PRICE LIST 2021 - Amazon S3

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PRICE LIST 2021 - Amazon S3
PRICE LIST 2021 - Amazon S3
ADULT COURSE ONLY                                                                                                                                            PRICE LIST 2021

                                                                                 PRICE      PRICE                                                                                          PRICE PER
     GENERAL ENGLISH COURSES                                                    €/WEEK     €/WEEK
                                                                              SHORT TERM LONG TERM
                                                                                                      SPORTS                                                                                PERSON
                                                                                1-7 WKS    8+ WKS
                                                                                                      (Transport not included)                                                              €/WEEK

     General English 20                          20 lessons    Starter – C2      205          180
                                                                                                              Padi Advanced Diving                                      5 sessions             345

     General English 30                          30 lessons    Starter – C2      295          255
                                                                                                              Padi Open Water Diving                                    9 sessions             495
     General English Mini 30                     30 lessons    Starter – C2      400           –

                                              20 group +                                                      Sailing Level 1                                                                  495
     Intensive English                       10 PT lessons
                                                           Starter – C2          535           –
                                                                                                                                                                          1 week
     Private Tuition                              5 lessons    Starter – C2      170           –              Sailing Level 2                                                                  495

     Private Tuition                             10 lessons    Starter – C2      340           –
                                                                                                                                                                                          EXAM FEE €
     Semi-Private Tuition
                                                                                                      EXAM FEES                                                                           TO BE PAID
                                                                                                                                                                                           IN MALTA
     2 persons of same level                     10 lessons    Starter – C2      275           –
     need to book together
                                                                                                                           Min. 6 weeks            B1 Level (required on entry)
     50+                                         20 lessons    Starter – C2      445           –
     Course + Activity Programme                                                                      IELTS                                                                                    240
                                                                                                                           Min. 4 weeks            B2 Level (required on entry)
                                                                                                                                            PET – B1, FCE – B2, CAE –C1, CPE – C2
     Cambridge Prep Exam                         30 lessons      B1 – C2           –          255     Cambridge            Min. 8 weeks                                                        240
                                                                                                                                             (Please refer to website for entry level)

     IELTS                                       30 lessons      B1 – C2         295          255

                                                                                                      OTHER FEES                              €          WHAT’S INCLUDED
     TOEFL                                       30 lessons      B1 – C2         295          255
                                                                                                      Registration Fee                        50              WELCOME EVENING
     TOEIC                                       30 lessons      B1 – C2         295          255
                                                                                                                             1–7 weeks        12
     Academic Year Course                        30 lessons    Starter – B2        –          255     Insurance                                               COURSE MATERIALS
                                                                                                      (per week)
                                                                                                                                8+ weeks      9
     International Foundation Year                   –           B1 – C2           –          285
                                                                                                      Airport Transfers                       25
                                                                                                                                                              COURSE CERTIFICATE
                                                                                                      (One way)
     BUSINESS & CAREER COURSES                                                               €/WEEK   High Season Supplement Fee*             30              PERSONAL NOTEBOOK
                                                                                                      30 May 2021 – 11 Sep 2021
     English for Work                       GE 20 + 10 English for Work         A2–C2         300
                                                                                                                   AYC START DATES
                                                                                                                                                              FREE WI-FI AT SCHOOL
     Business English 20                                 20 lessons             B1– C1        345       04/01/2021, 15/02/2021, 29/03/2021,
                                                                                                        10/05/2021, 28/06/2021, 09/08/2021,
                                                                                                        27/09/2021, 08/11/2021, 10/01/2022
                                                                                                                                                              FREE eLEARNING
     Intensive Business English                  20 group + 10 PT lessons       B1– C1        600           AYC SEMESTER HOLIDAYS
                                                                                                         19/06/2021         –        27/06/2021
     English for Specific Purposes                                            Starter – C2     –
                                                                                                                                                              FREE SIM CARD
     Please contact us for further information
                                                                                                         18/09/2021         –        26/09/2021
                                                                                                                                                        PLEASE NOTE
     Work Placements                                                            B1– C2         –
     Please contact us for further information                                                           18/12/2021         –       02/01/2022          *No high season fee is applicable to
                                                                                                                                                        IFY bookings.

ADULT ACCOMMODATION ONLY                                                                                                                     PRICE LIST 2021

                                                                                            WALKING      SHORT TERM    LONG TERM
                                                                                                          1-7 WEEKS     8+ WEEKS            WHAT’S INCLUDED
HOST FAMILY                                                                                 DISTANCE
                                                                                           TO SCHOOL        PRICE         PRICE       AT RESIDENCES & APARTMENTS
                                                                                                           €/WEEK        €/WEEK

Host Family                                                                                                                                WI-FI
Half-board | Single/double room sharing                                                          –            190         190
Special diet €70 / week
Executive Host Family
Half-board | Single/double room sharing | Private bathroom                                       –            360          –
Special diet €70 / week                                                                                                                    AIR CONDITIONING/HEATING

                                                                                                                                           MAID SERVICE/TOWEL CHANGE/
RESIDENCE                                                                                                                                  LINEN CHANGE – Once weekly.
                                                                                                                                           WASHING MACHINE
ESE Residence*                                                                              in-house          310          –
                                                                                                                                           Apartments – free of charge.
Bed & breakfast | Single/double room sharing                                                                                               Whitehouse – can be used for free
                                                                                                                                           once a week.
                                                                                                                                           ECO TAX OF €0.50 per day to a max.
Whitehouse Economy                                                                                                                         of €5 per stay/person for host families,
Self-catering | Communal kitchen | Single/double/triple room sharing                         1 min            190         180              residences and apartments.
Ensuite & shared bathrooms

SELF-CATERING APARTMENTS                                                                                                            OTHER FEES                                    €

Economy                                                                                                                             High Season Supplement Fee
                                                                                           10–15 mins         190         180       (Host Family, Residence &                    60
Self-catering | Single/double/triple room sharing                                                                                   Self-Catering Apartments)
Ensuite bathroom €25/person                                                                                                         30 May 2021 – 11 Sep 2021

Self-catering | Single/double room sharing                                                 2–15 mins          230         215       ACCOMMODATION                              €/WEEK
Ensuite bathroom €25/person                                                                                                         SUPPLEMENT FEES*

Superior Plus
Self-catering | Single/double room sharing                                                 10–15 mins         280         265                              Low Season           125
Ensuite bathroom €25/person                                                                                                         Single Room
                                                                                                                                                           High Season          175
                                                                                                      SHORT    LONG SINGLE ROOM
HOTEL STUDIOS                                                                              SEASON      TERM
                                                                                                              €/WEEK   €/WEEK

