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                    PRIMETIME               PRIMETIME

  The Musicians’
  Green Book:
  An Enduring Legacy
  December 1, 8pm

See envelope inside
or go to >                                         Singer Darlene Love
                                               Photo courtesy of George W. DeLoache

                                                              COMING IN 2023
                              On January 23, 2023, OPB
                              marks its 100th year of
                              service in the Northwest.
                              It’s a milestone worth                                                               The Great American Recipe The
                              examining.                                                                           uplifting cooking competition that
                                OPB started as a physics                                                           celebrates the multiculturalism of
                                department experiment in                                                           American food is back for a second
                                AM radio from the campus                                                           season. Follow home cooks from
                                of Oregon Agricultural                                                             around the country for another
                                College—now known as                                                               opportunity to showcase their
              Oregon State University. And that radio                                                              beloved signature dishes.
              station is still on the air today!
                                                                       Helen Williams © Playground Entertainment
              In 1957, KOAC television began
              broadcasting, and in the 1970s, we              Masterpiece All Creatures Great and
              became something more like the OPB              Small. Return to the Yorkshire country,
              you know, with numerous radio and               where wedding bells chime and animal
              television stations combining to become         ailments abound in the highly
              the Oregon Educational and Public               anticipated third season of the beloved
              Broadcasting Service. OPB then became           series following the adventures of
              a state agency until 1993 when OPB              veterinarian James Herriot.
              became the independent nonprofit                American Historia Follow actor John                                               OPB/Eric Slade

              organization we exist as now.                   Leguizamo as he shares forgotten                     Oregon Art Beat James Lee Hansen is
              We’ve come a long way, and OPB has              and rarely told Latinx contributions to              one of the Northwest’s most prominent
              adapted as the world has changed.               American history.                                    and influential sculptors. Establishing
              While broadcasting is still important,                                                               his own foundry in Battle Ground,
              families and individuals across our region                                                           Washington in the 1970s, Hansen has
              rely on OPB in many other ways. They                                                                 created over 600 sculptures to this
              rely on news and information from the                                                                day at age 97, and his imposing bronze
                                                                                                                   installations are on view at museums
              largest newsroom in the region. They
                                                                                                                   and institutions throughout the region.
              connect with OPB through podcasts,
              email newsletters, videos, captivating                                                               Oregon Experience Marie Equi.
              programming and more. The generous                                                                   Follow the story of Marie Equi, one
              support of OPB members like you means                                                                of the pioneering female physicians
              that this is all available for free anywhere,                                                        in Oregon. In the early 1900s, she
              at any time in addition to OPB Radio and                                                             was a fierce advocate for the working
              TV: online, on digital streaming platforms,                                                          class, lived openly as a lesbian and
              on social media and on our all-new OPB                                                               championed reproductive rights and
              mobile app.                                                                                          civil liberties.
                                                                                            Warner Music Group
              As you plan your year-end giving, use the
              pink envelope included in this guide to
                                                              American Masters Roberta Flack.
              make your special year-end contribution
                                                              Explore the artistry and life of musician
              to OPB. Better yet, make a Sustaining           Roberta Flack, who used her powerful
              contribution and do even more to ensure         platform to sing about the Black                                            Stephani Gordon/OPB
              the OPB of tomorrow.                            experience in America. Confronting
              We thank you for your support as we             blatant racism within the recording
              embark on the next 100 years of service.        industry, Flack dedicated her career                                        OPB/Brandon Swanson
                                                              to creating space for Black women
                                                                                                                   Oregon Field Guide Bison Ranching.
                                                              to produce their own music.
                                                                                                                   On the prairies of Northeast Oregon,
                                                              Nature Spy in the Ocean. Witness rarely              bison have made a comeback. Two
                                                              seen behavior that reveals how animals               sisters take over the family business
              Steven M. Bass                                  possess emotions and behavior like                   at the Stangel Bison Ranch, bringing
              President and CEO                               humans—including the capacity to love,               back bison that are good for both the
                                                              grieve, deceive and invent.                          land and the local economy.

