the mining, oil, gas and education
                                                    400 Kiribati students each year in trades (electronic,
industries across Asia. Its partners include Ok
                                                    carpentry, automotive and plumbing) and non-trades
Tedi Mining Limited (PNG), Base Titanium (Kenya),
                                                    (business, accounts administration, accounting,
International Education Agency College of TAFE
                                                    ICT, nursing, English language skills, community
(PNG) and the Indonesian oil and gas sector.
                                                    services and bridging courses). All classes are
                                                    taught in English, the students’ second language.

                                                                                                       /   15
Victorian TVET providers offer a range             Training programs can also include study
of professional development programs to            tours to visit relevant industry sites in Victoria.
build the capability of vocational teachers.
                                                   Teacher training by Victoria's TVET providers
This service is known as 'training the trainer'.
                                                   can include:
It empowers local teachers to play a
leading role in building the skills capacity       • curriculum and qualifications tailored to
of their country.                                    industry and government requirements

Victoria's TVET system is underpinned by           • skilling teachers to deliver new
accredited trainer and assessor qualifications.      vocational systems and processes
Our industry experts can collaborate with          • practical ‘hands-on’ experience
overseas partners to adapt, then deliver             in relevant industries
these qualifications to meet the needs of
each specific country.                             • learning best practice in vocational training,
                                                     program design and delivery
Victoria's 'train the trainer' programs
can be delivered in Victoria or offshore.          • professional study tours in Victoria.

As part of Victoria's commitment to
client-focused solutions, TVET providers can
conduct a training needs assessment before
developing specific curriculum to bridge any
gaps in skills and accreditations. Training
can also be developed to assist vocational
teachers to deliver new TVET systems or
processes, which may be recommended
as part of sector capacity-building.

                                                                                                  /   17

      Delivering international                                 Supporting TVET
      skills training in Pakistan                              reform in Vietnam

      Melbourne Polytechnic has delivered international        Chisholm Institute in collaboration with AIC Vietnam
      skills training for multiple clients throughout Asia.    has been delivering a major VET reform project for
                                                               the Vietnam Government’s Directorate of Vocational
      In 2015, Melbourne Polytechnic was among a
                                                               Education and Training (DVET). The project is
      small number of TAFE institutes selected to pilot
                                                               supporting DVET to rapidly reform its vocational
      the new International Skills Training (IST) courses
                                                               sector through comprehensive teacher training and
      developed by Australian industry and facilitated
                                                               development of teaching and learning packages
      by the Australian Government. These courses
                                                               aligned to ‘in-demand’ Vietnamese occupations.
      (Trainer, Assessor and Advanced Trainer and
      Assessor) were created to meet the growing               The project, which is fully funded by the Government
      demand for skills training in countries seeking          of Vietnam and commenced in 2014, has to date
      to improve their TVET systems.                           achieved the development of 12 qualification
                                                               packages aligned to Vietnam industry needs;
      Following the successful pilot program, Melbourne
                                                               teacher training for approximately 400 Vietnamese
      Polytechnic has delivered multiple IST courses
                                                               vocational teachers (of which the majority was
      offshore in China, Korea, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.
                                                               delivered in Australia); and management of a trial
      In 2019, Melbourne Polytechnic delivered the full        implementation of these packages in 25 vocational
      suite of IST courses to over 100 Pakistani vocational    colleges across Vietnam in 2018-2019.
      trainers in a face-to-face delivery model held in
                                                               Trade mentors from Chisholm regularly visit the
      Faisalabad. The Advanced Trainer and Assessor
                                                               colleges to provide support, and quality assure
      group had to complete an observation and
                                                               the delivery and assessment of the Australian
      mentoring component in their respective training
                                                               qualifications to more than 700 students. Graduates
      institutes located all over Pakistan. They were
                                                               will obtain knowledge and skills to support the
      mentored online by one of Melbourne Polytechnic’s
                                                               growth of Vietnam’s industries, obtain work abroad
      expert trainers for this final component of the
                                                               or to continue their studies in higher education.
      delivery. All participants completed all components
                                                               Graduates receive an award from both Chisholm
      of the training in Pakistan. Melbourne Polytechnic
                                                               and their local college.
      anticipates further deliveries in the second phase
      of Pakistan’s TVET support program.

study tours
Every year Victoria’s public and private          Study tours can support training being
TVET providers host thousands of students in      delivered by TVET providers. On industry
Melbourne and regional Victoria for short-term    tours, participants have the opportunity to
study tours. Study tours can be tailored          see best practice in action, hear from experts
to support industry skills training and can       and inspect world-class facilities.
also include delivery of intensive English
                                                  English language tours combine academic
language programs.
                                                  learning with intensive support in conversational
Study tours are customised to the needs of        English, with the option of preparing students
individual groups and are relevant to students,   for standardised international testing.
adults and professional groups.                   Study tours combine educational programs
Victorian study tours can include:                with activities where participants can
                                                  meet Australian people, experience
• English language classes and preparation        local culture and interact with Australia’s
  for testing                                     unique environment.
• visits to local TAFE institutes
• industry-specific programs
• an exciting range of sightseeing
  tour options.

