POSTAL AUCTION
                                     CLOSING AT NOON
                                     5th NOVEMBER 2020

                                          Conditions of Postal Sale

The CMS reserves the right to refuse items which are damaged or unsuitable, or we have doubts about

Reserves can be placed on lots but must be agreed with the CMS. They should reflect realistic values/expectations
and not be the “highest price” expected.
The CMS will take 7% of the price realised, the vendor 93% which will normally be paid no later than 6 weeks after
the auction.
The CMS will undertake to advertise the memorabilia for auction on its website no later than 3 weeks prior to the
closing date of the auction. Bids will only be accepted from CMS members.
Postal bids must be in writing or e-mail by the closing date and time shown above. Generally, no item will be sold
below 10% of the lower estimate without reference to the vendor. Thus, an item with a £10-15 estimate can be sold
for £9, but not £8, without approval.
The incremental scale for the acceptance of bids is as follows: £2 increments up to £20, then £20/22/25/28/30 up to
£50, then £5 increments to £100 and £10 increments above that. So, if there are two postal bids at £25 and £30,
the item will go to the higher bidder at £28. Should there be two identical bids, the first received will win. Bids
submitted between increments will be accepted, thus a £52 bid will not be rounded either up or down.
Items will be sent to successful postal bidders the week after the auction and will be sent by the cheapest rate
commensurate with the value and size of the item. Postage and packaging will be paid by the successful postal
bidder. Successful bidders should aim to pay quickly, so that accounts with vendors can be settled.
The CMS will be responsible for the items sent for auction while they are in the possession of the CMS.
A list of prices realised at an auction will be published on the Society’s website.

        Remember - it is the only cricket auction with no buyer’s premium!

If you would like a photograph of any item for which there is not an
illustration, please contact Roger Pease 01543 263711or

1. Barry Richards Benefit Correspondence. Four hand-written letters from Barry Richards to Clive
Dunning regarding the arrangements for his benefit and signed “Barry”. The first, in date order, is an
AEROGRAMME from South Africa and the following three are on special paper produced for the
Benefit with a shadow outline picture of Richards batting. All the letters are in very good condition.
                                                                                                 Est. £12/15

2. Richard Gilliat Benefit Correspondence. Two type-written letters from Richard Gilliat to Clive
Dunning regarding a benefit match being arranged in aid of his benefit fund and hand signed by Gilliat.
The letters are on headed notepaper with the Hampshire Crest and “Richard Gilliat Benefit Year 1978”.
Both letters are in very good condition.                                                        Est. £5/8

3. Letter from David Gower. A very pleasant letter from David Gower in reply to a request for items to
auction. Although in the end there was not a great deal on offer the tone of the letter is very friendly. Sold
with a hand-written note regretting that he is unable to attend a function and wishing them a “good night”.
                                                                                                      Est. £5/8

4. Letter from Colin Ingleby-MacKenzie to “Mr. Chairman” (CMS?) returning some signed material
and regretting the absence of other items such as ties. He asks his regards and Christmas Greetings to be
passed to the President (John Arlott).                                                           Est. £8/10

5. Letter from Dick Moore of Hampshire to Don Crossley enclosing an autograph, requests for which he
thought were long since gone. The letter is hand-written and in excellent condition. Sold with an obituary
from The Daily Telegraph some nine years later.                                                   Est. £5/8

6. Letter from “Bomber” Wells in response to a request to attend a function in Hampshire. The letter is
a lengthy hand written explanation of the problems from having to be driven and the cost to loss of pay.
He hopes that a solution can be found as he would like to re-visit the area again.              Est. £8/10

7. Letters from John Carlisle and Mark Nicholas. John Carlisle was a supporter of Enoch Powell and
the rebel cricket tour of South Africa who was invited to speak to the Hampshire Cricket Society. This is
his type-written letter of acceptance accompanied by a hand-written letter from Mark Nicholas which
mentions the meeting and his reservations about Carlisle’s views.                               Est. £8/10

8. Selection of Letters from those approached to attend Hampshire Cricket Society meetings. (1) Nigel
Plews, Umpire. (2) Ralph Dellor, BBC Sports Commentator. (3) Peter Wynne-Thomas, Author,
Statistician and Cricket Historian. (4) Don Oslear, Umpire. (5) Alan Smith, Warwickshire General
Secretary. (6) Mike Vockins, Worcestershire Secretary. (7) Gordon Ross, Author. (8) David Rayvern
Allen (4 letters), Author and Broadcaster. (9) Gerald Howat, Author. All the letters are in very good
condition and signed by the sender.                                                              Est. £12/15

9. Letter from Podge Brodhurst of Gloucestershire and Cambridge University in response to a request
for items from his cricket career. Makes reference to his father in law, Harry Altham and John Woodcock
in a very chatty letter which is in very good condition.                                        Est. £8/12

10. Letter Endorsed by Hubert Doggart on CMS notepaper in response to a request to sign a scorecard.
Sold with a postcard enclosed with a book being returned after signing. Both items have hand-written
notes by Doggart and are in very good condition.                                              Est. £8/10

11. Three Letters from Tony Pawson, two responding to dinner invitations, probably Hursley Park
Cricket Club and one to an invitation to attend a Hampshire Cricket Society meeting. The letter regarding
attendance at the Cricket Society Meeting makes reference to Martin Donnelly of New Zealand who
evidently shared Pawson’s interest in fly fishing. All three in very good condition.        Est. £8/10

12. Selection of Five Letters/Cards responding to Hursley Park Cricket Club dinner Invitations from
Mark Nicholas, John Woodcock, Leslie Thomas (Author), Patrick Moore (Astronomer) and Will Kendall.
All are in good condition.                                                                    Est. £8/10

13. Letter from Graeme Wright, in his capacity as Editor of Wisden, apologising for a failure to show at
a Cricket Society meeting due to travel problems from Italy (sounds like a lightning strike). The letter is
on Wisden notepaper, typed but hand signed in full.                                                Est. £5/8

14. Two cards from John Woodcock. One confirming that he had thanked Alec Bedser for speaking and
that he was meeting Alan Gibson and hoped to persuade him to speak in the future. The other expressing
pleasure that John (Arlott) although evidently not well, had agreed to attend a meeting and a letter from
Arlott confirming the arrangements for the meeting in question.                                     Est. £5/8

15. Letter from Peter Parfitt agreeing to a visit but recommending that a phone call beforehand would
be sensible. The letter is hand-written and is in very good condition.                          Est. £5/8

16. Letter from Mark Nicholas to a Hampshire supporter (Don Crossley) apologising for the long delay
in replying and thanking him for a letter. He mentions the way Hampshire try to play in order to entertain
in line with their tradition. This part of the reply is type-written but there is a lengthy hand-written
addition. The letter is in very good condition.                                                       Est. £8/12

17. Letter from Robin Leigh-Pemberton (former Governor of the Bank of England) in which he
confirms his family involvement in the founding of the Band of Brothers Cricket Club. The Club was
known throughout Kent and was the third in line of the “wandering” clubs after “I Zingari” and “Free
Foresters” being founded in 1858. The Club provided a wealth of talent to the Kent County Club. An
interesting letter in excellent condition with a very good signature.                           Est. £5/8

18. Sticky Wickets by Lionel Lord Tennyson. A very good copy, with similar dust jacket, signed by
Peter May, Jimmy Adams (2), C.J. Knott, Leo Harrison, Gerry Hill, Cecil Paris and with laid down
signatures of Arthur Holt, Dick Moore and John Arlott.                                        Est. £8/12

19. Jack Hobbs Profile of “The Master” by John Arlott. A very good copy, with similar dust jacket,
signed by Arthur McIntyre and with laid down signatures of Alf Gover and Andy Sandham.       Est. £5/8

