Omokoroa Community Board Report

Omokoroa Community Board Report
November 2016
                                                                                                                           Volume: 14
                                                                                                                             Issue: 09
                                            Omokoroa Community Board Report by Murray Grainger Chairman
                The structure of the Omokoroa Community Board for the next triennium was ratified at the formal swearing in ceremony, held
                in Te Puke on 10th November. After all the newly elected Council and Community Board members were sworn in, a brief first
                meeting was held to appoint the Chairman and Deputy.
                I was elected as Chairman and Teresa Sage as Deputy along with Peter Presland and Derek Sage. We are joined by John
                Palmer and Margaret Murray-Benge, the Councillors appointed by the Mayor to work with us. John, of course, served on the
                Community Board before stepping up to Councillor level and Margaret has a wealth of experience at Councillor level.
We are keen to engage with our community and it was made abundantly clear in our initial induction sessions that our new Mayor, Garry
Webber, wants future plans for WBPDC to be led from the ground up, not the top down. To that end, we are exploring ways and means of
making it easy for the residents and ratepayers of Omokoroa to engage and feel involved in what happens in the next three years and to steer
the vision for the future of Omokoroa over the following 10 – 20 years.
Although we may have a higher proportion of retirees than the national average, there are others here with commitments that make it hard for
them to get along to meetings or to put in submissions etc. so we have created an online forum to assist. Go to:
to have your say. In the same way that you cannot put in a written submission to a planning review or speak at a public meeting anonymously,
we do not want anonymous contributions to this online forum. If you cannot attach your full name to what you wish to say, then it is probably
not worth saying. Please sign up and get involved in your community for the good of your community.
The date of the February meeting is tentatively set for 7 Feb 2017

                           Community Board Meeting Tuesday 29th November, 2016 - at 7pm
                      Omokoroa Library & Service Centre, McDonnell St Shopping Centre
                     The next community Board meeting will not be until February 2017, but an exact date is not
                             available at this stage! (Check the December Omelette, it might be in there)

Omokoroa Omelette                                                    1                                                   November 2016
Omokoroa Community Board Report
Letters to the Editor...
                                                      The Editor, Omokoroa Omelette...
                                                      Dear Sir,
                                                      I would like to congratulate the editor of the Omelette for protecting the right to freedom
                                                      of speech so diligently by publishing the open threat by Hugh Mungus (October 2016) to
                                                      deliberately run in to, and hurt, small children at the Omokoroa skate path. In the spirit of this
                                                      liberal attitude I would like to respond by suggesting to Mr Mungus that were I to see any adult
                                                      run deliberately into a small child at said park they would learn exactly what could be done to
                                                      their oversized toys by an irate and protective father. Please be assured that I also would not
                                                      stop. Kind regards, Luke Bradford

                                                                                    MINGLES - Over 50s Singles Club
                                                                        Now open to younger if you don’t mind maturity!
                                                      Omokoroa is such a great place to live but some of us have left family or friends to
                                                      move here or for whatever reason find ourselves ‘single again’. Being single we like
                                                      to mix with others who are also living solo.
                                                      There are many clubs in the village but they consist mostly of couples.
                                                      Guys and Gals, here’s a chance to have a club of our own… where we can have
                                                      outings, meet more people, support each other and enjoy each other’s company
                                                      without feeling like a ‘third wheel’. We have been going for nearly three years now
                                                      and membership has grown to over 30. We have had many get togethers, outings,
                                                      and got to know people in our area. A good feeling to be greeted when you are out
                                                      and about!
                                                      Regularly meet for coffee on a Wednesday at La Petite Café, often to the boat club
                                                      to enjoy the music or just the surroundings. Things planned for the next month or
                                                      so are… community lawn bowls, wine tastings, and an Italian cooking experience, a
                                                      pre-Christmas get together or two.
                                                      No joining fee, just contact: for list of events and
                                                      come and enjoy summer in paradise.
                                                               (NOT a ‘dating’ club, just enjoying the company of other singles!)

                                                        Our new Omokoroa Community Board for the next 3 years...
                                                             L-R: Chairman - Murray Grainger, Deputy Chair - Teresa Sage, Peter Presland,
                                                               Derek Sage, Councillor Margaret Murray-Benge & Councillor John Palmer

                                           New rules for dog owners are in effect now!
                Media Release                                                       supportive of the proposals.
                  Western Bay of Plenty District Council’s Dog Control Policy and   The final policy and bylaw were created and are adopted on Friday, 14 October
                  Bylaw 2016 came into effect mid-October 2016.                     2016.
                  The policy and bylaw updates rules for dog welfare, neutering,    Some of the main things people should know are:
                  dog exercise areas, dealing with dog poo and encourages             • On leash restrictions have been introduced in Te Puke, Katikati and Waihi
responsible dog ownership.                                                                Beach town centres.
The intention is to achieve a balance between meeting the needs of dog owners,        • The new Omokoroa to Tauranga Cycleway has been designated as a “dogs
and the wider community.                                                                  on lead” area to reduce potential issues between cyclists and dogs off lead.
Compliance and Monitoring Manager Alison Curtis says dog safety awareness             • Owners are now required to carry a poo bag in public areas at all times and
is becoming more important as the number of people, and subsequently dogs,                can be issued an infringement for not complying. Warnings will be given
move to this District.                                                                    initially.
“Council strives to minimise the potential danger, distress and nuisance of dogs    To view the policy and bylaw go to Council’s website:
to the community generally while ensuring the adequate welfare and wellbeing of
dogs. The Bylaw and Policy is about ensuring the right balance, acknowledging                                          default.aspx
the positives of dogs in our community and ensuring a dog safe environment.”        Kate Shanks
Council went out to the community earlier this year to talk about the changes       Communication Advisor
people wanted to see to dog rules and find out what is important to them. From      WBOPDC
there a draft policy was created for formal feedback – most was generally very

Omokoroa Omelette                                                                   2                                                          November 2016
Omokoroa Community Board Report
Circulars and Newspaper Deliveries
The paper boys and girls and their supervisor would like to wish all our
recipients a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy Prosperous
New Year.
We would also like to apologise for any wet or damaged circulars and/
or newspapers that you may have received. In our defence the weather
has been atrocious in our designated delivery slots lately and we also
get very wet in the process of our deliveries.
You as householders could also help yourselves as well as us, by making
sure your letter box is emptied frequently, and/ or is large enough with a
big enough slot in which to put the newspapers and circulars.
Plus, if you do not want either circulars or newspapers when you are
away simply attach a strip of tape saying so to the box which you can
remove on your return.
Our New Year wish is that all the letter boxes in Omokoroa were large
enough to make our job easier and your newspapers and circulars dry
and undamaged. Alas many are far too small.
Our best wishes to you all. From your delivery team.