2             DECEMBER 2022
 1 THURSDAY                                             nation’s magnificent parks. (Also Mon
                                                        9:30pm OPB)
7:00 OPB PBS NewsHour (Also Fri 12am) |
   OPB+ Impossible Builds The Floating House.         8:00 OPB & OPB+ The Mysterious Women of
   A team in Dubai attempts to construct a               Masterpiece Mystery Go behind the scenes
   floating house. (Also Fri 4am)                        of popular Masterpiece mystery shows. (Also
                                                         Mon 12am OPB)
8:00 OPB The Musicians’ Green Book: An
   Enduring Legacy See callout on page 5.             9:00 OPB & OPB+ I Miss Downton Abbey!
   (Also Sun 1am) | OPB+ Tutankhamun: Allies             Revisit treasured moments from the
   & Enemies Eps 1&2. Commemorate the 100th              unforgettable series.
   anniversary of the opening of King Tut’s           11:00 OPB & OPB+ Aging Backwards 2:
   tomb. (Also Sat 12am)                                 Connective Tissue Revealed With Miranda
9:30 OPB Ella Fitzgerald: Just One of Those              Esmonde-White Keep connective tissue
   Things See callout on page 5. (Also Sun               healthy as you age.
                                                                                                             Watch OPB TV on the
                                                                                                             PBS Video App
10:00 OPB+ Amanpour & Company (Also Fri 5am)           4 SUNDAY
                                                                                                             There are more ways to tune
11:00 OPB+ DW Global 3000 (Also Sat 2am)              5:30 OPB PBS News Weekend | OPB+ Rick
                                                                                                             in to your favorite OPB shows.
                                                         Steves’ Europe Why We Travel
11:30 OPB Rick Steves’ Festive Europe See                                                                    Download the PBS Video App to
   how Europeans are celebrating the good life.       6:00 OPB & OPB+ Rick Steves Island Hopping             your smart TV, phone or tablet
   (Also Wed 11:30pm) | OPB+ Love & Respect              Europe Visit four of Europe’s most intriguing
                                                                                                             to start streaming live, cable-free
   With Killer Mike Fab Five Freddy (Also Sat            islands. (Also Sat 11am)
                                                                                                             OPB TV today!
   2:30am)                                            6:30 OPB & OPB+ Oregon Revealed Willamette
                                                         Valley Splendor. Take an aerial journey across
 2 FRIDAY                                                the valley. (Also Sat 9:30am)
                                                                                                          11:30 OPB Rick Steves’ Tasty Europe Discover
7:00 OPB PBS NewsHour | OPB+ Grandpa’s                8:00 OPB & OPB+ All Creatures Great and                the importance of cuisine in European
   War Story Goes Viral A man shares his                 Small: Between the Pages Get to know the            culture. (Also Wed 4:30am)
   grandfather’s remarkable service.                     cast and creators of the beloved series. (Also
                                                         Sat 6pm)
8:00 OPB Suze Orman’s Ultimate Retirement                                                                  6 TUESDAY
   Guide The personal finance expert advises          9:30 OPB & OPB+ All Creatures Great and
                                                         Small: The Next Chapter Go behind the            7:00 OPB PBS NewsHour | OPB+
   on planning for and thriving in retirement.
                                                         scenes of the hit series. (Also Sat 7:30pm)         Breakthrough: The Ideas That Changed the
   (Also Mon 1am) | OPB+ Washington Week
                                                                                                             World The Telescope. Get to know the brilliant
   (Also Sat 6am)                                     11:00 OPB & OPB+ Rick Steves Why We Travel             minds responsible for creating the telescope.
8:30 OPB+ Oregon Experience Sagebrush                    In times of crisis and challenge, what is the       (Also Wed 4am)
   Symphony. Discover America’s oldest youth             true value of travel? (Also Tue 4am OPB)
                                                                                                          8:00 OPB Ken Burns: The National Parks
   orchestra. (Also Mon 12:30am)
                                                                                                             (R-Also Wed 2:30am) | OPB+ Expedition
9:00 OPB+ Spiritual Audacity: The Abraham              5 MONDAY                                              With Steve Backshall Suriname: Ghost River.
   Joshua Heschel Story Get to know one of            7:00 OPB PBS NewsHour (Also Tue 12am) |                Steve and his team kayak an unnamed river.
   the 20th century’s most prominent Jewish              OPB+ The Good Road Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico:          (Also Thu 12am)
   theologians. (Also Tue 12/13 11pm OPB)                Salt of the Earth/Charleston, South Carolina:    9:00 OPB+ Earth’s Sacred Wonders House of
                 10:00 OPB Miss Scarlet                  Gullah (Also Tue 4am)                               the Divine. Journey to the world’s landmark
                 & The Duke: Secrets                  8:00 OPB Harriet Tubman: Visions of Freedom            spiritual sites. (Also Thu 1am)
                 Revealed Go behind the                  Meet the woman who repeatedly risked             10:00 OPB Frontline Crime Scene: Bucha.
                 scenes of the thrilling                 her life and freedom to liberate others from       Examine Russian war crimes through
                 mystery series. (Also Mon               slavery. (Also Wed 1am) | OPB+ Kingdoms of         eyewitness accounts, videos and exclusive
                 3am) | OPB+ Amanpour &                  the Sky Andes. The world’s longest mountain        3D data. (Also Fri 11pm OPB+) | OPB+
  Company (Also Mon 5am)                                 range is home to astonishing natural life.         Amanpour & Company (Also Wed 5am)
11:00 OPB+ Frontline Plastic Wars. Investigate           (Also Sun 6pm)
                                                                                                          11:00 OPB Freedom Songs: The Music of the
   the fight over the future of plastics. (Also Mon   9:00 OPB+ Borneo: Islands of Wonder Journey            Civil Rights Movement Explore how music
   2am)                                                  through Borneo’s mountainous heart. (Also           was inspired by and helped sustain the Civil
11:30 OPB The Transformational Power of                  Sun 7pm)                                            Rights Movement. (Also Thu 4am) | OPB+
   Yoga Desiree Rumbaugh shares how yoga              9:30 OPB Ken Burns: The National Parks                 Skindigenous Haida Gwaii/Tunisia (Also Thu
   and meditation can strengthen, protect and            (R-Also Tue 8pm)                                    2am)
   heal. (Also Mon 4:30am)
                                                      10:00 OPB+ Amanpour & Company (Also Tue
                                                        5am)                                               7 WEDNESDAY
 3 SATURDAY                                                                                               7:00 OPB PBS NewsHour (Also Thu 12am) |
                                                      11:00 OPB+ Secrets of the Dead The First
5:30 OPB PBS News Weekend                                Circle of Stonehenge. Uncover the origins of        OPB+ Fukushima Monologue II After the
                                                         Stonehenge’s oldest stones. (Also Wed 2am)          Fukushima nuclear accident, one man battles
6:00 OPB & OPB+ Ken Burns: The National
                                                                                                             to revive a rice field. (Also Thu 4am)
   Parks Explore the beauty and grandeur of our

