So Tasty your appetite will thank you

So Tasty your appetite will thank you

So Tasty your appetite will thank you

so Tasty your appetite will thank you 2062 broadway (corner of 71st Street) new york, ny 10023 tel: 212-595-6500 fax: 212-595-6511 126 madison avenue (between 30th & 31st streets) new york, ny 10016 tel: 212-447-9955 fax: 212-447-5547

So Tasty your appetite will thank you

order online at so fresh so healthy so Tasty... ~ ~ Corporate Catering & Event Menu

So Tasty your appetite will thank you

continental breakfast $7.95 per person tasty breakfast platter fresh squeezed juice hot beverage service norwegian salmon combo $13.95 per person smoked norwegian salmon platter fresh squeezed juice hot beverage service hot breakfast buffet $13.95 per person (minimum of 10 persons) tasty breakfast buffet fresh squeezed juice hot beverage service breakfast tea sandwich combo $9.50 per person breakfast tea sandwich platter fresh squeezed juice hot beverage service pastry & parfait combo $11.95 per person tasty breakfast platter create your own low-fat parfait fresh squeezed juice hot beverage service * add a sliced seasonal fruit platter to any of your favorite breakfast combos for only $3.50 per guest tasty corporate breakfast $21.95 per person including your choice of: tasty breakfast platter pressed jumbo english muffins grilled breakfast wraps create your own low-fat yogurt parfait sliced fruit & mixed berries fresh squeezed juice hot coffee service bottled water tasty breakfast packages (minimum of 6 persons) add-ons to your breakfast low-fat parfait $4.95 a bountiful bowl of layered non-fat yogurt, sliced fresh fruit, home-made granola, nuts, raisins, sun-dried cranberries & fresh berries carved fruit & mixed berries $4.95 a splendid selection of golden pineapple, honeydew, cantaloupe, seedless watermelon, kiwi & mixed berries california salad $5.95 chockfull of chopped fruit, strawberry jell-o, cottage cheese, nuts & raisins tropical fresh fruit salad $3.95 seasonal fruit salad with mixed berries freshly squeezed juices $2.50 a selection of fresh orange, grapefruit, cranberry or apple juices hot beverage service $2.25 our tasty dark roast, decaf & flavored coffees, herbal teas or hot chocolate 2

So Tasty your appetite will thank you
  • tasty breakfast platters minimum of 6 persons tasty breakfast buffet $9.95 per person (minimum of 10 persons)
  • scrambled eggs or scrambled egg whites
  • challah french toast or pancakes with diced bananas & strawberries
  • crisp smoked turkey bacon, beef sausage, turkey sausage or turkey ham
  • old-fashioned home fries served with maple syrup & butter. tasty breakfast platter . $ 3.95 per person a tasteful display of our freshly baked mini pastries: croissants, danish, english scones and muffins, garnished with seedless grapes and strawberries. served with butter, cream cheese and fruit preserves new york bagel platter $ 2.95 per person an appetizing arrangement of an assortment of our freshly baked mini bagels. served with flavored and traditional cream cheese, butter and fruit preserves smoked norwegian salmon platter $ 9.95 per person a delicious display of thinly sliced nova scotia smoked salmon, garnished with capers, sliced red onion, roma tomatoes and kalamata olives. served with three types of cream cheese and an assortment of our freshly baked mini bagels and bialys breakfast tea sandwich platter $ 5.95 per person mini croissants with smoked turkey, imported french brie cheese and sautéed apples fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil on french baguettes mini bagels with smoked norwegian salmon, dill cream cheese, sliced red onions and capers pressed jumbo english muffin platter $ 4.95 per person scrambled eggs, spinach and feta cheese scrambled eggs, ham and cheese egg whites, crispy turkey bacon and cheddar cheese grilled pressed egg wrap platter . $ 4.95 per person classic wrap melted cheese and bacon in a plain wrap sunrise wrap fresh mushrooms, sautéed spinach and fresh mozzarella in a spinach wrap fitness wrap scrambled egg whites, steamed vegetables and diced tomatoes in a whole wheat wrap 3
So Tasty your appetite will thank you
  • lunch combo # 1 $ 10.95
  • a delicious assortment of our tasty gourmet sandwiches & our chef's specialty wraps
  • your choice of a gourmet side salad lunch combo # 2 $ 14.95
  • a delicious assortment of our tasty gourmet sandwiches & our chef's specialty wraps
  • your choice of gourmet side salads
  • tasty dessert platter lunch combo # 3 $ 16.95
  • create your own sandwiches from an elegant array of meats & cheeses with home-made spreads
  • a basket of brick oven baked italian bread
  • a relish tray of lettuce, tomatoes & kalamata olives
  • choice of gourmet side salads
  • tasty dessert platter lunch combo # 4 $ 15.95
  • a delicious assortment of tasty grilled pressed sandwiches
  • your choice of gourmet side salads
  • tasty dessert platter lunch combo #5 $ 17.95
  • a delicious assortment of our tasty gourmet sandwiches & our chef's specialty wraps
  • your choice of gourmet side salads
  • tasty dessert platter
  • tropical fruit & mixed berries tasty lunch packages priced per person for a minimum of 6 tasty corporate lunch $ 23.95 including a selection of: an impressive display of tasty gourmet sandwiches, pressed sandwiches, chef's specialty wraps your choice of tasty gourmet side salads sliced seasonal fruits & mixed berries tasty dessert platter assorted drinks and iced teas bottled water and ice 4
So Tasty your appetite will thank you