                                                                                            SA         n/a     n/a        n/a       HOTEL SEASONS
Salini Resort                                                                 Shuttle
(Salina Bay)                                                              service to ESE    SB         520     455        200
Self-catering | Single/double room (Max. 2 Pax)                              included       SC         320     305        150           SA         30/05/2021 – 25/09/2021
                                                                                            SA         765     n/a        350
The George Urban Boutique Hotel                                             Across the
                                                                                                                                                   28/02/2021 – 29/05/2021
(St Julian’s)                                                               street from     SB         665     n/a        250
Self-catering | Single/double room (Max. 2 Pax)                                 ESE                                                     SB
                                                                                            SC         545     n/a        200
                                                                                                                                                   26/09/2021 – 06/11/2021
                                                                                                   PRICE      SINGLE   HALF BOARD
HOTEL ROOMS                                                                                SEASON €/WEEK       ROOM
                                                                                                              €/WEEK     €/WEEK
                                                                                                                                                   03/01/2021 – 27/02/2021
Salini Resort                                                                 Shuttle       SA         670     350        185
                                                                              service                                                   SC
(Salina Bay)                                                                                SB         560     300        185
Standard room | Bed & breakfast | Single/double room                          to ESE                                                               07/11/2021 – 01/01/2022
Seaview €70 per person/week                                                  included       SC         420     175        185
                                                                                            SA         670     350        185
Number 11 Hotel                                                             Next door
(St Julian’s)                                                                               SB         560     300        185       PLEASE NOTE
Bed & breakfast | Single/double room
                                                                             to ESE
                                                                                            SC         420     175        185       *When a person is booked alone in a room, the
                                                                                                                                    single room supplement will be charged.
The George Urban Boutique Hotel                                               Across
                                                                                            SA         730     500        185       → All Claret Apartment rooms (in the Superior
(St Julian’s)                                                               the street      SB         640     450        185          Plus category) are ensuite and a supplement
Courtyard room | Bed & breakfast | Single/double room
Deluxe room €200 per person/week                                            from ESE        SC         470     250        185
                                                                                                                                       fee of €25/week applies to all Claret
                                                                                                                                       Apartment bookings.

ADULT SHORT TERM PACKAGE (1–7 WEEKS) (GE 20 COURSE + ACCOMMODATION)                                                                                        PRICE LIST 2021

                                                                        DISTANCE           €/WEEK     COURSE UPGRADE SUPPLEMENT FEES                                                            PRICE
                                                                       TO SCHOOL         SHORT TERM   (TO BE ADDED FOR COURSES OTHER THAN GENERAL ENGLISH 20)                                  €/WEEK
                                                                                           1–7 WKS
                                                                                                      General English 30                 30 Lessons                            Starter – C2       90
     Host Family
     Half-board | Single/Double room sharing                                 –              395       Miniclass 30                       30 lessons                            Starter – C2      195
     Special diet €70/week
                                                                                                      Intensive English                  20 group lessons + 10 PT              Starter – C2      330
                                                                                                      Private Tuition 10                 10 lessons                            Starter – C2      135
     Executive Host Family                                                                            Private Tuition 20                 20 lessons                            Starter – C2      475
     Half-board | Single/Double room sharing | Private bathroom              –              565
     Special diet €70/week                                                                            Private Tuition 30                 30 lessons                            Starter – C2      815
                                                                                                      Semi-Private Tuition               10 lessons                            Starter – C2      135
     RESIDENCE                                                                                        50+                                GE 20 course + activity programme Starter – C2          240

                                                                                                      EXAM PREPARATION SUPPLEMENT FEES
     ESE Residence*                                                    In-house             515
     Bed & breakfast | Single/double room sharing                                                     Cambridge Prep Exam                30 lessons                              B1 – C2          90
                                                                                                      IELTS                              30 lessons                              B1 – C2          90
                                                                                                      TOEFL                              30 lessons                              B1 – C2          90
     Whitehouse Economy
     Self-catering | Communal kitchen | Single/double/triple room         1 min             395       TOEIC                              30 lessons                              B1 – C2          90
     sharing | Ensuite & shared bathrooms
                                                                                                      BUSINESS & CAREER SUPPLEMENT FEES
     APARTMENTS                                                                                       English for Work           GE 20 + 10 English for Work                     A2 – C2          90
                                                                                                      Business English 20        20 lessons                                      B1 – C1         140

     Economy                                                                                          Intensive Business English 20 group lessons + 10 PT                        B1 – C1         395
     Self-catering | Single/double/triple room sharing                10–15 mins            395
                                                                                                                                                        WHAT’S INCLUDED
     Ensuite bathroom €25/person                                                                      OTHER FEES                           €
                                                                                                                                                        IN THE PACKAGE
                                                                                                      Registration Fee                    50
                                                                                                                                                              GENERAL ENGLISH 20
     Superior                                                                                         Airport Transfers                included
     Self-catering | Single/double room sharing                       2–15 mins             435
     Ensuite bathroom €25/person                                                                      Insurance                        per week               ACCOMMODATION AS BOOKED
                                                                                                      High Season                                             MEET & GREET
                                                                                                      Supplement Fee                      90
     Superior Plus                                                                                    30 May 2021 – 11 Sep 2021
                                                                                                                                                              AIRPORT TRANSFERS
                                                                                                                                                              (Coach/mini bus)/Private taxi – €25/way
     Self-catering | Single/double room sharing                       10–15 mins            485
     Ensuite bathroom €25/person
                                                                                                      ACCOMMODATION                        €/WEEK
                                                                                                                                                              WELCOME EVENING
                                                                                                      SUPPLEMENT FEES*
                                                                                                                           Low Season       125
     50+ PROGRAMME                                       DISTANCE
                                                            TO      SEASON
                                                                                             ROOM     Single Room          High Season
                                                                                                                                                              COURSE MATERIALS
     GE COURSE + ACCOMMODATION + LEISURE                 SCHOOL                   €/WEEK    €/WEEK

