Social Services Waimakariri Service Mapping 2019

Social Services Waimakariri Service Mapping 2019
Social Services
Waimakariri Service
Mapping 2019

Social Services Waimakariri – Project Facilitator
Social Services Waimakariri Service Mapping 2019
NAME                      SERVICE                  LOCATION       DELIVERED       $       DAYS       SUPPORTERS        EQ                   CONTACT
                                                                                 IN NC                                              $
                          Rangiora Baptist Church, East       Rangiora       Yes            Free    5 days     Schools, Churches   No    Stephen McQuarrie
                          Belt, Rangiora. Youth Worker                                                         & Donations               03 313 4997
                          Services - in conjunction with                                                                                 0274 659951
                          local high schools                                                                                   
24/7 Youth Work
Rangiora Baptist Church

                          FREE medical care and               Christchurch   No, clients    Free    5 days     CDHB & MSD          No    03 943 9298
                          counselling services for those                     will need to                                      
                          aged 10-24 years.                                  travel to                                         

298 Youth Health

                          Supports Cantabrians to be          Christchurch   Education &    Fees    3 days     Pegasus Health &    No    Nadine Milmine, Coordinator
                          more physically active by           Waimakariri    training       may     Mon, Tue   CDHB contract             0274 621262
                          providing credible activity         Selwyn         sessions for   apply   and Thu    ending 30/06/19 
                          information, advice and links to                   local                  9am-2pm
                          local classes, groups and                          providers in
                          programmes. Also provides                          Canterbury
                          training opportunities for local
Active Canterbury         providers and advocates for
                          supportive environments.
                          Elder abuse & neglect               Papanui        Yes for        Free    5 days     MSD, MOH, CDHB      Yes   Simon Templeton
                          prevention. Health promotion,                      some                              - Contracts range         03 366 0903
                          Social connection, support                         services                          from 1-3 years  
                          health services. Accredited                                                                          
                          visitor service. Trades directory
                          for home services

Age Concern
NAME                         SERVICE                 LOCATION       DELIVERED      $      DAYS      SUPPORTERS         EQ                  CONTACT
                                                                                   IN NC                                             $
                              Local Alzheimer’s organisations    Nationwide     Over the      Free   5 days   Public Trust, Pub     No   Anthea Macdonald
                              provide support, education,        closest is     phone                         Charities, Ministry        04 387 8264
                              information and related services   Timaru         service                       of Health, Lotter          0800 004001
                              directly to members of their       Room 11,       nationwide.                   Grants Board &   
                              communities who are affected       Community      The service                   Donations        
                              by dementia. Older person’s        House, 27      operates in
                              social work Educational            Strathallan    South
                              courses. Carers support group      St, Timaru     Canterbury.
Alzheimer’s New Zealand

                              (CINCH) Food bank, Food relief,    Amberley       Amberley      Free   5 days   n/a                   No   Matt Redepenning
                              Health & welfare                                                                                           03 314 7464

Amberley Food Bank

                              Information and advice service -   Canterbury     Yes           Free   5 days   CDHB funding          No   Health Advice Manager
                              by phone, group sessions,                         quarterly                                                03 366 8386
                              seminars and workshops                                                                                     0800 663463
                              Educational courses                                                                              
Arthritis New Zealand

                              A community learning hub,          Canterbury     Yes           Free   5 days   MOE                   No   Gina Lijima
                              offering a range of computing                                                                              03 310 6458
                              courses, can be used to gain                                                                     
                              qualifications for employment,                                                                   
                              or to manage your way around a
                              computer for online applications
Ara Institute of Canterbury
                              Advice and resources to assist     Christchurch   Yes           Free   5 days   RATA, Lions           No   Donna
                              disabled people and older                         quarterly                     Foundations,               03 366 6189
                              people to make informed                                                         Lottery Grants   
                              decisions and connect them                                                      Board, Pub       
                              with appropriate services.                                                      Charities
Aspire Canterbury
NAME               SERVICE                   LOCATION       DELIVERED       $       DAYS         SUPPORTERS           EQ                  CONTACT
                                                                          IN NC                                                    $
                   support service for people           Christchurch   No             Free    3 days       Membership,           Yes   03 337 6337
                   affected by Asperger’s                              Contact via                         donations, Rata,  
                   Syndrome"                                           email                               Communities trust,
                   Peer Support for Autistic adults.                                                       lotteries, lions,
                                                                                                           Pub Charities,
                                                                                                           Good in the Hood,
Aspiehelp                                                                                                  Southern Trust,
                                                                                                           Mainland, CCC
                   Deliver health and education         Christchurch   Yes on         Fees    5 days       Vodafone, The         No    Angelina McLean
                   programmes in Intermediate                          request        may                  Warehouse &                 03 397 6052
                   and High schools. Problem                                          apply                Toyota other costs
                   solving, managing stress,                                                               met by fees and   
                   negotiating relationship and                                                            material sales
                   adolescence. Attitude is a
                   Division of The Parenting Place
                   Information, education and           Christchurch   Advisors       Fees    5 days       MSD funding           No     03 343 2225
                   support for Autism. In-home                         work with      may                  Charitable trust  
                   service provided. Educational                       schools and    apply                funding and grants
                   Courses The Rangiora Group is                       families but                        fundraising and   
                   currently in recess                                 face to face                        grants            
                                                                       contact is
Autism NZ                                                              only
                                                                       available in
                   Specialist family violence service   Nth Cant &     Yes, mainly    Free    7 days via   Fundraising ,Pub      Yes   Aviva 24/7 Support line
                   for whole family. Have a 24/7        Ashburton      in Rangiora            phone, 5     Charities, Strategy         0800 284 82 669
                   family violence support line,                       office but             days for     & design Group,   
                   programmes for men, women,                          cover North            services     Tindell                     Sexual Assault 24/7 Support line
                   youth and children, safe@home                       Canterbury                          Foundation, Lions,          03 377 5402
                   services, specialist peer support                   and will                            Redcross, Todd,   
                   service, no interest/low interest                   travel to                           Rata, CCC, lottery          Gwenda Kendrew
                   loans scheme, and 24/7 sexual                       clients in                          fund, Southern              Senior Manager
                   assault services.                                   their home                          trust                       027 561 4755
NAME                     SERVICE                    LOCATION    DELIVERED       $      DAYS     SUPPORTERS          EQ                  CONTACT
                                                                               IN NC                                             $
                        Home-based family support,             24 Sewell   Yes -          Free   5 days   Points for Purpose,   No   Sandy Honeybone
                        footsteps to feeling safe for          Street,     Waimakariri                    ANZ, Milford,              0274 479860
                        children exposed to family             Kaiapoi     & Hurunui                      Office Max, Rinnai,
                        violence) 0800 WHAT'S UP                           currently                      Z stations       
                        support line for children 5-                       the main                                                  0800 BARNADOS
                        18yrs. LEAP working with                           focus -
                        families who are vulnerable due                    Hurunui
                        to family harm, alcohol or drug                    currently
                        use, child health or disability,                   running The
                        emotional abuse or neglect,                        Inspire Kids
                        parental mental health issues.                     Project
                        Social work.
Barnardos               Educational Courses
                        Home visits
                        Bellyful cooks and delivers                        Yes            Free   5 days   Freedom, One               Carol Burdon
                        meals to families with new-born                                                   percent Collective,        0508 2355938
                        babies and families with young                                                    Lottery, Good in 
                        children who are struggling with                                                  the Hood, The    
                        illness, where there is little or no                                              Ware house, Sky
                        family or social support.                                                         City, Wellington
                                                                                                          Community Trust,
                                                                                                          Founda+ion, DLA
                                                                                                          Piper, One
                        Our goal is to empower women           PO Box                                                                Crisis 03 364 8900
                        to create a safe and healthy           36729                                                                 Office 03 332 4122
                        family life for themselves and         Merivale                                                    
                        their children, free of family         8146                                                        
                        violence. It’s what we’ve done
                        for more than 30 years.

