Schneider Product range Mirror cabinet and illuminated mirrors

Schneider Product range Mirror cabinet and illuminated mirrors

Schneider Product range Mirror cabinet and illuminated mirrors

1 Schneider Product range Mirror cabinet and illuminated mirrors 2019 INNOVATIONS UK A-line LED Illuminated mirror with invisible sound system ELUALINE LED Countless lighting functions

Schneider Product range Mirror cabinet and illuminated mirrors

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Schneider Product range Mirror cabinet and illuminated mirrors

3 Contents Page Page A-line LED Illuminated mirror 4/5 A-line LED Mirror cabinet 7 ARANGALINE LED Illuminated mirror 9 ARANGALINE LED Mirror cabinet 10/11 ELUALINE LED Mirror cabinet 12 FACELINE LED Mirror cabinet 18 GRACELINE FL/LED Mirror cabinet 12 GRACELINE Illuminated mirror 13 LOWLINE LED or FL Mirror cabinet 17 MOANALINE Mirror cabinet 16 O-line LED Mirror cabinet 14/15 PALILINE LED Mirror cabinet 19 PATALINE LED Mirror cabinet 13 PEPLINE Mirror cabinet 16 TRILINE LED Illuminated mirror 13 WANGALINE Mirror cabinet 16 Schneider organising system magnifico!


Schneider Product range Mirror cabinet and illuminated mirrors

4 A-line LED Illuminated mirror

Schneider Product range Mirror cabinet and illuminated mirrors

5 46/56 90 5 70/80/90/100/120/130 150/160/180 76 5 46 180 5 The automatic time-of-day control system adjusts light conditions to human biorhythms over the course of the day, thus producing a maxi- mum sense of wellbeing. A further function can dim the light or change the atmosphere in the room. Lighting is either controlled manually at the illuminated mirror itself or via the «Schneider ambient lighting» app. This illuminated mirror is available both as a vertical mirror in two heights, either 90 or 180 cm, and in a horizontal format — to a maximum width of 180 cm.

Cosmetic lighting or atmospheric mood? The «colour» of the light is freely adjustable to meet individual requirements. A-line LED is also op- tionally available as a sound mirror that plays your favourite playlist via Bluetooth. Übersetzung fehlt! The LED illuminated mirror for a feel-good atmosphere. The comprehensive A-line LED range of illuminated mirrors allows Schneider to demonstrate both its well-recognised high quality and, most particularly, its skill with light. A-line is characterised by a surrounding, delicate frame of light, fitted with high-quality LEDs and countless different lighting functions (such as smooth dimming adjustment and time-of-day control systems) that produce a feeling of maximum wellbeing.

The shade of light can also be adjusted — from a romantic candle-lit (2000K) ambient to bright, clear daylight (6500K) — to change the atmosphere in the room to match your mood. The ideal light spectrum — adjusts to suit human biorhythms. Biologically effective lighting allows us to feel fresher and more relaxed. The latest A-line lighting technology capitalises on a time-of-day control system. It adjusts through various different levels of brightness to suit our biorhythms over the course of the day. This function can be switched on and off indivi- dually — directly using the light switch or via app «Schneider ambient lighting» and smartphone.

Fulfilling the standards set by high-quality interior design. Twelve versions in a variety of widths up to 180 cm and in height formats mea- suring 90 cm and 180 cm — also perfect for use in entrance halls, dressing rooms, the wellness sector and more — A-line LED offers a suitable solution in any room environment. NEW: The A-line LED illuminated mirror — it’s a sound mirror too! The A-line LED illuminated mirror can also serenade you with superb sound. An optionally-available sound system converts this attractive illuminated mirror into a sound mirror, with a full and thrilling sonic range.

A-line LED Illuminated mirror Optionally available with sound

Schneider Product range Mirror cabinet and illuminated mirrors

6 Schneider organising system magnifico! Whether you’re talking about large tubes or small scissors, files or nail varnish, lipsticks or razors, cos- metics or hair products, toothbrus- hes or toothpaste, pots of cream or bottles of perfume — everything has its place! No complicated technology, no screws and no hooks. Everything held securely and firmly in place thanks to the magnetic back panel. Revolution in mirror cabinets — Schneider’s innovative magnifico! organising system. The Schneider magnifico! organising system represents evolution and revo- lution alike. It comprises a magnetic back panel with boxes of different sizes that can be docked and positioned flexibly and individually.

