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                 BOOKLET 2020- 2021

                                  Address: Pasture Road 9
                                        St. John’s
                                  Saba, Dutch Caribbean

                             Tel/Fax: +599 416 3281
                 Website: http://

    This handbook has been written with the purpose of being a reference for parents. We have
    endeavored to share basic information on the structure and management of our school. It is
    our hope that you will familiarize yourself with the content for the new school year.

Welcome to Sacred Heart School

Proverbs 22:6

Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old, they will not turn from it.

Dear Parent/Guardians,
I bid you all a warm welcome to our school for the new academic school year 2020-2021.
It will be an exciting new year! I welcome all (new) staff members, students, parents, and stakeholders.

In our school, we do our utmost and we need your collaboration realizing the best possible education for your child.

                                    The following quote states:
               "Education begins at home and we applaud the parents who recognize that"

Therefore, we ask you:

    -   Mutual and regular communication with the school;
    -   An active interest in your child’s school work, progress and homework;
    -   Support your child to be prepared for school (a good breakfast, a healthy lunch, all the needed school ma-
        terials in their schoolbag)
    -   Make sure your child attends school regularly and on time and notify the school on time when the child is
        absent. Assist your child with the best intentions in following the rules of behavior;
    -   Keeping in mind that education is a process of getting better, where making (little)mistakes are common

I trust that with the help of God we will achieve our goal.

I would also like to take this opportunity to highlight the consequences of the pandemic, COVID-19.
Unfortunately, we are seeing the number of cases increasing worldwide, and I regret that. At the same time, we will
have to be attentive and that we comply with the measures taken as carefully as possible. We want to keep the risk
of contamination as small as possible at all times.
We also consider the chance of a second lockdown plausible and want to be prepared for it as well as possible.
We assure continuous online learning and online teaching. You will find more information about this later in this
May we all enjoy a peaceful and productive school year 2020-2021.

Jur Raatjes,

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    COVID-19 Poster             Page 20

As a school and board, we want to pay extra attention to the pandemic COVID-19.
  Unfortunately, we are seeing the number of cases increasing worldwide, and we regret that. At the
  same time, we will have to be attentive and that we comply with the measures taken as carefully as
  possible. We want to keep the risk of contamination as small as possible at all times.
  We also consider the chance of a second lockdown plausible and want to be prepared for it as well as
  In the case of a lockdown we want to be ready for online learning and teaching.
  Therefore, we are taking measures to assure continuous learning.

This is a good time to re-watch our hygiene advice in helping prevent the spread of Covid-19

As school start preparing for the new academic year it is important to remember that if there are any
gatherings of staff either in school or offices, the simple basics to protect ourselves need to be in place;
Washing Hands:
    - To protect yourself and others against COVID-19, clean your hands frequently and thoroughly. Use
        alcohol-based hand sanitizer or wash your hands with soap and water. If you use an alcohol-based
        hand sanitizer, make sure you use and store it carefully.
    - Apply a coin-sized amount on your hands. There is no need to use a large amount of the product.
    - Avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose immediately after using an alcohol-based hand sanitiser,
        as it can cause irritation.
    - Under no circumstance, drink or let children swallow an alcohol-based hand sanitiser. It can be
    - Remember that washing your hands with soap and water is also effective against COVID-19.
Social Distancing
    - Maintain at least 1,5 metre (4 feet) distance between yourself and others. Why? When someone
        coughs, sneezes, or speaks they spray small liquid droplets from their nose or mouth which may
        contain virus. If you are too close, you can breathe in the droplets, including the COVID-19 virus if
        the person has the disease.
    - Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth. Why? Hands touch many surfaces and can pick up viruses.
        Once contaminated, hands can transfer the virus to your eyes, nose or mouth. From there, the virus
        can enter your body and infect you.
    - Make sure you, and the people around you, follow good respiratory hygiene. This means covering
        your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze. Then dispose of the
        used tissue immediately and wash your hands. Why? Droplets spread virus. By following good
        respiratory hygiene, you protect the people around you from viruses such as cold, flu and COVID-
Face masks
    - Masks are not necessary but, in the event, that they are needed parents and children should ensure
        that following practise are used. You should also maintain a minimum physical distance of at least 1
        metre from others, frequently clean your hands and avoid touching your face and mask.

Mission Statement                                       Organizational Structure
       The mission statement of the Sacred Heart          School Board Members
                       School is:                         The Stichting Katholiek Onderwijs Saba (SKOSaba)
                                                          is the employer of all staff at Sacred Heart School.
                  To empower each child                   The board is responsible for developing new and
     Intellectually, emotionally, socially, Culturally,   monitoring existing school policies for the school.
       physically and spiritually in an environment       The school board consist of:
          conducive to Self-motivated learning.
                                                           Ms. Monique Wilson             President
                 The child will develop to
                  His/her fullest potential                Ms. Trisha Peterson            Vice-President
                 As a contributing member
                    Of the community.                      Mr. Justin Simmons- de Jong Treasurer

               Each child will be treated                  Mrs. Pamela Meijvogel          Secretary
                       with dignity,
                Respect and appreciation                   Ms. Mary Simmons               Supervisory Member
           Of his/her individual contributions.
                                                           Mrs. Joyce Smith               Supervisory Member
                                                          The day to day management of the school has been
                                                          delegated to the principal and the management team.

