Rider Guide 2018 - Ride Daylesford

Rider Guide 2018 - Ride Daylesford
Rider Guide 2018
Rider Guide 2018 - Ride Daylesford
WELCOME                                               EVENT UPDATES
                                                      Please check www.ridedaylesford.com.au and our
Welcome all participants to the 2nd Edition of        Facebook page regularly during the week preceding the
Friendsurance Ride Daylesford 2018.                   event for up to date event information and any weather
We are pleased to have Breast Cancer Network          updates. Join the conversation! Post and tag your friends
Australia on board once again as our charity          and family.
partner for the event.
It is fantastic to welcome all of the international            @ridedaylesford
and interstate cyclists participating in the event.                                    #FriendsuranceAustralia
Whether it be the 33km, 63km or 146km course,                  Ride Daylesford
all participants can expect the rolling and
spectacular spa country scenery to inspire great      KEY NUMBERS
performances.                                         Event Withdrawal prior to weekend:
We wish you all the best for your ride and look       (03) 9595 3000
forward to seeing you at the finish line.             Event & Mobile Mechanical Support Number:
                                                       0448 813 433
                                                      Emergency & Medical Control Centre Number:
                                                       0418 538 503
                                                      If no response for emergency, dial 000
Rider Guide 2018 - Ride Daylesford
EVENT WITHDRAWAL /                                          KEEP THE REGION CLEAN –
CHANGE OF DISTANCE                                          Please don’t litter
                                                            The event relies on the co-operation of private
                                                            landholders and the local Shires. Please do not litter, as
If you wish to change distances bring your seat post
                                                            any offence committed against property or laws that
sticker (included in your event kit) to Event information
                                                            come under their control will jeopardize the future of the
located in the Village on Friday 26th October between
                                                            event. This includes discarding gel wrappers. When you
4pm—7pm or from 6am the morning of the event. You
                                                            have finished the event, please remove your seat post
will be re-issued with the correct event kit material.
                                                            sticker as this will often detach from the bike when on
                                                            your roof racks at high speed.
Riders withdrawing from the event before arriving at
the Finish Line, MUST send a text message (SMS) with
their rider # and name or call the “Event and Mobile
Mechanical Support Number” on 0448 813 433 as soon
as possible. It is crucial that resources aren’t spent
searching for riders thought to be still on course.
Rider Guide 2018 - Ride Daylesford
BE PREPARED                                                                               BE INSURED
• Carry a mobile phone during the ride. Any event                                          We want you to have a safe and enjoyable ride, but just in case
warnings will be sent to all participants via SMS!                                         its worth considering:
• Prepare for all conditions and carry two drink bottles                                   ✓ Bike Insurance for you bike
(750ml), food, spare tubes, a pump and puncture repair                                     ✓ Personal accident cover for you
kit.                                                                                       ✓ Third party insurance for otheres
• It is recommended that all participants know how to                                      ✓ Heath and Ambulance cover
change a tyre or learn prior to the event and carry 2 spare
tubes. Click Here for a how-to guide.
• We recommend that you service your bike prior to the
event.                                                                                       Friendsurance is the Ride Daylesford bike insurance partner.
• Stop at each refreshment station, drink and fill your                                      Go to friendsurance.com.au and use the promo code RD15 to
water bottles.                                                                               save 15% on your comprehensive insurance for your bike.
• Protect yourself from sun exposure with SPF30+.
• Carry spare change for Finish Line festivities such as
                                                                                             Friendsurance provides fairer
coffee, BBQ, and the bar. Also for stopping off at cafes or
                                                                                             and better bike insurance.
local towns for lunch during the ride.
                                                                                             You get cover not just for your
• Carry identification and details of an emergency contact
                                                                                             bike, but also for injury to you
on your person at all times.
                                                                                             and third parties too. Plus if
• Make sure you have lights on your bike.
                                                                                             you stay claims free you can
                                                                                             earn an annual cashback*
                            Before buying a product, you should consider these matters and carefully read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) at friendsurance.com.au to ensure the product is right for you.
Rider Guide 2018 - Ride Daylesford
The Start and finish Line
area is located at Victoria Park,
Parking will be available in the
Daylesford Football Ground
carpark and surrounds. Travel
down Ballan-Daylesford Road
and turn at Burrall Street. Take
the first left which will take you
into Victoria Park. Please follow
signage and direction of parking
• Please ensure you have lights
for your bike when riding from
the car park to the venue and
starting the ride.
• Council have requested that
participants do not park in local
streets & to be courteous the
morning of the ride not to
disturb local residents.
Rider Guide 2018 - Ride Daylesford
Rider Guide 2018 - Ride Daylesford