                                                                                                      HOTEL SEASONS                                           COURSE CERTIFICATE
     Salini Resort                                        service
                                                                     SA           1015       350
                                                                                                          SA       30/05/2021     –   25/09/2021
     (Salina Bay)                                         to ESE                                                                                              PERSONAL NOTEBOOK
     Bed & breakfast | Single/double room                                                                          28/02/2021     –   29/05/2021
                                                         included    SB           905        300          SB
                                                                                                                   26/09/2021     –   06/11/2021
                                                                                                                   03/01/2021     –   27/02/2021              FREE WI-FI AT SCHOOL
                                                                                                                   07/11/2021     –   01/01/2022
     Number 11 Hotel                                       Next      SA           1015       350
     (St Julian’s)                                         door                                       PLEASE NOTE                                             FREE eLEARNING
     Bed & breakfast | Single/double room                 to ESE     SB           905        300      *When a person is booked alone in a room, the
                                                                                                      single room supplement will be charged.                 BEACH CLUB (Summer season)
                                                          Across                                      Eco Tax is not included in hotel accommodation          Mon–Fri (free entrance)/
     The George                                             the      SA           1075       500      which must be paid at the hotel.                        Sat–Sun (with fee)
     Urban Boutique Hotel                                 street                                      → All Claret Apartment rooms (in the Superior           LEISURE PROGRAMME
     (St Julian’s)                                         from                                          Plus category) are ensuite and a supplement          included in the 50+ programme only
     Bed & breakfast | Single/double room                            SB           985        450         fee of €25/week applies to all Claret
                                                            ESE                                          Apartment bookings.                                  ECO TAX of €0.50 per day to a max of
     START DATES                                                                                      → When course and accommodation are                     €5.00 per stay/person for host family,
     15/03/2021, 12/04/2021, 10/05/2021, 13/09/2021, 11/10/2021                                          booked airport transfers are included in             residences and apartments.
                                                                                                         the xpackage.

TEEN PACKAGE PROGRAMME + ACCOMMODATION                                                                                                                            PRICE LIST 2021

PROGRAMME +                                                               PRICE PER PERSON        COURSE UPGRADE SUPPLEMENT FEES                                                                PRICE
                                                 PROGRAMME DATES               €/WEEK             (To be added for courses other than General English 20                                       €/WEEK
ACCOMMODATION                                                                                     (only available to Teens and Young Adults)
Young Learners                                 29.05 2021   26.06.2021           795              General English 30                                    30 group lessons                         90
8–10 years                                     27.06.2021   31.07.2021           865
SALINI RESORT (Quadruple Room)                 01.08.2021   04.09.2021           795              Intensive English                               20 group + 10 private lessons                  330
                                               27.03.2021   17.04.2021           675
Junior Camp                                    29.05.2021   26.06.2021           795              Semi-Intensive English                                  Min. 2 persons                         165
11–13 years                                    27.06.2021   31.07.2021           865
SALINI RESORT (Quadruple Room)                 01.08.2021   04.09.2021           795              SPORTS                                                                                        PRICE
                                               09.10.2021   06.11.2021           675              Transport not included / only available at Salini Resort
                                               27.03.2021   17.04.2021           675
                                                                                                  Padi Advanced Diving*                         5 sessions                14+ years              345
Teen Club                                      29.05.2021   26.06.2021           795
14–17 years                                    27.06.2021   31.07.2021           865
SALINI RESORT (Quadruple Room)                 01.08.2021   04.09.2021           795              Padi Open Water Diving*                       9 sessions                14+ years              495
                                               09.10.2021   06.11.2021           675
Host Family                                                                                       Sailing Level 1*                               1 week                   14+ years              495
13–17 years                                    29.05.2021 04.09.2021             545
HOST FAMILY                                                                                       Sailing Level 2*                               1 week                   14+ years              495
Host Family (Groups Only)                      27.03.2021 17.04.2021
13–17 years                                                                      465              Tennis                                                                                         45
HOST FAMILY                                    09.10.2021 06.11.2021                                                                                                                           per hour

                                                                          PRICE PER PERSON
OTHER PROGRAMMES                                 PROGRAMME DATES               €/WEEK             OTHER FEES                                €             WHAT’S INCLUDED
Day Programme (Mon–Fri)                               As per
                                                                                 405                                                                          GENERAL ENGLISH 20
GE20 Course + Leisure + Hot Lunch                programme dates
                                                                                                  Registration Fee                         50
                                               27.03.2021   29.05.2021           675
Young Adults***                                30.05.2021   26.06.2021           795
                                                                                                                                                              ACCOMMODATION AS BOOKED
17–20 years
                                               27.06.2021   31.07.2021           865                                                                          MEET & GREET AIRPORT TRANSFERS
NUMBER 11 HOTEL                                                                                                                            12
                                               01.08.2021   04.09.2021           795                                                                          (Coach/mini bus) Private taxi €25/way
(Triple/Quadruple Room/Half-Board)                                                                Insurance                             per week
                                               05.09.2021   06.11.2021           675
                                                                                                                                                              WELCOME EVENING
Young Adults***                                27.03.2021   29.05.2021           465
17–20 years                                    30.05.2021 04.09.2021             545
HOST FAMILY                                                                                       ESE Unaccompanied Minor each25way                           COURSE MATERIALS
(Half-Board)                                   05.09.2021 06.11.2021             465
                                                                                                                                                              COURSE CERTIFICATE
                                                                         PRICE PER PRICE PER
FOOTBALL + ENGLISH                               PROGRAMME DATES          PERSON    PERSON
                                                                         €/1 WEEK €/2 WEEKS
                                                                                                  Single Nationality                       50                 WELCOME PACK
                                                                                                                                                              24/7 STUDENT SUPPORT
Knowhowsoccer Camp                             17.07.2021 31.07.2021      1150         1950                                                                   & WELFARE
Knowhowsoccer Camp
Day Programme (Mon–Fri)
                                                      As per
                                                                           600         1000       Room Change                              50                 FREE WI-FI AT SCHOOL
                                                 programme dates
Course + Football + Leisure only incl. Lunch
                                                                                                                                                              FREE T-SHIRT
FAMILY PACK**                                                                       PROGRAMME DATES             ADULT
                                                                                                                            €/WEEK        ROOM
                                                                                                                                                              BEACH CLUB (Summer Season)
                                                                                                                                                              Mon–Fri (free entrance)
                                                                                                                                                              Sat–Sun (with fee)
                                                                                 27.03.2021    17.04.2021        650         675          300
Salini Resort                     Adults (Half-board all week)                   29.05.2021    26.06.2021        750         795          350
                                                                                                                                                              LEISURE PROGRAMME
                                                                                                                                                              Daily activities except Sunday
(Salina Bay)                                                                     27.06.2021    01.08.2021        790         865          350
Standard Room                     Teens & Juniors (Full board Mon–Fri)           01.08.2021    04.09.2021        750         795          350                 DAILY TRANSPORT
                                                                                 09.10.2021    06.11.2021        650         675          300
                                                                                 27.03.2021    17.04.2021        650         675          300           PLEASE NOTE
Number 11 Hotel                   Adults (Half-board all week)                   29.05.2021    26.06.2021        750         795          350           *Diving and Sailing Age is 14+ years and only
(St Julian’s)                                                                    27.06.2021    01.08.2021        790         865          350           available at Salini Resort.
Standard Room                     Teens & Juniors (Full board Mon–Fri)           01.08.2021    04.09.2021        750         795          350           **This package applies to a family with a
                                                                                 09.10.2021    06.11.2021        650         675          300           minimum of 3 persons otherwise single room
                                                                                 27.03.2021    17.04.2021        750         675          450           Supplement fees apply.
The George                        Adults (Bed & breakfast all week)              29.05.2021    26.06.2021        850         795          500           Kids activities / classes end at 1800 hours
Urban Boutique Hotel                                                             27.06.2021    01.08.2021        890         865          500
(St Julian’s)                                                                                                                                           ***Minimum number of students in
Courtyard Room                    Teens & Juniors (Half-board Mon–Fri)           01.08.2021    04.09.2021        850         795          500           programme is 12 or students will join the
                                                                                 09.10.2021    06.11.2021        750         675          450           adults programme.