                                                           Mr. Jurjen Raatjes               Principal
                                                           Mrs. Ann Marie Blaise            Care Coordinator
                                                           Ms. Lucia Woods                  Office Manager
                                                           Ms. Cheryl Butterworth           Grade 6
                                                           Mrs. Camille Blackman            Grade 5
                                                           Ms. Miranda Simmons              Grade 4
                                                           Ms. Tevonille Dunchie            Grade 3
                                                           Mr. Orlando McPherson            Grade 2
                                                           Mrs. Silla Woerdings             Grade 1
Teacher’s Aide:                                            Ms. Sara Johnson                 Kindergarten 2 B
Sandrina Hassell          Kindergarten 1                   Ms. Antoinette Granger           Kindergarten 2 A
Natasha Zaegers           Kindergarten 2A
Henrietta Hassell         Kindergarten 2B                  Ms. Eefje Vorage                 Kindergarten 1
Jessica Gumbs             Grade 1                          Mrs. Helen Hassell               Rt/ Spec. Ed.
Camille Johnson           Grade 2                          Mr. Sundiata Lake                Computer
Alison Hassell            Grade 6
Patricia Lynzey           Dutch                            Ms. Angela van Maris             P. E/ MR
                                                           Mrs. Saskia Blokland             Dutch
Marjorie Despo            General & administration

School custodians                                         PEA - In service through EC2
                                                          LeShayne Charles Gr 2, Claire Mandolono Gr 5 &
Inez Matthew, Myriam Hassell & Erica Landazury            Nidia Amanda Guirre

                                                          The Participation Council presently consist of the
                                                          Following members:
                                                          Teachers:            Angela van Maris,
                                                                              Antoinette Granger

                                                          Alison Hassel, Tiffany Zagers.and R. Johnson.

School History
In August 1986 the Foundation for Catholic Education Saba was founded and relocated to St. John’s to cater
to the growing school population of Saba. The Sacred Heart School is the one and only primary school on
the island. The school welcomes and respects all denominations. Parents who do not wish for their child to
follow the religious instruction can send in a written letter stating this.

School Population
With the start of this academic school year 2020-20201, we start with 178 students and is steadily
The students are divided in 9 heterogeneous groups. Our aim is for students to accomplish independency through
our teaching and become their inspiration and driving force of their development.
Although English is the language of instruction, Dutch is being taught as a foreign language from Grade 3-6
and via TPR Dutch is taught in K1-Gr. 2.

            Compulsory Education (Law)
The obligation of a parent/ guardians is to ensure that your child is registered as a pupil in school starts on
the first school day of the month after the child has turned four years old.
When pupils have completed their early stimulation education at the Laura Linzey Day Care Center they
will be accepted into the Sacred Heart School.

Throughout the school year students can be enrolled.
Your child must be 4 years or older.

Registration can take place at our Administration Office, Ms. Lucia Woods is our Office Manger. You can
contact her during the week from 7:15a.m. –12 noon to register your child.
The Administration Office number is 416-3881
School email is:

When registering your child at our school you would need the following documents:
• Copy of passport
• Copy of birth certificate
• Original proof of registration from Saba Census Office
• Copy of vaccination booklet
• Report Card from the grade attended and/or transfer form from previous school
• The school contribution is $100 per school year. It contributes to house shirts, school button, special
  awards/ treats assemblies, house and class.

When is leave granted?
In case of special circumstances, extra leave may be granted up to a maximum of 10 school days per school
year. A request must be submitted to the principal. Extra leave will not be granted during the first two weeks
following the summer holiday. In cases in which the requested leave amounts to more than ten days per
school year, the Truant Officer Ms. Nadine Granger will decide if leave can be granted. Request for the
extra leave must be submitted 8 weeks in advance.

Nadine Granger
Truancy Officer
Public Entity Saba
Tel: +599-416-9345
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 am-12:00 pm Located at the Saba Comprehensive School.
At times schools are entitles to 8 extra days allocated for workshops and trainings.

