School Handbook 2020 - Every student matters - Trinity Beach State School

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School Handbook 2020 - Every student matters - Trinity Beach State School
School Handbook 2020

                                                                                             t udent          matter s
                                                                                       r y s
                                                                                  E ve

                                                                                                                     Our Partners

The Department of Education and Training trading as Education Queensland International (EQI)   CRICOS Provider Number: 00608A
School Handbook 2020 - Every student matters - Trinity Beach State School
                                   Welcome to the Tropical North Learning Academy
                                   The Tropical North Learning Academy (TNLA) is a strategic partnership
                                   between Trinity Beach State School, Smithfield State High School and James
                                   Cook University. Trinity Beach and Smithfield form the Tropical North Learning
                                   Academy for the Department of Education, Training and Employment, with

Contents                           James Cook University being the tertiary partner.

2      Welcome
       Tropical North Learning       TNLA’s Mission:
       Academy (TNLA)                Engaging young minds to meet the challenges of the future, by offering unique,
                                     world-class education programs from the early years to university and beyond.
3      Principal’s Message
       Important Information
4-5    Teaching and Learning       Through this unique alliance a seamless educational pathway is delivered from the early
       Programs                    phase of learning to university and adult life. TNLA partners work together to provide a
                                   range of “learning enhancements”, called academies, for students at all stages of learning.
5-6    Extracurricular             Partners also work to ensure smooth transitions occur at the key junctures of schooling.
6      Family & Community
       Involvement                   TNLA’s Signature Programs:
7      Reporting to Parents          • Academic Excellence: Specialist JCU Learning Academies for high achieving,
       P&C                             tertiary aspirants from Year 5 to 12
       Volunteering                  • Young Scholars: - Philosophy in Action - Entrepreneurs of tomorrow
                                                       - Sustainability        - Makerspace
8      OSHC
                                                       - Global Tropic Futures
       Building Trust Fund
       Policies and Procedures       • Jazz and Contemporary Music Academy

9-11   General Information           • Early Childhood Education: Onsite Montessori early childhood programs for
                                       children 0-3 and 3-6 years old
       Student Code of Behaviour
                                     • Soccer and Netball Academies: Skills development programs for talented
10     Uniforms                        sportsmen and sportswomen
11     Student Health
12     Common Routines
       Lunchbox Tips

School Handbook 2020 - Every student matters - Trinity Beach State School
Principal’s Message
Our commitment is to create a learning environment in which each child can thrive and become an independent, creative
and connected learner. It is through these solid foundations that unlimited potentials will emerge.
The Tropical North Learning Academy: Trinity Beach State School provides an education that prepares our students for life. We are a
community of learners, committed to innovation and led by a united vision for professional excellence.
At Trinity Beach we offer a distinctive learning environment. We believe in engaging children in learning experiences that foster their
independence, creativity and the connectedness needed in today’s world and our global future.
We recognise the individuality and varied abilities of our students and provide every opportunity for them to find their passion, take risks,
strive to improve, succeed and learn from any set-backs.
Set on a 7-hectare property in the heart of Trinity Beach, our school offers students access to a range of specialist academic programs
and extension extra curricular activities – including Sport, Instrumental Music and Language Studies.
Trinity Beach State School is embedded in our Northern Beaches community.
We work to continually foster positive relationships with our families, local businesses,
surrounding schools, clubs and professional associations. It is through these productive
partnerships that we are able to deliver dynamic educational experiences for our
We look forward to working in partnership with you during these formative years of
your child’s life-long education.
Matthew Denzin, Principal

Important Information
School Administration Office hours are
Monday to Friday 8:30am - 3:45pm
                                                                          Important dates for 2020
Phone Numbers                                                             Term 1
                                                                          Tuesday 28 January – Friday 3 April
School Administration Office:               07 4057 1444                  Term 2
Outside School Hours Care:                  07 4057 5678
                                                                          Monday 20 April – Friday 26 June
Tuckshop:                                   07 4057 1439
                                                                          Term 3
Other Contact Details                                                     Monday 13 July – Friday 18 September
                                                                          Term 4
Physical Address:  Wewak Street, Trinity Beach
Postal Address:  PO Box 142 Trinity Beach 4879                           Tuesday 6 October – Friday 11 December
Email:                           Additional Student free days:
Website:                           • 23, 24 January                                 • 4 September

Our Leadership Team
Principal:                                  Matthew Denzin                Daily Routine
Deputy Principals:                          Narinder Singh
                                            Leigh Evans                     9.00am – 11.00am              Morning Session
                                            Leanne Bell
                                                                          11.00am – 11.10am               Lunch (in class)
Business Managers/
Administration Officers:                    Lisa Harris                   11.10am – 11.50am               Activity Recess
                                            Lorraine Innes
                                                                            11.50am – 1.30pm              Middle Session
                                            Helen Wilson
Administrations Officers:                   Julie Savage                     1.30pm – 2.00pm              Activity Recess
                                            Jessica Connell
                                                                             2.00pm – 3.00pm              Afternoon Session
Inclusive Education:                        Samantha Ilic
Outside School Hours Care:                  Veronica Vignes

