Pre-Orientation Guide - 2018 UNDERGRADUATE - Carnegie Mellon University

Pre-Orientation Guide - 2018 UNDERGRADUATE - Carnegie Mellon University
2 0 18 U N D E R G R AD UATE

Pre-Orientation Guide
Pre-Orientation Guide - 2018 UNDERGRADUATE - Carnegie Mellon University
Important Deadlines
Complete these key tasks prior to your arrival on campus:

Deadline                      Task                                                          Page Info


 June 30                      Immunization Form                                                    7

 July 1                       Final Grade Report                                                   7

 July 9                       Submit photo for CMU ID card                                         7

 August 15                    Fall semester Student Account payment (available June 30)            8

 August 20                    Alcohol Edu + Haven (available July 23)                              6

 September 11                 Waive/Enroll Student Health Insurance                                7

 Dates vary by college        Academic Registration                                             12-15

 Prior to arrival on campus   Writing Course Placement (non-native English speakers only)          9


 June 15                      International Student Information Form                              18

 June 15                      Affidavit of Support for Financial Sponsor                          18

 June 15                      International Student Instructions Support Forms (I-20)             18

 August 19                    Immigration Check-In                                                18


 July 1                       Send AP/IB/PESO scores                                               7

                              Set up Online Banking and Electronic Refunding in
 August 1                                                                                          7
                              Student Information Online (SIO)

 September 1                  Spirituality and Meaning Making Survey                              27

 Orientation week             Obtain textbooks (buy, rent, borrow)                                 9

 Dates vary                   Submit required documents to Financial Aid                           8

 Prior to arrival on campus   Add Plaid Cash to ID card                                            7

 Prior to arrival on campus   Invite users to My Plaid Student                                     8


 July 13                      Register for ORIGINS                                                16

 July 31                      Place Bed Bath & Beyond orders                                       4

 August 21                    Complete Computing@CMU Course                                       12

                              Dewars Insurance Program: Tuition Refund Plan
 August 29                                                                                         7
                              (available mid-July)

 September 1                  Voluntary disclosure of disability                                  23

 Dates vary                   Attend Summer Welcome Events                                        10

 Prior to arrival on campus   Open a PNC Bank account                                             11

 Prior to arrival on campus   Share your new CMU address                                           8

 Prior to arrival on campus   Follow CMU on social media                                         3, 5
Pre-Orientation Guide - 2018 UNDERGRADUATE - Carnegie Mellon University
What's Inside
Welcome                                                              Dining During Orientation__________________________________ 19
Welcome from Professional Staff of Orientation_____________ 2        Orientation Website ________________________________________ 19
Letter from Your Head Orientation Counselors______________ 3
                                                                     Academic and Personal Support Resources
Summer Prep                                                          Academic Development_____________________________________         21
What to Bring?________________________________________________ 4     Carnegie Mellon University Police Department ____________         21
Bed, Bath & Beyond, In-Room Delivery______________________ 4         Career and Professional Development Center_____________           22
The ABCs of Orientation_____________________________________ 4       The Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion ____________       22
What’s Already in the Room?_________________________________ 5       Counseling and Psychological Services_____________________        23
The Extras____________________________________________________ 5     Division of Student Affairs Resource Guide_________________       23
The Essentials _______________________________________________ 5     Global Communication Center______________________________         23
What NOT to Bring___________________________________________ 5       Intercultural Communication Center _______________________        23
AlcoholEdu+Haven___________________________________________ 6        Student Employment _______________________________________        23
Banking at Carnegie Mellon_____________________________ 6 & 11       Students with Disabilities ___________________________________    23
Computing on Campus______________________________________ 6          Study Abroad________________________________________________      24
Final Grade Report and AP Scores____________________________ 7       Tartan Ink - Printing and Shipping Center__________________       24
Health Insurance Requirements_____________________________ 7         Undergraduate Research Office ___________________________         24
Immunization Requirements_________________________________ 7         University Health Services__________________________________      24
The HUB – Student Service Center__________________________ 7         University Store_____________________________________________     24
Postal Services_______________________________________________ 8     University Library System___________________________________      25
Textbooks and Course Materials____________________________ 9         Veteran Benefits Information and ROTC Program
Writing Course Placement for Non-Native                                   Opportunities __________________________________________     25
     English Speakers________________________________________ 9      Wellness Initiatives _________________________________________    25
Summer Welcome Events___________________________________ 10          The Word: Student Handbook______________________________          25
Carnegie Mellon Alumni Association________________________ 10
Dates to Remember_________________________________________ 10        Getting Involved on Campus
                                                                     Student Organizations ______________________________________      27
Academic Registration                                                The Bridge___________________________________________________     27
Optional Calculus Assessment______________________________      12   Civic Engagement ___________________________________________      27
Computing @ Carnegie Mellon_____________________________        12   Faith, Spirituality and Religious Life_________________________   27
BXA Intercollege Degree Programs (BCSA, BHA & BSA)____          13   Fraternity and Sorority Life__________________________________    28
College of Engineering ______________________________________   13   Late Night ___________________________________________________    28
College of Fine Arts (CFA)___________________________________   14   Leadership Development Opportunities ___________________          28
Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences (DC)___      14
Humanities Scholars Program (HSP)________________________       14   Varsity Athletics, Recreation and Fitness
Quantitative Social Science Scholars Program (QSSS)_____        15   Intercollegiate Athletics_____________________________________    29
Mellon College of Science (MCS)____________________________     15   Club Sports__________________________________________________     30
School of Computer Science (SCS)__________________________      15   Facilities_____________________________________________________   30
Science and Humanities Scholars Program (SHS)__________         15   Group X-ercise ______________________________________________     30
Tepper School of Business (TPR)____________________________     15   Intramural Sports ___________________________________________     30
                                                                     Recreational Fitness_________________________________________     30
Orientation 2018
Pre-Orientation Programs __________________________________     16   Get to Know Pittsburgh
Varsity Football Players and Parents’ Orientation __________    16   Arts Pass Program__________________________________________ 31
ORIGINS Overnight Pre-Orientation Retreat________________       16   Pittsburgh Connections: Weekly Excursion Series__________ 31
Move-In Day and Room Key Pickup_________________________        17
Commuter Students ________________________________________      17   Useful Information
International Students______________________________________    18   Hotel Accommodations_____________________________________         32
Transfer Students___________________________________________    18   Driving to Campus__________________________________________       33
Opening Welcome Weekend Schedule Highlights__________           18   Transportation to and from Pittsburgh Airport_____________        33
Orientation Sneak Peek_____________________________________     19   Carnegie Mellon Helpful Numbers__________________________         33