TEEN GENERAL INFORMATION                                                                                                                 PRICE LIST 2021

           ROOM CHANGES                                               DISCIPLINARY GRID
     Sharing room information must be given to ESE at
                                                                                                                                                          FINAL        SEND
     time of booking. Any changes requested whilst in         The disciplinary grid refers to such behaviour and the course
                                                                                                                                           WARNING       WARNING       HOME
     Malta can be made if room is available and against       of action open to ESE in such cases. ESE reserves the right
     a charge of €50.                                         to expel and repatriate, at the cost of the parent/guardian/s,                CAUTION STUDENT
                                                              any student who, in the opinion of ESE, has behaved in an
                                                              unacceptable manner.                                                                            INFORM AGENT /
           CURFEW TIMES
                                                              Endangering themselves or others and/or threatening                                             1          3
                                                              their health, safety or comfort
     Young Learners and Junior Camp students are not
     allowed to go out alone at any time.                     Theft                                                                                                      1

     Teen Club students can go out independently              Use of illegal drugs                                                                                       1
     however the below curfew times apply.
                                                              Malicious damage to property and/or violence                                                    1          2

                                         Return to            Behaviour which requires Police action                                                                     1
        14                            residence/host
                    Every Day         family by 23:00
       years                                                  Repeated failure to attend academic lessons                              1             2        3

                                          Return to
                Sunday – Thursday        host family
                                          by 00:00            Missed curfew up to 30 minutes late                                                VERBAL WARNING
      years                              Return to            Missed curfew over 30 minutes late                                                     1        2          3
                 Friday – Saturday       by 01:00

                                                              Smoking in school/residence (legal age is 18 years)                      1             2        3          4

                                                              Drinking alcohol (legal age is 17 years)                                               1        2          3

                                                              Excessive alcohol consumption                                                                              1

                                                              Ignoring group leaders’ orders                                                         1        2          3

                                                              Showing disrespect to host family/authority                                            1        2          3

                                                              Bothering/disrespecting other students                                                 1        2          3

GENERAL INFORMATION                                                                                                                         PRICE LIST 2021

          REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT                                                                    HOUSE RULES IN BRIEF
Adult Students staying at ESE residences and apartments must place a                  CHECK-IN / CHECK-OUT
refundable deposit of €100 on arrival at this residence. This deposit is
                                                                                      Check-in is at 14:00
refundable on departure but may be retained in part or in full to cover for any       Check-out is at 11:00. Late check-outs need to be approved by Management
damage caused by the student.                                                         and a fee of €50 may apply.
ESE reserves the right to evict and/or suspend students from the
accommodation and school if they fail to pay their deposit of €100 on                 NOISE / DISTURBANCE
check-in. In such an event ESE will not refund any monies for payment of              Parties and playing of loud music are not allowed in any Residence or
accommodation and tuition fees.                                                       Apartment.
                                                                                      BBQ’s are not allowed in any Residence or Apartment or any external part of
                                                                                      the building including the terraces/balconies.
                                                                                      Movement of furniture or fittings is not allowed nor are they to be moved
          CUSTOMER CARE                                                               between one apartment and another.

ESE is committed to providing high quality English language courses to all            SMOKING
students however should issues be experienced whilst attending an ESE
course or package please inform us via email at or in             All Residences/Apartments are non-smoking buildings. Smoking is only
person at the ESE welfare office.                                                     allowed on external terraces/balconies. Residents or their guests found
                                                                                      smoking indoors may be charged a fee of €100 per/ person.

                                                                                      GUESTS & OTHERS
          PUBLIC HOLIDAYS                                                             Guests visiting students in apartments are limited to ESE students ONLY and
                                                                                      ONLY one guest student per resident. No guests are allowed after 11pm.
DATE          DAY       HOLIDAY                                                       A €75 charge applies.
                                                                                      No guests are allowed in either ESE Residence or Whitehouse.
 01 JAN      Friday     NEW YEAR’S DAY
                                                                                      MAID SERVICE & CHANGES
19 MAR       Friday     FEAST OF ST JOSEPH                                            Maid service is provided once a week and includes linen and towel changes.

31 MAR Wednesday FREEDOM DAY                                                          Residences:
                                                                                      ESE Residence – The rooms are made up daily and the linen and towels are
 02 APR      Friday     GOOD FRIDAY                                                   changed twice a week.
                                                                                      Whitehouse Economy – The rooms are cleaned weekly and the linen and
01 MAY      Saturday    WORKERS’ DAY                                                  towels are changed weekly. Communal kitchen is cleaned daily. House rules
                                                                                      Wet towels and dirty linen should be left in the bedroom and not placed in the
 29 JUN     Tuesday     FEAST OF ST PETER AND ST PAUL “MNARJA”                        hallway. Additional towel changes can be made for a fee of €5.

 15 AUG      Sunday     FEAST OF THE ASSUMPTION OF OUR LADY                           A fine of €25/hour/person for cleaning is applied if rooms or apartments are
                                                                                      left in an unacceptably dirty condition and require excessive cleaning. All
 08 SEP Wednesday FEAST OF OUR LADY OF VICTORIES / VICTORY DAY                        residents sharing the rooms/apartments share the fee.

 21 SEP     Tuesday     INDEPENDENCE DAY                                              Room changes can only be made by Management and a €50 fee/
                                                                                      charge applies.
                                                                                      Transport charges are at €10/person and €25 charge is applied for
 13 DEC     Monday      REPUBLIC DAY                                                  excessive luggage.