Anyone can or- ganise their mirror cabinet in this way, just as they require — and everything can be moved, taken off and repositioned, used for a different purpose or extended.

Ingeniously simple, ingeniously practical. The new magnetic mirror cabinet back panel creates a robust, secure base for boxes of the opposite magnetic pole. It all stays in place securely and firmly — and yet it can also easily be removed or moved about, even if it’s heavy (up to 1.5 kg). Cleaning is child’s play too — put the boxes in the dishwasher and simply wipe the back panel, all done. New look inside the cabinet As well as cleanliness and tidiness, the new look inside the mirror cabinet is pleasing too; the boxes are available in two different colours, lending colour to the daily routine.

The magnifico! organising system also combines per- fectly with Schneider’s tried-and-tested, infinitely-adjustable glass shelves. The ingeniously simple Schneider magnifico! organising system is available as an option for the A-line mirror cabinet range (on page 7).

Schneider Product range Mirror cabinet and illuminated mirrors

7 The decorative ornamentation in the corner is available in a choice of un- structured matt or with a crystalline structure. The latest LED lighting technology provides automatic «time-of-day» control, adjusting the light through a range of brightness levels to suit human biorhythms. Additional functions allow the light to be dimmed or the colour tempera- ture to be adjusted. These are either controlled manually in the mirror cabinet or via an app. A-line can either be surface or flush mounted. The range is also very well suited to the current trend for moun- ting directly into the wall. 50/60 60/70/80/90 100/120/130 150 150 GT/180 GT 15.8 73.5 A-line LED Mirror cabinet A-line — all-round perfection Schneider’s A-line range of mirror cabinets features a surrounding LED lighting frame.

The latest LED technology enables it to respond to human biorhythms and the specific lighting requirements of bathrooms. Lighting controls tailored to suit your requirements Schneider believes that the focus of the entire lighting control system should be on your individual preferences – and that’s what makes the difference. For example, A-line not only sustains biorhythms, it also uses other selectable light functions to meet an extremely wide range of individual needs. Seam- less dimming and easily-adjustable light colours allow the mood in a room to be varied between romantic candlelight (2000K) and bright, clear daylight (6500K); they also help with what we do in front of the mirror, such as ma- keup, shaving, hair styling etc.

These different control options are absolutely new and are aimed at offering the owners of the property more options for personalised lighting arrangements. Internal lighting is provided by the all- round panel – yet another impeccable, clean solution. This product allows Schneider to use the latest technologies to provide clear functionality and a feeling of personal comfort and wellbeing. Comprehensive range With 12 different options in a variety of widths from 50 to (most recently) 180 cm, the A-line range of mirror cabinets opens up design possibilities for bathrooms large and small. The modular Schneider magnifico! organising system is an innovative option too.

Sophisticated design details, now also available in matt options This mirrored cabinet also displays its quality in the smaller details: doors can open without a handle, using a «push to open» system, while corners feature decorative ornamentation (which may have a crystalline structure or an unstructured matt design, depending on your preference).

Schneider Product range Mirror cabinet and illuminated mirrors

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Schneider Product range Mirror cabinet and illuminated mirrors

50/60/70 80/90/100 120/130/150 5 70 50/60/70 80/90/100 120/130/150 M M L R L R M Mirror heating M Mirror heating L/R or M Mirror heating L/M/R The ARANGALINE illuminated mirror is available in either natural white (4000 K) or warm white (3000 K) versions.

The indirect, individually- switchable LED lighting above and below ensures an atmosphere of wellbeing.  The durable frame is made of aluminium sections and can be rotated by 180° during installation if required.  A further refinement: by request, this mirror can also be supplied in a heated version.

ARANGALINE LED Illuminated mirror An eye-catcher for any space. The ARANGALINE illuminated mirror combines state-of-the-art lighting techno- logy with a classically elegant design, so it doesn’t only look good in a bath- room. Just like the mirrored cabinet version, the double band of light in the mirrored surface stands out as a stylish element in the illuminated mirror too. Innovative technologies for high quality comfort. The indirect, individually-switchable lighting above and below the illuminated mirror provides an all-round atmosphere of wellbeing. The high-quality LEDs can be selected in a warm white (3000 K) or cool white (4000 K) colour tem- perature.