                                                                               Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be a Learner.                       3
School Handbook 2020 - Every student matters - Trinity Beach State School
Teaching & Learning Programs
The Tropical North Learning Academy: Trinity Beach State
School provides a dynamic educational experience for
students that enables them to become independent, creative                   A balanced approach to homework plays an important role in a
and connected lifelong learners.                                             child’s education.
Our academic programs are focused on building students’                      At Trinity Beach State School, we promote homework as not
foundational skills, attitudes and values to ensure they achieve their       only an opportunity for students to develop self-discipline
individual potential.                                                        and independence, but also for parents to see and share their
Literacy and numeracy skills are taught explicitly as well as embedded       children’s education.
in Trinity Beach State School’s extended curriculum. The core areas of       Phase:        Lower Primary
study for all year levels are based on Education Queensland’s syllabus       Duration:     60 minutes per week
and are directly aligned with the Australian National Curriculum.            Focus:        Reinforcing literacy
In addition to engaging classroom-based learning activities, many            Common Tasks: • Daily reading to, with, and by parents/caregivers
aspects of our curriculum are delivered by specialist teachers, including:                 • Discussions about books
• Health & Physical Education                                                              • Linking concepts with familiar activities
• Music studies & Instrumental Music                                                         (e.g. shopping, cooking)
                                                                                           • Conversations about what is happening
• Languages Other Than English (LOTE)
                                                                                             at school
• Performing Arts
• STEAM                                                                      Phase:        Upper Primary
                                                                             Duration:     90 minutes per week
Phases of Learning                                                           Focus:        Reinforcing new concepts and independence
                                                                             Common Tasks: • Daily independent reading
Our academic programs are divided into two key phases of learning.                         • Class work from each subject area
Each stage is approached as a unique, yet interdependent step in the                         (as required)
broader education pathway.                                                                 • Extension of class work, projects and research
Lower Primary (Prep – Year 3): Often referred to as the “Early                               (as required)
Years of Learning”, Lower Primary at Trinity Beach State School
focuses on developing our students’ passion for learning, creativity
and self-confidence. Our program aims to not only provide our                Technology and Resources
youngest students with a balanced and relevant set of core literacy          Trinity Beach State School provides a well-resourced learning
and numeracy skills, but also with a strong attitude to learning that        environment for students. In addition to our classrooms being
will underpin their later academic and personal achievement.                 filled with age-specific resources, students have access to specialist
Upper Primary (Years 4 – 6): Trinity Beach State School’s                    teaching environments and the latest ICTs.
approach to the Middle Years of Schooling (Years 4–6) reflects our           Specialist Teaching Environments
understanding of the unique educational needs of young adolescents.          Our students have access to a number of specialist teaching
Our Upper Primary program supports the intellectual, social,                 environments, including Makerspace, Coding and Robotics,
emotional, moral, spiritual and physical development of our students.        Instrumental Music Classroom, Special Education Centre, state-
Learning experiences encourage active learning, strong relationships,        of-the-art Library, sports gymnasium, virtual neighbourhood and
co-operation, and the development of independent learning skills.            multiple sporting fields.

Academic Excellence                                                          Information Communication Technology
                                                                             All Trinity Beach State School classrooms are fitted with the latest
Trinity Beach State School is focussed on building a culture of              in interactive, information communication technology, including:
academic excellence and achievement across the Tropical North                • Teacher Laptops            • Networked PCs
Academy. We recognise and engage students into aspirational                  • Mounted data projector • High-speed internet connections
pathways. These programs include:                                            Trinity Beach State School provides STEAM (Science, Technology,
• Young Scholars Program                                                     Engineering and Maths) curriculum to all upper level students and
   - Philosophy in Action - Entrepreneurs of tomorrow                        offers a range of programs in the technology area such as:
   - Sustainability		        - Makerspace                                    • Maker Space		             • Code Clubs         • Robotic Clubs
   - Global Tropic Futures                                                   Trinity Beach also offers before and after school classes in robotics,
• Cairns and District Schools Science and Environmental                      coding and drones.
   Sustainability Enrichment Program for Gifted and Talented
   – for selected Year 5 students
• Specialist Instrumental Music Program with pathways into
   Smithfield State High School Jazz Academy
• Netball & Soccer Academy – skills development program for
   talented sportsmen and sportswomen.
• TNLA Enrichment Programs