Year Planning

Term 1               August 24                November 20
Term 2               November 23              March 12
Term 3               March 14                 July 2

Midterm              Report Card              October 11
Term 1               Report Card              December 3rd
Term 2               Report Card              March 24
Term 3               Report Card              June 30

Midterm              Vacation                 Oct 12-16
Saba Day             Celebration              Dec 4
Kingdom              Day                      Dec 15
Christmas            Vacation                 Dec 21-Jan 8 2021
Midterm              Break                    Feb 22-26
Easter               Holidays                 Apr 2-9
King’s Day           Celebration              April 27
Labor Day            Celebration              May 1
Ascension            Day                      May 13-14
Summer               Break                    Jul 5 –Aug 20, 2021
Year 21-22           School year 21-22        Aug 23, 2021


If a student is unable to attend school the parent/   If a student falls ill during the school day, parents/
guardian should contact the school administration     guardians will be contacted before sending the child
stating the reason for not attending school. This     home. In case the school is unable to contact the par-
should be repeated for all the days that a student    ents by phone the alternative person listed on the
is unable to attend school.                           registration list will be contacted.
When students are not in attendance at school this
will be recorded in our digital system PRESNTIS.
All teachers use PRESENTIS as the student tracking
In this system a distinction is made between
authorized and unauthorized absenteeism. Parents
who do not give notice of their child absenteeism
will be recorded as unauthorized absent.
These records are passed on to the Truancy
Officer. High absenteeism can lead to sanctions for
parents. Absenteeism of each student is also shown
on the report card which comes from our digital
system as well.
Self-evaluation                                      Inspection Visit SHS

Every two years a survey will be conducted              The Dutch Inspectorate visits Sacred Heart at
among students, parents/guardians, and staff to         least twice per school year and assesses amongst
ask them what they think of the SHS.                    others the target set, the quality of the lessons,
The results of survey are used to improve the quality   the interaction and involvement of students and
of teaching, the working and learning environment       the results. You can find the report about
in the school.                                          Sacred Heart School on the inspectorate’s

Complaint Procedures

Our school aims to have good relationships with
each and every parent/guardian. Nevertheless, it
can happen that you as a parent/guardian seriously       1. When you have a complaint concerning
disagrees with your child’s teacher or the school.          your child’s teacher, you first discuss it
When this is the case, it is important to know              with the teacher and try to find an
where to go with your complaint. We have set a              acceptable solution.
procedure for this.
This procedure takes legal obligations into account.     2. If this conversation doesn’t lead to a
                                                             satisfactory solution, or your complaint
                                                             concerns school management, you can
                                                             submit your complaint to the management of
                                                             the school. You will be invited for a meeting
                                                             in which your complaint will be discussed
                                                             and hopefully solved.

                                                         3. When this meeting doesn’t lead to a
                                                             satisfactory agreement, you can turn to the
                                                             school board. You have to report your
                                                             complaint in writing to the board. The
                                                             board will issue a statement after all
                                                             concerned parties have been heard. You can
                                                             send your letter to:

                                                             When your complaint still hasn’t come to an
                                                             acceptable solution, you can turn to the
                                                             Complaints Committee for Education. There
                                                             is a separate procedure for submitting a
                                                             complaint to this committee. For general
                                                             questions about the complaint’s procedures
                                                             or the Complaints Committee, you can
                                                             contact RCN/OCW via e-mail:

General Information
School uniform
 The uniform is a symbol of the school and as such
 should be worn with pride. Students are required to              A Smart Start at SHS
 wear the correct school uniform on school days
 un-less otherwise stated.
 Our school uniform is a blue polo shirt, along with     Parents are asked to provide healthy snacks for
 either a short or long navy-blue pants and skirts for   their children. (Snacks such as sandwiches, fruit,
 girls, with black sneakers or black school shoes.       water, etc.). No sodas or juice are allowed.
 NO SWEATERS OR JACKETS during P.E.                      This ensures that their little tummies are filled and
 or RECESS                                               they are ready and well energized for learning.
 Our new P.E. uniform is a blue t-shirt with a
 navy-blue pants with the school logo on it.
 The house color button is part of the uniform           Snack Time
                                                         The school sells the following items during break
    School Hours
                                                          Days              Item              Price
                                                          Daily             Sandwiches        $2.00
                        Lesson          Time
                                                                            Water             $1.00(small)
        Grade 1-6       1               07:30 - 08:15
                                                                            Water             $2.00 (big)
                        2               08:15 - 09:00
                        3               09:00 - 09:45
        Break K-Gr.2                    09:30 –10:00
        Break Gr.3– 6                   10:00 - 10: 30
                        4               10:30 - 11:15        Saba Comprehensive School
                        5               11:15 –12:00
                                                              Sacred Heart School works closely with our
                        6               12: 00– 1:00          partner in education SCS.
                        7               1:00 –2:00
                                                              The students of Grade 6 have an extended
                                                              schedule on Tuesdays to Friday at the Saba
        Grade 6         Hospitality &   Tuesday               Comprehensive School. This is done to give
                        Tech                                 students in Grade 6 a head starts in the subjects
                        Spanish         Wednesday            being offered at Saba Comprehensive School.
                        Dutch           Tue-Fri
    •     Kindergarten ends at 12:30 p.m.
    •     Grade 1– 6 can end at 2:00 p.m. as well de-    The government of Saba provides school transpor-
          pending on the homework guidance that is       tation to and from school. The buses are also
          be-ing offered here at school. For gr 6        available for field trips, visits to the Library and
          Tuesdays and Fridays, see below                Dentist and any other school related event.
    •     The kindergarten children (K1 & K2) start      • Greet the bus driver
          their day between 7:45 and 8:00 a.m. and end   • Treat the bus driver with respect
          at 12:30 p.m. The school buses will make a     • Speak quietly in the bus
          second run for these students. Please do not   • Remain seated
          send the kids to early.                        • Treat each other with respect
                                                         • Don’t throw anything out the window

                                                         If a bus driver’s complaints about a child’s
                                                         behavior in the bus, their parents will be notified
                                                         and this may lead to suspension of riding the bus.