The variety of the range is also unusual, with a vast number of models, available in widths from 50 cm to 150 cm. This makes it possible to adjust to individual structural circumstances very precisely. Then there’s the clever frame solution: this frame can be rotated by 180° as it’s being fitted, which leaves room for personal preferences, particularly with regard to the place- ment of any switches. And when things get hot, you need a heated mirror. When it’s fitted in a bathroom, the sophisticated ARANGALINE illuminated mirror displays another impressively useful extra feature. Depending on its width, this illuminated mirror can be optionally fitted with up to three mirror heating elements, thus ensuring a clear view — even in the morning, after a hot shower.


Schneider Product range Mirror cabinet and illuminated mirrors

10 ARANGALINE LED Mirror cabinet

11 Bright, well organised and extremely well illuminated — this cabinet’s powerful functionality impresses at the very first glance. The indirect, separately-switch- able LED lighting above and below is available in either neutral white (4000 K) or warm white (3000 K). Persuasive: The interior of this cabi- net is programmed for individuality, with high-quality fittings and clever details. 50/60 60/70/80 90/100/120 100/130 GT 130/150 12 70 ARANGALINE LED Mirror cabinet Subtle elegance ARANGALINE LED is recommended as the new classic in bathroom fittings.

This premium line embodies a generation of mirror cabinets that are far more than the combination of intelligently-used storage space and a mirror: innovative lighting technologies and a stand-alone design have made them into central elements of interior architecture. This design solution makes it possible to respond precisely to individual customer requirements. The finest room ambience.

Intelligent lighting arrangements exert a massive effect on the atmosphere in a room. Here, the double lighting strip fits seamlessly into the mirrored surface. The indirect light above and below the mirror cabinet provides a subtle, atmospheric basic level of light in the bathroom. ARANGALINE also shines with its maximum functionality and well thought-through details. Suitable for use in any bathroom and every room ARANGALINE is offered in a range of cabinet widths and options, from 50 to 150 cm. The practical fittings and quality are up to Schneider’s usual high standards. With its elegant design, ARANGALINE defines a new premium class of mirror cabinets for the interior design of a modern bathroom; perfectly organised, positioned in the best possible light and open to unusual solutions.

12 GRACELINE FL/LED Mirror cabinet The indirect lighting above and below is light-intensive and can be ope- rated indepen- dently of each other. Colours in the GRACELINE pro- duct range can also be adjus- ted individually. GRACELINE makes the exclu- sive an everyday affair. The fine lighting strips in the mirror are a particularly stylish feature, integra- ting subtly into the overall picture and filling the room with a bright glow. The basic model has fluore- scent lights above and be- low, but an additional range of models has white and coloured LED lighting and is operated by sensors. 70/100/120 130/150 12 70 55/70 70/80/90 100/120/130 13.5 70 12 68.6 Would you like a gentle light in the morning but a bright light at night? The shade of light can be adjusted to change the atmosphere in the room to match your mood.

Whether surface mounted or flush mounted, ELUA- LINE LED is a strikingly so- phisticated ligh- ting solution that guarantees the best possible light. For flush moun- ting, just slide it into the wall, connect it up and it’s ready to use. The light pillars on either side of the ELUALINE mirro- red cabinet will shine the right light on one thing in particular: your face. All the same, everything else around the bathroom will also benefit from the high quality of light provided by this mirrored cabinet. A ray of light from the light pillar at the side also travels inwards through the gap in the doors as they are ope- ned, providing perfect illumi- nation inside the cabinet too.

ELUALINE LED Mirror cabinet Countless lighting functions

13 GRACELINE Illuminated mirror The lighting strips in the mirrors of the GRACELINE series of models provide a sparkling setting for the indirect lighting above and below. The attractive illuminated mirror can be hung horizontally or vertically, as required. The fine, elegant lighting strips in the mirror are eye- catching too. 4 40 92 The unusual aspect of TRILINE is that the illuminated mirrors can, if required, deliver perfect hi-fi sound as well as the ideal light to the mirror and within the room. TRILINE LED Illuminated mirror The experience and skill of these mirrored cabinet spe- cialists is demonstrated by their concentration on what is most important.

High-quality LEDs, optionally availa- ble in neutral or warm white shades, underline the well thought-through lighting construction. Yet more practical details make PATALINE a powerful allrounder. PATALINE is a simply beau- tiful mirrored cabinet, with a straightforward design and balanced proportions that fit confidently into any ambience.