20. The History of Hampshire County Cricket Club by Peter Wynne-Thomas. A very good copy, with
similar dust jacket, signed by Alan Rayment (2), Leo Harrison (2), Denis Baldry, Jon Hardy, Mike
Barnard, Trevor Jesty, Will Kendall, Peter Sainsbury, Bobby Parks, Richard Scott, Norman Cowans and
James Tomlinson. There is also a laid down autograph book page from 1935 signed by Hampshire
players. The players are Moore, Arnold, Mead, Paris, Lowndes, Boyes, Kennedy, Hayter, Crease,
Herman, Pothercary, McCorkell, Drake, Hill and Budd. An umpire F. Walden of Northamptonshire has
also signed the page. There is also a laid down signature of David Gower.                    Est. £10/15

21. Many A Slip by Colin Ingleby-Mackenzie. A very good copy, with similar dust jacket, signed by
Derek Shackleton, Richard Gilliat, Butch White, Trevor Jesty, Peter Sainsbury and Mark Nicholas.
                                                                                              Est. £5/8

22. Basingstoke Boy, The Autobiography by John Arlott. An excellent copy with similar dust jacket
and with a laid down signature of Arlott. The book is also neatly signed by Norman Cowans, Derek
Shackleton, Leo Harrison, Alan Rayment, Trevor Jesty and Bobby Parks.                        Est. £8/12
23. A Selection of Seven Lancashire Postcards. (1) A.C. McLaren, Photograph by Fosters of Brighton,
W.H.S. & S. Grosvenor Series M produced by Philip G. Hunt. Not postally used. (2) A.C. McLaren,
Sepia Photograph by E. Hawkins & Co. Not postally used. (3) J.T.Tyldesley, a ”Star” card, not postally
used. (4) R.H. Spooner, a “Star” card, Photograph by Hawkins, Brighton. Not postally used. (5)
Lancashire Professionals. Photograph by Hawkins & Co, Brighton, W.H.S. & S. Grosvenor Series M. Not
postally used. (6) Lancashire Amateurs, The Champion Team 1904. A ”Star” card, not postally used.
Photograph by Hawkins of Brighton. (7) The Lancashire Team of 1904 (?). All the cards are in good clean
condition.                                                                                   Est. £10/15

The following items are all on A4 sheets, attractively laid out with the country/county to the heading, the
cricketer’s name typed, with a box below containing the autograph. All are in excellent condition.

West Indies headings

24. Jimmy Adams                                                                                   Est. £8/12
25. Omari Banks                                                                                   Est. £8/12
26. Corey Collymore                                                                                Est. £5/8
27. Narsingh Deonarine                                                                             Est. £5/8
28. Michael Frederick                                                                              Est. £5/8
29. Wavell Hinds                                                                                   Est. £5/8
30. Carl Hooper                                                                                   Est. £8/12
31. Alvin Kallicharran                                                                            Est. £8/12
32. Ivan Madray                                                                                    Est. £5/8
33. Deryck Murray                                                                                  Est. £5/8
34. Denesh Ramdin                                                                                  Est. £5/8
35. Richie Richardson                                                                              Est. £5/8
36. Marlon Samuels                                                                                 Est. £5/8
37. Ramnaresh Sarwan                                                                               Est. £5/8
38. Courtney Walsh                                                                                Est. £8/12

Australia headings

39. Ken Archer                                                                                     Est. £5/8
40. Greg Blewett                                                                                  Est. £8/12
41. Nathan Bracken                                                                                 Est. £5/8
42. Greg Chappell                                                                                  Est. £5/8
43. Ian Chappell                                                                                   Est. £5/8
44. Matthew Elliott                                                                               Est. £8/12
45. Nathan Hauritz                                                                                 Est. £5/8
46. Kim Hughes                                                                                    Est. £8/12
47. John Inverarity                                                                               Est. £8/12
48. Mike Kasprowicz                                                                                Est. £5/8
49. Geoff Lawson                                                                                  Est. £8/12
50. Rodney Marsh                                                                                   Est. £5/8
51. Arthur Morris                                                                                Est. £12/15
52. Paul Reiffel                                                                                   Est. £5/8
53. Paul Sheahan                                                                                   Est. £5/8
54. Bob Simpson                                                                                    Est. £5/8
55. Mark Taylor                                                                                    Est. £5/8
56. Ernie Toshack                                                                                Est. £12/15
57. Kepler Wessels                                                                                 Est. £5/8
Lancashire headings

58. Glen Chapple                                                                                 Est. £3/5
59. Mark Chilton                                                                                 Est. £3/5
60. Gary Keedy                                                                                   Est. £3/5
61. Muttiah Muralitharan                                                                        Est. £8/12
62. Ken Snellgrove                                                                               Est. £3/5

63. Selection of Fifteen Sussex Scorecards. All the cards are in very good condition and cover matches
between 1998 and 2017 at a variety of grounds.                                                  Est. £5/8

64. Selection of Twenty-Three Scorecards for matches against the Tourists at Lord’s between 1950
and 2011. India (5), West Indies (6), South Africa (4), New Zealand (3), Pakistan (1), Australia (3) and
Rest of World (1). Includes 5 matches against Middlesex.                                        Est. £18/25

65. Selection of Four Varsity Match Scorecards for years 1948 (x2), 1949 and 1995. Sold with a 1935
card for the Eton v Harrow match. All the cards are in good condition.                      Est. £4/6

66. Selection of Twenty-Two Surrey Scorecards five recent but numerous from the 1940s. All in good
condition for their age.                                                                Est. £10/12

67. Selection of Thirty-Two Scorecards for matches played at Lord’s between Middlesex and other
counties, includes two matches between MCC and Yorkshire and Denis Compton’s Benefit Match. The
cards are in good condition for their age.                                               Est. £10/15

68. Selection of Eight Kent Scorecards covering matches between 1970 and 1976. The cards are in good
condition.                                                                                 Est. £4/6

69. Selection of Ten Scorecards for matches against Tourists at The Oval: Australia, 1953 (mounted),
1964 and 2005 (x3), West Indies, 1963 (v Surrey) 1957, 1980, Pakistan, 1954 and New Zealand 1937.
The cards are in good condition.                                                             Est. £8/12

70. Selection of Miscellaneous Scorecards. (1) Northamptonshire v Leicestershire 1954; (2)
Northamptonshire v Middlesex 1984; (3) Gentlemen v Players at Scarborough 1956; (4) Champion
County (Middlesex) v Rest of England at The Oval 1947; (5) Ladies International, England v Australia at
Lord’s 1976 (First Ladies Match at Lord’s); (6) B & H Cup Match Sussex v Kent at Hove 1995; (7) B &
H Cup Final Essex v Northamptonshire Lord’s 1980; (8) NatWest Final Lancashire v Northamptonshire
Lord’s 1990; (9) Nottinghamshire v Kent Royal London at Trent Bridge 2015; (10) England v Australia
at Old Trafford 2005; (11) England v Pakistan at Trent Bridge 2016 (Royal London One Day Match);
(12) Durham v Worcestershire 2011; (13) Cambridge University v Lancashire 1999; (14) England Past v
Australia Past at The Oval 1980; (15) Peter May Memorial Match at Arundel 1995; (16) Lavinia Duchess
of Norfolk’s XI v New South Wales at Arundel 1995; (17)Warwickshire v Derbyshire 1955; (18)
Somerset v Yorkshire 1951; (19) Somerset v Nottinghamshire 1968; (20) Nottinghamshire v Yorkshire,
1947; (21) West Indies Tourists v Sir Learie Constantine’s XI at The Oval 1963; (22) Leicestershire v
Surrey at Oakham School; (23) Nottinghamshire v Yorkshire 2014; (24) England v South Africa 2017 and
(25) Old England v Lord’s Taverners XII at Lord’s 1971 (Card in descriptive folder). All the cards are in
good condition.                                                                                 Est. £8/12

71. Norman Gifford, Worcestershire and England, Testimonial Brochure 1981. A very good copy of
the brochure but with minor creases on the bottom corner, signed by Gifford.          Est. £2/5