Battered Womens Trust
NAME                             SERVICE                 LOCATION     DELIVERED     $      DAYS       SUPPORTERS         EQ                   CONTACT
                                                                                      IN NC                                            $
                                  Direct mentoring service           Rangiora     Yes          Free   5 days     Vodafone,            No   Ellie De Gros
                                  matching children aged 6-12        War                              9am-4pm    Southern trust,           03 310 7004
                                  with mentors in a professionally   Memorial                                    TSB Community             0272 712405
                                  supported one to one service       Hall High                                   trust, Rata     
                                  Social Isolation Connector         Street,                                     foundation, CCC,
                                                                     Rangiora                                    NZ Police, Rotary,
                                                                                                                 NZCT, Pub Charity,
                                                                                                                 Todd foundation,
                                                                                                                 Lions foundation,
                                                                                                                 Lottery, First
                                                                                                                 foundation, Good
                                                                                                                 in the Hood,
                                                                                                                 United way, COGS,
Big Brothers Big Sisters of New                                                                                  Foundation, TIMA
Zealand                                                                                                          Consultants.

                                  BSNC provides a free budgeting     North        Yes          Free   On site    Rata foundation,     No   Sharon Grant
                                  service within the Waimakariri     Canterbury                       Tuesdays   MSD, United way,          03 313 3505
                                  and Hurunui districts. We                                           10am –     private donations
                                  recruit, select and train                                           12pm                       
                                  volunteers for budget advisory
                                  work and ensure certificated
                                  Budget Advisers maintain on-
                                  going training. We promote
                                  communication and liaison
                                  between family budgeting
                                  services, local community
                                  organisations and individuals in
                                  all aspects of family budgeting
Budgeting Services North
                                  advice. Educational Courses
                                  Financial & Budgeting
NAME                              SERVICE                  LOCATION       DELIVERED       $       DAYS        SUPPORTERS          EQ                  CONTACT
                                                                                        IN NC                                                  $
                                  Specialist Mental Health            CDHB’s         Yes clinics    Free    5 days      Ministry of Health    No   Rose Henderson
                                  Services, Multiple services for     Specialist     based from             Mon - Fri                              Clinical Lead, Recovery and Wellbeing
                                  Adults, Child Adolescents &         Mental         GP practices           9am -                                  North Canterbury & Kaikoura
                                  Family (CAF) – General services,    Health         and schools.           5pm                                    Canterbury District Health Board
                                  Specialist services – access        Services                                                           
                                  points via Single Point of Entry    (SMHS)                                                                       Cell: 0274 352 356
                                  for Adults & CAF Link for           Based in                                                                     0800 phone service
                                  Children & Young people. The        Christchurch                                                       
                                  CAF North team, Adult Rural         with                                                                         us/contact-us
                                  team and School based mental        outreach
                                  health team service NC              clinics in
                                  specifically. For other needs       various
                                  referrals to specialist services    Rural
                                  are facilitated.                    locations
                                                                      across the
CAF – Child adolescent & Family                                       catchment
                                  Volunteer driving service to        Canterbury     Yes – local    Free    7 days      Ministry of Health,   No   Viv Williams
                                  appointments, health                               groups est.                        ANZ, Fundraising           03 353 9873 021 107 6497
                                  promotion programmes.                                                                                   0800
                                                                                                                                                   local support group 03 327 6195
Cancer Society                                                                                                                           

                                  The Canterbury Homebirth            Facebook       Yes by Apt.    Free    5 days      MOH                   No
                                  Association is a voluntary                                                                             
                                  organisation that promotes and                                                                         
                                  supports home birth as an                                                                                        irth
                                  alternative to hospital birth.
Canterbury Homebirth
                                  CMC provides counselling and        Christchurch   Yes            Fees    7 days      MSD                   No   Counselling phone 03 365 9000
                                  life coaching support. It also      Rangiora                      may     Flexible                               or write
                                  provides for Male Survivors of                                    apply                                
                                  Sexual Abuse. This is in the form                                                                      
                                  of peer support and (in                                                                                          Survivor Peer Support/ Group phone (03)
                                  development) a peer group                                                                                        377 6747
Canterbury Mens Centre
                                  based in Rangiora                                                                                      
NAME                            SERVICE                  LOCATION       DELIVERED       $       DAYS     SUPPORTERS          EQ                   CONTACT
                                                                                       IN NC                                               $
                                 Counselling, family, individuals,   336 Cashel     No             Free    5 days   Private trusts and    No    03 379 0012
                                 youth, children 5yrs +, group       St, Linwood,                                   Foundations       
                                 courses, budget advice, food        Chch                                                             

Catholic Social Services
                                 Advocacy and support for            78A East       Yes            Free    5 days   Simpson Trust,        Yes   Glenda Miller
                                 people who identify as having a     Belt,                                          Rata, NZCT, Chch            03 313 8312
                                 disability. Will do home visits,    Rangiora                                       Host Lions, West  
                                 or clients can come to the                                                         Coast Community             0800 2272255
                                 Rangiora office. Youth Worker                                                      Trust, Lion       
                                 Services                                                                           Foundation, Pub
                                 Social Isolation Connector                                                         Charities, Te Pou,
                                 Home visits                                                                        MoE & Private
CCS Disability Action
                                 Promoting services of excellence    Christchurch   No Phone       Fees    5 days   The Warehouse,        No    03 365 1485
                                 and consistency for children and                   Support only   may              Barter card,      
                                 young people with cancer and                                      apply            Savemart,         
                                 their families.                                                                    Professionals, ASB,
                                                                                                                    Cardinal Logistics,
                                                                                                                    Honda, RCP, Z, NZ
Child Cancer Foundation                                                                                             Sports

                                 Through innovative and              Papanui        Yes home       Free    5 days   Annual Contract       No    Sue Van Deurs
                                 responsive child and family         Road, Chch.    visits                          MSD/CDHB/REDCR              03 375 1461
                                 services, social housing, group                                                    OSS Philanthropic 
                                 programmes and services for                                                                                    0276547787
                                 older people CMM reaches a                                                                           
                                 broad base of diverse residents
                                 facing multiple challenges. 6
                                 month Parent works course -
                                 Fostering changes 6 weeks
                                 home based learning. Highly
Christchurch Methodist Mission   skilled & long term staff
                                 members ensure its success.
NAME                     SERVICE                   LOCATION       DELIVERED     $      DAYS     SUPPORTERS         EQ                 CONTACT
                                                                                    IN NC                                          $
                            We provide a Vocational Day          Christchurch   Yes          Free   5 days   Lamar Trust, Rata    No   Marilyn Paston, General Manager
                            Placement for people with very       Kaiapoi                                     Foundation,               Tel: (03) 3392930
                            high needs disabilities. Our                                                     Southern Trust,           Mob: 0275408561
                            programme is individual based                                                    Community Trust,          Email:
                            with a focus on community                                                        Lion Foundation,
                            participation. Day service for                                                   Jones Foundation
                            school leavers with high need
Chris Ruth Centre           disabilities

                            Free, confidential, independent      Trevor Inch    Yes          Free   5 days   NZ Lotteries Grant   No   03 313 8822 03 310 6205
                            information & advice. Help with      Memorial                           Sat am   Board, MBIE, Rata
                            a wide range of issues including     Library, 141                                Foundation, COGS,
                            consumer law, tenancy, disputes      Percival                                    Waimakariri
                            employment, separation,              Street                                      District Council,
                            custody, budgeting, Migrants,        Rangiora                                    Rangiora District
                            immigration, and finding a JP’s.
                                                                                                             Lioness Club,
                            We take bookings for the St
                                                                                                             Helmore Stewart,
                            John Health Shuttle & host free
Citizens Advice Bureau      legal and CV Clinics on a                                                        Williams McKenzie
North Canterbury            fortnightly basis, by
                            appointment only.
                            Food parcels, social work            Christchurch   No           Free   5 days   Harvey Cameron,      No   Gray Crawford
                            services, a & d counselling, night                                               Immediate Media           03 365 0635
                            shelters for men, women and                                                      Intelligence, Go          027 5318819
                            solo parents with children,                                                      Media, Harcourt’s,
                            budget advice, women's drop in                                                   Mortlock        
                            and men's day programme.                                                         Mcormack Law,   
                            Opportunity shops in Rangiora                                                    Hamilton Jet, New
City Mission                and Kaiapoi. All services                                                        World, Ryman
                            available to North Canterbury                                                    Healthcare,
                            Practical, recovery-focused          Rangiora       Yes          Free   5 days   No                   No   (03) 377 7020
                            support. Activity based                                                                          
                            recovery, Award winning                                                                          
                            nutrition and exercise                                                                           
                            programme, peer support –                                                                        
                            talking – relational recovery-
                            focused Strengths-focused and
                            recovery focused psycho –
Comcare Trust               education workshops and group
North Canterbury Services   gatherings. Young Adults
                            support services (age 18-39)
NAME                             SERVICE                   LOCATION       DELIVERED        $        DAYS      SUPPORTERS         EQ                  CONTACT
                                                                                        IN NC                                                $
                               An alternative to High                140 East       Yes             Free   5           MOE                  No    03 313 5874
                               School offering hands on              Belt                                                               
                               vocational training 16-19 year        Rangiora                                                           
                               olds.                                                                                                              north-canterbury
Community College North