                                                                                                                                           DECEMBER 2022      3
    8:00 OPB Rick Steves European Christmas               for this festive special. (Also Sat 1:30pm OPB     6:00 OPB Oregon Art Beat The Art of Food 2.
       Join Rick on a Christmas tour of Europe.           & OPB+) | OPB+ Amanpour & Company (Also               Diana Abu-Jaber’s writing combines food,
       (Also Sat 11:30am OPB & OPB+) | OPB+               Mon 5am)                                              culture and family life. | OPB+ Kingdoms of
       Independent Lens Move Me. A paralyzed                                                                    the Sky Andes (R)
                                                        11:00 OPB+ Frontline Crime Scene: Bucha
       dancer tests the limits of her recovery. (Also      (R-Also Mon 2am)                                  6:30 OPB Oregon Field Guide Sumpter Valley
       Fri 12am)                                                                                                Railroad. A storybook Christmas comes to life
                                                                                                                as this small-town railroad fires up antique
    9:30 OPB+ Empowered by Parkinson’s People            10 SATURDAY                                            locomotives.
       mitigate their symptoms of Parkinson’s and
       reclaim their lives. (Also Fri 1:30am)           5:30 OPB PBS News Weekend
                                                                                                             7:00 OPB Craft in America Celebration.
    10:00 OPB Rick Steves European Festivals            6:00 OPB & OPB+ All Creatures Great and                 Examine the role craft plays in our holiday
      Rick celebrates the top 10 festivals in Europe.      Small: Between the Pages (R)                         customs. (Also Sun 12/18 12am) | OPB+
      (Also Fri 3am) | OPB+ Amanpour & Company                                                                  Borneo: Islands of Wonder (R)
                                                        7:30 OPB & OPB+ All Creatures Great and
      (Also Thu 5am)                                       Small: The Next Chapter (R)                       8:00 OPB Masterpiece All Creatures Great and
    11:00 OPB+ Jack Taylor: The Enterprise                                                                      Small: Season 2, Eps 1–3. James and Helen test
                                                        9:00 OPB & OPB+ Great Performances PBS                  the waters of their relationship. (Also Tue 1am)
       A veteran utilizes the lessons from war to          Arts From New York: Andrea Bocelli Live in
       establish a successful post-war company.                                                                 | OPB+ Finding Your Roots The Shirts on Their
                                                           Central Park. See callout on page 5.                 Backs. Featuring actors Tony Shalhoub and
       (Also Fri 2am)
                                                                                                                Christopher Meloni. (Also Tue 12am)
    11:30 OPB Rick Steves’ Festive Europe (R-Also
       Fri 4:30am)
                                                         11 SUNDAY                                           9:00 OPB+ American Masters Buffy Sainte-
                                                        5:00 OPB Firing Line With Margaret Hoover               Marie: Carry It On. The Cree musician has
                                                           (Also Mon 12:30pm OPB+) | OPB+ Burt Wolf:            used her platform to campaign for Indigenous
     8 THURSDAY                                            Travels & Traditions Hong Kong, Pt 1                 and women’s rights. (Also Tue 1am)
    7:00 OPB PBS NewsHour (Also Fri 12am) |             5:30 OPB PBS News Weekend | OPB+ Rick                11:00 OPB My Grandparents’ War Mark
       OPB+ Impossible Builds Ice World. China             Steves’ Europe Germany’s Hamburg and the             Rylance. Actor Mark Rylance explores the
       creates a sub zero ski resort. (Also Fri 4am)       Luther Trail                                         extraordinary story of his grandfather during
    8:00 OPB Nature Equus: Story of the Horse,                                                                  World War II. (Also Tue 4am) | OPB+ POV
       Chasing the Wind/Snow Bears. Trace the                                                                   Shorts Legacy
       revolutionizing partnership between humans
       and horse. (Also Sun 1am) | OPB+ NOVA                                                                  12 MONDAY
       Crypto Decoded/Zero to Infinity. Learn how
       crypto technology is more than just money.                                                            7:00 OPB PBS NewsHour | OPB+ The Good
       (Also Sat 12am)                                                                                          Road Cocoa Beach, Florida: The Overview
                                                                                                                Effect/San Juan, Puerto Rico: Island as Identity
    10:00 OPB+ Amanpour & Company (Also Fri                                                                        (Also Tue 4am)
                                                                                                                                   8:00 OPB American
    11:00 OPB Relieving Stress With Yoga With                                                                                      Masters The Adventures of
       Peggy Cappy Relieve stress and ease anxiety                                                                                 Saul Bellow. Explore the
       with yoga. (Also Sun 4am) | OPB+ DW Global                                                                                  Nobel and Pulitzer Prize
       3000 (Also Sat 2am)                                                                                                         winner’s impact on
    11:30 OPB+ Love & Respect With Killer Mike                                                                 American literature. (Also Wed 1am) |
       Aunjanue Ellis (Also Sat 2:30am)                                                                        OPB+ Europe’s New Wild The Missing Lynx/
                                                                                                               Return of the Titans. Rewilding efforts support
                                                                                           School Film LLC     the rare Iberian lynx. (Also Sun 6pm)
     9 FRIDAY                                                                                                9:30 OPB Beyond the Canvas Art, Through the
    7:00 OPB PBS NewsHour (Also Sat 12am) |                POV                                                  Power of Words. Examine the work of writers,
       OPB+ Fat Boy: The Billy Stewart Story                                                                    poets and lyricists who’ve transcribed
       Stewart is considered one of the most prolific      Let the Little Light Shine                           powerful stories. (Also Wed 2:30am)
       and stylish R&B singers of the 1960s.               National Teachers Academy (NTA)                   10:00 OPB Oregon Experience Art Makers.
    8:00 OPB Build a Better Memory Through                 is considered a beacon for Black                    Discover artists who paved the way for
       Science Make improving memory fun and               children: a top-ranked, high-                       Oregon’s flourishing arts scene. (Also Wed
       rewarding. (Also Mon 1am) | OPB+                    performing elementary school in                     3am) | OPB+ Amanpour & Company (Also
       Washington Week (Also Sun 4:30pm OPB)               the fastest growing neighborhood                    Tue 5am)
    8:30 OPB+ Oregon Experience Suffragists. For           on Chicago’s South Side. As the                   10:30 OPB Oregon Experience Searching for
       decades, Oregon women worked to get the             neighborhood gentrifies, a wealthy                  York. Learn the story of York, an enslaved
       vote with no success. (Also Mon 12:30am)            parents’ group seeks to close NTA.                  man who journeyed with Lewis and Clark.
                                                                                                               (Also Wed 3:30am)
    9:00 OPB+ Quakers: The Quiet                           Explore how NTA’s community
       Revolutionaries Explore Quakerism, from its         fights to save their beloved                      11:00 OPB POV Let the Little Light Shine. See
       beginnings to present day. (Also Mon 1am)           institution.                                         callout on this page. (Also Wed 4am) |
                                                                                                                OPB+ Secrets of the Dead A Samurai in the
    10:00 OPB A Classic Christmas (My Music)               Monday, December 12, 11pm                            Vatican. Trace an unlikely expedition. (Also
      Join hosts Gavin MacLeod and Marion Ross
                                                           OPB                                                  Wed 2am)

4   DECEMBER 2022
OPB = Comcast 10 or 710; antenna XX.1

                                          R = Repeat within a week                          = Program premiere
 OPB+ = Comcast 310; antenna XX.2
                                          Repeats are on original channel unless noted   Programs are subject to change
 KIDS = Comcast 311; antenna XX.3
 Full channel list at   Full schedule and VOD at