72. Richard Blakey, Yorkshire, Benefit Brochure 1998. An excellent copy of the brochure signed by
Blakey.                                                                                     Est. £2/5
73. Ten Signed Cornhill Cards, “H” group. Alec Stewart, Peter Such, Mark Ramprakash, John Crawley,
Angus Fraser, Devon Malcolm, Phil DeFreitas, Graham Gooch, Andy Caddick and Graeme Hick. All the
cards are in excellent condition.                                                       Est. £15/25

74. Thirteen Signed Cornhill Cards, “I” group. Dominic Cork, Mike Watkinson, Robin Smith, Devon
Malcolm, Chris Lewis, Nick Knight, Adam Hollioake, Graeme Hick, Darren Gough, Jason Gallian,
Angus Fraser, Mark Ealham and Robert Croft. All the cards are in excellent condition.  Est. £18/30

75. Signed England “A” Squad Sheet, 1995/96 Tour to Pakistan. The signatories are Hussain, Gallian,
Giddins, Irani, Knight, Martin, McGrath, Ostler, Piper, Salisbury, Smith, Stemp, Udal and White.
Symonds has not signed the sheet. The sheet is in excellent clean condition.                  Est. £6/10

76. England Signed Squad Sheet, Texaco Internationals v West Indies 1995. Signatories are Atherton,
Cork, DeFreitas, Fairbrother, Fraser, Gough, Hick, Martin, Ramprakash, Stewart, Thorpe, Udal and
Wells. The sheet is in excellent clean condition.                                            Est. £6/10

77. Signed Team List England Squad v New Zealand Second Test 1994. The signatories are Atherton,
DeFreitas, Fraser, Gooch, Hick, Malcolm, Rhodes, Smith, Stemp, Stewart, Such, Taylor and White. The
sheet is clean, crease free and in very good condition.                                    Est. £6/10

78. LNER flyer for Half Day Excursions to Scarborough 1938. The flyer shows times from Harrogate,
Starbeck and Knaresborough, changing at York in both directions. Printed for the Mr H D G Leveson
Gower’s XI v Australians, 10th, 12th and 13th September 1938. It looks like 1,500 were printed and there
won’t be many still around. VG                                                                   Est. £5/8

79. Five mounted team photographs. (1) Gentlemen 1894; (2) Kent (probably 1893 as Marchant was
captain between 1890 and 1893); (3) Australians 1893; (4) Essex (probably 1894); (5) Gloucestershire
(probably1894). All are by E Hawkins & Co and have, presumably, been taken from a book. They are
uniformly mounted on blue board and are in excellent condition.                             Est. £10/15

80. Five Women’s Cricket Association magazines. There are the Women’s Cricket Association
Annuals for 1958 and 1959, plus three copies of Women’s Cricket from 1959, a magazine which appears
to have been issued fortnightly during the season. The issue for 14th August is interesting, as it has been
roneo’d (Ah, how we remember such techniques!) and is headed “Emergency Strike Issue”. The covers
are the same size, but the content pages bigger. Cricket Society members will know, as do others, that
women’s cricket is in the ascendency, with Raf Nicholson speaking at a winter meeting. These are
interesting items, generally in VG condition.                                                        Est. £5/8

81. Eight cricket related beer pump clips. All modern – 3 from Marston’s, one each from Ossett
Brewery, Thwaites, Ramsbury, Archers, Swindon and Crouch Vale. The images on these slightly more
unusual items of memorabilia vary between interesting and quite boring!                      Est. £2/3

82. Seven silk County badges – 4 plain, 3 BDV. Each displayed in a plastic wallet against a black card
background. Badges are: Derbyshire; Kent; Lancashire; Somersetshire; Gloucestershire (BDV); MCC –
badge on touring cap (BDV); and Nottinghamshire (BDV). VG+                                   Est. £10/15

83. That’s Not Cricket scrapbook. A wonderful mixture of old and new photographs, many taken from
newspapers of the day, many cartoons. It really is neatly presented – and there are many photographs just
waiting for autographs. The compiler’s last item is a cartoon “To be continued” suggesting that there are
sequels. It’s a very interesting item, which has taken much time to compile. Excellent         Est. £10/15

84. Cricket, Lovely Cricket by Ian Wooldridge. Signed on the DW by Jim Parks over his photo. First
edition in DW and protective cover, as DW is a little worn at the edges. A poignant book for me, as I was
at the Manchester Test as a 15 year old, and was completely enthralled by Frank Worrell’s batting.
                                                                                                 Est. £4/6

85. Cricket from the Middle by Doug Insole. Signed by Insole to front end paper. First edition 1960 with
DW. VG                                                                                         Est. £8/10

86. Kings of Cricket by Richard Daft. Ex Waihi School, Winchester, which is in South Canterbury, New
Zealand, and has a stamp showing that it was a presentation copy to L D Page. The reinforced spine is a
piece of green cloth which covers part of the title on the front cover. Inside pages and photographs in
good, tight condition, but it really is just a reading copy.                                       Est. £2/3

87. The Sun Has Got His Hat On by Derek Randall. Signed by Randall. First edition, 1984 with DW.
Excellent                                                                                 Est. £8/12

88. Two prints of Richard Hadlee by David J Byrne. Both are monochrome and have the limitation
number 58 (of 431). They are different and are both signed by the artist. Each measures 41 x 25cms and
would look splendid mounted and framed. As new                                                Est. £20/30

89. B&H Cup poster 1983. Shows the dates for all rounds of the competition, with the main image being
of an open, hinged bat, batting gloves and ball on a bench. Printed on glossy paper. Measures approx 51 x
38cms. Excellent                                                                                 Est. £3/5

90. Two Evening Mail souvenir posters for England v Pakistan Edgbaston 1982. Printed landscape,
one shows the England team in traditional team photo pose, the other shows Pakistan players in action.
Both measure approx 49 x 38cms. Both have Blutack remains to each corner. Good+                 Est. £4/6

91. Prudential Trophy poster 1981. Poster for the three matches printed on a green background with
red/orange and white lettering a wicketkeeper removing the bails in white. Measures approx 39 x 25cms.
Excellent                                                                                       Est. £5/8

92. Cornhill poster 4th Test England v Australia Edgbaston 1981. Poster printed in light green with
Cornhill logo to the top, a cricketer in black print with white lettering. Measures approx 38 x 27cms.
Excellent                                                                                          Est. £4/6

93. A Selection of Kent Autographed Prints and “Cricketer” Articles. Bob Woolmer (3), Alan Knott,
Godfrey Evans (2), John Wright, Chris Cowdrey, Matthew Fleming (3), Asif Iqbal (2), Mike Denness,
Carl Hooper, Steve Marsh, Martin McCague (5), Alan Ealham, (4), Min Patel, Graham Dilley (2),
Richard Ellison and Mark Benson. The cuttings are all in very good condition. The bracketed numbers
refer to the number of signatures.                                                           Est. £10/15

94. Signed Official Team Sheet England Squad v Australia Fourth Test 1993. The signatories are
Gooch, Atherton, Bicknell, Caddick, Hussain, Ilott, Lathwell, McCague, Smith, Such, Stewart and
Thorpe. The sheet is clean and crease free, in very good condition.                          Est. £8/12

95. Signed Official Team Sheet England Squad v New Zealand Third Test 1994. The signatories are
Atherton, DeFreitas, Fraser, Gooch, Gough, Hick, Rhodes, Salisbury, Smith, Stewart, Such and White.
The sheet is clean, crease free and in very good condition.                                  Est. £8/12

96. Three Photographs of Yorkshire Teams 1929, 1931 and 1932. The 1929 photograph is 187 x 284
mm and has a sepia tone. Those in the picture are, back row left to right, Leyland, Robinson, Mitchell,
Dennis, Wood, Barber and Ringrose (Scorer), seated left to right Oldroyd, Macaulay, Wilfred Rhodes,
Worsley (Captain), Holmes and Sutcliffe. The 1931 photograph is 276 x 190 mm. and has a sepia tone.
Those in the picture are, back row left to right, Barber, Mitchell, Dennis, Bowes, Verity, Wood and
Reynoldson (Scorer), seated left to right, Macaulay, Oldroyd, Holmes, Greenwood (Captain), Sutcliffe,
Robinson and Leyland. The 1932 photograph is 288 x 235 mm. and it is suggested that it was taken at
Edgbaston by Albert Wilkes. Those in the picture are, back row left to right, Heyhurst (Masseur), Barber,
A.C. Rhodes, Bowes, Dennis, Verity and Leyland, seated left to right, Macaulay, Sutcliffe, Sellers
(Captain), Holmes and Mitchell, Wood is on the grass. (Just for interest Sutcliffe and Wood are both
smoking). All three photographs have at some time been framed and glazed and require to be re-mounted
but the photographs themselves are in good/very good condition.                                Est. £15/20