Absence of teachers                                        Closure Protocol in the case of severe weather
 When a teacher of grade 1 - 6 is absent or ill, they       conditions
 will be replaced by a substitute teacher.                  The Island Governor is allowed to close the school
 If this is not possible, the students will be divided      for safety reasons. One of the main reasons due to
 amongst the other groups. By doing this we aim to          (severe) weather circumstances. Once the Island
 minimize cancelations of classes.                          Governor or Acting Governor decides to close the
                                                            school, The Governor, or a civil servant on behalf
 Accidents                                                  of the Governor, will inform the director.
 • Minor incidents such as scratches, bruises etc           The order to close the school can be for a limited
    will be handled here at school.                         time or open ended depending on the situation.

 Major accidents:
 • The situation will be assessed by a first re-
 • Steps will be taken to ensure the child is stable/
 • A call to parent/ hospital
 • Do a follow up check with hospital/ family
 • Have a talk with students

 Assembly is held every other Monday morning to
 start our week. Each class gets a turn to share what
                                                                   Physical Education
 they have learned during the week. At the
 assembly we also sing our anthem, school song,
 birthday song and we share the house points of the             Classes         Days             Time
 week. Every month the house with the most points               K1              Tues             10:00-10:45
 will be treated. There are also special activities                             Thurs            10:00-10:45
 planned throughout the course of the year.
 Parents and guest who would like to attend these               K2A             Tues             10:45-11:30
 assemblies are most welcome bi-weekly on                                       Thurs            10:45-11:30
 Monday morning at 7.30 a.m.
                                                                K2B             Tues             11:30-12:15
 Birthday celebrations                                                          Thurs            11:30– 12:15
 We find it a pleasure to celebrate each child’s
                                                                Grade 1         Tues             07:45 - 8:30
 birthday at school, but we strongly recommend that
 parents do this at the last period of the day. For k1-                         Thurs            7:45 - 8:30
 k2 it’s at 11.45 - 12.00 and for Grade 1-6 between             Grade 2         Tues             08:30 - 9:15
 12.15 –12.30. As we promote healthy eating;
 please share healthy snacks and treats during the                              Thurs            08:30 - 9:15
 celebration time. No soda’s, juice, candies, candy             Grade 3         Tues             09:15-10:00
 bars, Johnny cake or cup cakes are allowed.
 (Parents can put one cupcake in a party bag for                                Thurs            09:15– 10:00
 children to take home)                                         Grade 4A        Mon              10:30- 11:15
 Parent or students who chooses not to celebrate                                Fri              10:30- 11:15
 their birthdays we highly respect your decision.
                                                                Grade 5         Mon              08:30-9:15
     Great Ideas for Healthy Treats are available online.                       Fri              09:15-10:00
                                                                Grade 6         Mon              11:15-12:00
                                                                                Fri              07:45-08:30

                                                            Students are to wear their gym shirts and shorts for
                                                            P.E. classes.
                                                            In order to stay fresh and clean until the end of
                                                            the day students are to have their uniform shirts
                                                            with them to wear after P.E. classes. Older
                                                            students must also walk with baby wipes and
                                                            deodorant to freshen up after.
                                                            They must wear socks with their sneakers.