 25 DEC     Saturday    CHRISTMAS DAY


OTHER COURSES OFFERED AT CLARET GROUP SCHOOLS                                                                                               PRICE LIST 2021

     Executive Training Institute                                                                          York Associates                                                                            

     PROFESSIONAL ENGLISH & COMMUNICATION                                                                  PROFESSIONAL ENGLISH & COMMUNICATION

     Business Communication                                                                                Business Communication
     General English 30+                                                                                   Effective International Communication
     Individual Training                                                                                   English for Specific Purposes (ESP)
     Intercultural and Communication Skills                                                                English for Young Professionals
     Fluent English                                                                                        Exam Preparation Courses
     English for Specific Purposes                                                                         Fluent English
                                                                                                           In-Country Professional and Communication Skills
                                                                                                           Individual Training
     English Language Training
                                                                                                           Management English Masterclass
     ICT Skills and Technology Enhanced Learning
                                                                                                           Work placement including BEC preparation and exam
     Language Teaching Methodology – Refresher Courses for Secondary and Higher Levels Teaching
     Train the Trainer                                                                                     INTERNATIONAL TEAM & LEADERSHIP

     Certificate in International Business English Training (Cert IBET)                                    Communicating in Virtual Teams (ILM endorsed)
     CLIL -Content and Language Integrated Learning courses                                                Developing People Internationally (ILM endorsed)
     Language Teaching Methodology for Primary level teaching                                              Situational Leadership in the Defense Sector
     Professional Development Courses                                                                      Working in International Projects (ILM endorsed)

                                                                                                           TEACHER TRAINING COURSES

                                                                                                           Empowerment in ICT Skills

     English in York                                                                                       Executive Coaching and Mentoring (ILM Levels 3, 5 and 7)                                                                             Intercultural Skills Training

     COURSE                                                                                                International Certificate in Business English Training (Cert IBET)
                                                                                                           Language Teaching Methodology
     General English 20 / 30 / 35
                                                                                                           Special Education Needs (SEN)
     Intensive English
                                                                                                           Technical English
     Business English
     Combi – Solo
     Exam Preparation Courses
     Study Skills / Academic English
     Closed Groups

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TERMS & CONDITIONS                                                                                                                             PRICE LIST 2021

REGISTRATION AND CONFIRMATION                                 (ifapplicable).                                             forthefullcostofyourbookingincludingflight
PROCEDURES FOR ESE LANGUAGE                                 • Forno-shows,orcancellationorshorteningofthe          expensesifpurchasedthroughESE.
PROGRAMMES (except the ESE International                      courseafterarrivaldate:norefundofanyfees.        Postponement of Group Booking
Foundation Year Diploma)                                    • IfanEntryVisaisrequiredbutisnotgranted,you     Allpostponementissubjecttoconfirmationatthe
TheESEEnrolmentFormistobesubmittedbyemail           mustadviseESEimmediatelytogetherwithacopy         timeofwriting.Theabovecancellationpolicyapplies.
toyourESEcontactintheReservationsdepartment           ofthevisarefusaldocument.ESEwillrefundcourse     APPLICATION, REGISTRATION AND                                      andaccommodationfeesless100Euro(including          CONFIRMATION FOR ESE INTERNATIONAL
   IfyouhavebookedaCourseandAccommodation             theRegistrationFee)andlessflightcharges(if        FOUNDATION DIPLOMA ONLY
package,thenwewillreplytoyouwithconfirmation         applicable)andlessTravelInsurance(ifapplicable).   Application & Registration
depending on availabilit y of the choice of            IfhoweveryoudonotadviseESEwithin3days           Step 1:
accommodationwithintwoworkingdaysfromreceipt           fromthedateofthevisarefusaldocumentthe           Students interested in the ESE International
oftheEnrolmentForm.                                        abovecancellationchargesshallapply.                   FoundationDiplomacoursearerequiredtofillin
   Theflightdetails,includingarrivalanddeparture     Long-term Courses (8+ weeks)                                theappropriateApplicationFormtogetherwitha
times, should be disclosed in full where airport    • Morethan7dayspriortoarrivaldate:The100          non-refundableApplicationfeeof145Euro.The