acapulco turkey applewood smoked turkey, ripe avocado, cucumber, plum tomatoes & watercress with southwestern red chipotle rolled in soft herb tortilla Tasty tuna white albacore tuna salad, shredded carrots, cucumbers, plum tomatoes & romaine lettuce with a light mayo in a whole wheat wrap south of the border chargrilled spicy breast of chicken, tomatoes, green onions with chipotle salsa, shredded cheddar cheese, avocado & mixed greens in a black bean wrap tasty lunch selections priced per person for a minimum of 6 tasty gourmet sandwiches $ 7.95 Tasty smoked house applewood smoked turkey breast, smoked bacon, smoked gouda, leaf lettuce & tomatoes with our signature chipotle spread on all natural 7 grain bread chicken pesto grilled chicken breast, pepperjack cheese, roasted red peppers, thinly sliced red onions, shredded lettuce & fresh basil pesto on crusty ciabatta rustico el paso chicken spicy chicken breast ~ mexican style, jack cheese, roasted peppers & onions, plum tomatoes and lettuce with southwestern chipotle sauce on pueblano roll pecan crusted chicken honey roasted pecan chicken, shaved parmesan cheese, caramelized onions, plum tomatoes & arugula with pepper aioli spread on romano bread smoked turkey breast brie cheese, sliced plum tomatoes & leaf lettuce with honey mustard on french baguette california turkey fresh carved roasted turkey, applewood smoked bacon, ripe avocado, plum tomatoes & lettuce with asiago lemon dressing on roasted tomato focaccia chicken milano charbroiled breast of chicken, melted roma tomatoes, fresh mozzarella & pesto mayo on flatbread the perfect philly cheese steak tasty prime roast beef, sautéed mushrooms, peppers, onions & pepper jack cheese with light mayo on a philadelphia club roll mediterranean fajita loaded with tender spicy chicken breast, oven roasted bell peppers & onions, cheddar cheese, fresh cilantro & salsa picante on lebanese flatbread the Tasty meatless fire roasted vegetables, melted tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese & baby mixed greens with artichoke pesto dip on whole wheat flatbread tex mex tuna melt our albacore tuna salad, shredded cheddar cheese, thinly sliced green chili, plum tomatoes & mixed baby greens on whole wheat european flatbread chips with russian dressing on italian ciabatini rare roast beef Tasty prime roast beef, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, plum tomatoes & leaf lettuce with russian dressing on an onion pocket traditional tuna salad albacore tuna topped with oven roasted red peppers, sliced ripe tomatoes & leaf lettuce on whole wheat or multi grain bread garden veggie ripe avocado, sliced cucumbers, carrots, sun-dried tomatoes, sprouts, plum tomatoes & medley baby greens with iranian style hummus on health bread mozzarella caprese fresh mozzarella, ripe plum tomatoes, oven roasted red peppers & fresh basil leafs, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil topped with butcher's black peppers on crispy sicilian olive bread buffalo chicken crispy chicken breast mixed with buffalo sauce, celery, thinly sliced red onions, cucumbers, crumbled blue cheese & our homemade ranch dressing on brick oven foccacia fresh carved turkey oven roasted turkey breast, caramelized pear, slice gouda cheese, sliced roma tomatoes topped with arugula & honey mustard on a whole wheat baguette tasty hot pressed panini $ 8.50 oven roasted turkey fresh carved turkey breast, crispy smoked turkey bacon, swiss cheese & sliced dill pickles with russian dressing on italian ciabatini smoked turkey applewood smoked turkey, pepperjack cheese, cole slaw & arugula with our signature chipotle spread on 7 grain hero chipotle turkey fresh roasted turkey, pepper jack cheese & arugula with southwestern chipotle sauce on whole wheat flatbread chicken parmigiana oven baked, lightly breaded breast of chicken, melted fresh mozzarella cheese, shaved romano & basil leaf with pomodoro sauce on the finest semolina bread chicken italiano grilled herb chicken breast, asiago cheese, sliced roma tomatoes, topped with baby spinach & italian pesto sauce on brick oven european flatbread greek chicken grilled breast of chicken, crumbled feta cheese, bell peppers, kalamata olives, diced tomatoes, julienne cucumbers & romaine lettuce with herb vinaigrette dressing in a spinach wrap cranberry chicken oven fresh carved turkey breast, muenster cheese, roasted carrots & leaf lettuce with cranberry mayo spread on soft herb tortilla chicken caesar our crispy chicken breast over fresh romaine, roasted peppers, shaved pecorino romano cheese, tomatoes & homemade caesar dressing in a caesar tortilla california chicken grilled free range chicken marinated in rosemary and lemon with baby lettuce, ripe avocado, oven roasted peppers, tomatoes & low-fat ranch dressing in a honey whole wheat tortilla tasty specialty wraps $ 7.95 5