School Handbook 2020 - Every student matters - Trinity Beach State School
Assessment                                       Performing Arts
Assessment helps teachers make decisions         Music
about what your child knows and can do.          In addition to the general study of music - which is provided as a core component
Assessment in primary school is based on the     of our academic program - Trinity Beach State School also offers students the
P-12 curriculum, assessment and reporting        opportunity for more focused instruction. Participation in these programs is generally
framework aligned with the National              accessed through an audition process.
Curriculum’s expectations.
                                                 Instrumental Music: Strings are offered to students from Year 3. Percussion, brass
Throughout the year, all class teachers will     and woodwind is available from Year 4. Mid-year auditions are available for newly
complete standard, school-wide testing of        enrolled Years 3 - 6 students.
their students – focusing on literacy and        Jazz Academy: Selected students from the instrumental music program have multiple
numeracy. The results of these tests are used    opportunities across the year to play with senior students and experts at Smithfield
to identify individual students that would       State High School. There are events during the year also where the secondary band
benefit from additional support or extension     plays at our school.
                                                 Band: Trinity Beach State School boasts a successful Concert Band and a Strings
National Testing                                 Orchestra that are additional to the Instrumental Music program.
All Year 3 and 5 students in Australia sit the
National Assessment Program – Literacy           Drama
and Numeracy (NAPLAN) tests. There are           Performing Arts is offered across the school to classes from Years 1-6. Through
4 tests, completed over 3 days: Language         the program, students learn aspects of the dramatic arts, while creating many
Conventions, Writing, Reading and Numeracy.      opportunities for them to showcase their talent. An extension program also operates
The results of these tests provide the school    which gives students opportunities to extend their knowledge of drama.
with information about what each student         Encore
knows and can do. Parents also receive a         The Trinity Beach State School Encore evening offers an annual showcase of the
report showing how your child performed          school’s Performing Arts programs and groups.
against agreed national benchmarks.
                                                 Sports/Physical Activities
Support Services                                 Trinity Beach State School promotes good health and nutrition through breakfast
Key support services available at Trinity        programs, dental hygiene program, Bike Bus, healthy tuckshop choices and our SunSafe
Beach State School include:                      accreditation.
• Guidance Officer                               Our Physical Education program engages all students in fun, active skill development
                                                 across a number of sports.
• Head of Curriculum
                                                 Please note: All physical activities involve inherent risks. Like all state schools, we do not
• Head of Inclusive Education
                                                 offer “accident insurance” to cover medical or other costs in the event of accidental injury.
• Support Teacher English as Additional
                                                 We therefore recommend families consider private insurance.
  Language Dialect
• Speech Language Pathologist
• School-based Paediatrician
                                                 Languages other than English (LOTE)
                                                 The extended Trinity Beach State School curriculum provides all students with the
• Student Attendance Officer
                                                 opportunity to engage with experience in different languages and cultures.
• Student Services Support                       Our highly qualified Mandarin staff lead the school through functional aspects of the
                                                 language – immersing them in the culture, food and traditions. Our LOTE extension
                                                 program affords students opportunities across the year to
                                                 expand their abilities by competing regionally, also.
                                                 Chinese Mandarin is continued at our partner
                                                 site – Smithfield State High School.

                                                                              Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be a Learner.                          5
School Handbook 2020 - Every student matters - Trinity Beach State School
Our students’ learning is enhanced
through participation in school
excursions. When planning excursions,
our teachers ensure:
• The activity complements students’ academic programs
• Safe ratios of adults to students as per activity requirements
• Students not participating in the excursion are supervised and
  provided with an alternative program at school
• Specific processes are in place if students are being transported in
  private vehicles
• Careful selection and preparation of all parents/volunteers
  participating in the excursion
All school excursions are approved by our Principal and P&C
Association. Our school regularly reviews and updates our
excursion procedures using Education Queensland’s Curriculum
Activity Risk Assessment.                                                Family & Community
Library Programs
The Trinity Beach State School library is open 9:00 am to 3:00pm.
                                                                         Parents and families are an important part of our school
All classes visit our library at least weekly to borrow reading          community. Trinity Beach State School encourages families to
material.                                                                become involved in their child’s broad education experience
Please note: Students are encouraged to look after any borrowed          with us – by keeping in regular communication with teachers,
items as there is a fixed charge for any lost or damaged library         volunteering in class, and/or joining our P&C Association.
and home reading books.

International Student Program                                            Communication
                                                                         Open communication between home and school underpins a
Trinity Beach State School is proud to be recognised as a                great school experience for children.
school of choice for international students. Our school works in
partnership with Education Queensland International to support           From the School
international student places in Prep to Year 6.                          To ensure that you always know what is happening in our
                                                                         school, we provide important information through the
Religious Education                                                      following:
                                                                         • Class newsletters
The Trinity Beach State School academic program offers all
                                                                         • Weekly school newsletter
students access to religious instruction by accredited and
                                                                         • PBL newsletter
approved representatives of religious societies and denominations.       • School noticeboard - at corner of Madang & Wewak Streets
Our program features Catholic, Anglican, Uniting, and Baha’i             • School Website –
Faith lessons for half an hour each Monday. Parents are invited to       • Parent information nights & special events
nominate a denomination for religion instruction at enrolment.           • Facebook page
If you indicated at enrolment that your child is to be withdrawn         • P & C meetings - held twice per term
from all religious instruction, we offer students an alternative         • School parade
learning activity during this time – focusing on social skills.          • PBL community meetings each term
You can nominate at any time to enrol or withdraw your child
                                                                         From your Family
               from religion instruction. Please contact the School
                                                                         We encourage you to share any news, concerns or questions
                      Administration Office for more information.
                                                                         with our school.