transfersareselectedorasincludedintheCourse          Euro(includingtheRegistrationFee),flightcharges    application should include required documents
andAccommodationpackage.Iftheflightdetailsare         (ifapplicable)andTravelInsurance(ifapplicable).     (copy of passport, evidence of English language
notdisclosed,includingthearrivalanddeparture         • Between 1–7 days prior to arrival date: Two       levelreachedwhichisaminimumofIELTS4.5ora
times,ESEwillnotbeheldresponsibleforairport          (2) weeks tuition and accommodation fees,           scoreof45orhigherintheNCCEducationStandard
transfersandanyconsequentdelays,lossofflights         RegistrationFee,flightcharges(ifapplicable)and     EnglishPlacementTest,andHighSchoolcertificate)
oranyotherexpensesincurredincludingpayment             TravelInsurance(ifapplicable).                         andemailedtoESE,
ofalternativetransportand/ortravelarrangements,       • Forno-shows,orcancellationorshorteningofthe       StudentswithouttherequiredlevelofEnglishwill
orCourseand/orAccommodationcommitments.                  courseafterarrivaldate:norefundofanyfees.         berequiredtoattendapre-sessionalEnglishcourse
   Allflightticketsand/ortravelinsurancepurchased    • IfanEntryVisaisrequiredbutisnotgranted,you     toattaintherequiredlevelofIELTS4.5or45inNCC
throughESEmustbepaidinfullimmediatelyupon            mustadviseESEimmediatelytogetherwithacopy         EducationStandardEnglishPlacementTest.
confirmationandacceptanceofflightsand/ortravel         ofthevisarefusaldocument.ESEwillrefundcourse     Step 2:
insurance. Please see payment details below in         andaccommodationfeesless100Euro(including          Ifthestudent'sapplicationisapprovedESEwillissue
“PaymentofFees”sectionbelow.                              theRegistrationFee)andlessflightcharges(if        aProvisionalLetterofAcceptanceandaninvoicefor
   ARegistrationFeeof50Euroischargedperbooking      applicable)andlessTravelInsurance(ifapplicable).   thenon-refundableRegistrationFeeof450Euro.
(includingcourseonlybookings).                            IfhoweveryoudonotadviseESEwithin3days           Step 3:
Confirmation                                                  fromthedateofthevisarefusaldocumentthe           Onreceiptofthenon-refundableRegistrationFee
SubjecttoavailabilityESEwillissueaConfirmation        abovecancellationchargesshallapply.                   of450EuroESEwillissueaninvoiceforthecourse
Letter,aProformaInvoiceandaLetterofAcceptance      GROUP BOOKINGS CANCELLATION POLICY                          andaccommodationasbookedandaconditional
(whereanentryVisaapplicationisrequired)within       FOR ESE LANGUAGE PROGRAMMES                                 LetterofAcceptancebyauniversity(ifapplicable).
twoworkingdaysfromreceiptoftheEnrolmentForm         Allcancellationchargesarenon-transferable.              Confirmation
   Paymentinfullofthetotalinvoicemustbepaidat      Cancellationsofbookingsmustbereceivedin            Paymentinfullmustbemadeuponacceptanceof
leasttwo(2)weekspriortoyourclients’arrivaldate.   writingandaresubjecttoaCancellationFeesas          ESE’sofferofaplaceontheInternationalFoundation
IftheEnrolmentFormdateislessthantwo(2)weeks      follows:                                                    Diploma.OnreceiptofpaymentoffeesESEwillissue
priortoyourclients’arrivaldate,thefullamountof    Group Bookings Cancellation minimum 28 days                 aLetterofAcceptanceandareceiptofpaymentwhich
theInvoicemustbepaidimmediately.Failuretodoso     prior to arrival.                                           maybeusedforentryVisaapplications(ifapplicable).
willrendertheaforementionedConfirmationLetter         • Ifyourequesttocancelyourgroupbookingatleast     CANCELLATION FEES & POLICY FOR
andLetterofAcceptancenullandvoid.                       28daysormorepriortoyourscheduledarrivaldate     ESE INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION YEAR
   ESEwillonlyissueFlightsandTravelInsurance          youwillbecharged100Euro/person.                      (IFY) ONLY
uponreceiptofpayment.                                    • FlightticketspurchasethroughESE–allflight         Cancellations due to Visa problems
CANCELLATION POLICY FOR ESE LANGUAGE                          expensesarenonrefundableandaresubjectto           Cancellations for the International Foundation
PROGRAMMES (except the ESE International                      fullpaymentoverandabovethecancellationfee.         Diplomamustbemadeinwritingandemailedto
Foundation Diploma)                                         Group Bookings Cancellation 8–27 days prior                 admissions@ese-edu.comwithinthree(3)daysof
Allcancellationchargesarenon-transferable.              to arrival                                                  thedateontherefusaldocumentsentbytheissuing
   Cancellationsofbookingsmustbereceivedin           • Ifyourequesttocancelyourgroupbooking8–27         Embassy/authorities.IftheentryVisatoMaltais
writing and are subject to a Cancellation Fee as     dayspriortoarrivalyouwillbecharged100Euro/      refused,ESEwillrefundthecoursefeesonly.Refunds
follows:                                                      personplusthreenights’accommodation.                  willonlybemadewhenofficialevidenceofVisa
Short-term Courses (1 to 7 weeks)                           • FlightticketspurchasedthroughESE–allflight        refusalisprovided.
• Morethan7dayspriortoarrivaldate:100Euro           expensesarenonrefundableandaresubjectto           For no-shows, or cancellation or shortening of
   (includingtheRegistrationFee),flightcharges(if      fullpaymentoverandabovethecancellationfee.         a course
   applicable)andTravelInsurance(ifapplicable).       Group Bookings Cancellation less than 7 days                Ifstudentsfailtoarriveorareabsentduringtheir
• Between1–7dayspriortoarrivaldate:1week           prior to arrival                                            course,norefundsofcoursefeeswillbegranted.
   tuitionandaccommodationfee,RegistrationFee,        • Ifyoucancelyourbookinglessthan7daysprior        Periodsofabsencemaynotbemadeupwithafree
   flightcharges(ifapplicable)andTravelInsurance       toyourscheduledarrivaldateyouwillbeliable        extensionattheendofthecourse.Inthecaseof