                               Community Connectors                  Hurunui        Yes             Free   5           Various funding      Yes
Community Connectors Hurunui
                               The aim is to ensure all homes in     Christchurch   Yes             Free   5 days      Age Concern,         Yes   0800 GET WARM
                               Canterbury are warm, dry,                                                               Genesis, Red               03 3747222
                               healthy, and energy efficient. A                                                        Cross, CCC, Orion,
                               range of services- free, recycled                                                       Environment                Michael Begg
                               curtain bank, energy advice, an                                                         Canterbury, Pub  
                               insulation service (subsidies are                                                       Charity, Lottery,
                               available). Site visits to complete                                                     Mainpower, NZ
Community Energy Action        a home energy check. Heating                                                            post, Todd
                               Educational Courses                                                                     Foundation
                               Funding provider                      National       Yes             Free   5 days      Govt                 N/A   Ellen Zhou
                               • Family Start                                                                                           
                               • Intensive family support                                                                                         0292374214
                               • Intensive residential support                                                                          
Community Investment MSD       • Other intensive services

                               Free legal clinics, legal             Canterbury     Yes             Free   Kaiapoi     Govt. Interest       No    Katherine Stewart
                               information over the phone or                        Canterbury             Every 2nd   from lawyers Trust
                               via email to all in Canterbury. If                   rural by Apt.          Wed         Accounts         
                               a client can't get to a clinic will                                         Tuahiwi                                (03) 366 6870
                               try to provide advice by other                                              Every 2nd                              0800 PHONE SERVICE
                               means. Representation to some                                               Tue on                       
                               clients with barriers (i.e. low                                             alternate
                               income), free and low cost                                                  week
                               education to groups, schools
Community Law Canterbury       and individuals. Educational
                               Courses & Advocacy
NAME                     SERVICE                   LOCATION         DELIVERED       $      DAYS     SUPPORTERS          EQ                    CONTACT
                                                                                      IN NC                                             $
                            Social work, family counselling,     Rangiora &       Yes            Free   5 days   MSD, Pub Charity,    Yes,   Deirdre Ryan
                            Youth Worker Services, school        Kaiapoi                                         Mainland, Lottery,
                            attendance, youth a & d,                                                             Soroptomists,               (027) 245 0203
                            karanga Mai ELC, strengthening                                                       Rata, COGS,                 (03) 394 9114
                            families, Backroom services for                                                      Southern Trust,   
                            other groups/agencies,                                                               Helmore Stewart,
                            Community Pantry, Restorative                                                        Air rescue, MOE,
                            Justice – Police, diversion & Pre-                                                   Work & Income,
                            Sentence, Strengthening                                                              WDC, EY
                            Families, Volunteer Drivers,
                            Nurse Maude drop off and pick
Community Wellbeing North   up, Local Kaiapoi community
Canterbury Trust            Information & advice. Alcohol
                            & other Drug Services. Rooms
                            for rent
                            Day care for older people, living    Kaiapoi          Waimakariri    Free   5 days   N/A                  No     Dawn Armitage
                            on their own or being cared for.                      and North                                                  03 327 5934
                            Relief support for carers and                         Christchurch                                     
                            family members. Transport,                                                                             
                            midday meal, socialisation,
                            activities, music, games, physio
Darnley Club                and organised activities. Day
                            care service.
                            The Deaf community face a            Nationwide,      Yes by         Free   5 days   NZ Sign Language     No     0800 332 322
                            number of challenges with            office 96        phone                          Board, Todd       
                            regards to equality and access       Bristol St, St                                  Foundation,                 Jessie 021 276 5033 (as local contact
                            to information in New Zealand        Albans.                                         Nessbank Trust,             number) text only
                            Sign Language (NZSL),                                                                Lottery Board, Pub
                            community and social support.                                                        Charity, Lion
                            Deaf Aotearoa and the Deaf                                                           Foundation, Rata
                            community are working towards                                                        Foundation,
                            meeting these challenges,                                                            private bequests
                            however there is still a large gap
                            between the reality of life in
                            New Zealand for a Deaf person
                            and their constitutional right
                            under the New Zealand Sign
                            Language Act 2006 and the
Deaf Aotearoa               United Nations Convention for
                            the Rights of Disabled People.
NAME                            SERVICE                 LOCATION     DELIVERED      $      DAYS      SUPPORTERS        EQ                  CONTACT
                                                                                     IN NC                                           $
                                 Christchurch - other offices in    Email to     As required   Free   Various   CDHB, Lottery,      No   03 379 2590
                                 Ashburton & West Coast Social      locate                            days      COGS, Rata               0800 444 776
                                 Work Support, Education            nearest                                     Foundation, Lion
                                 Services, Memory Groups, Social    support                                     Foundation,    
                                 programmes, activity groups,       group                                       United Way NZ,
                                                                                                                Community Trust,
                                                                                                                NZCT, Mainland
                                                                                                                Foundation, The
                                                                                                                Trusts Community
                                                                                                                Christchurch City
                                                                                                                Council, Four
                                                                                                                winds Foundation,
                                                                                                                Pub Charity, Good
                                                                                                                in the Hood,
                                                                                                                Welfare Trust
                                                                                                                Board, Benson Ins
                                                                                                                Brokers, Swain
                                                                                                                Woodham Group,
                                                                                                                Southern Trust,
Dementia Canterbury                                                                                             Rotary, Central
                                                                                                                Heating NZ,
                                 Funding advice - Building strong   National     Yes           Free   5 days    Govt                No   Trish Hughes
                                 & resilient communities                                                                       
                                 providing advice, support,                                                                              03 339 5455
                                 information and resources.                                                                              0275 571046
                                 Helping communities identify                                                                  
                                 their priorities and develop
                                 plans to achieve them
Department of Internal Affairs

                                 Peer support and education.        Canterbury   Yes - no      Free   5 days    CDHB and other      No   Adele Wilkinson
                                 Group work. Anxiety &                           groups                                        
                                 depression support                              currently                                               03 365 5344
                                 Advocacy                                        going in                                                0800 424 399
Depression Support Network
NAME                            SERVICE                  LOCATION       DELIVERED       $      DAYS          SUPPORTERS      EQ                   CONTACT
                                                                                        IN NC                                               $
                                  A range of services from            Christchurch   Phone Skype    Free   5 days        Donations,        No    Sue Hammett
                                  Children's/ Youth Groups to                                                            Membership              03 358 3249
                                  advisory sessions and seminars.                                                        subscriptions 
Dyspraxia Centre

                                  Early Start is offered to           Christchurch   North          Free   Mon - Fri     MSD, CDHB,        Yes   03 365 9087
                                  Christchurch families with new-                    Canterbury            8am 5pm       Oranga Tamariki
                                  born babies, where social &                        & Hurunui                                         
                                  family circumstances may put at
                                  risk the health &well-being of
                                  their children. The service
                                  provided is entirely voluntary,
                                  free, long term (up to 5 years) &
                                  home based. Promotes healthy
Early Start                       child development within a
                                  nurturing family environment.
                                  Administered through                Canterbury     Yes -          Free   4 days        PSUSI             No    Kirstin Dingwall-Okoye
                                  Presbyterian Support Not                           primarily                           CDHB/MOH                03 363 8225
                                  service delivery - provides                        Christchurch                        contract      
                                  promotion of community health                      however                                           
                                  and wellbeing information.
                                  Bringing providers together for
                                  the support and wellbeing of
Elder Care Canterbury - Enliven   older people, addressing gaps.
                                  We work with people to look for     Canterbury     Yes on         Free   5 days        MSD               No    Stacey Adams (Service Manager)
                                  open paid employment of their                      request               flexible to                           027 252 6603
                                  choice that is more than 5 hours                                         client                                (03) 3715564
                                  per week. We support people to                                           needs                       
                                  develop CV’s and cover letters,                                                                      
                                  practice interview skills and
                                  apply for jobs whether online or
                                  in person. Once employment is
                                  gained we support them for at
                                  least six months which could
                                  include working with someone
                                  around increasing or decreasing
Emerge Aotearoa –                 their hours of work and career
CreativeWorks                     development. We work
                                  collaboratively with other
NAME                             SERVICE                 LOCATION       DELIVERED      $       DAYS          SUPPORTERS         EQ                  CONTACT
                                                                                         IN NC                                                 $
                                  Personal support service for        PO Box 7104    Outreach      Fees    Mon - Fri                          No   Anna Baker ( Educator)
                                  people with epilepsy & their        Sydenham       facility on   may     8.30- 4.30                              027 2706689
                                  families. Training programmes &     Christchurch   request       apply                                 
                                  presentations.                      8240                                                                         0800 374537