     Pre-Orientation Guide PDF
    To download a PDF of this guide, visit
                                                                                        ORIENTATION LOGO DESIGNED BY:
                                                                                        Natalie Harmon, Bachelor of Design 2018
Pre-Orientation Guide - 2018 UNDERGRADUATE - Carnegie Mellon University
Dear Class of 2022+,

    On behalf of the Division of Student Affairs, welcome to the Carnegie
    Mellon University community. As you think about starting your college
    experience, you might be feeling a number of emotions — relief,
    excitement, anxiety or curiosity. The transition to college requires
    learning a new educational context and oftentimes, leaving home. Our
    Undergraduate Orientation program is here to help you start strong and
    discover the opportunities that will shape your collegiate experience.

    This Orientation guide will help you launch into your first year. Please
    read the contents carefully so you are well prepared when you arrive on
    campus. This guide also introduces our extensive, full-week new student
    Orientation program that will focus on building community, your
    academic transition and introducing campus opportunities. Through
    formal and informal meetings with academic advisors and faculty
    members, programming within your residence halls, participation in
    traditional ceremonies and engaging in community-building activities,
    you'll learn our institutional values of scholarship and community living.

    The theme for this year’s Orientation program, Dare to Discover, is
    designed to showcase the many opportunities available to you as a
    Carnegie Mellon Tartan. We hope you will set goals during Orientation to
    make your mark on our campus and beyond. Orientation week will also
    help you create vibrant and meaningful memories of your first week on
    campus. Your engagement with Orientation Counselors, Resident
    Assistants, faculty, staff, alumni and even more importantly, with other
    new students, will help lay the foundation for your first year. The
    Orientation program aims to strengthen your connection to the
    university and provide you with a comprehensive set of personal and
    educational programs that will assist you in making a successful
    transition to our vibrant community. We are here to help you discover
    new experiences and opportunities as you begin your Carnegie Mellon
    journey. Ahead of you lay unlimited possibilities!

    Anne Witchner Levin
    Associate Dean of Student Affairs and
    Director of Orientation and Family Programs

    Julie Schultz
    Associate Dean of Parent and Family Engagement and First-Year Orientation

    Gwendolyn Stevens
    Housefellow and Coordinator of Residential Education for Orientation

Pre-Orientation Guide - 2018 UNDERGRADUATE - Carnegie Mellon University

                 We are so excited to have you all join us in Pittsburgh this August! The
                 seven of us, Head Orientation Counselors (HOCs), have been working all
                 year for your arrival at Carnegie Mellon. The Orientation staff of HOCs,
                 Orientation Leaders (OLs) and Orientation Counselors (OCs) are here to
                 help you discover the amazing opportunities that await you. Whether
                 you’re coming to campus from across the street or around the globe,
                 your time at CMU will be full of discovery and daring moments, and we
                 can’t wait to help you get started!

                 From conducting world class research, pursuing interdisciplinary
                 academics, building a booth, driving a buggy or joining a student
                 organization, there are so many thrilling aspects for you to explore on
                 campus. In addition, Pittsburgh has so many unique experiences to
                 offer. There is so much to jump into, whether biking along the river,
                 exploring the many neighborhoods or visiting our city’s many museums.
                 CMU and the greater Pittsburgh community is truly a place where you
                 can be yourself and build upon and discover all of your passions. The
                 best part is that when pursuing your interests, our community is full of
                 people ready and willing to help you with whatever you need. But first,
                 we’ll see you at Orientation to make sure you are in a perfect position to
                 take full advantage of the University’s resources right from the start!

                 We cannot wait to see how you all will make your mark on this campus
                 in your time here, and so, we welcome you, the Class of 2022+ to the
                 Carnegie Mellon community. We hope that as you begin this new
                 chapter of your life, you will Discover new paths and explore the
                 endless possibilities.

                 All Our Tartan Love,
                 Mason, Julia, Lily, Raghav, Christie, David and Anna-Jamieson

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Pre-Orientation Guide - 2018 UNDERGRADUATE - Carnegie Mellon University
Summer Prep
                                                                Here's a list of helpful things to do and
                                                                learn before arriving on campus. This
                                                                booklet contains phone numbers and
                                                                websites for more information.

                                                                What to Bring for Your New Room
                                                                The following lists are designed to provide you with some
                                                                general information regarding what to pack before you
                                                                leave your home. Remember, you will not need
                                                                everything that you own. Also, be sure to coordinate with
                                                                your roommate or roommates to find out what they are
                                                                bringing to eliminate duplicate items in the room.

                                                                     In-Room Delivery!
                                                                    Carnegie Mellon’s Student Dormitory Council (SDC)
                                                                    and the University Stores have teamed up with Bed
                                                                    Bath & Beyond to make move-in day easier!

                                                                    Order your room essentials and extras by July 31 at
                                                           to have your items delivered directly
                                                                    to your room by SDC before you arrive.
                                                                    Be sure to go to the special CMU site, not the regular
                                                                    Bed Bath & Beyond site, if you want in-room delivery.
                                                                    (The special delivery address at our Penn Avenue
                                                                    facility will auto-populate only on the special CMU
                                                                    site.) Orders placed after July 31 will be delivered
                                                                    through the regular campus package process.

                                                                    Plan to shop at the Bed Bath & Beyond pop-up
                                                                    store on Move-In Day for any of your “last minute,”
                                                                    “left at home,” “too big to travel” items.