Local Telephone Directory
This year was the one for a replacement Directory. Unfortunately with
Nancy being overseas for so long (and still is) I couldn't fit it in my
busy schedule this year. I appoligise for not getting one out!
January 2017 Omokoroa Omelette
There will be NO January issue of the Omelette as I will be overseas
spending time with my wife and her family in Indianapolis.
      1st day back on the job is Tuesday 14th February 2017

Omokoroa Omelette                                                       3    November 2016
Omokoroa Community Board Report
Omokoroa Pahoia Sea Scouts
                October 14th to 16th was the annual Scouts Association JOTI (Jamboree on the Internet). The theme for this year was
                “Discover the World”.
               Following a briefing on internet safety and conversations with others, through spoken and typed conversations, Omokoroa and
               Pahoia Sea Scouts, were able to connect with Scouts from over 50 other countries. This gave them the opportunity to find out
something about the countries and cultures of other Scouts and to develop a sense of being part of a worldwide movement. Scouts pushed pins
into a world map to identify which countries they had encountered through Joti and were amazed by the spread.
In order to converse with others in different time zones, we wanted to be able to stay up late together, so twelve of the scouts camped in the
Group Leader’s back garden. Scouts pitched and struck hiking tents - skills each needs to have as part of their Bronze award - and gained a
night towards their camping badges.
A highlight for many was the cooking of dinner and breakfast on small gas burners
purchased last year from a grant by The Centre. They had a full English, pancakes
AND French Toast and probably didn’t need to eat for the rest of the week.
Feedback from the Scouts is that many would like to stay up all night on the
internet, as one of the Scottish groups we met were doing. The leaders aren’t so
Protein Bars for sale for ongoing Scout fundraiser. $20 per box of ten. Please
contact Jane Miller 022 351 5696

                                                                          Camping, cooking
                                                                           their own meals
                                                                          - still keeping the
                                                                            OUT in Scouts
                                                                            whilst having
                                                                            an evening of
                                                                           connecting with
                                                                            others via the

Omokoroa Omelette                                                     4                                                  November 2016
Omokoroa Community Board Report
In response to requests from the community for a permanent ANZAC memorial
in the Crapp Reserve, the site of the dawn service “Poppies on the Point” on
ANZAC Day, earlier in the year Chairman of the Community Board, Don
Cameron, invited suggestions/designs from the community. The proposal from
the organising committee was based on the structure of a cairn. Tradition has
it that, before a battle, Highland warriors would each place a stone in a pile.
Survivors reclaimed a stone, leaving the remainder as a tribute to the fallen. In
the light of no alternative designs being received, this design has been submitted
to WBOPDC for their consideration and they are liaising with DoC and local iwi.
A request has been submitted to the Omokoroa Community Board’s next meeting
(date not known at time of writing) for financial assistance towards the cost of
erecting the memorial.
For further information, please contact Heather Reynolds (548 1650) Alison
Badger (548 1544) or Liz at the Library

proposed design
Poppies on the Point
The overall shape is circular -
cairns are traditionally circular. The
upper semi-circle is 1 metre high,
the lower two quarter circles are
50cms high. The gaps allow access
to the upper section to use as a
‘lectern’ during the Poppies on the
Point’ and also to accommodate a
plaque explaining the significance
of the structure. The two lower
sections provide seating at other
times of the year.

Omokoroa Omelette                                                      5             November 2016
Omokoroa Community Board Report
Te Puna Community Kindergarten
                            Our philosophy is to empower a “Community of Learners”,
                           where learning is about dialogue and relationships, fostering a
                                                sense of belonging.
                          For the good of the children: Animal Week - As a kindergarten we celebrate
animals within our community. The two main areas we develop are Responsibility for animals,
and Conservation of our native animals. We go on small group excursions to whānau to see their
animals, visited Riding for Disabled, we had numerous guest speakers to talk to the tamāriki for
example Blind Foundation, Kiwi Conservation Trust, SPCA, ARRC and the Te Puna Vets. Children
also shared their pets, bringing in baby chickens, turtles, lambs or photos of their pets brought in.
Tamāriki drew an animal shapes and collected koha gifts to the charitable trust and for the non-profit
agencies that was received with a great appreciation.
Mana: Respecting and honouring bicultural practice – A waiata was created to honour our animal
week “Nga Kararehe” and also we introduced children to weaving using harakeke and other natural
media like wool. Next step is to engage our whānau to help us construct a natural weaving loom for
the tamariki to continue their journey with weaving.

These happenings sit well with our whakatauki our rangatira (tamāriki leaders) share at hui: Manaaki Whenua, Manaaki Tangata, Haere
Whakamua. Care for the land, Care for the people, Go forward.
The Term 4 is full of resourcefulness and creativity as children collaborate on inventing individual outfits for the upcoming Junk to Funk
Parade from already used or recycled materials. We are also looking forward towards our Christmas Market, where the community comes
together with the festive produce to sell on the night.
                         For inquiries please feel free to visit us on 45 Minden Road, Te Puna or call on 552 5736 

Old Age Joke
An Old man went to the doctor complaining of a terrible pain in his leg. “I am afraid it’s just old age”, replied the doctor, “there
is nothing we can do about it.” “That can’t be” fumed the old man, “you don’t know what you are doing.” “How can you possibly
know I am wrong?” countered the doctor. “Well it’s quite obvious,” the old man replied, “my other leg is fine, and it’s the exact
same age!”

Omokoroa Omelette                                                     6                                                November 2016
Omokoroa Community Board Report
Omokoroa Beach Indoor Bowls Club
                The Club Handicap Singles Championship was held on 21st October with 18 members entering.
                1st – Trish Davis with 3 wins and a draw
                2nd – Florence Tronell with 3 wins and 55 points
                3rd – Colin Jukes with 3 wins and 50 points
                                           Seven of our members enjoyed a social afternoon at the Greerton Senior Citizen Hall on 27th
                                           Tuesday 1st November saw 18 of our members playing in the annual Hens and Roosters
                                           competition. This is a very coveted award which, in the past has been held in the majority
                                           by The Roosters. Rules for the evening were set prior to play commencing with a slight
                                           ‘adjustment’ to the norm applying ONLY to The Roosters – “in fairness of the competition”.
                                           The desired result was achieved and The Hens were crowned winners of the 2016 Hens and
                                           Roosters Competition. A great time was had by all (well, The Hens definitely did) and The
                                           Roosters are planning their line of ‘attack’ for next year. To add insult to injury for The
                                           Roosters, at the end of the evening all names were put into a raffle draw and 5 prizes awarded
                                           – yes, you’ve got it, not one Rooster managed to get his name drawn out (and their names
                                           were DEFINITELY put in).
                                           The end of our bowling season is next week - 7th and 8th November - bowls “with a difference”
                                           being the order of the day. A Xmas Luncheon will be held at The Black Sheep at Whakamarama
                                           on Saturday 12th.
                                           Further information on next years’ bowling will be posted in the Omelette in December.
    Handicap Singles Championship:         Anne Sandel - President
          1 Trish Davis (right)

