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Rolando Park Elementary School
 Family Handbook & Calendar

           Principal: Anthony DeLuca
     6620 Marlowe Dr. San Diego, CA 92115
   (619) 344-3600 Phone / (619) 344-3620 Fax
Rolando Park Elementary School
                                             Family Handbook & Calendar
                                                                MISSION STATEMENT
The mission of Rolando Park Elementary School (RPE) is to provide excellent teaching for all our students in order to help them to achieve their academic
goals. RPE strives to help every child to meet, or exceed, grade level standards on the rigorous CA Common Core State Standards. RPE works hard to build the
self-esteem, and socio-emotional wellness of all our students. Our goal is for graduates of Rolando Park Elementary to be prepared to meet the challenges of our
21st century technological world. Success in life begins in elementary school - Rolando Park Elementary's mission is to put our students on the road to success in
all areas of their lives..

        The Rolando Park Elementary staff believes all students can and will learn, and we strive to help all students achieve high standards of learning. Our goal
        is to prepare Rolando Park students to be 21st century learners by developing these skills:

                                                                 ▪   Critical Thinking
                                                                 ▪   Problem Solving
                                                                 ▪   Communication
                                                                 ▪   Collaboration
                                                                 ▪   Technology
Dear Families of Rolando Park Elementary School,
We look forward to providing your child with a great year of learning.         I love Rolando, I love Rolando Park
To ensure the academic success of your child, it is critical that school and   You know we’ve got the spirit, you know we’ve got the spark
                                                                               Everybody’s rocking at Rolando Park
home work together as a team. To pave the way for a successful future
                                                                               I love Rolando, it’s my school
for your child, it will take extra effort and patience from both of us!        We’ve got the spirit, we’ve got the spark
                                                                               And we’re rocking at Rolando Park
We would like you to please review the contents of this hand book, as
appropriate, with your child. Monthly calendars will be distributed with       You know the teachers do some teaching that is mighty fine
students. We will also post events on Facebook and Twitter.                    At recess we play wall ball all the time
                                                                               And if you get hungry, it’s ok if you do
Sincerely,                                                                     Because the breakfast is good and the pizza too
The Rolando Park Staff                                                         When I look out those big old windows I can see grass and trees
                                                                               Then I love my school because it’s a safe place to be
                                                                               Chorus: repeat…
 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
 7:40 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.                                                         I like the sounds that letters make
 Wednesday: 7:40 a.m. – 12:10 p.m.                                             You know once you learn to read
 Lunch – Lunch Recess                                                          That’s something no one can ever take
 10:30 a.m. – 11:05 a.m. (TK – K)                                              Away from you ‘cause it’s in your head
 11:05 a.m. – 11: 45 a.m. (1 – 2)                                              Man, think of all the books you can say you’ve read
                                                                               By the time you’re twenty-one or –two
 11:40 a.m. – 12:20 p.m. (3 – 5)
                                                                               There’s no tellin’ what you might do
 Wednesday (Modified Day)                                                      Some day you might be president, man that’s cool
 7:40 a.m. – 12:10 p.m.
     • Lunch: 10:30 a.m. – 11:05 a.m. (TK – k)                                 I’ve seen a rainbow over this school
     • Lunch: 10:50 a.m. – 11:25 a.m. (1 – 2)                                  I’ve seen a rainbow over this school
     • Lunch: 11:30 a.m. – 12:05 p.m. (3 – 5)                                  I’ve seen a rainbow over this school
                                                                               I’ve seen a rainbow
ROLANDO PARK SONG                                                              Over Rolando – Rolando Park
This school, a certain school, a special place to be                           You know we’re really learning…We’re knowledge eatin’ sharks
I go there almost every day, come with me and see                              Everybody’s rocking at Rolando Park
                                                                               I love Rolando, it’s my school
When I get up in the morning at the start of a brand new day                   We’ve got the spirit, we’ve got the spark
Then I get it all together and I’m out the door and on my way                  And we’re rocking at Rolando Park
                                                                               We’ve got the spirit, we’ve got the spark
And when I turn the corner it’s shining in the morning light                   And we’re rocking at Rolando Park
And it’s white and it’s pretty, and I know it’s going to be all right
MORNING ARRIVAL                                         ATTENDANCE                              child’s attendance record. Serious attendance
Supervision is provided beginning at 7:40 a.m.       Every minute, every day is what is necessary for        issues will be referred to the School Attendance
on the blacktop. Please do not send children to      your child to receive an education and prepare          Review Board (SARB).