                             Bike Bus                                    General events in your family life - such as illness, new babies
                                                                         and visitors - can be a source of excitement or concern for
                                Trinity Beach State School runs          young children, and so may affect their behaviour. Please let
                                  the award-winning “Bike Bus”           your classroom teacher know of any such events.
                                   – a formalised ride-to-school         Please feel free to discuss any problems or queries with your
                                    program. Staff and volunteers        classroom teacher – especially in regards to your child’s
                                      ride alongside students to         progress, the school or the class program. Teachers will be
                                       and from school, modelling        happy to make appointments for longer discussions.
                                       important road safety skills.
                                                                         Contacting Staff
                                                                         You may contact your child’s teacher by leaving a message
                                                                         through our School Administration Office.
                                                                         Many of our teachers may also make use of their professional
                                                                         email account for communication with families. We encourage
                                                                         you to speak directly with your child’s teacher to negotiate
                                                                         the best way of staying in regular contact.

School Handbook 2020 - Every student matters - Trinity Beach State School
Reporting to Parents                                                 Annual School Report
While our classroom teachers are available to discuss your           Each year, Trinity Beach State School publishes an annual school
child’s progress throughout the school year, there are key times     report. This report outlines our achievement across a number of key
of year when we formally report to parents:                          performance areas, including student learning outcomes, resource
Parent Night (Term 1)                                                management and community engagement. Electronic copies of the
At the beginning of each year our teachers open their                report are available on our website.
classrooms to talk about the year ahead with students and their
families. This provides parents with a wonderful opportunity to
                                                                     School Newsletter
                                                                     The Trinity Beach State School Newsletter is emailed to families each
visit their child’s classroom and speak directly with the teacher.   Tuesday. Copies are also available to download from our website.
Learning Journey (Term 1 & 3)                                        Our newsletter is one of our main communication links between
Learning Journeys are held in Term 1 and 3. They are an              school and home, designed to keep you informed on what is
opportunity for students to showcase all the amazing work            happening in our school community.
they have done throughout the term and share their new
learnings and experiences with parents.                              School Parade
                                                                     P- 3 and 4 – 6 parades are held each fortnight in the school hall and parents
Student Report (Term 2 & 4)
                                                                     are always welcome to attend. Parades are held on Fridays at 12 noon.
Formal reporting is completed for all students in late June and
early December each year.                                            Parent Information Sessions
Report cards are sent home via email in the last week of the         At times throughout the year, Trinity Beach State School will host both
school term.                                                         formal and informal parent evenings. The focus of these events may
                                                                     vary – from introducing curriculum changes, sharing helpful tips about
  Years 1-2 Reporting Scale                                          helping your child’s learning at home to open discussions about an
  The following 5-point scale is used to report student              important, emergent topic. All events are advertised in our newsletter
  achievement in Years 1-2:                                          and school noticeboard.
  Very High         Thorough understanding. High level of skill

                    that can be transferred to new situations
                    Clear understanding. High level of skill in
                    situations familiar to them and is beginning
                                                                       P&C Association
                                                                       The Trinity Beach State School P & C Association is an integral part
                    to transfer skills to new situations               of our school and works in partnership with the school’s leadership
  Sound             Understanding. Can apply skills in situations      team to:
                    familiar to them                                   • Promote the interests of the school by bringing parents, citizens,
  Developing        Understanding of aspects.Varying level of            pupils and teaching staff into close co-operation
                    skill in situations familiar to them               • Ensure students have access to quality learning materials and
  Support Required Becoming aware. A basic understanding,                equipment
                    Beginning to apply skills in situations            • Ensure effective school policy and management of school activities.
                    familiar to them                                   Being involved in the P & C is great way to get to know other
                                                                       parents and families, and gives you a chance to see how our big
  Years 3-6 Reporting Scale                                            and busy school works.
  The following 5-point scale is used to report student                P & C success lies with support from parents and carers, and the
  achievement in Years 3-6:                                            willingness to contribute ideas, expertise, time and enthusiasm
  A                 Very high level of knowledge and                   towards making our brilliant school even better.
  B                 High level of knowledge and understanding          Research shows that children benefit when their parents are
  C                 Sound level of knowledge and                       actively involved in the education and school life.
                    understanding                                      P & C meetings are held twice per term. All parents are welcome
  D                 Limited level of knowledge and                     to attend and are encouraged to take up formal membership. As a
                    understanding                                      member, participants are entitled to vote at meetings and are also
  E                 Very limited level of knowledge and                covered by insurance when involved in P & C activities.

QParents is an online portal that is free for
                                                                       Our school welcomes the active support of our parents and
Queensland state schools to use and allows
                                                                       community members. Whether it is volunteering in our tuckshop,
parents access to:
                                                                       supporting a reading program in class, supervising a school camp or
• view attendance details, behaviour information,
                                                                       offering a hand at a working bee – all help is greatly appreciated.
   report cards, invoices and a history of payments
• provide reasons for absences and to notify the school of             If you are volunteering in our school, please remember to contact
   future absences                                                     the School Administration Office for a volunteer blue card
• view and pay school invoices online                                  application form (no cost for this application).
• update student details including residential and postal address      Please note: a volunteer blue card form is not required if you are
   as well as medical conditions.                                      volunteering in your child/ren’s classroom.
Once registered, parents can securely login to the portal on their
smartphone, tablet or personal computer to access their child’s
information and to communicate directly
with the school.
                                                                                 Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be a Learner.                          7
School Handbook 2020 - Every student matters - Trinity Beach State School
Policies & Procedures
    Outside School Hours Care                                         All policies and procedures that relate to the management
                                                                      and operation of our school are available through our School
    OSHC                                                              Administration Office.