Epilepsy NZ

                                  A counselling service for family    Christchurch   No            Fees    Mon - Fri    CDHB, CHCH            No   03 981 1093
                                  members affected by someone                        Phone         may     9-           council, Rata,   
                                  else addiction, this can be any                    service       apply   5.30pm       Mainland         
                                  form of addiction however                          available                          Foundation,
                                  generally is around drugs and                                                         Amicus, Southern
                                  alcohol, we see any family                                                            Trust, Lions
                                  members that are struggling                                                           Foundation, Pub
                                  with the impact of the life style                                                     Charity, Wigram
                                  around addiction.. In the first                                                       Lodge, Calder
                                  instance we do one on one                                                             Stewart,
                                  counselling however we do also                                                        Thompson print,
                                  offer group programmes, peer                                                          JK Builder’s, Blogg
Familial Trust Te Whanau o        support and family interventions                                                      & Maurice Carter
Whakapono                                                                                                               Charitable Trusts,
                                                                                                                        Styx & Stone
                                  Family Planning works to            15 Durham      Yes           Fees    Thursday     MOH                   No   03 313 6697
                                  promote a positive view of          Street                       may                                   
                                  sexuality and to enable people      Rangiora                     apply                                 
                                  to make informed choices about
                                  their sexual and reproductive
Family Planning Clinic Rangiora   health and well-being.

                                  Assisting dads through              Christchurch   No            Free    5 days       Foundation North,     No   Cliff Shepherd
                                  separation, who are have                                                              Todd Foundation,           03 982 2440
                                  difficulties with access to their                                                     Rata, Four Winds,
                                  children.                                                                             Cogs, Lottery,   
                                  Includes dealing with CYF,                                                            Mainland, Pelorus
                                  Family Court, mediation.                                                              Trust, Sky City
                                  Parenting course 10 modules                                                           Auckland,
                                  correspondence course                                                                 Southern Trust,
                                  nationwide.                                                                           United Way.
                                  8 Module anger management
Father & Child                    course.
NAME                               SERVICE                  LOCATION      DELIVERED        $       DAYS        SUPPORTERS       EQ                  CONTACT
                                                                                        IN NC                                                $
                                    Monthly coffee and support         Christchurch   On request     Fees    5 days      MOH Contract,      No    Heather Peterson
                                   groups. Social worker/ office or                                  may                 ACC & private            03 366 8630
                                   home visits. Information and                                      apply               Health Insurance
                                   resources. Advocacy, A listening                                                                     
                                   ear, Telephone support, Social
Florence Nightingale Agency        outings, Guest speakers,
Partners with Annie’s Nannie’s     “My advanced Care Plan” &
                                   Peer Support.
                                   A caring, respectful and            32 Holland     Yes            Fees    Evenings    Govt. Subsidies,   Yes   03 327 3454
                                   confidential counselling service    Drive                         may     and         Private Clients          027 651 4854
                                   based in Kaiapoi offering           Kaiapoi                       apply   weekend                    
                                   counselling for issues such as      7630                                  appointm
Frances Knight Counselling         relationship difficulties, grief                                          ents
Services                           and loss, earthquake stress and                                           available
                                   Support for staff and patients in   161 Ashley     Yes            Free    By          Do their own       No    Gendie Woods
                                   hospital through fund-raising for   Street,                               appoint.    fundraising              03 313 2266
                                   amenities and to promote the        RD2,                                                                       027 626 6094
                                   hospital and its functioning        Rangiora                                                         
                                                                                                                                                  03 311 8650
Friends of Rangiora Health Hub                                                                                                          
                                   Career, Counselling and Social      Christchurch   Yes by         Fees    By          Govt. Subsidies,   Yes   Gabrielle O'Connell
                                   Work. We provide a range of                        Appoint only   may     appoint.    Private Clients          027 306 9407
                                   support services to government,                                   apply                              
                                   not for profit sector and private                                                                    
                                   business. Our services include
                                   occupational assessment and
                                   career transition support,
                                   workforce and personal
Gabrielle O'Connell & Associates   development, and social work
                                   support. Educational Courses
                                   24 hour free phone service for      National       By phone       Free    7 days      Govt.              No    0800 654 655
                                   gambling issues                                                                                                Mobile text 8006
                                                                                                                                                  Maori - 0800 654 656
                                                                                                                                                  Vai Lelei Pasifika - 0800 654 657
                                                                                                                                                  Youth "In Ya Face" - 0800 654 659
Gambling Helpline                                                                                                                       
NAME                SERVICE                   LOCATION       DELIVERED     $        DAYS       SUPPORTERS   EQ                 CONTACT
                                                                              IN NC                                        $
                     To advance, support & protect         113            Yes          Fees                                    Jan Pentecost
                     the welfare & well being of           Stringers RD                may                                     03 312 9331
                     older people. To affirm &             Rangiora                    appl                          
                     protect that statutory right of                                                                 
                     every New Zealand resident, to
                     a sufficient New Zealand
                     Superannuation entitlement. To
                     strive for a provision of a quality
                     Health Care to all New Zealand
                     residents regardless of income
                     and location.
Grey Power
                     He Waka Tapu is a māori               161 Pages      Yes          Free   5 days     c                No   0800 HE WAKA
                     organisation, running a number        Road,                                                               03 373 8150
                     of programmes and one to one          Aranui,                                                   
                     sessions, specialising in: Anger      Christchurch                                                        Josephine Curtis
                     Management, Alcohol and Drug          8061                                                      
                     Addictions (AOD) and Personal                                                                   
                     Health. Our services are
                     assessable from Timaru to
                     Ashburton and Christchurch. To
                     access our services, whaiora can
                     be referred from an external
                     organisation and/or self-refer
                     with no appointment time/date
He Waka Tapu         needed.
                     Health Info is a health               nationwide     Website      Free   7          CDHB             No
                     information website for the                          only                                       
                     general public, funded by the
                     Canterbury DHB. The
                     information on Health Info is
                     specific to Canterbury, New
                     Zealand. It is written and
                     approved by local doctors,
                     practice nurses, hospital
Health Info          clinicians, and other healthcare
NAME                        SERVICE                  LOCATION       DELIVERED       $       DAYS     SUPPORTERS          EQ                 CONTACT
                                                                                    IN NC                                               $
                               Health line is staffed by          nationwide     Yes by         Free    7 days   Ministry of Health    No   0800 611 116
                               experienced registered nurses                     phone                                            
                               who can provide you with
                               health information and advice
                               on care. They can also tell you
                               where to find your nearest GP
                               after-hours service, hospital
                               emergency department,
                               pharmacy, or out-of-hours
                               dental surgery.
                               Health line can also provide
Health line                    general health information on a
                               wide range of topics.
                               Testing, support and treatment     Christchurch   No - initial   Free    5 days   CDHB                  No   03 366 9403
                               for Hepatitis C clients. Has a     Rangiora       home visit                                       
                               high number of clients in the      Pharmacy &     available -
                               North Canterbury district and      Stans 7 day    On-line chat
                               are looking to provide a service   pharmacy       24/7
                               physically here through A&D        offer needle
                               City Mission. Will conduct home    exchange
Hepatitis C Community Clinic
                               visits or clients attend in City

                               HEY BRO Is a number set up for     Pages Rd       Yes by         Free    24/7     MOH, CDHB, Te              0800 439 276
                               men who feel they’re going to      Christchurch   phone 24/7             phone    Pūtahitanga, MSD,          03 373 8150
                               harm a loved one or whanau                                                        Department of    
                               member                                                                            Corrections,     
                                                                                                                 Ministry of justice        s/0800-hey-bro