school prior to this time, unless your child is      him/her for a successful future. Regular
enrolled in the PrimeTime Program. All students      attendance is REQUIRED at Rolando Park.                 INDEPENDENT STUDY CONTRACTS
will line up on the blacktop behind the school,      California Education Code mandates that                 Although we discourage the practice of having
then head to class for Breakfast in the Classroom    students attend school daily and arrive on time.        your child out of school for any length of time, if
(BIC). The tardy bell rings at 7:50 to start the     Parents play a major role in developing the             this circumstance cannot be avoided you can
school day.                                          strong importance of regular attendance.                arrange for a Contract for Independent Study
                                                                                                             (CIS) for your child’s schoolwork. This enables
                                                                         All medical or dental appoints
                   DISMISSAL                                                                                 your child to receive attendance credit while
                                                                         should be made after school or
After school is out for the day students should be                                                           keeping up with schoolwork during the absence
                                                                         during winter or spring breaks.
picked up, go directly home, or report to                                                                    from school. Please notify the attendance office
                                                                         If it is necessary for your child
PrimeTime. Supervision is not provided after                                                                 and/or your child’s teacher two weeks in
                                                                     to be absent from school, please
school. Any student on campus and                                                                            advance (or as far in advance as possible) so an
                                                     call our front office at 619-344-3600. When
unsupervised 10 minutes after school will be                                                                 independent contract may be arranged for your
                                                     leaving information on the answering machine,
sent to the office to call home. In order to                                                                 child.
                                                     state your child’s name, room number, reason
maximize learning time, parents who arrive           for absence, and your relationship to the child.
early to school to pick up students at dismissal     Any absence not cleared by phone requires a
are asked to please wait in front of the school.     note written by a parent/guardian and delivered
Thank you for supporting student achievement         to the attendance office.
at Rolando Park Elementary by waiting in the
designated area.                                     Please remember that the only excused
                                                     absences are:
                                                     1. Illness
                   CHILDCARE                         2. Quarantine by a health officer
                                                     3. Medical or dental appointment (please try to
                   Our Harmonium PrimeTime               schedule late in the day)
Program offers free childcare before and after       4. Attendance at the funeral of an immediate
school each school day. Contact the school               family member
office at (619) 344-3600, for enrollment             5. Observance of a religious holiday
requirements and procedures. The application
process has been moved online. Please apply          All other reasons for absences are
early as there may be a waiting list.                UNEXCUSED and result as a truancy on your
LEAVING DURING SCHOOL HOURS                            EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBERS                       CAFETERIA
Any person picking up a student from Rolando        Names and phone numbers must be on file of         All meals at Rolando Park are free for all our
Park must be at least 18, present a photo ID,       those persons who are legally empowered to         students. Breakfast is served in the classroom
and their name must appear on the current           take charge of an injured child in the event a     from 7:50 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. For lunch, students
enrollment card. Adults must come to the            parent/guardian cannot be reached. Failure to      select a main dish, milk, a serving of fruit, and
office and complete required documentation          provide this information may result in a call to   a serving of vegetables. Please see the
before the student will be released.                local emergency services. This information         principal if you have dietary concerns for your
                                                    must be kept current. During the school year,      child.
                                                    if you have a change of address, home phone,
Students are expected to be seated and ready to
                                                    health information, emergency contact, or
learn by 7:50 every day. Students who arrive
                                                    work number, be sure to notify the office at                          SNACKS
after that time will be marked tardy and
                                                    (619) 344-3600.                                    Students may bring a NUTRITIOUS snack to
excluded from the perfect attendance rewards.
                                                                                                       school. Nutritious snacks include vegetables,
Students arriving after 8:20 must report to the
                                                                                                       fruit or crackers.
attendance office for a late slip.

                                                    LEAVING THE SCHOOL GROUNDS
A truant student is one who is absent from
class without permission or is tardy to class for   NO CHILD is to leave the school grounds after
more than 30 minutes. Truancies will be             he/she has arrived in the morning without
reported to the administrator immediately for       special permission from the office. If a child
parent contact. State law dictates that             leaves for any reason, he/she must be signed       Such items as GUM, CANDY, DRY
truancies will not be tolerated.                    out by an adult listed on the student’s            NOODLES, CHIPS, CHEETOS, TAKIS,
                                                    enrollment card in the office.                     AND SODA HAVE NO NUTRITIONAL
                                                                                                       VALUE and are not appropriate as a snack or
TELEPHONE MESSAGES                                                                                     lunch item.