    Outside School Hours Care and Vacation Care is available
    through our P & C Association. Services are offered
                                                                      Complaints Processes
    through a well-equipped, purpose-specific facility located        The Department of Education has a clear policy and process for
    in the school’s Early Years Precinct.                             schools to deal with any complaint received by parents/carers,
                                                                      community members, staff or students.
    Students enjoy a variety of outdoor games, craft activities
    and have the opportunity to carry out their homework              Our objective is to ensure that all complaints are dealt with in a
    during indoor times.                                              fair and equitable manner to achieve an effective resolution for
                                                                      all parties.
    Phone: (07) 4057 5678 Fax: (07) 4057 5676
    Email:                                    Under our policy, all complaints must be documented. You
                                                                      should be aware that if you are making a complaint about a staff
    Opening Hours                                                     member, in most instances, the staff member will be told of the
    Before School Care: 7am - 9am                                     complaint and offered the right of reply. When making your
    After School Care: 3pm - 6pm                                      complaint, you should ensure that you:
    Vacation Care: 7:30am - 6pm
                                                                        • Provide complete and factual information in a
                                                                          timely manner

    Trinity Beach State School                                          • Deliver your complaint in a calm and reasoned manner

    Building Trust Fund                                                 • Avoid making frivolous or vexatious complaints, or
                                                                          providing deliberately false or misleading information.

    The Trinity Beach State School Building Trust Fund helps to       Complaints process:
    ensure the quality and sustainability of our wonderful learning     1. Make an appointment to discuss your complaint with the
    environment.                                                           class teacher in the first instance
    All donations big and small are a fantastic contribution               - Discuss the complaint and give them the opportunity to
    to the school community. The Building Trust Fund is tax                  suggest a solution
    deductible, receipts are issued to families for tax purposes.          - The teacher will make a record of your complaint and
    All contributions are really appreciated! Typical donations are          advise their Line Manager of the outcome.
    between $20 and $100.                                               2. Discuss your complaint with your Deputy Principal or
    The Building Trust Fund is                                             the Principal
    approved annually by our                                               - If, after approaching the teacher, your complaint remains
    P & C Association, with all funds                                       unresolved, make an appointment with your
    used to maximise the quality of                                         Deputy Principal
    our learning facilities, resources                                     - Put your complaint in writing
    and equipment.                                                      3. Contact your local education office
                                                                           - If, after speaking to the Principal, your complaint remains
                                                                             unresolved, you have the right to contact your local
                                                                             Department of Education office
                                                                           - Complaints may be lodged by telephone or in writing.
                                                                             It should be specific and outline the steps you have already
                                                                             taken with the school to resolve the issue
                                                                           - The school will be notified of your complaint.