 13 TUESDAY                                                           Christians and drag queens dismantle
                                                                      stereotypes. (Also Fri 12am)
7:00 OPB PBS NewsHour (Also Wed 12am)
   | OPB+ Breakthrough: The Ideas That                            9:00 OPB NOVA Rebuilding Notre Dame. See
                                                                     callout on page 10. (Also Sun 11am)
                                                                                                                          Music for the Soul
   Changed the World The Airplane. Take to
   the sky with the dreamers whose work gave                      9:30 OPB+ Two-Spirit Powwow Follow the
   humans the ability to fly. (Also Wed 4am)                         development of the first LGBTQI-hosted
                                                                     Native American powwow in the U.S. (Also Fri         From jazz and R&B to soul and pop
8:00 OPB O Holy Night: Christmas With the
   Tabernacle Choir Tony Award-nominee                               1:30am)                                              music, spend the month with some
   Megan Hilty and actor Neal McDonough star                      10:00 OPB American Experience Test Tube                 of the most iconic and beloved
   in this Irish-inspired holiday special. (Also                    Babies. See how doctors, researchers and              musicians of our time.
   Tue 12/20 9pm) | OPB+ Expedition With                            hopeful couples triggered a technological
   Steve Backshall Oman: Desert Fortress. Steve                     revolution in human reproduction. (Also Fri
   climbs unexplored cliffs in Oman. (Also Thu                      3am) | OPB+ Amanpour & Company (Also
                                                                                                                                           The Musicians’
   12am)                                                            Thu 5am)                                                               Green Book: An
9:00 OPB In a Different Key See callout on                        11:00 OPB Prehistoric Road Trip Welcome to                               Enduring Legacy
   page 9. (Also Thu 2am) | OPB+ Earth’s                             Fossil Country. Journey through billions of
   Sacred Wonders Closer to the Divine. A Shinto                                                                                             Celebrate the vibrant
                                                                     years of Earth’s history. (Also Fri 4am) | OPB+
   devotee undertakes a grueling challenge.                          Neanderthal Pt 1. Experts create a 3D                                   jazz, R&B and soul
   (Also Thu 1am)                                                    Neanderthal. (Also Fri 2am)                                             music of African
10:00 OPB+ Amanpour & Company (Also Wed                                                                                                      American artists who,
  5am)                                                              15 THURSDAY                                                              during segregation,
11:00 OPB Spiritual Audacity: The Abraham                         7:00 OPB PBS NewsHour (Also Fri 12am) |
                                                                                                                                             created the foundation
   Joshua Heschel Story (R-Also Thu 4am) |                           OPB+ Impossible Builds Skinny Skyscraper.                               of modern American
   OPB+ Skindigenous Los Angeles/Pablo                               How much land does it take to support a              George W. DeLoache music.
   Zafirekudo (Also Thu 2am)                                         skyscraper? (Also Fri 4am)                            Thursday, December 1, 8pm, OPB
                                                                  8:00 OPB Oregon Art Beat Closer to Nature.
 14 WEDNESDAY                                                        Baker City artist Robert Anders creates                               Ella Fitzgerald:
7:00 OPB PBS NewsHour (Also Thu 12am) |                              bronze bowls using ancient processes. (Also
   OPB+ Time Has Many Voices: The                                    Sun 6pm) | OPB+ NOVA Nazca Desert                                     Just One of
   Excavation of a Muwekma Ohlone Village                            Mystery. Discover new clues to one of the                             Those Things
   The Muwekma Ohlone partner with                                   greatest ancient enigmas. (Also Sat 12am)
   archeologists in an intensive excavation in
                                                                                                                                          Follow the six-decade
                                                                  8:30 OPB Oregon Field Guide Adaptive Skiing.
   California. (Also Thu 4am)                                        The freedom of skiing in the mountains is
                                                                                                                                          journey of the
                                                                     made accessible to all. (Also Sun 6:30pm)                            extraordinary performer
8:00 OPB The Earthshot Prize 2022 Celebrate
   groundbreaking solutions to our world’s most                                                                                           as her sublime voice
                                                                  9:00 OPB Miriam and Alan: Lost in Scotland
   pressing environmental challenges. | OPB+                         Ep 1. Miriam and Alan revisit their past. (Also                      transforms the
   POV The Gospel of Eureka. Evangelical                             Sun 2am) | OPB+ Extinction: The Facts                                tragedies and troubles
                                                                     David Attenborough explores the crisis of               Getty Images of her life into joy.
                                                                     species extinction. (Also Sat 1am)                   Thursday, December 1, 9:30pm, OPB
                                                                  10:00 OPB La Otra Mirada Being a Woman.
    OPB List Exchanges                                              Teresa makes a discovery. (Also Sun 3am)
                                                                    | OPB+ Amanpour & Company (Also Fri 5am)
    To encourage others to join
                                                                  11:00 OPB+ DW Global 3000 (Also Sat 2am)
    you in your support of OPB,                                                                                                            PBS Arts From
    we periodically exchange some                                 11:30 OPB On Story On Writing the Humans: A
                                                                     Conversation With Stephen Karam (Also Sun                             New York: Andrea
    of our donors’ names and
    addresses with other nonprofits.
                                                                     4:30am) | OPB+ Love & Respect With Killer                             Bocelli Live in
                                                                     Mike Andra Gillespie (Also Sat 2:30am)
    If you would prefer that your                                                                                                          Central Park
    name and address be excluded                                    16 FRIDAY                                                              Celebrate the 11th
    from these exchanges, please                                                                                                           anniversary of this
                                                                  7:00 OPB PBS NewsHour (Also Sat 12am) |
    contact us through our online                                    OPB+ In the Name of Peace: John Hume in                               spectacular concert
    form at, call                                    America Hume harnessed the power of Irish                             and experience the
                                                                     America to bring peace to Northern Ireland.                           artistry of the world’s
    the Member Center at
                                                                  8:00 OPB Frankie Drake Mysteries No Friends               Joseph Sinnott most popular tenor.
    1.800.241.8123 or write to:
                                                                     Like Old Friends. Frankie works with Agatha          Saturday, December 10, 9pm,
    OPB, 7140 S Macadam Avenue,                                      Christie. (Also Mon 1am) | OPB+ Washington           OPB & OPB+
    Portland, Oregon, 97219.                                         Week (Also Sun 4:30pm OPB)

                                                                                                                                                   DECEMBER 2022      5
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6   DECEMBER 2022
OPB = Comcast 10 or 710; antenna XX.1

                                          R = Repeat within a week                          = Program premiere
 OPB+ = Comcast 310; antenna XX.2
                                          Repeats are on original channel unless noted   Programs are subject to change
 KIDS = Comcast 311; antenna XX.3
 Full channel list at   Full schedule and VOD at

8:30 OPB+ American Masters Becoming Helen                         6:00 OPB Oregon Art Beat Closer to Nature (R) |
   Keller. Explore how Keller put her celebrity to                   OPB+ Europe’s New Wild The Missing Lynx/
   use to advocate for social justice for women,                     Return of the Titans (R)
   the poor and people with disabilities.
                                                                  6:30 OPB Oregon Field Guide Adaptive Skiing (R)
9:00 OPB Craft in America Inspiration. Discover
                                                                                                                          OPB’s Work in
                                                                  7:00 OPB Craft in America Teachers. Follow
   the magic and influence of craft. (Also Mon
                                                                     artists sharing their skills and passion with