                                                                                              /   19

      Intensive English and                                    Delivering diverse
      cultural program for                                     study tours for students
      Vietnamese students                                      from China and Korea

      High school students from Phan Huy Chu (PHC)             South West TAFE offers study tours in agriculture,
      in Vietnam visited Melbourne to embark on a              forestry, hospitality, tourism and the automotive
      comprehensive English language course in 2019.           teaching fields. All study tours provide hands-on
                                                               industry experience. They can be tailored to suit
      Box Hill Institute and the Centre for Adult Education
                                                               our partners' content and duration requirements.
      delivered an intensive English academic and cultural
      program to improve on the four examined sections         South West TAFE welcomed 23 students and two
      of the International English Language Testing System     teachers from the Jiangsu College of Agriculture
      (IELTS). Classes performed group presentations,          and Forestry, China for a three-week study tour
      research projects and mock examinations.                 in 2019. The aim of the tour was to develop student
                                                               knowledge of horticulture and garden design
      The students were also able to explore the best of
                                                               techniques in Australia. Students gained valuable
      Melbourne’s TAFE institutes and universities, which
                                                               experience in revegetation and reconstruction
      offered a valuable opportunity to speak with local
                                                               methods by touring a local land rejuvenation
      students. The students enjoyed day trips to the
                                                               project. They enjoyed the opportunity to design
      Phillip Island Penguin Parade and the Yarra Valley
                                                               and build their own garden project.
      Chocolaterie. The group also explored Melbourne
      CBD on a walking tour.                                   South West TAFE has also hosted study tours for
                                                               Yonam College, Republic of Korea to investigate
      Through academic learning combined with intensive
                                                               dairy technology and practices in south-west
      support in conversational English, PHC students
                                                               Victoria. Students participated in farm research
      successfully improved their English skills for the
                                                               and investigated innovative technologies, including
      IELTS academic examination. Box Hill Institute is
                                                               robotics and property production management.
      very pleased to continue its relationship with PHC
      to deliver similar programs to students in the future.

TAFE institutes
TAFE Victoria represents a        UNIVERSITIES DELIVERING
network of Victorian Government   TVET PROGRAMS (DUAL-SECTOR)
owned and supported TVET.
                                  There are four dual-sector universities
Bendigo Kangan Institute          in Victoria that deliver TVET qualifications.
                                  Federation University
Box Hill Institute                federation.edu.au
                                  RMIT University
Chisholm Institute of TAFE        rmit.edu.au
                                  Swinburne University of Technology
Gordon Institute of TAFE          swinburne.edu.au
                                  Victoria University Polytechnic
GOTAFE                            victoriapolytechnic.edu.au
Holmesglen Institute              PRIVATE AND COMMUNITY PROVIDERS
                                  Private vocational education and training
Melbourne Polytechnic             colleges and not-for-profit organisations with
melbournepolytechnic.edu.au       registration as training organisations also
                                  operate throughout Victoria offering courses
South West Institute of TAFE
                                  across a range of levels and study areas.
Sunraysia Institute of TAFE
TAFE Gippsland
William Angliss Institute
Wodonga Institute of TAFE

                                                                                  /   21
                  Located in eight key market offices around the world, our Global Education Network
                  provides on-the-ground support to Victorian education and training institutions.

                  Annie Santhana                                  Makoto Sanada
                  India (Bangalore)                               Japan (Tokyo)
                  T: +91 80 4122 7560                             T: +81 3 3519 3371
                  E: annie.santhana@global.vic.gov.au             E: makoto.sanada@global.vic.gov.au
                  Barış Satar                                     Betty Chung
                  Middle East, Africa and Turkey (Dubai)          South Korea (Seoul)
                  T: +9714 321 2600                               T: +82 2 3782 4885
                  E: baris.satar@global.vic.gov.au                E: betty.chung@global.vic.gov.au
                  Qian Li                                         Belinda Rimbo
                  China (Beijing)                                 South East Asia (Jakarta)
                  T: +86 10 8515 3166                             T: +62 21 521 1228
                  E: qian.li@global.vic.gov.au                    E: belinda.rimbo@global.vic.gov.au
                  Terry Wang                                      Andrea Voto-Bernales
                  China (Chengdu)                                 Latin America (Santiago)
                  T: +86 28 6511 8178                             T: +56 22 2487 9865
                  E: terry.wang@global.vic.gov.au                 E: andrea.voto-bernales@global.vic.gov.au
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