So Tasty your appetite will thank you
from the carving board minimum of 6 persons create your own sandwiches from the finest in smoked and cooked meats tastefully displayed and attractively garnished on a serving platter cold sliced meat and cheese platter $9.95 per person with your choice of the following: sliced roast beef smoked turkey turkey ham pastrami corned beef oven roasted fresh turkey marinated grilled breast of chicken assorted imported and domestic cheeses * served with a basket of brick oven bread and an assortment of home made spreads old fashioned new york deli style sandwiches $9.50 a selection of our finest meats & salads presented on a decorative party platter make your selection from the following:
  • ham and cheese
  • shrimp salad
  • roast beef
  • beef salami
  • tuna salad
  • grilled chicken breast
  • egg salad
  • smoked turkey
  • chicken salad
  • oven roasted fresh turkey with a tasty assortment of domestic and imported cheeses recommended traditional sides (add $ 2.00 per person) your choice of any one of the following: cole slaw macaroni salad old fashion potato salad english tea sandwich platter $9.50 per person a tasty mélange of assorted european breads filled with all of the following: smoked turkey brie cheese, roma tomatoes, leaf lettuce & honey mustard on 8-grain roll grilled breast of chicken sliced plum tomatoes, leaf lettuce & herb mayo on miniature pita bread home made fresh mozzarella cheese sliced tomato, fresh basil & sun dried tomato pesto on fresh baguette sliced smoked norwegian salmon scallion cream cheese, shaved red onion, capers, sliced seedless cucumber & tomato on black bread smoked turkey brie cheese & sautéed apples with honey mustard on a mini croissants order online at www. tastyny .com 6
So Tasty your appetite will thank you
  • gourmet side salads organic green salads $ 4.25 classic caesar crisp romaine lettuce tossed with imported shaved romano cheese & herberd focaccia croutons baby spinach with fresh sliced mushrooms, hard boiled eggs, grape tomatoes, cucumber slices & bacon bits over baby spinach leaves organic mesclun greens with grape tomato, shredded carrots & sliced cucumber endives with watercress, sliced apple, bleu cheese, tomatoes, & toasted honey walnuts greek salad with diced tomatoes and cucumbers, kalamata olives, red onion, chopped peppers & crumbled feta cheese arugula with honey roasted walnuts & shaved pecorino cheese cold pasta salads . $ 4.25 bowtie chicken caesar bowtie pasta with rosemary chicken breast & shaved romano cheese over crisp romaine lettuce tri-color fusilli with grilled asparagus, portobello mushrooms, grape tomatoes, and fire roasted red peppers & baby mozzarella in sun-dried tomato pesto penne primavera assorted fresh steamed seasonal vegetables in a lite house dressing rigatoni with herb crusted atlantic grilled salmon, sweet peas, yellow peppers, watercress & our lemon aioli spread penne pesto with toasted pine nuts, sun-dried tomatoes & our basil pesto hearty salads and grains $ 4.25 moroccan couscous with oven roasted vegetables and chick peas toasted orzo and wild rice salad with grilled zucchini, red peppers, basil, roasted garlic, cucumber & tomato with fresh basil in a light balsamic vinaigrette dressing classic red bliss potato with roasted garlic and dill sauce southwestern cole slaw (no mayo) with a lite extra virgin olive oil white bean salad made with sautéed baby spinach and oven roasted plum tomatoes caprese salad baby mozzarella, ripe red plum tomato, basil & sun-dreid tomatoes drizzled with our house balsamic vinaigrette chipotle roasted red potato salad seasonal fruit salad with assorted fresh fruit and mixed berries quiches served with organic mesclun greens serves 8 persons $79.00 per half tray new potato with leeks and low-fat jack cheese black forest ham roasted peppers, onions and alpine lace wilted spinach wild mushrooms and roasted vegetables fresh broccoli vermont cheddar and sun-dried tomatoes zucchini carrots and monterey jack cheese chef’s entrée salads served with a basket of brick oven bread & assorted homemade dressings chef’s specialties $ 9.95 per person chicken caesar salad grilled rosemary breast of chicken over crisp romaine lettuce tossed with imported shaved romano cheese & herbed focaccia croutons served with our chef's special caesar dressing caribbean cobb smoked turkey breast, rows of ripened avocado, bacon, roasted sweet corn & sliced fresh mushrooms over fresh garden salad chef salad smoked turkey, prime roast beef, ham, fresh roasted breast of turkey, grilled chicken strips, assorted cheeses over crispy romaine, roma tomatoes, fresh sprouts, cucumbers, green peppers, sliced eggs & shredded carrots grilled shrimp over caesar salad grilled jumbo shrimp over fresh romaine lettuce, garlic croutons, roasted tomatoes, sweet peppers & sweet corn grilled salmon nicoise grilled norwegian salmon, sliced hardcooked eggs, dijon basil potatoes, capers, black olives, green beans, cherry tomatoes & fresh red onion (add @2.00) waldorf salad chunks of poached breast of chicken, apples, celery, honey roasted walnuts & golden raisins with zesty lemon mayonnaise dressing traditional cobb salad grilled breast of chicken, fresh ripe avocado, blue cheese, turkey bacon, hardboiled eggs and tomatoes tossed with fresh garden salad & your choice from our just-made low fat vinaigrettes grilled tuna nicoise fresh spinach, grilled yellow fin ahi tuna, sliced hard cooked eggs, dijon potatoes, capers, black olives, green beans, cherry tomatoes & fresh red onions (add $2.00) (requires 24-hour notice) choice of dressings sesame ginger
  • honey dijon
  • classic french honey balsamic vinaigrette
  • low-fat caesar blue cheese
  • fat-free raspberry vinaigrette low-fat italian
  • balsamic vinaigrette
  • fat-free lemon herb
  • russian
  • balsamic vinegar virgin olive oil
  • roasted garlic red wine vinaigrette 7
So Tasty your appetite will thank you