                                                                                                                          Diversity, Equity
                                                                     new generations. (Also Sun 12/25 12am)
10:00 OPB Craft in America Home. Visit artists
                                                                                          8:00 OPB Masterpiece
  whose environments are filled with meaning
  and metaphor. (Also Sat 12/24 7pm OPB+)
  | OPB+ Amanpour & Company (Also Mon
                                                                                          All Creatures Great and
                                                                                          Small: Season 2, Eps 3–6.       and Inclusion
                                                                                          James and Helen have a
                                                                                          heart-to-heart. (Also Tue       The word ‘public’ is in OPB’s name.
11:00 OPB The Hunter Ep 9. Tony asks Don his                                              1am) | OPB+ Finding             For much of our 100-year history,
   plans for their future. (Also Mon 4am) | OPB+                      Your Roots Write My Name in the Book of Life.
   Frontline United States of Conspiracy. Learn                       Featuring musician Pharrell Williams and
                                                                                                                          ‘public’ meant providing free and
   how fringe theories invaded the White House.                       filmmaker Kasi Lemmons. (Also Tue 12am)             equal access to news, information
   (Also Mon 2am)
                                                                  9:00 OPB+ Dreaming of a Jewish Christmas
                                                                                                                          and programming to people across
                                                                     Follow the story of the unlikely Jewish              our region. In fact, the 1967 public
 17 SATURDAY                                                         immigrants who wrote popular Christmas               broadcasting act was expressly
                                                                     music. (Also Tue 11pm OPB)
5:00 OPB This Old House Atlanta: Respecting                                                                               written to address the needs of
   the Old While Adding the New (Also Mon 6pm)                    10:00 OPB+ Streit’s: Matzo and the American             underserved audiences. Today, the
   | OPB+ Marathon Baking With Julia, continued                     Dream Streit’s matzo factory is a fifth-
                                                                                                                          word ‘public’ means so much more.
   (until 7pm)                                                      generation family business. (Also Tue 12/27
                                                                    11pm OPB)
5:30 OPB PBS News Weekend                                                                                                 It means that as OPB chronicles our
                                                                  11:00 OPB My Grandparents’ War Kristin Scott            region, we must tell each story with
6:00 OPB Start Up Conconnect: Harlem, NYC/
                                                                     Thomas. Actress Kristin Scott Thomas
   Churn Homemade Ice Cream and Coffee:                                                                                   the care, thoroughness and attention
                                                                     explores a lost chapter of her family history
   Gibsonia, PA                                                                                                           to equity it deserves. We must
                                                                     during World War II. (Also Tue 4am) | OPB+
7:00 OPB Rick Steves’ Europe Barcelona and                           Prideland Actor Dyllon Burnside journeys             recognize the injustices of the past,
   Catalunya/Little Europe: San Marino, Monaco,                      across the South to meet diverse members of          and confront our region’s continuing
   Vatican City, Liechtenstein, and Andorra (Also                    the LGBTQ+ community.
                                                                                                                          struggles with oppression,
   Sun 9am) | OPB+ Hidden Canary Islands
   Explore all eight of the delightful Spanish                                                                            marginalization and systemic racism.
                                                                    19 MONDAY
                                                                  7:00 OPB PBS NewsHour | OPB+ The Good                   OPB must make diversity, equity and
8:00 OPB Sister Boniface Mysteries Crimes
                                                                     Road Richmond, Virginia: Holy River (Also            inclusion central to everything we do.
   and Miss Demeanours. A beauty queen is
                                                                     Tue 4am)
   discovered dead. (Also Mon 12am) | OPB+
                                                                                                                          We are building a more inclusive
   The Ornament of the World See how                              7:30 OPB+ The Good Road Nashville, TN: Lost
   Muslims, Jews and Christians in medieval                          and Found on Jefferson St. (Also Mon 12/26           public service for everyone in our
   Spain forged a common cultural identity.                          5pm OPB)                                             region, and a more equitable OPB
   (Also Sun 2am)                                                                                                         for our employees. Learn more about
                                                                  8:00 OPB Antiques Roadshow Naughty or Nice
9:00 OPB Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private                             (Also Wed 1am) | OPB+ Europe’s New Wild              our equity journey and our work at
   Investigators See Thyself, Devil! An old rock                     The Land of the Snow and Ice/Europe’s      
   star thinks Satan is trying to kill him.                          Amazon. Sami herders and conservationists
                                                                     save a reindeer migration. (Also Sun 6pm)            How do you think OPB can be
10:00 OPB Seaside Hotel Season 5, Ep 5. Max
  spies for Madsen. | OPB+ Sammy Davis,                           9:00 OPB Mary Berry’s Ultimate Christmas                more equitable and inclusive in
  Jr.: I’ve Gotta Be Me Examine the                                  Join the beloved home cook for the ultimate          serving you?
  entertainer’s journey for identity in a time of                    Christmas feast. (Also Wed 2am)
  racial prejudice. (Also Sun 12am)
                                                                  10:00 OPB Oregon Experience Beatrice Morrow             Share your thoughts with us at
11:00 OPB Thou Shalt Not Kill Season 3, Ep 10.                      Cannady. Follow a pioneer of civil rights in
   A military psychologist’s death causes a stir.                   Oregon. (Also Wed 3am) | OPB+ Amanpour &
                                                                    Company (Also Tue 5am)

 18 SUNDAY                                                        10:30 OPB Oregon Experience Lola Baldwin.
                                                                    Baldwin was the country’s first sworn
5:00 OPB Firing Line With Margaret Hoover
                                                                    policewoman. (Also Wed 3:30am)
   (Also Mon 12:30pm) | OPB+ Burt Wolf:
   Travels & Traditions Hong Kong, Pt 2                           11:00 OPB Independent Lens We Believe in
                                                                     Dinosaurs. Creationism and science collide in
5:30 OPB PBS News Weekend | OPB+ Rick
                                                                     Kentucky. (Also Wed 4am) | OPB+ Secrets of
   Steves’ Europe Austrian and Italian Alps (Also
                                                                     the Dead Hindenburg’s Fatal Flaws. Learn
   Tue 5pm OPB)

                                                                                                                                                     APRIL 2022
                                                                                                                                                           2019    7
what led to the infamous 1937 explosion.
                                                                                                                                     (Also Wed 2am)

                                                                                                                                    20 TUESDAY
                                                                                                                                   7:00 OPB PBS NewsHour (Also Wed 12am) |
                                                                                                                                      OPB+ Breakthrough: The Ideas That
                                                                                                                                      Changed the World The Robot. Discover how
                                                                                                                                      robots have evolved since Ancient Rome.
                                                                                                                                      (Also Wed 4am)
                                                                                                                                   8:00 OPB Finding Your Roots The New World.
                                                                                                                                      Featuring actor John Lithgow and journalist
                                                                                                                                      Maria Hinojosa. (Also Thu 1am) | OPB+
                                                                                                                                      Ancient Skies Gods and Monsters. Learn

      All Creatures Great and Small
                                                                                                                                      what our ancestors understood about the
                                                                                                                                      mysteries of space. (Also Thu 12am)
                                                                                                                                   9:00 OPB O Holy Night: Christmas With the

      Catch Up Now With OPB Passport                                                                                                  Tabernacle Choir (R-Also Fri 8pm) | OPB+
                                                                                                                                      Earth’s Sacred Wonders Visions of the Divine.
                                                                                                                                      Jerusalem receives a holy flame. (Also Thu
      With season three of the hit series just one month away, catch up on the first                                                  1am)
      two seasons of All Creatures Great and Small now with OPB Passport.                                                          10:00 OPB Lucy Worsley’s 12 Days of Tudor
                                                                                                                                     Christmas Lucy Worsley reveals the Tudor
      In season one of this heartwarming tale, James Herriot follows his dream to
                                                                                                                                     origins of many contemporary Christmas
      become a veterinarian in the magnificent Yorkshire Dales, where he quickly                                                     traditions. (Also Sat 9pm OPB+) | OPB+
      discovers that treating the animals in this beloved town is as much about                                                      Amanpour & Company (Also Wed 5am)
      treating their owners. And, he finds an enduring reason to stay when he meets                                                11:00 OPB Dreaming of a Jewish Christmas
      the captivating Helen Anderson.                                                                                                 (R-Also Thu 4am) | OPB+ Skindigenous Rosa
                                                                                                                                      Lopez: Wayuu/Elle Festin (Also Thu 2am)
      In season two, James must make a tough decision: take a new job at a modern
      veterinary hospital in Glasgow or stay in the Yorkshire Dales to pursue his                                                   21 WEDNESDAY
      relationship with Helen and continue his country practice?                                                                   7:00 OPB PBS NewsHour (Also Thu 12am) |
                                                                                                                                      OPB+ Touching the Sound Undeterred by
      Most OPB members qualify for free, instant access to All Creatures Great and
                                                                                                                                      lifelong blindness, one man became a notable
      Small and more of your favorite shows with OPB Passport.                                                                        pianist. (Also Thu 4am)