97. Send the Stumps Flying, the Science of Fast Bowling. A soft backed book covering all aspects of
fast bowling including techniques and the psychological preparation to play. Produced by the University
of Western Australia and with a foreword by Dennis Lillee. Very readable. Excellent            Est. £3/5

98. Test Eleven by Whimpress and Hart. A study of eleven of the most gripping and controversial Ashes
Test Matches. A soft backed book in very good condition.                                      Est. £3/5

99. Essays on Arthur Haygarth, Cricketer, Historian, Old Harrovian. Published as a limited edition of
which this is No.17 by Roger Heavens. The booklet is in excellent condition.                    Est. £4/8

100. Jargonbusting by Simon Hughes. A guide to what is really going on out there. A soft backed book
in excellent condition.                                                                       Est. £1/2

101. Seven Colour Photographs of Former Yorkshire Players taken at a function in the long room at
Headingley. The players are Brian Close, Ray Illingworth, Fred Trueman, Don Wilson, Bob Platt, Phil
Sharpe, Harold Bird and Geoff Boycott. There are also two photographs of a special guest at the same
function, Yorkshire’s former overseas player Sachin Tendulkar. Sold with a photograph of a more
casually dressed Darren Gough with three young ladies in attendance. All the photographs are very good
quality (175 x 125mm) and in excellent condition.                                             Est. £10/15

102. Three Front Covers from The Boys’ Realm, two from 1909 and one from 1926, but all with
cricket action boldly displayed. The 1926 cover highlights Len o’ Leeds, a yarn about the Third Test. Sir
Leonard was ten years old at the time so somebody had a remarkable crystal ball! The covers are on card
backing and in very good condition. An unusual lot.                                             Est. £5/8

103. Eleven Professionally Taken Photographs of Glamorgan Players. Steve Watkin, Sudesh
Dhaniram, Ian Smith, Rodney Ontong, Alan Jones, Steve Base, Stephen Barwick, Hamish Anthony,
Adrian Dale and Mark Frost (2). All black and white, taken by David Munden and in very good condition.
                                                                                             Est. £5/8

104. Selection of Cricket Related Ties. 1999 ICC Cricket World Cup (2 versions), 1992 Cricket World
Cup Teachers Sponsored, Cornhill Test Match, Headingley 2000, Cornhill Series 1999, Australia,
Pakistan and England 2001, County Badges, Benson & Hedges Ashes Series 1994-5 (Australian Tie),
England Ashes Tour 1998/99 Vodafone Sponsored and 1999 Lord’s Tie for MCC. A total of ten ties all in
excellent condition, most in original sleeve.                                              Est. £15/20

105. “3 Mobile” Ashes Series 2006-07 Souvenir. Set of ten 50cent Australian stamps each with a head
and shoulders picture of an Australian player attached. The stamps are displayed in a “card frame” with a
picture of Ponting on one side and Warne on the other. The players shown on the attachments to the
stamps are Ponting, Gilchrist, Clarke, Hayden, Hussey, Martyn, Langer, Lee, McGrath and Warne. The
item is in very good condition.                                                                 Est. £8/12

106. Signed Official Team Sheet England “A” Tour to Bermuda and West Indies 1992. The
signatures of the players are Moxon, Bicknell, Cork, Hegg, Hussain, Johnson, Malcolm, Morris, Munton,
Pick, Salisbury, Stephenson, Thorpe and Watkin. The sheet is also signed by Coverdale (Tour Manager),
Fletcher (Team Manager) and Roberts (Physiotherapist). The sheet is clean, crease free and in overall
very good condition.                                                                           Est. £8/12
107. Signed Official Team Sheet England “A” Tour to India and Bangladesh 1994/95. The signatures
of the players are Wells, Ramprakash, Chapple, Cork, Gallian, Hemp, Ilott, Johnson, Knight, Nixon,
Patel, Piper, Salisbury, Stemp, Vaughan and Weekes. The sheet is also signed by Barclay (Tour
Manager), Neale (Team Manager) and Morton (Physiotherapist). The sheet is clean, crease free and in
overall very good condition.                                                                  Est. £8/12

108. Signed England Team List v New Zealand First Test 1983. The signatories are Willis, Gower,
Botham, Cowans, Edmonds, Fowler, Lamb, Marks, Randall, Taveré and Taylor. The sheet is clean and
crease free.                                                                              Est. £8/12

109. Signed England Team List v Australia Fifth Test 1985. The signatories are Gower, Agnew,
Botham, Downton, Edmonds, Ellison, Emburey, Gatting, Gooch, Lamb, Robinson and Taylor. The sheet
is clean and crease free.                                                                Est. £8/12

110. Signed Official Team Sheet Pakistan to England 1982. The players’ signatures are Imran Khan,
Zaheer Abbas, Majid Khan, Wasim Bari, Javed Miandad, Sarfraz Nawaz, Wasim Raja, Sikander Bakht,
Haroon Rashid, Mudassar Nazar, Abdul Qadir, Mohsin Khan, Mansoor Akhtar, Tahir Naqqash, Salim
Malik and Saleem Yousaf. The sheet is clean and in good condition but has been folded to go in an
envelope.                                                                                    Est. £10/15

111. Signed England Team List v Australia Fourth Test 1981. The signatories are Brearley, Botham,
Boycott, Emburey, Gatting, Gooch, Gower, Old, Taylor, Willey and Willis. The sheet is clean and crease
free.                                                                                        Est. £8/12

112. Signed England Team List v Australia First Test 1985. The signatories are Gower, Allott,
Botham, Cowans, Downton, Emburey, Foster, Gatting, Gooch, Lamb, Robinson and Willey. The sheet is
clean and crease free.                                                                     Est. £8/12

113. Signed Official Team Sheet England Squad Texaco Trophy v New Zealand 1994. The
signatories are Atherton, Gough, DeFreitas, Fraser, Gooch, Hick, Lewis, Reeve, Rhodes, Smith, Thorpe
and Udal. The sheet is clean and crease free, in very good condition.                        Est. £8/12

114. Signed Official Team Sheet England Squad v Pakistan First Test 1996. The signatories are
Atherton, Brown, Cork, Ealham, Hick, Knight, Lewis, Mullally, Salisbury, Stewart and Thorpe. The sheet
is clean and crease free, in very good condition.                                            Est. £8/12

115. Signed Official Team Sheet New Zealand England Tour Squad 1999. The players’ signatures are
Fleming, Allott, Astle, Cairns, Doull, O’Connor, Harris, Walker, Horne, Bell, McMillan, Nash, Parore,
Croy, Twose and Vettori. The sheet is also signed by Graham (Manager), Rixon (Coach), Harrison
(Physiotherapist), Ross (Technical Advisor) and Enoka (Player Coordinator). The sheet is clean, crease
free and in overall very good condition.                                                     Est. £10/12

116. England West Indies Tour 1994. A card of seventeen players’ signatures in very good condition.
The signatories are Atherton, Stewart, Caddick, Fraser, Hick, Hussain, Igglesden, Lewis, Malcolm,
Maynard, Ramprakash, Russell, Salisbury, Smith, Thorpe, Tufnell and Watkin.                    Est. £8/12

117. England One-Day Squad to tour Australia 2002/2003. A card of seventeen players’ signatures in
very good condition. The signatories are Kabir Ali, Anderson, Batty, Blackwell, Collingwood, Flintoff,
Harmison, Hollioake, Irani, Key, Kirtley, Knight, Read, Owais Shah, Snape, Trescothick and White.
                                                                                              Est. £8/12