General Information Continues

 House System:
          The entire school is divided into four      Excursions & Field Trips
          houses, which represent pioneers of         Each year the students take part in various excur -
          Saba.                                       sions to different places on the island. These are of-
     Green – Mr. Lambert Hassell – Engineered the     ten linked with Saba Conservation projects or for a
         Road that couldn’t be built                  celebration. For these excursions we ask parents to
     Yellow - Mr. Freddie Johnson – Former            assist and accompany the classes.
         School Teacher, First Agent for
         Winair                                       Healthy School Program
     Purple – Ms. Rebecca Levenstone – A hard
         worker/ dedicated mother; carried a piano    The Sacred Heart School wants to establish a so-
         on her head from the Ladder Bay to the       called Heathy School. We want to work with you as
         Bottom                                       Parents as well as stakeholders such as Public
     Red – Ms. Laura Linzey- Nurse and worked         Health, JGCN, Government towards a school that is
         where the Community Development              as healthy as possible in which various themes such
         Center is now lo-cated.
The house system encourages students to act           as nutrition, physical activity, lifestyle and other
responsibly. Students are encouraged to gain points   related aspects are given an important place in our
for their house on a daily basis.                     daily education.
A house colored button is part of our school          Therefore, we start the Healthy School program!
uniform. Stu-dents are expected to wear this button   The Healthy School Program helps us to work
every day.                                            effectively and efficiently on the health of our
All points gained and lost will be tallied weekly.    students. This makes a healthy lifestyle at school
Prizes will be given to the House of the Month and    self-evident. That is important, for now and for later.
the House of the Year.
                                                      Why the Healthy School approach?
House Leaders are:
                                                      The Healthy School approach is an effective way to
Green: Miranda, Tr. Camille, Helen, Henrietta
Yellow: Elca, Jessica, Ms. Camille, Antoinette        work on health. With a step-by-step plan we work
Purple: Alison, Natasha, Orlando, Jennifer            structurally on one or more health themes, so that we
Red: Tevonille, Sarah, Ms. Patsy, Sila                achieve long-term effects. We follow three phases:
                                                      preparation, implementation and evaluation. We do
Criteria for awarding and deducting house             this together with students, teachers and parents.
points:                                               This way we try to increase your and our
Maximum 13 points per day                             involvement within our school.
Complete uniform 5 points (1 point each):
    Blue uniform shirt                                Thanks to the Healthy School approach, we will gain
    Dark blue pants                                   a better insight into the lifestyle and risk factors of
    A black belt                                      our students. Based on this, we choose the health
    Shirt tucked in
    A house color button                              themes and recognized Healthy School activities that
Academic Performance 3 points (1 point each):         are appropriate for our school. The approach has
    Completing class assignments                      proven itself in practice: there are currently more
    Completing homework                               than fifteen hundred Healthy Schools in the
    Positive work attitude                            Netherlands.
Appropriate Behavior 5 points (1 point each):         A healthy lifestyle for students is a shared
    Showing kindness and respect to teachers          responsibility of school and parents. The approach
    Showing kindness to peers                         helps us to strengthen parental involvement.
    Working co-operatively
    Lining up punctually/ orderly                     What are the benefits of Healthy School for our
    Acting responsibly                                students?
House Colors Shirts can be worn on the following      Pupils who are healthy often feel better about
days: Sep 30, Oct 28, Nov 25, Jan 27, Feb 24, Mar     themselves. This contributes to better school
30, May 25, and Jun 29                                performance and reducing early school leaving.

Pupils make healthy choices more quickly and this
also benefits later in life.

What are the benefits of Healthy School for parents?
Thanks to Healthy School your children are better
able to make healthy choices.
Parents can consciously rely on a school that
considers a healthy lifestyle important and pays
extra attention to it.                                    Incidents on school compound
Healthy behavior is not only stimulated at home but
                                                          All incidents that take place on the school
also at school. This makes it easier for parents to
                                                          compound will be reported and documented in
raise their children in a healthy way. Parents can also   writing before the close of the school day to the
connect at home with "difficult" topics that are dealt    Principal / management. Parents will also be
with at school.                                           informed about the incident.

What are the benefits of Healthy School for our           If the well being of the child is at t stake the parents
School?                                                   will be notified along with the relevant stakeholders
Paying attention to a personal theme such as health       to provide support to the child and family.
makes teaching more interesting for many
employees. They also know how to spot health              WHEN VISITING THE SCHOOL
problems and how to respond to them.                      Parents are kindly asked to check with the principal
Because students feel better about themselves and         at all times first before visiting your child’s class-
less absenteeism, the learning process goes better.       room.
That requires less energy from the teacher.               • We also ask that you think about your dress code
A Healthy School also contributes to the health of            when visiting the school or attending assembly.
employees, which makes working more pleasant and          • When visiting you absolutely don't want others
reduces absenteeism.                                          impression of you to be a function of what you
The Healthy School approach helps our school to set           have on.
priorities and record choices. In this way, we use the    • The purpose of your dress is to fit in and to keep
                                                              the focus away from what you’re wearing and on
scarce time and finances at school efficiently and
                                                              the purpose of your meetings and visits.

  Conscious Discipline

  (An anti-bullying program to prevent and stop bullying).
  Conscious Discipline has been specifically designed to make changes in the lives of adults first. The
  adults, in turn, change the lives of children. Conscious Discipline is the way we as a school
  organizes our classrooms around the concept of a School Family.
  Each member of the family—both adult and child— learns the skills needed to successfully manage life
  tasks such as learning, forming relationships, communicating effectively, being sensitive to others’ needs
  and getting along with others.
      - Showing kindness and respect to teachers
      - Showing kindness to peers
      - Working co-operatively
      - Lining up punctually/ orderly
      - Acting responsibly
      - Solving conflicts amongst each other

Youth Health Care at the Sacred Heart
 School Saba 2020-2021                                    Queen Wilhelmina Library
                                                        To foster the love for books and stimulate reading
                                                        in each child, the students visit the library bi-
                                                        weekly with their teacher.
                                                        Students are encouraged to take books at their
                                                        level and to read with their parents daily.
                                                        Library Activities: Spelling Bee - December 2020
                                                        Book Week –May 2021.
 Youth health Care of the Public Health Department