      Download the free PBS Video App for your smart TV, tablet or other                                                           8:00 OPB The Letter: A Message for Our Earth
                                                                                                                                      Pope Francis discusses a defining issue of
      streaming device. Then activate and log in at to stream
                                                                                                                                      our time: climate change. | OPB+
      the first two seasons of All Creatures Great and Small today!                                                                   Independent Lens Pipe Dreams. Organ
                                                                                                                                      players take part in a competition. (Also Fri
                                                                                                                                   9:00 OPB+ POV Happy Winter. Beachgoers
                                                                                                                                      summer on Palermo’s Mondello beach. (Also
                                                                                                                                      Fri 1am)
                                                                                                                                   9:30 OPB Emery Blagdon and His Healing
                                                                                                                                      Machine The visionary artist believed he
                                                                                                                                      could generate natural energy from the earth
                                                                                                                                      and heal the sick.
                                                                                                                                   10:00 OPB American Experience The Man Who
                                                                                                                                     Tried To Feed the World. Norman Borlaug’s
                                                                                                                                     leadership is estimated to have saved one
                                                                                                                                     billion lives. (Also Fri 3am) | OPB+ Amanpour
                                                                                                                                     & Company (Also Thu 5am)
                                                                                                                                   11:00 OPB Prehistoric Road Trip We Dig
                                                                                                                                      Dinosaurs. Emily cruises into the Cretaceous.
                                                                                                                                      (Also Fri 4am) | OPB+ Neanderthal Pt 2.
                                                                                                                                      Discover the fate of Neanderthals. (Also Fri

                                       Images courtesy of ©Playground Television UK Ltd, all3media international and Masterpiece

8   DECEMBER 2022
OPB = Comcast 10 or 710; antenna XX.1
 OPB+ = Comcast 310; antenna XX.2
 KIDS = Comcast 311; antenna XX.3
 Full channel list at
                                          R = Repeat within a week
                                          Repeats are on original channel unless noted
                                          Full schedule and VOD at
                                                                                            = Program premiere
                                                                                         Programs are subject to change
 22 THURSDAY                                                      11:30 OPB On Story On Directing Miss
                                                                     Juneteenth: A Conversation With Channing
                                                                                                                          WHERE TO LISTEN
7:00 OPB PBS NewsHour (Also Fri 12am) |                              Godfrey Peoples (Also Sun 4:30am) | OPB+             Here’s a list of OPB’s radio stations.
   OPB+ Hacking Your Mind Living on Auto-                            Love & Respect With Killer Mike Herschel             Clip it for a handy reference to keep
   Pilot. Journey from the farthest corners of the                   Walker (Also Sat 2:30am)                             in the car as you’re on road trips
   globe to the inside of your mind to discover
   how others try to hack your decision-making                                                                            around the region.
   processes. (Also Fri 4am)                                        23 FRIDAY                                             And don’t forget, you can listen to
8:00 OPB Oregon Art Beat Woven Together. The                      7:00 OPB PBS NewsHour (Also Sat 12am) |                 OPB Radio anytime at and on
   Bautista family brings four generations of                        OPB+ America’s Test Kitchen Special:                 TV via antenna on OPB’s fourth digital
   weaving tradition to Oregon. (Also Sun 6pm) |                     Home for the Holidays (Also Sat 2pm)
   OPB+ Extra Life: A Short History of Living                     8:00 OPB O Holy Night: Christmas With the
   Longer Vaccines/Medical Drugs. Learn how                          Tabernacle Choir (R-Also Mon 1am) | OPB+             Albany AM 550
   vaccines help prevent the spread of illness.                      Washington Week (Also Sat 6am)                       Arlington, Rufus & Roosevelt, WA
   (Also Sat 12am)
                                                                  8:30 OPB+ Oregon Experience Logger’s                      FM 91.5
8:30 OPB Oregon Field Guide Eagle Cap                                Daughter. An African American woman raised           Astoria FM 89.7
   Extreme. Dog sled mushers compete in a                            in eastern Oregon explores her family history.
   grueling two-day race through Oregon’s                                                                                 Baker City FM 88.9
                                                                     (Also Mon 12:30am)
   Wallowa Mountains. (Also Sun 6:30pm)                                                                                   Bend FM 91.3
                                                                  9:00 OPB Buttons: A Christmas Tale Follow the
9:00 OPB Miriam and Alan: Lost in Scotland                           heartwarming journey of two orphans who
                                                                                                                          Biggs Junction FM 89.7, FM 91.5
   Ep 2. Miriam and Alan visit Ullapool and                          want to find a home for Christmas. (Also             Burns FM 90.1
   Glencoe. (Also Sun 2am)                                           Sun 8am) | OPB+ Oregon Experience The                Cannon Beach, Nehalem &
10:00 OPB La Otra Mirada Alma Mater. Teresa                          Jewish Frontier. Jewish pioneers were among            Rockaway Beach FM 106.5
  continues to unravel the investigation when a                      the earliest settlers in the Far West. (Also
                                                                     Mon 1am)                                             Corvallis FM 103.1, AM 550
  mysterious note makes her flee. (Also Sun
  3am) | OPB+ Amanpour & Company (Also Fri                                                                                Cottage Grove AM 1600
                                                                  10:00 OPB+ Amanpour & Company (Also Mon
  5am)                                                              5am)                                                  Depoe Bay FM 89.3
11:00 OPB+ DW Global 3000 (Also Sat 2am)                          10:30 OPB Clown by Quentin Blake After being
                                                                                                                          Elmira, Alvadore & Noti FM 98.3
                                                                    thrown away, a toy clown goes on an exciting          Enterprise FM 88.7
                                                                    journey to find a new home. (Also Mon 3:30am)         Eugene AM 1600, AM 550
                                                                  11:00 OPB The Hunter Ep 10. Tony and                    Gleneden Beach FM 89.3
                                                                     Bagarella are arrested. (Also Mon 4am) |
                                                                                                                          Goldendale, WA FM 89.7, FM 91.5
                                                                     OPB+ Betty White: First Lady of Television
                                                                     Chronicle the remarkable career of the               Halfway FM 91.3
                                                                     television pioneer. (Also Mon 2am)                   Hood River FM 90.1, FM 94.3
                                                                                                                          John Day FM 89.7
                                                                    24 SATURDAY                                           La Grande FM 90.3
                                                                  5:00 OPB+ Marathon Jamie Oliver Together,               Lakeview FM 88.7
                                                                     continued (until 7pm)                                Lincoln City FM 89.3
                                                                  5:30 OPB PBS News Weekend                               Mount Vernon FM 90.7
                                                                  6:00 OPB Start Up Water Song: Baltimore, MD/            Newport FM 106.9, AM 550
                                                                     Black and Mobile: Philadelphia, PA                   Ontario FM 107.5
                                                                  7:00 OPB Rick Steves’ Europe Great Swiss                Pendleton FM 90.9
                                                                     Cities: Luzern, Bern, Zurich and Lausanne/
                                                                                                                          Pacific City FM 93.5
                                                                     Vienna and the Danube | OPB+ Craft in
                                                                     America Home (R-Also Sun 7pm OPB)                    Portland HD 91.5-1, HD 91.5-2, FM 91.5
                                             Terry Stewart
                                                                  8:00 OPB The St. Olaf Christmas Festival:
                                                                                                                          Richland, WA FM 90.9
                                                                                                                          Salem FM 91.5
   In a Different Key                                                Love Divine Celebrate the season with St.
                                                                     Olaf College’s renowned choirs and orchestra.        Salishan FM 89.3
   Follow the mother of son with                                     (Also Mon 12am) | OPB+ Nature Santa’s Wild
                                                                                                                          Silver Lake FM 91.7
   autism as she finds and then                                      Home. Take an intimate look at life in Lapland.
   befriends the first child ever                                    (Also Sun 2am)                                       Springfield AM 1600
   diagnosed with autism—Donald                                   9:00 OPB Christmas at Belmont Belmont                   The Dalles FM 89.7
   Triplett, who still lives in the small                            University students celebrate with holiday           Tillamook FM 91.1
   Mississippi town where he was                                     favorites and classic songs. | OPB+ Lucy             Valley Falls FM 91.1
                                                                     Worsley’s 12 Days of Tudor Christmas
   born nearly 90 years ago.                                                                                              Vancouver, WA FM 91.5
                                                                     (R-Also Sun 3am)
   Tuesday, December 13, 9pm                                                                                              Veneta FM 98.3
   OPB                                                                                                                    Walton FM 98.3