TERMS & CONDITIONS                                                                                                                           PRICE LIST 2021

 studentsbeinggrantedanentryVisa,non-arrivals,         thattherearenopendingchargesincurredbythe        ToaffectapaymentwithTransferMatepleaseuse
 latearrivalsandperiodsofabsencewillbereported       studentand/orthatthestudentisnotresponsiblefor   thefollowinglink:
 toImmigrationauthorities.                                  anydamageofanynature,includingbutnotlimited
 For all other reasons, cancellation must be made             tofurnishings,equipmentandfittingswhilestaying        WhenaffectingpaymentbyTransferMateplease
 in writing and is subject to cancellation fees               atESEaccommodationStudentsmustpaybefore            quoteyournameinfullandinvoicenumberasa
 as follows:                                                  check-outanyandallpendingchargesexceeding          referenceandemailacopyofthepaymenttoESE.
 Between 1–21 days prior to arrival date:                     theirdeposit.                                            PUBLIC HOLIDAYS
    4-weektuitionandaccommodationfees,flight               ESEreservestherighttoevictand/orsuspend        When public holidays fall on a weekday, English
 charges (if applicable) and Travel Insurance (if      studentsfromtheaccommodationandschoolifthey       languagelessonswillbemadeupasmuchaspossible
 applicable).                                                 failtopaytheirdepositof100Eurooncheck-in.In    butnotnecessarilytothefull.
 For no-shows, or cancellation or shortening of the           suchaneventESEwillnotrefundanymoniesfor            LessonsoftheInternationalFoundationDiploma
 course after arrival date:                                   paymentofaccommodationandtuitionfees.                whichfallonaPublicHolidayarenotmadeup.
    norefundofanyfees.                                       ESEreservestherighttochargeforanyadditional   REDUCTION OF LESSONS
    Intheeventthat,between14and21daysbefore         VATandotherGovernmentimposedtaxesregistered        Thedurationofeachlessonis45minutes.Ifonly
 thecoursestartdate,theentryVisaapplication           afterstudents’bookingisconfirmed.                     oneortwostudentsareparticipatingatanyone
 approvalisstillpending,studentsmayopttodefer        TRAVEL INSURANCE                                          particularlevel,thenumberoflessonsofthatlevel
 theircoursestartdatetothenextforadeferment         willbereducedasfollows:
 feeof145Euro.OnconfirmationofVisaapproval,          travel, health and cancellation insurance which     • GeneralEnglish20orMiniclass20:from20group
 cancellationpoliciesaboveapply.                           includescoverageformedicalandrepatriationcosts        lessonsto15semi/privatelessons
 ALL STUDENTS                                                 incaseofaccidentsorsickness.GuardMeInsurance,    • GeneralEnglish30orMiniclass30:from30group
 REFUNDS                                                      offeredbyESE,coversallnationalitiesandstudy          lessonsto20semi/privatelessons
 Refunds,ifany,aremadeinthesamemannerasthe         tripsandisrecognisedbyprivatehospitalsinMalta.    • BusinessEnglish:from20grouplessonsto15semi/
 paymenttoESEwasmadeandtothepersonwho               PAYMENT OF FEES                                              privatelessons
 madethepaymenttoESE.Therefore,ifthemethod           ESEreservestherightnottoacceptanystudentsif     COMPLAINTS
 ofpaymentismadeviaacreditcardthentherefund        paymentforbookingsofthesaidstudentshasnot        ESEshouldbemadeawareofanycomplaintorissue
 willbemadeviathesamecreditcardtothesame           beenreceivedbyESEinfullpriortothestudents’      experiencedbyanystudentwhilethestudentis
 creditcardholder,andifthemethodofpayment            coursestartdate.                                        attendinganESECourseand/orstayinginanyESE
 ismadebybanktransferthentherefundwillbe               Paymentoffeescanbemadebyanyofthefollowing   accommodationoptions.Complaintsmustbemade
 made tothe same bank account from which the         threemethods:                                            eitherviaemailtowelfare@ese-edu.comorinperson
 paymentwasmade.Anybankorcreditcardcharges           1. By credit card:                                        attheESEWelfareoffice.ESEwillnotacceptany
 incurredbyESEforrefundswillbedeductedfrom           Payment made online by credit card (Visa or       complaintsfromstudents/agents/parentsorlegal
 theamountrefunded.                                         Mastercard)issubjecttoafeeofthreeandahalf      guardiansafterstudents’departurefromESEand
 ACCOMMODATION                                                percent(3.5%)ontheamountchargedtothecredit       willnotbeheldliableforanycompensationonany
 ESEoffersadultstudentsarangeofaccommodation          cardifpaidbytheAGENT.Detailsoftheonlinelink    complaintreceivedafterthestudents’departure.
 optionsasfollows:HostFamily,ESEResidences,            tobeissuedbytheAccountsDepartmentofESE.           LANGUAGE LEVELS AND EXAM
 ApartmentsandHotels.                                      2. By Bank Transfer:                                      PREPARATION COURSES
    HostFamilies,ApartmentsandResidenceswitha          Ourbankdetailsare:                                     ExamPreparationcoursesareofferedatdifferent
 communalkitchenareavailableonasharingroomor         Account Holder: EuropeanSchoolofEnglishLtd           levelsdependingonthelevelofthestudent.ESE
 singleroombasisonwhichaSingleRoomSupplement         Bank Name:        HSBCBankMaltaplc                    reservestherighttorefuseanystudentadmittance
 feeapplies.                                                 Branch address: HighStreet,                           toanyexaminationpreparationcourseiftheyfeel
    Adult students may only select Shared Room                           Sliema,SLM1549,MALTA                the student’s level, at entry to the examination
 AccommodationintheESEResidenceorHotelsif             Bank Swift Code:MMEBMTMT                                 preparationcourse,isbelowtherequiredstandardfor
 bookingtheroomwithafriend/relative/partner,            Account No:       006–074413–451                         thestudenttostudyandpreparefortheexamination.
 otherwiseHotelRegulationsapply;i.e.whenaperson       IBAN:MT28MMEB44060000000006074413451                     LANGUAGE LEVELS AND THE ESE
 selectsaroombutisaloneintheroomtheSingle             Wheneffectingpaymentbybanktransferplease        INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION
 RoomSupplementfeeapplies.                                 quitethestudent’snameinfullasareferenceand      DIPLOMA ONLY
    Studentsstayingathostfamiliesandrequestinga       kindlyemailorfaxacopyofthebankpaymentform      ForadmissionontotheESEInternationalFoundation
 specialdietofanykind,suchascoeliac,mustpaya       toESE.Anybankchargesincurredwhenpayingby         Diploma, students must have a minimum B1/
 supplementfeeaspublishedinthePriceList.               BankTransferaretobepaidbythestudent/agent.        IntermediatelevelofEnglishsubstantiatedbyeither
    AllstudentsmustfollowtherelevantHouseRules        3. By TransferMate:                                       IELTS4.5or45intheNCCEducationStandardEnglish
 asperaccommodationoption.Pleasedownloadthe            TransferMateisanonlineinternationalpayment          PlacementTest.Studentsarerequiredtofillinthe
 ESEHouseRulesforalldetails.                             solutionwhicheliminatestheinternationalwirefees/    specificEnrolmentformfoundontheESEwebsite
    AllstudentsstayingatResidencesandApartments        bankchargeswhenpayingincurrenciesotherthanin     at
 mustpayadepositof100Euroinfulloncheck-in,prior   Euroaspaymentismadeandreceivedvialocalbanking   programmes/international-foundation-year/and
 tothestartofthecourseandwhichsaiddepositmay       networks.Furthersavingsisalsomadefrombetter       submittogetherwithallrequireddocuments.Students
 berefunded,infullorinpart,oncheck-outproviding     exchangeratesthannormallyquotedbylocalbanks.       whodonothaveeitheranIELTS4.5or45intheNCC

TERMS & CONDITIONS                                                                                                                            PRICE LIST 2021