The ABCs of Orientation
HOC Head Orientation Counselor            OL Orientation Leader                        OC Orientation Counselor
There are seven undergraduate             Each HOC has their team of returning         The OC staff is here to introduce you to the
students dedicated to planning the        Orientation leaders who are chosen to        CMU community and to Pittsburgh. OCs are
programs and events who are going to      take on a leadership role and additional     friendly, reliable and as eclectic as your
make your Orientation an unforgettable    responsibilities during Orientation.         first-year class. Feel free to approach them
college experience. They are              These veteran OLs arrive before the          with any questions you may have. They will
determined to make your transition to     rest of the OC staff to assist the HOCs      be your guides to campus life during
college life an exceptional experience!   in preparing for Orientation.                Orientation week and will serve as
                                                                                       invaluable resources after Orientation ends.
Pre-Orientation Guide - 2018 UNDERGRADUATE - Carnegie Mellon University
 What’s Already in the Room?                                              The Essentials
Every residence hall room or apartment comes                              You should definitely bring the following items
with the following items for each resident:                               with you when you move in:

•	Bed with 39” x 80” extra-long mattress                                 •   Alarm clock
   (bring your own linens)
                                                                          •   Backpack
•	Desk and chair
                                                                          •   Clothes and hangers (Remember, it gets cold in Pittsburgh!)
•	Bookshelf or hutch (as applicable)
                                                                          •   Desk lamp
•	Closet or wardrobe
                                                                          •   Laundry basket/bag and laundry soap
•	Dresser
                                                                          •   Linens and towels (sheets, pillows, washcloths, etc.)
•	Safety rails and ladder for lofted or bunked bed
                                                                          •   Mugs, cups, plates, utensils
•	Window coverings
                                                                          •   Storage bins
•	High-speed network/internet access (wired and/or
                                                                          •	Toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.)
   wireless connection depending on housing facility)
                                                                          •   Umbrella
•	Basic Cable TV service with activated cable TV jack
   (supply your own TV) and IPTV Service                                  •   University documents

 The Extras                                                               What NOT to Bring
You may want to consider some of the following                            The items listed below are not permitted in university
optional items as well:                                                   housing and should definitely be left at home:

•    Bicycle and bike lock                                                •	Air conditioners (unless approved by Health Services)

•    Camera                                                               •   Candles/incense

•    Computer                                                             •   Hot plates or pressure cookers

•    Fan                                                                  •   Hoverboards

•    Games                                                                •	Pets (except for fish in an aquarium or service animals)

•    Headphones                                                           •   Space heater

•    Iron                                                                 •   Swimming pools, hot tubs or waterbeds

•    Microwave (compact and under 700 watts)

•    Power strip/surge protector

•    Refrigerator* (110/120 VAC and under 4.5 cubic feet)                      Follow Housing and ResEd

•    Stereo/CD player                                                         Before arriving on campus, follow these CMU
                                                                              accounts to get the latest news, photos and
•    TV                                                                       important information about living on campus!

                                                                               cmuhousing  lifeatcmu  housingatcmu
 *Microfridge units are available for rent through MicroFridge Rental.

CA & RA Community Advisor and Resident Assistant                         HF Housefellow
These undergraduate leaders will live on your residential floor          Housefellows are members of the Division of Student Affairs
and in your residential building to assist you throughout the            staff who are responsible for a specific residential
year. Community Advisors and Resident Assistants can help                population known as a house. Each staff member works with
you navigate through both the Carnegie Mellon and Pittsburgh             a team of student staff members consisting of a Community
communities and answer any questions that you may have                   Advisor and Resident Assistants to enhance the lives of their
along the way. They will also plan programs to encourage                 residents. Housefellows can assist with personal, academic
interaction among residential students and aid in connecting             or professional support and can serve as a resource for
residents to numerous on-campus resources and services.                  promoting your personal and academic success.
Pre-Orientation Guide - 2018 UNDERGRADUATE - Carnegie Mellon University
AlcoholEdu and Haven Sexual Assault                               Computing on Campus
Prevention for Undergraduates                                     Before you arrive on campus, review the information below
Carnegie Mellon University expects all new undergraduate          to help you prepare for computing at Carnegie Mellon.
students to complete two online courses: AlcoholEdu for
College and Haven for Undergraduates, as part of our              Andrew Account
comprehensive alcohol abuse and sexual violence prevention
                                                                  Your Andrew account is your gateway to computing at
programs. These courses will open on July 23 and must be
                                                                  Carnegie Mellon. Your account gives you access to email,
completed by August 20, 2018. All students will receive an
                                                                  network registration, Computing Services public computer
email invitation with instructions when the course opens.
                                                                  labs and other resources. For more information, visit
For details, visit

                                                                  Check Your Email
Banking at Carnegie Mellon University
                                                                  As a student, official Carnegie Mellon email will be sent to
PNC Bank makes it easier for Carnegie Mellon students to
                                                                  your Andrew email address. Once you know your Andrew
keep track of their money. PNC has convenient on-campus
                                                                  user ID and have set your Andrew account password, you can
locations, with nine ATMs and even a Customer Service Center
                                                                  access your email at It is important to check
on the lower level of Cohon Center. Plus, PNC offers Virtual
                                                                  your email regularly. Package notifications will be sent to your
Wallet® Student, with easy-to-use checking and saving
                                                                  Andrew email address.
accounts and interactive tools to help students develop solid
money management skills. For even more convenience, you
can use your ID Card as an ATM card if you choose to link it to   Prepare Your Computer
your PNC Bank account. You’ll need only one card to get into      For your convenience, public computer labs are available
your residence hall, pay for meals, do your laundry, get cash     across campus and offer a variety of Windows, Mac and
at ATMs and more!                                                 Linux computers, peripherals and an extensive complement
                                                                  of software. If you bring your own computer, note the
PNC Bank ATMs on Campus                                           operating systems we support, and the free software
                                                                  available for you to download or access remotely. If
•   Cohon University Center, 1st floor –
                                                                  purchasing a new computer, contact our campus Computer
    two ATMs (one accepts deposits)
                                                                  Store staff at and select Computer
•   Cohon University Center, lower level –                        Sales for help and advice. Before arriving on campus, connect
    two ATMs (accept deposits)                                    to the Carnegie Mellon network and be sure to secure your
•   Gates Building – 3rd floor                                    computer. For more information, visit
•   Hunt Library – 1st floor

•   Posner Hall – 1st floor rear entrance                         Wi-Fi Network
•   Tepper Quad Building                                          When you arrive on campus, connect to the wireless network.
•   Wean Hall – 5th floor lobby                                   Find CMU-SECURE in your Wi-Fi list and log in using your
                                                                  Andrew user ID and password. To locate computer labs, set
                                                                  up printing to public printers and learn about other
PNC Bank Offices on and near Campus                               computing resources available to you visit
•   PNC Customer Service Center                                   computing/students.
    Cohon University Center, lower level

•   Craig Street Branch – 4600 Fifth Avenue

•   Oakland Branch – 4022 Fifth Avenue                                Need Computing Help?