                                                                                                                                                       APRIL 2022
                                                                                                                                                             2019   9
     10:00 OPB Seaside Hotel Season 5, Ep 6. Fie           9:30 OPB Oregon Experience Jazz Town.
       opens the hotel for a surprise party. | OPB+
       Yule Log A Christmas tradition, warm your
                                                              Explore the postwar eruption of jazz in
                                                              Portland. (Also Wed 2:30am)
                                                                                                                                 Find TV
       spirit with holiday music and a roaring                                                                                   Schedules Online
       fireplace. (Also Sun 12am)                          10:00 OPB The Great American Recipe If I
                                                             Were a Recipe/The Daily Dish (Also Sat 11am) |           Looking for weekday and
     11:00 OPB Thou Shalt Not Kill Season 3, Ep 11.          OPB+ Amanpour & Company (Also Tue 5am)
        A pregnant girl is found dead after a                                                                         weekend daytime schedules for
        desperate cult escape.                             11:00 OPB+ Secrets of the Dead The                         OPB TV? You can find them
                                                              Caravaggio Heist. In 1984, a masterpiece by
                                                              the Italian master Caravaggio went missing.
                                                                                                                      online at
      25 SUNDAY                                               (Also Wed 2am)
     5:00 OPB+ Burt Wolf: Travels & Traditions
        Cruising the Rhine, Pt 1                            27 TUESDAY                                             9:30 OPB Antiques Roadshow Recut Newport,
     5:30 OPB PBS News Weekend | OPB+ Rick                 7:00 OPB PBS NewsHour (Also Wed 12am) |                    Pt 4
        Steves’ Europe Swiss Alps (Also Tue 5pm OPB)          OPB+ Breakthrough: The Ideas That                    10:00 OPB The Great American Recipe Love
     6:00 OPB Oregon Art Beat Woven Together (R) |            Changed the World The Car. Trace the                   Language (Also Sat 1pm) | OPB+ Amanpour &
        OPB+ Europe’s New Wild The Land of the                9,000-year history of the car. (Also Wed 4am)          Company (Also Wed 5am)
        Snow and Ice/Europe’s Amazon (R)                   8:00 OPB American Masters Groucho & Cavett.             11:00 OPB Streit’s: Matzo and the American
     6:30 OPB Oregon Field Guide Eagle Cap                    Discover the enduring friendship between                Dream (R-Also Thu 4am) | OPB+
        Extreme (R)                                           television personality Dick Cavett and his              Skindigenous Turumakina Duley/Kanahus
                                                              mentor iconic comedian Groucho Marx.                    Manuel (Also Thu 2am)
     7:00 OPB Craft in America Home (R)                       (Also Thu 1am) | OPB+ Ancient Skies Finding
     8:00 OPB Masterpiece All Creatures Great and             the Center/Our Place in the Universe. Locate our
        Small: Season 2, Ep 7. James and Helen                planet’s place in the cosmos. (Also Thu 12am)         28 WEDNESDAY
        question their future together in the run up to                                                            7:00 OPB PBS NewsHour (Also Thu 12am) |
        Christmas Day. (Also Tue 1am) | OPB+                                                                          OPB+ POV My Way to Olympia. Go inside the
        Anthony Williams’ Urban Nutcracker                                                                            London Paralympics. (Also Thu 4am)
        Witness a modern spin on the 19th century
                                                                                                                   8:00 OPB Nature American Arctic. Follow the
        fairy tale. (Also Tue 12am)
                                                                                                                      planet’s longest land-animal migration. |
                                  9:00 OPB Call the                                                                   OPB+ POV The Mole Agent. An 83-year-old
                                  Midwife Holiday                                                                     amateur detective goes undercover. (Also Fri
                                  Special With                                                                        12am)
                                                                                                                   9:00 OPB NOVA The Truth About Fat. Uncover
                                  approaching, life in
                                                                                                                      the complex functions of fat.
                                  Poplar is returning to
                                  normal after the                                                                 9:30 OPB+ POV Shorts Team Meryland (Also Fri
       terrible train crash.   (Also Sun 10:30pm)                                                                     1:30am)
     9:30 OPB+ All is Calm: The Christmas Truce of                                                                 10:00 OPB The Great American Recipe
        1914 Allied and German soldiers suspend                                                                      Moveable Feasts (Also Sat 2pm OPB+) | OPB+
        arms for a night of song and hope. (Also                                                                     Amanpour & Company (Also Thu 5am)
        Tue 1:30am)
                                                                                                                   11:00 OPB Prehistoric Road Trip Tiny Teeth,
     10:30 OPB Call the Midwife Holiday Special                                                                       Fearsome Beasts. Emily learns surprising
       (R-Also Tue 2am)                                                                                               truths written in the fossil record. (Also Fri
                                                                                                                      4am) | OPB+ Secrets of Selfridges Harry
     11:00 OPB+ Animals Reunited Enjoy reunion
                                                                                                                      Gordon Selfridge introduced a revolutionary
        tales from around the world.
                                                                                                                      retail model. (Also Fri 2am)
                                                                                Brian Lawrence/Alamy Stock Photo