Personal messages for students or staff will be
left for teachers to pick up prior to recess and                                                       Parent supervision is important when packing
lunch. Classrooms will not be interrupted                                                              a nutritious snack or lunch.
during instructional time except in an
emergency. Arrangements for after school
plans must be made prior to coming to school.
HEALTH OFFICE                       •   Chicken pox - keep home until all blisters    The problem of head lice (pediculosis) is
A school nurse is assigned to Rolando Park            are scabbed over and there are no signs of    ongoing and can be time consuming. Even
part-time providing a health services program         illness.                                      though head lice are not a threat to health,
for the assessment, evaluation, maintenance,      • Diarrhea - keep home if the student wears       they are a frustrating nuisance. Prompt
and improvement of the health of pupils and           diapers, if there is blood or mucous in the   treatment of student(s) with a positive
school personnel. The office personnel                stool (unless from medication or hard         diagnosis of head lice ensures minimal
provide first aid on a daily basis. Students          stool), if the stools are all black or very   disruption to their educational program.
must have a pass to visit the health office.          pale, or if the stools are very watery and    When a student is initially identified as
                                                      are increasing in frequency. See a doctor     having live head lice, the student is to be
                                                      immediately if diarrhea is accompanied        excluded from school at the end of the school
                                                      by: no urine output for 8 hours; jaundiced    day for treatment.
                                                      skin; or child looks/acts very ill.           After treatment at home, it’s mandatory to
Your child should attend school every day.        • Vomiting more than once a day or                return to school the next day via the health
However, there are times when you may need            accompanied by fever, rash or general         office, for inspection. Parents must be
to keep your child at home. Please do not             weakness.                                     notified that students who return to school
send a child with the following symptoms to       • Impetigo - Keep the child home for 24           with live lice will be sent home.
school:                                               hours after starting an antibiotic
                                                      treatment.                                    If at any time you are unsure if your child's
•   Fever of 100.5°F or more, taken orally (or    • Ringworm (a contagious skin fungus              illness is contagious, you may want to call
    101°F taken by ear, rectally or temporal          infection). Keep home until treatment is      your child's primary care provider. If you
    scan).                                            started.                                      have further questions, please contact the
•   Cough and difficulty breathing – do not       Unless otherwise indicated, students with         school site. Thank you for your continued
    send to school if child has labored           above symptoms need to be absent for at least     support of the families in our school
    breathing (heaving of chest muscles with      24 hours prior to returning to school.            community.
    each breath), rapid breathing at rest, blue                                                                     MEDICATION
    color to skin, or wheezing (if never          Children who are placed on antibiotics for
                                                  impetigo, strep throat, and several other         All prescription and non-prescription
    previously evaluated and treated), and see                                                      medications must be cleared by the School
    a doctor. Keep home if your child has         bacterial infections, should be on them for a
                                                  FULL 24 hours (longer for                         Nurse` before they can be given at school.
    pertussis (whooping cough) until 5 days                                                         The parent and the child's physician must
    of antibiotics have been received, or         Pertussis/Whooping Cough) before returning
                                                  to school to prevent the spread of those          complete appropriate forms. Please come to
    tuberculosis (until treated).                                                                   the office if your child requires medication at
•   Rash that is undiagnosed, especially when     infections. If you are uncertain, ask your
                                                  doctor.                                           school to obtain the necessary forms.
    there is a fever and behavioral change.
down our narrow road and please adhere to
     DISASTER PREPAREDNESS &                         DRIVING TO AND FROM SCHOOL                      the “No Parking” signs.
                                                   Traffic at Rolando Park before and after             SKATEBOARDS/ROLLERBLADES
Yearly Rolando Park reviews our                    school is of serious concern. If you drive your   Skateboards, rollerblades, scooters, or roller
Comprehensive School Safety Plan. This plan        children to and from school, please, for          skate type devices (shoes) are not allowed at
includes the school's safety plan, district plan   everyone’s safety, observe the following          Rolando Park at any time, including
and emergency procedures addressing                rules:                                            before, after school or weekends. Violators
disasters and criminal acts which may                   • Observe the 5 miles per hour speed         will have their skateboards, rollerblades,
threaten the safety of students and staff. In               limit                                    scooters, or roller skate type devices
the event of an emergency, students will be             • Do not stop at a red curb to pick up       confiscated and may receive a police citation.