•   Squirrel Hill Branch – 5810 Forbes Avenue                         Visit Cyert Hall Room 119 with computing- and
                                                                      account-related questions. Phone and email support
                                                                      are available from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at 412-268-4357
To learn more, or to open an account, visit PNC Bank during           or
Orientation, or any PNC Bank branch — including the campus
location on the lower level of the Cohon University Center.
You can also visit PNC online at,
or call 1-877-PNC-1000.


Pre-Orientation Guide - 2018 UNDERGRADUATE - Carnegie Mellon University
Final Grade Report and AP Scores                                 The HUB – Student Service Center
Entering students must submit their Final High School Grade      The HUB staff delivers comprehensive service and counsel to
Report and all AP/IB/PSEO scores by July 1, 2018. Find the       students and families regarding financial aid, billing, payments,
forms and more detail at           registration and academic records. The HUB is located on the
pages/ntie-dates-deadlines.                                      lower level of Warner Hall. For general questions and
                                                                 information, email, call 412-268-8186
Health Insurance Requirements                                    or visit The assistant directors in The HUB serve
                                                                 as liaisons for specific colleges and assist enrolled students
All full-time students must have health insurance that meets
                                                                 with key aspects of the enrollment process. Find your assigned
the university’s requirements. The university offers Aetna
                                                                 HUB liaison on your Student Information Online (SIO) resource
student health insurance as well as optional vision and dental
                                                                 page or on The HUB website at
insurance plans. Students will be charged a health insurance
fee for the Aetna Student insurance plan. This fee will appear
on the first semester invoice.                                   Academic and Registration Information
                                                                 View your approved class schedule via Student Information
                                                                 Online (SIO) on the Course Schedule screen. Each academic
   Students MUST take one of the following                       area handles registration differently for incoming students.
   actions by SEPTEMBER 11, 2018:                                See more details on pages 12-15. If you have questions about
                                                                 schedule changes, transfer credits or other issues regarding
   1.	Enroll in the health insurance plan offered by            course registration, speak with your advisor on Thursday of
       the university; or                                        Orientation Week.
   2.	Apply for a waiver, verifying that you already
       have health insurance that meets the                      Andrew User ID and Student ID Number
       university’s requirements.
                                                                 Your Andrew user ID and password provide access to
   Insurance requirement details, as well as enrollment          numerous campus resources. Your Student ID Number can be
   and waiver information are available at                       found on the My Info screen in Student Information Online                    (SIO) at

                                                                 Dewar’s Tuition Insurance
                                                                 Carnegie Mellon University collaborates with A.W.G. Dewar Inc.
Immunization Requirements
                                                                 to provide students with an optional insurance program
All incoming students must complete an online immunization       known as the Tuition Refund Plan. Insuring tuition, as well as
form documenting required immunizations by June 30, 2018.        required fees (activity, technology, media, and transportation),
A list of required immunizations and more details are            plus housing and dining, can reduce financial impact in the
available at The           event of a serious illness or accident. Learn more at
online immunization form can be accessed by logging into
HealthConnect with an Andrew ID through
health-services. Failure to comply with the university’s         ID Card and Plaid Cash
immunization requirement will result in administrative
suspension and removal from University Housing.                  One of the most important items you will need at Carnegie
                                                                 Mellon is your official ID Card. This photo identification card
                                                                 classifies you as a member of the Carnegie Mellon community
                                                                 and will be part of your everyday campus life. You will use your
                                                                 card to access certain buildings and services, including public
                                                                 transportation. In order for your ID Card to be ready for pickup
                                                                 on the first day of Orientation, be sure to submit your photo
“When I think of CMU, the first thing                            online by July 9, 2018 by visiting Students
 I think of is my friends, the second is                         who do not submit a photo by the deadline or at all will need
                                                                 to visit The HUB in Warner Hall upon arriving to campus to
 booth and the third is Orientation —                            have a photo taken and ID Card produced. Please note that

 to link it all together. I met most of my                       Orientation is a peak time in The HUB, so lines may be long. A
                                                                 feature of your ID Card is Plaid Cash — a prepaid, stored-
 closest friends during Orientation, and                         value/debit account that can be used to pay for textbooks and
                                                                 school supplies. Plaid Cash is accepted by some of the area’s
 I participate in booth with them.”                              most popular restaurants and retail stores. Questions about
                                                                 ID Cards and Plaid Cash may be directed to The HUB at
Zachary Sikov                                           or 412-268-8186. Learn more at
2018 Orientation Counselor                             
Tepper School of Business, Class of 2019

Pre-Orientation Guide - 2018 UNDERGRADUATE - Carnegie Mellon University
Student Financial Services                                         Student Privacy and FERPA
Student account invoices are produced on the last calendar         Carnegie Mellon University values students' rights to privacy
day of each month and include all posted activity for current      and adheres to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
and future semesters. When your invoice is ready to be             (FERPA). In accordance with FERPA, Carnegie Mellon officials do
viewed on Student Information Online (SIO), an email will be       not disclose information from a student record without the
sent to your Andrew email account. You will be notified of         student’s consent. The policy applies to all Carnegie Mellon
your first invoice June 30, 2018. A variety of payment options     University students, faculty, staff and school officials. For more
are available for Carnegie Mellon students and families. The       information, visit
fastest, most convenient way for you to make a payment to
your student account or to receive a refund from the university    Postal Services
is through Online Banking. Simply register your U.S. checking or
                                                                   CMU Postal Services is a full-service USPS post office owned
savings account in SIO to use this free service.
                                                                   and operated by Carnegie Mellon University located on the
If your parent or another individual would like to view student    lower level of Cohon Center. Postal Services offers a wide range
account invoices and activity, as well as make payments, we        of products and services, such as stamps, postage, mailing
encourage you to invite them to use My Plaid Student. Learn        boxes, envelopes, tape, USPS forms and money orders. CMU
more at                                               Postal Services is your one-stop destination for your domestic
The HUB and Student Financial Aid Office work together to          and international shipping and mailing needs.
provide students and families a high level of customer service
and effective, efficient delivery of financial assistance from     Student Mail Code (SMC)
federal, state, private and institutional sources. Learn more      All incoming first-year students are assigned a four-digit
about financial aid at Carnegie Mellon at             Student Mail Code (SMC) that matches a mailbox in university
financial-aid.                                                     Postal Services, located on the lower level of the Cohon Center.
                                                                   Your SMC code is used to route all USPS, FedEx, DHL, UPS mail,
Student Information Online (SIO)                                   parcels and campus mail to your student mailbox and/or the
Student Information Online (SIO) serves as your student            package pickup window.
profile and you should ensure it is kept up-to-date with your
family’s most recent contact information. You will log in to       SMC and Post Office Box Combination using your Andrew user ID and                      After you are enrolled, go to Student Information Online (SIO)
password to:                                                       at under the My Info tab to retrieve your
                                                                   four-digit Student Mail Code (SMC) and post office box
•   View grades, QPA and enrollment status
                                                                   combination. Please retrieve this information prior to coming to
•   Order transcripts and verifications                            Postal Services to retrieve mail and packages. No information
•	Plan your course schedule and complete course                   about SMCs or post office box combinations will be provided at
   registration activities (for Spring 2018 and beyond)            Postal Service’s front counter or at the package pickup window.