118. England One-Day Squad to tour South Africa and Zimbabwe 2000. A card of thirteen players’
signatures in very good condition. The signatories are Adams, Alleyne, Ealham, Giles, Hamilton, Knight,
Mullally, Solanki, Flintoff, Gough, Hick, Maddy and Read. Also signed by Fletcher (Coach) and Neale
(Operations Manager).                                                                        Est. £8/12

119. England “One Day” Squad for Nat West Triangular Series v West Indies & Zimbabwe 2000. A
card of fifteen players’ signatures in very good condition. The signatories are Hussain, Ealham, Franks,
Hick, Maynard, Solanki, Thorpe, White, Croft, Flintoff, Gough, Knight, Mullally, Stewart and
Trescothick. Also signed by Fletcher (Coach).                                                    Est. £8/12

120. England “One Day” Squad for Tour to Zimbabwe 2001. A card of fourteen players’ signatures in
very good condition. The signatories are Collingwood, Flintoff, Grayson, Kirtley, Ramprakash,
Sidebottom, Snape, Foster, Hoggard, Knight, Shah, Silverwood and Thorpe. Also signed by Boon
(Assistant Coach).                                                                            Est. £8/12

121. Twenty-Three Signed Cornhill Cards all different. The signatories are Angus Fraser, Graeme Hick
(2), John Crawley, Darren Gough, Ray Illingworth, Devon Malcolm, Phil DeFreitas, Graham Gooch,
Mark Ramprakash, Ian Salisbury, Alec Stewart (2), Mark Ilott, Andy Caddick, Graham Thorpe, Robert
Croft, Brian Bolus, Dominic Cork, Robin Smith, Peter Such, Fred Titmus and Craig White. The cards are
all in very good condition.                                                               Est. £35/40

122. Twenty-Two Signed Cornhill Cards all different. The signatories are Ronnie Irani, Mark
Ramprakash, John Emburey, Robert Croft, Angus Fraser, Graeme Hick, Peter Martin, Graham Thorpe,
Robin Smith, John Crawley, Mike Atherton, Jason Gallian, Devon Malcolm, Dominic Cork, Phil
DeFreitas, Phil Tufnell, Alec Stewart, Mark Ilott, Andy Caddick, Nick Knight, Nasser Hussain and Mike
Watkinson. The cards are all in very good condition.                                        Est. £35/40

123. Selection of Correspondence with Sheffield Cricket Lovers’ Society. (1) Alec Bedser agreeing to
sign bats; (2) Peter West arranging transport; (3) Dennis Lillee declining an invitation to the 50th
Anniversary dinner but including a message for the menu card; (4) The Rt Rev Lord Sheppard declining
an invitation to a Dinner; (5) Alec Bedser declining dinner invitations; (6) David Shepherd returning the
“Ambassador Trophy”; (7) Sir Colin Cowdrey declining a dinner invitation; (8) Richard Hadlee (2) on the
design of a commemorative plate; (9) John Shepherd accepting the “Wilfred Rhodes Memorial Trophy”;
(10) John Reid Resumé. All the letters are in good/very good condition.                           Est. £12/15

124. Selection of Correspondence Regarding Requests for Autographs. (1) Micky Stewart, (2) Dennis
Brookes, (3) Mike Denness, (4) Dennis Silk, (5) Raman Subba Row, (5) Jim Parks, (6) John Murray, (7)
Ian Thomson, (8) John Dawes, (9) Roger Prideaux x2, (10) Freddie Goodwin, (11) Dayle Hadlee, (12)
Ron Headley, (13) Richie Benaud, (14) Tom Graveney, (15) George Mann, (16) Mitchell Innes. (17) Tom
Cartwright, (18) Farokh Engineer. All the letters are in good/very good condition.
                                                                         Est. £15/25

125. Official Autograph sheet West Indies, World Series Cup & World Cup 1991/1992 signed by 13
Richardson, Logie, Ambrose, Marshall, Hooper, Arthurton, Cummings, D Williams, Patterson, Benjamin,
Lara, Harper and D Murray (manager). The sheet is in good clean condition and the signatures are well-
spaced.                                                                                      Est. £15/20

126. England Tour to West Indies 1986 Official Sheet. The players’ signatures are Gower, Gatting,
Botham, Downton, Edmonds, Ellison, Emburey, Foster, French, Gooch, Lamb, Robinson, Smith, Taylor,
Thomas and Willey. The sheet is also signed by Tony Brown (Manager), Willis (Asst. Manager), Brown
(Physio) and Austin (Scorer). The sheet is in very good clean condition and crease free.  Est. £18/25

127. Signed England Team List v Australia Second Test 1985. The signatories are Gower, Allott,
Botham, Downton, Edmonds, Emburey, Foster, Gatting, Gooch, Lamb, Robinson and Sidebottom. The
sheet is clean and crease free.                                                          Est. £8/12
128. Signed England Team List v New Zealand Fourth Test 1983. The signatories are Willis, Gower,
Botham, Cook, Cowans, Gatting, Gooch, Lamb, Randall, Smith, Tavaré, Thomas and Taylor. The sheet is
clean and crease free.                                                                  Est. £8/12

129. Australian Tour to UK and Sri Lanka 1981 Official Sheet. The players’ signatures are Hughes,
Alderman, Beard, Border, Bright, Chappell, Dyson, Hogg, Kent, Lawson, Lillee, Rixon, Wellham, Wood
and Yallop. The sheet is also signed by Bennett (Manager), Philpott (Cricket Manager), Adler (Physio)
and Sherwood (Scorer). The sheet is in very good clean condition, crease free but missing the signature of
Marsh.                                                                                         Est. £18/25

130. Signed New Zealand Team Sheet for Tour to Australia 1980-81. The players’ signatures are
Howarth, Burgess, Boock, Bracewell, Cairns, Chatfield, Coney, Edgar, Hadlee, Lees, McEwan, Parker,
Smith, Snedden, Troup and Wright. The Manager Taylor has also signed the sheet. The sheet is in very
good clean condition.                                                                       Est. £10/15

131. Signed New Zealand Team Sheet for Tour to UK 1990. The players’ signatures are Wright,
Crowe (M), Bracewell, Crowe (J), Franklin, Greatbatch, Hadlee, Jones, Millmow, Morrison, Parore,
Priest, Rutherford, Smith, Snedden and Thomson. The sheet is in very good clean condition and crease
free.                                                                                       Est. £12/18

132. Signed Sheet of Australian Team 1992-93 Season. The signatures are Border, Healy, Matthews,
Boon, Waugh (M), Waugh (S), Martyn, Taylor, McDermott, Hughes, Reid and Jones. McDonald
(Manager), Simpson (Coach) and Alcott (Physio) have also signed the sheet which is in very good clean
condition.                                                                                  Est. £15/18

133. England Tour to South Africa 1995/96 Official Sheet. The players’ signatures are Atherton,
Stewart, Cork, Crawley, Fraser, Gough, Hick, Illingworth, Ilott, Malcolm, Martin, Ramprakash, Russell,
Smith, Thorpe and Watkinson. The sheet is also signed by Illingworth (Manager), Barclay (Asst.
Manager), Morton (Physio), Bell (Doctor) and Ashton (Scorer). The sheet is in very good clean condition.
                                                                                             Est. £15/18

134. Signed Card of the South African Test Squad to England 2003. The players’ signatures are
Smith, Dippenaar, Kallis, McKenzie, Peterson, Pretorius, Tsolekile, Zondeki, Adams, Boucher, Gibbs,
Kirsten, Ntini, Pollock, Rudolph, Willoughby and Simons (Coach). The card is in very good crease free
condition.                                                                                  Est. £15/20

135. Fifteen Signatures of the England Tour to New Zealand 2002. The players’ signatures are
Hussain, Caddick, Flintoff, Giles, Hoggard, Ramprakash, Trescothick, White, Afzaal, Butcher, Dawson,
Foster, Hegg, Ormond and Thorpe. The card is in very good crease free condition.            Est. £12/15