                        Interactive course
                        map available here
Rider Guide 2018 - Ride Daylesford
 5pm      Event e-tickets released
4pm-7pm   Kit Collection, Victoria Park Daylesford
 6am      Last minute kit collection, Victoria Park Daylesford
7:30am    146km Ride Starts
8:20am    63km Ride Starts
8:40am    Course Cut off (146km) at Springhill Road
 9am      33km Ride Starts
9:20am    Course Cut off (146km) at Tylden
 10am     First 33km Riders expected to be arriving back into the event village
10:30am   First 63km Riders expected to be arriving back into the event village
10:30am   Course Cut Off (33km), Hepburn - Newstead Road
10:35am   Course Cut off (146km) at Mollison St/ Calder Hwy
 11am     Course Cut Off (63km) at Daylesford - Newstead Road
  12pm    First 146km Riders expected to be arriving back into the event village
  12pm    Course Cut Off (33km), Finish Line
12:20pm   Course Cut off (146km) at Fogerty's Gap Road
  1pm     Course Cut Off (63km), Finish Line
 1:15pm   Course Cut Off (146km) at High Street, Maldon
 2pm      Course Cut Off (146km) at Newstead - Guildford Road
3:50pm    Course Cut Off (146km), Finish Line
 4pm      Event Village Closes
Rider Guide 2018 - Ride Daylesford
Amber’s world rocked in September 2012 when she heard
   the words “you have breast cancer.” She was just 34
    years old. She stared at her doctors and said ‘you’re
joking’ and then laughed. Breast cancer is for women over
    50, I’m 34 there must be some mistake – only older
  women get breast cancer.’ Little did she know just how
               very untrue that statement was.
  After 5 years, Amber discovered that her breast cancer
 had spread. She says, ‘it’s tough, you don’t just get over
   cancer once treatment is over, you continue to live it,
   every single day. If anything, finishing treatment is the
 scariest thing. You’re thrown back into the real world and
     the emotional and mental strength it takes to keep
yourself out of a mentally dark place is exhausting.’ When
  Amber was asked why she is fundraising for BCNA she
told them it’s because she doesn’t want anyone to have to
 go through this journey alone ever again and BCNA can
                        help with that.

 There are two ways you can help support BCNA. It’s not
too late to start fundraising and it’s also not too late to give
  a one off donation to support all Australians affected by
                        breast cancer.


                       DONATE HERE
Rider Guide 2018 - Ride Daylesford
Participants either elected to receive their Event Kit and Jersey in the mail prior to the Event or chose to pick it up from the venue within the
specified kit collection times. All participants must attach stickers to bike and helmet to be eligible for medical and mechanical support as well
as on course refreshments.
Note: Jersey size exchanges are dependent on availability, and not guaranteed during registration times.

REGISTRATION TIMES (Kit collection requires eTicket sent Thursday 6pm)
Registration will be open for Kit Collection and any other
outstanding kit issue resolution from 4pm-7pm on Friday
26th October and from 6:00am onwards on race morning
(Saturday 27th October), please allow extra time on race
morning if collecting as the queues may be busy.

All provided race kit material must be worn in the specified
locations. Race number attached securely to Seat post of bike.
If you received your kit in the mail, please DO NOT attach your
seat post sticker to your bike prior to driving to the event. The
sticker will detach in the wind.

Helmet Sticker to be attached to the front of your helmet –
to help our on course photographers easily identify you!
All riders need to be marshalled into the start chute at least 15 minutes prior to the start of your ride. Zones will be based on your average
speed group as selected during registration. This will also be listed on your e-ticket. Riders will then be released in staggered waves of 100
every 90 seconds.