•	View financial aid details, including awards, application
   status and federal loan information
                                                                        Your Carnegie Mellon Mailing Address:
•   View student account invoices and activity

•	Make payments via Online Banking and designate a bank               Use the following address (“xxxx” is your four-digit
   account for electronic refunds                                      Student Mail Code or SMC) for all of USPS, FedEX,
                                                                       UPS and DHL deliveries. For example:
•	Manage family and friend contact information and
   invite individuals to view your student account invoices,             Student's Name
   make payments and order verifications through                         SMC xxxx
   My Plaid Student                                                      5032 Forbes Avenue
•   View housing and meal plan assignments                               Pittsburgh, PA 15289-xxxx

Forwarding Mail to Campus                                          Textbooks and Course Materials
To forward mail from your permanent address to your                The University Store is the official textbook provider for
Carnegie Mellon address fill out the United States Postal          Carnegie Mellon University. The online bookstore lets
Service Official Mail Forwarding Form, available from              students preorder textbooks, choose from various formats You must include SMC "xxxx" on Line 7a of the            (eBooks, rentals, loose-leaf, used, new), and compare prices
form. If you fail to do so, the delivery of your mail may be       from third party vendors like Amazon. The store also lists
delayed and cannot be guaranteed.                                  supplementary course information — such as if an
                                                                   instructor provides more materials through Canvas or
Shipping Belongings to Campus                                      recommends students use a certain calculator.

Due to limited storage space and the large volume of incoming      Students may serach for textbooks at bookstore.
parcels received at the start of each semester, please follow Simply enter all
these guidelines:                                                  course numbers into the site and the requested materials
                                                                   from the instructors will populate. Some textbooks also
•	Do not ship your belongings until two weeks prior to            include a guaranteed buyback price — the amount the
   your arrival on campus                                          student can get back for their book at the end of the
                                                                   semester. After selecting course materials to purchase,
•	Maximum box dimensions are 20”x20”x20” in                       choose delivery to either the University Store, SMC mailbox,
   length, width, height                                           or to a permanent mailng address.

•	Maximum box weight is 35 pounds. When ordering                  The Art Store provides course materials for Art and Design
   textbooks online, please ask the vendor to consolidate          majors. The store works directly with instructors to create
   shipments whenever possible                                     kits with all the necessary supplies at a discounted price.
                                                                   Students may preorder kits online at bookstore.web.cmu.
                                                                   edu. Kits are available for pick-up at the Art Store beginning
Claiming Packages and Mail
                                                                   move-in weekend.
Mail that fits inside of a mailbox and does not contain a
tracking number will be placed inside your mailbox on the
                                                                   Writing Course Placement for
lower level of the Cohon Center. Mail that contains a tracking
                                                                   Non-Native English Speakers
number or does not fit inside the mailbox will be directed to
package pickup, also located on the lower level of the Cohon       All non-native English speakers are required to take an
Center. Once the item is processed, an automated email will be     online writing placement test before classes begin, Monday,
sent to your CMU email account. The item will only be available    August 27, 2018. If you have not yet participated in the
after it has been processed. To claim mail at the package          placement, you will not be able to complete your First-Year
pickup door, present a photo ID (CMU ID, driver’s license,         Writing course requirement offered by the English
passport, etc.), provide your SMC and the number of emails         Department. Please email Dr. Danielle Wetzel at
you received from the notification system.                to register.

Holding Mail During Summer and Semester Breaks
Mail and packages will be held during the winter and spring
breaks. A 10-day limitation on mail/packages is enforced during    “Orientation is an opportunity to focus
the academic year and summer break. During summer break,
be sure to address mail to your current location. If you choose,
                                                                    on the best part of CMU: the people. You
CMU Postal Services can forward mail for you. Mail forwarding       will get to know the community which
is available for locations within the United States only. Mail
forwarding request forms are available at                  will push you to grow and learn in the
postoffice/forward-mail. Temporary forwards remain in effect
until the end date listed on the request form or until Postal
                                                                    next chapter of your life. Collaboration,
Service is notified by emailing         late night conversations and passionate
Permanent forwards (such as those for graduating students or
students leaving campus) last for 30 days after their change in     work are the building blocks of the CMU
status. Postal Services does not accept temporary or
permanent forwarding requests by phone,
                                                                    experience, and Orientation will give you
email or in person.                                                 a taste of it all.”
                                                                   Alan Menaged
                                                                   2018 Orientation Counselor
                                                                   Mellon College of Science, Class of 2019