         2 Florence Tronell (left)

I recently saw a distraught young lady weeping beside her car. "Do you need some help?" I asked. She replied, "I knew I should have
replaced the battery to this remote door un-locker. Now I can't get into my car. Do you think they (pointing to a distant convenience
store) would have a battery to fit this?"
"Hmmm, I don't know. Do you have an alarm, too?" I asked.
"No, just this remote thingy," she answered, handing it and the car keys to me. As I took the key and manually unlocked the door, I
replied, "Why don't you drive over there and check about the batteries. It's a long walk..."

Omokoroa Omelette                                                      7                                                    November 2016
Omokoroa Community Board Report
Omokoroa History Group                                                                 We’ve got…
                                                                                                  Bags, bows, boxes and baskets,
                     Christmas at Pastimes Gallery                                            Candles, cards, cushions and caskets...
              In the early 1990s this gallery was established in the block of shops         Dresses, dried flowers, etuis and ear-rings,
              near the Fire Station (now the Omokoroa Library). This keen group         Gemstones, gift-wrappings, gloves and ting-a-lings…
              of craftswomen initially sold crafts of their own making. Others                     Hats, knitwear, hankies (lace),
approached the group for the right to display and sell while some with crafts which                Mats, mugs, napkins (place)…
were not already covered in the gallery were asked to submit items.                         Paintings, pottery, pot-pourri and pencils,
Pre-Christmas was a time for a spring clean and re-stocking with a special display.           Ribbons, roses, rag-dolls and stencils…
As one Christmas booklet notes, “Open every day except Christmas Day, 10 am to                 Slippers, scarves and incense burners
4 pm.” Quite a commitment from this obviously dedicated group. Eventually the                   Math-wheels to help the learners…
decision was made to remain closed on Anzac Day and on Sundays through the winter                  Towels, teddies, ties and toys,
months (Easter till Labour Weekend).                                                       Something for girls and something for boys…
This booklet came out with a list of Christmas suggestions:                                Woodwork, vases, and hand-painted plates,
Inside were favourite recipes from the twelve foundation members of Pastimes Gallery
                                                                                             These all sell at most reasonable rates…
                                        as thanks to purchasers for their patronage.       And please remember there’s so much more
                                      Pastimes Gallery became the Medical                           So come out and see us at…
                                      Centre (till they moved to Omokoroa                                   OMOKOROA
                                      Road) and this retail space is now
                                      the Omokoroa Superette and Indian
                                      Takeaways                                                                Christmas Tree & Display
                                               Submitted by Chris Wright,
                                               Omokoroa History Group.
                                       (N.B. I had to google etuis. For others who
                                       may be unfamiliar with this term, below is
                                       the definition I found)
                                       etui: ɛˈtwiː/
                                       noun dated/ plural noun: etuis
                                       a small ornamental case for holding
                                       needles, cosmetics, and other articles.
         Front cover of                “exquisite etui cases fitted with scissors,
       Christmas brochure.             bodkin, and thimble”

 Parkinson’s New Zealand connects people and changes lives...           President here in the BoP. “Our Parkinson’s Community Educators
 The Bay of Plenty division is encouraging people to join them for      connect people with Parkinson’s, their families and carers with the
 their events aimed to raise awareness of Parkinson’s in the lives of   best information and support. Our one-of-a-kind service ensures that
 over 13,000 New Zealanders.                                            people with Parkinson’s have the tools they need to manage their
                                                                        condition and maintain their independence. With our help, people
 Parkinson’s Awareness Week was marked in the Western Bay of
                                                                        can change their lives.”
 Plenty by our regular monthly Red Tulip Support meeting held
 Nov 8th at the Greerton Senior Citizens Hall, Maitland St, Greerton    Sadly we do have members in the Omokoroa area who come to our
 where one of our members talked about his personal walk in the         regular exercise and meetings in either Katikati or Tauranga so you
 Parkinson’s walk.                                                      may very well know someone locally.
 “Connecting people through our Parkinson’s Community Educator          Parkinson’s Awareness Week runs from 1st to 7th November every
 Service is one of our core activities,” says Neil Griffith the local   year.

Omokoroa Omelette                                                       8                                                November 2016
Omokoroa Community Board Report
Omokoroa Beach Probus Club Speakers
                                                              The guest speaker
              Our guest speaker was Jo Sykes from Tauranga (BOP)               You can get help from several different places including Hearing
Hearing Association Inc.                                                       Association, Doctor, Hearing Therapist, ear nurse or Audiologist.
Jo told us that 1-6 people in New Zealand have some sort of hearing            Hearing aids are expensive so Jo explained the options available for
loss. Hearing loss can be caused by several factors including age,             funding and gave helpful tips on care for aids and batteries.
hereditary, birth defects. illness, excessive wax but the largest factor       There are aids available to help with everyday life.
is noise.
                                                                               Jo told us how to help those with hearing problems and how to look
She then went to explain how the ear works. Jo told us how loud noises         after your own hearing.
damage our hearing and excessive noise over a longer period can
                                                                               She also said that the younger generation who listen to loud music on
cause irreversible hearing loss. Any noise over 85 dBs is too loud and
                                                                               their ipod’s etc. are going to have hearing problems much earlier in
can cause damage.
                                                                               life than previous generations.
Hearing loss left untreated can result in isolation, feeling withdrawn,
                                                                               The Hearing Association is a Not-For-Profit Organization and offers
frustration, tiredness, depression and anxiety. Jo then pointed out
                                                                               many helpful services. They are at 1342 Cameron Road and their
triggers that may indicate that you have hearing loss. If you are having
                                                                               phone number is 578 6476 email:
difficulty hearing voices, struggle to hear in a noisy environment,
asking people to repeat things or complain that everyone mumbles                            
you need to get your hearing tested.