146km Ride
7:15am All 146km participants (GREEN seat post stickers) assemble at start area based on average speed group, in preparation for Pre-Ride
7:30am 146km Ride Starts

63km Ride
8:20am All 63km competitors (ORANGE seat post stickers) assemble at start area based on average speed group, in preparation for Pre-Ride
8:30am 63km Ride Start

33km Ride
8:50am All 33km competitors (BLUE seat post stickers) assemble at start area, in
preparation for Pre-Ride Briefing.
9:00am All 33km competitors start

Upon the request of Police and Local Council, please do NOT start the event prior to
the times noted above! All participants MUST stay behind the lead vehicle, otherwise
they will not receive on course support or refreshments, and are jeopardising the
future of the event.
0.4km     LEFT Ballan - Daylesford Rd
2.3km     RIGHT Midland Hwy/Howe St
3.5km     LEFT Midland Hwy
4.6km     RIGHT Daylesford – Malmsbury Rd
17.8km    RIGHT Springhill – Glenlyon Rd
29.4km    LEFT Kyneton – Trentham Rd
30.5km    LEFT Trentham Rd
41.6km    LEFT Piper St
41.8km    AID STATION
44.8km    LEFT Lauriston Rd
47.4km    RIGHT Youngs Rd
53km      LEFT Calder Hwy/Mollison St
69.9km    AID STATION
80.3km    LEFT Gaaschs Rd
81km      RIGHT Leversha Rd
84.4km    LEFT Fogartys Gap Rd
96.6km    LEFT Reef St
100km     AID STATION
100.8km   LEFT High St
114.1km   RIGHT Pyrenees Hwy
114.9km   LEFT Hepburn – Newstead Rd
118km     RIGHT To Daylesford C285
130.4km   RIGHT Hepburn – Newstead Rd
137km     AID STATION
140km     RIGHT To Daylesford C138
146km     RIGHT Daylesford Caravan Park
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0.4km    LEFT Ballan - Daylesford Rd
2km      RIGHT Midland Hwy/Howe St
3.3km    LEFT Midland Hwy
4.3km    PASS Daylesford-Malmsbury Rd
27.6km   LEFT Fryers St
27.6km   AID STATION (U-Turn)
28.3km   RIGHT Newstead-Guildford Rd
36.5km   LEFT Daylesford – Newstead Rd
48.6km   RIGHT Hepburn – Newstead Rd
55.6km   AID STATION
58.7km   RIGHT To Daylesford C138
64km     RIGHT Daylesford Caravan Park
Following feedback from the 2017 ride, we had adjusted the 63km course slightly to remove the
small gravel section following the aid station.

When approaching Newstead-Guildford Road from Midland HWY, the
course will now turn LEFT. However, the aid station will still be located at
John Powell Reserve approx. 500m ahead. Signage will outline the turn or
continuation to the aid station.
Please take care when returning to course from the aid station. There will be
signage to direct you. Here you will make a RIGHT hand turn back onto
Newstead-Guildford Road.
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0.4km    LEFT Ballan - Daylesford Rd

2km      RIGHT Midland Hwy/Howe St

3.3km    LEFT Midland Hwy

4.3km    PASS Daylesford-Malmsbury Rd

14.7km   LEFT Powell Connection Rd

17.8km   LEFT Hepburn-Newstead Rd

24.8km   AID STATION

27.9km   RIGHT To Daylesford C138

33km     RIGHT Daylesford Caravan Park
Medical Support                                                         Sag Wagon
Mobile Medical support including Doctors, Event Medics, Paramedics,     There will be Sag wagon’s on course. Course cut-off times
Ambulances and a Medical Support Vehicle.                               are detailed on page 20. The Sag Wagon is a minibus with a
Phone Number: 0418 538 503.                                             bike trailer that follows the last rider on each course, picking
                                                                        up participants who are unable to finish due to bike failure,
Ambulance Cover                                                         fatigue etc.
Fairfax Events & Entertainment contract Ambulance Victoria to provide
paramedic and ambulance support on course                               Police
• It is strongly recommended that participants have ambulance cover     Fairfax Events & Entertainment pay to have Police support
                                                                        present throughout the event, including Police Motorbikes
Mechanical Support                                                      surveying the course and participants to ensure road rules
Mobile mechanical support will be provided on course by Fuel            are adhered to by cyclists and vehicles alike. All standard
Performance.                                                            road rules apply and Police will issue infringement notices to
If you require assistance while on the course you can either use your   cyclists who disregard these road rules, including offences
own mobile phone to contact the event mobile mechanical crew, or        such as speeding and crossing the solid centre line on the
advise a course marshal, traffic management or event staff member,      road.
who will then call for the on course mechanical support. Phone          Please do not ride more than two abreast throughout the
Number: 0448 813 433.                                                   course. All cyclists must give way at intersections. Police will
                                                                        be enforcing this on the day
Ride with the confidence
       that you, your bike and                                                                                    Use the promocode RD15
                                                                                                                  to get 15% off your cover
       others are covered*