released to parents or someone authorized by                children or double park along the
the parents on the registration card.                       road                                                      BICYCLES
                                                        • Only let students out on the right         Bicycles may be ridden to school only if
Monthly school wide security drills are                     side of the car                          students wear a helmet and walk the bicycle
conducted to help prepare students and staff            • Everyone must wear a seatbelt              to or from the nearest gate to the bike rack.
for possible emergencies or disasters.                  • All vehicles must stop when buses          Bicycles are to be licensed and securely
                                                            are loading and unloading                locked in the bike racks. The student assumes
We ask community members to call school                 • Please have patience for your fellow       all liability for theft, damage, or loss of use,
police at 619-291-7678 if anything suspicious               parents                                  to any bicycle, equipment, or article left on it.
is seen or heard at the school campus during                                                         Bicycle safety rules govern travel to and from
non-school hours. If you become aware of           It is especially important that the buses have    school.
anything suspicious during school hours            access to their loading and unloading areas                                 PETS
immediately contact the school office at 619-      before and after school. Please do not leave      Pets are not allowed on the school campus.
344-3600.                                          cars unattended in a lane of traffic for any      Please leave all pets at home.
                                                                                                                   LOST ARTICLES
           CAMPUS GATE SECURITY                        SAFETY TO and FROM SCHOOL                     Lost articles will be returned if they are
For the safety of students, all gates are locked   Parents are asked to caution their children to    marked with the owner's full name. Sack
during school hours. Visitors, volunteers, and     cross at the cross walk only. It is dangerous     lunches, lunch boxes, and removable
district staff must register in the main office    to cross at other places, as cars can create a    garments are most often lost, and should be
before entrance is permitted.                      safety hazard. Students should always cross       labeled with student’s first and last name
                                                   the street at corners, never in the middle of     and room number. The lost and found cart is
                                                   the street. Parents are asked to model this       located near the auditorium. Lost eyeglasses,
                                                   behavior. Please be careful when driving          keys, jewelry, money, and valuables are kept
                                                                                                     in the school office.
worn each time you sign in to volunteer on

Your involvement in your child’s education                                                        You may call the school office at 344-3600
WILL LEAD to his/her increased success in                                                         between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.
school. We invite and encourage you to                      CLASSROOM VISITS                      on school days throughout the year to discuss
become involved in your child’s schooling in    We welcome your visit to the school and your      any questions, concerns, or suggestions you
one or more of the following ways:              child’s classroom. Please arrange with the        may have. Parents are also invited to
                                                classroom teacher IN ADVANCE for class            Principal Chats where important information
   •   Volunteer to help with student           visits or conferences. This helps keep            is presented. This is also an informal time to
       supervision                              interruptions to the instructional program to a   discuss any concerns or issues.
   •   Make an appointment to visit your        minimum. ALWAYS sign in at the office
       child’s classroom to observe.            before entering campus.                                   QUESTIONS, CONCERNS OR
   •   Stay in touch with the teacher about                                                                    SUGGESTIONS
       your child’s progress
   •   Attend parent meetings and workshops                   COMMUNICATION                       _____________________________________
   •   Volunteer as chaperone or driver for     Please check your child’s backpack on a           _____________________________________
       field trips                              regular basis for school information flyers.      _____________________________________
   •   Volunteer to read to students or         Other venues for information are Monday           _____________________________________
       become a tutor                           Morning Assemblies, Family Fridays/Coffee         _____________________________________
                                                with the Principal, Facebook, and PeachJar.       _____________________________________
   •   Serve on school parent/community
                                                Finally, please check the school marquee for      _____________________________________
                                                current information on school activities.         _____________________________________
   •   Make donations to the school such as
       water for the school’s disaster kits
                                                  PARENT CONFERENCES                              _____________________________________
   •   Attend Family Fridays, Family Nights,
                                                Parent Conference Days are                        _____________________________________
       Spirit Day, etc.
                                                November 15-19, 2021 and                          _____________________________________
                                                March 22-25, 2022. Student                        _____________________________________
In order to volunteer at Rolando Park           dismissal time for                                _____________________________________
Elementary School you must complete a
                                                conference days is 12:10                          _____________________________________
Volunteer registration form and have a
                                                p.m. Parents and teachers                         _____________________________________
current record of TB clearance. The forms are
                                                may need to meet for additional conferences       _____________________________________
available in the main office. Once the          for some students. Parents are urged to           _____________________________________
requirements are met you will be issued a       initiate conferences by sending a note to the     _____________________________________
Rolando Park Volunteer Name Badge to be
                                                teacher or by leaving a message for the           _____________________________________
                                                teacher at the office.