It's hard to believe these were actually done by first graders. Their          10. If you lie down with dogs, you'll......stink in the morning.
insight may surprise you. While reading these keep in mind that                11. Love all,
these are first graders.....6-years-olds!                                      12. The pen is mightier than the..............pigs.
1. Better to be safe than...........................punch a 5th grader.        13. An idle mind is..................................the best way to relax.
2. Strike while the...................................bug is close.            14. Where there's smoke there's..............pollution.
3. It's always darkest before....................Daylight Saving Time.         15. Happy the bride who.........................gets all the presents.
4. Never underestimate the power of......termites.                             16. A penny saved is................................not much.
5. You can lead a horse to water                                17. Two's company, three's......................the Musketeers.
6. Don't bite the hand that.......................looks dirty.                 18. Don't put off till tomorrow put on to go to bed.
7. No news is...........................................impossible.            19. Laugh and the whole world
8. A miss is as good as a..........................Mr.                                     laughs with you, cry and....... you have to blow your nose.
9. You can't teach an old dog new...........math.                              20. There are none so blind as................Stevie Wonder.

Omokoroa Omelette                                                          9                                                         November 2016
Omokoroa Community Board Report
Kotuku Garden Club
                  On a warm spring day in October 71                                                                of the lovely water views.
                  members travelled to Whangamata                                                                   Espaliered fruit trees and
                  for our monthly outing. Our first stop                                                            raspberries are grown on
                  was in Aileen Place where we spent a                                                              timber walls along with
leisurely two hours viewing four different gardens. The                                                             a glass house and large
owners of the first garden Maree and Phil Marshall also                                                             veggie garden.
invited the other garden owners to join us for morning                                                              The fourth garden owned
tea. While enjoying the delicious date scones and                                                                   by Helen and Dave
muffins we were able to take in the beautiful water views                                                           featured another modern
across the peninsular. Maree and Phil own an orchard in                                                             home with a huge deck
Katikati and often retreat here so this place is suitably                                                           and spa overlooking the
named “Peninsular Retreat”. A tennis court, large trees                                                             garden. Large sprawling
underplanted with beds of white iris and colourful annuals                                                          trees and underplanting
provide a restful setting.                                             made all for a lovely setting.
We then meandered through into the next property owned by Lyn and      We then made our way back into Whangamata where we enjoyed a
Howard to find a beautiful home nestled on the shore with a glorious   yummy lunch served by the ladies of the local golf club. Even found
swimming pool, courtyard and manicured gardens where one can           time for a little retail therapy in the town.
relax and take in the water views. Lots of palms, ferns and greenery
                                                                       On the way home, we stopped off at Jane Uttings garden in Whiritoa.
surround the pool with spots of white annuals in coloured pots.
                                                                       The front garden facing the open sea has mainly succulents growing
This home also features separate
                                                                                                in sand this being due to the harsh elements
accommodation which is let out to
                                                                                                of nature however the back garden being very
guests as a holiday retreat.
                                                                                                sheltered had heaps of colour with flower and
On we walked down a lovely palm                                                                 veggie gardens and also veggies growing in
lined drive and along to the third                                                              pots. No sprays are used and everything looked
garden owned by Heather and John                                                                so lush and healthy. Jane also creates colourful
Orchard. Here we found a lovely                                                                 mosaic pieces many of which are displayed
modern contemporary home set                                                                    in the garden. Our ladies were also able to
amongst trees underplanted with                                                                 purchase plants and cuttings from Jane’s garden.
yellow and orange clivias and
                                                                                                Many thanks to Elaine Gavin Sue Stewart and
helleborus. The front of the home
                                                                                                Alison Stirling for organising such a lovely day.
features all glass taking advantage
                                                                                                Jeanette Merritt (Comm)

Omokoroa Omelette                                                      10                                                   November 2016
Freshchoice Helps With
                             Fire Brigade Fund Raising
                                                              Steve and Chantal Ling - Owner
                                                              Operators of Freshchoice Omokoroa
                                                              presenting Chief Fire Officer Ian
                                                              Blunt with a cheque ($520.40) for the
                                                              Omokoroa Volunteer Fire Brigade.
                                                              This was raised by Freshchoice
                                                              providing donation boxes at all of
                                                              their checkouts in-store. What a
                                                              great way to get rid of all that loose
                                                              change! Steve invites community
                                                              groups to contact him if they would
                                                              like to be a part of this community
                                                              project. On behalf of the Brigade - a
                                                              sincere thanks to Steve and Chantal.
            Steve and Chantal Ling                            The Omokoroa Volunteer Fire
         Owner Operators of Freshchoice                       Brigade Members

                     Omokoroa Contract Bridge Club...
                                      Bridge Club Results
  Todd Stocker Handicap Pairs - Played on Monday Afternoons
  Final Results.....................................................Average
  1st   Jane Rice & Terry Rice............................. 57.36
  2nd Fiona Menzies & Phyl Watson................. 54.39                         ♦
  3rd Anne Johnson & Elizabeth Young............ 53.86
  Champagne Handicap Singles - Played on Thursday Evenings                                            ♣
  Final Results.....................................................Average
  1st   Gwen Harding........................................... 65.52
  2nd Pauline Wood............................................ 64.53
                                                                                     ♠                ♥
  3rd Elizabeth Young........................................ 62.46

          If you would like the opportunity to learn how to play Bridge
                               Here in Omokoroa...
         Ph: Stephanie Annan 548 1406 or Ph: David Luxton 548 0521

                            OMOKOROA CARDS 500
     The group meets at the Bowling Club on Monday evenings 7:15pm.
  We welcome any new players, if you don’t really understand the game, but
        would like to learn; our members will teach and mentor you.
                       Please phone Andy on: 570-6035
24 October                                          6 November
1st.......Shirley Deane............... 3250
                                           ♠        Winners
                                                    1st.......Enid Plummer.............. 3600
2nd.....Rosemary Thompson... 2500                   2nd.....Grant Nordick.............. 3100
1st.......Bill Neeley................... 3370       1st.......Barbara Dowman......... 2320
2nd=.....Rex Keighley............... 2800
Lucky Last
                                           ♥        2nd.....Bill Neeley................... 2820
                                                    Lucky Last
Dianne Longley....................... 310
Brick Taylor............................ 1760
                                                    Judi Mori................................. 1400
                                                    Reg Deane............................... 1100
31 October
Winners                    ♣                         The Cards 500 Club would like
1st.......Enid Plummer.............. 3860
2nd.....Koi Muschamp............. 3440
                                                            to wish everybody
1st.......Reg Deane.................... 2820             a Merry Christmas &
2nd.....Bruce Murdoch............ 2660
Lucky Last
Trish Western.......................... 460
                                           ♦              a Happy New Year!
                                                    Our last game of the year will be held on Monday
Bill Nelley............................... 940      19th December 2016. The new year’s play will
Raffle: Jill Clark, Enid Plummer, Bill Neeley,      commence on Monday 9th January 2017.
David Thomas
                                                            We welcome any new players!