basket #1 $ 225.00 curried chicken kebabs coconut shrimp tail on indian style spiced tofu skewers vegetarian samosas spicy pineapple dip indian style cabbage salad basket #2 $ 175.00 bbq beef skewers crispy chicken fingers buffalo style chicken skewers honey mustard dipping sauce celery sticks blue cheese dipping sauce basket #3 $ 175.00 spicy buffalo chicken wings anchovie marinated steak skewers guacamole mexican style corn and tortilla chips pico de gallo potato flautas basket #4 $ 195.00 middle eastern chicken kebabs moroccan style shrimp skewers grilled eggplant hummus & baba-ganoush toasted pita points red pepper sticks basket #5 $ 225.00 shoyu chicken finger teriyaki sesame ginger shrimp asian marinated beef satay vegetarian spring roll sweet and sour sauce box #1 madison avenue $ 11.95 your choice of a tasty sandwich or wrap fresh fruit (apple, banana or orange) canned soda or bottled water bag of potato chips box #2 park avenue $ 12.95 your choice of a tasty sandwich or wrap home made miniature cookie fresh fruit (apple, banana or orange) canned soda or bottled water box #3 central park $ 14.50 your choice of a tasty sandwich or wrap gourmet side salad two home made miniature cookies canned soda or bottled water box #4 tasty $ 15.95 your choice of a tasty sandwich or wrap gourmet side salad fresh fruit (apple, banana or orange) gourmet dessert square canned soda or bottled water tasty boxed lunches priced per box at a minimum order of 15 boxes (24 hour notice required) tasty party baskets all baskets feed 10 - 12 persons 8 gift baskets we offer customized gift baskets for special occasions & holiday please inquire!