Hey Bro
                               Home & Family offers               Christchurch   No             Fees    5 days   Christchurch city     No   03 944 0635
                               professional counselling and                                     may              council, Rata    
                               psychotherapy, creating                                          apply            foundation,      
                               environments for positive                                                         Perpetual
                               change and enabling people to                                                     Guardian, The Lion
                               overcome difficulties and                                                         Foundation
                               achieve emotional well-being.
Home & Family
NAME                       SERVICE                LOCATION       DELIVERED     $         DAYS     SUPPORTERS         EQ                  CONTACT
                                                                               IN NC                                             $
                          Community Support, Advocacy,      111 East       Yes          Free    4 days     Donations, Events    No   03 928 3066
                          Food bank, Community Garden,      Belt                                                           
                          Women’s & Men’s groups, Craft     Rangiora                                                       
                          group, Fruit & Vege Co-op.                                                                       
                          Community BBQ. A place of
                          community and connection

                          OP SHOP                                                               5 days

                          Counselling Centre                                            Fees    5 days
                          Individual, Family, Children,                                 may
                          relationships & groups                                        apply

Hope Community Trust
                          Advocate and promote respect      Christchurch   No           Free    5 days     Govt & other         No   0800 496 877
                          for human rights in New                                                                          
                          Zealand. Encourage harmonious                                                                    
                          relations between individuals
                          and among the diverse groups in
                          New Zealand. Lead, evaluate,
                          monitor and advise on equal
                          employment opportunities.
                          Provide information to the
                          public about discrimination and
                          to help resolve complaints
Human Rights Commission   about discrimination.

                          IHC coordinates a “One-to-One     North          Yes          Free    5          Govt , Investments   No   Jackie Cronin
                          Volunteer Programme".             Canterbury                                     & fundraising   
                          Supported by a team of            & Hurunui                                      sponsorship,    
                          Coordinators who recruit &                                                       Bequests &
                          support volunteers. They are                                                     Donations
                          screened, trained & linked with
                          a person with an intellectual
                          disability who is seeking a
                          friend. They choose how they
                          spend time together & what
IHC                       they do. The emphasis is
                          developing a friendship.
NAME                         SERVICE                   LOCATION        DELIVERED      $         DAYS       SUPPORTERS        EQ                   CONTACT
                                                                                       IN NC                                               $
                              Supporting people with               17 Durham       Yes           Fees    5            Govt. Investments   No   Tiriana Smith
                              intellectual disabilities by         St, Rangiora                  may                  & fundraising            03 313 5926
                              advocating for their rights,                                       apply                sponsorship,   
                              providing a variety of housing                                                          Bequests &     
                              and work options and by                                                                 Donations
IDEA Services                 supporting families.

                              A free service offering              143             Yes           Free    Mon - Fri    WDC                 No   Gwen Creek
                              information to locals and visitors   Williams                              9 - 5pm                               03 327 3134
                              to Waimakariri. Ticket agent,        Street                                Sat 10 – 4                  
                              Intercity, Trains, Interislander,    Kaiapoi                               Closed Sat                  
                              Bluebridge, DOC passes, free                                               in winter
i- SITE Visitor Information                                                                              May-Aug
Centre                        maps & local events guide.
                              Offering assistance with NZs         Facebook        Yes           Free    By           N/A                 No   Edith Gaal
                              immigration rules and laws, a                                              appointm                              021 545 233
                              range of visa and information to                                           ent                         
                              help those who wish to visit,
                              work, study, live and invest in
International Women’s Group

                              Assists elderly and                  10 Strone St,   Kaiapoi and   Fees    5 Days                           No   Neville
                              disadvantaged in the                 Kaiapoi         surrounds     may                                           03 327 4005
                              community and creates a                                            apply                               
                              stepping stone to employment
                              using partnership with local
Kaiapoi Community Care and    community, funders, businesses
Employment Trust              and other agencies.

                              A central point in Kaiapoi from      24 Sewell       Yes           Free    5 days       Rata, COGS,         No   Nicki Carter
                              which local people can access        Street,                                            Southern Trust,          03 327 8945
                              information and support from a       Kaiapoi                                            MSD, Pub       
                              range of services. Food bank,                                                           Charities,     
                              volunteer drivers, social                                                               Mainland Trust,          do/kaiapoi-community-support/
                              workers, counsellors.                                                                   Lottery Board,
Kaiapoi Community Support     Social work -                                                                           Helmore Stewart,
                              Youth/children/family                                                                   Mainpower, EY,
                                                                                                                      Soroptomists NC
NAME                    SERVICE                  LOCATION       DELIVERED     $        DAYS          SUPPORTERS        EQ                  CONTACT
                                                                                 IN NC                                                $
                          Supplying Meals to elderly,         24 Sewell      Yes          Fees     5 days        Rata, COGS,         No   03 327 8945
                          disabled and those recuperating     Street,                     may                    Southern Trust,
                          at home after hospital stays.       Kaiapoi                     apply                  MSD, Pub       
                                                                                                                 Charities,               community-support/
                                                                                                                 Mainland Trust,
                                                                                                                 Lottery Board,
                                                                                                                 Helmore Stewart,
Kaiapoi Meals on Wheels                                                                                          Mainpower, EY,
                                                                                                                 Soroptomists NC
                          Provides education and care for     Robert Coup    Yes          Fees     Mon - Fri     Rata, COGS,         No   Jacinta McInerney Team Leader
                          infants, toddlers and children of   Road                        cover    9.30 - 3.30   Southern Trust,          03 327 8315
                          young parents while they            Kaiapoi                     ed by                  MSD, Pub       
                          attend Karanga Mai young                                        Childc                 Charities,     
                          parents college                                                 are                    Mainland Trust,          mai/
                                                                                          subsi                  Lottery Board,
                                                                                          dies                   Helmore Stewart,
                                                                                                                 Mainpower, EY,
Karanga Mai                                                                                                      Soroptomists NC

                          Free Budgeting Support - one to     Hope           Yes          Free     Tuesday       Rata Foundation,    No   North Canterbury
                          one budgeting support from an       Community                            by Apt.       Christchurch City
                          experienced, friendly and non-      Trust, 111                                         Council, MSD,            03 332 1700
                          judgemental budget advisor          East Belt                                          other                    0800 103 130
                          (financial mentor). Our aim is to   Rangiora                                           philanthropic            027 917 3719
                          work alongside clients, to help     Christchurch                                       trusts, and              Rest of Christchurch
                          them at their point of need, at                                                        donations.     
                          their own pace, to help them                                                                          
                          achieve their goal. Community                                                                                   03 332 1700
                          Education, Employment, Life
                          Skills and Budgeting.
Kingdom Resources
Kiwilaw                   Legal advice and representation,    PO BOX 85      Yes          Fees     Mon - Fri     NA                  No   Cheryl Simes
                          free resource material for child    Oxford 7443                 may      9-5                                    021 701 838
                          focused parenting plans through     North                       apply                                           03 312 1508
                          negotiation, mediation or the       Canterbury                                                        
                          Family Court                                                                                          
NAME                        SERVICE                 LOCATION      DELIVERED        $       DAYS         SUPPORTERS         EQ                   CONTACT
                                                                                IN NC                                                   $
                            Nationwide provider of 24/7        PO Box 8313   Nationwide      Free    24 hours 7   Barney & Patsy       No   Karen Crawley
                            crisis, suicide, therapeutic       Riccarton,                            days         McCahill        
                            support and training. 24/7         Chch 8041                                          Charitable Trust,         03 366 6742
                            phone line offers support, also                                                       CERT, Chch Casino,
                            Kids Line for young people up to                                                      Chch Council,             Lifeline 24/7
                            18.                                                                                   Graham Trust,             0800 543354
                                                                                                                  COGS, Mid &     
                                                                                                                  South Canterbury,
                                                                                                                  Methodist Church,
                                                                                                                  DV Bryant Trust,
                                                                                                                  Foundation North,
Lifeline                                                                                                          Charitable Trust,
                                                                                                                  See website for
                                                                                                                  complete list.
                            Outcome planning and               Canterbury,   Yes             Free    5 days       MOH                  No   0800 866877
                            coordination services for people   South                                                              
                            with disabilities aged between     Canterbury
                            0-65 years                         and West                                                                     Lesley Campbell