School Handbook 2020 - Every student matters - Trinity Beach State School
General Information                                                       Student Records
                                                                          Individual student records are kept on file at our school. Copies
Student Code of Behaviour                                                 of student’s report cards, absence details, record of behaviour
Productive learning & positive behaviour are inextricably linked.         issues and contact information are available to parents/guardians
We believe that effective learning takes place when all members           upon written request, addressed to the Principal.
of the school community – students, staff, parents and visitors -           Keeping us up-to-date
acknowledge and abide by a set of fundamental expectations.                 It is important that you inform the school as soon as
The Trinity Beach State School Code of Behaviour is based on three          possible if there are any changes to:
core expectations: Be Safe, Be Respectful and Be a Learner.                 • contact details
Trinity Beach State School endorses a whole school approach                 • medical information
intended to promote and support appropriate behaviours in all               • family circumstances
students. To facilitate this approach, the school has implemented the
School Wide Positive Behaviour For Learning (PBL) framework as a          Custody/Parenting Arrangements
means to revise and develop strategies and procedures to promote
a safe, supportive and disciplined school environment.                    Information regarding your family circumstances is essential to
                                                                          help us to understand and support your child while at school.
Our School Wide Positive Behaviour For Learning program                   A copy of a court order or custody order is necessary so that
is coordinated by a School Leadership Team – including                    school staff can help ensure the legally designated parent or
representatives from administration, teaching, guidance, behaviour        guardian collects children.
support, parent groups and community organisations.
Important principles that guide our work under our PBL framework,         Absence
include:                                                                  If your child is to be absent from school for any time, we ask
  • Appropriate behaviour and social and emotional learning skills        that you advise us as soon as possible by:
     to be explicitly taught.
                                                                           • SMS to absence
  • For some students, extra support will be required in
                                                                           • QParents
     both teaching and reinforcing such behaviour.
                                                                           • Emailing the school absence email address, or
Trinity Beach State School offers interventions to support the             • Calling the school’s absence line, or
teaching and reinforcing of appropriate behaviour at different levels.     • Sending a note to the class teacher.
These include:
                                                                          Multiple unexplained or unauthorised absences will be
  • Universal – for all students,
                                                                          investigated by the school’s administration team and our
  • Targeted – for students requiring extra support,
                                                                          attendance officer. Please note if you plan for your child to
  • Intensive – for a small number of students displaying
                                                                          be away from school for 11 days or more, you are required
     challenging and/or persistent inappropriate behaviour
                                                                          to submit an Application For Exemption from Compulsory
Details about our Code of Behaviour, School Wide Positive
                                                                          Schooling (available from the school administration office).
Behaviour For Learning (PBL) framework and interventions are
documented in our 2020 Student Code of Conduct.                           Children are asked not to arrive at school before 8.30am. The
                                                                          school will not take responsibility for children who arrive before
What is Social and Emotional
                                                                          this time. Children are expected to sit in CPA1 until 8.30am
Learning and the You Can Do It!
                                                                          when they are allowed to move to classroom areas.
                                                                          It is expected that all children will depart the school grounds
Social and emotional learning (SEL) is                                    by 3.15pm.
the process through which children and
                                                                          Arriving Late: If your child arrives at school after classes have
adults understand and manage emotions,
                                                                          started, please send them to the student services window for
set and achieve positive goals, feel and
                                                                          a late pass. Regular late attendance will be investigated by the
show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships,
                                                                          classroom teacher and school attendance officer.
and make responsible decisions. Social and emotional learning is
taught explicitly through our You Can Do It! (YCDI) program.YCDI!         Leaving Early: If your child needs to leave school early, please
is a whole-school program which includes four units of work               report to the student services window for an early pass.
including eight lessons per term. The Social Emotional Learning           On presentation of the pass to the teacher students will be
Framework underpins the key foundations that are addressed in             permitted to leave the school grounds early. Students can only
our program. Each lesson has a strong emphasis on learning about          be signed out by an authorised emergency contact.
our five keys to success (social-emotional skills) – persistence,
organisation, getting along, resilience and confidence as well
as our 12 positive habits of mind. Additionally, students will also
engage in activities and discussions based around 12 negative habits
of mind and how we can change our ways of thinking to prevent and
combat social and emotional blockers.
In 2019, Trinity Beach State School – Tropical North Learning Academy
was acknowledged as a You Can Do It! Champion School by YCDI!