 The role of the Public Health Department is to
 monitor, protect and promote the health of the peo-      Classes         Library          Time
 ple on Saba. One of the main tasks of the public         K1              Friday           10.00-10.30
 health department is preventive Youth Health Care,       K2              Friday           11.00-11.30
 from conception till age 19. It involves advising
 and supporting parents (to be), monitoring physical,     Gr. 1           Monday           10.30-11.15
 social and emotional development of children at          Gr. 2           Wednesday        10.30-11.15
 regular intervals, vaccinating children against
 infec-tious diseases, and signaling of problems and      Gr. 3           Monday           11.15-12.00
 refer-ring when needed.                                  Gr. 4           Tuesday          10.30-11.00
 We do this together with the school, other care pro-     Gr. 5           Thursday         10.30-11.00
 fessionals and of course the parents.
                                                          Gr. 6           Thursday         11.15-12.00
 This school year, they will provide the
 vaccinations in Grade 4 and all children of K2 and
 Grade 5 will be invited for a preventive health
 check. We will also participate in lessons about
 health and lifestyle at school.
                                                        Damaging school property
 The Public Health Nurse is Tedisha Gordon. If          If your child damages materials of school or others,
 you have questions or concerns, you can request        parents will have to pay the cost of the damages.
 make an appointment.                                   Payment must be made the following day after be- 416 3311 ext 315 or          ing informed by school to our school secretary.
 416 5344

 Contagious Conditions

Care at Sacred Heart School
It remains a heartfelt passion of every teacher to       Expertise Center Education Care Saba (Expertise
reach every child and to see them succeed in life.       Centrum Onderwijs Zorg) EC2 has the task to pro-
                                                         vide care for all youth on the island from Day Care
The care for students at school is not solely the re-    throughout SKJ. That means from ages 4 until 24.
sponsibility of one person, but that of the entire staff.
Each staff member; teaching and non-teaching has a In practice the vision on education care results in the
vital role to play in the care and support of our stu-    following tasks for EC2:
dents.                                                    • Offer supportive activities to students with spe-
                                                               cial needs
The teaching staff is responsible for the                 • Offer ambulatory guidance to the teachers
implementation of the school curriculum but also               and parents of students with special needs
for social-emotional and psychological                    • Help improve expertise within the schools and
developments of the students through modeling of               EC2 team by means of offering intervention,
caring for others, promoting positive attitude and             workshops and hands on assistance
identifying behavioral concerns.                          • Perform action-oriented diagnostics
                                                          • Give advice and consultations to colleagues
The Care Coordinator plays a very important role.
The main task of the care coordinator is to provide       We use various resources to ensure that the quality
safe and healthy learning environment for all stu-        of student care is met. This is structured in the daily
dents. The care coordinator strives to provide guid- practice and remains open for improvement:
ance, support to students who are struggling academ- • At least twice a year an evaluation meeting is
ically and /or have behavioral and social emotional            held, where points for improvement will also be
difficulties. These difficulties may or may not have a         addressed
negative impact on their general well-being or learn- • Adjustment of the School Plan and Educational
ing. These students who are unable to achieve aca-
demic success at ability level for various reason, are
                                                          • Discussing pupils with the entire team
referred to the care coordinator by the classroom
teacher.                                                  • Group discussions
 If the CC sees that the problem is more severe than • Performance Appraisal with Internal and Exter-
what was explained this will be reported to the                nal Care Team
Principal and to the CART group, which is the             •    Report conference with parents
second line of care line with parental consent.

The out come of the CART meeting will result in
special help for that child once the parents have
been informed and have given their consent.

Promotion Criteria
     Report Card & Promotion Criteria
     •  Student promotion is based on student achievement and academic performance as they
        progress successfully through the essential curriculum.
     • Recognizing that all children do not learn or develop at the same rate, our education
        policy provides for differentiated instruction for those students who require it.
     • Parents are notified when a child is having trouble mastering certain skills and may not
        be promoted despite intervention.
     • A student, who passes all subjects or fails only two of the seven core (major) subjects for
        the year will be promoted.

     Placement & Promotion
     • Children may enter the school the first day of the next month after they have made four
         years of age. Children are to complete at least two full years of kindergarten.
     • Children who enter in January should complete a whole year in Kindergarten 1.
     • Exceptions to the rule can be made if the teacher of that class after consultation with the inter-
         nal guidance officer and management can adequately prove that the child is academically, so-
         cially and emotionally ready to be promoted.

     Academically: refers to Language Art/ Reading readiness, math/science readiness, work
     habits and motor skills.
     Social emotional development: refers to being able to interact well with others, share and
     play cooperatively, participates in groups activities, keep hands to oneself, respect the rules of
     the school & class, show self-confidence and take care of one’s own needs.

     •   All request to move children forward ahead of schedule must be handled in a joint meeting
         of classroom teacher, management and the Care Coordinator.
     •   In this meeting the class teacher’s advice weighs heavily.
     •   The class teacher advises on readiness of the child according to the progress of the
         abovemen-tioned academic, social and emotional development.
     •   Parents who have made such a request will be informed of the outcome by the principal.