                            Power supplier - supports          172           Yes             Fees    7 days                            No   Nicola Cull
                            partnerships in the areas of       Fernside                      may     24/7                                   03 311 8559
                            youth, community energy            Road                          apply                                          027 702 9899
                            efficiency programmes and          Rangiora                                                           
                            activities, environmental                                                                             
Mainpower NZ                sustainability and economic

                            One to One peer support.           Canterbury    Yes – some      Free    5 Days                            No   03 377 6747
                            Weekly peer support groups                       services only                                        
                            (internal referral) and Advocacy                                                                      
                            for male survivors of Sexual                                                                                    0800 044 334

Male Survivors Canterbury
NAME                             SERVICE                   LOCATION       DELIVERED     $       DAYS        SUPPORTERS         EQ                 CONTACT
                                                                                        IN NC                                              $
                               For the betterment of Maori           219 Tuahiwi    Yes          Free    Mon-Fri     Genesis Energy,      No   03 313 5543
                               women and their whanau. All           Road, RD1                           10-3        ECAN, Ngāi Tahu 
                               women welcome.                        Kaiapoi                                         Tourism, Te               03 366 4344
                                                                                                                     Rūnanga o       
                                                                                                                     Arowhenua Te    
                                                                                                                     Rūnanga o
                                                                                                                     Māwhera Inc. Te
Maori Womens' Welfare League                                                                                         Ana Rock Art, DOC,
                                                                                                                     Te Ati Awa
                               Delivering meals to the elderly       Oxford         Yes          Fees    Mon-Fri     CDHB                 No
                               and sick in Oxford                    Hospital 45                 may     11.30-                      
                                                                     Park                        apply   12.30                                 services/meals-on-wheels/

Meals on Wheels, Oxford
                               Menz Shed brings males                Dale Street    Yes          Free    Tues &      Caritas, Jetstar,         William Titulaer, Secretary
                               together in one community             Kaiapoi                             Thurs       Patience &                03 327-3677
                               space to share their skills, have a                                                   Nicholson, Dormer
                               laugh, and work on practical                                              9 am -1     Transport, Kaiapoi
                               tasks individually (personal                                              pm          High School
                               projects) or as a group
Menzshed New Zealand

                               The church provides spiritual         176 King St,   Yes          Free    Tues        Donations,           No   Rev Veitomoni Siufanga
                               support and practical advice          Rangiora                            1pm-4pm     Membership                03 313 3448
                               your way and a link to meet new                                           Thurs       subscriptions             027 446 4804
                               people also link to Curtain Bank,                                         10am-       Funding applied 
                               Food Bank, Link to Senior Net                                             4pm         for individual  
                               computer lessons, Elderly Home                                            Fri 9am -   events
                               Services, Boys brigade, Girls                                             1pm
Rangiora Woodend Methodist
NAME                          SERVICE                 LOCATION       DELIVERED         $      DAYS          SUPPORTERS          EQ                 CONTACT
                                                                                   IN NC                                                    $
                             Peer Mental Health & Advocacy      826            Very limited     Free                CDHB, Rata, Pub        No    Sue Ricketts
                             service. Will visit clients on a   Colombo        and on                               Charity, Lion               03 365 9479
                             case by case basis, but they       Street,        demand                               Foundation, CCC,  
                             must attend an appointment in      Christchurch   only. Client                         Mainland                    0800 437324
                             town first (no travel assistance                  must first                           foundation, CHCH            https://mentalhealthadvocacypeersuppo
                             available). Currently have 1                      access from                          Casino, Southern  
                             client in North Canterbury. Will                  Christchurch                         Trust, Cert Todd
                             cover Waimakariri. Mental                         City, but will                       foundation,
                             Health Moderate to severe.                        travel to                            Working together
                             Anxiety & depression support                      client where                         more fund, lottery,
                             Advocacy                                          practicable                          Christine Taylor
MHAPS                        Drop-in Service                                                                        Foundation, David
                                                                                                                    Ellison Trust
                             1-1 peer support, peer-zone        8 Kennedy      We are           Free   5 days       No                     No   Carla Manson
                             facilitators run workshops in      Place          funded for                                                       0272 560544
                             collaboration with Emerge          Christchurch   the CDHB -                                             
                             Aotearoa. Art group weekly and                    Predominan                                             
                             2 sessions a week support group                   tly
                             with Te Awa Kura. Service is                      Christchurch
                             self-referral. Community and in-                  City
                             home meetings available
Mind & Body Consultants

                             Support group for mothers          Waimakariri    Delivered in     Free   Fridays      Funded to deliver      No   Erin Lewis
                             suffering from post-natal                         Rangiora                am           in Waimakariri &            027 306 9407
                             depression, counselling service,                                          Rangiora.    Hurunui - one     
                             child care, community education                                           1st Fri of   contract specific to
                             and awareness. Phone contact                                              month in     Rangiora. Funding
                             and home visits as appropriate -                                          Kaiapoi      on-going
                             Social work -                                                             pm.
Mothers Supporting Mothers   Youth/children/family
NAME                             SERVICE                  LOCATION       DELIVERED     $      DAYS     SUPPORTERS          EQ                     CONTACT
                                                                                        IN NC                                           $
                                 Members take part in NA             John Knox      Yes          Fees   Tues     Membership fee        No
                                 meetings by talking about their     Presbyterian                       7.30pm                              0800 628 632
                                 experiences and recovery from       Church                                                       
                                 drug addiction. More
                                 experienced members (known
                                 as sponsors) work individually
                                 with newer members explaining
                                 the twelve steps and the
                                 program. The twelve steps are
                                 at the core of the NA program;
                                 these ‘steps’ are a set of
                                 concepts outlining a practical
Narcotics Anonymous
                                 approach to recovery.
                                 Free, confidential and              On line        On line      Free   5 days   ACC, District         No   Antonio Lara
                                 independent. Advocates help         access         access                       health boards              03 377 7501
                                 callers to ascertain their rights                                                                
                                 under the Code of Health and                                                                               0800 555 050
                                 Disability, also consumer rights                                                                 
                                 for services. Talk over options
Nationwide Health & Disability   and get assistance with letter
Advocacy Service                 writing.

                                 Establishment of                    North          Yes          Free   7 days   CCC, Rata, Lottery,   No   Tracy
                                 Neighbourhood Support groups.       Canterbury                                  COGS, CERT, Pub             03 313 2681
                                 Provide and support events to                                                   Charity          
                                 help communities connect with                                                                    
                                 each other. Will visit homes.
Neighbourhood Support            Social Isolation Connectors

                                 Activities and support for          North          Yes          Free   7 days   Voluntary             No   Sylvia Temple
                                 newcomers to the District.          Canterbury                                                             03 313 4188
                                 Knitting group, walking group,                                                                   
New Zealand Newcomers            quiz night, chat nights, lunches,                                                                
Network                          dinners, coffee mornings
NAME                               SERVICE                   LOCATION       DELIVERED     $       DAYS         SUPPORTERS          EQ                    CONTACT
                                                                                          IN NC                                                 $
                                  Support for AIDS carriers or          Chch.          No           Free    Mon Tues    Rata, lottery, First   No    03 379 1953
                                  family. Counselling for all ages,                                         Thurs       Sovereign,         
                                  gender.                                                                   8.30am -    Wellington City    
                                                                                                            4.30pm      Council, Public
                                                                                                            Wed         Trust, COGS, Lion
                                                                                                            11.30am -   Foundation.
New Zealand AIDS Foundation                                                                                 7.00pm

                                  Meals on Wheels, Community            Christchurch   Yes          Free    See         NZ post,               Yes
                                  transport, refugee programmes,        Rangiora                            website     Kathmandu, AMI,              03 339 375
                                  family links, first aid, education,   Kaiapoi                                         Country Road,      
                                  disaster management,
                                  awareness campaigns,
                                  Community programmes