So Tasty your appetite will thank you

3-4 pieces per person . $ 11.95 5-6 pieces per person $ 14.95 7-8 pieces per person $ 19.95 9-10 pieces per person $ 21.95 11-12 pieces per person $ 23.95 tasty mini skewers (minimum 2 dozen) chicken or beef satays with spicy peanut dip balsamic portobello mushrooms w/baby mozzarella and basil honey coconut crusted shrimp w/apricot ginger dipping sauce grilled vegetable kebobs with hummus dipping sauce grilled rosemary chicken served w/garlic sesame dipping sauce balsamic mozzarella bocconcini w/grape tomatoes & basil honey coconut breaded chicken strips w/sweet chili sauce beef or chicken teriyaki w/hoisin peanut butter dipping sauce grilled lemon basil shrimp fruit kebobs on a pineapple tree with honey yogurt dip bbq shrimp wrapped in zucchini sesame beef cajun chicken with honey dijon dipping sauce tasty lite bites (minimum 2 dozen) stuffed mushroom caps with crab and shrimp endives with blue cheese, toasted pine nuts and red peppers chicken and vegetable pot stickers stuffed mushroom caps with spinach, pesto and pine nuts beef empanadas grilled eggplant rollantine w/goat cheese & sun-dried tomatoes miniature quiches, a savory assortment spanakopita, spinach and teta phyllo triangles  traditional pigs-in-a-blanket (100% beef) with stone-ground mustard baby maryland crab cakes served with red pepper chipotle tapenade tomato basil bruschetta chicken fingers served with honey mustard dipping sauce curried vegetable samosas filet mignon crostini with horseradish cream tasty gourmet bites (minimum 2 dozen) add $1.95 per person jumbo gulf shrimp with cocktail sauce grilled ahi tuna with red pepper aioli and arugula on crostini ovals roasted rosemary french baby lamb chops smoked salmon canapés on black hearth bread with capers and dill finger food tasty hors d’oeuvres minimum of 10 persons (24 hour notice) ~ ~ imported fruit and cheese platter $7.95 per person an artful selection of french brie, english cheddar, chevre goat cheese and smoked gouda with seedless grapes, golden pineapple and driscoll's strawberries served with carr's british crackers, breadsticks & flatbreads vegetable crudité platter $4.95 per person crisp seasonal vegetables tastefully arranged: tri-color peppers, broccoli, carrot sticks, cauliflower, grape tomatoes, sweet potatoes & your choice of two home made dips (basil aioli, garlic aioli, sun dried tomato, hummus or bean) chocolate covered strawberries $36.00 per dozen dipped in the finest belgian chocolate sliced fruit platter $4.95 per person a mouthwatering selection of golden pineapple, honeydew, cantaloupe, seedless grapes, kiwi, watermelon, mixed berries & other seasonal fruit snack mix $2.25 per person a bountiful bowl of an appetizing variety of chips: terra sweet potato, lay's potato chips & black nacho chips raisin nut mix $4.95 per person a mixture of assorted nuts, raisins, pretzels & other cajun treats chip and dip $3.95 per person assorted nacho chips, potato chips & tortilla chips.