     Transfer Students
     •  Transfer students coming from different islands in the region or from abroad shall need
        to have documented proof of them attending a previous school.
     • They are still subjected to be tested if it shows that they are not meeting the standards of
        class they are put in.
     • The school will also be in contact with the previous school if possible.

     Transfer to Saba Comprehensive School
     The students of grade 6/Group 8 participates in their final exams in the month of May. Manage-
     ment must meet with the committee of Secondary education to give advice regarding the future of
     each student. Decisions are made in consultation with the classroom teacher. Parents are
     informed in writing and will have the opportunity to discuss the decision with the teachers
     A series of assessment with parental consent is carried out in Term 2 and Term. E.g. An IQ-Test,
     Social Well– being assessment, KTEA assessment which is usually carried out by EC2
     Graduation is held during the last week of school for the Grade 6 students and is organized by
     the classroom teacher along with the parents.

Test Calendar
     Development of the student in the school
     The progress of students is monitored by means of:
     • Method assessments
     • Independent method assessments, such as Terra Nova & Alternative Assessment
        Techniques for Reading and Writing
     • Group assignments
     • Individual assignments such as Projects etc

                                    Term 1 August 2020- November 2020
          August 2020            September 2020            October 2020             November 2020
      Review                  Weekly assessments       Weekly assessments       Weekly assessments
     Group plans              Monthly Assessment       Monthly Assessment       Monthly Assessment
     Revise and Adjust IEP/   Implement IEP/IDP/       Tempo Test               Term 1 Assessment
     IDP/Group plans          Group Plans              Benchmark Unit 1         Group Synopsis must
     Weekly assessments       Terra Nova               Grades k2 -Gr.6          be handed in
     Monthly Assessment                                Kindergarten 2:          Grade 5: Health Check
                                                       Health Check             Term 1: Report Card

                                    Term 2 November 2020- March 2021
         December 2020             January 2021            February 2021             March 2021

     Weekly assessments       Weekly assessments       Weekly assessments       Weekly assessments
     Monthly Assessment       Monthly Assessment       Monthly Assessment       Monthly Assessment
     Benchmark Unit 2                                  Benchmark Unit 3         Term 2 Assessment
     Grades k2 -Gr.6                                   Grades k2 -Gr.6          Group Synopsis up-
     Revise and adjust IEP/                                                     date
     IDP/Group plans                                                            Term 2: Report Card

                                       Term 3 March 2021–July 2021
           April 2021               May 2021                 June 2021                July 2021
     Weekly assessments       Weekly assessments       End of year Assess-       Group synopsis
     Monthly Assessment       Monthly Assessment       ments                    IEP/ IDP evaluation
     Terra Nova               Tempo Test               Benchmark Unit 5         Term 3: Report Card
     K-SEALS k2               Benchmark Unit 4         Grades k2 -Gr.6
     Grades k2 -Gr.6                                   Traffic Exam Grade 5
     Revised Group plan

     The results of the method related test are entered into PRESENTIS which is our students tracking
     system. The results are stored in the personal file of each child. At the end of each term an
     educational report card is printed for each parent. With this new system we are able to compare
     previous results and cater to individual areas after analyzing students results in the group overview.
     In kindergarten 1 & 2 we are working on learning areas of early literacy, mathematics, social
     emotional develop-ment and motor skills. In November, March and June the development of each
     child in these areas are docu-mented in the student profile.
     In Kindergarten 2 and Independent assessment from K-Seals is administered by EC2 in regards to
     students read-iness skills before entering Grade 1.
     In grades 1– 6 we test method related assessment of language, spelling, reading, mathematics, and
     science. Students are placed in groups based on ability and level of instruction needed.

Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct in School                           Code of Conduct on the buses
• Form of address: We use Principal, Teacher, Ms    It is a privilege to ride the school bus. Students are
   or Mr. first name                                expected to follow the rules. Students must:
• Respect towards each other is always our focus
   point. All members of our school community       1. Obey the driver
   are treated with respect                         2. Stand off the roadway while waiting for the bus
• We don't use indecent or dubious remarks to       3. Be at the bus stop on time an d apply all
   hurt others, neither discriminating or sexual        school rules
   remarks nor abusive language.                    4. Sit according to the seating arrangement if one
• We use a positive approach when correcting            is proved by the bus driver
   stu-dents                                        5. Remain seated when the bus is in motion
• Everyone is held accountable for respectful and   6. Keep arms, legs, and head inside the windows.
   responsible behavior and must model such be-     7. Remain quiet, unnecessary conversation or loud
   havior                                               noise can cause danger.
• Proper behavior in the school bus must be         8. Observe classroom conduct at all times while
   shown as well                                        aboard the bus.
• No electrical gadgets are allowed at school
                                                    9. No eating or drinking in the school bus
                                                    10. Pay for damage to school buses property within
• Handle books, Tablets, Headphones and other
                                                        10 days after billing.
   material with care.
                                                    Zero Tolerance
Consequences for inappropriate behavior
                                                    Our school policy allows no tolerance for aggressive
may include:                                        behavior. This means that we do not tolerate:
• Assignments such as extra work or cleaning
   duties                                                         Disrespectful body language
• Behavior plan                                                   Fighting
• Confiscation of property that is not allowed                    Rude gestures
   in the school                                                  Rude language
• Contact with parents or guardians                               Rude play
• Sending a child home                                            Screaming
• Loss of privileges                                              Teasing
• Reminder or warning                                             Threats
• Suspension from school or bus                     At times students are confused with rules at home
• Detention                                         and at school, because they are usually not synchro-
                                                    nized. Nevertheless, at school we can’t tolerate cer-
                                                    tain behaviors
                                                    Sometimes children lose their self-control. During
                                                    these moments we teach them other ways to express
                                                    their feelings or solve a problem.
                                                    If students persevere in rudeness they will conse-
                                                    quently be punished.
                                                    Students’ behavior will be communicated to their
                                                    parents by phone, by the communication book or by
                                                    asking you to come in and/or sending a child home.