New Zealand Red Cross

                                  The buses and organisation are        258 High St,   Yes          Fees    5 days      COGS,                  Yes   Roni Jordan
                                  owned by the community and            Rangiora                    may                 Environment                  03 313 8588 Ext: 26
                                  administered by Presbyterian                                      apply               Canterbury,
                                  Support Services. Six buses in                                                        lotteries                    Don Fairbrother
                                  total. Available for the elderly,                                                     commission,        
                                  disabled or disadvantaged.                                                            Property Brokers,  
                                                                                                                        Rangiora Mirror &            canterbury/North-canterbury/
                                                                                                                        Glass, RATA,
North Canterbury Mini Bus Trust                                                                                         Rehabilitation
                                                                                                                        Welfare Trust
                                  Helping people find options to        Nationwide     Yes          Free                                             0800 787 254
                                  manage rural challenges.              North                                                                        Trust Coordinator Bridget Frame:
                                  Referrals to a professional for       Canterbury                                                                   027 659 2364
                                  counselling, financial and farm                                                                          
                                  management, or alternatively                                                                                       http://www.rural-
                                  provide a mentor with a rural                                                                            
                                  background in your specific                                                                                        Island/North-Canterbury
                                  sector for you to chat to. The
                                  Trust can also look at other
North Canterbury Rural Support    options for example, home help
Trust                             or arranging time away from the
NAME                              SERVICE                 LOCATION       DELIVERED       $      DAYS        SUPPORTERS        EQ                  CONTACT
                                                                                        IN NC                                              $
                                 Regulatory                          North          Yes            Free   24/7        Govt.               No   03 313 6167 Rangiora
                                                                     Canterbury                           through                              Paul Reeves
NZ Police

                                 Specialist Health Services for      Christchurch   Yes in         Free   5 days      CDHB                No   Janice Lavelle - Service Manager
                                 Older People needing a              & other        clients                                          
                                 multidisciplinary assessment        catchment      home                                                       Cell: 0274 341699
                                 and intervention for mental         areas          setting via
                                 health and/or physical health;                     referral                                                   or Contact Adult Community
                                 Internal assessment for                            from                                                       Referral Centre on 03 3377765
                                 Support and services.                              primary                                          
                                 Younger adults with multiple                       care or                                                    z
                                 chronic health conditions                                                                           
                                 requiring therapy; community
                                 stroke rehabilitation; CREST
Older Persons Health &           (Community Rehabilitation and
Rehabilitation Community         Enablement Support Team) for
Teams                            intensive short term
                                 rehabilitation support
                                 Receive referrals from CYF and      370            Yes            Free   7 days      Teds Sponsorship    No   Sue McTague
                                 also provide long term foster       Colombo                                          Fund                     03 366 5977
                                 care. Social Work, Care Services,   Street                                                          
                                 Respite Care, Support services      Sydenham                                                        
Open Home Foundation

                                 The care & protection of            Rangiora       Yes            Free   5 days      Govt.               No   Lisa Calder
                                 vulnerable children                                                                                           0508 326459
Oranga Tamariki – Ministry for
vulnerable children

                                 Provider of suitable sustainable    61 Kilmore     Yes through    Free   Mon - Fri   Chch City Council   No   03 260 0058
                                 Community Housing                   Street         MSD referral          8.30 -                               0800 624456
                                                                     Christchurch                         5pm                        
Otautahi Community Housing
NAME                         SERVICE                  LOCATION       DELIVERED      $       DAYS      SUPPORTERS        EQ                   CONTACT
                                                                                     IN NC                                            $
                              Twelve Step Fellowship for men      Rangiora       Yes           Free    Sundays   Philanthropic       No    Liana 03 314 8453
                              and women. Compulsive eating,                                            7pm       trusts and      
                              anorexia, bulimia, obesity and                                                     donations,
                              overeating.                                                                        Fundraising
Overeaters Anonymous

                              Social services, advocacy, youth    37 Main        Yes           Fees    5 days    COGS, Rata,         Yes   Jo Ealam
                              recreation, medical transport,      Street                       may               Lottery, United           03 312 3006
                              social transport options, family    Oxford ,                     apply             Way, WDC, MSD,            021 995 972
                              services, OSCAR Holiday                                                                            
                              Programme, Emergency                                                                               
                              assistant, social isolation
                              connectors, mentor driving,
Oxford Community Trust        referrals to services and

                              Support and information             PO Box 6166    Advice and    Free    5 days    William Toomey,     No    Jo Hannah
                              network for parents of children     Upper          support by                      Southern Trust,           022 088 0327
                              with special needs (disabilities,   Riccarton,     phone,                          Pub Charity,    
                              rare diseases, syndromes).          Christchurch   website and                     United Way, First
                              Support is provided voluntarily                    Facebook.                       Sovereign, CERT,
                              by trained support parents who                                                     Rata, TTCF,
                              have a child with the same or                                                      CTMSC, Lottery,
                              similar needs. Free to families.                                                   Pub charity,
                                                                                                                 Mainland, COGS,
Parent to Parent Canterbury                                                                                      Lions Foundation,
                                                                                                                 CCC, Southern
                              Connection for anyone               Chch and       Yes           Fees    5 days                        No    0800 728470
                              experiencing the effects of         Nth                          may                               
                              abortion with trained PATHS         Canterbury                   apply
                              counsellors who also have           through
                              professional practice. Also         MSD
                              professional development
                              seminars occasionally in Chch.
                              Post Abortion Trauma Healing
P.A.T.H.S.                    Service
NAME                           SERVICE                   LOCATION       DELIVERED     $       DAYS         SUPPORTERS          EQ                 CONTACT
                                                                                       IN NC                                                $
                              A provider of Community-based         21             Yes          Free    5 days      CDHB                        Jacqueline Moore
                              mental health, addiction and          Birmingham                                                                  General Manager Southern
                              wellbeing services. Supporting        Drive,                                                                      03 339 3790
                              people with experience of             Middleton,                                                                  021 133 2952
                              mental illness and addiction to                                                                         
                              live well in the community of                                                                           
Pathways Health Limited       their choice.

                              Support for people &                  Pegasus        Yes          Free    Mon - Fri   Donations, Fee         No   Ronel Stephens
                              associations working for the          Community                           9-5pm       charging activities,        021 072 4636
                              benefit of Pegasus area, and          Centre                                          Mainpower         
                              foster local activities. Coffee
                              mornings & other social

Pegasus Community Connector

                              Cooking & Nutrition classes for       401 Madras     Rangiora,    Free    Depends     GP Membership,         No   Jane Callahan
                              older adults. 60+ (55+ for Maori      Street,        Kaiapoi, &           on class    PHO, DHB, MOG,              03 374 1639
                              or Pacific people), living alone or   Christchurch   Kaikoura             size        CDHB, ACC, St     
                              with one other, struggling to                        dependant                        John              
                              cook for themselves or have lost                     on numbers                                         
                              the motivation to cook. 8 x 3
                              hour classes containing nutrition
                              info specific to older adults &
                              hands on cooking classes,
                              participants share cooked meals
                              together. Referrals come from
                              health professionals or a
                              community service provider.
Pegasus Health (Charitable
                              Participants can self-refer.

                              Connection to community based         67 Fuller      Yes          Fees    5days       Tindall, Lottery,      No   Audrey Dragovich
                              projects that support the             Street                      may                 Rata, ENC                   03 327 8347
                              community and the trust, Youth        Kaiapoi                     apply                                           022 308 1618
                              Work, Fuller Kai lunches,                                                                               
                              Helping Hand                                                                                            

Person 2 Person Help Trust
NAME                            SERVICE                  LOCATION       DELIVERED     $       DAYS     SUPPORTERS        EQ                   CONTACT
                                                                                        IN NC                                          $
                                 Free Social Work Support and        Christchurch   Yes          Fees    5 days                       No   Michael Herman
                                 affordable professional             Rangiora                    may                                       027 204 6000
                                 counselling. Education Centre       Kaiapoi                     apply                                     03 343 3391
    Petersgate Counselling &
       Education Centre

                                 Well Child Service to families (4   National       Yes          Free    5 days   BNZ, Best Start,    No   Lisa Mitchell
                                 wks old - 4.5yrs). Health           7 Albert                                     Microsoft, Lion          Community Health Worker
                                 assessments, plans and support      Street,                                      foundation, The          027 590 6722
                                 for families. Additional care and   Rangiora,                                    Hits                     0800 933 922
                                 parenting groups. Parenting         War                                                         
                                 groups and opportunities for        Memorial
                                 parents to meet together i.e.
                                 play groups, coffee mornings.
                                 Family centre services - baby
                                 sleep and settling, feeding etc.
                                 Home visits to those enrolled
                                 with Plunket Educational
Plunket                          Courses. Advocacy
                                 Home visits
                                 Enliven Positive Ageing Services    Rangiora       Yes          Fees    5 days   GOVT,               No   03 313 8588
                                 helps older people to remain        Christchurch                may              Philanthropic,           Fax: 03 313 7424
                                 healthy, well and socially          Hurunui                     apply            fundraising,   
                                 connected as they age.              Selwyn                                       donations,     
                                                                                                                  bequests, Tindall