served with our spicy guacamole or salsa picante dipping sauce 9

poultry $ 15.95 per person chicken marsala w/sun-dried tomatoes & a wild mushroom sauce chicken cordon bleu with a portobello mushroom sauce chicken scarpariello with artichoke hearts and mushrooms chicken teriyaki bone in chicken and ginger teriyaki sauce chicken rollantine with ricotta mousse, baby spinach & wild mushrooms wild mushroom chicken with lemon shallot sauce pecan crusted chicken with a honey dijon sauce cajun chicken with pineapple and mango salsa oven roasted fresh turkey with cranberry pineapple chutney balsamic herb grilled chicken breast with melted tomatoes chicken parmesan w/ fresh mozzarella & basil marinara sauce chicken française in a lemon butter sauce fresh turkey with stuffing and gravy meat $ 16.95 per person old-fashioned meatloaf with a sautéed mushroom gravy grilled filet mignon with roasted shallots grilled new york steak with crispy onions sesame soy-marinated flank steak with shallots and peppers veal marsala with sautéed mushrooms lebanese beef kebabs with tahini sauce grilled flank steak with shallots and mushrooms italian meatballs with fire-roasted basil marinara sauce mediterranean lamb shank with white beans and fresh herbs vera cruz steak with avocado salsa tasty strip steak grilled to perfection (add $2.00) seafood $ 17.95 per person teriyaki ginger glazed salmon with vegetable julienne cajun salmon with corn salsa filet of sole française with lemon butter sauce grilled red snapper provençale mediterranean style tilapia with black olives, capers and tomatoes filet of sole stuffed with spinach, feta cheese and wild rice herb crusted atlantic salmon pecan crusted filet of sole with lemon butter sauce grilled tiger shrimp scampi chipotle crab cakes with smoked chili remoulade poached wild salmon with cucumber dill sauce coconut crusted jumbo shrimp with thai chili sauce seafood paella (add $2.00) baked chilean sea bass with mango & pineapple salsa (add $2.00) blackened fresh tuna steak with sesame ginger sauce (add $2.00) hot sides vegetable honey glazed carrots roasted veggies string beans almondine sautéed garlic broccoli rabe steamed mixed veggies sautéed spinach with mushrooms potato old-fashioned mashed potatoes roasted garlic mashed potatoes oven-roasted red-skin potatoes baked potato wedges roasted new potatoes mashed sweet potatoes rice oriental rice rice pilaf with vegetables brown rice mushroom pilaf mediterranean rice with raisins spanish yellow rice hot entrées minimum of 10 persons served with a vegetable du jour & your choice of rice or mashed potatoes choose one of our organic green salads with your entrée, add only $2.00 per person 10

americana american bbq $ 21.95 Tasty 100 % beef burgers all beef hot dogs buffalo style chicken wings tri-color cole slaw traditional potato salad tropical fruit salad cookie lovers platter southwestern $ 21.95 cajun chicken with chipotle sauce meatloaf rio rancho with spicy tomato salsa & crushed corn tortillas wedge cut fries sautéed green beans garden green salad with roasted corn cookie lovers platter grandma’s dinner $ 21.95 crispy golden fried chicken grandma's style beef stew baked macaroni and cheese garlic mashed potatoes freshly baked biscuits cookies and brownies caribbean feast $ 24.95 coconut shrimp with mango chutney grilled jerked chicken with kiwi coconut chutney rice and black-eyed peas in coconut milk marinated grilled vegetables mixed greens, watercress and red onion salad with mango vinaigrette tropical fruit salad rum cake and chocolate macaroons middle eastern $ 23.95 roast lamb with honey and almonds seasoned chicken shish kebobs moroccan couscous baba-ganoush, hummus and tzatziki pita breads greek salad, romaine, peppers, olives and feta diced watermelon middle eastern desserts french $ 25.95 grilled filet mignon with shallots poached salmon with truffle cre ` me fraiche roasted red bliss potatoes sautéed haricots verts salade d'endive with bleu cheese selection of french baguettes mini dessert platter mexican fiesta $ 24.95 steak quesadillas spicy beef tacos chicken fajitas cilantro herbed tomato salad taco shells and tortillas pico de gallo, guacamole and sour cream homemade apple strudel italian .