Friendsurance (Australia) Pty Ltd ABN 63165995497 AFSL 495657. Before buying a product, you should consider these matters and carefully read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) at www.friendsurance.com.au to ensure the product is right for you.
TRAFFIC                                          ASCENT AND DESCENT
       INFORMATION                                          DETAILS AND RULES
To ensure the safety of both riders and car;     Due to concerns raised by the local authorities regarding
the course will have reduced speed limits and    cyclist safety, it is important that rules are followed for both
traffic management on intersections to           the ascent and descent.
create a safe course for both users.             ASCENT
Suggested detours will be in place for drivers   Due to the narrow road on Hepburn – Newstead Rd , all
to avoid delays and reduce traffic on course.    cyclists are required to cycle in single file when climbing this
There will be no Road Closures for this event.   section of the course. This will be policed.
For further information regarding traffic        All participants must adhere to the road rules and are
information, click here                          advised that the following conditions are in place during the
                                                 • Cyclists are not to exceed 60km/h
                                                 • Single file
                                                 • No overtaking of official event vehicles
                                                 • No tailgating of official event vehicles.
                                                 Under no circumstances are riders permitted to cross the
                                                 centre line on the road - there could be an official event
                                                 vehicle coming up the hill on the other side of the road.
     SAG WAGON                                                                    Saturday 27th October
There will be a Sag Wagon on course, leaving                8:40am Course Cut off (146km) at Springhill Road 175.5km

locations at specified ride cut-off times. All cyclists     9:20am Course Cut off (146km) at Tylden 30.1km
must stay ahead of the sag wagon. The Sag Wagon
will be leaving the following locations at the times        10:30am Course Cut Off (33km), Hepburn - Newstead Road 17.7km
indicated in the table to the right.
                                                            10:35am Course Cut off (146km) at Mollison St/ Calder Hwy 52.6km
* If any rider falls outside of the cut off times, they
will be stopped by the SAG Wagon and have their              11am    Course Cut Off (63km) at Daylesford - Newstead Road 36.4km
numbers removed. They are able to continue to ride
                                                             12pm    Course Cut Off (33km), Finish Line 33km
the course but will not have access to event support
and will be classified as ‘everyday riders’. They will be   12:20pm Course Cut off (146km) at Fogerty's Gap Road 84.5km
able to ride into Daylesford but the Finish Line &
                                                              1pm    Course Cut Off (63km), Finish Line 63km
event Venue may have been packed up.
                                                            1:15pm Course Cut Off (146km) at High Street, Maldon 100.7km

                                                              2pm    Course Cut Off (146km) at Newstead - Guildford Road 114.8km

                                                            3:50pm Course Cut Off (146km), Finish Line 146km
Refreshment                Location                           Available
    1         Kyneton (Campaspe Cres) (146km Ride)     Water, Fruit, Cake, lollies ,
    2                 Faraday (146km Ride)             Water, Fruit, Cake, lollies ,