136. Fourteen Signatures of England Players in the Triangular Tournament 2003. The signatures are
Anderson, Flintoff, Gough, Johnson, McGrath, Solanki, Troughton, Kabir Ali, Clarke, Giles, Harmison,
Key, Read and Trescothick. The card is in very good crease free condition.                  Est. £12/15

137. Signed Sheet of South African World Cup Squad 1999. The signatures are Cronje, Pollock,
Benkenstein, Boje, Boucher, Cullinan, Donald, Gibbs, Kallis, Rhodes, Klusener, Crookes, Elworthy,
Kirsten and Dawson. The sheet is in very good clean condition and crease free.             Est. £12/18

138. England Squad Texaco Trophy matches v Australia 1997, Thirteen signatures Atherton, Crawley,
Croft, DeFreitas, Ealham, Giles, Gough, Headley, Hollioake (A), Hollioake (B), Knight, Lloyd and
Silverwood. The sheet is in very good clean condition and crease free.                        Est. £8/12

139. Nine Sussex scorecards. 1954 v Gloucestershire, Pakistan (2 copies), Derbyshire (played at
Horsham), Surrey; 1955 v Royal Navy, South Africa, Yorkshire, Kent (played at Hastings). Other than
where indicated matches were played at Hove. All the cards are in good/very good condition and partially
filled in by hand.                                                                           Est. £10/15

140. Essex Late 1940s Early 1950s, album page signed by 14 players and former players, the
signatories are H. Young (1898-1912), G.R. Pulinger, E.J. Price, R. Smith, A. C. Russell (1908-1931),
H.A. Faragher, S.C. Eve, P.A. Gibb, L.C.S. Jerman, R.F.T. Paterson (1946), W.B. Morris + 3 The page
size is 10.4 x 6.4cm.                                                                         Est. £16/22

141. Leicestershire 1948 album page signed by 10 players, Berry, Jackson, Corrall, Lester (twice),
Sperry, Symington, Prentice, Cornock, Etherington and Thompson. The page size is10.4 x 6.5cm. The
signatures are clear.                                                                       Est. £16/22

142. Two Victorian Scraps. 3.5” scraps, entitled Play & Bowled indeed.                          Est. £10/15

143. Jack Hobbs. Unusual “Ensignareel” film entitled Cricket by Jack Hobbs, cost 17/6d, in original box
(some knocks)                                                                               Est. £20/30

144. Eight Ashes scorecards including three copies of the 1948 match at the Oval, 1948; two 1956 cards
from Headingley and Lord’s; a 1961 and a 1972 card from Headingley; and a 1985 card from Lord’s. All
the cards are in good/very good condition and partially filled in by hand.                  Est. £16/22

145. Nine Lincolnshire scorecards. 1947 v Nottinghamshire 2nd; 1948 v Yorkshire 2nd; 1949 v
Lancashire 2nd; 1951 v Nottinghamshire 2nd, Yorkshire 2nd; 1960 Nottinghamshire 2nd, Cambridgeshire;
1963 Eaglets P.I.A., some good names, mostly complete by hand, together with a Cleethorpes CC
selection postcard 1955, scarce.                                                           Est. £18/25

146. Twelve Yorkshire, scorecards. A match against Warwickshire played at Headingley 1937. Three
matches played at Hull, Hampshire 1949, Sussex 1951 and Somerset no date. Two matches played at
Bramall Lane against Middlesex, 1946 and 1949 (two copies). A match against Gloucestershire played at
Bradford 1951. Three matches against MCC & Ground played at Scarborough 1949 (two copies), 1950
and 1955. All the cards are in good/very good condition and partially filled in by hand.   Est. £25/35

147. Nine Scorecards. 1949-1964. Worcestershire v Glamorgan 1952, v Lancashire 1952, v Lancashire
1964, v Nottinghamshire 1964; Nottinghamshire v Middlesex 1950; MCC v Gloucestershire 1955;
Middlesex v Sussex 1949 (D. Compton’s Benefit Match); England v South Africa 1955 at Trent Bridge &
Headingley, Sold with a Gloucestershire v Derbyshire 1939 card for a match played at Cheltenham. All
the cards are in good/very good condition and partially filled in by hand.                  Est. £20/30

148. Four Scarborough scorecards. (1)1949 Leveson Gower v New Zealand. (2 & 3) 1951 Gentlemen v
Players, (4) 1951 T N Pearce’s XI v South Africa. All the cards are in good/very good condition and
partially filled in by hand.                                                                  Est. £10/15

149. Scorecard for the Second Test v Australia at Lord’s June 1934. England won by an innings and
38 runs with Verity taking fifteen wickets. The card is in very good condition, early wickets in type and
some pencil annotations.                                                                         Est. £10/15

150. Four Early Middlesex Scorecards. Middlesex v Kent 1934, v Sussex 1939, v Surrey 1946, v
Sussex 1946 (J. Sims Benefit Match). All the games were at Lord’s. The cards are in good/very good
condition and three have been filled in by hand.                                              Est. £8/12

151. Two Early Lancashire Scorecards. Lancashire v Rest of England 1934, played at the Oval and v
Somerset 1946 played at Old Trafford. The cards are in good/very good condition and have been partially
filled in by hand.                                                                           Est. £8/12
152. Two Early Surrey Scorecards. Surrey v Kent 1939 and 1946 both matches played at the Oval. The
cards are in good/very good condition and have been filled in by hand.                    Est. £5/8

153. Scorecard for the First Test v India at Lord’s June 1946. In good but rather grubby condition and
partially filled in by hand.                                                                  Est. £4/6

154. The North, 1949 album page signed by 11 members of 1949 side v The South at Scarborough. The
signatories are F.R. Brown, Hutton, Simpson, Hardstaff, Close, Broderick, Gladwin, Cranston, Lester,
Dawkes and Yardley. Four signatures of the MCC which played Yorkshire to the reverse, Brown, Mann,
Edrich and Pearce.                                                                          Est. £25 /35

155. Sussex signed Official team sheet for the 1995 season. Twenty-five signatures including Athey,
Giddins, Jarvis, Hemmings, Kirtley, Law, Remy, Stephenson, Wells etc.                       Est. £16/22

156. Sri Lanka Official team sheet for 1991 tour of UK. 18 signatures inc. management, A de Silva,
Mahanama, Muralitharan, Atapattu, Jayasuriya, Tillakaratne etc. The sheet is in excellent, crease free
conditoion.                                                                                    Est. £18/25

157. Kent scarce album page signed in pencil by 11 members of a 1928 side, Capes, Freeman,
Ashdown, Ames, Woolley, Hardinge, Deed, Legge, Wright, Howlett and Evans. Excellent, very clear
signatures on a 16 x10cms album page.
In addition to the players the sheet is also signed by Alec Hearne in his capacity as Scorer. Hearne
played for Kent between 1884 and 1906. He played once for England.                              Est. £35/45

158. Frank Rowbotham Foster (1889-1958), Warwickshire and England. Excellent pencil signature
on album page (14 x 8cms). Foster played eleven times for England including the 1911/12 Tour to
Australia; he captained Warwickshire to the start of the First World War when a motor cycle accident put
an end to his career.                                                                         Est. £12/16

159. West Indies Esmond Kentish (1916-2011), 2 tests 1948-54, signed album page beneath a
newspaper photo. Kentish went to Oxford University in1956 and became the oldest man to play in a
Varsity Match. A good clear signature. Page size 9 x 11.5 cms.                            Est. £10/15

160. Postcard of Headingley, signed to reverse by 12 members of the England squad who played
South Africa, at Leeds 4th to 8th August 1994 inc. Thorpe, Fraser, Tufnell, Atherton, Gough, Crawley,
DeFreitas, Benjamin (12th man), White (selected but injured), Rhodes, Stewart and Hick.        Est. £16/22