     Summer Welcome Events
                                                                      Dates to
     Alumni, parents and the Office of Orientation host
     welcome receptions for all first-year students and their
     families throughout the summer. Welcome events provide
     an opportunity to meet future classmates, current
     students, alumni and university staff members. All events
     are free, but space is limited, so register early. After
     registering, a confirmation notification will be emailed that    First Day of Classes – Fall 2018
     includes the event's location and venue information.             Monday, August 27
     To see the full schedule of events and to register, visit                                      Family Weekend 2018
                                                                      Friday, October 12 – Sunday, October 14
     California                     New York                          This event celebrates the entire CMU community.
     Los Altos                      Chappaqua                         Information will be available in the next few months
     Saturday, July 7               Tuesday, July 24                  at
     Sunday, July 15                New York/Manhattan (Tribeca)
     Los Angeles/                   Friday, July 27                   Mid-Semester Break
     Pacific Palisades                                                Friday, October 19
     Saturday, July 14              Pittsburgh (CMU Campus)
     Florida                        Thursday, July 12                 Presidential Inauguration
     Boca Raton                                                       Friday, October 26
                                    Philadelphia (Downtown)
     Saturday, June 23              Saturday, July 28
                                    Texas                             Saturday, October 27
     Chicago (Northbrook)           Houston
     Sunday, July 29                Sunday, July 8
                                                                      Thanksgiving Break
     Massachusetts                  Washington                        Wednesday, November 21 – Friday, November 23
     Boston                         Seattle                           (plus weekend)
     Sunday, July 1                 Monday, July 16
     New Jersey               Virginia                                Last Day of Fall Classes
     Park Ridge (Northern NJ) Leesburg                                Friday, December 7
     Sunday, July 29          Sunday, August 5
     Princeton Junction                                               Last Day of Final Examinations
     Saturday, August 4                                               Monday, December 17

                                                                      Classes Resume Spring 2019
Carnegie Mellon Alumni Association
                                                                      Monday, January 14, 2019
The CMU Alumni Association is a global network of more than
110,000 alumni, with staff and volunteers creating opportunities to
bring students and alumni together. Participate in activities
throughout the year to learn CMU traditions and network with
alumni from varied backgrounds, career fields and cities around
the world. Students have immediate access to join the online
community and CMU LinkedIn group, and are encouraged to get
involved with student organizations on campus, to attend events,          Official Academic Calendar
and to consider membership in the Highland Ambassadors. These  
provide valuable leadership experience while serving the campus
community. Learn more at

4 years. | 1,000 possibilities.

You can’t be there to make sure your student is staying on top of their finances,
but you can count on PNC to offer solutions to help make money management
easy and convenient.

 Avoid the monthly service charge for 6 years with proof of active student status1
 Enroll in parent email and text alerts2
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  with PNC security and privacy, 24-hour fraud monitoring and Zero Liability
  Fraud Protection3
 Access to your money surcharge-free at more than 9,000 PNC ATMs
  on and off campus


1 Virtual Wallet Student has no minimum balance requirement or monthly service charge for active students for 6 years from when you enroll in our student
program. At the end of the 6-year period, your account will be subject to the features and fees as described in the Virtual Wallet Features and Fees in effect at
that time. Customer may be required to provide proof of active enrollment in a qualifying educational institution.
2 Your wireless carrier may charge you standard text message rates.
3 Zero Liability Fraud Protection does not apply to ATM transactions, PIN transactions not processed by Visa, and certain commercial card transactions.
Notify PNC Bank immediately of any unauthorized use. For specific restrictions, limitations and other details regarding unauthorized use, see your Consumer
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Virtual Wallet is a registered trademark of The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.
©2018 The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. All rights reserved. PNC Bank, National Association. Member FDIC                            UNV PDF 0518-0100-821002
Academic Registration
     The process for signing up for classes varies across the colleges.
     See the following pages regarding individual college procedures.

     Placement Exams
     The university offers placement exams for certain subject areas. Check with your
     academic advisor to determine if placement exams are required or recommended to
     inform your academic registration.

     Computing @ Carnegie Mellon
     Computing@Carnegie Mellon (C@CM) is a required course that teaches foundational
     skills in information literacy and safe, responsible and effective computing. It focuses
     on the tools and technologies that are specific to Carnegie Mellon. The course can be
     completed online or in-person. College and academic advisor will provide more
     information during course registration. Learn more at

BXA Intercollege Degree Programs                                   College of Engineering
(BCSA, BHA and BSA)                                                1.	Early June: Students will be enrolled in an engineering
The BXA Meet and Greet to welcome students and family                  Canvas course that contains important information about
members is August 19, at 2:30 p.m. in Margaret Morrison                placement tests, AP/IB credit and course registration.
Carnegie Hall, Room A-11.
                                                                   2.	June: Your first-year academic advisor will contact you to
The BXA Orientation Breakfast is August 23, at 8:45 a.m.               discuss registration, timelines and other steps you need to
in Margaret Morrison Carnegie Hall, Room 121.                          complete prior to coming to campus.
1. Students are mailed a welcome letter in early June.             3.	Mid July: Students submit a draft of proposed class
                                                                       schedule for approval.
2. T
    he BXA office will contact each student by email to discuss
   course selection, placement and registration in June.           4.	Late July: Students register for classes online.

3. The BXA office will register students for classes in July.      5.	July-August: Students can opt to enroll in the Computing@
                                                                       Carnegie Mellon online course (C@CM).
4. S
    tudents can review their schedule online in the first week
   of August.                                                      6.	Orientation Week: Optional math placement exams are
                                                                       available (if eligible); resolve any scheduling issues in
5. S
    tudents with questions about their schedule may contact
                                                                       person with advisor.
   Dr. Carrie Hagan, BXA Associate Director and first-year
   advisor at 412-268-8326 or

College of Fine Arts (CFA)                                         3.	After August 5, students will be able to view their schedules
Architecture                                                           through the SIO website.

1.	Students will receive an email to their personal email         4.	Students with questions may contact Amy Nichols at
    accounts in early June directing them to activate their            412-268-1581 or
    CMU email accounts.
2.	Placement exams will be conducted in June/early July.
    Students who speak English as a second language are            1.	Students are emailed enrollment information by the first
    REQUIRED to take the online English Placement test.                week of June.

3.	Students will then be emailed information regarding the        2.	Students will send special requests for courses
    supplies needed to start their first year in the School of         electronically by the first week of July.
    Architecture, the mentoring program in architecture,           3.	All first-year music students will be registered for most
    instructions to join the AIAS and computer requirements.           of their courses by the School of Music by the first week
4.	All first-year architecture students will be registered into       of August.
    their required courses by Erica Oman, School of                4.	On August 8, students can review their schedules online.
    Architecture Academic Advisor.
                                                                   5.	By August 15, if a student is not registered for any courses,
5.	Students with questions may contact Heather Workinger              please contact Sharon Johnston at or
    Midgley, first-year faculty advisor, at              412-268-2385.

                                                                   6.	During Orientation Week, students will take placement
                                                                       tests in harmony and solfege, and their schedules will be
1.	First-semester School of Art students are preregistered for        completed.
    the majority of their classes.