21.95 chicken parmesan with fresh mozzarella eggplant rollantine, sautéed spinach and ricotta mousse baked ziti with four cheeses classic caesar salad with imported romano cheese brick oven italian bread tasty signature desserts tasty theme buffets minimum of 15 people 24 hours notice required 11

pasta primavera topped with shrimp scampi & roasted garlic penne alla vodka with melted plum tomatoes, grilled zucchini & sweet peas in a stolichnaya vodka sauce fusilli bolognese with savory sautéed lean ground beef, chopped plum tomatoes, onion & spices in a basil bolero wine sauce pasta siciliano with beef sausage, sautéed eggplant, grilled zucchini & red peppers in a lite marinara sauce baked ziti with four cheeses spinach pasta with cajun chicken breast, sundried tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, roasted carrots & basil in porcini mushroom broth sauce baked pasta marinara with smoked mozzarella cheese & ricotta mousse in basil marinara sauce rigatoni tarragon with sauteed breast of chicken, melted plum tomatoes & roasted shallots in tarragon cream sauce penne pesto velouté with sautéed spinach, grilled portabella mushrooms, & melted plum tomatoes in lite basil pesto velouté sauce topped with toasted almonds Tasty pasta.

penne with grilled chicken breast, sautéed broccoli rabe, radicchio, peppers & roasted garlic in light extra virgin olive oil pasta in sun-dried tomato pesto with sautéed chicken breast, sun-dried cranberries, broccoli, & toasted pine nuts in sun-dried tomato pesto cream sauce tortellini alfredo. made with your choice of cheese or tri-color tortellini, with sautéed breast of chicken, yellow peppers & grilled asparagus in alfredo sauce baked lasagna a. chicken layers of cheeses with grilled breast of chicken & roasted veggies in a chunky marinara sauce b. primavera made with roasted vegetables, ricotta & mozzarella cheeses layered in pasta with basil marinara sauce c.

bolognese made with sautéed lean ground beef, spices & imported cheeses in chunky basil marinara baked shells with steamed broccoli & roasted peppers in a cheddar cream sauce hot pasta $10.95 per person served with brick oven bread with your choice of green salad add $2.00 12

poultry $ 15.95 per person paprika grilled jumbo shrimp with yellow spanish rice and lemon zest pan seared chicken breast topped with turkish apricot and light saffron dill sauce served with moroccan couscous stuffed chicken breast roulade with sautéed baby spinach, mushrooms and ricotta cheese mousse served with wild rice chicken cutlet with marsala wine sauce topped with sautéed mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes served with rice pilaf rosemary grilled chicken breast with a light lemon saffron sauce with steamed mixed vegetables blackened chicken breast with sautéed apples and honey dijon served with santa fe bean salad basil pesto crusted breast of chicken finished with toasted pine nuts and roasted peppers served with balsamic roasted italian vegetables vera cruz steak with avocado salsa meat $ 16.95 per person seafood .

17.95 per person pesto crusted filet of salmon with toasted almond served with french bean and red potato salad baked teriyaki glazed norwegian salmon with toasted black and white sesame seeds served grilled herb crusted filet mignon with sautéed shallots and mushrooms served with garlic roasted rosemary glazed french leg of lamb served with spinach mashed potatoes and mint sauce dill new potatoes Room temperature entrées minimum of 10 persons served with your choice from our organic green salads and brick oven bread basket with oriental rice stuffed filet of grey sole with sautéed baby spinach, mushrooms, ricotta mousse and a light lemon butter sauce served with roasted red potato salad pan seared honey glazed salmon finished with mandarin orange and toasted sesame seeds served with thai noodle in peanut butter sauce pecan crusted sautéed red snapper with a remoulade sauce served with saffron scented israeli couscous & roasted vegetables seared herb crusted halibut served with wild rice blended with pine nuts, mango and sun-dried cranberries * some entrées require 24-hour notice so fresh so healthy so Tasty...