PARENT & COMMUNITY GROUPS                                                                                  SPECIAL ACTIVITIES
Rolando Park School Site Council (SSC):          Crawford Community Cluster Group                Student Standouts Assemblies
This group consists of staff, parents and        This group of community members, parents,       Every quarter we celebrate
community members. Members of this team          teachers, and administrators works to improve   student accomplishments
work together to develop and monitor the         the educational experience of all schools in    with a recognition assembly.
Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA)       the Crawford cluster. The group meets           Students who demonstrate
and to provide input on such areas as budget,    monthly at various schools in the               excellence in areas as
school improvement, safety, and the School       neighborhood providing translation and          Academics, Citizenship, and
Accountability Report Card. The members          babysitting. All are welcome to participate.    Effort (ACE) are honored.
are elected to serve two year terms.                                                             Parents are invited to join us.
                                                             Partners in Education
Site Governance Team (SGT) is composed           Community businesses enhance our                            Attendance Incentives
of staff and parents. The members of this        instructional program through the donation of   Children with good attendance records are
team work together to provide input in the       time, goods, money, support, and services.      celebrated and appreciated at Rolando Park
areas of scheduling, staffing, and budget. The   We are fortunate to include among our           Elementary. At the end of the school year,
members are elected to serve two year terms.     partners: The Salvation Army Ray and Joan       students with perfect year attendance are
                                                 Kroc Community Center.                          especially recognized at the End of the Year
English Learner Advisory Committee                                                               Award Assembly.
(ELAC) consists of interested parents of
English Language Learners. This committee                                                                           Field Trips
meets to discuss issues and elements of the                                                      Parents will be notified about field trips in
Second Language Program such as budget                                                           advance and are asked to sign a permission
and curriculum. This important group advises                                                     slip. The district policy will not allow school
the SSC about the school’s programs for                                                          to accept permission for field trips over the
second language learners: focusing on                                                            phone. All students are allowed to participate
attendance, the master plan for English                                                          unless they do not meet the classroom criteria
Learners, the R-30 language census, and a                                                        for the trip.
needs assessment for English Learners
At Rolando Park Elementary:
                                                                Rewards and Positive Reinforcement
                       It is vital that parents, school staff   Children who chose to follow the Rolando
The Rolando Park Way   and students work together to            Park Pathway are recognized and appreciated
Panthers ARE:          maintain a positive atmosphere           for their good behavior. Students may
  •   Respectful       for learning.                            receive praise, awards, positive notes, special
  •   Responsible                                               privileges, lunch with the principal, and
  •   Safe                                                      recognition at Award Assemblies, prizes and
                                                                field trips.
  •   Ready to Learn
                                                                Children who choose to disregard the rules at
                                                                RPE will receive consequences that may
                                                                include a verbal warning, conference with
                                                                teacher, parent contact, exclusion from
                                                                activities, detention, a referral to
                                                                administration, in-school suspension and
                                                                home suspension. Students may be sent
                                                                directly to administration for serious
                                                                infractions such as fighting, throwing objects,
                                                                bullying, and defiance.