Presbyterian Support - Enliven
NAME                            SERVICE                  LOCATION       DELIVERED         $        DAYS     SUPPORTERS        EQ                  CONTACT
                                                                                      IN NC                                                $
                                We deliver social services that     Rangiora       Yes,             Free   5 days     GOVT,               No   Victoria Newcombe
                                help children and families learn,                                                     Philanthropic,           03 366 5472
                                grow and thrive. We offer                                                             fundraising,   
                                counselling and social work                                                           donations,     
                                support for children and                                                              bequests, Tindall
                                families, along with a range of                                                       Foundation
                                group programmes.
Presbyterian Support - Family   Find Family Works Services

                                Community based service             Rangiora       Waimak and       Free   5          CDHB                no   Catherine Dowle
                                working with schools and            Hospital,      the Hurunui.                                                03 311 8665
                                families with health related        Ashley                                                                     0272 469060
                                issues. We home visit or visit at   Street,                                                          
                                a venue preferred by the family.    Rangiora
                                Provide Youth health Clinics in                                                                                Anne Braid
                                high schools. We do B4School                                                                                   03 311 8664
                                Checks on behalf of the GP both                                                                                0272289263.
                                here and in Christchurch, PHN                                                                        
                                Service currently undertaking
                                HPV Vaccination programme in                                                                         
                                primary school. We are an                                                                                      services/public-health-nursing
                                advocate for the family. Youth
                                Worker Services
Public Health Nurse Service     Educational Courses

                                Kaupapa Māori Health, Mental        Christchurch   Yes - visiting   Free   5 days     CDHB                No   03 379 8001
                                Health and Social Services. Visit                  clients 1-2                                       
                                clients in homes and run                           times                                             
                                programmes for 7-13yr, 14-18,                      weekly as
                                intervention and prevention for                    requested
                                adults (includes 1-1 support),
                                Social work programme for
                                older persons. Home visits
Purapura Whetu Trust

                                Youth services                      88 Percival    Yes              Free   5 days     Lotteries, COGs,         Debbie Southgate
                                                                    Street,                                           Lotto, MOE               0275878444
                                                                                                                                               Llew Timpson
R13 Youth Development Trust
NAME                           SERVICE                 LOCATION      DELIVERED     $       DAYS     SUPPORTERS         EQ                 CONTACT
                                                                                    IN NC                                           $
                               To assist young parents (usually    Rangiora     Yes          Free    5 days   COGS, Rata,          No   Marie Stace
                               teenagers) through the                                                         Canterbury                022 043 3298
                               pregnancy, birthing and                                                        Community Trust,          Julie Coster
                               parenting of their babies. This                                                CERT, Lottery, Pub
                               includes all kinds of support and                                              Charity, Southern
                               advocacy: midwife, help to find                                                Trust, DIA
                               housing, WINZ payments, baby
                               equipment and clothing, health
                               advice, social worker,
                               Educational Courses,
                               employment, counselling,
                               advocacy with CFYs or other
                               agencies. Social work -
Rachel’s House                 Youth/children/family

                               An active Club that does not        Rangiora     Yes          Fees    Wed                                Mr Norman West
                               have a waiting list for new                                   may                                        03 310-7676
                               members. General meetings                                     apply                                      021-036-0837
                               with interesting speakers are on                                                               
                               the first Wednesday of the                                                                     
                               month; a coffee group going out
Rangiora Combined Friendship   to a local café on the second
Club                           Wednesday and an outing on
                               the third Wednesday
                               Anxiety & depression support        Mobile in    Yes          Free    5 days   MOH,CCN,HDC,         No   Susan Kovacs
                                                                   North                                      CDHB, ACC, DOC, 
                                                                   Canterbury                                 Pegasus Health, 
                               ‘Health promotion in medical        Mobile in    Yes          Free    5 days   MOH,CCN,HDC,         No   Sarah Saunders
                               centres. Smoking cessation,         North                                      CDHB, ACC, DOC, 
                               Breast Feeding Support, Youth       Canterbury                                 Pegasus Health, 
                               Health, Elderly Health, Healthy                                                Govt
                               Eating, Physical Activity
                               promotion and Falls Prevention
RCPHO Health Promotion         educational courses
NAME                          SERVICE                 LOCATION       DELIVERED      $       DAYS       SUPPORTERS         EQ                  CONTACT
                                                                                     IN NC                                              $
                               Needle Exchange service at a       Canterbury     Yes           Free    5 days     N/A                  No   03 377 8689
                               private residence in Rangiora.                                                                     
                               Clients contact through Rodger                                                                     
                               Wright Centre. Will also courier
Rodger Wright Centre (Needle   through to Kaikoura

                               Budgeting advice and foodbank,     12 Ashley      Yes           Free    5 days     Countdown,           No   Christine De Maine Captain
                               furniture and clothing. Oasis      Street                               (some 7    Kmart, Warehouse          03 313 2370
                               Centre for free consultations      Rangiora                             day        Stationery, The           0272 808945
                               and rehabilitation for problem                                          options)   Warehouse Group,          christine_demaine@nzf.salvationarmy.or
                               gamblers and their families.                                                       Crown relocations,        g
                               Rangiora Corps for youth and                                                       Resene, Johnson &
                               children (junior soldiers),                                                        Johnson, Smith &
                               services seniors (small group                                                      Smith, OCS,
                               meetings/activities and dinners)                                                   Fonterra, Nestle,
                               Counselling.                                                                       Toyota
Salvation Army

                               Residential care - Christian       116            No -          Free    7 days     CDHB                 No   Joyce Majendie
                               principles. Room for 9 residents   Marshlands     residential                                                03 365 5344
                               recovering from a psychiatric      Road,                                                                     0800 424 399
                               illness - referrals through        Shirley                                                         
                               Residential Options Group. 4                                                                                 alphabetical/sarona-community-trust
                               additional rooms available for
                               carer support
Sarona Community Trust

                               Peer training to give people 50+   178 King St,   Yes           Fees    8am-5pm    Vodafone,            No   Bob Gumbrell
                               the skills and opportunity of      Rangiora                     may     Mon-Fri    Expedia, Suzuki,          03 312 8933
                               keeping abreast of technology.                                  apply              Noel Leeming,   
                                                                                                                  Grey Power,     
                                                                                                                  Freeview, Care
Senior Net Inc                                                                                                    Publications,
NAME                         SERVICE                  LOCATION      DELIVERED       $      DAYS        SUPPORTERS        EQ                 CONTACT
                                                                                   IN NC                                               $
                              Serving migrant and refugee
                              women of Asian, African and
                              Middle Eastern origin. Shakti;
                              meaning strength; works to end
                              all forms of violence and
                              discrimination towards women
                              of colour.
Shakti Ethnic Womens refuge

                              Advocacy                            Christchurch   No -          Free   Mon - Fri   CCC, COGS, Rata,    No   Sharon Tornstonson
                                                                                 Networking           9am-4pm     Lottery        

Social Equity & Wellbeing
                              Facilitation and Coordination for   Waimakariri    Yes           Free   4 days      WDC, CWNCT,         No   Beccie Bithray
                              Social service providers and                                                        MSD,                     03 909 0486
                              partners from local and central                                                                              022 317 7660
                              government who work together                                                                       
                              to make a difference in                                                                            
                              Waimakariri. Aim is to enhance
                              Social Service delivery so people
                              can be connected to their
                              community and freely access
Social Services Waimakariri   services needed for their
                              Offers a year round programme       7 Rex Place    Yes           TBA                Sports NZ, NZCT,    No   Gail McClintock
                              of sports training and              Rangiora                                        Holdsworth               03 313 5876
                              competition in bocce,                                                               Charitable Trust,        0272012080
                              swimming, equestrian, indoor                                                        Datacom, lion  
                              bowls, athletics,                                                                   Foundation     
                              skiing/snowboarding and                                                             Pelorus Trust,
                              powerlifting for children and                                                       Minster Allison
                              adults with intellectual                                                            Rudd Watts,
Special Olympics North
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