12 50/60 60/70/80/ 90/100/120 100/130 GT 130/150 70 76 Both elegant TRILINE illumi- nated mirrors are technically well equipped with the latest LED technology, offering the perfect optical solution, suitable for use far beyond the bathroom environment. 50 4.5 92 48 4.5 89 PATALINE LED Mirror cabinet Optionally available with sound

O-line LED Mirror cabinet

15 In O-line, the light temperature can be selected between cold white (4000 K) and warm white (3000 K). As an option, the new O-line can also be supplied with separately switchable base-level lighting.

Suitable for surface and flush-mounted installations. The housing is made of high-quality, long-lasting aluminium sections. O-line LED is available in 14 model ranges and a variety of widths, from 50 to 150cm and a depth of either 12 or 15 cm. 12.8 15.8 50/60 60/70/80/ 90/100/120/130 100/120/130 GT 130/150 70 74.5 O-line LED Mirror cabinet If design and quality play a role as well as price: choose O-line. Compact, timeless and focussed on what’s most important. O-line is com- mitted to flexibility of design and convenience in use, and places its faith in Schneider’s powerful expertise. The light is provided by high-quality LEDs; depending on the size of the room, these may even be powerful enough for space lighting.

When it comes to light colour, you can choose between warm white (3000 K) and cold white (4000 K), just as you prefer. Separately switch- able low-level indirect lighting is also available as an additional option. An excellent choice Frames made of long-lasting aluminium sections are a particularly good choice for mirror cabinets used in bathrooms. The storage space inside is radiant white and the robust, continually-adjustable glass shelves meet the needs of every user. The mirrored doors open and close on tried and tested soft-close hinges, while the mirrored surface itself sparkles in its distinctive dimensions.

O-line 15 cm: generous capacity inside, expansive mirrored surface outside Like the O-line 12 cm, the O-line 15 cm also scores well as an all-rounder, perfectly combining Schneider’s quality, good looks and price-awareness. The external design features of this range are the expansive mirrored surfaces and – as a new trademark from Schneider and similar to the O-line 12 cm – the continuous lighting profile at the side. Internally, the 15cm depth of the mirror cabinet allows plenty of freedom for the individual use of the available space; the new O-line can therefore offer the ideal storage space solution.

When space is this plentiful, it’s easy to keep things in order. The big advantage for designers is that both ranges of mirror cabinets are available in 14 model series and in a variety of widths from 50 to 150 cm. Suitable for surface or flush mounting.

16 60 100/120 130 80 12 13.5 64 12 64 30/40 Side cabinet 64 PEPLINE Mirror cabinet One special feature of PEPLINE is that the third light column is integrated into the middle wall in the models with widths of 100 cm and 120 cm. The light goes on as soon as any door in the cabinet is opened. This range of bathroom furniture is further extended by side cabi- nets in widths of 30 or 40 cm. Flush mounting is also an option for this range, using the special set of fixings. By the way: the WANGALINE product range is also available without lighting.

PEPLINE combines powerful functionality with a timeless elegance.

This range can be put together any way you want, taking your own personal preferences into account. WANGALINE stands out for its elegant, rounded lights and its depth of 15 cm. The handy high cabinet with continuously adjustable glass shelving provides the perfect complement. WANGALINE Mirror cabinet 35 Tall cabinet 90 AS 50/60 130/150 60/75 90/100/120 100/120 15 18 70 78 160 15 55 70/80/90/100 12 14 64 MOANALINE Mirror cabinet In the case of MOANALINE, vertical lights illuminate the mirror perfectly and provide the best lighting conditions.

Suitable for smaller rooms too: MOANALINE is available from widths of just 55 cm. Just like every other mirror cabinet from Schneider, here too the high-quality alumi- nium sections provide a guarantee of lasting quality in the bathroom.

17 60 50/60 60/80/90/100/120 130 70 77 12 15.5 The cubic shape of the light is sim- ple yet beautiful, providing the best possible illumination for the room, the person and the washbasin. In the 60 cm width, LOWLINE is also available with an open cabinet compartment. One additional advantage that makes life easier for the designer: the door hinges on the one-door models can be fitted on either the left or the right hand side.

LOWLINE LED or FL Mirror cabinet The minimal maximum LOWLINE brings the classical bathroom cabinet to life again. The key feature is the conscious reduction to the vital elements: the simple, beautiful, cubic form of the lighting, sparkling double mirror doors that hang on robust hin- ges — and a high-quality housing made of aluminium sections that guarantee lasting quality and first-class convenience.