    3                 Maldon (146km Ride)              Water, Fruit, Cake, lollies ,

    4               Shepherds Flat (All Riders)        Water, Fruit, Cake, lollies ,

    5           Finish Line, Daylesford (All Riders)   Water, Fruit, Cake, lollies ,
Ride Daylesford 2018 is a recreational ride -not a race! Riders must      • To receive on course support, all riders must remain behind the lead
adhere to all event rules and Australian Road Rules. Any participant      vehicle and in front of the Sag Wagon vehicles.
found to be breaching these rules (and therefore jeopardising the         • Drafting of vehicles or motorbikes is strictly forbidden
safety of other riders as well as the longevity of the event) will risk   • All riders must adhere to speed limits and obey all traffic signals
having their details recorded and passed onto police.                     (traffic lights), signage and road rules, including keeping to the left of
                                                                          the carriageway and following directions from Police and Traffic
• Participants in the 146km and 63km ride must have the helmet            Controllers.
sticker and seat post stickers attached to their bike so they are         • Participants must wear a helmet (Australian Standard Approved).
easily identifiable to receive refreshments, on course medical and        • Under no circumstances are riders permitted to cross any centre road
mechanical support. Participants breaking this rule are jeopardising      line.
the safety of other cyclists and will not be eligible for assistance.     • Personal support vehicles following the ride are not permitted as this
• You may NOT ride under someone else’s name or number under              may endanger participants in the event.
any circumstances (Note: If you do this you will NOT receive medical      • Victoria Police will be patrolling the route and any riders found to be
or mechanical support, or be covered by insurance).                       riding outside of the Road Rules will be subject to fines under the
• Riders may cycle two abreast on single lane roads. If an official       Australian Road Rules.
event vehicle needs to overtake on a single lane road cyclists are        • No music devices, use of any head phones or using mobile phones
required to move into single file on the left-hand side to permit the     whilst riding
vehicle to pass safely. You must share the road with other users -        • Do not litter - take your rubbish with you or place it in the bins. The
please be considerate.                                                    above rules will be enforced by event staff, marshals, traffic controllers
• Riders must keep to the left hand side of the road at all times to      and Police.
allow faster cyclists and vehicles to pass.                               • All riders must use designated toilet stops and not stop on the side of
                                                                          the roads.

                                                                          * For more detailed event rules, visit: www.ridedaylesford.com.au
SAFE & SENSIBLE CYCLING                                               MECHANICAL SUPPORT
• Remember you are sharing the road with other users             Mechanical Support Number : 0448 813 433
and poor behaviour reflects on all cyclists future events.       There will be mobile mechanical support provided on the course by Fuel
• Be aware of your fellow riders and other traffic. Indicate     Performance. If you require assistance you can use your own mobile
and call out your intention to slow down, stop or change         phone to contact the event mobile mechanical crew on the above
direction. Use loud and clear calls.                             number. Alternatively, you can advise a course marshal, traffic
• Look over your shoulder when moving out or turning.            management or event staff member, who will then call for assistance.
• Call ‘passing’ and ‘stopping’ to alert surrounding cyclists.   Participants are urged to carry spare tubes and know how to change a
• Pull off the road if you need to stop for any reason           puncture. Fuel Performance have been engaged to provide mechanical
                                                                 support and attend to more urgent mechanical issues. Please be patient
                                                                 after calling through for support as it may take time for the mechanics to
                                                                 get to your position.

                                                                 COSTS FOR FUEL PERFORMANCE PARTS
                                                                 In the event that spare parts are used by Fuel Performance to aid
          SIGNAGE & MARSHALS                                     mechanical problems, participants will be charged accordingly. All riders
                                                                 are to carry money as a precaution.
Throughout the course there will be yellow Fairfax Events &
Entertainment arrows and other signage marking the route.        All Tubes $10
Signs will also indicate when you are approaching a              Fitted $15
                                                                 Durable training tyres $40 fitted $50
refreshment station. There will be marshals (wearing
                                                                 Race tyres $70 fitted $80
fluorescent vests) on the route, riding motorcycles and in
                                                                 Gear/break cables fitted $20
vehicles, as well as at stationary points. Event staff are       Shimano chains 11spd fitted $105
clearly identifiable.                                            Campagnolo chains 11spd fitted $115
Please listen to and obey their instructions!                    Shimano 9spd fitted $85
                                             •    Derailleurs
                                             •    Cables                        ACCESORIES
ALL THE BEARINGS                             •    Shifters                      •   Lights, drink bottle cages, racks,
•       Wheel bearings, front and rear                                              pumps etc. These should be tight
•       Pedals                                                                      with correct fixings and new
•       Bottom bracket                                                              batteries

                                                                                BRAKES & WHEELS
    SUSPENSION                                                                  •   Pads
    •    Performing correctly without                                           •   Cables
         rattles or leaks                DRIVE TRAIN                            •   Hydraulic discs check for buckles
                                         •       Chain and chain rings          •   Check for broken or loose spokes
                                         •       Cogs
                                         •       Cranks and chain bolts rings
                                                 should be tight
             EVENT PARTNERS
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