Omokoroa Omelette                                                               11                        November 2016
Omokoroa Omelette   12   November 2016
Omokoroa Community Policing Group Report
                         With the huge surge in residential building around the Western Bay, including the unprecedented growth
                         in Omokoroa, the theft of builder’s tools, building materials and in the case of nearly completed houses,
                         new appliances, has become a serious problem. Police are seeking community assistance in maintaining
surveillance over building sites in an effort to bring the issue under control. If you observe any suspicious activity - Ring 111
immediately and report it.
The days are lengthening and it’s the time of the year that many people are out and about in the evenings and night with,
unfortunately, a rise in wilful damage, thefts and burglaries. The pending start of school holidays also, unfortunately, brings
with it an escalation of anti-social behaviour and crime. Residents can make a real difference by reporting suspicious activities
or incidents. The ‘see something say something’ motto is worth following. Don’t wait until Monday, if you observe something
which you know should not be happening - ring 111.
In their reports to communities, the Police regularly point out that as residents we provide those looking to commit crime
with far too many opportunities. In other words, ‘we create situations that make it far too easy for crime to be committed’ -
sometimes by spur of the moment opportunists.
With so many visitors coming onto the Omokoroa peninsula over the holiday period the protection and security of property
and assets is essential. If you are going away for a few days:
   • Ensure your home is secure and that near neighbours are not only aware of your absence but have your property under
   • Try to make the property look as though it is being lived in.
   • Don’t forget to secure any detached garage or garden shed. There is a ready market for lawn mowers, chainsaws, garden
       tools, bicycles etc.
   • Don’t let someone ruin your holiday because you have not taken time to secure property and arrange surveillance.
And, if you are staying at home, for goodness sake, lock your vehicle when you vacate it and don’t leave valuable articles like
cameras and laptops on seats where they can be seen and are an easy target. Remember, thieves will have no hesitation to
force or break a window to access them.
Your Omokoroa Community Policing Group will be mobilising additional patrols, including day-time patrols, during the holiday
period. The day-time patrols operate in a deliberate low key non-confrontational manner during their rounds. However, they
do have a communication link to Police. If necessary, you can assist by liaising with them while they are on patrol.
Finally, your Omokoroa Community Policing Group’s Community Patrol Team is still looking to recruit further volunteers. The
task is not time consuming, one 2 to 3 hour patrol every 6 to 8 weeks in a purpose fitted patrol vehicle with Police radio and
communication direct with the Police Communications Centre. Contact Patrol Coordinator Tony Hawkins on 548 2454 to find
out what is involved.
Glenn Whittaker, for the Omokoroa Community Policing Group Committee

Several years ago, we had an Intern who was none too swift. One day she was typing and turned to a secretary and said, "I'm
almost out of typing paper... What do I do?" "Just use paper from the photocopier", the secretary told her. With that, the intern
took her last remaining blank piece of paper, put it on the photocopier and proceeded to make five 'blank' copies.
Brunette, by the way!!

Omokoroa Omelette                                                    13                                                   November 2016
Omokoroa Friendship Club - “Chit Chat”
 Hi Folks,                                                                 welcome. So looking forward to seeing you then.
 Well who would believe that the year has gone by so quick and this        In the meantime, I want to say a big thank you to my other committee
 is my last “chit chat” until February 2017.                               members:
 We have had a good year and every one of us are happy (that’s my                          Secretary....... Beverley Teeboon
 aim). Last week we went to the movies - we saw the “Lady on the                           Treasurer....... Brick Taylor
 train” it was different a few times. Not being able to see I got the
                                                                                  and Barbara Walls	����� My eyes and my right hand - a lady who
 blonde mixed up with the Dark hair girl. However, we went on down
                                                                                                            does so much for us all.
 the road afterwards to Quang Chow restaurant and had a really great
 meal. It was a smorgasbord and what a choice of Food.                     To Everyone… A MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW
                                                                           YEAR FOR 2017 to you, your families and your friends; and may
 They have a salad bar, Soup bar, main meal and great desert selection
                                                                           it be the best ever!
 plus tea or coffee. All this for $16.00. I recommend you go and try
 it come time - its good value.                                            Until 3rd February 2017 - stay happy, keep well and God bless,
 This week for a change from sandwiches etc. are having Sausages           Vera Martin (President) Ph. 548 0672
 with Bun plus cakes and our cup-of tea. Our thanks go to Joan
 Torteli and our committee.
 I have booked our Christmas dinner for the 9th December at 11am
 with Richard Francis and his team of singers to entertain us till lunch
 at 12.15pm. I am supplying nibbles and Dip etc. for 11am to go with
 a wine for Christmas as well.
 The Church ladies are doing the Christmas lunch for us and as they
 have done such a wonderful job all year, I am looking forward to a
 great day.
 This will be our last Friendship day for 2016.
 Next year, on the first Friday of February (which is the 3rd February
 2017), we will be meeting in the Omokoroa Community Church Hall;
 so please come and join in, I’m sure you’ll have a good morning with      Some of the recipients of certificates for long participation in
 us including a lunch. We would be delighted to see more of our
 Omokoroa residents come and join us and you would be made most            the friendship club.

                                                        Waipuna Hospice
                              Our calendar is bursting with upcoming events and we have
                              some gorgeous merchandise for sale. Consider doing your gift
                              buying solely through Waipuna Hospice. You can even do it
                              from the comfort of your sofa. Operanesia, Mandy Williams
 designed tea towels, NZ Home Diary. You could tick off that list by the end of the day!
 Visit: for details. We don’t gift wrap, but we pretty much have
 everything else covered!
 Of course, there’s also the Hospice Shops, where you’re guaranteed to find something for
 The Remembrance Tree appeal will be at Farmers Bayfair and Tauranga, Brookfield New
 World, Papamoa Pak’n Save and Bethlehem PaperPlus this Christmas. To volunteer, contact
 Lyndy at: or Tel 543 3496.
 Keep up-to-date at:

                                                                                                      ‘PRECIOUS KIWI’
                                                                                                      BY MANDY WILLIAMS

Omokoroa Omelette                                                          14                                               November 2016
                     As I write this the Radio tells me it is a mere
                     fifty days until Christmas, hasn’t the year flown?
                     I guess most of us are starting to tease our brains
                     for ideas and inspiration for our presents, treats
                     and decorations for the festive season, as it fast
Keep our lovely shop in mind, our stock changes constantly and
covers a huge rang of goodies. We have pre-loved items in excellent
condition and a range of delightful new crafts available, well worth
a browse to inspire you. Our Christmas goods and decorations will
be on display very soon.
We had a special surprise Birthday celebration for Jan Lipinski this
month. Jan is a long serving volunteer, much loved and appreciated.
Christmas Reminder: There
is a community Christmas
party hosted by FreshChoice,                                                    Jan celebrating with friends
Sunday 11th December starting
at 2:30pm until 4:30pm. The
Centre is having a cake stall,
please come and buy a yummy
confection to support us. There
will be all sorts of activities
for the whole family, so come
along, have a great time and get
into the spirit of Christmas.