4. Clothing which is immodest or tends to          •    Reading Log: all students are expected to
                DRESS CODE                              disrupt the educational process is                  read or be read to every night and to keep
The purpose of a school dress code is to keep           inappropriate, including half shirts, halter        track of their reading. Teachers provide a
the school environment wholesome, safe, and             tops, tank/muscle tops, tube tops, mini-            log for this purpose. Nightly reading
focused on instruction. Students are to be              skirts, “short” shorts, or clothing made            times are as follows:
appropriately dressed at all times. In keeping          from transparent material. Midriffs may                 ➢ Kindergarten: 10 minutes
with that intention, we ask that careful                not be exposed and straps on tops must be               ➢ 1st grade: 15 minutes
consideration is given to what is purchased             at least two inches wide. Shorts should be              ➢ 2nd & 3rd grade: 20 minutes
for students to wear to school. Students at             worn under dresses to allow for athletics.              ➢ 4th grade: 25 minutes
Rolando Park Elementary participate in              5. If students arrive improperly dressed a                  ➢ 5th grades: 30 minutes
physical education activities daily so clothing        parent/guardian will be contacted and                 • Mathematics: 4 times/week
should be comfortable and enable                       asked to bring a change of clothing to                • Literacy: 4 times/week
participation without being immodest. Please           school. If a parent/guardian cannot be                        o Spelling
be sure clothing is identified with the                contacted, students will be sent to the                       o Phonics
student's name.                                        nurse’s office for a change of clothing.                      o Writing
                                                                                                                     o Vocabulary
                                                              HOMEWORK POLICY                                • Projects as assigned
                                                   Rolando Park Elementary upholds the San             To avoid possible negative effects of
 1. Caps, clothing or accessories with             Diego Unified School District homework              homework, teachers will take into account the
    suggestive or vulgar words, logos, or          policy. Meaningful homework is assigned on          unique needs and circumstances of their
    designs that advertise or promote              a regular basis to reinforce or extend subject      students. It is the student's responsibility to
    violence, drugs, gangs, alcohol, sex or        matter, to develop good study habits, to            strive to do his/her best and to complete all
    illegal items are not allowed. Gang colors     encourage responsibility, and to provide            assignments on time. Families should
    or gang style of dress is forbidden.           families with an opportunity to monitor their       encourage systematic study and provide the
 2. We recommend wearing regular athletic          child's work.                                       proper conditions for doing homework
     shoes with low heels and soles to allow       Students at Rolando Park will be assigned           effectively. It is the responsibility of the child
     participation in daily physical activities.   homework under the following guidelines:            to see that the homework is completed, signed
     All footwear must remain securely on the                                                          (if required), and returned to the teacher.
     foot and cover the toe area.
 3. Chains, tattoos, hats, bandanas, and
     sagging pants are not allowed.
•   I will raise my hand and wait to be
    SCHOOLWIDE EXPECTATIONS                                       In the Classroom                        excused.
                                                   Classroom rules, consequences and rewards          •   I will dispose of my lunch trash and stack
                Before School                      are sent home separately by the teacher. It is         my tray properly.
                                                   important to take time to review the classroom     •   I will not take food out to the playground.
•   I will NOT arrive before 7:40a.m. (Unless      rules as well as this Family Handbook with         •   I will walk to the playground when I am
    I am in the PRIMETIME program)                 your student.                                          excused from lunch.
•   I will walk ONLY on sidewalks and not
    walk through the school parking lots.                           During Recess                                      In the Library
                                                   •   I will play only at the assigned activity,     •   I will work/read quietly and be considerate
•   I will ONLY cross at the marked corner
    cross walks.                                       and never in bathrooms.                            of others in the library.
                                                   •   I will follow the rules of the games.          •   I will use my time wisely.
•   I will ONLY enter campus through the           •   I will respect others' rights and keep hands   •   I will use materials and equipment
    main gate at the front of the school.              and feet to myself.                                according to directions.
•   As soon as I arrive I will go line up on the   •   I will use equipment in designated areas.      •   I will clean up after myself.
    blacktop.                                      •   I will stay out of classrooms.                 •   I will follow the directions of the adults
                                                   •   I will not play chase or tag.                      promptly and politely.
•   I will KEEP my hands and feet to myself        •   I will kick only the balls during a game on    •   I will be responsible for lost books and
    while in any class line.                           the gravel.                                        damage to books and equipment.
•   I will NOT PLAY on the playground              •   I will get a drink and go to the bathroom
    equipment or run on the blacktop during            BEFORE the bell rings.                                           After School
    line up time.                                  •   I will freeze when the bell rings and walk     •   I will walk at all times.
I may request permission, if necessary from            immediately to my line when I hear the         •   If I am in kindergarten, I may not leave
the morning duty supervisor to walk to the             whistle.                                           without my teacher’s permission.
bathroom and return promptly.                                                                         •   I will wait for parents, brothers, sisters and
                                                         In the Lunch Arbor and Cafeteria                 friends in front of school.
                                                   •   I will respect and follow the directions of    •   I will exit only through the main gate at
                In the Bathrooms                       all adults.                                        the front of the school.
•   I will use a quiet voice in the bathroom       •   I will stand quietly in the lunch line, not    •   If no one has come to pick me up I must
    and will not play, run or hide.                    cutting in front of others nor allowing            stay in the school office.
•   I will respect others' right to privacy.           others to cut.                                 •   I will obey school rules as I walk home
•   I will treat school property with care and     •   I will use a quiet and respectful voice.           each day.
    respect and will not waste paper or water.     •   I will use good manners and language.          •   I will go home immediately upon
•   I will place all paper in the proper           •   I will keep my hands to myself.                    dismissal and check in at home.
    containers.                                    •   I will not throw food.
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