Our plan for 2018-2021 - Interested in irwellvalley.co.uk?

Our plan for 2018-2021 - Interested in irwellvalley.co.uk?
our plan for 2018-2021
Our plan for 2018-2021 - Interested in irwellvalley.co.uk?
creating futures key facts
   We provide homes and services to over 16,000             We...
people across Greater Manchester, but we want               • Provide affordable homes and services across
to do more.                                                   Greater Manchester to over 16,000 customers
                                                              in over 7500 homes.
As well as providing great homes in good
neighbourhoods, we want to create the conditions in         • Offer homes for affordable rent, social rent, market
which our customers and colleagues can enjoy life and         rent and shared ownership.
realise their potential.                                    • Provide homes for people with dementia, mental
We want to build more affordable homes for people             health issues, learning and physical disabilities, and
who need them, new homes to rent, and to buy -                those who have been made homeless.
providing places for people to call home and making our     • Provide services and support to customers to help
contribution to the housing shortage.                         them sustain their tenancies.
And we want to work with those who share our values         • Maintain and invest in our customers’ homes.
and ambitions, being an influential and valued partner in
shaping the growth and success of our region.               • Are building 1000 new homes to meet housing
We have a plan for the next three years that will enable
us to do this.                                              • Employ over 280 colleagues and have a combined
                                                              turnover of £35.9m.
Our plan for 2018-2021 - Interested in irwellvalley.co.uk?

We will help customers to achieve and maintain a
successful tenancy by providing a home that’s right
for them, and offering tailored support when and
where needed.
We will do this by:                                      By 2021 we will have:
• Improving the services we offer to help customers 		   • Measured the impact our support has had in helping
  achieve a successful tenancy.                            customers to maintain their tenancy.
• Supporting customers who need help to maximise 		      • Maximised the availability of our homes.
  their income and afford their rent.
                                                         • Reduced the amount of rent lost due to empty
• Keeping in touch with customers regularly and 		         homes by 30%.
  improving how we communicate with them, to make
                                                         • Increased the number of customers who access our
  sure we understand their needs and provide the right
                                                           money advice service by 30% each year.
  services and support for them.
                                                         • Visited our customers regularly and know them
• Reviewing how we do things to make sure we
  provide services in the best way possible.
Our plan for 2018-2021 - Interested in irwellvalley.co.uk?

We will create fantastic services for customers that
are easy to use, responsive and reliable.

We will do this by:                                       By 2021 we will have:
• Launching a digital service that’s available 24 hours   • Launched our online services for customers.
  a day, 365 days a year, and supporting customers to
                                                          • Improve the number of times we get it right ‘first
  use it.
                                                            time’ for customers, reducing avoidable contact.
• Improving how we communicate with customers,
                                                          • Measured how easy it is for customers to access our
  being clear about the services we offer and what to
                                                            services and how likely they are to recommend us.
  expect from us.
                                                          • Reduced the number of complaints we receive by
• Monitoring what customers think of the services we
                                                            30% and demonstrated what we have done
  provide and learning from their feedback to help us
                                                            differently as a result.
                                                          • Demonstrated the value that has been created by
                                                            involving and listening to customers.
Our plan for 2018-2021 - Interested in irwellvalley.co.uk?

We will maximise our potential to build new homes
across Greater Manchester.

We will do this by:                                     By 2021 we will have:
• Building new homes for affordable rent and 			        • Started building 300 new homes and secured a
  shared ownership in partnership with developers and     pipeline of 700 additional new homes.
  contractors.                                          • Approved plans to regenerate the Haughton Green
• Developing partnerships that will provide 			           and Sale West neighbourhoods.
  opportunities for us to provide new homes.            • Delivered a range of supported and specialist
                                                          housing to meet identified needs.
Our plan for 2018-2021 - Interested in irwellvalley.co.uk?

We will invest in our customers’ homes, making sure
they are affordable, attractive and safe.

We will do this by:                                      By 2021 we will have:
• Providing great repairs and property 			               • A new standard for the repair work we carry out.
  improvements for customers.                            • Customers who are happy with their homes and our
• Implementing a new Environmental Strategy, 		            services (over 94% customer satisfaction).
  investing in ways to provide more affordable energy    • Invested the savings we made by doing things more
  for customers.                                           efficiently into improving our customers homes.
• Reviewing and updating our 30 year financial plan to   • Followed health and safety best practice and
  ensure future investment needs are secured.              achieved 100% compliance with all safety
                                                         • Achieved carbon literacy accreditation and reduced
                                                           our carbon footprint by 5% each year.
Our plan for 2018-2021 - Interested in irwellvalley.co.uk?

We will attract the best people into jobs that are right
for them, and develop and reward them so they can
fulfil their potential.

We will do this by:                                        By 2021 we will have:
• Investing in colleagues’ personal and professional 		    • Achieved Investors in People accreditation.
  development, including a range of mentoring and
                                                           • Colleagues who are happy to work here (over 85%
  coaching opportunities for all colleagues.
                                                             colleague satisfaction).
• Introducing a fantastic range of benefits for
                                                           • Demonstrated the impact of our commitment to
  colleagues, and linking pay to personal performance
                                                             equality, diversity and inclusion.
  and behaviour.
                                                           • Become an employer of choice.
• Committing to equality, diversity and inclusion.
• Improving colleague engagement and building our
  reputation as an employer of choice.
ways of
 6              working
We will review how we do things to ensure we work
efficiently and effectively. We will provide value for
money and improve the customer and colleague
We will do this by:                                       By 2021 we will have:
• Being agile and supporting flexible new ways of 		      • Moved into a new collaborative working space for all
  working for colleagues.                                   colleagues.
• Investing in technology to support our new ways 		      • Reduced our costs and increased our operating
  of working, making it safe and easy for colleagues to     margin.
  access information and systems on the go.
 7              strength
We will achieve all our priorities by remaining
financially strong.

We will do this by:                                      By 2021 we will have:
• Improving the speed and quality of our financial and   • A new and improved system for managing our
  performance information.                                 financial and performance information.
• Improving our costs and seeing how we compare 		       • Cost effective funding to build more new homes.
  to other organisations to understand where we can
                                                         • Met all our financial requirements and kept our
                                                           top rating for financial viability.
• Securing funding to develop new homes.
• Maintaining the confidence of all our funders and
We are really excited about the future and the
part we play in creating better futures for people
 and communities across Greater Manchester.

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0300 561 1111       /irwellvalleyhomes    @irwellvalley
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