       Jan cutting her cake

                                                                                     Committee Meeting

Omokoroa Omelette                                                          15                         November 2016
Omokoroa Omelette   16   November 2016
Omokoroa & District Pakeke Lions
                 At our November meeting we enjoyed an insight into Shirley Millers love of plants from an early age, which led her into a
                 career as a scientist. Shirley is at present involved in developing the blueberry industry.
                 Our main speakers Mike and Inga Stephenson who are full time volunteers at Marine Outreach which organises the
                 Tauranga based ship - The Pacific Hope. This ship takes volunteer medical teams to remote islands of the Pacific, where
                 they run clinics and hold teaching sessions for the islanders.
Absolutely amazing work is done by this team!
I was very happy to induct a new member at this meeting - David              Don't forget we Lions do              Betty Gane
Fisher. David and (wife) Sandy... welcome to our Lion's family!
                                                                             collect a lot of things too!         Ph: 548 0845
Dawne (President).
                                                                         We collect...
                        Next Pakeke Lions
                                                                         - Screw top wine bottle caps             Contact Betty or
                     Omokoroa Market Days
                                                                         - Can tabs                               any local Pakeke
                Sunday November 13th and Dec 11th                                                                   Lions member
                                                                         - Unwanted Spectacles
                 Come along for some good deals,                                                                   to give them to!
                                                                         - Old and foreign money
              some good food and some great company!

Q. A man parks his car outside a hotel and immediately knows he is Q. How do you add eight 8's together so they add up to an even one
   bakrupt. How can this be? Can you guess?                           thousand? Do you think you are smart enough?
A. He is playing Monopoly.                                         A. 888+88+8+8+8=1000
                                                                   Q. If a man was born in Greece, Raised in Spain, came to New
Q. To one I am special, to them all, I don't exist. What am I?
                                                                      Zealand and died in Taupo... What is he?
A. A secret.
                                                                   A. Dead.

                 Back To Basics!                    Omokoroa Artists
                  November has been a month to recharge the batteries
                  after the Anniversary Exhibition and what better than When we dream alone it is only a dream, but when many
                  Springtime to go out and about seeking topics to        dream together it is the beginning of a new reality.
                  sketch. The monthly sketching trip, led the group to                ~ Friedensreich Hundertwasser
Te Puna Quarry, with the focus on sculpture sketching. An increasing
number of our newer and not so new members are using the pen and This month’s Challenge involved ‘Kiwiana’ and it was quite noticable
ink medium to produce exceedingly detailed drawings. Using your that many artists chose a native bird as their main subject matter, but
sketch book for practice and storing ideas is an excellent way to give where else can you find the cheeky pokeko or fantail!
inspiration for a more polished piece of work.
                                                                        Kiwiana Challenge
A number of our artists are now involved in ‘The Incubator’ based
at the Historic Village in Tauranga. The historic barn has attracted a
collection of creative hands and volunteers; whose aim is to enrich and
refresh Arts culture within the Bay of Plenty. Definitely worth a trip
and they hold classes too.
 Next year the artists will offer another
Art 4 U Introduction to art course, so
watch this space. We are also looking at
the option to offer tutor led sessions to a
combined group of Omokoroa Artists and
public at large, but with strictly limited
numbers, at a time other than our weekly
group sessions.                                                                     Fantail
Art is definitely growing on the
Omokoroa Peninsula.
                                                                       Quarry                                       Saddlebacks
December Programme                                                    Sculpture
  1   End of year Christmas Function                                  by Artist
                                              Quarry Machinery by      Maggie
  8   Annual General Meeting complete                                  Savage
      with extraordinary morning tea.         Artist Mel Wakeman
If you are looking to develop your artistic
   skills, show off your already acquired                      Paua Shells
    talents or enjoy very good company,
 complete with home baking, then pop in
and join us on a Thursday morning at the
                Settlers' Hall.

      Interested? Karen 548-1454                                                            Fantail by
                                                                                             artist Pat
 follow us on:                                                           Edwards
              Omokoroa Artists

Omokoroa Omelette                                                   17                                                 November 2016
Matahui School
                                                                           A Life of Tests or the Test of Life? Your choice.
                                                                                       Most parents ask themselves the same question – Are
                                                                                       we doing the best we can to prepare our children
                                                                                       for the future? What makes this question difficult
                                                                                       to answer is that there are few “givens” when
                                                                                       considering what the future will look like... enter
                                                                                       President Trump.
                                                                                       It’s hard to get our heads around the fast pace change
                                                                                       in technology, let alone all the “grown up things”
                                                                                       children are exposed to these days. Children need
                                                                                       clear boundaries though we have an obligation to
                                                                                       teach them to trust themselves and be confident in
                                                                                       making decisions in order for them to shape their
                                                                 Aby conducting own positive future.
                                                                 enquiry - it may Is the current NZQA schooling environment keeping
                                                                  be small but it up with the pace of change for our children? Is
                                                                  is interesting! going to university and trying to find a “safe” job
                                                                 still relevant? Our children are going to have to deal with a completely
                                                                 different set of life rules. How can we prepare them for this?
                                                                 Matahui School is an independent school 10 minutes north of Omokoroa
                                                                 that has created a challenging and nurturing learning environment. With
                                                                 an award-winning outdoor education programme and small class sizes,
                                                                 Matahui creates rich learning experiences to shape strong future leaders.
                                                                 Our students enjoy coming to
                                                                 school where they learn, thrive
                                                                 and build resilience. We focus
                                                                 on building individual talents and
                                                                 self-esteem so all our students
                                                                 develop into self-assured people
                                                                 who can take control of their
                                                                 destinies. At Matahui School we
                                                                 believe in a different approach to
                                                                 help our students to prepare for the
Find out more on our website: or stop by for a visit. Ask about             Joel, Zoe, Alex, Blake, Rose and Olly
our reasonable tuition fees and bus from Tauranga. Currently taking enrolments for 2017.          enjoying the views while trecking the
Matahui School - Small Classes, Big Futures.                                                    Year 7&8 October Waikaremoana camp