Suspension Guidelines SHS
School Suspension Guidelines for Sacred Heart               List of behaviors that warrant detention
School                                                          • Attitudes towards teacher (Refusing to do
A positive school climate means everyone — stu-                     work, talking back, sucking your teeth, etc)
dents, parents, staff and community members – feels             • Any derogatory terms towards other students
safe, welcome and respected. Everyone has a role to                 regarding race, religion, sexual orientation,
play in promoting healthy relationships and contrib-                and disability.
uting to a school climate which helps to encourage              • Cursing at school or on the bus
appropriate student behavior.                                   • Pushing at school or on the bus
When inappropriate student behavior occurs,                     • Throwing objects with the intent to harm
schools will use a progressive discipline approach
                                                                • Slamming or punching of doors or windows.
which combines early and ongoing interventions to
pro-mote positive student behavior. Schools                     Protocol for Suspension
consider a range of options to determine the most
                                                            WHEN: The school has to notify the parent (s) of a
appropriate way to respond to each situation and
                                                            suspension before it begins. If the principal deter-
help students learn from their choices, while
                                                            mines that a child is putting others in danger or caus-
considering their individual circumstances. In some
                                                            ing a major disruption, a short-term suspension can
cases, a sus-pension may be necessary.
                                                            begin before you are given notice, but notice must be
Suspension will be considered whether the activity
                                                            given within 24 hours.
took place at school, at a school-related activity (e.g.,
                                                            • HOW: The notice must be in writing and either
a field trip), or in any other circumstances where the
                                                                hand-delivered by the school, emailed or phoned
student’s behavior has an impact on the school cli-
mate (like cyber-bullying).                                     to a parent or guardian.
                                                            • WHAT: The notice must contain 3 things:
Suspension ranges from one day – five days based of
the severity of the behavior.                                   The date that it took place
                                                                A description of the event (The description must
List of behaviors that warrant suspension                            have enough detail for the parent to
• Bullying, including cyber-bullying
                                                                understand what event took place) And
                                                                with whom the incident took place
•   Committing an act of vandalism that causes ex-
    tensive damage to school property at the stu-           • Parents have the right to request a
    dent’s school or to property on school premises.            conference with the principal and/ or teacher.
• Inappropriate touching of the opposite sex
    enter-ing the change-room or washroom.
• Opening the door while the bus moving.
•   Physical Violence (Face punching, Private part
    touching and any violence towards a teacher).
• Sticking upper body outside of the window of
    the bus.
• Spitting on another
• Swearing at a teacher or at any person in a
    posi-tion of authority
• Uttering a threat to inflict serious bodily harm
    on another person

School Song

                        Verse                                                    Verse
Our school so proud it stands, real tall for all to see.     Small in size we may be, yet fill with dignity.
       Oh, Sacred Heart you are so dear to me.                         Our bodies as on in unity.
Where learning fills our hearts, and laughter fills our     With God as our guide and shining down on us.
                                                              Thus, all our loyalty in Sacred Heart entrust.
 From thee dear Sacred Heart we will never depart.

                                                               Sacred Heart, Sacred Heart so dear to me
      Sacred Heart, Sacred Heart so dear to me
                                                           Sacred Heart, Sacred Heart, proud and all can see.
 Sacred Heart, Sacred Heart, proud and all can see.
                                                                    Your beauty and your strength.
           Your beauty and your strength.
                                                           Your courage unrelent, and I pledge all my love to
 Your courage unrelent, and I pledge all my love to                               thee.

                           Questions & Feedback

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about school, we would like to hear from you.

Please keep in contact with your child’s teacher regularly. Your child will benefit from this. Through
better communication there will be no misunderstandings and most important there will exist a positive
working relationship. Teachers are here at school until 2 p.m.

 Please refrain from sending your children with a cellular phone to school. Urgent calls can be made to
the school principal or secretary and the message will surely reach your children.

We encourage you to attend parent evenings, meetings and workshops organized by the school or other
educational stakeholders.

Tel/Fax: +599 416 3281
Website: http://

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