161. Postcard of the Oval, signed to reverse by 13 members of the England squad to play India
Texaco Cup 23rd May 1996, inc. Cork, Lewis, Martin, Hick, Thorpe, Atherton, Brown, N M K Smith,
Gough, Ealham, Maynard and Irani. The card is in excellent condition.                    Est. £16/22

162. Cornhill card signed by Derek Underwood. Black & white 7 x 3.5” issue, punch hole to top left
corner                                                                                   Est. £12/16

163. Australian and New Zealand Ephemera. (1) Programme for inaugural Pura Milk Cup Final,
Queensland Bulls v Victorian Bushrangers 1999-2000. (2) Programme for Ing Cup 2003-2004. (3)
Melbourne Ground News March 1999. (4) New Zealand Cricket Museum Newsletter 2007-2008 and
flyer. (5) & (6) MCG and WACA museum guides. (7) Two posters for New Zealand teams: The
Blackcaps and Northern Knights. All the items are in good condition.                       Est. £5/8

164. Two Cricket Cartoons by “Pennington” printed on heavy duty card, in very good condition and
ready for framing. Pennington is possibly the late Jack Pennington cartoonist of the Bath Chronicle and
well-known Jazz aficionada. The cartoons are entitled “Inspecting the Wicket” and “Getting the Bird”
The overall size of both is 28 x 36 cm.                                                          Est. £3/5
165. England v West Indies 1981 The England Team Tour Book. Signed by the Editor Peter Smith
and in very good condition.                                                             Est. £2/4

166. Selection of Black and White Photographs. A pack of photographs of various sizes including
Curtley Ambrose (4), Ian Botham (5), Allan Lamb (7), Basil D’Oliveira (9), Worcester Players (9), Surrey
and Middlesex Players (9), Other Individual Players (4) and general Action Shots (7). The photographs
are mainly professionally taken and in very good condition. Many appear to have been in The Cricketer.
Sold with a colour press photograph of Graham Thorpe being caught by Wasim bowled Mushtaq in the
Third Test 1996.
Est. £8/12

167. 1948 Australian Tour. Two photographs, one a press photograph of Sid Barnes playing a ball to the
boundary past Len Hutton with Godfrey Evans at the stumps during the First Test at Nottingham and the
other a candid picture of Bill Johnston walking out to field with Neil Harvey at Taunton after lunch on the
second day. The size of both photographs is 10 x 15 cms and both are in good /very good condition.
                                                                                                  Est. £5/8

168. Northamptonshire Ephemera. Newspaper Cuttings regarding an auction of memorabilia for the
benefit of the County Club together with obituaries of cricket personalities from early days of the Club.
Copies of poems produced by H.P. Gardner on Cricket (1911), an advert for shoes supplied by a local
firm to the England team touring Australia, sketches of the County ground and pavilion, a copy of the
Player’s Rule Book. Pint Pot Collection in 1955 as part of the Club Jubilee event, a poem relating the
record score of 258 by Fred Jakeman and an Allan Lamb auction catalogue.                           Est. £4/6

169. A Collection of Tickets and Invitations issued to Mr. Frank Catley in Sri Lanka 2001 and two
tickets for a One Day International Match at Bourda, West Indies v England 2004. Sold with four tickets
for the 2003 Test Match, South Africa v West Indies at The Wanderers. All in very good condition.
                                                                                              Est. £8/12

170. Two Pre-Tour Brochures. Eleven West Indian Tour of South Africa 2003/4, Player Profiles of both
sides and a history of previous clashes. The Score Sri Lanka welcomes England 2001. Both are in very
good condition.                                                                                Est. £5/8

171. Glamorgan Signed Ephemera. Newspaper pictures signed by Bill Slade, Don Shepherd, Jim
Presdee, Tony Cordle, Younis Ahmed, Ossie Wheatley, Peter Walker and a Glamorgan Team picture
signed by Rees, I.J. Jones, Evans, A. Jones, Walker and Shepherd. White card signed by Cordle, Greg
Thomas (2), Muncer and Jeff Jones. A signed sketch of Robert Croft and an envelope signed by Morris,
Maynard and Lewis. Two scorecards for 1961 and 1965 against Yorkshire.                         Est. £5/8

172. Three Menus from Old Trafford. Brian Lara “Celebration of a Career” 2007; Wasim Akram
“Sportsman’s Lunch” together with invitation 1998; and Lancashire “Test Centenary Appeal Dinner
Dance” 1984. Sold with invitations to the Centenary Appeal Dinner 1984, Celebration of the winning of
the Refuge Assurance Cup Dinner and John Abrahams Buffet Luncheon in support of his Testimonial
Year 1988.                                                                                    Est. £6/8

173. Selection of Sixteen Lancashire Scorecards from the 2000s including four Second XI cards. All
the cards are in very good condition and not folded.                                        Est. £5/8

174. Interesting Scorecards. (1) Lancashire v Yorkshire 1946 (not in the best of condition but legible).
(2) Lincolnshire v Yorkshire 2nd. XI at Gainsborough 1947. (3) Durham v Lancashire Sunday League
1992. Inaugural match for Durham which they won by 9 runs. (4) Lancashire 2nd XI v Worcestershire 2nd
XI at Urmston, Manchester 1974 (copy) finished at 17.52 hrs on the first day, Worcestershire won by 64
runs. Sold with three Glamorgan cards, 1969, 1974 and 1993 at Colwyn Bay; a Yorkshire 2nd XI v
Lancashire 2nd XI from 2013 and played at Todmorden; and Cheshire v Oxfordshire 2011 match played at
Alderley Edge. Apart from where mentioned all the cards are in good condition.             Est. £4/8

175. “Pot Luck” a selection of autographs on cards, scraps and newspaper photographs. In the order of
50 signatures with some duplication and some multiple signatures on pictures. The more significant
autographs are John Edrich, Ken Barrington, Roy Marshall, Alvin Kallicharan, Arthur Milton, Tom
Cartwright, Jack Bond, Peter Lashley, Kenny Benjamin, Joe Denly, Chaminda Vaas and Jayasuriya.
                                                                                                Est. £5/8

176. The Barry Richards Story: The autobiography of the South African batsman Barry Richards, 1st
edition 1978, DJ unclipped. Richards has signed, boldly, to the title page. Good         Est. £12/20

Barry Anderson Richards 4 Tests (SA) 508 runs Average 72.57 1wkt Average 26.00

177. White Lightning: The autobiography of Allan Donald, 1st edition 1999, DJ unclipped. Donald has
signed, boldly, to the title page.VG                                                       Est. £12/20

Allan Anthony Donald 72 Tests (SA) 652runs Average 10.68 330 Wkts Average 22.25.

178. Worth the Wait: The autobiography of Darren Lehmann, 1st edition 2004, DJ unclipped. Lehmann
has signed, neatly, to the title page. Good                                                Est. £12/20

Darren Scott Lehmann 27 Tests (Aus) 1798 runs Average 44.95 15 Wkts Average 27.46

179. From the Far Pavilion: The autobiography of Farokh Engineer, 1st edition 2004, DJ unclipped.
Engineer has signed, very boldly, to the free front end paper. Mint                         Est. £12/20

Farokh Maneksha Engineer 46 Tests (India) 2611 runs Average 31.08 Ct 66 St 16.

180. Cricket from the Middle: Doug Insole's autobiographical look at the cricket and cricketers of his
time, 1st edition 1960, DJ unclipped. Insole has signed, neatly, to the title page. Good      Est. £10/20

Douglas John Insole 9 Tests      408 runs Average 27.20

181. Early Memoirs of Frank Woolley: as told to Martha Wilson Woolley. 1st edition 1976, this being
No. 873 of a limited edition of 1000. Original, decorative, green covers protected by a plastic sleeve.
Woolley has signed, neatly, to the title page. VG                                                Est. £10/20

Frank Edward Woolley 64 Tests        3283 runs Average 36.07      83 Wkts Average 33.91.