                                             The Sports Pavilion Project
Omokoroa’s new Sports Pavilion project is making major strides forward, thanks to the amazing support received so far from the community.
But there’s more to come! The fund-raising committee have arranged a series of events – something for everyone – to raise awareness and
more funds!
Recent activity has enabled the Committee to achieve a major milestone and have selected – from three tenders received – the architects
Stufkens & Chambers to produce detailed plans which will enable applications to the major funders such as TECT and others, for grants. We
are hopeful that these will be available for public view at the Society’s Annual General Meeting on 6th December (7pm at Omokoroa Point
We are immensely grateful for the amazing support from the Omokoroa Coastal Challenge event held on 5th November. The inaugural event
last year proved to be so popular the organising group were persuaded to make it an annual event and have nominated the new sports
pavilion as the recipient of funds raised.
The next fund-raising event is a family variety concert featuring local talent on Sunday 4th December at the Settlers’ Hall from 4:30-6pm.
“Chris-Jingle” will be a festive fun entertainment for all the family. Entry will be by donation and refreshments will be available.
Into the New Year and on Saturday 11th February at 7pm, keep your eyes open for invitations to ‘All White on the Night’ a pop-up picnic
event at a mystery location, certainly not where you would expect it to be. Entry will be strictly by pre-purchased ticket and promises to be
something very different to your average picnic!
The last bingo night turned out to be fun evening so another has been booked for Saturday 4th March at the Settlers’ Hall.
And – advance notice – on Saturday 8th July, be prepared to experience “The Night of the Living Nerds” – further information as details are
firmed up.
It is clear from feedback received that this project has widespread support across the whole of the Omokoroa community. The pavilion
project will provide first class facilities for both existing and potential sporting groups as well as a new community venue for meetings,
birthdays, etc.
And if you are involved with a sporting code not currently a member of the Omokoroa Sports & Recreation Society, please do not hesitate
to share your contact details so we can keep you updated on progress.
Alison Badger 548 1544 (
Check out our Facebook page:

Omokoroa Omelette                                                     18                                                 November 2016
The Friends of Puketoki
                   From the perspective of a new Volunteer - By Robbie Banks
                     We escaped from the metropolis of Mount Maunganui in April 2015
                     Mike and I have enjoyed the opportunity to become immersed into what we feel is a very special community.
                     Special because from my experience it is overflowing with so many caring, productive people who have an awareness
                     and passion for the environment and community.
                     Collectively, people with can do attitudes have set up and continue to keep alive numerous communication networks,
 community events and environmental groups, so many good things going on.
 The Friends of Puketoki is one of these groups that I am proud to be involved with.
 On a regular basis, a core group of people meet for the common focus of working as a team to maintain the 85 acres of thriving native bush
 Puketoki was gifted to the community in 1926 by Henry Havelock Sharplin.
 It is a rewarding feeling to be actively involved with protecting this resource.
 I look forward to expanding my involvement by helping write regular Puketoki updates.
 These updates will include the history of Puketoki and informative facts about various critters, birds, trees.
 Work in progress & possible volunteer profiles... if they are willing?
 The friends of Puketoki hope this will keep you interested and up to
 date with our going ons.
 Anybody interested in finding out how to become a part of The
 Friends of Puketoki please contact Terry Edwards.
 Terry Edwards       Phone 552 6222
 Progress Update - No more muddy boots!
 Nov 2016 - A drain pipe and gravel has been laid at the main
 Next planned improvements are... Work on the long track where
 tree roots are exposed.

Omokoroa Omelette                                                   19                                                   November 2016
A huge thank you to all those who participated in the Omokoroa Coastal Challenge and helped raise money towards a new Sports Pavilion for
the Omokoroa and wider community. The team at RunOmok Events Management poured lots of passion, energy and hours into providing
this community spirited event, on an entirely voluntary basis so it was fantastic receiving so much support from our participants, marshals,
spectators and sponsors. We had a total of 240 people register with participants travelling from as far afield as Auckland, Cambridge, Ohope
– plus lots of lovely Tauranga locals.
Our goal was to create a fun and entertaining event that people of all ages and fitness levels could enjoy which, most importantly, raised a
generous donation towards the new Sports Pavilion. Financially we achieved this goal with approximately $5,000 raised (final figure still being
tallied), plus we’ve had some wonderful feedback from participants indicating they loved the varied event options, multitude of prizes, our
gorgeous peninsula and the food and entertainment on offer. We’re delighted to say that due to this feedback and success, we will definitely be
back next year, hoping to create an even bigger and better event!!
A final note to say how appreciative we were of all the local businesses who supplied prizes and services, plus a special thank you to our key
sponsors who financially made this event possible:
   • BaseUp
   • Classic Builders
   • First National Omokoroa
   • Tauranga Peugeot
   • Diego Health & Fitness

Omokoroa Omelette                                                      20                                                 November 2016
Minnows Kindergarten
                                          Review of 2016
                  Minnows Kindergarten With another rocket ship. In August, we had fun during the Minnows Olympics
                    year almost over, we thought we would take a look       where everyone received a gold medal. We have been inspired by our
                    back over 2016 at some of the wonderful things that     many cultures over the year by celebrating international festivals such
                    we have been doing here at Minnows Kindergarten.        as Diwali with baking and dressing up. We are finishing off the year
                    But first we would like to thank all our families and   with a ‘about my body’ focus and preparing for Christmas.
                    welcome all our new ones who have become part           Our social events have included Disco / Fish and Chip family evenings,
of our Minnows whanau. We have sent 12 amazing Children off to              get togethers at the Boat Club, supporting Omokoroa Point School at
school; all ready and happy thanks to our transition programme and          their Gala and sponsoring and having a parent/staff team at their Quiz
the great relationships we with have with our local schools.                Night. We loved the Active Movement workshop and then the talented
We started the year off with a focus on construction due to the exciting    Mel delivered a chalk paint workshop for us. Earlier this month we
development and opening of the new FreshChoice supermarket. We              provide free face painting to support the Omokoroa Coastal Challenge.
were very lucky to have a visit prior to opening and we wrote and sang      What a fab year it’s been, and we are looking forward to 2017!
a song it at the official opening ceremony!                                 We are currently offering 20 FREE hours to 2 year olds if enrolled by
We had the wonderful Helen and amazing Nikki join our teaching team         1st Feb 2017, this is additional to the government funded ECE hours
and have continued to commit to profession development by attending         for 3 years old; and as part of our transition to school programme we
the Reggio Amelia workshop earlier this year (a teaching practice that      offer 30 FREE hours to 4 year olds.
develops authentic intelligence); and more recently the Nurture in          Minnows Kindergarten is open from 7:30 to 5:30 Monday to Friday
Nature workshop that has inspired us all to use more of our natural         all year round (except statutory holidays). For more information on
recourses and spend as much time as possible outside exploring our          what your child will learn with us and how we can accommodate your
environment, not just here at Minnows but with the many walks and           childcare needs with our flexible hours and small numbers, please
adventures we enjoy down at Cooney Reserve which is right in our            come and visit us at 3 Margaret Drive, call us on 548-2040 or email us
doorstep.                                                                   at:
In June, we turned our block area into a Matariki stargazing room           Alternatively, please visit our website...
which was then transformed into outer space with the building of our
Enjoying super after                                      Performing at the FreshChoice Opening Ceremony Lucas in our Rocketship
     the Disco