                                                                              Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be a Learner.                           9
School Handbook 2020 - Every student matters - Trinity Beach State School
Internet Access                                                            Car Parking
The Internet provides our students with valuable learning                  The car park located within our school grounds is for staff use. It
experiences – offering access to information from around the world.        is out-of-bounds to all students. In the interest of safety, families
All websites accessed through school computers are filtered through        are not to use this as a drop off or pick up point for your children.
Education Queensland’s Managed Internet Services. Together with the        Exceptions to this policy can only granted by the Principal, upon
supervision of our teachers, we aim to minimise the risk of students       receipt of a written request.
being exposed to harmful information.                                      Families transporting students with a disability may use the specially
Student access to the internet is monitored through individual logins      provided set down area on Huon Street to enter the school grounds.
and passwords.                                                             We encourage all parents to make use of the designated Stop
                                                                           Drop and Go at the front of the school (Wewak Street) to ensure
Tuckshop                                                                   traffic congestion is minimised and safety enhanced at the beginning
Our P & C Association operates our “Healthy Choices” Tuckshop.             and end of each day. The purpose is for parents/carers to pick up
It opens each day from 8.30am - selling food, stationery items and         and drop off students in the morning and afternoon and move on
school uniforms.                                                           straight away.
Our tuckshop’s convenors coordinate a roster of voluntary helpers
who assist with the operation of the tuckshop. All parents are
encouraged to offer their services.                                          School Uniforms
                                                                             All students of Trinity Beach State School must uphold our
­Breakfasts: Our tuckshop is also open for breakfast from 8.30 –
 8.55am. It sells great café-style coffee for parents and teachers.          Dress Code Policy. This policy not only encourages equity
                                                                             among students but also promotes the school’s Sun Smart
Lunch Orders: Lunch orders are for first break only. Lunch orders            Policy. Full dress uniform must be worn by all students
can be written on a paper bag with your child’s name and class               participating on excursions.
clearly marked and the money inside. Our preferred way of ordering
Tuckshop is through Flexischools. Lunches are collected by a class                           GIRLS                    BOYS
monitor and returned to the classrooms prior to the lunch break.                             Trinity Beach SS Polo    Trinity Beach SS Polo
                                                                              School Shirt
Mobile Phones Access
                                                                                             Shirt                    Shirt
                                                                                             Navy Netball skirt, or
At TBSS we recommend all mobile phones are left at home. We                   Shorts/Skirt
                                                                                             Navy Shorts
                                                                                                                      Navy Shorts
recognise however, that there are times when parents want the
                                                                              School         Trinity Beach SS
security of knowing their children have arrived at school and home                                                    N/A
                                                                              Dress          Uniform Dress
again safely. The following procedures for all students bringing a phone
to school are:                                                                               Navy broad brimmed       Navy broad brimmed
1. All phones are to be handed into the front office immediately upon                        hat, or                  hat, or
                                                                                             Navy legionnaires, or    Navy legionnaires, or
students arrival at school where they will be stored for safe keeping.
                                                                                             Navy bucket hat          Navy bucket hat
2. Students collect phones from the front office at the end of the
school day.                                                                                  Sports Shirt in house
                                                                                                                      Sports Shirt in house
3. Any students with a mobile phone after arrival at school will have         Sports
                                                                                             colour (Red,Yellow,
                                                                                                                      colour (Red,Yellow,
their phone confiscated and will need to collect it from a Deputy                            Green or Blue), and
                                                                              Uniform                                 Green or Blue), and
                                                                                             Navy Shorts or
Principal at the end of the school day. Parents will be notified.                                                     Navy Shorts
                                                                                             Navy Netball skirt
4. Mobiles are to be secure in bags whilst waiting for the bus.
5. Subsequent confiscations will require a parent or guardian to             Our school uniform can be purchased at our Tuckshop. Navy
personally collect the phone from a Deputy Principal.                        shorts and skirts can be purchased from most department stores.
We remind students and parents that unauthorised and inappropriate           Footwear
use of technology are serious violations of TBSS Responsible Behaviour       For personal safety and general health, students must wear
Plan for Students and will be dealt with according to the school             their school shoes at all times.
procedures. We thank parents and guardians in advance for their              Students are expected to wear shoes when travelling on the
support of this procedure.                                                   bus to and from school or to excursions.
                                                                             Jewellery & other accessories
Student Travel                                                               The following items are acceptable to be worn to school:
Bus Travel                                                                   watch, necklace (locket or chain), earrings (small and plain
Contact Loves Bus Service (Ph: 4035 4500, or             studs/sleepers). For safety reasons students may be asked to
Queensland Transport for more information on local bus schedules.            remove some jewellery when working with equipment or
Bicycle Travel                                                               when playing sport.
Riding to school is a popular choice for students at Trinity Beach           Make up and nail polish is not encouraged and, if worn, should
State School. To ensure the safety of our students, we maintain the          be discrete. Hair accessories should be kept to a minimum.
following expectations:                                                      Inappropriate Clothing
  • Before starting to ride to school, children should know                  Items of clothing with inappropriate wording/pictures, thongs,
    road safety rules & be competent riders.                                 scuffs, flip flops, slide-ons and caps/beanies are not permitted
  • Wearing safety helmets is compulsory.                                    to be worn.
  • Students are not permitted to ride their bikes/scooters                  Hats
    inside the school grounds.                                               Students must wear an appropriate hat
We recommend that students use a locking device to secure bikes              when working and playing outside
                                                                                                                               Our policy is
to the racks.                                                                the classroom. This
                                                                                                                            “No hats, no shoes
                                                                             includes broad brimmed,                        = no play outdoors”
                                                                             legionnaires or bucket
                                                                             hats in navy. Caps are not
All students are encouraged to apply sunscreen for outdoor activities.

Water Bottles
All students are encouraged to bring a water bottle to school. Water bottles filled with
water are able to be used in all classrooms.

Stationery Lists
At the end of each school year children are provided with a starter booklist that gives details of
the necessary items for the following year. Our P & C Association operates a “Book Pack” system
each school year. Forms are sent home via the classes. Collection of these packs will be conducted prior
to the commencement of the school year.

                                                                         Accident insurance cover for students
  Student Health                                                         Some school activities and physical education, particularly contact
                                                                         sports, carry inherent risks of injury.
                                                                         Parents are advised that the department does not have Student
  First Aid                                                              Accident Insurance cover for students.
  Members of our school staff are permitted only to render               If your child is injured at school as a result of an accident or incident,
  basic First Aid. This is immediate, temporary treatment given          all costs associated with the injury, including medical costs, are the
  by the staff in case of an accident.                                   responsibility of the child, parent or caregiver.
  Should medical treatment beyond First Aid be required,                 Some incidental medical costs may be covered by Medicare. If
  parents are notified immediately whenever possible and/or              parents have private health insurance, some costs may also be
  the necessary treatment arranged.                                      covered through the private health insurance. Any other costs would
  In case of a serious accident, an ambulance will be called to          be borne by the parents.
  transport the injured child to a doctor or hospital.                   Private Student Accident Insurance is an insurance policy that pays
  It is understood that it is not always possible to notify parents      certain benefits in certain circumstances should your child have an
  immediately of action taken. However, every endeavour is               accident.
  made to contact parents as soon as possible.                           It is a personal decision for parents as to the types and levels of
                                                                         private insurance they arrange to cover their child for any accidental
  Administration of Medications                                          injury that may occur.
                                                                         Parents should contact their insurer or an approved Australian
  All medication to be taken by children at school must be               insurance broker for more information about student personal
  brought to the school administration office to be administered         accident insurance cover for their child.
  under the supervision of the administration team. Parents
                                                                         For more information, visit:
  must bring medication to the office and complete the
  ‘Permission to Administer Medication’ form.
  All medication must be labelled in the name of the child with
  a pharmacy prescribed label - This includes cough medicines,
                                                                         Infectious Diseases
  Ventolin and aspirin, disprin, eardrops etc. No medicines can          Trinity Beach State School follows the exclusion guidelines provided
  be accepted without a completed ‘Permission to Administer              by the National Health and Medical Research Council.
  Medication’ form authorisation from the parents/guardian.              Chickenpox: Exclude until fully recovered or for at least five (5) days
                                                                         after the first eruption.
  Parents of children who suffer from any health conditions are
  to advise the school administration office of details. Details         Conjunctivitis: Exclude until discharge from eyes has ceased.
  of any children who self-administer approved medication is             Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease: Exclude until all blisters have dried.
  required (e.g. medications for Asthma, Diabetes and Epilepsy).         Hepatitis A: Exclude until medical certificate of recovery is received.
                                                                         School Sores: Exclude until child has received antibiotics for at least