2.	In June, students will receive information regarding course    Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences (DC)
    scheduling, materials and common first-year questions.         1.	In mid-June, students will receive a welcome letter via their
3.	In July, students submit their preferences for mediums in           CMU email from their Dietrich College academic advisor
    their introductory sculpture course.                                that contains information regarding the Dietrich Academic
                                                                        Advisory Center (AAC) snapchat account and instructions
4.	Students can check their schedules through SIO in
                                                                        for accessing a course in Canvas that contains all the
    mid-August and will receive a copy of their final schedule
                                                                        information and tools students will need to plan their fall
    during Orientation.
5.	Students with questions may contact Mark Cato at
                                                                   2.	Students should begin to work through this course as soon
    412-268-1531 or
                                                                       as they are able. Upon completion, students may begin
                                                                       scheduling one-on-one appointments with their academic
Design                                                                 advisor (in person, phone or Skype) to discuss their
1.	Upon acceptance, all first-year Design students are                backgrounds, interests and general plan for a fall schedule.
    encouraged to join Facebook Group “CMU Design Class            3.	After receiving advisor approval, students will register for
    of 2022.”                                                          classes in late July.
2.	By early June, Melissa Cicozi, design academic advisor,
    will email all first-years using their CMU email addresses.    Humanities Scholars Program (HSP)
3.	Throughout the summer, students will receive important         1.	HSP students are invited into the program when admitted
    course registration and supply lists via both email                to Dietrich College based on their demonstrated interest
    and Facebook.                                                      in the study of the humanities.
4.	Design students share a common first semester                  2.	All HSP students are enrolled in a fall semester
    and are preregistered for all of their courses.                    HSP-specific Freshman Seminar.
5.	Students with questions may contact Melissa Cicozi             3.	Students should work with their academic advisor in
    at                                                 Dietrich College’s AAC over the summer to create a
                                                                       fall schedule.
Drama                                                              4.	Students are welcome to contact the HSP director,
1.	First-semester School of Drama students have a set                 Professor Tim Haggerty, at any time before arriving to
    curriculum and are pre-registered for classes.                     campus. Otherwise, they will have the opportunity to meet
                                                                       him during Orientation Week. Professor Tim Haggerty can
2.	Amy Nichols will register students for classes during the
                                                                       be reached at 412-268-6211 or
    last two weeks of July.
                                                                   5.	For more information visit

Quantitative Social Science Scholars Program (QSSS)              School of Computer Science (SCS)
1.	QSSS students are invited into the program when              1.	Jacobo Carrasquel, the SCS freshman advisor, will contact
    admitted to Dietrich College based on their expressed            the students via email by the end of May.
    interest, aptitude and achievements in quantitative fields
                                                                 2.	Many documents, forms, placement tests and important
    of study.
                                                                     information will be provided incrementally throughout the
2.	After accepting admittance into the program, scholars            summer months. For step-by-step instructions visit
    may elect to join affinity housing with other QSSS     
    classmates through the Housing Office (first come,
                                                                 3.	During May, June and July, SCS students will take several
    first served).
                                                                     placement tests and surveys. Once completed, SCS
3.	All QSSS students are enrolled in a fall semester                students will discuss their fall semester registration with
    QSSS-specific Freshman Seminar.                                  Jacobo. As their schedules are approved, students should
                                                                     be able to register online by themselves. Registration
4.	Students should work with their academic advisor in
                                                                     should be completed by the end of July.
    Dietrich College’s AAC over the summer to create a
    fall schedule.                                               4.	Reviews and changes to schedules will be done through
                                                                     the month of August and during Orientation Week.
5.	Students are welcome to contact the QSSS director,
    Professor Mark Patterson, at any time before they arrive
    on campus. Otherwise, they will have the opportunity to      Science and Humanities Scholars Program (SHS)
    meet him during Orientation Week. Mark Patterson can         1.   S
                                                                       cience and Humanities Scholars receive course
    be reached at 412-268-5680 or via email at mpatters@              registration information at their Carnegie Mellon Andrew                                                   email accounts in early June.
6.	For more information visit            2.   S
                                                                       HS students complete placement exams and express
                                                                      course preferences by early July.
Mellon College of Science (MCS)                                  3.   T
                                                                       he SHS Program director and senior academic advisor
1.	By June 8: Students receive a welcome message that                register students for classes throughout July.
    informs them about how to access online course
                                                                 4.   S
                                                                       HS students can review their schedules online in
    registration materials through Canvas. These messages
                                                                      early August.
    are sent via CMU email.
                                                                 5.   S
                                                                       chedule issues, including changes, can be discussed with
2.	July 8: Students MUST submit an online course
                                                                      Dr. William Alba, the SHS program director, and Veronica
    registration form by this date. Students are registered
                                                                      Peet, the SHS senior academic advisor, throughout the
    for courses on a first-come, first-served basis.
                                                                      summer and during Orientation Week. His office is
3.	June and July: Students who speak English as a second             Doherty Hall 2201 and he can also be reached by email
    language MUST take the online English Placement exam.    She can be reached by email vpeet@
    Students can opt to enroll in the Computing@Carnegie    
    Mellon online course (C@CM) and/or take an optional
                                                                 6.   During
                                                                            Orientation Week as well as throughout their
    Computer Science placement exam. Prospective math
                                                                      college careers, SHS students are welcome to all events
    majors should also plan to complete an online math
                                                                      for MCS (Mellon College of Science) and DC (Dietrich
    preparation course.
                                                                      College of Humanities & Social Sciences) students.
4.	July 16 to August 10: Drs. Maggie Braun and Ken Hovis             The SHS Welcome Dinner occurs on Tuesday of
    will register students for their classes from July 16             Orientation Week.
    through August 10. Schedule changes will not be made
    during this period.                                          Tepper School of Business (TPR)
5.	August 13: Students can review their schedules online        1.   F
                                                                       irst-year business administration students will receive
    and begin to request schedule changes. If a student               access to the Class of 2022 website that prepares
    does not have a schedule by this date, they should                students for the fall semester in early June.
    contact Dr. Maggie Braun at
                                                                 2.   In June and July, students will interact with academic
    or 412-268 6679.
                                                                       advisors, engage with new classmates, take course
6.	Orientation Week: Students can opt to take calculus,               placement exams and more through the website and
    advanced math and/or physics placement exams (if                   other virtual outlets.
    eligible). Students can also meet with Drs. Braun and
                                                                 3.   S
                                                                       tudents will register for classes in late July.
    Hovis in-person to discuss scheduling concerns.
                                                                 4.   D
                                                                       uring Orientation Week, students will meet with
                                                                      academic advisors, attend group advising sessions and be
                                                                      welcomed into the Tepper undergraduate community.