182. My World of Cricket: The autobiography of Neil Harvey, 1st edition, 3rd impression 1963, DJ price
clipped. Harvey has signed, boldly, to the title page. Good                                  Est. £12/20

Robert Neil Harvey 79 Tests (Aus)       6149 runs Average 48.41 3 Wkts Average 40.00

183. Standing the Test of Time: The autobiography of Bill Alley, 1st edition 1999, DJ unclipped. Alley
has signed, boldly, to the title page. Mint                                                  Est. £12/20

William Edward Alley New South Wales and Somerset 1945-1968; 19612 runs Average 31.88
                                                         768 Wkts Average 22.68

184. Cricket Crossfire: The autobiography of Keith Miller, 1st edition 1956, DJ unclipped but showing
signs of wear and small tears to edges. Miller has signed, neatly, to publishers insert to title page.
Generally Good                                                                                     Est. £10/20
Keith Ross Miller    55 Tests(Aus)     2958 runs Average 36.97    170 Wkts Average 22.97

185. Fifteen Paces: The autobiography of Alan Davidson, 2nd impression 1964, lacking DJ, sunning and
wear to spine. Davidson has signed, neatly, to the title page, dated 2010. Generally Good   Est. £8/12

Alan Keith Davidson 44 Tests (Aus) 1328 runs Average 24.59            186 Wkts Average 20.53

186. Mystery Spinner: Gideon Haigh's fascinating biography of Jack Iverson, 1st edition 2000, DJ price
clipped. Hard to obtain in hardback. Good                                                      Est. £5/10

John Brian Iverson     5 Tests (Aus)     3 runs Average 0.75     21 Wkts Average 15.23

187. The Skipper: CMS member Andrew Hignell's beautifully observed biography of Wilf Wooller the
iconic Glamorgan cricketer and Welsh Rugby International. 1st edition 1995, DJ unclipped with 1” tear to
bottom right hand corner. Sold with a plain, white, postcard boldly signed by Wooller. Good Est. £8/12

Wilfred Wooller Cambs U and Glamorgan 1935-1962 13593 runs Average 22.57 958 Wkts Average
26.96 413 catches.18 caps for Wales at Rugby. Football for Cardiff City.

188. MCC Bicentenary 1787-1987: An oval box enamelled on copper (2” x 2” x 1”), issued by Halcyon
Days, to mark the MCC Bicentenary in1987. On the lid is depicted the famous match between North and
South which was held to celebrate the Jubilee of MCC in 1837. The sides illustrate the old pavilion at
Lord's, which was pulled down in1889, and its successor which survives to this day. Inside the box can be
seen the silhouette of Thomas Lord. Tiny nibble to the base otherwise VG                       Est. £30/50

The art of Enamelling on Copper was introduced to England, from the Continent ,in the 1740's, the two
centres being Bilston in the Midlands and Battersea on the banks of the Thames. However, with the
difficulties caused by the Napoleonic wars and the escalation of the Industrial Revolution, the craft had
almost ceased by 1840. In 1970 Susan Benjamin of the London antique shop Halcyon Days, in
conjunction with a small family enamelling firm in Bilston, began to revive the craft. Their products are
true in quality and character to those made over two centuries ago, and are, without question, the
antiques of tomorrow.

189. The Village Lad: A ceramic figure, in the Royal Osborne Childhood Memories Series, showing a
young boy, wearing Edwardian garb, batting. Hand painted, 5” high, beautifully detailed. Mint
                                                                                             Est. £10/20

190. The Batsman: A hand painted, ceramic, figure of a batsman at the crease signed, to the base, R.
Underwood. 7.5” high. G                                                                      Est. £10/20

191. H.J.Wood Toby Jug Batsman: showing a batsman sitting down whilst waiting to bat. 7” high.
Cream kit with light blue trimming and plum coloured cap and gloves. Mint              Est. £15/30

192. H.J.Wood Toby Jug Wicketkeeper: showing a wicketkeeper crouching behind the stumps. 7” high.
Cream kit with light blue trimming and mustard coloured cap and gloves. Mint    Est. £15/30

193. A Ceramic Figure: in the Royal Doulton Images series of handmade sculptures, showing a batsman
at the crease. Wonderful, evocative image in a pure white glaze, 8” high. Mint          Est. £20/30

194. W.G.Grace: Large ceramic ashtray (9 ” x 6”) by Sandland in an attractive cream glaze with gilt
edging, showing a coloured, transfer printed, image of Grace to the centre. Two small spots of
discolouration otherwise good                                                                  Est. £15/30
195. Bisque Spill Vase: Standing figure of an Edwardian cricketer with a ball in his left hand and a bat in
his right, handpainted, with brown trousers and shoes, white shirt, blue tie and blue and white cap. 6”
high. Sold with a small, pottery figure of a batsman, handpainted, wearing a red cap and a blue belt.
2.5” high. Good                                                                                  Est. £10/20

196. At the Crease: Superb batsman figure by Robert Harrop, on wooden base, 6” overall height. In
original box and packaging. Mint                                                           Est. £15/30

197. England v Pakistan 1992: Official printed scorecard for the match played at Lord's June 18th-22nd
1992. The card has been neatly signed by Denis Compton and Fred Titmus who were present in a man of
the match invigilator capacity. Good                                                          Est. £5/10

198. George Edward Tribe Victoria, Northamptonshire, Australia 1945-1959: Testimonial Book
issued for Tribe in 1956. 16 pages of articles and photographs. Tribe has signed, neatly, to the cover as
has his Northamptonshire colleague Frank Tyson. Vertical crease otherwise good                   Est. £18/30

  3 Tests (Aus) 35 runs Average 17.50      2 wickets Average 165.00.

199. David Roy Turner Hampshire 1966-1989: Benefit Brochure issued for Turner in 1981. 31 pages of
articles and photographs. Turner has signed, neatly, to the cover and also to his picture on page 22 as has
his batting partner Chris Smith. The Hampshire players individual photos to the centre pages have been
signed by 11: David Turner, Nick Pocock, Keith Stevenson, Trevor Jesty, Chris Smith, Paul Terry, John
Rice, Nigel Cowley, John Southern, Steve Malone, Bobby Parks. Good                                Est. £8/12

 19,005 runs    Average 30.55      9 wickets Average 39.66.

200. Dennis Brian Close Yorkshire, Somerset, England 1949-1986: A montage of pictures of Close in
the gr8s series of Sporting Hardmen, the centrepiece being the famous photo of Close in the dressing
room at Lord's in 1963, after his innings against the West Indies, showing the extensive bruising to his
upper body. This being number 50 of a limited edition of 330. Close has signed, boldly, to the border.
Overall size 23” x 17”. Good                                                                   Est. £40/60

201. John David (Jack) Bond Lancashire 1955-1972: Order of Service to celebrate the life of Jack
Bond, held at Blackley Crematorium 23rd July 2019. Mint                                   Est. £12/20

202. Amarnath India 1969-1989: Bold, ink, signature of Amarnath on large piece. VG                Est. £5/10

203. MCC Team to Australia 1907-1908: Real photographic postcard, in the Rotary Photographic
series, showing the tour captain, A O Jones, to the centre, with thumbnail pictures of the remaining
players around him. A very rare card but with damage to 3 corners, 2 further small tears and 2 heavy
creases.                                                                                           Est. £3/5

204. Australia 1905: Real photographic postcard, published by Albert Craig in 1905, perforated to the
edge, showing 3 members of the Australian Tour Party, Hopkins, Cotter and Gehrs. Postally unused.
Good                                                                                           Est. £3/5

205. Lancashire 1904: Real photographic postcard from an original by Hawkins of Brighton entitled
Lancashire Professionals. The Champion Team 1904 and showing the 7 professional members of the
winning team. Creases to 2 corners otherwise generally good.                               Est. £5/10

206. Original Punch Cartoons: (50) Original Punch Cartoons, all full page size, (9) full colour, various
dates between June 17th 1912 and August 20th 1958, including a full colour double page issue from May
13th 1929, Various artists including Frank Reynolds, Fougasse and E.H.Shepard. Good           Est. £25/50
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