Education Standard English Placement Test, but        FORCE MAJEURE                                               possessionorconsumptionofanyillegaldrugsand/or
haveanequivalentscoreinanotherinternationally        ESEwillnotberesponsibleforanyfailuretocomply      alcohol,maliciousdamagetoproperty,anybehaviour
recognised exam such as TOEFL or TOEIC, will        withanyobligationandwillnotbeliableforpayment     thatendangersorimpairsthehealth,safetyorcomfort
beinterviewedonlinebeforebeingconditionally           ofcompensationifthefailureisoccasionedbyany        ofotherpersonsusingthesameservices,breakingof
acceptedontheprogrammeandwillberequiredto          causebeyondESE’sreasonablecontrol.ESEshallnot       locallaw/sand/ornotadheringtocurfewtimes,and/
sitforeitheranIELTSexamortheNCCEducation          beresponsibleforanycostsincurredbyoronbehalf      ornotfollowingHouseRules.Studentswhorequire
StandardEnglishPlacementTestintheircountry(if       ofanystudentcausedbyforcemajeure.Suchcause         astudyvisamustattendlessonsasbookedandESE
available,)orinMalta,beforethecoursestartdate.     mayincludebutisnotlimitedtolosses,damages,         isobligedtoreporttotheVisaUnitanystudentwho
Studentswhoarefoundnottobeattherequired           cancellationsordelays,strikeaction,civilstrifeor    repeatedlyfailstoattendlessons.Consequently,such
B1/IntermediatelevelofEnglishmayhavetoextend        terroristactivity,war,naturalornucleardisasterand   studentsmaybeexpelledfromESE.Suchexpulsion/
theirprogrammetoachievea4.5IELTSor45inthe        unusuallyadverseweatherconditions.                       repatriationswillbeatthefullexpenseoftheclient
NCCEducationStandardEnglishPlacementTestat           ESE BEACH CLUB                                              andnorefundswillbeconsideredandESEreserves
ESEatanextracost.InsuchaneventESEwillissue      TheESEBeachClubisseasonal.Allpackages(except       therighttochargeanadministrationfeeof150Euro
aConditionalLetterandstudentsmayopttodefer         Course Only and Accommodation Only) include           foranysuchexpulsion/repatriation.Anydamageto,
theircoursestartdatetothenextforaDeferment        freeentrancetotheBeachClub.Onweekendsand           orlossof,ESEorthird-partypropertymustbepaid
feeof145Euro.                                            onpublicholidays,theBeachClubisonlyavailable       bythestudentbeforedeparture.
   ESEreservestherighttorefuseanyapplicantwho      againstpaymentatadiscountedentrancefee.Other           ESETeen&JuniorProgrammesdonotinclude
doesnotmeettheprogrammeentryrequirements.             restrictionsapply.                                         24-hoursupervision.However,WelfareOfficersand
ESE ATTENDANCE POLICY                                       LIABILITY                                                   LeisureGroupLeadersareaccessibletoallstudents
Regularandpunctualattendanceisimportantfor           TheDirectors,managementandstaffofESEarenot         ona24-hour/7-dayweekbasis.
studentstoreachtheirdesiredlanguagelearning          liableforpersonalaccidentand/orthetheft,lossor        AdultsStudentsresidingatESEResidencesand
goals.Attendanceisnotedonalessonbylesson           damageofpersonalpropertybelongingtoclients.          Apartmentsmustpayarefundabledepositonarrival
basisandunlessstudentshaveagoodreasonto            Whilst ESE endeavours to provide assistance to       of100Euro.Thisdepositisrefundableondeparture
beabsent.Appropriatedocumentationasproofof           itsclientsatalltimes,theDirectors,management        butmayberetainedinpartorinfulltocoverany
excusedabsencemustbeprovided.Studentsmust            andstaffofESEarenotliablefordecisionstaken        lossordamagecausedbythestudenttofurnishings,
haveaminimum overall80%attendanceforthe             bythelocalauthorities.Thiswouldalsoincludeany      equipmentandfittingsinanyoftheaboveresidences.
durationoftheirstudiestoreceiveanend-of-course      proceduresanddecisionsregardingentryvisasor          Shouldthecostofrepairsexceedtheamountofthe
certificateofattendance.                                  visaextensions.Moreover,whileESEundertakesto         deposit,thestudent/sconcernedwillberequiredto
JUNIOR PACKAGES                                             providereasonablecaretoallpersonswhiletheyare      paythebalancepriortoleavinghis/her/theirplace
Foranyunaccompaniedminorsagedbetween8and            withinallpremisesoperatedbyESEand/oronanyESE      ofaccommodation.
12,anESErepresentativeisrequiredtoremainat         organisedactivities,ESEdisclaimsanyresponsibility        AllstudentsmustcomplywithESETermsand
theairportuntilcheck-in.Achargeof25Euroshall      inrespectofallpersons.Notwithstandingtheabove,      Conditions, the ESE Rules and Regulations and
applyinsuchcases.AllESEJuniorProgrammesdo          the maximum liability shall be bound by the net    relevantHouseRulescontainedintheWelcomeGuide
notinclude24-hoursupervision.However,Welfare          amountpaidbytheclient.                                  (pleasereferto
OfficersandLeisureGroupLeadersareaccessibleto       GENERAL CONDITIONS                                          ese-welcome-guide/formoredetails)andanyother
allstudentsona24-hour/7-dayweekbasis.                 ESEreservestherighttobefullyreimbursedforany      policieswhichmaybeissuedbyESEfromtimetotime.
   Theparentsorlegalguardiansofteenandjunior       medicalorrelatedcostsitmayincuronbehalfofany        ESE values the your privacy and controls and
studentsenrolledonanESEJuniororTeenpackage         studentwhorequiresurgentmedicalattentionin           processesdatainaccordancewiththeGeneralData
agreeandacceptthatESEoritsDirectorsorstaff        Maltaandtoimmediatelyrepatriate,atthestudent’s      ProtectionRegulation.InenrollingwithESE,the
cannotbeheldliableorresponsibleforanyinjury,       expense,anystudentwhosuffersfromaserious            applicantconsentstoandauthorisesESEtoprocess
lossordamage,oranyotherliabilityorclaimfor        medicalorpsychologicalcondition.                        anypersonaldatainaccordancewiththeGeneral
damagesinrespectofanystudentthatattendsa              ESEreservestherighttochangelessontimesatits    DataProtectionRegulationandanyotherapplicable
non-ESEorganisedactivityorprogrammeor,who            discretionanduseclassroomsinalternativepremises.     laws and to transfer/disclose such data to other
donotcomplywiththeESETerms&Conditions              Studentsmayneedtopurchaseadditionalcourse            companieswithintheESEgroupofcompaniesas
andotherwrittenpoliciesincludingtheESERules&       booksastheymoveuptoahighercourselevel.             deemednecessaryforthesuccessfulprovisionof
RegulationsasprintedintheESEWelcomeGuide.The          ESE reserves the right to alter any service,     theservicesenrolledforandanypurposeassociated
ESEWelcomeGuideisincludedintheWelcomePack          descriptionandfeewithoutnoticeprovidedthat           thereto.Forfurtherdetailsonsuchpurposesandyour
giventoallstudentsenrolledinacourseatESEand      any substitute offered is at least of the same     rightsinrelationtodataprotection,pleaseviewthe
parentsandlegalguardiansshoulddownloaditfrom        standard, contents and classification as the one     followinglink:
theESEwebsiteat:           offeredoriginally.                                         JURISDICTION
a-brochure/andreadandaccepttheforegoingprior           ESE reserves the right to offer alternative       Ifforanyreasonanydisputearisesbetweenthe
totheirchild’sarrivalinMalta                           accommodationfromthatbookedaslongasthe              studentandESEthenresolutionofsuchadispute
   Allparentsorlegalguardiansofallteenandjunior   levelofaccommodationisofequalorhigherstandards.    issubjecttothelawsoftheRepublicofMaltaand
studentsmustcompletetheESEConsentFormand               ESEreservestheright toexpel/repatriateany         thejurisdictionoftheMalteseCourts.
submitasoftcopytoESEReservationstogetherwith       personthatintheopinionofESEhasbehavedinan
theirenrolmentform.                                       unacceptablemannerincludingbutnotlimitedto


Paceville Avenue St Julian’s STJ3103 Malta
+356 21373789


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