Orientation 2018
Pre-Orientation Programs                                            ORIGINS: Overnight Pre-Orientation Retreat
                                                                    ORIGINS is an overnight, pre-orientation retreat for students
Varsity Football Players’ and Parents’ Orientation                  from identity groups that are underrepresented or
An Orientation program will be held for first-year football         minoritized in our Carnegie Mellon community, including
players on Tuesday, August 14, from noon to 4 p.m. Since            students who are the first generation to go to college in their
players are not able to fully participate in the full week of       families, and Pell grant recipients. Connect and create
Orientation due to practice schedules, this program is              community with other incoming and upper-class students,
designed to address many of the topics covered during               faculty, staff, and alumni and get the inside scoop on thriving
Orientation. The players will be released from their practices to   at CMU. ORIGINS participants move into their residence early
attend many of the house-based programs and the academic            on Friday morning, August 17, 2018. The program starts in
programming during the week of Orientation. A mailing with          the afternoon with lunch for students, family members and
more information will be sent to players in mid-July.               key university partners. After lunch, students depart for
                                                                    Lutherlyn Retreat Center and return to campus Saturday
                                                                    evening, August 18, for the start of Orientation activities.
                                                                    Space is limited and pre-registration is required by July 13,
                                                                    2018. For more information, contact the Center for Student
                                                                    Diversity and Inclusion by email at or

 Margaret Morrison Street Key Pickup
                                                                   Enter the designated traffic pattern near the corner of
                                                                   Tech and Frew Streets (entering from Schenley Park) and
                                                                   proceed to the Margaret Morrison Street Key Pickup
                                                                   Tent if you reside in:

                                                                   • Boss House                         • Resnik House

                                                                   • Doherty Apartments                 • Roselawn Terrace Houses

                                                                   • Donner House                       • Scobell House

                                                                   • Hamerschlag House                  • Welch House

                                                                   • Henderson House                    • West Wing

                                                                   • Margaret Morrison Apartments      • Woodlawn Apartments

                                                                   • McGill House

                                                                    Morewood Key Pickup
                                                                   Residents will be provided more details about
                                                                   move-in by Housing Services if they reside in:

                                                                   • Morewood Gardens

                                                                   • Mudge House

                                                                   • Stever House

                                                                    Residence on Fifth Key Pickup
                                                                   Enter the designated traffic pattern near the corner of
                                                                   Fifth Avenue and South Neville Street and proceed to the
                                                                   Residence on Fifth Key Pickup Location if you reside in:

                                                                   • Clyde House

                                                                   • Fairfax Apartments

                                                                   • The Highlands Apartments

                                                                   • Neville Apartments

                                                                   • Residence on Fifth

                                                                   • Shady Oak Apartments

                                                                   • Webster Hall

Move-In Day and Room Key Pickup                                     Shirley Apartments Key Pickup
                                                                   Enter the designated traffic pattern to proceed to the
Saturday, August 18 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.*                        Shirley Apartments Key Pickup Location.

To facilitate an efficient move-in process, all students will be
assigned a designated move-in time. Orientation                    Commuter Students
counselors, resident assistants and other staff and                Orientation is for all incoming first-year and new
volunteers will be on-site to assist with residence hall           undergraduate students, whether they commute or live
move-in. Complete details regarding the residence hall             in a university residence hall. It is important that all
move-in and key pickup process will be available at                students participate in the week-long program to help beginning August 1.                                with the transition to Carnegie Mellon and to Pittsburgh.
                                                                   Commuter students will be assigned to an Orientation
* If arriving after 3 p.m. on Saturday, August 18, students       group and Orientation Counselors. A Welcome
  must visit the Housing Office at the Residence on Fifth          Reception will be held for commuter students on
  (4700 Fifth Avenue, 2nd floor) to collect Andrew ID card         Sunday, August 19.
  and/or keys. Students who are unable to move in on
  August 18 must contact Housing at 412-268-2139 to
  make accommodations.

International Students
     International students move in with their first-year             Welcome Weekend:
     classmates on Saturday, August 18. International students        Move-In and Family Orientation
     must attend a mandatory immigration information and              Parents and family members are invited to attend
     check-in session on Sunday, August 19. The Office of             Welcome Weekend. A detailed schedule of events will be
     International Education (OIE) will provide additional details,   available online in August. Students and guests will
     via an email to the student’s Andrew ID (Carnegie Mellon         receive a detailed Orientation schedule at move-in.
     email address), about this and other sessions of particular
     relevance to international students and their families. For a
     Settling In Guide, answers to frequently asked questions         Move-In Day:
     (FAQs) and information about orientation, visit the OIE          Saturday, August 18
     website at
                                                                      10 a.m. – 3 p.m.         Move-in
     International students were asked to submit several forms
     by June 15, 2018 including the International Student             4 p.m.                   Welcome address from
     Information Form, the Affidavit of Support for Financial                                  President Farnam Jahanain
     Sponsor and International Student Instructions Form. If you
                                                                      5:30 p.m.                Dinner on your own
     have not yet submitted those forms, visit admission.             Evening                  Activities for students
     for more information or contact the Office of International
     Education at
                                                                      Family Orientation and Welcome Day:
                                                                      Sunday, August 19
     International Students Move-In Day:
     Saturday, August 18 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.                       9 – 10:30 a.m.           Family welcome session

                                                                      10:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.   College and academic
     Mandatory Immigration Information                                                         sessions
     and Check-In Session
     Sunday, August 19                                                11 a.m. – 2 p.m.         Lunch for new students
                                                                                               and families

                                                                      Noon – 4 p.m.            Programs, open houses,
     Transfer Students
                                                                                               events and resource fair
     Orientation is valuable to helping new undergraduate
     students transition to Carnegie Mellon — whether they live       4 – 5 p.m.               Family farewell*
     on campus or not. Transfer students will be assigned to an       Evening                  First floor meeting and
     Orientation group and Orientation Counselors. A Welcome                                   activities for students
     Reception will be held for transfer students on Sunday,
     August 19.                                                       Programming for family and guests concludes at 5 p.m.

You can also read