      26 MONDAY                                                                                                     29 THURSDAY
     7:00 OPB PBS NewsHour (Also Tue 12am) |
                                                                                                                   7:00 OPB PBS NewsHour (Also Fri 12am) |
        OPB+ Tales From the Royal Bedchamber                   Rebuilding Notre Dame                                  OPB+ Hacking Your Mind Weapons of
        Uncover the hidden histories of regal
                                                               In April 2019, the world watched as                    Influence. Politicians, social media and
        bedrooms. (Also Tue 4am)
                                                               a devastating fire almost destroyed                    marketers use big data to hack your mind.
     8:00 OPB Antiques Roadshow Best Bargains                                                                         (Also Fri 4am)
                                                               Paris’s iconic Notre Dame
        (Also Wed 1am) | OPB+ A Very British
                                                               Cathedral. Go behind the scenes                     8:00 OPB Oregon Art Beat Carving a New Path.
        Romance With Lucy Worsley Eps 1&2. Lucy
                                                               with a team of engineers, masons                       For sculptor Wataru Sugiyama, spirits guide
        Worsley examines the history of romance.
                                                                                                                      his work. (Also Sun 1am) | OPB+ Extra Life:
        (Also Wed 12am)                                        and timber workers tackling the
                                                                                                                      A Short History of Living Longer Data/
                                                               daunting challenges of restoring                       Behavior. Examine the role of data mapping in
     9:00 OPB Oregon Experience Murder on the
        Southern Pacific. In 1923, an attempted train          the historic landmark.                                 public health. (Also Sat 12am)
        robbery sparked the era’s largest manhunt.             Wednesday, December 14, 9pm
        (Also Wed 2am)
10   DECEMBER 2022
8:30 OPB Oregon Field Guide Alvord Gliders.
   Glider pilots soar, without an engine, above
   the Alvord Desert. (Also Sun 1:30am)
9:00 OPB Miriam and Alan: Lost in Scotland           Request a Matching Gift From Your Employer
   Ep 3. Miriam and Alan finish their Scottish
   odyssey in Edinburgh. (Also Sun 2am)              Find out if your company will match
10:00 OPB The Great American Recipe Party            your gift to OPB and apply for a
  on a Plate/Mix it Up (Also Sat 3pm OPB+) |
  OPB+ Amanpour & Company (Also Fri 5am)
                                                     match online now at
11:00 OPB+ DW Global 3000                            THANK YOU to the many community-
11:30 OPB+ Love & Respect With Killer Mike           minded companies in our region who
   Jack White, Pt 1                                  match their employees’ and retirees’
                                                     gifts to OPB. A partial list is below.
7:00 OPB PBS NewsHour (Also Sat 12am) |
   OPB+ Great Museums: The Art of Islam at
   The Met and The Louvre                              Allstate Insurance Co        Huron Consulting Group      Refresh Your Memory,
8:00 OPB Frankie Drake Mysteries                       American Express             Instrument                   Inc
   Counterpunch. Frankie goes undercover as a
   boxer. (Also Mon 12am) | OPB+ Washington            Aon                          Jacobs Engineering          Relativity
   Week                                                                              Group Inc                  Riot Games
                                                       Argonaut Group, Inc
8:30 OPB+ Oregon Experience Beervana. Now                                           Jensen Investment
                                                       AVANGRID, Inc                                            Robert Half International
   a beer capital of the world, Oregon opened its                                    Management, Inc
   first brewery in 1852.                              Bank of America                                          Salesforce
                                                                                    Johnson Controls
9:00 OPB The Great American Recipe Family/             Becker Capital                                           Schrodinger
                                                                                    Juniper Insurance
   The Finale (Also Sat 5pm OPB+) | OPB+                Management
   American Experience Riveted: The History of                                      JUUL Labs                   Skyworks
                                                       Becton, Dickinson and
   Jeans. Explore the fascinating and surprising                                    Kaiser Permanente
                                                        Company                                                 State Farm Insurance
   story of this iconic American garment.
                                                       Bemis Manufacturing          Kennedy/Jenks               SunPower
10:00 OPB+ Amanpour & Company
                                                        Company                      Consultants
11:00 OPB The Hunter Ep 11. Saverio’s search                                                                    Survey Monkey
                                                       Bristol Myers Squibb         Liberty Mutual
   continues months later. (Also Mon 4am) |                                                                     Texas Instruments
   OPB+ Holy Silence Examine the Vatican’s             Brooks Resources Corp        Lubrizol
   reaction to Nazi Germany.                                                        Medtronic                   The Home Depot
                                                                                    Merck Company               The Standard
 31 SATURDAY                                                                                                    Thomson Reuters
                                                       Comcast                      Moss Adams LLP
5:00 OPB This Old House Atlanta: Families Meet
   | OPB+ The Great American Recipe Family/            Costco                       NetApp                      T-Mobile USA, Inc
   The Finale (R)                                                                   Nike, Inc                   TransUnion
5:30 OPB PBS News Weekend                                                           NVIDIA
                                                       DTS Systems, Inc                                         UBS Financial Services,
6:00 OPB Start Up Timbuk2 Academy: Trenton,                                         Oath, Inc                    Inc
   NJ/Module: Pittsburgh, PA                           Duke Energy
                                                                                    Oracle                      Unum
7:00 OPB Rick Steves’ Europe The Czech                 Eli Lilly and Company
   Republic off the Beaten Path/Athens and Side                                     Pacific Power               US Bank
                                                       Finastra CSR
   Trips | OPB+ Secrets of the Six Wives                                            PBS Engineering &
                                                       Fortis Construction                                      Vernier Software &
   Eps 1–3. Witness some of the most dramatic                                        Environmental
   moments in the lives of Henry VIII’s six wives.                                                               Technology
                                                       Fuerst Group
                                                                                    Portland General Electric
8:00 OPB United in Song 2022: Ringing in the           GitHub                                                   Vital Life
   New Year Together (Also Sat 9:30pm)                                              Precision Castparts
                                                       Hoffman Corp                  Corp                       Wells Fargo
9:30 OPB United in Song 2022: Ringing in the
   New Year Together (R)                               Hood River Distillers, Inc   Progressive Insurance       Wonderful Giving

10:00 OPB+ POV American Promise. Two boys              HPI                          Red Hat                     Workday, Inc
  come of age, encountering issues of race,
  class and opportunity.
                                                       Find out if your company will match your gift to OPB and apply for a match
11:00 OPB Thou Shalt Not Kill Season 3, Ep 12.         online now at
   Valeria visits Viola.

                                                                                                                             DECEMBER 2022   11
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 7pm    The Archive Project                                                                       Cyndi Lauper and more through the
 8pm    On Being                                                                                  branches of their family trees.
 9pm    OPB Presents
                                                                                    McGee Media
10pm    Travel With Rick Steves
11pm    BBC Weekend
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