                                                                         24 hours.
                                                                         Measles: Exclude for at least four (4) days from the onset of rash.
  Like most schools we face a battle to keep these annoying              Mumps: Exclude for nine days after onset of swelling.
  ‘pests’ under control. Should an incidence of headlice be              Ringworm/Scabies/Tinea: Exclude until the day after appropriate
  reported in your child’s class, an alert letter will be sent home      treatment has commenced.
  advising of the outbreak and requesting parents check their            Rubella/German Measles: Exclude until fully recovered or for at least
  child’s hair.                                                          four days after the onset of rash.
                                                                         Streptococcal sore throat (including Scarlet Fever): Exclude until
                                                                         well and has received antibiotics treatment for at least 24 hours.
                                                                         Whooping Cough: Exclude the child for five days after starting
                                                                         antibiotic treatment.

                                                                                   Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be a Learner.                          11
Common Routines                                                                 Support learning at home
Getting Prepared                                                                Trinity Beach State School promotes that parents and staff
                                                                                work together in partnership to support each child’s learning.
School stationery: A stationery list will be available in late                  We encourage families to regularly visit their child’s classroom
November for parents who would like to pre-order materials                      for a brief chat, to take part in daily activities or special event.
through the school. We recommend that all equipment be                          We also encourage parents to help their child to become
individually labelled with your child’s name.                                   increasingly independent - including taking responsibility for
                                                                                their own belongings.
Uniforms: The school tuckshop will be open the week before
school starts for families to purchase school uniforms.                         Writing
Class lists: Tentative class lists will be posted in the Hall, the              • Provide “junk” materials for drawing, making patterns,
week before school starts. These lists are guides only and may                    and building things.
change.                                                                         • Write notes to family members and encourage your child
                                                                                  to write by having pencils and crayons available.

                                                                                • Arrange fine motor activities such as Lego, puzzles,
                                                                                  playdough, cutting, planting, and baking.
We are very happy to help your child celebrate their birthday                   • Encourage your child to explore different ways to organise
with their class friends. If you would like to bring a birthday                   areas, e.g. their bedroom, play area
cake, please check with your classroom teacher for any
considerations such as allergies.
                                                                                • Nothing beats reading with your child every night.Your
                                                                                  modelling of reading will help to establish a positive attitude
Breakfast                                                                         to reading and words in their environment.
Please ensure your child is having a healthy breakfast every day.               • Home reading will be sent home in Term 1 as well as some
The benefits of having a healthy breakfast means children can                     sight words and phonics exercises. This will encourage good
concentrate more on their school tasks and learning.                              work routines for your child’s schooling life.
                                                                                • Praise all efforts to read and write.
                                                                                • Talk about everyday items such as signs, letters, catalogues,

  Lunchbox Tips                                                                   magazines and food packaging, number plate spotting.
                                                                                • Label rooms and things around the house with words
                                                                                  and/or pictures.
  When preparing your child’s lunch, please consider:
  • Size of the lunchbox - we have only limited room in our fridge              • Read and talk frequently about storybooks, factual books
  • Bulky insulated lunchboxes cannot be kept in the refrigerator                 and rhymes.
  - please provide an ice pack                                                  Mathematics
  • Children are not allowed to share lunches                                   • Count everything - pointing with one to one
  • Food packaging - young children can have difficulty opening
                                                                                  correspondence is important.
    some pre-packaged foods
                                                                                • Encourage your child to experiment with various materials
  • Tins and cans are not allowed as they can present safety risks
                                                                                  and equipment and identify shapes and colours.
  Please advise us if your child has special dietary needs
  (particularly let the office know if your child has any food allergies etc)   • Show money to your child and talk about it.
                                                                                • Talk about long/short, wide/narrow, thick/thin, front/behind,
  Lunchbox ideas:                                                                 next, same/different, full/empty.
  ✓ fresh fruit or vegies cut in small pieces if possible                       • Provide a variety of materials and containers for measuring
  ✓ sandwich, roll or wrap with vegemite, eggs, salad or meat                     things - water, grain and sand.
  ✓ baked beans/spaghetti in a plastic container                                • Discuss quantities and actions while cooking.
  ✓ healthy food bars – easy to open
  ✓ dried fruit                   ✓ water bottle
  ✓ crackers and dip/cheese       ✓ yoghurt
                                                                                                                                 Thank you
                                                                                                                                for choosing
                                                                                                                                 our school

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