LOWLINE foregoes any excessive luxury equipment, placing its faith in its po- werful functionality. The flexible range is open to an extremely wide spectrum of design and form options. This series of products is therefore very well placed for urban housing construction and project construction, though the large dimensions of its mirrors will also help make any guest bathroom seem larger. It’s no wonder that this range is so popular in the commercial property sector in particular. Direct access to the open compartment of the cabinet Sockets and continuously adjustable glass shelving complement the fittings.

A depth of 12 cm provides enough storage space for bathroom utensils. The particular feature of LOWLINE is that the model with a width of 60 cm is also available with an open storage compartment underneath the external mirror. One range, two versions The LOWLINE mirror cabinet is available in either a version with fluorescent lights or with high-quality LEDs. As in all the other LED ranges, LOWLINE only uses high-quality energy-efficient LEDs with a very long service life of 50,000 hours.

18 50/60 60/70/80 90/100/120 130/150 12 70 75.5 16 High-quality, energy efficient LEDs provide pleasant illumination for both the mirror and the room itself. The sockets in the lower area of the cabinet are also convenient to use. FACELINE LED Mirror cabinet Brilliant light, lots of storage space and a broad range of designs The half-shell-shaped light integrated into the top of the mirror cabinet is the characteristic feature of the FACELINE LED line, with a soft round form that combines with the clear geometry of the mirror to fit in with current design trends. The integral LEDs provide a bright cosmetic light, guaranteeing outstanding illumination of the face for makeup and shaving; the colour temperature of 4000K (cold white) also provides a balanced light intensity.

The cabinet’s doors are mirrored inside and out, making them the ideal large projection surfaces; below, they hide a further LED light that stretches across the entire width and provides indirect illumination to support an atmospheric ambience.

Inside the cabinet, FACELINE LED sparkles with plenty of storage space and practical detailed solutions, such as continuously adjustable glass shelves, an accessory box, a magnifying mirror and easily accessible sockets at the lower level, robust hinge technology and swivelling doors with soft closing. The variety of models and a practical range of dimensions respond to a broad design spectrum. All of these qualities prove their worth anew every day, and deliver a positive impact, even at the design stage. The well-proven Schneider double- switch system controls the separately-switchable direct and indirect LED light sources.

Cleverly designed — the half-shell light links the fashionable curve with the cuboid shape to create a perfectly formed unit.

19 Surface or flush mounted – in both these types of installation, PALILINE demonstrates the excellence of its design and lighting technology. The high-quality LEDs can be swit- ched separately, both above and below. One unusual aspect is that the lights are tilted forwards. Inner life. PALILINE impresses with its internal design too, with conve- nience, class and good light. 100 50/60 60/70/80/ 90/100/120 130/150 12 14.5 70 76 PALILINE LED Mirror cabinet PALILINE LED – Light as a design element Mirror cabinets are a basic item of furniture in any bathroom, with the focus just as much on functionality as good design.

PALILINE uses indirect light as one element of its overall design. The striking features of this mirror cabinet are its refinements in design and lighting technology and the way it combines beauty and function to create an overall concept of contemporary bathroom architecture.

Outstanding quality of light Mirror cabinets have to prove their worth as storage spaces and their quality as mirrors, day after day – and one factor is vital above all others in this endeavour: the quality of the light. In mirror cabinets, good lighting quality depends on the light distribution, as well as the strength and the colour of the integrated light source. Shadow-free, glare-free yet powerful light that illuminates the face well is only achieved by an even distribution of light and high-quality LEDs, such as those used in PALILINE.

PALILINE LEDs are impressive for their high aesthetic quality too: a clever design idea resulted in the seamless integration of the lower band of LEDs into the cabinet sections, which produced an elegant finish in both surface mounted and flush mounted cabinets.

A superb indirect light shines out, creating attractive accents; as the LEDs can be switched separately, they also act as a base lighting system, lending the space a pleasant atmosphere. In a mirror cabinet, convenience is provided by good light and well-thought- out organisation and equipment. Here too, PALILINE’s superior class is impres- sive. This purist mirror cabinet is available in eleven different options. More inspiration and information. Find all the information about our mirror cabinets, illuminated mirrors and bath- room furniture on our website at All the information provided in this documentation is for guidance only. The price and type list issued for each particular country is binding. 3‘500/01.19/1 Switzerland (manufacturer) W. Schneider+Co AG Neue Dorfstrasse 27, CH-8135 Langnau a.A. Tel. +41 43 377 78 78 Fax +41 43 377 78 81