italian style made on italian brick oven sesame semolina hero stuffed to overflowing with all of the following: boar's head turkey ham, beef salami, smoked turkey, imported provolone cheese, thinly sliced romano cheese, pepperoncini, sliced red onions, shredded lettuce, sliced plum tomatoes, oregano and two dressings (olive tapenade and extra virgin olive oil and vinegar) great american style made on italian brick oven sesame semolina hero brimming with good stuff: thinly sliced lean roast beef, oven roasted fresh turkey breast, low fat ham, imported swiss cheese, american cheese, leaf lettuce, roasted peppers, sliced tomatoes served with our homemade russian dressing and mayonnaise vegetarian style made on italian brick oven sesame semolina hero overstuffed with all of the following: fire roasted mixed peppers, sautéed baby eggplant, grilled portabella mushrooms, sliced fresh mozzarella cheese and sautéed garlic fresh baby spinach served with two dressings (basil pesto spread and goat cheese spread) rosemary chicken breast made on italian brick oven sesame semolina hero stuffed with all the following: grilled rosemary breast of chicken, fresh mozzarella cheese, sliced roma tomatoes, caramelized onions, watercress and sun-dried tomato spread the french connection a classic combination of thinly sliced smoked breast of turkey, imported french brie cheese, sliced tomatoes and tri-color mesclun with honey dijon mustard tasty party heroes $149.95 per 6 feet serves 25-30 people 24 hour notice required fruit smoothies $32.00 per 64-oz.

pitcher serves 6 - 8 a fresh whole fruit blend with non-fat yogurt and your choice of either fresh orange juice or non-fat milk aloha berry golden pineapple & strawberries sunset orange oranges & bananas tropical tango strawberries, bananas & pineapple very ripe ripe strawberries, fresh blueberries & raspberries life is a peach peaches, bananas & oranges mocha java banana, espresso & imported chocolate Beverages 14 Tasty coffee service $2.25 featuring our signature roast, or decaffeinated fresh brewed coffee Tasty tea service $2.25 our fresh brewed leaf tea, decaffeinated and herbal teas hot chocolate $2.95 belgian cocoa with steamed milk hot apple cider $2.95 a cinnamon spiced winter treat all natural fresh squeezed juices $18.00 per pitcher (serves 6 to 8) orange juice, golden grapefruit, cranberry or fresh pressed apple juice assorted beverage package $1.95 bottled spring water, canned soda and snapple ice tea healthy beverage assortment $2.95 vitamin water, gatorade & assorted juice spring water $1.75 canned beverages $1.75 assorted snapple ice teas $2.25 all cold beverages served with ice and cups

loaves & berries . $ 4.95 per person an assortment of home-made low fat yoghurt loaves & fat-free rice crispy treats, garnished with fresh seasonal berries tasty dessert platter . $ 4.95 per person home-made butter cookies, fruit bars, brownies, blondies, dessert squares, mini fruit tarts & chocolate-covered driscoll's strawberries cake & bar sampler $ 5.95 per person sumptuous slices of specialty cakes and a delicious assortment of fruit and nut bars, brownies, blondies, key lime bars, pecan bars, lemon and apricot bars, mini fruit tarts & chocolate-covered driscoll's strawberries mini desserts $ 6.95 per person miniature versions of everything in our bakery! an attractive assortment of italian pastries, fruit tarts, cannolis, cheese cakes, chocolate mousse, cup cakes & tuxedo strawberries tasty dessert selections all items freshly baked on premises minimum of 6 persons available in the following sizes: round, serves 12-15 persons $ 49.00 1/4 sheet, serves 18-22 persons $ 75.00 1/2 sheet, serves 30-40 persons $ 125.00 3/4 sheet serves 45-55 persons $ 175.00 full sheet, serves 70-90 persons $ 225.00 italian tiramisu seven layer strawberry shortcake white chocolate carrot walnut german chocolate walnut mocha chocolate mousse *inscriptions are complementary on all cakes.

tasty cafe customizes cakes for every occasion. for an extensive selection of custom-made cakes, check out our catering menu at custom cakes (24-hour notice) 15