         Racing down to the Reserve                  Minnows Olympics’ Medal Ceremony
                                                                                                                     One of our many adventures
                                                                                                                         at Cooney Reserve

Omokoroa Omelette                                                       21                                                    November 2016
Omokoroa Omelette   22   November 2016
Todd Muller MP
                 New Zealand has a strong, growing economy. Incomes are rising; there are
                 more jobs and interest rates are at their lowest in nearly 50 years. That means
                 a family with a $300,000 mortgage is now paying around $300 a week less
in interest than they were when we were elected. All of these factors are driving demand and
putting extra pressure on our housing market, not just in Auckland but also in other high demand
areas like Christchurch, Queenstown, Hamilton and here in the Bay.
National has a comprehensive package of measures underway to address the challenge of
housing supply and affordability. To help fast-track development in high-demand areas we have
established a $1 billion Housing Infrastructure Fund to accelerate new housing. This focuses
squarely on helping deliver core infrastructure like roads and water. We have also created
Special Housing Areas, including twelve here in Tauranga, to help address some of the issues
with supply of land. National has legislated to restrict Council development charges to reduce
the cost of building, put requirements in place requiring councils to ensure land supply keeps
pace with growth, and Resource Management Act reform is on its way.
We understand that there are no quick fixes – these issues are longstanding – but there are
positive signs that progress is being made. There have been over 85,000 new houses built in
this term of Parliament and 40 houses built every working day in Auckland alone – four times
the number when we were elected. The number of consents issued has doubled over the last five
years, 209 Special Housing Areas have been established to date speeding up the development
of an estimated 70,000 homes, and 12,000 Kiwis have been helped into their first home with
a HomeStart Grant this year. The best way to address housing affordability is to build more
houses and build them faster and we have a comprehensive programme underway to help make
this happen.
As with all challenges it is not resolved by rhetoric but substantive actions that sum to real
Todd Muller
MP for Bay of Plenty

                                Whakamarama Hall
                         Hello everyone. It’s Clare Green here and I am the new scribe keeping
                         you informed on all the happenings at our wonderful hall. I have taken
                         over from Bryony and want to thank you, Bryony, for your years of
 dedication and contribution as scribe and Secretary of the Hall Committee. We will miss
 your presence.
 I am relatively new to Whakamarama, moving here from Rangiora late last year with my
 family. It didn’t take long for me to see how passionate the people in this community were
 about their hall. I was really impressed, and now I feel the same! We are very fortunate to
 have this fantastic facility. It really is the “Heart of our Community”.
 With the weather warming up, Whaka Hall is the perfect place to have your special celebration.
 There is a great outside area for sitting and a playground for the kids, all fully fenced off. It
 could be a 50th birthday, a family reunion, or a wedding reception. The hall can cater for up
 to 180 people. Just give Sylvia a call (see below).
 MAHI FITNESS - Fitness classes run by Aidan Butterworth on: Mon 6:30pm – 7:15pm,
 Wednesday 6:15am – 7am and on Saturday 7am - 7:45am. Casual session at $10 or $24
 per week. The first session is free. Please email Aidan on: for
 further details
 HATHA YOGA - Classes taking place on Tuesday evenings 7pm – 8pm. $10 per session,
 cash only. Please contact Natalie Quaeck on 022 321 5313 for further details.
 TWIF (Thank Whaka it’s Friday) – Every third Friday of the month from 6-9pm. Bring your
 dinner, a bottle or two and meet the community. A great way to meet the locals and get to
 know what’s happening in Whaka.
 PLAYGROUP - Thursday mornings 9:30 to 12. Free no pressure group for pre-school
 children. The last session of the year will be on December 15th and Playgroup will start up
 again on February 2nd 2017.
 WHAKA NEWS VIA EMAIL - Colin Hewens informs Whaka residents of news in our
 community which includes: - police reports, lost and found animals, items for sale, excess
 fruit/vegetables, rentals wanted etc., if you would like to receive these emails please contact
 Colin on:
 HALL BOOKINGS – Call Sylvia Birkett, the booking officer, on 07 578 7015 to hire the
 hall, chairs and tables at very reasonable rates
 WHAKA HALL LIBRARY - Opening times are every Thursday
 from 9am – 12noon. Hours for the 1st Friday of the month have changed to 4:30 – 6pm and
 every 3rd Friday of the month from 6:30-8pm.

Omokoroa Omelette                                                       23                           November 2016
Omokoroa Playcentre!
                                                   Come and Play at Playcentre
                   Your local Omokoroa Playcentre is a great place    9am-12pm. This is a program mainly for first time parents of
                   to meet new friends, play with your children       children under one and we welcome Mum’s or Dad’s and their
                   and burn off some of that extra energy (probably   babies. At Space, you and your baby will get to meet other
                   theirs, not yours)!                                new parents, explore parenting perspectives and children’s
Playcentre is a fun and safe environment for our children/            development in a fun and safe facilitated environment. Plus,
tamariki from 0-6 years of age to explore, learn, and try lots        there is tea and bikkies! Sessions run weekly for up to a year.
of new activities and experiences. It’s a place where you can         We are looking for parents expecting their first baby from October
regularly be part of your child’s learning experience, build great    this year until February next year. For more information or to
friendships with other parents and form a strong support network      express interest in attending please contact Ruth 570-0085
in your local area.                                                   or email: and check out the website:
                                                             or book your place online at:
At Playcentre, we believe that parents are the best teachers,
especially for children under 5, and that the best way for our           
children/tamariki to learn at this age is through play. There is a    If you haven’t been before come along for a visit. Omokoroa
huge variety of activities on offer, no matter the weather, from      Playcentre is located on Omokoroa Road behind the Settlers’
the fort to the sandpit, obstacle course to the waterslide, playdoh   Hall and next to the Omokoroa Toy Library. It is open from 9am
to carpentry, we have it all covered. Every session is different      till 12pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday during school
depending on what the children are into that day.                     term time. For more information either pop in and visit us, call
After a very successful Space program underway at Omokoroa            548-1343 or email:
Playcentre this year we are looking to do it again next year. The
program will start in February 2017 again on Wednesdays from

                                                                                     Chayton and Henry constructing the man-made
  Charlie overseeing the progress of the veggie seedlings.                                              lake.

                             Look at these advertisers below!

Omokoroa Omelette                                                     24                                            November 2016
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